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Local Government New Zealand leads on global warming

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Local Government New Zealand have embarked on a “Climate Change Project” focused on adapting and mitigating “climate change” – properly described as man-made global warming.

When faced with a potential risk, the rational approach is to make sure that the risk is real, assess its magnitude, decide if anything needs to be done, and if so, what is the cheapest and most effective solution. 

In spite of the fact that no one has any convincing evidence based on observations that man-made global warming real and dangerous LGNZ have jumped to the conclusion that the risk is real, urgent action is needed and lots of our money and resources must be spent on “fighting climate change”. Taking an objective look at all the evidence never even crossed their minds.

If they had looked at the evidence, they would have got a big surprise. 

They would have discovered that world temperatures have increased by about half the predicted amount over the last 20 years and New Zealand has hardly warmed it all. This would – or should – tell them that the computer models which the climate scientists rely upon for predicting future climate are worthless. There is nothing abnormal about the modest amount of warming that has occurred as we recover from the Little Ice Age. 

They would also discover that sea level rise in New Zealand – and the rest of the world – has been steady at between 1.5 and 2 mm per year for the last hundred years and shows no sign of the claimed recent rapid increase. They would also discover that there is no reason – other than the failed climate models – to assume that it will rise more rapidly in the future.

If they studied storms, floods and droughts in New Zealand and the rest of the world they would find that recent weather is rather better than it was in the past. The IPCC agrees.

If they looked at the history of atoll formation they would realise that coral atolls were able to keep up with a sea level rise of 3000 mm per century at the end of the ice age. It follows that they cannot be in danger from the current tiny rate of sea level rise. Pacific islands do have real problems, but they are not caused by sea level rise.

If they looked further they would discover that there are many very credible papers based on observations and experiments that indicate a very high probability that the world will soon enter a cooling cycle. Right now sunspot levels are lower than they have been since the Little Ice Age and the correlation between sunspot levels and temperatures is very strong. 

A Danish professor has established a cause and effect relationship between sunspot cycles, cosmic rays, low clouds and global temperatures. When sunspot levels are low, the magnetic shield emitted by the sun is low and this allows more high energy cosmic rays to reach lower levels in the atmosphere. When they do, they cause condensation and this triggers cloud formation. Other scientists have analysed past climate cycles and concluded that there is a high risk of global cooling.

While they regard carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant, without it, life on earth could not exist. The reality is that it is essential to life and plant growth and the recent rise in concentration has increased agricultural productivity by about 15%. A big win for New Zealand’s economy.. 

They might also be interested to discover that neither the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Royal Society of New Zealand nor Prof Jim Renwick can provide convincing evidence based on observations of the real world that man-made greenhouse gases cause dangerous global warming. The evidence simply does not exist. Until this evidence is discovered – if it ever is – the only rational conclusion is that man-made global warming is, in all probability, the biggest hoax in the history of the world. 

It is tragic that Local Government New Zealand have bought into the global warming hoax. 

We should not be squandering our money and damaging our economy in a futile attempt to solve a problem that, according to the evidence, does not exist.