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Labour’s Health System Failure

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Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government is now stumbling from one failure to the next. While the abandoned $800 million cycle bridge across Auckland Harbour cost more than $50 million on consultants, when it comes to the changes being planned for health, their ineptitude will cost lives.

Before we look into the detail of their misguided health proposals, let’s examine some background.

New Zealand’s District Health Board model was introduced in 2001 by Helen Clark’s Labour Government to bring a community focus to health care and minimise geographical disparities.

The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 decentralised the health system and led to the establishment of 20 DHBs governed by boards of eleven members – seven elected from the community, with four Ministerial appointees.

The overall responsibility for the health system lies with the Ministry of Health, which sets the strategic direction and provides the funding.

In August 2007, then Health Minister Pete Hodgson introduced 10 health targets to help focus the DHBs and improve community health outcomes. These targets were later consolidated by John Key’s National Government into six: shorter stays in emergency departments; improved access to elective surgery; shorter waits for cancer treatment; increased immunisation; better help for smokers to quit; and better diabetes and cardiovascular services.

By providing a snapshot of how the DHBs were performing – including ensuring that patients in the provinces were getting similar treatment to those in urban areas – these targets not only enabled the DHBs to be held to account for achieving key health outcomes, they also enabled the Government to be held to account.  

In fact, the Labour Party in opposition was relentless in using the targets to challenge National’s performance in health, but once they became the government in 2017 and David Clark was appointed Health Minister, it quickly became apparent that they were struggling to run the portfolio.

A solution was found in early 2018: the health targets were abandoned – and a review of the health system was announced!

Heather Simpson, the former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Helen Clark, was appointed to lead the review and a report-back date was set for early 2020.

Without targets and adequate oversight, Labour’s performance in health began to decline and waiting lists started to surge.

By 2019, the Ministry of Health revealed that DHBs were no longer on track to meet their planned annual elective surgery target of more than 200,000 procedures, with estimates showing doctors were performing 10,000 fewer surgeries than the year before.

When Covid began spreading throughout in the country in 2020 and a lockdown was imposed, hospitals were asked to clear the decks ready for an expected flood of Covid cases. They did not materialise, but the waiting list backlog that had been caused – estimated at 180,000 – left many Health Boards struggling to catch up.

As a result, by August this year, “the number of patients waiting longer than the four-month maximum for treatment in hospitals had ballooned from about 2,000 in 2017 to nearly 30,000”.

When Delta struck, hospitals again closed down, and by September 9, “The Ministry of Health confirmed health boards had cancelled about 37,000 surgeries, planned procedures or initial assessments across the country since the beginning of alert level 4.”

By September 26, the Ministry of Health revealed “an estimated 81,500 in the public system stand in line for surgeries, procedures and appointments delayed due to the Delta outbreak.”

But Labour has not only failed to ensure the system can keep up with demand, they haven’t even been able to provide the basics. In spite of the country being under threat from a world-wide pandemic, the number of intensive care beds available has been declining.

According to the Herald the number of ICU beds fell from 358 in March 2020 to 284 in August 2021. On a per capita basis, New Zealand has less than one-third of the average number of critical care beds amongst 22 OECD countries – putting us in 21st place, followed only by Mexico.

With only 4.6 ICU beds for every 100,000 people, compared with 6.4 in the UK, 8.9 in Australia, and 38.7 in Germany, New Zealand not only has a dangerous shortage of ICU beds, but staff as well.

Since every ICU bed needs around five to six nurses to keep it operational 24/7, there’s an estimated shortfall of around 100 ICU nurses. In addition, the country is critically short of doctors, yet according to Immigration New Zealand, 901 registered nurses and 235 doctors are already in New Zealand waiting on the Government for residency.

With the health system already under serious pressure, it is clearly sheer madness for Labour to consider pressing ahead with the upheaval that would be caused by major reform at this time.

Let’s look at what is being planned.

Heather Simpson’s health system review, delivered to the Government in early 2020, recommended reducing the number of District Health Boards by around half, replacing elected health board members with government appointees, introducing a new crown agency Health NZ with responsibility for health service delivery, and establishing an advisory Maori Health Authority.

These recommendations became the basis of Labour’s health policy in their 2020 election manifesto: “A central focus of a returned Labour Government will be the roll out of our plan to improve the public health system to deliver high quality services, fewer DHBs, an increased focus on equity, a Māori Health Authority that will focus on Māori health, an aged care commissioner and a Public Health Agency that will more closely link the country’s 12 public health units.”

That’s why the announcement by the Minister of Health Andrew Little in April, that DHBs were no longer going to be consolidated as promised, but abolished, came as such a shock.

This abandonment of the community focus for health care in New Zealand, and its replacement by a centralised health bureaucracy based in Wellington – without any consultation or prior warning – is regarded as a betrayal by many in the sector.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Ian Powell, the editor of the health systems blog Otaihanga Second Opinion, and a former Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, explains the situation:

“There was nothing to suggest DHB abolition in Labour’s election manifestos of 2017 or 2020. When in opposition under Little’s leadership, Labour had defended DHBs from criticism including that of the Health Ministry. There was no public discourse from government or anyone else prior to the April announcement.

“Heather Simpson’s review didn’t hold DHBs responsible for identified problems in the health system. The review did recommend a reduction in the number of DHBs. But it still saw the continuation of DHBs responsible for geographically defined populations as central to the effectiveness of the health system. 

“Little’s announcement was a left-field decision developed very late in the process without engagement. It caught everyone outside the inner circle by surprise. There was no mandate for it or even an earlier narrative justifying it.

“The decision to abolish DHBs and replace them with a new centralised national bureaucracy in which decision-making will be further removed from health professionals and communities was both abrupt and drastic.

“But there have been few voices expressing public concern or opposition. Some of this is due to the clever nature of the Health Minister’s April restructuring announcement.”

Calculated changes have indeed been made to minimise opposition to the health reforms.

In the run up to the 2020 election, a new Public Service Act was passed into law that reclassified DHB employees as public servants, stopping them from speaking out freely.

And in March this year the Public Service Commissioner issued a new code of conduct for board members of Crown agencies including DHBs. Described as a ‘gagging order’ by some, it came into force just two days before the Minister announced the abolition of DHBs, preventing health board members “from making political comment”.

Not only is the Government attempting to silence the health sector, they also want health care in New Zealand to be determined by race, not need.

Since the health reforms are being run out of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – through a transition unit that has 25 staff and a $5 million budget – Jacinda Ardern is directly responsible.

Contrary to her election promises to the health sector and voters, she now wants to restructure health into two separate systems – a Maori Health Authority, with the right of veto over the entire health system, providing healthcare for those claiming Maori ancestry, and Health NZ covering everyone else.  

This plan for Maori co-governance is, of course, a key objective of He Puapua – Labour’s blueprint for replacing democracy with tribal rule by 2040. With a Parliamentary majority and no coalition partner constraints, He Puapua is being progressed at pace – even though the Prime Minister has no mandate from voters to do so.

When asked by the Herald, whether the separate Maori Health Authority was based on He Puapua –  the Health Minister “denied the allegation, saying he had not read He Puapua”.

But Andrew Little’s response does not stack up.

Back in March 2019, when the Minister of Maori Development Nanaia Mahuta was given Cabinet authorisation to develop a roadmap for the implementation of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, she set up a ministerial advisory group, which included Andrew Little as the Minister of Justice, to over-see the process.

In paragraph 6 of her Cabinet paper outlining her strategy, Minister Mahuta stated, “I propose to establish a working group of technical experts from government and Māoridom in April 2019 to help develop proposals for the plan. In making my decisions about this group, I will consult with the Minister for Māori Crown Relations, the Minister of Justice, the Attorney-General, the Minister of Commerce, and the Minister of Conservation.”

She then explained, “As I receive advice from the working group, I will consult with Ministers with portfolio interests in a Declaration plan. I expect this will include the Ministers in paragraph 6…”

It seems implausible that Andrew Little would not have read the resulting document, He Puapua, when he was on the Cabinet Committee that was overseeing the project.

To deliver the He Puapua goal of Maori co-governance of health, the health system needs to be centralised, not decentralised. That’s why Labour is breaking its campaign pledge to retain DHBs.

A fundamental pillar of our health system – ensuring New Zealanders retain their right to community-based healthcare that safeguards access to those living in isolated areas – is being sacrificed for He Puapua and the ideology of racial segregation.

The Maori Health Authority – co-chaired by Minister Nanaia Mahuta’s sister – is being justified on the basis of claims that Maori are Treaty partners with the Crown. But, since it is constitutionally impossible for subjects to be partners with their Sovereign, that is a fabrication.

Yet on the basis of this lie, our Prime Minister is planning to give the new Maori elite – those running multi-million-dollar private tribal corporations – control over public health resources and services.

But that’s not all.

Underpinning these tribal demands is the assertion that the health disparities experienced by Maori are getting worse. Yet, as social researcher Lindsay Mitchell reported in “Māori Social and Economic Indicators under Colonization: A Picture of Progress”, ‘Maori’ health is rapidly improving.

In any event, factors that contribute to health disparity are things like smoking, poor diet, a lack of exercise, and so on, not race.

It is unconscionable that our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is putting ideology ahead of lives by attempting to overhaul – and racially segregate – the entire health system during a pandemic.

These reforms must be stopped, so that everyone in the health sector can have a laser focus on helping to minimise the inevitable chaos that lies ahead as the Government abandons its Covid-19 elimination strategy. To do otherwise will put lives at risk.

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Ardern has smoked too much woke Marxist maori ideology. This dangerous, false bimbo who is as incompetent as the US presidency of Joe Biden as they both destroy their countries economies and values. Rearranging the health sector under Labour will be a total abortion. Monica
The rot started a long time ago in this country. We are now a nation of wimps. There are no protests,riots, or similar opposition to the government. Each week everyone replies dutifully to these letters. Back in the early seventies we asked ourselves where this’ softness’ in society would lead to and now we have it— a docile nation. Having just returned from a trip south I found continuous discontent and opposition towards Ardern but the only action that will stop Labour is some form of massive disruption. This was a far different country when I was a boy. A few sons’ of the pioneers were still alive. Gallipoli veterans were numerous. Our fathers and uncles had fought for freedom in W.W.2. There existed a great pride in the nation and a spirit that sadly doesn’t exist today. There is just so much to say but in today’s ‘political climate’ I will keep it to myself and reflect on a long and beautiful life. Sadly most problems are man-made ! This once was a country of great character. Long live New Zealand ! John
This is not even a hidden agenda, purely a race based decision. Gavin
They are mad John
The Maori caucus are running NZ right now with a gutless PM too lacking in knowledge to intervene. Maybe the Maori caucus plans suit her socialist/communist ideals….?? Andrew
Racism Greg
Whilst it is accepted that the current DHB structure is somewhat dysfunctional, a national/divided health system – under the control of bureaucrats will be far worse!!!! David
Don’t trust this govt or their MSM patsies on anything. Richard
Abolition of the DHBs will in part be influenced by the desire to improve the overall delivery of health services for NZers and partly to confer on Maori effective control of the health system. Neither are sure to improve health for (all) NZers although improved delivery of health services, given adequate funding and the right professional management and control is more likely than tribal management and control to improve health services to all NZers.. Michael
This is treason being implemented by addern in giving Maori the decision making for health in New Zealand. Must be stopped Sidwell
No question about it. It’s a continuation of the transfer of power to a minority group. It’s being done right under our noses by stealth. Wish there were a political party strong enough to standup to all this crap, even one that turns it all around when they get into government. They would have to be strong enough to handle and defeat the racists rubbish should the they be successful. Ray S
Both in Health and elsewhere, the sooner this idealistic, communism-inspired Labour government is deposed, the better off our country will be. William
Apartheid in progress Sarah
Dumbing down NZ’s voters, dividing by tribal lines, UBI, etc, are all shoving NZ into a totalitarian regime. Sheila
Have read the te puapua report it’s smoke and mirrors behaviour.the pm has had it for several months and only show 10 papers to caucus and public. The complete report was got from the official office and needs to be read by all NZers . Dianne
Again, this crew have no idea at all – none! We should be very worried of where we are going under this government John
It is frightening to read of the reduction in ICU beds, the huge increase in waiting times for time critical cases such as cancer where first appointments are delayed by months, the growing shortages of nurses (pay negotiations?) the only country with a worse record of care is Mexico,and all this lunacy has occurred in the last 3 years, which should tell us something. This Labour Government is ramming through these changes so that they can hand over Hospital care and health to Maoris, and what do they know about health when they can’t even keep their own population healthy. Here they are being handed government control, and local government, seashore, water supply and drainage, and all of this without any planning or mention in election manifesto and being rammed through Parliament without any opportunity for public input, or objection by way of referendum. LUNACY! Chris
The disintegration of New Zealand by Jacinda Adern and the Labour party is a crime against the people of New Zealand, both Pakeha & Maori will be disadvantaged by this program T
When on earth are the opposition parties going to stand up and say enough is enough, for God’s sake this bloody nonsense has got to be stopped before it is too late Bill
The pace of change is frighting and without opposition or consultation I can only see New Zealand going down hill rapidly. I fear for my children! Margaret
NWO agenda 21/50, is most of it, as well as the Genocide of white europeans!! Nothing to do with peoples health, its about control and commie gulags coming! = COVID 19. David 
As well as a lot of other tribal decisions Ted
Please let us stop this madness. Let us stay a democracy claire
Just another underhand act by Ardern & her cronies to create an apartheid New Zealand. WAKE UP NZers Bob
Probably both the above but their recent announcements is in favour of the political. Bruce
We are New Zealanders first and foremost. After that we can identify by race if required. I can identify as both Maori and European and choose to to neither! Mark
It is based on the group identities part of post modernism/Marxism which leads directly to tribalism these theories are rooted in evil and must be halted at all cost. Jeffrey
I wonder how many new Electric Audi or BMW cars the Maori Health Authority will require. Allan
It’s enough to make one cry – so very sad, how ever did we sink this low!!!!! tony
Who would have thought that an apartheid system would be initiated by Maori. Brett
democracy are we a nation that practices it anthony 
Maori are damaging the system with their ‘apartheid’ movements. Kathryn
Maori have proved that they do not care about their health, they have free health services like everyone else. Why are they not getting vaccinated? once there was a reward they reluctantly made an effort to get vaccinated. They are trying to take the Country over. Gayle
She has NO mandate to turn the country into a tribal “us and pakeha” I’m disgusted Hilary
https://chng.it/hfVCn7RqNL See this petition to remove Jacinda Ardern, addressed to Governor General – seems to be gaining momentum Amy
Aunty Cindy for some reason seems to be wanting to give NZ away and cause civil unrest in NZ forcing us back to the olden days. WHY! Simply to stay in power and sell herself to a minor party to achieve power. Time to grow up and look in the mirror Cindy. You will not like what you see. Hoe can one person take NZ into such a state and get away with it time to stand up and be counted!! rod
On and on and on it goes – racing towards APARTHEID! Sylvia
Its the left hand not watching the right hand make the moves Garth
Reverse racism at it%u2019s worst. Murray
we are being bombarded by all media 24 hours per day promoting everything maori. My family and I have had enough. This propaganda must stop. Steve
In truth both answers are wrong. Igor
A total no brainer, of course that is the reason! Murray
Neither answer is the correct one. This is another manifestation of the horse’s determination to enslave our once great nation beneath the yoke of centralised planning and meaningless commo bullshit. Kerry
Of course it is they are the most devious most dangerous Govt this country has ever seen Alan
It’s an illogical and unworkable proposition. We are all ‘one-people’ and health care must be provided on need. NOT RACE. Chris
I am completely over separatist policies creeping into every part of our lives to the extent I’d rather live somewhere else where true democracy exists. DT
A very real worry over Maori takeover. Once Maori businesses start paying tax they can then have more of a say Marion
Sadly. It is well past time for this government to go… Murray
Racism and Apartheid at its worst where is the Democracy? Murray
Definitely it is to create and support Maori supremacy. This has been going on for decades, this slow erosion of our equal rights. Now it is speeding up under Comrade Jacinda’s rule. You’ve heard the old adage, “Divide and Conquer”? This is it, creating a divide between Maori and the rest of us. Calling us racist if we ask for equal treatment before the law, which the Treaty guaranteed us in Article Three. Our comrades in Parliament just change the laws to suit themselves. Joyce
Apartheid Greg
Will become like Cuba. Like Mr McGuire in The Graduate movie told Benjamin ”Plastics is the future’ instead the advice to NZ graduates now ‘go west’ for a better future… Ben
It is so racist in favour of Maori I cannot believe it is happening in New Zealand. Whatever happened to our democracy where we are all supposed to be treated equally? And how does Jacinda get away with this: is there no law to stop her with this complete unfairness. Eric
The health system will deteriorate more rapidly than it already is and more people unable to get the care they need Christine
It is patently obvious this socialist administration is determined to introduce apartheid, so that 15% will control the country. Worse, maoris in general will not benefit, only those greedy elements at the top. Gavin
Lines up with other changes proposed by this Marxist regime Colin
Most New Zealanders are sleeping through this radical racist takeover of our country. New Zealand will be unrecognisable soon. These are extremely troubled times Patrick
What a dog’s breakfast. Sorry to insult you dogs out there. Neil
Enough, I’ve had enough. Jack
Congratulations for the 25th anniversary of Act party’s beginnings. Also on the 7th October,1996 US Fox news started and wasn’t expected to last but now is the clear No.1 in cable TV ratings & has been for a long time. Obviously a more enlightened time than it is now with biased left wing media and completely Govt. -corrupted news outlets here. Monica
No doubt there, tribal control and it will not end with the Health system Just read Te Pua Pua Carolyn
Bloody hell what are we coming too, where is the opposition and the public voices opposing this blatant takeover. Words fail me. Fraser
Tribal control will be an unmitigated disaster The current system is already in chaos and crisis thanks to Labour. It can only get worse. Craig
How can NZ be so ignorant of this takeover. Please keep shouting Fraser
Obviously it’s all about Maori control. Poor Maori health is due to poor life style decisions. Having Maori Elite running the show won’t make any difference just look at the size of Nanaia Mahuta. Greg
Out and out greed by elitist Maori. Wayne
We are heading back to the system of the 50s and 60s with all of the bureaucratic bungling and nonsensical decision making . Give a bureaucrat a job and see the system collapse. peter
No need to centralise Susan
This move should not be pushed through without agreement of the electorate who will be paying for it. Christine
There has been NO mandate for this move & no mandate to silence the medical fraternity. This is becoming a race-based dictatorship Peter
Isn’t everything that the Ardern government plans and tries to deliver result in nothing but RACISM. They are employing apartheid to undermine all citizens but one privileged racial group. What reason could there be – but vote buying. Alex
this govt is dangerous and pro communist. Anon
A tribal health system that can veto issues in the system for the rest of New Zealanders in utterly abhorrent Ken
Lets all move to Aussie!! Pam
Banana republic here we come Geof
Jacinda is a Socialist, so the move to a totalitarian state, which centralises all control, suppress all dissent and tells you which freedoms you can have based on your compliance should be of no surprise, neither should it be surprise the radical Maori party are compliant partners in this. John
It is not right to do this without the public’s ok! Roger
Yes go for it its long over due But any questions off 50/50 governance is grounds for an up rising And with out a doubt air NZ will be busy flying our medical staff To other places in the world to work Over night the NZ health system would crash no doubt what so ever Bruce
Obviously Ray
The right of veto, if correct, by Maori is a despicable abuse of political power by the current government and there is no evidence to suggest that health outcomes for all NZers will be improved. Rob
Neither actually. Every Western Country is faced with something similar. It is a well orchestrated plan for total communist take over of the Western World.and covid is part of it. First of all you totally wreck the economy of a country and destroy all its institutions. They are well on their way to doing that in NZ. Then when the population is on is knees you give hand outs with very strict controls.Does any of this sound familiar? Ronmac
This government is utterly despicable. Peter
It is clear theft from the ordinary New Zealander. Maori were always thieves. bruce
Strongly disagree with proposed changes wayne
Socialism on the march! Barry
Instead of being a Team of 5 million this government is actively promoting apartheid & communism by stealth in this country. Jillian
MAGA. Make Ardern go Away Peter
Another Labour and Maori elite in bed with Ardern , insult to all NZers. They have failed the system not the other way around. Bev
There is nothing in the treaty about partnership! This communist government wants separatism and apartheid! Gillian
So blatantly obvious! Labour are failing in aspects of governance and this is no surprise! JA’s true agenda is difficulty to comprehend – too much deceit and posturing! The final straw will be when criticism is deemed hate speech – it won’t be too long now! Martin
Blatantly obvious! Doug
More division Elizabeth
Underhand. A separate tribal health system will not work anyway Keith
Dictator Ardern and her communist govt are intent on dividing New Zealand racially between those New Zealanders who claim to be “maori” and everyone else, thereby establishing apartheid. Trevor
A while ago the government contracted IBM to set up a system that would give central government control over the whole health system. IBM set it up but it was then discovered there was no one in New Zealand who could operate it. We are no better off than we were those several years ago. In fact I would say we are worse off. We just don’t have the people educated enough and trained to do the job. Another failure, Miss Ardern. Jenny
This is another example of 3 Waters power grab by the 11 out of 28 Maori Cabinet ministers on behalf of “THEIR PEOPLE”. Graeme
A suckered govt by Maori tricksters. Watch out that’s cultural. This is a coup underway after they were generously paid out. Are there any Maori left after 180 years anyway? Kevin
Same as the 3 waters grab, control of water nationwide John
Sadly this will only continue. We have an ant democratic government who continue to change laws and make new ones, completely changing the foundations this nation was built on. With Maori Taonga being the legislated ruling spiritual belief. You will see a continuing move in this direction until they finally have what they want., joint sovereignty and that means 50% of the tax take. Watch this space. dene
Labour have failed over many years to run efficient business entities, mainly because they have no experience in running a business- their M.P.s are basically unskilled labour with little management skills. John
More political sleight of hand from horseface Peter
Another appalling move by this Govt with no consultation and done by stealth, as part of their He Puapua agenda for Maori to take over control of all our assets. The Medical profession must be aghast, at a time when they are under so much pressure from Covid 19. I also note that the Water Services Act 2021 which became law on October 4 now includes a clause for “water partnership” which I understand,functions like a Treaty clause which enables the “Treaty Partner” to demand rights, resources, money or power! Is this how they are taking control of our 3 Waters -by stealth? The media have not picked up on this! Mary
What else is Labour going to try and give the “people of equal rights”according to that magnificent document, The Treaty of Indigenous Privilege. Peter
Just another underhand way of making all non maori serval and second class citizens – wake up New Zealand before it’s too late. Get rid of this abominable lot sooner rather than later, it’s really horrible what’s happening to our country – wake up New Zealand – it may be already too late. Don
A dangerous forward move by Ardern and will end up causing a deeply entrenched segregation between NZ’rs. Not only is she creating a Totalitarian regime, but also creating apartheid too. Brenda
Cannot understand the logic or reason for the change. The proposed plan is unworkable and too expensive. Neil
Stop calling this racism, separatism or apartheid. This is Fascism; a totalitarian coalition of state and corporations. Maori will not benefit. Have we benefited from the obscenely wealthy corporations run by non Maori. On more solid ground though, appealing to the Tirity is our Government’s attempt to enact the UN Agenda 2030 by ‘stealth’ John
It certainly won’t deliver better health outcomes for anyone – Maori included……. Dave
In other words Apartheid. This lot needs booting as far as they can be kicked. Pronto! Robert
As a doctor, I understand that what we call a “health system” is really a SICKNESS INDUSTRY. The main priority is not the health of the customers but the revenue their sickness generates. Charles
More of racist divisive agenda from Cindy the Kind and her socialist sycophants. Come on New Zealand, wake up to this travesty and throw these despicable tyrants onto the scrapheap of history. John
We are one people with one law for all Dave
The healthcare system is in such a mess either way. Kel
I am not happy about the direction of our health system under Labour. Dave
New Zealanders want no bigoted, outdated South African apartheid. Richard
Pretty Blatant, I would have thought! Brent
Their intentions are blatantly obvious and they don’t even try and hide it. Labour MUST be voted out but I am so disappointed with the standard of opposition politicians, with the exception of David Seymour Dave
It is the big Lie. Sadly most young ignorant New Zealanders have been sold this lie and that is why the totalitarian regime continues – same as Czech republic Poland Ukraine. The big lie must be exposed. Mike
Maori have shown they cannot control the gangs, family violence school attendance,personal health etc etc ;how can they control matters of national concern? Gay
It’s clear that this government, already drunk on power, want to cement that into perpetuity. These people have no interest in the health in the community, whether that of part-Maori or others. In this case the ‘drivers for change’ seem simply to be getting iwi and certain individuals’ pockets lined forever with taxpayer money involved in funding the health system. Inevitably this will, at a systemic level, ’embed’ an ongoing decline in health care (and substantial increase in the number of premature deaths arising). Ironic that, while the changes will slip under the radar for most, real impact will surely eclipse the toll of COVID panic-demic by orders of magnitude. That such madness is endorsed under the cloak of Treaty ‘partnership’ beggars belief. Tony
All part of the racist, apartheid plan for destruction of our nation. Doug
A minority rule over the majority. Labour%u2019s bribes to retain Maori seats in the next election. Apartheid by stealth, water is next then the handing over of the Department of Conservation land to Maori. The blatant lies that Maori are the indigenous peoples of New Zealand continues via media indoctrination of the masses whereas they were Migrants from Hawaii. Warren
Maori should not be involved at all. They are not a race, just a group of tribes, from different places in the world. Modern day Maori are just a ” Culture Club” Fred
Once again decisions based on race only and not a democracy. What a joke. Allan
another power grab by the minority over the majority john
the very mention of raced based health care will lead to chaos. this government has proved already that it is incapable of making things happen. they are out of their depth. Gavin
Don’t they already. It appears to me Maoris get preferential treatment already Murray
Where is the opposition? Neil 
It’s all about apartheid that Labour is intentionally introducing to divide for their main agenda which is the New World Order – Communism Neil
This policy is an absolute disgrace and nothing but a race based grab. This socialist PM & her government must go!! Phil
Socialism is what we’ve got now. It is mid-way between Democracy which we used to have and Communism which is our present Government’s aim. Winston is right. He has always stood for appointments on merit, not race. Without him acting as an essential brake on this crazy Labour train we will have to hope David Seymour can reverse these sneaky race-based insane laws being passed Pauline
Once again Labour is spinning and being disingenuous . Ardern will be remembered as a pm who endorsed racism. Just wait when it all turns to custard she will get married and people will become sidetracked. Jane
Its wrong on every level Sandra
Clearly evident. Recent policies all point towards this. They are not to be trusted – and with Government connections with criminal gangs becoming more and more frequent news items, one has to wonder what is actually going on. Grahame
It will be a disaster just as the covid response is turning out to be They just got the intelligence to make it happen More holes than sieve! Robert
Your article points to the important facts. Improve the current system rather than reorganize. Now is not the time to even think of reorganisng the health care system. Doesn’t Ms Adern appreciate her strategies have failed with the pandemic. Now she seeks to concentrate health care spending where her votes are. Leave it alone Jacinda !! Peter
Absolutely clear Wolf
The country can’t afford to run two different health systems, even if this was a fair policy for all New Zealanders, but it isn’t. It will create all sorts of problems, the most important one being the majority feeling side lined, and being treated as second class citizens. Carol
DHB’s are an effective way of delivering local health services. However they can all be streamlined with the money saved used to fund more elective surgeries. A national administration. salaries and supply system would give sufficient savings to fund additional staff and elective surgery. The split of having two separate health systems does not remedy the initial causes of the health of maori. Dennis
everything derives from He Poopoo John
Must’ve stopped Chris
Yet again we are fed dishonest and deceptive government actions that erode democratic processes in order to fulfil some idealistic notion of partnering with Maori. Jon
Disgusting Alec
Anyone who does not see this staring them in the face is not paying attention. Question is – how long are we going to sit here and put up with it? We now have a Public Health Response Bill being railroaded through Parliament that will give them even more concessions. At this rate there will be no more NZ as we once knew it. Scott
Time to sell up and get the hell out of New Zealand Murray
I object to the removal of democratic process and particularly to the seemingly determined actions to institute a racial governance system. Maori are subjects of the Crown, so are all others living in New Zealand. Maori are not now and never were in partnership wit6h the Crown while others remained as subjects.. What arrogant nonsense this deluded government is basing these radical and unacceptable moves on. Well past time they ware removed from power. Their governance lead by PM Ardern is not kind; more abusive and they need to0 go. Pete
The government is simply to take over and control all aspects of ones life – as dictated by this government as they manoeuvre towards 50:50 co -governance of water and health care etc before gifting everything confiscated over to full iwi/Maori control. Then just imagine what will follow………. Stuart
This government’s rapid moves to place New Zealand under tribal control as shown with these proposed health system reforms (and Three Waters) was not shown in the Labour manifesto for the elections. How do we stop them and/or get an early election? Norman
I cannot understand why the government is doing this. What an outrage. What is your agenda Jacinda? Do you not want to win the next election? This is madness. Kevan
Maori currently have the same opportunities to attend public hospitals and other public health institutions as everyone else. Government needs to provide more funding to DHBs for them to work at an optimal level, especially in Auckland with its’ increasing population. Ann
This is the most appalling government in the history of our nation. Rick
There is no evidence presented by the Government that the heath system will be any better!!! Les
It is tragic as this incompetent govt is playing with people’s lives. They have taken away targets for patients operations and are treating us separately. It has become a very corrupt system. Margaret
The idea of a separate health system based on someones race in this day and age is utterly ludicrous and nothing more than ideological stupidity mark
What is being proposed is a health system that is based on Maori privileges rather than health requirements of all NZers. It is racially based in favour of approximately 15% of NZers where the 85% will have less than its needs addressed appropriately. Keith
Labour policy is all about locking in the Maori voter base History shows Policy based solely on ethnicity produces great a divide. Rex
What a traitor……can we get an early election Peter
This government wants near total control pot all aspects of one”asa life. Rob
No way, a racist policy. Steven
All I can say in response to this article is that there must be a hack of a lot of New Zealanders who believe in this separatism. 125,000 people think Brian Tamaki should be prosecuted. Only around 50,000 think the foreshore and seabed should belong to us all. I guess the majority think we should have a separate health system also. Unless we get a new leader this government will push through as many changes as they can. Janine
Once again its a no brainer question. Of course it is to give maori control. Why is Cindy hell bent on dividing maori from non maori? Is it the ‘divide and conquer ‘ system or just sheer ignorance and arrogance. OMG,this dangerous rabble have to go. Peter
More racist apartheid clap trap form the commies in control Ihaia
Yet another step towards apartheid!! Henry
How can Andrew Little lie and not be taken to task. I think someone like David Seymour should get this Erica 
The aim is to i pose a segregated health system that will be under tribal control wayne
God help us, because Jacinda certainly won’t! Rick
Ironic, that the race that are unable to help themselves without significant Government handouts are the same group who the PM is prepared to give total management of the health system to. Then for this Government to appoint family of sitting MP’s onto the controlling board, (Mahuta and Tamahere), is beyond belief. Barry
The Maori cannot even look after themselves. They a Tribal people. We should not put up with this seperatisum any longer. William
apartheid Mark
Just a bunch of thieves Dennis
The quality, calibre and professionalism of our politicians seems to have dropped considerably since MMP was introduced. This lot are clueless as well as severely lacking in integrity. Andrew
A health system should be united and for all New Zealanders. Lifestyle is clearly the problem with Maori health statistics. If this is not so, there must be an awful lot of very sick Maori in Australia, where 1 system fits all. Colin
3 waters, health, climate change BS, education/history is being handed over by our toothy dictator and the half wit looking little to the polywogs and that is only what we know about, so what is going on behind closed doors in wellington will be frightening if it became public and when it does it will be too late even for a civil war to start as the police are now controlled/frightened by the gangs so the hammer and sickle will be flying on all govt buildings in the not too distance future with gang badges in the other corner. Welcome to the new Argentina of adhern. Richard
Cronisism with Mahouta Sister 2ic at forefront Ian
This government is set to divide the country – making a tribal system – unless we stand up against it nothing will stop them. Clive
The changes will mean the demise of what remains of the public health sector. Jane
What better way to destroy our nation, than to place it in tribal rule, which will make the rich, extremely rich, while leaving the majority out in the cold to fend for themselves. What was the reward for the disgusting prime-minister who was responsible for the signing of UNDRIP ? Answer; a Knighthood. What will be the reward for the now disgusting prime-minister who is implementing it all ? Probably a very top job with U.N, or worse still, the permanent position of Leader of the Communist Republic, to be renamed AOTEAROA.. A.G.R.
I am disgusted at what I have read here – how can they get away with this?? Janet
This must be not be allowed to become the norm Libby 
Totalitarian control as it’s the elites who will have the ability to turn off the water, electricity, banks etc. Max
Typical labour bullshit Allan
I agree with your findings on this issue and it appeals me, Terry
Such Tribal Control of this or any other system would be to reduce this country , to a situation that was such as South Africa was, and which was previously frowned on by NZ. Roy
We think Mahuta is almost the Prime Minister Tony
when are NewZealanders going to wake up to this Radical Left Wing Commie mob. Graham
The changes to be engineered within the Nation’s health system are yet again another part to the covert implementation of He Puapua (Whatever this means in English that we can all understand). What it will result in is but further tribal control inroads being made to New Zealand (NOTE NOT AOTEAROA). I actually do not think that getting rid of all iron, steel and bronze implements and replacing them with stone holds any advantage for our Nation. Life without the wheel would also be more stressful. Even Ms Mahuta may be disadvantaged by losing the use of her phone (Mobile or land-line doesn’t really matter – the will have the same effect. The loss of the MSM already bought up by Miss Arderns may have some advantage – it will make it more difficult to copy Mr Goebbels and disseminate her stream of lies and half-truths! Without question the dictated reorganisation of our health system is to enforce tribal control and will certainly do nothing to improve the Nation’s health!! Michael
It is obvious a sneaky way of maori being able to take over control leo
Why decimate an already struggling health system? Does the govt really think tribal control will improve it? This will only lead to increased costs and loss of medical staff. This govt needs to be voted out asap Andrew
This is not a step helping us toward becoming one people, one nation. Brian
Dont be fooled New Zealanders this is a cleaver plan to hand control to Iwi. Adern is likely to go down in history as this countrys worst Prime Minister. Bring back democracy Robert
The whole country is at risk in all sectors. This is not even a thin edge of the wedge Poul-Erik
3rd world result robin
Absolutely following United Nations Agendas — nothing to do with ‘best health system for Kiwis Mike
LABOUR the WORST government ever. Time to Jacinda and Labour…. Carl
Segregation and tribal control is not in the interest of anyone. Treat others as you would treat yourself. Foppe
Bloody hell, it’s getting worst every day. I am glad that my parents who gave everything for this great country, (well, it was great), are not alive to see it being destroyed by this idiot government who is hell bent in trying to start a civil war between maori and non-maori. Carl 
Further racist piece legislation which is further dividing this country racial lines Bruce
Absolute nonsense! Michael
It’s not so much about a wish to control as as a wish to be able to siphon off money for the lucky few. Mike
there is not an ounce of publicly available evidence that abolishing DHBs rather than rationalising them will improve health outcomes for all NZers and worse it is clear that tribalism aka Tribal control the NZ health system or any form of race preference or implementation of critical race theory will be a disaster at every corner. Petition these away. Stan
I’m totally sick of the way middle class non Maori are treated (or not even thought of) in this country, it seems to me the squeaky wheel gets billions of dollars given to it and are the focus of every non whimsical argument. including whatever the gangs want they get, but none of this has stopped the antisocial behavior and violence,, they do as they wish as far as the law is concerned with a minute number getting minimal wet bus ticket punishment, strange what some can get away with and still get all their handouts, I’m sorry if this sounds racial in any way it’s just the way this government has racially divided us and on top of everything else they want to change the name of our country our fathers and grandfathers fought for. God help us. laurie
The whole situation is abysmal, starting with Maori language being shoved down our throats,. They all have the same opportunities to look after their health as the rest of us NZ for ALL New Zealanders Shirley
It’s for Tribal Control, like everything else. This Government forgets that we have 5 million people in this country, approximately 500,000 being Maori, the rest either White European or other. Why should control be given to approximately 15% of the population and leave the other 85% without little or no say? This is a form of Apartheid, and that does not bode well for New Zealand. I hold this Government responsible for the situations we are in currently, they have actively encouraged division and racism, and should be brought to account for it. Heather
The elected members of DHBs were always ‘ministerial puppets’ and as such were a ‘waste of space’. The ‘Cheshire Cat’ prattles on about ‘evidence’ with regard to SARS 2, but where is the ‘evidence’ that these proposals will deliver anything more than apartheid and another nail in the coffin pf NZ democracy. john
Soon 16 percent of the population will be running us, to the disadvantage of the rest of us. Ted
This treacherous leftists government intent on much more Maori control is really apartheid by another name. Look what is happening in the USA under similar control and we are heading down the same path. We need to get rid of this lot and their Green mates and start saying “NO” . Nobody I know agrees with the paths being taken and many want to leave NZ — and it is NZ and not Aotearoa which does not apply to the SI and in any event is a vague description and cannot be proven IN WRITING to show that it is in any way a name for NZ. We need a revolution !!!! Alan
It might have a few problems ,however trying to fix them by putting the control into the hands of Maori tribes would be a disaster when they can’t agree among themselves. john
I believe it is a deliberate attempt to give Maori control of health system knowing full well this will force all other New Zealanders to Turn to the private sector and pay through the nose!,what has happened to democracy in N.Z.?we will be fast developing into a third world country with qualified people leaving in droves Chris
This Labour government is now out of control and bordering on pure evil in what they are doing. Plans hatched and developed in secret, with consultation only with those that Labour wishes to cosy up to i.e. Maori seperatists, will see New Zealand destroyed. This has to be stopped before it is too late, assuming it is not too late already. Warwick
Typical of this communistic tribal government approach to “governing” New Zealand. We need to remove this shambles of a government sooner rather than later. Shaun
Same as the Three Waters proposal.. No minority should ever have the power of veto. One system/one country. Peter
N.Z. is fast becoming a state controlled country similar to the communist eastern bloc countries of Europe if we keep going down this path. Digby
Obviously, Tribal control of this and the other 8 elements of HePuaPua and it will lead to a Socialist country till other peoples money runs out and then a communist country. What are we dropping our grandchildren into! Rita
Must be stopped! But how? Petitions carry no weight with JA’s team. Can someone who knows how, organise to petition the Governor General for a dismissal of this government. A lot more damage can be done in the two years they have before the next election! Cecilie
major problems coming for NZers as maori are being given control of everything graeme
That is all part of this racist govt . control, I keep being told by others is CORRUPT, you be the judge ! norman
Typical Labour fiasco. June
Stealing control of the country by stealth. Unfortunately I don’t believe Maori are capable of running the country – unless it’s into the ground. Look how well they’re doing looking out for their own population & health by vaccinating their people. Not. FloJo
Andrew Little may well have read the Te Puapua document; but that is not to say that he comprehended any of it! Bob
This is a disgusting government Susan
Jacinda is just buttering up her image with the United Nations and the World Heath Org. to provide her and Helen Clark with employment when her political career comes to an end !! She wants Maori control over NZ when she leaves !! Pierre
This labour government is clearly undemocratic and clearly apartheid. The appointment of relatives to government positions, nepotism, in this case clearly also tribal. This, and Labours abuse of our Human rights as per the Bill of Rights Act 1990 can clearly lead to nothing good for New Zealand. Charles
More racist propaganda by Maori radicals Gareth
I have never felt so unhappy about the segregation of our nation as I do now. Jacinda Ardern (i believe it is her agenda) is dividing the country. If this He Pua Pua plan goes ahead New Zealand will never be the same. I feel there will be trouble. Laraine
This govt is directing NZ down a dangerous “garden path” with this and other extravagant social changes, all not mandated by the voters and all poorly budgeted, with misleading and super optimistic or unbudgeted calculations to help sell these programmes. Total spin. This govt. must go, the earlier the better for all of NZ Bryan
Part of the communist takeover of our democracy from within Edgar W
Do not let the bastards get it. Graham
People are more valuable than things and things are more valuable than mere ideas about people or things. Carl
What happened to the Team of 5M. We will reduce the number of DHBs to 4. Oh, but wait a minute a separate one for Maori. Just creating division and separation Jim
This is Nania Mahuta -she with a bar code on her chin-having a serious influence ove omraid Jacindi who has a teaspoon of Maori blood.He Tuapua ??? David
ATTENTION!! STOP all this procrastination If your neighbour cuts off your water supply what do you DO ??? YOU WESSEL GUTTED WHITE TRAQSH YOU SHOOT HIM!!! bill
The Minister o Health is lying through his teeth when he says he has not seen the Te Pua Pua report when he is an integral part of the working group David
All part of comrade arderns anti democracy philosophy, also known as communism. Sid
Just another step in Marxinders He PuaPua implementation plan. Who is going to stop this plan to reduce New Zealand into a country driven philosophies of apartheid? Chris
Again separate development In operation! June
Moving to Australia looks more appealing al the time Graham
I am speechless! The public should know what the government is doing. Colin
in abolishing DHBs rather than consolidating the number, I have not seen any research on how abolishing will have any benefit over consolidation but assist Maori control. Maurice
You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. This government has only one agenda and that is to ignore the vast majority of its citizens to suit its own agenda. The destruction of our country and there’re doing a great job at that. That includes the health system. chris
All the socialists need to be detained due to their poor mental health. chris
The Health System is already unable to cope. The Labour Government was never given the mandate the create a race based Health system and we don’t need it. Helen
I am sick to death reading about Maori wants. The fact of the matter is that there are no true maori left. It is doubtful if those claiming to be maori are even one quarter maori and accordingly they are just like the vast majority of the population, New Zealanders. We all know that the claims being made by so called maori are coming from those who are greedy realizing also that this stupid government is supporting them. How the hell can Maori contribute to the health service when their own record of treating their own is so dismal. The claims being made are lunatic Tom
It’s a no-brainer. Why else would all these lies and fabrications be dished out to the unwary population? Carl
Maori whining about health system disparity is bullshit..if they looked after themselves better they would be healthier. Making white NZ’ers worse off does not improve things for Maori but Ardern seems to think it will. Barbara
Little would be one of the most inefficient ministers in that government whose ploy when answering questions in The House is to obfuscate endlessly and finally end up blaming previous governments for his failings. Does it every time. The government has introduced legislation which will allow the Minister of Health and the Director General to take over private companies doing COVID testing. The likely target of this change is Rako, which has sought a commercial negotiation with the government for the last year. The amendment, which is before the Select Committee, will give the government the option of taking Rako’s property and unilaterally determining compensation. Obviously the thin edge. Probably another way of helping to grab all water assets without any compensation. Get this through and the sky’s the limit. Let’s go for Fonterra, Zespri and the meat processors. Hey, let’s nationalise all agriculture and give it to iwi under He Puapua. What else earns money? Let’s keep the lockdowns going to screw a few more businesses and leave a few openings for iwi hospitality and tourism. The Government’s obvious intent is to divide and rule. Let’s just extrapolate that a little. Initially divide by separatism, which could eventually involve civil unrest, which could lead to violence, which could lead to UN Military intervention which could lead to being governed by UN. Just what Ardern and Clark want, World Government. Then maybe I’m becoming a little paranoid Can’t understand why. Do you trust a Labour Socialist Cult? I just cannot get over the gutlessness of other Labour MPs who must be able to see through the agenda of the PM and Maori caucus. How about just one whistle-blower? Please? He/she could become a hero. PS. I hope Dame Cindy Ciro seeks plenty of advice before she is sworn as the next Governor General. Also realises that she will swear allegiance to the Queen, not the Prime Minister, or the Maori caucus and that she is quite possibly stepping into political chaos in the very near future. Should upskill on The Reserve Powers. I live in hope Terry
Hidden agendas Mitch
all part of a socialist/communist govt l led by Jacinda eric
my 80 year old Aunt went to get her free mamogram a couple of years ago & was told “NO YOU ARE A WHITE YOU HAVE TO GO ELSEWHERE” under this new system it will be “YOU ARE NOT MAORI SO NO HEALTHCARE FOR YOU”! time to kick these these IDIOTS out, New Zealand have only one people & that is all New Zealanders get rid of all race bases politics, Waitangi’s a fraud alright get rid of that too Nigel
Maori right of veto over the whole health system and Maori priority for treatment – insanity forced on us by this nightmare Labour government. I will march against this and 3 waters asset grab. Any government but this one please. Chris
If it’s not broke don’t fix it and yes as always with this Labour government the underling fact of their agenda is to divide NEW ZEALAND with miss guided policies. Owen
Democracy is under savage attack on many fronts thanks entirely to this secretive, inept, and evil regime. Labour has to go or we’re doomed. Logan
All part of Agenda 21 etc Lea
New Zealand European people no longer matter in the eyes of taxcindy the communist who is a puppet to the maoris Anon
When a certain sector of the population gets preferential health treatment, not based on need, that is unfair and wrong. And not helping the really sick people. No wonder anyone with a Maori somewhere in their background, however remote, identifies with that – they get all the goodies. Sheila
Such a backwards step, even evil! Pammie
One for all no longer applies in this country. N.Z. is fast going down the drain with the P.M. responsible & all her party members. Ann
This is all about tribal control and guaranteeing Mixed Maori a permanent living wage and preferential health care by rape and pillage of the 85% ripped off majority. I expected to be long dead before Maori racial supremacy happened – what a shameful legacy for our grandchildren Brenda
Someone tell me how to stop this socialist madness !!!! Stewart
making a NZ into an apartheid country Murray
How can we get our Country back? louis
Is it time for a vote of “No confidence” in this Labour/Communist Dictatership Colin
Sheer madness to have the maori in control as in the past they have messed up all things. Jamiemie
tribal create devision Anon
Ardern is not in control of the government. Maori tribal “elite” and maori caucus, control government. Apartheid is well underway on New Zealand. Darryl
That’s it in a nutshell! God help us. Graeme
Another blow to democracy another power grab by radical Maori another wedge driven into a United New Zealand to keep us at odds to divide and conquer. Wake up New Zealand and do something positive to stop the scourge of the apologists from stealing our future and returning us to the dark ages. Lindsay
It is blatantly obvious from the moves this Labour government has made. Roderick
It is a no brainer! It is for Tribal control of the health system. WHY are the Maoris hell bent on apartheid? Their health problems are no different to anyone elses. It is the way we live our lives that is the main contributor to any health problems. OK there are factors beyond the control of the individual, cancers and tumours and genetic heriditary ailments. But a healthy diet, exercise, not smoking, moderation in any alcohol consumption and not taking illegal drugs will play a major part in any races health outcomes. It will also benefit ones finances tremendously. We are all New Zealanders wherever we came from and whenever we arrived in this country. We all bleed the same and will die the same. All have and will have had the same opportunities to map their lives and benefit from the education that has been available to all. Bruce
Everything being promoted at present has indications of ultimate tribal control of the country. Jack
Maori health by Tohunga and wailing doesn’t work but white man’s health care works a treat if you access it — covid vac rates are a great example of why Maori health is lower than others. warwick
Blatant apartheid like almost all of the direction of policies being implemented by this Marxist PM! David
JA is using the smokescreen of covid to push this crap through, hoping it will be a done deal before any strong resistance. alister
Tired of the stealth of this thing and three waters as well. Michael
If Labour say they are looking after all NZers why are they wanting to allow 15% of the population to control the health system.? Steve
My vote goes to the party that is resolute they will dismantle the apartheid health, 3 waters and education systems. Hugh
The not so slow creep of major racial separation. Ian
It brings me to tears as to what is going on in my country. I thought that we are all New Zealanders. That we are all one. Silly me. It looks as though the 60 odd fools that administer our fair lands are but overpaid clueless cheats and liars that are there to suit themselves and to ignore everybody else. Garry
Labour is destroying our whole fabric country and every aspect of our lives for the sole benefit of Maori and their communist ideology . We need an election as nothing else will stop their rampage they don’t care what the general population think or want and will not stop unless ejected from power Stuart
Just another Labour lie Robbie
Its all about ” Maori takeover “. New Zealand us being totally screwed by Ardern and her racist Government. Des
I am very afraid of the idea of ‘co governance’ Barbara
disaster for nz william
Socialism and Iwi non control, what a disaster Merv
Jacinda’s team seem fixated on pushing the Segregated system in favour of Maori! Racism by definition! Calvin
This is just another advent in creating a duel system . We will end up like south Africa , an absolute mess . Instead of unification its separation Ian
Control of the health system is just another step on the road to NZ apartheid. All in the pursuit of compliance with UN policy on rights of indigenous peoples. Maori are no more indigenous to this country than the rest of us. Russ
Without any doubt whatsoever. pdm
But the proposed Maori health system is totally disingenuous. Graeme
It’s painfully obvious what Jacinda’s intention has been all along. Set up this separatist health system but also extend it out later on into other areas such as the judicial system. All part of He Puapua plan. Lawrie
This appears to be a major reason. Rochelle
They have dug a big hole for themselves this time. Graeme
One democracy for every New Zealander. Jacquetta
NZ is a democracy none of this HePuaPua stuff is democratic Labour ,Spin doctors and tribal rule must go now. Come on kiwis wake up and get heard Dianne
It is sad and sick CONTROL!!!!! Jan
This is He Puapua in action. Politely called separatism when it is more accurately apartheid. If Maori vaccination is so difficult to achieve with all the effort made, how does anyone have confidence in a Maori Health Authority with veto power over the majority of New Zealanders. June
Never in my lifetime have I seen more anti Maori sentiment than that which I am currently seeing amongst friends, aquaintances, and extended family. For the most part the only benefactors of these policies will be the non elected tribal elite who continue to feather their collective nests at the expense of their own people. The sooner these clowns are removed from government the better . Rob
New Zealanders must become more aware of what’s happening. Adern and Mahuta are creating apartheid in New Zealand. Chris 
Maorification. Part of an overall agenda to,in effect give Maori overall governance control of New Zealand.15percent(at most) of the population being accorded governance control over 100percent. NOT ON. A gross abuse of power by a very corrupt Government. Hugh
With the NZ Health Board with 7 members and the Maori Board having 8, two of the Maori Board are A. Tamaheri, Johns wife & daughter of Mason Durie, a lead driver of the Bill. The other is T Mahuta younger sister of N Mahuta and it was she that was responsible for the change to Local Boards that took away rate payers rights. Kim
It’s obvious. Graeme
The plan moves their socialistic control closer Geoffrey
No different than tribal control of our Three Waters…..Democracy no longer rules!! Tony
Maori have proven their Health concerns are minimal by the poor vaccination uptake. Maori do not care for themselves and less for NZ Basil
What have the tribal elite got over the government to force the changes surely there are people I%u2019m government and other places that could put a stop to this nonsense Peter
Definitely a tribal control, but not by maori ,as a maori I see nothing but fat cat Maoris at top of of maoridom making themselves richer and nothing filtering down as in all Waitangi . settlements. Agree to cutting DhBs back to an area ensuring that targets are back in place and outlying services to have their basic amenities available Wade
Simply left wing dogma and ignorance of managing any large system Johnn
The way this government is moving towards everything Maori, it is logical to think that this was their objective all along. Everything else they have done has been for the benefit of Maori. Peter
Communism and apartheid – what a combination!!! Dennis
Here we have a so called “democratically” elected government introducing apartheid in New Zealand. Unbelievable! The sooner they are kicked out the better. Roy
Mahuta is absolutely on a power trip and not to be trusted. Andrew Little just frustrates me. Dick
Why are they claiming to be indigenous when they are not mark
Health Services are a sick joke and getting worse. Throwing a hand grenade at the situation now will not improve matters. Charles
This Govt wants to give every thing to maori and when they have she will get one hell of a back hander from them and leave the country, i last heard she was worth 10 mil where did that come from Colin
It is 3 waters all over again without a doubt! Ron
No No No Beverly
NO maori control over health. ERIC
It is racist and divisive – time to stop this erosion of NZ society John
Another, increasingly frequent, Labour failure bought about by the dubious Maori caucus. Gerry
I want our democracy back. Christine
as , with every thing that they have tried to impose on us …it WILL be yet another failure , which again will send us further into dept . Roy
This move will ensure that the Labour party retain maori vote and maori party support. It will also lead to a South Africa style apartheid system with 1`5% of the population controlling the country. Tony
Shame,shame. Mark
Of course …it’s to appease the minority group who claim they are the indigenous peoples of the land K and T
Of course it’s for tribal control. It can’t be for any other reason. T and K
Andrew Little is also the perpetrator of the lie of ‘partnership’ with the Treaty. He knows nothing about Health yet has been given the portfolio. A centralised system is doomed to failure. And why do Maori deserve a separate Health Authority? It makes no sense, we all belong to the human race. Also we are all one under God, all these massive suggested changes with no justification whatsoever and no discussion. Democracy is ignored continually. Also everything Andrew Little does, withers. Bruce
And I am saying that although I actually think it would be an excellent idea, and saving a lot of money, to abolish DHBs!! We need only need retain the elected members – together with staff clerks. Andy
Tribal control. Period. Kick this Government out! This is but the tip pf the iceberg of disaster. Folkert
Giving back to Maori in the slim hope they have better plan… Kaye
Despite maori having greater advantages than pakeha, they are pressurizing the govt to give them complete control over the health system. Until maori take responsibility for their personal health, their health will not improve. No amount of money will fix the problem. The health system is an utter shambles & Labour has no clue how to fix it. So, they’re passing responsibility onto a sure to fail maori entity.They don’t want to admit failure . . . again !! Judith
we do not separatism Lorraine
just another step toward apartheid whereby in the end one minority race runs the show Gerhard
Yet another step in the plan to divide the country into two classes of residents: Maori and ‘others’. Mark
Same deal as 3 waters ….. Tribal Control Tony
This has got to be stopped, now. Doug 
It is shameful that in 2021, the government is intent on making our Health system racist. I can hardly believe what is happening, and like many other New Zealanders, I can see how this will likely turn out. Not well! The DHBs definitely need to be linked, more GPs and nurses employed, hospitals upgraded, mental health systems and facilities upgraded, lift salaries for nurses and health workers on the ground, and address the health issues that hound Maori at the ground roots. Racially dividing the health system will cost twice, maybe thrice the amount of what it would cost to fix and improve what we have. Racism has always been strongly disapproved of in New Zealand. Tribal control of the health system will not be in the interest of the team of 5 million. Annie
Yet another Liebour Govt STUFF UP…!!! Bruza
This removes NZ as a Democracy to Socialism not too far from being a Communist country …. VOTE LABOUR OUT David
The headlong, insidious rush to divide and destroy NZ society by Labour is mystifying and plain evil. Apartheid was evil then. Its evil now. Geoff
Everything associated to the present Government, seems to be heading that way now. Our country is now becoming a racist country and the present Government is turning this country into an apartheid country. Richard
We are regressing into another South Africa. Ross
Communism and apartheid Mat
If you are not brown skinned your chances of getting good health care will be closer to nil unless you pay for private care Les W
All Crown transitional changes must now adopt the UN declaration intentions as ascribed under UNDRIP that includes that the State must assist indigenous achieve (inter alia) ‘self-determination’ . As indigenous are a tribal governance culture, any alignment under the Treaty automatically implies eventual tribal governance in “partnership” with the Crown. However “partnership” status in law ensures such that the indigenous element of any governance must have privilege and priority over all other majority that are not defined as partners. Its a well thought out plan of significant sophistry with many pieces of the jigsaw now in play under the auspicies of better for NZ. Robert
Signed by Tane Pohutu tonmy
There should be one health system for all New Zealanders. This plan is completely racist Warren
I have many family who work as professionals in the DHBs and it scares me what they tell, it is dissintergrating before their eyes all of them are movings out for better health opportunities. Barbara
It is the underlying ideologies of this government that are the root of confusion, false knowledge and the complete lack of wisdom. Maurice
Any fool with half a brain can see through this blatant smokescreen. Maori Elite have been allowed to rule Caucus letting Ms Ardern run for cover or trot out her usual lying platitudes… Robyn
Tribal control and an ethno-state is the objective – with a good dose of Marxism as well. Disaster for the country! Roger
The abomination of an apartheid system is being forced upon us by lies and stealth. This must be stopped while it is still possible. John
There is no other reason to interfere than to shift control, as they intend doing. How soon can we get shut of this devious lot in power. Gwenda
A good leader unites the nation not divides it. We look to the past to learn from it bu not to return to it Jeremy
I feel that this move will split the nation and will result in racial prejudice and a form of apartheid. Judith
Leading to the rapid destruction of what is left of the health system, especially in the rural areas outside the main centres all controlled by obscure non elected bureaucrats in Wellington under a central Soviet system Command system. David
Of course its more maori demands being handed over by the Tooth Fairy .Andrew Little is just a puppet in Jacindas maori led caucus and as your health update shows he is another lying piece of shit .in a party devoid of any moral integrity . Surely every Labour politician is not that stupid or brave enough to stand up and stop this madness from destroying the fabric of New Zealand . Send the PM to Russia where she belongs . Ray
A pending disaster. Kevin
A blatant abuse of all New Zealander’s rights to access the health system we have all paid for. New Zealand cannot afford a catastrophic failure of the health system to appease Maori activists. There will be less money for all health services and without doubt a serious loss of management expertise. Please Ardern ,Mahuta , and Little, leave the health system alone. You are completely out of your depth with this one. Donald
More money to be flushed down the open sewer of Maoridom! What happened to the $100 million that Shane Jones gave to his mates in Northland? Remember? It was taken from the Provincial Growth Fund and was supposed to be used to sort out all the land owned by Northland Maoris but lying unused because of ‘cloudy’ ownership. Has anybody heard anything? Gerard
Tribal control of the health system is unthinkable. It would be nice to see this government sacked before its term is up in 2023. Two years time might be too late. Beijing Biden has almost brought America to its knees in nine months. Don
I don’t know where to begin without writing an essay! Why are these issues not being advertised to the public? Why do people call me and others racist towards Maori when in fact the governments silent takeover is racist towards any non Maori New Zealander! Lynne
Apartheid at its worse.What happened to democracy? Unbelievable! Errol
Her aim is to destroy our democracy & to replace it with a Socialist society. No doubt driven by the UN / WHO – Jac has been very obliging. Her cabinet are beyond stupid so our leaders have been easily manipulated. It’s a fact that civilizations reset every 250 or so years. We’re at that point. Check on youtube / google. Perhaps it’s something to do with the older experienced people dying out and leaving control to kids who haven’t experienced things when they go wrong? Simon
The govt is betraying the people on so many fronts, surely this must be treason? Gail
Where is the lapdog media on this? If it was the Nats doing this the media and every other political party would be screaming racism, apartheid and incompetence Trevor
Blatantly obvious to all who can see, think and read. Fred
They want to give everything to the people who have a Maori ancestor along with their other ancestors to be paid for by the rest of us Arthur
When I read the disgustingly underhand way in which Labour ensured gags were placed on health professionals it doesn’t take a genius to work out what their real agenda is! The most dangerous government I have witnessed in over 50 years of taking an active interest in politics. God help us if they get another term! Unfortunately they have already done unrepairable damage to our once great country. Rex
The actions of the present government seem to be led by a secret agenda which will ultimately be quite disasterous for every person in New Zealand. At the same time public ndws services in this country are so bad that the bulk of our population seems to be unaware of what is going on. Rob
We are buggered by labour John
Disgraceful. Graham
The design of the reform gives tribal control of the health system and thus control of everyones health including those of Maori descent who may not want undemocratic tribal control. John
This is identical to the three waters debacle. Ardern is a disgrace to NZ but she has a plan devised partly by the UN and their New World Order and partly by these stupid people in the Labour Govt. surely some of these idiots must see what their leader is up to. And of course dividing the country is just another step towards the NWO socialists/communists, as has been the indoctrination of our children with lies and distortions of NZ history, depicting Maori as the good guys and whiteys as the baddies. Her parents must be so proud of her.not. What’s next on their evil agenda, universal income and a bankrupt country. Wake up NZ. carolyn
I do not know why the Govt wants to abolish DHB’s, but I do know that the racism displayed in the proposal is intensely immoral. Ron
Ardern has to go, I didn’t think someone could make such a mess in such a short time. A thoroughly ignorant and arrogant woman. Merryl
Yet another proposal to destroy the democratic rights of New Zealanders. This nonsense has to stop .. how can 16% of the population dictate to the 84% of the nation who have had enough of this pandering? The Labour government had better prepare to rescind all of this so-called co -government stupidity before there is a mass uprising .. enough is enough!! tony
Absolute madness, and the same applies to The Three Waters proposal. Racism and apartheid supported by an incompetent government. Gary
This government is not good at anything, so it’s not surprising that they have been unable to disguise their aim to introduce apartheid into our health system. This must NOT be allowed to proceed. Rod
Like the last female Labour Prime Minister, this one’s hidden agenda and the $millions thrown at achieving it is for a spot at the UN trough once voters discard her. NOT the progression of New Zealand,. Once the Labour vessel, founders, the rats will leave in streams. Vernon
We need to be one country United together. This is causing racism. Debra
Actually I believe that some t consolidation as recommended by Heather simopson is good but the Maori authority should not have veto of NZ health which is proposed under the Andrew Little plan. Barry
Once again, driven by the minority and funded from hard working Helen
Health services administered and controlled by Maori, for Maori first, will be disastrous for the 85% of the rest of our Nation. Margaret
just a disaster for the NZ Health System Tony
Here we go again. Tim
unbelievable insanity . Irresponsible and dangerous. Im going to keep healthy otherwise I might die if I need hospital care tom
Surely there is some way that Kiwi’s can revolt to get this useless government out before the end of their term & they have totally screwed the country? david
It’s obvious, Apartheid here we come! Graeme
Shocking, apartheid coming to NZ, can only be a disaster! Peter
It’s going to be interesting to see how they service 85% of the population with 50% of the funding . The other 15% will have a private level service with 5.6 times the per capita funding How on earth is that democracy? Matthew
Dividing the country. Graeme
Every thing this Govt does is a out fulfilling the UNs dangerous agenda. Our Dictator will give us racism, separatism and apartheid to achieve that agenda. Tony
Unless we are all equal, these fantasies will fail. You either believe in democracy or you don’t. Ian
The current pathway that this government is going down is totally wrong and must be stopped James
When do we pick up the pieces . Sven
All people in our country New Zealand are equal no matter which “race” they identify as. Frank
When I was a child, one person, matron, ran a hospital, it was efficient, everyone was taken care of, there were no waiting lists, problems were dealt with when they were small before they became major problems. People were kept in hospital as long as they needed to be. It was still effecient when I had my last surgery in 1999, people mattered and came first, now the system is what matters, keeping the paper shufflers busy. Disgusting, A aA and E was just that, efficient, not people waiting for hours then being sent home with no help. Jeanette
Obvious isn’t it the whole committee on the health authority are Maori Andrew
Marxist ambitions – applying Centralisation Of power and allowing tribal sharing resulting in control which has been Maori activists clear intentions displayed for decades now. One nation. One people. One law. Think back 1/2 century. Think back springboks in early 80s. have we arrived? Deeply sad and disturbing! PS. Mobs? Drug trading? Sex trade? Justice? John
A health system for all New Zealanders tribal control will only look after themselves a separate health system for Maori is just a joke the government can’t run the one we’ve got.we have got all New Zealanders dying on waiting lists including maori Allan
They are destroying this country based on reforming so one race benefits. Steve
It is all about control! Karhie
Everything this Govt does is about tribal control.The rest is just flannel. It is Jacinda’s CV. for the UN. Lesley
Another nail in the apartheid coffin Frank
Remember NZ is a Country for ALL people to enjoy life and health regardless of race Ian
unbelievable ! Bryan
Political suicide will be the first serious case for the Labour Health team….. RICHard
This is aparthied gordon 
unbelievable!! Marianne
Apartheid, here we come, ready or not! Trevor
Under this Government, health is always a secondary concern. Issues of ideology, organization and control take precedence. Alan
Nepotism is corruption and should never be associated with Government change- It endorses it as change for a family’s uplifting in status and financial circumstances rather than a focus on change for the reasons that go into the decision on that change. Philip
A home that thinks otherwise as no understanding or is ignorant of what is being pushed through or has conveniently put their head in the sand. Like many things this government is doing so I public mandate Heather
This labour govt is intent on dividing & ruling. Margaret
It would follow the Tribal control of the Water. This is what this Government is all about. So Health, Water, Seabed/Foreshore, Game over. Geoff
O God please let this Covid bring her down! William
I suspect there is some value in having an advisory panel for Maori health, but the current plan will be more of a free lunch for some elite and racist Maori. Casey
Inequality for the diverse group of New Zealanders Sue
If they had wanted better health for New Zealanders the government would have been investing in hospitals and healthcare facilities for all rather than making access more difficult. Lynne
Mostly. But the DHBs need a shake up Derek
Race based control by a communist, socialist govt!! And Maori the scorge on NZ society should both be thrown out of Parliament and preferred the country Neil
More of the same madness. All attention should be on resolving the covid spread rather than siphoning off resources. Bev
Wake up New Zealand. Jasmine
No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John
Race based totalitarianism blatantly forced ahead no matter what the cost. These dangerous morons should be careful what they sow. Even the most benign citizen will wake up when he or she will find out that they are being disadvantaged and supressed at every level. This will not end well and I see civil strife on the horizon. Michael
As they can’t run the country properly anything they change will be a disaster. People do not want apartheid which this is becoming. Grace
UNDRIP all the way with Jaxxinda. Coral
It’s all about her bringing complete MOARI RACIST APARTHEID to New Zealand. If you ain’t a moari you’re completely f***ed. Mark
It’s so bloody obvious! Michele
DHBs Will care for NZers better. Everything that Labour has touched they have stuffed up.They can’t build houses, how on earth are they going to manage a health reform.. Pauline
Stop all the transfers and changes to Maori. Labour wasn’t elected on these issues Kevin
Just another part of He puapua being forced upon is without consultation . Just another failure of this govt to listen and consult with the population Elizabeth
This government is out of control. He Puapua is their guidance for everything-unfortunately the general public do not even know what it is. Laura
Maories should keep their hands off gerard
This can be the only reason, as it goes against all other advise. Andrew
AGAIN….. Sally
These so called reforms are about handing over health control to a tribal elite with no mandate. This PM and Govt are corrupt; they must go before 2023. To be classified by race is frightening. Sam
I believe it is just one of the stepping stones for the eventual co governance in 2040 Gavin
Of course it’s tribal health control. If Ardern and her traitor government think that the likes of my family will be sticking around to take second place to Maori in health apportionment, get overlooked it Universities while all the places ahead are taken up by minority placings, the same with applications to Government appointments, getting failed if you don’t show sickly white appeasement to their way of life, get abused for white privelege by white state employees in Education, when in fact all we have done is get up to go to work every morning she has got another think coming. And if we are to be subject to Maori pleasure as to when we go to hospital, I guess donations to to the likes of Starship, Salvation army, Plunket etc etc will cease while we look to our own. Did I hear those Maori oafs handing out threats if they don’t get control of water? It is incumbent on whites to dodge taxes to this Government and engage in non-compliance as far as practicable after all the blatant money wastage and the fact that they are thieving assets built up by ratepayers and taxpayers to give to tribes. As a white I have no interest in fighting for this country, we have lost too many already only to be crapped on by this commie lot. Its time we started doing a bit of crapping on ourselves. Terry
If it was for genuine health reasons there would be no racial bias. willy
This reform is not about better health. It is appalling because its all about introducing apartheid into our health system. What a shocking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has turned out to be.  Warren 
Its about tribal control of health. End of story. Jason
The government tells so many lies. I don’t trust any of them.  Kathy
To try to restructure the health system during a pandemic is madness. They should throw their reforms into the bin where they belong. Graeme
Hopeless as they are, I would trust our DHB far more than ideologically driven bureaucrats in Wellington to run our health system. And I certainly do not want to be categorised by race. What a disgusting idea. Brian