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Dr Muriel Newman

Foreshore and Seabed Confirmation


Thank you for supporting the petition to restore Crown ownership of New Zealand’s foreshore and seabed. 

The threat to our freedom to use the coast – from hundreds of tribal claims – is very real. Most claimants indicate they want to impose wahi tapu to prohibit public access.

You can read our NZCPR article outlining what’s going on HERE and Dr Hugh Barr’s article HERE

The NZCPR website contains dozens of background articles on this issues – they can be located via the “Archive” link on the main navigation bar, or by entering foreshore into the search engine. 

If you would like to contact MPs – their email addresses are HERE.

To keep informed about this issue, we suggest you register HERE for the free weekly newsletter of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research.

We hope the petition will be widely supported by New Zealanders who want to demonstrate their opposition to these claims – strong support for the petition would help to strengthen the case against tribal claims. Please  urge others to sign the petition – the URL is here:

We are planning on doing much more – but running campaigns, publishing advertisements, or even becoming involved as an interested party in the claims process takes considerable resources. If you would like chip in to help so we can fight the battles ahead from a position of strength, please click HERE.