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Labour is the Problem

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The release of government budgets used to be memorable affairs. Crowded around the radio or telly, it was excise tax changes on petrol, alcohol and cigarettes that exercised Kiwis the most. Some, car keys at the ready, would make a mad dash to try to beat any price rises, while others simply resigned themselves to lamenting yet more tax hikes!  

Nowadays budgets are more about the narrative and less about the numbers.

Getting the narrative right is something the Labour Party understands only too well – as former Labour Cabinet Minister Richard Prebble explains:

“It was in 1981. I was on the campaign committee. We did a party poll and found the electorate thought that Labour had no practical positive solutions. The Labour party’s policy machinery takes months and the election was only six months away. So what to do.

“I instructed every MP to include in every speech and radio and TV appearance the statement ‘Labour has practical positive solutions’.  There were prizes for MPs who managed to get the line onto the TV news. Heaven help an MP who gave a speech in parliament, no matter what the topic, who did not include the line. We changed not one policy.

“We polled three months later and asked, ‘What is a good thing about Labour’.  Even a majority of National voters said that Labour had some practical, positive solutions.” 

These days Labour employs an army of public relations advisors and communications experts to poll continuously and run endless focus groups to ensure hot button issues are identified and messages shaped to resonate with voters.

So, it’s really no surprise to find that contrary to Labour’s record of abject failure in virtually every area of governance, a narrative of success and sound economic management is being run.

Before we examine Budget 2023 and what the Prime Minister told Parliament, it’s interesting to reflect on exactly who might be the target of Labour’s narrative.

After Labour swept into power in 2020, it was widely acknowledged that their majority was due to some 400,000 former National supporters voting for Jacinda Ardern. National’s long-term challenge has been to win back those voters, and their steady increase in the polls shows they have gone some way towards achieving that.

By using the Herald’s “poll of polls”, political commentator Matthew Hooton has  calculated that for Chris Hipkins to win the election with the support of only the Greens and not the radical Maori Party, he needs to regain just 35,000 of those voters from National.

Matthew believes Labour’s Budget was designed with those mainly women swing voters in mind – hence, 20 hours of free early childhood education for 2-year-olds, free bus rides for primary school children and half price for secondary and tertiary students, and free prescriptions.

In examining what the Prime Minister said in the Budget debate, it’s interesting to note he didn’t use “Aotearoa” for the name of our country, and keeping well clear of the ‘Maori issue’, he focussed on middle New Zealand:   

“This is a great day for New Zealanders. It is a great Budget for Kiwi families. In a cost-of-living crisis, New Zealanders know that they can trust this Government to have their backs and to work to ease the pressure that they face, because that is exactly what we have done today. We know that families are under the pump at the moment, they are feeling the pressure. We know that household budgets are stretched, and the answer to that needed to be a Budget that is going to support families not just now but also in the future, one that lays the foundations for a better future for New Zealand, because that is what this Budget does. This Budget, unashamedly, is about balance. It is a proudly Labour Budget, about making targeted and affordable investments in the cost of living, in providing relief for New Zealanders who are needing that, and it is also about making sure that the future can be better.”

Let’s unpick what he said.

Firstly, Chris Hipkins, failed to acknowledge that it’s been Labour’s profligate spending that fuelled inflation in the first place, triggering the cost-of-living crisis and forcing the Reserve Bank to increase interest rates to bring inflation under control.

Nor did he acknowledge that at a time when New Zealand families are having to tighten their belts, he’s just authorised another massive spending spree funded by debt.

Under Labour, Government spending has exploded from $76 billion in 2017 when they took office, to $137 billion by June next year.

As a result, the Government’s books are sinking further into the red, with net government debt increasing from $59 billion or 20 percent of the economy in 2017, to  $179 billion – or 43 percent – next year.

This blowout in debt caught economists by surprise. Net debt for the 2027 year is now projected to be $21 billion higher than predicted less than six months ago in December’s Half-Year Economic and Fiscal Update.

The Herald reports, “Wholesale interest rates rose sharply in response to moves outlined in the Budget, which has been dubbed by rating agency S&P Global as ‘expansionary’. As they see it, expansionary also means inflationary, so wholesale rates have responded accordingly.”

There are now predictions that the Reserve Bank will be compelled to raise the Official Cash Rate higher than the 5.25 percent forecast, to 5.5 or even 6 percent. The flow-on effect of higher interest rates will be significant, forcing up costs throughout the whole economy, hurting the very families Labour says it is helping.

Some of Labour’s Budget spending promises are bizarre.

Chris Hipkins made a big deal of scrapping the $5 prescription co-charge. Costing $600 million over four years, he said, “Our Government recognises that when times are tough, making sure Kiwis can access the healthcare they need is one of the most important things that a Government can do. And that is exactly what we are doing. Reportedly, 135,000 New Zealanders went without collecting their prescriptions because they couldn’t afford to collect them.” 

But that argument doesn’t stack up. Grants are already available to ensure low-income families who can’t afford prescription charges don’t need to pay, and in many parts of the country pharmacies are waiving the fee as an incentive to attract customers. Thanks to Labour, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in New Zealand, the Australian-owned Chemist Warehouse, now stands to gain a multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded subsidy every year!

New Zealand’s real health story is one that Chris Hipkins doesn’t want to discuss – it’s the plight of the hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering because they can’t “access the healthcare they need”.

The reality is that the $500 million restructure of the health system, that Labour launched during the pandemic – to abolish District Health Boards, centralise services, and introduce Maori co-governance – has destabilised the entire health sector.

As a result, all health indicators have gone backwards – whether it’s cancer treatment, specialist appointments, surgeries, emergency department assessments, accessing a GP, or even child immunisation rates, everything is in decline. And when the shortage of doctors, nurses, medical specialists, and GPs is factored in, New Zealand’s health system is failing to deliver critical healthcare and is costing lives.

Yet in response to this health crisis, Labour has cut next year’s funding by almost $1 billion from $29.527 billion in 2023 to $28.653 billion in 2024.

In his Budget speech, Chris Hipkins claimed Labour’s policies to alleviate the cost-of-living crisis are “targeted”. But that’s nonsense. None of the Budget’s main ‘cost-of-living’ policies are targeted specifically to families in need – they are all available to all families.

So why didn’t Labour simply target the $5 prescription charge subsidy to Community Service Card holders? The answer is probably that the 35,000 voters Labour is attempting to win over from National are not Community Service Card holders!

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, economic analyst Frank Newman, points out yet another misrepresentation by the PM in his Budget speech:

“The Prime Minister said his Government had focused on ‘creating the conditions for a growing economy’ but there is nothing in the Budget that substantiates that rhetoric. He seems to forget that governments consume wealth they don’t create it. The best way for a government to grow the economy is to create an environment that inspires and encourages others to grow their businesses – and then get out of the way.

Frank then adds, “That may be too much of an attitude change for socialist politicians who are doing very well out of growing dependency and squeezing those who have done well for themselves.” 

In the Budget debate, the Prime Minister said: “On this side of the House we believe if you work hard, you should be able to get ahead”. But if he really believed that, wouldn’t he inflation-adjust tax thresholds so working families can also ‘get ahead’ – since he’s already done that for welfare beneficiaries and superannuitants?

When he claimed in his speech, “We have been focused on keeping our community safer”, Chris Hipkins failed to mention that ram raids and robberies are now out of control, occurring on a daily basis in broad daylight in close proximity to families and children. It will only be a matter of time before someone gets killed. With gang memberships at an all-time high and the prison muster now 20 percent lower thanks to iwi leaders convincing Labour not to lock up ‘their people’, the PM’s answer to this crisis is to cut the Police budget from $2.528 billion this year to $2.460 billion next year!

In an act of profound hypocrisy, on the one hand the Prime Minister told Parliament, “I want to live in a New Zealand where the circumstances into which you were born do not dictate the opportunities that you have in life or hold you back”, while on the other hand he authorised $825 million of policies that use race to determine outcomes: $200 million to build and repair homes for Maori; $34m for two years of kapa haka so it matches the combined funding of the Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet; $18m for the Matariki holiday; $168m for the unaccountable Whanau Ora slush fund; $132m extra for Maori health providers and customary healing; $51m for Maori media; and $8m for Maori tourism ‘to help alleviate cost-of-living pressures’.

In discussing that budget allocation, the Minister for Maori Development Willie Jackson revealed, “We’ve got the by Maori, for Maori Budget, but let’s not forget most Maori are not attached to a lot of our Maori organisations.”

In other words, he’s confirmed that while the leaders of those multi-million-dollar iwi business development corporations that provide most of the Government’s race-based social services contracts give the impression they deal with all Maori, in reality, it’s only a tribal minority – most Maori prefer to be part of society’s mainstream.

The Prime Minister also claimed: “Our Budget is backing our exporters”. That will be news to our leading export sector, agriculture, which has been subjected to excessive regulations restricting progress and limiting production.

But perhaps the biggest of the litany of lies in the Prime Minister’s Budget speech was the one he made at the beginning: “New Zealanders know that they can trust this Government.”

Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was forced out of office because the public had lost trust in her and her Labour Government. We now know that Labour under Chris Hipkins is no different.

New Zealand now faces a tsunami of serious problems – but the biggest problem is Labour itself.

The burning question is whether Labour’s false assurances and flagrant lies are convincing enough to win them a third term in government. And with $5 billion set aside in the budget still to use, the promises yet to come will be massive.

Budget 2023 has kicked off the election campaign. With advance voting starting on October 2nd, the countdown to our future has begun.

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*Is Labour any more trustworthy under Chris Hipkins than it was under Jacinda Ardern? 


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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No sign of any change. Kay
This labour party is promoting is thje opposite to democracy. They are the most treasonous, Apartied, Undemocratic Fraudsters party NZ has ever encountered. Beware of National, they still believe in the princaples of the Treaty of Waitangi 1975 version. What right did they have to change an ancient document. The Freeman version is illegal and fraudulent for a start. Tha Maori version and Littlewood English version are the official original. There is absolutely no reference to any partnership. in either. An absolute disgrace to all previous governments who have allowed this to perpetuate to a point that it is uderrmining are democracy. Give Winston Peters another opportunity. He is for NZ. Also Check out Julian Batchelor no to co-governance website. He is doing a speaking tour around Nz. . Lets get this beautiful country away from the corupt organisations that will lead it to destruction. steven
surely that question is a joke Leon
While the lockdown was in force, I had an idea just how this country would be run under a communist government. I cannot believe that there will not be another one, and soon! A challenge to Chippie: go to the country now before you do more damage with your apartheid schemes. Don’t wait until October! Kevan
If Labour get back into power Zimbabwe will look like a top class Holiday RESORT COMPARED TO NZ!! Frank 
He is a puppet to the maori caucus within Labour. He is scared to buck them because if they walk then Labour is out Alan
He has to follow a disastrous legacy Geoffrey
No,and I fail to understand why any one thinks they are more trust worthy under Hipkins Hipkins was a YES man whilst the Marxist Ardern was the labour the leader Damien Grant summed up Hipkins very well, in his article in stuff recently. Hipkins is a nice bloke but a bloody failure as a effective politician when it comes to to delivering successful outcomes When will elements of the NZ public wake up. It’s not about being popular its about policies that will, manage our taxes, kill waist, and deliver out comes that address the ills facing NZ Labour have shown over the past six years they are grossly inept. Promised fixes for a number of issues and failed There wasn’t even long term planning to alleviate the housing shortage,other than three, three story houses on a average site It did nothing other than hike the price of existing land and burden the nz home owners with huge rate increases, because there land values jump thru the roof Thus making more problems National made a call this week To go green field and insist that local bodies fall in to line or they will legislate to insure planning is in place 30 years out That’s positive action Labour sees positive action as sucking up to the Maori party who definitely have nothing to offer to the average New Zealander. Hipkins does not fit the mould of Norman Kirk, David Lange, nor Helen Clark Like Ardern he got the hospital pass. Regrettably Chaos reigns within the labour government A labour government that is trying to hold on to power by placating the Maoris and the greens. Labour does not exist as a viable political option given its track record. National Act and NZ First can all dance to the same tune Winston got out of step in 17 but The country needs to waltz its way back to normality Bruce
they are more dangerous now than before jim
He is another creepy weirdo who is out of touch with real NZers. We need to bin him also, plus Robertson, Bloomfield etc etc Valerie
Definitely “NO”. Chippie stuffed up education, law and order, social harmony, etc, by instituting the policies of Ardern. Rodger
Hipkins is still lying Mo New
The worst and most corrupt Government in the history of New Zealand. Scott
What a joke.Of course not.Of course they will up taxes.That is what they do instead of solving issues or set up more committes to deal with the problems.They are a cunning govt.Very communistic lorraine
Same brand, different face Christina
Just a different wolf in the same sheep’s clothing darryl
go woke ,go broke gale
Same spots without the teeth. His is out of the same tin without the condescending smile. The menu is still the same expect the customers are unable to read it. This lot have to be the worst government NEW ZEALAND has experienced they have to go. jeff
No, still a wolf in sheep clothing Russ
Might even be worse Ian
absolutely not!! john
It’s the same Labour party that does not have the future of New Zealanders at heart. Building a country on dependency on the government is no future at all. Pavithra
He’s even worse. Mary
The barrage of outright lies continues and no progress appears to correct the unlawful reinterpretation of our form of govt. Edgar W.
Do we all know what the new phrase “the principles of the Treaty of W. are ? Nobody seems to know !!!! Is nz now working on a political law for all to abide by ??? Communism by stealth. I am out of here !! Henk
Still the same socialist. Remember he was a member of the international socialist youth when Ardern was prancing around on the stage calling everyone ‘comrades’. Same slimy socialist along with Robertson who has zero knowledge of finance. They have brought NZ to its knees. We must be a laughing stock around the world. We’ve lost any credibility that we may have had. Laura
Hipkins is another Commie liar, from way back. Glyn
No NO No. It is difficult to understand how New Zealanders who intend to vote Labour this election are accepting their policy of Racial division, (Apartheid) huge debt, failing education and health and crime with NO MANDATE from the citizens, now that is truly frightening. Democracy can only be for the people by the people. Time to start shouting. Sam
Chris Hypocrisy Failed Minister of Police Failed Minister of Education Failed Minister of Health Everything he does fails. He like Jacinda are so attached to power they believe their own untruths they spout out at every opportunity. When will the rest of New Zealand wake up and elect these Muppets out. They won’t because the gravy train of handouts has become too much for some not to have. When will Winston Step up and call these idiots out for what they are? Racists and irresponsible with Taxpayers money. Why Winston? Because he started this shit show and as he is a Maori he won’t be called racist for calling out Labours race based policies as such. The deterioration of New Zealand, our economy and our people since the 2017 election is abhorrent, and it is all on Chippy, Jacinda, Grant & the Maori Caucus. They should all be prosecuted for dereliction of their duty to New Zealand. Is it just me, or is you too, that have noticed since every ministry was converted over to a Maori name that all government ministries have significantly underperformed or have just fallen apart? Eugene
Different face but same misleading lies. It is just as disappointing that National isn’t clearly articulating why and what changes it would do and what and how those changes would create better benefits and outcomes to all NZ in a non-discriminatory or racist way. It is one thing is to say what is wrong, it is another to matter to say clearly what you want to do differently and how you will take us all on a journey back to a more balanced and fairer NZ that has seemingly lost it way, and oneness, as a nation over the last 20 years. There is no room for “them and us in policies and political rhetoric” only “how can we do better for everyone “and make opportunities for all those who want it and willing to take them. United we stand divided we all fall. Malcolm
Absolutely not! The coming election is critical in that every New Zealander who is eligible to vote must educate themselves on what is at stake here… It has to be a National/Act landslide, otherwise our Country, as we know it will be destroyed. No one should be fooled by Hipkins, he is on a mission to deliver what Jacinda and the Maori party always wanted He Puapua. Linda
No. A vote for labour is a vote to hand Maoris the ownership of all fresh water in this country. That is such a serious issue that even the most timid NZer would oppose the idea and take up arms to stop it. But it will happen if the centrist and hard right parties do not prevail. We need to stop bleating about it and do everything we can to support and help gain support for NZ First, Act, and National. That’s the only way to defeat this socialist lot. Lets unite our effort and spread the word that we risk the loss of fresh water ownership if labour wins the election. That is an issue everyone can relate to. Nobody in this country wants ownership of freshwater handed to the Maoris. We need a concerted effort put in to achieve that support for the Right. If we each undertook to advise 10 new people each week that a vote for Labour , Greens or TPMaori is a vote to give ownership of all our fresh water to Maori we could awaken the electorate to the very real danger we face. Winston will probably need help to get across the line and we will need him to help bolster the numbers on the right. Its time for a concerted effort to do something for our democracy and independence. Maori ownership of freshwater is a frightening prospect but the thought of it will goad uncertain electors to stand against it and exercise their vote to stop it terrence
Nothing has changed except the facial gymnastics Neville
Hipkins is as big a liar as Ardern was. No one can trust Labour to tell the truth. Labour cannot be trusted. Labour is still hell-bent on the race to bankrupt the country. CHRIS.
It is a lot worse Martin
That was obvious soon after he took over. Malcolm
Hipkins was part of Ardern’s decisions as was Robertson. They are all tarred with the same brush. Socialists. Colin
Interesting Ruth Richardson was the last Finance Minister who understood economics. She also did a lot of work around inflation getting it to 2% whereas Grant Robertson deliberately wasted billions on his socialist ideals stuffing up our economy. He probably would have rather been PM but NZers are not going to vote a homosexual into top office, so he takes it out on us this way. Monica
How can you tell when a politician is lying? When he or she opens their mouth! I personally no longer have any trust in any of them. I believe I’m in the majority when I say this. New Zealand is truly “going to hell in a handbasket”. Sad, but true, so no, I don’t believe hatchetman Hipkins Trevor
Get rid of them all, they have hidden agendas that will crucify the people that actually do any work. The tax payers are being strangled!!!!!!!!!! John
Labour are out to destroy New Zealand, not one of them should be consider any value to this country Meishel
The male version of Comrade Ardern is now in control, or so he thinks, esp after that lame Budget from “Aunty Granty”….! Bruza
But it”s a close run thing!! This lot have definitely got to go!! They have to date not completed one thing that they said they’d do!! David
NO WAY! This government is the MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY LYING CHEATING DECIETFUL government we’ve had! (that doesn’t exempt the rest). Hipkins is towing the same line as Ardern, keep the debt piling up, to enslave every generation for the next 1000yrs! I sincerely hope people can see through the blatant lies and WAKE UP before we become totally enslaved. I despair at the country’s direction with these criminals at the helm! peter
Both accomplished liars. Neither of them have achieved any of their stated policies. jeff
Heaven help us. Mark
Just wish I could gain confidence in Luxon but so far it’s not happening. National yes, Luxon no Ross
Not just ‘no’, but ‘absolutely NO!’ Jacob
No different to Jacinda s rule All bullshit and no substance john
Probably worse – he’s a consummate liar. Jane
the only difference from the old leader is that he stands (maybe) to pee while she (maybe) sat but still splashed the decent population of NEW ZEALAND with her corrupt ideas and chippy is no different so the sooner labour/greens/maori are flushed down the toilet the sooner the better. Richard
More spin no delivery Wietske
You would have to be joking ! The sausage-roll munching toad would be as trust worthy as Trump is as a lair. Then we have the silken bullshit that will set an all time record by Election Day. The pall in the sky will even be seen over in Sydney. Add to that the twisted desperate mob behind him who are all part of the treasonable display we have witnessed in this term and we have absolute chaos and racial division. Why would we want Labour or their toady mates the fourth estate ? John
No! And neither is the main stream media. When will we get someone with a truth-seeking spine to nail these lying politicians feet to the fire? Rob
Same 3 who run the show for the past 6 years, so how do you feel about that ? Sad to see NZ, broken by Race, Crime rampant, etc etc —. Clint
A wolf in sheep’s clothing SHERYL
Even trying to win an election they are prepared to continue their destruction of the NZ that “all” right minded NZer’s struggle for. Stewart
Would never trust this bunch NEVER! NEVER! NEVER !! Elizabeth
The mongrel has just carried on with the same socialist theme! Christina
Hope they will be out of office next election. After all they are a Socialist Government which is is bad news. Ross
They are both lying socialists. Errol
Hipkins has made a point of pushing concerns sideways and renaming them. isespecially “Affordable Waters” no doubt hoping to sneak the issue through under another auspices Rayna
people are putting up with hipkins because they dont have ardern. Same troubles, same name, just an alternative face which has all been said before. Voters should examine policies and vote, not just vote for the face on the billboard. Sharron
Just as bad if not more so. David
Certainly not John
He’s one big lie!! John
The general public are not interested in politics. It is anarchy Sandie
never brian
In a word, no. Hipkins was part of Jacinda Ardern’s kitchen cabinet deciding on all the policies rolled out under her. Hipkins has been minister responsible for the Covid 19 response, and has held the education, police and public service portfolios, in which time he has delivered little. He believes the same things as Ardern, Robertson and all, but is more shrewd than most of the Labour caucus and sharper than most of the public. The lies from Hipkins and more especially the maori caucus are becoming more unbelievable, but the public seems unable to see this. Gavin
The whole lot of them need to disappear.. The worst government this once great country has ever had to endure.. good riddance!.. a very dark time indeed. Peter
He has a good face and like Jacinda smiles well – but what is behind that smile? tony
no brainer Stu
Definitely not!! I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could kick him! Janet
If it looks like duck quacks like a duck it is a duck and that fits labout to a T Mary-Ann
Hell no. Rob
Loathsome, treacherous, slimy little weasel. That’s being restrained. He was in Arderns pocket for 6 years and backed her up in all the evil she committed. He’s no different and if they can cheat their way back into Parliament and the status quo remains, we will see his true colours. Rotten to the core! Carolyn
same ol same ol bruce
Just another lying politician Jock
Not by any measure. He lies thru his teeth. Murray
Delusional imbeciles. God help us all. Mark
Silly question. The leopard cannot change it’s spots. Peter
It must be an absolute NO! Hipkins and co are fully under the yoke of the Maori party. They use the LP as useful idiots to run with the falsification of Treaty matters including the false NZ history indoctrination of our children. To eventually drive through special legislation for the Maori party a full veto arrangement on all national and local territory formal governing decisions. We simply can not capitulate to allow this to happen and must vote for a National/Act coalition and to convince as many others to do the same as the most important action they will need to undertake for the future of New Zealand. Geoffery
He is just Cindy in a suit Dianne
Definitely not he can’t be trusted. He’s just another WEF puppet and has the destruction of NZ in his sight. Vivienne
Absolutely not John
Chris Hopkins rhetoric is a contrived illusion to try and reassure those members of the public who clearly understood the true socialist and divisive intent of the Ardern lead Labour government and the extreme danger to democracy caused by their racist policies and focus on always assisting those who are not productive but expect endless handouts – as of right. His speeches appear to be benign but Labour%u2019s intent is just to mislead the undecided hard working members of our country enough to get back into government when they can recommence their strategy of destroying the New Zealand we hold dear. Lianne
Extra columns in this poll should have been placed to allow for votes NO 2x, NO 5x NO 10x NO 20x NO All morally unacceptable. Richard
No. With “Chippy” it will be the same continuing evil agenda, WEF, WHO & UN.. Withdraw from them all immediately and regain our nation-state sovereignty. I’ve never been more serious. They are a deadly bunch of Malthusian psycho freaks. Donald
How could it be. The same people with the same twisted philosophies that truely believe that they know better than those that don’t share their views are still involved, unfortunately. Graham
When Hipkins took over from Ardern, I thought things would change. But it was just more of the same which proves Hipkins approved of everything the socialist racist had done during her her time as PM. She has turned this country into THEM and US, and it will continue if we don’t vote them out. Dianne
Absolutely not! Hipkins adopts the same, friendly, disarming smile whilst peddling the lies and deceit that Labour has mastered throughout the entirety of their term. John
NO! NO! NO! AND NO! Sylvia
the Budget was for maori who can access ALL benefits plus there are ethnic extras. What about funds for Scots (Highland dances) Irish (jigs) English (Maypole etc) – none of which are preludes to war… ann
They are all criminals or the gangster kind. There is no doubt of that. Liars and schemers, filling their back pockets of the tax payer and patting themselves on the back. They all have to go. the system is broken and cannot continue the way it is. Neil
Just another articulate incompetent driven by socialist /.marxist ideology. Keith
Chris Hipkins is a smooth liar to the average kiwi who basically is just a sheep. As you know, sheep aren’t renowned for the ability to think. I fear the “sheeple” who vote! Patrick
God help us if Labour have another term. It will be the end of NZ totally! Anne
Like any socialist/communist ideology the word ‘trust’ is not in any way applicable. I have an extreme distrust of the current and the last Labour governments. Derek
Nothing changes — we must get rid of this socialist outfit and whilst about it get rid of the Maori party and the Greens. This country is going downhill so fast and EVERYBODY I speak to agrees. Apart from those leftist trash. Alan
Labour is still on track to destroy New Zealand the Country as well as its name ! Donald
It seems New Zealanders have built up a tolerance for lies. Sven
We want to hear from National what they will change. Eric 
I pray and hope New Zealander’s will see through the outright deception and lies. Actions speak louder than words. I hope they self destruct. Dianne
Both liars from the same mold and Robinson makes a third one Tom
Different face, but same pressures behind it. Denis
More of the same, tax & spend ! Andrew
No difference Kevin
Just look at this small image of this so called ” well being budget”. Just another weasel word for a total fiscal f-up. These morons could not hit the target if you would glue it onto the muzzle of a gun. Michael
Chris Hipkins was a failure as a Cabinet Minister and he continues in the same vein as PM. Colin
They are going to flog the shit out of us if they win the next election Alan
They are cut from the same cloth. Tim
No,no,no, Same beast just changed leaders sex. Am I allowed to say this ? Just a pack of lying deceitful bastards. Truly the worst govt ever. Oxygen theives. Kevin
Same old lies !! Jacqueline
certainly not Colin
He is as big a liar as she was. He downplays his roles in education, police, leader of the House when those portfolios became so damaged under his watch. I would trust him one iota. Kerry
maybe less mike
Certainly NOT , New Zealand has been deceived for far too long by the Labour, Greens, and Maori partys . Definitely time for a change as they have split the country in two in my mind Logan
A different person but the trajectory is the same. Bruce
Labour are destroying what was once a great country at the same time creating a division throughout society that will turn New Zealand into an apartheid state. David
Same mob in charge. Only the rhetoric has changed. An ass is always an ass and useless at most things its four legged cousins excel at. Labour is an ass in red pyjamas Chris
Same old lies, bull dust and Maori cuddling. Richard
Just less obvious. Harvey
The Labour party has the oppressive boot of its maori members on its neck and could not act independently even if it wanted to. TOBY
Nice leader but the party is still can’t be trusted. Too racist Peter K
He is certainly not trustworthy Mike
That is no surprise. Helen
Just as we discover Ardern is mad bad and mad, we need to grasp that Hipkins is just as bad, if not mad. Peter
They need to go… Gerry
They’re only interested in power for their Marxist agenda not helping all kiwis. Mark
just appears better jean
All labour MPs are cut from the same cloth. And are steered by the lies from its leader. Roy
Absolutely not however whereas arden was kinda stupid he/him is as cunning and shady as an outhouse rat. NZ voters would be a fool to trust a thing he/him says or the rest of his rotten and inept govt. The whole hot mess of them needs to be gone tomorrow. They don’t care a wit about what’s good for nz or it’s people as a whole, only care for themselves. Worst govt ever in the history of this poor little country and that’s saying something because there’s been some woeful ones. Flip
Utterly untrustworthy Bryan
Untrustworthy, a puppet! Hipkins is too glib, insincere, he doesn’t speak from the heart. He’s too distanced from the people Kathy
No blimmin difference. get rid of them. Jackie
Hipkins and Ardern are both painted with the same WEF brush as is Robertson. Therefore, one cannot trust them. They lied about the vaccine being safe and effective when they knew that it wasn’t safe to start with. Any scientist with half a functioning brain cell could tell from the Material Safety Data Sheets that there was no way it could be called safe from the non-existent safety data. They said no mandates and then put mandates in place that destroyed people’s businesses and livelihoods and health. “Trust” is a word that is imaginary in the Labour dictionary. But then again is there any political party we can trust because they are all mostly singing from the same song sheet. I am not sure who to vote for either as a local representative or a party. Someone , please, stick your hand up and dare to be different from the narrative and challenge all the B S that is being perpetrated. Kevin
Definitely not. Hipkins sounds a little more plausible., but even a quick analysis reveals that he is fundamentally Ardern in trousers. We must hope that a significant number of voters can see that. John
He was part of Adern’s mess and is even more sneaky when denying and lying about the mismanaged state of our nation. Dave
They are both of the same ilk. They are out to destroy our country.they need to be Held for treason Wendy
He has supported her communist plan for the last five years, why would he change now.And her apartheid 3 waters scam. malcolm
He is on the same level playing field as that bloody Jacinda Ardern Don
Hipkins learnt to lie at the foot of an expert! Every portfolio he has held has been a disaster! Gail
Absolutely not. This tribe is nothing but separatism > I do not trust any of them. Oh and where on earth have they got all this money from to give away Rod
They are spinning a fabric of lies about what they have done- or achieved Dorothy
Still full of spin. The least transparent government ever. Alister
Definitely not! It simply amounts to a different face trotting out the rhetoric. Sonya
Same leopard. Same spots. Lying, divisive, financially illiterate clowns. Geoff
He’s an untrustworthy jerk Evans
Just a lot more sly Ian
Same old, but in disguise. Got to go, can’t be trusted. Glenys
A leopard or skunk does not change its spot Arthur 
Same bunch of deluded muppets telling the same bunch of lies. Jan
God help New Zealand if Liebour/Maori/Greens get back into power. We will become a third world class rated country and civil war unrest in the wings. Wayne
what a big joke if people believe labour than they are welcome to them Barry
Worse. He is a rollover for IWI. David
Hipkins was Jacinda’s right hand, he is fluffing around the edges to try and distract from her fall out…..to make it look like he care’s. Then he blabs on about the cost of living but come June the fuel tax goes back on which will hit everyone and costs will follow. That won’t go down well unless they throw money to buy the voters….rob Peter to pay Paul. Gordon
Same stuff Charles
Still the same Edward
Just because you change the front door, doesn’t mean the house is any different. He ruined polytechnics, failed at education and police. He’s as bad as her. S and G
Vote them out of Office before they do any more damage. Peter
Hopkins is an even smoother lier than Adern. Clive
CH is lieing by omission as did Jacinda. I thought the budget under Grant Robertson was a disgrace, spending money that is not there. Debbie
Too many lies, and too much bulshit Paul
Haha ha, an instant no. Its not only him but the whole government who can’t be trusted. I’m 77 and I’ve never known a more incompetent, lieing ,conniving bunch of useless,brainless no hopers. Its imperative that this lot are well and truly thrown right into oblivion and take Tamaheres lot with them. Peter
With respect, the question is absurd, trust a politician? you’d have to be out of your mind. Bart
Different face same lies. Incompetence, racism and evil continue with the bought and paid MSM promotion of the evil running overtime. Richard
If Labour win the next election, all of the ‘shelved’ policies will be wheeled out and acted upon with great haste because they known there will be no fourth term! God help us! Grant
Fing muppets, every stupid one of them!! Paul
totally not gerard
Still crooks Rod
Hipkins was the fixit man for Ardern so now he’s in charge the government is LESS trustworthy. richard
Kiwis have been brainwashed and bribed by the Labour Party for decades. Martin
They are joined at the hip Eleanor
Same Medusa, different face Mark
Absolutely not and the simple fact is that you cannot trust anyone in the Labour party or anyone who votes for Labour Tom
Never forget that Chris Hipkins was standing next to Jacinda Ardern for most of her disasterous decisions and announcements. Education was his portfolio and that is a disaster area. Mark
Defiantly not – Same agendas !! And he was her right hand man!! Just as incompetent Philippa
Absolutely not. They are both being controlled by those further up the chain. Caren
Absolutely not! Let’s vote them out and never allow such deceitful people to be ever elected. Darryl
All communists are untrustworthy, by definition Philip
Same book, different cover. Peter
No better!! Ann
Hell NO.. They are a proven recipe for disaster for our country of NEW ZEALAND. Bruce
Labour under Adern and now Hipkins has never been trustworthy. Why else would they bribe the media if not to keep them quiet and onside. Trevor
Absolutely NOT. We are going to Hell in a Handcart under this Government. Sandra
He was part of the problem and has the same values, just hides them now until after the election. Steve
What happened to the term we are the most transparent govt Hipkins is putting in the cupboard hoping to get back in and bring all and more out look out N Z LEO
NO.He is only the frontman for the Maori Mp’s linda
Tarred with the same brush just as devious as Jacinda Ronald
Hipkins was in front rower Ardern’s cabinet. He went along with her control freakism Tony
Hipkins is worse at lying but lies just as much Kerry
Still the same fake, lying, conniving, mouthpiece Labour had with Jabcinder. If social media pages are any indication, this lot are gone a mill. Robyn
NO, NO , NO. john
But still don’t trust the party John
Chris Hipkins is NO different to Jacinda Adern. PLEASE NZ do NOT give the Labour Party any more votes. NZ has sunk enough. We need to bring NZ up to where it belongs and once was. Robina
They are cut from the same cloth. Compulsive Liars, who are not interested in NZ it is all about me, me, me, me. Noel
Another point Three waters. If the unthinkable did happen and Maori had control of waters. If and when there are floods and destruction will they take responsibility for all damages and pay for all restoration what would a court rule Ownership has responsibilities. Alan
Even less trustworthy, as he stands against all that is democratic and freedom for all NZders in their right to choose our own future. Jacqueline
This is the worst government, whether Adern,Hipkins,or any other, the country has ever seen Hugh
They are all tarred with the same brush ! Trish
As a small business owner and one of many who contribute significantly to the Governments tax take, I saw absolutely nothing to encourage wealth generating to allow the country to be in a better and more wealthy position. Just a typical left wing budget increasing country debt and what I expect from this untalented group of inexperience idiots who are allowing themselves to be pushed around by a radial racial group of MPS. Perhaps all small business should be given the same tax breaks as many Maori groups FOR EVER To be governed by such a bunch of misfits is an embarrassment. ONe has only to spend a couple of hours listening to question time to seriously wonder where we are going with such a bunch of sheep Alan
I am in a quandary. Who can I vote into Government because I don’t want the Greens or Maori parties in.? Don’t trust any of them nor can my friends. Irene
absolutely not, just look at his track record as minister of failure in every portfolio he has held john
why would you trust them? Heath
Different messenger Same message. Angela
Show me a trustworthy political leader and I’ll show you a flying pig! Colin
The article says it all Grahame
I wouldn’t trust them to shop for a loaf of bread and bring it back. Warren
Nothing has changed apart from the Maori’s drive to run NZ (not Aotearoa!) Selwyn
The same coterie of power hungry MPs Maxwell
He was part of her group, that made the decisions, he is no better Fiona
It is if the Maori caucus has to approve any spending, yet fail to face the issues they face. Drug and substance abuse Misogynist family violence Truancy which makes a mockery of mandatory child abuse reporting. Adults teaching 11 year olds to steal cars and raid. What a sense of entitlement and blame transference. Miles
Definitely not. I will never again trust any Labour govt. Jacinda adern was asked many times before she was elected :What is your policy and she did not answer. She kept telling us that if elected she would look after us all. We will eternally regret electing her and her labour Govt because of the division in society they have created. True democracy must be returned to our Govt. and that will not happen under Labour. Warren
Chippy is a Smiling assassin. No consideration of the real people he represents Peter
Jacinda was as a slimy as they come, fake and manipulative. I feel Chris is more genuine and honest, but still leading with spin and talk and little change at the coal face. Phil
You have just proved it! Mark
The two of them are exactly the same, and not ever to be trusted Gail
He’s continuing the WEF,WHO,UN agenda with a soft sell necessary because he doesn’t have Ardern to hide behind. Janet
Same problems, probably getting worse. Christine
So the $5 prescription charge has been dropped because 135,000 people didn’t collect them because they couldn’t afford them. How did the govt. establish this, did they poll people who hadn’t collected them, I rather doubt it, more likely this just another “everybody knows” statement which means that it;s a lie , not proven., or simply promotes the desired narrative Allan
NO NO NO NEVER This country was stupid to vote Labour in. The country will struggle to pay for the damage already done by a mad socialist government. The country will be doomed if these idiots are not thrown from the circus they have created. GET LOST LABOUR ; DON’T COME BACK Ian
Hipkins was part of Ardern,s policy making communist government, a fact that he would now like us to forget. He is not to be trusted. Allan
Will be interesting what is revealed if Labour should win the election. The Maori caucus are keeping very quiet. No doubt they will emerge in power later. Rae
NO NO NO and NO again Anon
And neither is the ‘other’ Chris. Hobsons choice until voters wake up that is! Lachie
noooooo Nevilleand Kathy
Because nothing has changed. # waters and divisive racial policies are still there under new labour management Michael
he like’s playing the boy next door, don’t trust him as far a I can kick him down the road, and that’s not far. Wayne
One WEF puppet after the other. Matt
Les so Wayne
Labour is governing for the govt, not for the best interests of the people. Symon
100% NOT Neil
Jacinda in Drag. Derek
Labour are less trustworthy by the day. The more they open their mouths the less I trust them. Grant
It will be a cold day in hell before I believe anything that anyone from the Labour Party promises. Paloma
It’s about policies and implementation, not about Mr or Mrs “nice guy”. Hugh
Comment not possible due to loss of freedom of speech Russell
Nothing changed, same lies, same politicians minus Ardern Michael
Absolutely not. Same horse -different rider Margaret
As long as all the parties are marionettes for the one world government, we will be only the Collective West, BRICS is the future leaders.We are not based on gold, 47 countries are!! Raewyn
Absolutely not, I fear for this country Noeline
Chris Hipkins is New Zealands Vladimir Putin. If Labour wins the next election it will become a crime to disagree with any rulings that the government make. God defend New Zealand from these brain dead communists. Steve
Same horse just a different rider Valda
We need to stop playing personality politics. People look at Chris Hipkins and think he is an okay bloke, better than our last PM, Ms Kindness NOT however, under;lying all their policies is a socialist divisive agenda, which is against individual and community responsibility and the moral laws which govern a free society. The Labour government does not represent the people of NZ, they used fained words, but their intentions are wicked. Jo
A leopard doesn’t change its spots! Francis
Not a thing has changed. Still just as evil. Andrew
Definitely not. He was a waste of space as the Police Minister and the Education Minister so how can things be any better with him as Prime Minister. Mary
But less dangerous Bryan
He was involved in most of labour’s decisions while making a mess of education at the same time Peter
Labour has not been trustworthy in my entire lifetime under any leadership they’ve had. Pavel
Its worse and more devious! Bruce
SOS Linda
The sooner labour is gone the safer this country will be while national will lose my vote if they don’t get their act together very soon. Ken
Same thing!! Throw money at it. No point if we don’t have the expertise or labour force to spend it to fix problems. I’ve been waiting 2 years for a heart ultra sound. Why? Because our people of colour have heart problems much more serious than mine continually and I end up at the back of the queue all the time. John
He likes to appear as a trustworthy politician but look deeply into the Labour party policies and don’t be fooled. Audrey
No way, just as deceitful as ever Ihaia
Sadly, Hipkins will follow the disaster the Labour party has forced on us. Possibly he may forget the ‘wealth tax’ but all of us are in for a sorry end to sensible laws. Only Seymour makes sense now and has real policies Pauline
Its all politics, not people Murray
Let’s be honest here , Jacinda was doing what she had agreed to do under instructions from the WEF, and the WHO, and those instructions were to instigate the population reduction of the people in NZ by forcing the toxic injections into as many victims as possible. The media here are playing their part in this culling program by NOT showing the real number of deaths by injection that are actually occurring. This Eugenics program is being carried out in every country on our earth and ALL governments are in on this culling program. I personally bought some vitamin C capsules and they are magnetic , the makers, Blackmores , offered NO EXPLANATION other than for me to send them back. I will keep them of course as evidence for the day when someone has the balls to expose this crime against humanity, but I doubt anyone here in NZ has that courage. In the meantime the death total continues to rise here from all those silly people who believed the government lies that these injections were safe and reliable. Stupid is as stupid does. Let us ALL PRAY that Hipkins does NOT sign NZ up to WHO plan where NZ will be no longer be its own master and compulsory injections will become the norm for us all. fred
The same distortions and fact twisting takes place. Hugh
Same party different times. Murray
A definite “No” – with emphasis! Geoff
Does a leopard change its spots? Audrey
Unfortunately The Labour Party is tarred with the same brush. They are playing the game at the moment, relying on joe public’s naivety as happened at the last election. Owen
Just more smoke and mirrors Mike
worse sonia
He is tarred with the same brush. Alister
A leopard never changes its spots! Graeme
Hipkins is every much a Socialist as was the failed former PM…and a disaster. Rhys
When could a socialist government ever be trusted to represent the people. History confirms that. ash
Labour’s budget speaks for itself and Hipkins just perpetuates the lies Cindy started. The only good thing Chris has done is put Mahuta out of site Mark
Searching for voters is all they care about at the moment. Graham
Ardern got into power originally with only 36% of the vote, meaning 64% of New Zealanders didn’t want her in power. As if that wasn’t bad enough we now have Chris Hipkins as Prime Minister of NZ and absolutely 0% of New Zealanders voted for him! Ross
And it wouldn’t be under any leadership whatsoever! Michael
Absolutely not. In fact it gets more slippery everyday. Murray
He is Gender Identifying as a Male version of Jabcinda. If we look at all the Current bigger Party Leaders, they are all WEF Globalist Puppets. We desperately need a clean sweep !! Geoff
once that poison has been injected the only antidote is amputation Paul
they are one and the same totally untrustworthy Stanley
The labour party is full of dumb people easily manipulated by clever consultants and dumber bureaucrats. alan
The Maori caucus still rule the roost. John
Hell No. The country is in such a dark place and yet so many do not understand what is transpiring. John
Damn professional politicians and list members in MMP. Rob
They are no different to what they have been just getting worse Russell
Labour is probably lest trustworthy because many people will not have unravelled the clever use of words that hide the intent of Hipkins. Peter
If anything less because Hipkins is such a plausible , seemingly open bugger, when he is anything but. Ideologically same. Treacherous as bad. Trustworthy probably worse because of the front he puts on . Maori-centric equal to worse. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hugh
Chipkins is all bluffing words and no promise to make New Zealand a country with equal access to health, to bring back an honest basic education system (among other things) for ALL New Zealanders whatever their ethnicity. We vehemently protested against apartheid in 1981 and now Labour is promoting the Maori elite whose selfish objective is to see that same apartheid alive and well in New Zealand. Chipkins is NOT being honest at all. Cecilie
Muriel has the answers. June
Roll on the election Ann
They are one in the same. Hopefully October sees them gone. Addrianne
The Maori caucus is still calling the shots. Labour is now the Maori Party in disguise. Steve
This labour govt under cindy or hipkins will go down as the worst & most hated govt in the history of NZ. “Trust me i will always tell the truth” yeah right Rick
It will be worse Cam
Definitely NOT! He’s about as trustworthy as a snake. Heather
Labour, (and by extension, the Maori and Green Parties), are enemies of the State. We need to accept this as fact and respond accordingly. Otherwise our next Election could be our last! Scott.
Absolutely NOT! Murray
Heaven help us if Labour win again. It cant be allowed to happen. Come on NewZealanders -remove them from power Laurie
Birds of a feather Shane
Their agenda is still in the background.. John
Same agenda, different wrapping! Bob
He is just a mirror image of her, and not to be trusted any more than she was trusted. Maurice
Definitely not. He is very clever in not using any Maori language when he speaks. I can’t bear to think about what will happen if Labour win the election for a third term. There will be no turning back from the apartheid and racism in our country. Daphne
Nothing has changed and again this is the most divided I have ever seen in this country mainly based on Race and the “Benefits/advantages to Maori” Russ
it is the same old ideology with a different face -october is the time to dump these IDIOTS -I doubt any of them has ever had a real job Les W
Not at all – this leopard has not changed it spots. To say we could become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific – yuck – it’s far more serious the that AND it may already be too late to change the outcome. WE will have to fight the Maori wars all over again!! Don
Both from the same evil stock Peter
They are the Dark Trinity: Ardern, Hipkins, Robertson. They are Maoists and have led NZ into the jaws of the CCP. Jenny
same leopard, same spots tony
All smoke and mirrors Roy
Absolutely Maori driven. Our Prime Minister is a boy in long trouseres with verbal diarear No different from Jacinda John
He was taught by Adern John
Still the same old bullshit Sid
Labour is a party with a likeable leader: National a party with strength but an unlikeable leader! When will National wake up?? Peter K
Absolutely not Lindy
Hipkins was Jacinda’s “Go-to” guy when things didn’t go her way. He’s obviously much better than she was at achieving their socialist ideals. Unfortunately the average Kiwi is blind to the fact that Labour are creating the very conditions they are claiming to be remedying! Too few of us actually challenge the rhetoric and look behind the lies. It’s too easy to take things for granted and hope someone else will sort any problems out. Too late, Mate! We’re well down the road to the mother of all ………..! Martin
No way hes a right little CREEP and when he opens his mouth the lies just keep flowing. He in my opinion is worse than Jack boots Jacinda. All Labours top M P s are LIERS. ken
most certainly NOT they are Liars and hypocrites and communists that can never be trusted eric
Comrades, Hipkins is an ex member of the Junior Socialist Party, (was originally the Junior Communist Party). As was Adhern,, Robertson and a few other Labour Party MP’s Richard 
At last with Jacinda you knew she was stupid. I really hope New Zealanders see through the lies. Mark
He lies through his teeth David
Nothing has changed, most of the radical proposals have just been hidden Gareth
Just one of Jacinda’s acolytes, same socialist mind-set. Helen
Worse an absolute disgrace Gaz
He is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ann
Socialist nutjobs it doesn’t matter who is in charge the Labour party are a weak bunch of under qualified mis fits intent on destroying our Democracy. In my opinion Civil war is not far away and that is absolutely a result of Labours total bullshit Maori based politics Ken
Hell no, they just continue to tell lies and are hellbent on co-govenence, pandering to the Willie Jacksons and others. VOTE THEM OUT come October!!! John
It is considerably worse as it is the same team with the same old tribal policies Shaun
They are hopeless the lot of them Warren
Te red queen failed then bailed. Chippy after lifetime indoctrination of Labour fed policy’s No reason why he should change now. he will exit through the same door. Mike
He is as full of shit as she was. Fritz
Definitely no chance of that when there are the same lying incompetents in most port folios, and those that have been replaced have been moved aside for others who are no improvement. While this labour/greens/maori cult remain this country will remain on the pathway to a South Pacific Zimbabwe. Terry M
NO and again NO Henk
Just like Jacinda, he is a graduate of Klaus Shwabs indoctrination program. He may package the message differently, but the end goal is exactly the same i.e. Agenda 2030 and enslaving humanity Russell
Definitely not; it’s a whole lot worse. Warren
Media must start challenging the endless lies coming from this government. Anthony
It has been my experience that all government parties promise this and that, then, if elected, find excuses for not doing various things. So, no party can be fully trusted. However, we must have some faith, and I believe National are more likely to keep to their manifesto. I like their policies better anyway. Sheila
Its a no brainer really. Terry
A pretty face doth a liar make. Anthony
Ideologically driven, not interested in long term NZ success. Lionel
Same old same old. Ian
The lies continue unabated!!! Ron
tarred with the same brush and buzz words bullshit Owen
NO, still tarred by the same brush and still following Jacinda Arderns political agenda like a little puppet, it’s well pass time to get rid, not just Labour but the whole dam bunch once and for all. And never to vote these picks back into power ever again. COLIN
Voters refuse to accept responsibility for the national interest and the socialists take advantage of this apathy! Frederick
He’s more dangerous because he’s clever. Jacinda Ardern was a great propagandist, but intellectually shallow, and according to Dr Michael Bassett, former Labour cabinet minister, with a poor grasp of history. (when questioned a couple of years ago, she didn’t even know what the third article of the Treaty of Waitangi stated) Brian
More lies and deceit is the order of the day. The only thing that has changed is the gender. I don’t trust the man. Wake up NZ. chris
Of course not , sadly only the smucks will believe Chippy and the low lifes such as Little Willie and the rest of the Maori Mafia .The choice is up to the whole population of Kiwis to wake the Hell up and vote these rattlesnakes back to the opposition benches where they can rot . Ray
Manipulation & lies still evident. Why can’t National & the media expose this? Brian
Nope, just another puppet doing as he is told. Great to hear Muriel speaking on Reality Check Radio – great place to hear the truth. If the WHO meeting currently on succeeds with their plan to be in control of the world’s health (Labour will vote yes for NZ), look forward to more persecution. Have never felt so doomed and without hope in our once beautiful country that is being destroyed in more ways than one. God defend New Zealand. Debs
No change in agenda evident Jurgis
I had great hope for hipkins. I have lost all that and more. Turns out he is just another media puppet tane
Another wolf in sheeps clothing. Ted
Hipkins is as dishonest as Adern. steph
Definitely not. Chris
They are still dividing this country. Allowing criminals the right to vote is disgusting Peter
Hopkins leads a party of incompetents supported by self interest groups that are doing nothing to advance this country. Time for a change! Terry
Hard labour still Louise
spin, spin spin. The gullible believe this spin. Only people such as yourselves and most of the media repeat the labour spin word for word, are able to delve into the labour lies and spin. Mike
That’s a laughable question.. clive
Absolutely not!!! Not one politician for at least the last 50 years has been ‘trustworthy’. Dump the lot of them! Wayne
noticed. every time one of his ministers is up front & talking. in the background he’s nodding his head like a puppet on a string. ?? Chris
No, unless it was meant to show that the new pm hasn’t changed course from that Jacinda person, problem is that the average voter is ignorant, lazy or just plain stupid. Leonard
In absolutely no way. BS just falls out of his mouth in a very convincing way!!!! Joe
Definitely not! Lies, lies and more lies. Vic
Nothing has really changed. They need to go! Lois
Wake up NZ DAVID
The same old ‘rotting rubbish’ with a different ‘boss’. New Zealand is a sinking ship….sad and tragic . Chris
THE Wolf in sheep’s clothing! HE can’t fool us with his lies so called clever words and lies. Jenny
He still continues the Woke agenda of Ardern with its gross racism Bryan
they are trying to make it look that way anthony
Labor is untrustworthy because they still want to dilute and degrade our system of Representative Democracy with their co-governance schemes. John
If anything, he is less trustworthy. Anthony
No substance – just words Glenn
That the sheeple can’t see this is a media problem Philip
Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Just gets sneakier. Peter
Different lipstick on the same pig. P
“Trustworthy”? They wouldn’t know how to spell the word. As an example of their trivialising attitude I recently heard Grant Robertson being interviewed about a serious issue – in his response he likened the matter to a “rolling maul”, accompanied by a giggle. David
I think that the 2 main parties are as bad as each other. The NZ legal system & police are totally corrupt & require massive restructuring. Noel
We have big problems in New Zealand if this mob is re elected Robert
No!!! They are the least trustworthy collection of politicians ever. The very worst Government that New Zealand has had to endure. The problem is that most New Zealanders just haven’t got a clue of what is really the whole picture. Because of the tribal system of this country’s politics, the result can still fall to the left. The public generally don’t trust any of the Politicians on offer. They will vote for the party that they feel most comfortable with. Garry.
Absolutely Not. He was one of her top MP’s and is from the same mold. Interesting he is not mentioning the He Pua Pua agendas but should they be re-elected, they will be pushed through with alacrity. Elaine
Hell no!! Robin
Both have the same devious natures and see no need to be honest with everyone. Janet
Labour can NEVER be trusted. The entire government is made up of the lowest of the low, and Hipkins is no different to Ardern. He’s just a gutless little boy. The budget says it all … lets pay the maoris another $825 million and buy their votes. What a sick joke they are. Des
Absolutely no different. They are just being clever, keeping certain policies quiet, like 3 Waters. The amount given to maori in the Budget is an absolute disgrace, Kapa Haka now on the same footing as the NZSO. Unless some people wake up, and vote for labour we may as well say goodbye to the country we knew. Recently the Greens’ co-leader Marama Davis came right out and said that their main focus is “our people”. Most people would have thought the Greens main focus would be the environment, but not according to that statement. Just another Maori Party with a different name, Lorraine
Labour under Chris Hipkins has the same hidden agenda as Jacinda Ardern Kevin
Labour government is untrustworthy and incompetent to run a Country, they have divided and destroyed New Zealand in 6 year’s Peter
Who’s kidding who it’s the same old same old and getting worse if Labour get in again it’s what the voters deserve wake up NZ Peter
He is just as bad as she was! Craig
Labour is still destroying New Zealand and oue way of life. with more and more control over our lives. Don
The absolute lies & spin are incredible! very worrying that many don’t question anything they say! Peter
cut from the same cloth Graeme
Absolutely no way! Viz Nash, water ownership,  Bryden
Hipkins is a profligate liar john
None of them are at all trustworthy! Marga
definitely not! Chippie is even more devious than the Comrade, never thought that would be possible. Giles
You need to beat labour at their own game ……… media coverage of the facts your page presents . You are doing very well . The apathy out there amoungst what appear to be intelligent people is astounding. We are doing our best to help in passing on your message but most people only care about the rugby and their ability FOR NOW, to buy their latte or wie at the bar Paul
He is an out and out blatant communist Peter
They are both tarred with the same brush. I would never trust a Labour government and National had better wake up if they want to roll them these elections. Chris
He has removed some policies but we don’t know what he plans to bring back if he wins the 2023 general election. Mike
He is no doubt well intentioned. But completely blind to the carnage he’s causing. Peter
It is getting worse. Gay
true???????????????? Wiremu
Just the same promisery rhetoric. Mike
more of the same noel
Ask Charlotte Bellis. Trevor
Worst govt in Nz history we use to have one of the best economy’s in the world less than 10 years ago now this country is crippled from these buffoons. Jake
Absolutely and totally not to be trusted, look at the number of policies that have been shelved or “put on the back burner” only to be brought back should Labour win. Donald
Absolutely not, He was very involved in Jacinda’s circus Anne
Did all Labour vote to entrench 3 Waters Amendment. Answer is Yes. Can I trust Labour – absolutely not. Robert
Would you trust liars cheats and commos? Thomas
Pack of Quislings and POHS and should be tried for treason. rob
Leopards do not change their spots Morrin
No… Labour has a master plan for the Master Race and the smile on the face of the new tiger will make no difference to that Master Plan. God Defend NZ Bruce
Hipkins has the same ventriloquists behind his utterances Sharon
Less artificial but still all spin. John
It’s worse. He is a liar Ann
Absolutely NOT!! Sue
Desperate for power at any cost, as long as it’s not their money. Rob
They are the worst Party ever and have almost succeeded in destroying our country. Voters must not split the vote and must give their Party vote to National if they are wanting to get rid of this current dreadful regime. Helen
This woke Labour government has destroyed the New Zealand we once knew under the leadership of Walter Nash and Norm Kirk. Roger
No change. Both are extremely incompetent and untrustworthy Grant
Exactly the same socialist agenda Neil
No, and I doubt if it ever will be under the present Labour MPs, that think that New Zealand is the best country in the world. Reg
Ardern was just straight out dishonest but Hipkins is tricky as well. John
Just swapped deck chairs on the ship of state bill
As we used to say in the Army “Same crap different day”. Remember that Hipkins was part of Ardern’s kitchen cabinet deciding on all the policies that were rolled out under Ardern. He believes the same things as Ardern, Robertson et.al, but is just more savior than most of the Labour Caucus. If they win, God help us, then watch Hipkins reveal himself as the idealistic socialist University Association President that he always has been. Brenton
Absolutely not! They fail in all areas. Lee
Get these pricks out of office before cogovernance gets embedded! John
The lies from Hipkins are becoming more blatant and unbelievable as time goes on. What I can’t understand is why the NZ public don’t seem to be able to see how incompetent the Labour are government is Roy
just hiding the inevitable Lindsay
Labour is destroying New Zealand & its people (all of them!) Dominique 
No. He is just another WEF weevil. Mike
Yet more and more lies spew forth Michele
It’s still the same old, same old Labour. The rhetoric is just as misleading with the former leader. The saying, “a forked tongue” comes to mind. Laurence
He is tarred with the same brush! He’s very weak. Annie
He was the mastermind behind Aderns policies – he is worse than her- just more cunning Anna
We can trust their cowardice, their duplicity, their ideological lunacy. Mark
Hipkins is a weak kneed jerk who is just as useless as the Commie Ardern. The sooner Labour go the better! David
They are still fiscally irresponsible, racist and pathological liars. They will waste this country to hang onto power and inflict their philosophical zealotry. Mike
Maybe even more devious Frank
The problem is the simple will fall for the sweeties! Jackie
Is there such a thing as “An Honest Politician”? Douglas
Birds of a Feather. Kindred spirits. etc etc etc pdm
They all need to go Charles
Smoke screens, no change. NEIL
More same same Geoff
That is a VERRRY definite NO, NO, NO. Brian
Definately not Barbara
Wolf in sheeps clothing! sue
Labour under ANY of its “leaders” is financially irresponsible Bob
Still the same spin from Chippy. Trouble is there is a lot of people out there who believes he’s their saviour Lawrie
Well I trust them to lie about everything. Thats to put a positive spin on it. Mike
all of the Labor parasites are , it seems , tarred with the same brush. Roy
The trouble is that too many middle NZ females love “baby face” chippie. He is promoted by MSM and is bloody dangerous. Richard
Getting worse Andrew
And neither are National or ACT. NONE of the people currently in Parliament even came out to talk to the electors camped on their lawn. They are ALL grasping, lying bastards. God Save New Zealand — because nobody else will. Sue
Labour has to go–end of story. Colin
I wish false advertising could be applied to this totally useless and extremely dangerous Government! Glenda
They’re inept, ideological school children with their snouts in the trough. The only thing they’re good at is lying. They wouldn’t know how to make money or run a business – let alone a country! Socialism works til other people’s money runs out! Simon
SAme policies, safe ones given spotlite the rest is swept under the table. Too much Maori appeasement with the media giving the Tribes too much voice. margaret
If anything, it is far worse. Marion
Nothing has changed maybe just got more devious with all the PR spin.totally un trustworthy Richard
No different – try as they may to put a new ‘spin’ on the problems we have that are entirely due to the present Labour philosophy Hylton
It certainly is not. NOT. No way would I trust this mob. They are bringing this country to it’s knees, deliberately. Mark my words. Grahame
No and never will be in this election cycle or the next. William
They are both communist THUGS Greg
That is a no brainer? Hone
Both of them were made in the same mold, just as bad as each other. Gavin
Labour MPs cannot speak at all without lying. But National are not a lot better. I fear we are doomed. Rod
This labor party will be remembered as the party of liers. These non productive members of society have got to go, they have added nothing to the GDP of NZ, are just a pack of drones, wouldn’t know what an honest days work was like, can’t handle finance, really just surplus to requirements. They won’t be missed, hopefully they pay a high price for their greed and stupidity. Merryl
Same bunch of liars, same masters pulling the strings, different talking head! Kevin
A propaganda expert once said “If you tell the same lies often enough they will become accepted as the truth”. That is somewhat similar to the approach this government is taking. And as in the 1930’s the majority can’t see through it. Ted
He’s just as big a liar as ardern David
Labour must go Scott
Only lies to try and win the election. No matter what he says, it all means nothing. Vaughan
Has made no difference.. Colin
The only way to get this mess sorted is to some how wake up the dumbed down population of sheeple & teach them how to say NO. This paid & bought corrupt media needs to be held to account for it’s lies & coverup B.S. Allen
In no way is he any different the whole labour caucus are just puppets of the UN who are also puppets of the Globalists David
I have no trust in Labour, despite whose PM, because of what they’ve done to New Zealand & New Zealanders over their term in office. They have damaged this country & her people with their continued lies & communist ways. They are set to continue with this New World Order that is not wanted here. Jennifer
In fact I think he is worse!!! People forget what he has done in the past! John
Parliament has lost control over expenditure too. LImits on borrowing should be imposed. Kevin
How could he be , he was one of Cindy’s socialists team. Graeme
As a Labour voter I am disgusted by the spin and outright mismatch of the rhetoric and stated budget policies. It’s unabashed storytelling. Thanks for unpacking the ‘why’ in Labours absurd announcements Mark
they have to go Jane
Te whole labour caucus are part and parcel of the lout right lies or by ommission.as the dud last election. Also the continual divisiveness of our country . Gwenda
‘If anything they are more devious and the outright lies more brazen Mike.
Woke up NZ. Who was Minister of Education for many years. No progress towards better achievement. Doug
What amazes me is that the mainstream press keep pitching Chippy as the new face of labour, excuse me this but this little toad was one of the main players in Cindy’s government so we already know whatever they/he says its permanently opposites day with those lying shite weasels ! John
No what a joke just more borrow and hope. More tax on crime for me to pay with security in shops and added money added to product to cover shrinkage. Hence to govt get more in gst and the high inflation goes the more tax I pay.The govt.encourages crime and also inflation to pay back to the people that are causing crime and inflation. Steve
Same rhetoric and inflationary promises Howard
God help us Steve
Same team as before, bunch of liars, new leader same lies Peter
Hell NO! Collin
No. He is still ,if not more so, a socialist zealot who with an abysmal track record of ministerial portfolios will continue to destroy NZ to build his socialist utopian bs dream Carolyn
Slippery as is the gabbling Hopkins and totally untrustworthy Phil
Unexpectedly there are even more lies and race-based outcomes. His bonfire of policies barely even produced a tiny flame and left a lot of policies hidden to be dragged out later. Ken
That is the easiest question ever. 100% pass! RICHard
Same policies, messaging, and lies. The only difference is a different Messager Gavin
Absolutely not. He was a big part of her government. As minister of education, he was a disgrace. Martin
Get rid of Labour. Vote for Matt King and freedom Deb
Same leopard, a small paint job to cover its spots… Aj
Deceitful, slimy, commie toads. And that’s using polite language Roger
Worse then ever. Vote-catching. Christopher
No political party is trustworthy. The whole system is corrupt, one big corporate crime syndicate with its own corporate agenda. neil
It is difficult to understand how any percentage of Kiwi’s, can support these lying Labour bastards. Geoff
Same package different wrapping Julie
It’s still the same Labour but with a different face. Trevor
Hipkins drinks from Ardern’s fountain Malcolm
Different face, same lies Jennifer
Labour and its cynical running mates have become ever more shallow and uncaring of what the losers – pakeha majority – say or think. Luxon is not doing much to show the confident leadership, that would possibly attract back its lost former voters. I am now an ACT party supporter. Za
Same agenda which is seperatist and divisive. Adrian
The Labour rats need to go down with the ship. Coral
6 2=500 to chippie. That is because he is an idiot Graham
Their duplicity and deception supported by a biased and corrupted media is a real threat to freedom and democracy and needs to be extensively promoted to the public. Max
Litany of lies is very apt Geoff
He is a joke. Same woke leftist ideas. Clive
Liars and bullies all of them. Phil
Hipkins is able to say what he like and the main steam media question or challenge nothing. greg
Hipkins was an Ardern stooge. He remains a stooge. charles
As usual we are being duped with slogans David
Same leopard. Same spots. Suzanne
Labour has no significant successes from the past two terms that benefit all New Zealanders. On the contrary, they have divided the country socially using a series of unwanted, failing racist policies. Their charade is over, hopefully, in October. DAVID
Labour heading us for disaster Patrick
The government is controlled by the Maori caucus. john
He was Minister of Covid. Criminal in arms with Cindy, and he was going to ‘hunt down the unvaxxed’. Liar, deceiver, and wretch, dressed as a man – that’s all he is. Christine
Different end of the same turd. jono
Hell NO! Sharron
In some little ways related to personalities I’d say yes, but in the big picture, no. Organizations do not change overnight. Dene
If he wins the election God help NZ. BUT Luxon needs to sack his PR people and improve his advisers. The guy doesn’t to understand political strategy anthony
Same policies just a different face. In fact Labour is now even less trustworthy. They have just got more clever with their spin. Michael
I have heard it said that Chris and Jacinda are joined at the hip. Chris always seemed to be at the back of and always in agreeance with what ever Jacinda decided to do. I am sadly watching this country as far as I’m concerned slide into the banana Republic of Aotearoa. I have no more faith in my fellow Kiwis than the man in the moon, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Labour, Greens and Maori party just slot right back in come next election. I sometimes speak to ordinary New Zealanders and it’s frightening to here there political views and how wonderful Jacinda was. I sadly think it will become just another failed state and New Zealanders have no one to blame but themselves. So many truly are stupid. Paul
This govt is being controlled by minority Maori interests and must be held accountable for outright lies and half truths. The media have also been bought by the govt and they too must share the blame for extremely biased opinionated reporting for far too long. Graeme
I consider the Labour party to be incompetent charlatans. If they and their racist idiot coalition partners, New Zealand as we know it is doomed. Andrew
No, he just presents as a nice guy. But under that silver exterior there’s a committed Marxist who, if his government is re-elected, will reinvigorate all of the cogovernance and Maori centric policies of the loathsome Jacinda Alan
Labour have never been trustworthy since they sacked Roger. No I didn’t vote for him well not directly I voted for Bob Jones and got Lange instead Cookie
Let us not forget it was Hipkins who stood beside Ardern on a frequent basis on the “podium of truth” I wouldn’t trust a single thing he says! Rex
Absolutely not. Still lies, lies, and more lies. David
Hipkins no different to Ardern. Can never be trusted. Nor any member of the Labour party. All their lies are finally coming out in the public arena. Allan
No, No, No – Labour simply cannot be trusted!  Stuart
Chris Hipkins has just demonstrated how untrustworthy he is through that budget speech – you clearly cannot believe a word he says. Colin
Labour are the country’s worst propagandists!  Eva
OMG – they only need to bribe 35,000 centre-right voters to vote for them and they will win the election. Then it will be back to pushing tribal rule and all of their other despicable policies that are waiting in the wings. It hardly bears thinking about. Murray
No Labour cannot be trusted. But how on earth can we ensure swinging voters understand that when the media is mainly on Labour’s side?  Roger