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Fake History

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On TVNZ’s Q+A programme on the eve of the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s landing in New Zealand, reporter Jack Tame asked the Minister of Crown-Maori Relations, Kelvin Davis, to name one good outcome of colonisation.

The Minister was clearly taken aback by the question, and in spite of being asked multiple times, refused to identify a single benefit, instead arguing that we should be honouring the contribution made by Maori.

It was a bizarre interview and highlighted the dangerous situation that we are now in whereby a former State School Principal, who is a senior representative of the Crown, has become so conditioned by Maori sovereignty activists that he found it impossible to outline any benefits that colonisation has brought to New Zealanders of Maori descent.

Kelvin Davis should have re-read The Treaty of Waitangi written by the great Maori leader Sir Apirana Ngata, who reminds us, “The Treaty found us in the throes of cannibalism…This was at a time when the Maori tribes were fighting fiercely among themselves. The Maori did not have any government when the European first came to these islands.  There was no unified chiefly authority over man or land… the people were divided.”

In light of this widespread lawlessness, Kelvin Davis might have recognised that some of the benefits of colonisation include the Rule of Law, democracy, secure property rights, the enforcement of contract, infrastructure, health care, and education. These helped to provide the foundation for the economic growth and improvement in living standards that have transformed New Zealand into the modern society it is today. 

The Minister’s denial of a positive contribution made by Captain Cook was echoed by Waikato University’s senior research fellow Dr Arama Rata, who labelled the HMB Endeavour a ‘death ship’, saying, “…the replica death ship, the replica of the Endeavour, is literally on the horizon and will be arriving any day now to re-enact the invasion of Maori whenua. This mentality that Cook brought over, and the project here was to really eliminate Maori, to dispossess Maori, and to replace Maori with Pakeha settlers.”

What she and other Maori supremacists are seeking is a radical transformation of New Zealand’s constitutional framework to replace our present system of governance – which she claims is based on “settler colonial ideology” – with one that transfers authority and control to Maori.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Contributor Chris Trotter is one of the few political commentators who really understands the sinister agenda of radical Maori, describing the ‘death ship’ attack as a ‘Maori nationalist assault upon the meaning and reputation of Captain James Cook’:

“What Maori nationalism seeks is a reversal of political fortunes: the creation of an Aotearoa-New Zealand in which Pakeha will no longer call the shots.

“A radical revision of New Zealand and, indeed, of global history, is crucial to achieving this political reversal. The cultural and scientific achievements of the European peoples, especially their dramatic expansion into practically every other significant land mass on the planet, must be re-cast as an horrific tale of murder, rape and theft – undertaken by that global human scourge which Dr Rata calls ‘white people’. Only when the general perception of European civilisation has become one of technological prowess unmitigated by compassion or restraint, and the colonisation process is presented as uniquely oppressive and destructive of land and people, will the nationalist cause enter its next and most important phase – that of radical constitutional transformation.”

Chris believes that, “If Maori nationalist historians can seize control of the new, soon-to-be-compulsory, history curriculum, then the necessary ideological preparations can be made for a radical constitutional transformation.”

Through the unprecedented denigration of Captain Cook and other historical leaders as “white supremacists”, and the malicious vilification of the colonisation process, the scene is now being set for the next phase of this power grab: the indoctrination of children through fake history.

The Prime Minister’s recent announcement that New Zealand history will become a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools from 2022 has set the scene.

At her announcement, the PM explained, “We have listened carefully to the growing calls from New Zealanders to know more about our own history and identity. The curriculum changes we are making will reset a national framework so all learners are aware of key aspects of New Zealand history and how they have influenced and shaped the nation.” 

She explained that the new curriculum will include the arrival of Maori, early colonial history, the Treaty of Waitangi, the New Zealand Wars, and New Zealand’s evolving national identity. 

What the Prime Minister didn’t explain was the disproportionate influence that Maori culture and history already has within the existing curriculum.

In order to understand the full significance of this influence, we need to look back to 2007 when the present curriculum was being introduced.

Our current “progressive” primary and secondary school curriculum was the brainchild of then Prime Minister Helen Clark. Progressive education, which is strongly ideological, was seen as a way of removing elitism from the education system. Outcomes-based child-centred learning replaced the traditional subject-based syllabus. Teachers became facilitators of learning, objective testing and assessment were avoided as much as possible, and the centralised control of education was eliminated by passing that responsibility onto schools and their Boards.

At the time, the approach was considered to be highly experimental – only a handful of countries had adopted it. Some, like the USA and South Africa, rejected it when it became clear it was leading to a decline in student achievement. In fact, most countries that outperform New Zealand in international tests have a more traditional approach to education, with a standards-based syllabus, strong subject discipline, more formal methods of teaching, and curriculum road maps that are clear, concise, teacher friendly and detailed.

Professor Elizabeth Rata from Auckland University’s School of Education has pointed out that when the Prime Minister made her announcement that New Zealand history would become compulsory for all primary and secondary students, she was puzzled by the fact that no-one seemed to know exactly what history is presently being taught in schools.

Professor Rata outlines the reasons: “Bizarrely we have a national curriculum that isn’t a national curriculum. It’s a localised one. This means local schools and teachers decide what to teach. That is why we don’t know who is being taught what. And now, in a curriculum that fiercely rejects national prescription, New Zealand history will stand alone as a prescribed subject. Will this anomaly lead to calls for prescribed content for other subjects too? I hope so.”

Professor Rata believes that academic knowledge is the key to educational success, and that New Zealand’s slide in international education rankings is the result of a lack of prescribed content in core subjects such as English, maths and science. She believes all students have a right to be taught the very best knowledge that is available, no matter their home circumstances, nor where they live.

But under our progressive curriculum, where each school is free to choose what students will learn by picking and mixing topics from the curriculum framework, there is such a huge variability in classroom learning, that many students are missing out.

In this context, if the Government considers a subject to be so important that it needs to be made compulsory, the question is why did they choose history over English, maths, or science – subjects that students need for further education and worthwhile employment?

Or is their underlying aim political – are they planning to progress the radical agenda Chris Trotter described, in return for retaining Maori support at the next election?

It was 8 days after the Prime Minister announced that New Zealand history would become compulsory, that the Minister of Education followed up with a further announcement that a full review into what is actually being taught in our classrooms will now be undertaken. The inference is that other subjects will also be made compulsory.

But the fact that the Minister and Prime Minister didn’t really understand how our curriculum works raises concerns that they may also be unaware of the extent to which the Maori supremacist agenda is already influencing education.

While Helen Clark initially removed the Treaty of Waitangi from a dominant position in her new curriculum, Maori sovereignty activists campaigned for it to be re-instated. As a result, the Treaty now plays a central role in New Zealand’s Education Curriculum.

The Purpose and Scope statement explains that the curriculum will “give effect to the partnership that is at the core of our nation’s founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi”.

The Vision statement affirms that young people “will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Maori and Pakeha recognise each other as full Treaty partners”.

The eight Principles of the curriculum includes “Treaty of Waitangi: The curriculum acknowledges the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the bicultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand. All students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of te reo Maori.”

The Treaty is also interwoven in all subject areas at all curriculum levels.

But that was not enough for iwi leaders.

When National was in government, the Maori Party also introduced compulsory cultural competency standards for all teachers, embedding the “Maori world view” into the culture of every school and early childhood centre in the country.

As a result, teachers are expected to ensure that Maori students will be able to learn “as Maori”, that they will be prioritised above other children, and that te reo will be used in the classroom – no doubt in preparation for when the teaching of the Maori language becomes compulsory.

Looking ahead, the big question that arises when considering the compulsory teaching of New Zealand history, is whether the “Maori world view” will be allowed to dominate, or whether it will be balanced by traditional viewpoints, so students will become aware of the extent to which history has now been politicised.

For instance, when it comes to the ‘arrival of Maori’, which the PM says will be an important part of the new curriculum, will children be taught the full story, that while the main migration arrived around 1200 AD, archaeologists agree that the settlement of New Zealand was most likely a continuous process with evidence of humans well over 1,000 years before that?

Will children learn that proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand show that not only did Moriori precede Maori, but that when Maori invaded the Chatham Islands in the 1830s, they slaughtered most of the Moriori, eating many and enslaving the rest?

Will they teach our children that former Prime Minister David Lange was correct when he explained, “The treaty cannot be any kind of founding document”, and that “The court of appeal once, absurdly, described it as a partnership between races, but it obviously is not.”

So, while the Treaty of Waitangi has been called this country’s founding document, will school children be taught that when it was signed on the 6th of February 1840, New Zealand was still part of New South Wales? If an agreement is to be called a founding document, shouldn’t it be the one that created New Zealand as an independent British colony, namely the Charter of 1840 – a Letters Patent signed by Queen Victoria on the 16th of November 1840?

And when it comes to claims by the elite of Maoridom that the Treaty made them partners with the Government, will children be taught that such a partnership between Maori and the Crown is constitutionally impossible, and that such claims are a myth based on the deliberate misrepresentation of a court finding.

These are very controversial matters, but New Zealanders need to be assured that vested interests will not be permitted to seize control of the new New Zealand history curriculum to pave the way for the radical constitutional transformation that Chris Trotter has warned about. 


Are you concerned that the compulsory new New Zealand history curriculum will be used to indoctrinate children with fake history?


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Outrageous idea. Tim
I applaud your column and work. How do you get through to the politicians that if they take the stand you’re advocating that there are a lot of voters that would support/vote for them. Al
This maori-centred indoctrination is quite obviously the main, if not the only, reason for this approach to the teaching of history. The fact that it will be the only compulsory subject shows that someone, somewhere has a hidden agenda to control children’s’ ‘understanding’ of this subject. Very worrying that this should get the support of what purports to be a mainstream political party. TOBY
One could not believe that the people putting this history? together will not have an agenda to put the Maori as caring loveable good family people.. The truth will be a consideration. John
more social engineering and expansion of the Maori biased gravy train -which will never end until the racially motivated Waitangi tribunal is disbanded . During the WW11 countries were slaughtered infrastructure destroyed and lives up rooted. Just 70 years later they’ve moved on -WHY NOT US! Its time Iw’s with billion dollar assets started paying taxes as well as they’re competing with tax paying companies . My Grandaddy whip Maori’s as Rupekapeka Pah and left substantial notes regarding the so -called first nations people – that are immigrants to! rather deafening silence on the genocide of the first peoples here !!  Raymond
There is no question radicals will use this as an opportunity to gain control of the school curriculum, brown and green. jd
False history is already rampant Jack
the truth will not be taught Trevor 
It already is being used to falsely portray NZ history. If this carrys on, we will soon be in severe trouble. I will not vote for any of the present major parties. National is not a viable option. They were instigators of the present corrupt fiasco. Neil
just like Germany 1933 john
It’s almost a certainty that if this allowed to come to pass, the zealots who promote the “maori” history will choose to abandon ANY reference to Moriori and their fate at the hand of the “maori”. alan
Very concerned! Pam
The indoctrination has already started -i have heard the “male, pale & stale” slogan being thrown around, seemingly to encourage disrespect for white men. Also there is a strong infiltration of “de-colonisation” into government departments & NGO’s. There is a really powerful push to separate the NZ people into groups, us & them.. divide & conquer! Really worrying! Suzanne
we are getting it publicly now very very dangerous john
It really is time we all became New Zealanders without reference to race. English needs to become THE official language of NZ and made compulsory/ prescribed content, along with maths and science and not trivial subjects such as maori language. We had plenty of New Zealand history with Maoris in it even in small country schools in my day. NZ wars are boring to listen to, all utu and revenge. Monica
It’s too late to stop this kind of thing happening. Politicians are too weak to stand up to Maori just like the climate change activists who are forcing their agenda on all of us and don’t know what is really going on. Chris
Very concerned as it already happening in most schools. The amount of Maori culture being forced on our children is completely disproportionate to the ethnic make up of the pupils. Maoris part in history will be sanitized with cannibalism and infantcide left out or glossed over. No mention of Europeans saving them from themselves will get a mention. William
Yet more marxofascist revisionism! Barend
Not only Concerned about the instruction of a curriculum of Ideologically rewritten history or fake history, but Equally Concerned about our children being victimised by indoctrination of non truthful history conducted without the express detailed knowledge and consent of parents and the abuse of Children’s Rights by being victimized under the duress of compulsory education. Never was there a compelling reason such as this to reject compulsory education if the education provided is of such defunct standard. This is nothing more than a systematized method for creating socialist voting MORONS for the NWO. Richard
This is not going to be a very nice country to live in if all this government gets another 3 years to continue with this stupidity Lesley
usual rubbish promoted by the “left wing” Martin
All history should be taught to provide and accurate, factual and un-biased details. This is required to ensure that historical facts are recorded for all future generations. Pierre
What’s happening is disgraceful, manipulating and very dangerous and needs to be dealt to at the ballot box. The Waitangi Tribunal is joke from the European perspective! Paul
I am not racist but Maori Iwi elders are so hell bent on promoting their early history as being a peace loving nation ? In fact they were still practicing cannibalism and slavery. The Maori of yesterday did not practice Christianity or Democracy in any form or manner. They raped and pillaged the sea and the land to the extent that they exterminated the Moa, The Huia and even the Mori-Ori tribe. Some Iwi tribes were of a much more peaceful nature as the Ngati Hei of Coromandel area but in general most Iwi tribes were of a Waring barbaric nature. Wayne
Of course it will. Maori do not want the truth to come out and will want to portray us whites as the worst thing that happened to New Zealand and to them. Fraser
Unless an independent body is created to document correctly the history of NZ then our children and their children will be being taught lies and this should not be allowed by any government. Paul
That comment by Sir Apirana Ngata should be widely quoted. NB.There are historians who say that the main colonisation of “NZ” was after 1314 as there is no oral story of a very large volcanic eruption at that time which would have affected most of the North Island. Rochelle
I think Calvin Davis should be asked why he%u2019s now educated & where he lives now. & should he exchange his house & live as maoris used too live & how does he explain maoris land grabs & cannibalism that wads around before colonisation cindy
It has already started, children have no idea of the reality of our history, other than what is fed to them at school already. Ralph
only way to stop this false info getting into the N.Z. education is to get rid of this rotten government with is selling out our country Johan
I’m a fourth-generation “Kiwi” with British ancestry. I’m very concerned that the curriculum our children will be taught will be a “revised” and “rewritten” version of our history, which denigrates our forebears (such as we’re seeing with the visit of the “Endeavour”. Will things like inter-tribal warfare, and Te Rauparaha’s murderous attacks on men, women, children and babies be included? While we see things from a 21st-century perspective now, such events, for better or for worse, are part of our history, and should be included in a “balanced” curriculum. If a group is set up to consider this curriculum, its members must be chosen for their knowledge and expertise, and not on the basis of their ancestry – in other words, the best people for the task. I do fear that our young folk are at risk of being indoctrinated with “doctored” accounts of our history. Laurence
our children are already being indoctrinated terry
The articles in the news in recent weeks all paint a picture of Cook as a murderer who just shot the natives at random. No explanation is given as to the circumstances of why they were shot. Nor is there any mention of the English sailors that Maori killed. In one episode 10 of Captain Furneaux’s men from the Adventure were killed at Grass Cove while ashore replenishing stores. And about to be eaten when a search party rescued their remains. Philip
Gobbles would be proud of this opportunity Bill
Maori are trying to bring in history that white washes their history Colin
This is obviously the way that Labour plan to appease Maori voters. Every effort must be made to ensure migrant settlers and their role in developing New Zealand as a successful modern society is prominent in the prOposed NZ History curriculum. Nev
The history curriculum will need to contain reference and indeed some of the actual text as written by the people of their experiences at the time. That way it can be seen in context and not be a modern interpretation or worse, opinion of the facts. Bill
Yes what is being taught now & for many years previously is already fake. And so when it becomes compulsory the problem will proliferate. But the challenge for those among us who are awake to the real agendas of the activists is to convince the apathetic majority that we need to stand up against this evil invasion of political freedom -good luck with that! Rex
as government workers we are all already being indoctrinated. reports, policies, documents, strategies, values are now all based on Maori principles, maori ways. I can’t understand any more what they are talking about. Maori culture is being forced upon us. Many times we have to say a karakia before and after meetings. Lulu
There must be an independent panel of Historians both local and offshore to determine the curriculum to be taught. They can start by refuting the idea that the Treaty is not a partnership agreement, but cessation of sovereignty to Queen Victoria which guaranteed her protection over Maori and the lands and possessions Peter
The silent majority are being hood winked by Maori indoctrination of young people into a completely false history of NZ Chris
need fair representation for all people living in NZ Jenny
indoctrination of New Zealand history is well underway in the schools. Historians who know the facts need to step up and write the REAL New Zealand History so that we can but something to show the indoctrinated. Seriously concerned. Sam
The only barrier to knowing the truth…is to hold the belief that you already have it !! James
Much of this fake history includes what is basically part maori brown supremacist hate speech, The existence of their claims in the mass media shows the existence of double standards among mass media reporters who are not to be trusted. Donald
Early Maori chiefs welcomed early European contact in order to absorb the advanced benefits of European culture. Current ‘revision’ of their intentions is a slight on their intellect and shameful. Barry
Whenever anyone says “We have listened carefully to the growing calls from New Zealanders to….” I know I am being conned. John
If the English hadn’t Arrived the maoris would have fought and eaten each other to extinction.And they should get on their knees and thank God for saving them. Pat
It will be rewritten in the style suitable for our Maori brethren warren
Fake history isn’t only in NZ. However, it is dangerous and will inflame race relations. Richard
Kids at school have already been indoctrinated by the current teachers. Jacinderella has no idea what the word history means let alone what are the requirements of the word “truth” means. There will be blood spilt if she continues with the current rot which spews from her mouth. Allan
Extremely! Mark
that’s all it is the rest is just virtue signalling goody goody flag waving bud
Absolutely!! It already is.. Maori Supremacists don’t want the truth taught. That would show them up for what they are..greedy opportunists. Left to their own devices they would still be eating each other!! As they did the Maorioris. Ruth
Can’t believe what is happening to NZ; and am grateful at my age it wont bother me for much longer. Roy
If we don’t get binding referenda as the law of the country we will not stop this take over by Maori Nationalists. Time is running out people. Ronmac
Very concerned. My understanding is that the treaty made Maori equal subjects under the british crown. No more no less. Definitely not partners. Willy
The truth is that Maori inter tribal conflict casualties were significantly higher than any casualties from the so called’colonialists’ The Treaty Of Waitangi was advanced for the time and made a peaceful country for the TOTAL population going forward. Time these globalists socialist academics were put in their place to be replaced by critical thinking, reason and commonsense teachers who care about their student’s future and the future of our NATION.. Max
Deeply concerned, especially under the current biased government David
I am very concerned in the direction of Maori relations. Particularly interested in the definition of what is a maori. I don’t think its race based probably class based . mark
Before European colonisation Maori culture was the struggle for scarce resources. Warfare, killing, canabalism enslavement of the defeated , and rape. Elements of this have survived in NZ culture. Gang patch warfare over drug market, domestic violence and welfare dependency which is a form of enslaving the community financially for ones benefit. If children are taught the true historic Maori culture in the classroom and its current expression in NZ it would be a good thing. The danger is it will be whitewashed and blame shifted. Mervyn
ffs omg
It is already happening, like the nazis and Red Guard of china, indoctrinate the children and force the parents to support the doctrines prescribed by an elite minority. the complete opposite of the Westminster system. john
Tell the truth not lies! Brian
Maori elitist leaders have a long term strategy to achieve their ultimate goal of State Control for the preferential benefit of themselves. Successive Governments regardless of party, only look at the 3 year cycle, of self preservation and not for the greater good of ALL New Zealanders. The long term game will always prevail, essentially the Maoris will claim back everything they want and leave the “colonialists” with the bill. Racial control by stealth, cunning and blame, shaming us into submission, apologising for all the abuses of our forbears, even though Maori have been and continue to be major beneficiaries (excuse the pun) Stewart
This government is all about identity politics, so brain washing the youth is how you divide the country and stay in power. john
there is no doubt that this will happen. KEVIN
Time for maori to get off their arse and do some work and get educated John
NZ History is already documented. The suggested new curriculum is totally different to the history I was taught at school. Roy
Too much so called Maori history going through the schools now, lets forget this stone age rubbish and try to live in the present we are all New Zealanders. Ross
It is already happening Graeme
ABSOLUTELY YES! You can see it happening every day in the media! Sylvia
One of the best mates I had in my youth was a guy in Kaingaroa Forest who was a bushman and took me as a 20 year old under his wing. He said my father was half Scottish and half Maori as was my mother so two halves make a whole so I am a full blooded Maori. He was a special man who would have had a few words to say for the current radicals. Ian
The rapidly increasing misinformation already “out there” in the media,, schools, local bodies, and government fill me with despair about the future of our country. James
The treaty is based on 2 words native and indigenous. There is no one left in NZ who can claim that title. Rewrite the treaty Rick
As I have lived in several African states where the European has been blame for all the ills of the country with devastating results. I’m glad that my advanced years will save me from witnessing the collapse of my country. Rex
Reporters cannot even get the story right so how will Maori ever do the same. There are only 3000 words in the Maori language and none of the 5-6 tribes agree every word means the same thing! We have no chance of them ever getting any story/reporting of Capt. Cook’s Journeys correct. How then can they believe their translation of The Treaty or anything else can be taken as gospel of any or all historical events.. Robyn
With verbal hand down history information completely unreliable ,horrendous early tribal history has been sanitized beyond belief.This will be taught instead of the Truth ?? David
It is very worrying. We can be absolutely certain that the true history won’t be taught. It will be glossed over and the colonists will be blamed for everything. One would think Maori would actually thank the colonists for saving them from themselves, because if not for them,. Maori would have continued with the musket wars until there were virtually none of them left. Helen
More Maori elite pushing their own agenda Bev
I think the history of NZ covers a lot more than early contact with Maori. It surely must incorporate the growth and development of the society we recognise today. Unfortunately I suspect that the main focus of any curriculum will be on the negative experiences of Maori in a different age so that modern Maori can continue to wallow in their never ending grievances and neediness. Ruz
I’m very concerned of the teaching of fake history to children and to every body in general really, people need to do there own research , and a good place to start, would be to read Song of Waitaha the history’s of a nation, by Barry Brailsford,the Waitaha and Mori ori where the indigenous peoples of this country,they followed the paths of peace,the warlike maoris came later and slaughtered them, and cannabilism was rife amongst them, the colonials saved them from themselves rodger
I am a fully qualified “grumpy old man” (73). I despair of the next generations ability to collect and understand information and therefore their ability to withstand the slow encroachment of totalitarianism. Ted
Our culture is already duped into fake history, by seemingly going along with the idea that Maori are an indigenous people to NZ! It is interesting that the PM has said that the new curriculum will include “the arrival of Maori”. Truly indigenous people have always been there! Maori are just early immigrants to NZ, like the ancestors of many of us! I wonder if that will be pointed out in the new “NZ History” lessons? — And what a let-down it was to NZ generally when “Sir” John Key let Dr. Peter Sharples go and sign the UN Declaration on indigenous people! Ted
Maori are a mean, unforgiving warrior race. They are intent on inflicting revenge to all who stand in their way. Robert
History is supposed to be written objectively and not based on speculation and bias. I am not sure if he modern revisionist historians such as Salmon and co can be trusted to write a New Zealand history curriculum for schools. Clinton
Yes, but they would be indoctrinated by what has become of our schooling system regardless of the subject or compulsion. Everything can be made some kind of “ist” with enough mental gymnastics nowadays. Pavel
Very concerned. Radicals within 1`5% of NZ population want to dominate views. Where lies objectivity be it history, climate change etc. Doug
Yes – they are already being indoctrinated in this area, and in other socio-political areas such as climate change and world politics. My young granddaughter informed me around the time of the last American election that Donald Trump was “racist”. When asked why she thought that, she responded that her teacher had told the class that he was. Annie
It is already happening now. Peter
The radicals will insist on their version of history which will be extremely biased Gareth
This is rubbish promoted by maori activist to force government to give Maori more power more money Ian
Wake up, idiots! What a way to lose a country! Reuben
There is a lot of early history about the people who were here before the Maori that is not been told, the true history of our Nation. Grant
I totally agree that New Zealand history should be taught. However this MUST be real history and not some revision of the facts that support one side or the other. There were undoubtedly atrocities committed by both sides and where there is clear and provable evidence these need to be stated as fact. The intention of the Government is not this but to peddle the Maori Elite’s propaganda that white man bad brown man good. George Orwell strikes again. This socialist lot are looking to the long game and starting with the indoctrination of our kids just like they are doing with Global Warming. A solution to this false education would be to put the customer back in charge of education and not the teachers or Government. Fund education by the voucher system and see where the thinking parents take their kids. Well I can dream . Unfortunately the Nats are no better. We need a proper right of center party to promote realistic policies of freedom and personal property rights Robin
For instance, I didn’t know about Maori invading the Chathams. Big black mark to them. Sheila
There were Multiple Races here long before Maori, Confirmed by the 44th Paramount Chief of Ngapui. There have been 7 final settlements made to Maori aubrey
This devious agenda is more than despicable. To me it seems that the agenda of this so called Dr what’s her face and her ilk is driven by a deep rooted massive inferiority complex trying desperately to compensate for the fact that all scientific, mechanical, agricultural. architectural , musical( and other arts) and medical achievements were done by the “white man’. No matter that her ilk is gladly enjoying the benefit of all these things ( ie using computers — invented by the ‘white man’)— to disseminate this racial nonsense and messing with children.’s heads in school. Michael
VERY! Similarly the subversion of the nation’s youth by the Climate Change Brigade. Who is protecting and presenting the history of my ancestors of whom I am very proud. Will they all be painted as evil, greedy invaders rather than the hardworking early settlers that helped make this country what it is today! Where would this nation be without them. Carol
A very dangerous situation arising that all NZer’s should be aware of. John
Unbelievable rewriting of history. Robin
It is true that the education system as it stands has been a complete failure when teaching NZ history. I learnt most of what has been mentioned when I was at secondary school over 50 years ago. As for fake history it seems to be the in thing with the soon to be defunct UN which seems to be altering middle east history at whim. NZ leadership is nothing more than puppets with UN pulling the strings. It is time to pull out of the UN and stop funding organisations that do not recognise archeological historical facts and invent their own. Enough is enough. Kevin
last weeks q/a interview said it all !! Bryan
It will need very careful consideration to get the facts correct not biased as is very possible in today’s climate of Racial Bias Laurel
I am deeply concerned that Maori/Kiwi are becoming separate in all aspects of our society. We should be celebrating things together but the so called Educated young Maori are spoiling everything and the Govt is letting it happen, I fear for my Grand Children. Barbara
A shame that Kelvin Davis was a principle – thought he was a principal? We need English as a compulsory subject. Peter
Very concerned, but it is Governments that have corrupted our country by appeasing Maori so they vote for them. One simple answer is ‘Get rid of the racist Maori seats which should have gone over a century back when all men got the vote’. Eric
Sadly this is inevitable Catherine
Chris Trotter for PM…..”Say it Loud and say it Clear…” Chris
This type of serious issue will not be solved with a continuing Labour Govt. so a change in Govt. will be seen by most responsible, thinking adults. to be absolutely essential to set up some rules and ensure that the schools are required to teach real authentic history. It is no use modern Maori bleater’s decrying or ignoring the early written and published historical accounts, some of them written by Maori scholars of the time., as well as early Europeans, some of whom were well educated and able to tell things as they were, without political interference. Ian
As a practising teacher I can see that basic educational skills needed for life have been abandoned widely in favour of giving children a “safe and happy place” to go to each day. Children are not thought to reason or debate but just soak up any nonsense that they are fed. Paul
These filthy part brown part White toe rags won’t be happy until cannibalism is brought back in, They’re killing their children as I write, truth be known, a few will have been eaten. Don’t indoctrinate our children with fake history, tell them about all the settlers that were murdered and eaten back in the 1800’s. Gerald
Kelvin Davis should be sacked for stupidity/incompetence/dishonesty/all of the above.. Why does government lack the back-bone or will to end these baseless claims . As a descendant of Hoturoa, captain of the Tainui canoe in the Great Migration, I freely acknowledge that the Maori people were saved from probable extinction by the arrival of the Europeans.I have no grievances, more that any tax-payer, and I have not benefited by Govt hand-outs to Maori . I am a Kiiwi -a New Zealander- 5th generation -like the latest arrival by boat or plane who has entered this country in compliance with its laws, with all the same rights and entitlements. No more, no less. Harvey
true unbiased history should be taught, not slanted towards any race bob
Absolutely, my 6 year old daughter is taught a lot of Maori words, stories, etc.. and I just wonder where are the stories of my culture… Homer, Greek heroes, democracy, kings etc… Not taught. When Maori leaders say ‘my people’, that excludes me and my family… I’m looking for a school that is not strong on pushing Maori. How do I find that school? Alan
If Arama Rata is concerned New Zealand history curriculum will be full of fake history. Her article in the Waikato Times last week was nothing but a tirade of HATE SPEECH. It certainly is not a subject I would like to see my grand children forced to learn. Dennis
More racial division sickos. Ian
To CONTINUE the Obfuscated History even further with biased “positive discrimination” and to reinforce the APARTHEID in NZ. It is so sad that people here seem to have similar sense but are completely severed from any means of redress. I guess its just AGENDA 21 rolling out as per plan. Zoran
History is a great teacher and involves all peoples and nations revealing their ups and downs. Ian
Extremely concerned. Tick,, tick, tick, boom!!!! Grahame
Please bring Don Brash into the discussion on our history and proposed curriculum John
Throughout history, ‘history’ has often, in fact always, contained or been riddled with fabrications.It is probably too much to hope that this will change, perhaps with a change of government it may. Dick
its already started as some distant relatives of mine, one was murdered while the other lost a arm and the other ones that surrended to the cannibals were murdered outright and the original memorial was called the wairou massacre but now due to a bunch of pc halfwits got the memorial changed to a affray just to appease relations of a bunch of cannibals and whites that think they are part of the half caste mob that run around speaking in grunts like that tv bloke on one. Richard
Of course. Who can be trusted with the truth. martin
Isn’t socialism wonderful, I have educated myself beyond post doctoral level, and still continue to advance in my specialist find. And now everything I have learned is now discredited. The real and actual racism in NZ is the complete academic deceit, and cynicism over the last 45 years. Michael
Totally agree with the Fake History posting that it could lead to the incorrect interpretation of N.Z.’s actual history. Rob
Why are the Maori Wars not part of the curriculum? Just the New Zealand Wars emphasising white vs brown? Diana
happening already. The current (1975) version of the treaty is a prime example. None of the signatories would recognise what it has become. Lionel
Very very concerned it has been happening for years Mike
Hell yes look around- you know it will! Sharon
It was Christian missionaries that brought about a peaceful reconciliation between colonial powers and Maori. Henery Williams in particular who translated the Treaty of Waitangi. John
‘Partnership’ in the Treaty is obviously between the English and Maori, not with the Crown. Cook was an explorer, so why label him ‘white supremacist? Maori, from Treaty times to this day, have benefitted in great measure from European influence. They are using the Westminster political system to promote their agenda; they make use of welfare,, business , education, health and legal systems. They have tax free businesses… The benefits go on. Are our children going to have a balanced or biased history taught? You bet I’m concerned. Jan
Yes, absolutely. Our kids will be further brainwashed by the falsehoods. They already are taught a lot of rubbish. Porus
There is no doubt the history will be warped to suit agendas and our stupid politicians will simply kowtow to Maori wants. No “real”history will be taught. Alan
Radical Maoris and weak government conspiring to brainwash NZ citizens. The situation is frightening. Patrick
Very concerned that pro Maori activists will try to seize control of the curriculum content and influence the perspective of the history that will be taught. Richard
Now’s the time to start home schooling your children. Is it any wonder that the younger generation are committing suicide, all this guilt junk that is being pumped into them is tantamount to brain washing, it’s not going to end well, unless we can rid ourselves of the self interested so called elite in NZ. Merryl
Nothing if more certain that this will take place unless there is revolt by the majority of New Zealanders who, sadly, are ill informed by mass media such as TV and newspapers. Self-claimed “maori” supremacists are in fact more dangerous to this country than a white supremacist nutter with an automatic rifle. If you don’t believe that just take a look at places like the Congo or the former Rhodesia now in the hands of black supremacists. Rob
This is already happening at the soon to be built Te Are Wai museum in Te Awamutu courtesy of ratepayers and taxpayers. It uses “stories” by local iwi and Tainui affiliated historians Tom Roa and Vincent O’Malley to misrepresent the NZ Wars deriding the Crown, soldiers, settlers, missionaries and colonisation in general. Swallowed hook, line and sinker by Waipa mayor and councillors. Patricia
We must make sure that history is corrected and Maori activists must not indoctrinate children with fake history. If other people landed in NZ before Maori that must be put into history. Frank
Just another way for the left to force their radical agenda on our children. Graeme
Almost certain to avoid cannibalism and the Boyd massacre Thomas
If the curriculum can be hi-jacked to only teach the alarmist climate change view, then there is certainly nothing to stop its hi-jacking to a maori nationalist view of history. We already have our teachers and medical professionals being required to submit to “cultural awareness education and beliefs, both these professions being incorporated without any professional or public outcry. The Education system is the next step in the already proclaimed Maori Nationalist plan. “History is written by the Victor” or perhaps “History is temporarily twisted by people who’re going to profit from it in the short term”. Who are going to be the “Victors” or “who is going to profit”? Is it to be the the descendants of the “Death Ship’s” countryman,”the White People”, or is to be those claiming their heritage from the “ever so nobel stoneage cannibals”who spent their off-hours warring with their neighbouring tribes. It should be both but will it be when our current political leaders ascribe to the erroneous belief that the “Treaty” is a partnership and the “Indigenous” [originating or occurring naturally in a particular place] race has premptorary rights. Do I not have good reason to be concerned about Fake History being compulsory? Michael
It’s a dangerous situation as I cannot see there will be a balance in the historical accounts. The curriculum will be one-sided and not entirely honest, and the radical Maori will get away with yet another agenda. Sarah
NZCPR is correct when it states the Treaty was “Done inside the boundaries of New South Wales”! And that, we became an independent British colony by the 16 Nov 1840 Royal Charter/letters patient when ratified on 5 May 1841. There being no mention of the Treaty in the 1840 Charter means the Treaty remains inside the boundaries of New South Wales and the reason it cannot be included in our legislation. As all know we are now governed by the “Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi”, but this is a lie. It has been proven in Court these are the “Principles of an unauthorised translation of the Maori text written by Prof. Hugh Kawharau”. Kawharau went on to use his “Principles” to gain possession of Bastion Point” in a claim which failed previously in Her Majesties Court in a similar fashion to Allan Titford’s farm. There is more that one way to abuse a child and your Children are to be taught “Land Wars” which starts 16 years after these wars saw Maoris continually selling then confiscating land at the point of their guns and showing no consideration to White women and children while burning their properties in the process. George
These days that sort of indoctrination is a given – it’s happening across the board. Stan
Yes, very very concerned.  Jim
They are already trying to downplay Capt. Cooks contribution. Robert
Foregone conclusion. Real history will be replaced by ideology. Malcolm
there is no doubt that radical maori want to control N Z , we must stop that in its tracks before it splits nz wide open graeme
WHO SIGNED THE UN INDIGENOUS PEOLES AGREEMENT, when we don’t have indigenous people in N.Z.? Now that the Globalist Parties, both N. & L.. have discovered how easy it is to indoctrinate a whole generation, ie the climate crises scam, why would they not take the next step in ensuring total social anarchy, thus leading to totalitarian rule by one world government. Only Party campaigning for one people, one nation, are the New Conservatives. Already being branded far right extremist by some Marxist, Socialists on youtube.. A.G.R.
They are immigrants from Taiwan. They have been DNA’d to Taiwan. Same words are spoken today in the indigenous village just outside the Capital. I’ve been there Noelene
We already have enough fake history n NZ now without even more. Errol
History isn’t selective. There are two types of history, factual recorded and before that. History passed down by word of mouth by people who didn’t speak a common spoken or written language is like any other message . After being told several times it is embellished to make it sound more interesting and dramatic and should, therefore, be accepted as that. No history is completely accurate as there are different interpretations even with current day happenings and the teaching of the subject is bound to be influenced by the teacher. Beware the biased teacher. Mike
I am extremely worried. There is no doubt that pakeha New zealanders are going to have a real fight on their hands to negate the nonsense being proposed! Ron
Our Members of parliament have not got the guts to tell Maori were not the first to arrive in New Zealand as other races were already here by up 500 or more years before maori. Ian
There is clearly a raucous agenda being promulgated by radical Maori academic radicals who knowing distort the truth by ignoring and manipulating the facts. Nothing new in that now days from academia. Graeme
I wouldn’t trust the educators of our children and young adults further than I could see them. Many are imbued with hard left ideology and would have no problems brainwashing our youth with a very much Maori centric fake history of our once fair land. Alan
The fact that Davis can’t state one benefit of colonisation is very telling – do these people want to go back to living the way Maori did in the pre European times of the early 1800s Alan
A tragedy for future generations if fake history is taught in New Zealand schools Mike
The students will be brainwashed John
This nasty NZ Government is allowing it to happen already. These Maori supremacists are already showing their true colors and it is becoming quite frightening Mike
Not only that but also for the evergreen costs in ‘trying’ to find an interpretation that sits comfortably with Iwi, and, if that happens, for the the new depths of cultural subsidy in recruiting teachers. Keith
I say to hell with the Maori’s, it’s going to be between them and us to who rules NZ,, the Maori thinking is still back in the stone age years, I have no respect or trust for them. Don
It must be pointed out that Cook did not colonize. The true history must be taught. Maris asked Queen Victoria to send troops to save them from each other. Peter
What is their real agenda? Civil War? Kris
One of the methods used by the left wing to impose their ideologies is to indoctrinate, especially children and as young as possible. The National Party has also shown us they have a weak spineless attitude when dealing with the minority activists so the NZ citizens are unlikely to get a better deal from them either. This country is wide open for another political party, one that will listen and obey their employers, the NZ citizens. P.S. It should also be noted that before the Maori were the Moriori and before them the Moa Hunters. Rex
apartheid is approaching fast peter
It is all part of the Master Plan for total Maori Sovereignty. There are some very cunning Perpetrators behind this Master Plan who want POWER. It is also the best way to start a Civil War. Geoff
There is already enough of it being spread surreptitiously and openly. Douglas
Too right! This country is being led, like a lamb to the slaughter, down a very slippery slope to anarchy. Our politicians are not representing their people evenly. The emphasis is on pleasing Maori radicals who are distorting everything with false grievances. We need a complete clean out of present political thinking. Graeme
Somehow we must find the real true history and then record it in a national document with which to base our nation wide education programme. This document should contain no unproven claims as well as no myths and ledgers. Paul
Think Germany 1930’s. mike
It appears to be all one way (the maori way) or not at all john
Yes, very concerned. It is already happening now. Trevor
The system already has taken care to put history at a severe discount. Now the government want to put in their own philosophical view. The government can do this but only if we the electors say nothing and do nothing. Ray
This could backfire badly if/when the real truth of Maori history is revealed. Russell
Yes I was concerned as soon as I heard the announcement last week as I am sure this will be used to discredit Pakeha history and the settlement of New Zealand by our hard working ancestors. Digby
The Bastion Point gathering of 1860, a greater number of Chiefs confirmed how the previous 20 years after conceding soverienty to the queen had done away with a range of destructive human practices by the Maori and education and the English law was for their and every body’s betterment. Maurice
As a long serving Chairperson of a State Integrated school I observe increasing pressure from ERO and other curriculum promoters to further advance Maori language and culture above and beyond emphasis on other important learning disciplines, Aaron
obviously John
I have seen the development of this partnership claim over my 37 years front line policing career. What I can’t understand is how, our political leaders have been so deceived to allow it to get to this stage. I have had a lot of contact with the maori sovereignty group. This is their ultimate aim. All because of the 1970 Lord Cook Decision in the supreme court , when he said, the treaty was like a partnership. They have latched onto this. Partnership of course means a joint authority, This is what they are looking for and thanks also to John Key of the previous Government and his coalition with maori, are well on the way to getting it. I got this straight from the lips of their, who I knew personally. They want a maori equivalent of every Government Department, including Police. When I asked who was going to pay for all this. He smiled and said you are Dene, We get 50% of the Tax Take!!! Dene
We are all one people. The Maori must accept this. Clive
Very concerned. Counter it with facts and you are labelled a liar and a RACIST! The grievance mob are running amok and the stable door can never be closed. TV, Stuff and NZBC are now run by the pedlars of these fairy tales and biased reports. No group in our history were blameless and no one than some of these same group have contributed less to the New Zealand and the world Bruce
I noticed already that young adults & older kids in my circle have been already indoctrinated so this proposal will only add to the falsification, (Maorification by stealth) Nick
I am very much afraid that will be the case. Barbara
The ‘Modification’ of our history is already happening in the media. Foisting it onto our children is unthinkable! John
It is most concerning that there is a distinct imbalance in the NZ history taught in schools and universities. This has been the case for a number of years and it is getting worse, Neil
There are always TWO sides to any story, and history is the same. There are different perspectives of it, perhaps neither being totally accurate. To present a one-sided view of history is dishonest and misleading. Going down this path will have deleterious effects on our Democracy turning it into a race-based Oligarchy. This is a prime example of UTU at its best. (worst) Joyce
I am surprised it has taken Cindy 2 years to get to the nitty gritty of her socialist indoctrination of our next generation. My wife had to restrain me as I watched that TV1 interview with Davis. He would have to win the parliamentary cup for best all round ineptitude. NZ sows what it reaps by continuing to believe everything Winston lies about unravelling Maori privilege and “partnership” legislation. Our 3rd past the post system is delivering a disaster. David
If the history of our country is to be taught in schools this MUST begin with the tribal wars. A subject that is completely overlooked – or not open for discussion. We hear how many “of our ancestors” were killed by Captain Cook. [apparently his sole purpose for coming to the Pacific]. I would counter yes, and how many were killed during the bitter and brutal tribal wars. Let’s be honest and get the WHOLE truth of our history into the history books right from the beginning. Not to do so is to continue the myth that all pre-European occupants of NZ lived in harmony until the coming of colonialism. Merle
Activist must be kept on the sidelines if we are to achieve an accurate history. Arthur
Why are the scientific facts not presented to the New Zealand Government as they 100% prove that Maori were not even the first settlers to arrive and live in New Zealand therefore proving that their version of history is poppycock. Kevin
I was taught at school (by a Maori teacher) “the white skinned red haired people were here when Maori arrived 400 years ago” an elder in far North told us they killed the red haired men when they arrived bred with the women. Bet that wont be taught nowdays. George
There is no doubt that Jacinda Adern’s government are intent on indoctrinating vulnerable children with their climate change hysteria and now a sanitised history all to suit their political agenda. Lee
I am very concerned that the government is letting maori dictate to them instead of being fair to all new zealanders the government are racist in their views and thinking Adrian
Who will be checking and monitoring the planned curriculum? Peter
most certainly will based on current maori activism Colin
Sadly our current government will likely go along with the Maori radicalism that is driving this agenda. Peter
Perhaps we should all write to Kelvin David with our thoughts on whet benefits colonisation bought to Maori. He could them pick a few, commit them to memory and avoid being embarrassed if he is ever asked that question again. Geoff.
Just as we have seen with “climate change” Bronwyn
NZ (New Zimbabwe) ….here we come. This country has been destroyed by traitorous useless incompetent spineless corrupt politicians. Line every single one up against the wall. Derejk
Fake history is already taking place with the teaching that fascism is a far right movement. In FACT, it has socialist origins and leanings. I could write you an article on this. Martin
Like all the other fake nonsense that seems to be creeping into the schools….we can all guess what. I understood in the history I learnt at school (yes we did learn a balanced NZ history) that James Cook wanted to be friendly towards the natives. Jude
Another toe-in-the-door towards Maori take over. I m sure Maori will look at it as another step towards gaining total control of NZ Peter
In my view it has been happening already for many years. Robert
I am also concerned that untrained and unvetted “teachers” will be imported into our classrooms. That is unacceptable. Helen
Any thing is possible with this bunch of losers.Any fabrications to enable them to retain power. Ross
Very worried and concerned… I wonder who will choose what is taught and what is left out. Carl
I see no active resistance from anyone in our schools, universities or political parties! Cyril
Thank you to Muriel Newman and Chris Trotter for highlighting TRUTH. We definitely need a change of government – a government which will protect rights of ALL New Zealanders and make maori sovereignty supporters see they are destroying a nation. If they want to be sovereign somewhere -go, find an uninhabited island and set up their own laws and government wherever they want. I honour those Maori who do not agree with the attitudes and cruel attitudes of the sovereignty supporters. It is hateful and wrong. Cec
It is important that all new Zealand’s have a true account of what happened 250 years ago. They should understand that Maori were tribal and as such fought against each other without Colonialism they would give been extinct the british brought law and order and civilization new zealanders should be proud of their British/European heritage. History should be taught by historians not Maori Activists who will reinvent events yo suit themselves. I mean you would think to yourself if you read traded their land for 12 axes! Surely this would tell you the Maori were primitive people. NO FAKE HISTORY ONLY THE TRUTH SHOULD BE TAUGHT Muriel
Yes and this attitude of Maori has to be crushed. Their demands are dishonest and dishonouring to those who settled here, worked hard and established New Zealand as an economic trading nation. It’s way past time to see Mori-Ori honoured and receive apologies from Maori for the cruelty of their ancestors. Equality is what this nation needs, not one small portion of the population ruling over the majority. STOP FAKE HISTORY BEING FED INTO OUR CHILDREN. Captain Cook first came to the coastline around Nelson, sent his sailors ashore to find fresh water and saw his men butchered by Maori. He named it Murderers Bay and sailed on toward Gisborne. This is why when he saw Maori swimmers coming toward his ship, he stopped them by firing muskets into the water ahead of them. This too has been twisted by maori trying to accuse him of warlike behaviour. Apologies are needed to be forthcoming FROM maori – not TO them. There are many Maori who do not agree with the sovereignty mindset – please speak up and do what is right, to set this nation on a pathway to healing and equality. And definitely BAN this FAKE HISTORY from poisoning our children. Give them TRUTH – not lies. CM
The media frequently misrepresent our history in favour of the Maori perspective. Much of it is clearly not true and must be known to be not true by those promoting it Paul
Will continue New Zealands slide down the international education ranking. A distorted education will ultimately put our children at risk in an increasingly competitive world. Being fully conversant in te reo and Maori history will not matter a jot in an increasingly ‘haka’d out’ world focused on an exciting future that our children now risk missing out on. Fred
That is the cynical socialist way Richard
Yes – a replay of Josef Goebbels “oft repeated lie” tactic so beloved by propagandists and corrupt governments worldwide. We need to rediscover our true history and push it as hard as we can, otherwise we will drown in an ever rising sea of lies. Scott
Give them an inch…!! Peter
How can we stop it though? Tina
Children will be taught a version of New Zealand history which will be a revisionist version espoused by Maori activists for their own ends. Very dangerous. Doug
The so called history that has been banded around for the last few years is nothing like we had at school probably not politically correct any more will be sad if children are indoctrinated with false history that suits some people with the present Maori domination how do we get past that Russell
This is already happening. The historically ignorant media constantly regurgitates half truths and historical myths instead of checking the facts. Lazy and naive. A.G
It will be used to indoctrinate our youth into a false history of New Zealand as it is now, but it will be even more one sided Jonathan
Our schools and universities are well down the road of student anti-western lifestyle and economics indoctrination. Bob
It is already in the immigrant arrival questionnaire. Maori Sovereignty, what a joke. History should reflect Maori annihilation of the original or indigenous peoples of New Zealand Dave
It is time for all non maori to stop feeling guilty about our history. Maori play the blame game in all areas. Any disagreement with maori is viewed as racist or red neck. It is a very serious situation. Dvae Rennie
It’s WAY OVER TIME SOMEONE had the guts to say the treaty of Waitangi DOES NOT give iwi ETC a PARTNERSHIP we are ALL EQUAL & giving into maoris for election votes is NOT DEMOCRATIC & labour mp’s NEED to be told & so does SIMON BRIDGES as he’s VERY QUITE in this issue so email ALL mp.s from BOTH parties or we’ll end up ruled by iwi etc if we DON’T ACT NOW. Cindy
Absolutely, The Maori radicles in the present government will ensure that the children are brainwashed about the so called Maori grievances and just like the Climate Change garbage they will think it is the truth If these Maori radicles want to be separate put them all on some of the land they own as settlements that they can do what they like with no help what so ever that comes from those who want to get on with their own lives and watch the chaos that will arise in these settlements. They will them realise just how much all Maori people have benefited from their association with the European who have come here since the early 19th Century. Colin
Deliberate misrepresentation by certain Maori of watered down bloodline Jennifer
I feel with this Labour leadership we are losing what New Zealand is about – when I came here years ago I heard on TV that this is a one nation. It is not. It is a divided nation and we do not get anywhere on our merit here – its whether you are Maori that gives you a job. That is not right. We get by on our merit not because we are a certain colour or race. I wont be voting Labour again Kerin
The wrong information will need to be corrected. Time will get it correct, so best it right at the start. Get the right people involved please RICHard
Apartheid NZ continues to gain momentum. Very sad. Geoff
Newspapers won’t print anything about it just as opposing climate change views are suppressed. I can’t wait for the elections. Let’s hope National can man up. Alan
And so we are not racist….hello Ron
George Orwell’s “1894” revisited. Next we’ll have a govt ministry set up specifically to rewrite history (or do we already have that?). Alan
It will be hi-jacked to encourage and inject a Maori biased view that will cast the European in a poor light. Sadly it is already happening. A whole new generation of malleable minds will be influenced to enforce it. George
I am sure it will not be same history we learnt in the 1940-1950’s. Mike
A curriculum in education must be all inclusive including the aggressive culture of pre-European Maori culture. Anne
maori never had a written langridge open to any suggesting allan
Maori were never partners. They signed agreeing to the protection of the Crown and accepting their responsibilities to the Crown for that protection. I can’t see why this is not being seen as obvious. Darag
Why can we not protest this development through the United Nations and demand TRUE historical reference warts and all? IN doing so and revealing Maori have no right to claim ‘native’ nor any right to say anything other than ‘thank you’ – a clear and fair history of NZ could then be taught sanctioned internationally. Mike
Maori will continue to lie and distort history. They use the Treaty to forward their archaic tribalism way of “living” where their “elite” prosper and to hell with everyone else. Darryl
The phrase bandied about of the Maori World View is spurious anomaly. Before the arrival of Europeans Maori had had no contact with the World for many centuries Bryan
It’s already happening. Orchestrated by a U.N. indoctrinated Leftwing Government, supported by a leftwing mainstream media that report only what promotes their agenda. Bruce C
I am an educational book distributor and I see first hand what is going on all the time in our schools at all age levels. Geoff
Very concerned. I can only hope that the real history of NZ will be discussed and included, but I have my doubts. Kirke
Our children must be taught a balanced view of our history, clearly showing the importance and benefits of European and Maori colonisation. Allan
Of course it will. Maori have been twisting the truth for ever Tom
Of course it is going to used to indoctrinate the children with the teaching of untruths and false historical facts being a standard part of the curriculum. Listening to the utterances of some Maori today you would think that prior to the arrival of the European settlers life in NZ was perfect. In actual fact life was very tenuous with intertribal fighting and murderous rampages by various Chiefs throughout the country.Prisoners were either taken slaves as well as some of them being destined for the cooking pot. This has to be taught to the children which will show that the Treaty of Waitangi was a way that law and order and finally peace amongst the tribes was achieved. We have already seen what the teaching of false facts by the education system achieves with the current climate change alarmism amongst the youth of today. Either the true history is taught or none is taught at all in my opinion because otherwise nothing good will come of it. Allan
Children will be taught that Captain Cook tortured and killed those Maori that did not accept British rule and had their land stolen and their women were raped. But the truth that if it was not for the British that Maori would have killed and eaten each other and died of T B .If captain Cook had arrived 10 years later we would not have these problems as there would be no Maori to challenge. Ken
No other reason, socialism in action Robert
This will just encourage the racist actions by Maori to grab more. Vaughan
I’m very concerned, everyone seems scared of the radical Maori stirrers Graeme
I’m an educator in Australia and yes, we are rewriting history too! Fiona
When a commentator such as Chris Trotter acknowledges the insidious nature of this false teaching it is a sad day for this nation. Gavin
It had already been happening. Garry
Will they teach about slavery, cannibalism, dirt floor rapu leaking huts,,and no welfare,lion red,tab, or kfc. Norman
This government is rapidly ruining NZ. They need to be thrown out of power NOW, not wait till next year. The average Joe Bloggs needs to make their voices heard now before it is too late. Bruce
I guess it will be another case of which history is to be taught. As in the Treaty of Waitangi, how on earth can we accept the maori version of this treaty when they couldn’t even write it in any recordable form. To cause a bit of a stir,, why not make it compulsory to teach only Maori and not English. Maori is far better suited to the world of commerce. Peter
Noticeable in the past few days is that Maori have complained about and received an apology for nine Maori who died in the confrontation with Captain Cook. Nowhere has it been reported that Maori have acknowledged the murder of crew members of other ships and the cannibalism that resulted. They are strangely silent on that one. No doubt in the compulsory history about to be foisted on our children these uncomfortable facts will be ignored. Jenny
This is part of the creeping maori cancer that is invading our civilized society. Norman
What seems to escape everyone is that all these so-called Maori are more other, mainly European. Why are they allowed to deny their DNA ? Jock
Well, of course that’s the agenda: fill their heads with invented history, and the next generation will be pre-programmed to the socialist agenda. The political left have already taken over our learning institutions at all levels, so it’s a fait accompli. Graham
The REAL history should be taught especially Moriori’s arrival in NZ and Maori and Colonisation with all the benefits that came with it Sheryl
History should never be a compulsory subject at any level. If your students are to be forced to learn history as part of their education it is imperative the truth be taught, not some false representation of past activities that are written to support a maori supremacist agenda. Chris
It is a 100% certainty that is will be biased with the over all theme – White man bad Brown man good. Roger
It has been happening rapidly, particularly over the last ten years and this move will ensure a generation of brainwashed little sausages to stand alongside the already brainwashed ones cluttering up the streets over ‘climate change’. Peter
Our government has shown only that it is a slave to the whim of the Maori activist elite and the curriculum “yet to be written” will contain only what is approved by this elite. Liz
The so called teachers of history will not let fact get in the way of indoctrination of wishful thinking Owen
If this happens we’ll be HISTORY !!! Mark
Years ago my father said “We should give NZ back to the Maori and let them keep us in the standard they expect us to keep them.” Robert
Definitely Tony
Absolutely Cutty
It is beyond doubt that a biased and even lying version will be taught and accepted by children not knowing the truth but expecting their teachers to be honest and reliable mentors. Sadly, the Maori/socialist/universalist/one world agenda outfit will corrupt them for many days ahead until they one day find out the truth for themselves. Russell
If the Maori influence continues then we all need to be righteously concerned at their ongoing propaganda. Tony
Most certainly- the reporting and lies told in the Rangiaowhia incident highlight the lengths that some people will go to in their distortions. As long as Maori can find a value in their history manipulation through the TOW tribunal then it can only get worse. Roger
An old Maori man told me that one of the best things the colonists’ bought with them was clothes Prior to that the Maori had very skimpy clothing Arthur
It’s happening already Richard
I am deeply concerned with the Labour Party & Maori Nationalist’s extremism. Jon
Undoubtedly. Maori Nationalists will not have it any other way Bob
Yes, I am very concerned. DEFUND STATE EDUCATION – UNIVERSITIES FIRST ! That won’t work you say. Possibly not, but it ought to. Remember the definition of insanity? We won’t get a different result while continuing to fund it the same way. Don
I am very concerned at the proposed changes to the history curriculum as the object seems to be a distortion of the truth. In other words – a brain washing of the facts Brian
I know that some museums are removing pots used for cannabilism to try and make one race of people a euphoric and spiritual people. Darrel
Children are already being indoctrinated with the ‘partnership’ aspect of the TOW. Mark
Because any teacher under the age of 45 will have been indoctrinated from a young age with constructed lies, so will merely perpetrate those lies. Graeme
Just as those in the Middle East who have tried to deny the holocaust have used fake history Kevin
Both sides need to be taught in schools .. Kevin
Maori history is oral therefore cannot really be relied on as factual, as we know like Chinese Whispers the actual wording can vary by the end of its telling. The truth probably is that Maori coming to NZ were thrown out of the countries they left because of their aggressive behaviour towards other residents. Who can really say what is true Maori history, up to the time of European writings such as Captain Cook. Murray
There is no doubt that this will be the interpretation that many schools and in particular, the modern teachers , who have come through the teacher training system that has already given greater influence on the importance of fake Maori participation ahead of basic learning .Will this go on to replace world history, an outcome that I saw in the United States in the mid eighties where the influence of the “African America”history became the most important, and look at the turmoil and dissension that that has resulted in. Barry
Without doubt. Maori seats must be abolished for starters. Alan
Unless it is factual it is not helpful to anyone. Kim
Yes I am very concerned. We have already experienced deceit from some of our more radical part Maori referencing to the treaty document and I am of no doubt the same will occur with our less savoury Maori history. The truth must be recorded correctly not glossed over to appease some of our radical population. Chris
When I was at school (a long time ago) we learnt about Maori, how they lived, where they came from, cooked, lived in etc,etc. We visited historical war sites which taught us something of the area we lived in (Franklin at the time). I have travelled the length & breadth of NZ several times, and observed the Maori sovereignty flag in the most outback of places including one very well known Invercargill teaching Institute. This same flag has an insidious presence at the piece of land at Ohum—– at Mangere. This land bought in good faith by Fletchers, with 40 houses offered to Maori, has been turned into another Bastion point. I thought we had “full & Final Settlement? If these people waving these flags about, went to school instead, and learned to think for themselves instead of being leamings they could be useful citizens. It’s no wonder they earn the scorn of most people. Ray
This is a most serious matter. Fake history destroys truth and gives a false idea of real history. It must be stopped. Brian
Jacinda Ardern herself started the process of on Waitangi Day when she declined to provide an answer to the question, What is the first article of the treaty? She ummed and Ahed and then lied that she didn’t know so we should teach it in history classes. What she had meant to say was, what do you want it to be? John
That is their grand plan. It is obvious. Keep the masses ignorant and poor and Jacinda and Co have a job for life. They are enablers for poor outcomes for all New Zealand. We need this article to be published in all major newspapers. Unfortunately, with future loss of freedoms this will be deemed as hate speech. Robert
Sure will be Roger
Some years ago I was concerned about the information being given to visitors to that venue. Patsy
Another socialistic certainty! Stuart
My oath I am concerned. Clark
There is not a shred of doubt that this will happen. Barbara
Of this there is absolutely no doubt. Tragically, many teachers currently in classrooms have already been brain-washed to favour an extremely biased view Frank
i had a dna test done and found that i was 97.5% of european descent yet the teachers at my grandsons school keep telling my grandson that Maori is his heritage. Brian
Absolutely Ian
It is already happening–EG when asking a Te Reo learning non Maori (family member) whose children are attending a Total immersion(kapa haka) Area school, have you read the explanation of the Treaty by Sir Apirana Ngata ??? (so there can be an informed discussion)the response was “No without reading it, because it was an English translation IE not to be believed” . So there is one example of Incoctrination/misinformation/lies, both at the Marae where the Te Reo course is given, to in this case a totally gullible group think virtue signalling non maori,, and in the Area School where the children are being fed the same. Jack
This is a very real worry. School years are a major part of a child’s growth in knowledge. It is dictatorship at its best and a government version of what we want children to believe. Andrew
Been happening for years in the education system. Rules bent, special treatment given. When my wife was studying to be a school teacher years ago, the few Maori students were not required to pass the exams! Hugh
I expect it will be written as an invasion by white supremacists. In future what will be written about the current invasion from India supported by the Government? David
Most Maori forget they have a good percentage of European ancestry! Marianne
It’s obvious that this is what will happen. I am not at all sure that it can be stopped now; it may be too late already. Kathryn
History lessons must be from recognized records %u2026%u2026.worts and all!!! Brian
It should be remembered that in the late 1940s NZ history was taught with emphasis on Maori arrival, canoes, and settlements. What was also taught at the same time was the settlement of NZ by Europeans, the cities, the towns, the Church involvement. By the late 1970s when my children were at school this was no longer taught and when I asked why not, I was told, “We don’t bother about all that now.” We also need to remember that memory is not history. Paloma
Very concerned, this editorial should be published in its entirety in all publications in New Zealand, the wider public in New Zealand need to be told what is going on. Bill
Your latest column headed Fake History should be printed in newspapers and documented on television. All New Zealanders need to read or hear this before it is too late. Mary
It is very clear that this Government wants to secure the Maori vote by appeasing the radicals. For the record I am of Maori descent and am appalled at the new history that is being written to glorify Maori and vilify Europeans. Mike
The racist hate speech proferred by this section of nationalist Maoridom must be stopped as such. Brian
It is a very frightening prospect akin to only the plaintiff can give evidence in court, nothing from the defendant. The story will be told on very selected items and there will be a great deal of omissions. Cannibalism and slavery, let alone infanticide and incest will not be touched on. Steve
The so called academics will not be able to help themselves. pdm
Yes I have seen this with the Physical Education curriculum and the introduction of Haora that really had nothing to do with physical skills but a lot of airy fairy nonsense that was force upon teachers. What has spirituality got to do with PE. The NCEA level ,2 & 3 needs revision to be more skills based with competence in biomechanics and physiology. That is why I gave up teaching. Andrew
The “Maori elite” agenda is clear, and none of it involves the truth. The PMs commie faceist agenda is also clear, Globalist collectivism. Mix the two together and there is chaos. But that is her objective is it not.. We must be clear about this leading up to the next election and vote for sanity and the the commitment to NZ sovereignty. I will not vote for this present direction and will do my bit to influence others accordingly. What about you? Neil
Disgraceful, but may be too late to stop. Graham
no one talks about the rife cannibalism before Endeavor John
Well, that’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Tony
Its about time the vast but silent majority, who are being labelled as ‘racists’ by these hypocritical disaffected radicals, stood up and said enough is enough and took back our own mana and reported history like it really was and is dave
Ask any Kamatua currently living in Rarotonga about the “great Migration”. He will tell of lawless, unruly tribes being forcibly put on canoes and driven out to sea. Over decades, they returned their Island to peace…and a few if the misfits made landfall in NZ over several decades. Brian
No doubt in my mind whatever. A read of Bruce Moon, John Robinson or any of the other excellent well researched books on early NZ history show a completely different version of events than the current batch of distorted “facts” currently being pushed by a few names. Bart
What I learnt as a child they are changing I went to a Maori class to learn Maori and they told me some of the History explaining how tribes could be divided and then fight against each other and now they want to change it. Cherrryl
Socialist academics and government will ensure that school kids are indoctrinated with fake history to suit their own agendas Laurie
History should be taught but it must be truthful! There will be civil unrest if things don’t turn around soon. Chris
I find it hard to understand how a race with no written language can have such vivid and twisted memories of the past. The treaty for me is one sided, and only ever see Maori with any gains. Sad to say as time goes on Government’s scared of being called racist will continue to give in to these radical idiots Get rid of this treaty, and let’s live and learn together. Paul
I’m pleased I have retained some NZ History books from 30 years ago. They were fair and balanced. Chris
Just another move by Maori on the most stupid PM and her Ministers this country has ever seen.Maori is simply a despicable race of people but smart enough to use weak politicians Don
Very very concerned. It will just ramp up the indoctrination already taking place. Brenda
More worried that the Maori history will be fake and radicalised John
An independent international historian should be commissioned to produce a FACT BASED NZ history curriculum based on best properly researched FACTS. Stan
Conquest by stealth always the agenda!! Mis information upon innocents the next step!! Mike
Some of the comments are certainly hate speech. Soon as it becomes illegal then time for us to act against this and put a stop to it. Freedom of speech is one thing. Hate speech is not acceptable Joh
Who wouldn’t be concerned? Just look at how Cook is being abused. Michael
Fake history is the new NZ (for Maori) Peter
the parts are pushing the agenda, they are 10% and the 80% are to lazy to get of their arses to do any thing about it, they are like a flock of sheep Colin
As shown it already being used in that way. To the detriment of children’s general knowledge. Terry
Teaching fake history isn’t new. When I was at school from the early 1960s onwards, we were taught Maori were peaceful, loving conservationists who sat around playing stick games and singing, a far cry from the true story. Sharen
Its already happening Maurice
This is the ominous proof that social engineering by progressive liberals is well under way and poses a grave risk to the natural liberties of all New Zealanders Johan
This must be prevented at all costs! John
Continual Maori victimisation is the new normal.Why? Money. Graeme
Our children need a balanced, truthful version that is not dominated by racism. Peter
This fake NZ history has been inserted into all three levels of education for the past 30 years. Time to stand up to this maori supremacy. Coral
Without a doubt it will let’s change the government and get some Sense back into society Peter
Most certainly! When you are aware of the world situation imposed by the UN, it becomes patently obvious what is intended by this plan. Elizabeth
Who to trust these days with all the lies and unfair controls.. its getting worse too. Brooke
European New Zealanders need to wake up and realise the agenda of Maori activists is to remove their rights. Unfortunately politicians have allowed that agenda to flourish, and now it is being imbedded into a new much younger generation of activists. JD
Clearly this is the path of continuation of the agenda of Maori separatist development activists. Fake ‘partnership’ treaty interpretation, fake history. Dick
Fake history is already being taught under Maori Studies in universities. My first-year law student daughter came home at the last holiday spouting the most incredible Maori-favouring “historical” nonsense I’d ever heard. She became most annoyed when I tried to point out some easily recognisable flaws in what she was attempting to convey. Jim
Like a number of things and more importantly the teachers are putting their own spin on a lot of what’s currently taught in this space along side science . Andrew
I venture to suggest that whereas most of those who describe themselves as Maori today have a significant percentage of European blood. And, most of those who have no Maori blood have no colonial era forefathers. Even so, Maori would appear to be condemning the non-Maori as evil colonisers and to make reparation for claimed wrongs. I’m over it, Geoffrey
The interview on Q& A says it all. Maori elite want to control New Zealand for their own benefit regardless of the true facts of history. Trying to change history from a Maori point of view is a load of crock. Yes there was faults done by both Pakeha and Moari. But the true history has been reported and we have to live with the facts. Maori are in denial because it shows some Maori for how they truly acted. If we allow them the chance they will have Maori walking around as Saints. If we do not stop this bickering sooner or later we will end up in Civil War. Frank
This is not a Labour party for the people it’s for the maori. hand out and give ,,what they will do for a vote Jimmy
Maori are the penultimate invaders of this land and therefor have no better right to it than the Europeans that came after. At least the latter embraced Maori whereas Maori murdered the people already here. Any proposed school curriculum must teach that truth as well. William
This is exactly what I am worried about. Colin
A very dangerous course to be embarking upon. John
Truth is precious, and too much of history is lies. Political history such as will likely be taught for indoctrination purposes will undoubtedly be less than honest or truthful. Bryan
When our PM can’t recite or understand what the treaty says there’s no other possible outcome other than the indoctrination of our children with fake history Trevor
Absolutely – indoctrinating of children with radicalised fake history pushing Maori supremacy is what this is all about. In return, Labour will gain all of the Maori seats. It is despicable what they are up to but unfortunately most of the population won’t realise what’s going on.  Murray
I agree that it is all a ruse to push the Maori sovereignty agenda. But using children is the pits.  Brian
This government is corrupt. Of course they will peddle fake history if it buys them the Maori seats. But would National order a review of the curriculum if they became the Government? Because that’s what they need to do. Maxine
New Zealanders are being set up for Maori control but most people are completely unaware of what’s going on. Thank you Dr Newman and Chris Trotter for alerting us to the underlying agenda.  Paul
Our children are doomed to indoctrination with fake history unless there is a change in government. I have no confidence in Jacinda Ardern to do the right thing. She is ideologically driven and cannot see the wood for the trees. The damage she is doing to this country is a enormous. Geoffrey