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Long Live the King!

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The Coronation of King Charles III was watched by over 400 million people worldwide. Millions of royal fans crowded into London to be part of the celebration, with over a hundred thousand lining the procession route.

The pomp and pageantry of the Westminster Abbey ceremony dates back almost 1,000 years to William the Conqueror in 1066. King Charles III is the 40th sovereign to be crowned there. The coronation chair used by the new King was built for King Edward I in 1297, and the golden coach, carrying the newly crowned King and Queen was built in 1762. Weighing 4 tonne, the team of eight Windsor Greys that pulled the carriage were amongst 200 horses taking part in the event.

Security surrounding the coronation, known as operation Golden Orb, involved 29,000 security officials and police. Some 6,000 military personnel were involved in the parade, and over 2,200 invited guests – including world leaders and other dignitaries from more than 200 countries – attended the service.

Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking, New Zealand’s only media representative present in the Abbey, wrote: “It’s one of those moments you think ‘how long would you walk for, how long would you wait for, how much security can you endure, how many crowds do you want to battle?’ The answer is all of it and more. I love the royals so I’m a paid-up member. But even the most hardened republican would have had trouble in the Abbey not seeing the overwhelming history, power, influence and consistency of the monarchy. Two hours that live forever.”

With the Coronation setting off a debate over whether New Zealand should remain a constitutional monarchy or become a republic, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy, outlines the options:

“Stability is important in our lives and there can be no doubt that currently the most stable nations on earth are Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Japan, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. All are constitutional monarchies of considerable heritage and in none of those countries is there any serious suggestion that they become republics.

“Then there is the pomp and circumstance which attend much of the Monarch’s duties… nowhere better on display than at the lying in State and funeral of the late Queen and the Coronation of King Charles III.

“In the case of the late Queen… it afforded an opportunity for ordinary members of the public to put aside their own cares and rejoice in a life of utter devotion to their service. Similarly with the coronation of King Charles.

“It is too simplistic to dismiss this spectacle and the comfort it affords to ordinary people as pointless grandstanding by an institution which has outlived its usefulness. It is not and it has not. People crave continuity and certainty in their lives and in their institutions.”

The Coronation was commemorated in our Parliament at 2pm last Tuesday 9 May, when the Prime Minister moved the following motion, “That this House congratulate His Majesty the King on the occasion of his coronation”.

In his address, Chris Hipkins explained, “King Charles automatically became the King of New Zealand on 8 September last year, following the death of the late Queen. The coronation was a celebration of his accession to the throne not just of the United Kingdom but as head of State of 15 nations around the world, including our own.” 

The PM reminded us that King Charles, who has visited New Zealand 10 times over the years and has a strong personal commitment to our country, took public oaths of service and duty during his coronation: “While not everyone in our nation, or even in this House, shares similar views on the role of the monarchy in a modern society, I’m sure that everyone will join with me in congratulating His Majesty on this significant milestone. I wish King Charles well in his role, and I send the warmest wishes and congratulations to His Majesty and to the Queen for the lives of service that they have committed to, on behalf of all New Zealanders.”

National’s leader Christopher Luxon noted that while the Coronation symbolised King Charles’ role as head of the Church of England, his life-long dedication to public duty was the key: “I agree with the sentiments of Prince William who said, ‘For all that celebrations are magnificent, at the heart of the pageantry is a simple message: service.’ Almost all King Charles’ life has been about service. First, as Britain’s longest serving Prince of Wales, giving support and strength to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II… At 16 he undertook his first official royal duty and has not stopped serving since.”

Only two other MPs spoke in the debate.

The ACT Party’s Nicole McKee shared some little-known facts about the King, including that he likes eggs and is a fan of ‘Emmerdale Farm’, before concluding with “Long live the King”.

In his one-sentence contribution, the Green Party’s co-leader James Shaw said: “On behalf of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, I would like to extend Charles, Camilla, and their respective families all the very best.”

According to the Hansard record, the Motion, “That this House congratulate His Majesty the King on the occasion of his coronation” was agreed – supported by Labour with 62 votes, National with 34, and ACT with 10.

There were 10 abstentions – the Green Party with 9, and Elizabeth Kerekere.

And 3 votes opposed – the Maori Party with 2 votes, and Meka Whaitere.

In failing to support a motion congratulating New Zealand’s new Head of State, the Greens, the Maori Party and the two independent MPs displayed not only a meanness of spirit towards the new King on his special occasion, but hypocrisy on a grand scale by denigrating the Westminster Parliamentary System, while revelling in its privileges as Members of Parliament.

For the Maori Party, their hatred of the British monarchy runs deep. A petition to remove the Monarch features on their Party website: “Te Pāti Māori are calling for the House of Representatives to remove the British royal family as head of state; and create a Te Tiriti Centric Aotearoa through constitutional transformation.”

In by-gone times, such disloyalty to a Head of State would have resulted in ostracism or worse. Nowadays it seems fashionable.

Since the Maori Party may well hold significant influence after the next election, let’s examine what else they are promoting on their website.

They want to entrench the Maori seats, force all Maori to register on the Maori electoral roll (a move that would end up doubling the number of Maori seats) and establish a Maori Parliament. They would re-open the Treaty settlement process, enable tribal claims on private land, and transfer the conservation estate to Maori. Waitangi Tribal recommendations would become binding on the Government (giving the Tribunal superior legal status to Parliament), and a new constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi would be introduced.

Their ambition to control the country – and gain access to unlimited wealth and privilege – represents a significant threat to New Zealand’s future.

If these extremists succeed in replacing our unwritten constitution with a new written version based on the Treaty, it would be a disaster – as constitutional law expert David Round has explained:

“The Maori Party’s avowed aim is to put the ‘principles of the Treaty’ into our constitution. Thereafter the special status and privilege of those of Maori descent will be guaranteed for ever. It would be impossible to undo such an arrangement, for any attempt by Parliament or anyone else to do so would thereafter be ‘unconstitutional’. If the Treaty gets into our constitution – if there is any mention of it which an unscrupulous judge can use – then the majority of the people of New Zealand will become second-class citizens in their own country. This must not happen. If it does happen, then our increasingly unhappy, impoverished and divided country will be irrevocably stuffed.”

It remains a tragic fact that most New Zealanders are unaware of the threat that a new written constitution represents. Currently, our unwritten constitution not only guarantees the sovereignty of Parliament, but it provides a powerful democratic safeguard – if our government runs amok, we can vote them out at the next election.

If New Zealand had a written constitution however, Parliament would no longer be sovereign – we would be forever beholden to unelected Judges who would make the laws and be accountable to no one.

Here’s David Round again: “The fundamental principle of our constitution is the ancient one we inherited from the common law of England that Parliament is supreme. That principle is not found in any Act of Parliament, it is simply ancient law. It is also, of course, a principle consistent with democratic government. As things stand at present, then, any Parliament could abolish racial privilege and restore the equality of citizens and government for the common good. But if the Maori Party has its way ~ if we come to be saddled with an over-riding written constitution which controlled what Parliament may and may not do, and which declared that the ‘principles of the Treaty’ were a higher law which always prevailed ~ then Parliament would not be supreme in future. If future Parliaments were to attempt to establish and restore true racial equality, then, its laws could be struck down by judges who considered that those laws breached a ‘Treaty principle’ of eternal special status for those of Maori descent.”

Recognising the danger to the country posed by the Maori Party’s separatist agenda, the National Party leader Christopher Luxon has finally ruling out working with them after the election:  

“Today, I have ruled out National coming to any arrangement with Te Pati Maori in forming a government after this year’s election. National believes New Zealand is one country with one standard of citizenship, meaning one person, one vote. Te Pati Maori has a different view.

“I’m making clear to New Zealanders that in 2023, a vote for Te Pati Maori will be a vote for a Labour/Greens/Maori Party coalition of chaos, and continuing  economic mis-management.

“National is deeply committed to improving outcomes for Maori, but doesn’t believe separate systems are the best way to do this.”

Christopher Luxon’s announcement has put an end to the Maori Party’s ‘Kingmaker’ claims.

As expected, the response from the Maori Party President John Tamihere was belligerent: “What they’re trying to do is scare people into thinking if the hories get anywhere near the power, we’ve got problems and that’s just so untrue and it licenses people just to keep attacking us as they do… I guarantee you, on October 15, if the Maori Party hold balance of power, Mr Luxon will be calling.”

In fact, John Tamihere wants the Maori Party to have a permanent powerbase in Government: “It doesn’t matter if there is a left government or a right government, they’ll have to do business with us; so you become a permanent party in government.”

But their arrogance and naked ambition to rule the country is even too much for Prime Minister Hipkins, who warned: “Smaller parties need to be careful with whatever they issue in terms of ‘bottom lines’ or they could find themselves simply not able to be part of any governing arrangement at all.”

Like shifting sands, New Zealand’s political parties are readying themselves for the most important election of our time. On the one hand, opposition parties are focussed on removing race-based laws and growing the economy, while on the other, the “coalition of chaos” – Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party – looks likely to double down on He Puapua and tribal rule, while continuing their reckless tax and spend. October 14 promises to be a pivotal moment in our history.

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*Should New Zealand remain a Constitutional Monarchy or become a Republic? 


*Poll comments are posted below.


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Why change something that has worked so will. Sven
No doubt about this. NO REPUBLIC. CHRIS
We should NEVER become a Republic. TPM are a divisive, dangerous bunch of red cos Elizabeth
Definitely Marilyn
We need the monarchy. imagine this lot of politicians nominating a president or any of them we would be under a dictatorship in no time Martin
Imagine John Tamahere as president! john
No way should N Z ever become a republic because this would led to Maori wanting control and those Politictions and all the other elite bidding for power just look at the U S A ken
What Country has ditched the English Monarchy and progressed? None that I can think of. Joan
If it is not broke, leave well alone. The problem now being the failure of the people to stand up and fight for democracy. The very real threat to us all is weak politicians who succumb to the maori stand over tactics and their lies and deceit, ie, NO to co-governance in all it’s forms at all levels. No to race based govt. and laws. Think before voting, Sam
Who would be head of state if we had a republic No prise for guessing Arthur
Monarchy is our best bet. Republic ist just another word fort tribal anarchy. Michael
NZers could not choose a Head of State without massive argument and corruption Russ
Stay with the status quo. Far more stable than the alternative. Chris
it works most times barry
Thank you. If only this could get into every school – middle and senior history classes. Rosalie
Stability is required or civil war is possible. Laurie
Absolutely. We need stability and unity. Jan
We must retain the monarchy at this time as there are other issues to be addressed first. If anything needs banning try MMP,maorri seats,tow,he puapua,the name aotearoa instead of NEW ZEALAND,co governance,separate maaoori health,signage to be in English only,roadworks stop/go signs in maori??? ffs,anything that gives preferential treatment to maori simply because they choose to call themselves maori.To name a few. Don`t forget- DO NOT VOTE FOR LABOUR, GREENS OR MAORI this October. Also ban the use of the word indigenous as there are no indigenous people here. Add in the RMA also. Brian
God save the King Bob
Stay with the Monarchy at this stage. They don’t cost us much(as I am aware), or bother us in any way and the women seem to love them. The costs of a Republic I bet would be considerable and if a President with all his paid supporters, politically confusing. My suggestion is slowly phase out the monarchy but replace it with nothing. Eric
At this point in time it is essential that New Zealand remains a constitutional monarchy to retain the legitimacy of 1000 years of rule of law (apart from the few years of Oliver Cromwell) and the consistency of a neutral, apolitical head of state. It would be absolutely disastrous for New Zealand as a democracy to abandon the stabilising political effect of the monarchy and become a republic based on the Treaty of Waitangi, which is a flawed document. It would leave the country open to abuse of power and corruption controlled by a president with undue political influence, never mind being extremely expensive to maintain. Look at the failures of many presidential heads of state. These may start out well enough but usually end up in disgrace or disaster. Observe the current situation in the United States. Rule Britannia. Long live the King. Gavin
The Monarchy has been a steady tried and true base for our country for centuries now, switching to a republic would be a very backward step. Graham
who would be President if we became a Republic. Mahuta??? Reg.
It’s going to cost us a lot less money for the status quo and becoming a ‘republic’ gives us no real advantages in trade, economically, strategically, legally, and anything else you would care to think of. The only thing that being a republic would give us, is a stroke to someone’s ego as they become the first head of state. I also don’t think that the caliber of politicians and trough eaters we have currently have will leave us with a constitution of any merit free from whatever is the flavour of the minute at the Ministry of Lefty Ideals. Kris
Or ,more practical, the 7th state of Australia. bill
The Westminster system seems the best democratic system to me. Also there are many years of history that we should not abandon. The King in WW2 was a rallying point for the UK & the Empire [as it was called then]. In tumultuous times the monarchy is a valuable stable rallying point for the UK & the commonwealth. John
Absolutely Bruce
just imagine having a president picked by the bunch of misfits who sent that dope to represent NEW ZEALAND in Dublin or having a browny with scares on their face and make a mockery of Parliament by there antics and corruption.. which would get worse and make this country the laughing stock of the world. Richard
This system provides at least the thought of stability in NZ Susan
God save NZ! Long live the King! Paul
I am neutral but stick with the Monarchy as history shows this system has worked well .I would prefer to see us mature and change the flag, to grow up, as Canada did and life actually continued for them ! This country has now become a circus and I would expect many to leave especially to Australia. New Zealand now lacks the patriotism of my youth. We are doomed at this rate and already a civil war has started like a small germ of hatred, only at present in the minds of many, but is headed for bullets in the long run.. The long story short is BIG TROUBLE and I wonder if that was Ardern’s original intention.? And later the UN steps in ? If we don’t get rid of this scum shortly and also replace the fourth estate with honest people all hell will overcome this lovely land. We are all watching a tragedy in progress and the most frustrating part is that many of the population is still unaware of this chronic situation. God save New Zealand. John
As for a Republic, who pray tell would be the President? A political hack who could interfere with aspects of New Zealand Democracy at will. Far better to have a Head of State on the other side of the world that has little influence on these small isles and little compulsion to interfere. Brenton
NZ would be under tribal rule if we do not retain the status quo Jan
We must remain a constitutional monarchy for the good of all in this country. There is no better system that I have found in the world to date and if anyone thinks differently, go live in one of those countries and experience their systems. Laraine
We need to firmly commit to Constitutional Monarchy system of democracy ensuring one vote per person and without race-based division. Peter
We don’t need an inbred family of inherited power being legally able to take over our armed forces and nation. We can rule from our own population through democracy. A sensible constitution, with no involvement of ‘the treaty’ would act as a brake on silly lawmaking. Most of the racist laws and intentions recently passed and pursued by the current Labour government would have been ruled out with a constitution rather than our Bill Of Rights Act that is allowed to be and frequently is ignored by whoever happens to be in power. Alfred
Strongly in favour of stability Irene
Stay as we are. Do not let these wicked radicals take hold of NEW ZEALAND Leon
The treaty is being used as a Trojan horse by the Maori party. We must see it as it is and call it out, one person one vote. That’s how democracy works. Rob
All of the services owe their allegiance to the crown. Why would you give that power to a president ??? Mike
All our laws are based on the Constitutional Monarchy. We will lose the freedoms we have as a democracy if we turn away from it. Jacqueline
Ensured stability. Natalie
The Monarchy has provided stability that has proven to work for hundreds of years. Glyn
It ain’t broke (so far) and has stood up to tests for over 300 years – so why fix it? Nicholas
Absolutely we need to become a Republic. Not for the promulgating of Maori policies but for the good of ALL NZders. King Charles is deep into the World Economic Forum and has been recorded many times propounding its policies. William is following closely in his footsteps. For our country’s future we must step away from the British Monarchy. Pamela
Remain a Constitutional Monarchy It seems the only way to maintain our democratic country. If Maori gain control there will be anarchy. Allan
Constitutional Monarchy’s are the most stable nations in the world. It is not the power that the Monic holds, it is that he deprives a President of that is so important. Brian
A republic for NZ would be a disaster and cause untold division and bitterness in our country. I am totally in favor of NZ staying as it is. Brian
Important to many New Zealanders heritage Elizabeth R.
It works and will save us from tribal Maori egotism. Garry
How could we allow any government pick a head of state when we get someone like Phil Goff to represent us in the UK Peter
As Willy says, this is definitely the time to make changes to our existing Constitutional Monarchy, it would be fraught with too many dangers, especially if some of the brown bros get their way…! Bruce
A republic would be used my minorities to further their aggression for change. Remaining as we are puts controls in their way. Ken
A stable political situation. With NZ woke culture, I can imagine the lunatics we could get if we were a republic. Political stability stabilises the economy. Andrew
we have dangerous times ahead whilst we crash headlong into division rick
Long live our monarchy Peter
I admit to being an ardent royalist, and believe the system to be far superior to any other for many, many reasons. Having said that, Charlie Boy is not my King! Being of a similar age, I have grown up witnessing Charlie and his many antics and foibles. His zany lifestyle and his failed marriage to Diana have not endeared him to many. Totally unfit in my opinion to follow in the Queen’s footsteps, his smart move would have been to abdicate in favour of the much more suitable Wills and Kate. His obdurate decision to accept the crown is only going to inflame the calls for republic throughout the Commonwealth Andi
As written, countries with a monarchy are stable Deb
Long time coming but Charles deserves a time as our King. Murray
For safety, despite the fact I dislike royalty. Evan
We need a separate independent backstop. god forbid this self serving bunch of reprobates get the opportunity to fully unbridled power. Jason
The alternative is chaos Bryan
A Republic is ruled by the whims and political persuasions of the ruling party, whereas a Constitutional monarchy provides a modicum of protection for the democratic process and Westminster Law. Jacqueline
Yes stability in a world of chaos Shirley
The Monarchy will deliver a more stable environment Alan
How would the president of a republic be appointed Tom
There is a security in the Constitutional Monarchy. The Maori Party speaks for itself as being undemocratic.No racially based party should exist. Harvey
Born one Always be one. Definitely more stable politicly stable than electing a president. Derek
In a world of instability and uncertainty, we need the Monarchy Jenny
Becoming a republic means being governed by politicians ONLY – nuff said (if its not broken – DON’T FIX IT !!) Michael
Until all New Zealanders accept they are New Zealanders and not of some race or other we cannot and should not consider changing Ross
King Charles has shown his true colours by being coronated with the Plantagenet crown, showing allegiance to the catholic church and the WEF, one world order etc. However we must remain with the monarchy providing us protection through the Common Law Constitution dating back to the Magna Carta. It is impossible for parliament to be sovereign, a complete contradiction! only the people can be Sovereign! And the true meaning of Democracy has noting to do with voting Parliament in or out, it is all to do with the Peoples responsibilities in controlling government through Trial by Jury, not the other way round! Peter
100% stay as we are. Great to see Chris Luxon rule out the radical Maori Party. Good on him. Got my vote. Kevin
King Charles will be our safe guard to democracy and any rogue government or dictator who may want control of NZ. I like his affinity with the environment and I believe he genuinely cares about his people and has proved his commitment to service. Janene
At this Stage with our local Politics I would feel much safer with a Constitutional Monarchy. Any Republic right now would be a Total Dictatorship !! Geoff
I strongly support the Monarchy !!! bruce
We all should be one people Colleen
safer that way Gerhard
Time for change, and for the facts that Charlie Boy may well have visited NZ 11 Times in his lifetime and he’s a devoted follower of fashion… However, his involved connection with the obnoxious WEF, UN, Davos crew and Bildersberg Group should have him banned from ever returning to these shores. We’re in dire straights without all their contentious nonsense to deal with… And it’s like COVID virii, they cling to their carriers for susceptible new environments. I don’t want a bar of their totalitarian control. Next thing he’ll be joining the Maori Party to attempt total take-over of this fine (once) nation! Graham
A President brings another layer of bureaucracy with eyewatering costs and is simply unnecessary. A Governor General is much more economic! Doug
If not the shambles will be horrific. Brian
The age old system provides a stability which republicism does not. Look at the countries which have changed. I certainly do not want to see the USA debacle Margaret
Let us remain the same. There are no advantages in becoming a republic Lawrie
Unfortunately, IMHO, NZ Government is not sophisticated enough to rule itself as a republic as exhibited with the shambles trying to contain the Maori party…. HGD
Maori want everything. We are one people. Steve
Provides stability and a non political head of State. Diana
Because a “constitution” and a Republic would end up with an Aparthied type system in New Zealand Paul
Many benefits and safeguards in remaining with the monarchy. Simon
We’ve already got one foot out of the door – please don’t make us take the final step FloJo
I have no great love for the monarchy but the alternative of a presidential republic beholden to vested or race based interests is horrifying Frank
Rid the country of these apartheid separatists now! Norman
There are bigger issues like Co Governance to be stopped in all its forms before we look at any talk of becoming a Republic Doug
A constitutional monarchy owes its allegiance to the Crown and independent countries allign themselves to the oversight and protection of the monarch. The British Monarch enacted a treaty with the natives on the land of New zealand that guaranteed the natives their lands,forests fisheries and other possessions. And in return the Maori were given the royal protection of the Brishish crown and granted them full British subjects, That treaty became known as the Treaty of Waitangi. If the Maoris want New Zealand to be a republic that will mean the treaty will be rescinded and the Maoris will not respect The Monarchy.They will need to to negotiate independently with the political parties or the elected democratic government without the benefit of any of the terms of the treaty of waitangi which wiil be a nullity. The Maoris will have no political Power and revert to their former tactics of war which will mean tribal war again’. European residents will organise themselves into a universally accepted system of democracy. which will outnumber the Maoris who will need to come into the democratic system of government or regroup into Maori Tribal groups without the benefit of the Treaty of Waitangi to rewrite or misinterpret at their will’ Tribal war will erupt but modern weaponry not available to Maori will quell any uprising. Atreaty will not be entertained again maori will be treated on a tribal by tribal basis as they have been seen to revert to.. Modern developments and economies will not be available to them as they have abandoned their treaty terrence
Safer for all New Zealand Pavithra
Constitutional Monarchy all the way! I cannot imagine anything worse than any one of the collection of “elected representatives” we have in our current Parliament being elected as President of Ayoteearower! As for a Constitution based on the fraudulent Treaty of Waitangi – forget it! We have been well served for hundreds of years by the present system – don’t let the Marxist fatheads stuff it up! Scott
Our current Constitutional Monarchy system is benign, stable and very cost effective. Any replacement designed in todays environment with some pretty strange and biassed thinking, would likely result in a Republican system weighted heavily towards Maori and costly to maintain. It would certainly be a distraction to the immediate need to get New Zealand’s economy back on its feet after 5 years of inept management, wasteful spending and divisive policies. Graham
The King/Queen, is our safe guard against any take over of our rights. Remember Australian government sacked and an election called for by the queen. Kenneth
the alternative is too scary to contemplate. john
As Dr. Oliver Hartwhich said in his interview with Sean Plunket, NZ’s current problems started with MMP. Geoff.
Long live the King Greg
The monarchy is a stable and gives us our laws. We do not want to go back to tribalism. If we became a republic the Treaty will mean nothing. We need to decide to put it in the history and stored in the museum. What it has been done to it has caused separation and destroyed and togetherness. we do not want to split families, neighbours and communities. We have been working together in times of disasters so lets not let what is being done to ruin it.. Jackie
We need this for continuation of economic and political plus personal constitutional rights !! Ross
Stability leigh
Hundreds of years of stability should not be overturned Patricia
Best form of democracy Geoff
In an uncertain and unstable world, a system used by some of the most prosperous and stable countries of the World should not be replaced by a system used by such countries as Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Haiti, Libya, Russia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen…… Denbie
Status quo. No change Erim
Our Constitutional Monarchy has worked reasonably well up until Jacinda Ardern & her Labour Govt. with 15 Maori in the Caucus, came into power in 2017. They have all but destroyed our country during this time. The Monarchy does not rule us directly, but Queen Victoria gave all our citizens equal Sovereignty under the Crown & therefore, stability. Valerie
Until we have a developed clear document and fully educated NZ Public about the pros and cons about what it all could mean we risk ending up with a disastrous result we can not undo and a Constitution that doesn’t represent the (all) people within our Nation. Paul
We opted out of the Privy Council – and gained nothing – it was a good handbrake at the very least. Take the foundations out and you will only get what you get. Maurice
long live the king. David
We don’t have a constitution, and the monarchy isn’t doing jack to stop the flood of far left ideology. Might as well try something else. Pavel
Most definitely. I can’t imagine any of our politicians as so-called Head of State. They do not have any respect from me given how they have allowed our democracy to be demolished. It would be an utter disaster for our country. Helen
New Zealand is to fragmented to become a republic if we did the radicals will rule us all. race based parties should not be allowed to be formed, the only race policy we should have is colour blind like europe just like the real treaty said Nigel
Definitely a Monarchy though I feel Charles should have followed in the footsteps of Edward when he abdicated for Wallace Simpson and abdicated for Prince William to take the crown. Too a Monachy brings in a lot of money with the pageantry surrounding it Logan
we need to stay as a monarchy ,its more stable and the maoris need to back off,they are not indigenous and should not have any special privileges’ rodger
New Zealanders need to WAKE UP and work out what is happening around them and decide what they really want, controlled by Maori elitist Party/constitutions??? Should it go this way, I suggest many will leave our shores for good which is a very sad scenario. The last 2-3 years has been very confusing/confronting for me, – which way to go, and not really seeing a great future ahead. From here we really need strong leadership going ahead and not sure I see that either. So what to do? anita
Imagine the choices under a government like we had now: Feng Moon, Mahuta perhaps of what’s her name with the teeth. Richard
Surely if we became a republic then that means the twisted Maori gravy train called the Treaty Of Waitangi would be null in void because it was an agreement with the crown or at least the polys would have to make it so. Also the waitangi tribunal would have to go. Let’s Do It Trevor
Stability and (present) constitutional integrity would disappear under a republic. Paul
It Ain’t broke so why fix it. Lionel
Our constitutional monarchy provides both stability, certainty and a sound rule of law for All. It should be cherished and appreciated in this day and age. Those who currently oppose our constitutional system appear to do so for selfish power driven agendas with little respect for others. chris
We are not ready to take this step. We need a stronger democratic platform where the crazies will not hold a veto before contemplating such a move Alan
We’re on a slippery slope with the present government, let’s please have some stability and something to look up to sheryl
Absolutely!! Judith
New Zealanders in the general have no clue of what ramifications ensue upon the becoming of New Zealand as a Republic. Land title and ownership changes, many laws change, our political relationship in the UN and with the world changes. It could lead to poverty and a stripping from the Maori of their title to all the land of NZ and we all become serfs in the country of our birth. A thorough education program would have to be done first even before anyone discusses going over to being a Republic. Stephan
I think it is better to stay the same currently. Kim
NZ is in economic crisis. Now is not the time to debate becoming a republic. For the time being, we need our international trade agreements intact. Mark
Currently absolutely. Errol
Never a republic for New Zealand to be controlled like Trump in USA Sidwell
I would probably prefer a Republic but knowing how this treacherous Government works it’s agendas I would not want any President appointed by this lot. With the Monarchy we know what we have got and have something to fall back on should our Government go against the publics wishes whatever they may be. I simply do not trust this outfit. Alan
I believe we should remain a Monarchy United we stand or Divided we fall. Ronald
If we lose the monarchy we lose the protections of Magna Carta Andrew
We need the ability to vote the racist poor performers out of power before they wreck the country for ever. Mark
Monarchies have served countries well for centuries. Republics and written constitutions have never continued for this length of time before corruption and politics destroy democracy and a way of life. Dennis
I qualify my vote by suggesting that the monarchy is an anachronism and that eventually I foresee NZ becoming a republic as more immigrants cannot relate to this institution. Tony
Otherwise we could finish up with some like mallard or Waitari as president John
We need something that makes sense – and a long standing monarchy is it. Elise
As a Republic New Zealand would be finished becoming 3rd world or worse! John
Definite no to a Republic. We would become like Cuba Phyl
We CANNOT allow any party or group ANY opportunity to entrench Apartheid further in NZ. Geoff
Think of the shamble NZ would be in if it became a republic. Example: USA, Russia, China, Turkey, and the various other countries where Presidents have used their positions for their own advances, sometimes forever. We are already well on the way to being taken over by Maori, and if Labour get into government in October they will be able to finish the process, although I can’t for the world of me see just what is in it for Labour..Imagine if we had a President as well. Lorraine
God forbid that we are ever ruled by elitist Maoris. The country as we know it would be doomed. Chris
My SOLE reason for being in support of a Republic is then ALL claims under the Treaty of Waitangi would be invalid as that was between some Maori tribes and the Crown! john
Steady and no corruption Mary
The stability that the monarchy provides is essential in these times of cancel culture. I don’t trust the Maori elite for a second and would consider leaving the country if they even end up as part of government. Kerry
A Republic with an appointed or elected prominent citizen would be a huge step backward into the unknown in NZ – and also with a possibility in the future like many disastrous other republics with Dictators ! Hylton
A republic would lead to a disaster. Jim
I am originally from the US (having lived here in NZ nearly 20 years) and — while I have nothing against the British royal family personally — do not see the need or use for a monarch. Marla
New Zealand has to remain a democracy under the rule of law. We must not allow Tribal rule to destroy everything that past generations and those of us who value our lives and freedom in a democracy. June
Proven Maxwell
Absolutely David
A Constitutional Monarch SHOULD provide a solid overview IF the Constitution is adhered to. BUT that does not appear to be happening ! Why not? When law and order and education break down; and propaganda dominates, anarchy often evolves. Stuart
Maori are far far too presumptive Maxwell
It is vital to uphold the monarchy and to recognise its place in our history and for future stability. We need to show our respect as a country, not disloyalty. Joanna
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Allan
Our head of state should remain a non political figure. That way the sovereign can kept our parliament honest. The Monarchy has served us well and will do for the years ahead. Any other arrangement can lead to dictatorship. Graeme
We must fight for this Alan
long live the King!! antony
Remain CM. Never give it up. mal
Why change a tried and true system that has endured for centuries Richard
Creating a Republic would entail a long argument over the wording of a new Constitution which would be fair to all N.Z.’ers. And the twisted Treaty would form the core of it! Alan
We need to avoid the possibility of a corrupt presidency Ihaia
This is the only sensible and long-standing option which has worked for centuries. Marga
The current system provides stability. Jill
dont fix what is not broken Colin
No laws should be changed by radicals Martin
That would be the last straw to let the Maoris loose on a republic so help me Lord Russell
Absolutely essential for New Zealand to remain in the Commonwealth to guard our democratic rights.. Liz
We do not want change from Democracy as we know as the alternative will cause extreme uncertainty leo
Can you imagine what would happen to our wonderful country if a radical Maori was voted in as head of state..The Monarchy works well. Let’s not rock the boat. Dianne
If the coalition of chaos gets in the country will be truly stuffed. Jackie
it works republics eventually do not judith
i love it steve
The Royals are too far removed from New Zealand. The time has come. William Clive
Maori should get down on their knees every day and be thankful that their ancestors signed the treaty. There are no people in NZ that claim to be Maori that do not have an ancestor or parents that are of British or other European decent. Long live the KING. Steve
YES, the hell with ALL this MAORI crap, the voters need to vote National to shut all this bullshit MAORI crap down once and for all, before it’s to late, no good crying after they take control. COLIN
If it is not broke, do not try and fix it! RICHard
Definitely Caren
We are between a rock and a hard place. Whilst QE2 was on the throne I had no problem with the status quo, but now that King Charles The Plonker is there I am not so sure as he is dangerous with all his climate nonsense and if he takes a very proactive stance with the job he will interfere to nobody’s gain. But, if we came a republic with a constitution now it would be the end of NZ as we know it as it would be hijacked by the maoris with their lunatic policies. Murray
Whilst I am staunchly opposed to the TPMs version of a republic I have little to no faith in the institutions of the monarchy – fear of being independent from Britain should be reason enough to reject a balanced discussion about this – with all citizens of this fine country Skarlett
The MAJOR problem here is, the fact that King Charles III is a devout Globalist. Consequently, he is not a supporter of Sovereign Nation States, but believes, to save the planet, we must be no more than puppets, controlled in all we do. Regarding the Maori Party. They represent a race of people who have come to expect a free ride from socialist based governments. If we ask, then we receive, has been the result from both Labour & National governments. Now we have the ultimate request: Co-Governance, & it looks pretty close to being achieved, with only ACT, having the courage to appose it. Luxon as Prime Minister, will be a disaster, as was his predecessor John Key. If 90% of National voters switch their vote to ACT, then we might have a chance, because Seymour would be forced to keep his promises. A.G.R.
Much as I would prefer to live in a republic the historic path of such a move is strewn with bodies. Paloma
Always Laurel
The population of NZ should be very wary in regard to this matter – it could prove disastrous if we become a republic! Janet
If it ain’t broke …… Maddi
Maori in their (elitist) attitudes are undermining democracy. They need to be stopped. May it become very clear when New Zealanders vote! The recent poll cannot be trusted as MSM are in collusion with the Labor Government. One always becomes servant to the lender! They are funded by this Government with tax payer dollars! Dianne
Long live the King God save New Zealand Bob
Under the umbrella of the Commonwealth N>Z> should remain a Constitutional Monarchy. Karen
Keep politics out of our Head of State tont
Vote left and chaos will reign. David
Th monarchy is part of the one world government, now known as the Collective West. New leadership of the world is emerging, a new future ahead. Totalitarianism is on its way out,America will no longer rule the world. Raewyn
Too early to contemplate and comes at very high cost when we need to consolidate our national resources. Let’s see how things settle in with new King before making any hasty decisions. Ian
I am happy with the Constitutional guidance. and continuity the past has provided Peter
We do not want to become a ‘maori run’ Republic. can not afford it. Rod
To lose the link to the Monarchy would be a huge mistake for our small community. Audrey
At least we would keep stability in our parliamentary system and not have it hijacked by greedy apartheid promoting radicals Laurie
Whatever it takes to keep TMP at bay. Peter
All government beds including Police, NZ Military, Judicial system etc owe aliegence to the crown, despite any change in Government. If republic every change of Government means change of alliegence to whom? David
Long Live the monarchy David
I am a 4th generation New Zealander and very concerned at the way our country has become so divisive. Jennifer
without question anthony
To move away from the Monarchy would spell the end of a democratic New Zealand Bruce
An easy answer. Be governed by a majority of elected representatives or succumb to the dangers of tribal rule? Chris
Ambivalent Wiremu
A written constitution would be great but not based upon the modern interpretation of the treaty mike
I’m tired of all this disunity being forced on the people of this country. This is a democracy – supposedly one vote per person and all equal. Roy
Regrettably i selecting this option.As a republic the Treaty no longer exists, there will be no new year honors or kings birthday awarding of honors. We won’t have to pay money for wrongs that were done Kristene
You are correct: stability and distancing from political shenanigans. o very important. Rochelle
Can I have100 votes please for that cause. NZedders don’ know the significance of the Magna Carta and that ancient laws have been adopted by Act here in NZ. Kevin
A Constitutional Monarchy, MAGNA CARTA and Lockean-based (John Locke). In today’s world of dominant thinking a Republic for New Zealand would have a 9/10 chance of being a socialist one. Stick with the Monarchy so long as it doesn’t become dictatorial. Withdraw immediately from the UN, WHO and the Paris Climate Accord to regain our National Sovereignty. Donald
Can not think of anyone who would be suitable certainly no ex parliamentarian or all black or the bishop David
not a perfect system, but better than alternatives. as has been proven through history. Chris
It’s our national heritage and any change to ‘republicanism’ would be a disaster of terrible magnitude. We don’t want any ‘Maori’ or other dissenting strength in our parliament. russell
Dispose of every non-elected Maorie in parliament, abolish all racist parties. laurie
A constitutional monarchy is less political than a republic Alan
Civil war is a distinct possibility if the Coalition of Chaos does indeed form the next Government. There will be many ordinary law abiding citizens out there now fearing for the worst and preparing themselves to defend democracy and our nations way of life just as previous generations of Kiwis have done before. Ken
NZ governments have enough power without destroying more of NZ’s heritage. The Monarchy is one of the staples holding NZ together and is it not better to support and work together with our monarch to better our relationship, rather than tear it apart? Hurts of the past must be addressed, however, let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater! Long Live the King! Jonathan
Not negotiable Errol
the best option rather than live under a local president who could easily be swayed by whatever political party is in power at the time. barrie
we always have been and no need to change , in saying that I personally believe Charles has moved from the historical purpose the throne stands for . Ken
Vivat Rex Carolus! Dave
The evidence is in the stability that New Zealand operates under. It is the system that provides that calm and it remains consistent, irrespective of who is the Head of State. The same could not be assumed in a Republic, with a President likely selected from a celebrity circus. DAVID
Under a republic, we could not get 100% agreement on who would be a president but you could bet your life it would be a maori, someone like nanaia mahuta, god help us all. Having stable head of state and system makes life simple and much cheaper to run. Peter
It is no use calling for a referendum. It records responses from people in a moment of time. Next day, next year, next decade people may have different views – a referendum simply holds people to account for a moment in time… Tim
It is where we come from Frank
No question!! Sandra
of course we should we do not want a maori group to have any power at all eric
The Monarchy isn’t broken, so why replace it.? Bob
No doubt about it Beverley
This will help us remain a democratic country Annette
Stability as a constitutional power remains without question the best path forward for NZ in particular given the risks it faces to it’s current sovereignty. Greg
Long past its used by date! Colin
God save the King, still cheaper for us than say Winston as president!! Norm
There are many areas of protection that the Monarchy provide to all New Zealanders under the current system. Richard
It is not the power that the Crown holds, but the power that it deprives an otherwise President, that is important Brian
Even though I think Chuckles the 3rd is a climate apologist, and a WEF stooge I think it would be a disaster to leave the Monarchy, the results would end in a Sth Pacific Zimbabwe. Allen
Remain the same as it has always been. We would not be anywhere without Britian to back us. Lesley
Of course it should John
Maintain stability and equality for all New Zealanders Jeff
The Maori Party are Racist and Apartheid. They have no place in a democracy. Grant
Why change? Darryl
Why give up something that works – there is no better alternative – who would be president? Ardern. pffft. Long live the King. Clive
Of course we continue with the constitutional Monarchy, any change would be disastrous in this Country, the 16% Maori pop. would totally ruin all .. james
The thought of another 3 years of that slimy little weasel fills me with horror. He hid behind Ardern all those years as her accomplice while she continued her path of destruction. Then he stated that he wished he could’ve been part of that disgraceful display in Auckland against PosieParker. What a creep. Don’t trust him. With his pro monarchy statement, he will be working behind the scenes to destroy everything he can, including our living under the monarchy. Mind you, I don’t trust King Charles, for years he’s been a greenie and a big part of the World Economic Forum. Who can we trust. I believe Luxon and Seymourare also globalists, and listening to Seymour on RCR filled me with disgust for him and his lies. Carolyn
This country will be a disaster if the maori get any control. The radical ones are already causing heaps of trouble Gareth
We will have civil war if we get a republic …..the war in Ukraine will be tame by comparison! Bev
Definitely should Dianne
The present system has served us well, so if it ain’t broke, why tamper with it? Depending on what would replace it imagine President Mahuta or Waititi etc. Ray
Neither, we must get back to kicking this Govt into touch, i.e.red card it, its illegal, and we site Te Whare Ariki Runga Te Wakaminenga o Nga Hapu o Nu Tireni..Maori Government of Aotearoa. A mouthful, HQ in Te Awamutu, this is our 1st and legal Govt. Regards Wayne. wayne
It would be absolutely disastrous for NZ as a democracy to abandon the stabilizing political effect of the constitutional monarchy and become a Republic based on the Treaty of Waitangi which is a flawed document. It would leave NZ open to abuse of power and corruption controlled by a president with undue political influence let alone costly to maintain. Let sleeping dogs lie and retain the status quo. God help us is we become a Republic! Virginia
Given the slightest chance the socialists will allow a Maori take-over and we cannot allow our democracy to be taken away. Roger
Definitely get away from the Monarchy Graeme
At this point in time I believe we should stay with the King. As a 35 yr vet of the Armed Forces I have signed an allegience to our King as will the modern Military so there is a lot involved to changed and now is not the time. Barbara
It’s a no brainer! J J
There is no option David
The thought of any of the dimwits currently warming seats in NZ’s parliament having a hand in crafting in a ‘new’ constitution, is indeed frightening! Tony
What does the monarchy do for New Zealand, NOTHING Graham
This should not even be a question. God save the King. Igor
Important to remain in Monarchy while we have activist people governing Jennie
Rule Brittania, long live the King. Kerry
An absolute must to keep a stable platform of governance. Take a quick look at the USA and then think again. The monarchy must remain our sovereign leadership. Neville
A proven path to follow. Don’t fix what isn’t broke. Doug
There are no “royals”. We are all equal. Stop fantacizing about the past that we do not properly understand. Charlie
We are doomed if not! John
King Charles is a rabid globalist and is leading the Climate Change hysteria and the NWO great reset agenda. God save the King!! neil
It has stood the test of time over centuries so that is a good example of any system. Warren
I think the Constitutional Monachy should remain for the immediate future. However it is not being run as intended. I am not a Royalist at all. They also are a corporation not looking after the citizens. Been like that for quite a long time. Time to dump them and have a new system set up by and for the people. This what it was centuries ago. Kevin
Constitutional Monarchy for EVER Noel
Of course, it should. just nonsense to say otherwise. Don
Commonwealth yes. Ian
Changing to a Republic would mean replacing the Royals with another elite group, determined by birth. Iwi. Alastair
If we don’t have the Monarchy NZ will become a POORER BACKWOOD ILAND COUNTRY William
god save, NEW ZEALAND!! from absolute chaos. Phill
We have to ditch the Treaty which has outlived and relevance it once had. Peter
Definitely. Jill
We don’t need a retread politician of a sports man/women as a president. It’s not broke don’t fix it. Ranald
Whilst not a royalist, I cannot imagine this country being able to function as a republic based upon its current shambolic undemocratic parliamentary system robert
Why would we remove a low cost and constant presence to become a republic that would simply put in place an additional level of politicians? Norm
WE are lucky to have a system that is stable and we should shun those who wish to detract for their own selfish agendas Stewart
Definitely we don’t need the Maori making decisions that will only benefit them Barbara
Don’t want any of this Maorai Party Treaty anywhere near our Parliament. We are one people one vote. Carl
without a doubt Patricia
The 1000-year-old tradition of the sovereignty of Parliament must be retained. Any other option would ruin this country. The Greens and the Maori Party is dangerous – to say the least – and must not be allowed to be part of any future government. Laurence
I would like to see a New Zealander elected as head of state but remain a member of the Commonwealth. John
There needs to be open public debate on the understanding of what our democracy affords every citizen of NZ and the consequences of corrupting /disbanding it. Richard
Democracy must rein. One People one vote Velma
The role of the monarchy in our political structure has brought and ensured us a basically %u2018non-interventional%u2019 guaranteed political stability and back up that must be the envy of most countries . We would be extremely stupid to toss it aside for a system always open to being exploited by a narcissistic power-hungry nutcase like Hitler, Trump and the like. We would have rocks in our head Hugh
Of course keep the monarchy. A republic is unstable, a commonwealth unites us. There is nothing like a sense of history to give us roots. Sheila
Republic would lead to more corruption And we have had a good run with Monarchy although it is getting a bit rag Ardy Colin
Someone once said the advantage of a constitutional monarchy is not the power it bestows but, more importantly the power it withholds. John
At this time it is essential that New Zealand remains as a Constitutional Monarchy to gain the legitimacy of a 1,000 years of Rule of law and the consistency of a neutral nonpolitical head of state. Look at the failures of many presidential heads of states that may start out well enough but usually end up in disgrace or as a disaster. There is plenty of them. Garry.
THE MAORI SEATS SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!! The country does not need the racist combo of Tamihere & Morgan steering the ship outside of Parliament! Ron
What value does the Constitutional Monarchy bring to New Zealand? Martin
This undemocratic Racist power grab by the radicals in the Maori party needs to be stopped and reversed in it’s tracks. If Labour/Maori party/Greens get elected again, I, along with any of my offspring I can persuade, will leave NZ, my ‘native’ home of three generations.They will bankrupt NZ and revert back to eating each other. Andrew
The alternative could lead to social and economic disaster for our country. Hugh
Certainly at present Gerry
WHO could we ever trust to take the place of the Monarchy? Certainly NO-ONE who belongs to a tribe! Sylvia
We should stay as a Constitutional Monarchy. It has worked well in the past. Just imagine if we were a republic and trying to find a NZ person to be president who was not political who was neutral and could please the majority. Leave it as it is. Frank
Time to end the servitude system so the people of New Zealand can rule themselves for themselves by themselves . Fake decorations are only for Christmas trees that celebrate nothing. fred
A Republic would be the end of democracy and see the death of equality. penina
at his time stay as we are if we become a Republic the Treaty got to go Noel
Constitutional monarchies are not ideal, but they are better than anything else on offer. Rod
The incompetence of Jacinda Ardern as a PM has shown us that It would be a backward step in having a President.. John
Stability Jacoba
NZ is descending into disarray, and possibly into anarchy because of the race-based preference being accorded to the maoris. We must remain a democratic nation with a vote for all adults, because the alternative – tribal rule and all that that entails – is simply unthinkable. TOBY
Too many politicians see themselves as “president”. Tony
At this juncture and with the maori party flexing it’s pippies we should most definitely remain a constitutional manarchy Jeffrey
It provides stability and security which has proved itself over the past decades. I feel secure in the knowledge that we always have support from our dependence and cooperation from UK Doris
Republics become dictatorships and we could end up with Jacinda again. Denis
I do not wish to to ruled or eaten by cannibals, which is where it is heading. Des
Better that the alternatives! Tim
we’ve had enough of Maori whakfailia Rob
Definitely Jan
No viable , credible or practical alternative to maintain our fundamental democracy has ever been proposed – most Republicans are just anti-royals and choose not to understand what a life of ‘service’ means. Francis
The British aristocracy are the backbone of the globalist movement. They have ALWAYS wanted to rule the world, in their capacity as rulers of the British Empire. You’re missing the point if you think this is fine. They support the WEF, the WHO, the UN, the American Council on Foreign Relations and all of the organisations who want a Global Government. FUGGEDABAHTIT. No to global government. No to remaining part of the closest thing that has yet been achieved TO a Global Government. Sue
There is no question, New Zealand must remain a Constitutional Monarchy to preserve our country’s democratic status and its laws. Terry
Quite frankly either will have virtually no effect on my life. However, a constitutional monarchy is at least independent of our politics. Richard
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The system serves us well. Think of the disasters that could occur with a republic. Robbie
There is no argument whatsoever. David
Constitutional Monarchies have shown to be best by far for protecting freedom, rule of law and mercy. A consecrated Monarch (or Head of State) carries a religious force that is difficult to deny. When Charles I was executed a great guilt descended on the nation; and a great relief and joy in the return of Charles II. Michael
Stability Lindsay
We must remain a Constitutional Monarchy, otherwise we will let in any old Tom, Dick or Harry for them to govern us. Roy
The only safeguard for democracy. John
The treaty would be abolished and maori would have to deal directly with the British King. J
Reminder that those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. Maybe cannabalism will be back on the agenda along with flax houses and ‘clothes’? I find it sad and suspicious that any trace of Maori ancestry is apparently far more important than the rest of a person’s genetic makeup. I have ancestry from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Channel Islands and France since 1838 and I am proud to be a New Zealander. Pauline
Absolutely Philip
Crucial we remain as we are.Imagine the list of ‘likely’ contenders the left would come up with for President. Bernie
Yes, it might keep the Maori party at bay. Laura
This may only be secured by notional and labour becoming a coalition. Mat
I love the stability the monarchy brings. Long live the King Lindsay
Not perfect, but no reason to change. Graham
stability and values and history and Godliness thomas
NZ should definitely remain a Constitutional Monarchy Murray
The only people wanting change are those with dishonourable intentions and agendas of personal gain Murray
N.Z. needs the U.K .cannot do it alone .if N.Z. becomes a republic it will be more racists than ever. Ann
stable and enduring. Henk
Only way to get rid of the RACIST lies about the TOW. Have a constitution like the USA so states Provinces can decide what the local people want . Greg
Without as doubt. None of the Maori Tribes agree with each other now, so how will they change that if they are the Government ? They haven’t managed it in 200 years so 5 mths is NOT going to make an iota of difference. Past Treaty Settlements have not sifted down to their poorest people so pure greed for their Elite is their object. Robyn
Monarchy is the only stable institution in the world right now. Chris
Do Maori elite not realise that by changing to a republic, rights Maori were given via the Treaty could be negated? Catherine
Tamihere was dumped as a radio talkback DJ & now tries to run the country ~ what a plonkers… kenn
Long live the King! Mel
it offers a far more stable society -we certainly do NOT want to end up like the USA Les W
For me the monarchy died when Elizabeth second died. Janet
If you want to see Civil War in New Zealand, vote Labour or TMP. Me? I’ll be off to some other country. Michael
Should we elect a head of state? Look what that’s done for America! Peter
and suffer for ever failed politicians becoming head of state. No way. Richard
If New Zealand ever became a Republic, we would lose democracy as we know it and become a backward country ruled by tribal rule and become a banana republic just Rhodesia has. Wayne
God save his Majesty Kingi Theitia Paki. Long may he reign over us. No. What does a a Maori republic look like? Alan
in my opinion, putting lying fools in charge of the country is a recipe for disaster,and that is how I see the labour/greens/maori coalition. They simply can’t be trusted. Merryl
We must NEVER leave an opening for Maori radicals to take over our country. A republic would allow them to change rules and laws for their benefit only and a banana Republic. October election is the most important in our history ever. Get rid of these radicals in maori party, Labour and greens. Allan
Please God we remain so Gail
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Alan
Being only warring tribes prior to settlement, Maori have seen the value in a King and so invented their own. Many people forget that the armed forces report to the Monarch, not the government, thereby exerting some control over extreme government and a potential dictator. Imagine a situation with the armed forces reporting to a Maori King or a republic with the army reporting to someone like racists John Tamihere or Kiri Allen – There is no question of their agenda – absolute rule and bugger democracy and everyone else except Maori – their policies are absolutely clear on this. This is especially ironic given their entire political existence is thanks to “the crown” Trevor
The system is non political and is not broken. Leave it alone we have many more issues that take priority Lindsay
And replace it with what for God’s sake? A LBGT biological wahine and Trevor Mallard as Co-Presidents? How the hell Labour still gets 36% in current polls indicates this country’s citizens are just plain thick or dependent on government benefits or salaries. Creed
Looking at the USA these days a Republic is no better. Sally
If current Maori party proposals are fulfilled, New Zealand will become another Zimbabwe Anthony
No brainer. ! Monarchy must stop these separatists. Andrew
100% in favour boud
we need the monarchy – the police and army swear allegiance to the king – just imagine if they had sworn allegiance to Jabcinda – we would probably be stuck with her in power forever anna
Who the hell would we want for president, Tau Henarae, Mahuta, Meng Foon, Jacinda Ardern …. NO THANK YOU !!! Bob
It is in the best interests of New Zealand to keep the Monarchy Mike
Mind boggles as to the alternative Alan
Though I’m not a Royalist as such, I feel that we are better off being in a Constitutional Monarchy… better for the country and better for the people. If we went to a Republic, it would end up being a Dictatorship, based on recent events. Heather
With this government dragging this country into a mire and law and order with young offenders out of control–yea they are arresting plenty–but! these crimes are still occurring. We need to have a legal constitutional connection with the British legal system in order to the powers to administer our justice system to how it should be administered to be able to maintain proper law and order and accountability through the court system, not some airy-fairy –wet bus ticket slap to rain theses offenders in . Colin
an A for Chris Luxon to draw a boundary to the maori low-life pollies and their stinking party tactics… Democracy Must Prevail at all costs …OK ChrisH
Abandonment of the Monarchy in this country could lead again to Maori wars. Bob
If you look back through history you will see how the Westminister system has matured and worked very well. Look at its role it has played then look at the maori history. If you want stoneage governance, with all its faults,vote maori k if you want modern governance vote for the status quo. In 1840 the missionaries warned that maori are easily insulted and never to be trusted. Not all are like that. Its the ones at the top that have a sniff of unbridled power who want to increase their power and influence and use any tactic to get it. They are very bad for ordinary maori and the country. Peter
Makes us proud to stand with the New Zealand Flag Peter
Can you imagine someone like Ardern being head of state? chris
Only way for the future if we don’t want to end up at some point with a dictatorship Michael
For NZ’s safety. mary
We need our friends and stability. Sylvienne
The Westminster system is demonstrably stable and will long standing precedent. Change to a republic will cause inevitable instability. Who does a change serve – only the Maori activists who want to destroy it all anyway. David
Compare the ability an unwritten constitution to govern for more than 1000 years written ones, none of which seem to last unchanged for even a single lifetime. Ian
The monarchy represents stability and a benign oversight of Parliament. Because we get them at no cost to us as opposed to a president , we gain so much Jeremy
It would be nice to become a Republic But with the Maori so against the Monarchy it would be akin to a Banana Republic so no let%u2019s just stay the way we are Peter
The alternatives are too horrendous to contemplate bill
I am proud of New Zealands history and our continuing to remain as part of the Monarchy Peter
System works well as it is now. King is only a figure head with no power at all. Keith
To change it would at this time be the ruination of New Zealand. It would lead to racial problems and apartheid. Andrew
I believe it still offers the best chance for least corruption Grace
Our head of state since 1986 has been a corporation called “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand- a US corporation” We lost our sovereignty in 1986. Neil
Without a doubt, New Zealand should retain the monarchy – it serves us well and provides much-needed stability in these turbulent times. Charles
The thought of a new (Treaty of Waitangi) constitution, which a republic would require, fills me with horror. If voters understood the threat, they too would want to stick with the status quo. Gordon
Thank goodness National has finally ruled out the Maori Party as a coalition partner, and committed to one law for all. It makes me feel a bit more optimistic about the future. Susan
The Coronation was a wonderful affair, and I’m sure if a referendum was held, Kiwis would support the Monarchy. Murray
With the Prime Minister in support of a republic, along with the Greens and the Maori Party, we could expect this coalition of chaos to push for NZ to leave the commonwealth and ditch the monarchy if they become the government. Heaven help us then! Roger