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Modern Socialism

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In his weekly newspaper column, Dr Steve Elers, a senior lecturer in journalism at Massey University explains the importance of recognising the underlying philosophy that drives those who are running our country. He says:

“We would be fools to believe political decisions are primarily evidence based. Given we are facing what is likely to be many years of economic turmoil and hardship, the political ideology of our Government needs to be laid bare so we can gain insights into what a post-Covid-19 New Zealand economy might look like.”

Since Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern plays such a pivotal role in this Government, Dr Elers believes understanding what motivates her will help us to better appreciate the direction in which she is taking New Zealand:

“It’s a fair assumption to suggest that at the time of entering Parliament, an MP’s political views and beliefs are set and are the motivation to enter politics in the first place. Accordingly, to understand Ardern’s political ideology it is important to revisit 2008, when she entered Parliament as a Labour list-MP.”

He explains that it was in 2008 that Jacinda Ardern was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, a movement whose purpose is to “defend and spread core socialist principles”.

In early 2009, just two months after becoming an MP, she presided over the union’s World Council annual meeting in her capacity as president. At that meeting attendees discussed “progressive answers to the financial crisis”.

Dr Elers wonders whether those answers might be guiding us through this post-Covid-19 period:

“So, what ‘progressive answers to the financial crisis’ did Ardern and her comrades come up with? (I have used ‘comrade’ because it is how union members referred to themselves throughout the 2009 meeting.) Did they propose ideas that would stimulate the economy so businesses could thrive thereby creating job opportunities?

“Not quite. Instead, Ardern and her comrades stated: ‘Redistribution will lead to more financial stability and justice. As IUSY we struggle for redistribution between the poor and the rich, because we believe in equality and justice… Human beings are born with unequal resources available. We as young socialists believe in a social democratic system which secures a redistribution of resources’.”

Dr Elers concludes, “Ardern and her comrades think it’s best that everyone is equal and this is achieved through securing a ‘redistribution of resources’.”

It is this redistribution agenda to achieve equality that is likely to underpin the Government’s recovery plan. There is no doubt the mass unemployment and social disruption caused by the Prime Minister’s “go early, go hard” response to COVID-19 has created an environment conducive to radical economic and social reform. It is an opportunity no politician who has sworn an allegiance to a “social democratic system” would ignore. 

That much is revealed in the 2020 Budget commentaries.

In the  Forward to the Budget the Prime Minister indicates that her Government is planning a major ‘reset’ for the future:

“We began again knowing that we had the chance to reset some things and embrace any opportunity, albeit uninvited and unwelcome, offered to us by the disruption to business-as-usual that COVID-19 caused. And that is what Budget 2020 delivers.” 

 In her Parliamentary address, the PM said, “Prior to the virus we faced serious long term challenges – persistent inequality and poverty, the threat of climate change, the need to diversify the economy, low productivity, limited domestic manufacturing and an abundance of low paid jobs. Do we return to those settings or is now the time to find a better way?”

She stated that her Government has a plan to “rebuild in a way that makes things better than they were before”.

The Minister of Finance confirms that a reset is being planned in his Budget speech, and he outlines what it will entail:

“The glimmer of silver lining on this darkest of clouds comes from the knowledge that we have the opportunity to build back better.  There are few times in your life when you get to hit the reset button. It is an opportunity we will not squander.”

He says, “The answers lie in the great traditions of the First Labour Government who rebuilt New Zealand after the Great Depression.  It was a time when they understood a genuine partnership between government and the people. We are taking those principles into the modern era.”

He’s ruling out free enterprise. “We can also draw the lessons of the past as to what not to do in response to a major economic shock. As the economic carnage of the 1980s and 1990s wreaked havoc in our communities, I saw that up close.  It was based on a tired set of ideas that the market would save us, that if government sat on the sidelines all would be well.  Well, it didn’t work out that way and lives and livelihoods were lost. That will not happen again, not on the watch of this government. 

According to the Minister of Finance, “This Budget takes… us down a path where we will face choices as to how we begin to repay some of our debt… We will grow our economy sustainably to pay back our debt, we will fairly share that burden, and above all we will do it together… It is just the end of the beginning, the next chapters are ours to write.”

So, there we have it. We are now standing at the beginning of a new era and will soon be subjected to a radical plan for social change based on the philosophy of old Labour socialism. Clearly the Prime Minister and others within her caucus – like the Chairman of Parliament’s Finance Select Committee Deborah Russell who wants “real, radical equality” and New Zealand to be “the most equal country in the world” – will use this historic moment to impose the ghost of Karl Marx onto New Zealand.

Behind the socialist narrative are figures that reveal the scale of the economic damage Jacinda Ardern’s lockdown has caused. The economy is projected to shrink by 4.6 percent in the year to June – the worst contraction since the Great Depression – and Government debt will rise more than at any other time in our history.

New borrowing over the next five years will be in the region of $160 billion – that’s over $80,000 per household. As a result, net core crown debt will increase to an eye-watering $200 billion or 53.6 percent of GDP by the end of June 2024 – up from 19 percent or just $58 billion barely a year ago.

What the Government has not revealed is how this massive debt will be repaid. That’s hardly surprising given the September 19 General Election is only 17 weeks away.

According to Treasury forecasts, unemployment, which is growing at present by 1,000 a week, could rise from 4.9 percent in January to almost 10 percent by September. Many commentators, however, think this is far too optimistic and that things will get much worse.

Indeed their concerns are valid since the budget’s predictions are based on a vaccine becoming available: “The main forecasts incorporate further recovery beyond next year. This is predicated on the assumption that COVID-19 no longer poses a significant threat globally (eg, an effective vaccine is available), thereby supporting renewed global growth, which combined with the removal of border restrictions supports renewed international tourism flows.”

In other words, if a vaccine is not found, as a result of Labour’s reckless borrowing, New Zealand’s future is dire.

With families and businesses now struggling to cope with the fallout from the lockdown, it is difficult to understand why the Government is refusing to postpone the 4 cent a litre increase in petrol tax that is scheduled for July.

Almost all goods and services have a fuel cost component so an increase in fuel tax is an increase in production costs for just about everything. Another cost is the very last thing the economy needs when so many are fighting to survive.

When times are tough most people do what they can to minimise outgoings. Yet there was no indication in last week’s budget that the Government intends trimming wasteful spending – no signal to departments or ministries to make savings, and no suggestion that public expenditure will undergo stringent line by line reviews.

Instead Budget 2020 was all about borrowing – and spending. That means more tax – a lot more tax. The increase in fuel tax is just the start.

Business columnist Damien Grant has described the budget as an ‘economic catastrophe’:

“The scale of the economic vandalism being unleashed on this country rivals that of Sir Robert Muldoon. This prime minister and her finance minister, in cahoots with a weak central bank governor, are destroying 36 years of prudent fiscal and monetary economic management.

“They do not understand economics. They do not understand business. Even more frightening, they do not understand the importance of the institutional legacy they have inherited and are in the process of destroying.

“This is an inexperienced government who have panicked at the economic fallout of their recent decisions. In order to avoid the inevitable and painful reallocation of resources required after a major economic shock they are not only destroying the Crown’s balance sheet – they are undermining the integrity of critical institutions and traditions.”

To achieve the ‘equality’ Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party desires, it’s an inescapable reality that they are planning to take from the ‘rich’ to give to the ‘poor’. Through a radical ‘redistribution of resources’, they will take large sums from a relatively small number of households, to give smaller amounts to a large number of households that constitute their voter base. That’s how redistribution works – it is based on the principle that any government that takes from a few and gives to many is likely to win a majority of votes.

That’s modern socialism. That’s what lies ahead for New Zealand.

What form those taxes to repay the debt will take is unlikely to be revealed in detail before the election. Labour will instead talk about jobs. Only after the election will they admit the amount that is required to repay the debt is too large to be collected from income tax alone. Inevitably a capital gains tax will be back on the table, as will wealth taxes.

Budget 2020 signals that this is to be a government-led recovery – the Government that failed so miserably with KiwiBuild, now intends running the economy from the Beehive.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentary is a presentation to Parliament’s Epidemic Response Committee by economist Dr Bryce Wilkinson. A Senior Fellow with the New Zealand Initiative, Dr Wilkinson explains that history is unequivocal – government-led recoveries don’t work. The only effective way to rebuild an economy is through a recovery driven by private enterprise: 

“The great clamour in the community currently is for more money to spend. They are turning to government by default. But the only way for the community to generate greater income is through job creation and productivity growth. This has to come overwhelmingly from the private sector.

“People with energy and enterprise do not need government to lead them. They need to be freed up to find what other people need and do their best to satisfy that need productively. Government regulations that make it harder to employ people, hard to put housing developments in place and hard to raise overseas capital hold them and the community back.”

By imposing lockdown restrictions that were far tighter than they needed to be, Jacinda Ardern has brought the country to its knees. Now, through generous subsidies, even the private sector is becoming a State beneficiary.

There is no doubt about it – our Prime Minister is again leading the world with bold measures. This time it’s not global warming, our nuclear free moment, nor closing down the oil and gas exploration industry. It is much more fundamental and potentially far more destructive.

Jacinda Ardern is transforming New Zealand into a socialist state. And the tragedy is that most people are completely unaware that it is happening.

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CFPR and Commentaries have it correct unlike the NZ voting population who can only be identified as Crazy. Damien Grant’s recent column confirms the type of statistics that were present in the 1930’s Depression when the USA unemployment figures were consistently around 12% spiking to over 20%. There is no doubt that this Socialist Government will drive New Zealand to a Depression. The new National Opposition structure must educate a ‘blind’ voting public that Ardern is a Socialist with the typical ignorance and arrogance to believe that somehow a utopian economy can be created by Government. The Socialists set the villains as Business and Companies that all are based on greed and only in existence to persecute employees and rob from beneficiaries! This political culture is unable to grasp that wealth for any nation is created by the Private Sector. The SARS (CoV)-2 Virus, commonly named COVID-19, is an Unremarkable Virus about a Tenth of the potence of Influenza-A (The FLU). The politics and hysteria of this SARS Virus strain was accompanied by false reporting, exaggeration and fear reporting by the Media – all funded by government advertising! The infection numbers include mild symptoms to the tune of 98% of the total. No doubt in the ensuing months the truth about elderly deaths will also emerge. In 2017 1,100 people were killed by Influenza-A in Australia dropping to 900 last year. The 2019 New Zealand figures are 48,000 severe Flu infections with some 100 deaths. Influenza-A is a remarkable Virus that has been with us for 2,000 years of recorded history and possibly emerged in Egypt some 5,000 years ago. The FLU season starts within a few weeks as Winter approaches. Are we going to enter into another period of economic self-destruction or are we going to open the Borders and get back to work to prevent an imminent Depression? The Chinese Dictatorship’s Military must be laughing everyday as they do not need nuclear weapons to take on the West – only a vile from the Wuhan Laboratory – filled with an Unremarkable Virus – take it to an International Airport and break open the vile on the floor after Yelling, VIRUS. They could then sit in easy chairs in Beijing and watch our Western Democracies IMPLODE within weeks!!! Frederick
Propaganda as usual. Shes a wolf in sheeps clothing.l truly hope national. are going to pick up in the polls. Marie
Certainly not under a Labour-led government. If that’s the case after September 19th, NZ will fast become a 3rd world (police) state. Fiona
NZ needs to aim for equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Equal outcome spells disaster. clive
Not confident at all in this Labour govt going forward. If Adern’s policies is what you want, go live in Venezuela and see how you like it then. Your freedoms will be gone. Your individual power to create financial stability will be gone. Running businesses and providing jobs will be too expensive and too difficult because there will be too many rules and regs (there is now!). No one benefits from Socialism. People think they do, but in reality it’s the worst ideology for community to thrive. They think they have the answers, the ideology, for a better world, but fail to learn from the dustbin of history as to how fatal this path becomes to a society. Don’t get sucked in by the buzz words they are spouting; ‘be kind’ ‘let’s do this together’. It’s lulling people into a false sense of hope and security. It’s window dressing. It has no substance behind it. NZ voter needs a new message and needs to wake up to what is about to come upon them. Rebecca
Not if Labour stays in Office Robbie
Very frightened about the future for our children and grandchildren. Why over 70 million to the racing minister at this time!! Jan
With Simon Bridge’s now gone and Todd Muller in charge, I’m going to vote National. Reg
Socialism has never worked wherever it was imposed. Look what happened when the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi) was the German government. Then there was the United Soviet Socialist Republic.., etc, etc. etc. It took a while for those countries to be destroyed by socialism. NZ is a small country and it will take virtually a moment in time… Elsie
We can be confident that we have a very dark future under the Comrade Princess, also the new team opposition Kaye/Muller lack fire and inspiration. Monica
Government is not a commercial enterprise and is economically non-contributing. Funding is via taxation which is directly linked to spending. Excessive borrowing can only be countered by excessive taxation. The current budget spend ignores the above because it is merely another vote-buying exercise by a desperate political party wanting to retain power at any cost. Free money is all they have to offer, even at the expense of killing the golden goose. Martin
Small to medium businesses are struggling. I hear today Tegel is on the verge. This Labour government under Ardern wants state owned enterprises, so it’s in her interest to see private business collapse. Pip
We are being led by the Pied Piper towards an illusion of equity and peace, only to find upon arrival, that the cupboard is empty except for skeletons. St Jacinda must not be re-elected. Brian
Socialism / Marxism, whats in a name? The importance of history and intelligence should reverse this nonsense but this is the result today of Marxist control and the dumbing down of the education system so it’s unlikely to happen. Get ready for 2 generations of East Germany type misery! Rex
This government have paid off the media, politized the police, deputised racial radicals to intimidate, how the heck can one feel confident and safe we have been scared witless. Not confident new national will be capable of making the hard fiscal decisions to make a difference, Sam
Hell no. We’ll only recover if we discover the biggest oil well in the world on NZ soil, and even then, Jacinda would cork it. julian
The ultimate would be for Labour to win the election, govern on it’s own , Cindy have major health complications with Te Neve number 2, then Kelve become our PM guiding us all with his expertise, experience and intelligence. David
I can only feel extremely worried for all young New Zealanders Geoff
Bad investments will chase out good investments. Steve
Not under this current government!. Peter
Under this Labour led gvt. NO but under the new Nats. Yes. Ian
Zero carbon promoters will not stop using carbon, so why should we. I consider that the zero carbon enthusiasts have a distorted view on peoples rights and responsibilities. Brian
We will be in debt for ever. Peg
We can throw money at everyone; the reality is so much is wasted. The lolly scramble has started and so many have stuck out their hand. There is a need to slow down and not be so universal in throwing favours at everyone. Reality is some are not going to survive; let’s wait and see. Aim the life rafts where they are of long term benefit. Peter
Yes now that National have a new leader in Todd Muller Colin
expatriate NZer Bev
not if Labour is re-elected. How can you have confidence in incompetence? alan
Socialism NEVER works. Equality is a red herring. We are NOT equal – we are all different and those who work hard and smart should be able to benefit from their own efforts. Giving responsibility away to the government only results in the government taking away our freedom. Gary
Not with the current destructive Govt in control. Donald
Government les recovery is the wrong road John
Labour don’t have the relevant people in their cabinet who can steer the country back muriel
I am confident the IMF is correct in it’s assessment of NZ as only slightly better in potential than Venezuela. Phil
I see a kardashian type PM being adored and fawned over by a Kardashian type media and it makes me sick. I thought NZers were a level headed, no nonsense common sense animal, but sadly a brain washing has occurred and the sheep are happy to follow. Mary
In my view successive NZ Governments have spent the last 25 years undermining and diminishing the “neoliberal” progress made in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The pigeons are now coming home to roost. Colin
Thank you Dr.Newman for your informative and frightening summary of Socialist Government. This vital message needs to be given the widest publicity possible in order to get rid of this rearward facing Labour rabble. It was a National Government that rebuilt from the disasters of the last few decades that were either natural disasters or caused by a Labour Government. We can expect huge new taxes if Labour wins the election. Who knows? Capital Gains, Death Duties, Gift Duties, Increased GST, Petrol tax? The possibilities are horrendous. It will be much worse than the 1958 Black Budget. We must put our trust in our new Leader of the National Party and his communications skills. Chris
Long term yes but short term very poor. Laurie
socialism will not work. We must get rid of this government. Kevin
I am not the greatest fan of Capitalism as an ideal way of doing things, BUT I am not even a bit, leaning towards Socialism as a solution to our troubles. James
I could have answered yes— in that I’m confident she’s sent us down the gurgler. Bill
Absolutely not confident. This government is weak on talent and controlled by people whose agenda is suspect to say the least. David
As long as we have a communist ‘PM’ I fear for the economic future of this country…and I fear greatly! Lorraine
There is no hope. Grab what you can and look after yourself tony
This lot of career bureaucrats won’t be able to rebuild the economy, they couldn’t even organise the building of a few houses Laurie
My answer is qualified – the economic future is stuffed if the current queer bunch are in charge! Philip
How many people have died because of this Corona-virus, the other day I heard only 21 and 70% of them were old and failing anyway. I’m starting to think this is all a con trick to complete the socialist dream of turning us into a communist state. Eric
Not under this Govt. A free enterprise business directed Govt along with the natural enterprise of our people will see us through in spite of MMP ensuring the tail wags the dog Bruce
Jacinda Ardern has ruined NZ’s economy to serve her and her cohorts own purpose. Heather
Jacinda and her band of morons have to go. Steve
Not unless there is a change of government in Sept. Allan
We are doomed to become a socialist state under Ardern & unless they are voted out in September I fear it will be too late too for any future government to reverse. A completely unnecessary lockdown under the guise of “going early, going hard,” coupled with carefully stage managed daily news conferences that were nothing short of propaganda, propelled her to new levels of popularity to the unthinking New Zealander. The great tragedy in all this – the ease with which it was achieved & the obvious lack of thinking by the majority of Kiwis. Rex
Not under this Government. They have wrecked the economy and going forward seem hell bent on dragging us into full on marxism and thus m hugely more debt. They have not proposed a plan to dig us out of this mess and probably do’t yet want to disclose what they have in mind. Colin
no money left to improve the economy Beth
Business enterprise is a must and should not be stymied by government constraints. Maybe the new opposition leader will bring sense to the table. Dennis
No under Labour. Yes under National. Ronnie
This govt hasn’t got the expertise in any of it’s ministers to control what is good for New Zealand on a whole. Elizabeth
Adern will turn NZ in to a Socialist Country in not time, that is her mandate Trev
Not under a labour government Mary
We are in trouble. Unfortunately National’s change of leader is probably too late for them to get ahead of Labour. Most people will not wake up to the harm being done. Juliet
With Labour wining the popularity vote. Its clear that this country is not seeing the damage being done by a hopeless government. Its clear that it will be a long time before the people catch on and by then it will be too late. stewart
Under this current Labour led coalition NO Hopefully Mr Muller will be the ray of sunshine that we are desperately needing Richard
The only word I can think of is “treason”. A deliberate attempt to move NZ to the lowest common denominator making everyone poor and miserable. I fear for my grandchildren! Peter
Hell no, this stupid (Labour) led pack of idiots is going to totally ruin this country. Unfortunately they have the media (most) and the general public right behind them, people are blindly following Saint Jacinda. Get her off TV her smiling shark and bouncing around drive me crazy and if you have a different point of view or opinion you are considered and idiot. Who are the idiots? Fraser
Heaven help us if Labour get back in! Helen
You can’t have an economic future under socialism. It has never worked anywhere and can’t work in NZ. I have always said she is a dangerous person and sadly the general public can’t see it. Very sad years ahead for NZ. Graeme
We can only hope that the Labour Government will not be re-elected and that future economic management will be in more experienced hands. Janette
There will be very little that this government will propose and action that will bring us out of this mess. I just hope that Muller wins, and National are elected Andrew
do not like red shirts.it is scandalous barry
I have always been suspicious of Ardern’s agenda as a dyed-in-the-wool Socialist. Her plan will be to take money and resources from the productive members of our society and hand them out to those she considers more deserving. Doug
Socialism is bad. David
How often do Socialist States work out well? From what I have seen over my 78 years on this planet, not at all. Harold
Just because it is “plausible” on the back of an emergency doesn’t mean it will be ‘good’ ! Michael
Definitely NO! Capitalism creates – Socialism plunders. If our socialist government weakens or destroys every aspect of what’s left of the the free market, they will fight over spoils – thieves always fall out. Don
Not with Labour or any combination of. Bernard
Not under a Labour Government Kathleen
What economic future will there be for NZ if Labour are voted back for a second term? Their policies are destroying the economy. Elaine
“Private enterprise needs to be encouraged not socialism eira
Not under this govt. National need to be back in the treasurer benches, and it will be a long haul. Private enterprise is the only way to go. DICK
Current govt. is untrained in finance , is largely uneducated in real politics as opposed to Real Politik, and unless the Nats can do better FAST,, we truly don;t know what we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren to untangle. Thanks to Jacinda for running the Covid health and contamination crisis so well, for she did,you know…but that’s led to so much economic chaos that its time now for a New Broom, Mabel
Depends on who’s in control. More of the present control would spell disaster. Keith
This government is destroying the country that I was born in. David
Hard to comprehend the extent of it all David
I despise this communist clown who a large % of stupid NZers absolute can’t see past her ‘be kind’ nonsense. I have commented on face book as to her lack of brains and got myself banned for 3 days, and other comments blasted me for my opposing opinions. If NZers don’t wake up soon, she will have completely destroyed initiative, enterprise, the economy, and turned us into a real police state. There will be an exodus to Australia. Carolyn
where is the money?? RICHard
This a very frightening time Mike
I was already aware of ardern’s policies were leaning towards socialism can you please place your letter in the nz herald to wake up the rest of country david
Not if the present government wins the next election Gerald
Potentially we have a great future but need good positive management and no woolly policies. Gerry
I will leave NZ before this goes down. Socialism kills. Cindy
Under a Labour led Govt, we are screwed. It is becoming clearer every day that the CCP virus is no more dangerous, no, less dangerous than the flu!!! So Trump was right all along!!! It has all been about overaction, fear, panic and control. It is becoming clear also that the death figures world wide have been fabricated by attributing everything to CCP virus. It is also clear that THERE IS NO TEST FOR CCP virus. Everything that has shown “positive” has been a guess, or call it the virus. We are being played, and that is why this government must fall, The only answer is to put enough New Conservative into parliament to “clean out” the swamp. They have already stated they will not be anyone’s whipping boy. Roll on the election! Neil
Not with the current government. Christine
We are in serious trouble if Labour wins the election David
socialism/fascism does not generate economic recovery Rick
very scary indeed Morris
We are stuffed! Maddi
It is very worrying that a socialist government will try to revive the economy. Soon we will be a third world country with an economy like Venezuela. Derek
Hell no. This dopey tart is destroying a once great vibrant country. The virus was a great opportunity for her to try out her socialist ideas. What a pack of lame brains this government is. Thanks Winston. You stuffed up with your choice of who could run this country because you hate National. How can a party who never won a seat get to decide who runs the country? Get rid of MMP for a start. Peter
NZ – It’s stuffed. Time to re-locate to Australia or…. What a shame – Paradise destroyed by children! They should try reading history – socialism doesn’t work – proven over and over. Millions often die while IDIOTS attempt to make it work – hopefully not here in God’s own. Simon
Not if this current government gets back into power especially if it is a resounding win with the greens alongside. That would have scared the average kiwi a few years ago. Marty
Evident that this government is totally out of its depth. This is not an academic exercise but real life where real people actually suffer. Bernie
Comrade Jacinda is so dangerous for the future of NZ. The general public are blind to what she intends doing to the country. Tod Muller and the National Party need to come down hard on her for all the deception going on. Chris
The future for our children and grandchildren is frightening. We desperately need a change of government before it is too late. Barbara
terrified. Every time this path has been followed the outcomes have never been good. Lionel
However “Todd Muller” has landed today….one small step to maybe a more balanced destination for NZ’s economic future,? ChrisH
serves us right nz men have become a bunch of soft cocks maori,tree huggers,comrades,greenies,you name it parisites yes we have bought this on our selves Bill
No confidence in this government. Maurice
Not in the short term at least. Labour’s was over-reaction personified, a fact that will become far clearer with the passing of time. Economically, they’ve crippled us for at least 10 years of severe measures – longer, if Labour retains power and continues to borrow. Jim
People don’t know or understand whats about to be conducted in NZ by this Socialist Govt. Our only hope is that Muller & Kaye can get the horrible news out there William
No. Taxinda and all her left leaning dope smoking comrades can go f**k themselves. Step one to bring about a communist state is to disarm the populace (done) and step 2 is to give police/the state far reaching powers to search and control the populace (donel. When will people wake up and realise we will be Little Russia if we fail to take action now? Mark
Maybe with a change of government. Ian
God help our grand kids.. this will be a huge debt to pay.. Donald
I am so angry with the communist government I cannot comment Alan
I am a lot more confident tonight than I was this morning. Now that National has a LEADER in the form of Todd Muller, they will win the election and we will be shot of Jacinda Ardern and her band of merry communists. God save New Zealand indeed and with Todd Mullers help, long may we grow and prosper. Dianna
If we retain the present government at the next election we will inherit a disaster for the next 50 years. Our children and grandchildren’s future will be destroyed. People are so blind. Florence
Ardern and Robertson have absolutely no idea about finance and economics. Lee
Socialist type bankruptcy Peter
This Government has no idea, making it up as they go along Lynn
labour gvt have no idea on how to run a business how can they run a country ? Graeme
Unfortunately I don’t think that many people understand that the worlds economy has collapsed, so far the government has only put a sticking plaster on it!! The 30’S Depression didn’t really finished until the mid Fifties with a year in between? So in reality this may not be over for 25 Years??????? Les
Not under this government Stan
How can any New Zealand citizen be confident about the country’s economic future when there is a danger of our present prime minister and her government being re-elected? If you want to know hoe successful New Zealand will be under an avowed socialist (communist) leader take a look at previous countries which have adopted total socialism. The greatest in size so far was the USSR. You know what happened to that brave experiment. Do you really want to vote for a repeat of that experience? Rob
Quite the opposite. I am extremely concerned at the economic direction this Labour Government is taking us. Les
This government with the extreme lock down measures and poor fiscal management will bring this country of ours down unless there is a change of Government and direction. The so called well off will get screwed tax wise and the not so well off will become more dependant on the State and that is what this Government is striving to achieve . God help us all. ken
I am concerned, especially for the businesses that rely on tourism. Kate
<not unless there is a change of government in September . Anyone who thinks their ideas are good for the people should visit modern Russia Peter
I worry that anything spoken by Ardern is aimed to excite, and at the same time destroy the economy that was working so well John
Our Glorious Leader should not be let loose in charge of a toy shop let alone in charge of the economy of a country. Paloma
Socialist communism has never worked, it brought Russia and China to their knees recovery only coming when they loosened the reigns after learning from the Wests democratic progress. I am amazed at how well Jacinda is doing in the polls, she must be a propaganda hypnoticed. Although not Maori she has officially deemed herself to be one, so it could possibly be understandable she is lining her nest. George
God help us if they get in for a second term!!! Derek
NO, I am beginning to think that I am glad i am getting old. The big problem will be if we get a new government, how are they going to claw back what we had? Bill
Certainly not if we were to continue on the devastating socialist course of the present Labour /Greens debacle. My hope is a National/New Conservative coalition that has depth of talent. Tony
we do not need or want a rise in taxes or local body charges at this critical time in our and the worlds economic situation of the present time. This could be fatal & lead to serious economic hardship for the country. Brian
This country will be heavily in debt well beyond my lifetime. Graeme
Socialism never works. When one man wont work because the government will pay him anyway, and another man will not work harder for the government to take it away, Then that is the very essence of a failure. Michael
No. There is absolutely no chance of an economic recovery while this ‘shower’ occupy the treasury benches. Jim Jim
I believe that the only question for this years election is ” Given the farcical outcomes of the 100,000 houses in ten years and 1 billion trees policies, how could anyone trust this bunch of misfits to rebuild any country’s economy”. When asked how the billions of dollars were going to be repaid, Grant Robinson said that “that is a question for another day” If that doesn’t give Todd and his crew more that enough ammunition to hammer Cinda and her crew, National don’t deserve to win Geoff.
Jacinda reads 1984 every night to remind herself of the route she is taking. She is a communicator nothing more nothing less. NZ is doomed sheryl
How much interest are we going to have to pay on all this debt? Arthur
The budget did nothing for middle NZ. We are currently on a reduced income which means having to tighten our belt, so less spending at local businesses, tourism etc. Olive
No plan for the future is evident Pam
I believe that the government will rebuild the economy on socialst principles. What we need is a team of people with business experience. Trevor
Good heavens NO. She is turning us into a socialist state which I have said to me friends from almost day one. Scares me witless. Gail
New Zealands future is to join the other socialist paradises, when anyone with any brains is running from Hugh
Socialism has never worked why keep on trying to flog a dead horse? Brianb
We should all get back to Business/work and accept the deaths from Covid19. We accept the road toll which is a lot more. Clive
Yes, in the long term, because I believe in the common sense of the people and their ability to see what is going on. Trevor
Not with the current government Wayne
Under the current Government we are likely to be vying with Venezuela and Zimbabwe for basket case of the world in a couple of years. pdm
We are screwed Neil
Like Her idol, Trudeau, ‘Cinders government has bought the MSM, including the two main T V broadcasters. Consequently the public are painted a rosy picture of a treacherous government. And so the thinking & fact seeking portion of the population are not surprised when TV driven Polls show a nearly 60per-cent approval rate for a, I would call treasonous Marxist driven leader. All of the BIG GUNS are once again regularly on ‘the screen’. Helen Clark, Russel Norman, etc, singing the praises of the Great Leader, & reminding us that the end is near if we don’t obey every command that comes from ‘The Angel of Death’. sorry; Jacinda. President Donald Trump, when elected, restarted the American economy by abolishing 300 compliance & restrictive regulations, which allowed many businesses to establish & create employment. He altered the tax rates to encourage large business to return from mainly Asia. So the American economy was humming along nicely before the CCP Flu hit. That is why he is so HATED by the LEFT. Only New Conservative NZ have a similar financial policy, so of course they are similarly HATED by the LEFT. Lets take a brief look at ‘Cinders equality. Like giving ONE ethnic group $66million more for Covid recovery than any other sector. I could go on, but you get the picture. Create SUSTAINABLE jobs is the catch cry, with no indication what these jobs might be. Guess who will take these jobs if they do happen, while making the housing crises even worse. You guessed it: the million more ‘refuge’? immigrants that she has promised the Socialist U.N we will take. Tighten your seat-belts folks, we are in for a very long rough ride. A.G.R.
The debt php is crippling. Standards and regulations make it difficult to run a profitable business. Maurice
Because the money that has been thrown around is so much it can never be repaid ( socialist plan ) thanks comrad jacinder David
What a great future to look forward to when everyone is paid a wage on which they are able to live in warm healthy homes without having to wonder where the next meal is coming from to feed the household and no need to work incredibly long hours at sometimes two or three jobs just to exist. The much lauded trickle down effect has been shown to be what it really is, a con. NZ has the ability to ensure everyone is able to live a decent existence if only those who have accept that they have a responsibility to ensure wealth is not accumulated by the few to the detriment of the many. phil
Socialism has never worked it normally leads to communism Tony
The whole worldwide financial system is based on fraud to enrich the few. Frank
Sadly I feel that I will never see NZ recover in my lifetime (I am 70). If this rabble that calls itself a government is returned, heaven help us! Jan
I have been to socialist countries, you do not want to live there unless you are in the govt party. Bryan
Not with a socialist Labour Government. Don
The racist PM has wrecked the country in a number of ways. We must be shut of her come Sept 19th bud
I am extremely worried that his govt with these socialist values will probably win the next election unless this socialist agenda can be brought to the attention of the public through the media. Where are the unbiased journalists this country so desperately needs??? Janet
Not under Labour Albert
We will be Venezuela before the people realise it. By the time people are starving and homeless it will be too late. Michael
One erudite commentator once said ‘every country has the government it deserves.’ If people don’t conduct the research about a party they are voting for it is inevitable they get what they deserve. The current pandemic situation has fleshed out the real agenda of this Labour Govt. And we are now seeing what our future looks like. What we are seeing in NZ is a govt that seeks to bring ‘socialism’ to the mass of the population, whether NZ wants it or not. This ideology has been adopted by various political movements, including Stalinism, Maoism, Castroism, Chavezism (as we have seen in Venezuela of late). Often, a population will acquiesce to this form of socialism and they might even welcome it at first – until they discover it doesn’t work. What we are witnessing here in NZ is a government drunk on power and control. We will become the victims of our inaction if we don’t push back forceably to save our future stability, prosperity and Freedom. Robert
I hate to think what another term with mother jacinda would bring .I think we need to pray that we get a change. anthony
I fear for the younger people of this country in the future. It is this group that l feal the results of the past 2 months. As an elderly person I would have preferred to see our age group isolating and let a lot of the rest of the country keep operating albeit at a slight slower pace. It is fear that has driven the country to adhere to the strict rules and now she has the majority in her hands feeling ever grateful they are still alive. Pity help us in the future with that amount of debt. Already when I am out I cannot believe how few people are shopping even when they have the chance to do so. Laraine
No not for many years it will take years to recover Peter
Socialism never works, there is no such thing as “Democratic” socialism. Its an anachronism by its very name. The poo is about to hit the fan big time, Probably in the year following the election. However, don’t forget that virtually everybody, including businesses, went to the government for hand outs. We seem to do that whenever things go wrong. If Labour are not very careful how they handle things over the next few years, they will buy trouble the likes we have never seen here. Can National lead us out of the mess to come? i am not sure. Ray S
This socialistic government led by a mealy mouthed Jacinda is on a one way ticket to becoming a communist state and bankruptcy that will never pay back its debts in our grandchildrens lifetime so get of your arse Kiwis and get rid of her as soon as you can as she will put laws and regulations in place to make us into serfs and we will see the end of DEMOCRACY as we have known it for 150 odd years Eric
Best quote: “Socialism is Communism with a smiley face.” Mitch
Yes, I am very concerned. We would love to get our there spending and helping to get the economy going again but just can’t afford it now after the pay cuts.  Tom
It is becoming a real worry. Andrew
We will bleed our kids and grandkids to Australia a country that will have the work opportunities. This will be a nice place to visit but too pricey to live and raise a family. Toni
Get rid of the labour govt and Twitchy Witchy who donates funds without reasonable causes, real waster, commie with th UN,especially with Helen Clark as her mentor and following Muslamic imigrant principals which don’t fit in NZ. IAN
Not under a Labour government! Bob
Particularly under the present Government and its Socialist Agenda. SOCIALISM HAS NEVER WORKED and it will not work this time either. Robertson was one of the better Ministers in this Government or at least I thought so until I realised that he believes in big government and what is needed is the Government out of the way so private enterprise can get on with the business of rescuing the country from the disaster that we are experiencing. PEOPLE ARE NOT EQUAL AND NEVER WILL BE EQUAL IN AMBITION TALENT THEIR READINESS TO TAKE RISK. Margaret Thatcher summed it up well The Socialists want equality before success. As long as the gap between rich and poor is small it does not matter that the poor are poorer and the rich are also poorer. Unfortunately the Nats are tearing themselves apart at present and with the Winston First party gone at the next election there will no hand brake on the excesses of Comrade Cindy Robin
Socialism is being allowed to rear its ugly head under the ‘Ardern’ team – we desperately need to throw Labour out at the election. russell
This is a communist govt. It has been given an agenda on the covid 19 plate to freely spread money to any one or group which cries out for it. The poor working people will have to be heavily taxed to pay for these hand outs and for the massive borrowing. Socialism breed dependence and that is what the labour party are hoping for. I will not support such a government. Graeme
Not unless changes are made. Govt bailouts can’t revive it because they have to stop sometime. Businesses have to find their own ways to survive; many of course will fail because they have no ‘plan B’. For decades we have been castigated for our poor savings record – now we’re urged not to save but to go on a spending spree. That’s not going to work. Graham
Not at all. Why give another billion to Maoris? Why give free lunches to kids whose looser parents choose not to fed, because this government keeps supporting them and throwing money that WE dont have at SO many who dont need or deserve. This government is pathetic! Des
nil non not zilch……..NO Wayne
Not if it continues to be screwed by stupid incompetent socialists. Richard
Auntie Cindy is propelling the country to total ruin. If this govt is voted back in we all be very sorry for what is to come. TOTAL DEPENDENCE ON S RED GOVT. Don’t let it happen. Shades of Orwells 1984. It is just around the corner if we do not take action John
Definitely not while COMRADE JACINDA is at the top. NZ is DOOMED. Why don’t labour open the doors up to china and say “here is NZ….take it”. WAR IS COMING!!! ROD
Absolutely not! Ardern and her “comrades” have wrecked the NZ economy with their panicked response to Covid-19. It’s not governments that build a strong economy but private enterprise. A government should create the right “climate” for businesses to grow and flourish. It’s businesses that provide jobs and income for others. Taxing businesses and owners more is “killing the goose that lays the golden egg”. What would go as long way towards helping our economy recover is to reduce drastically the number of MPs – surely 100 (or even less) is enough. It would also reduce the numbers of ancillary staff required in and around the Beehive. P.S.: Please don’t include me in the PM’s “team of 5 million” Laurence
Jacinda is hell bent on destroying the NZ economy. She and the other politicians are largely immune from her actions as they have a govt guaranteed income. Might also be worth asking what happened to the income cuts she and other politicians were going to take to show their solidarity with NZ. Maurice
It’s as bad as it gets. The history of socialism is characterised by death and economic disaster. Period. Our political leaders are ignorant fools. Richard.
Socialism (Marxism leads to poverty and slavery and death John
How could anyone be confident with the amount of debt Labour has put this country into with their plans to borrow $200 million by 2024 John
Todays letter is right on the mark, but one question should be asked. From whom are we borrowing this money? I suspect China. If so they will have conquered Asia and Oceania without firing any guns or making a declaration of war. I believe, that this government aligns their modern socialism agenda with China. A red flag is almost sure to follow. God save N.Z. Denis
Not with Jacinda in power Deanne
All I can see is a total collapse of our economy with no effective opposition to save our country from disaster! cyril
Emphatically, NO! This government is basing all its hopes for the future on the accuracy and truth of George Bernard Shaw’s observation that “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” They are buying votes, nothing less! Their policy is the same as any and every socialist government there has ever been in any country in the world – To be re-elected. TOBY
Not under this Ardern led government Terry
I will not be happy until National take the reins in September. I refuse to live in a socialist state. Helen
to much debt for the amount of workers to non workers. And we rely to much on china trade. steven
The future is very frightening and a stop has to be made on all the sloppy spending that is taking right now. It all has to paid back some how and it will fall on all taxpayers one way or another John
How can you be be when the country is run by a wolf in sheeps clothing. That we don’t have a news media prepared or able to expose what is happening is a disaster waiting to happen. Willy
NZeds’ Red Rev. re Russia 1917, our Comintern. Compound interest paid to Globalists is economic suicide. Robert
Simply put, based on the government’s performance or should I say lack of it to date, I cannot look forward with any sense of enthusiasm. chris
we in deep shit Norm
The socialist extremism we are facing in our future is frightening. We have a government driven only by ideology and the politics of envy. The freedom of private enterprise is the only way to growth. We will never tax our way to recovery. Frank
She needs to go she is dangerous. As long as she keeps giving money away to those who are happy to receive she will get their support. Unfortunately those people have no idea on economics. We are doomed if we don%u2019t rally around and bowl them over. NOELINE
they are taking us to hell in a basket and people think she is a god. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Sharon
agree with this article . this is the most Marxist orientated government I have ever seen. very frightening. Gavin
Too much borrowing and government interference Gareth
Not under Red & Green. Yes with Blue & green tinge. Doug
Not under this regime Brian
Did our commie pm not learn from the collapse of the USSR and see how Russia is by it self now and dame near bankrupt but most of the former states are doing well, which with her and her bunch of lonnies from nzf and greens have put NZ on the steep road of bankrupcy and we havent even hit the bottom yet, so I can see a mass exodus of NZealanders to Australia as soon as the planes start flying to get away from this 3rd world country ahern has put us in, so no I’m not confident of the NZ economic future recovery. Richard
We are being led into a vast financial swamp. To design and manufacture a vaccine is very challenging and may take many years. To pin our economic future on the hope of a vaccine is truly reckless and shows the naivety of present leadership. We need Steven Joyce at the helm. Lee
socialism destroys national economies and the people in them Richard
Under this Labour LOT NO I am NOT. Carl
This current mob trying to manage the New Zealand economy simply have no idea of the inputs required to stimulate and maintain a healthy economy. In fact I doubt they could collectively manage a piss up in a brewery! Chris
NO but I ask WHY isn’t National making the public open their eyes ALSO WHY is nobody making ads/putting flyers in letter boxes,this socialist crap will affect every-one who contributes NOT like some beneficiaries who enjoy staying in bed & getting a tax payers money to keep on enjoying being paid top stay in bed.BEFORE the election people NEED to be told of jacindas ideas,and told ALL the money she gives HAS to be paid back & will leave NZ in dept for YEARS & YEARS.Someone PLEASE inform somehow the sheep jacindas fooled with borrowed money Cindy
Not under Labour or a Coalition Government like the present. Total lack of business experience can only lead to more aspiration without substance or a recovery plan that actually brings NZ Inc back to a sustainable economy. Heather
However you look at it, it’s a disaster. Will the current government know how to turn it round? I’m all for sharing wealth, but we have to make it in the first place to be able to spend it. Can this government make wealth? I don’t know. Sheila
Labour are expanding their voting base by increasing the number of beneficiaries and the number of people dependent on the Government. A Socialist welfare state. Gary
Labour don’t have the ability or experience Dennis
I am in absolute despair over Adern’s leadership and the number of nitwit Kiwis that put her on a pedestal. Right from the start i felt there was something not ‘right’ about her and I couldn’t put my finger on it! Thanks for your article enlightening me! Ron
With this present Government there is no hope. To achieve success this must be done through the private sector. People rave what a success Norway is and how all the people are living in suberb circumstances and what paid for this OIL! and this mob have cancelled exploration rights John
I feel confident that the captains of industry in NZ can re-build if given the opportunity and correct environment, however, this government looks dead set on interfering and controlling the recovery which will lead to disaster. Mike
It staggers me that so many New Zealanders do not see the ideology behind Jacinta Adern’s politics. Thank you Dr Elers for your insightful comments and for nzcpr for printing this. We need to learn not to vote for personality but for the political stance that is best for this wonderful free country. Christine
Especially not under the hard left ideology of the proven incompetents now in power Gordon
New Zealand will have strong growth and debt will be paid threw the growth! Catherine
Not with a strong and aggressive socialist labour government . If there’s no incentive to work harder and perform better there won’t be enough wealth to share around anyway. The sad part is that the bureaucrats and politicians feel that they can give our country the kiss of life when they are only sucking the blood from people with energy and initiative. Mike
This is a ‘Titanic’ Model for our Country. We still haven’t quite hit the Iceberg yet but when we do that situation will be unrivaled in New Zealand’s History. I’m predicting total Anarchy within a Year, caused mainly by huge Job losses. Geoff
A recovery needs to be led by a government getting out of the way of private enterprise to allow them to lead that recovery, reform the Resource Mgmt. Act to begin that process with urgency. Don
We are going to suffer poverty on a scale never before seen in NZ. Thanks to Ardern. Jenny
Ardern’s reckless socialist goals will undermine all the good that previously has been done for New Zealand. Rick
Not with Labour at the front Sue
This govt with its socialist ideas has made the biggest stuff up this country has ever seen and going to take a long time to get out of it the only hope is to have a change of govt that has got some brains Russell
Venezuela, here we come …. Deborah
Without a plan clear to the average voter like me, I am very suspicious of their motives. Shutting the country down and spending borrowed money was the easy bit.Not a word yet on the difficult task of paying the debt back. Scary. Graham
Comrades Jacinda et al will destroy NZ economy. Geoff
Our grandchildren will pay for the Chinese Flu. Jim
no,no,BLOODY NO!! norman
Not with the present government. Marie
Not only am I not confident about our economic future but I am doubly pessimistic because of National who are little better in any aspect of government than Labour. Roger
If we let this Government have it’s way then we will need to re-name NZ Animal Farm, where all men are equal but some are more equal than others. Not the sort of environment I want to leave my children and grandchildren. Wake up NZ. Ian
We will become the Venezuela of the South Pacific in a very short space of time under this current inept bunch of Student Politicians. Unfortunately the current crisis and left wing MSM have given them a free ride with no in depth examination of their policies or their future plans. I also blame the Education system as well for failing to teach history to the students as it would have shown them that this type of policy historically has always ended in tyranny and tears. Allan
I despair at the rubbish we are being fed through the media and hope sincerely that New Zealanders can see through it . Borrowing at the level Ardern is doing will destroy us, how will we pay it back ? Brett
I have always been of the opinion ever since she was put in place that she would destroy NZ. It is coming to pass now and complacency of the Adern arselickers is going to be our undoing. Murray
Absolutely frightening. We agree with your summation of this Government’s plans entirely. God help our young people! Sandra
More Tax to cover the give aways Maurice
The only aspect that I am confident of is that we are in the early stages of an economic disaster. Wake up New Zealanders! You are being fed a colossal confidence trick by an ultra socialist manipulator! Peter
Definitely not we are headed for disaster if this government is allowed to be re elected John
Labour is a socialist party. Socialism is only one step away from communism. We are in for a rough time if this lot wins the election again!! Bruce
Not under a socialist government which seems likely: a combination of Labour and Green will be the worst of all worlds. Each vie with each other for how radical they can be. Peter
All I see happening with the current situation is give, give , give. There is no mention of how or where the repayment is going to come from. A thinly disguised political vote buying scheme that will ultimately lead to a financial disaster. Venezuela here we come! Graham
With National in disarray it will be difficult to stop the imposition of a socialist agenda on NZ citizens. The polls show that the majority of NZers have been sucked in to Ardern’s way of thinking. Isn’t that what happened in the 1930’s in Germany? I have grave fears for the future if this government gets re-elected. Next will be an attack on free speech. Kerry
I fear for the future of our nation if this administration wins the next election, as it might. the public is ill informed, news has become propaganda, and we do not have an effective Opposition Party to fight back. They no longer represent their conservative base but have completely capitulated to the Marxist Left and the UN, and are little more than Leftist lapdogs. Julia
Absolutely not. Why is your opening article NOT in main stream media ?? Lawrie
socialism has been proven NOT to work!!!! Brian
This country is going to get what it voted for and will continue to vote for A socialist led New Zealand with a huge racial divide and the populace living in poverty and reliant on welfare assistance. Darryl
Over time when the world resets itself economically and socially and business, trade, employment is re-established, I believe our economic future will re balance itself as time goes on. It has done so, Historically. Colin
I am appalled at the fickle shallow thinking level of the people that are so blind to what is happening. Allan
Not with the Socialists Neville
I am aghast at the amount of money being given to Maori. I hope there is a change in leadership of the National Party.Todd and Nikki would have my vote. The sooner this lot are out the better. Carol
They have done us wrong. Thoughtless, careless and unnecessary. I am very annoyed. Blind leading the blind. Bruce
nz has prospered by hard work and saving I object to giving houses to people who wont help themselves murray
do not think this government has the skills Rewa
absolutely not if Labour stay in power after 2020 election. Anne
the economy is in the hands of children. Martyn
Hell no. I think we need to look back to pre WW2 at the rise of Hitler – we are seeing the same patterns here for our current Prime Minister – people turning to a leader out of fear and promise of something better. I also question gatherings of no more than 10 people – is this to stop people organizing themselves to oppose Govt – I wouldn’t be trusting the net to provide security. WE MUST GET THEM OUT NEXT ELECTIONS OR BECOME A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Glenda
Idiots in charge John
Very concerned The PM is a communist And communism hasn’t worked anywhere Murray
We’ll just get on with it, without too much interference from Government Kevin
I have just sold all my NZ, US and UK share portfolios at excellent profit. Shares high but devastation to come and could lose everything, and that would not be good. John
Inexperienced Government has borrowed far to much with no appreciation of the costs ahead. Money has been spent on non-essential projects and the cost is well beyond what NZ can service Reg
I am very nervous about the economic future of this country for the very reasons outlined in the article. As a small business owner our future looks bleak. Lachie
#mostincompetantgovtever #mostracistgovtever #taxinda Kynan
All depends on the election! Whether you are a labour or National supporter we all know only one of them understands the economy! Andy
If NZ is to recover from the damage this Labour government has inflicted on us in the name of fighting the CCP virus then what is required is much LESS government at every level. If Ardern gets her way we are heading towards becoming the Venezuala of the South Pacific and inequality and injustice will vastly increase. At present we are heading very fast down the road to perdition. David
Jacinda, Socialism is all very well but sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. John
I think it is time to get out the pitch forks! Rossco
But not under a socialist labour Government. Greg
Liberal economics drives the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. It is time for Rawls theory to stop being approved and and a fair a fair proportion of Utility to be injucted Huria
Not under a labour government Bryan
Jacinda, Jacinda Ardern; She tells lots of lies; As she does a u-turn: Jacinda, Jacinda Ardern; She won’t hear the sighs; As she caused the downturn. Mike
We are heading to straight out government controlled socialism, history has shown this has never worked. Merv
I have the least confidence in decades. Michael
Not under Labour. They have proven time and time again they don’t have the brains. Graeme
With COL running things I doubt they will ever work John
This young woman has been brainwashed since a child, she is clueless, and ignorant, and only sees things through her eyes, she wants to be noticed, wants the fame, and to hell with the NZ public, in her eyes they are standing in her way to be coming the dictator she has always wanted to be, she has got to be stopped, she is only doing the bidding of one H Clarke, on their merry journey to being like Sweden, a country they both admire so much, of course run by feminists, and just look at the mess that country is in. Merryl
If the incumbent Govt is returned in Sept then I see no future for NZ as a democracy and a western state with freedom Of choice, association, speech and freedom for its citizens. Rod
There is no plan to grow the economy and create jobs – it is short term re-allocation of borrowed money. The fear is that she will go to China for financial support. John
While we have a communist PM in Ardern with absolute inept rabble around her nobody can be confident about our future. Sadly we have a large proportion of so called Kiwis who are just dumb and are incapable of analysing things as they should be.Add Maori who survive on handouts and we are in deep trouble. Don
NZ ( under the yoke of these closet communists) will join the sad collection of countries which were transformed and destroyed by socialism. Take all these small South American or African countries or Myanmar, N Korea etc as prime examples. The ultimate result is always a very unhappy people tormented by a tiny elite of sinister thugs. Well — what can I say– we had it too good for too long and people became complacent and godless– now we– as a nation– have it coming and we get the rulers we deserve. The majority of folks out there will only start to ask he right questions when they really hurt. Michael
Not with these socialist muppets at the helm Dave
I’m surprised that so many New Zealanders can’t see what is happening and where this Government is taking us. I’m horrified at the so called Poll results and the lack of decent media coverage about what the Government are up to. Vivienne
Absolutely not with this present Socialist government which is destroying our economy with no plan ahead other than turning New Zealand into a Communist state and more aligned and under the thumbs of China David
We are looking down the barrel of increased taxes for years to come for nothing in return for the average person unless you are in the 18% of population. The current government is inept Kristene
The economy has been wrecked by incompetence and will continue to be while these hopeless col are in government Liz
Inexperienced govt and incompetent leaders with a compliant media together are a disaster in the making. Jane
Our destiny is in the hands of fools, fools with an agenda. Beware New Zealand. Grahame
Under Ardern NZ as we knew is gone. Chris
Absolutely not with this mob of Socialists Allan
The socialist will destroy the human spirit of enterprise and initiative which are the very traits that are required to build a prosperous nation. It will be a slow process but the final destination has been shown time and time again. Unfortunately there is NO party in NZ standing up for the principles of freedom, thrift and enterprise – not National and not even ACT , a party founded on those principles. Given the self-destruction going on in the National Party, ACT should be polling 10%. David Seymour is a one-man-band stage act, with very few fans. What rational thinking ambitious person could be confident about the future of NZ? JD
I’ll probably weather the storm for a couple of years, show that my business (health) is stable, sell and retire to Australia Don
Communism, Marxism and socialism are societies cancer. With these factors present I am at war with this government. David
Yes we need an economic reset for New Zealand But I Lack faith in our Political set up Frank
Run by communists Greg
Especially concerned with the agenda of the current muppets in charge and the impotence of the current opposition combined with a duped blindfolded constituency Phil
I am 60, successful self employed family man. I have never been less confident about NZ’s future, economic or otherwise, its across the board. I am so sad. Experience is a harsh teacher; I fear NZers for generations will suffer… needlessly. Stafford
Certainly not under Cindy’s Communist Party. Time is ripe for Revolution! Coral
It’s frightening Sharen
New Zealand has serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them and whatever your particular problem is I promise you this P.M. is not the least bit interested in solving it. She is interested in two things only, making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it, that is how to steal elections. George
If they are in Gov’t after the next election, both my business and I will be gone by lunchtime! ROBERT
The masses with their hands out and receiving same from Col3 should realise that the they are killing the goose with the golden egg. If we are in this together then those people should get in behind and do a fair days work instead of expecting a few to feather their idle nests. Someone always has to pay and the way JA is leading us means tax, tax n more taxes. Robyn
No we’ll be bankrupt by end of the year if Labour are returned Kaye
They have big red vacuum cleaner that is going to suck the guts out of this country. This is until they have sucked ‘everythink’ out of us all. Tim
There is no question in my mind that Miss Ardern’s actions in dealing with the supposed COVID-19 “crisis”were heavily influenced by her desire to introduce a Marxist based economic system. She and Mr Shaw had made a good start with Global Warming which by their own commissioned estimates were going to retrench New Zealand’s GDP by and estimated 20%. Her march towards a global socialist economy as envisaged by the hierarchy of UN 0fficials (all holding positions through internal elections by member government appointees rather than an electorate franchise) was going to take longer to achieve. Just using the vilification of fossil fuels and their associated CO%u2082 and animal based methane CH%u2084 emissions coupled with the enforced removal of such gases from production it would take a further 30 years to to produce an environment in which a Marxist-Leninist society could take hold. Destruction of the economy on the pretext of saving the nation from COVID-129 by locking the population up and destroying the economy in the process could have only been seen as fortuitous and beneficial to her and her sycophants true objectives However, history shows us that such regimes only have longevity if they are protected and enforced by law enforcement agencies and a network of informants. Has our nation not just experienced a form of this over the last seven weeks? Before that, we had of course the two-day wonder bill in which semi-automatic weapons were banned and confiscated from citizens who had no connection to the lone gunman that attacked the Christchurch Mosques. If this Government is allowed to continue the introduction of socialism and population control by stealth then this will not have an economic future, but one where all are equal but some will certainly be more equal than others! Michael
Not with Labour and definitely not with the Green Party Dave
As long as Ardern and Labour remain the Government of NZ this country is stuffed – economically, morally, socially, and democratically, Unfortunately, far too many voters are too stupid and too lazy to understand this and will likely vote Labour back into Government at the next election. Net result = more people voting with their feet and moving to Australia, more welfare dependency, more inequality, and a ruined economy. Gary
Thank god I’m working in Aussie. Sold my rentals. Have an offer on my house. No longer want to live in NZ. Trevor
Unemployment is going to be worse than predicted and it is going to take a long time to get New Zealand out of financial ruin. John
Baroness Thatcher said it clearly “Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money”. Ron
This government couldn’t run the country prior to lock down, so how can they run it with a ruined economy? Mark
They are making rental property ownership untenable, increasing state welfare dependency, Increasing New Zealand Debt, decreasing democratic control, increasing police /state control, dumbing down our education system and practices that encourage students to strive, removing guns and legalizing drugs. We Need A Trump To Drain This Swamp!!!! Bruce C
Socialism is an evil that encourages welfare bludging and discourages those that WANT to work from doing so. Why should hard working people have to support lazy people!??? Gene
not under labour Diana
Exactly my thoughts. The Zimbabwe/Venezuela of the South Pacific here we come. Alan
The economy will take many years to recover unless the Govt borrow lots more money which puts NZ into long term DEBT! Bruza
Absolutely NOT – if Labour wins the election again. NZ is in a very perilous situation. We are being run by ideologues who have no experience of the real world. Kath
The outrageous level of borrowing by Labour is so irresponsible. And Treasury’s rosy forecasts are a sham. They are assuming a vaccine will be developed, when that is not a certainty. They should have done their forecasts on the situation if a vaccine is not available, since there are no guarantees.    Phillip
I fear for the future of NZ.  Stuart
I always knew Labour was going to be a disaster – I just didn’t realise how badly they could wreck the economy in such a short time. Bill
Unless National get their act together and win the election, the future for NZ is dire. Alistair