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Labour’s Decline

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As we finish the second year of Jacinda Ardern’s premiership of the only majority Government to have been elected outright under our MMP voting system, two polls and a by-election spell bad news for Labour.

Taken chronologically, Monday’s 1News Kantar poll showed support for Labour continues to slide, down 1 to 33 percent – the lowest ranking since before the 2017 election. National increased 1 to 38, ACT rose 2 to 11, the Greens were steady on 9, and the Maori Party steady on 2.

On those results, National and ACT would have the numbers to govern with 64 MPs.

Jacinda Ardern is also on the slippery slope in the preferred Prime Minister stakes, falling from the heady heights of over 60 percent support to 29 – her lowest rating since becoming Prime Minister. Meanwhile National’s Chris Luxon is on the rise, now ranking at 23 percent.

Tuesday’s Roy Morgan poll was much more brutal. It painted a devastating picture of a collapsing Labour vote – down 3.5 to 25.5 percent, the lowest level of support for the Party since June 2017 – before Jacinda Ardern became leader.

In fact, it was in response to a One News poll in mid-2017 showing Labour only fractionally lower at 24 percent that former Labour leader Andrew Little stepped aside.

On the current levels of polling, Labour would lose more than 30 of its 64 MPs at the next election. As a result, a number of those Labour MPs are now signalling they intend moving on, with the PM expected to announce some resignations before the House rises for Christmas.

Meanwhile, the poll showed support for National is on the rise – up 7 to 39 percent – and while ACT lost 1.5 to 11, at 50 percent, the two parties would have the numbers to govern.

The Greens fell 3.5 to 12, the Maori Party rose 1 to 4, and New Zealand First was steady on 3.5.

The poor performance of Labour was not only reflected in a decline in confidence in the Government, which has dropped to a record low, but also in those who think the country is ‘heading in the wrong direction’ – up 5 to a record high of 55 percent compared to a 7 percent drop to 35 percent in those who believe New Zealand is ‘heading in the right direction’.

Roy Morgan’s in-depth breakdown of voter support showed for the first time more women are supporting National and ACT at 44.5 percent, than Labour and the Greens at 42.5 percent, with support more pronounced amongst those who are older.  

The difference for men is much more defined – 55 percent support National and ACT with the support of older men aged 50+ at 66 percent, compared to younger men aged 18-49 at 44.5 percent. In comparison, 32.5 of men support Labour and the Greens, with older men at 29.5 percent and younger at 35 percent.

Further analysis shows that both the Green and Maori parties rely almost entirely on the support of young people. Clearly, exploiting impressionable young voters with radical agenda-driven narratives pays dividends: for the Greens, supporting their extremist climate policies is the only way to save the planet, and for the Maori Party, supporting Maori supremacy is the only way to alleviate repression and inequality. It’s therefore little wonder that both parties are strong advocates for lowering the voting age.

Saturday’s by-election in Hamilton West  was a definitive win for National’s Tama Potaka. He gained 46 percent of the vote, compared to Labour on 30 percent, ACT on 10 percent, and former Labour MP Gaurav Sharma on 8 percent.

National will be buoyed by their success. The seat is regarded as a reliable ‘bellwether’ of the electorate’s mood and is usually won by the party of Government.

For Labour, it’s another clear message that the electorate no longer wants what they are delivering, with many commentators now saying the Ardern administration is the worst government ever.

Labour seems to lack the ability to do even the basics well. This is exemplified by the fact that New Zealand’s cost-of-living crisis is largely of their own making.

Auckland University’s Professor Robert MacCulloch explains that a simple formula used by central banks around the world to control inflation is to raise the Official Cash Rates by one percent for every one percentage increase in inflation. With New Zealand’s annual inflation jumping from 1.5 percent in March 2021 to 6.9 percent in March 2022 and the Reserve Bank increasing the OCR by only a little over one percent during that period, it’s clear that not nearly enough was done:

“After keeping the cash rate so low for so long and embarking on a $53 billion Quantitative Easing programme, the bank is now in panic mode. Those having trouble paying back their mortgages in the next few years can blame our RBNZ Governor and Finance Minister. They encouraged a borrowing binge to buy houses at wildly inflated prices, financed by dirt cheap credit, turning a blind eye to the breach of the target to which they mutually agreed and not learning the lessons of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.”

Exacerbating the rising price of goods and services is the increasing cost of carbon. This is a direct result of the Prime Minister’s obsession with being seen to be leading the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But imposing restrictions onto New Zealand when major emitters intend dramatically increasing emissions for the next thirty years, is madness.

Then there’s the disaster of falling education standards and rising truancy rates, the escalating crime-wave, the crisis in health care, the increasing homelessness and poverty, a seeming inability to address the country’s critical shortage of workers – and so it goes on. Almost every area of government touched by Jacinda Ardern’s administration has failed.

In addition, major reforms have been undertaken to benefit iwi leaders without any mandate from voters – as the Three Waters debacle shows only too clearly. They lied to councils that the scheme was optional when it was always going to be compulsory. They claimed councils would still own their assets while confiscating them without compensation. They promised massive consumer savings that will never materialise. They used a model that independent analysis exposed as faulty. They engaged in an unconstitutional attempt to entrench policy to bind future Parliaments. And they failed to disclose to the public that the primary objective of the reforms is passing control of all water in New Zealand – freshwater, stormwater, wastewater, coastal water, and geothermal water – to Maori tribal leaders.

Only Labour voted in favour of the Bill – all other parties were opposed. And now two more Three Waters bills have been tabled – the Water Services Legislation Bill HERE to transfer assets from local authorities to the Water Services Entities, and the Water Services Economic Efficiency and Consumer Protection Bill HERE to establish an economic regulator.

More significantly, Three Waters has exposed the fact that New Zealand is now being co-governed by Maori. Nanaia Mahuta has assumed the mantle of a de-facto Prime Minister, blatantly flouting Cabinet rules and acting as a law unto herself as she pursues her legacy project of delivering control of New Zealand’s water – along with all the financial benefits that will flow – to iwi, including to her own Tainui tribe. 

The scale of this transfer of power and wealth through co-governance is eye-watering. It amounts to an effective mass privatisation of key New Zealand assets, as control is stripped from the public and passed into the hands of some of the biggest private businesses in the country. Instead of elected officials being in charge and acting in the public interest, unaccountable tribal representatives will be driven by self-interest.

It is astonishing hypocrisy from Labour – a party that not only rails against privatisation and the accumulation of private wealth but feigns to value democracy and individual rights.

But after two years of the Ardern Government, we have now learned that they have no respect for New Zealand’s core values of freedom and democracy. With their jack boots, they have trampled over our traditional culture as they attempt to divide our society and crush our spirit.

But Kiwis are not for crushing. We may be slow to react to acts of aggression from government, which we generally consider to be working in our best interests, but when a line is crossed, we will not take it lying down.

So why is Jacinda Ardern losing the support of voters?

The simple reason is that she cannot be trusted. Of her litany of lies, some stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Claiming to be an open and transparent government, whilst running the most secretive and devious administration in our history.

Emulating George Orwell by claiming to be New Zealand’s single source of truth: “I want to send a clear message to the New Zealand public: We will continue to be your single source of truth.”

Entrenching globalist agendas without informing the public – including the United Nations Agenda 2030, and the World Economic Forum’s ‘great reset’.

Using the UN’s Paris Agreement to restrict farming – in direct contravention of article 2, which prohibits governments from enacting climate policies that threaten food production.

Then there’s ‘co-governance’ – not only failing to inform the public that her He Puapua goal of tribal rule was being introduced under the guise of implementing the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, but denying the agenda was underway even as power-sharing arrangements with iwi leaders were established.

With health and polytechs already controlled by iwi, and now Three Waters, is the proposed new public broadcaster the next in line, or will it be the conservation estate – or what about the whole of local government?

The ambition of Maori supremacists knows no bounds.

And how has Jacinda Ardern responded to those who are taking a stand and challenging her radical idealism? By labelling their views as misinformation or disinformation and turning the media and government agencies against them.  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is former District Court Judge David Harvey, with his comprehensive analysis of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s on-going attack on the freedom of expression, in which he concludes she has “the mindset of a tyrant”:

“Ms Ardern is possessed of a high sense of the righteousness of her cause. She does not debate ideas. She rejects them or refutes the premises of opposition without engaging in debate. She therefore avoids confronting the uncomfortable reality that she may be wrong. And by rejecting and refuting she adopts an air of superiority that views dissent as evil and, because it has become ‘weaponized’ it is too dangerous to allow.

“But for her it is dissent that is the enemy. Ms Ardern does not want a single voice raised against her. This is the most common cry of the 21st-century authoritarian – that contrarian speech can have a destabilising and even life-threatening impact, especially if it concerns big crises like climate change or Covid-19.

“So ‘climate deniers’ are a threat to the future of the human race and thus may be legitimately silenced. ‘Lockdown deniers’ threaten to encourage the spread of viral infection and thus may be legitimately gagged. The spectre of crisis is cynically used to clamp down on anyone who dissents from the new global consensus.”

The reality is that Jacinda Ardern has a delusional view of how the rest of us should live. She clearly has no regard for our rights as free citizens, or our traditions as a representative democracy: ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’.

With the power of the state at her fingertips, she is dangerous.

It’s no wonder that Kiwis are disillusioned and no longer trust the Prime Minister.

That’s why she’s falling in the polls.

The sooner she leaves office, the safer New Zealand will be.

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100% they have.. Ardern is a deposed Tyrant. The 15 part maoris have taken over NZ. This was treason in the past. This Govt needs to be removed now. Kevin
She’s single handedly ruining our way of life Glen
Frankly, I would not be surprised if there is no general election in 2023. The record of the last 5 years is an appalling one, from firearm confiscations and restrictions on small business and farming to co-governance and everything in between. G
With its secret He Pua Pua agenda and the forcing of legislation though the House without consultation, Labour has totally undermined democracy in New Zealand Doug
We are appalled at the happenings in Parliament. Jacinda is no leader. Suspect she is being led by the Maori Caucus with a specific agenda – a road to apartheid. lesley
just given it the two fingers Nev
Maori activists, Mahutu escpecially, have Ardern on their collective kittke finger. Michael
Without question! Warren
They have sold us down the river. The most lying, deceitful administration in our history. John
Astonishingly deceitful strategy of undermining democracy in NZ politics by Jacinda and colleagues. Too many lies and obfuscations whilst claiming to be the reliable source of truth. Extremely damaging to NZ’s future and ACT/National must have firm resolve to undo the damage ASAP. Peter
Absolutely and illegally so. Pam
Absolutely,!! Susan
Yes it certainly has and New Zealands Democracy will erode further as some come into effect later and to repeal all those that have been past will take years and a lot of [pain to remedy .We are in for a rough ride thanks to that useless cow and her motley crew and those robbing Maori bastards. ken
Well and truly. With New Zealand having a communistic government now governing in this country we the population of this country are being denied our normal way of life and democracy. We as country are being conditioned to accept all new regulations (brained washed) by this government so we become autocratic nation like those in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba just to name a few. All media in New Zealand can no longer criticize the government through their acceptance of the $55 million dollar bribe they have been given. In other words they must publish the government propaganda be that print, TV, or radio. Cyril
Irrevocably Rob
Winston Churchill said that Democracy was the worst possible form of government – apart from all the others that have been tried so far and he may have been right. I agree that some of us voters are probably woefully lacking in the skills required to efficiently run our own lives, let alone an entire country, but we can always hope that any seriously idiotic voters will cancel each other out and rational thinking may prevail. So, all things considered, I am for democracy. Maybe with safeguards though, such as those in the Swiss system with recourse to a public referendum on all major contentious issues. I think that such a provision would have given us the chance to scupper most of the awful policies of our present far from democratic government Mark
This cannot go unchallenged and the damage that has been done by this government is beyond belief. A new incoming government is going to have one hell of a mess to clean up starting with repealing the theft of our water, returning the health system to all New Zealanders and all the other undemocratic antics this dishonest government has been up to. They must be got rid of and soon Heather
Worst Government in my lifetime Ian
YES,YES,YES, ABSOLUTELY. Who owns the water? the state owns the water which is the people of this country which is everyone, NOT just a few, like the i want it TRIBE being (IWI). Go back to when Helen Clark was in power IWI went to court for the foreshore and sea bed and LOST. But they lost and they have been crying ever since only this time they have some radicals in the government caucas that are pushing their agenda and that Nanaia Mahuta AS CHEIF is running this country NOT Jacinda Ardern, shes just letting this bunch of crying baby’s take control. When Winston Peters was in power with Labour people used to say he was wagging the tail, and by the way he put a STOP to this THREE WATERS crap and everything else that Jacinda wanted to do, but do you ever here people saying that the Maoris are wagging the tail, NO, but they sure the HELL ARE, people need to speak up and tell it for what it is and don’t worry about being called racist because its the truth. Who the hell do they think they are and how come a very small group can be allowed to make laws that in pack so much SHIT on the rest of us. Come on people its pass time to kick this lot to the curb and get rid, and once they are gone keep them gone for a buddy long time, this has been the worst government that i can remember in my seventy years. They say they are the first people to come to New Zealand which is a complete LOAD OF SHIT, but they just don’t want to know about that, but its the same old sorry if you cry about it long enough you will get so suckers to listen and give into you, just like children do when they want something.But like Winston says if you want something get of your ass and work for it, don’t just keep crying for it. Unless we the people of this country do something about getting rid of this bunch of clowns we will all regret it, wake up they are changing the names of our towns, city;s, government departments, they are all over our radios, tv’s, you name it changing the name of our country the list just goes on and on, we are becoming another South Africa and the LAND WARS are about to begin if we don’t act. This election is our only chance to get rid of this bunch once and for all. COLIN
Muriel why dont we try to raise money to put full page ads in the major news out lets around the country with 2.5 degree story which ends the climate crisis, as its not going to get told otherwise. Craig
Absolutely. Definitely. Positively. Marie
The Labour Govt is destroying NZ!! John
Blatantly obvious Adrian
why do you not talk about geoengineering that is taking place in NZ (and over the whole world) ron
Absolutely they have undermined democracy in New Zealand. Undermined is far too mild as an adjective. Destroyed democracy altogether and freedom of speech. Ardern is an outrage and Mahuta is a Maori Sovereignty Warrior who is upstaging Ardern every step of the way. The people of New Zealand are definitely, in a very dangerous situation. Dianna
The worst government of them all… Jock
Oh, hell yes! Every thing that she has done is against Democracy! She wants Totalitarianism, total State control & under the control of a One World Government. So obvious! Valerie
The Labour government has ENDED democracy in New Zealand. Admittedly it didn’t start with Labour, it started with Key’s National government that needlessly indebted to the nation to the World Bank, and the IMF (with their secret contractual terms that, among other things, privatized New Zealands strategic assets under the lie of “Mum and Dad” investors), and the refusal to listen to the people’s voice by calling a referendum with 88% support “not binding”. Adern has just finished what Key started, albeit more monstrously and without the any finesse. But there is a simple fact at play here: without a Fourth Estate, i.e a free and independent media that holds power to account, there can be no democracy. Our Fourth Estate is an horrifically withered corpse, reanimated to serve the whims of a legion of unelected Globalist masters. We are little more than serfs, soon to be landless, not free citizens in a fair and just society. And as Mark Twain said “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”. Jasmine
Yes. New Zealand will lose what little democracy we have left next year unless we demand from our politicians, one person one vote and a color blind law, end of the TOW and compensations. Enough is Enough. The New Zealand spirit is being crushed; after that comes anger and resentment. Sam
And many others. where their populations are denied many human rights, that we used to enjoy in this country. The current government (bribe) payment of $55 million dollars to all public media companies we now only hear or read propaganda from the ruling party. There is no longer and independent views/thoughts published by those media outlets. Cyril
bad bad news. she will go this time STAN
I think all of our problems in the world today stem from the United Nations and the WEF and until we are removed completely from their clutches, our problems will continue. John
Without doubt. Tim
They certainly have! Rosemary
The PM is a devious, self-serving bitch of the highest order. William
Absolutely and this is no joke. To be realistic this country is TOAST ! To win back freedom we are going to have to fight for what we took for granted all my long life. What a pathetic nation we have become ! Treason is a terrible crime against ones country and must be paid for with swift retribution when this reign of terror has ended. In many countries they would not consider waiting for elections; they would act now and throw Labour and the Fourth Estate into the streets.. Enjoy Christmas because this could be the last peaceful one before everything turns ugly. John
most definitely, there should be no use of TIKANGA whatsoever. gerard
This Labour government has cynically exploited maori and unrealistically raised the expectations of maori by condoning ‘partnership’ to an unrealistic status which is having devisive effects on the NZ population. Francis
Ardern,Mahoota, Davis, Jackson, Allen and the rest of the commie crime gang racists are about to jump a sinking ship…. but first the have to be tried for… TREASON !!! David
Very much so! Bridget
Lets get rid of these people NOW Mike
The sooner the she and the 15 Maori cuacus are removed the better NZ will be. She has become a caucus puppet and has lost control as the recent Q&A program exposed Blair
from the time labour and the corrupt so called leader and her cronies ruled they have slowly but surely destroyed democracy in this country, and she had the check to call the ACT leader an arrogant ***** , she’s been one since she got into politics and got worse since in government by being a lair. Richard
The most corrupt government ever Allan
With the most devious bunch of spinners our Country NEW ZEALAND has ever known. Colin
There is no doubt the the Ardern communist led government is destroying this country by directly contravening the New Zealand Bill of rights Act 1990 Roger
It is obvious to anybody with half a brain that democracy is under attack by Ardern and Mahuta, the co-PM. The planks of authoritarianism are being laid through health, education, justice, policing, local government so that, before we know it, our rights have been usurped and we are controlled by the iwi elite. This is the most dangerous government ever in the history of NZ. Wake up NZ! Kerry
She is the most dangerous politician to hold office in New Zealand. I truly thought we would have our first Assassination of an MP in New Zealand. Is it possible to charge her and Mahuta with Treason against the people of New Zealand???? William
The debate on representative democracy will never end until the Treaty of Waitangi problem of Rangatiratanga/Sovereignty or Kawanatanga/Governorship is settled in law. Then we can move forward as one country & one people. Ian
Incredibly so, and so sneaky Paul
Very Much so. The sooner the tyrant is gone, the better for all of us. Kath
These socialist brats have caused severe damage to this country Martyn
Undermined, trodden-on and vapourised democracy as only a true Marxist can do. David
For example my city of Tauranga does not have a city council. There is no democratic process associated with the current overpaid batch of commissioners John
This is the most corrupt and incompetent government NZ has ever had by far. She is out to destroy democracy in our once great country just to further her ambition to get into the UN and the WEF. We need a snap election asap. Peter
they are stealing our water infrastructure assets despite widespread objections. bruce
Who could deny it – it’s all too obvious. Marie
2023 election can’t arrive quick enough Peter
The Labour Government is a racialist Dictatorship other than in name. Matthew
Absolutely yes! Elizabeth
She/they are communist tyrants. Russell
This current Labour party became the Government because many people trusted them. They have betrayed every person who did so! Kevan
Authoritarian, dictatorial, underhanded, incompetent, threatening etc Rod
For years now. Yes she has the problem of any tyrant-pride Ian
Undermined, Muriel surely you are being magnanimous , more liked been jumped on with both feet wearing size 12 hob mail boots. Never in the history of NZ has the population been treated with so much contempt and abuse of power by a Prime Minister and Government. The mere fact that she has started lashing out at fellow politicians such as David Seymour shows that she has really lost the plot and she really needs to do the decent thing now and fall on her sword and take the first stage out of town. David Seymour would have more integrity ,honesty and knowledge in the end of his little finger than the scrawny witch has in her whole body. Wake up Cinderella your night at the ball is well and truly over. Ralph
Yes, they have and we are very concerned. Civil unrest can only be the outcome as one racial group seeks to control the rights and freedoms of New Zealand citizens. What kind of person is Ardern holding the office of PM, To use such derogatory language about another member of parliament. Democracy destroyed along with contempt for our rule of law and respect and values of a civil society. Labour MPs, it’s time to stand up for your country and do the right thing. Sam
Unequivocally. Heather
An untrusted PM Rosemary
Democracy might not be perfect but it’s a lot better better than any of the alternatives Peter
……and very subtley……the average person doesn’t know they are doing it. Jim
NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. YES. Bribing the media with $55 million Public Interest Fund was the sort of thing Mussolini did. That’s Fascism not democracy. This government HAS to go before any worse gets done. Graeme
The evidence is clear – despite attempts to disguise it John
That, I believe, was and remains their real purpose. Harvey
Ardern will soon come to realise the power of democracy when she is democratically elected out of office. She is an arrogant dictator. The labour government is being led by the nose into personal idealism according to Maori historical tradition in which the will of the majority has no place. terrence
NZ can no longer claim to be a democratic country. Interestingly some shonky African tribal hellholes make the claim, so Ardern & Mahuta must be aspiring to be like them. Fiona
I’ve been saying that from the day she became Labour leader Robin
And TRUST they’ve also done well at instigating fear and increasing Mental Health issues… cath
Absolutely. Di
This whole government should be held for treason against the people of NZ. Wendy
I hope some excellent legal minds are looking at the Crimes Act with a view to bringing a case or two to our Courts. Instead of a few apologies we need justice. Trevor
The workers that NZ needs have left for Australia due to the abuses of COVID politics. Even this still leaves a housing crisis still in motion. So worker shortages are the result of Comrade Adern’s government socialist policies. But it would seem that the Voter is finally taking responsibility for this mess and preparing to move them into the history books. The damage done will take three responsible governments to fix under the MMP idiocy. And that is just for the direction change! Frederick
And it has only taken 5 years. What a brilliant strategy that apparently over 50% of New Zealanders voted for. Either kiwi’s are bloody stupid or or she is the greatest con artist we have ever experienced. Both are probably true. Barry
They certainly ly have at an eye watering pace lately. Gail
Kiwi is not iwi. Nik
Absolutely yes…Local Government continues to be damaged and diminished as decision-making centralised and co-governed. National democracy will follow with Electoral Reform, creating 25 Maori electorates after 2023 census suddenly identifies extra “Maori”, voting age reduction. It is a disaster Mark
Worst government in our history. Adele
Eroded would be a better word !! Trish
Hell yeah! Fred
Definitely!! Sue
Yes labour are implementing a racist divided country Ihaia
Three waters and Nania Mahuta should both be scrapped. The Labour Party needs to get some backbone. Margaret
Absolutely Kevin
Bull shit Labour Party.so tired of her and cronies..can’t wait for them to go. Marie
The Labour Party is sickening!! Levonne
Jacinda Ardern is a deceitful liar and is intentionally damaging New Zealands democracy. She is a hardcore socialist / communist. Narcissistic queen of fake empathy with no apparent conscience. Is a very dangerous woman. John
Yes. 100% Mike
Absolutely Debbie
unbelievable – but lack of philosophical underpinning of education leaves population mindless murray
Yes democracy has declined since the Ardern Government came to power Noeline
She is handing the Control of NZ to a small minority of Marois that can not work unless there is handouts. Get rid ASAP. Gary
Speechless at what is going on with many NZers oblivious to their being undermined!! Karen
The speed at which she is acting to destroy our democracy is terrifying. Lois
She is an autocrat and some how a puppet of Maoridom – if there is truly such a race in existence. Sadly all the spoils do not help the poor and homeless who continue to be used as pawns in the battle tony
Thank God they’re incompetent! adam
It is evil what they are doing to New Zealand. William
Can we afford to wait another 10 months. When is the vote of no confidence going to happen. Alan
The Ardern administration has showen its true colours by continuing a disastrous agenda of division based on racist values. mark
Roll on next election Eric
Labour have introduced apartheid to this county. We do not want it!!! We are all one people. Jillian
Jacinda is dangerous to the future of our society. Also not truthful NOT prime Minister material Colin
Labour is full of idealistic University pseudo academics who have never grown up or been involved in NZ everyday life. Hugh
Most definitely! They are evil. Colin
Our democracy is under threat, we must return to core democratic values of one man one vote, and all are equal. Merv
It is unbelievable what this Govt/. has done – and – got away with it! Wake up EVERYONE and loudly protest because Stalinda should go NOW. She does not know the true meaning of democracy and we need to teach her! Marga
Totally deceitful with a smile of course. gregor
Every day I learn of yet more aspects of our once proud democracy is being torn apart to be controlled by a mostly Maori elite who already have the benefit of no paying tax. JA and NM are the two most dengerour people in New Zealand and it’s great to sea how their tyrannical characters are being revealed. CALL FOR A SNAP ELECTION NOW! Michael
She is well on her way to destroying it. James
absolutely michael
Oh hell, yes Tony
There is no doubt about it. Jacinda attacks anyone who dares to have a different view to hers and then there are the lies that she actually tells for all to see BUT the media reports little of this in an objective way for fear their share of the journalist fund of $50m is jeopardized. Roll on election 2023 and lets be quit of her and the Maori co-governance rubbish. Keith
A very dangerous mad woman Rose
Blatant disregard for our basic philosophy.And down with Jackson, Mahuta and Co with their snouts in the trough at every opportunity . Peter
I don’t believe New Zealand has a Democracy any more. As long as you don’t fit into the framework of being Maori, you can’t even offer a point of view. Josephine
Democracy only comes about once every 3 years. Doesn’t matter which party is in government. The illusion of democracy would however be enhanced with the use of “Binding referendums” as are used in eg: Switzerland. Most governments do not want the people to have a say; it generally does not suit their agenda so there goes democracy down the gurgler. Every three years voters get the opportunity to be careful what they wish for; they certainly do not get a democracy. Gary
Definitively so! Calvyn
Jacinda is just like Putin. He is destroying Ukraine with rockets, whilst she is destroying NEW ZEALAND from within, with willful sabotage. Glyn
Stealing our water asset and then letting the Maori elite take control of it, and trying to control the news media is NOT Democracy. New Zealand is rapidly becoming, under Jacinda’s stewardship, a third world country. To me, Jacinda and Mahuta are a pair of smiling assassins. Ralph
This criminal Labour party has no clue what democracy means. This is not a traditional Labour party more like Maori Party number 2. The rats are starting to disembark the sinking ship. Absolutely the most disgraceful govt ever. Kevin
She is like Putin, A Liar Eric
Absolutely The Fairy God Mother is completely deluded. This so called Government needs to spend a lot less time sucking up to maoris and the greens and focus on their real job – governing democratically. Neville
Pushing thru an ideology that dose not work whilst sacrificing kiwis for sake of WEF. Angela
ardern is a fool, worst pm ever a total loser brian
without a doubt donald
Absolutely, the longer she is in this position the worse it will be for us all Gary
communistic, rule Ron
the forth reich john 
Absolutely Sheena
Arden is destroying nz and the average joe on the street has no idea what is happening ! Kay
Labours Maori intentions we’re clearly signalled at the last election.I recall words from one of their Maori MPs, saying this will be a revolution. Indeed it is.,All very frightening Lindsay
Absolutely guilty as charged Mike
Very sly and underhanded Dave
There has always been good and evil Humans as created beings do know the difference. Sorry but our PM worships humanism. She has no moral foundation. Maurice
THE MAORI sears in Parliament must go if we are to again achieve anything resembling a free and democratic country. We must reject the UN Charter on indigenous people. Mike
Absolutely! Heather
I’m horrified at what is happening in NZ. We have never felt so divided and untrusting Gail
Labour and Green need to go TONY
Without a doubt. John
Everything that they have done is either deliberate or incompetent. If what they have done is the result of incompetence, that reflects poorly on us as a country. If it is deliberate, then what is their agenda and who is pulling their strings? Considering the similarities of the laws being passed by Labour and other parties globally with the provable links to the WEF of a number of the leaders, I’m leaning towards deliberate. If it is deliberate then this all amounts to treason on a scale that is unheard of in history. Kris
Submissions on Parliamentary Bills ignored, the will of the people ignored, dissent from autocratic rule silenced. Bill of Rights non-existent, police used as arm of govt. This is nordemocracy but tyranny 101. Christina
Government of the people, by the Maori, for the Maori… Gary
I was looking for the ‘hell yes’ button Simone
Absolutely, no doubt about it. Karl
yes of course it has us on a slippery slope Russell
We’re well on our way to a dictatorship! Thank you comrade Jacinda! Martin
Democracy ? What democracy, I would suggest we have a dictatorship !! Logan
She has allowed the Maori caucus to co governance and they are dictating to her caucus how to run New Zealand. She has lost control. Mahuta is acting as though she is pm she needs to be reminded she is minister of foreign affairs and time she did her job. Dianne
By giving power to Iwi in water management the Labour Government has taken away the individual rights of people to vote Dorothy
Very sad Laurel
Is there any hope that Labour’s crazy legislation can be overturned? I fear, not! Tony
Too right they have . They must be stopped ROB
Arderns inept government is tearing this country apart and sooner she goes the better and take Mahuta and her bunch of greedy zealots with her Michael
Absolutely has to be stopped or changed back to the councils. Lyn
Definitely Warren
more so it has also created Racisim peter
” … Labour Government has undermined democracy in New Zealand?” Too right! Tragically, they have another 10 – 11 months to further advance their dastardly plot Rodger
Their agenda is not what Kiwis want and therefore they must go. Firstly by getting rid of the control freaks in caucus. Has JA got the intestinal fortitude to do that? Doubtful!! Ian
They are eroding our democracy by stealth and the rest of the country is too apathetic and naive to care or act against this. fred
YES! YES! YES! AND YES! Ardern is a LIAR – there is no other word for her! Sylvia
Undermined? Or destroyed. The sheople have allowed a bunch of communists to gag, chain and abuse them. So, so stupid! One can only hope that enough discover a brain cell by election 2023. By then, of course, Enid will have don a Geoffrey Palmer and passed the burning baton to some other poor sucker. She probably has her flight to New York and the UN booked already. Good riddance to very bad rubbish Philip
Without any doubt neville
It is blindingly obvious that they are determined to destroy democracy. Allowing Iwi effective control of water is a case in point. Their divide and rule secret agenda plus weakening the economy is all part of a plan to introduce a dictatorial governance system. Stephen
This time next year will reveal if New Zealanders fully understand what is really happening in our country. Sven
Labour never wanted NZ to be a democratic society. They are evil. Glenny
The key word here relating to this government is “FRAUD”. Call it what you will, be it “COVID FRAUD”, “CLIMATE FRAUD”, “TOW FRAUD” etc. These criminals are bowing to the WEF and the UN and have committed TREASON against the very men women and children of New Zealand whom they, supposedly, have been charged with protecting and serving. Now we have National this, Act that, Labour this, etc, etc, poll, poll. And also we have the minor parties who are so dumb that they can’t get all their sh.t in one basket, together to defeat these criminals. “We can’t work with them” or “they have a really bad profile” or “boo hoo, that person did something really nasty to me”. You know, both National and Labour could be severly defeated if the minor parties could get it all together under one umbrella party, not two, or three!!!! And what are the issues to campaign on? Pick 4 or 5 you all agree with, and don’t waver from that. Are you all so stupid not to see that? Neil
Jacinda’s communist values have truly shown. It’s mind over matter – she doesn’t mind and we don’t matter. Peter
Yes of course. This terrible leftwing ideolog government has driven a large spear into the democratic body that is New Zealand. The tip is only nano millimeters from the heart and only needs a gentle push to finish off what was probably the best democratically run country in the world. I wonder when the New Zealand public will eventually come to the realisation that the damage already inflicted upon our fragile nation will not be fully recoverable. A lot of it is past the point of no return. This is how urgent our county’s demise has sunken to. Socialism is a failed concept and while it feeds off a nation’s wealth at the beginning of a socialist cycle it soon runs out of money and succumbs to monetary policies which soon wreaks havoc upon the economy and reduces what was a rock economy to one of such a deep debit that may never be recoverable for many generations into the far off future. All this nonsense makes me weep. Garry
Liebour party has New Zealand spinning in a downward spiral to racism and has NO respect for our democracy and freedom as we one knew it. Wayne
usual communist agenda destroy from within steven
Riding rough shod over local council wishes and pandering to maori elite wants has left me wondering how a country I grew up in could turn a country I have lost my love for. Dennis
Absolutely and categorically she has , without any mandate from NZer’s Rob
Our water assets have been given away, a loan raised against them, so we as the rate payers can all pay for the interest on the loan which was raised to compensate the councils for their loss. What a stab in the back for democracy. Disgusting!! Mark
The sooner the Nazis go the better! Leila
The Sooner we get rid of her..by any means..the better Barbara
certainly has undermined NZ democracy. They have to Go Sidwell
It’s a sad time to be a Kiwi, the damage done over last few years will take a long time to reverse. Paula
They have got to go Pam
Evil Ardern Jan
Absolutely corrupt anti democratic and racist Ihaia
I cannot believe how this hypocritical Government has been allowed to do and get away with what they have. Selling us down the tubes is a soft way of describing what they have done. TIME TO GO Rod
The arrogance of the Maori astounds me. It is not only the current Govt who are now completely untrustworthy. It is a pity the Maori do not have the principles of the Native American Indians who say”the water from the Heavens does not belong to ANYONE” jenny
Appointees serving with elected officials with equal voting rights is not democracy. This I would expect from the world dictators.. You cannot believe in democracy and then appoint these people. andrew
yes they have New Zealand is not the same country we were 5 years ago. Labour & the greens must be held to account for what they have done not left to slink off into the shadows like the rats they are. Maori seats must be abolished & the TOW abandoned & a real constitution put in place. Nigel
Ah, durr. Not so much undermined as chopped out. Mark
By intent. Edgar W.
This socialist outfit has no interest in democracy. They are leftist control freaks and obsessed with so called anthropogenic climate change and also so called “indigenous matters” We have to get rid of the lot of them. There are massive demonstrations around the world against treacherous governments such as ours but we don’t see and of them on our news — wonder why ?????? Alan
Most definitely.would like to see the back end of her and the WHO and the agendas of the UN. David
Undermined? Destroyed more like it. Alan
Yes they sure have! Colleen
Like no other Labour Government before. Auntie Helen’s shower nozzle control proposals, that saw her government fall, was a minor overstep compared to the Ardern govt litany of smoke and mirrors. Janya
We all know the answer to that question, and most of us know how we reached this condition. The real questions should be directed at the two opposition parties, ‘What are your plans to make NZ a viable economy again where security and freedom of our citizens are the primary objective?” I can advise as of today The National party led by its chief Wokster, Luxton, hasn’t worked that out. Act on the other hand has advertised its intentions on its web site – the difference between no ideas and good ideas. Life’s too short to have another Nero. Rex
Extreme Left mary
We are all one people, under one law and one flag. Jacinda has caused separatism. William
Nothing Labour does is for the NZ people, it is all ultimately for the WEF/UN agenda, which is all based around eugenics. Alan
Podium of truth yeah right All she wants is total control how long will it be before she calls in her China friends to help her have a complete take over?? Brian
It is not democracy when Maori are given right to Veto decisions impacting on all New Zealanders. Helen
Ardern is so tangled in her lies, there coming back. Rumours are rife that there is now dissatisfaction amongst her own caucus, and that to save what’s left of there failed and dishonest policies, a small group is starting to get numbers to roll her. Interesting. Jules
Absolutely. The tyrants in Wellington must be removed. Gregor
The most divisive, arrogant, stupid government I can remember seeing in this country. Dave
What a question !! YES , YES without any Doubt !! Pierre
That is blatantly obvious to anyone that has taken the trouble to look at any information, not being spoon fed to them by the govmint! J J
This government with its woke ideas has done more damage to our democratic system than any previous government has. Walter
Ardern appears dangerous and delusional. Everyone is out of step expect her and Mahuta. Ardern is no longer a dictator in the making; she is one. The kindest thing that can be said about Ardern is that she is now mentally deranged. Paloma
Absolutely and to the point that I doubt it can be reversed. Murray
Under the leadership of the past President of the World Federation of Socialist Youth, they have not only undermined Democracy in New Zealand, they have rendered it virtually extinct! The words of Oliver Cromwell to a similar Parliament in 1653 could be just as applicable in the present day; “You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart I say and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” Let us make this happen in 2023 – if not before! Scott
what else does one expect with a labor government george
Now the reason for removing guns from private ownership becomes obvious, and why there was no inquiry into the Christchurch shooting Hugh
indesputable norman
With many lies ! Anon
outright authoritarianism!!! she has to go now! Brian
It seems unbelievable that this Labour government could have had such a downward spiral effect upon the democracy of NZ in such a rapid time frame. Roy
The country is being taken over by Maori elite.Quote Shane Jones “Kiwi will always beat Iwi” let’s hope so! William
Cannot be trusted Ian
The opposite of democracy. Jen
With total disregard for our democracy Giles
No question. Chris
She is a current Socialist hiding her Communist leanings John
Without a doubt Philip
After the Hamilton West by election results has proven Arderns smile does not cut it anymore with the gullible and people at last can see through Arderns government socialist objectives. The one thing that does not seem to get enough emphasis regarding their failings with the by election was cogovernance. Cogovernance and the cost of living are the two main drivers New Zealanders are not happy about and is undoing them Owen
Undermined Democracy is a bit kind. Destroyed Democracy is more accurate in my opinion. Ross
Of course she has.. dividing the country with racist policies.. acts of treason against democracy – giving free reign to tribal primitives – this will take a long time to fix. Clive
They are unbelievably corrupt, dishonest and incompetent Laurie
Not really, but they have allowed the maori caucus in their party to run riot with their thinly disguised demands for supremacy and that is undermining democracy. Unless of course you agree with Willie Jackson’s definition of democracy which appears to be “Whatever suits our unashamedly racist agenda this week.” TOBY
Everything they have done, usually by stealth or under ’emergency’ protocols, has gone against any democratic processes Dennis
Ardern totally corrupt & evil Denis
Unacceptable! If they get back in next year, I am moving to Australia. Jake
Definitely NZ has never seen such government overreach before and it’s unacceptable. I totally agree with david Harvey’s assessment of our current situation. Janet
Democracy depends on freedom of information. The grossly one sided propaganda on covid and climate and the supressing of alternate views by this government has been extreme. steve
‘Democracy’ is a term that no longer applies to New Zealand. Gone in this fascist govt’s terms are many of the safeguards that prevented apartheid! paul
Empowered by the Maori caucus Doug
They are a bunch of Black Mailers & must be disposed of Iain
This and the previous labour government. Wayne
No accountability But there would be if it were me wayne
Cinders has demonised those who think even a little differently, continues to misinform and disinform,spits contempt for capitalism, which ain’t perfect but is the proven best economic basis for a healthy society. She has a dream of being a big global cheese and shows no common sense when dealing with reality. Caro
This Labour Govt will be deemed the worst govt in NZ’S history when we look back on it in years to come. The most anti democratic govt , bordering on being Neo Fascist. wayne
She is a communist Peter
Absolutely they have, and at an eye watering rate. I admire the well articulated article, as depressing as it is, that you have penned. I’m intrigued with some overseas trends re “15 minute cities ” The plans are apparently afoot to have ” climate lockdowns”. Be interesting to see what this government does when it hears about that idea. Graham
Cannot believe what this Government is getting away with. Is 90% of the population blind and deaf, can’t they see what is happening. My major concern the Next election is too far away, and will National have the the numbers and Intelligence to change all the wrongdoings?Labour will have put in place by then! Frank
Jacinda is nothing but a deceitful, lying bitch. The nightmare of Morrinsville! Alan
I believe driven by the Maori mafia, see what they are getting and have got. Where is the Pakeha on the IWI boards??? Brian
most dangerous leader and worst lead labour govt nz has ever seen,a big boooo to them neville and kathy
YES without a doubt And continues it continues to do so lead by Jacinda Ardern Who is being bullied by the tribal antics of Nanaia Mahuta and the Maori circus David Harvey’s article is a very clever analysis of Jacinda Ardern. To say she has the ‘mind set of a Tyrant’ could not have been better put. Arden’s speech in September to the United Nations sicken me. To the extent of outrage my thinking was someone must surely pick up on it and comment Sorry to say I don’t know David Harvey, but when there is a change of government at the next election I will lobby to have him presented with the New Zealand Order of Merit His observations will be enshrined in history A further observation is Elizabeth Ann Holmes and Jacinda Kate Ardern What do they have in common Well they are both fraudsters Holmes recently convicted and Ardern yet to be convicted by the court of public opinion Both are liars with egos which are nothing but dangerous Bruce
Undermined ? Abolished more accurate Bill
Big time, No wonder I hear people saw: we live in New Zimbabwe. With Mahuta Mugabi ruling the country peter
YES I CERTAINLY DO! They have done a lot more than that as well, Apartheid being installed into our society as another. They are the most divisive Government that this country has had ever, and what they have done should NEVER be forgotten. Heather
That’s an emphatic “YES” Terry
definitely !!! N
Ardern with Mahuta is determined to implement apartheid in New Zealand. This government has also changed the names of our nation, our cities, towns, villages and geographic features. It is also changing our language without permission from the people. Peter
It is more than unsettling what continues to unfold in our nation. Democracy is well and truly being eroded in NZ, at the hands of our Labour Govt. It is thanks to people like you Muriel who have the courage to put your head above the parapet, with well researched and intelligent commentary that hopefully will result in more and more citizens realising that currently (and for the last few years) we are looking down the barrel of a gargantua gun! Audrey
We want freedom again Dave
120% yes. Denis
It is mind blowing. Their actions are Orwellian Keith
This is a total outrage, enabled by a weak leader and a corrupt and/or incompetent MSM charles
Ardern’s administration has well and truly severed the legs of NZ democracy. When the government divides, the nation needs to unite against their tyranny. Jin
No question. Graham
Labour is the worst government in NZ’s history I would like to see an electoral system that puts the people back in control and NOT as at present the Parties in total control. This would also require recall provisions Cookie
Kommunistisch Willi
They are not the Labour GVT as I knew it. Jacinda Ardern is so entrenched in the thinking of WEF and UN that she no longer sees or hears contrary views. The terrible part of it is that she actually believe that she is ‘on the right side of history’. Jacquetta
Hell yes and ably supported by Mahuta and the Maori party. I don’t understand why some Labour ministers don’t rise up against her. What does she want to turn NZ into? Fraser
She needs to go asap Heather
Absolutely! I hope my gut feeling of hopelessness is wrong!! Ron
Ardern obviously has a mental disorder that distorts her ability to grasp the concept of democracy. What concerns me even more is the mentality of the elected and list MPs who appear to support Ardern despite knowing that democracy is being extinguished and that most of them will be unemployed in 12 months time if not before. Steve
100% yes Shirley
Your latest column is excellent Muriel. Encapsulates her and her tyrannical Government brilliantly David
Most of “us” just don’t think about it…we need to focus on what’s happening rather than just “going along” and grumbling. Vote! Barrie
Pro – Maori in her selection of caucus member , look at Willy Jackson and his recent performance on Q A , a total shambles , he should be sacked .And as regards Mahuta what can one say ? It’s a disgrace that this is governing our Country !!! James
Congratulations Dr. Newman, this is one of the best summaries I have read of the downhill spiral of the Labour Government. Everything they touch leads to another disaster. Thank goodness the general public has at last realized and woken to the fact that they are the worst government NZ has experienced in my 84 years, even surpassing the efforts of the 1950s Labour party. Roll on the opinions of the polls and the back down on anti democratic legislation. Next let’s hope the combining of Radio and TV is cancelled and maybe even the Health Department can be repaired from the train wreck. CHRIS
Labouur has not only underminded democracy in NZ, it has entrenched APARTHEID to a greater degree and caused polarization of racial groups, most of whom don’t want a bar of it. Geoff
She is the most dangerous Prime Minister we have ever had. She should go not – we shouldn’t let her have the reins for a moment longer and definitely not until later in 2023. Goodness knows what damage she would do in that time. Go now Jacinda – you are a dreadful Prime Minister Helen
Since Ardern became PM we have seen little other than disgustingly corrupt government in NZ. When she was stupidly given absolute power at the last election she proved beyond any doubt that she is a liar, and is allowing the highly corrupt, two faced, racist Mahuta, to run the country into the ground. Mahuta and Arderm cannot be removed from power soon enough. Steve
An emphatic YES. It aligns with Ardern’s Marxist philosophy. She is clearly subject to the demands of the Maori caucus & doesn’t give damn about democracy Peter
Absolutely, without a trace of doubt, the Labour government have severely undermined democracy within NZ. John
Absolutely Don
definitely David
She must go now! Stephanie
Hell yeah!! mike
New Zealand! Democracy? Haven’t seen any for a couple of years here! Michael
Absolutely they have tanked NZ and are bringing in hidden agendas on hidden agendas without the left’s favourite cry of “consultation”, without consulting the people whose wishes they are supposed to represent and without actually checking with constitutional lawyers who do know what they are talking about.. They are totally power crazy. sally
One wonders when the leadership challenge will come and from whom? Would Mahuta be so blinded with her own desire for power to think she could get the numbers? Whatever happens this dangerous bunch must be removed for the sake of democracy and an apartheid free country. ken
But it was started by National Mark
Why are we not rising up and hitting the streets? And why are so many still backing Labour? Les
Remove them from government Arthur
She and her senior caucus members should be removed from government. phillip
In every way…. Jenness
Total dictatorship Peter
Absolutely Rob
– and is doing its best to demolish it completely! Gail
Without a shadow of doubt Ian
Without doubt! Just look at the baby Will debacle. ! Stuart
In spades. Sheila
not just undermined ….have devolved it to unelected eletists Alexandra
Absolutely and without a doubt. john
Adolf Hitler would be proud of her !!! Henry
Worst government in the history of NZ. Greg
ON many issues Barry
She is pure evil!! But all 120 politicians have denied democracy by there silence! WE TRUST NO ONE IN THE BEEHIVE!! They all must go!! lisa
The arrogant attitude continues with this tyrannical PM who can not read the room on any matter & has therefore failed with everything they have touched! The attitude of “It’s my way or the highway” does not sit well with Kiwis & due to her narcissism she sees nothing at all wrong with what she’s doing….the All Waters or Co-goverance in disguise is totally reckless politics & will be the death the knell of this Liebour Govt train wreck….! Bruza
We are moving with great speed towards an ethnonational state dominated by a minority of powerful, greedy iwi. Who knows how much further damage will be done before the next election! Lynne
Absolute overreach by Ardern and her cronies Teresa
She hasn’t only undermined it. She has systematically destroyed it, one piece after another. And she’s so idealistic that she thinks she is doing us a favour. She is so irrational and deluded she should be banned from holding public office , well, she could go down quite well in Haiti! Mike
I have often said that I prefer a 3 year Govt Term because I naively thought no single party could stuff NZ within 3 years. God I am so wrong! John
Radically Karyn
It’s a travesty what this dictatorial, authoritarian Govt is doing to this country Graham
Totally as this Government is now run by the racist Maori tribal leaders. Maoris are a race that is like the Afrikaners in South Africa tried to put their race as being in charge in that country. Shaun
Just ask Muriel June
All the evidence is there plus they cannot win at the Polls so its goodnight nurse Warren
Most definitely, I cant believe New Zealanders don’t see it happening right in front of their very eyes. Very soon it will be to late and we will be run by Tribal Rule. He Puapua is not about co-governance its about Maori sovereignty by 2040. Wake up NZ brian
They have undermined just about everything that they have tried to do. This is the communist way. graham
Jassaia is a Scaliest dictator anti-democratic and controller of free speech. A Tyrant in the making Bruce 
Two old Nazis, (WEF), that are her Masters and this Puppet, is doing their bidding to establish a totally tyrannical world for New Zealand. Under Common Law she should be charged with Treason and her Inner Cabinet, for Aiding and Abetting. Geoff
This has been the maori party and maori caucus’s agenda since they came to power. Seems like some NZ er’s are only starting to wake up to this fact. Malc
Why are we surprised what Jacinda has done?? She was the president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Seriously, what do you expect a closet Communist to do when they get their hands on the reigns of power?? It’s almost in the same category of people being surprised at what Hitler did. But it was all there in Mein Kampf for anybody who wanted to see it. Mark
Definitely. The “Three Waters” debacle is but one example of that. I did not like Labour policy or Labour ways well before 2017. Now I know why. The fruit you get from that tree is poisonous! Ray
Don’t ask me, ask Willie Jackson, he tells us we are democratic, but democracy is changing in NZ?????????? Richard
We are on the way to a totalitarian state under the treasonous Ardern regime. What has happened to our Bill of Rights is confirmation enough. Lock her up! ash
Without a doubt, this government has thrown democracy out in favour of tribal rule. Mark
Like no other, we are in a serious decline of democracy in New Zealand at the moment. Janine
Absolutely. It is a word they simply cannot comprehend. DICK
The legislation leading to racial division in NZ is of great concern. Equally, legislation purporting to lead to a reduction of CO2, into the atmosphere will cause great harm to NZ. Warner
She will get her comeuppance ! ralph
Absolutely no argument Ian
Her constant lies disgust me, hopefully the UN job will never eventuate, there are too many liers in the UN already. a total embarrassment to our country. Merryl
You can only answer yes. Unless you are one of the hybrid maori cartel of mahuta and co . They have a different meaning of democracy it’s called co governance less the co. Total maori control of New Zealand. Lookout for electricity control now they own George thermal and land upon our power station sits. Vermon that needs to be exterminated now or at the next election ASAP Allan M
Absolutely, and unfortunately she’s not finished yet Kate
NZ Government is governing on behalf of the WEF. The people of NZ have very little say in the way this country is now run in spite of the fact that we are funding their efforts. I don’t believe it would be any different with a National / ACT Govt. Mark
Definitely. She is a single minded tyrant ruled by Mahuta-Mugabe and Willy Robber Jackson and the giant non tax paying corporate owning Maori caucus supremacists. Only England and the Westminster System of Government can stop this coup. The king is sovereign and sovereignties do not enter partnerships. We paid $200 towards the court case against co-governance and 3 (now 5) Waters which is now bogged down in legalities probably indefinitely if the corrupt Maori elite have their way. This proves England is our only hope and the re-enforcement of Queen Victoria%u2019s letters Patent of 1840 which will enforce equality for all not Maori supremacy of the indigenous pretenders who arrived by sea and murdered the true indigenous people already here as Iwi elite don’t share – democracy and co-governance don’t work for Iwi elite. Mana means complete control. Brenda
All but destroyed it and they have several months left to run. God help us all. Richard
It is not just a belief – it is a provable fact that our democracy in New Zealand is being weakened. Andy
Without question!! Craig
No trust left for Labour, they are finished Mike
Get rid of the Evil woman while we still have any sort of Democracy. Call for a vote of “NO confidence” Colin
It is one of the most dangerous slippery governments I have seen in my 80 years. The pity is that this will take generations to fix. All for the hubids of one slightly post adolescent woman. My father is rolling in his grave!!~ Dave
Absolutely yes. She and Labour has to go. I have always been a supporter of the underdog, but this is not the way Norm
Without a doubt she has. She must go. Jackie
Ardern is blatantly handing control of great chunks of our NZ way of life to Maori without any mandate from the electorate.. She must be stopped and the offending legislation repealed without delay.. Doug
“WHAT DEMOCRACY” that left the shores of NEW ZEALAND some time ago. We are being run by a communist leader who is the only source of truth in her demented mind. Ans as such does not have the balls to stand up to Mahuta in her quest to give all water to Maori. Why are we letting this happen possible it is the voter who is weak while the communist’s and thieves steel what has been paid for by the rate payers. The councils only manage it they did not work over time and weekends to pay rates to have water supplied to the gate and waste taken away from the gate. So come on step up to the mark and get rid of Mahuta and Cindy at the same time. Lets book a cruise on the Titanic for both of them. Mahuta will have all the water and sea that she can cope with and Cindy will be the only source of truth as they are going down. rod
Get rid of Cindy. Iain
For sure! She and her supporters in Parliament are busy destroying our democracy, for her idealistic beliefs! Hugh
Time to go! Peter
She surer has and it doesn’t look a so its going to stop under her commo Government. Alan
not only democracy but she has encouraged apartite mike
This Labour Government won’t even hear a dissenting voice. Anyone that has a view that this government doesn’t like is demonised as a misinformed person. Frank
They, are a communist/marxist, crime gang, doing the bidding for their Reset/WEF bosses at the UN/EU/CFR/WHO,/NWO. They do not represent NEW ZEALANDERS’ in any way. David
Undermined it , they certainly have, they just don’t know what it bloody means. Tom
YES Wiremu
The country is not far away to being renamed The Socialist Republic of Aotearoa. Gary
This Government must be got rid off She is a Dangerous menace Who is introducing Laws The labour Party have no mandate for Ian
Our Labour PM has the habit of making frequent unqualified comments. john
Jacnda is a thread to democracy/ She haas a delusional view of her importance and WANTS TO RULE AS A DEMAGOG.. Cant wait for the elections to come and get rid odf her. Would not mind if she was prosecuted for treason to the NZ public. John
comunist personified, no question about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don
Undeniably Bryan
Yes it is running a very undemocratic government aided on by the large number of Maori activists in government. It is getting to be a communist state. The sooner Labour goes the better for all New Zealand Frank
In 20 or 30 years labour will be viewed as being equivalent to the likes of the dictator regimes of the 30’s & 40″s., the only difference being they use disinformation and outright lies to control us rather than the pointy end of a gun Roy
not just undermined but TOTALLY DESTROYED jack
the whole administration is a debacle Charles
Without a doubt!! David
Does the question even need to be asked? It is blatantly obvious that they have! Albert
Absolutely, without a doubt Valda
This Labour Goverment is/will become the MOST HATED goverment ever. Its NOT arderne Labour Government it is NOW MAHUATA’s government. Carl
Everyone should have a voice, not just certain sections of society. Mel
Most definitely. They have to be stopped at the next election before its too late. Max
Totally and utterly along with the Greens and Maori party, they all have to go Laurie
We do not want her communism John
Undeniably and blatantly. I still struggle with the notion that none of New Zealand’s finest legal minds have highlighted anything illegal in the activities of this treacherous government. Logan
Absolutely – and that was always her intention! Graham
l have closely watched politics since the mid 1950s and believe that this government has done more damage and caused more public dissension than any other . The Muldoon era was the only other that has bee n so divisive Peter
A modern day scandal ! gary
Go, Jacinda, just get thee gone. Never again would anyone trust your Maori-green-Labour government. ROB
we need to demand a snap election now. Chris luxon is not going to save us. labour and national are 2 cheeks on the same arse. Voting is for slaves. Free living men and woman elect their leaders. Robyn
That woman’s decisions and actions are wicked and cruel, I cannot bring myself to use her name. The larger of the two women is a piece of work too. Chris
your questions and polls are late in coming, we knew the thrust of all this manipulation years ago Poul-Erik
NZ belongs to ALL KIWIS……NOT IWIS fred
This has gone far enough we are being treated like idiots, why are we subject to this socialist garbage. Murray
They’ve got to go. Total and complete lack of confidence in them. It’s terrifying the long term damage they’ve caused to one of the greatest & most admired countries on earth. Treason at its worst. Mike
Most certainly, the sooner she is gone the better New Zealand will be. Laura
As for the prime minister “The sooner she leaves office, the safer New Zealand will be.” Maurice
Without any shadow of doubt!!!! Wayne
We are heading towards Communism at a fast clip Garry
I have no faith in this self-agender government nor supporters. I require any government to answer questions honestly not play with the voters Ken
Without a doubt. This dear country is now under tribal rule by Maori elitists who have had no input into the development of this country….just ALWAYS on the take to remedy their fabricated injustices of the past…this, in not recognizing their own dreadful existence prior to colonization. Tony
It is nothing short of a dereliction of duty to protect our democracy and way of life. If allowed to continue we (NZ) will end up with a political system no better than Russia or China. chris
Absolutely Ken
Without doubt. We are on the road to being a tribal dictatorship akin to a number of African countries where those who are of the wrong tribal ancestry are deprived of all democratic rights, property, and security. Not just white ancestry either. Zimbabwe is an example of what we could become. Extreme, horrifying, perhaps, but that is the track we are on. Without a radical change of direction, and soon, then 20 more years may be all it will take. Frank
Undermined Democracy? Destroyed more likely!!!!!!!!!! And that is putting things politely. Scott
The labour government has done more harm to New Zealand than any other government down through history. Kate
they are a disgrace, racist, and splitting the nation. Rod
There is absolutely no doubt about it, they have set the path to division and conflict the likes we have never seen or imagined. It remains to be seen if National have to guts to turn it all around. Watch this space. Three waters, five waters, whatever, is absolutely nothing to do with water, it’s about control of the country and its populace. This is what colonisation has done, not to Maori, but to colonisers. Ray
INDEED…… fast route to totalitarian tyranny. Gill
This Govt is “Very Dangerous” to say the least. Peter
Not only undermined, but has created separatism and enacted all the principles of Communism. SHE IS EVIL. Elizabeth
one person one vote is democracy at work not the underhand stealing of rights, freedom of speech, and the giving some other votes or control without consultation, trying to make all New Zealanders learn a dead language to appease one section of our country this is taking away from every New Zealander, black, brown, white, yellow. Education, health, fire protectors, farming community are being eroded. We are one country but it is turning into a very them and us resentment, and I worry re the future of our children and grand children. New Zealand is being turned into a third world country without democracy Anne
Not necessary so obvious Bruce
In a perpetual two horse race, both major parties know all they have to do is wait. They WILL get elected as the ruling party again. In our system there are no other options. Both parties have been responsible for the rape and pillage of NZ since the Lange government and Roger Douglas sell off. They have just taken turns at screwing us. Have a look at what is needed to create what we sell. That one government or the other has sold off. Fuel to move food and produce for our country as well as overseas. Is heavily taxed. Marsden point was built by a government for the country. to give us fuel security. Yet our high-grade fuel was sold overseas and what we burn is inferior imported fuel. State housing rents put up to market values. Where the government pays out instead of those in them helped increase rents for all. Then some were sold off. And those in them are the poorest paid in our society. And where most of the menial workers live. We once owned all our Electricity system. Governments raise prices as they raised their spending. Yet everything we make from the energy we as a body that needs fuel to work. We need electricity to stop our fuel, food from spoiling so we use fridges, to cooking it on a stove. All we sell overseas and here needs electricity to produce or just add light so we can work at night. Electricity taxed so government can spend the money makes everything we create more expensive when it comes time to sell it. To whoever buys the items. So, what does a government do? But sell them or partially sell them so all electricity MUST have a profit margin for shareholders. Yet before the selloff, whole or partial WE were the shareholders. For the money we pay for politicians we sadly get raped and pillaged by them. This country is a business every person born here is a shareholder in it. We need a business manager not politicians. To oversee the country management. We need trades people making the rules for the way we operate what we build and use. With input from engineers and architects. Trades people for their practical and experience and theoretical knowledge, engineers and architects for their idea’s. To bypass those who are clueless (politicians) relying on those who may or may not know, (advisors) telling them what they think they want to hear. But most important. NO MORE backroom deals. By those who are elected to represent us. Yet are more interested in what they want. To the point they don’t seem to ask us what we want or which direction the country should go.  Bob
The labour government has COMPLETELY undermined democracy in New Zealand. Once the truth of privatisation/ transfer to maori ownership is apparent to everyone, I expect that there will be a rates revolt amongst the people in general, as per the American stance pre-revolution there – “No taxation without representation”. This could really get ugly going forward, particularly when the average New Zealander realises that they have been disenfranchised and start to become disillusioned and angry about the way things have shaped up for them, without their consent Trevor
Yes, the sooner she goes the better, I can’t wait to get to a polling booth. Anon
The worst, most devious government I have ever encountered in my (long) lifetime. Margaret
Never mind undermining it – Labour is dismantling our democracy piece by duplicitous piece. Tina Nixon hit it on the nail: “deceitful, lying pack of bastards”. Wendy
ripped the floor out and it continues….Health is the next target. The very people claiming institutionalise racist is stopping them getting a “Fair Go”. Are calling for Institutionalised racism (Government legislated racist policies) as the solution. It is NOT and should be rejected, along with any and all other legislation mentioning Race as its basis. Lionel
Yes starting with her captains call on Taranaki fuel cancellation. Max
Not only undermined democracy, Labour have almost destroyed it, and our way of life. The actions of Ms. Ardern would lead me to the conclusion that she is a narcissist, with an over inflated image of herself as the guiding light and saviour, and everyone else is wrong-headed. Can New Zealand afford to wait another year before this government is removed, by then it could well be too late to reverse the harm done. How can we the people force them out now. Alec
Labour is destroying democracy in NZ Their policies are racist. They are dividing NZ. They are destroying farmers. We must vote this delusional leader and her minions out. Joyce 
The only highlight on the horizon is Labours decline, the sad thing is we have to keep bracing for what more damage this lot will inflict. The sooner we can get rid of this government the sooner there is a chance to start reversing this damage Ann
YES – with a thick bold black line. RICHard
Adern can be compared to Chinas Xi, Russias Putin, North Koreas Kim and, surprisingly Germanys Olaf Schultz. Schultz is described as Beratungs Resistant (Advice resistant). This is not a sign of intelligence but tragically a significant intellectual deficit. M/s Adern has had this character trait at least since her “Fish Chips” time. A BS degree does not change a persons native intelligence! charles
Undeniable. But do you expect with a Communist Prime Minister, supported by a racist cabinet& several Maori members intent on non-elective control by minority? Bob
Tribalism has undermined NZ democracy. Penina
Yes she has as I have said many times she is using her power to try and convert NZ into a communist state to appraise he commo friends eric
Thats what communists do don’t they!!!!!! Les
The present Labour government has not just undermined democracy; it is raised two fingers in the air and said STUFF YOU Peter
Jacinda is blinkered and selfish Bruce
YES!!! And they have plans I believe to do even more damage as soon as they can. We are at WAR with them and the sooner we realize this the better. Roger
they all have to go paul
Absolutely. This Labour Government is hell bent on destroying NZ Democracy Vivienne
by giving a minority control over the majority because of ethnicity is so wrong. It would be doubtful if there ever was such a thing as a pure blooded maori but rather an amalgam of all the nations they migrated thru john
Hell yes !! Margaret
The sooner this government goes the better NZ will be. david and Jo
Secret agendas, broken promises, and a consistent failure to address rising youth crime, and the centralising of water resources health and education back into bloated bureaucracies where she can exercise total control of their activities. Typical of this Labour Governments socialist communist agendas Bruce
Civil disobedience is required Susan
Proof is in the pudding! Doris
A most definite YES. Wouldn’t trust her in any way whatsoever. Michele
Absolutely, no question. Brian
The Maori Mafia now rule New Zealand (please don’t refer to them as elite ) They are beyond belief ,any reasonable Governor would call ENOUGH and call an urgent re election sadly she is also maori so any chance of her doing the right thing isnt happening . My only hope on the horizon is National and ACT restoring this unbelievable damage . People might say that we get what we deserve ie only 31% of eligible people in Hamilton WEst got off their backsides and voted . I too am disillusioned by Maori underhand .sly methods ,but only voting them out will curtail destroying our wonderful New Zealand Ray
Ardern would have to be the most scurrilous PM and the biggest liar, we have ever had Bruce
Absolutely the most racially divisive government ever Peter
They should be tried for treason. jodi
The worst government in NZ history Norm
Yes, Labour has undermined conditional democracy, i.e. democracy with limiting conditions. It has exploited unconditional majority rule democracy which has given Labour the power to take away our freedom with no limiting conditions. If you are thinking we need a written constitution that upholds individual and private property rights you would be correct. Donald
We are rapidly becoming an apartheid state. Brian
Controlling the media with payouts Lindsay
Muriel, I do wish that you and others would stop referring to the gas CO2 as carbon, It is not – it is carbon dioxide. Coal and diamonds might be referred to as carbon but not this life giving gas. Roger
We – that is New Zealanders – NOT Aotearoa – have fought 2 world wars to preserve our democratic way of government. I object to Jacinda Nitwit eroding this and wish her and her cronies GONE. Dare I say we should take up arms to defend once more our democracy? It’s quickly getting to that stage, and something needs to be done before it’s too late and we are lumped with Jacinda Dictator. We are certainly well down the road of becoming another Zimbabwe or similar. This is the very worst government it’s ever been my misfortune to suffer, and we need it GONE NOW. Don
Yes – this lot are evil – and NZ is much worse for their ideology! nathan
Totalitarian Governments believe they are always correct. David
Undermined democracy? They have massacred it! David
Not just undermined democracy, but totally destroyed it! Viv
It’s not a labour government It’s a Maori communist party Jimmy
They have to go John
For all the reasons you have enunciated Muriel. For me, as a life-long Labour/Green supporter, this is a tragedy. I certainly will not support the tired, useless National Party, or ACT although I have some respect for David Seymour on social issues. I don’t know who to vote for in 2023. Rochelle
Bring back the hangman for this treasonous PM chris
I never trusted her during her first term but allowed her some respect, until the departure of Winston Peters. Her second term seems unending, but we must hold on for the last 12months. David
Difficult to interpret the FACTS in any other way (& if you do, you will be silenced anyway!!) Michael
Definitely. I would call this treason Joanne
The PM never listens, gags criticism and is clearly heading for a socialist/ communist New Zealand with decisions that are dividing our people based on skin colour. She is evil. Pauline
It’s been obvious for a long time. Corruption by her defacto leader has to be aired in public. Ted
most definitely will come down to the vote next year, so many people voted labour in the last election, why i really don’t know, and i hope they are regretting there huge mistake and get it right next time, other wise we have lost new Zealand rodger
The most dangerous person, to everyday New Zealanders, in NZ politics ever. Rob
No doubt about it, it is truly unbelievable that this is happening in a country that is supposed to be a democracy. It just goes to show you can’t trust any politician anymore. We need to know very clearly what each party actually stands for before putting a tick against their name. Clear policies must be adhered to once a government is elected. Better still all parties need to pledge that they will act for the all the peoples of New Zealand rather than in their own self interests. This should be set in law. Carol
My father, mother, father-in-law, 2 uncles, uncle-in-law all served in the military during the war. Two were killed, and one was grievously injured. All would be horrified at the rapidity of our slide into this Kafkaesque cesspit. Dave
Absolutely the enforced Maorification of New Zealand, when we’re a multicultural freedom of choice democracy is completely abhorrent and anyone who expounds this is called Racist which is an abomination and completely untrue. Our country New Zealand has always been for all people a multicultural functioning democracy to be proud of sharon
Handsdown, they are the worst government in my living memory that we have ever had. They do not represent We The People. They represent themselves. Their greed has no boundaries. Show them the door. Quickly. Rob
She needs to be charged with treason now. Neville
Absolutely – There is no question! A dangerous PM! Felicity
It is clear a in the next elections a National/Act party victory it will be. However sadly they will be not much better than Labour. Luxon is a fence sitter and the whole National party is just Labour light. Short of a miracle our beloved nation New Zealand will become the Zimbabwe of the pacific in the next 10 years. Leo
100 % this administration is a dictatorship Gareth
Ideological mindset destroying our democracy. My two uncles and father went to WW2 to fight for freedom. Now we are losing it at home. Martin 
It is becoming all the more obvious by the ‘minute’ that they have been in the process of undermining right from the start of their tenure! Ron
a partnership is not a democracy Noel
Absolutely. The worst government in my 81 years on this earth Errol
Most dangerous, untrustworthy administration I can recall, I am nearly 70, John
obviously!! isa
Beyond any shadow of doubt, it absolutely has. Allan
yes. It is unbelievable how this has happened and the sheer audacity. Tony
they have blatantly ignored the 83% of NZ. Marie
How the staunchest of labour voters can still support this lot is beyond me. An early election may be all that saves this country from being given away to the greed of the Iwi’s. Brian
thank you ,you have said it all.. mark
“Destroyed” would be a better choice. Jim
The sooner this government goes the better Ian
As I have said many times give the Maori elite an inch and they will take the whole roll. None of this Govt can be trusted much longer too much damage is being done. Barbara
An outstanding summation article by Muriel Newman , which I fully endorse. Labour is now a Maori Government ( the Labour-Maori Government) with Nanaia Mahuta , especially, and her Maori caucus calling the shots and running Government. She listens to no one and does just whatever she chooses. She MUST be removed from Ministerial power and Jacinda herself should fall on her sword, step down and leave politics. She has been ideologically obsessed with Maorification, despite it being totally and deliberately excluded from Government’s election manifesto. is a proven deliberate liar and continues to ignore the duty, responsibility, integrity, objectivity and moral rectitude expected of one in her Office. It is not too strong to say she is a traitor to her Country.  Hugh
Totally destroyed democracy! They are puppets of WEF! Uncle Klaus says jump, Ardern says how high. Labour has no interest in the people’s views. Peter
Democracy is being eroded little by little and the changes being dismissed as “not that important” by the Labour spin ‘machine’- however hopefully more people will realise the Agenda and it’s not New Zealand as we should be. philip
Neo Marxist authoritarian undemocratic rule that is quite mind blowing and jack boot and highly racist in nature. Hylton
This is the most damaging government that NZ has ever seen. Ardern and co need to be ousted ASAP. Mahuta is beyond description, she has singlehandedly done more damage to multi-cultural co-existance than any one or any thing. Tony
Unquestionably Caren
She is A traiter along with Mahuta, they should be tried by the people for the people. Tom
Yes, never in our nations history have we seen this type of dictatorship. The voting public are finally coming to their senses and seeing her for what she really is. Lawrie
next year is karma year for adeern, as both can be b****es, will have run out of places to visit on taxpayer by now. She’s blown a chance to do good. Get Out. mike
No Nation has ever been successfully governed by a megalomaniac. I suggest Taxinda “move on” along with the several other currently labor MP’s pegged to opt out prior to this Xmas. John
That has been their objective since coming to office with Ardern as the figure head. Max
even worse than muldoon. ken
Totally. I wish the election was sooner. Kerin
She is a tyrant and an unwed mother agnostic. How did we vote for her? Thomas
Self-seeking, power hungry highjack of fundamental democracy. Wolf
YES. Led by one of our most devious and traitorous Prime minister. Her maori caucus has been instrumental in their lying and twisting the outdated treaty of waitangi for their own tribal elite. Darryl
Labour has deliberately worked on destroying our democracy to further its own extreme left ideas Stanley
Extreme socialists – or communists mary
Erosion of democracy is the number one issue underlying every issue. Tony
Hell yes!! David
YES! To put it crudely “The Lunatics are running the asylum” There is a real danger that the Health system will collapse under Maori demands and disillusion. Personal responsibility and healthy lifestyle would reduce Maori health problems dramatically. GP practices do not ask your racial background when you enroll. NZ IS STUFFED. make no bones about it. The looney left wants to add to our problems by giving the vote to the ram raider generation and rewrite the history books to brainwash the view that can read. Luxon is a damp squib. ACT is starting to appeal and I have never rated them much before. Bruce
The Most Undemocratic Government of ALL TIME. Noel
Do you even need to ask. Steve
With less than 60% of voters casting a vote at the last election and Labour getting about 55% of the votes cast Ardern thinks she has over 50% f the population behind her but in truth only only 33% of the population supported her and she disregards democratic processes which have been the norm for over 130 years and become divisive and ventures into Apartheid based politics. David
Absolutely, no doubt about it. Mike
Undermined everything in the whole of N.Z. The P.M. and all her cohorts must go. Ann
Effectively gagging the press/tv from criticising what would otherwise be unpopular, undemocratic actions is straight out of totalitarian playbook 101. Indeed almost everything to do with the Ardern Government’s Maorification agenda has been progressed casting aside democratic principles, from the imposition of Maori language to overriding local government democracy on Maori wards, to steamrolling through 3 waters with attempted entrenchment. Ron
She is creating a huge divide in this country and allowing a minority group to take control and destroy democracy. She will be known in history as the PM who created destruction of the nation. Moira
YES without any doubt! Bryan
we certainly need to be rid of this DYSFUNCTIONAL government as everyone can see it is one shambles after another LesW
Democracy in NZ is almost non-existent under this Government John
Not only undermined democracy but is in the process of destroying it and the country forever. This is the most vile Govt. in NZ history. John
Of course, it has been very clear from the beginning that it was totalitarian. Result so far is a divided nation with an incredibly high debt yet showing only the worst results possible. Leonard
Democracy means the people have a voice and equal voting rights regardless of race. Andrew
Get rid of them before NZ is totally down the gurgler. Donald
This question is so obvious and needs little explanation Philip
Without doubt the most dangerous PM and inept government the NZ populace has ever embraced. Maybe the she’ll be right attitude of the very average Kiwi will change to I’m awake now – one can only hope Siobain
Definitely Mark
I am really concerned that any future government will be unable to dismantle the laws that have been locked down Peter
goes without saying Graeme
Failure to listen will be their final nail in their coffins. Phil
I thought labour was against mining! Charles
100% colin
undermined is an understatement. significantly eroded should have been the phrase. tjalling
J A has to go & her party too! Dominique 
What’s Mahauta paid to get such control? Tyrants don’t move over and make room for co-governance without reward.Both parties seem to treasonous in this situation. Kevin
Yes, I feel more like it is a dictatorship.  Jim
ABSOLUTELY with blatant handover of power to radical Maori Mike
Ardern may not like to admit it but she has obviously lost control of the labour cults caucus. Her days as the high priestess have gone, the maori caucus has discovered that she is not a leader but figurehead who has lost its appeal. They now have her where they want her, and she does not have the backing of the remainder of her cabinet as they cannot trust her. Ardern is now toast and the best thing that she could do would be either resign or call an early election. It is just a matter of which form of political suicide she prefers. Perhaps, in the case of some of our dimmer elected representatives, we could charitably explain their political position by concluding that they are braindead. I will tell you what I think of most of these politicians and bureaucrats. As individuals, they may be nice enough; but collectively, they are lying, treacherous, arrogant, power-hungry, anti-democratic, environmentally heedless racist scum. We most definitely need a swamp drainer. Terry M
absolutely on many fronts, given in to Maori supremacists, radicles, failed to maintain law and order, truancy, cost of living, housing, to name a few. colin.
Of course but until the bill of rights is rewritten to deny legislative out clauses and entrenched to make it difficult to edit by future *Jacindas, then we never really had a democracy. Matt
Its difficult to believe this is happening in NZ Paul
Absolutely! Poor voter turnout in local government elections demonstrates that – no one trusts anything they do will make any difference- it’s horrible Skarlett
The Leopard has been set an agenda and she will use any means to achieve her goal. Tony
Seriously considering moving to Australia Ron
The rorting has to stopped dead in its tracks. After the certain 2023 rout steps should be taken to prosecute those responsible and their cohorts. rob
Totally, completely, and utterly. I doubt they can spell the word, and clearly don’t understand what it means. They can’t be booted out soon enough! Jan
It is very frightening times we live in when we no longer have a govt that rules for the people. And that is just one of the atrocities this govt has created. Susan
When you vote in an acknowledged and known communist to run your country then the country gets exactly what it deserves. T
It is shocking what is happening in our country.  Aaron
Absolutely. I have never seen such arrogance from a political party and dismissal of peoples voice in my entire long life lynne
Her Authority knows no bounds. She is crippling our democracy! Jennifer
The Gov Gen needs to dissolve this corrupt commie Govt . Then start a commission of inquiry & throw them out of politics for ever . Allen
Blatant racism and division will always damage a democracy. Robbie
If someone had told me even 5 years ago what NZ would become I doubt I could’ve believed them and yet here we are with the country being run by an apartheid tribal regime aided and abetted by a delusional socialist. What a clusterf##k! We need an early election NOW. John
Definitely . We have to stand up to them and stop this segregation of N/Z citizens absolute nonsense. Barbara
It is scary how quickly this Labour govt has been able to take away our freedoms, centralise govt departments and introduce apartheid measures, change all govt entities to Maori titles without campaigning on any of it. One blink and I feel like I’m living in another country. Janet
This Liebour government will go down in NZ history as not only the most culturally divisive, but also the most incomptent.. there is little if anything that Liecinda, and her Maori/Green cronies have touched that hasnt been a disaster.. goneburgers all of them in 2023! Rob
yes, she is dangerous women paul
Drastically so! Bruce
a tyrant at the helm steph 
Undermined democracy is being very polite – more like totally destroyed democracy! Graham
The MAORI Caucus within Labour is a Trojan Horse; They do not give a damn about Labour’s re-election chances they just want to grab power and $’s for a certain Maori elite. James
That regime not only undermined , but seriously damaged democracy and our country’s well-being. And it will continue to happen if these criminals are not removed and charged for high treason. And this BS TOW has to be kicked into the bin so that things have a chance to change to the better. Michael
and done it in an underhand secretive manner Jurgis
They are led by a communist fascist dictator. Sharon
We have no freedom with this co governance rubbish Deb
Definitely, they have hidden He Puapua and lied and misled us continually. Ardern never answers questions. Stephen
Ardern is a monstrous dictator of the worst modern breed. Mahuta is no different to any opportunist that supported Hitler. Mike
Apartheid has replaced democracy. Rod
this is the most incompetent, lying and dangerous govt NZ has seen in 100 years patrick
They haven’t just undermined it, they are deliberately destroying it. Mike
This is the most un-democratic government in New Zealand history Murray
A coup has taken place while Arden has encouraged undemocratic racist power deployment to maori tribal interests. The Labour Party has jeopardised the future for all the people of New Zealand. Peter
Pure evil prime minister Claire
100% agree Paul
Who is the 1% in these polls that always supports arderns totalitarianism? antoni
I can only hope that the damage inflicted on NZ by Labour can be reversed. Rex
Absolutely Gary
Absolutely evil tyrant Ardern greg
Worst Government in New Zealand ever. The damage they have inflicted on our Democracy is mind blowing and continues at pace. Labour must be destroyed by voters at the next two elections. Chris
Without a doubt. Gavin
Absolutely. She’s EVIL. It’s unbelievable that 30% of Kiwis are still deluded and vote for her! Simon
Very dangerous woman. Pat
This government are tyrannical racists Brian
Like no other before Peter
Yes, Labour has not only undermined democracy, it has destroyed it. However National will be just as bad in other ways – they are also globalist puppets. This from someone who has voted National 14 times in 5 electorates. Tony
They have secretly introduced co governance and many other acts which erodes our democracy Michael
Turned N.Z into a apartheid Marxist state,with 1984 ,minority outlook.Not,what I want for my future New Zealand.Labour are a danger to the population,National ,Greens aren’t much better. Rick
It is so blatant I can’t understand why the whole country isn’t up in arms! Wayne
This is Communism Driven by Arden . That’s the Objective of this PM & the Maori Elite . Michael 
Absolutely Yes and never before has a single government wrought such destruction on the very fabric of New Zealand society, it brings into question why Kiwi’s do not have a “Recall” option to remove sitting politicians and governments that have gone bad ? Also we need to change the voting system so the minor parties cannot have an oversized influence on government policy as id the current case ! John
Not even debatable Andy
treason charges should be applied to labour caucus. chris
Undeniably so. David
Absolutely, they have undermined democracy in NZ, this is the most damaging, divisive and deceitful government this country has ever seen. Robin
Unquestionably. Mike
Jacinda and Labour must go.ASAP. Or we are doomed. Simple fact. Howard
The refusal to engage in discussion or debate of issues and the use of nefarious means to push agendas is a direct strike on democracy shown by this govt. Greg
Totally!! Gary
This split nation business isn’t the way to go. Erik
They have and we as voting public have let them Kiwis are just to complacent age will be right attitude is not working Peter
She said she would govern for all the people HAHA She governs for one race only which is 16% of our population. Can’t wait to get rid of her!! Jacqui
They continue to attack our democracy pushing through race based policies even though without any mandate whatsoever. Steve
Labour has destroyed a normally calm country by allowing Maori to take control. Sharron
What this government is doing to New Zealand is criminal Michael
They have got to go and the sooner the better. tony
Unfortunately, we possibly don’t even realise the damage she’s done. We’ll be paying for generations Aj
And lets be rid of then quickly Gerry
Arden is an evil dictator DAVID
they most definitely have. Pam
No doubt whatsoever. Jacinda must go to the people now. She no longer has any mandate to govern. Mike
Undermined Democracy? They have literally destroyed it. NZ is in a terrible state – caused by the deliberate intent and actions of Ardern and her government. Shame on them. Grahame
Most certainly Mike
Totally Dianne
Totally Graeme
YEs Yes Yes NEIL
Jacitler must GO immediately or sooner. She has and is f…ing our wonderful country NEW ZEALAND. Wake up my fellow people.  Brian
Absolutely! Ardern is a flaming Communist and that’s what she’s pushing. But so is Christopher Luxon. He went to the same finishing school as Ardern, The Economic Forum’s New World Leader program. This is all part of the divide and conquer that George Orwell predicted. They are following in the footsteps of Hitler. They are heinous thugs bent on World Domination. Wake up, people. joyce
Dictatorship Pete
I still find it hard to believe that our journalists have hardly fired a shot at this Labour government and comrade Ardern Kevin
This Labour government is destroying democracy in New Zealand. pdm
absolutely ! mike
The history of this government’s failings and assault on democracy provides the answer. Gary
The worst example of a Government in my lifetime of 7 plus decades Clem
The country appears to be being led (by the nose,) by the Maori caucus who blatantly push their platforms and who are backed by the Labour caucus.trust in this lot is at an all time low. Nanaia seems to know no bounds as to her power. Very sad times Yeverley
I reject the imposition of Te Ao Maori, te mana o te wai statements, in policy and legislation in general and particularly made by the current government. Ethnic values are fine but they cannot be imposed on others who do not subscribe to them. Peter
Well on the path to totalitarianism Douglas
I think she is a narcisstic left wing globalist who sees no truth outside of her own agendas and self image . I think she is mentally sick tony 
They have not just undermined democracy … they have stolen it. This very accurate article describes New Zealands sad state perfectly and this sick and dangerous government must go … and they will. Des
Yes, the worst government I have seen in my life aaaaaaand I’m 72. peter
definitely NOT in charge. Hans
Absolutely! They are a disgrace, led by a PM who appears to have a definite personality disorder. Hasta la vista, Labour & Ardern Derek
Yes and will continue to do so fortunately to their detriment and eventually even the thickest and mentally challenged will will realise they are drowning in the Climate and WEF nonsense and hopefully vote the incompetent and dangerous ship of fools into obscurity Phil
absolutely evil. Why it took so long for the average NZr to see this?—- main stream media john
Definitely Geoffrey
Totally. The mood of the country is not good at the moment. Kate
We are almost as totalitarian today as it Russia, China, Iran, and others which have that form of Govt. John
A blind man can see so Paul
They are not working for the people, they are working for themselves Colin
Tribal ruling very much in play in NZ Jan
Democracy be gone Jeff
Labour has divided and turned NZ against each other by trampling over our democratic rights Geoff
And We The People let it happen. It’s on us, therefore it’s up to us to stop it. Democracy is dead, Communism is here. Neil
The lack of results for ALL New Zealanders and the lack of open dialogue demonstrates a dictatorship. All we ask for is treat the team of 5 million with respect, honesty, equally in a democratic way Raymond
This government is s topping freedom of speech. They are dividing our society and trying to cripple our businesses. Raewyn
She’s destroying it Beau
Absolutely YES Roy
Obviously they have, nearly everything this govt has bought in, has undermined our democracy. Peter
Tyrant comes to mind Evans
This government has deliberately lied to the people of New Zealand since 2017. Vonne
Absolutely!! John
Absolutely yes, the most divisive and worst Gov’t in New Zealand history also the largest collection of under qualified and inept bunch in the history of the country and boy oh boy we are going to pay a very high price socially and financially for years possibly decades. Ardern will be remembered as the worst PM in New Zealand history, what a terrible disappointment she has become to a huge number of her voter base, people who trusted her very well scripted message and persona Flip
Absolutely, as they continue to introduce co-governance without any mandate. Alister
even a blind Man/Woman can see that Hans
she is a cancer to the social fabric of our society. Noel
I used to see NZ as a centrist model of governance, in contrast to how the US conservatives have acted for 35 years. But PM Ardern appears to want to be more secretive than Trump – just less obviously self-serving. Dene
Dishonest and divisive should be the slogan for the Labour party Liz
Absolutely – the test is that citizens can choose for themselves, slaves and serfs are denied the right to choose. This New New Zealand only gives a mirage of choice. The greatest enemy of this government is the average civilian and we have been robbed of our status. We no longer have choice, not in health, not in family courts, not in local bodies, not in education, not in religion. No where. We are serfs and this is not democracy. Hannah
Ardern uses every weapon at her disposal to crush dissent including her media stooges Boris
Hugely and deliberately undemocratic. They have treated the voters with distain & arrogance. How many of the 80,000 submissions on 3 waters do you think they considered? I’m surprised the GG hasn’t stepped in, then again I’m not. The ever perfidious Ardern claimed it was a mistake and that she was not aware of it when the entrenchment clause in the 3 waters bill went through. I am all the same left with the impression that if it had gone through unnoticed that Ardern and Mahuta would have been giving high fives out the back. All you labour MP’s that voted for 3 waters may as well resign now. You are a bunch of filthy traitors who betrayed in most cases the majority of your constituents. Who do you think you are representing your own opinions and not the will of your constituency. Slink off now you rats and save us the trouble of getting rid of you. Terry
Nothing but a bunch of delusional misfits John
Most definitely, no doubts about it. Rosanne
Very Much so, They have Ruined the Country. Richard
Of that there can be no doubt whatsoever no doubt at all Robin
I am 80 years of age and firmly believe that Ardern is the worst PM that NZ has had in my lifetime Adrian 
Democracy is gradually being undermined We are becoming an IWI dominated autocracy Geoff
The most deceitful, dangerous, devious and divisive government we have ever had. The sooner Cindy goes, the better for us all. She was ALWAYS this – but she played her cards well, for the first term – she was shoring up her support for the next. Christine
This administration has taken NZ (I will not use the term Aotearoa) down a slippery slope. Roll on the next election, following which a genuine democratic government can begin to undo the damage. Barry
obvious! paul
Jacinda Ardern is determined to destroy democracy as we know it. She should be sacked! Murray
Labour is a shocking government – the worst in NZ’s history.  Linda
Ardern has undermined the democratic cornerstone of our society. They need to be decimated at the next election.  Barry
We need ‘recall elections’ in this country so that when Prime Ministers turn into dictators we can sack them!  Jason
National has a big job ahead of it getting rid of all the ant-democratic race-based changes they have introduced. Let’s hope they are up to the job!  Alex