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Healing Racial Tensions

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The same day that New Zealanders vote in the General Election to choose a new government, Australians vote in the Voice referendum to see whether constitutional recognition will be given to Aboriginal people.

This is a landmark decision for Australia. If the Voice succeeds, the country will be divided by race.

This is essentially what’s happened in New Zealand. The difference is that in Australia the debate is out in the open and the public are being asked to vote on whether or not they want to go down this track. In contrast, in New Zealand there has been no openness nor debate –  a race-based future has been imposed on us by the Hipkins-Ardern Labour Government.

So, let’s look at what’s occurring across the ditch and see what we can learn.

The referendum was announced by Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to give effect to the Uluru Statement from the Heart – a call for constitutional reform made by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in 2017.

To succeed, the “yes” campaign must win a double majority: that is, a majority of votes and a majority of states.

Of the 44 referendums held in Australia, only eight have ever been carried – the last in the 1970s.

Voters will be asked to approve an alteration to Australia’s Constitution that would prescribe a body called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice that “may make representations to the Parliament and the Executive Government… on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.

Those supporting the change say it’s just a ‘voice’ – an advisory body that will enable the government and parliament to listen to the views of Indigenous people about matters that affect them. The aim, they say, is to close the gap between First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians.

But opponents say the Voice would erode the foundation stone of Australian democracy – the equality of citizenship.

They claim it would introduce racial privilege into the heart of the Constitution, giving Aboriginals and their descendants a method of influencing public policy over and above the democratic rights enjoyed by all Australians regardless of race.

Effectively, it would constitutionalise a race-based lobby group, equipped with a taxpayer funded bureaucracy, that would give Indigenous people the ability to have a say on every law and administrative decision, not just those relating to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

In doing so, it would threaten equality of citizenship in Australia. As Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke said in 1988: “In Australia, there is no hierarchy of descent… there must be no privilege of origin. The commitment to Australia is the one thing needful to be a true Australian.”

Along with the Voice breaching that fundamental principle of equality of citizenship, it would also have unlimited scope in what it could become involved in. And while it might not have an official right of veto, in practice that’s what it could become.

As Paul Kelly, Editor-at-Large of the Australian newspaper warned, The Voice contradicts the principle of equality of citizenship that enshrines and binds together our nation. The Voice is based on the principle that we have different constitutional rights depending on our ancestry. We need to think about that as a country. And think whether or not we really want that to happen. This is a change in the Constitution that, being realistic, would be forever.”

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Australian research consultant Dr David Barton, who has worked in the area of Aboriginal affairs for the last five decades. He describes those pushing the Voice as a ‘power-grabbing activist elite’ with divisive ambitions:

“The Voice referendum is purely and simply about the drive towards Aboriginal sovereignty, which can only be achieved by changing the nation’s foundational document and charter.

“It is beholden upon the rest of us — those who care about Australia as a whole rather than advancing the narrow interests of one group only — to contest the creation of a separate and sovereign Aboriginal nation on the Australian continent, for that is where the ‘Voice’ will take us. Once embedded in the Constitution, such an internal ‘sovereign nation’ will be impossible to dismantle. This is the threat and the message all Australians must hear.”

Dr Barton explains that the drive for self-determination underpins the Voice: “One thing that bothers me is the constant calls for ‘self-determination’, not so much by Aborigines but by whitefella activists, some I later learned to be card-carrying members of the Communist Party and others who now hold senior positions in academia and the bureaucracy.

“The contemporary definition of ‘Aboriginal self-determination’ is not about fitting in with the mainstream, of integrating or assimilating, but of splitting from mainstream Australia.

“Self-determination’ means ‘we’ll do what we like and you can pay for it’… Self-determination is about undermining whitefella institutions, judiciaries, organisations and bureaucracies. For the activist cadre it always was and always will be about money, power and control, all underscored by the notion that members of one race enjoy a preeminent ascendency over all other Australians.

“More examples of ‘self-determination’ can be found in the ban on climbing Ayers Rock (Uluru), Mt Warning… all for ill-defined or unexplained ‘cultural’ reasons. After much outcry, consideration is now being given to re-opening the Mt Warning climb, but only for those who pay a fee and are escorted by indigenous guides.

“Australian place names are also rapidly being overwritten with (most likely made-up) Aboriginal names. All of this is about claims to ownership, to ‘sovereignty’. These changes should not be mistaken for deference to Aboriginal culture; it’s no more nor less than an insidious takeover. What we are experiencing here is cultural guerrilla warfare, the picking off one target after the other.”  

Sound familiar?

Dr Barton completes the analogy: “Don’t believe it? Look no further that what has happened in New Zealand.”

He’s right, of course – it’s exactly what’s happening here, but there are some key differences.

Firstly, the takeover is much more advanced in New Zealand, thanks to Labour.

And secondly, while Australians get to vote on it, here, not only was it imposed on us, but the government did its best to keep it secret – denying it was even taking place.

In an ABC interview, Maori leaders conveying a message of support for the Voice presented a picture of a country living in peace and harmony: “Today, Maori culture and language are celebrated and embraced by those living in Aotearoa and abroad.”

What they didn’t explain is that for the last three years, Maori language and culture have been forced onto the country whether we like it or not.

Nor did they explain that former Prime Minister Ardern and her Ministers – including Chris Hipkins – acted like dictators, re-interpreting the Treaty as an equal ‘partnership’ to justify giving the tribal elite the power to ensure all government policy aligns with their agenda – and to impose ‘co-governance’ across the public and private sectors.

The effects can be clearly seen in health, where patients are no longer prioritised on the basis of clinical need, but by race. And Three Waters, where control of water is being transferred from democratically elected councils to the iwi elite – as a precursor, towards tribal ownership of New Zealand’s freshwater.  

With the election just around the corner, and the public saying they’ve had enough of racial division, it has now become an election issue.

Iwi leaders are also adding fuel to that fire by describing anyone who disagrees with their separatist agenda as racist. 

In an open letter to politicians, they wrote, “Racism, in any form, should have no place in our elections. Leaders have a responsibility to call out racism and race-baiting and publicly condemn it.

“We support the position taken by the leader of the Labour Party, Chris Hipkins, calling for the end to race-baiting and racist comments in our country’s election campaigns. We acknowledge both the Green Party and Te Paati Maori for their anti-racism positions. 

“Maori deserve better from the people who want to lead our country. So we are calling on Christopher Luxon, the leader of the National Party, to condemn the racist comments made by NZ First candidates, to condemn the race-baiting policies of the Act Party and commit himself to representing all of us – including Maori.”

The signatories were, Dame Naida Glavish; Ta Herewini Tanetoa Parata; Ta Mark Solomon; Archdeacon Ngira Simmonds; Tukoroirangi Morgan; Bayden Barber; Katie Murray; Professor Margaret Mutu; Te Huia Bill Hamilton; Terrence (Mook) Hohneck; Peter Lucas Jones; Pania Newton; Hurimoana Dennis; Tony Kake; David Leteli; Tania Rangiheuea; Bernie O’Donnell.

So, the battle lines are drawn. On one side is a small but powerful tribal elite supported by pro-treaty advocates who claim racial privilege is necessary to improve Maori disparity, and that anyone who disagrees with them is racist.

On the other side is the majority of the population who say everyone should be treated equally – that race does not cause inequality, and that the call for racial privilege is racist.

In the UK, in 2021 the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities was established to determine whether racism was in fact the cause of ethnic disparity. The Chairman, Dr Tony Sewell reported: “The evidence shows that geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture and religion have more significant impact on life chances than the existence of racism.”

His report stressed the importance of family: “In many areas of investigation, including educational failure and crime, we were led upstream to family breakdown as one of the main reasons for poor outcomes. Family is also the foundation stone of success for many ethnic minorities.”      

It is the same in New Zealand: It is not race that causes disparity, but factors such as the breakdown of the family, educational failure, and intergenerational welfare dependency.

The reality is that the Labour Government is responsible for dividing the country along racial lines by imposing their race-based He Puapua agenda secretly onto New Zealand without a mandate from the public. Now, each group is accusing the other of racism – either racist for not allowing special privileges for Maori, or racist for giving Maori special rights that others do not have.

Contentious issues are, of course, not uncommon in democratic societies, where they are able to be resolved through the democratic process – as Australia is now doing with the Voice.

Yet Labour denied the public the right to approve or reject their He Puapua agenda for tribal rule, even though it is constitutional in nature, since it undermines equality of citizenship and democracy itself.

New Zealand now has the chance to say no to the race-based future that iwi leaders, Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party are trying to impose onto the country. Their power grab is based on lies and deceit, and Kiwis need to reject it.

To paraphrase Bob Hawke, “New Zealand should stand proud as a country where there is no hierarchy of descent, no privilege of origin. The commitment to being a New Zealander is the one thing that should unite us all.”

And that’s the point – we need to consider ourselves New Zealanders first and foremost.

To save us from on-going cultural guerilla warfare – to use Dr Barton’s description of those attacking national sovereignty – and stop the cancer of racial division that’s now infecting our society, we should follow the lead of countries that have already addressed this problem. For Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, and Germany, the solution was to focus public policy on ‘need’, not race. As a result, all references to ‘race’ were removed from their Statutes.

New Zealand should do the same.

Instead of a Voice Referendum, we need an Equality Referendum to remove ‘race’ from our Statute books.

Is there a political party prepared to promise such a referendum so New Zealand’s racial tensions can be healed?

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Race should be removed from everything, especially maori for whom some of them think they are superior. I see we are used by Australians to show what a disaster co governance has become here. At least they get to vote on it Saturday. We had it forced onto US by Labour, Greens and Te pati maori.Alan
Chris Hipkins, and his racist, Labour party, have become the New Racist party of NZ. When a political party uses the race card, one knows they have nothing to offer the voterDavid
Yes agree that al race/ethnicity references are removed. Now that is part of the issue resloved.Neil
it is tragic and not a true reflection of the # of Maori in NZ OR their ethnicity. An analysis of $ spent ofr punishing, incentivising, helping etc wd show they are getting more, proportionately than any other sector. Is that fair?margaret
Hell yeh,John
Agree totally with your article. Wish others wouldAnthony
Yes absolutely now and forever and while they’re at it ditch all other references to racial separatism and stop making up dopey maori words for things they never had like rice, pasta,helicopter etc and etcFlip
But the left-wing radicals have replaced the old class warfare with the race card accusations so will fight tooth and nail against such commonsense for the Statute books.Monica
It is nonsentical that race is being raised as a cassus belli in New Zealand !!David
Apartheid is growing in New Zealand. One of the reasons so many New Zealanders are leaving.Bryan
its only the morie thats complaining but they are the most corrupt mob apart from most of labour, greens, and nzfirst polys, so get ride of race AND treaty from statue books ASAP to get this country back on its feet for the good of all NZrsRichard
Its totally racist and has bought Apartheid into our beautiful countryLawrence
Yes, get rid of any race privilege and most importantly the Maori seats where most of it comes from. Then back to democracy and everyone treated equally.Eric
Yes and Yes. The failure of the politicians cannot be over stated. We have had enough. it will not end well.Sam
One vote one person irrespective of race or colour as long as they are citizensBarry
Equal rights for every citizen. The only way forward for future harmony amongst all our diverse peoples.Velma
Most definitly Over many years on completing forms that ask European .maori Or other I always complete the other section with New Zealander.Cyril
That is the only way that the racial tension will go awayAndrew
best thing that could happenBruce
Need not race.Neil
YES, YES, YES!Paloma
we need to get rid of these parties who wish to divide. NZ has always been a country who defended equal rights to all.john
We are oneLeeanne
We are all New Zealanders, it’s that simple.Allan
We’re all born equal, and are first and foremost New Zealanders!Terry
The Law, Justice and Politics should be colour blind. It is a matter of shame that references race were ever installed into any statute. Certainly racist separation is the hallmark of the bigoted socialists and needs to be eradicated.Richard
It is very concerning that there is a wedge being driven between Maori and non-Maori. It isn’t only happening here it is also happening in Australia through the voice to Parliment. It seems that we are on this journey whether we like it or not, however, we must all stand together as New Zealanders to defend this country against the radicle activists that would see us divided and therefore conquered. I would like to think that most of us Maori and non Maori which includes all the other Nationalities that live, work and contribute to New Zealand Inc just want to be able to build a life for themselves and their children and make the most of what is a diverse multi cultural country where we all respect each other and our cultures. It is worth fighting for.Rob
Do not allow the division of our nation into racial/tribal and ‘others’ camps. it will end in violence and destroy the peace of the country. Vote wisely.Tony
Racist attitudes favouring a minority who fraudulantly call themselves….indigenous….will not be tolerated in NZ.mark
Because we are one. The silence is deafening from racists who have slyly pushed their agendas with no reference to the Rest of the country. New Zealand is the name of our country NOT AotearoaDianne
You can’t have race based policies in a democracy without strife. In a democracy everyone must has equal rights and privileges. Without that surely brings chaos.Graeme
To answer your very last question ,I believe there is such a party NZLOYALPeter
Absolutly the Sooner the Better.Richard
Yes, and soon.Peter
Absolutely over what’s being forced upon us. We are all one people of equal rightsSherryl
As soon as possible. Act, National and New Zealand First need to commit to this.Gavin
Absolutely. Well overdue.Steve
It absolutely needs to be done.Carl
we are all one people under GodMaxwell
Hipkins, and Labour, using the ‘RACE CARD’ shows how useless and incompetent they are. 6 YEARS, with a huge majority , have done nothing!David
The liberal elites will fight for their “right” to privilege! Ultimately, here’s to believing humanity will prevail.Giles
There is no need for race to take priority over others in NZAnd must be stopped now.Sidwell
The treaty of Waitangi not only gave Maori rights as british citizens but in doing so guaranteed us all the same rights and privileges as each otherT
Maori forms 15 percent of population and should not be given preferential treatment. All races should have equal rights.Laura
If NZ is to have a future and maintain a credible international reputation and profile, we need to grow up as a country and start resolving our issues as one nation and most importantly taking personal responsibility for our actions and attitudes.Mark
And no I don’t trust any MSM in NZFlip
Yes absolutely. I find it curious and of course hypocritical that the Maori leaders today are barking racism at NZ First, ACT, National, however when Labour were deceiving NZ and sneaking the racially divisive policies through the House, not a peep from these cowardly grass skirted cowboys. NZ is a proud country with equal rights for all, well, that is how it was and should still be.Neville
Of course, it’s a no brainer! As for Australia’s Voice referendum, that will allow the changing of the constitution, but not to the benefit of the Aboriginals. They will loose everything! I wouldn’t entrust a politician with something that important. They are far too corrupt! That’s equivalent to the fox in charge of the hen house!peter
We also need to remove the guilt that has been imbued into the non-maori pysche that they are somehow responsible for past decisions that cannot be undone. And to shift the focus to today and a future that can be beneficial to all.Fiona
We will be voting down the Voice in Australia. They are trying to change our Constitution. It will not happen.Noelene
of course, keep things simpleGerard
Despite efforts during the recent past when the very last paragraph of each piece of Legislation insisted that this document must recognise Treaty of Waitangi & all its principles. Not what most Kiwis ever knew that this action was being taken & of course now, the maori activists want much more than that & be recipients via the “Gravy Train” with their noses continually in the “Trough”….follow the money…!Bruce
The sooner the better..Rhys
One people, with no difference between race.Tim
Race should not how our lives are handled.Jacqueline
Yes and with what ever it takes because it will potentially save serious conflict in future.Peter
We are all New Zealanders , equal in all respects !Barrie
To insist that race be made a factor is out and out racism … one’s colour, ethnicity or religious beliefs should NOT enter into the statutes….. It is profoundly disturbing that it is actually encouraged in 2023 …Lorraine
Liebour, last week or 2, before the election, now playing the ‘RACE CARD’….because they never had one good policy to offer the voting public.David
Force feeding made up foreign words is corruption to try to convince us Maori is better for us. It is doing exactly the opposite and has destroyed any liking I had for anything Maori.Richard
how many ways do we have to say itRobin
It will assist in stopping the stupid current pressure to eradicate the current one person, one vote democratic rule.Bob
Absolutely. There is no excuse for giving any people group special rights or privileges under the law. There is also no excuse, except for having a totally incompetent and gutless government(s) that Maori have not been told in no uncertain terms that they are NOT indigenous to New Zealand, they are NOT special, and the Treaty MUST be read as written – we are all the same and governed under one law – instead of the rabid perversion that modern academics are applying to by re interpreting it using modern meanings that those words never had when the treaty was written. The offensively racist Waitangi Tribunal, Race Relations Commission, and Human Right Commission MUST also be got rid of with urgency.Steve
to have reference to race is in itself, racial discrimination.noel
There is but one race that counts, the human race , to which we all belong.Rosemary
It needs to be gone by midnight. I don’t want to have to fight the Maori wars again. I don’t want to live in the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. what’s going on now is extreme bullshit and nonsense.Don
Any mention of race in this context leads to apartheidGerhard
All race based material properganda must go. Maori Party leader Waititi is not a fan of democracy. SAYS IT ALL DOESN’T IT. He and his cabal say how it will be or hit the road. Including his own people. ( Maori ) He and his lot are Tyrant radicals and need to be put down as the mongrels dogs they are. Vote national, act and send this mongrel rabid govt. to hell. LET’S DO THIS. Off now to vote National and Act.Allan
It’s long overdueLindsay
Absolutely. It should never have been there. The New Zealand people have the right to be represented by politicians who represent their views according to the principals of democracy. Personal slanted views which deviate from the democratic norm have no place in our society. Separatism and apartheid policies and discussions encompassing those doctrines should be made illegal and entrenched in statutes, once and for allterrence
If it is not removed by the winner(s) of this election then the country will see apartheid and discontent in the streets.Derek
And all race based positions in government.Murray
One country one peopleAnthony
It’s the only answerIan
Absolutely ,an unqualified yes.gale
We are one people and one race. there are so many parallels in NZ to what happened in Europe to the Jews in the 1940s.Donald
Should have been done ages agorob
Yes Yes Yes,absolutely do it by lunchtime. Only then will ‘ New Zealand ‘ start moving forward again. What a disaster the last six years have been.Peter
awe are all New Zealanders, even those recently arrived in the country intending to live here permanently. We must not be rent by race.fred
Been through is all before in South Africa ! Only the ‘whites” were racist, but not the rest of the tribes there. Fortunately that has largely changed. We thought NZ was a fair non-racist country. How wrong we were!Dane
Race issues are dividing our countryGraeme
Absolutely must happen and the sooner a referendum is held to ensure our country’s name of Nee Zealand is protected the be betterBryan
It is the only way if we are to move forward as a nationLawrie
Everyone has equal rights, everyone should have equal opportunityRaphael
Absolutely- back in the 1990s NZ signed up to the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination – this supports the actual wording of the Treaty of Waitangi which gives all NZ equal citizenship rights – we need as a country that all laws that are colourblind and treat all New Zealanders equally in its democracyIhaia
Our background of many years has been based around us as one nation under God with recognition of a democracy of one man, one vote.Robin
Absolutely there is no place for race-based laws or politics in the modern world & the 1840 treaty of Waitangi needs to be brought back & the add on’s and Waitangi tribunal removedNigel
Absolutely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially if you listen to the democracy garbage uttered by Waititi and his cohorts.Alan
One peoplepauline
Everyone has Maori blood in them because everyone is from the HUMAN tribe!!Alan
Why not, if other countries have done it already.Hugh
We should be ONE people, equal in law.Sheila
ACT is, as far as I know, is the only party which has supported such a move. The national party is not far removed from the communist parties.Hugh
We would then be back to what we had in the 1940s a country undecided by race how great would that beAndrew
If we do not remove ‘race’ we will no longer be able to say NZ is a ‘democracy’ !michael
We need to adopt the Swiss System of Government called DIRECT DEMOCRACY.Ken
The Septertisim must not be accepted here in New Zealand.William
One people, one nation.Doris
The sooner the betterPhilip
ABSOLUTELY!! We’re one country, one people, ALL EQUAL. Get rid of all race-based legislation….the sooner, the better!!Tony
NZ is in danger of becoming the South Africa of the South PacificGrant
Yes. For the sake of most bright sensible people who identify as being Maori who want to have a good quality life along with all other New Zealander’s who want the same it is essential that all specific laws that have special race based rules must be eliminated immediately.Garry.
One New ZealandRay
I strongly submit that otherwise we are continuing to promote racism.Robert
Extremely dishonest!!David
All race references and all Treaty references. The treaty is out of date and has too many changes made to it.Elizabeth
If we have Race Based differences, we are a divided Nation, exactly what the Globalists want, divide and conquer.We should be ONE People, ONE Nation. To be otherwise is RACISM. Put the K back in IWI !!Geoff
WE were all New Zealanders until Jacinda decided otherwise. She should be arested and tried for treason for what she did to NZPeter
Absolutely !!Bev
Too much influence in the hands of the Maori elite who will dictate to NZers and create racial disharmonyMaurice
Let us return to democracy where everyone is treated as equal. Let us improve education for all to create the scientists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.Diana
Can’t happen soon enough.Iain
Only ACT has the cojuns to bring this about.Luxon is quite weak,and religion hinders his thinking.Sid
We are all New Zealanders .paul
The Tribal Elite are the real racists, I am stunned that many Kiwis still can’t see through this. This country used to fight against apartheid, now many of us seem to be all for it. Alot of Kiwis need to wake up, we are as the Australians would say a pack of sheep across the Tasman.Paul
Definitely. Without that we are pushing water uphill with a teaspoon. We are One Country, One People and there are many who dispute this Mantra because they are blinded by thinking race is NO1.!Robyn
Totally & completelyarthur
Essential if you want the same equality for allHugh
To be a nation – we need to equality in the law and in voting for those who make our lawstony
I am so over the divisiveness that this Labour Government has pushed under the radar and imposed on us all including names on street signs etc.Jillian
We are one. This is a critical time in our nation’s history. We must stand as one and not be divided.Rob
MAORI ARE SOLELY TO BLAME FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS as they still remain tribal in their attitudes and customs and only the elite few in every tribe will benfit. The rest of the tribe do what they are told to and get little for it.Garry
Sooner the better for every NZer.Joe
Any thing that is race based will always cause friction within socieity and when promoted by Governments can lead to civil war and riots .ken
Remove the words race and tribe from our language. We are new zealandersBeverley
Stop Apartheid in New Zealand and restore English as our languagePeter
ASAP after National and Act ?NZ First win the election. Have already voted and e mailed David Seymour that all reference to race or religion must be removed from our legislation just as those European countries have done to ensure the Nazi coup or similar NEVER happens again. If we don’t do this Iwi Tribal Elite will wait until labour gets in again and their racial supremacy COUP will start again. It will never stop until our constitution is changed to colourblind legislation.Brenda
Urgently needed to happenJune
A confusing question. Not sure what you mean here.so my vote may be wrong if I haven’t understoodGilly
This is a must.Murray
Yes, remove all race-based legislation. The “elite’s” stated goal of total tribal rule by 2040, in only seventeen years from now, will be unbearable for non tribalists to live under. Rape and plunder will be fully realised and an ultimate collapse for all. It’s not inevitable that it must happen – it can be stopped.Donald
We are one peopleSue
I want equality. The equal opportunity for everyone in NZ. I do not want equity. The suppression of opportunity for some in order to improve the opportunity for others. This is simple Marxism….let us actually say it.Kenneth
We must all be treated the sameDiana
Yes because such references there are an abomination, since they divide us all based on race.Alastair
All New Zealanders with equal rights. Don’t like it – leaveClaire
Absolutely and this should have long been done. We are all New Zealanders and should all be treated the same. The Treaty was a simple little ‘nullity’ (Chief Justice Prendergast said this in 1877) and achieved its aim virtually immediately. The Treaty used today bears no resemblance to the original 1840 Treaty. We are all living under a great big lie.Helen
Race is just an excuse for a small elite group to accrue power and enrich themselves at the expense of the country. Sadly those who suffer most as a result are those who such policies pretend to benefit.Frank
NZ under Labour is introducing apartheid here….quite a moral about face since they so vigorously opposed it in the 1970’sPeter
If we were all equal there would beno need for politics to interfere with our lives.Dennis
How do we do it?Leon
YES, a thousand times YES!!Helen
Absolutely !June
Exactly right. Race should not be a part of any of our lives. We are one people. The breakdown of family and welfare dependence is what is driving this race based madness.Warren
We are all New Zealand citizens and that all that really countsShaun
my #1 priority this electionsteve
One person one vote.Wendy
It is not a simple yes or no – but because the question requires a simple answer then “remove” it must be.Mark
Should be equal rights for all, not race relatedLesley
Confine the Treaty to a dusty corner at the back of a history room.Colin
It has been the Labour Party and its leaders who have driven the RACE card. Labour with it RACE based laws and powers are the one’s who have PUSHED this. ageder.Carl
Maori must stop walking backwards into the future stop turnaround have a good look at themselves and realise that opportunity has encompassed them for the last 180 years and will continue to follow them forward they just need to embrace it and move onWarren david
Thank you for presenting these very important articles my eyes and ears are wide open now and I am slowly understanding how serious this whole matter isNick
The indigenous race disintegrated the moment the white man landed because of integrationLinda
But would I support a law that said “No discrimination based on race”. Yes. The question is too simplistic.Trevor
Most certainly! While at it,also remove all partnership references and for good measure all reference to the Treaty of Waitangi and the false fact that Maoris are indigenous, they are nothing more than early migrants.Peter
Anything else is a highway to hell.Mark
one nation one people. issues of poverty and underclass are predominantly built on destructive inter generational belief structures and poor education. We all have a chance at the age of 5 to be equally educated and to learn right from wrong. It should never be about race its about being a decent human being and been taught moral standards and personal responsibility when young from within the family environment.ken
Absolutely. New Zealand id doomed if this change is not made and quickly before it is too late to reverse the considerable damage that has already been inflicted on our Democracy.Chris
ACT will see this donemike
Race is not a good determinant of need. Iwo should be more proactive in their poor communities, I thought the money and assets they received in the Waitangi Tribunal settlements were to help all of their people!Stuart
This is the only way forward, citizenship over ethnicity. Shared democratic values have allowed us to advance to a place where we now have the most prosperous and free societies in history. True representative democracy has allowed the West to thrive.No other system of government begins to come close .Abandon this to race based policies, however well meaning, and the breakdown of the democratic state is inevitable.Bernie
WIth this election, the voting public will show how much they hate Labour’s racist handover of power to iwi elites. Luxon is promising to axe 10 Waters, Maori Health body and the racist new RMA but the cancer runs deep and must be cut out.Chris
lets go back to colour blind as we are all equal in this worldrobin
History is written to give a true (unbiased) account of our Country.caren
Absolutely! It can’t happen fast enough!Brenda
This is a must do thing for sureRuss
Meant to be ‘one people’Rod
equal rights and responsibilities for all citizensJohn
It is a poisonous distortion of our democracy and societal decency.Hugh
It is wrong wrong wrong to classify people’s needs by the accident of their DNA.Kelley
Absolutely, equality for all and also remove any leglislation that refers to, or limits free speech.David
Yes I do! We should be a colourblind country. We are all of one “kind” Human Kind”. It doesn’t matter what colour, we all bleed the same.Heather
seeing that everybody is mixed race it is a nonsensechris
As Bob Hawke said in 1988 in Australia, “there is no hierarchy of decent, there must be no priveledge of origin” Every one in N Z should be reminded of this.Ken
we are successful are a country by all of us being Kiwi’sMike
If the present moves towards a race-based society succeed, it will be mainly the Maori elite (who are already very rich from Treaty settlements, etc) who will benefit most. It is unlikely that there will be much “trickle-down” to many Maori folk. We should be given the courtesy of a referendum to get a true indication of what the people think. We have Ardern and Hipkins, etc, to thank for this present state of affairs, aided and abetted by the bought media.Laurence
In the upcoming election there are two options: 1) Vote for Labour/Green/Maori whcih will take us the down the path of race based elitism as was seen in South Africa and in 1930’s Far right NAZI Germany; or 2) Vote National/Act/NZFirst who will hopefully remove any possibility of this occurring. Everything else is unimportant.Richard
Essential that this happens or this country will see a mass exodus of its thinking people before there is a civil warTom
Sick of government to maori purely because they’re part (a very small part) maori.Barbara
It is already causing issues. I am part Maori and have made my own way in life and that has nothing to do with race just hard work and seizing opportunity. What I see is the so called elite looking for sources of easy money on the back of the greater population.Alan
we will end up as South Africa otherwiselinda
It needs to be a top priority after the Electionleo
It needs to be done immediately – if not sooner! Hopefully there will be a change of government & they will make it an absolute priority.david
Racism is the denial of democracyBruce
This has to happen very soon. Before the divide becomes too large to correctRoy
Yes, most definitely. Anyone who doesn’t support this is most likely to be the racist.Robert
We must remove the cancerous growth that the word “race” has become.Audrey
Why does Chris Luxton not think this is the most important issue for this election.Jan
100 % We are all oneRichard
Absolutely remove all references to race.Frank
Equality for all. We’re all Kiwis!Gavin
Any other path is downward – and authored by the auther of confusion.Maurie
Yes of course! But the elite have their noses so far into the trough they will fight it tooth and nail. There will be tears before bedtime. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND. (Eng version)Bruce
One vote, one country, we are New Zealand. ( 111 )Sven
Essential if we are to have a harmonious societyBob
We are all as one, New Zealanders, as from 1840, signed and sealedRay
Surely we are all of one race – human?David
The same tribal elite demonstrate the same warlike traits as in the past. “Healing racial tension” will have to wait, because it Cabinet-sponsored Maori/ Labour/ Greenie racism we have witnessed has not yet run its full course. If National/ ACT are voted in, there could well be violence based on the unrealistic expectations that this rogue Coalition Cabinet has set over the past 5 years. I for one will find it difficult to easily forgive Cabinet members’ continued race-baiting against White New Zealanders. As a White 1988 immigrant from England myself, I am aggrieved by the racist legislation and unmandated, secretive ‘gifting’ of multi-millions of rate-payers dollars to Maori via Government Departments and Maori NGOs. This is NOT Democracy, and a third term of this Labour/ Maori/ Greenie tribalism and totalitarianism garbage will persuade us to emigrate soon after.Phil
We are all one. ..well at least we used to be.. 🙁FloJo
As family has been proven over the ages as the glue holding things together and the prime base for establishing values, should we not be promoting marriage, partnerships or relationships. Before entering into either of these it should be necessary to be counseled as to one’s responsibilities. Might be a good step back to what might reduce welfare dependency.peter
I CERTAINLEY DO,I,v been asking poeple to email ALL the MP,s of ALL political parties to REMOVE RACE from our statue books like SWEDEN,HOLLAND,FRANCE,GERMANY,ETC have done so EVERYONE IS EQUAL,so far no commitment from anyone.So EVERYONE DO IT NOW PLEASE.Cindy
The sooner the better. But will National and ACt go down this road for the good of ALL New Zealanders no matter their ethnicity.David
No creeping apartheid for NZ. NEVER NEVER NEVER.Honest Dave
One country one peopleCarl
Absolutely Let us all be New ZealandersJohn
one person one vote. Tf the incoming coalition of parties that wins the election, the first thing they should do is eliminate the maori seatssMichael
Race is an irrelevant classificationTony
Race must be removed totally. Maori could never agree on anything. Just look at the recent debate 5 different opinions and not any agreement. Just agro and decent. Labour, Greens, Maori parties must be thrashed in October and sent to coventry forever. .Allan
New Zealanders!Sue
Modern day Maori are not a race. They are an ethnic group, with links to Maori heritage.John
Born in NZ, we are all equal and will not be divided by race, color or division created by a radical breed of youth and their mentors who just want a fight.Ken
You would think that Maori of all people should know the perils of division.Tribes fought each other for centuries before Europeans arrived here, to the extent that their population had dropped dramatically.They signed a treaty that gave equality to everyone in NZ.To reinforce the claim that we are all equal then all references to race must be abolished.Steve
Absolutely support removing race related anything . Thanks to Adern and her bunch of half wits and half breeds ,our once contented population is forced into fighting the greed and pure ignorance shown by the maori mafia and dimwited whites who basically are bored and want to be tall poppies who need attention to be noticed . Go to Aussie and watch the Aussies throw out this Voice agenda ..Too many supposed academics and media types need to grow the hell up ,or piss off to China and tell them how to live .Ray
There is no place for separation in todays modern society. Cohesion among various races must be advanced if we intend to have a peaceful and forward society.chris
Absolutely should never had got his far anyway,we are one Country and one people and everything should apply to all it citizens.steve
Separation of People in N.Z. and different Treatment is racist.Ann
Just common senseLindsay
Because there has been no open discussion about whether in fact Maori were the first peoples here – we are all migrants – why should they have special rights due to a false claim of being the first people here? Ngati Hotu? Waitaha? Moriori? The only fair way is to remove race AND ETHNICITYSkarlett
At the signing of the Treaty, it was quoted WE ARE NOW ONE. Maori elites are running scared that their cash gravy trough is going to dry up and everyone that does not agree with their ideology is racist.Wayne
One person one voteEdward
We don’t need apartheid or racism in NEW ZEALAND.bruce
One nation, one people.Graham
Each and every one of us regardless of race have the opportunity to achieve our dreams it is just the desire to want to do it.Henry
On need not raceClaire
Yes, but National are scared of shadows on the wall, NZ First are all talk and no doey, hopefully ACT can push it along!.Willy
Let’s go forward as one people.Barbara
only way to do it is vote nationalchris
gone by lunch timeEvan
YES with out hesitation yes. Religion does not feature in the statutes. So explain to me why race should. Equality is blind to colour. The treaty has been hijacked by a section of Maori who prefer tribalism. Dr Lawrie Knight’s exposing of Health New Zealand’s own figures is but one glaring example of favour being granted on the basic of race When in fact a greater number of non Maori are equally disadvantaged. Disadvantage is not the domain of any race. That was always obvious, but the woke, and Doctor Knight mentioned an organisation that has embarked down a path of misinformation, contrary to the facts. Blindly supporting race based medical care despite the facts. One has to ask why this was allowed to happen. The removal of race references from the statues is a must ! to avoid the disgraceful waste based on myth and raceBruce
As so many sensible people have said, Policy should always be based on Need not on Race.Bruce
Politics should not be race based – there is only one race – the human race..Clive
Absolutely is there a party that will call a referendum on raceJohn
100% this should have been done before the waitangi treaty tribunal was establishedGareth
I think it is very important that they be removedMurray
I most definitely do!David
we need a constitution that gives everyone EXACTLY the same rights for everyone.Chris
I Certainly do. I wish we could have a referendum on this subject and put it to bed once and for all.John
Need to get auditor general to get rid of all race based funding. This will save the NZ taxpayers billions of dollarsGarry
It would demonstrate to all that everyone is equal and not require legislation to make us equal.Warren
The Race based direction we have had secretly imposed on us and continued by Labour/Green/Te Pati Maori would be the most catastrophic event should they receive ANY votes this election. Even National is suspectStan
Yes, a needs based policy would be fair to all. Continuing down the present track will lead to civil unrest and worseAllan
We are trying to be one people.Paul
we’re one country, and I hate that my children, whom have maori blood in them, should be privileged and think that they could be advantaged over other new Zealanders.Carl
Absolutely- no doubt.Laura
growing up in the 70’s we had many coloured people in our classes at school, I never asked them why, to this day I have no idea what nationality they were – they were just New Zealanders – they were just my friends!Rachel
Yes Yes Yes Until we are free of this divisive force we will never succeedRFG
Seperatism has no part in NZ politics, yet it is alive and well ? it disgusts me that this has been allowed to happen. It must be reversed for NZ’s future !gary
most certainlyColin
Race(gender, religion etc) have no place in Law.Lionel
it should play no partGraeme
We are all New Zealanders, and there are no pure blood so called indigenous maori here. There are only half breeds at best, me includedPeter
No place in NZ for politics based on sepretisim and race. Any changes proposed have to be addressed through referendum and open public consultation.David
Yes. NZ has a variety of races, but we are one country. No one should be treated differently.NMeville
Yes – absolutely!Scott
Equal rights and responsibilities for all citizensCharles
Only way forward.John
Straight after the Election!Greg
It must happen!Ron
We must squash the evil that is Maori Elite activism and cramming of legislation that will legitimize Maori Sovereignty, for that is what is happening. It is being used to destroy our country and disrupt society so that communism has an easy path. ACT must gain a very significant share of the vote this time or we are sunk. I don’t believe National’s policies or commitment to eliminating all the “Maori stuff” that has been shoved through into legislation. The worst of it was shoved through in backrooms under the evil witch who now ponces about at Harvard furthering her communist ideals. National must also gain a largest share of the vote in order to change the Government. My plea is to everybody to NOT vote for parties that are either too small to make any difference or have been infiltrated by other communist evil witches. You’ll know who they are. The ones who hate white men and who back the practice of sexual grooming of 6 year old children at school.Dianna
A no-brainer in any clear-thinking democracy.Michael
New Zealand has become a divided nation because of the actions of a minority group and assisted by the Labour government, we are all NZ ears and should all be treated equal no privileges for a few.for example, Maori only needing a pass mark of 22% while everyone else needs a pass mark of 45% at University. This is ridiculous and should not be allowed.Jo
it’s about timetony
Science has proven that there is only one race – the human race.Jane
Of course – it goes without saying!!Brian
Well done. Great read and thankyou for your tireless efforts on behalf of all fair minded people of NEW ZealandAlbyn
the Aussies wont put up with what kiwis will turn a blind eye to.as one radio commentator said recently the difference between Aus and Nz is that nz is a woke country with a treaty!greg
For sure, no question.Chris
ACT has already proposed a similar discussion and referendum. There SHOULD be no place for APARTHEID in NZ.Geoff
We are all the same, only Human. Anyone who thinks they are different or better needs to have a close look at some others of there own ethnicity to see they are not the same.Maurice
We all have equal opportunities from birthTom
National should state a referendum within 100 days to remove all references to race must be removed from Statue booksMike
Most DefinitelyRichard
Absolutely and within the first 30 days post elections.Alan
Urgent to do this.mary
Differentiation by race is right at the heart of our present problems , providing the Maori Tribal-elite plotters with a lever to springboard off , largely based around a strategy of manipulation and contrived for purpose straight out lying involving disinformation, misinformation, deliberate misinterpretation , invention. Particularly odious when it is considered ALL Maori are of mixed blood . None have anywhere near 50 percent Maori blood and most would have less than 12.5 percent Maori blood. They are ALL very watered down. What is behind it all then – potential, power and GREED. That simple. It is a massive con job supported and endorsed by an ultra-Maori-centric (sick) Labour Government . We should ALL simply be New Zealanders regardless of heritage. Hugh
We have to stick with the democratic process ie no reference to race,no priority for one race over another in any aspect of N.Z.blood is the same wherever you were born!Chrid
One people one nationGraham
One Country, One people ,one law for all.Don
People purporting to be Maori need to take a hard look at their genetic makeup then, be honest with themselves about what they really are. Also. I would suggest those claiming to be Maori may also consider changing their European surnames to an ancestral Maori surname. Also, prove you have at least 50% Maori genetics before you stick your hand out for a free feed. Over it.Tony
The sooner the better!Bruce
As soon as possible !!Geoffrey
We are all humans and race shouldn’t matter. Kate
When is this garbage going to end….well, the first step at the moment is to remove every trace of the labour movement forever and never allow them back into government ever again.fred
Stop apartheid! We all have the same needs and aspirations.Mark
Race should not be divisive and certainly not be referenced in statute books, it fuels racism in a democracy…jim
Too bloomin right!zKevn
Remove apartheidJack
Decision by race will inevitbley lead to further discord and anarchyRobbie
ACT firstJo
If we can’t get back to “One people, one law, and services based on need, NZ is doomed.Rita
For the country to prosper there shsould be no mention of race.Helen
What is happening in NZ is extremely disturbing.Evelyn
proof non-racismGill
Definitely! Otherwise the destruction of our society and democracy is inevitable.Andrew
we need to follow the countries that have done just thatjim
All races should be equal in the eye of the law. This should be enshrined in statuteDavid
The Voice unsurprisingly is being condemned to the dustbin of history in Oz and rightfully so. Aussies are not fooled by the weasel words of activist race-baiters and elitist lefty politicians and neither are the great majority of New Zealanders. After tossing out the toxic losers who have perpetrated this apartheid scam, we must immediately abolish from the Statute Books all and every reference to race and pass laws such that it can never happen again. Not only that but, the people who foisted this travesty upon us must be held accountable and punished for their treachery.John
We are one people !Mike
We are all human beings with equal opportunities and entitlements. No special or selective treatment.Martin
It is Imperative to do this the exorbitant costs are eye watering.Peter
We need to come together and move forward as one people, infighting and bickering amongst ourselves is being promoted to distract us from other issues, namely, overseas-imposed health rule via the WHO where, if we are signatories to their demands, we loose all health autonomy. That’s big, as it ‘s the beginning of loosing all human rightsTrevor
One people regardless of raceLindsay
I am a New Zealander and very proud of that and so are my Maori friends so I dont see why we have to keep pushing their race and making others all feel bad. I love everyone and dont treat anyone different.Barbara
Democracy demands itHarvey
One law for all.Chuck
It is a self evident truth that the Maori Party is by definition a racist party and as such should be abolished, or am I missing something?Fletcher
We should be all treated the same regardless of race. After all there are 160 ethnicities in NZ.Gavin
Yes! This must happen or else whitey might as well pack their bags and leave “Aotearower”Roy
A logical pragmatic path to equality but will the sheeple, the preprogrammed let this happen?Leonard
One people, one country and one set of laws !Mike
I sincerely hope this happens -the “RACE “issue is starting to become nasty in the election run upLes W
We are one country, one people. New Zealanders or if you like Kiwi .Sue
New Zealanders have never had a voice on this and that is why there has been an increase in opposition to race based handouts driven by this current inept Govt. There is no room in NZ for other than one nation one people and shared use of resources.Phil
Maori are no longer “Maori” Most if not all have more European ancestry than Maori. Like it or not we are all one people, just as the Treaty intended.Murray
All are equal.Tony
We should all be equal. Maori are not indigenous people they just arrived here first, supposedly.graeme
We are all citizens of NEW ZEALANDPatricia
This would be democracyBruce
What did Martin Luther say ? that all people should be treated equally, not based on race etc, the NZ ‘dream’is at risk of becoming a ‘nightmareDavid
New Zealand has been built by an amalgamation of our two races, in much the same way as you knit a multi coloured jersey from different skeins of wool. You could separate these colours at some future date, but in the process you would destroy the garment you have created.Norman
NZ was the least racist country I’d ever been in when we first came to this country 50 years ago, however since the advent of the Ardern government racism has been forced upon us & has been embedded, if we don’t correct this we will never be rid of Rasicm!john
United New ZealandJeff
We are, first and foremost, all New Zealanders, irrespective of race, tribe, colour, religion, gender, etc. and should all be afforded the same rights. By giving special rights to any group or individual, removes those same rights from the remainder. You cannot just give rights to anyone – they have to be taken from someone else!Martin
We are “SUPPOSEDLY” mean’t to be “ONE” people, “ONE” nation.Richard
If this can’t be recognised as common sense by the majority, then it confirms how weak and negatively indoctrinated our educational institutions have becomeMike
We need one new law to state that any race based legislation is null and void.John
Although I am Pacifica having immigrated here in 1946 I consider myself a proud New Zealander. I don’t want special privileges. I’m happy to stand in line with fellow New Zealanders and take my turn. In fact I insist!Walnetta
One set of rules for ALL New ZealandersKevin
FRrnce is the exemplarFrancis
we are one nation and so there is no need to single out one sector of the community based on race. All references to the treaty in legislation should be removed and the Maori seats in parliament abolished. If there was ever any need for them they have long since served there purposeWilliam
The sooner the better.Dawson
Having a family of many racial blends I see the preferential treatment being given and proposed for those of Maori ethnicity of any degree as totally unfair and well aligned with apartheid – a situation we must curb immediately in fairness to all New Zealanders.Alastair
Agree. Race based rules are divisive. Need based rules and systems are looking after the people who need something.Geett
Absolutely!!! Overall my stance is that every culture represented in NZ has a right to SELF EXPRESSION. But that does not imply or mean that any of these different cultural groups can force their language or ways on everybody else. That counts esp for Maoris who claim to be indiginous despite the fact that they are immigrants ( coming by boat and they are boasting about that all the time) like everybody else.. But this UNDRIP nonsense is just another scheme driven by neo marxists in the UN to fragmentise and atomize societies and their dominant culture to prepare the way for corporate controlled world communism.Michael
We are ONE.Doug
NZ is a democracy.Gavin
Strongly agree. Australia is so lucky having Sky news as a counter to the extreme left ABC. Ardern would never have been able to sneak through her racist and elitist He Puapua if we had a media channel that would debate the issue from the Right.Steve
Absolutely.. Current Liebour party agendas represent state initiated racism design only to support ans empower a separatist Iwi eliteRob
The only way to advance as a democracy is to ensure that the law applies equally to everyone. Race based laws have no place in a democratic society.Rod
Alternative will result in many of us defending our front driveway with arms…..and NOBODY WANTS THAT!mARSHAL
Of courseZoltan
Decades of racial warefare has set a permanent ‘rot’ in this New Zealand nation and if labour is elected again it will be time to leave my country home forever…..Chris
Dividing people by race is apartheidwayne
It is flagrantly racist and paternalistic to have it thus.Kevin
This is criticalPhil
Labour govt have set NZers against each other based on race – the classic way to bring in their communism is through trashing the economy and dividing the population both of which they have done.anna
It’s a necessity. Let’s do this. That would be a nice ironic twist.David
It’s RacismGreg
I most surly do.Peter
Cultural beliefs are being forced onto the whole country when they should be embraced as an ethnicity value within Maori.Sharron
100%. This is the most serious issue facing New Zealand at present.Alister
Yes, and as an urgent priority. The part Maori mafia and hangers on have got to be stopped dead in their tracks hard and fast.neil
Stop all this racist talk, surely we can live in harmony. We do not want to be dictated to by a minority.Murray
sooner the bettereric
I believe we should follow Australia’s example and solve the current problems democratically via a referendum instead of by stealth as has been the method here under the Labour governmentTerry
We must have equality.John
Yes. Yes ,Yes. Our young men of two generations fought and died for the principle of equality for all irrespective or race. We must ensure that the did not die in vain.John
Yes, yes, yes, absolutely, for all the reasons you have described in your article Muriel.Brian
All should be treated equally.Graham
Asolutely. Racism is a word that has no place in the Statute books and needs to be excluded from media presence too.Lynne
This is New Zealand. Stop the racial division.Vaughan
The experiment has proceeded far enough for us to confidently see the inevitable slide back to tribal warfare and the inevitable injustice of ‘might is right’ rather than equality under the principles of law.Peter
Racism is an accusatory and divisive term used to denounce statements or behaviours that the accuser does not agree. with. There is no place for this in a democracy where open debate should take place. I find the term totally disrespectful.Lynne
absolutely, lets take our country backmike
Race is not a basis for determining any policy, regulation or law.Peter
The Key government that signed UNDRIP and the UN as an organisation also are guilty of dividing us Kiwis.RICHard
We also need an entrenched written constitution expressed in plain language, easily understood by, and accessible to everyone. Stop the Legal and Tribunal gravy train.Sax
We’re one people – Kiwis. Any race-based references should be obliterated entirely.Simon
Maori must be stopped in their perpetual ambition to take control and start apartheid in NZKevin
The very inclusion of the word race is a recipe for division and racism.Gary
Also the treatyMark
We are all kiwis and as such should be treated equallyKay
NO to apartheid.Coral
We are all New ZealandersLaurie
There is no need for radical argument to destroy New Zealand as we knew it. Too much rush to heal a complicated matter if there is a problem.. Thus racisim is getting worst. more serious issues require fixing first.mike
Legislation on the basis of race is APARTHEID – clear and simple. Race-based legislation will have the same result in NZ as it had in South Africa – violence and civil unrest.Dave
And from department and ministry mission statements, regulations, guidlelines and contracting criteria.Anthony
He iwi tahi tatou. Says it all reallyPaul
Modern day Maori are not a race. They are an ethnicity. There is a difference.John
One country, one people, multiple ethnic origins. That is us.DAVID
Absolutely 100%, along with all race based entities and departments of government starting with the Waitangi Tribunal.Neil
Apartheid sucksJohn
Yes because it just gives Maoris “rights” they want to use over everyone else!Ray
I want New Zealand Back, we just let it happen, how sad.Colleen
Of course. We are all one people and therefore should not be treated differently from each other.Carol
Absolutely. That is what World War II was all about! And then we got apartheid in South Africa and now tribal elites in New Zealand are using all the tactics of apartheid to enrich themselves from racism!David
Absolutely. And TOW should be assigned to the annuls of history. It has done its job, and is now being weaponized to divide and destroy our nation.Christine
Co-Governance is nothing more than a veiled progression towards the slippery slope of corruption, where anything that is not financially gaining the tribal elite will be vetoedJim
The sooner the better, have already voted so lets get it done.COLIN
We need to act now. We don’t have any truly indigenous folk in our country,, only those who arrived first. Keep us all under the same umbrella of unity not division caused by separating us into Non-Maori v Maori. We are now technically an apartheid country.Ann
abso…bl…lutely Remove them all asap. They are there to create apartheid, so why would anyone in their right mind allow such legislation. Beggars belief.Carolyn
ALL references to RACE and the Treaty of Waitangi should be removed from ALL legislation? We all have equal rights & opportunities. The Waitangi Tribunal needs to be shut down, with any outstanding claims to be shelved. The Treaty has been “Honoured” enough; to the extent of being abused. The Gift that keeps giving has been creamed ENOUGH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! All Ministries that have particular RACE based objectives should be abolished. We are all NEW ZEALANDERS!john
All of the racial tension,now in NZ was generated by J.A and her marxist govt. She has now fled NZ, why is she and her gang , not being held to account for the train-wreck mess that she has caused? Time for a HUNTING PARTY!David
The racial VIRUS that is infecting NZ, is being generated by radical groups of corporate IWI, who have stolen TAXPAYERS MONEY, by fraud. Land settlement issues with the so called CROWN, have ALL been FRAUDULENT. Iwi claim all funds.David
Absolutely! Until all references to race are removed from all NZ legislation and regulation, New Zealand will never be free from the threat of Apartheid. What has happened to our country is a disgrace. Labour deserves to be thrashed at the election and both the Greens and the Maori Party deserve to be thrashed as well since they are both also advocating a race-based future for NZ. Murray
The Labour Government has been a disaster and Jacinda Ardern should be held to account for leading this train wreck, instead of swanning off to the US and pretending to be a hero.Roger
Yes, yes, yes – take all mention of race out of everything. I can’t believe what is happening to our country. Who would have thought a government could do so much damage in such a short time. Nadine
A referendum on equality is definitely the right way to go. Dan
At least in Australia they are having a debate. Here, the iwi elite try to label you a racist and close you down if you dare to criticise their takeover plan. James