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Marxism It Could Not Happen Here – Could It?

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It is hard to beat a good conspiracy theory, all that is needed is some gossip, a few rumours, coble it together and presto a workable conspiracy. So, the question is whether the persistent talk of this “Labour” government being “Marxist” is just another conspiracy or are there any facts to support the concern.

There are only two ways of governing a society one is by the diktat of the few to the many and the other is with the willing participation and consent of the many; eloquently expressed in 1776 in the American Declaration of Independence: Government of the people by the people for the people. This is what we call democracy and which Winston Churchill described as “the worst of all systems of government but better than all the others.” Dictatorship of the few over the many cannot co-exist with democracy. In more modern times it was the success of Vladimir Lenin, in fomenting the Russian Revolution of 1917 which first embraced Marxism on a national scale and in turn gave rise to the others which followed: Chairman Mao in China and his heir Chairman Xi, De Castro in Cuba, Pol Pot in Cambodia, and the North Korean dynasty to name a few. All of the above have at various times waged a bitter struggle against the democracies and their hand maiden the market economy. They have all failed, but their efforts demonstrate that the spread of Marxism is to be judged not by the outcome but by the intent and importantly it never sleeps. The success of Communism in Russia which remains alive and well one hundred years later owes its intellectual inspiration to the writings of Karl Marx a tedious nineteenth century commentator on the evils of what he called “capitalism” and the dire predicament of those he labelled the “proletariat. It is therefore convenient for present purposes to apply the label Marxism to this competing system of authoritarian government. The big breakthrough for Marxism came when Lenin adopted the Marxist prescription of “unchaining” the Russian proletariat and building the new nirvana in which” the state would wither away, and all mankind would be free and equal.” This was facilitated by the German army which in order to end the war with Russia on its eastern front arranged for the deportation of Lenin from Switzerland in a railway carriage or as Winston Churchill commented “in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus.” The result of which was to free up hundreds of thousands of troops to fight on the western front thereby prolonging that dreadful war Lenin was a gifted orator with a magnetic personality and on a number of occasions early in the revolution to was forced to rely on his powers of rhetoric to blunt attacks on his Marxist prescriptions. His vision was clear from the outset; to destroy the democracies he is reported as saying in 1918; “wherever rule you find plain straightforward theft. We know the true nature of such democracies. We have only one way out victory or death. In particular he hated Britain above all others. He is reported as saying to Sir Arthur Ransome a British journalist and unknown to Lenin a British spy whom he thought, wrongly was a Marxist sympathiser: “England may seem untouchable, but the microbe is already there.” To this end in 1919 and in the utmost secrecy his cabal founded the “Comintern” a body charged with the destruction of western democracies by any and all means. This was the parent body of the International Union of Socialist Youth (about which more later.) On Lenin’s death Stalin usurped power by force killing off most of the old Bolsheviks (Trotsky with an ice axe) and ushered in not the promised nirvana but the deaths of untold millions of Russians from starvation, torture and in the gulag death camps. Similarly in China Marxism was not possible before the advent of Chairman Mao on whose watch untold million lost their lives in similar ways.

The fundamental goal of Marxism remains the same, to destabilize existing democratic societies and substitute a new power elite which is the complete antithesis of the basic human yearning for personal freedom and participation of the masses in the governing of society. In 1921 the Bolshevik government passed a series of resolutions affecting young working people including the mission to: Destroy centrist and social – patriotic ideology among worker youth and break them away from social democratic leaders….and educate them in the Communist spirit which must be closely linked to Marxist training. Thus, the link between Marxism and the International socialist youth movements, of which there are a great many, was clear from the outset. These relentless efforts of the Marxist states to undermine democracy wherever it exists using all of the advanced technologies now available, have never been more dangerous and more capable of achievement.

An excellent recent case study in this struggle between Marxism and democracy was the Russian conquest of Berlin in 1945 and the division of the country into four zones of occupation, Russian, British, French, and American. The city was surrounded on all sides by the Soviet zone with Berlin cut off from all road or rail access and therefore prey to Russian machinations. The Russians inserted a small group of Marxist trained operatives into Berlin led by Walter Ulbricht with the express purpose of ensuring that democracy did not take root following the demise of Nazism. The deceit and manipulation was unrelenting culminating in an attempt to starve the citizens into submission to Marxism by closing all land access to the city. This was thwarted only by the Berlin Airlift which against all the odds managed to feed the population of over a million souls sufficient to keep the people from dying of starvation or turning to Communism. When it became apparent that this cynical scheme was failing to achieve the desired result the Russians surrendered and reopened the roads and rail links to the city. The outcome of this brutal exercise of Marxist dictates was an election for the city government. The Russians considered that the people had learned their lesson and would vote for the puppet Ulbricht and his cabal. Contrary to the Russian expectations the Social Democrats won the election in a landslide leaving the Soviets with less than 15% of the votes. The result in the Russian controlled sector was to declare the election “undemocratic” and ignore the outcome. Thus, was born East and West Germany and a divided capital until after forty years of Marxist nirvana the wall came down and the country was united under a democratically elected government. Such is the life cycle of the one of the more recent attempts to undermine and supplant democracy.

Marxist intent is not frozen in time it mutates as social conditions change. The oppressed proletariat is no longer available as a cause on which to hang these policies because it no longer exists in any meaningful way in the Western democracies (although there is a strong hint of its revival in the fair pay policies which the government intends to implement.) Overwhelmingly citizens of mature democracies enjoy benefits unheard of in Victorian times when Marx was writing including: the right to select a government where all may vote and all votes are equal, the rule of law, freedom of speech and association, full employment, extensive social welfare, safe places of work, education free of ideologies, and widespread health services. To abrogate these formidable safeguards of personal freedom and substitute central control over the lives of the citizens requires a rethink of the tools to be employed. Against that background what is the situation in New Zealand in year 2021?

A Springboard

Before the introduction of Marxism to any modern society it is necessary to be able to identify an oppressed minority for use as a springboard as the current iteration of Marx’s proletariat. Such a springboard is available in New Zealand. It is a small, disaffected group who claim some Maori antecedents and who plead poverty and dispossession. The cynical government propaganda surrounding this group of citizens is that they have been so appallingly treated by our current democratic institutions and its evil colonial heritage that the fundamentals of our society must be re constituted to abandon our democracy and elevate them to the status they say they enjoyed before the arrival of the colonists. There is nothing new in this Lenin identified the” colonised” as the catchment of disaffection which would bring down the capitalist West. In one of his speeches to the Comintern International in 1920 he said: “successful revolt of the colonial peoples is a condition of the overthrow of Capitalism. To this end he amassed an army on the Indian frontier in preparation for an all-out assault. This was forestalled only by the widespread poverty starvation and destruction of the Russian economy brought about by the creation of the Marxist state which required him to beg for humanitarian aid from Britain. The primary capitalist state he wished to overthrow, in order to feed the starving Russians. The quid pro quo exacted by the Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon was that Lenin withdraw his army from Turkestan, he did so and no more was heard of the invasion of India. Such an ambitious military project to destabilise a mature Western democracy by a Marxist state has never been attempted since; although currently there are faint echoes of it in Australia and Canada. We know that the destruction of democracy from within meets the wishes of some Maori leaders such as Tariana Turia and Willi Jackson who have publicly denounced democracy as having “done nothing for their people.” This drift to victimhood has been greatly advanced by the He Puapua prescriptions for a radical reordering of New Zealand society and political institutions. Thus is Lenin’s microbe present in New Zealand and a springboard available and fit for purpose.

A Leader

None of this can happen without a leader that the disaffected will look up to and follow. The leader needs to be surrounded by a “cadre’ (the Marxist term) of loyal supporters. It also helps if the new Messiah has had a religious or legal upbringing. Lenin rose from obscure poverty to obtain a law degree; Stalin served time in an Orthodox seminary in Georgia before turning to bank robbery as a more lucrative means of making his mark, Dzerzhinsky the first head of the Cheka the Bolshevik secret police was also destined for a Polish Roman Catholic seminary. That said the model of a brutal lying male dictator is not currently an option because first he would need to be elected in a democratic ballot which is highly unlikely. But Marxism is equal to the challenge. For the first time in our political history, we now have a Prime Minister who herself enjoyed a religious upbringing and served time as the world President of a Communist front organisation which although founded in 1907 before the Russian revolution adapted its goals to the destruction of the social democracy. It is known as the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY). As times change so do the priorities of such institutions. In its more modern iteration, it is no longer concerned with lifting the “proletariat” oppressed by the market economy but to end colonialism and its baleful consequences wherever it exists (see Lenin above). The intent however remains the same; to destabilise Western forms of democracy and the market economies which underpin them. The highest body in IUSY is the global Presidium. In 2008 our Prime Minister then aged 28 was one of only two women in the history of the organisation to become President, a notable achievement and one which can only have been possible if she was able to persuade the faithful of her devotion to and knowledge of the principles for which the body exists. She was also at the same time a list MP with the New Zealand Labour Party. M/s Ardern presided over the world congress meeting held in her presidential year and gave a rousing presentation of the standard Marxist wish list quite different from the smiling image presented at her regular press briefings to which we have all become accustomed. This entailed calling those present “Comrades” on no less than fifteen occasions and rousing them to implement the Marxist nirvana menu of universal justice and brotherhood (or is it personhood). Like its many partner organisations IUSY is characterised by the catch cries of solidarity, waving of soviet flags, LGBT rights, social justice, equality, peace, and much talk of “climate change” and a commitment to “anti-nuclear,” (but only in Western nations.) The sort of people who held this office say much about the nature of the enterprise. Thus, the career of the Hungarian Gyurcsany one of our Prime Minister’s predecessors, is instructive. In 1981 he joined Kiz the organisation of young communists and became its president. This proved a fruitful career path in Communist Hungary and in 2008 after the fall of Communism he became Prime minister. All did not go well. He was caught out lying to Parliament about his contacts with wealthy former communist party functionaries. Then question marks arose over his academic qualifications. He was ousted and now lives in a villa stolen twice from its Jewish owners once by Arrow Cross the Hungarian Gestapo and again after the war by the communist government. All a familiar pattern in Marxists states. If one is judged by the company, one keeps then being President of organisation such as IUSY is not something to be proud of.

It is therefore clear that our Prime Minister spent some of her formative years as a disciple of the precepts of Marxism, as did a number of those who make up her cabinet cabal. This is not unusual; Marxism is widely embraced by semi educated youth as an ideal prescription to solve the worlds ills. As Churchill remarked “if you are not a socialist when you are twenty you haven’t got a heart. If you are still a socialist when you are forty you haven’t got a head.” We see it at work in Glasgow at the Cop 26 conference with the swarms of young (mostly females) led by the Swedish Blah, blah, blah elf chanting about the end of the market economy in order to prevent the destruction of the planet. The issue then is to understand what is happening in New Zealand, governed as it is by an MMP party with an outright majority. Is our leader motivated by her heart or her head? To answer the question, it is necessary to consider Government responses to a range of social issues and how they impact on our democracy.


Any group wishing to foist Marxist prescriptions onto a mature democracy cannot do so openly at the ballot box. It can only be achieved (or attempted) by subterfuge. Intentions must be concealed or acted upon at a time of national crisis. It is a political axiom “never waste a good crisis.” Two current possibilities present; global warming, and the Wuhan influenza. Both allow for massive encroachments on personal freedoms and destabilisation of the market economy. Behind such a virtuous cloak all things are possible and so it has proved in New Zealand under the present government. There are a number of incontrovertible warning signs that this is so. In particular; the elevation of those persons claiming some Maori antecedence, generally thought to be about fifteen percent (precision is impossible without reliable census data) to equal status and beyond with all other New Zealanders. This ambitious project is seen in; the three waters proposal, the “reform” of the health system and the unlawful granting of the permission for some tribal elements to restrict the public right of free passage over public highways, rushed through Parliament as the Public Health Response Amendment Act (No 2) 2021 section 22. It transpires that these fundamental changes to the social and legal fabric are being attempted under the umbrella of protecting the rights of the “indigenous” people of New Zealand no hint of which was part of the election manifesto upon which the Labour Party stood in 2020. Compounding this deceit was the commissioning of the He Puapua report which among other things proposes co governance of Maori and non-Maori by twenty forty. Conscious no doubt that as this would produce an unprecedented backlash at the election and deny The Labour Party any chance of becoming the government the document was kept hidden even from some members of the post-election Cabinet. It is difficult to imagine a more classical Marxist deceit and one which given the current majority if replicated by some unforeseen circumstance at subsequent elections has every chance of succeeding.


Before the advent of the second term of the present government New Zealand had enjoyed one of the oldest democracies in the world both national and local in which central governments and local bodies were answerable to the ballot of one person one vote. All government policies were shaped against the certain knowledge that democracy was sacrosanct. Indeed, until this year it was unthinkable that any political party which was itself democratically elected would introduce policies which would seek to destabilise the democratic norm. The unthinkable has occurred and at the behest of M/s Mahuta the Minister of Local Government New Zealand no longer enjoys local body democracy. Instead, we have some members of councils elected by ballot and some claiming Maori antecedents appointed without the necessity of offering their credentials to the voters and about whom nothing is known by the electorate. This has been passed off as small step in ensuring that such persons are represented in local body decision making. Of course, that is not how democracy works. It is not a prize for minorities or ethnicities. If it were then we would have councils comprised of the numerous immigrant groups which make up society. Democracy watered down in this way is rather like being a little bit pregnant, one is or isn’t. Providing for a system by which Maori representatives on councils will be elected by those on the Maori roll serves only to entrench the separatism which is at the heart of the governments agenda. Similarly with those councils who are simply appointing Maori representatives without any input from the electors the result is an assault on local body democracy Like so much that is happening this assault on the fundamental tenet of our society has passed unnoticed in the welter of lies and half-truths which have marked the Wuhan flu issue. One is not so concerned about a couple of Maori seats on local councils when the public is consumed by fear of death resulting from the “dreaded” virus. What is so sinister is that this is only the beginning: A full scale assault on Parliamentary democracy is next and the Maori cabal surrounding the Prime Minister now makes no secret of this. Peddling the fantasy that the Treaty created a shared sovereignty with the Queen in Parliament they are pressing for separate Parliaments and the creation of an ethnic state in which fifteen percent of the population claiming some Maori blood will dominate. Even that is a deceit it being unlikely that ordinary Maori citizens will participate in this power grab. What is really intended is that the those who control the larger tribes will become all powerful. This is vintage Marxism. Nowhere in the world has this malign theory succeeded in displacing a functioning democracy. If it succeeds, then New Zealand will be unique in allowing its democracy to be replaced by tribalism. Marxists disciples have understood from a century of bitter experience, and failure that they have no prospect of inflicting their views and political system on a democracy until they can find a way of destabilising and destroying the social compact which is at its heart. Their problem is that the democracy consists of a number of interwoven strands, and all must be disentangled. The strands are: One person one vote, an impartial and informed media, a legal system which is common to all citizens and knowable with certainty in advance, a common language available to all and spoken by all irrespective of any other language the speaker may have, a free education system available to all who need it which truly educates without imposing a set of pre conceived notions concerning the past, respect for family values, the crucial role played by parents in the upbringing of their children, respect for private property, respect for the dignity of labour, the right of all those wage earners to bargain freely for their services, respect for science and its distinction from religious dogma and myths, the promotion and protection of a harmonious society where no one group is set against another, and most important of all, for all these strands flow from it, the inviolable importance of the of the freedom of the individual to lead his or her life within the law and without government interference.

This is a formidable list, and the question is are any of these strands under threat of unravelling?

The Treaty Partnership

There is illiterate clamour mostly from the academic community but of course egged on by the Maori tribal elites for the implementation of a “Treaty Partnership” in which current tribal chiefs supported by attention seeking academics claim that those chiefs who signed the Treaty on 6th February 1840 somehow entered into a partnership with the British Crown. As a matter of law and constitutional practice there is not and cannot be such partnership and that is plain to anybody capable of reading the terms of the document (always a good start in deciding what were the intentions of the parties were on signing a document.) The simple historical fact is that for the British the alternatives were either securing an agreement or sailing away and leaving the natives to the tender mercies of any of other the nineteenth century colonising nations; the French, Dutch, Portuguese, or the Belgians with their collective appalling records of abuse of the indigenous peoples. Faced with this reality a small group of wiser heads among the chiefs, by a narrow majority decided to become subjects of the British Queen in Parliament and to enjoy her protection from the other would-be colonists. It proved to be a very wise decision and was followed on the 16th of November 1840 by the Royal Charter which superseded the Treaty and confirmed the rights and responsibilities of the native inhabitants and the Crown and established a legislative framework supported by the common law. The incontrovertible consequence of all New Zealanders becoming subjects of the Crown is that successors of those people claiming some Maori antecedents in the main occupy a standard of living available to all citizens achievable by hard work and a bit of luck, unimaginable to those who signed the document. These dishonest attempts to ignore the Royal Charter and reinterpret the Treaty based on some inessential observations by some of the judges in the 1987 State Owned Enterprises Act case ignore the evidence of Sir Henare Ngata in that case expressly referred to in the Judgment of Sir Robin Cook:

“A contentious matter such as the Treaty will yield to those who study it whatever they seek if they look for difficulties and obstacles, they will find them. If they are prepared to regard it as an obligation of honour, they will find that the Treaty is well capable of implementation”

To which the Judge added:

              “The basis of the compact requires each party to act reasonably and in good faith”

This has been and is the basis of the historical relationship between Māori and non-Māori but is now being supplanted by greedy rent seekers devoid of any notion of good faith, and such is the basis of their claims to “partnership.” If some elements in the present government get their way the local body experiment will become a template for elections to Parliament.

A Common Language and National Pride

A common language is one of the great uniting elements in any society. We have English. It the most widely spoken language in the world and has been the common language of New Zealand since the settlers arrived in sufficient numbers. There are now very few Māori people, including academics and rent seekers who do not use it as their first language on a daily basis, except when virtue signalling at public functions. To do so gives all of us the advantages of understanding the majority of their fellow citizens with the added benefits of travelling to other countries where English is either the first or second language most widely spoken. A Marxist agenda would seek to destabilise this unifying reality by encouraging the use of a rival language which very few citizens speak or wish to speak and is spoken nowhere else in the world. In this way impairing the ability of one citizen to understand another with all the social dislocation that entails.

National pride is not some woolly fiction. Most New Zealanders have a quiet but genuine pride in being a participating member of the New Zealand community. This unspoken sense of belonging is anathema to the Marxist and must be destabilised. In a mature democracy that is no easy task. A promising beginning is to destroy a hundred and forty years of belonging by changing the name of the country. There is no precedent for a first world democracy changing the country’s name to something made up to suit a tiny minority of its citizens. The entire history of a country and its place in the world is wrapped up in its name. The bones of the young men, Maori and non-Maori buried at the cemetery above the Gallipoli beach, at Monte Casino, and in the sands of North Africa died defending our freedoms as New Zealanders not “Aeotearoans.” Accompanying this drive to change the name is the blatant attack on our history and identity evidenced by a radical reordering of the education syllabus taught in the schools and universities. The history of these islands pre 1840 has been sanitised to the point of becoming a fairy tale. The truth is readily available in writings such as Ron Crosby’s Musket Wars but is no longer taught in the schools. Similarly with the teaching of science which is now compromised by introducing the notion that Maori myths and legends must be taught as being the equal of physics, chemistry, biology, and the other elements of science, scathingly denounced by Richard Dawkins one of the most eminent English scientists. But not in New Zealand where a leading New Zealand scientist in danger of having his membership of the Royal Society of New Zealand withdrawn for pointing out the absurdity of this drift to tribalism. All of which is music to the ears of the Marxist.


A mature democracy cannot be destroyed from within without first setting one group in society against another and causing the social and personal dislocation which that entails. For Marx, the proletariat was the stalking horse but as mentioned above that term has no relevance to contemporary New Zealand. The only available candidate capable of causing widespread dislocation and alarm in New Zealand is to revive Māori tribalism and to represent that it has always been present but unlawfully supressed by the evil colonists. This is being achieved by praying in aid the common law, in a deceitful and dishonest way for the notion that the Treaty created a “partnership” between Māori and non-Māori. As mentioned above this fiction bears not even the most superficial analysis but is one widely propagated by the present government in both statutes and its policy making. Significantly given the governments absolute majority they are yet to promote legislation setting out the terms of that partnership. Better to rely on inuendo and deceit. The result is that a tiny number of tribal elites and academics are being handed the means to disrupt and destroy our way of life by driving a wedge between those with some Maori blood and the rest of society and restoring Maori tribalism as the social norm, something unthinkable before the advent of the present government and which has not been achieved in any mature democracy. Putin, Xi and their fellow travellers are no doubt following developments with great interest.

Loss of Freedom

The one lesson arising from the Covid hysteria is that for most people the loss of individual liberty while serious is not quite on a par with dying. This rarely invoked human fear produces fertile soil for the curtailment of ancient liberties and all the Marxist paraphernalia that it  has come to entail: locking people up in their homes, preventing normal social intercourse including  concealing of normal human interactions by requiring the wearing of face masks, (one hears of children as young as 4 who now think masks re the new normal egged on by that rather strange Dunedin “virologist.” Preventing or restricting the numbers at funerals, weddings, and family visits, cancelling schooling for the young, prohibiting live sporting events and of course travel. All prescribed at a time when the government has long since known that the number of people dying of this virus is vanishingly small and no worse than the death toll from the annual flu epidemics. Of the forty-one deaths in New Zealand since the arrival of the Wuhan virus thirty-seven were gravely ill suffering from other serious medical conditions, one died from gunshot wounds and two were in their nineties. Sad for the families but hardly a basis for national hysteria. Once lost the personal freedoms, bought with the blood of our forebears will be difficult to retrieve. Although this dishonest government has quietly shelved “eradication” and “elimination” of the virus as if it never was government policy it has replaced those patently unachievable goals with vaccine passports an even more malign forms of encroachment on personal liberty. At no time in our domestic history, has it been a legally enforceable requirement that a citizen carry a document or some digital equivalent to prove who they are, what is their medical condition and whether they are legally entitled to be where they wish to be. The truly frightening element of this is that it must be enforced. That can only be by the New Zealand Police unless separatist Maoridom wants to have its own police force (Brown shirts perhaps – there is a good historical precedent for that). Having worked with the New Zealand police over many years I have great respect for their professionalism and restraint but like any group exercising power there is always the odd rotten apple to whom these newfound powers will be very congenial. As if that is not bad enough, we now have bureaucrats in the department of work safety fining citizens substantial sums for going about their business. Add to that the legalisation for a Maori boarder enforcement group and the future of personal freedom looks grim. We have seen the chilling example of police excesses in the state of Victoria in aid of the suppression of covid and there is no reason to suppose it cannot happen here. The net result is the loss of personal freedoms an essential ingredient for the success of the Marxist state.

The Sneaks

One of the saddest of outcomes of the governments mania for control is the rise of the sneak. That bottom feeding individual who takes virtuous satisfaction in running to the “authorities” with word of any infraction of the “rules” eroding our basic freedoms. A recent example which resonates is that of a small gym in a provincial town run by a young husband and wife, she with a small daughter and nursing a son. They work long hours and have built up a viable group of clients most of whom have become friends but some of whom do not wish to be vaccinated. They must now refuse entry to these people or risk a fifteen thousand dollar fine per person if they allow the non-vaccinated on their premises. That prompts the question of who would know, there being just the two people trainer and trained? The answer is they are convinced somebody would sneak on them and the police would come calling. In the result their business is damaged, maybe fatally and the clients are deprived the benefits of their training. None of which would occur without the sneaks. It is no surprise that when the Berlin Wall was breached on Boxing Day 1989 and the books of the Stasi secret police were opened it was found that some eighty-five thousand ordinary East German citizens were paid informers of the state police. It can happen anywhere. On the sixth December, and not for the first time our Prime Minister on public television openly encouraged citizens to “dob in” those not obeying the, often impenetrable Covid rules. It could not be a more vintage Marxist prescription and one thought to be alien to our democratic freedoms but not so, witness the recent clandestine and possibly illegal recording of the views of a Kaiapoi medical practitioner at her surgery.

The Rule of Law

New Zealanders are by and large a law-abiding lot because they know that the law is impartial, knowable in advance and applied to all citizens impartially. That is all changing with the advent of Tikanga Māori which some of senior Judges are so keen to engraft onto the common law apparently unaware or uncaring that the two cannot coexist. Whatever the term may mean we know it has none of the necessary ingredients of a legal system. It appears to be at best guess a reference to tribal beliefs and customs which predated the signing of the Treaty. Many of those beliefs are now either illegal or lost in the mists of time and can only be recovered if at all by tribal elders who are alive today. Nowhere in this facet of the Maori renaissance movement are we told which of these customs are to form part of the law of New Zealand. For example, is it  to include Utu which sanctifies revenge killing down the generations, slavery, cannibalism, male supremacy, trade in human heads, the notion that some geographic features, mountains rivers etc. have a spiritual quality which is indefinable and unknowable etc. and on a par with the early beliefs of the ancient Greeks The net result is that if this malign notion takes hold  the Rule of Law ceases to exist which is of course music to the ears of the Marxist because then the law is what the governing cabal says it is. If that is thought to be farfetched the recent “health” legislation passed by Chairman Dan’s party in Victoria should serve as a chilling warning incorporating as it does the abrogation of democratic freedoms on the say so of a bureaucrat answerable to nobody. It doubles down on this, uniquely in the history of Western democracies, by the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus which since Magna Carta has guaranteed any person taken into custody the right to be brought before a court to be either held in custody or released. All these things are possible in the brave new Marxist world.

Media Bias

A democracy cannot function in the absence of an impartial, literate, and experienced media. This is anathema to the Marxist states. All of them have government owned media outlets which parrot only the Government line. Criticism is not permitted and where found meets with harsh sanctions. New Zealand enjoyed a number of fine newspapers before the advent of Fairfax acquiring them. The Christchurch Press (once named as the sixth best newspaper in the world during the ownership of the Rutherford family), the Dominion in the ownership of the Ridiford family, the New Zealand Herald when owned by the Horton family and the Otago Daily Times owned by the Smith family. None of these newspapers can now claim any semblance of independence from the parroting of opinions and “news” favourable to the government. Stuff is the most loyal of the government lackeys. Bought from the Fairfax family for one dollar and reduced to begging for literally a dollar from anybody who reads its offerings online it was unlikely to survive beyond the end of this year. In one of the more shamefully blatant abuses of taxpayer’s money the government created a “media rescue fund” of fifty million dollars to keep this and other failing print media afloat. The quid pro quo for receiving a share of this taxpayers largesse is that the recipient is prohibited from questioning any of the government policies essential to the fulfilment of its Marxist agenda in particular: The notion of an equal partnership between some Maori tribes and the rest of New Zealand, the Three Waters seizing of rate payer assets for a pittance, the notion that Maori people have been the subject of a brutal colonisation conferring no benefits only pain, the catastrophist theory of manmade global warming and that farmers are polluting the planet. The list goes on. Welcome to the Russian Republic and Communist China. Media which has taken these thirty pieces of silver are no better than Pravda or any of the forty-two government owned papers in China. Fortunately for the survival of democracy in New Zealand the ZB radio programmes, the most listened to by a country mile, offers fact-based analysis and comment not to mention the invaluable contributions of Doctor Muriel Newman. This buttressed by a lively internet library of comment on, and criticism of, the governments drive to undermine the fundamental pillars of our way of life offers some hope. If the numbers listening to or reading the offerings of these outlets is any indication the material is reaching an ever-growing audience while the circulation of those in receipt of the taxpayers’ bribe continues to fall.


Critical to the survival of the democracies is the need for a fact-based comprehensive program of education in the schools and universities. A knowledge of History is vital to knowing from whence we came and an aid to understanding where we might go. Geography, equally vital to understanding our place in the world, and maths and science essential to surviving in the modern age of technology and rapid change. Increasingly these subjects are infected with notion that education needs to be rewritten to suit the agenda of a small minority of academics and tribal elites. It is of great political significance that the recent Virginia Gubernatorial elections in a state held by the Democrats at the previous election by a wide margin turned to the Republicans largely on the issue of whether or not parents are entitled to a say in what their children are taught in the state schools rather than be limited by the proscription decided by the education authorities. Clearly these parents are alive to the evils of a politicised education syllabus of the sort that is now commonplace in New Zealand and the wiser American commentators are predicting this parental revolt will gather steam ahead of the Congress midterm elections next year resulting in the Republicans regaining both houses of Congress. As Joseph Gobbles the Minister for propaganda in the Third Reich taught facts are irrelevant, any lie will serve as long as it is told often enough and backed by sanctions. This formula is at the heart of government policies not only in education but on a number of crucial issues aimed at destabilising our democracy and the market economy. The list includes: The Treaty Partnership fiction which is crucial to the separatist agenda and has led to the absurdity of partnership universities whatever they are. Then there is the cynically mindless assertion which is demonstrably false that a human induced climate catastrophe exists which will engulf the plant within a very short time. Followed by the equally false threat of the imminent death of large numbers of deaths if the governments Covid prescriptions are not followed to the letter no matter how illogical, impractical, and irrelevant. These palpably absurd notions that only those claiming some Maori ancestry are capable of running the national health system allied with the idea that Maori spiritual beliefs are on a par with science-based enquiry to name but a few. All of these dishonest notions which at any other time would be laughable and can easily be discredited by a modicum of fact-based education, but increasingly our young and impressionable are being fed a diet of alarm and half-truths. When sufficient numbers of the next generation are denied the truth then the Marxist agenda is well advanced.

The free market economy

Although the Marxist states have embraced the buying and selling of commodities as a means of surviving in the modern world it is within a framework of state owned or controlled enterprises supported by criminals and state bureaucrats. This is a world away from the Western notion of a free market governed by supply and demand which exists with a minimum of government interference necessary only to ensure that it continues to function freely and competitively. As with democracy itself the Marxist ideals cannot prevail when faced with the constant reproach of a system which has lifted untold numbers of people out of poverty and rests on a myriad of daily personal decisions. To this end the Marxist states expend huge resources in attempting to destabilise the western model and to use trade as an entry into their political systems. Good examples being Victoria’s Chairman Dan signing up for the belt and Road carrot in return for trade with China, or The Northern Territories surrendering their port of Darwin for a pittance. The attacks on the free market are unrelenting; computer hacking, unfair trade practices, theft of intellectual property, destabilisation of the World Trade Forum, physical threats such as were recently made against Australia and massive bribery of indigent states. The list is never closed. All of this is to be found in the agenda of the Marxist front group discussed above and it is starting to seep into our government policy. Thus, three waters is a classic Marxist ploy for the acquisition of privately owned assets at a fraction of their value (theft and or extortion in the eyes of the criminal law) and the promotion of a separatist agenda under the guise of the palpable lies that the proposals are intended to improve the supply and quality of drinking water and to lower the burden of rates on property owners. Add to this the attempts to interfere in business such as supermarkets, petroleum sellers and farming practices (about which this government knows nothing) and the trend is clear government interference in the economy leading to state control. Job done for our Marxist competitors.

Open Rebellion

There is no precedent in New Zealand’s history for an open rebellion by the majority against a government’s policies. New Zealanders just get on with life confident that every three years they will be able to get rid of those they think are undermining their way of life, but what if at the end of a three-year Parliamentary term they do not get that opportunity? Already there are stirrings of mass dissent in the two “ground swell” demonstrations, with another pending in February – themselves unique in New Zealand’s history. Initially conceived as a protest by farmers against mindless government interference in farming practices the second gathering included many city folk and placards such as “Marxists go home” and “hands off our democracy” were to be seen. All of course ignored by the government other than to make sarcastic and disparaging comments about “anti vaxers,” and all minimally reported by the government media outlets. As with so much that is leading to the loss of our liberties such demonstrations were, until the advent of this government unthinkable. Where it will end is impossible to say but on current portents it will not end well for our democracy and freedoms.


I rest my case: nascent Marxism is alive and well in New Zealand.

  1. None of this will succeed, Prime Minister – overwhelmingly ordinary quiet New Zealanders will not surrender their freedoms and their democracy. To borrow from Oliver Cromwell’s words on the dissolution of the Long Parliament in 1653: “You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart I say and let us have done with you. In the name of God go.”