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Islamization of the West – including New Zealand

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A brief introduction of my background may help the reader to better understand my comments concerning the plans of Islam for non-Muslim nations. I was born as a Muslim in Iran. From early childhood, I was encouraged by my parents to get involved in religious practices. At the age of nine, I became a famous Muslim boy in my hometown because of my ability to read and recite the Qur’an in Arabic. From early childhood, we learned that Christians and Jews were unclean, as the Qur’an says, and Islam must take over the world.

At the age of 19, I began to see clearly that the king of Iran and his family were not good Muslims as the royal women were not covered. That same year I joined the radical Muslim students’ movement at university against the king of Iran , aiming to establish an Islamic government. The king was pro-West, and not resistant to Israel and its government. Under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, we overthrew the most powerful government in the Middle-East; the king escaped and we captured and ruled the country according to Islamic Shari’a1. I was initially called on, by several influential Muslim leaders, to develop a revolutionary army whose aim was to capture Israel and destroy America and their presence in the world. Those who were involved with this military preparation were called “Hezbollah”, which is a Qur’anic word meaning “the party of Allah”. It was the revolutionary army in Iran that started a branch of Hezbollah in Lebanon , aiming to fully occupy its government first, in order to capture Israel .

In order to fight America , Israel and other western nations, we needed adequate military force in order to start and continue this war. We, therefore, decided to equip all zealous young Iranian Muslim boys and girls with terrorist techniques for warfare. To achieve this, we started a nation-wide campaign.

Very soon, I became a famous man in my hometown and announced my candidacy for Islamic parliament. It was from here that all the Shari’a values came to the surface. Some were so disturbing to us even though we were Muslims. For example: Do we have freedom to criticize the leader or system in a positive way in order to create a positive and productive competition for the advancement and well being of the country? If the religious and holy leaders are involved in injustice, are we able to take them to face justice as ordinary citizens do? The response to such questions was no.

This caused us to change our direction from the leader Ayatollah Khomeini, and start a new party that aimed to hold the general public accountable as law makers. We soon became the ruling party as government of Iran . One of my colleagues became president with 98% of the peoples’ vote. The mullahs (religious leaders) lost with only 2% of votes. This angered the radical mullahs who wanted to govern the country at any cost. They used every means possible (as is Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon and Palestine ), such as threatening, lying, secret killings etc., to destroy the elected government of the people. As a result, the president escaped to France . Some were able to escape. However, others were killed or placed in political prisons. I was kidnapped and taken away to prison, but my family did not know whether I was dead or alive. Eventually, I was able to escape the death sentence and escape to Turkey . There, I learned Turkish and entered university to occupy my time. There was always a question lingering in my mind as to why my Muslim brothers were unable to appreciate the many years of service I dedicated for Islam and instead aimed to kill me over personal differences.

In my second year in Turkey , through a business deal that went wrong, I came into contact with an Iranian Christian group who showed me much kindness. Their overwhelming love surprised me. I wondered why these so-called ungodly people (infidels) were sacrificially helping Iranian Muslim refugees in Turkey . I discovered that their faith in Christ, unlike the faith of Muhammad (the prophet of Islam)2 is based on unconditional love. This and all other doctrinal, social, political and moral values within Christianity led me to be a follower of Christ.

After finishing my PhD in Turkey , the door was opened for my family to take refuge in Australia . From the beginning of our life in Australia , we realized how Muslim leaders and committed Muslims have been trying to undermine the Judeo-Christian democratic values for the establishment of their authoritarian Islamic system. It was shocking to me that these people speak about democracy and peace, not because they love democracy and peace, but to deceive people in order to pave the way for the spread of Islam. In addition, these Muslims never complain to any Islamic leaders and governments in Islamic countries (especially Saudi Arabia ) for the restrictions and persecutions they implement towards other religious groups. The penalty for apostasy in Islam is death. In Saudi Arabia , women cannot drive, vote or go out without the permission of their male relatives, but these Saudi Arabian supported imams (religious leaders) in western countries hypocritically speak about equal opportunity, human rights and their plans for the liberation of women in the West in order to make blind supporters for Islam. They speak about Islam as the religion of peace without telling westerners why Islam is not peaceful towards other religious groups and ethnicities within Islamic countries.

In my trips to various countries, I was shocked to see how Islam has been growing in many non-Islamic countries despite its intolerance towards democracy.

Why is this?

Why are mosques, Islamic schools and colleges springing up in every corner of non-Islamic countries to indoctrinate thousands of young people, when it is illegal for non-Muslims to practice or spread their religions and beliefs in Islamic countries? What is allowing Muslim leaders to teach Qur’an’s hate and killing verses in the mosques in non-Islamic countries? Why would Muslim leaders even dare ask for the establishment of their Islamic judiciary systems in non-Islamic democratic countries (i.e. Australia , Canada Germany, Great Britain and Sweden ) despite Islam’s opposition to democracy and egalitarian values? Why do Muslim leaders in the West have freedom to speak against democracy, the social fabric of western societies? What has brought the West to this shocking stage when it is producing its own Muslim terrorists, who carry out their terror operations in the West (their own countries) and abroad in Pakistan , Afghanistan , Kenya , Tanzania , Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Israel , Morocco and Russia ?

Why are some leftist groups and individuals standing alongside radical Islamic leaders in order to fight democratic values in the West? Why are many western leaders, politicians, media and various groups silent towards the threat of Islam against their societies? What is keeping these people quiet in such a significant time when a religious group challenges not just their democratic values but additionally forces them to surrender to their bondage? Why are free people prepared to surrender to those who would place them in bondage?

What do we need to do? Do we care for our societies? Should we wait for Muslim leaders to change their attitudes and do something in favour of democracy? Are we aware that the Qur’an teaches Muslims to stand against democracy? The Qur’an says, “It is not for a believer, man and woman, to have any choice in their affairs, when Allah and his apostle (Muhammad) have decreed a matter… (Q3.33:36). If Muslims have such instructions from the Qur’an, how do you think it possible for them to act against this? Can a branch cut its own root?

Muslim leaders and the Qur’an will not compromise with the West, but they are delighted if the West chooses to compromise with Islam. The West says, “All cultures and religions are good”, and therefore there is no need for the best, and thereby for integration. This obviously opens and has opened the door for those groups who want to assert their authority and drive others out from their territory (read Q.4:89; 33:27). As a result of this, many Muslim leaders in the West have avoided integration and demanded segregated schools and self-governing ghettos ruled by Shari’a. Some Western authorities have already opened the door for such an authoritarian belief since they quietly abandoned the suburbs to the immigrants post World War II. The repercussions of this can be seen in the recent violence within France , where the French government has failed in the basic task of a government in securing the safety of its citizens’ life and work.

What has caused the West to allow tolerance for such violence and hatred which undermine the freedom of the majority? Why has the West forgotten its heroes who laid down their lives for freedom decades and centuries ago? What has caused the West to betray its heroes? Why is Islam, which is under obligation to gain power over other nations, evidently more acceptable in the West than any other religious group?

The so-called moderate Muslim leaders in England have proposed for the British Government to accept that the only solution to combat the threat of terrorism in Great Britain is the “Shari’a”. I was shocked at the extent to which Muslim leaders practice manipulation in the West. They are even more destructive than the terrorists by trying to legitimize the “Shari’a” for the Islamization of the West. In Islam, this manner is called Taqiyya, one of the most efficient forms of deception used in Islamic evangelism and jihad, which works to destroy the life values of non-Muslims.

These Muslim leaders are using Britain as a means to an end. How is it possible to get rid of terrorism through “Shari’a”? Is “Shari’a” a real solution to terrorism, or is it the real gate-way to terrorism? Let us closely and briefly see what these Muslims mean by proposing Islam and its way of life as the solution:

Shari’a states: The true religion with Allah is Islam (Q.3:19). No religion other than Islam shall be accepted (Q.3:85)4. Christians and Jews and polytheists are the worst among creatures and they go to hell (Q.98:6). So Shari’a means, as in all Islamic countries, that Islam must be the only dominant religion at the cost of demolishing all other religions and beliefs.

Shari’a states: You (Muslims) are the best folk that have been raised up unto mankind (Q.3:110). Muslims must not befriend non-Muslims (Q.4:89,144; 5:51). Christians and Jews must pay to Muslims in order to stay alive. They have to be humiliated (Q.9:29-30, refer to the whole chapter)5. Pagans (or the holders of other beliefs other than Christianity and Judaism) have no choice but to die or to embrace Islam (Q.9:5). Take therefore none of them for friends, till they have fled their homes for the cause of Allah. If they turn back, then seize them, and slay them wherever you find them (Q.4:89). So, Shari’a means that the only solution for non-Muslims to overcome this humiliation is to become Muslim.

Shari’a states: Prepare against the infidels whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them (Q.8:59). Both the Qura’an and the Shari’a command Muslims to prepare themselves for terrorizing (torhiboun or ra’b in Arabic) non-Muslims.

Shari’a states; Ladies belong to inferior class (Q.2:228); in inheritance shares, they get half (Q.2:11, 176). Two ladies witness is equal to one man’s (Q.2:282). Ladies must abide at home; if they go out they have to cover themselves in order not to be known; any one who stands against must be slaughtered (Q.33:33, 59-61). Husbands own their wives (Q.53:2). Husbands beat their wives (Q.4:34; 38:44). (Muhammad) Do not treat your wives alike, no matter how eager you may be to do so (Q.4:129). Wives should not be saddened for anything you may give ell them (Q.33:51). Despite all these clear evidences in the Qur’an against women, there are books published and distributed by Muslims in the West, saying that Islam gave rights to women at a time when there was no equality. They state that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah.6 Despite being contrary to the truth, they can claim this because they have the freedom to lie. Lying to non-Muslims is permissible in Islam (Reliance of the Traveller, P.745)7.

These verses provide some insight into the intention of Muslim leaders proposing Shari’a to the English Government. They want Britons to accept Islamic law as the sovereign law; otherwise, the ever-present terrorism will continue. According to Islam, unless infidels convert, it is a sin to cease fighting against them. Muslim nations are better than others as they have a command from Allah to rule the entire world and to have dominion over every nation in the world. Islam wishes to destroy all non-Islamic governments from the face of the earth. The existence of all Islamic countries today is the result of Islam’s intolerance towards other values and beliefs. The goal of Islam is to triumph over all other beliefs. To any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam can use every power and means available in order to fight and destroy, either directly or deceptively, which in both cases is called “Jihad”.

If this is what Shari’a means, how, then, are Muslim leaders able to propose it as the solution for the West? Why do some westerners want to compromise with Islam, if this is the case?

Muslim leaders know that many in the West are ignorant and they are easily deceived. Lack of knowledge has always been the gateway for Islamists to enter, occupy and slaughter throughout the history of Islam. If you do not understand Islam and the will of its followers, your only choice is to be deceived by Muslim leaders. This is the reason why England and other European countries have lost a great deal to Islam.

Many middle-eastern background men and women, who live in the West, clearly understand the subtle lies of Muslim leaders who claim to be moderates. Unfortunately, many of them keep quiet and do not speak out for religious, cultural, political and social reasons. They know it is these so-called moderate Muslim leaders who pave the way for the law of Islam and radicals. If these so-called moderate leaders did not teach the Qur’an in the West, the jihadist groups would not exist in the West and would not be able to succeed and advance.

Our hope is that people in the West would wake up to the subtle threats of Islam for the

safety of their own nations’ future. It is painful and alarming that many people do not believe or take seriously what we, as those who were once radical Muslims, have to say. At times, some western people stand against us or charge us with vilifying Islam and Islamists anytime we speak out. This is because Islam’s approach is so subtle, masking its insincerity.

It may be worth reflecting that no Islamic country has displayed the democratic values which have become synonymous with Western society. Therefore, we should approach the issue of Islam with caution and well-informed knowledge in order to appreciate and effectively uphold our own values within our society.

  1. Shari’a refers to the system of Islamic rule for every aspect of the individual’s life and society as a whole 
  2. Allah truly loves those who fight in his cause (Q.61:4). The sword on the Saudi Arabian flag is the clear sign of Islam for spreading its faith by sword. 
  3.  “Q” stands for Qur’an, “33” for chapter 33, and “36” for verse 36. It is important to note, however, that the numbers of the verses vary slightly within different translations of the Qur’an. So, while this passage is taken from verse 36, in other translations it may be either 34, 35 or possibly higher. 
  4. Sometimes Muslims in the West use the verse Q.2:256 as proof for the tolerance of Islam towards other beliefs. This verse says; “There is no compulsion in religion”. According to various Islamic Schools this verse is from Muhammad’s first era of ministry when he did not have power. But Allah decreed war against all other religious groups after Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina at AD 622 when he gained power by becoming a ruler and statesman. 
  5. In addition to all other heavy taxes that Jews and Christians have to pay under the Islamic rule, they also have to pay a yearly tax for their males in order to stay alive. If they do not pay this tax, they must be killed and their wives and daughters must be used or sold as slaves (Al-Mawardi, The Laws of Islamic Governance, 1058, PP. 60, 77-78, 200-201). 
  6.  “Appreciating Islam”, a book published by The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, P.12. 
  7. “Reliance of the Traveller”, A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, by Ahmad ibn Naqip al-Misri.