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Legitimising Illegal Migration

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On December 10 and 11 New Zealand is expected to attend an intergovernmental conference in Marrakech, Morocco, to adopt the United Nation’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. The Compact, with its 23 objectives, arose out of concerns over the migration crisis in 2015, when more than a million illegal migrants arrived in Europe.

However, instead of focussing on deterring the unlawful movement of people between countries, the UN Compact, legitimises it by promoting migration as a human right.

Fears that this this new accord could end up incentivising illegal migration and creating a threat to global security, have been ignored by the UN – and those countries that intend to sign.

Here in New Zealand, with the case of the illegal Czech migrant Karel Sroubek – who was imprisoned for drug dealing and may be deported once his sentence ends – dominating the news, it seems unusual that the UN’s agreement is not receiving more publicity. Commentators are suggesting that those involved in the Compact are afraid that if citizens in the countries planning to sign the accord find out about it, public pressure will force their political leaders pull out.

Indeed, it would be of grave concern to New Zealanders if we lost control of our borders, through the UN dictating that we must accept thousands of illegal migrants – in addition to our long-standing commitment to take refugees.

New Zealand is one of 26 countries involved in the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) resettlement programme, and as a result, more than 35,000 refugees now call New Zealand home. For thirty years, 750 refugees a year have been accepted, although in 2015, an additional 750 refugees from Syria were approved. The former National Government increased the quota to 1,000, and Labour will increase it further to 1,500 from 2020. The Green Party wants the quota increased to 6,000 refugees a year. 

Refugees chosen for New Zealand are carefully screened, including for credibility, security, immigration risk, and health status. Their first six weeks in the country are spent undergoing orientation at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre. From there they are re-settled in six regions – Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin – where furnished housing is provided along with intensive community support.

To qualify for refugee status, asylum-seekers must have experienced persecution on one of five grounds: race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.

In contrast, the UN’s Migration Compact significantly expands the grounds for asylum to include such things as poverty, unemployment, inequality, corruption, poor governance and climate change. Furthermore, signatory nations are encouraged to treat illegal migrants the same as those who arrive lawfully, providing them with the same health care, housing, welfare and jobs as citizens.

The United States had the sense to walk away from this disastrous UN accord last December, saying it contained numerous provisions that were inconsistent with US immigration and refugee policies.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, explained that “America is proud of our immigrant heritage and our long-standing moral leadership in providing support to migrant and refugee populations across the globe. But, our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone. We will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter the country.”

The now former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson echoed these sentiments, saying that ‘strengthening global governance’ would undermine US laws and policies: “While we will continue to engage on a number of fronts at the United Nations, in this case, we simply cannot in good faith support a process that could undermine the sovereign right of the United States to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders.”

President Trump, in his speech to the UN General Assembly in September, justified the US’s rejection of the migration compact: “We recognize the right of every nation in this room to set its own immigration policy in accordance with its national interests, just as we ask other countries to respect our own right to do the same — which we are doing. Migration should not be governed by an international body unaccountable to our own citizens.”

Other countries are also backing out of the accord. To date, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Poland are refusing to sign, as are Austria, Israel, Bulgaria, and Australia. 

Hungary was critical of the UN pact from the beginning, but their concerns were brushed aside during negotiations in favour of the interests of Africa, Latin America, and other countries where illegal migration originates.

Hungary believes the compact is against their national interest, and they warn that by legitimising illegal migration, the UN pact could potentially encourage millions of people  to attempt to migrate unlawfully.

The Czech Republic is also opposing the agreement, on the basis that it blurs the line between legal and illegal migration. They believe that deciding who is allowed into the country is a matter for them, not the UN. The Czechs have supported Hungary and Poland in maintaining a hardline anti-immigrant stance in response to the migrant crisis, refusing to endorse the EU quota re-settlement system.

Austria has also backed out over concerns that the accord will result in the loss of sovereignty over migration policy. The decision to boycott the Marrakesh meeting was taken by the Austrian Federal Government in the Council of Ministers.

Australia too has decided against joining the global pact, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying the deal would be used to “undermine Australia’s strong border protection laws and practices.”

In Australia, people smuggling had led to the deaths of over 1,200 asylum seekers before the current hard-line approach of turning back the boats was adopted. Since then, there have been no more deaths.

Any asylum seeker who does manage to arrive by boat is banned from ever being settled in Australia. They are instead held in off-shore detention centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. Genuine refugees are given the option of returning to their home country or being resettled, but not in Australia.

Since the Migration Compact opposes detention, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, says, “We’re not going to sign a deal that sacrifices anything in terms of our border protection policies. We’re not going to surrender our sovereignty – I’m not going to allow unelected bodies dictate to us, to the Australian people.”

Australia’s Prime Minister does not believe that a UN agreement that encourages illegal migration is in the best interests of their country: “The Compact fails to adequately distinguish between people who enter Australia illegally and those who come to Australia the right way, particularly with respect to the provision of welfare and other benefits. This is inconsistent with the management of Australia’s strong and orderly migration program.”

Other countries, like Germany, that have experienced illegal migration on a massive scale, are also questioning the accord.

According to the UNHCR over 1.8 million asylum-seekers have entered Europe since 2014, with almost 110,000 arriving this year – 56,000 in Spain, 29,000 in Greece, and 23,000 in Italy. While EU measures have slowed down unauthorised arrivals, since the structural factors that contributed to the crisis remain largely in place, many feel it is only a matter of time before migration numbers start to escalate again.

The Swiss government has announced it will not attend the Marrakesh meeting because it needs to put the deal to Parliament for consultation and approval, as is required by law.

That is what needs to happen in New Zealand.

While the UN is at pains to point out that their Migration Compact is non-binding, in effect, the accord will be morally and politically binding on any government that signs up. 

Given the serious impact the UN agreement could have on New Zealand, the Compact should be treated as if it were binding and presented to Parliament in the same way as other international treaties – before it is signed.

Parliament’s Standing Order 397 outlines the process: “The Government will present the following international treaties to the House – any treaty that is to be subject to ratification, accession, acceptance, or approval by New Zealand… A national interest analysis for the treaty will be presented at the same time… Both the treaty and the national interest analysis stand referred to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee.”

Standing Order 398 sets out the criteria for a National interest analysis. It includes the reasons for New Zealand becoming party to the treaty; the advantages and disadvantages in doing so; the obligations that would be imposed as a result of the treaty; the economic, social, cultural, and environmental effects of the treaty; the cost of complying with the treaty; the measures required to implement the treaty; and “A statement setting out the consultations which have been undertaken or are proposed with the community and interested parties in respect of the treaty”.

Under Standing Order 399, the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee would consider the treaty, or refer it to an appropriate committee.

And under Standing Order 400 the committee would then report back to Parliament noting any issues that should be drawn to the attention of the House, including the national interest analysis.

In other words, the Government should follow the lead of Switzerland and stay away from Marrakech, to enable the UN Migration Compact to be referred to Parliament – and the public.

The Government also needs to consult with Australia to find out whether signing the Compact would threaten our visa-free trans-Tasman travel arrangements.

Since the Australian Government has refused Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s offers to take illegal migrants from Manus Island and Nauru, on the basis that New Zealand could be used as a backdoor route into their country, then the same concerns may arise if we sign the UN accord and they don’t – namely, illegal migrants could come to New Zealand in order to get into Australia.  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is lawyer and political analyst Judith Bergman, a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the UK-based Gatestone Institute, who has analysed the UN’s Migration Compact and is strongly opposed:

“The UN has no interest in admitting that its agreement promotes migration as a human right; until recently, there has been little debate about it. More debate might risk jeopardizing the entire project…

“It cannot be stressed enough that this agreement is not about refugees fleeing persecution, or their rights to protection under international law. Instead, the agreement propagates the radical idea that migration – for any reason – is something that needs to be promoted, enabled and protected.”

As already noted, the UN’s Migration Compact creates new grounds for asylum – including climate change.

This poses a real threat for New Zealand since both Labour’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Green’s Climate Change Minister James Shaw have stated that they want New Zealand to become the world’s first safe haven for “climate refugees”.

There is a real risk that they are planning to open the floodgates to so-called climate refugees from the Pacific. Doing so would undermine the long-established migration arrangements that New Zealand already has in place with many Pacific Islands. Cook Islanders and Niueans have enjoyed freedom of entry since 1901, and Tokelauans from 1916. Each year 1,100 Samoans and a further 650 Pacific Islanders are accepted for residence – around 75 from Kiribati, 75 from Tuvalu, 250 from Tonga, and 250 from Fiji.

If you are opposed to New Zealand signing the UN’s Migration Compact, and opening our borders to climate refugees and other illegal migrants, then you need to speak up.

Contact the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, who is leading this initiative for the Government, and ask him to walk away. Tell him that signing the UN’s Migration Compact is not in the national interest. Call on the Prime Minister and other MPs to pull New Zealand out of the accord.


Should New Zealand sign up to the United Nation’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration?


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NZ should decide who migrates here, not the UN Bob
migration is not a human right. Those who have created functional countries have the right to not be invaded by dysfunctional people from dysfunctional countries. There is no entitlement to the superior infrastructure. Bruce
Making immigration a human right exposes removes any right we have to say who enters our country. Another chapter in the United Nations one world Government saga. Colin
just further erosion of our sovereign status Alistair
The U N is a spent force and has no right to suggest such a move I can see why Trump has had a guts fall of the U N and N Z should steer well clear of such a move .And Helen Clark is ex U N so these are the type of crazy ideas that this organisation comes up with.The U N is a spent force and should be shut down and no payments made just a bloody waste. Ken
Absolutely NOT! We lose our sovereignty as a country if we ‘roll over to the UN’. Wonder how many millions of dollars it took to produce the 34 pages of conscript? Maureen
Absolutely not. David
We should control our own immigration. Jackie
the UN would be the most corrupted mob in the world and it should be closed down asap.no one outside of NZ should tell us what we can or can not do, anyway the only true refuge can’t afford to leave there country and the last true refuge was the poor buggers caught up by hitlers sick ideas, so if the labour and NZFirst etc go for this grap that will be the end of them for years if not centuries. Richard
If Winston Peters is looking to earn. brownie points to help improvements to his popularity ratings. Refusing to sign our country up to the UN. This could be one step in the right direction! Erin
our borders are our right and immigration should be this country’s responsibly alone . Irvine
Give away our border rights to the scum UN? Ted
No thanks, got enough problems here. Kelly
migrants to NZ must be highly selected well educated and have skills that the country needs. Laurie
start downward slope David
Definitely not! Glenys
Definitely not – look what is happening on the border of Mexico – sick, criminals amongst them – we need to take care of our own first – living in cars, unaffordable housing, and it is legitimizing illegal action. This is part of Agenda 21/2030 – we need to get rid of the U.N. Rowena
The UN continues to lose all credibility and yet we have a leader determined to oppose the views of our closest allies in Aiust. and America! Madness! John
We should give our sovereignty away!! Pieter
Very dangerous. It will be the end of NZ as a nation on all levels. Ingrid
Absolutely NOT! Martin
We have enough problems looking after our own people without adding to people whose ideology is not to assimilate Peter
Hell NO! This is all bullshit! Climate change is just a ploy to employ heaps of so-called scientists [govt bludgers in disguise] too rake off heaps of money from the public purse for themselves. Global warming is a natural phenomenon – been happening with global cooling in cycles as just a phenomenon of this planet. NOTHING to do with human civilization! To think that our population & it’s carbon emissions have ANY EFFECT on this planet compared to the profusion of gases from major volcanoes throughout history – just shows a lack of intelligence by the [easily led] populace. Migration or colonization by stealth? Either way – WE CAN’T afford them in NZ. Hell, we can’t pay for our own without being dumped with illegal migrants! Simon
Is there a petition to STOP this? If so WHERE Ted
It seems a recipe for future trouble. Politicians need to be pragmatic and exercise wisdom, on such matters- a rare thing indeed. Barbara
Death of Nations. UN Plan to be the “fixers” when it all turns to shit. Problem is, this will also cause the death of the UN, which would not be a bad thing. Would prefer the death of the UN by other means. Neil
only New Zealanders should decide who and how many people can be welcomed into our country not some unelected bureaucratic entity over the other side of the world. look at the E.U country’s their have lost their identity and now suffer mega rape and violence which is being hidden from the public. Robert
Sign us up to this UN Global Communist Overreach and you’re dogtucker next election Ardern; same as Merkel of Germany. What hypocrisy if Winston Peters signs us up after all the years he has been anti-immigration! Time to get rid all the communists and their anti-country policies at the UN.- Go Donald T. (Pres) Monica
We would lose our power over our own borders. Don’t sign Bev
we do not need all the problems other countries have by opening up our boarders.Even Australia has big problems with seperatised groups. there is enough racism in nz now we don’t need anymore Maurice
surely we are all sisters and brothers Crissie
Nanny state on a world wide basis. If we want or need migrants we will ask them to come, in the meantime we must know what is going on by good media reporting. Peter
There would be little orderly for N.Z. when P.M. Ardern signs this country into the hands of the United Nations! This Global Compact to be held in Morocco this December removes our sovereignty over who comes into New Zealand; also it commits us to another unacceptable U.N. demand- Quote “The agreement also directs national governments to de-fund and suppress all forms of counter-expression to mass migration within their countries. Critics who oppose migration and open borders should undergo “sensitization training”, according to the text of the agreement”. “Sensitization” is a soft word for re education and indoctrination; shades of Lenin’s Russia and Hitler’s 1930’s Germany. It has happened in China, North Korea, one party African countries. It provides ‘camps’ for the re-indoctrination of those whom the State considers its enemies. P.M. Jacinda Ardern has openly stated that she will sign this agreement on our behalf. This agreement does not differentiate between those who legally enter a country, from those illegal migrants who use Humanitarian propaganda to gain entry Yet as a people, we have not seen this agreement published, or even discussed in the Media openly. More importantly it was absence from the election manifestos of all political parties in this country. Yet it is very obvious that the U.N. has been putting this agreement together with the knowledge of all countries. The U.S. Australia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia will not be signing this agreement. For New Zealand this is a surrender of our sovereignty on the right to determine who comes into this country; as well as an attack on the right of ‘Freedom of Speech’. It should be placed as a Constitutional issue before all New Zealanders; and not decided by a single political party.  Brian
never ,,never,,never Laurie & Mattie
NO WAY …. wake-up NZ and don’t allow the Marxist United Nations to steal our sovereignty. The UN has morphed into a VERY scary globalist monster that now poses the biggest threat that western democracies have faced since Adolf Hitler. Steve
I have recently returned from visiting northern Germany where there is much bitterness about the problems the illegals are causing …… gangs, drugs, thieving, vandalism,rapes, they are mostly unemployable etc.. The Germans are furious with Angela Merkel Helen
Good god what are they thinking. We cannot provide for all our population now so how will they with thousands more. Charity starts at home. Bruce
Absolutely not . We MUST remain sovereign . Nigel
Already migration is too high in NZ. There is no need unless they have special skills Laurie
Not until avery UN official and employee is housing 5 refugees who have not been screened by anyone John
Support would result in an unacceptable loss of national sovereignty !! Phil
Another threat from Re-cinder A sterns government to the privileged status NZers enjoy with freedom of movement to, from Australia. Comrade Clark did enough damage but now this lot will really mess it up. What is it about Labour that they feel it necessary to piss the Americans & Aussies off as soon as they get into office Rob
This is just not on! Jeff
These people add nothing to NewZealand society and are an unacceptable burden on tax payers, I have been abused by Ethiopian refugees while helping them. Stan
No Way! I am concerned that it will result in the loss of our sovereignty over migration policy. John
Only lunatics would sign up to this agreement Tom
We in New Zealand must decide for ourselves who should be welcomed here and what the rules are. Peter
controlled migration so not to dilute the freedoms and safety of our society John
Absolutely not! Surely we don’t want to demonstrate to the world that the Aussies are smarter than we are !?? Laurie
what piffle we don’t need that Ian
They need to be educated in there own country or the problem will get a lot worse Graeme
Migration is not a human right. Look at the countries pushing this with their abysmal human rights records. It is just a screen for unwanted muslim invasion. Our safety, security and ability to live by our own beliefs are the primary Human Rights. Government leaders that sign up to this rubbish are Traitors. Roger
Disastrous for no. More globalist threats Garry
All the UN are trying to do is cause world chaos, so they can be seen to be the “saviours”. This will backfire on the UN and the it will be destroyed. this result would not be a bad thing. Neil
Absolutely not! Do you want to go down to the supermarket and have your legs blown off! Because terrorists pour in with immigrants. Immigration must be managed and aligned to production. That means proceeding to China and dismantling NZ factories that have been erected there. Socialism is about borrowing money. The NZ cash that is being spent daily is actually DEBT. A crash is coming when the money runs out! How will NZ cope with unproductive immigrants? Frederick
No, no, no, but no doubt Jacinda and co will go and become part of this disastrous movement. Fraser
A no-brainer. We’re losing our identity & domestic control of who’s in NZ Carol
We don’t need to fill our country with shitbags no one else wants. Stevo
Still waiting for a reply to my letters to Bridges and Peters. Jacinda replied saying the government is still not committed on the issue but my views are noted . John
I agree with Dr Newman’s comments. Rochelle
No confidence in this Government they are looking after the citizens of New Zealand. Where is the public mandate to give up sovereignty to a bunch of unelected socialist with a goal of one world governance. Sam
Well-reasoned opposition written by Dr Muriel Newman Rochelle
This is a no-brainer! Chris
Unfortunately there will be a huge down side to this feel good policy like risking our free access to Australia and swamping with many migrants who will not fit in with our way of life no matter how much we try to help them. We may also let in some nut cases who will try and punish for helping them in the name of Allah Colin
We do enough in our own Pacific region. It is time to address population control. That should be the UNs #1 focus Douglas
Let us think, and not be sheep following the leader.. We have enough problems in NZ without joining up to some touchy, feel good idea that the comes from overseas. Elizabeth
we are to small a country to be overloaded with these Migrants, we have enough problems now Elsa
We only need to look at France, Germany, Spain and other European countries and see the chaos and depravity of woman caused by open boarders. This open boarder policy is causing every day efforts to impose religious law on those what were democratically governed countries. John
Will not be able to properly check large numbers Wayne
If New Zealand accepts climate change refugees it will be open to everyone as the whole world is affected by the changing climate. We must stem the flow of people arriving! NOT OPEN THE FLOODGATES. If we continue to accept everybody, we will more pressure of housing, jobs and resources, not to mention our rights to govern ourselves. It seems foolish to me. David
No way should we surrender control of our borders. We have just finished 4 years of commemoration of people who died to protect sovereign rights – have the political buffoons forgotten already? Terry
The whole mad idea undermines sovereignty. NZ should not sign up to the treaty without a full debate in the country and the in Parliament Ray
NZ should cease all immigration.Sadly we have a patsy government led by a muppet Rowan
This Agenda is designed to annihilate National identity and National pride and cause chaos out of which the New World Order will bring it’s “order by military force” of a One World Government, One World Religion, One World Ruler. No thank you. Helena
Definitely NO!!! Laurie
Absolutely not! As a small nation we are already taking a significant number of migrants from the Pacific, who are closer to our cultural beliefs. Alan
This will stretch our already stretched infrastructure and public services. David
Absolutely not William
NZ should straight away tell the world that there is a 10 year moratorium on all immigration of any description and in between time approach the Australian, USA, Britain, Canada and some European, setting up a joint committee to look into joining. Tightening up rules with a 15 year temporary residency, any trouble with any member of it involved with the law, there assets are frozen, all costs including the courts, airfares, assets deducted and they`re on the first plane out to their original port whence they came. Robert
This is the first information I have read on this move by the UN. It does seem rather unplanned and lacking in information to nations and governments. I agree that it should be first referred to all Governments and publicity given to the general public on the pros and cons of the matter. Chris
Whats with calling it a “compact”? I know what a pact is and I thought I knew what compact means – googling the definition only showed compact to mean small, packed together etc. Russell
Mr Peters is doing a 180 on his pre election promises. Who is going to pay for all these migrants who come for the welfare benefits they will be given? Anthony
Keeping control of our own country and not let the interest of overseas be forced apon us. Kathleen
Such a policy would be suicide for any country and I would be amazed if NZ signs the “deal” Murray
Reckless idea!! Brian
What on earth are our politicians trying to do to NZ. They cannot even house the people we already have. It is PC gone mad. Richard
Due to the total incompetence of our present government, we already have as many Karel Sroubeks as we need! No more need apply. TOBY
No definitely Not. We need to address our own internal problems first. Don
The UN progresses in its march toward ruling the world. It is NOT in our best interest as an independent nation to join the march. We need to control our own borders, maintain our autonomy. Joyce
Definitely Not. Look at what has happened in Europe, they let the migrants in and now they are regretting it, and some want to put solid borders back up. Tell our Government to forget it, we have enough problems of our own. Frank
globally , some people , don’t seem to realise that the migrations of these migrants is because they come from failed states ,…failed for many different reasons ; their systems do not work , so why let them in to more successful countries where the systems do work ; they will eventually turn the successful states into ones like where they have come from …and there are hundreds of millions of them …so get real !! and Jacinda needs to get informed about the real world , and grow up , and get a job where she can learn about real life and people , before wrecking a country as she is in process of , doing permanent un repairable damage as did Clark. Roy
That would open the door to all and sundry. 99% would be moslem and all the crap that they would bring . Brian
I am already perturbed about the number of actions this Government is taking on my behalf apparently in the belief they know far better than I what I actually want or need. It is even more disturbing when their edicts are going to make life and development in my Country more expensive and restrictive. The thought that our Country will lose all control over immigration based upon an agreement thought up by an un-elected Socialist organisation who has even less accountability to the citizens of New Zealand than our current Govt is completely abhorrent to me. We should certainly not attend the conference. I go further to say our Country should give serious thought to withdrawal from this anachronistic body altogether. Michael
Absolutely NOT!!!!! I can’t believe our Government is so blind as to even consider signing such a document! Lloyd
In Holland in 2016 I witnessed the effects of refugees arriving in a country en masse. These refugees sat in homes provided by the Dutch government, happy with their weekly stipend. Meanwhile the Dutch people lost benefits they had worked their life for. The homes were neglected, lawns unmown and gardens unkept. The ‘immigrants’ saw no reason to assimilate or work. Many have since returned home. Migration is a privilege; it should not be a right. Here we have Sroubek enjoying protection in our prisons. Despite his pleas for protection and another chance he is a criminal. We do not need his ilk in this country. He has created dangers in his native country; let him face them. Having arrived on a false passport should be grounds enough for him never to return here. Peter
Absolutely not! Margaret
Depressing that people are powerless and voiceless in what used to be democracies, when it comes to this kind of bullshit virtue signalling by our self serving governments. Hopefully common sense will prevail, but I’m not holding my breath sadly. Pavel
We don’t even have housing and road infrastructure for those already here. Sarah
Signing this UN garbage would impinge on NZ sovereignty. Geoff
Signing the compact is signing away our national sovereignty and our right to protect our own country. Jin
Like the US, this is purely for voting demographics. Angela
We have enough problems in N.Z. without MORE PEOPLE coming in.EMAIL WINSTON ETC & make it VERY CLEAR we DON’T NEED more immigrants in N.Z. Cindy
Signing up would effectively mean the end of national sovereignty as we know it. John
Absolutely not. As a country of barely five million people even a small number of immigrants shifts the balance or makeup of our unique people, customs, freedoms and way of life. One has to wonder at this and other directions the United Nations appears to be intent on – uniting Nations is clearly not one of those directions and New Zealand would do itself no harm to walk away from the sphere and influence of the United Nations external governance. Fred
Madness Ortwin
Never Graeme
In our small country we are having enough issues Housing Feeding and Doctoring our Population now Laurel
Would be a complete disaster Bryan
Never Barry
To facilitate Agenda 2030 the UN is using immigration as a means to destroy Western states by the elimination of all national borders. One only needs to read the fine print contained in this so-called Global Compact to see that most, if not all of the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for will be gradually done away with. New Zealand as we know it today will simply cease to exist if this Orwellian nightmare is allowed to proliferate. The message must be clear – stay well away from it! – if enough UN member states refuse to sign it will hopefully wither on the vine. We are more that capable of ordering our own national affairs without interference from any outside entity such as the Fascistic UN – an expensive failure, in so many ways, right from the beginning. The present turmoil on the US Southern border and the European invasion is a portent of that which will befall us if we are foolish enough to sign this wretched document. Scott
It is not in New Zealand’s best interest to be “flooded” by refugees. Peter
The UK are currently fighting to be separated from the EU regulators and they’re all powerful rules which force member states to conform to their own ideological views without any real consultation with the public. NOW why would the New Zealand Government be willing to sign away OUR right for self-governance? I do not understand why any intelligent person would willingly sign away their countries rights to control its own boarder and how to police it. The USA have pulled out of this agreement reasoning that it will severally affect its own sovereignty. It has always been difficult to understand the thinking of educated academics that become Politicians thinking they can change the world by using flawed logic and pushing their own ideological agenda to make their mark on this world. They will continue to increase their own wealth and that of their preferred friends at the expense of the poor. Power is all consuming and corrupting. Capitalism is really only about Greed and Power and Politicians are at the top of this pyramid. Alan
We have a blatant example of ministerial incompetence with the current gentleman being held “at her Majesty’s pleasure” and would find ourselves swamped by the UN proposal. Where are the media’s investigative journalists? Ian
This will open the door to a very slippery slope toward a One World Order. If that administration is high jacked in the future – all populations could face an unimaginable future. Why are people so naive to believe that a World Administration would be a long term one of integrity and without hidden agendas – as is now the case with so many? Heather
No. NZ should continue to decide who it lets in and who it doesn’t. UN should be disbanded, they are meddling with a countries sovereignty. Murray
Definitely no Alex
New Zealand should totally reject this incursion by the UN. We are a small country with limited resources and any change in the numbers of refugees we can comfortably accept should be settled only by the full parliament and only after a comprehensive study of all the effects. Any major change should be subject to a binding public referendum. Rob
Probably this mob will sign, just like smiley Keys did with this so called “indigenous” peoples UN directive, and the two fingered salute he gave over 800,000 of us regarding the anti smacking legislation. Sam
We should never be ruled by the UN. Look at the problems we have now without the Global Compact Terry
Over the years, the United Nations has proved to be a total disaster in almost everything they have got involved in. Just have a look at some of the countries which are in the United Nations and it is obvious why the UN has not been a success. Marshall
This will not only destroy our sovereign right to determine that we decide who comes to our country, but also destroys democracy. Do New Zealanders want unelected people from the other side of the world determining who and how many people can flood our country. Mike
All parties in our parliament are backing this. Lorna
we are unable to provide the infrastructure required by the record immigration experienced of late. we can’t cope with any more Bruce
I do not recall New Zealanders being invited to, or included in, any “conversation” regarding this extremely serious matter. The mere fact that any NZ politician would consider signing up to this corrupt UN initiative demonstrates either serious cognitive issues regarding its short and long term implications, or, more probably, the depth of deceit and betrayal they appear to be be considering perpetrating upon this country and all right thinking New Zealanders. Moreover, condoning this corrupt ‘Compact’ breaks faith with our forebears, particularly our Anzacs,, who served and paid a heavy price to preserve the freedom of choice of New Zealanders to determine their futures and the future of this country. The Australian, US and other Governments have demonstrated more sense and proper regard for the opinions of and implications for their citizens in choosing not to sign up to this disgraceful initiative. Not so the current selfish socialist NZ Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and their equally deceitful cohorts! Kate
We can’t house present residents and should not cede our sovereignty to a corrupt international body John
We need to keep New Zealand firstly, for New Zealanders. Otherwise our culture will be swamped. ( eg, France and Holland are lost). The DSIR, 40 years ago, stated that we can support from our own food and other resources a maximum of 4.5 million people. We are there now. We need a discussion and policy on how many people we have in New Zealand. Our future quality of life is dependent on this. ross
This is a outrageous attack on the sovereignty of individual countries. It is in the plan for the One World Order and our representatives should walk away from this interference in our country%u2019s refugee plans. Jacinda Ardern scares the hell out of me with her leftist views and her next step up the ladder will be a position with the UN just as that dangerous witch Helen Clarke did. Winston, show some leadership and common sense and walk away. Adern is out of her depth in her job. Carolyn
It’s more in the nature of a framework treaty – one that doesn’t firmly commit anyone to anything specific but leads eventually to a ‘real’ treaty. (Anyway it ain’t binding.) The reason I don’t like it is because it seeks to weaken nations’ control over their own borders. Border control and deciding whom to let in and whom not to let in are, or should be, prerogatives of a sovereign nation. Barend
Other countries have had very negative experiences as a result f uncontrolled immigration, we would be stupid to go down the same path. mo
Just look what’s happened in other countries !! Try Germany for one — if they wan’t radical right wingers to flourish as they are starting to then allow such migration. Alan
Do not wish NZ to go the way of UK and Europe Carol
Let’s take care of the issues in our own back yard first. Would rather not open the doors wide for Muslim refugees, quite like our way of life, not interested in Allah and the chaos that comes with his believers. Jo
Another step to handing our sovereignty and any chance of future self determination to some unelected and shadowy World Government -not to mention our dignity Nigel
On no account should NZ be part of this globalist agenda. Bill
Stop following agenda 21. Sheryl
Safe and orderly yes but firmly under New Zealand’s control when and if we decide it’s OK. UN gets no say in it. Donald
We need to look after our own people before we start with anyone who walks in the doorAs it is we have too many homeless so where are the homes going to come from for these immigrants Arthur
We must keep our sovereignty and not become UN pawns. Willy
NZ Rules for NZ Murray
It is pure lunacy to sign away our sovereign right to decide who is permitted to immigrate to our country. Maurice
No No No These bleeding heart do gooders won,t be happy until the country is completely screwed and controlled by the UN and its Global agenda Neil
As this pact is concerned about the Human Rights of Refugees, they should also be concerned about the Human Rights of the citizens that are already living in the Countries that have been earmarked to receive them. Michelle
NEVER. Clark
Never!! Have written to the PM and Winston Opposing this. Awaiting a reply. The largest voting block at the UN is OIC, the Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation. Flooding the West with Moslems is all part of their plan and this pact would facilitate their evil plan and destroy the West in the process. Carole
the govt is weak and likely to sign Barbara
It is a disgrace and will also cost us our Visa Free Agreement with our closest neighbour Australia all so Ardern/COL can virtue signal kevin
NO WAY!!! Hilary
Why are we still in this awful institution Neville
We should only let people in who can do meaningful work that is going to help the production of NZ & add to the economy. Also see that they have a good understanding of the English language before they come to NZ, Geoff
Extremely dangerous for our people and future. Just sort of thing Cindy would do. Peter
absolutely definitely NO !!! Brian
NO, NO, NO. Having taken years and lives to protect our country, it is now proposed anyone could come here is just NOT acceptable, bearing in mind too the debacle over the recent Croation immigrant who definitely does not care about the safety of NZ by importing drugs. Further, given the strong desire by Maori to rule and have sovereignty over NZ, I would expect great opposition from Winston as a minister previously wanting to stop or reduce immigrants coming to NZ, I would have thought, and hope, that the current Government will walk away and not attend the Marrakech UNGCSORM Conference. Audrey
Keep NZ clean and green. clive
Absolutely not!! Brent
Our business only Graham
Migration happens to be part of Roman Catholic social policy. Readers may have wondered why Germany has taken so many refugees. The underlying reason is that Hitler’s concordat with the Vatican (1933) is still an integral part of the German constitution, and it means that governmental policy has to be in accordance with Catholic social policy. One of the reasons why overpopulation is never discussed is that it is contrary to Catholic social policy. Thjat subject was never discussed at the Paris climate conference because there are 200 countries with concordats with the Vatican, so that subject is not to be discussed by them. Donald
I strongly vote no but with left leaning liberals like Jacinda in charge anything can and will happen . Our current immigration laws are a joke , just look how Indians for example abuse the system . Supposedly here to study but most of them driving courier vans and taxis and the others working in retail shops . Just the skilled immigrants we need . It has been exposed that most of theses fake students are being exploited by their own race and are being paid a pittance . Jock
The people of New Zealand should be asked via a referendum. Gregory
DEFINITELY NOT The source nations need to clean up their acts and care for their own…. RICHard
If Labour Leadership had any balls they would say NO …. Bob
We should NOT sign. We do not want open borders here and prefer to have the right to decide who and how many people come to New Zealand. Diana
Nothing more than a giant step forward, for the N.W.O. Watch Jacinda, & her globalist friends, rush to be first to sign this end of our sovereignty agreement.. What do you think the kiwi-built houses are for? Our poor homeless people, , yeah right. Also note how the MEDIA are more interested in Nationals silly side shows, instead of embarrassing them with real questions of importance. Truth is, President Trump has thrown the globalists into panic mode, with his determination to keep at least his part of the free-world FREE.. A.G.R.
Definitely not. Ian
Jacinda will happily throw NZ citizens under the bus if it means a future cushy number working for the UN. Lee
No, without consulting the people of NZ Marianne
They must be joking. We do not need n0more refugees. The country is being destroyed. Valerie
Absolutely not. John
Certainly not – decision making must remain with the NZ Parliament and definitely not with the UN Kate
Absolutely NOT!!! Derek
Absolutely not! There’s been little publicity about this and most New Zealanders don’t have a clue what this means. This should be going to Parliament and the country first to see what we all think as a nation. Sylvia
Never! It would be mind-blowingly stupid. Like in the US and Australia, control of such policy must be maintained by individual nations, not the communists of the UN etc. Paul
Ask Sweden how that’s working out for them!!!! Our border Our decision. Peter
….Garbage In..Garbage Out… CHowes
Never! Don
There is No mandate for our unelected Govt to sign this UN nonsense! Brent
definitely no. It will be like open borders without any control John
they not going to listen anyway are they Sue
Idiotic communists! Nick
Total insanity. John 
what a bloody awful agreement Barry
NO – signing this is akin to signing a suicide pact for NZ. What happened to the elections promises from Labour & NZF re reducing immigration & ending child poverty ! Open borders for migrants to come in at their whim, & to automatically have all the rights and benefits is unbelievable. How can we afford this, its us the hardworking taxpayer that will be paying them, & according to this pact we can’t even criticise them. They seem to have all the rights automatically. Our hospitals, housing schools, police etc are already barely coping now, this will ruin the NZ we know forever. DO NOT SIGN !! The fact this has not even been put forward to the NZ public or covered by our biased media, & is being signed without their knowledge is criminal !! Jane
Here we go again with yet another looney left idea. Tim
The UN has a lopsided Greeny view on discrimination and immigration. Open borders lets in the undesirables who will not have the same values and think corruption is legitimate. There are already many examples. This Compact will destroy many Western Nations with the head in the sand thinking of the UN. A toothless organisation full of populist thinkers. who have no thought for future consequences. We talk of Nations against Nations, if this Compact comes to pass it will be people against people. Civil unrest will become common place. Violence on the streets will be the norm. David
We have enough problems with Clark and Jacinderella now without non conforming non English speaking emigrants bludging on our system. perhaps there’s an empty residence next door to them? Ian
Absolutely not. Jeff
Dumbest thing I have read about, once again UN trying to rule the world Paula
Hell No. It’s important to remember Helen Clark’s prior role at the UN & her obvious relationship with Ardern . They’re in cahoots on this issue which threatens the very fabric of our culture. John
The UN has long been an advocate for the New World Order. This plan only creates hardship on most economies and social unrest exactly what the real people with the power, that .0001 percent who want to rule the world, want because causing chaos and fear is the great way to take control of all the governments in the world. New Zealand will sign it. Jack P
Take enough 3rd world people and we become 3rd world – common sense says that we neither have the infrastructure, jobs, or money to support a flood of people who have nothing to offer NZ in return. Mark
So long as the immigrants can prove they are not criminals and can support themselves and not be a burden on the state, let them come. Richard
If passed will be taken advantage of by the wrong sort of people. Noeleen
Like the US & Australia, we must control our own border & resist this outlandish idea from the so left wing UN to encourage migration for any possible reason Don
The cost to the NZ taxpayer would be unthinkable! Peter
Definitely not. We already have enough poor or unemployed to take care of in NZ. Not even enough housing here at the present time. Deborah
If the Prime Minister adopts this UN Global COMPACT FOR SAFE ORDERLY & REGULAR MIGRATION…. it will open the flood bats for many undesirables which our country can ill afford. We have enough problems in our own backyard curing our homeless and unemployment problems. We r only a small country and limited resources as it is now so do not want to add to the problem. There is much I want to say but am so angry that Jacinda is even contemplating this move that it would not all fit in this small place. Just want to send her a message to say “No vote from our whole family for Labour returning to govt this next election. “. Labour, Greens and NZ First will be not be considered. Valda
NZ would never be the same – we would become a third world country and a dangerous place to live. Sue
No! This doesn’t sound like a sensible idea and I do not think that it would be in New Zealand’s best interests from a security point of view. Les
A most definite NO George
we take far too many as it is. Australia has a right to be concerned Bill
Nothing to gain, everything to lose! Mike
This will be a disaster. The PM has not the guts to oppose this stupid UN agreement. She is a puppet of Helen Clark Dave
We need to have our own rules,not UN untested accords. Dick
Adern is on a fast track to the UN to a high-paying job just as her mentor Helen Clark, did. She is using her powerful PM position to tie NZ in to anything the corrupt UN proposes, with zero mandate. Very worrying times for our beautiful country. Sharen
As a sovereign nation, we must retain the right to accept or deny entry to whoever we choose on whatever grounds we choose. Alan
Our borders need to be protected at all costs and we need to be more selective even now about who is granted entry to the country Vicki 
Once again the media are hiding a most important topic from us. Another anti-democratic action by the Govt, looming, but surely Winston is against this? World Govt on its way! Graeme
The UN, an organisation in which the vast majority of members hate western civilisation and would gladly assist in its demise. Rex
We want to maintain our secure borders but also give a limited of suitable immigration applicants who will become NZ citizens eventually approval subject to any conditions that Govt. requires Barry
Look at the evidence so far, we will be inundated Warren
New Zealand must always be in control of its Border, under no circumstances must we sign up to anything that the UN are contemplating on their Global Compact Plan. Roy
Only a person with an eye on a future job at the United Nations could support signing up to this at the expense of New Zealand. What would be left of New Zealand if we are forced to accept a tidal wave of anyone from anywhere. This is suicide!! Chris
Never, it is an abrogation of our sovereignty Andrew
Absolutely not. We will be swamped by people (including criminals) from everywhere. We’re having difficulty housing many that live here already. It will turn New Zealand into an absolute mess. John
New Zealander’s must decide who comes to our shores Martin
No, absolutely not. Dave
Definitely not nz should not be aligned to the UN…crazy politicians especially Winston Peters if he gives this the ok…I wonder if he will let these immigrants live next to him…Climate Change as an excuse for this nonsense,,,Bloody garbage.. Rex
Migration should never be to an extent where the recipient country is exploited or deprived due to the ingress. Otherwise substitute migration for “invasion”. This topic requires public debate and support to pass. The lurid exposure of the weight of the UN toward a biased press is a revelation and likely then also behind the lie of Climate change and rising seas; What else are they conspiring against us on? Roger
Unbelievable nonsense New Zealand will lose our sovereignty Les
US “regime change” in Syria created 11 million refugees, some of whom seek shelter in Europe. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis tag onto them. “Regime change” in Libya opened the flood gates of desperate Africans. ISIS has been airlifted into Yemen and Chad. US domination in Central America has created “sh*t hole” countries riven by gangs. We don’t know how lucky we are to be at the end of the Earth. Alan
Absolutely not.. NZ needs to protect it’s boarders. How can we wily nilly admit dubious refugees when we can’t provide for disadvantaged NZers. Paul
This Government has to go and the sooner the better – this latest bit of news is a shocker. They are always going on about the poverty issue here and yet want to import more destitute people!!! Janet
The government wants to cut the numbers of our present “legal” immigration and sign up to this open-slather “illegal” immigration???? Anne
never ever! Gerard
Just one more step closer to One world government espoused by Socialists. John
Australia has adopted the correct approach. NZ should do the same. Maurice
We must own control of our own borders. Mark
We should tell the UN to get stuffed and butt out of our business. Laurie
We cannot even look after our own citizens. The Elderly, Homeless,The poor. Etc. Most of the refugees seem to be male with Muslim connections Sorry. Wayne
Social Welfare and open boarders will never work together. Barbara
Absolutely not!!! patricia
It is astonishing after all that has gone before i.e. terrorism, violence through mass migration that some boffin in the UN has dreamed up such a pact. Parts of Europe have been changed forever for the worse in most cases. Such a notion would have untold detrimental affect on a number of nations. Chris
Absolutely not! What an enormous troublesome issue the liberals are striving for. If they want ‘liberal’ immigration – fine – as long as they ALL stay (in their homes) with those very people. Yes, every one of them! Stuart
I don’t trust any policy of the U.N. on such matters. Cyril
New Zealand has from its earliest Colonial days always endured a precious state of balanced equilibrium between its tentative growth, its export dependent economy, its immigration and resettlement costs, its fragile internal economy and the welfare cost on its society. The Government employment sector has in recent years exploded in growth, growth mainly in services and nanny state compliance matters that are generally non productive in a growth and wealth sense, meanwhile the natural population growth has declined and productivity through expanded individual opportunity has stagnated. Irrespective of the tearful handringing largess of the leaderless left, the brutal fact is that any significant increase in non productive immigrants, welfare largess to immigrants, increased government agency growth and expenditure for immigrants, is only done so at the direct reduction in health care, aged care, Age pension payments, reduced Police security, reduced military security, reduced social housing efficiency, increased cultural, racial and religious tensions, increased cultural, religious peace stabalization costs. This raises the question why would Our country based on English, christian, western principles, incur any significant cost to our own citizens, put our own citizens at any risk and reduce the opportunities of our own citizens to accommodate any group who by historical precedent are not culturally disposed to assimilate and integrate, Place a burden on the workforce, Increase the burden on taxation and public services and deplete the entitlements of our aged citizens. The considerations of respect and protection to our own citizens is being cast aside for bogus marxist ideology which is nothing more than a thinly disguised aggressive intrusion into our economic stability, to wreck our economy in advance of globalist NWO pressures to undermine our unique sovereignty. Thinking responsible Citizens of New Zealand need to oppose this ideological treachery at every step and disown its treacherous pretenders. NO AGREEMENT, NO ACCORD, NO UN rubbish rights. Richard
Good god no! Paul
How stupid can we get? As US Senator John Bolten recently stated, if the top 10 floors of the UN Building were blown off the world would be a much safer place for everybody to live. Chris
Not enough houses leigh
We are letting in far too many now which is creating massive problems in many areas, Medical/housing/jobs to name a few. Many cannot accept our way of life and want us to conform to theirs. Much of our valuable rural Countryside plus areas that supply our veges etc is being used for housing –wake up before it is too late Marylin
The terms are too broad Robert
This group is about as useless as the ‘League of Nations’. Not to be trusted. Frank
I have no time at all for Donald Trump but he has this one 100% correct. No country could meet the needs of these hoards. They should have been turned back when they began Bruce
we would be swamped John
This would cause chaos David
If the govt signs then it only verifies that the current govt is very stupid.Why are they so desperate for more uneducated people to squat here? Lorraine
This is the most stupid scheme ever dreamed up to be thrust on the New Zealand people. John
What a disaster this would be . New Zealand ALONE should decide who crosses its borders as new migrants – not the United . Accordingly NZ should also stay away from the upcoming international meeting. We should be the master of our own destiny Hylton
A very Definite NO Anne
Absolutely not, we should in fact be looking seriously at withdrawing from the UN, the Americans have it right, let Americans decide upon America’s immigration policy. We should do the same but our big noting politicians will be looking to gain global browning points. Robert
No, NZ has enough problems with its own people. Nell
This is not a good idea. I know they are trying to help people but it would be at a detriment to New Zealanders.  Pat
We should in no way sign to such an agreement. We must have a say in who is coming into New Zealand. We must check out every person like we do now. Frank
Only idiot nations would agree to this sort of rubbish. Coral
This is criminal and must not happen. To sign this is suicide for NZ immigration policies and would ruin us. Peter
We should never cede any type of governance to a foreign body. Raphael
It’s madness to allow free immigrant access Pete
This would allows illegal migrants/ refugee’s to destroy and violate the way of life in NZ Carol
We strongly disagree with the UN proposal. Migration in NZ is OK as it is – There is no need to alter the rules. Brian
We need full control and selection rights for immigrants and refugees coming to our country. Gerry
I am against this. That will let migration to New Zealand by boat people. We don’t know who these people are. You let people into our country and the next thing they start to attack us and kill us. To many soft people or do gooders in this world today. These people have to stop were they are and fix their own country and to make it better. Robert
This measure could ultimately result in the invasion of our country without the use of arms. William
NO NO NO. Look what is happening or has happened in the UK with uncontrolled immigrants ! We MUST retain total control on who and how many new immigrants we should allow to settle here. Andrew
Do really want another North African suburb like London’s Shepherd Bush her in NZ with legal barriers preventing booting thugs out? David
To many fake refugees arriving already, we do not need more bludgers sucking from the tax payer. Warren
Such a move would be akin to ‘treason’ against the sovereignty of our nation. Since when should the UN dictate who we allow into our country. Russell
We have lots of people of NZ who can not find housing fix that 1st before we bring in more Cherryl
Every country needs to maintain there own borders and immigration policies JC
Is this government thick !!!! Simon
Another freebie trip for Mr Peters clocking up his airmiles at the expense of The New Zealanders he claims to represent. Maureen
This policy will see many undesirable migrants enter New Zealand & cost our country dearly in support benefits, security & monitoring, our Kiwi way of life will be under threat & the safety of our population at risk. Ian
should be put to a peoples referendum Paul
No they should not. This is a Global Cabal movement fronted by the UN, most of us can see that. Our country and its borders need protecting not opening to a mob that is hell bent on destroying your culture and freedom. I do not hold out much hope as Ardern has proven she is not competent and will bow down. My word what a fiasco. Faye
Government alone should determine immigration policy. Tony
Absolutely not. NZ would be totally stupid to sign this UN policy. The trouble is that we have a totally incompetent Government so it scares me that they will. Mike
This is another loopy U.N. idea! Jim
Government-enforced diversity is where nations go to die. Globally-mandated diversity is inrended to make it a fait accompli Mark
Let’s have a moderate allowance for immigrants and refugees BUT not open borders. Open borders is a left-wing ploy to create anarchy. Ian
To many immigrants here now !!! Mark
We all know United Nations are a bunch of seriously bad people, and this idea that we should sign up to their madness is madness itself Lloyd
The UNO has been in existence for 70 years and has failed everyone. Ray
other cultures may not mix well with NZ Christian culture Ruth
It would be self-=destructive Jo
How dare our government sign this! Winston, why are you quiet? Allan
Climate change has become the wooden horse of an international dictatorship. Merkel and Macron both believe nation states should yield their sovereignty to an unelected international body. Those who oppose this are branded Nazis and Fascists by the media who seem to no longer believe in democracy. Trump is right, the media have become the enemy of the people. You will hear little of this issue in NZ except slavish left wing support. Mervyn
The Globalist agenda is destroying the uniqueness of cultures with this migration policy. We must not give in to their rhetoric! Steve
Absolutely not! Never! No Way! We do not have enough houses or jobs for our own people. How is this ever going to benefit NZ? Again – Absolutely Not! Brenda
Say goodbye to pride in our Nation. Roger
The worlds problems will not be fixed or lessened by shifting people from one country to another. the problems will only migrate as well. they need to be remedied at source. Gary
No. This would cause our country to self destruct and fall into chaos. I guess that is what the UN is hoping will happen. Not in my country. I will not allow that to happen. Neil
Our countries security should be the first responsibility of Government Sharon
Definitely not. All good points in support of this in your article! Joe
Look after our own approved LEGAL immigrants, before even remotely considering anything to do with this UN backdoor-entrance proposal. Bad Law does NOT make for good results. Carl
New Zealand cannot even look after our own people living as refugees in their own country. What we see today are NOT refugees coming in, but rather a UN sanctioned invasion of Western countries. This crap has to end. Helena
Bloody UN. Jacinda’s next stop? following in Helen Clarke’s footsteps . She and the greens will vote this one in if they can. If they don’t get the OK from parliament, watch out for the back do approach Barry
We’ve already got enough problems with our own people let alone bring in others! Kate
It’s nothing more than the thin end of the wedge. New Zealand should be aware that this will not stop here. Many of us understand this it is merely the next step in the plan for the New World Order. Jack
your country would be open to gangs and terrorists like other countries that let them in. Ian
A definite NO. would be an absolute disaster for NZ and compromise travel between Australia and NZ.no,no,no!!The UN needs to be challenged! Steve
No, we don’t owe them anything! Jon
Absolutely NO. No one should decide who should or should not enter New Zealand except for carefully controlled immigration rules set by New Zealand. Robbie
Birds migrate – humans stay within the borders of their respective continents Tom
This country must manage our borders. It is not acceptable to sign the UN compact at Marrakech and we should not go there. Over population is a serious issue internationally but must be managed in the countries responsible. NZ cannot accept overflow from overpopulated countries. Peter
New Zealand must not be controlled in any way by an organisation the people of New Zealand, NOT THE NZ Government, do not elect. Vernon
Definitely not, Europe shows that this policy of open borders has ad a disastrous effect on the security and culture of all nations that have opened their doors. Bruce
Thank god I won’t be around to see my beloved NZ as age is on my side Rex
We have enough problems in this country without taking on more with people from another culture that seem to bring their problem that they are escaping from with them ie Somalia women who tried to hi jack plane Noel
This is not only about immigration it’s about control on a global scale by the U.N. world government. Lance
We cannot adequately look after all of our own population! Homeless in the news frequently. Why bring in more to contribute to this sad problem? Hugh
UN is a socialist racist bent out of control entity that has completely lost its way . NZ needs to pull out of it Completely and Cinderella has no mandate to sign NZ up to this agreement. Cutty
But as usual our Prime Minister will only be too eager to sign up to this type of legislation Frank
A surgical strike on governments responsible for their citizens wanting to leave them. Chris
No, we would be risking too much. This needs to be put to the people. Vicky
This will create a world of open borders by stealth. Graeme
Never! It’s a dire threat to our national sovereignty. Graham
How many immigrants will the North Sentinelise be asked to take for example?Our border, our say. Dave
Legalising rampant and unregulated migration would be a catastrophe. That should be obvious to any objective, law-abiding citizen. Johan
NO! NO! NO! But it will happen, sadly this Coalition Govt will bring this Country down. Caro
The are only 2 sides to the refugee debate, to be heartless or Headless. This compact is clearly putting us into the headless side, where it has giving no regard to the consequences of such a policy. If everyone was willing to give up NZ’s way of life with high ranking world scores for safety space, and a great way of life, then they can, but I certainly am not. We have enough of our own we are not looking after properly, let alone having to look after others. Steve
Absolutely NOT!!! Just recently I received an E Mail from NZ First promoting their performance as coalition partner and besides boasting that they were able to reduce immigration numbers to 67000 a year. The E Mail had an attachment to enable readers to comment and so I did. Quote: J Ardern wants to go to Marrakesch in December to sign this unholy pact with the devil and we hear nothing on the MSM absolutely nothing from the Debating chamber in Parliament. I asked what do you have to say about that and what are your intentions in this matter.So far I have received no reply. When Ardern and her muppet show is signing up to this we have a bleak future ahead of us. Uncontrolled migration will bring masses of uneducated low IQ and often criminal and extremist elements into our country . This will quickly erode our social system and destroy our internal security. Look at Europe. There we see how fast the situation in societies like France England Sweden and Germany ( to name the prime examples of societal deterioration) has developed. MSM information is honed to suppress facts and falsify the real issues in order to keep populations calm and pre occupied.( like plastic bags for example)We as a small nation will be destroyed in no time if this Pact is signed. What I wonder is why Tribal Leaders have nothing to say about this either. Truly this is going against all their interests.Or do they harbour more devious intends in fostering divide and rule to achieve the end of so called white supremacy.?? If so, they too will be overwhelmed in the end by sheer demographics . We all know how fast Muslims do multiply.Be afraid —be very afraid!!!! Michael
What are borders for? If we sign up to this rubbish from that pack of overpaid world ‘servants’ our country will be swamped by people we simply don’t want and can’t accommodate. Third world, here we come!! Alan
There is no place for the UN Ranald
We can’t house our own citizens and until we do this Compact should be rejected with the contempt it so rightly deserves. Bruce
Dont worry Taxcinda will sign up as it makes her look good at the UN Ripoff Headquaters Allan
I would have to agree with the USA, Australia, and other counters that oppose it, on those same grounds they have made. Reg
Don’t even think about it!!!!! Colin
Our parliamentarian will want to accept every a***hole they can from overseas – after all, they need people here that they can finally relate to. Basil
It is going to cause extreme chaos and lead to civil wars as assimilation is not demanded. Lucy
Disaster for NZ Kay
We need to be very careful who we let in with housing stocks so low and so many poor people here let%u2019s clean up our own backyard before we help anyone else Peter
To do so will endanger NZ in toto. Of course the left will love this as most are against the interests of the country anyhow. Christopher 
Definitely not.The UN is nothing more than a Communistic Like the Aussies said we are quite capable of managing our own immigration.Having said that just watch this inept dumb but dangerous Ardern sign up.She is nothing more than a radical reformist socialist preacher Don
If NZ signs this accord we shall be overrun and our services will be flooded with non desirables such as happened in England and Ireland. Jon
It is unbelievable to think our Government would want to in any way undermine our strict controls on migration. Have Ardern and Peters had their heads in the sand and not seen what has happened in Europe ? Nev
We need to follow the Australians and protect our borders to ensure that we remain a safe, wealthy country that can afford to bring in and support the legal migrants that we are already assisting. Shelley
We should not sign up, in fact we should withdraw from the UN altogether. This is all part of creating their one world government. Elizabeth
No way, we are not giving up our sovereignty to a bunch on unelected UN officials on this most important issue for our future. Graeme
New Zealand is a food producing country and the more refugees the less food produced Colin
Illegals just turning up at your country demanding to be let in ?? The answer is no Kevin
No way, leave things as they are. David
Quite unbelievable it is even being considered John
Absolutely NOT. It is NOT the right of anyone to lollop up on someone else’s doorstep and demand entry. This contract is wrong on so many fronts. You have no mandate Ahern and Shaw from the people of NZ to sign our rights away with this Compact. Carolyn
We must never give away our right to control our own borders. Terry
A pit of snakes Wolf
More justification for dismantling the ‘gang of thugs’ ( UN ) Collin
This is madness and what the hell is a climate refugee apart from an opportunist Phil
This lot will no doubt sign up though I’d think Winnie would be against it. Look after our own first as a lot of these illegal immigrants are not genuine refugees. Trevor
Obviously Jacinda’s aim to follow Helen Clark’s footsteps to a UN career at NZ’s expense. Alan
NZ needs controlled borders and careful vetting of immigrants. Mark
One world order here we come! Ken
No No No No – it would be a disaster for NZ!  Andrew
For goodness sake, what politicians in their right mind would want to open our borders to illegal migrants. There is enough trouble with one illegal migrant Karel Sroubek without opening ourselves up for more.  Lora
This will be Labour’s plan to reclassify all of the overstayers and others here illegally as lawful migrants. It should be opposed. Michael
Donald Trump had it right – again – to walk away from this dreadful deal. Robert
If the anti-immigration Winston Peters signs this migrant deal he will the the biggest hypocrite ever.  Ken