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Goodbye Jacinda

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In last week’s valedictory statement, Jacinda Ardern described herself as a “conviction politician”, a “control freak”, and someone who wears their “heart on their sleeve”.

On being Prime Minister, she said it was “A role, I never thought I was meant to have.”

In fact, she could be described as an ‘accidental’ PM – thanks to the ‘kingmaker’ Winston Peters in 2017 choosing not to form a government with National – the party that won the most votes – but with Labour instead.  

And just as Labour was not ready to be in government back then, nor was Jacinda Ardern ready to be PM – her inexperience and arrogance clearly on display through her “Captain’s Calls”, which were made  without public consultation, official advice, or sometimes even Cabinet approval.

That was certainly the case when, just a few months into her administration, she banned new offshore oil and gas exploration on the eve of an overseas meeting of world leaders. And while the decision gave her bragging rights on the world stage and helped her build her international profile, at home it was described as “economic vandalism” and a “kick in the guts” for the region, that not only put at risk 11,000 jobs and a $2.5 billion industry, but led to the tripling of imports of ‘dirty’ Indonesian coal, as New Zealand’s reserves of clean burning natural gas continue to decline.

Then there was the March 15 tragedy when innocent people were gunned down as they prayed. And while Jacinda Ardern led the country through that difficult time with compassion, her Captain’s Call to crack down on gun crime, saw her punishing law-abiding firearms owners, instead of targeting gangs and illegal weapons.

She touched on her obsessive approach to climate change in her speech, explaining that in 2017, “I remember sitting at my desk in the home Clarke and I shared in Auckland, writing a campaign launch speech. I knew I wanted climate change to be front and centre because I believed it would define our generation of politicians. I called it our nuclear free moment. I believed it then, and I believe it even more now.

When I came here 15 years ago we talked about climate change as if it was almost a hypothetical. But in the intervening years we have seen first-hand the reality of our changing environment. And I have seen the people it’s impacted, like the elderly couple on the West Coast who had lived in their home for their entire married lives. They had only recently returned to it after a year’s worth of post flooding repairs when it was flooded again. ‘We’re too old to keep doing this,’ they told me. They have not returned to their home.”

Conflating weather events with climate change and dramatising the effects enabled Jacinda Ardern to not only introduce the most stringent carbon restrictions of any country on earth, but to boast about it on the world stage.

It didn’t seem to matter to her that the policies she was introducing would destroy the backbone of our economy – the farming sector – nor that New Zealand’s enormous sacrifice would make absolutely no discernible difference to  global emissions.

Instead, she attempted to use her valedictory speech to coerce MPs into continuing her misguided legacy: “one of the few things I will ask of this house on my departure is that you please, take the politics out of climate change”.

That suggestion would be a disaster for our country, as Newstalk ZB host Heather du Plessis-Allan succinctly explains in this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentary:

“What Jacinda asked our MPs to do was to ignore what we the voters want, and just ram through whatever they consider necessary for climate change.

“Do you want to know what that would look like, to take the politics out of climate change?

“The Government would start charging farmers for their emissions from tomorrow. That would mean up to a quarter of sheep and beef farms could shut down. It would put the fuel tax back on petrol, so you would pay another 25c per litre effective tomorrow. It would drive the price of carbon up to $120 per unit as recommended, pushing your electricity bills up 5 percent, your gas bills up 7 percent, your diesel cost up 8 percent and your petrol up another 5 percent.” 

Heather is also very critical of the former PM asking others to do what she could have done herself: “It’s a bit rich to not do something and then try to shame the people you leave behind into doing it.”

Jacinda Ardern focussed her speech on the ‘positives’: “there are so many things I feel proud of. Things that I know are different or better because we had a Labour government.”

She highlighted her work ‘to uphold the Treaty’: “The creation of the Maori Crown relations portfolio under the excellent leadership of Kelvin Davis and the stewardship of Te Arawhiti. The establishment of the Maori Health Authority, the growth of Te Reo Maori, the evolution of how we see ourselves as a nation through the teaching of New Zealand history in schools, and the creation of Matariki, our first indigenous public holiday… The path we travel as a nation will not be linear, and it won’t always be easy. But for the part of the trail that I had the privilege of leading, I’m proud we took on the hilly bits.”

Unsurprisingly, Jacinda Ardern did not mention Labour’s toxic He Puapua blueprint to replace democracy with tribal rule, that underpinned so much of their Maori agenda. She didn’t explain that she had deliberately kept it hidden from her Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and from voters during the 2020 election campaign – presumably to avoid “the hilly bits”, like public opinion. 

Nor did Jacinda mention that ‘co-governance’, which has become code for ‘Maori control’, was a central component of the failing reforms she introduced for the polytechs, the health system, and Three Waters.

The polytech centralisation has turned into a disaster with cost blowouts, declining enrolments, and falling standards. 

The health system centralisation is now in danger of catastrophic failure through a chronic shortage of thousands of nurses, doctors, and medical specialists. Furthermore, health care has now been transformed into an apartheid system based on race instead of clinical need, with Maori prioritised over everyone else.

Three Waters, remains a disaster-in-waiting – a system designed to give control of water to Maori. With the architect of the reforms Nanaia Mahuta no longer in the picture, Prime Minister Hipkins is hoping some window-dressing will enable him to rush the remaining law changes through before the election – and before the majority of voters wake up to the dangerous implications of tribal control of freshwater.

When it came to the pandemic, Jacinda Ardern explained, “I have often been asked what the hardest thing was about Covid. There were so many, but the unknowns was one of them… We did lose other things along the way. One, in some ways, was a sense of security. That we can engage in good robust debates and land on our respective positions relatively respectfully. But for some, that didn’t happen during the latter stages of Covid. And while there were a myriad of reasons, one was because so much of the information swirling around was false.”

In the end it was Jacinda Ardern with her absurd claim that her Government was the ‘single source of truth’, that became a major source of misinformation. Ignoring Ministry of Health advice, she imposed one of the world’s harshest lockdowns onto the country – her Orwellian call for ‘kindness’ disguising the cruelty and heartbreak caused when basic human rights were denied and businesses destroyed.

And in spite of promising before the 2020 election there would be no forced vaccinations, she went ahead and imposed vaccine mandates, over-riding protections in the Bill of Rights and ignoring Ministry of Health advice against mandates on the basis that the vaccine would not prevent the spread of the virus.

The resulting anti-mandate protest in Parliament grounds became a dark stain on Jacinda Ardern’s legacy, and a turning point for her administration.

There is no doubt that opposition against the former Prime Minister hardened as a result of the way she handled the protest. Instead of defusing the situation by meeting the group and addressing their concerns, she stood by while her MPs denigrated the growing crowd, which included doctors, nurses, and teachers, and then watched on as the Police went in and the violence erupted. 

So how will Jacinda Ardern be remembered?

It’s a question clearly on her mind: “I cannot determine what will define my time in this place.”

Maybe the answer is too confronting for Jacinda, as virtually every aspect of her administration has resulted in failure.

But her most glaring disaster will be the way she has left the country so deeply divided and far less cohesive than it was when she first became Prime Minister. 

In this regard alone, her legacy is one of immense damage and shame.

Having embraced identity politics throughout her administration, New Zealand is now a country divided by race, by gender, by sexuality, as well as by vaccination status. And anyone who disagrees with Jacinda Ardern’s view of the world is accused of living in a ‘rabbit hole’ of disinformation.

The situation has been exacerbated by a media that sold its integrity to become an echo chamber for her administration – instead of acting as a public watchdog and holding the government to account.

Jacinda Ardern had the gall to state in her speech, “Debate is critical to a healthy democracy. But conspiracy is its nemesis… Those who try to dress up the issue of dis-information as being an attempt to silence people are ironically themselves shutting down a discussion that must be had… This is not a question of free speech. Free speech is a right this House is united in defending.”

Hearing the words “Free speech is a right this House is united in defending” from a leader who attempted to introduce the most draconian new hate speech regulations in our history – that would have outlawed criticism of groups defined by gender, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, employment status, family status, religion, or political opinion – was simply bizarre.

While a fierce public backlash forced her to back down from her planned crackdown on New Zealanders’ right to free speech, she continues to claim her critics are conspiracy theorists.

Nor will that stop now she has left Parliament, since Prime Minister Hipkins has created a new role for her as the Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call, enabling her to continue her push for greater censorship of the internet: “I feel honoured and grateful to continue work on the issue of radicalisation and violent extremism online.”

The problem is that her call for censorship of the internet has gone too far. Try posting up articles on Facebook criticising the Armageddon claims of climate fanatics, and not only is your post likely to be taken down, but your site threatened with closure.

Try sharing the latest research questioning the safety of the mRNA Covid vaccines from the most reputable sources, and you risk being blacklisted.

Thanks to our Prime Minister, the internet is no longer the free frontier it once was for those who oppose the woke conspiracy. One can only hope that the big internet operators see the danger and follow the lead of Twitter’s Elon Musk to greater freedom not less.

Jacinda Ardern has left our Parliament but still wonders why she is no longer universally loved in her home country. The fact that she has not figured this out for herself is in itself enlightening, and it is that lack of realistic self-reflection that was her undoing.

A kind interpretation of Jacinda Ardern’s tenure is that she was naive and impressionable, and those weaknesses were manipulated, especially by the Maori caucus to advance their agenda for Maori rule.  Other interpretations are much less kind.

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The Christchurch Call is yet another attempted by Jacinda Ardern to curtail freedom of speech online. Her new designated title as special envoy will indeed enable her ‘to continue her push for greater censorship of the internet: ‘Her intent is sinister. It also means that anyone who has grave concerns about harmful Islamic radicalisation will be silenced. As rightly pointed out in Dr Muriel’s article, ‘the problem is that her call for censorship of the internet has gone too far. This is indeed evidence when you try to comment online and get shut down or face being banned. Virginia
Cindy Ardern we don’t want your neo-Marxist socialist utopia. As soon as I saw you, I knew you were dangerous; having a baby shows you were not ready for governance and you started lying, propagandising as soon as you opened your mouth. You are dumb with no commonsense, having racially divided NZ. You destroyed health,education and the economy straight from American Marxism and the senile, incompetent Pres. Biden. The only time you should been seen by New Zealanders is when you apologise to us. Take your stupid boyfriend and go, we don’t want to see you again. Monica
Absolutely not this woman is has-been a disaster and still is a walking disaster Mary-Ann
whatever plane she gets on to go out of our country please make it a one way ticket. She is one of two women who has harmed our country irreversible. the other being that bag who brought in the no smacking law. John
No ,No & No – Ardern has done enough damage to New Zealand and our people she should be kept well away for NZ politics SHE is DANGEROUS to the wellbeing of New Zealand and New Zealanders – thank you for this forum and opportunity to speak my mind freely on such matters Rob
!!!! john
The sooner this woman reaches oblivion the safer our nation will be! Colin
The sooner this woman leaves NEW ZEALAND the better off we all be – the sooner Labour is exited from the Government benches the better for us all. Selwyn
How can you reward the worst immature imposter of a Prime minister that had the most wicked schemes ever conjured up for this nation like no other. Rewarding bad behavior, arrogance and incompetency. I don’t think so. What do you think? Leon
She is pure evil and needs to step aside as she has harmed our country enough Diane
It is the biggest example of nepotism and boot licking we’ve ever seen. Disgraceful Sheila
Totally unnecessary Lenice
what utter bull shit  
yet another disaster in the making jane.
When a person resigns, let them go with no ties still attached to their previous role. Even the role name “Special Envoy” is fitting for Labour to call Jacinda. Being “special” doesn’t mean anything. Although she was internationally famous, doesn’t mean she is locally liked as a leader Alfie
Absolutely no ! Exile the nasty bitch to a far off island, preferably swarming with rats. John
She should be in jail. Jasmine
No bloody way. Keep the stupid b out of any position that may give her power. William
Already too much has centered around the stage Jacinda built – Too much emotion – Just where does the PM role stop and sound wisdom based judgments if you are leading a country come in. Simply a lack of wisdom. Maurice
The back patting continues, even outside of politics. Mark
Ardern is enormously dangerous in his socialist beliefs. They will continue to come through all aspects of development of any subject or venture she is involved in. John
she should be completely gone Anon
What another huge waste on taxpayers money this Christchurch Call is. And fancy rewarding the person who has destroyed New Zealand more than any other person in the last 200 years, with a plum job – defies belief. Talk about political incest. Mike
Miss Missinformation herself…. The PM with a PR department of 95 people suckling on the teat of the taxpayer. Gimme a break! Listen to her last UN speech and be very, very afraid! John
No thank you. No more of Jacinda anywhere please. She has done enough damage to this country and its people. Jenny
The woman gunned down democratic values when she stated that 2 classes of citizens was exactly what she intended in NZ. It spoke to her divisive, mania driven, personality that is not consistent with democratic principles. Get her out of parliament I say. Rosalind
absolutely NOT Valda
Under no circumstances , she does not deserve .. It’s the old boys syndrome Rob
Terry M’s comments in one of the earlier votes are right on the mark! Muriel, you were far too kind to her! “narcissistic, psychopathic, totalitarian, divisive cult leader” Terry M, go straight to the top of the class – well said! Rex
Dangerous to say the least- the woman is evil personified Siobain
No pure nepotism And totally unwarranted The Christchurch call was manufactured out of a tragedy that no doubt, could have been avoided. If the relative authorities had been doing that which they are/ or were tasked with performing the event, may not have happened. Chance favours only the prepared mind (Louis Pasteur) and seemingly Ardern saw a chance and turned it into something, a self promotional campaign Tragedy yes, but equally as tragic is the War in the Ukraine State sponsored terrorism inflicted by Russia its all over the internet The Australian moron was a murderer with anti Muslim views To call this one deranged Australian a Terrorist could be seen as an orchestrated subterfuge In an effort to muddy the waters in an attempt to draw attention away from the actual why it happened. With out a doubt the live screening of the tragic event was totally unacceptable But so was the capturing of it by Ardern if for self promotional purposes The deranged radicals of this world don’t need chat lines In fact the real enemy and the terrorists at large don’t use them And if they do, and Ardern wants to band them, then further underground they go To seemingly use the Tragedy for self promotional purposes is disgraceful act Hipkins has shown one of his cards ‘compliance’ which has has been his maim game thru out Ardern’s time as PM Same poison different poisoner Labour was once trade union beholding. Theses days its beholding to the Maori party Vote labour at your peril Bruce
We should never hear her name again. She should not be in any official capacity. Paloma
just another trough to keep feeding. She should be banished from any involvement in NZ Politics or lively hood. Rod
This idiot Labour Govt has got to GO ! Anthony
Hipkins finding a job for her so that she can wave the WEF flag and keep herself relevant with the lefties in NZ Rhys
We have already had more than enough of her and her agendas. Kath
She just needs to go somewhere and live under a rock before she does more stupid things Chris
Because she is dangerously biased in her idealogy and therefore cannot be unbiased as to her maxist beliefs Tracey
Not unless it’s in a small concrete room with a lock on the door, and bars on the window Andy
Miss Ardern is, and always has been, very adept at avoiding telling the truth. Far be it from me to say she is a consummate liar, that would be ungentlemanly, but I have never had any difficulty in disbelieving any of her utterances. She has divided this country on racial lines in a way that will be difficult to undo, and we are left wondering what hold the people of the shadows had over her to force her into that stance. The sooner she disappears from public life, the better it will be for all of us. TOBY
More tax payers waste Peter
Ardern is the source of the apartheid poison that haunts New Zealand today. Peter
She is still so dangerous to our country, New Zealand Graham
She can now continue to push her evil agenda and stop free speech Jan
She will wreak havoc on western democracies and shut down free speech. john
Adern is a bumbling, totalitarian idiot. She should be banned from any public or government influence. Andrew
Her malignant and callous blaming of people who had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the crime & her complete ignorance of the FACT it was the NZ Police that through, I pray was just incompetence that lead to the tragedy. She with only the hate & narcissim of an myopic extremist use the tragedy to gain notoriety & political point scoring is vile. SO a resounding NO. I wont mention firearms crime is of the richter since see both enabled & emboldened the mad the bad & weaponised police against the people.. Tracy
She came close to totally wrecking the viability of what was once a great country… New Zealand. Donald
political incest is alive and well in NEW ZEALAND, The sooner we get rid of chippy and the bent mob he inherited which is stilled controlled by the toothy ex pm who should be charged with treason for the damage she is still causing in this country and now has a new job that the taxpayer is being forced to pay for is a bloody disgrace and the poms should be warned to keep a eye on the bent bitch so they don’t get ripped off like us. Richard
useless ja changed the firearms laws before chch to make it easier to buy a mssa. the silly cow is clueless. wayne
She is the very last person that should have anything to do with censoring any sort of communication full stop. She has shown herself to be biased, untrustworthy, ill informed, incapable of mature, thoughtful and balanced reason. She is quite simply a safety risk. Julia
gone should mean gone Lorraine
These people are terrifying in their blind obsession for power. Gillian
While she was PM it looked as if she wanted to ‘sell’ NZ to the WHO and Pfizer! Stuart
We don’t want this woman anywhere near anything that suggests how we should live. John
Tarrant was a Masonic patsy, a CCP admirer and ean eco warrior for the UN agenda. It was murder to provoke a backlash against gun ownership. Melahi
What a waste of time and money. Can’t she find her own job. Guess not. Andrew
That destructive b**** should be rounded up and destroyed. As for Hipkins, he’s just as sinister and is a trained Marxist. If we don’t get rid of this rubbish in October, we are indeed doomed. As for climate change, it’s lies, lies and more lies as was global warming. I could really rant on about those two traitors and numerous others in the Labour Govt and the media, and while letting of some frustrations, I would be giving myself an ulcer. Carolyn
We had hoped she was a “goner” – but no! Avril & David
How about special envoy for the emperor penguins! Kevin
Another slice of bureaucracy nonsense by our communistic government The last PM resigned so why bring her back to cause more choas through out the country Cyril
Where and when will her influence end? Sharen
It’s just another way to funnel taxpayer dollars into this creature’s bank account thus creating a sinecure for her and another platform from which she can continue her tiresome pontification of all things woke. Of course Hippy is required to do this for his buddy as they are ideologically joined at the hip (no pun intended). Stalinda has done more damage to NZ than every other lefty politician combined and will be remembered only with the revulsion she so rightly deserves. John
Let us hope the rest of the world very soon learns to know Jacinda, as we, who still live in NZ have. Marie
Just another Govt idea that costa lotta and ignores the dire straits our country is in. Spend the money on mental health instead! Trudy
I am not that sure what this created position all involves but it will certainly have freedom of speech to its forefront. We must keep freedom of speech truly free but that is not to include “hate speech” although that means different things to different people. If “hate speech” could be defined in such a way that it has more universal acceptance, then that would be a positive. At the recent rally against Posie Parker speaking we saw more “hate” from the protesters (especially the deputy Greens leader – and without an apology – what arrogance) than ever seen elsewhere. Keith
Everything Jacinda Ardern stands for is toxic to the future of New Zealand. Tim
The ex-Prime Minister should be exposed for her communistic dictates – she deserves no political appointments ever again in this country Bob
Ridiculous. What does it mean? What are the terms of reference? How long will the position last? Is it transferable?we need to move on.sure, it was an event but time to let it go. The last thing we need is another public holiday in remembrance and she could easily call for one. Mike
Bloody tokenism…wanker Horrie
total outrage she should be barred barry
Ardern is a disgraceful liar. mark
Enough is enough. Chris
No I don”t, because my understanding is that this will give Ms Ardern more control over what we as New Zealanders must or must not believe. I think most people have the intelligence to find their own truth given the information they receive, we really don’t need to be restricted by Ms Arderns view of the world. Rob
The further away from our political scene we can get her the better. I just pity Prince William and his decision to give her a place on his board. Denis
Get rid of her and the Christchurch Call for censorship both! Gail
I want Jacinda Ardern as far away as possible from influencing policy in NZ Maxine
Totally unnecessary Neil
The concern shown by Jacinda was super Ardern has created.enormous problems which could not have been carried out without Winston Peters allowing the Labour Party to be voted in. Ben
We need a fresh perspective tin that job. Col
Jacinda has been disastrous for NZ. I don’t wish to try to express my anger as it will be extremely vitriolic Harry
What a mess her Labour adm has left the country in. Co- governance was never part of the original T of W. Successive Govt. have been willing to spend billions to secure the make believe Maori vote. Bernard
Why would we want to allow the most incompetent government in New Zealand’s history to continue to promote and enhance the most pathetically naive, toxic, racist, and treasonous ex prime minister’s ability to advance her personal agenda on the world? She simply isn’t worthy of anything except a chain gang in a penal colony for her deliberate effort to destroy our precious democracy and hand control of our country over to Maori tribes. Steve
It is quite clear that Ardern just cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything. So how can she be ever trusted to be a representative for New Zealand? To share the view of all New Zealanders and not just the view of a Socialist/Communist Labour Government. Who are forcing their own twisted view of justice onto the world. Alan
She shout be banished from any public office and get a real job. Richard
unbelievable Tony
Of course not, She’s a Goebbels level propogandist that shouldn’t be anywhere near free speech. Jeff
She is entirely unsuited to the job as she is only the mouthpiece for dissenting opinion. There is definitely a hidden agenda with her. Wendy
NO everything she touches she ruins. we never want to hear about her again – she is evil Denise
REALLY! Create a NEW position just for Ardern….Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call. What on earth is that position anyway? Why not a position called Exit NZ, head first. HELEN
He is as thick as a plank. valerie
She has blurred the lines too often about disinformation, especially over Covid, media control and policy advertising on TV. I do n0t think she should have a role along these lines that can shut down different views too easily. Paula
Jobs for mates is called nepotism Ray
I have worried an awful lot about this country like never before for the last 5 years since Jacinda got in. I have even read and heard people mentioning civil war on radio talk backs as well because of He Puapua and co governance and such like. Never before in my life have I heard New Zealanders speaking with such colourful language. This all because of that woman. Now watch Tens of Thousands of Dunderheads go down the Road in October and cast there votes for Labour and Greens. It just beggars belief. Paul
This seems to be created to give her something to do. I think Jacinda has done enough damage she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we have had enough. But chippy is not much different. John
Haere Ra, Jab-Hag Now if you were to just SOD OFF! N Peter
Absolutely not, just another move by a small brain in the hope of keeping his position. With this kind of stupidity and his followers there is little hope for this country going forward. Tom
We need to keep this commie low life out of the system altogether. Mike
another stupid call, no pun intended Giles
That person has done enough damage to New Zealand and I’m sick of seeing it’s face. Paul
Putting that evil Person into another Public interface Role is basically validating everything she’s done as a Prime Minister. Just like ‘Stupid’ you can NOT change “Evil’ !! Geoff
another job for a failure so she can fail us again Arthur
We have had quite enough of Jacinda’s APPALLING interference in our lives! She’s a Goneburger! Sylvia
She is not suited foe any position in this country which she will try to misuse. Rob
She is evil and should be in Jail for life. David
I have no confidence in Jacinda to be able to hold any position where there is no accountability. She should take up gardening and looking after her child. Teremoana
She’s gone – let her go ! Trevor
We just need her to go away. Plus I guess taxpayers will foot the bill. Andrew
Gone. Gone for good hopefully Doug
The country needs to move on from the drama – if police had done their job properly – and if successive governments had not been so stupid around firearm types imported – it would not have happened. Mark
Just another Labour spending more taxpayers money on new jobs ,including the huge consultants fees Good riddance to the ToothFairy , surely Chippy is not so stupid as to include her as another waste of the the taxpayers money . Roll on election time . The Treasury funds will be totally depleted by then though ,sadly .I see the pillow biter is in the USA to see why his fiscal management has failed !!!! I could have told him that ,he s an idiot DUH Ray
She was dangerous in Government, she’s more dangerous now. Christine
we all need to be concerned of creating positions at whim and their intents leo
Authoritarian governance of speech should have no place in NZ. The road to hell (communism) is paved with smiles and good intentions. Martin
Is this a trumped up position?? Rona
Hopefully National, Act, NZ first make her redundant in October. She needs to be gone completely, another country would be better for all NZrs. Kevin
The best position for “Jabitinya” is behind bars while waiting for “Nuremberg 2”. Phillip
I’d think that her burial in an unmarked grave would be a better outcome for all. Tony
Ardern was/is a disgrace to this country. Dumb incompetent but worse an evil communist Don
I don’t believe they are even considering giving her a position on anything, ,the lying B**** should be in JAIL. Allen
Dont even know what that’s for Graham
Leave us alone anaconda has caused far too much damage already with her ideology and restrictions on free speech to be trusted with that role. Just go anaconda and leave us to fix the mess you made! Dave
She was the worst prime minister we have ever had. David
She has already done enough damage to this country with the communist views. Allan
ardern is a disaster, has ruined this country, along with her corrupt cohorts. None of these people have has done anything to improve this country, in any area.. despicable is a good description of them all. Peter
Another job for the boys – disgusting and another reason to put up taxes tony
I don’t care what she does as long as the long suffering NZ taxpayer doesn’t have to fund it. The Christchurch Call is just a name that means nothing, and those involved talk a lot and do nothing.. Good riddance to bad rubbish. So go Jacinda, work for whoever you like but NZers don’t want to put another cent into your pocket. and take your Marxist ideas with you. We would like you to take all your government cronies with you too! Could you arrange that please? Rosemary
She should be given an overseas post as far away from us as possible ! John
Ardern is an extremist backed and promoted by the extremist WEF, the Gates Foundation etc. Ardern fits the very criteria of an extremist threat to any developed nation. Andrew
The red witch has destroyed NEW ZEALAND so why give her a job that puts her back in the public domain. Made worse by the taxpayer paying for her to be in a job that was not required to start with. Looks like a job for life as no one to sack her from this position as they did from the previous position. We are not much better off as her replacement is another mommy’s boy. Jeff
Maybe that was the deal, the school boy becoming PM, and he gives her control on what we can see and read on the net. Sven
This is just another smoke screen to bolster Ardern’s ego and hide her weaknesses and failures left on the her road to destroying everyday NZers livelihoods. Murray
Totally ridiculous for an old mate Sidwell
Jacinda would be well advised to fade quietly into obscurity. She has already destroyed New Zealand. Roger
Ardern’s government has done more damage to New Zealand than all PMs of the last 100 years put together. Be thankful she is going and have nothing more to do with her. Charles
What the hell does she know about it or most things she poses as an expert on? Tim
Get rid of her full stop. Very dangerous woman Kath
It’s a joke surely! graeme
Bolloicks DAVID
Worse possible position Maggie
This woman should not be allowed to have any further influence over New Zealand society. Enough damage done already! Dennis
Anything done by Jacinda turns toxic and brings division in the community Carol
This is showing even more that HIPKINS is a total F… Wit – just like Jacinda is. Only they could be this stupid.  Brian
Just another taxpayer funded perk position. Like pigs at the trough, when so many Kiwis are struggling and then have to support her. Disgusting. Ken
No no no no cannot be trusted Erin
It’s a slush job Gregory
A big mistake , and consider the damage it will inflict , as it has done to NZ ; and every day there is new evidence of damage caused by this gov’t naive decisions from the last five years . Roy
I believe she is unsuited for this role. She has the ability to destroy us on the world stage regards the farming industry. Alistair
Absolutely not. Now that she’s been rooted out she should be tossed into the weeds like the abject failure she’s turned out to be. Unfortunately her understudy is no better, perhaps even worse mind you he could be forgiven for not being able to define a woman with Arden as his boss and mentor. Flip
No,No,No,No. Mark
What a waste of money on another poor performing bureaucrat. Welcome to the old boys club Jacinda. Bet you will fail at that as well. Mike
Just like Harry & Meghan -, when you’re out, you’re out. Elmarie
The b****-evil-woman should be in jail for life, for the manner in which she has ruined NEW ZEALAND, and OUR lives. This woman is a disgrace to our COUNTRY. Gordon
We don’t need any more Marxist censorship in NZ. Mark
Ardern has done serious damage to this country and its democracy. Frank
Another stupid decision , but he is not bright enough to figure it out. Noel
If our previous PM can’t get a job in this era of record low unemployment worldwide, like those of us who are struggling to get in to work are told we too lazy and don’t want a job why should she be given special privileges and handed a job by the government. Not only does she not want one of the jobs available but she wants one where she will required to nothing. Not even turn up but will still be paid for travelling around the globe trying to score a job at the UN or the World Economic Forum. Disgraceful. T
It’s Absurd Christina
When will her sycophantic, political fall boys leave the stage? Perhaps they need time to prepare their own exits with plumb roles awaiting. Be assured that they and Ardern need to be held accountable for their mucky hands in the utter devastation of our country in every sense. but will they? I need revenge! Helen
Ms Arden should never hold a position where she can influence others again Pam
No! No! This woman (adult female human) should not be put in any position, that allows her to promote her UN WEF indoctrinated agenda any more on NEW ZEALAND. She has inflicted so much damage on our once safe and harmonious country. Send her off to her mate in Canada. And PLEASE PLEASE don’t make her a ‘DAME’. But then Hipkins won’t know what that is! John
Take Jacinda Ardern out completely. She will continue to destroy New Zealander’s as she is around. She is incredibly dangerous Les
The Christchurch Mosque attacks were the act of one person with an all consuming hatred of Muslims. Jacinda’s spin was to portray this tragic and senseless act into a race, and racially based terrorism and thereby justifying her own political racism and discrimination towards many New Zealanders. Donald
It was a small price to pay to see the back of that woman. She couldn’t have been more awful. Everything she touched turned to shit and she was ignorant enough to boast that a number of her failures were actual successes. A dangerous dreamer who has dragged New Zealand backwards in a big way. Graham
This vile communist pimp for totalitarianism must never be let any levers of power or influence again. Jail is the only appropriate place for this democracy destroying traitor. John
worst Prime Minister ever and a serial liar to boot. Roger
Never. This ? evil ? gullible leader was either duped or blackmailed by the Maori Elite labour caucus into changing our country from a democracy to an apartheid country ruled by the Maori Elite Iwi. Misery, ruin and terrorising is the only outcome for non Maori under her corrupted labour tribal government. She should never hold any position of power again as she is either corrupt or easily corrupted. Thank goodness she is gone – she holds the title of our most destructive PM in NZ history. Brenda
She should fade into obscurity as the worst PM this country has ever had Geoff
Everything she touches turns to s__t Terry
She destroyed our country Warren
She has done enough damage to this nation and humanity as a whole. Why give her a position where she can do more. She admitted herself that she is a control freak and that was evident over the last 5 years or more. Jacinda – just go and leave us alone to do life with fairness, kindness and respect for each other – things you claimed but obviously lacked. Kevin
How does that look, our politicians just keep on deserting us by giving everything to their pals and nothing to the people of New Zealand Barbara
I would have preferred her to have nothing to do with any decisions in running this country. lynne
It’s a glaring example of corruption. Back-hander, gravy train jobs for mates… this has no place in NZ politics. Not to mention it is akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Aj
Certainly not. It was something the pension paid for life ex-PM established herself and should not be continued and certainly not by herself. Ray
Totally disagree with Chris Hipkins decision to create a new position for Jacinda Ardern as Special Envoy. Baruch
no she will keep on trying to closedown free speech. Goodbye Jacinda New Zealand is much better now you have left Nigel
Are you kidding!!!!. Thats like putting the fox in control of the hen house. And who will pay her for that. Probably NZ taxpayer. What a disaster she’s been. Just watch as she worms her way into the U N . Peter
Get her completely out of NZ politics Bruce
she has no place in New Zealand public life fred
Absolute rubbish! martin
Person promoted well beyond her competency level. Get her out of New Zealand. Paul
NO NO NO Wayne
Absolutely not. A platform to continue to spread her ideology driven divisive politics David
More about keeping St Jacinda on a pedestal looking down on her minions. Ridiculous. Damehood in June or Dec coming up no doubt. John
Not it if involves even a skerrick of my taxpayer money going her way for ‘expenses’. hope there is a new Government that will disestablish her. Pamela
She has already done enough damage to the country without giving her a chance to continue her divide and rule agenda Peter
Ardern is the least qualified and most distrusted person to head up such a position, should it even be needed. Jan
do not be stupid gerard
She should, instead, be charged with crimes against humanity for what she did to this country. Gerard
No. J.A. doesn’t work equally for all New Zealanders. She can’t be trusted with our future and freedom. Josie
We what her out if NZ politics permanantly. Wendy
Bearing in mind that the Chch shooting was a preplanned Psyop, a new position like this just makes the lie deeper. We know she is a nasty piece of work, like all WEF darlings, and the further she is away from NZ the better. Although, when it is time to pay the piper, will be good to have her handy to answer for the crimes against humanity she is so guilty of. Neil
Go away, Ardern we never want to see or hear from you again! Gail
NO, NO, NO and again NO! Lee
good riddance to the devious two face piece of work ! trish
Another failed politician getting a soft job, which no doubt carries with it a suitable stipend. Sam
This B**** needs to be in the Dock at Nuremberg 2 Bruce
Let her go out on the public stage and apply for her new job whatever that may be, as we all have to apply for the jobs we would like to do. It’s not that easy! Dot
Without a doubt……No Gavin
The only position for her that would satisfy me is inside a prison cell for the rest of her miserable life. Howard
Ideology. Cronyism. Using events to press self forward. Don’t do it Chippy. He will anyway, of course. Mark
She should be charged with treason. Jim
absolutely not ! mike
Freedom forever!!! Bruce
She has divided our nation on the grounds of ethnicity. She hit honest gun owners with huge restrictions and with confiscation of their firearms, yet the gangs are able get them freely and easily for illegal purposes. She’s in “La-la Land” if she thinks she can bring ethnic groups together. Her legacy is being the “darling” on the world stage, yet destroying this country – “fiddling while Rome burns”. Laurence
I vociferously object to my home city being known for a massacre. Find another name, Please find Ms Adern an offshore role not connected with New Zealand. Penelopoe
Never is too short an interval. What a disgusting concept. bruce
When Jacinda left it should of been the last of her continuation in NZ politics. Dennis
We thought she would slink away to the UN or some other woke organisation. Unfortunately we’re stuck with her now! Sheila
She needs to be in court first. John
Gone is gone, leave it that way. Wayne
Jacinda has demonstrated that she believes that she can legislate by stealth with no regard to democracy Marilyn
Jacinda should not be allowed anywhere near any government post. She’s too wacky. Sheila
Definitely note. If anything, she needs to be evicted from New Zealand and never ever be aloud to enter or return to this country. EVER. reg
Please, stop her ruination of New Zealand any further. Roger
Not at all. Shane
No.She is not fit for any kind of employment where politics and sensible thought processes are required. galem
I don’t want to see here anywhere near my hometown. Lindsay
What a joke., Jacinda did a lot of harm to NZ , both to the average Maori ,but to all other races, in putting this tight tribal Elite in total control. They are ruthless Maori Elite above everyone. clint
Ardern was and is a total sell out and has no place in NZ . Her newly found wealth did not come from her government salary and that is certain. Her Claus Swabb training belongs in Nazi Germany and just like Macron, Trudeau, and the other sell outs of the 5 eyes countries, the people remain secondary to the plans of these low life people. NZ is STILL asleep from the scam that is covid and people like Ardern will only seek to keep that crime against humanity hidden from the world whilst other countries have realised the game is exposed to the world but sadly the corrupt justice system is clearly new world order own and operated. I believe that infiltrators such as Ardern must be removed from anything that is NZ for her agenda is for her real masters and not for the betterment of NZ. I still can’t believe that we still have so many people who believe the lies of these toxic injections being safe as the body count is still growing daily, and the harmful effects are now horrendous. Our corrupt media are earning their blood money for sure as they purposely hide the real numbers of ever growing vaccine injured people and heart damaged victims of this crime against humanity. Shame on ALL NZ’s who still support the scam of covid and these still untested toxic experimental injections . fred
I rejoice that this woman is out of parliament and I would rejoice even more if she permanently faded into obscurity which is where she deserves to be Peter
No. It’s another political non job at the trough. It’s rather ironic that it’s going to a person that has caused what use to be a politically free nation to become subjected to a disastrous autocracy. Also she has stirred up racism through introducing disappointing policies that heavily favour a specific ethnicity group made up of a mixed race. She has simply capitulated to the nasty noisy racial radicals, (both inside and outside of Government) and including their elitist sycophants all who show their self-important but faulty idealistic attitudes aimed toward the destruction of New Zealand’s very successful western model democratic life style. Ardern showed her true colours toward entrenching socialism which is much the same as rule by self-enriching tribalism. This is the mantra that Ardern has left us and therefore she should not be favoured with a golden hand shake but should be left to her own devices. We, the people now urgently need to get together to sort out this mess to reinstate our hard won long term democracy and to demand that we can live as free individuals or in family units to seek our level of self-development and happiness to the best that our abilities will carry us. Gosh, has our forthcoming votes for a new Government never been more important than will be toward the end of this year. Real Kiwis must vote to stop this black destructive cloud of evilness encroaching further upon our what is left of our free democracy. Please don’t waste your vote. It’s really that important. Garry.
I think she should find her own new career. Laila
She only deserves jail. Evil evil woman. Maddi
Jobs for failed pals springs to mind. Hugh
frightening david
Definitely not. Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government have destroyed the New Zealand we used to have and her legacy has turned us into a third world if the appalling education results are anything to go by. Mary
Time for her to move on! Bob
Of course not. Why would the country need this traitor anywhere near the levers of power?. Hasn’t she done enough damage already?. John
No, more waste of money! Marianne
She has absolutely no credentials for any such position sheryl
Jacinda needs to leave her controversiality where it belongs. She has done enough harm as it is. Lyn
She should be charged with crimes against humanity Greg
Free speech is sacrosanct. Take it away at our peril Norm
the damage cindy has done to NZ is and will be far reaching. she should be in jail for treason Rick
Dick. Who pays her, us the tax payer Glenn
She needs to be eliminated from any position of authority Charles
I think this is a “Job for the Boys” positions and is not needed. Jillian
The “Christchurch Call” was and remains a nonsense. To create a new position for Jacinda Ardern as Special Envoy is more than nonsensical, it is heading to farcical. Peter
She will be used to promote co governance in some undefined form as yet not declared as with all the Labour ‘reforms’. Victoria
She will continue to divide us in the same way Obama steers the Biden ship from the basement Skarlett
We want her.out of our lives, not in it. We have had enough of the interfering witch. Brian
We need rid of her completely to send a message to the rest of the world that we are not total idiots. David
I don’t agree with any position in any organisation for Jacinda. She is gone — leave it at that. Alan
Jacinda needs to be erased from all platforms otherwise she will arise again in the future. She has already done too much damage in New Zealand. Tony
Nonsense!!! Isa
Hell no. Get rid of the biatch. Teresa
Not without the true and clear purpose being defined and any impact on the rights of MPs to decide the law. Campbell
more tokenism from a corrupt system just like mallard to ireland. bloody joke john
Ardern is a complete negative in conservation,being creater of DOC hand over of the conservation estate to tribal elite bud
she’s the last person to have, and we don’t need a Christchurch call anyway david
She is just a useless commie John
No More of Jacindas Foreign Agendas and psychopathic lies. She is unwell and needs time out Mary
Christchurch call is about elite control Ross
No da*m way – the rest of the planet don’t give a rats about her “chch call” chris
Absolutely not! Kate
I consider it a created job for ,in this case, the girls, used to be the boys. In any case I think it is totally unnecessary position in these times we should be spending on basics not good to have. Colleen
Just be gone with her into the flames of history. The worst PM in our history. Not even close she was an idealistic idiot. Ken
She chucked the PM job. stay gone. Stewart
She should go somewhere overseas to live sooner rather than later. Shaun
She has gone please let it stay that way. Phil
Absolutely not. Sally
O no,! I do not want her to do more damage to our already very frail democracy! roelie
Let her be gone. Permanently. Anyone wondering why needs only to read Heather du Plesis-Allen’s summation of Jaconda’s undermining of New Zealand’s unwritten Constitution and our system of Democracy. The He Puapua document that she hid from New Zealand voters during the 2020 General Election with the consequent nationalisation of Health and Education and the shambolic 3 Waters fiasco have caused widespread deep-rooted racial and social disharmony that has signs of turning into violence. Parliament is no longer functional as opposition parties’ views are stifled or ridiculed. The far-left Coalition Government has an overall majority, and the country is ruled by the Cabinet from behind closed doors, and all media communication is ‘cleansed’ and dispersed as propaganda. Sadly, Hipkins has simply taken over her mantle, her cockiness and her lies. Worse, the Opposition parties are toothless and apart from Seymour and Winston are singularly weak-kneed. Now is the time for National, ACT and NZ First to rise together to “Defend New Zealand” because God is not listening. They must do the job they were voted in to do and clearly, publicly, declare what they jointly stand for before Hipkins buys more votes with handouts. Phil
We do not ever want to see or hear from her again! Take her lies somewhere else! Christina
Ridiculous Louise
Absolutely not. It is outrageous that she has had this position created for her. Andrew
Defiantly not. Ian
Wonder if the SPECIAL ENVOY will comment when we see the next massacre of Christians by Muslims ??????????? warwick
She/he should be right out of politics and get a real job. She/he has already ruined New Zealand’s economy, brought in apartheid and racism from Maori towards all other races living here, especially towards Europeans and white kiwis. She has been a disgrace to this country. Barry
I regard all Labour politicians as Liars by omission, and cannot tolerate that deliberate practice any way. Rob
Needs to disappear forever..evil lying excuse for a human Mr
She’s done enough for NZ, or should I say, to NZ! Tom
The insanity continues. Hipkins aided and abetted Adern throughout her whole tenure. I returned to New Zealand from Europe to confront a dystopian “Train wreck” writhing in the agony of its penultimate gasps. The lavage of the rolling corpse will be a herculean task. possible not achievable in many lifetimes. charles
Nepotism at its worst. The Cindy b**** should be tried for treason raleigh
Just a correction to Muriel’s otherwise excellent article. Winston Peters was well aware of He Puapua as he was, along with Shane Jones, in a meeting of the Cabinet Maori Crown Relations Te Arawhiti Committee, Minute of Decision MCR-19-MIN-0003 , where an action plan to institute the Declaration Plan was approved. The Action Plan was He Puapua and therefore Peters was aware of it. He just chose to ignore it because it was convenient. Brenton
She should never have been given that position and should never be given any other position to do with New Zealand. Rod
Just a made up Labour position to put her in. Job for the boys Lawrie
Ardern has no credibility left in New Zealand and will go down as the worst egotistical, arrogant, Self-righteous PM to ever lead the country. Please just go away you have done enough damage to a once proud country now torn apart with racism, Freedom of speech, Spiraling decline in medical health, Poverty and the list just goes on and on. Just go away Ardern we do not want you anymore. Wayne
position is not required neville
For more censorship??? Yea naa!!! This women needs to held criminally liable for past wrongs not promoted. Anita
We don’t need her b…..s any more Jimmy
She’s a sniper to social and political freedoms Warren 
He is totally unaware of the trouble this could call. He has ruined Educatiomn,did no good with Police, Public Service which has grownd enorously, perhaps OK as Leadr of the House. The place is toxic and Jacinda ‘hanging around’ will hinder, not help. Dick
Jobs for mates, and a waste of time and our taxes. Krissy
She should be put out to grass once and for all. Don
for her to talk of democracy and free speech and in the next breath use her influence to denigrate a huge percentage of New Zealanders who dare to ask questions or oppose “her idea” of truth is delusional. Follow the money. It is only about her. Sad and frightening for our country. Sam
Another reward like Mallard lindsay
Definitely not. We want her gone completely. Was this a bribe for her to leave Labour ? I’m thinking yes. Hopefully an offer from overseas will eventuate abdominal she disappears into the sunset. Unfortunately the rest of the world has caught up with her wrong doings. Allan m
Get out and stay out of ALL New Zealand business. you have done more than enough damage. Laurie
The woman is incompetent. pamela
she will destroy free speech completely in New Zealand Judith
What a load of bollocks that’ position ‘ is !!!! One of the four riders of the Apocalypse gone, they have no better idea to put another moron into place for what exactly. This endless virtue signalling is pathological at best. Michael
Ardern’s Kafkaesque Ministry of Truth by one of the greatest disinformation disseminators in history. Alex
I don’t want her anywhere near NZ. Susan
Most definitely not! There is no reason for creating a new position for her, it will also cost more taxpayers money . Colin
No, no, no!!! I hoped she would leave the country and have no further influence on us. Sadly there are many who still think she’s wonderful, does my head in???? Jeanette
Jobs for the girls Pete
Jacinda Ardern was an absolute menace ,and shouldn’t be allowed near the administration of anything again Jim
Definitely not Neil
She has gone, leave it that way, Andrew
Absolutely Ms.Ardern has no right to spread her divisive control of free speech globally. She has chosen who may speak and who must be silenced into submission in a dangerous out working of I’m the Queen of everything, follow me, put up, or shut up. In my world that is Abuse and profoundly abusive when occupying a position of power. Christina
Ardern was the worst Prime Minister this country has ever endured. She divided us racially, she damaged our economy as well as our reputation, she had a socialist agenda and became a puppet of the Maori elite. She needs to leave NZ and never be seen or heard from again. The legacy she has left is shameful and she is so up herself that she will never understand the damage she has done. Good riddance. Kerry
Can’t we just let her quietly fade away?!!! Helen
Never Bill
History will judge Ardern as the worst Prime Minister the country has ever had. Grant
Absolutely no way. Waste of more money which this government has specialized in Lynn
Another job for the boys or girls, plus pay for doing nothing. John
Absolutely not. Ardern should not be in any position that involves leadership. Ardern was the most divisive and worst minister,New Zealand has ever had Darryl
Absolutely NOT, she has totally stuffed NZ why even let her stay in NZ. David
I had hoped the lies and discrimination may have even a tiny bit diminished with arderns demise but it appears it will be continued with misguided vigor. clive
No, I think she should do something new now.  Jan
Nice to see Nepotism is alive and well in the Labour family. jason
The Christchurch Call was a division from the truth behind the Police failure to vet firearms buyers properly. Hence an Australian visitor with no real need for a gun was able to buy and use his deadly weapons. The media helped bury this while calling Jacinda a world leader. Many reporters and so called journalists have never been trained in investigative journalism and so do not practise any. Graeme
I watched her valedictory speech & all she really wanted to focus on was all the good positive things she did…..WOW, I didn’t know of ANY things she did were successful, ALL were failures, but narcissists with tyrannical Marxist tendencies would think in that way, wouldn’t they? It was all VOMIT material listening to all that BS, she started with LIES in 2017 & finished with LIES on 5th April 2023….& Good Riddance to bad rubbish…! Bruza
I also don’t think her’ partner’ should get given tax payer money on her leaving the job as they aren’t legally married linda
She has been the wart on NZ’s bum. Much worse than that despot Muldoon bill
perpetuating more of the same and world wide. Bev
Jacinda Ardern is a divisive stain on New Zealand. Her input and connectivity to anything political in New Zealand should be erased permanently. Mark
The thought of evil Psycho Cindy prancing around, officially censoring people is nauseating. Kate
The proverbial fox is now in charge of the hen-house. God Save NZ. Coral
She has done enough damage here with the pursuit of her ideology. Globally, the direction they are taking is clear to see. NZ has suffered enough damage, not only did we fall into these ideological issues but we have gone backwards in issues where progress was most needed. Les
There can never have been a more divisive PM in the history of New Zealand and worse, one who does the bidding of the WEF not the people of New Zealand who are sick and tired of her disloyalty and duplicity. Julia
No ! The “Envoy” is a concoction of no proven outcomes when you have a job (Post) call it whatever—does it have an endless date?? i have no malice to her however this type of “job” is ridiculous. Her remuneration post being the pm etc on leaving is extradionarly generous forever- ?? – This “envoy” smacks of travel overseas etc etc and all that goes with that..I may be wrong- however in years to come saying I told you so one way or the other is not a good outcome -being upfront is !!!! -that’s the way it should be. Has anyone asked?. i would have never gotten anything like that – my company would have outlined the conditions etc etc. philip
She should be put in prison for her crimes against humanity. George
And we pay for her? Definitely not. She couldn’t run a bath! Neville
Ardern has admitted that she is a control freak, and Hipkins is placing her in a position where she aims to control what people read and write online. The only bright spot is that she has failed at almost everything she has promised to do. Ross
The sooner she is consigned to the back pages of the mess she has created the better. Steve
We want to be rid of her completely and forever! Ron
These two are joined at the hip, bugger off both of you with all your bat shit crazy ideas. John
Ridiculous! Gilbert
Get her snout out of the trough Murray
Its a national responsibility – an opportunity for all NZ’ers. The position questions our empathy with ChCh, which is an insult to us all. Christine
Because it is a communist lying scum Greg
The majority of the country rejoiced when we thought we’d seen the arse end of that bloody woman, only for Chippy to create another hole in the public purse to keep her employed, tone deaf & can only hope this puts yet another nail in their coffin for the election. John
Jobs for f witts Bill
No, No, No. Ross
just another ‘job for the boys’ appointment that we as a country can ill-afford and also morally wrong john
She’s done enough damage. Anything she touches will turn to communist custard. After all, she is a Commo. Get rid of her away from anything she can damage with her warped brain. Graeme
Has not earned that privilege at all. Dennis
This would be like putting a robber in charge of guarding the bank. The filter of information would be politically biased while purporting to be apolitical. Piet
A person in that position shouldn’t be two faced. Graeme
Never. Same old same old!! John
This is concerning in light of J’s connection to WEF, UN 30, WHO. And what presents as narcissistic behaviours – this is really dangerous. Reminds me of how Hitler conned a nation- the parallels are remarkable. Lest we forget. Jacinda is not a person to be making decisions in regard to National or Global wellbeing and freedom. Her skills are best suited where she does not have influence over people’s lives. I pray God Blesses her and allows us to be free of hers and the Globalist influence. I pray for leaders of ethical integrity and the Wellbeing of our world and our Nation Maree
Ineptitude following incompetence! John
waste of money and time. Benefits not yet demonstrated John
She resigned! Clear off and try to do something constructive and pay your way! Colin
It is an important role but I have no trust in Jacinda. She is lively to make mandates and deny people their basic rights of freedom of speech and lively debate. Diana
this person is a menace to society and the country, her lies and deceit were galling to watch, the best place for her is somewhere she doesn’t have anything to do with our freedoms and lives. Hipkins a weak shallow little man, just a bit more adept at lying, without the hand flapping and face pulling, in fact a very bland expression. The pair of them absolutely hopeless, kids attempting to do an adults job. Merryl
Position not required & tell her to go & get a Real job. Problem being who would employ her as previous job was assistant in a fish & chip shop & then 5million sheep allowed her to run the country. Derek
Labour continues to attempt to silence opinions. Rod
Her position should be in a toilet bowel … and I,m happy to flush it down to where she belongs. Des
Jacinda is just another trougher. John
It’s just jobs for the Boys because no one else has offered her a job. Mel
That is one thing she did do v well Fran
That will be goodbye free speech Charles
She resigned thank goodness. Why are they able to waist more of our money to enable her to destroy free speech. When will this insanity end. I will vote for the party that reverses the racial agenda and frees us from this insane nonsense. Barras
I never want to see Jacinda Ardern again. If I had the power to strip her or her citizenship, I would do so. She was easily THE WORST Prime Minister this country has ever had — and her successor is not much better. Sue
No..incompetent people should be moved as far from influence as possible. Matt
Absolutely not, nor the appointmentto Prince Williams woke “Committee”!!!! Roger
Ardern has caused enough damage to NZ’s race relations and devisive policies with her term in Government. It’s time for her to remove herself from public duty of any nature. Terry
Another nail in the coffin of free speech and thought !! Henry
She has caused a naff damage to our country Ron
She left. That should be it. So Hipkins is now toadying up to try to recapture the lustre that some misguided sheeple still think she has. Pauline
No Way!! Errol
Yet another self-believer living Identity Politics. john
Ya gotta be kidding why would you give a incompetent a non job like that and what would she actually DO Peter
Because it means very little surely!! David
No way do I agree with this. The whole Christchurch call matter has proved to mean nothing at all. David
She should be run out of town and locked in a padded cell David
its a joke she is the single source of misinformation and should be prossucated for what she has done to nz citizens jim
A bad apple is always a bad apple. Peter
The better way would be: create a seperate prison room for her, without any visiting rights nor internet/telephone access. Peter
She has done enugh damage already! Bruce
100% no I would like to see her gone from anything to do with decision making in NZ. Shirley
She has no special skills for this task Colin
Emphatically NO! She should have no further input into anything in this country! She’s already responsible for the social collapse aof this country. Michael
noooooooo nevkath
She should have absolutely NOTHING more to do with New Zealand or politics. She’s a dangerous evil person. Elizabeth
No, No, PLEASE Lord !! No more Voter tax payments to that Wicked Woman !! Pierre
Jacinda should be banned from anything governmental in NZ Chris
Muriel says it all. June
She does nit deserve to ever be in a position in this country where she can manipulate the truth. Ann
She’s just a bloody imbecile & shouldn’t be anywhere near any decision making processes Terry
She lacks perception and a willingness to listen Gaye
The most divisive P>M> in N.Z’s history should be banished from any Public service. She has set Race relations back 20 years John
Once again a Labour leader leaves a vastly damaged country that will take decades to maybe repair. Trevor
Jacinda Ardern is a treacherous Communist. She should be tried for treason Tane
Good riddance, maybe we can now get rid of the other communist Labour idiots. Graham
Not good for the country only Adern Nick
What else could she do though. She has no qualifications or the ability to do a proper; 9 to 5 job. Especially one where she may have to get her hands dirty or think creatively. pdm
Bare-faced jobs for your mates. Edgar W.
Ditch the b****. Robert
Jobs for the Boys/girls Cookie
The rolling doors continue Athina
A better role would be a consultants job in Moscow. Ian
She is dangerous. Sugar coated evil. Leigh
Absolutely not .. How can NZ accept a Radical Socialist WEF extremist and dictator taking up this position, she has done enough damage to New Zealand Carl
No with a capital N Chris
I would vote her nothing. The worst Prime Minister since Muldoon in his last foray deserves to be remembered as an authoritarian has been Keith
Ardern should just disappear and be removed from anything to do with decision making that impacts the public. Her divisive, racist policies based on Marxist policies and thinking has no place in New Zealand. This person should not be allowed to cause further conflict within New Zealand. Chris
They are all Kharzarian mafia puppets. All useless idiots. Neil
Ardren is like a bad smell that wont go away. Hasn’t the evil bint done enough damage without giving her a stick by which to beat us even more with? She should be exiled to some far remote island far far away from the country and people she has trashed over and over. Special Envoy my behind! Kevin
She can’t be trusted with anything. the worst PM we have ever had. Don
The further away from any influance on the population the better. She is a long term danger to getting NZ back to what it once was., no Marxcist influence wanted. john
sorry but I just truly hate her donald
Unrequired nonsense – shows no one else will have this toxic person Graham
We want nothing more to do with this evil cow. NOTHING. Her an that cockroach Helen Clark should have their Kiwi tax payer funded pensions terminated – they have both destroyed our country. anna
How much longer do the NZ people have to hear her self-promoting humbug and hypocrisy? David
Good bye and good riddance. The Country owes you nothing Ken
She needs to go. She’s a disgrace. Janet
She has gone, leave it that way, no job, no pay no pet position on public funds Ken
The very last person who deserves such a role. What a laugh. Janet
If it were men involved it would be termed “jobs for the boys”. mike
Definitely NOT! She’s too divisive and has caused absolute mayhem in our country and should never be allowed to involve herself with “peace” issues or division. She was the creator and instigator of a lot of it in this country. We have never been a more divided country than we are now, and as far as I’m concerned, she has been the catalyst of this, under the guise of “kindness”. Heather
She can’t be trusted, has earned nothing,and has killed this country. sally
I just wish she would go away! Geoff
More evil to come Marlene
No she should quite honestly go to hell for what she has done to this country and never again be able to manipulate her Marxist agenda on us Jeffrey
She has made an absolute mess of everything else she has touched so why would this be any different. She is a disgrace to NZ. Bruce
Ardern will go down in history as the destroyer of everything that was great about this country. Words fail as to what should happen to her, suffice to say that her departure in some way may be our saving grace. Unfortunately I fear Hipkins is no better, but very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately it says quite a lot about our psyche when our leaders have gone straight from school to university and into politics. Rod
She should be banished from any NZ political role. She has single handedly wrecked this Country. David
Hell No! rank stupidity, but par for course for Labour tyranny Collin
Ardern, the worst PM in my lifetime, has already done too much damage to NEW ZEALAND. This is a very bad idea. carol
What is the stated aim of this position – and who voted for it?? Michael
As I have said in the past Jacinda Ardern has been the most dangerous politician this country has ever had. kevin
It is a platform for censorship of opinions that threaten a particular line. This is making Jacinda the Goebbels of the Internet. Piet
Absolutely not, she has left NZ politics. She lied and cheated her way with everything she did or acted upon. She’s a raving socialist/ communist and should leave NZ alone. I thought we had seen the end of her, but the Head Boy Hipkins obviously can’t live without her. Laura
A nonsense call. Placating the left and a very small minority and no doubt using taxpayers money Brian
She will get a pension and free travel for life. We do not want her intervening in any other activities. Mark
No please no more of Jacinda Mania Warren
Just get rid of her – off to the woke UN. mike
Absolutely No way should Ardern have any special position nor any honour, Her legacy is one of tyrant, pain & cruelty, destruction of business, freedoms, trust & the NZ way of life. She is a disgrace! and leaves NZ in very sad place. Thank God she is gone! greg
The LAST thing NZ needs is anything more from Ardern – cut her loose to see if she can make the grade with the UN, or any other international organization. but for heaven’s sake, keep her away from any input of control in our great country. We have had enough of her. Carl
NO. Jacinda Ardern resigned as Prime Minister as many New Zealanders couldn’t accept her autocratic policies. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots!!! Stuart
Chris Hipkins is just another “ardern”. David
The Ministers submissions to the Inquiry into the Christchurch have been embargoed for life. Otherwise the wouldn’t speak openly. Speaks for itself. Ingrid
She should be in prison. Jon
Her efforts in Chch were initially good and what any prime minister would have done- probably even John Key despite the differences, but although I have no issue with Muslim people generally, what I shall never forget is the Muslim activists complaining publicly that doing more for them than for just about anybody else in NZ, was still not enough. Ian
She has done to much damage to this country already Owen
Jacinda is a disgrace, the damage done to the people of our nation under her brutal control is so massive it will take years to quantify. How she sleeps at nights – who knows… Steve
For Heaven’s sake, let us get rid of all Jacinda Adern and her cohort have done, so disastrously, to this country. Robin
Absurd John
No, get rid of her, we’ve had enough Graeme
Let the Tyrant fade away into obscurity. Tom
She is dangerously arrogant; and has already done major damage to NZ Society and its future. thomas
Hipkin’s decision to create a position for her is nothing more than his side of a dirty deal done between him and Ardern for the opportunity to take over the poisoned chalice of Prime Minister. After her speech at the UN there is no way in hell that she should be in any position to have influence over the censorship of any type of communication. Her own record of integrity and credibility show that anything that she is involved with should be suspect. A kind interpretation of Jacinda Ardern’s tenure is that she was naive and impressionable, and those weaknesses were manipulated, especially by the Maori caucus to advance their agenda for Maori rule. My interpretation of Ardern is much less kind, but I feel is nearer the mark. She was and still is a narcissistic, psychopathic, totalitarian, divisive cult leader who, when she discovered that she was no longer the high priestess she felt she deserved to be, threw her toys out of the cot like the incredible sulk that she is. Her performances of empathy and kindness were so cringeworthy that I find it hard to understand how so many were taken in by them. Her performance at Parliament however was the perfect indication of her true level of empathy for those who were suffering under her tyranny when she released Mallard and Coster with his attack dogs on the protestors. This country will be a very long time recovering from the damage done by her, her maori caucus, her bullyboy incompetent mps and weak compliant police hierarchy, but will certainly not be helped by the wokeness of the incoming PM or the opposition leadership. I am sure there is a place for Ardern and her accomplices, but the sentence has not yet been handed down, nor the plot dug. Guilt is not in question because with the advantage of technology it is all recorded. Terry M
Another jobs for the boys example completely disregarding the mess she left the country in. Trevor
The shooting was a horror just as attaching her name to the shootings is offensive to the thousands of NZers impacted by her years of coersive control. We all need to try and move on – from both the shootings and from Jacinda Jackie
Send her away. She’s done enough damage! John
She has done enough damage to New Zealand Murray
How about a special envoy for the persecuted vaccine-free people here, during her time in office? Claire
Her views are not agreed upon by the majority of nz’ers nor were they even asked for ? Tom
Let her be gone, we have more than enough to repair Bryan
Get that woman out of ANY role that has public power. She’s a walking disaster. Margaret
No need for it Kevin
She has been a disaster. The closest thing to realising George Orwell’s 1984 Alan
It smacks of jobs for mates. Not only that, but she is using the Christchurch massacre to further her own personal agenda. She has no shame. John
Get rid of her NOW Maurice
absolutely NO all BS and Jelly beans and dangerous robin
She is an evil cruel woman who should have NO part in anything of consequence. Anon
Enough is enough Howard
She is bloody useless Allan
Just another junket for her to influence common sense judgement and impose her socialist influence on. Colin
absolutely not owen
Ardern’s politics could have taken straight out of Lenin’s and Stalin’s notebook such was her desire for a totalitarian state. her parting comments for removal of politics from climate change legislation should send shivers down our spines. Andrew
This is another appalling waste of taxpayer money Sharon
I don’t actually know what the Christchurch Call is? Ernie
A PM who cannot define a woman probably is not up to making such decisions; he probably should not be PM! Neil
She who speaks with forked tongue deserves no right to speak for the people. Darag
She deserves all the ridicule and derision that is possible. She did dreadful things to this country and took no notice of any opposition. A terrible legacy. Roger
A bullshit appointment to keep Ardern in front of NZers. Rhys
Ardern should not be given any post what-so-ever in NZ or overseas which will enable her to promulgate her anti-democratic, woke, climate alarmist propaganda. Ronnie
when is it gonna end rob
Good riddance to her! Dan
Another role that is going to undoubtably cost a huge amount of money (regardless of her not accepting a salary) and will have very little effect on combating radical recruitment of extremist ideologies. It will make it harder to have a differing point of view and debate these points rationally. Grant
This country has had enough of JA. Marypat
No. Get rid of her, She has just Ruined the Country, Not worth remembering. richard
That treasonous woman isn’t fit to hold any sort of position other than in some Communist back block like she tried to create in NZ. Geoff
Definitely not – she has already caused extreme damage to NZ. Noel
Never Never, she is a criminal. Dorothy
Here were thinking, “Thank goodness we don’t have to put up with her sermons from the Pulpit of Truth.” We need her in some other platform to spread her propaganda. Another example of this Marxist mob spreading their poison. Duncan
Her position is dangerous to the future of freedom and democracy in New Zealand Simonne
Nonononononono John
Let her swan off overseas somewhere, we don’t want her anywhere near the holders of power in New Zealand. Tim
That toxic socialist imbecile has wrought more than enough damage upon NZ. Far and away the laziest and most vacuous leader we have ever seen. Bob
this is nepotism of the worst sort. the Christchurch Call is a front for the censoring of healthy debate, closing down criticism of post-modern ideology and the climate change nonsense which is unsupported by observational evidence. Adern has led the charge to divide us; keeping her in the international limelight is a stain on our reputation as an egalitarian, liberal democracy. Baden
This takes the “never let a crisis goes to waste” mantra to a whole new level. How many years has it been since Jacinda used that tragedy to push through her ideological politics, and she’s still milking it. The contempt she holds for those victims to use their name to push through authoritarianism is staggering. Pavel
More restrictions on the internet are harmful for individual and group freedom. Ardern has become obsessed with critics who disagree with her views, and the agencies she influences follow her damaging delusional demands. There is great danger in going down this road. She has already destroyed shooting as a sport or hobby in this country. Gavin
She was elected. She un-elected herself. She is not entitled to an uncontested sinecure on the government’s teat. We have no Department of Hugs, The woman is a blight on NZ and her days of representing us are over! Mick
No No No Glyn
Never,Jacinda Ardern has done enough damage to N.Z.already has divided the country very sad. Ann
It is totally bizarre to have the architect of destruction of our country put in a position to do even more damage. Hipkins and Ardern are both a total disgrace Grant
It is just further supporting her belief that she has the right to tell the rest of us what we can say and think Ken
Hell no!! John
Absolutely not, her track record in failures is clear, do not ever trust this woman with any important role in the future. Robin
No, i think she should be packed up and shipped out, send her to Afghanistan or North Korea and see if they can find something for her to do because she certainly was no dame good at anything here, i can honestly say in my seventy years she has been the worst PM that this country has ever had, a complete waste of time and she has turned this country up side down and torn it apart and has divided the nation with her separatist ways. COLIN
whakapono ko te ahua o te whakahiato me te kore rawa e tika john
She should be in prison or deported for the damage she has done to New Zealand Peter
Hipkins decision should have been to charge Ardern with treason. But that charge would have implicated him too. Ardern is a lying harridan evil to the core. Richard
So much for her having nothing left in the tank. Just another example of her lies Dave
Ardern is a typical example of style of substance. She never delivered what she promised, and always slithered away when the hard work needed to be done or faced up to. She is deluded. Special envoy for Christchurch? You must be joking. Rob
She should go down as the worst prime minister in our history for the damage she has inflicted on our country, the division of new zealand people as one people, – now we are Maori and Pakeha – not New Zealanders. Her bullish tactics have driven our OCR up and to even consider Maori control of our water ways is a moral and financial disaster waiting to happen. Michaela
more miss guided problems Chris
Heck no. Hipkins is just enabling more of the destructive tentacles of communism to progress and infect our society. Wake up NZ – these political puppets are not our friends nor are the technocratic businesses that have hijacked the internet such as google, twitter etc. People like ardern and hipkins have enjoyed western society which has provided them with the free and tolerant platform enabling them to come up with their totalitarian wet dreams. Apologise for my rant, but ardern is a lying, deceitful and manipulating psycopath that needs to be held accountable for the contempt she has for our New Zealand. BRYCE
She has done nothing right nor in the best interest of the majority. Her apprenticeship in Communism is just too dangerous. Maurice
Good riddance John
Absolutely Not!!! Being unemployable in the real world she has to keep her snout in the public purse trough. If the next government had any balls they would get rid of the job (and her) immediately they take office. Murray
Good riddance She divided the Country Ian
She could lead an expedition to Antarctica in a Maori canoe to experience Shackleton’s voyage of endurance. John
She is the most divisive PM ever…. Carl
It was a relief when she resigned goodbye to the worst PM since Muldoon! Good riddance! Millie
Should be going before a court and answering for the tremendous damage she has done. Jane
absurd.she has a huge ego and lives in fantasy land. lorraine
She resigned, she should be gone, head down in shame for what she destroyed Virginia
Undemocratic Mark
Let the UN have her Gerry
Time she WENT from NZ politics. judith
This creates a platform for her to continue to support this governments agenda of vilifying opposing views Peter
She has already done irreparable damage to NZ. She should never hold any office in our country again. Nor should she get a parliamentary pension, she’s cost us far too much already. StevoC
NO, No, a thousand times NO!. We have no need for ANY person being appointed to any such a position. and Further, the One Trick Show Pony must be gone, forgotten and buried forever as soon as possible. Vernon
Jacinda, like most woke celebrity politicians, is not fit to hold any public-appointed office. Correction – NZ ambassador to the South Pole would be acceptable but only if she took up permanent residence there. Derek
Nonsense Bryan
This poor excuse for a former Prime Minister has no right to be in any position to influence one way or another. She is incapable of making an impartial decision for the good of the majority. Send her to Russia where she belongs. Tony
She’s a divider of people and dismissive with it, so so not a leader. A new position just means sh’e hangson in there, dividing us all again as a universal speech control freak, a my way or the highway, no differing views allowed. It’s a ridiculous call, but keeps her at the forefront of the world stage, where she still thinks she’s soooo wonderful. What arrogance. Carolyn
This country – New Zealand – not effing Aotearoa has had enough of this b**** & she does not deserve to still have any input on anything & also does not deserve to still be paid by the taxpayer. david
anything that makes Arderns legacy more acceptable is abhorrent Mike
Nutty decision. She’s done enough damage to NZ already – better for her just to fade back into obscurity Dave
Gravy train continues Grant
She needs to go entirely as this woman is feeble minded therefore a poison that will haunt New Zealand for a very long time. Glenda
Chris Hipkins’ understanding of ‘damage control’ is without a doubt pathetic ! A one way ticket for them both. To a place called “nowhere..” ChrisH
Jobs or the women! Trying to keep the late PM relevant. Ray
She is just a two bit actress – always dressing up in Hibabs, cloaks or some other ethnic garb but NEVER pays any resect to Christianty – the basis for the foundation of NZ. David
Goodbye Jacinda we do not want to see hear or know about you ever again it was a huge relief to have her go away and we want her to stay away. Not voting jn chris either Labour is gone. They put the entire country into mental stress! Chaquila
This is virtue signalling and not necessary. Angela
No, no and no !! Martin
They are just using a one off knutter ie. the shooter to bring in more restrictions on freedom. Darren
She is the worst P:M NZ have had Derek
I want her gone from our lives ALISON
Atrocities like the mosque attack occur worldwide. There is no Special Envoy in other counties because it does not achieve a meaningful result, such as identifying and arresting radicals elements in their society before they can act. Jacinda’s reaction with the Muslim community in Christchurch following the attack was commendable and sympathetic…but it does not warrant a political appointment by Labour. Vic
JA should be completely forgotten and all the cogovernace she initiated Gareth
She needs to be gone Alan
Dumb Wiremu
We shouldn’t be paying for her international advocacy of censorship. Murray
Hipkins and Ardern are evil. We must cut them off at every turn on the political road. George
Just how many times can the country be screwed over by this woman?? I hope we are not paying her a salary for this rubbish FloJo
I most certainly disagree. JA needs total REMOVAL from public life….. in fact GAOL might be a good place Gill
This is a reward for incompetence. Many have lost businesses and their homes as a result of her incompetence. Yet, she is now set up with an income for life, and is also rewarded with high paying cushy jobs. Fred
Ardern was on the committee that relaxed the Firearms vetting process, which made it easier for nutcases to obtain guns !!! Geoffrey
Jacinda chose her time to leave politics – perhaps she’d finally figured she was going to be pushed! To have her in any role is prolonging the agony for thousands of New Zealanders and will only reinforce the resolve to get rid of the rest of her divisive mates in October Tony
She deserves nothing from NZ. And, as a New Zealander I don’t want to see her involved with NZ ever again Anthony
She is either in or out politics there should be no quasi type involvement in governance Kevin
Its just plain CRONYISM Les W
She has demonstrated her complete ability to fail at everything.. just Go! Barbara
Get her away from any form of involvement before she%u2019s the one that turns out the lights as the last person here. Graeme
Ardern has ruined this country. Perhaps she cant get the job she want with the UN so she feels this is a start. It was never NZ’s war but an Australian who came here to do the dispicable. WHY because New Zealand has become soft Pauline
What a joke. She should just move to another country. Never want to see or hear from her again Marc
Get a real job Jacinda. norm
She is toxic Roger
More of the same incorporating the worst of political decisions. But having said that, Hipkins is no better than his predecessor so things haven’t changed. chris
Ardern has proven herself too weak to be in positions of power. The glaring proof is Ardern allowing her Maori caucus fast tracking many issues without public consultation. Sharron
This is an appalling example of cronyism and manipulation of politics to ensure that Ardern is still working in the government propaganda machinery. Meg
She’s done enough damage to our country already: Go home and be a mother. Keep away from politics.. Donald
Buggar off she is a failure who has had her nose deep in the trough along with freeloading other labourites. Look where she left the country more than sinking/ mike
NZ doesnt want her type of anything , we dont need more damage Roger
She has secret agendas and can’t be trusted. She has done a disservice to the country and relegated all NZers to a lower standard of living. Wokeism has reared it’s ugly head thanks to her Fraser
Waste of time and money. Peter
Can Jacinda not spell ‘free speech’? RICHard
I had the gall to think she resigned as PM because thanks to free-speech lobbyists she had realised her decisions on covid and climate were erroneous. I was wrong. Catherine
the sooner Jacinda disappears from any position in NZ the better Peter
She should bugger off David
utterly stupid! Graham
A pair of fools Judith
Ardern needs to be tried for high treason, not lauded on high by her sycophantic disciples. Peter
This is so wrong. Allan
Adern is a danger to shipping,danger to the population,should be prosecuted,not promoted. Rick
That says more about Hipkins than his buddy Adern. If you wanted any further truth of where Hipkins and the Labour Party under him are at, this simple move by him should provide you with all the proof you need that nothing has changed despite Hipkins protestations and hollow promises. Terry
She has never been good for New Zealand. Let her go and good riddance! Kath
The only special envoy she should be part of is the ‘go away, stay away’ envoy. She should not and does not deserve to have ANY further influence in NZ. Christine
Out shes a Communist Ian
No, Jacinda Ardern has become deluded about critics who oppose her and should not be anywhere near creating more restrictions on the internet. She has already done enough damage.  Roger
We don’t need more internet restrictions. She has already done enough damage. Facebook should follow the lead of Twitter and remove its opporessive censorship, and Google should start providing links to all information again and not continue to only link to woke stuff, otherwise, people will go to other search engines. Paul
Jacinda Ardern’s focus on disinformation is damaging. The agencies she set up involve themselves in witch hunts, based on their own warped view of the world. Going down this path is dangerous. Chris
Jacinda needed a clean break. The job was obviously too much for her. Jenny
More restrictions are bad for freedom. The Christchurch Call did its work early on to restrict the publication of the most violent content. It should have been disbanded at that stage. Instead it has become a global censor pushing the woke ideology. The next government should call for it to be disbanded. Len