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Help choose a new flag – second poll


The four finalist flag designs that eligible voters will be asked to rank in the first binding postal referendum on the flag are shown below.

From the 10,292 alternative flag designs that were submitted to the Flag Consideration Panel, these four have been selected to be ranked by New Zealanders in the first binding referendum to be held between 20 November and 11 December this year. To learn more about the designs and the designers, please click HERE.

To read our NZCPR articles on the flag, see The Flag Debate by Dr Muriel Newman and Our Flag by David Round.

In the event that our current flag is replaced by a new one, please look at the 4 finalist flag designs and choose the single design that you would most like to see as our new flag. Please submit the number of the design as your choice in the poll.

The direct link to this page is

1. flag31     2. flag8

3. Flag1     4. flag33

If the New Zealand flag has to be changed, which of the 4 finalist flag designs would you most like to see as the replacement?


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Poll Comments

Its the least worst. I think there were better designs out there. Frank
I’d like to see a flag that doesn’t get confused with the Ozzie therefore I’m all for change (though not so hot on $26m spend to do it. No.2 to me ticks the boxes of the Southern Cross, our Silver Fern and the colours of our original flag. PS: I’d be happy with No. 4 too. maddie
The fern and colours of number 4 make it a must. John6
It’s the best colour and design but I don’t believe there is any good reason to change what we have. Allan
Embraces Black & white fern and red white & blue Southern Cross, acknowledging the colours of our previous flag, colonial connections and at the same promoting the internationally recognised fern David
I don’t really want any change Peter
I do not wish to see any change in our flag. Dianna
don’t want the flag changed at all,but of all the designs number 2 is the better of them all. richard
no black in our flag ever james
It ticks all the boxes for me. The silver fern is on the Department of Immigration’s logo – so totally appropriate. Chris
None, The current Flag has my vote and it looks,(from various polls) as if it also has the majority of New Zealanders support Peter
It has the Black that represents the All black name, It has the fern that the rest of the world will see as a trade of quality, and the southern cross, as to where we are in the world, And there is the still the colours of the union jack Derrick
None of the above. The flag we have now represents our past, our present, and our future. I vote for one under protest! johnboy
To me the red background does not work with the silver fern. It needs the black background and also looks ok against the blue. The red stars give it some colour. My choice is 4. Graham
Why did the panel elect only one with a hideous Union Jack? what were the conditions of selection? why wasn`t one elected with the present flag with a map of New Zealand in the centre of the southern cross? It is alright for Keys to have his own binding referendum, yet allow the public to call for theirs but not binding on the Government, Keys is only stamping his name in NZ`s history, while looking for a knight hood and if the Grahams, o`Regan, Dame Shipley are anything to go by, then it shows a lot for Politian’s credentials. Hypocrisy at it`s best. Robert
Love it! Mark
Best by far Reggie
If flag one was blue & red background I would prefer that fern shape. Helen