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Labour Plans an Act of ‘Mega Stupidity’

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It seems inconceivable that at a time of hyper-inflation and global unrest, any government would deliberately destabilise the agricultural sector by introducing policies that would increase costs to primary producers, reduce production, and fuel price increases. Yet that’s what Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government is planning to do.

And how are they justifying these radical changes?

Our Prime Minister, the poster child of modern-day socialism, wants to once again boast on the world stage that she’s taking the lead in climate policy – this time by introducing a price on agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases.

No doubt next month’s climate change COP27 talkfest, where tens of thousands of climate activists from all over the world will fly to Egypt to talk about cutting emissions and saving the planet, will provide just such an opportunity.  

That our Prime Minister wants the owners of ruminant livestock to pay a penalty for a by-product of a digestive process that is older than the dinosaurs, is madness personified.

Methane, an atmospheric trace gas, is part of an ancient natural cycle. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and using the green chlorophyll in their leaves combine it with water to trap the sun’s energy as food. When plant matter is eaten by ruminants, methane is produced, which breaks down into carbon dioxide and water vapour to continue the cycle.

Over three-quarters of the planet’s methane comes from natural sources such as wetlands, with the balance produced by landfills, rice paddies, and livestock. Since New Zealand has only one percent of the world’s farmed ruminants the actual contribution of Kiwi livestock to methane in the atmosphere is almost too small to measure. 

On October 11 the Prime Minister held a press conference to announce her plan to reduce agricultural emissions:

“This is an important step forward in New Zealand’s transition to a low emissions future and delivers on our promise to price agriculture emissions from 2025. The proposal would see New Zealand farmers lead the world in reducing emissions, delivering a competitive advantage and enhancing our export brand.

“No other country in the world has yet developed a system for pricing and reducing agricultural emissions, so our farmers are set to benefit from being first movers. Cutting emissions will help New Zealand farmers to not only be the best in the world but the best for the world; gaining a price premium for climate friendly agricultural products while also helping to boost export earnings.

“We’re committed to building a system that works for farmers. We will continue to work in partnership to drive as much consensus as possible to ensure we have a system that lasts the distance.”

With those lofty words, the Prime Minister signalled her intention to tax the agricultural sector so heavily that by 2030 an estimated 20 percent of sheep and beef farmers and 5 percent of dairy farmers will be forced out of business.

Agriculture is New Zealand’s biggest industry, generating more than 70 percent of our export earnings and about 12 percent of our gross domestic product.

The impact of Jacinda Ardern’s tax on the sector will be significant. Prices of home-grown protein – including milk, cheese, and meat – will undoubtedly rise as local production falls. And our crucial export returns will decline – by up to an estimated 5.9 percent for dairy, 21.4 percent for lamb, 36.7 percent for beef, and 21.1 percent for wool.

We can see the potential fallout by reminding ourselves of the consequences of a previous reckless decision by our Prime Minister when, without warning, she banned new offshore oil and gas exploration on the eve of a meeting of world leaders – so she could boast about her decisive climate change leadership.

That decision contributed to the closure of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery – with a loss of 240 local jobs and many hundreds more indirectly – leaving New Zealand dependent on imported fuel that we used to produce ourselves.

Paradoxically, the PM’s actions did not reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but increased them – as the Taranaki based methanol producer Methanex explained:

“Over half of methanol production globally is produced from coal, which has an emissions profile of 5x that of natural gas-based methanol. Methanex New Zealand production, and in fact all Methanex’s global production, is natural gas based. Due to the lack of New Zealand supply and the outlook because of the ban on new offshore permits, Methanex was forced to make a decision to shut down the Waitara Valley facility. This has increased global emissions as the marginal industry supply is coal-based methanol production from China. This shutdown therefore runs directly counter to New Zealand’s stated policy of reducing global emissions.”

The Waitara Valley closure led to the loss of seventy-five local jobs, and many more downstream.

There are very real concerns about the fallout from Jacinda Ardern’s radical plan to tax livestock emissions without allowing farmers to balance their ledger by claiming credits for sequestering carbon dioxide through the plant matter on their farms – including woodlots, shelter belts, riparian planting, native bush, crops, and, of course, pasture.

As a result, the policy will have profound and widespread consequences, far beyond the damage to those farmers who are expected to be forced out of the industry.

Many of their farms are likely to end up in the hands of those seeking land for carbon farming. If that happens, not only will the soil be ruined for future pastoral use, but the resilience of our rural and provincial communities will be undermined through the loss of farming families and the downstream jobs they helped to sustain. Their departure will impact heavily on farm services, meat processing plants, local schools, and the other local businesses.

What’s even more irrational is that the forced exit of the world’s most emission-efficient farmers will increase global emissions as other less efficient nations increase production to fill the gap.

Quite frankly the policy is absurd and more so given our Prime Minister is forcing this tax onto our productive sector at a time when almost 200 coal-fired power stations are under construction in Asia. In fact, the world’s major emitters of China and India have already admitted they are not planning to take serious action on reducing emissions for up to fifty years, as they prioritise the economic wellbeing of their nations by expanding essential electricity supplies.

Given that a day’s worth of their increased emissions will totally swamp a year’s worth of the reductions the PM is planning to impose on our agricultural base, one has to wonder about the sanity of our decision-makers.

Surely common sense should prevail. Firstly, no New Zealand government should even consider dangerous Armageddon-style policies that will fundamentally disrupt the industries that have created our nation’s wealth. And secondly, all climate policies should be put on hold until the main emitters begin to curb their emissions.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, agricultural researcher Robin Grieve – the Chairman of FARM (Facts About Ruminant Methane) and Pastural Farming Climate Research – is appalled at the Government’s plan to tax livestock emissions:

“The Government has released its plan to tax farmers for their livestock emissions. ‘World First’ rang the headlines as journalists celebrated New Zealand becoming the first country to price these emissions. Announcing that we are the first or world leading, implies others will follow but that is unlikely. Why would they be so silly? Most countries don’t regard shooting yourself in the foot as a good idea.”

Robin is absolutely right. Destroying our economy to fulfil the goals of environmental fanatics who want to take humanity back to the stone age, is madness.

“With farmers not able to take any useful actions to reduce emissions and avoid the tax, the Government’s scheme is only going to achieve emission reductions by increasing farm costs and pushing a percentage of farmers out of business. Not only is this cruel, but it is also in contravention of the Paris Agreement which ruled out emission reductions that reduce food production. The UN is acutely aware that previous climate policy initiatives, such as pushing biofuel use, resulted in mass starvation as food producing land was diverted to producing fuel. This was described by one UN committee as the greatest crime against humanity ever. Pushing New Zealand farmland out of food production and into forestry is the same thing.”

Robin highlights a very important point.

So as not to create food shortages through its international drive to reduce man-made greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations specifically included Article 2 in the Paris Agreement, which requires policymakers to develop emission-reduction schemes “in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

This specifically excludes schemes that would penalise agricultural production.

Given the mayhem Jacinda Ardern’s policy will create, surely ignoring this specific UN directive is not an option.

Federated Farmers Chairman Andrew Hoggard believes her plan will  “rip the guts out of small town New Zealand, putting trees where farms used to be.”

He explains that the agricultural industry worked for two and a half years on a proposal which would honour the Paris Agreement by not reducing food production, but the Government then changed the rules: “It’s gut-wrenching to think we now have this proposal from government which rips the heart out of the work we did. Out of the families who farm this land. Our plan was to keep farmers farming. Now they’ll be selling up so fast you won’t even hear the dogs barking on the back of the ute as they drive off.”

He says, “Some overseas buyer can plant trees and take the carbon cash. The government’s plan means the small towns, like Wairoa, Pahiatua, Taumaranui – pretty much the whole of the East Coast and central North Island and a good chunk of the top of the South – will be surrounded by pine trees… So all the small town cafes, car yards, schools, pubs, rugby clubs, hairdressers and supermarkets can say goodbye to business supported by the agriculture around them.”

The ideological madness coming out of the Beehive should not be allowed to continue. No-one should accept it. Leaders in the rural industry should be  sending a message to the Prime Minister that she is breaching the Paris Agreement. They should demand that the policy is dropped and increase the volume of their protest for as long as the government continues to ignore them. Rural service communities should also be outraged – and vocal – and not rely on the opposition parties alone to call out this political extremism.

Clearly our Prime Minister has learnt nothing from the recent similarly ideological policy failure in Sri Lanka.

UK author and politician Matt Ridley has described what happened there: “Sri Lanka’s collapse, from one of the fastest growing Asian economies to a political, economic and humanitarian horror show, seems to have taken everybody by surprise.”

It turns out that their president in 2021 announced his country would go organic – no doubt, ‘to lead the world’. As a result, the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers was banned, amid claims that this “decision will definitely help farmers become more prosperous.”

But at Matt explains, “Within months, the volume of tea exports had halved, cutting foreign exchange earnings. Rice yields plummeted leading to an unprecedented requirement to import rice. With the government unable to service its debt, the currency collapsed.”

Some commentators described Sri Lanka’s organic conversion as an episode of “mega stupidity” on a par with Mao Tse-tung’s order to eliminate sparrows, which led to an explosion of insect pests in the country, massive crop failure, and widespread famine.

Whether our UN obsessed Prime Minister’s dangerous agricultural tax becomes an exercise in “mega stupidity” depends on whether there is enough public opposition to derail her plans.

A consultation document has now been launched, so anyone opposed to Jacinda Ardern’s tax on the agricultural sector, should consider making a submission by 18 November 2022 – full details can be found HERE.

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If Labour wants to reduce pollution – shut their mouths. They produce so much fetid air!!! Peter K
Utterly insane what this Jacinda government is pushing onto us on all fronts NZ has been the test bed for so much over decades here we go again…. Grant
We are being run by a bunch of idiots who would struggle to run a chocolate wheel at a school fund raiser. What ?” totally stuff the economy and we will starve to death. They have their heads in such a dark place they are unable to find the torch to find the exit. They have to go and take the Greens with them on the way out. Catch the next flight to Russia and see how you cope. rod
Scrapped as she should also be. This is totally unacceptable. Be the death of NZ as we know it. Heather
Nothing surprises me with this dictatorship. Regrettably Jacinda like Mark Rutte in Holland has no reverse gear and will not listen to reason. It appears the intention is to crash our rural economy to gain favour with the globalist masters. Lee
Taxing NZ farmers when the rest of the world is turning a blind eye is beyond belief. No farmers no food! Pine trees are not the answer. Lynne
Wake up, Labour Govt – stop making NZ a guinea-pig for climate-change legislation, when no other country is planning such a move. Nola
Given that AGW is an unproven, nonsensical theorem, all measures to combat it are idiotic1 Should be left to the loony bin !!! David
This is just like Mad Cow Disease. Spelt with a J. don
The agenda of this Govt. is a danger to NZ. Their ideologies form the basis of illogical thought and is used to brainwash NZ’ers Lloyd & Margaret
Jacinda should be scrapped too! Marg
When will all this Labour stupidity be stopped? Faye
The psycho witch, strikes again…her whole depopulation agenda will come back to strike her in the bum, revenge will be sweet.. ‘ THE DAY OF THE ROPE’ he will be sweet… the day of the rope!!! David
Great article Mega Stupidity Andrew
Along with Arden. Terry
It’s not a logical solution but an impediment to the farming industry. Total BS Chris
Destruction of rural communities is an inevitable outcome from this ridiculous policy. How can we get her out of the Beehive?? I have signed many petitions and made submissions on several of their policies – and she persists basking in the majority granted her by foolish and brainwashed countrymen and women. WAKE UP VOTERS Bill
Really I think this is just another part of driving the country toward socialism. Farming is the back bone of our economy with out it NZ will go broke and that is a ploy of a socialist government, keep the people poor and dominate their needs. Yes, sure there are farming improvements that can be done, always will be and there has been by many of our great people of the land. I do hope people are not so gullible this time round during the election campaign next year. Owen
It’s madness. She can’t see any further than her own selfish plans of self aggrandisement. Peter
Stupid, stupid, stupid Bob
Why should we follow Sri Lanka’s Massive mistake Chris
There is no environmental benefit to shifting agricultural production offshore. There would however be a cost to every NZer. Mike
Absolute madness, in fact quite unhinged ! A brilliant article Dr. Muriel where you have put a nut case into a nutshell ! How did we ever sink to this level. Common sense wont prevail- not in today’s N.Z. This was lost years ago.. Short of armed insurrection the only way to fight this absurd tax is to refuse to pay. Farmers will have massive support from the public. This should bring the country to a standstill. Put an end to this madness. DITCH THE WITCH ! John
Scrap jacinda as well. Stupid government will just dream up something else. The sooner they are gone the better. Tim
Once again 3 Waters gets on the band wagon informing us O turn on our taps to get rid of LEAD in our water from where it was suggested from the tap , what tap has ever had lead in it ,plumbing supplies lead where maybe lead pipes that haven’t been used in NZ since the 1920s .When are we going to stop wasting public taxes on this Maori mendacity the 3 Waters is dead in the water stop spending money on ill conceived unworkable model obtained from Scotland who dropped the model because well it didn’t hold water. Before I go 100kspent on education advertising that turned out to be a blank page YEAH RIGHT. Vivian
Again we see false ‘science’ behind what this maori/labour communist party intend. The tail is wagging the dog. mark
The NWO is behind the WEF, it is like Obama, who is the one in the shadows pulling THEBiden or Joebama’s strings in the USA…I have been warning about what is coming for decades now…In the NWO there will be no Governments, running individual Countries, just One World Government(UN?) and there will be regions, no sovereignty, or borders for individual Countries…, decades ago, I saw an article that said NZ was chosen for Forestry and Tourism. and what do we see happening today? Pine trees, YES, Farming NO, This is a well-planned takeover of our country by the NWO and they have their trained and indoctrinated, deceived, and/or compromised bad actors in place across the board/World to lie too, propagandize and deceive and divide the populace with the help of the globalist owned and controlled MSM we the People want and love our FARMS and our FARMERS. the livestock emissions policy IS absurd and it’s a resounding NO, to the WEF/NWO and its puppets, especially the hand-picked young global leaders, whose true job description is to destroy/deceive and divide the citizens of the World. for their evil, greedy, soulless, Globalist psychopaths who want to own and control everything including what is left of Humanity after the great culling off which is ongoing and ramping up along with the war drums beating across the World… They had planned for 3 World wars…they have achieved 2 and they have planned a 3rd World war, See Albert Pikes vision of 3 World wars, given to him from the late 18th century where in a vision he was shown what must be done to have an NWO (where Lucifer, their god would be working through a World leader, a Man and that man would be THE Antichrist who in the end would demand that he be worshipped as the only god…covid/vax/Vax passports/critical race theory/Equity/climate-chaos/WARS/agenda 21and30/the great reset are all planned NWO agenda’s, they are just the vehicles they are using to get us there…they want the planet for themselves and to them, human’s/humanity are useless eaters, cannon fodder/burdensome beasts… our value has reached a negative value to them, 500 million is what they want to keep around commandment number 1. Maintain Humanity under 500 million, according to the now blown up Georgia Guidestones which were written on huge stone tablets coincidently …Billions must die for that to be a reality … they truly hate and despise us …Seriously, we see you Jacinda and all the others like you… for who and what you are, ‘Ye shall know them by the fruit they produce’, and it is ugly, its criminal, it’s counterfeit, its lies, its deformed, its disgusting, its traitorous, and its treasonous…CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!! We the People say NO, we do not and will not comply…We want Ardern and her motley crew, out of our politics. like yesterday. and the same for anyone else who dares go there with the same BS… Everything we are hearing and seeing has been planned for decades, generations..by a few thousand people who own and control everything. NWO, or… They are on record saying, We shall have an NWO, be it by consent or conquest… take a wild guess which Countries are by consent, and which are by conquest…IF, we are able to derail the NWO train …the first thing NZ should do is immediately get out of the UN. ASAP. Demelza
Ridiculous! Gary
Typical Green non pragmatic policy. Peter
This show how much they don’t understand how things work. Gillian
Ardern is a blight on this great country and needs to go along with the labour and Greens parlimentarians. Paul
Noone should be surprised at surprised at Jacinda’s stupidiity., Its happened so often Beverley
Only a fool would implement such a tax. Have this government not learned from other countries mistakes 3 Keith
unbelievably brainless–they are wrecking our country bruce
Both Ardern and her tax should be scrapped as soon as possible. Paloma
This Labour government is STUPID Chris
Stupidity gone mad.NZ’s income biggest earner is farming how better to shoot yourself in the footman you get? Cyril
We need farmers, we need their contribution to our economy and livelihood. Angela
If Labour goes ahead with this mad idea, then we should shut down our whole livestock industry and end up as a disaster country. Brian
this is a nonsense and purely about grandstanding for the UN…. Politicians emit more emissions than anything on the planet Sam
Labour lives in Dream World. Brian
This intention is idealistic lunacy and will have a massive effect on the farming sector who are currently producing good quality food for export and for all New Zealanders. We must ALL OPPOSE this vocally and in print to the various media outlets who are sympathetic to the sensible science and reality of natural climate change. Marg
A crime against our major primary industry John
Just stupid Les
she is just interested in her position as the queen of the climate change UN lobby. mike
Methane is totally irrelevant to climate. So is CO2. Michael
Ardern, Labour, Greens and Maori parties are hell bent on destroying New Zealand, economically and socially. Nothing will change until the “people push back” Sam
Definitely Valda
Agree climate emergency Disagree NZ contributes enough to warrant this ridiculous tax Val
Bearing in mind that THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY, all these stupid ideas are just that. You all do know don’t you, that it is nothing to do with “climate change” , but all to do with causing damage to the good men and women of the world. They have indeed gone stark raving mad. Neil
Agriculture has been on a steep learning curve in improving the performance of livestock, pastures, crops and farming systems for decades. Farmers and scientists have worked together to address numerous issues and to unlock the potential of the human, animal and vegetable interface. We should all be proud of what has been achieved and we also have the results to prove it. It seems we have a Government that would prefer to ignore all that has been gained by now turning the clock back. Agriculture including viticulture and horticulture are extremely complex biological systems that require total dedication, respect and knowledge in order to succeed in producing high quality food for an increasing global population. Come on NZ wake up and realise that what this Government is about to unleash on the most productive sector in the country is nothing more than ridiculous ideaology. Rob
Donkey Face is only interested on remaining on the world stage. She is engratiating herself with the UN & WEF Fame ,big salary & pension will be soon all hers. Luxon & Seymour, make sure you dismantle all Arderns policies. Bruce
When mere humans try to play God it’s bound to be and always is disastrous. When will we ever learn? Val
It defies the UN requirement that it must not reduce food production. It is hypocritical in that Tourism, our other major source of overseas funds which is a truly major generator of CO2 is encouraged not penalised. It is dishonest by only measuring methane output of ruminants but not allowing the true cycle of atmospheric oxidisation of emitted methane then via photosynthesis to grow the carbohydrate pasture which completes a neutral outcome, as the pasture absorbs the emissions previously emitted.The ruminant following this natural cycle is largely emissions neutral. The 48% emissions from agriculture is a deliberate fiction targeting a largely non Labour voting part of the voter base. Stephen 
Didn’t even honour the agreement with farmers re counting planting already done. David
yes,scrapped. gale
This Emissions Tax and all other taxes inflicted on the New Zealand public, in the last 5 years, should be scrapped. Putting farmers out of business will lead to more people on the streets and hungry! Heather
Simple message to Ardern & co. Leave our farmers & small business alone you bunch of communist losers. Rex
Personal ambition of Jacinda to work for an international organisation is more important to her than killing our major industry Rabin
Read the report from NASA on methane emissions detected by their EMIT spectrometer if you need any convincing about how crazy and pointless this legislation is. Geoff.
Absolute lunacy Alan
She has to be stopped. It’s as though she is hell bent on destroying New Zealand as we know it. Narcissistic psychopath virtue signalling to the WEF Keith
It has to go We are in the new age of Stupid Mary
Just another ridiculous decision by this woman. We are an agricultural country have been for years. She is wanting praise as usual for low emissions. NO NO NO Nan
Why doesn’t the UN tell her to stop this policy? Mind you, she is so arrogant she would now ignore them!! Tim
Scrap them. Scrap Ardern; scrap Labour Peter
Jacinta and her mates should be scrapped, they are as thick as 2 short planks Laurie
Scrap it immediately. Nothing radically will change until New Zealand decouples from the communist inspired U.N. and the Paris Climate Accord. They are driving this insanity and collapse in order to achieve total control. Donald
Socialism at the highest degree. Ross
Another of Ardern’s media grabbing proposals that come with negative results. Bob
What the ###, another one of Jacinda’s absurd ideas that she can use to say hey look at me, this will save the planet, yeah right – she has to go!! John
I have this vision of the ardern creature under a mountainous pile of cow manure…! Lorraine
It is just another step in this government’s plan to kill all that is good about this country. Don
It’s Ardern and her govt that has to be scrapped! Trevor
They should absolutely be scrapped and it’s an absolute disgrace this government should be held to account for the damage they are doing to this country! Jeffrey
Denial of reality is not “Political Research” John
Or, at the very least, take into consideration a global perspective instead of a virtual signal that will cause international shaking of heads Bruce
Scrapped ASAP if not sooner. It is madness. Keith
Govt has no practical understanding David
Jacinda Ardern’s policy is idealogically and politically driven and is pure insanity. This must be stopped. Paul
This is treasonous behaviour and our PM should be held to account accordingly. Larry
I am almost in tears as I see what the fallout of this plan will be. I love my country and must defend the rights of the people to have their say in a national poll. Are we not a democratic nation? Doris
It is crazy. Farming is the backbone of our nation. Why punish the farmers.  Kate
Logic as apposed to theory, where the theory is ridiculous David
The only way to counter Ardern’s ridiculous proposed methane tax on farmers is to vote her and all Greenie cultist politicians out of power at the next General Election. NZ should be embracing food production at a time when many countries are facing severe food shortages. Comrade Ardern should read-up on what Comrade Stalin did to Soviet Russia in the 1930s when millions died from starvation and he tried to hide it from the outside world. Colin
You cant fix roads, build schools and hospitals if you reduce the income you need to pay for them. How bloody stupid can this Government be? John 
Jacinda Ardern is either mentally deficient, or completely evil. The fact the she is the PM of our country is a sad commentary on us as a nation. Who are the lunatics that thought she was saving us from covid so they voted Labour in the last election? What stupidity! They say that a country gets the leaders they deserve. If that is true we should all hang our heads in shame. Is there anyone left who still thinks Ms Ardern is doing good things for our country? The sooner she goes the better, though I tremble for us then as those left to take her place are as stupid or evil as she is. Rosemary
Should be scrapped on the UN statement alone. Absolute stupidity. Something wrong in the brain department! paul
F—–G stupid, irresponsible notion to punish this nations farmers and consumers with resulting higher prises and more dept. on Farmers. Farmers are already doing their bit with planting, fencing off waterways and more. Roll on next elections and get rid of this wasteful destructive social experiment that destroys lives and our economy. Colin
all climate rules & laws need to go NZ is clean & green remember. the world has a food shortage, going into a recession, we have a housing shortage A building supply shortage which will only get much worse with trees being grown for carbon not for lumber. just so bloody stupid. Nigel
Policy is suicide for agriculture and earnings for NZ Julian
The populace must rouse out of their apathy and take action to stop the Labour Party stupidity Maxine
When our food is priced beyond our capability to pay for it will our Lady of the Beehive kindly dispense us some kumara cake and expect us to be grateful. history shows when the people are hungry there will be revolution. Jill
There is a critical need for an Economic Terrorism Act in Western Nations to be able to bring the doomsday cults to our courts. Cults and now politicians that use hypothesis and theory to build a foundation stone not based on truth %u2013 but based on deceit and fear. Deceit that transforms into the de-industrialisation of democracies should be able to be challenged by the law. The question is how long is it going to take the voter to accept responsibility for the de-industrialisation of the western democracies? Such being brought about by the nonsense of CO2 being a harmful gas, the oceans rising, the world is overheating, human induced climate change and the ability of politics to control weather patterns. All of which has been decided on computer keyboards with not one shred of quantitive evidence being delivered by the deceitful who are prepared to bring down our society for political power. We must split real quantitive evidence based pollution away from the natural gases of the atmosphere to move the debate back to reality. Take the methane ‘Science’ of overheating and poisoning of the planet. The first point is that methane is 1/100,000 of one percent of our 5,000 trillion tonnes of troposphere. So it simply is not possible mathematically for it to harm us or the planet in any way. It also has a life span of 12 years so that percentage is consistently reducing. Methane is also a gas we use for and in an industrialised society. Because of nature removing methane and the size of the atmosphere it is not possible to make quantitive calculations that would be an argument for shutting down our agricultural industries and denying food and employment to the masses. But perhaps the following facts, that truly identify the idiocy of the politics being pedalled, is the extent of the production of rice that many cultures on the planet rely on as a food source. Rice is the biggest producer of methane from the natural plant life spectrum of plants. Rice was not invented – it is a natural plant! Rice is the essential food source of 114 countries that produce over 750 Million Tonnes of the food every year. Rice is consumed to avoid starvation by some and by others in a dietary sense. The surprise is that most of the rice producing countries are members of the UN and are third world or developing countries – so how are the deceitful socialists driving this terrorism getting such predatory policies of shutting down agriculture through the UN? Comrade Adern may well get away with the idiocy of a Fart Tax in NZ for a short time, but it will be interesting to see what happens when she faces 114 rice producing nations in the UN! It is time for these economic terrorists to be brought to justice – either at the ballot box, with an Act or a Guillotine! Frederick
This is a ridiculous tax, based on inaccurate science and not supported by the Paris accord. Gavin
Everything to do with so called climate change should be scrapped. The nz labour govt socialists as well as the lefties that have preceded them have got it all wrong. It just so happens that everything they want to do makes money for the govt and cripples the economy so the WEF socialists can come in and “build back better ” . What crap, get out of the way and let us try to fix the disaster that NZ has been turned into by these witless socialists. And by the way I’m wondering if all you farmer’s who voted for the drongos running this country are still happy with your choice. Sadly what’s coming down the pike is not going to be much better. Liberty, prosperity and capitalism is where we need to be. Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you like. Flip
Lunacy in action to heavily tax one of our most productive sectors for what in the end is no common good. Christina
yes and could we please scrap her as well???? Lorraine
Not only should they be scrapped, but Jacinda and her despicable Labour party should be scrapped also. By far the worst, most divisive, most racist, most undemocratic, and most wasteful government we have ever had. Christine
Detrimental to our well being. Greg 
The policy is unbelievably stupid and contravenes the Paris Convention. There is no reason for this country to lead the world. Gavin
It’s a dangerous, mind numbing redundant policy that only an idiotic government such as labour could dream up. Fire this inept government! Chris
She is beyond evil Trish
Just look at the Netherlands…Ardfern is not the first….and Dutch farmers are very angry with land grabbing gov5 just on a whimsical basis that cows produce too much negative carbon footprint…. Viv
All opposition parties should be considering a vote of no confidence in this government. Sally
This Labour Govt lacks so much Helicopter vision it will drive NZ though and past the racist divide it is creating and into extinction John
How dare she! Sheena
What a crazy PM we have and now a petition to reinstate Aotearoa as official name for New Zealand has been accepted by select committee, what next ???? Ian
Ship all 120 Politicians off to a remote Island! that will reduce our emissions! then maybe kiwis can get on with our lives without government control! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! lisa
Be scrapped of course, what she wants to do defies common sense. Why do we have to wait till the next elections to get rid of this racist stupid woman who is surely the worst prime minister we have ever had. Eric
The plan should be absolutely scrapped along with the architects of such a hair brained scheme, we have had enough of this BS. NZ deserves a damn site better than this lunatic fringe neville
Madness is the only word I can find to describe this total disaster waiting to happen. How to destroy a economy and lifestyle that has taken 100 plus years to achieve Errol
Absolute stupidity. She is quite happy to put farmers and their families on the scrap heap just so she can say “we are the first to tax agricultural emissions.” It is totally contrary to the Paris Accord to which NZ has signed. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity so we just have to make sure she goes!! Peter
She is such a useless PM leading inept unqualified fools Stephen
Scrap them entirely. Taxing methane, NO2 & CO2 from food production will cripple out export capacity, and raise prices without reducing emissions at all Mark
How unsurprising for labour to shoot themselves in the foot once again and cost us taxpayers more. Another basket-case economy lies ahead. The worst is that nobody here seems to be aware of the results of such stupiditiy and stop it happening. Dane
Not sensible and we do not need to be out in front Kerry
This tax would destroy our nation, and have NO effect on global warming or climate. Doug
Mega Stupid ***** Evan
This is virtue signalling ideological mad cow disease. She hopes her global status will win her a position in the UN and doesn’t give toss about the damaging consequences for NZ. Frank
I’m infuriated. Bruce
But don’t rely on Luxon’s Labour Lite to do anything meaningful. They are totally committed to Net Zero carbon by 2050 so all they can do is argue about the details. Picking flyshit out of pepper. Brian
Ardern should also resign and call a new election Richard
Jacinda Adern is a narcissistic idiot!!! Gavin
Jacinda’s virtue signalling! Barry
One would have to be without a single shred of intelligence to even think that this animal taxing has any merit – it’s more like an Ardern promotion on the world stage at New Zealand’s cost. Warren
Jacinda Ardern is not following the PARIS Agreement (as to food production) David
I am surprised she has not Taxed the people for breathing. after all don’t we expire CO2 Isn’t it time we had a snap election before she damages us beyond repair? Robin
Another bout of economic madness is about to hit us – what planet are labour on – the sooner they return the better for New Zealand tony
Its politics instead of science. HWEN while not perfect by any stretch, adhered to the Paris accord. Any price should be on net warming not gross gas. Zero Carbon Act needs to be scientific based our fossil fuel use is our number 1 greenhouse gas producer not methane and not Nitrous oxide . Please note the nitrogen in clover and other legumes is also to be taxed under this proposal, which is worse than going 100% organic. Jacqui
Ah, our no new taxes socialist PM needs to be removed and her policies scrapped. So bad is her march to socialise NZ that public disobedience should be used if necessary. Terry
What next? Have the Labour Party gone Nuts. I thought He Puapua was the limit now this nonsense. William Clive
New Zealand will become the laughing stock of the world. Ronnie
How much stupidly can this government impose..Its madness Chris
It is simply awful that such dribble be allowed to be publicized those poor farmers who have done nothing wrong except produce food fore the world to eat now being penalized for it. Warren
Implementing this tax will lead to millions less income from exports, much lower tax income for Govt, thousands more unemployed and even greater debt for New Zealand overall. Pam
UN stated moves for climate change should not impact food production, this clearly does impact food production. Lionel
Our Farmers are known to be the best in the world. Jacinda is just trying to bring New Zealanders to the brink of bankruptcy to make them easier to control them into submission. Denis
Unbelievably ridiculous and non scientific idea. Shirley
I can’t wait for the elections 2023. Chris
Total stupidity Ian
Madness Mo
Total lunacy from a deranged megalomaniacal prime minister who really should be committed to a loony bin.I now probably will be send to the goolag. John
In all my years working with cows I never heard a cow fart. Keith
she is really nuts !! stan
She needs to be arrested quickly. Harvey
I don’t care in what country i eat a steak and the absurd comments from the fairy princess is nothing but showboating to the rest of the world. What will happen is other dairy producing countries will just increase production, the others who follow this B/S like Sri Lanka and Holland will just die for an unworthy cause. JOHN
All grazing animals emit methane as do natural swamps, etc. Why tax farmers for natural emissions? Peter
Once again, the stupidity of this govt defies belief!!!! The P M will wreck this countries economy and then skip off to the United Nations…..and then what??? Ken.
Taxing farmers is not right and will not work it will backfire with dangerous repercussions Bob
More nonsense from a this Govt train wreck….I am gob smacked every time I hear more lunacy from this lot of muppets who seem to be hell bent on destroying our wonderful, beautiful NZ. Bruza
Utter stupidity, Jacinda is on a mission to lead the UN, is the world stupid enough to agree with her ray
Absolutely insane policy (on par with many of their others) Stephen
much more would be achieved if people stopped flying and continuing to breed linda
Utter madness. jason
Another example of her lilies. Did she not say ‘no more taxes on my watch’ before the last election.To call he a lying ***** is too kind. No wonder so many people despise her!! Keith
Any logical and mentally stable person knows that this idea from Ardern needs to be scrapped – just like all her other other hair-brained schemes and ideas. Ardern is a nutcase and will take our country with her. BRYCE
Shows you how absolutely out of touch these communists are The plan is to drive the farmers off the land and the Govt/Iwi takes it over using He Puapua. Its nothing to do with emissions Neil
JA is a mad Commie and must go. David
What doesn’t this country understand about this insane woman?? She( the Labour Govt) are puppets for the UN and her seat is being warmed as we speak!! All facts point to her assertions being way out of line! Ron
this is madness John
Absolute madness Peter
Scrap it and scrap this government. Laraine
https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/lightning-may-zap-air-clear-pollution-through-oxidants-180977647/ check this site out Noel
why are the written radio and tv press not making these facts and figures known to the general public? is it that the left leaning press don’t want the truth to be known. mel
A plan for Socialism by stealth Noel
She will try anything to bankrupt all businesses and the country then take over everything ,just the same way Stalin did to Russia years ago. She is a communist David
Your headline should have read :”Labour plans yet another act of Mega Stupidity” !!! Henry
She is an absolute up-herself-idiot surrounded by like minded clowns. Farming is NZ’s lifeblood and she will kill it Garry
Her party’s plans will inevitably drive food prices up, less people interested in farming here, means we import our food from Australia – – – costs, costs, costs. Why does this current leadership continue to drive us backwards into mediocrity? Leslie
Parliament Buildings are called the “House of Representatives”, but it is nothing of a sort. Once in, they do as they like. It becomes the House of Dictators! Perhaps nobody has told any of our polys that at the time white people started to settle the United States and Canada that there were some 60,000,000 bison roaming the Great Plains. Since then, the “herd” has been reduced to about 300,000! So that our pollies might understand, that is a drop of 57,700,000, no longer belching and farting! Leave our cattle to the farmers! In the goofy greens, one lassie described me, and no doubt many others, as being “pale, stale and male”! That may not be hate speech, but I wouldn’t call it love speech either. Yet another lassie had a three-page article in a Sunday magazine and a photograph wearing a-shirt with three words: “Persist, Insist, Resist”. Those three words told me more about her than her three-page article! How about a weekly, or even a monthly, debate about some contentious issue on television, such as what happened to the people who were here before the arrival of Maori? Why should we reduce our cattle numbers? Why change the name of our country to Aotearoa – Up In The Clouds? Because some tribalistics said so! When are we going to become one people? Kevan
This is just so disgusting it is hard to believe. Melva
Totally ridiculous tax as methane is a total trace gas and makes no difference to so called climate change. Forcing farmers to pay this tax is absolutely insane. James
Ardern is rapidly turning NZ into a place where people are losing faith in seeing a future for their children and grandchildren , it’s demoralising how little she cares about the impact she and her colleagues are having on the nation’s economy, our country’s integrity and our peoples outlook. Every anti human policy they have pushed through is so hypocritical, especially when this latest bill on emissions ( even if you buy into it) will have no effect because we are not the polluters. Sue
Ardern has got to go ,the sooner the better graeme
Brainless Brian
This Government is destroying our country. God Help Us!!!! Jo
More insanity from ideological leaders who have lost touch with real people, and real life! Liane
Which bit of dairy and beef being NZ’s number 1 and 2 income providers does she not understand. ? What other country would penalize their main income producers? Rayna
To go ahead is economic suicide !! Geoffrey
Muriel says it all. June
We voted no to a tax on livestock years ago. Jacqueline
It belongs in the shredder along with Ardern and her disgusting cronies. Chris
Everyone NEEDS to fill in the form to SCRAP this STUPID idea as it will INCREASE the price of EVERYTHING,jacinda NEEDS to be reminded shes BREAKING the Paris climate agreement that PLAINLY said NO AGRICULTURE WAS TO BE HIT & so did THE UNITED NATIONS.Shes ONLY intrested in being seen OVERSEAS as : wonderful: & PLAINLY doest care on destroying NZ economy or NZ people. Cindy
You don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Neville
Who benefits? No one but Jacinda’s future employment prospects. Ted
What a moron Ardern is. Allan
Mega Stupidity ? Multiple Sclerosis – same thing – destruction of the body by a million cuts Keith
She Is an idiot Mike
policy is madness norman
Unbelievable stupid policies…which our supposed Min for Agriculture tries to justify Joyce
Just another example of the arrogant nitwits who we call the Government. Don
Bloody lunacy Peter
reeks of personal ambition and to hell with consequences for anyone else Richard
Absolute stupidity Brian
This doctrinaire communist half-wit of a prime minister needs to be cumped as soon as possible. Her ning-nong cohort of greenies and Maori extremists need to go too, forever. ROB
Comrade Adern praises all things UN when it suits her quest for a future career in that corrupt organisation, yet she totally ignores Article 2 of her much loved Paris Climate Accord. Insane and evil zealot. Ian
Nothing but virtue signalling for the world. Where do we find the dollars for our hospitals, benefits etc? Albert
Absolute madness. Either Cindy’s completely stupid or she’s deliberately sending the country down the gurgler to further her own political career? Unfortunately I suspect the latter… Dave
Absolutely it should be scrapped. Utter economic and social folly in the pursuit of Ardens dangerous idealogy. Margaret
Hasn’t this Labour Government done enough already to take a wrecking ball to New Zealand’s economy? Absolute madness. Peter
If this goes ahead it will kill New Zealand. Merryn
Scrapped and the prime minster sent for psychiatric assessment Seriously why would any sane person want to rip the guts out of 20% of the farming industry Bruce
Absurd how some people do not understand the flow on effect from this tax. It will hurt those already struggling to survive and be detrimental to the country for years to come. Monique
She is not fit to govern and steps should be taken to dismiss the whole LABOUR GOVERNMENT. Helen
Has to be scrapped! Totally crazy and a disaster for our economy! For an insignificant benefit in Climate Change basis! All promoted just for one persons ego, or possibly future employment opportunity with the UN! Hugh
Yet another self-serving decision! Ian
It’s living proof that she’s MAD Richard
All aimed at a job in the UN? Sidney
This Labour government and Jacinda Ardern are the most dangerous and damaging government NZ has ever had. This corrupted bunch of idiots need to go now, we can’t afford to leave them to destroy this country until the next election. Tony
They obviously did no homework before announcing their stupid ideology. Nick
It is stupidity or worse. Jacinda is not acting in the best interests of New Zealand .Who is she working for? Harvey
Madness in the extreme David
Economy of our very small country is more important than being First in the world in anything!! Lyn
It is economic suicide and probably physical too for many in the farming sector. Allan
This is total madness. Not to mention in breach of UN proposal article 2 John
New Zealand can not afford to leave this mad cow in parliament. The damage to NZ’s reputation is almost as horrendous as the damage to our economy. Rick
When will the opposition parties come up with their policy on this issue? Keith
Obvious Chester
Definitely, and her along with it. Neville
Seems to me this Government lacks brains and common sense on pretty much everything as is certainly exemplified on the matter of the livestock emissions policy. Ian
Scrapped, no question. Does Ardern want us all to starve so that she can look good? Farmers are our lifeblood and should be helped, not punished. Total stupidity. Sheila
Greens and Labour are both on public record of their dislike of farmers and Greens wanting them to half stock numbers. Why do people forget these outrageous policy plans? John
Jacinda Ardern: No other country in the world has yet developed a system for pricing and reducing agricultural emissions, so our farmers are set to benefit from being first movers.” This moronic statement is similar to saying that the first lot of sheep selected on a farm to be sent to the meatworks, will have first-mover advantage… The statement speaks of either a monumental lack of intelligence of the speaker, or a gross insult to the intelligence of those spoken to – if not both. This government has to be stopped. Johan
This is yet another exercise in undermining the economics of farming in this country and with it the support base of Labour’s opposition. John
Absolutely Joe
Why is there no profile on Article 2 of the Paris Accord. This article is vital to our agricultural stability. Colin
It breaches the Paris agreement and is solely a self serving exercise in self righteousness. Madness she needs to go. Belinda
Jacinda Adern needs to be scrapped. Mark
Leading the world??? hard not to be when you are first of the blocks. Dumbest thing that this silly women has uttered in all the time she has been involved in politics. She and her flock of sheep need to be removed now before it’s to late. Barry
She needs to go ASAP. Jeff
Of course it should scrapped. No one in their right mind would implement it. I can’t wait for the next election Kerin
The plan is absurd on every level Tony
and scrap Labour as well !!! Mark
Absolute madness! One volcano erupting anywhere in the world spews more toxic gases into the atmosphere than mankind has done since his existence here on the planet. World climate change is the biggest con job ever. Wayne
Because virtue signaling and ideology shouldn’t prevail. Greg
Will that mean 20 % less baby milk formula Keith
CO2 is not a pollutant. The real agenda is genocide. rob
Absolutely ridiculous. She is becoming quietly fanatical. Joanne
Economic treason Ihaia
Along with her Government N. Royce
Unbelievable isn’t she – how did we get landed with such a nutter? Jane
That PM is not stupid per se. . That one is simply carrying out orders issued by the WEF like any good communist apparatchik would do. That PM is brainwashed and can nor will not consider the consequences of her actions whatsoever. When the time comes and the country collapses, she will have been ushered out of the country together with her most loyal helpers and provided with a cushy position in the UN or the WEF to continue these malignent, cancerous activities somewhere else. She does not know it yet , but for what she has done she will rot in hell for ever. Michael
This woman is out of control cant understand why there is not a vote of no confidence in the Government Bruce 
her policy is totally ridiculous and she need to be stopped bill
Your headline says it all. “MEGA STUPIDITY”. Just like, “3 Waters” “House Building” “Airport Rail” ” Cycle Lane on Harbour Bridge” Ranald.
Ridiculous, unworkable and pure virtue platforming by the PM. Aided only by “cheque book science.” Jenny
Because they will no difference for mankind. NEIL
Its so good seeing lots of women who previously thought THE Sun Shined from the Tooth Fairy now appear to have woken up to her chest beating and LOOK at me and my world saving dribble . Im convinced that bribes will be given next year to the mindless individuals and again they vote Labour .Surely even the greedy maori caucus must see what damage is being done and trying to achieve apartheid based and morally corrupt policies.wll gain them only a bankrupt ,divided New Zealand . Ray
This is brain dead stupidity Colin
I think “Mega Stupidity” is probably being a little too polite! Graham
JA has stones in her head, will listen to nothing that does not adulate her, and is the greatest destroyer of this country. To blatantly contravene the accords of the Paris Agreement NZ signed up to, to assuage her selfish, self-cantered presence of ‘I am the best and, look at me’ attitude proves her to be a shallow, vain, and uncaring idiot…….NZ has had enough! Robyn
Scrapped and so should Ardern Paul
Absolute neoMarxist madness Hylton
Just stop these pack of Muppets wrecking this country. Have a look at Asia’s efforts to save the world …..non existant,and Jacindas mad mob is flogging the goose that was the only thing that have her any income during Covid. You pack of Dicks Labour. Alan
This idealogically driven legislation will achieve absolutely nothing apart from destroy NZ’s economy and create food shortages. Allan
It is well beyond time to somehow get the media to publish real climate science and facts! Colin
The idea is too stupid to warrant a comment! Martin
More lunacy! Richard
Its an utter farce, will do nothing to change the climate, rather they should be promoting NZ farmers as the most efficient and therefore best farmers for the climate in the world, rather they are trying to kill our economy just like Sri Lanka, Dutch, etc. So the question must be asked why is this government enacting the same policies that have destroyed the economies of other countries ? John
this an easy one ;…the naive stupid commo govt has led us down a path of self destruction , even worse than her mother / mentor clark …you cant fix stupid !!! Roy
Absolute madness, it’s easy to see the consequences, but she will be looking for ways to tax us to pay for all her cultural spending and bad polocies. The quicker she is gone the better, I do wonder now even if rhe UN will want her. Brian
Absolutely insane policy from the show pony and the green zombies Mike
How much longer???This witch HAS to go Sharen
Another woke ridiculous idea Clive
It’s a breach of the Paris Agreement. ray .s
She’s utterly delusional, hooked on her own ideology to save the planet all by herself. She’s so divorced from reality now she must go! Hilary
Jacinda is insane. Barry
Bloody stupid But not unexpected from Ardern being a fully paid up member of the communist party and night up in the WEF David
A mutually agreed not Govt imposed scheme needs to be developed. Push back by all is required for an end to dictatorial unmanaged law like this. Stan
Hard to believe this could be happening. She’s directly sabotaging NZs future to realise her own ambitions. It’s criminal and should be strongly confronted. Marilyn
Ardern will probably be scrapped quite soon, when she resigns. Can’t be soon enough. Will
another stupid idea from ms stoopid k
It’ll make it tougher for farmers for no benefit. Josie
Idealogical stupidity at work Neil
Picture a bunch of bureaucrats deliberating on the monetary value of a cow-fart … and the clueless Adern government passing that into law. Time for \Labour to exit – stage left. Barry
Utterly stupid Laurel
Ridiculous John
“It’s deliberate” Everything coming from Labour is deliberate. Uli
Why ruin NZ”s main export earner for the farmers who provide jobs and food. jon
SCRAP IT!!!! What a stupid idea,what a stupid PM,what a stupid government. I find it really hard to believe that not one Labour MP is against this type of move or if they are find some guts and speakup. brian
No need to punish our farmers for the wishes of our prime minister to be first in the world similar to covid that back fired on our small country with the longest shutdowns, carolyn
Total idiocy Anon
Why is this government forcing the Mount Cook station to pay green tax on eliminating wilding pines when wilding pines are determined to be noxious? Denis
Scrap it – along with the government that’s proposing to implement it! Jacky
They continually don’t look at what is best for the world such as importing Indonesian coal to charge electric cars shut the refinery etc etc etc Gaire
Along with this dictatorial government Linda
Ardern is seriously demented in her obsession with the climate and carbon and deliberately driving NZ into ruin – all in her aid of her ambition to get onto the UN gravy train. SHE MUST BE DRIVEN OUT OF OFFICE> Ron
The fact just don’t add up Rae
She is shooting herself and the country in the foot ! Jens
Henceforth all politicians should be required to take a course in high school biology/ecology.. Brian
The mare of Morrinsville clearly lacks the wherewithal to think and is plainly bonkers. She needs to be certified as insane and placed in a nuthouse other than the one she currently presides over. Alan
Ardern is on her way to make NZ Bankrupt….. Carl
China India &Russia are all high pollution country’s Ian
It makes me angry to think her one goal is to be the first in the world to do anything in the eyes of the UN of WEF. Well going about this ludicrous idea shows she doesn’t care for anything but her own ego. Jackie
We must vote this woman out. She is doing so much damage to this country Dianne
Taxinda has another year to follow the Agenda 21 and WEF destruction plans . We need an early election to put a halt to her aggressive and idiotic plans . She is a Klaus Shwabb puppet . The Media won’t discuss the reality of the above even though the UN and Klaus Shwabb are quite open about their plans for a “One World Government ” involving Marxist totalitarian rule.and Jacinda has signed up for us to be first in line to be experimented on. . Read “Wake up NZ ” Agenda 21 and 30 . Colleen
It’s suicide. Andrew
Sheer madness from a shallow celebrity wannabe socialist. Hohepa
Absolutely crazy legislation Michael
Because farmers who are the backbone of our economy will leave the industry with no reduction in worldwide emissions. Dorothy
Whole thing is almost to the point of economic suicide Lacks any common sense and is irresponsible Richard
Ardern shots so many feet in so many sectors that it must be intentional. Bob
I’d rather go to Mars Murray
A fools paradise Brian
No new taxes ? it’s still a tax with another name. Peter
We have an ideological crazy Government hell bent on destroying NZ and its economy Need to get rid of them ASAP Geoff
It all has to stop. It is utter madness. lyn
What a stupid bloody idea Warren
Regenerative farming is also ‘model’ based and along with climate change ‘models’ needs to be scrapped. Jacjnda and her disciple James and the other followers are misguided spruikers of pseudo science and fear mongering. The rural sector and its allies need to stand really really firm and united against this idiotic policy. Shades of Parihaka and passive resistance are needed; maybe some civil disobedience on a grand scale – NZ doesn’t have the capacity to lock every one up or process them through the court system if enough people get involved with a nationwide strike for our national sanity. Francis
I can’t describe how stupid all the nonsense is. Darren
This lunacy has to be stopped. Why doesn’t the mainstream media ask the right questions of this government Ron
Insanity, we do not have a manmade climate crisis. Ken
Hasn’t the Prime Minister heard of the coming famine? Has she not heard of what the Russians are doing in Ukraine, the world’s grain bread basket! Colin
As already explained, the World is short of food, so forcing changes on the leading money earner for New Zealand is absolutely stupid. Leslie
I am wondering if this woman has any working brain and is able to read. Unfortunately, non of our lovely politicians seem to have working brains. peter
Stupid Criminal Ruining this country Saddened Deb
We need to be able to show by how much the atmosphere will benefit from the “fart tax”. yeah, right – – – – – – — Michael
Just plain stupid – How can we feed the world with pine trees Bruce
The carbon that they want to reduce is the common people, what Schwab refers to as ‘useless eaters’. Kris
Ideals vs Reality and on her income, she won’t care if milk or cheese or a t.bone doubles in price. Adding on a cost to the farmers will be passed onto the consumer. Simple 101. And to suggest that International Markets will pay a premium for NZ produce that is more expensive that somewhere else, what planet are they on. Buyers will buy where it is cheaper and NZ loses again. If the buyers go else where, that country will ramp up farming to meet demand. Clean Green NZ but no one home. Gary
No scientific justification whatsoever! Just political and ideological claptrap designed to fulfill a globalist UN agenda. Paul
whats next a fart tax on people Ian
It is time she went, well past time. Tony
An excellent banner at the Christchurch rally last week ‘THERE IS ONLY ONE COW THAT SHOULD BE REMOVED”. That is TOTALLY BRILLIANT and SOOOOO true. Brian
This country has been built over the time of European settlement on good faith and common sense. It is time to rid this country of this ridiculous Gov. and get back to real common that has led us thus far. Robert
It’s based on false science and is a TAX GRAB Greg
Farming is New Zealand’s backbone, without we’d go down the gurgler quicker than you can say what a load of bull Jacquie
They sure don’t l like the the productive people Bill
Where’s the National Party on all this? Why are they not up in arms so to speak, and unequivocally supporting the farmers – and New Zealand major enterprises? Stuart
Taxing emissions is an exercise in stupidity. Dennis
This tax on methane is absolutely insane – it must stopped. Mark 
This is all part of the WEF lockstep Agenda for the Great Reset. Collapse the Economy and the rest is History. It’s all been laid out in Klaus Schwab’s Book ‘The Great Reset’ We are all in a fight for our Freedom and even our Lives. Geoff
She is an idiot, what are we doing allowing her stupidity to continue? Are we all idiots? Ian
There has to be mass demonstrations at the beehive so that she feels threatened by the numbers of people who oppose this stupid idea. \she has to go and the sooner the better for our great country. I hope she takes the idiot from the Green Party who designed all this rubbish with her Derek
Absolutely, it is madness Dianne
More madness from the worst government to ever have been elected in New Zealand.An IQ test of Labour and Green MPs would show the world that they are unfit to to be in parliament making decisions. Steve
A load of socailist Bullshit get rid of these Marxist wankers as well. Denis
Jacinda Ardern’s livestock emissions tax must be scrapped. There is no scientific evidence to support it and an overwhelming amount of evidence such a move will have very serious negative consequences for New Zealand’s economy. Sadly, Jacinda Ardern and her government are insisting on advertising to the world they think governance based on myths and folk tales is good for their own image and never mind the future for New Zealanders, the people they once upon a time pretended to represent. Donald
and she must be scrapped to Norm
Ideology gone mad William
Complete madness Jeanette
As you have pointed out, the disregard this govt has for our primary agriculture sector is almost an criminal act that will have dire consequences for generations, not to mention helping to starve millions around the world. Ian
Stupid Anna
It’s a ridiculous idea. Susan
She does not know what she is doing. Tom
Be scrapped,along with her and her useless government. Its all done to make her look good at these climate fests and get her job at the useless U N. We want a snap election ASAP. Peter
What a load of rubbish!! Colin
Madness David
well covered in this article Tony
It is frightening that our governors seen to have lost reality. joan
An impending disaster of huge proportions that will ensure that NZ will instantly lose the benefits that so much hard work by past generations has brought us to where we are today. Bruce
Farmers are overburdened with bureaucracy now without another daft ” law ” being added to their efforts to ” feed the world ” and the local population Logan
Will impinge on productivity Add cost to the consumer Make governance an added cost Foster the lie that this is scientifically beneficial Tony
This new act is so appallingly bad that it just beggars belief! The woman and her nonsensical cohorts are simply mad and should be no longer in power! Ron
The Empress indeed has no clothes! Jacki
The Prime Liar is crazy mike
Crazy Mark
A no brainer Bruce
Scrap it now – don’t wait Janet
Such a proposal leading monumental changes in farming practices and reducing production will be very damaging. Bring an end to the madness. Neil
No brained no tax. Tax Arden for suggesting such a stupid policy Helen
No backed by scientific evidence Ann
The farming community should be encouraged to improve rural practices without taxing them for some ideological fantasy, where the revenue will most likely disappear into some socialist or Green agenda. But the best plan is to scrap Ardern and her lemming followers. David
Stupidity continues entirely with this Government. Ann
Absolutely, and maybe she should be scrapped as our Prime Minister immediately to save our country from her stupid ideas. Moyra
Russian era Socialism mandated for NZ & 5 million sheep follow. Warren
Ridiculous nest feathering by the sorry excuse of a prime minister Peter
it is a short sighted folly, and can only lead N.Z to 3rd world status. And only to feed the ego of an out of touch prime minister geoffrey
utter lunacy but then what would you expect from lunatics jack
She’s getting even madder Ian
Why can’t a case be brought against this government for contravening the Paris agreement? Mick
What would be the result if farmers rebelled and refused to co-operate? Rod
The “science” has been severely corrupted by politics and now serves only to massage the ego of politicians. It is impossible to isolate individual gases and apportion blame for delusional warming. They all overlap in their behaviour with water vapour and clouds. Good luck with banning water. Peter
Why can she not see the truth behind the fallout in Sri Lanka and stop this mad rush to ruin the farmers of this country. I will NEVER support such stupidity nor vote for Labour EVER in the future. Carl
Complete stupidity Grant
Does she understand our Countries needs and responsibility. Terry
Crazy. If the figure of 57% against this and the majority of younger people for it is correct it shows the brain dead acceptance of leftist ideology particularly by the young. They will reap what they sow. Steve
Continuing with these taxes is the height of stupidity…..or subversiveness Charles
Horse Face should be in court facing charges of murder. The wilful murder of what was a healthy country. Martyn
Her policy is akin to treason and will destroy our standard of living to third world standards. Barry
The entire Labour government is guilty of “Mega Stupidity” it is they that must be scrapped, not just their latest attack on NZ most productive sector. Steve
Punishing farmers for livestock emissions is simply the old fart tax revisited. It was rubbished back in the day and it will b e discarded again because it won’t work to make an appreciable difference. Janet
Should be scrapped and so should the Labour Government. The health system is stuffed so the farmers will be next. Past high time Luxon and is low flyers “pulled Finga”. I keep telling you the country is stuffed! Bruce
Brainless nutters Jacobus
Crazy is an understatement! Campbell
Completely ridiculous.  Kim
Let us allow that the promise to solve a non problem by 2025 was well intentioned. It was a nevertheless a dumb promise based on flawed science. It should be rescinded. Geoff
She is ruining the country Elizabeth R
What else can Ardern dream up to WRECK New Zealand’s economy! She is just totally UNBELIEVABLE!!! Sylvia
Climate change is a SCAM to eventually starve the human population. Eugenics is the evil blight upon this earth Alan
This government would be the worst government ever and miss Adern the worst prime minister ever of NZ. Just lunatics !! Heather
We don’t need another Sri Lanka situation and that’s where we would be heading with this type of idiot thinking Ian
It goes without saying the science behind this is rubbish Peter
Who cares if we lead the world. Leon
Must be scrapped! It’s absolute madness. It will destroy this country. Joyce
Stupidity Peter
Give farmers a fair go they provide our meat and contribute a huge amount to our economy. Paula
I find it hard to believe that a supposedly educated person could be so bloody stupid. Fritz
Scrap it immediately, followed by her! Dick
Is there any avenue of legal action available to challenge this? Michael
This is just another example that illustrates the ineptitude of Jacinda and her Government. To destroy a viable export biased food producer to look good in a world that has made little effort to reduce emissions is, at best, ludicrous. Coal fired power stations, anew and plenty of them is but one example that illustrates the futility of penalizing a group of producers while over population drives pollution ever higher world wide. Alastair
Stupider than stupid Lyn
This PM is out of control destroying our beautiful NZ Susie
This is appalling. Listen to the people jacinda. June
This act sure is an act of stupidty – shame on you Jacinda. Jenny
This has to be scrapped. It is scientifically wrong. This is the least gh gas producing agricultural economy in the world. It should be lauded not vilified. What a treasonous govt we have. Willy
Food security and good nutrition should be absolute fundamentals n
Absolutely stupid Colin
Completely ridiculous Helen 
Dump the whole emissions trading scheme. No evidence that it does any good. Pollution is the real problem. Jack
Our Prime Sinister does not SUFFER from mental deficiency, she ENJOYS it. TOBY
Labour are a disaster i. Always have been, always will be. Get rid of them. Especially Jacinda. Dennis
Its like over taxing cigarettes to make people give up smoking…..tax farmers to make them give up their livelihood….criminal Steve
Scrapped! And jacinda and her socialist labour government as well. Darryl
Mega Stupidity is an understatement! Murray
It should be scrapped along with our current government. It is beyond belief. The world is already struggling to feed the current level of population, this won’t help but does this matter to our PM – she is an extreme delusionist. chris
Another scheme that makes no sense at all Sue
Absolute stupidity the Paris agreement says it all. Derek
The level of intelligence inherent in this decision is frightening in a Government in a land where agriculture represents 70% of export earnings. This is not based on science but on a narcissistic desire for international profile Robin
We need our farmers! Any plan to make life harder for them is madness. Lee
This is aPM chasing peer group adulation from overseas for her world leadership stance. They must be laughing at her naivety as they take up the slack left by the least polluting farmers in the world collectively contributing infinitesimally or less to the world problem. The PM is a narcissistic ego-driven lunatic. Hugh
Why does she keep trying to penalise farmers? Ute tax, emissions tax…? Jim
SCRAPPED!!!!! Bankrupting farmers is all part of the socialist plan. People need to research why… More truth from Muriel – thank you. Debs & Co
should not have ever been dreamed of leo
The whole thing is insane! Anyone with half a brain would know that. This insanity is part WEF bullshit from Klaus Schwab and co. Ardern is an avid student of his, she wants to please daddy, and he wants sovereign countries crushed, so we all own nothing, but we’ll be happy slaves! Peter
We’re a highly efficient food producing nation…SCRAPPED!! Tony
She has rocks in her head Les
You summed it up in ” once again boast on the world stage that’s she’s taking the lead in climate policy”. The New Zealand economy is now collateral damage which she is more than happy for us to suffer for her aggrandisement. N.Z. cannot afford her. Allan
It’s the wrong policy for the wrong reasons, but its effect is nevertheless a step in the right direction. Livestock farmers are currently forced to internalise precisely zero of the massive animal welfare costs they impose, so to the extent this misguided policy reduces animal slaughter it should be applauded. Coker
Whilst theory is a great option, in reality this stupid woman seems to be like Helen and want a UN job, overpaid for crazy theories . Just hope whoever is voted into power has the guts to remove ALL her Labor governments sneaky clauses added to laws over the last few years. However does that has my vote. Get rid of the idiot now! Alan
Along with the Labour party itself! Sue
It is “Mega Stupidity” – simply because it will have no practical effect on global warming – yet ruin our main economy. Andy
You cannot fix stupid! David
She’s a crackpot , mentally disturbed and needs to go asap. Don
Along with the Labour Government and all their destructive laws. Chris
SCRAPPED —- this has nothing to do with farming but more about control and the extremely negative effects the proposal will have on the famers and the NZ communities in general. We have heard virtually nothing in our leftist and controlled media about the MAJOR demonstrations around the world against the same proposed measures as now wanted by Jacinda. The groundswell demo’s did not go nearly far enough — check the Netherlands as one of many examples as to how to deal to your so called “Green Government” — which is bullshit anyway. We have to get rid of Labour and the Greens. It appears Sweden has woken up to this type of treachery and others are following and so should the NZ general public. Alan
More socialist madness from our self-promoting PM. John
What a dumb *** – she is !!!! Wayne
Shear stupidity by radical left wing activists – Adern (NZ) and Trudeau (Cadana) both trained by tony blair and the British Labour party from Gobbels playbook 1933. Climate scientists in NZ are not even qualified as Climate scientists – they are just on the gravy train. They cant even measure what they are taxing. All farmers are carbon farmers – they take carbon dioxide out of the air and transform it into milk, butter, cheese, wool , meat as well as sequestratiing carbon through waste into the soil – a very small bi product of the massive carbon farming is methane – which as I said they can’t even measure. They dont want ot measure it because it would blow their argument. Let’s take the lead from Sweden that has chucked all this nonsense out the window. Lets follow USAs lead after Novemebr 8th and pull out of the paris accord and the Keoto protocol. Until the UN comes up with common sense decisions with unflawed and uncorrupted data, will NZ return to the Paris accord. Adern says the world is looking at us (her) for leadership – lets give it to them by enforcing everything I have just presented. The sad thing is that 19% of millenials think that communism is a good idea. Schools and Universities have a lot to answer for. Mike
And so the madness continues! Bruce
To decimate the rural economy just to be world leading is ideological insanity. Wayne
The proposal is ludicrous Geoffrey
Ridiculous Mat
What part of ‘in a manner that does not threaten food production’ does she not understand? Why has the opposition not railed against this? A show pony wanting to be seen first in the world to the destruction of our country. Madness and mean, can’t see any kindness here!! Vivienne
This crazed idealism of our delusional PM will destroy NZ if she isn’t removed. John
I actually think the woman is unhinged Teresa
So many unnecessary taxes being imposed on us. Jane
Another step into becoming a third world country Geoff
Its not farming thats the problem. Its called communism and loss of freedom. valerie
What planet is she on ?? Roger
stupid woman does not know what day it is, does she not fart like the rest of us david
Absurdity to the enth degree. One way or another this government and its lunatic leader must be stopped! David
Aderns crazy ideas are coming to bite her on private parts as no good Kiwi wants them. Barbara
Madness personified David
We are run by idiots Don
Power crazed bimbo .Makes Trump/Biden look like political genius’ Bill
Everything these cretins do should be scrapped. The entire Labour Govt. needs scrapping. They are ruinous social and economic vandals. John
Let’s scrap this ultra stupid plan. Yet another idea that shows how little intelligence is on hand in the Labour Party, and more correctly, it’s leaders! J J
Food security is one of the most important things in the world currently and farmers should be left to get on with what they do best. Lynne 
As you say, this is ideological insanity. John
Who would do this.?? neal
There is so many studies world wide that stock emission don”t cause global warming . This is just another of her stupid ways of bringing our country to its knees. The BEE HIVE is run amuck with drones but no where as clueless Rod
Jacinda is looking to follower Helen Clark and go to the U.N. It does not matter what she destroys on her way. Tony
The total stupidity of the suggestion, has one wondering about the mental state of some of our politicians Pat
Virtue signally dopey little ninny. WTF next? Mark
This is a policy that is totally devoid of any logic devised by a bunch of mental midgets. Basic science taught in our schools at year 8 (I think) shows a very specific natural cycle: Animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to carbohydrates and energy and expel oxygen which is then used by the animals including humans. Nothing mankind does will alter that cycle . We should be using that cycle and not interfering in it. The level of carbon dioxide can be controlled by increasing more food producing trees and crops not reducing them as seems to be the current trend. Pine trees are not food producing and in fact ruin the ground for future food production. There is a lot more I could go on about but time and space does not allow it here. The tax is also criminal in that it reduces food production as outlined in the article and is therefore in breach of the Paris accord. The best thing farmers can do if the moronic legislation goes ahead is to not pay the tax. If all farmers band together and not pay the tax the government is hamstrung as they haven’t got enough jails to put them all in. They will also get a lot of support by wide awake non-farmers, myself included. Kevin
This all part of WEF plans Alistair
This is about as stupid as this government can get. Nothing new in their attitude. John
Unbelievably stupid! Trevor
I think she actually has Mad Cow disease herself. Mike
It will make no difference to her she has her UN job waiting so the more laws she can change before hand the better she will look . We will have to leave UN Colin
Utter madness John
no brainer! Mary
Jacinda does not care about New Zealand or its people. She should apply for a UN job and most of us would be happy to pay for the by election. Mike
It appears that NZ now has a new God for us to behold and to take heed off. It is the manifestation of the political parties namely Labour, Greens and the Maori party which have coalesced into “The Great Sacrifice” religion. We the public must now accept from our great leaders without question their brilliant decrees of enlightenment that they and only they are able to create such elevated decisions due to their stratospheric view of the absolute dangers to our continued existence on our piece of turf. While we must mount a large forceful earnest nationwide protest against the tyranny of “The Great Sacrifice” (for not to do so will mean that we condone it). Of course it will be ignored as being the evil of the greedy right faction which needs to be put in its place. But just look up how successful was Stalin’s agricultural policies that led to the starvation of at least six million Ukrainians. Are we tracking down a similar path with this new religion? Garry
As soon as possible DELLREA
farm tax is an absolute absurdity based on flawed ideology john
God is there any end to this woman’s stupidity. Someone or something needs to stop her in her tracks. Claire
If this treasonous economic suicide is allowed to proceed we are all MAD. And doomed. Geoff
Why would you cut off your nose to spite your face? This proposal to tax farmers for emissions defies common sense. It must be opposed. Don
Despite the World being plagued by a cabal of ‘leaders’ displaying unprecedented levels of stupidity, NZ doggedly leads this race to the bottom. Our ‘dear leader’ Ardern parades daily the lowest IQ of even such a motley bunch. Tony
The damage done to our world-class farming industry would be massive, for so little gain. Just another Labour policy that is unworkable. Murray
has national and act said they will drop this law yet if not why not? but just shows what a bunch of halfwits are in control of NEW ZEALAND with them trying to bring this loony law in just so the tooth idiot makes a name for herself, the sooner she and her gang goes never to return the better but make sure that every one has their anus sealed so they don’t create methane and we can get on with life. Richard
Unparalleled stupidity Clearly Jacinda has never acted for the benefit of New Zealanders. With this initiative she continues to destroy NZ at a rapid pace. What comes next? Mark
Was one of here policies ( No new Taxes?) what does she call this. Who is running this Country, UN, Maori or Labour, I am so confused, I just want to see the end of this Labour Government ASAP Gayle
ASAP Peter
the plan is arrant stupidity. pam
the shear incompetence and gross stupidity of this government is simply beyond comprehension. Roll on Oct 23 Peter
So should the politicians in this despicable Labour government. Charlie
Passed buddy mega stupidity, why doesn’t she tax all the hot air that comes from her mouth including her political partners the Maori party and the Greens because they between them pock out more hot air bullshit and any thing else in this country, i think NEW ZEALAND as a whole have had enough of al there hot air bull shit and it’s long over due for them all to be scrapped and the sooner the better. It’s come to my attention that Minister for Revenue. David Parker. used the pandemic as an opportunity to sneak through under urgency allowing IRD to put theirs sticky beaks into the spending habits of the family dynamics of kiwis, These creepy new powers avoided scrutiny by sneaking them in behind a bill that introduced the new 39% tax bracket, that meant ZERO PUBLIC CONSULTATION and a speedy path through parliament using Labours majority. The government has started its snooping with high-net worth – individuals, but as we have seen over and over you give the Arden Government an inch of power which goes strait to their heads they take a mile. Will your spending habits be rifled through next? Maybe this is another way of paying for their stupid emissions tax. Nosey Parker might have started with probing the wealthy but when have this Government ever been able to resist the temptation to expand their reach. It’s time to say NO to this Government once and for all for all of the lies, stupidity,money spending, every day bullshit,always giving money to the II WANT IT groups and stuffing up the medical system and everything else they have touched. The list just goes on and on, THE REAL KIWIS HAVE JUST HAD ENOUGH. COLIN
It’s rubbish. Jeff
She is acting like an overgrown school girl who bas unlimited power to please herself regardless of the consequences for anyone else. Convince me she is not a lunatic Judith
She and the rest of the climate activists are frankly insane. Kevin
She is mad and using NZ to further her career. kick her out now andrew
absolute “Bullshit” , why is our Government attacking the very backbone of our country ? Bryan
Scrap the tax and this useless lot in power, Donald
sheer madness of a communist Graeme
She’s gone mad, she is so vain she wants brownies points to show off to the u n at any costs. She won’t be happy till she’s driven NZ into the ground. Roll on Sept 23. Pauline
She’s a dick! Evans
It should be gone because farmers 95% of whom depend on their farms alone their income, their heritage their pride and their contribution to NZ society are the ones who are looking after the farms properly. How can a government proposal, no matter how well planned, take the place of the people who have such a vested interest in making their farms work most efficiently, economically and in an eco friendly way? It cannot and should not. Ray
Your article says it all – the insanity is mind boggling Skarlett
idiot muzza
It’s like shooting our biggest industry in the foot Janne
Silly woman how she ever got out of pre school is beyond me Norm
Wake up young New Zealanders and you climate change tossess this Government with Jack Boots Jacinda at the helm will destroy the life style that you crave for. I am appalled at the lack of oppostion from the next generation that are so glued to their smart phones and lap tops that they don’t have a bloody clue that they are being shafted and will suddenly wake up when it is to late .while the rest of the world moves on and prospers. ken
Can’t wait for the day when we Boot Ardern’s arse out of parliament. John
It was embarrassing and humiliating to read a commentary from three USA scientists (not involved in the agricultural industry) last week who made a point of highlighting the stupidity of New Zealand Government taxing burping cows. They were dumbfounded at the NZ leadership position, incredulous Stephen
This is just another example of the Marxist’s hatred of farmers. They seem to want to destroy all the Western democracies and the free markets. Duncan
When are we going to get a Govt with some brains instead of a cover girl Russell
total waste of time for no benefit, just wef policy Phil
Unbelievable that this plan should even have been produced. It will cause major damage to our rural sector in every respect. Our exports will suffer and our competition must be laughing their socks off. Peter C.
It is just plain crazy.It will not make any difference to the so called global warming. Stewart
What an absolutely ludicrous idea. The Prime Minister must have planned for only two terms because this is political suicide. Robin
The idea that you tax your way to climate stability has to be the dumbest in history! Roger
If it goes ahead NZ will be economically dependent on other countries who are not concerned about climate change. Brian
Typical Jacinda who can’t fart I believe Simon
The plan is utterly stupid Denis
now chris
Stone age mumbo jumbo from the leader of the worlds first stupid party. This is as close to treason as one can get. 150 years ago millions of ruminents roamed North America. Methane? what methane? Stupid is as stupid does Colin
Madness personified bill
No question scrap it all we are a disaster country . Ruth
Just more insanity . We need to kick these maniacs out. Mike
Just crazy! Richard
Zero point in decreasing our economy for the sake of “look how green we are world!” Steph
The stupidly and wilful destructiveness of this Government is unbelievable. Elgin Graham
This PM is so UNCARING & EVIL for this country , let’s pray that God will stop her from destroying our farms !!!!! dominique 
Arden needs to live in the real world. James
Biting the hands that feeds her stupid ideas not just farming, Health, 3 Waters, I could go on… Colleen
Arden knows nothing about agriculture or finance. All she wants to do is grandstand on the UN stage to satisfy her ego. She never was Prime Minister material – she did a degree in PR and that qualifies her for nothing.I bet she doesn’t even own a pair of Gumboots. Laura
Be scrapped along with her! Liz
Another name for the Helen Clark Fart Tax I suspect. Note that Jacinda is off to Egypt by air. How many cow farts worth of pollution is that going to generate? John
It is utter madness and shows that the woman hasn’t got a brain. Why in the hell would we take this stupid decision that will cause NZ to lose a huge amount of export income and also increase the amount of CO2 as other countries take up the revenue that we have forsaken? The legislation should be fought tooth and nail before perfectly good agricultural land is sold off and ruined forever when pine trees are planted. Ardern and her government stooges are intent on turning NZ into a basket case. She has to go. Kerry
This dreadful woman has got to go, and take her party with her. This country doesn’t need her stupidity or that of James Shaw, and the city people also need to be reminded pushing green policies will be the ruination and the end of NZ, their ignorance is breathtaking it’s time they grew up and looked around at what is happening. Merryl
What rubbish – we waited to see how the rest of the world coped with Covid, why cannot we do the same for livestock? Diane
If you believe the science, Climate change was a ploy devised to protect European Markets. A Band Wagon that creates scare tactics with no scientific proof. DJS
Unbelievable how the PM could be so stupid as to even think about taxing our biggest export earner with a worldwide reputation of more clean green than almost any other country. Control & manipulation David
This dictator Prime Minister dreams up a new self glorification scheme every week. I was convinced a long time ago that she would bankrupt the country and this is probably the final straw that will break the bank. Not satisfied with that she decides to sacrifice honest, hard working farmers and families and communities to satisfy her own ego. The woman is an idiot. Rotorua is apparently destroyed with its tourist industry gone because there is no accommodation, which we are paying for. Everywhere you look is something damaged or destroyed. CHRIS
She’s a demented cow Laurie
False ideology promoted by the Ardern government without regard to the broad population ash
This is another of Ardern’s ideas to kill business in New Zealand. She and her govt need to go. Elaine
Jacinda’s livestock emissions policies are not supported by real science and should be scrapped. Peter
Madness Samuel
Should be scrapped along with her and the entire Labour Party. Scott
Roll on the General Election so we can get rid of this nonsensical government. Yes the farmers will leave, the livestock reductions will be picked up by our competitors and the bottom will fall out of our export markets if we cannot deliver the required volumes. Sack the bloody lot of them! Vic
This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and since this government has been in power I’ve heard some pretty stupid stuff. Marxism does advocate destroying economies first then taking over – correct me if I am wrong. Ann
The policy is absolute stupidity given 1 in 5 farms will cease to exist and the shortfall will be picked up from other countries, who, in many cases are big polluters and have zero intention of changing their processes. Sadly our “Look at me Show Pony” cannot understand this fact. Gavin
Stupidity Pam
We only produce 1% of global emissions.The effort of reducing agricultural”gases”-which we are doing anyway-will make little difference to our global contribution-‘at considerable cost to farmers and NZ. bryan
This ‘plan’ is the height of ideological arrogance, no only will it have no significant effect on climate parameters it stands to destroy an industry that keeps New Zealand afloat. The consequences, identified by the Governments own documents, are madness to pursue. The is just insane; because you can does not mean you should V
she should be scrapped susan
What can you say about this woman??? Allan
It’s a “NO BRAINER” Just like most of the politicians in the labour and the green parties. Next they will be FART taxing the human population as well. Bruce
First there is NO Climate emergency and all these actions taken to reduce the so called emergency will only hurt New Zealand. A typical communist solution to a non problem Here is a letter I sent to Luxon No response as yet It should explain my thoughts Good Morning Mr Luxon I have just read your latest e-mail concerning the Governments attempts to control our climate. First I am not a climate change denier. The climate has always changed and will continue to. What we are really talking about here though, is Man Made Global Warming. Second there is NOT a climate emergency. The planet has been warmer and colder in the past with both more and less CO2 and has lived on quite successfully. Third if New Zealand stopped emitting CO2 and related gasses entirely it would have absolutely zero effect on the planets climate as we are such miniscule emitters in any case. If we did pursue this course it would totally destroy our country and New Zealand’s economy for absolutely NO BENEFIT. In fact, as other less efficient producers will take up the slack with supposed ADVERSE effects on the planet the reverse is more likely. Fourth why is China considered a developing country in Global Warming circles when it is trying to dominate the world both economically and militarily. In New Zealand our emissions are far superseded by the NEW coal fired power stations being built in China daily. Fifth my understanding of the Paris accord was that food production was to be for all intents disregarded in quota management. BY WHAT MEASURE DO YOU THINK THAT MAN CAN CONTROL THE VERY DIVERSE AND DYNAMIC CLIMATE? ‘New Zealand needs to cut its carbon emissions. National supports New Zealand’s emissions targets, including reaching carbon net zero by 2050. And that means reducing agriculture emissions over time’ Please explain why? Yes, I can appreciate that New Zealand needs to do its bit in the world economy or at least be seen to be doing something. The ETS will achieve that and MORE. Please explain why we need to lead the world in the destruction of our economy? Some established facts, well at least in my mind 1 The climate has not warmed over the last 15 years with an increase in the global concentration of CO2. Hence the name change from Global Warming to Climate Change 2 How many of the Doomsayers predictions over the last 40 or so years (Al Gore, Prince Charles, Tim Flannery etc.) that we only have ten years to save the planet have come true? ABSOLUTELY NONE! 3 Why have the Polar Bears increased in number? And why has the ice covering of the Arctic not vanished? 4 Why is the Carbon Sequestering of all the grasses and native trees (Including in our parks etc.) not being used to establish the mythical carbon zero targets? I could go on but won’t. On top of these facts why are Fossil Fuels being so demonised. Surely the benefits gained by their use should be considered alongside their so called bad effects. By this I mean the ability of man to feed himself, to protect himself, and live far more productive lives since the onset of fossil fuelled machinery placed survival lower in the scale of needs. A book by Alex Epstein covers this topic (Fossil Future). I will finish this by saying that I would support a Political Party that stood for the market deciding the future and not bureaucrats who don’t stand to lose a single cent when their ideas fail. Yours Cookie
How much longer do we have to wait before she sees the writing on the wall a gets out of politics before she is pushed out? Maurice
Labour and our so called prime minister are nuts. Another huge increase in basic foods. And the country further down the drain. One has to ask what their mental state is? Kevin
It’s all about her international brand. Ardern is marketing herself to the WEF-UN by ruining farmers and putting meat out of reach of many. Trevor
The damage that is being done to our country just never ends! Debra
they will just make food more expensive. I have multiple health issues and have to go back to work to survive as it is… Jodi
Bloody ridiculous. Les
How do we stop this incessant insanity? We can’t afford another 3 months of this stupidity let alone wait for the next election. Diana
Insane. Leonard
Definitely scrapped Monica
Totally and immediately. A tax on livestock emissions won’t make one iota difference to them. They are driven by the solar system, not man. We are getting more and more ridiculous as time passes and it will finish farmers off if it goes ahead. Helen
Whoopee Cushion awarded to Jacinda Ardern Bruce
Ardern and the Labour govt are all mentally retarded. How will New Zealanders be able to afford basics ? Meat, milk, butter, cheese, etc will all increase in price substantially. Allan
This proposed tax must not proceed or New Zealand’s economy will be severely damaged. Ted
Adern’s intent is about stroking her ideology and the UN climate deception rubbish – nothing about supporting NZ. She is a deceitful liar and is a danger to this country. linton
roll on the next election! John
Most of JA’s policies have ended in chaos and this is no different John
If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!!! Brian
And why would National appoint a failed MP with no agricultural history (Todd Muller) to be agricultural spokesman at this crucial time. Doesn’t make sense. Gerry
No question it should be scrapped, Caren
She%u2019s an idiot! Clayton
Dairy farmer of 40 years. This is madness! Bill
Ardern needs to be scrapped as well! Karen
Destructive to NZ’s economy bryan
Barking mad!!!!! Robert
Total madness to proceed with this. Adhern is just a selfish glory chaser for self gain Dianne
Everything that silly socialist bitch Jacinda touches turns to shit. No wonder she has become the most hated and reviled person in New Zealand (except for Nania Mahuta and her mates, who she’s sucking up to) Yep, livestock emmissions is just another unfolding fiasco, particularly in light of the fact that New Zealand’s overall emmissions footprint is so small it’s hardly measurable on the world’s scale Trevor
Useless labour Allan
Thought up by pea brained morons Michael
Absolutely scrapped. Staggered that someone with such irrationality still remains in office. Judith
Utter stupidity and grandstanding by Adern Jude
Persuade China India US first. John
Sheer madness….and sabotage of our national economy exports john
How stupid can she get Graeme
She is just virtue signalling to the world. She will bankrupt this country at y this rate. Steve
This is gross stupidity – grass absorbs CO2 but does not gain any carbon credits which should offset a large level of livestock emissions. David
Absolute craziness, there is no logical basis to the proposals, we are world leading agriculturally and we need to consider our domestic and international economies. Paula
mega stupid is an apt description of Ardern and the Labour loonies Collin
The sooner we deport that yapping woman and her plastic man friend to the Auckland Islands the better. What stupid nonsense this livestock emissions tax will be. Keith
Lunacy! But thats Ardern all over Andy
Her tax and herself should both be scrapped as soon as possible russell
The global warming has been a hoax from start to finish. Are humans so stupid they cannot adapt to climate change whether it be warming or cooling? Catherine
Of course they should, another example of the loonie left’s virtue signalling madness. Bart
It’s the Epstein plan for farmers. They’re going to be ‘suicided’. Lunacy. Tyranny. Graham
Of course they should be scrapped like her. The amount of damage this woman and he government could do before the next elections is quite worrying Lawrie
Stupidity to the max. NZ is a very small drop in a very big ocean. Her ‘team’ of idiot consultants are trying to do the impossible while bigger countries i.e. China and USA do nothing to control their emissions. Jacinda’s decision is a joke!! Lauree & Ralph
It is counter to the Paris Agreement. Gregar
It will be destructive of the local economy and harmful to the population Bryan
Those born stupid, remain stupid ! Insisting on giving change for $20. a customer having kindly informed you he gave you $10 is a sure sign of stupidity. Ask the people of Matamata ! charles
Absolute madness. Where are our good politicians in all this? Why are they not standing up for the people. john
It is not just the all – out political foolishness – it is in the face of solid science. Ref: William Wijngaarden an Atmospheric physicists. Maurice
It’s utter madness based upon a non-fact based idiotic ideology peddled by vegetarian morons Greg
Unbelievable idiots Evan
Led on by Labour’s own mentalness for perfection adern has looped the loop on this. When bigger offending countries take the lead by example, Only then New Zealand could review its position regard this matter. Been occurring since time started. mike
Scrap Ardern. Rob
Agree completely rural communities will disappear foreign funded pine tree plantations instead of arable productive farm land Jennie
It is economic suicide. James
Unbelievably stupid , all part of Jacinda’s plan if there is one lindsay
Another dictatorial edict from our communist PM get rid of the whole Labour Party Gvprice
Cannot believe the level of stupidity that the current government has collectively. It is led by a PM hell-bent on destroying the gains this county has made over the last 150-200 years Richie
While I think changes need to be made to the way we farm and grow as we move to a more, for example permacultural philosophy, this is not the way. Athina
Will someone please give that awful woman a science lesson! Mark
This government has definitely “lost the Plot” The farmers are doing a great job and are being unfairly disrespected for their hardworking contributions to society. Robin
It’s madness David
Pathetically a stupid idea Jacinta and her stupid govt are a pathetic bunch of absolute nutters get rid of them all Barbara
Bloody ridiculous idea Kate
The most stupid tax yet!! I do not believe this woman! We want to feed the world and do so in the cleanest way of any country in the world!!! Sandra
her tax and herself glenny
Scrap it! It is also appalling that Maori farmers don’t have to pay (obviously their cattle and sheep are superior and don’t’ emit gas). So J A is shooting herself in both feet. Not only mega stupidity but racist as well. Pam
Very unscientific ian
This knee jerk government is on the way out, bring on an early election. Ken
NO NO NO.THIS IS UTTER STUPIDITY What is it with this PM and government that they are determined to ruin NZ. Our farmers are amongst the best in the world and they look after the land and animals.Leave them alone. Get real JA. Robina
Get rid of the lunacy Frank 
It is total insanity! Peter
Not only should it be scrapped, it MUST be scrapped. Jurgis
Poster child for NWO Laughing stock of the rest of the World Pasonification of delusional intellect.CCP are happy Zoran
I’m reluctant to think this but Ardern seems to be deliberately destroying the very basis of New Zealand society in order to move on to a plum U.N. post when she’s done. And most of our M.P..s don’t raise a whimper. David
power has gone to ardern’s head and while she is swanning off for more ‘look at me’ photo shoots for her cv, her country is being killed off by her maori caucus. I am not the only New Zealander planning a move across the ditch due to labour and the tooth fairy. watch out NZCPR, your days are numbered having freedom of speech, make the most of it before this new ‘entity’ comes into being. Sharron
This now makes it more than obvious that this leader is a devoted communist who is not interested in the future well being of New Zealand but only her selfish self. We have to refuse to pay such stupid taxes in the interest of the people living in this country Tom
Great coverage on this proposed madness Muriel. David
She’s a looney tunes Lyn
Madness!!! Gary
The muppet show continues. This has little to do about carbon and all to do about virtue signalling to the WEF control freaks. NZ farmers thrown under the bus to make Jacinda look good on the world stage. Lee
Absolutely dumb. Andrew
Who does this madwoman think will pay for her stupidity ? Its the lower and middle class, through massive food cost increases. Brett
And whilst we are on the job, scrap Jacinda at the same time, then move on to scrapping the rest of her party. Vernon
This is part of the WEF plan to destroy Western democracies. Ardern knows exactly what she is doing to that end. How could anyone hate their country so much? David
This nutter GOVT needs to go before they completely ruin our economy and democracy. Adern’s rascist, undemocratic & economically suicidal plans will destroy NZ as we know it. Surely the huge herds of bison in past American history would have produced many times emmisions than all NZ’s livestock put together, yet the world still exists, 200 years later. Where is the opposition to these insane policies (apart from public opposition who are then labelled rascist) the only party I hear/read of speaking out is consistantly is ACT. We need a snap election….NOW, before the productive poulation flees (ie South Africa). This Labour, Maori party, Greens coalition are rascist, undemocratic and economic imbeciles. Short of civil unrest/war, how do we stop them? Yet another Labour appointed patsy Govener General will to nothing. Andrew
Ardern’s Globalist horror show runs on lies, bioweapons and grand larceny. Time to end it. Robert
Proposal is just STUPID Eric
This policy along with the many others are designed to break our country. Sven
Just another Tax Grab using the agenda of Climate Change, Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, allegiance to WEF. It’s all an evil plot to conformity, Smart Cities etc. Annie
No mention has been made of the $300 million going to subside Maori farmers affected by this mad scheme Arthur
The woman’s stupidity knows no bounds. Michele
Roll on Sept 2023 Mike
Some ideas from the PM are deeply coated in a serious dose of insanity….A snap election will be the best prescription. Chris
This crazy scheme must be stopped-Ardern is deliberately trying to bankrupt this country to give herself more power Carol
Thrown in the gut hole along with all politicians supporting 2030 agenda. neil
madness Paul
a mad and very bad policy – it must not be made law Cec
SHE should be SCRAPPED as well. Coral
absolutely ludicrous. Anyone can see that it won’t make any difference to world emmissions, so what the heck is the point. lynne
Immediately Eleanor
Wants to completely destroy farming any way she can cheryl
Mega stupidity Graham
The ideological madness of Net Zero anything must stop Mark
Absolutely Clare
Jacinda needs to join Putin and be a target for a drone chris
If the average farmer’s income drops by 20%, this will reduce their taxable income. The reduced tax take will have to be met by tax increases for the average NZer. That is most town citizens will have to pay more tax to balance the Shortfall. Has treasury been asked to make projections on this? tony
A typical act of madness, that can’t be allowed to happen Graham
It’s all about Jacinda. A snake in the grass or just another Al Gore indoctrinated person? David
More of Adern’s self centred nonsense that NZ will have to pay for. Sacrificing NZ for what she thinks are her prospects overseas once she looses the PM job. Which is highly likely. Rob
Has our narcissistic tyrant finally gone MAD ? All mayors and councils must immediately start protest meetings with their constituents leading on to politicians . Jacqueline
Totally illogical piece of nonsense. Diana
Because its a stupid decision. Mike
Utter stupidity Howard
What is missing from the paper i that there is significant methane seepage from the Hikurangi fault off the East Coast. Also, there are some old papers that suggest that rooting seaweed produces methane. This could be significant in NZ with our extensive coastline.Never mid daer Jacinda will do a’ King Canute’ job and tell it all to disappear! I am not sure about National. either. Their ag spokesperson recently said ‘cull the cows! Layor
There is very little left in New Zealand that Ardern and her monkeys with their tiny brains have not already destroyed. This article is very well written and shows very clear evidence of the damage and total destruction that is happening to our country from racism to the economy itself….. all thanks to Ardern! Des
and the smiling assassin should be scrapped as well – she is evil. anna
I have just joined farm and hope others will. Chuck
Over three-quarters of the planet’s methane comes from natural sources such as wetlands, with the balance produced by landfills, rice paddies, and livestock. Since New Zealand has only one percent of the world%u2019s farmed ruminants the actual contribution of Kiwi livestock to methane in the atmosphere is almost too small to measure. If the above is true – does the Government know this? Jan
Words elude me!! Talk about insane, this is it. B***y communists. Ian
It serves NO purpose in the global scheme of things. In fact it actively makes things worse. The concept of reducing emission efficient agricultural products and replacing them with emission intensive products is very easy to grasp and yet our PM can’t, or more likely won’t, see it. It’s Jacinda preening on the world stage, applauded by our Climate Change Stooge, James Shaw. Two politicians among many that are not fit to govern and rarely have their citizens best interests at heart. Just their own warped wacko agenda. Derek
Jacinda is insane chris
So other countries can take our meat and dairy quotas that produce more emissions than we do. Where is the sense in that? Rose
Ardern doesn’t have a clue how important the farming industry is to this country. She is simply driven by her ideology and stupidity. Gifford
Absolutely so stupid it smacks of treason! Ray
Utter madness. Christopher
The so called science the government is using to justify the emissions tax on farmers is extremely flawed. I believe your government’s intention is to drive farmers into bankruptcy. The rest of the world aren’t complying. The measures your government wants to take are draconian and tyrannical. Stop destroying our farming economy. Grant
This policy is unbelievably stupid, even for her. Isn’t ANYONE in Labour thinking straight or are they all too scared? Pauline
Contravenes Paris Agreement Mary
It is absolutely bloody stupid. Jacinda should be locked up as she is a danger to NZ and to demacracy 1984 is with us now in so many ways. Ray
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid…..!! Colin
Those who live in the city have no idea how the country supports them. I have no ambition to eat pine needle sandwiches, in fact my digestive system could not cope with them. Florence
Stop this contravening of the Paris Agreement immediately. How is labour getting away with flouting international law. Ardern is betraying democracy by destroying farmers and farming land will be sold to overseas communists for forestry and starvation and poverty for kiwis will be the norm. WAKE UP NZ before it is too late. Brenda
Scrapped without delay. Rhys
How about destroying any other geese in the pen while they’re at it. they’re doing well so far. Useless twits. They really are neck deep in dumb ideology that is destroying NZ .Now they’ve tabled a name change for NZ as well, just to complete the image destruction built up over decades. – You’re right Muriel. mega stupidity – on all fronts. One things for absolute sure, this ‘absolute power’ of governments must end Carolyn
This Government is intent on ruining our country by every means possible. This the latest. I could list all the sabotage sharon
Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!! Shane
We simply cannot afford to endure this bovine pack of morons for another year. They need to go Now! Charles
Ideology gone mad !! On farm plantings MUST be included and many farms would then be carbon neutral. imagine the emissions toll when a pine plantation or two burn to the ground and they will. peter
It is a totally dumb, virtue-signalling, idiotic idea that only dumb socialists could dream up. Jackie
Should definitely be scrapped, along with the PM. clive
Not only scrap this tax but this PM also. Needs to go ASAP. Heather
One of the craziest acts of Parliament the world has ever seen. The good news to Come out of this fiasco is the lunatics will be booted out of the asylum next year. StevoC
This yet another Jacinda Ardern MEGA STUPID PLAN to reduce New Zealand to a less than Third World Country. Michael
Jacinda’s proposal is an absolute treasonable offence to our country. Chris
A blatant attempt to sabotage our economy, it’s in poor shape already. And as for the climate change nonsense, the climate changes in cycles, nothing to do with our miniscule emissions. Rod
Just another tax – Who in their right mind can believe that giving Money to the NZ Govt will affect any climate change john
Every climate change policy by this labour government has resulted in increased cost to the team of 5 million. No oil, no gas, no marsden point. One does wonder whether the greedy corporate entities have had a hand in this? chocolate factories, shoes, whiteware, dairy, meat, clothing, forestry, banking, telecommunications, airports all designed in NZ, now part of the corporate offshore greed. It is past time we stopped fighting ourselves and protected our future. We are one country, one family!! raymond
UN A21-30 is starting the bite now, we better keep weaving and take on these lunatics in Wellers.. wayne
Mega stupidity is right! Luke & raewyn 
She is like a drunk driver at the wheel, we need to do a pit maneuver Dave
Why cannot the govt find a way of actually helping farmers. Any decisions about emissions should be made with this in mind. Michael
it will increase the cost (further) to NZers food. The average Kiwi is already subsidizing exports and cannot afford food cost increases Jaime
Ardern is just a dumb arse idiot, and she is hell bent on stuffing New Zealand at every opportunity she gets Her incompetence shows no bounds. Peter
What a ridiculous idea the Labour Party has!! The tax should not be allowed to proceed. Murray
Economic suicide built on a desire to get a medal on the world stage Mike
Lunacy Grant
Farmers struggle enough without this added burden. June
I believe “mega stupidity” as a label seriously downplays the evil of this policy. Mega Treason would be a more accurate description of this proposed action. Ardern is supposed to be representing the hopes, aspirations, and well-being of the people of New Zealand. What an abject failure! Graham
Scrap it for sure, just as we will scrap the Labour Government next year Lets hope National have the balls to follow through on their promises to scrap it if it goes ahead. David
Scrap it. It will just increase emissions as dirtier nations fill the void. A vacuum is soon filled. It is not the only Labour disaster brought to attention this week. Health is an absolute train wreck. Andrew Little trumpeting that no Government has put more money into health than the current Government. Problem is the money has been going to establish a left wing ideological Health Department instead of to areas where is should be going like wages, training, new innovative machinery , methods and drugs. A complete disaster with health professionals leaving the country in droves. Will the last one out empty the bed pans please. Also had Ardern trumpeting about their free trade deal successes particularly the EU agreement. The opportunity was there to make it a reasonable deal but it appears O’Connor was there to practice his misere skills. Another trumpeting exercise from red Rob and his inflation success from 7.3% to 7.2%. Doesn’t take much to get him excited. More to come from that quarter. He would do better to going back to the puzzles on the cornies packet. Are white dairy farmers selling up and moving once more to places like South Australia? A trickle at this time but expecting it to be a growth area with foreign nationals picking up the land for pine lots? I would say Ardern has so wrecked this country it could well be irrecoverable. Terry
Scrap all emission policies. Use our natural resources. Make New Zealand great again. Restore the economy, reducing inflation. Stop grandstanding Labour to the detriment of our country. Jacquetta
Scrap the emissions tax, scrap all climate policies, scrap Labour!  Gordon
Introducing climate policies when the major emitters are expanding emissions is ridiculous. Everything should be put on hold. If Labour won’t do it, that’s what National should do when they get in.  Murray
Nature controls the climate not mankind.  Nigel
Scrap this tax and all of the other climate policies. They are all nuts! Gay
National and ACT need to ramp up their opposition to these stupid policies. Why should NZ’s economy be voluntarily sacrificed, when it won’t make a scrap of difference. Jacinda Ardern is undermining our economic resilience for no good reason.  John