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Nature Rules

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News reports tell us that in a couple of weeks’ time, on September 14, an asteroid that is double the height of Auckland’s Sky Tower will pass within 5.3 million km of the Earth. According to NASA, the Asteroid 200 QW7 making this ‘close call’, is 650m in diameter and is travelling at 23,000 km per hour.

Earth was not so lucky sixty-­six million years ago, when a massive asteroid ten kilometres wide and travelling at around 72,000 km per hour hit off the coast of Mexico. So much air was compressed in front of the asteroid that it blasted a hole through the atmosphere, generating an enormous supersonic shock wave.

The asteroid struck in shallow seas gouging a crater that was almost 30 km deep. The energy released was more than that of a billion Hiroshima bombs. It blasted some twenty-five trillion tonnes of molten rock and debris into a fiery plume that reached halfway to the moon before collapsing. The superheated rock spread throughout the atmosphere blanketing the earth. Blobs of molten glass (called tektites) rained down, starting fires all over the planet. Seventy per cent of the world’s forests were consumed.

Giant tsunamis churned across the oceans tearing up coastlines. The dust and soot from the impact and the fires screened out the sun for months on end. Photosynthesis all but stopped, killing most plant life. As plankton in the seas died off, oxygen levels plummeted, and the earth plunged into a cold period.

The toxic atmosphere caused ecosystems to collapse, and an estimated three quarters of living species became extinct. The carbon cycle, which is necessary for life on earth, almost came to a halt.

Before the asteroid struck, the planet was enjoying one of its greener and warmer period, with temperatures around 3 degrees Celsius higher than today, and carbon dioxide levels almost five times higher. These high levels of carbon dioxide combined with a warm, moist climate, enabled vegetation to grow at the unprecedented rates needed to sustain the massive herbivores that had evolved over the previous 200 million years – the dinosaurs.

The biggest dinosaur was the Sauropod. It was the largest animal ever to live on dry land. Standing more than 18 metres tall and 35m long, it is estimated to have weighed up to 100 tonnes. This species is thought to have populated every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

Sauropods were ruminants producing methane gas as a result of their digestive processes. In fact, scientists at John Moores University in England, believe that “these dinosaurs could have produced more methane than all modern sources — both natural and man-made — put together.” They have calculated that they would have produced around 520 million tonnes of methane a year, compared to modern-day wild and domestic ruminants that together produce 50-100 million tonnes annually.

In other words, whether it is herds of dinosaurs roaming the planet, or bison and antelopes, or cattle and sheep, the methane they produce is all part of the Earth’s ancient carbon cycle, breaking down quickly in the atmosphere into the carbon dioxide and water that feed the plants that feed the planet.

The Earth’s atmosphere consists of two key gases – Nitrogen at 78 percent and Oxygen at 20.6 percent. The remaining 1.4 percent is made up of Argon at 0.9 percent and Water Vapour at 0.4 percent, with trace gases making up the rest: Carbon Dioxide at 0.035 percent, Neon 0.0018 percent, Helium 0.0005 percent, Methane 0.00015 percent, Krypton 0.00011 percent, Hydrogen 0.00005 percent, Nitrous Oxide 0.00003 percent, and Ozone at 0.000005 percent.

Of the gases in the atmosphere that can absorb the sun’s heat to enable life on Earth, Water Vapour is by far the most common. It makes up 95 percent of greenhouse gases, with Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and other traces gases making up the balance.

These greenhouse gases are largely produced by natural processes. Water evaporates from rivers and oceans into the atmosphere, creating humidity and falling as rain and snow. Methane is produced by microbes in anaerobic conditions including swamps and wetlands, as well as in ruminant stomachs. Carbon Dioxide is produced by all life on Earth through respiration. It is trapped in rocks, produced during combustion and volcanic eruptions, absorbed and released by the sea, and of course, it plays a key part in photosynthesis, where plants transform it into the food that sustains all life on Earth.

In comparison with nature, the contribution of mankind to greenhouse gases is infinitesimal: of the 0.04 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 97 percent is from natural sources and only 3 percent is created by human activity. And of the 0.00015 percent of methane in the atmosphere, 82 percent is from natural sources, with 18 percent produced mainly by landfills and rice paddies, as well as farming.

Altogether, the contribution of mankind to the greenhouse effect is 0.3 percent – 99.7 percent is natural.

Buffeted by the vast forces of nature such as the sun, wind, and rain, the climate is constantly changing. At the present time, with permanent sheets of ice at the North and South Poles, Planet Earth is in an interglacial period within an ice age.

At some stage the ice will either expand to produce a cooler period, or it will shrink to introduce a warmer period – but whichever way it goes, as is evidenced from our 4 billion year history, it is nature that controls the climate.

It was only just over 700 years ago that the world entered the Little Ice Age, where temperatures fell between 1 and 2 degrees for almost 500 years. Before that, during the 400 years of the Medieval Warm Period, temperatures had risen by 1 to 1.5 degrees.

When that huge asteroid hit the earth, the luxuriant leafy world of the dinosaurs ended abruptly. But the planet rebounded and regenerated. And that’s the reality of the Earth – our planet is big enough to look after itself.

In comparison to the forces of nature, mankind’s impact is infinitesimal. It is illogical to assume otherwise.

Logic however, has not prevented new-age socialists from embracing global warming as the means to pursue their anti-business agenda. They have successful convinced a significant part of the community that carbon dioxide – the basis of life on Earth – is a pollutant, and that mankind’s “progress” is sinful.

They are using fear to force through their extremist policy agenda.

They argue that humans are annihilating the Earth through farming cows and sheep, and driving motor vehicles. 

They target children, telling them that their parent are responsible for killing the planet and urging them to take action.

They are driving a malicious campaign of attaching ‘denier’ labels to anyone who dares to challenge their assertions, with a hysteria reminiscent of the Salem witch trials.

The point is that denying and challenging theories is the foundation of the scientific method. It’s how new discoveries are made and hypotheses that were once taken for granted are rejected.

And that’s why the activists’ claims that the science is settled is pure propaganda designed to silence contrary views. By its very nature, science – including climate science – can never be settled.

Being called a denier should be regarded as a Badge of Honour – the shame goes to those alarmists who are exploiting public fear with their dangerous propaganda.

Worse, some in the media are assisting them by refusing to report contrary views. And next month it’s going to get much worse as alarmist media organisations from all over New Zealand plan to increase the frequency and intensity of their global warming reporting in the lead-up to a United Nations climate change summit in New York.

Beginning on Monday 16 September, most of New Zealand’s major news outlets, including Stuff, the Herald, TVNZ, and RNZ will no doubt publish doomsday scaremongering instead of news.

The alarmists behind the ‘School Strike for Climate’ are also using the UN meeting to call for children up and down the country to join in yet another protest on September 27. They are trying to persuade the union movement to support a general strike on the same day.

While our Government hasn’t yet revealed how many people will be travelling to the UN meeting in New York, they will be well aware that the round trip by aeroplane will emit more carbon than an average family of four would generate in a year.

Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate campaigner, who is the new poster child of the climate movement, has sailed to New York, in a publicity stunt that has captivated the international media. What they don’t report is that her trip to New York will end up creating far more emissions than if she and her dad had just taken a plane. The Berlin newspaper TAZ reports, “The sailing trip triggers at least six climate-damaging air travel across the Atlantic. If Thunberg had flown with her father, only two would have been necessary to come to New York.”

This sort of hypocrisy underpins the whole climate change crusade.

While our well-being Prime Minister pledges school lunches for children from struggling families on the one hand, on the other she’s planning zero carbon legislation that will create widespread hardship through escalating petrol, electricity and food prices.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator economist Dr Edward Hudson has carefully examined the Government’s Zero Carbon Bill from first principles, concluding that not only is it far more radical than it needs to be to fulfil the requirements of the United Nations Paris Agreement, but that it will profoundly damage the economy and the country:

“The benefits to New Zealanders of the Carbon Bill are miniscule. Action on emissions would uphold New Zealand’s commitment to the Paris Agreement but this would require New Zealand simply to set targets consistent with the Agreement’s. The Carbon Bill goes well beyond this in terms of the timing and severity of proposed emission reductions.

“The economic and social risks associated with the Carbon Bill are substantial. The targets could not be met with present technologies. Relying entirely on new, or as yet non-existent, technologies is risky, especially when the costs in terms of material standards of living are substantial if these technologies do not eventuate.

“An intelligent evaluation of the Carbon Bill involves comparing rewards to risks, benefits to costs. The Government has not done this evaluation. The Carbon Bill is driven by ideology rather than careful analysis.

“The environmental benefits of reducing New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are negligible. The costs are uncertain because it is impossible to forecast the future development and costs of emissions reduction technologies. It is irresponsible to blithely assume, as the Government does, that such technologies will be developed.”

Dr Hudson’s damning analysis also points out that the Carbon Bill will destroy the viability of our crucial farming sector. And while the National Party has not ruled out supporting the Bill, their MP Judith Collins has now signalled that she intends voting against it. There is every chance that other MPs and the party may follow.

Meanwhile the Climate Change Minister has now admitted that proper research did not underpin the harsh emissions targets in the Bill. He says he simply plucked the 47 percent reduction in methane out of a UN report and is now prepared to change it.

James Shaw is desperate for National to support the Bill, as he obviously does not want a main party pointing out to New Zealanders that it would impoverish our country. But perhaps he also needs National’s support as a safeguard in case New Zealand First – which has yet to confirm its position – decides to oppose the Bill.  

National should stand up for New Zealanders by voting against the Bill. And so should New Zealand First.

If you want to help stop our country to going backwards, there’s still time to contact MPs in New Zealand First and National and urge them to oppose this disastrous Bill.


Would you like to see New Zealand First oppose the Zero Carbon Bill?


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The bill will bankrupt the country with no environmental benefit Trevor
Totally ridiculous claim with no scientific backing. I oppose any move to put this bill into action. It seems NZ is being ruled by self seeking idiots who have no idea of the impact of this on our economy. God help us!!! Marilyn
C02 is not the demon it’s portrayed us. It’s an essential gas and we’ve been in a carbon drought. The science is not settled and it’s weighted heavily in favour of the beneficence of CO2. We should be educating our kids about that. Darag
Yes and perhaps Winston by doing so help in redeeming himself. Ken
For all the reasons highlighted in the article this week John
I am not a science denier Muriel. The evidence for climate change is unequivocal. Huria
Come on. Winston. Use your common sense to help stop this utter nonsense. John
The bill needs to be put in the trash where it belongs, I believe there will be a problem with that, in that no party will want to “anger” the UN. Well I believe that the bill needs to be rejected completely and not accepted in any form. New Zealand is caught in the “alarmism” of the UN and all the lies that are propagated with help from Soros and Arab billions. the corruption is rife because offering money and power to people just seems to work great. There are no principled people remaining in Government. that is why Trump gets such a hard time, because he is a patriot. for J to state that Capitalism has failed is arrogant since she is the one bringing about the downfall of New Zealand. That makes her and all her supporters traitors. If Peters and his lot support this bill, they will also be confirmed as traitors to New Zealand. Hey, we all know the man made climate change is a farce and a lie, and so do they! Neil
Not only does NZFirst need to oppose this fantasy Zero Carbon Bill but Winston Peters must separate his party from the communistic Labour party if he is to have any credibility. The only consideration will be if he does it before next year’s Budget or after;, then we’ll be entitled to have an early election. If Judith Collins is prepared NOT to sign the ZCBill, then she should be National’s leader because stupid Paula Bennett is going to approve it, after signing the Paris Agreement. Monica
The Zero Carbon Bill these ideological eco warriors are bleating about, will do immense harm and damage to our lifestyles and economy. And they will take no responsibility for the mayhem. Biggest scam of our time. Robert
Absolutely, and when will the spineless puppets in all the media and TV start reporting the facts, as I see it good old Donald Trump is the only leader in the world with enough common sense to see through man made global warming and enough guts to say so. Athol
I consider that the climate change agenda being promoted today is the biggest “CON” in history. If NZ First would oppose the zero Carbon Bill, I would support them. Brian
Definitely – not to will be doomsday for the party. Maurice
You bet! Talk about scaremongering, I believe the earth is just going through natural cycles and I think all these attempts are pointless and will just end up costing us the taxpayers lots and lots of money for no reason. Fraser
The Zero Carbon Bill should definitely NOT GO AHEAD it obviously has not been properly researched! I firmly believe in needs proper research with all the facts being made public, the Truth needs to come out! Frank
The whole thing is a money making hoax for UN and others to make billions of dollars while businesses fail, power prices rise and people cope with power cuts. Chris
This is a fraud and a rort. Again, too many people who are ignorant of the facts having too much to say about something they know little or nothing about – declaring their ignorance. It is a massive confusion of the facts – confusing local pollution (which most of us are concerned about) with the cosmic realm. Jack
Just make so much common sense Neil
Its one of the greatest frauds on an international scale , masterminded by the United Nations, who are driving globalism, that great all inclusive no boarders world, which will bring such chaos , we will accept any dictatorial leader to fix it. Non elected grey suited individuals, running our Nation. When science shows that the climate changes through out the dawn of history, including when there were no vehicles. For example, if you don’t like the weather in Auckland, wait a half an hour. Pollution is an entirely different matter. CARBON DOES NOT DRIVE CLIMATE CHANGE. i CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT OUT NATIONS AND NATIONS AROUND THE WORLD HAVE BEEN SO DECEIVED. ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE. DENE
Most definitely yes and National must follow suit to demonstrate they are indeed a level headed lot. David
Needs to be in conjunction with the more important players. Martin
The zero carbon bill is a nonsense. Both National and NZ first must oppose this bill if they have any integrity. Sam
One amazing factor identifies that the climate change cults and green politicians are in pursuit of power over science is the simple fact that not one single UN health body or health ministry of member countries has banned the consumption of CO2 in drinks! This is because they cannot declare it a “Pollutant!”. There is no escape for New Zealand or any other Socialist country that continues to deny democratic development and that is continued escalation of debt borrowing to hold the ideology together. The more the economy recedes the more Debt is borrowed to get to statistical growth that is false growth! Perhaps better described in the following proverb: “Capitalism is when everybody shares in the creation of wealth. Socialism is when everybody shares wealth that has not been created.” If NZ First does not vote against this treachery and false prophecy I will not be voting for them and neither will other NZ First Voters!!! Frederick
I would like everybody to oppose the Zero Carbon Bill. I have been studying climate variations and the history of climate and this has to be one of the greatest and costliest con tricks ever pulled on a deluded world. Alan
All Representatives should reject the so called zero carbon Bill. If they do not reject this bill, they will certainly not be representing the majority of New Zealanders. Those who support this traitorous nonsense, should be widely condemned for supporting such irresponsible propaganda. As you so rightly point out, climate change is permanent and continuing. Sometimes hotter, sometimes colder. The only constant with climate conditions is change, regardless. Now we need to do something really tough about people who over consume absolute rubbish, including most of the nick knackery that comes here from China and similar countries. When I see charities and other organisations promoting their causes with plastic doodads and trashy rubbish giveaways. People who drop litter and create pollution with their rubbish and ugly living habits, need to be fined or at the minimum be publicly humiliated. Dianna
As the ‘Nature Rules’ article and many contributors have rightly pointed out, the climate alarmists are are using illogical science and manipulated data to support their propaganda. However,the oft stated idea that mankind cannot impact the climate may indeed be incorrect. It appears devices such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) have been designed to achieve that very goal – and that those devices have in fact been ‘weaponised’ and deployed by those who possess them! Colin
Watch and share this 4 minute video revealing the Carbon Dioxide tax scam being implemented by governments all over the world. https://www.youtube.com/embed/BC1l4geSTP8 31,000 scientists agree that carbon dioxide induced global warming is a scam. Climate Change is another of the UN agenda to bring down the West. Not only are they tackling things like industrial gasses but are also trying to bring down our main export, FARMING, by encouraging people to give up eating meat and go vegetarian. And the child activists–there is more than one way you can abuse a child and this way is disgusting. George
I would also like to see National come out firmly against the Bill. So far Judith Collins seems to be the only one with any fortitude to back the truth. Ronnie
ONE BIG CON! Bastianus
Come on Winston – we know the Greens and Socialist Labour are telling stories just to back their preconceived ideas. Be honest and front up for the truth.  Denis
To bring some truth back into the debate Warren
Yes. Why would anyone vote to take 60 billion dollars out of the economy along with all the other nonsense of this bill Prue
The main danger to NZ is not climate change but policies introduced to deal with it. Stan
need more information Laurie
It is most unfortunate that the CO2 “emergency” uses faked science to perpetuate its nonsense, as this will eventually tend to discredit science, and we have relied in science to guide our continual improvements in human living conditions. Howard
NZ First must Protect NZ Ken.
Everyone should. Kevin
At all levels the Zero Carbon bill makes NO sense. Lets get back to enjoying the fruits of scientific endeavour from the last 100 years and look forward to the future cost saving comfort creating innovations that are yet to come… for everyone on earth. Murray
Your comment on James Shaw in this edition confirms he has continued to be a hypocritical alarmist, and actually does not have the qualification or scientific background to be making these outrageously inflammatory statements about climate change. One only has to look at the issues with the pike river mine, to know who was responsible for it being a closed mine in the first place. The original intention had been for it be to an open cast mine!! Jenny
Why not? Russ
Yes – they just have to make sure there is something in it to enhance Winnies’ future prospects. Hey! – chuck him an early Knighthood – that should do it! Scott
I would like National and those in Labour with intelligence,courage and a conscience to also oppose this Bill Dick
The impact of this bill on agriculture are ridiculous and contrary to Article 2 of the Paris accord. Alister
This madness is highly disturbing and contrary to all logic! John
The more organisations/people & Gov.ts that recognise the stupidity of pursuing ridiculous targets in the name of Global warming or “climate Change” then the greater the likelihood of this country surviving the modern day “witch hunt of Salem” Nick
National as well. Ian
A zero carbon bill would mean zero economy Brian
At least they would be doing something useful! Pam
One thing we can rely on with Winnie and that is that we cannot rely on him for anything. He is the ultimate snake in the grass. The entire thrust of this legislation is to follow the direction of the UN. These pieces of excrement in Govt care not one wit for NZ and its people, its all about following the instructions of the New World Order to destroy NZs economy and lead to the socialist utopia to come. They are well down the track on this. The only way to stop them and to bring all future Governments into line is to make binding referenda the law of the country as per direct democracy in Switzerland. Ronmac
Definitely !!! Its such a scam. Peter
Time yet to come in from the cold, Winston! Rob
This current government is going to destroy this great country for future generations! Peter
Yes I would like Winnie to oppose this virtue signalling bill. Climate change has always existed and will always be there. Man has no real control over it. Why are we using the term climate change and not the more accurate term of Global Warming. Is it because the globe stopped warming nearly 20 years ago. The only certain result from the passing of this bill will be the complete and utter collapse of the New Zealand economy with absolutely no effect on global climate. Madness of the first order. If Winnie and the Winston First Party do not oppose this legislation they WILL be toast at the next election. Robin
Its time for peters to stand up against labours insane ideology Stan
Yes I would … and then I’d like to see NZ First and the Greens Party disappear off the earth! .. Des
and national too.un b/s Barry
Definitely need to slow down ,the science isn’t proven yet,if it does prove in their favour, we still have time to correct our decision. Keith
Yes! Time for us ‘deplorable’ peasants to revolt against this Marxist government. Hong Kong knows how to do it. Over two thirds of their population out on the streets. New Zexit from the U.N. and its globalist New World Order. Don
Man has far too high an opinion of his capabilities if he thinks he can change a planet’s climate. Elsie
It is a totally ridiculous proposition with no scientific or common sense supporting facts only idealogical nonsense Alan
it is unattainable Laurel
For NZ First to oppose the bill they would need to develop some rock solid principles, which clearly they do not have. They are a party of opportunists led by a man with principles as shallow as a battlefield grave. Peter
You let us down once, Winston. Don’t let it happen again. Mitch
Perhaps self – preservation will be the catalyst. Catherine
do something useful Winston, stop the ideologists from wrecking our economy for no good purpose Russ
I am very concerned where this zero carbon policy will take our country and the cost we will all pay for the not mentioned expense this will mean to all NZers to comply. Madness for money! This needs to be opposed. Vivienne
come on Winston , do want to be remembered for engineering the collapse of the New Zealand economy? Daniel
The same with all the other political parties. IAN
If they do it may help them stay in power as long as national also oppose the greens scare mongering and lies other wise this country will end up in worse condition than when the great depression took place in the 30’s. Richard
What concerns me about the whole climate change issue is that there never seems to be any talk of how everyone’s money is actually being used to do anything practical to reduce carbon emissions, if that is even possible. Money (and lots of it) seems to be only going in one direction. There is never talk of accountability, or even who should be accountable. People are made to feel that if they only pay the UN mega-dollars, the zero emissions will be done with no further thought on our part. Are they actually doing anything positive with that money? Janice
They definitely should oppose this insane nonsense. However since the party became the Winston First Party I feel they are beyond redemption. Lee
Because your continuous and foolhardy denial of anthropogenic greenhouse gases infuriates me. Barbara
It will be the end of NZ’s prosperity if they don’t Tim
Why would they support it, unless part of the agreement they signed with the Green Party Marxists and the Labor Party socialists specifically states they should? Very much like the current persecution they are supporting against gun owners. Could it be that the NZ First Party in reality doesn’t support those they claim to? ONE THING MORE DANGEROUS THAN A MARXIST IS ONE THAT DOESN’T ADMIT TO IT! Rex
Definitely Wally
Absolutely. It’s the new free market isn’t it? Maureen
Someone has to stop this lunacy being masqueraded as science because the media has lost its way on this issue Kevin
further, the recent hearings were not interested in any opposition to the proposed bill as I discovered. John
1000 Frolly Phd on You Tube Suspicious Observers A large meteorite strike is needed to teach this farce of stupefied brainwashed humanity that we have no influence. Cease popping out CO2 exhaling illegitimates dear clown Jacinda Zoran
As your article points out, the entire carbon bill is based on myth and emotion and propaganda. I personally do not believe in the so called man made global warming. Tony
I think all these things are just to alarm people and I believe it is working. NZ citizens are worried and this Govt isn’t doing anything to allay these fears. Barbara 
The Column is just wrong. There is much recycling of carbon from nature, but little new stuff. Counting the turnover as equivalent to additions is just wrong- blatantly, stupidly, wrong. Climate change is real. What we do about it is the question. DO we invest in high tech solutions that support life and liberty, or act like ostriches burying our heads in comforting lies? I say we invest and prosper. But that will demand of us a new level of global cooperation. Nothing less is stable. Ted
NZ first and National should oppose this draconian bill. Allan
We can’t beat Mother nature! John
I can’t believe how gullible people are..How easily they have been brain washed. dona
I would be disappointed if they did anything different. RICHard
I would like to see National oppose the Bill also. Bruce
The Zero Carbon Bill is based on an entirely false premise designed to install fear into the population and work feverishly towards a “One World Govt” target constructed by unseen manipulators offshore. If achieved, it will make ZERO difference to the perceived problem. Clean up our environment by all means but pretty much every idea out of this govt is something they can use to tax more and make it near impossible to produce and create terrific products. They’re on a fast track to communism and look how badly that turns out. Mary
Man made climate change is absolute madness and this policy is driven by ideology not reality. If this is not stopped our country will be bankrupted. Roy
Shallow thinkers who are part of the ‘herd’ will never research the facts for two reasons. It’s too hard. They don’t want to stand out . NZ First don’t have anything to lose by opposing it. Most of their supporters have been around long enough to know a scam when they see one, they don’t care about standing out and they have more time to read and research. NZ First would gain more points for opposing than supporting especially when the increases in living costs are part of the equation, a very big part. Mike
Carbon Trading is the biggest fraud humanity has ever seen. Bigger scam than the South Seas bubble. Chris
Climate change hysteria must be opposed Charlie
Load of old bollocks. Paul
There’s no other way! Barrie
I have already written to Winston John`
all climate cycles are lots and lots of years i have measured one cycle and it took years lets not panic a l \ l Bryan
it would help if some of the protagonists from the PM down had made a scientific study (formal /professional) of some of the topics about which they attempt to be so fluent. Words, dearie, just words. Now how about a little bit of scientific analysis. This aged writer can do it, so why cannot the nay-sayers take it in? after all some such as the MPs are being paid to espouse this cause! You could start by re-reading this weeks’ comment on Nature Rules… Mabel
This bill will do untold damage to our economy without achieving anything – the climate will change as it always has done regardless of how much carbon is released into the atmosphere Wah
Foolishness in extreme Andi
I’d like Winston 1st party to abolish all the Maori seats as promised. NZ 1st are a malevolent joke Peter
They might be our only hope! Barbara
Absolutely – it’s about time there was some common sense shown by someone in politics, Won’t hold my breath…… Dave
Only a naive gullible fool would agree with this bill. Peter
Unbelievable decision without any analysis behind it. Such ideology is dangerous. Gordon
Madness to shackle the current and future generations with significantly lower GDP (-40%) courtesy of this Zero Carbon Bill. No sane person would impose this cost on our children and grandchildren. Chris
It needs substantial changes or it risks destroying the productive base of New Zealand. Albyn
It’s lunacy Lesley
It would be sensible Claire
NZ First will have to vote against this Zero Carbon Bill otherwise this country economically and socially is doomed. The Greens and Labour seem hell bent on destroying New Zealand for no good reason apart from their ideology and massaging their egos. They have no idea how to run a successful country Mike
NZ will be bankrupt and be reliant on overseas aid by the time this Government is finished. Appalling government Adele
Some critical thinking in Parliament, please! Sarah
Winston should put NZ first Bryan
Because it’s based on a fallacy and detrimental to our future prosperity. in other words “It’s silly to cut one’s nose off to spite one’s face.” Alan
I would like the bill dropped as total disaster Geoffrey
Would show brains and honesty Maureen
it would be really good to have them question this government and all climate alarmists on the zero carbon bill Rodger
Absolutely. Some needed backbone is necessary Dear Winston. Better still if NZ 1st party membership dramatically declines they may just well wake up to reality. David
As someone else has said…Climate change has become the new pagan religion Bruce
But Winston wants control so he will stay where he is…. Carl
Definitely Jake
NZ First should oppose the Zero Carbon Bill. We cannot control nature. It will do what it wants to do as it has over the thousands of years. Frank
If winston showed some guts for once and did something constructive,then he should oppose the carbon bill Paul
If you want New Zealand to fail, re-elect the Green extremists to parliament. Hugh
I see no safe future for my four children & eight grandchildren if zero carbon emissions (carbon dioxide) is achieved & every political party& university should be screaming reject this deadly goal outcome! Cyril
Whilst I believe New Zealand can clean up its act in many ways, we should be aware of the tiny influence any changes that our Country may make is tiny compared to the rest of the World. We are in more danger of damaging our economy by following the intents of this Bill Peter
Come on Winston – its time to reward those stupid voters who believed enough in you to have voted for you at the last election, myself included!!! Janet
Dodgy statistics plucked out of ‘thin air’ to promote unintended circumstances Graham
I want all parties to reject this bill. Catherine
The zero carbon bill is part of the biggest scam in human history. Shame on you do-gooders that ignore the evidence, you are part of the problem not the solution. Brooke
They must oppose the pc bullshit. Norman
This proposed bill is the ultimate in insanity. One of the perks of growing very old is that you have seen a lot of climate change . It is being portrayed as being something new, but there is nothing new about climate change. It’s been going on since time began and there is nothing that man can do to influence that.  Jim
Any MP who votes for this bill will be committing treason! Peter
I feel that NZ First betrayed National voters as well as their own constituency when they went with Labour and the Greens. Should they support the Zero Carbon bill they will not exist after the next election. Paul
Yes! But do not hold your breath. To my shame I voted NZ First as I thought they may be a “ginger” group and keep the rest honest. I am old enough to have known better so will suffer on. Bruce
Absolutely, I am so tired of all this climate change terrorism! Brenda
When will some good old common sense prevail against these Chicken-Licken morons? Josef Goebbels was right: “The bigger the lie, the more often you tell it, the more people will believe it”. We are living in the era of the Big Lie. Hitler and Goebbels would be pleased with James Shaw and his hangers-on. Jenny
I’d like to see this bill opposed. Its bad for our country based on malicious and misinformed use of science. Supporters of this bill are anti New Zealanders.. Stewart
We are being ruled by fear without any regard to the force of nature Bev
YES & I IS VERY NECESSARY for EVERY-ONE to EMAIL ALL National MP,S NOT to support this bill.It will PLAINLY DESTROY NZ MUCH MORE than labour is already doing so ACT NOW & DON”T PUT IT OFF Cindy
The globe is warming and has been without the assistance of man since the last Glacial Maximum 21,000 years ago. The hysteria created by the UN and ably assisted by corrupt politicians is about the redistribution of wealth to the 3rd world and controlling the populous. So if NZ First has the best interest of all New Zealanders, then YES they should oppose the Zero Carbon fantasy of the Watermelon party. John
Climate change or Global warming , Call it what you like ? Is the biggest con artist lie created by the Greenies and corrupt politicians. One volcano erupting anywhere in the world spews more toxic gases into the atmosphere than man has does in his existence here on the planet earth. Wayne
It’s about time the greens and labour were shown up for what they are, communists, hiding behind a green facade, to try and make them look respectable. What are they going to feed the population on when our primary producers go bankrupt and there isn’t any food, or money to run the country, hand us over to the UN on a platter. THEY HAVE TO GO!!! Merryl
as much as i hate to say it, WE need Winston to finally step forward and show that he still believes in NEW ZEALAND William
virtue signalling for no benefit. Just more cost to New Zealanders John
Fake news Chris
It is a joke why must NZ always try to out do the rest of the world when it always hurts us Nigel
This legislation is scientifically and politically WRONG. Bruce
I know our climate is warming but, as it always has swinging hot and cold is part of a cycle which we may not appreciate but we will need to live with it or, like he dinosaur, go extinct. We will not stop it happening but our government certainly seems hell bent on making us all suffer for an impossible dream. I hope National and NZ First have the balls necessary to say no to the coalition nonsense. Alastair
Absolutely yes Robert
.They are foolish to think that humans can change the climate. The best we can do is reduce our usage of plastics and other rubbish that is polluting the environment. We need to work on our sustainability first! Kate
Our impact on atmospheric conditions is about nil when you think about the idiot running Brazil and encouraging burnoffs of the rain-forest, India charging ahead with the building of 30 odd coal fired power stations, and the likes of the USA making no attempt to haul back its emissions. All this zero crap is is nothing but Brauhaha for the world stage, and just cripples the NZ businessman. Ray
Yes— I would like NZ First to oppose this nonsense. Unfortunately WP and his cronies have become so unpredictable that I seriously doubt that any sensible reaction can be expected. WP has failed us on the Global Compact, Oil and Gas exploration, is instrumental to waste 3,5 billion of tax payer’s $’s called a regional Development Fund in the hands of a more than dubious character called Shayne Jones and Ron Mark does not move a finger when it comes to the outright vilification and punishment of legal firearms licence holders as scapegoats for the utter failure of NZ police to do their job. And as far as the ‘opposition ‘ is concerned, I equally doubt any reasonable stance from that lot. David Seymour’s Act Party ( having one seat in Parliament) will be the only voice in the wilderness– hopefully– . At the end of the day our greatest enemies are to be found within. All these gullible or outright ignorant people out there who watch and read mindlessly all that crap which is tossed at us and are not willing to inform themselves otherwise. If only all the parents would go into a massive strike opposing all this bullshit poured out at school ( and that includes all this politically correct crap as well ) the things might become quite uncomfortable for this unelected Govt. But before that happens ‘ we’d rather see cows playing the piano. Michael
The science backing the CZB is totally floored. CO2 and methane have little effect on the climate, water vapour is the dominant greenhouse gas. CO2 is the basis of all life on earth, it needs to be at least 600 ppm for the most efficient use of water and nutrients. It is irresponsible to set targets that can not be met, that severely damage the economy with NO effect on the climate. John
Most definitely. They ( NZ First) have an opportunity to do the right thing to bring the array of propaganda to a sensible end. Yes we can do better as a planet to clean up some of our industries conservation etc, it’s more of a housekeeping outlook rather than the nonsense being churned out today by those only focused on self ideological outcomes. Chris
When governments start passing legislation over unachievable goals about idealistic issues the credibility of leadership disappears. Maurice
A great article ! Karen
NZ First has a duty to all New Zealanders to put a stop to this legislation. I have not seen or read anything that will replace these draconian measures that the Greens and Labour want to introduce. Dennis
nature alone for sure will look after our planet !!!! Peter
Yes and see this country leave the Paris agreement on climate hysteria as soon as possible – like tomorrow! What about National showing some spine for once? Roger
Absolutely, sick of all this bull. Gerhard
Absolutely. Oh, we could be so clever that we could actually do something to affect the climate!!. It is driven by the solar system and nothing we do will change that. These clowns are dangerous and must be gone at the next election if our country is not to suffer irreparably. Helen
Both National and NZ First should oppose it if they have any moral fibre, integrity and consideration towards the welfare of our nation Russell
It would partially redeem NZ First’s abysmal betrayal of its supporters on the issues of 1080 and abortion. Tony
I’m sick of all this global warming propaganda. It’s just a load of crap, there’s more emissions coming out of parliament than our cows Laurie
We Must appose the climate emergency fraud. The science is not settled David
This subject has been exaggerated beyond belief,just as things Tribal have over the last 50 or more years with insidious propaganda. David
Yes; because I believe the Zero Carbon Bill is a whole lot of political hogwash. Even the ‘world saving’ EV (electric) cars really achieve NONE of the overall long term environmental benefits presently claimed. Here’s hoping New Zealand First has seen the light – through clear skies! Stuart
This bill is nuts. It will seriously harm the economy and the average New Zealander. Allan
If this bill passes it will be disastrous for New Zealand! Ron
Yes, but they won’t. Jim
There is no such thing as “Zero Carbon”! Eb
Yes, that is a ridiculous bill! Jan
It is time Winston showed some principle and denounced this climate change scam that Genter and others are running rampant with. Mike
National should also vote against the Zero Carbon Bill i am not a scientist but am concerned that it seems that many scientists do not agree that the “science is settled” we should not rush to be the first in the world to be all gases and all sectors and in the process put at risk our agricultural industry. Graham
NZers are naive and gullible. It is a trait of Anglo countries to enforce and obey laws they have signed up to to the letter. Civil Law countries on the other hand (France for example) sign up, make all the right noises, then simply ignore the laws that don’t suit them. Alan
Absolutely, And National, if they don’t then who are the folks with common sense and clear reasoned thought (as set out in your article) going to vote for? Stuart
NZ First could oppose the entire bill and for once stand up and be counted rather than sit on the widest possible fence available. They will agree with the bill IF the back hander from Adern and Shaw is big enough. Agree, the National Party has to stand up and be seen to be at least listening to all opposing arguments. Barry
National Party should also oppose the bill, supporting this radical policy will result in financial disaster. Ian
100% ! All this fake news is alarming most normal New Zealanders ! Unless ALL the big global Countries take any climate changes seriously we are wasting our time and energy ! Andrew
We are not getting balanced reporting in the media about the true human vs natural CO2 affects on our atmosphere. We are also getting shoot from the hip unproven so called “facts” from mainly the Green Party but also the Labour Party. Keith
Most definitely! I’d Like to see sense prevail . This Bill is actually anti-NZ!! Frank
Absolutely. What an opportunity for NZF to lead NZ & the World back from the brink to sensible, logic based policy. The evidence is clear to those who care to look without the media brainwashing we have been subjected to. Please Winston – what a legacy – grab the opportunity Doug
If those halfwits don’t oppose the zero carbon bill it will be another nail in their coffin come election time, The sooner they’re gone the better off we all will be. Gerald
Absolutely. What an opportunity to lead NZ and the World towards commonsense policy The evidence is compelling. Please Winston – logic not an ill founded secular religion Doug
…as the human species is but a speck of dust in the ever expansive Universe of eternity. Accept and ‘grow up’ for one time in your existence here on planet earth…..”NATURE RULES… OK” CHowes
The idiocy of the socialist left. Gerry
I would like to see NZ First, National ACT and and any other party who have a remote vestige of intelligence vote against this legislation. If climate change is Arderns’ nuclear moment, this legislation will be NZ’s crashing asteroid moment! Willy
We are being hoodwinked by the Socialist/Greenies. Peter
For goodness sake Winston pull this rabid team of idiots you created, into line before they destroy our country by forcing their fatal and unresearched proposed policies. Robyn
Climate change is the most giant hoax ever foisted onto humanity. History will judge the perpetrators harshly if they are ever held to account. John
Common sense must prevail. Andrew
I would like to see the whole of New Zealand Oppose this Zero Carbon Bill. All it really amounts to, is a giant Ponzi Scam. Australia had a change of Government because most Voters did not believe this extremely false Science. I can see this happening here because we are NOT all, a country of Sheep. Geoff
The human arrogance of the looney left says that they can control everything. Your life, my life, my thoughts and beliefs, and of course nature and even the sun. anon
It would show that I did not waste my vote. Tim
Yes it is a Socialist tax grab scam pushed by the corrupt United Nations who the Tooth Fairy receives her instructions from!! We need to defund this evil socialist organisation and pull out of it immediately, Greg
It’s about time they put New Zealand first. Chris
This and any other proposals that have U.N. based ideology. All U.N. mandates/taxes are all based on corrupt sources if not made up in their entirety. They are purely designed to reduce efficiencies, create discontent, and remove money from countries, Money from these demands are fed to the U.N. to fund the U.N. take over and not to fund research. The U.N. is a global communist scam. The zero carbon bill is one of many such policies with political rather than environmental motivation. Bruce C
The bill is illogical. William
Needs to be opposed by any thinking members of Labour as well! Greens have to vote for it as this is a big part of how they justify their existence. We cannot afford any more tinkering with our increasingly fragile economy! Hugh
Of course would like to see as many as possible oppose this bill what a state this Govt has got our country in as your article pointed out there whole reasoning is full of holes but yet they continue to bang their heads against a brick wall to tell us doom and gloom what a pack of dick heads JAMES SHAW SHOULD BE DEPORTED TO SOME REMOTE iSLAND Russell
Do something worthwhile Winston- instead of raising your own profile..with law-suites etc: Donald
New Zealand needs honesty in regard to Zero Carbon Bill. A family calls dishonesty a” liar” ,a barrister claims a “misfeasance of justice” a judge states “anything other than truthful” and a politician has committed treason or treachery to the state. James Shaw has failed to include article 2.1(b) from the Paris Accord in the Zero Carbon bill which is a deliberate assault on New Zealand contrary to the Paris Accord and thereby Void . BASIL
Global warming is just so much alarmist crap. Terry
It is sad to see how people can be so easily conned into believing such a lie. David
I agree that it is not necessary and will damage our economy. Graeme
No words can describe how bad this idea is paul
I’d also like him to host a new government with the Nats – NOW. Neville
WEL doesn’t the above article say it all how anyone ever believe the nonsense we have been force fed by the so called experts in the field Peter
Will imported meat be taxed for methane? And will that contradict New Zealands free trade agreements with a methane tarrif? And will New Zealands biosecurity be compromised by importing australian and worse still brazillian beef, encouraging brazil to burn more of the amazon? Mark
Climate change and pollution are not the same thing. Pollution we must stop, climate we have now control over and probably never will Bryan
It would be the first sensible thing they have done. Andrew
Enormous cost for immeasurable benefit is insane Tony
Absolutely. Stop the Rot. Alan
Nuts Jeff
Shaws Figures have been plucked out of the air and will impoverish this county Russelle
Bring back the Saurapods! Coral
Very weak argument Muriel. It is like saying we should drive everywhere at full speed and eyes closed since we’re likely to get hit by a runaway truck anyway. Jay
it would be good if they got onboard with the rest of right thinking New Zealander’s. Graeme
I don’t think animals have any influence on ‘climate change’ – they were here before we were and most as herbivores. The climate changes naturally. People are causing any disruption to the climate. Diane
I would like to see every MP with half a brain oppose the Zero Carbon Bill. I will be writing to my MP Robert
It’s a hoax Peter
It is madness Colin
The politically media driven mass hysteria being drummed into the image manipulated population will drag us all back into the dark ages long before any change to global climate will. Max
Absolutely they are all morally corrupt if they don’t vote against this bill. The sun and water vapour and oceans drive climate. Scott
AGW was flawed science when i first looked into it in 2008 – now it is fraud science Collin
This whole global warming and carbon credits crap is just a part of an international conspiracy. Tony
Unbelievable bill. No cost benefit analysis. I am stunned at the stupidity. Robin
The gutless nats should wake up! Anon
My submission against this Bill was drowned out by the well meaning but scientifically illiterate presenters starting from an assumed standpoint that the IPCC gave them scientific facts – the IPCC gives them only propaganda supporting Agenda 21 – they are fraudulent and corrupt. Rex
NZF went into the 2017 election proposing a climate commission but certainly did not support the three targets the have been grafted on to the Bill. Barry
No sane person would agree to this. John
Absolutely – NZF needs to vote against the Bill otherwise all of their promises to support farming will just be a whole lot of hot air. Murray
The who climate change agenda is a big con job. Nature drives the climate, not mankind. The Bill needs to be stopped and NZF opposing it would do that.  Brian
Labour and the Greens are trying to destroy the country. Someone needs to stop them. Simon Bridges and Winston Peters need to step up and speak out. the Bill must be seen for being the dangerous legislation that it is. Greg
This radical socialist Bill to control our economy and destroy our way of life must be stopped. It will be a disaster for the country. Alison
James Shaw and Jacinda Ardern are extremists who are trying to ruin the country. The government should have done what Dr Hudson said – the minimum needed to meet the terms of the Paris Agreement, since whatever we do will make no difference at all to the climate.  William