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Moratorium on Coastal Claims

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It is now 100 days since Christopher Luxon’s new Government was formed. Significant progress has been made in fulfilling Coalition pledges to wind back co-governance and race-based privilege.

The Three Waters legislation, introduced by Labour to give iwi leaders control of freshwater, has been scrapped. Councils are now back in charge of their water services and infrastructure.

The Maori Health Authority, established by Labour to give iwi leaders control of the health system, has also been scrapped, ending the appalling culture of race-based entitlement in health care – and thwarting an attempt by iwi leaders to use the Waitangi Tribunal to prevent the repeal.

The fact that the taxpayer-funded Waitangi Tribunal even agreed to an ‘urgent’ inquiry to stop the new Government from carrying out an election pledge, shows only too clearly how the Tribunal has been ‘captured’ by radical Maori attempting to usurp our democracy.

For a government looking for cost savings, disestablishing the $14 million a year Tribunal – with 65 staff, a Chairman, and 20 members – should be considered.

Another important election promise specified in the 100-day plan was to “Stop all work on He Puapua”. While Three Waters and the Maori Health Authority were high profile He Puapua policies, they were only the tip of the iceberg.

He Puapua
was, of course, Labour’s ‘secret’ plan to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040 – the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi.

It was developed in 2019 by former Labour Minister Nania Mahuta – in collaboration with iwi leaders – under the guise of implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Fearing a public backlash if the plan was revealed, Labour kept He Puapua hidden from their New Zealand First coalition partner and from voters during the 2020 general election.

Despite having no public mandate, once Labour won the right to govern alone, He Puapua was rolled out at pace.

The main mechanism used to transfer power to iwi was 50:50 ‘co-governance’. While it sounds democratic, by ensuring iwi had the power of veto, co-governance was totalitarian in effect.

Labour’s justification for co-governance was their claim that Maori are Treaty ‘partners’ with the Crown. But that is a fiction, as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator the former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy explains:

“The plain fact is that it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. She can as she did in 1840 make promises to them but by definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws. The Constitution Act 1986 provides that:

S.2 The Sovereign in right of New Zealand is the head of State of New Zealand, and shall be known by the royal style and titles proclaimed from time to time.

“Currently the Sovereign of New Zealand is King Charles III. By definition it is impossible for him to share that Sovereignty with any other person or body of persons. To do so would mean he was no longer the Sovereign in terms of s.2 above. The position and status of our Sovereign has been so well understood for the better part of the last two hundred years, that it is demeaning to have to explain it. But then there are none so blind as those who will not see.”   

Even though it is constitutionally impossible for Maori to be ‘partners’ with the Crown, that inconvenient truth did not stop Labour from using it to justify He Puapua.

Labour established the Office for Maori Crown Relations – in collaboration with iwi leaders – in 2019 to drive the Treaty partnership agenda. With a budget of $450 million and the responsibility for managing Treaty settlements and the Marine and Coastal Area Act claims process, its 189 staff are also tasked with embedding Maori-Crown partnerships within the public and private sectors.

Their latest 2023 Annual Report outlined their goal: “Guide the Crown, as a Treaty partner, across the bridge into te ao Māori and facilitate Māori interactions with the Crown”. In other words, undermine democracy by embedding Treaty ‘partnership’ principles throughout the state sector and beyond.

They reported on progress: 37 Public Service Chief Executives and staff had undergone cultural indoctrination; State Sector guidelines had been developed for incorporating the Treaty into legislation; and direct Treaty advice had been provided on 22 Bills and 214 Cabinet papers.

While last year’s Annual Report contained 37 references in total to a Treaty “partnership” or “partner”, the briefing papers prepared for incoming Ministers contained none.

But removing references to Treaty partnerships and other core values underpinning He Puapua is not the same as removing the agenda.

In reality, He Puapua will never be stopped as long as the Office for Maori Crown Relations remains operational.

This agency needs to be disestablished by the Coalition Government if it is to uphold its election promise of ‘stopping all work on He Puapua’. Not only that, but all of the He Puapua changes instigated over the last four years by the agency, need to be reversed.

These include a requirement to ‘demonstrate a commitment to the Treaty’ by groups like the Real Estate Authority and hundreds of other private sector organisations that are associated with the Government though registration or funding.

In fact, such is the success of the Office for Maori Crown Relations in promoting the partnership fiction since 2019, that it infects virtually every aspect of our society. Nothing short of a Government instruction to remove references to the Treaty from all legislation and regulation – apart from those associated with tribal settlements – will be sufficient to eradicate this cancer on our democracy.

However, there’s a far more pressing problem looming. It’s a matter that was addressed in the coalition agreement between National and New Zealand First, but not included in their 100-day plan of action, despite its urgency.

It’s their pledge to ‘fix’ the Marine and Coastal Area Act: “Amend section 58 of the Marine and Coastal Area Act to make clear Parliament’s original intent.”

If this is not done, Maori will become the legal owners of virtually of the entire coastline and Territorial Sea of New Zealand. This includes 10 million hectares of the richest natural resources in the country – including vast reserves of invaluable minerals such as rare earths, which Maori will own to the exclusion of all other New Zealanders.

Right now, claims for the coast are progressing at pace. Literally hundreds of cases are being readied for Court, with dozens of hearings already underway – see HERE. And with a recent Court of Appeal decision effectively lowering the bar for claimants, not only are most claims likely to succeed, but new claimants are now attempting to join the process.

Many claimants are also planning applications for wahi tapu areas that would exclude the public. If these are approved by the Court, iwi will have the right to appoint wardens to police their areas and issue trespass fines of up to $5,000.

The need to “fix” the Marine and Coastal Area Act has arisen because the legislation, which was introduced in 2011 by John Key’s National Government to satisfy the demands of their Maori Party coalition partner, is fundamentally flawed and poorly drafted.

This misguided law replaced the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act, which Helen Clark’s Labour Government had introduced to re-affirm Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed following a tsunami of claims triggered by activist Judges controversially declaring that Maori customary title might still exist in the coastal marine area.

Before changing the law, National launched a public review of their proposal: Instead of the country’s foreshore and seabed being vested in the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders, it would become ‘public domain’ so Maori could seek title through the courts. Crucially, Prime Minister Key re-assured New Zealanders that “if there was not wide support then the current law could remain in place.”

In spite of 91 percent of submissions opposing the law change, National rammed it through anyway, creating the debacle we face today.

There was huge outrage over the fact that applicants were to be taxpayer funded – up to $458,000 a claim – while those opposing the claims had to fund themselves. That’s why almost 600 opportunistic claims for the coast flooded in just before the 7-year deadline – with virtually no opposition at all.

Taxpayer funding has created another massive gravy train for Treaty lawyers, which is costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. For a government under pressure to cut costs, why is this racket not being addressed?

Taxpayer funding has also led to the corruption of justice itself as the adversarial process which underpins High Court hearings has been fatally compromised, since there is virtually no opposition to the mountain of claims. The Attorney General, who could have assumed the role of ‘contradictor’, has instead opted to ‘assist’ the Court. This means that the whole coastal claims process is no longer delivering justice – instead it’s delivering whatever Maori want.

There was also huge criticism over the new law establishing two pathways for lodging claims – the High Court which has 202 claims and direct negotiation with the Crown with 385 claims.

But the system is unworkable as Justice Churchman explained last year: “A situation that remains unresolved is the existence of two separate pathways for the obtaining of recognition orders. Some applicants have both High Court proceedings and direct engagement applications. Other Crown engagement only applicants are potentially seriously disadvantaged in that, if the Court makes CMT orders in favour of High Court applicants, that effectively excludes the opportunity for direct engagement applicants to subsequently obtain CMT orders in respect of the same area. This would appear to be a problem that can only be resolved by legislative means.”

However, the fatal flaw in the legislation is the requirement that applicants must have held their claimed area according to “tikanga” or custom. Controversially, this is not determined by Judges, but by Maori advisers. As a result, hearsay oral history is accepted as evidence, and claimants end up arguing that their tikanga has precedence over others so they can gain a greater slice of the pie. 

In what surely amounts to another miscarriage of justice, the courts have determined that tikanga is a dominant consideration that overrides the stringent property rights tests included in Section 58 of the law, that require applicants to have held their claimed area “exclusively” and “continuously” since 1840.

Compounding the problem, Judges have introduced the new legal concept of “shared exclusivity” – to accommodate the fact that virtually all of the claims overlap. Instead of interpreting the law according to the wishes of Parliament and ruling out competing claims that breach the ‘exclusively’ held requirement, they made new law to ensure that most of the claims succeed.

What all of this means is that National’s assurance that no more than 10 percent of New Zealand’s 20,000 km coastline would end up being controlled by Maori, could not have been more wrong. If the law is not changed, virtually the entire New Zealand coastline out to the edge of the Territorial Sea, will be transferred into the ownership of competing tribal groups.

In effect, the Marine and Coastal Area Act has perverted the course of justice, delivering the exact opposite of what the Government of the day promised.

This is such a gross breach of trust that it cannot be allowed to continue. The Marine and Coastal Area Act is a total mess. It is so fatally flawed, that the only remedy is repeal – cancelling the claims and restoring the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act.

In 2002, when Helen Clark’s Government faced an escalation in marine farming applications at a time when an urgent law change was needed, she introduced a moratorium to provide the breathing space the Government needed to change the law.

Christopher Luxon should do the same – declare a moratorium to halt the claims process, while the necessary law changes are enacted.

Please note:
If you feel strongly about this matter, why not contact Coalition MPs and share your views. All MP email addresses can be found through the “Parliament” tab at the top of our NZCPR website HERE. Key MPs are:
National Leader and Prime Minister Christopher Luxon –
New Zealand First Leader and Deputy PM Winston Peters – winston.peters@parliament.govt.nz
ACT Leader David Seymour – david.seymour@parliament.govt.nz
Attorney General Judith Collins – judith.collins@parliament.govt.nz
Minister of Justice and Treaty Negotiations Paul Goldsmith – paul.goldsmith@parliament.govt.nz;
Minister for Courts Nicole McKee –  nicole.mckee@parliament.govt.nz

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*Should a moratorium be placed on the Marine and Coastal Area Act claims process, until the major problems with the law are addressed?


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Chris Findlayson lied to us. He promised that no tribe could claim exclusive use of any part of the coastline. Cleary he misread the courts.Kevin
The coast and sea belong to all New Zealanders Maori have no right to think they have the right to claim it.Colleen
National needs to sort out their law before the whole coast is taken over.Mary
About time!Jo
Absolutely and right now further all of these so called claims need to be scrapped, tossed in the bin and the so called waitangi tribunal andall other separatist hangers on should be scrapped and dumped immediately. They won’t like it but it has to be. The hundreds of millions of dollars saved will be better spent on the essential infrastructure of the country which has been run down to 3rd world status and worse in places. Most problems now sheet home to the thoroughly corrupted MMP system. That desperately needs to go as well, it’s been a ballsup since day oneFlip
Remove all reference to the principles of the treaty.Stevo
We must stop the Maori claim on our coast line.William Clive
No race based preferential privileges what so ever. We are all New ZealandersBrian
We need Winston and David to stand up to keep Luxon on track to dismantle He Puapua.Denis
Yes, moritorium only way to stop. As my late aunty always said, some maori are just greedy little buggers. Nothing has changed.Kevin
absolutely yes. the mere fact maori control is talked about is scaryjohn
Long overdue. It just needs courage and steadfastness.DICK
just has to happen,otherwise national, and helpers will have failed miserably! Shows how bad our courts have become, hard to believe!norman
It is vital to get this right for the future of NZlone
should be demolished altogetherMichael
The gravy train of racism must be stopped right now and apply to all areas of Governance. Christopher Luxon. unfortunately tries to please all of the people all of the time and tends to flip flop om vital issues.Dene
Beaches belong to all Kiwis EQUALLYMilan
The coast line is a non negotiable fact that cannot be owned by an individual or group. end of storyDavid
John Key was so so wrongChris
Claims must be stopped now until the government has redressed the law.Doug
The previous government has given Maori a power of veto over democracy. This govenment needs to stop it now.graham
The land and sea belongs to no one man or tribe but to everyone. Unless you can realise this you will remain a slave.alan
The ownership of the coastline and seabed must be retained by the crown for the use and enjoyment of all New ZealandersRussell
Tha coast line must remail in all New Zealand hands and Not just for Maori clamaintsBary
Absolutely Yes. Immediately, But will our weak unpopular PM do it??? Of course not, he is only interested in his CV not the social cohesion of New Zealand. New Zealanders must stand against the bullies and take back our country.Sam
And abolitionist the Waitangi Tribunal nowAlan
Return ALL STOLEN ASSETS OF THE PEOPLE… and HALT, the further SELL OUT of our NATION !! that includes LAND!!!David
We are one people – the foreshore and seabed should belong to all New Zealanders to be enjoyed and valuedPamela
100% YES or tibal maori radicals will own our entire coastline. Its absolutely Discusting. Govt needs to act now.Allan
Luxon is so weak that my dead grandmother could easily beat him in an arm wrestle while puffing on a fag. This mad situation (yet another of John Key’s many missteps) will tear this country apart if it is allowed to continue. Start by cutting the taxpayer funding for this and watch the trougher lawyers run for the hills!Tony
Stop the rot. Parliament must take back control from the corrupt judiciary.Rob
Stop it fastChristine
It is a travesty of justice. The ramifications are huge.Beverley
The beach, sea and territorial waters belong to all New ZealandersAnon
First a moratorium, second, stop the rort of taxpayers funding the claims to the court.Mark
Fix this and do it quickly before any more damage is done. This is yet another problem caused by six years of Labour’s mismanagement. Did they intend to wreck the country ?Paloma
This is another maori rortIan
Democracy is hopefully still here in NZRussell
Maori insulting long traditions of kiwi generosity in favour of apartheid must be denied the people’s confidence. Furthermore all seats traditionally provided Maori eliminated.Norman
Absolutely imperative that a moratorium is put in place.Peter
Absolutely. We are being robbedBruce
This is a must-do.Kevin
Laws must by definition be fair for the whole population.John
Access to beaches and foreshore should be free for all New Zealanders equally.Diana
Absolutely, no time to wasteGraham
Definitely should. We can not have this outrageous claims to continue. New Zealanders should be informed about what is going on, most have no idea of the long term effect iwi ownership will have.Heather
Absolutely. Then fix the problem immediately, no more shilly-shallying. Face up to Maori activists and shout loiuder than they do. The coalition has a mandate.Sheila
We need a clear message from our elected parliamentarians That a STOP has to be called – i don’t want to have to live out my days fighting the Maori radicals. This is all what the vote was against. Truth not politics please.maurice
It must be done ASAPGraeme
Yes, very much so. Needs to be done now before more damage is done. All our natural assets need to be under Crown ownership forever.Lee
This should be stopped immediately.Phil
Stop this attempted maori takeover.Judith
I could not agree more. The mess should be cleaned up as soon as possible so that the money grabbing Maori do not succeed. What a mess.Derek
Thousands of volunteers gave their time and money to vote in politicians who they believed would fix this mess. They have been betrayed.Luis
It should go much further and dismantle the Waitangi Tribunal entirely as it been hijacked by Maori radicals years ago. Maori radicalism and claims for everything in NZ has spread like a cancer with the elite Maori grab for NZ assets & funded by the NZ tax payer, enough is enough!Greg
The Maori elite are in effect devolving alternative governing authorities in direct opposition to the elected government. Their onward rush to Maori control is hardly swayed by the change of governmentWilliam
Maori can set net for flounder in the Waimea estuary but it is illegal for Europeans to do so. This travesty must be addressed as it was introduced by a corrupt Adern Labour government.Roger
Very good article.Dan
I am not giving way, we are one nation of one people united.Ken
Absolutely. A gross breach all NZ’s rightsErrol
Hell, yes!Sue
Access to the seacoast should be the same for all New Zealand citizens.Austin
The coalition govt. pledge of restoring democracy to NZ way of life appears to be false. Where are the members who vociferously campaigned for this?? they need to show some mettle and get on with it,albeit how hard it will be.Ian
Giving us the relevant coalition email addresses is a very good idea, thank you. i hope every one who voted yes also sends an email.Pamela
Just do it !Donald
Tony Willy is 110% right in what he is telling us, make sure the Politicians. understand and actMorrin
A moratorium is a must. There is a Murphy’s Law for what we have here up to now: “It’s impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious”!Kevan
Freedom of use for everyoneBrian
Without Hesitation Name all those Pushing This Undemocratic Move Mostly in Secret.Terence
100%. End the gravy train for Maori activist elites and their very dangerous greed filled hate and games. NZ is for our nation of Kiwis to share in gratitude and appreciation of our beautiful land, rivers, coast.Ann
Vital for all N Z ccitizens.Warren
Another good idea would be to send the Supreme Court justices on a constitutional law refresher course.Hugh
The information which Dr. Newman has released is alarming and frustrating. It is supported by the information from Peter Williams of the Taxpayers Union. Before the election there were statements that Mahuta and the Labour Government had tied up the legislation, setting up the 3 Waters and the Coastal NZ ownership and control in so much red tape that it would be impossible to unravel it, even if the legislation is removed by the Coalition Government as it has been. This is an impossible situation if Maoris can dictate the future government of NZ and defy the legal decision of the Parliament.. News that our Coalition had voted against the 3 Waters was greeted with relief by the majority of Kiwis but to now find the both that and the ownership of our coastal beaches and recreation areas is still going ahead to Maori Co Governance and nothing can be done is unheard of. There is also the disturbing news that the civil servants employed by the Government to introduce these unpopular measures, are still employed and drawing huge salaries.CHRIS
Bad Law should always be prevented and this is….Lionel
This is urgent.Mark
To right a grave injusticeSylvienne
absolutely !!!!!russell
I agree.David
The moratorium should be permanent.!Emmanuel
All “Waitangi Tribunal”, claims and related activities must be stopped: urgently.Peter
The results of this readers vote must be sent to the PM and all MP’s. We have fools in Parliament, so why be surprised with this mess caused by Politicians ?John
The water should belong to all NZersTony
Absolutely !!!!!!!!!!!!!Alan
All coastline should be owned by the state.Donald
A moratorium is only a temporary solution. This entire scheme has to be abolished. The whole thing is a problem in itself so there is no need to adress anything. These maori radicals have to realize that running roughshod over the majority of citizens in New Zealand has become unbearable and utterly unacceptable. The Government has to start with purging all departments and get rid of all these lick spittles who support these schemes and replace them with capable and skilled experts who will work in the interest and wellbeing of our Nation. Only then we will recover from years of despotic neglect and abuse.Michael
About No questionable about itJulie
Immediately action to stop the claimsSidwell
All the racist practices and legislation should be removed. Let the so called Maori leaders squirm and argue. They are no longer in charge. One nation is the only way to go.Peter K
It is high time this nonesense was stopped. Why are we paying when as the Maori programme T.V Sunday morning last stated the Maori Economy 70Billion DollarsKath
This is Becoming a Major “THEM and US PROBLEM “Wiremu
It must be. The beaches andsea shores shouldbe freely avaiable for all New Zealandersto use and enjoy.Dennis
National (who I voted for) are disappointing me more every day. They seem to be using a trojan horse to outrageous wokeism.Richard
The coast should be ‘owned’ by the Crown and available to every NZer.Access should be free to all Kiwis.Tony
The shambles in the Ureweras is instructive enough of where these misguided policies eventually lead…Timothy
before lunchPercy
If the seabed and costal act is not transferred back to the Crown Maori will continue to stake a claim and refuse access to the public. Then we will face civil war .ken
Absolutely, and this government has to act immediately.Tom
It looks like Luxon is another John Key. If this is not halted permanently ACT should pull the plug so we can have another election.Rex
It never ends!!Marianneh
National needs to keep their foot on the pedal and clear up all the separatist and sovereignty laws created. Back to 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act and remove the Office for Maori Crown Relations completely along with He Puapua.judy
Coastline and seabed must be owned by all and controlled by governmentRobbie
most certainlyColin
Absolutely This coalition Government is New Zealand’s only last chance to end an ownership debacle based on hearsay evidence 200 odd years ago which will bring our country into a Idi Amin or Mugabe type Nation .Bite the bullet and get it sorted nowStan
GOVT needs to act urgently to put a moratorium to get this law sorted outleo
The cash-cow has been “milked” for long enough, and is now descending into separatism. Come on New Zealand WAKE UP ! Attention news media .. show some guts.kabe
Most certainly we are all one people one country.Jim
This should be carried out ASAPMike
Definitely, until all problems are resolvedGraeme
Absolutely it’s an outrageRuth
100% The coastline belongs to ALL New Zealanders, hence the traditional “from 6ft above high water the beach is “owned” by all New Zealanders”Rita
No brainerrobin
Fix the Act to maintain public ownership to our coastline and Territorial Seas!Peter
Don’t rely on Te Reo Luxflake as he’s another bloody globalist – one of Klaus Schwabs young leaders. Seen recently in Queenstown with Dame Ardern and I believe Bill Gates was there at the same time. Luxflake confirmed Arderns $500 thousand ChCh call job, whatever that means. So the coalition needs to get off their asses and put the foreshore and seabed back in public ownership and embed it there so that a future govt cannot change it. Shame on Key and Finlayson.Carolyn
Get it done, or this country is finished!!!Jenny
Yes Yes Yes. Laws must be passed to bring New Zealand back under the control of all New Zealanders. A referendum should be held to return honesty and decency back to all who live in this wonderful country called NEW ZEALAND.Alister
great idea, this must stop,Gerhard
The law is fatally flawed, simple as that. IT DOES NOT ACHIEVE what Key et al promised. it MUST be repealed.Allan
100% Yes. It is despicable what the maori’s and the Labour government have been doing behind the backs of all rel new ZealandersAlister
a complete rewrite of the act itself or a return to the previous act that it replaced is now required.Wayne
Makes common and Legal sense !Pierre
This whole debacle is down to John Key and that idiot Finlayson who “believed” no such greed by maori could possibly occur . We have learned much about greed by maori over recent time and steps must be done to stop this onslaught of Kiwi rights .I am totally confident the new I blame Key and Finlayson for incompetance on a level only surpassed by Adern .I have total confidence in the coalition to put things right as they are doing so superbly in everything they promised to do .Well done guys the maoris just continue to rort any system to further their own greedy intentions ,unless they are stopped. which gives some hope after 6 years of the Tooth Fairy and associates ie maori and media clowns . Great to see TV3 come a gutser after years of left wing direction ,good riddance.Ray
The new government may have dismantled the Maori Health Authority but they have extended funding for Iwi Boards and asked them for their wishlists for regional health. This isn’t a total scrapping of Labour’s plan, it is the removal of the most publicly visible parts of it.John
get rid of this messdoug
Will this nonsense ever end!Christina
Absolutely. It has to be stopped before these lunatic woke judges end up giving it all away.Steve
OST certainly, get on ith itGary
How shocking!!!!!Julz
Moratorium is the required immediate response. This needs to be followed up by repeal in the next 2 years.Mark
This can’t happenClint
Absolutely, just as Kiwi’s voted to stop the ownership of our water being stripped from the public ownership, the government must now also stop this much worse rort.John
That Maori should own most of our coastline based on nothing but their word of ownership over many years (without other evidence) is ridiculous and unacceptable to all non-Maori.Alastair
It’s simply a disgrace.John
yes pleasemike
Just imagine the gravy train should the air & sky ever come up for grabs.Nick
It should NEVER have been transferred from Crown ownership. Blame that Maori worshipper and first class traitor Chris Finlayson!!Tony
Absolutely agree to a moratoriumJacqui
And go further. Repeal the Act and reinstate its predecessor legislation. Now.DAVID
Yes. The Law has been a complete ASS in relation to this, and National needs to properly fix the mess that they created.Noel
immediately, so that the Treaty breach which the M&CAA represents for the majority of citizens can be propoerly addressed and the breach rectified by new law.Francis
The vast majority of New Zealander’s quietly expect that common sense will prevail and that a small minority of the population will never control such an important public assett. This is a massive decision that will affect race relations in the country far into the future, Do not let us downRob
This is a real shock and we thank you Muriel for letting us know about it so clearly I will be on to MPsMurray
This is most urgent for the safety of all New Zealanders’ Right to Own THE FORESHORE AND SEABED. This should NOT be owned exclusively by MAORI!Valerie
Absolutely. This needs to be addressed NOW before any more damage is done.Robyn
This act is a travesty and needs to be repealed asap.Vicki
Shocking. The greed and self entitlement!Dianne
One sided and completely undemocraticGraham
This moratorium will give much needed time to address the issues in the public arena through alternative media and to force the government to. Ring it to the fore.Helen
Does Luxon have the balls to do what the majority want..Lindsay
Another Miri Money grab ex the so called rewritten TreatyTony
The ridiculousness of this situation is mind bendingChristopher
Reading and understanding the utterly disreputable Maori campaign to grab control of large chunks of New Zealand’s seabed & foreshore make me feel physically ill. Especially towards the politicians and “judges” who are complicit in enabling such theft to proceed. To the utter detriment and disinheritance of ALL other New Zealanders; forever. We are well along the path to civil war, once the majority of NZ citizens wake up to the nightmare reality.John
absolutely yesRobert
This is absolutely crucial to the future of our nation.James
Chris Finlayson and John Key should be tried for Treason!Graham
Unjust and unfair legislation should be stopped in its tracks before even more damage is done to our democracyWilliam
absolutely a moratorium. No question whatsoeverPhil
It is our future, our foreshore and Marine areas belong to all N ew Zealanders.Merv
if these claims go ahead then not only will it male all other New Zealanders and New Zealand Citizens be 2nd class people in their own country, but I can also see further fights between Iwi and tribes. This is the 21st century not the dark ages.Jackie
It’s almost too little too late.John
The sooner common sense returns to this country the better.Bruan
The most important and urgent legislation at the momentPauline
Anyone born in NZ is indigenous. Therefore there can be no differences based on RaceJohn
Is the partnership / co-governance genie is out of the bottle it will be extremely difficult to put it back in and hammer the stopper home. However, if NZ is to have a future as a first-world country this must be done. if not, it is only a question of time before tribal conflict returns to NZ (with a broad definition of tribal to over all manner of groups with a axe to grind, not just the traditional Maori tribes.Gary
What an absolute mess John Key and Jacinderella have put us through. Action please Luxton Winnie and SeymourRob
Race based Acts break Legislative Rulesgilbert
yes without reservation as soon as possible.galem
Before it is too late.JUDITH
An obvious move to safeguard the position of all New Zealanders. Peter
I went to a local meeting where Mr Finlayson underplayed the Act which he had prepared for Parliament. He was rude, arrogant and called those who spoke against it clowns and stupid, not realising that many of those present were successful business owners, professional people and come Maori . The outcome was always a certainty and has now shown to those at the meeting that the real Clown was Finlayson. The process needs to be put on ice and new legislation enacted asap.Mike
Yes definitely, they can’t give away the coastline like this.Tim
New Zealand must be the ONLY country in the world where ‘exclusivity’ means something else from exclusivity!Paul
good lord they are so much sharper than Luxon & Co. HELPmurrzy
this needs to be stopedroyce
Common decency. 1 person =1 voteRoger
This should be introduced immediately as what is being proposed is illegal and will absolutely bring about even further division of our multi ethnic community.Robert
The coastal area moves all the time and there should be free responsible access to beaches and cliffs around NZ. It is not something that can be owned. One tsunami and its gone.Deb
John key was knighted for being the most ineffectual PM this country has seen. He sold the country down the river, bowing to Maori Party demands during his term in office. Fonterra’s overseas exports made him look good. He did nothing.George
Please, Please, get this right. New Zealand cannot afford to continue with this ‘partnership’ rubbish. Maori are less than 10% of our population, and almost none of them are full-blooded maori at that, simply half-caste or less. WHY should they run/own the country?Carl
Happy to allow the new Coalition Government a further 100 days to enable with Urgency these Three actions (1) Repeal the Flawed Foreshore Act (2) Disband the tainted Treaty Tribunal (3) Disband Maori Crown Relations Office Lets not give the socialist Bureaucrats any mechanism to continue the lie of Partnership in any form.Richard
Yes. Such a pity tghat Helen Clark’s Foreshore and Seabed Act was so fircely opposed she/the then Govt caved in.Rochelle
It should be of the highest priority for this new governmentBill
This is one the most important acts the new govt needs to undertakeDavid
If this doesn’t happen the country will face a huge problem with the courts completely flooded with competing claims.Which will have claims for Iwi ownership of all the counties ports.Bryan
This is a huge issue- very important & not have it rushed as the last Gov did with anything that needs intelligence of discussions rather than forcing such important issues lest it might be scrutinized by the NZ Public and voiced back re feelings on this push.Philip
Most definitelySheila
At once!Derek
Absolutely! The present situation is a mess, aided and abetted by senior judges (who should be aware of the rule of law) in their decisions to allow tikanga to have a major determining factor in cases. Such judges are making up the law as they go, the flaw being that only Parliament can make laws.Laurence
Total for evermoreShaun
Question is CO-GOVERANCE still alive .Hope not . Starting to wonder is it a case against Luxon and co . are we fools .to trust .TONY
Does anyone know what percentage Maori blood is in the average Maori. In 2006 they were on average at least 47% European. The % European in the average Maori must be greater in 2024.Ian
Absolutely – Do Not De.lay – Act immediatelyBruce
Without hesitation or sooner.Frank
It’s got out of hand and needs to be reigned in completely.Annie
waiting for Luxon to do it wont happen. He is scared of the Maoris and the trouble it may causeAllan
The whole Concept should have gone to a Moratorium not a Maoriatorium in the first place. Corrupted Politicians and Judges should called out for their Part in all this BUT then the Main Sewage Media are corrupted as well !!Geoff
The rort is already in place, Lakeland Queen debacle here in Rotorua, Waikaremoana, Ramp fees Te Kaha, Waihou Bay, Just to name a few Maori collecting so Called Koha? The Maori rape and pillage the seafood around the coastline of New Zealand with impunity already and that’s with laws in place to stop the depletion of sea food. They did it before Capt. Cook got here and the reason he called Gisborne Poverty Bay because the local Maori were near to starvation. Raped and pillaged all birdlife and sea food.Wayne
All references to Maori MUST be repealedGareth
Must be stated loud and clear Maori do not own the country, historical real grievances have been settled what is occurring now is an attempt to get highly paid jobs for the elite Maori who do little to lift Maori out of deprivation and into real world where you work for what standard of living you getChris
A moratorium should be enacted immediately. All claims should be cancelled. And the Waitangi Tribunal has to be scrapped. The Judges who are misrepresenting the law need to be disbarred.david
This is clearly a legal necessity. Thank goodness for the strong, coherent three-party coalition government we achieved in the 2023 election.Andy
Absolutely there should be. Get rid of ALL race based claims to ownership. Where do Maori claims end? next it will be Maori own The mountains the sky the air, the moon, this needs to end.. its’ laughable !David
THere is no spirit to this treaty when you are dealing with deceitful, greedy and recentful people.mike
With urgency.Richard
Nobody should own the coast or the coastal waters.Alan
This simply MUST NOT be allowed to happen It amounts to a rape of the rights of ALL other New Zealanders . Maori are no more indigenous than the rest of us , despite mall their bullshit to the contrary . They too are settlers who arrived in canoes from offshore . The difference – they immediately set out to eliminate the existing established Moriori race with genocidal wanton murder. There is absolutely no justification for these proposals . They represent a massive unwarranted rort on ALL other New Zealanders .It MUST NOT happenHugh
Insanity to go ahead before sorting out the bogus claim to “principles of the treaty” and the unwillingness to recognise Maori ceded sovereignty at WaitangiCraig
Totally sensible and reasonableBruce
I can imagine the situation where the iwi would charge everybody to launch a boat, or actually deny access. Come along when families are enjoying the beach and charge them. A disastrous situation. The shoreline of NZ belongs to the whole nation not a privileged few. It would be death to commercial fishing, unless it was owned by iwi. Remove all legislation pertaining to the foreshore and sea.Laura
All things that are different for Maori than for us makes life hard for everyone. The language mixed with English makes me mad as it doesnt make sence I like Maori and have lots of Maori friends who also dissagree with all the Maori stuff pushed upon us, we are all the same.Barbara
Urgently needed ASAPBrenda
Yes because to date the situation has been biased towards one small section of NZ populationDavid
this whole fiasco – fraud is so blindingly obvious that surely National and the coalition are onto to it.Boud
A moratorium in lieu of legislation being fixed makes a lot of sense. Although Luxon is likely to run for the hills to avoid facing the racist card.Ron
This should never have got to this it’s unbelievable any government would even consider anything like itPeter
If indeed it is necessary, then yes, a moratorium, though when government want to ram things through they don’t need one for “breathing space”. Some comments claims “mistakes” or “stuffups”. No such luck, they are all in it together.Larry
Interpretation of the law by the judiciary should be consistent with Parliament’s intention when the bill was passed. A moratorium will buy time for the Goverment to survey public opinion and to reconsider and modify the Marine and Coastal Area Act.Jacob
Of course – the only JUST thing to do.Jenny
Maori are no more indigenous than are we . They too are settlers who arrived by sea , in their case by canoes , probably from Rarotonga . There is absolutely no justification for these coastal claims to proceed in favour of Maori . It is yet another massive unwarranted and unjustified rort on all other New Zealanders . It MUST NOT proceed / happen . Straight out RAPE of all other New Zealanders . Further there are NO Maori with any direct Maori lineage with anything near even 25percent Maori blood and it is rapidly reducing with each generation. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen .Hugh
Stop this NONESENSE pleasePhil
This should never have been introducedPeter
wont happen under luxton’s watch as hes as bad as key and afraid of upseting the brown mob and loosing his perks, the sooner he leaves the better, this country then may suvive. without a civil war.Richard
I have said all along all these gravy trains need to stop. It is totally abhorrent that Labour had pushed this legislation through in the first placeRod
Hell yesPeter
I think this Marine & Coastal act should be wiped altogether-belongs to all NZ regardless of race in my opinionColleen
Definitely How much more do they want. Getting sick of our taxes paying for their greedMarlene
Not only should this be initiated, but For a government looking for cost savings, disestablishing the $14 million a year Tribunal – with 65 staff, a Chairman, and 20 members – should be considered.Maurice
A massive priority. Stop the financial and coastal rot, now.Kevin
Yes, and the funding imbalance of claims should be addressed as well. Unless the present coalition government takes a decisive stand on this issue, they risk being thrown out in 3 year’s time in favour of a coalition government with Swarbrick a dominant playerPeter
Absolutely,this whole “thing” needs to be repealed, the act put in place by Helen Clarke , was one of the few things she got right, in my opinion. What this last Labour has by stealth, put in place is a virtual “coup d’eTat” of our whole coastline, this resource almost in its entirety, should be protected by Law for all New Zealanders, not a particular group based on racial imperatives’. That alone is a form of Totalitarianism.Russ
Post haste. I want my children to have access to enjoy our lovely coastal views and environment.Doris
Urgently neededGary
Absolutely, asap. This nonsense has to stop,once and for all. National need to fix the mess they made quickly.Peter
The area is a huge mess and a pause needs to be taken.errol
Yet another Finlayson sop to iwi, much like his Urawera National Park fiasco.Chris
The government coalition must face and repeal legislation with urgency.Henry
Totally corrupt political actions and they got away with it. Maorification of NZ is a total insult to the upper middle class colonial descendants…who but this country together.Chris
Stop this decisive nonsenseTerry
Most definitely.Mike
And also the foreshore and seabed needs to be in crown ( the peopes ) ownership.Neil
The simple answer is YES. The direction taken has and will be a complete disaster for ALL New Zealanders. If it not addressed, 90% of Kiwis could be held to ransom by any successful tribal entity. An absolute disgrace.chris
Coalition to sort this ASAPDavid
Just a land and coastline grab by nyone claiming Maori bloodJeff
Halt the awaiting cases for ownership otherwise it maybe too lateGaye
A resounding yes from mejenny
Not much time to enact this absolutely and necessary Moratorium.Ian
Definitely. Also the tribunal should be scrappedNeville
The Coast–, foreshore, seabed, & territorial waters & mineral reserves must NOT be owned by Maori! The Crown must be in control& these areas beong to ALL new Zealanders!!!Sandra
For reasons givenJohn
If we do not, racial unrest will escalate throughout NZ and Violence will erupt.Bill
totally undemocraticmark
Of course – this is a no brainer.Hylton
There needs to be a pause to ensure that the rights of all NZ’s are fairly addressed.Mark
Enough is enough. We have paid and given too much already. Stop this appropriation immediately. Imagine how the billions of dollars already paid could have benefitted each New Zealander.Spotty
Disband the Waitangi Tribunal immediately and make a declaration that all New Zealand citizens are equal.Steve
The Coastal areas of New Zealand are for ALL of us not a minority with assumed rightsPeter
Keep going Dr Muriel NZ should be for everyone.Pam
No comment the whole thing is a travesty of justice.Michael
Absolutely! And like, yesterday.Sue
Yes of course. But, please God Defend New Zealand from itself. The politicians can’t because they and the Press are the ones stuffing it up.Bruce
No claims whatsoever should be entertained during this period when the coalition government has stated it is making fundamental changes to the whole “claims” landscape. It won’t hurt to wait until the government has made its position clear.Richard
as it stands is completely uselessChris
Coast and foreshore should be owned by all New Zealanders, as with internal waterways.Peter
Clarity is needed.Janet
Who is trying to delay the implementation of the election promise to stop this?? That’s the crux of it!Giles
The sooner the better. We must get our Coast back. We are all one people here in New Zealand.William Clive
What is happening to our country? Please stop this!Tom
somehow I feel it is too late. The fourth estate will certainly try to stop it.mike
The coast belongs to all NZersAndy
Absolutely stop these claims. The beaches, foreshore and coast of NZ belongs to all New ZealandersLinda
This is robbery from the New Zealand public and must be stoppedJenny
The new Govt is acting as Labour in a blue jacket…Gerry
And it needs to be done NOW.william
Best the reinstatement of crown ownership & enshrine it in the constitution.Phil
Stop the tax payer funded Maori land grabs.Steve
This is the only course to stop Maori Iwis owning the whole of sea coasts of NZ.Dominique
Maori should not have any control over the resources that all of New Zealand is entitled toGary
This is urgent so that the coastal areas of NZ are not handed to iwi on a plate while te politicians dally with the legislation. It should have been in the first 100 day plan.Kerry
I read Dr Newman’s article on the subject and accept that the Marine and Coastal Area Act urgently needs fixing. Her proposed approach also seems appropriate to me.Barrie
it needs to be done straight away it should have been in the first 100 day plan. If it continues to go ahead millions of dollars will be wasted & the very real chance that New Zealander’s will be barred from the coast for ever unless a fee is extorted.Nigel
better still just repeal the ACT. Remove all claims by Maori and revert the coastline to public control forever, not to be changed again.Carolyn
Far too much wanting everything by a certain elite group be it from the sky or earth it’s theirs.Laurie
The sooner, the better……John
New Zealand’s foreshore and seabed belongs to all New Zealanders. Period! Repeal Finlaysons ridiculous legislation. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Helen Clark got it right.Rodger
Agree with WillyAllan
why would a National Pasrty Govt be reluctant to do so?Robert
Absolutely, otherwise every bit of legislation will be hamstrung indefinetely.Karen
The very lucrative gravy train must stop. If they get their hands on all of it, there goes our access to beaches, mining etc. We too, the europeans have had a long association with the sea and shore line. How bout we put in claims too.Nic
NO more apartheid in New Zealand PLEASE!!!!Honest Dave
Feel that maybe this is too late somehow. The horse seems to have bolted and we are now daily being flooded with more claims from Maori interests in all aspects of daily life.Lawrie
Chris Finlayson tried hard but the system has been cocked up with Judges overuling Parliament. This coalition needs to seriously examine whole sordid mess made by LabourAnthony
Racism more than the treaty of Waitangi allowsGeorge
if this is not addressed the whole of the country will be held to RANSOM by the tribal elite (who are only interested in enriching themselves )LesW
This claim is another fraud being perpetrated on New Zealanders under the guise of He Puapua.John
Stop the rot immediately!Duncan
Immediately. Stop this noncence!Leonard
Yes most definitely The judiciary can not be allowed to make contentious decisions that allow the constant disputes and division among a society to continue were we are all one Fix the mess the coalition has the mandate.Bruce
With over lapping claims when will the infighting beginArthur
No one owns water or the species within it.Raymond
It should no be led by people like Mike Baker and Dr Blakey that the Labour government put in place or the truth will never come out and it would be a waste of tax payers moneySue
And John Key needs to be stripped of his knighthood and pensionroger
The Courts should not alter the will of the people.tony
Imagine if all of these Claims are administered the Maori will going backwards to the 1840 fighting over one Tribe having more than the other,History has a way of repeating itself!Michael Andrew
The public at large should own the foreshore equally, with an inalienable right of access. Fairness and equality is paramount, otherwise the repercussions could be seriousPeter
Repeal the abominable Maori claim on the Marine and Coastal Areas Act immediately. Coastal areas claimed by Maori must remain property of the Crown.Marshal
it belongs to evveryonesue
Absolutely, Key was just trying to prove he knew better then Helen Clark. The 2004 Foreshore and Seabed act was already enacted and settled the issue. Key opened the issue up again and it became a matter of “John Key’s Act” instead of Helen Clark’s. Surely a matter of self importance and grandiosement. What a foolhardy act. The outcome could now lose the entire NZ coastline to public access without tribal consent. The commercial access to NZ coastal waters could be in jeopardy., and New Zealand could really become a very isolated little island nation, subject to visitation rights according to iwi consent. The tide really must turn back on this issue and soon. Perhaps the Waitangi Tribunal should be abandoned at the same time.terrence
of course it is overdue – any with 2 brain cells can grasp the inequity of what is being rammed into placeCollin
iWi are drunk on the power arderN gave themmike
I always thought the Crown owned all between the high water (tide) mark to 3 miles offshoreKen
It’s a land and sea grab.Neil
Of course, but the chance of thar happening under the current government is only slightly greater than under the last one.Rod
Only a common sense resolution can then be achieved. Tikanga should not override the laws made by parliament or the actual intention of parliament.JOHN
The law is not fit for any purpose. Its discrimination against non_Maori is a searing indictment of National.Trevor
Law is not being used as was advised by the Key GovernmentGary
Yes – immediately – as a matter of priority. This cannot be allowed to continue. Better still, repeal it without delay and return the Marine and Coastal Area to Crown control where it should have remained in the first place!Scott
To maintain NZers’ ownership of the marine and coastal areas.mary
Immediate action must be taken to arrest the process currently underway; that would lead to huge savings in legal costs, no doubt already being paid out.Terry
Dont dig the potential hole any bigger until resolvedBruce
Obviously the law must be changed to prevent Maori taking over marine areasGavin
Yes, the sooner the better.COLIN
Stop these claims dead. Its Crown Land, for all to use.Greg
Most definitely and at once. Everything about it is very racist and wrong. The Waitangi Tribunal needs to be disbanded forthwith and the Marine and Coastal Area Act needs to be repealed. There should be no mention of race anywhere in legislation. We are all supposed to be treated the same. What an awful racist divisive country we have become. Come on Coalition please fix up National’s mess immediately before any more wrongs are done.Helen
A moratorium should be placed on the Marine and Coastal Areas Act claims process. This area must remain public land with unfettered access and Crown ownership to any and all minerals thereon.Peter
I fear this is going to be difficult, the Government is going to need a ton of bottle!!!!Les
Should be regarded as essential. End of.Bob
Absolutely ,Just Racism Once AgainGreg
Unless this proposed Act is repealed it will lead to the most god-awful legal mess we have ever seen!Ron
AS of right now quicker if possibleWarren
And fast!Kevin
IMO, The pony tail puller Key was and still is a representative of the global economic elites who desire the ownership of our private and public property so that they can win the game of Monopoly they are playing with one another at our expense.Chrles
Yes – Immediately without delay.Andrew
Outrageous, NZers firstTom
Absolutely, and immediately. This debacle is National’s doing. John Key and Chris Finlayson have a lot to answer for. Te Reo Luckless, as Prime Minister, needs to accept responsibility and sort this mess for all New Zealanders.Gavin
Yes, yes, yes! Say no more!Peter
Yes of course. Actually, because of the weakness of so many of our politicians, the Maori Ellite will never give up on all of these racist He Puapua ideas and the taking of so much of the country. So worrying that so many of our Politicians are do woke and weak.Paul
Absolutely and as soon as possiblePeter
No other option possible.Jim
They should stop subjecting us to so much te reo. It is unfair as there are three free to air Maori television stationsPetro
No group of people should have the right to control over such an issue. Giving such control would be a real disaster for the Country and all its inhabitants. WE (my family of 6) would be totally against such a biased move.Brian
A referendum must beheld on this issue as it affects the whole country.Brian
Absolutely – a maoritorium should be imposed now while this major miscarriage of justice is sorted out. What is happening is outrageous and cannot continue.Dan
National’s Chris Finlayson has a lot to answer for. He led National down this path and assured them the law would work well. What a monumental stuff up it has become!Murray
Repeal the damn law and cancel the claims. That is the only answer!Pauline
Why hasn’t this debacle been reported in the news? Are the media all working in cahoots with iwi leaders, keeping quiet on this scam so the public don’t find out and object?? Oh yes, I forgot – that’s what the $55 million public interest journalism fund was all about!!! Nigel
This mess is National’s doing. Chris Luxon has to accept the responsibility of sorting it out as a priority. What is going on is simply unaccepitible.Stuart