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New Zealand Turns Sinister

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In her post Cabinet press conference of 11 October 2021, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern explained, “Today, I will update you on… decisions made by Cabinet to strengthen our Covid response through the use of mandatory vaccination for large parts of the education and health workforce, in order to protect vulnerable New Zealanders…”

This announcement made a lie of the Prime Minister’s pre-election promise, that under her watch vaccination would not become compulsory.

Mandates were introduced through the Covid-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Bill, passed under urgency on 23 November 2021. Not only was no Regulatory Impact Analysis carried out on the Bill, but the Ministry of Health’s disclosure statement reveals that no assessment was made on “the potential for any group of persons to suffer a substantial unavoidable loss of income or wealth” as a result of the law change.

The Attorney General’s review on whether the Bill is consistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, found that while there were breaches, they were in the “public interest” and were therefore considered “reasonably justified in terms of section 5 of that Act”. 

While the Prime Minister gave the impression that mandates were needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, that was not the case. Section 11AA clarified the mandates were being introduced to maintain ‘trust in the public service’ and ‘ensure the continuity of public services’.

Mandates forced people into taking a vaccine they did not want. They led to employees losing their jobs and homes. They divided society into the vaccinated and unvaccinated. It was ugly politics.

It should therefore have come as no surprise, that with tensions rising and the Canadian truckers’ protest all over the news, when a call went out in early February to support a ‘freedom convoy’ to Parliament, there was an enthusiastic response.

At 6.30 in the morning on Sunday 6 February 2022 two groups gathered for the journey to the capital – one at Cape Reinga in the north and the other at Bluff in the south.  By the time they arrived in Wellington on Tuesday February 8, numbers had swelled into the thousands. But as they gathered at Parliament to deliver their message to the Prime Minister to end the mandates, no-one would meet them. So they stayed – and the ‘Freedom Village’ was born.

At its height, some 12,000 people are said to have supported the protest. Many high-profile New Zealanders attended, including Sir Russell Coutts, Dame Tariana Turia, and former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

On February 25, Justice Cooke released his High Court ruling that the mandates imposed on the Police and the Armed Forces were unlawful. He found they not only breached the Bill of Rights, including section 11 – that “everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment” – but their purpose was “to ensure the continuity of the public services, and to promote public confidence in those services, rather than to stop the spread of Covid-19.” 

Justice Cooke revealed the Ministry of Health had opposed the mandates: “Indeed health advice provided to the government was that further mandates were not required to restrict the spread of Covid-19… Covid-19 clearly involves a threat to the continuity of police and NZDF services. But that threat exists for both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff. I am not satisfied that the order makes a material difference.”

The Judge’s exposé, which affirmed that Jacinda Ardern’s mandates were not only illegal but were effectively being used to coerce New Zealanders into complying with her vaccine strategy, should have marked a turning point in the occupation. The PM should have authorised a team to meet with the protest leaders to work out an acceptable resolution.

Instead, Jacinda Ardern took to her high horse, maligning and discrediting the protesters at every opportunity. Her actions again revealing the caring image, she is so keen to project, is just a façade.

Furthermore, by refusing to condemn her Transport Minister for calling the protesters a “river of filth”, or the Speaker for describing them as “the biggest collection of ferals that I’ve seen”, Jacinda Ardern had clearly learned nothing from the 2016 US Presidential Primary, when Hilary Clinton alienated voters with her conceited description of grassroot Americans as “deplorables”.

Fuelled by the arrogant and abusive comments from politicians, support for Parliament’s freedom protest continued to grow. A Horizon poll published on February 18 showed it rising to 30 percent – and over 44 percent amongst the 35 to 44 age group.

With over a million New Zealanders supporting the protest, claims by the political elite that only radical were involved, was shown to be a lie.

In fact, a survey released by The Platform on February 21 revealed that 55 percent of the protesters were women, 45 percent had voted for a Labour-Green Government in the 2020 election, and 27 percent were Maori.

When the Police finally descended on the protest in riot gear on March 2, they had, in their arsenal, shields, batons, tear gas, water hoses, fire extinguishers, and sponge bullets – along with a newly authorised and more powerful pepper spray, and two highly controversial and dangerous sound canons, which have been banned in other jurisdictions.

Former journalist Mike Butler described what actually happened on that day: “There was no violent disturbance by the crowd of protesters before the police descended in riot gear. The Police brought the riot. I’ve seen footage of protesters with their backs to police as they were being pushed out of the area. It was only later, after hours of harassment, that a bonfire was lit and pavers were thrown.”

It turned out that masked radicals, who had arrived that morning, created much of the mayhem. No-one knew where they came from. The Prime Minister, however, seized on their actions to vilify all of the protesters and dismiss their concerns.

And so it has gone on – Jacinda Ardern has doubled down, publicly denigrating anyone associated with the protest and labelling any critical assessment of her vaccine strategy as conspiracy theory.

The smearing is now being escalated to new heights – as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, freelance journalist Graham Adams, explains:

“If you’ve ever wondered what a documentary made by a conspiracy theorist about conspiracy theorists would look like, Paula Penfold’s hour-long Fire and Fury [HERE] pretty much fits the bill. In a textbook example of a conspiracy theorist at work, senior Stuff journalist Paula Penfold promotes the idea that the anti-mandate protests at Parliament and suspicion toward Covid vaccines generally were being driven and harnessed by a small group of conspirators… They are also depicted collectively as a serious threat to democracy.

“To make her case, Penfold avoided examining the screamingly obvious reasons why so many people have subscribed to what she sees as fringe beliefs about vaccines as well as the deep dishonesty of the government. Perhaps if Penfold had shown the clip of Jacinda Ardern telling voters in September 2020 — shortly before the election — that there would be no penalty for refusing a vaccine, alongside her infamous interview in which she grinned as she agreed that she intended to create two classes of citizens, the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, the whole protest might have been put into better perspective.

“And, of course, Ardern also promised: ‘People who are vaccinated will still get Covid-19 — it just means that they won’t get sick and they won’t die.’ It’s not a statement that has aged well, given the numbers of the vaccinated who have ended up in hospital and the morgue.”

To add to the general outrage, Graham also points out that Stuff’s propaganda was funded by the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, costing upwards of $200,000 in taxpayers’ money.

Meanwhile, the other side of the story, depicting what really happened at the protest, has been released by independent filmmakers – without taxpayer funding! Called River of Freedom, the documentary [HERE] tells the story of the convoy to Parliament and the protest, through the eyes of those involved.

Let’s be unequivocal about Stuff’s Fire and Fury. It’s a one-sided, biased depiction, designed, it appears, to poison the public against anyone associated with the protest.

It coincides with a more sinister campaign that also appears to be headed by Stuff – to track down and destroy the reputation of anyone even remotely associated with the protest, who might be standing for public office.

With local body elections underway, journalists are now hounding candidates and interrogating them about their connections with groups associated with the protest. Their aim is to discredit them. Their campaign has all the hallmarks of a Middle Ages witch-hunt.

While Stuff may think it’s acceptable for their journalists to harass and bully members of the public, it certainly is not acceptable behaviour in the UK, where newspaper editors are expected to adhere to an ‘Editor’s Code of Practice’, which protects the public against aggressive and intimidating journalists.

The Editor’s Code, which dates back to the early nineties, has been strengthened over the years – especially the provisions relating to media harassment following the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales. A more recent case, where a young television presenter committed suicide after being  relentlessly hounded by the media, again raised public awareness of the enormous power imbalance and danger associated with media bullying. 

In the UK, any member of the public who feels they are being harassed and bullied by journalists, can lodge a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation. The IPSO is the industry body, which regulates over 1,500 newspapers and magazines in the UK, not only holding them to account for high standards of journalism, but also ensuring members of the public are adequately protected from persecution by journalists.

Their Editor’s Code includes the requirement that “Journalists must not engage in intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit”. If a complaint is received, the IPSO has the power to investigate and impose fines on publishers of up to £1 million. They not only operate a 24-hour anti-harassment helpline for anyone being victimised by journalists, but also a whistleblowing hotline for journalists “who feel they are being pressured to act in a way that is not in line with the Editors’ Code.”

The IPSO provides advice for handling unwanted approaches by journalists. They suggest the ‘victim’ should ask for the journalist’s name and the publication they work for. They should clearly state they do not wish to speak to the journalist nor be photographed – and ask them to stop. If they are at home, they should pin a note to the door saying they do not wish to speak to journalists, nor be disturbed. If they are being telephoned repeatedly, they should change their answerphone message to say that only personal callers should leave a message as they do not wish to speak to media. And if they feel physically threatened or in immediate danger, they should call the police.

The IPSO also advises that if a newspaper or magazine makes contact saying they intend publishing a story, which the ‘victim’ believes may breach the Editors’ Code, they should contact the IPSO for help and advice.

The closest organisation to the IPSO in New Zealand is the New Zealand Media Council. While this too is a self-regulating industry body set up to ensure high standards of journalism in New Zealand, their code of practice and principles do not specifically address bullying or harassment of the public by journalists.

Unlike most professional bodies, which operate some form of disciplinary procedure, shouldn’t there also be a process by which errant journalists can be held to account for their writing? 

Given the disgraceful way some New Zealanders are being treated right now, surely it’s time the Media Council and its members acknowledged the problem. After all, it is in everyone’s interests that all players in the media act in a professional manner – especially if the industry is to rebuild and restore public trust.

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*Should an ‘Editor’s Code of Practice’ be introduced in New Zealand to protect the public against media harassment and bullying? 


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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Honesty, transparency should always be priority in reporting A code of practice is certainly needed with powers that the media has. Brenda
as a core principle, why was an Editors Code not included in the NZ version of said code. Peter
Deceptive information and the lack of truth in NZ history is perpetuated by certain media – certainly by Stuff writers. – and TV ONE- Why ? Maurice
We need such protection very urgently. “Horse Features” is getting very much out of hand!! David
Suppose so David
Arrogance Labour party riddled with it Let’s look at one Minister and his non caring Of the people that voted for him to represent their opinions never mind those that didn’t vote for him When we’re the citizens of this country asked their views on NZ health service isn’t their health are we not all NEW ZEALANDERS are some of us more special ethnically than the rest Well let’s see what this ARROGANT MINISTER had in mind for us remember he promised to listen to us the only servays carried out clearly defined that making the health service a two part system was NO no to TRIBAL Co governance no to splitting the system at all we are all NEW ZEALANDERS So what happened the ARROGANT MINISTER SAID STUFF YOU LOT IM DOING IT MY WAY and then did it and then we get two now named services with MAORI NAMES fair what we expected well with this crowd of ARROGANT LIARS WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT get rid of them and return NEW ZEALAND to us please Vivian
Of course, it’s a no brainer. Peter
Jacinda Ardern is constantly undermining our democracy. Why did she not declare her Communist beliefs prior to the elections. Helen
If Chris Bishop is one of the politicians that National are relying on they’re toast Catherine
First the cesspit that is the Beehive and public service needs to be cleaned and purged Wayne
An “Editors Code of Practice”? About as useful as the “Broadcasting Standards Authority”, under the auspices of which we have seen violence, pornography, the manipulation of children spread throughout our screens, political manipulation and bribery writ large, and the complete destruction of the fourth estate – and with it the last vestiges of our supposed democracy. An ECP will be equally useless, and act as little more than a diversion from the creeping totalitarianism we now face, once again giving the masses the illusion of choice. Jasmine
Yes, this is definitely needed. Jim
Yes absolutely but this wont happen as our beautiful country sinks to the depths of despair. I had a lot to say but instead I will shut up. Week after week we reply but the truth is N.Z. today is wimpy. If you don’ t like something then do something about it ! John
I believe it would be prudent for reporter who knowingly misleads the public with the way they have presented an article to be penalized as would a doctor or lawyer who has breached their code of ethics. Graham
Have you heard of Mass Formation or Mass Formation Psychosis? I believe this is what happened to New Zealand ever since Ardern was appointed lead public servant and particularly during the pandemic ably assisted by left-wing media. NZ turned sinister a long time ago under the grip of Ardern. Monica
Just who do we believe? I for one refuse to pay good money to get socialist propaganda from our Labour Govt, along with their Green and Tea Party Maori cohorts! New Zealand is not a democracy, it is a hypocrisy! It would be next to impossible to rein in the current bunch until they show some independence again. Kevan
It is obvious that the media is controlled by this communist government. What is wrong within the 4th Estate.i Allan
We need an open media, not a “closed shop” variety, otherwise we do not have a true opinion on what is happening. Brian
Recently I read that the ODT has a cultural advisor paid directly by the PM’s office and that person gets to verify everything as suitable or not suitable for publication. Difficult to believe we have gone this far down the rabbit hole. An Editors Code of Conduct would be great but only if it allows us to go back to independent, investigative journalism, balanced reporting and respect ( sadly very lacking in the run up to our local elections) Trudy
The mainstream media is being used as a political tool for the oppressors in government and is no longer a watchdog for the people of this country. We need checks and balances. Clare
Definitely Rose
Definitely. Otherwise we’re becoming more and more a communist state daily! Nikki
Being straight-forward and honest are natural for most NZ’rs. The Press must insist they avoid proving that this is no longer valued by them. Edgar
This NZ “bought & paid for MSM” being Cindy’s shills for spreading & retaining her “sustained propaganda” will have a massive job to win back the majority of Kiwis, along with the PM perpetuating her sinister, secretive, deceitful & deceptive attempt to destroy our democracy admired by the western world for many years…! Bruza
Yes it definitely should be. Rosemary
Not only an Editor’s Code of Practice, but also a Code of Practice for The Government of the time, to protect the New Zealand Public from harassment and bullying from Government itself! Our Media is the worst ever! Our current Government…..is the worst ever! Enough said. Heather
I think you should give a lot more credit to most normal New Zealanders to be able to sort BU– SH– propaganda from reality. We are not all as gullible as those that rely on facebook for their information. Gary
THE pm seems to have the media under her thumb , No critisizing of her seems to be allowed.We need unbiased truth reported in our country for New ZEALANDERS WENDY
The aggressive undermining of New Zealanders who hold a different political viewpoint to that of the present government is totally unacceptable. Jeni
Yes we should have an editors code I can’t believe how aggressive and nasty some of these journalists can be where are their moral standards gone Denise
there is no objective journalism emanating from the mainstream media they are propoganda spreaders of the official narrative. Gregor
We should follow the UK and introduce an Editor’s Code of Practice Peter
Absolutely!!! Before it is too late!!!!!!!!!! Terry
The policy used in the UK should be adopted in full. NZ media and Stuff in particular have been compromised by the $55 million given to promote the governments agendas; ie they have been blackmailed Derek
Any bullying is unacceptable – particularly by our present Govt Roy
Lamestream Media are LIARS, and against the Citizens mike
It’s a bit late as she’s done the damage buying the media. Yes is the answer. Whether she lets it be implemented is the question. Would we get some of our $55m back then? Simon
I have ceased watching/listening/reading all MSM due to the abhorrent lack of actual proper journalism & their complete lack of integrity. Stuff & The NZ Herald should be utterly ashamed to print the harassing & bullying articles on decent New Zealanders. It Pains me such garbage reporting has been paid for by my tax payers $$. Oh, and Paula Penfold should hang her head in shame, most kiwis will see her fizzle & flop aka fire & fury for the biased, attack piece that it was. Caroline
While this may not solve all the ideological and propagandised machinations of government-funded and (arguably) government-controlled media, it would go a long way towards establishing an irrefutable accountability. Pauline
Will the new masters of the beehive be any different to these masters. sven
the press are meant to express all veiws no the one sided B S we are getting lots of us have stopped watching the news an buying the hearald its too depressing peter
Hitler reborn is the PM of NZ chris
Provided it is “independent”. I have serious doubts about the Medical Council and the IPCA – for example Margaret
We need this. Rob
It is most definitely needed because all that has happened is the NZ is being governed by an evil and sinister PM and her Communist Cabal who are directing the MSM on what to print and publicize. This will have to go down as one of the darkest times in NZ’s history and those responsible should never be forgiven for their actions. Allan
Yes it should because we all know who has a stake in the media. Denise
That might help restore a little faith in MSM which has been severely damaged by the PIJF. Mark
Free speech must be protected at all costs as without we are doomed to a life of communist servitude! Paul
No one should be bullied. The journalists should know better. Ruth
And the Editor’s name should be printed on ALL their articles. No hiding behind the name editor or some made up name. Graeme
Ought to have been here decades ago Maxwell
Journalists are supposed to be a professional body that has the training to research and uncover information. However, they appear to have adopted the method of bullying to obtain information. Sue
voted yes but full well knowing it wont work, look when the truth was published the biggest pack of liars since adam was a boy and now with the govt paying bribes/backhanders truth is a dirty word as it wont sell papers etc and now the LGNZ is being controlled by untruths printed by the likes of Stuff. who are up cindys backside so far its pushing her teeth forward, so complete waste of money to try and form a code of conduct for the media as money talks especially taxpayers money. Richard
There should be and Editors Code of practice that makes it illegal to accept bribes from a corrupt government to only publish and promote the opinions and actions that comply with this Government’s agenda. Mary
Just as a start. Our Press Council should have been thoroughly against MSM deep bias more than a year ago. An example; every regular opinion piece in the Listener and every Slane cartoon were shaming/blaming in the nastiest way, and no contrary opinion printed in the letters page.. RNZ presenters also spoke with one condemning voice and broadcast no dissenting texts or e-mails. Rochelle
The media standards have dropped to an appalling level of bias and harassment in recent years-time they were forced to up their standards ! Carol
The media should be totally non biased and deliver only the facts as they come to hand. Nothing more, nothing less. Ron
yes yes yes. Ian
It is absolutely disgusting that Stuff News and its ideologically-driven minions cherry-pick local body election candidates that have views, beliefs or sympathies with which they don’t agree, and them attempt to discredit, shame, or disempower them. This is blatant meddling with our elections, with our democracy. Stuff is a disgrace! Rodger
Yes, definitely should be a code for journalists. It’s no fun being pursued by such people! William
Provisionally yes – but with safeguards to ensure it is not captured by any group with an agenda to suppress the free exchange of ideas. Too many professional and regulatory bodies these days are captured by one ideological group or another. davidf
Shades of pre-WW2 Germany,it would seem !! Henry
With this deceitful Labour government and a “bought” media, the need for a code of practice is desperately and painfully obvious. John
not tomorrow but today Wiremu
It would be a good start! Mark
Most definately. $55 m does not give them the right to follow the government propaganda machine. The law is the law but it would appear our legal system has been compromised. Most difficult situation but not impossible. Have faith John
AS long as it is not a “toothless tiger”. Would it require legislation? If so, and if drafted for this apology of a government it would be like the rest of its rubbish. Check out the hatchet job done by Erin Gourley (Ghoully?) on Dr Ate Moala, a candidate for Wellington City Council, published on Monday 29 August. Disgustingly typical. Philip
Yes it should be brought in. But, who is going to “police” it, and what teeth would it ever have. the whole corrupt system which is being progressively put in place by this “puppet to the WEF” govt must be taken down. They are out to destroy everyone in my country and I want them to GO AWAY. What about you? neil
Yes, with a proviso. The real issue would be getting an honest team to draft it. Could not rely on Labour & Greens. Jack
About time Chris
yes, a young man committed suicide a couple of years back after Patrick Gower labelled him a nazi and he had his child taken by cyps as a result warren
The Ethics and Codes of Practice around Journalism in New Zealand clearly need to be strengthened. 1. To ensure the media remain independent and cannot be directly influenced by the Government especially through the use of Tax Payer or corporate interest funds. 2. To ensure they are held accountable for any actions which breach the code of ethics or practice. 3. To put sanctions in place that remove their ability to call themselves a journalist, in the same way a Lawyer no longer can if they are found to breach their code of ethics. NZ needs to rid itself of these bullies who call themselves journalists. We also need to be very clear with students currently studying journalism that hidden agendas and bullying will not be tolerated in NZ. Lets start by making an example of Ardern. As a great mentor once told me on the subject of leadership… “a fish stinks from the head”. LC
Yes, however Ardern will not entertain such a code of practice as it would interfere with her plan to destroy a once harmonious democracy. Toxic is how we describe New Zealand now, and that comes from the top added and abetted by foolish people. Sam
The Main Stream Media already have the Joseph Goebbels Award for best Propaganda Articles sponsored by our current Government, so yes there needs to be a counter balance to this. BUT in order to set this up, we need to overcome a complete overriding of our sovereign Laws. Geoff
most definitely when you consider the they are all being paid by the government to only publish govt good stories instead of the TRUTH eric
The sooner the better David
I am shocked to have seen hit pieces, that seem to have more in common with hate speech than factually information. Let’s roll with the truth Rana
Sooner the better Leo
Not just yet!! We are now in the INFO WAR, it will have to ride itself out, we have to start promoting nothing but THE TRUTH so as to counter satanic PROPAGANDA! David
Absolutely, the current level of NZ media bullying is an absolute disgrace. So much for journalists properly presenting both sides of a story. They have lost all credibility forever more and I would be ashamed to associate let alone be one of these gutless power trippers. How do they sleep at night. Diana
Definitely Terry
Any bullying or harassment is wrong. Jacinda is the Queen of both. Margaret
It’s outrageous that so much money is being spent on propaganda Sue
We don’t want bullies to run the media or for that matter our country Reinhart
Yes. However, With Ardern’s fellow WEF members making up a large proportion of the government and virtually unlimited funds to continue paying off MSM , I struggle to see how one would push through such an ‘Editorial Code Of Practice’. Where is our leverage to achieve this goal? Phil
Absolutely,. What we are seeing at the moment is the indiscriminate attack by some left wing journalists on politicians, local government and anyone who has an alternative view to this current government. Lawrie
There must be a law that stops future Govts from using taxpayer monies to bribe the media as Our Communist ***** has done. The lies coming from the MSM have been paid for by taxpayers. An absolute disgrace. Anyway Ardern doesn’t need the media to lie for her, she’s NZs biggest liar ever. I read that she’s off to NY this month, hopefully for a job interview. But at the same time, I’d like to see her dealt with by the citizens of NZ first. Carolyn
One of their favourite tactics is to publish a one sided article about a person without giving the right of reply and instead saying “we attempted to contact the person concerned but received no response”. Of course no attempt at contact is ever made. David
TVNZ One in particular stands out as an entity that need a clean out. I get the impression some of their news media and presenting people are just playing the game to keep their jobs. However some are coming across as current government supporters and usually negative against opposition parties in the main. Owen
“No Comment” or refusal to comment or engage should not be able to be used negatively against the target. There should be a required phrase, “X exercised their right not to comment” Tony
The media are abusing the rights of people and failing to give balanced news coverage. Geoff
We have more than enough regulation now Cliff
The organisations paying the journalists should be as accountable as the journalists. The current state of affairs would not have happened without that. Jennifer
NZ’s bribed and compromised media are stooping low in service to the evil Red Queen, and this is just local elections. Watch them get real dirty as the national election looms. What scum, remove all funding and let them sink. Chris
Absolutely and long overdue!!! Jacky
Labour owning stuff.co.nz is an affront to democracy Stanley
Absolutely, just as the government aren’t allowed to bully ministers (Jacindy pls take note) or the public, neither should the media even when they are acting as an agent of the government John
I vote but trust it won’t be like the doctors Medical Council which turned against the very people they represented just to protect the “bought’ narrative imposed by the reigning power structure. “Societies best interests need protecting “said the spin ” out speakers vilified any opposition we may have must be disregarded”. Beware more rule makers dressed up as do good-ers’ Let us allow free independent media a voice. Helen
It should be mandatory for media outlets to declare when they are receiving government i.e. taxpayers funds. Geraldine
Absolutely, its getting dirty out there. Sheena
I would also like to add the numerous examples of clear political bias in reporting in the majority of the media, both television and newspapers and it is very easy to see why. John
It is indoctrination, and I am fed up with this Government, in my opinion it is the worst Government we have ever had. I can’t wait for the next election. Gayle
I support an Editor’s Code of Practice for New Zealand Noel
Yes,but you forgot to mention the Media Councils abhorrent terms and conditions you must accept if you wish to lay a complaint. Deborah
We need it now Alan
An editors’ code of practice should already be in place and enforced by the Media Council. Gavin
If journalists aren’t willing to be the 4th estate they should expect consequences Darag
Definitely and immediately Laurel
Well past due. The media are an absolute disgrace. How do they live with themselveS. They need to stand up and tell the truth they have blood on their hands. Valerie
Yes it most certainly should and I don’t understand why it wasn’t already in the first place. The intimidation and threat of losing one’s job because of malicious intent just to get a clickbait headline is unbelievable. Emma
Also no monetary benefit should be made available to journalists and media from any political party Leeanne
Media must not abuse its power. Andrew
No one is above scrutiny, especially the media who hold a privileged position to influence public opinion. Steve
Most thinking New Zealanders know that the media has been bought by this lying government and the propaganda that is being dished out by Stuff on a daily basis is nothing short of them overstepping the mark and acting as the spinners of disinformation, misinformation and attempting to change the public’s thinking by peddling the government’s propaganda. Heather
Very concerned about the level of untrue and twisted dangerous reporting by Government funded and incentivised mainstream media and the damage to Freedom and democratic rights in NZ Maree
Too often and especially because of the Government’s $55 Million fund, we see biased reporting and in many cases NO reporting of incidents that may prove that the Government’s view of things is not correct. Leslie
Great Idea Neville
Yes. It is high time people irrespective of who they are should be protected from harassment and bullying Rod
NZ is looking more & more like a Communist country ruled by a merciless dictator. I used to be a Labour supporter but now detest them. & all that they stand for. Roll on 2023 Evelyn
I’m very surprised it had not been introduced already. Needs to be fast tracked immediately. Dennis
Long overdue Peter
Unfortunately much of the MSM has become brainless lefty activists, The public need protection from these pets Martyn
I absolutely agree that something similar to the British Edicots’ Code of Practice should be adopted by New Zealand’s news organisations (including radio and television as well as printed newspapers). However in saying that I need to advise that wonderful ideas like this are unlikely to be successfully imposed by either popular demand or a government-manufactured law, If this idea is to work the idea must be accepted full-heartedly by the journalists and editors involved. So if you like this idea, and it is a good one, you will need to convince the key people involved, the editors and journalists, rather than uninvolved do-gooders. ROB
Yes, although reluctant to suggest yet another body be set up to enforce rules that ensure just plain common decency.prevails. Graham
Yes,sad to say that our press has let us down time and time again. gale
Diligent reporting can still have professional ethics. DAVID
Both Muriel Newman and Graham Adams appear to have their own blinkers on today! dave
I believe in freedom of speech and you decide whether it is harassment bulling or not. With this govt controlling the media you have to watch out for propaganda,true or false.. Stephen 
They are corrupt to to the hand that ‘pays’ them Rod
But Jacinda will take no notice of public opinion. Denis
Absolutely! Our media are ALL paid puppets whereas several years ago good journalists tended to be unbiased and generally prepared to look at everything from all angles to get at the truth. Now all they do is perpetuate mainstream misinformation. Larry
21 million to quieten journalist is bribery Norm
It should include accepting Governments inducements and the gratuitous publishing of Government disinformation and propaganda as ”fact’. Phil
The sooner the better and before the next election. Andrew
Under our current system this seems the only answer to guarantee our freedom;;however the ultimate solution is to allow a truly free market to take its course. Andrew
Definitely needed in the absence of respect, so rife these days. Alison
We need a balanced perspective on the news. Not the leftist point of view that we are getting at present. Ted
They love it when they discover harassment and bullying from others. Dose of your own medicine you scurrilous bastards! Mark
Publishing opinion as fact, let the alone outright lies, should also not be condoned. Fiona
As long as it is independent of politics Anon
Most definitely. Another type of bullying for Labour. Robina
We should follow the British example on this. Nick
Yes – definitely, for their sake as well as ours, otherwise some of these journalistic clowns may wind up getting a salutory boot up the backside from ordinary members of the public who are fed up with their drivel and just wish to be left alone! Scott
After the $55 million bribe to the media, all journalists are suspect. Andrew
Never happen under Jacinda’s watch! Helen
Absolutely Teresa
Absolutely! No more Government funded Media as well! Jenny
Yes of course we need an ‘Editors Code of Practice’ but the chances of that happening with our government-controlled media, is absolutely zero. Regarding the ‘vaccine’ mandates, the best is yet to come, with a new jab being released around the middle of September, which has never been tested on humans, yet it is claimed that it is effective against omicron & all of the variants. So sad that the indoctrinated will line up for this as they did for the previous injection, which will make the likes of Pfizer even richer. Will probably destroy the body’s natural immune system even further, & the Sheeple will continue to wear their next to useless masks, which would not be needed if the jab was a vaccine. As more people slowly wake up, mandates will probably rear their ugly head again to ensure the continuation of people control that Communists love. A.G.R.
Ardern & her government are purely evil. Not only her mandates show it, all her policies show it. She should be facing a Criminal Court for bringing her mandates immediately, with more to follow, on her policy Bills. Valerie
STUFF are the classic bullies and need to be contained ASAP RICHard
Providing that it results in a genuine code. The danger of demanding a code such as this is that we get a token organisation that endorses the type of behaviour it was created to police. This outcome would be highly likely under both the current regime and the likely subsequent ones, given that there has been no comment on the media’s transgressions from any of the MP’s in opposition. Eric
Stuff is off my list … all NZ main stream Media is … Its far more real to watch Australian or UK news to see how much JA is disliked. Charlotte
Most definitely! cheryl
Definitely this measure should be introduced. The whole story of a media brought by the government of the day is blatantly undemocratic and has of course eroded free speech in New Zealand. Peter
The stricter the better if only to totally off set the Government’s funding of the media Shaun
Most definitely, it’s bad enough to have a party in power that lies constantly, a PM that wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the nose. To have a lying harassing press as well, it’s about time the whole lot of them were turfed out on the street, stripped of their assets, and feel the pain that they have inflicted on the people of NZ Merryl
Absolutely christine
We must have an unencumbered press or we are heading for anarchy. Rob
These days I see in MSM here not the quality journalism that used to exist in Aotearoa but opinion of the poorly informed in badly researched articles happy to spew forth nonsense soon fed these children (mostly) by govt. Sad, bad and deeply dangerous. No wonder I no longer subscribe to them and prefer to support NZPCR and the Hatchard report. Christina
Absolutely shocking what the MSM is doing! It is trial by media!!! It’s slanderous!!! Dianne
High time! Ron
Yes. Definitely Heather
And the same should apply to the media who are paid by Government to publish only positive news and not publish news that the public should be aware of. This Government is totally corrupt when it comes to press releases. ken
Should include that governments can’t give money to media. Darryl
We need a royal commission into the lies and corruption of NZ MSM Mark
The more checks and balances to prevent any harassment and bullying the better Hugh
NZ editorial standards seem random to me. This is a good idea. Graham
Most definitely. It is a crucial part of a just and democratic society. Blake 
“Editor’s code of Practice” could be the last hope for citizens who stand for the general Good. Karen
Way overdue. Linda
Media need to relearn what their job is! Journalists especially should only be reporting a balanced view of opinions without their own interpretations being used!!!! Jacqueline
Yes, but be prepared to open your newspaper and see a lot of blank pages. Linzey
Totally agree, STUFF are on a witch hunt at the moment, stands out like dog balls. Have to ask, have they been “instructed” to go on a witch hunt, almost feels that way. Anon
Nobody should be harassed, intimidated or bullied by media. Reporting should be unbiased. Reporters’ attempts to discredit public office candidates reeks of a dark agenda by the media. Linda
Also assurances of accuracy and lack of bias and no partisan views from editors. John
Long overdue. William
No, I don’t think the news media should be fettered by codes of practice. Let Parliament pass laws to constrain the press – if they dare. Colin
Of course there should be such a code of practice. It is fundamentally wrong that persons should be harassed or bullied without being reprimanded. We need only the truth to be reported. Sadly, rubbish sells in this country. !!!! Tom
There is now a general lack of support or trust in the MSM- especially those that signed up to a share of Aderns $55 mil Alvin
and soon. Pam
And this ****** prime minister has gaul to attend ANZAC Day services when she undermines the freedom and democracy that those anzacs fought for.  WARWICK
absolutely, a high standard of fairness and equity in reporting needs to be established or the paid for media will be no more than a political propaganda unit and lose all credibility, if any remains now. Janya
Although the ECoP would be a welcome idea it would not work until the Ardern Regime’s Public Interest Journalism fund is removed and Journalists return to impartial and non-partisan reporting. Phill
NZ media needs to disbanded and or a whole new platform built with public funding. Carl
I watched part of the Fire & Fury program and am concerned by the violent threats. While I’m annoyed by the MSM’s failure to expose the spin from Ardern, I’m all for boundaries to be applied to investigative journalism. Kerry
Journalist should acknowledge the fact they have received Government funding. This would save the people who believe in democracy to not bother to waste time reading their articles. Those journalists that receive these Government funds are Morally Corrupt. Mike
Without such, “news”papers are no more than those which Charles Dickens called ‘penny dreadfuls’. Peter
Most definitely; there needs to be more balance and critical assessment in NZ journalism. John
ASAP Anthony
We have to maintain freedom of the press and unbiased reporting Jennifer
It is needed to keep bias as bay g
NZ desperately needs such a body Bryan
I 100% support this proposition. I remain dismayed at how weak and servile the mainstream media have become. Effectively Jacinda’s propaganda department. Lee
The Fourth Estate must be above any bias or threat to Free expression Bryan
Actions of our current government provides obvious evidence Stephen
Media shouldn’t be state owned. Mat
Notification received yesterday that Parliament has a “Protection of Journalists’ Sources Bill” notified. Diana
Absolutely !!!! Alan
Should journalists disclose their funding stream? Jocelyn
That is going a bit too far in an age of excess regulations by this Government David
An independent press ia a thing of the past in NZ, victim to government bribery.and bullying. It needs to be replaced , and the present utterly corrupt government exposed for the evil that it is. Charles
I vote Yes, but I believe there is a far more pressing case for a “Politicians’ Code of Practice” which would require them, severally and individually, to – Tell the truth on all occasions; Answer the question asked; Resign when exposed as a liar or an incompetent and enact only laws which have appeared in your election manifesto. Wouldn’t that be a great way to run a country? Instead, we are wallowing in a pit of slime – dishonesty, incompetence, treasonable acts and fiscal irresponsibility driven by ideology. TOBY
This is absolutely needed in NZ as recent events highlight Simonne
media hassle of one person flows through onto the entire family and especially children are harmed and victimised Basil
This Govt is running rampant, lying and dividing the Nation in so many ways. John 
With no regulation in place we are being bullied into an undemocratic status. Rae
Fix the corrupt paid for MSM Wally
most definitely the media are just a paid by the government bunch of hoons,there is no freedom of speech in this country as soon as someone speaks against what the government wants media squash’s it, rodger
Of course, but don’t expect Ardern to do anything to alleviate the hurt or bullying inflicted on the team of 5 million who have had gutsfull of her and her Maori focused government. Peter
Yes indeed. They could monitor Govt lies too Peter
Enough lies from the sensationalist media. We need to hear real news, not fabricated ‘News’. Peter
Yes and more so if they come from the Prime Ministers Office Warren
Totally agree. I have grown weary of the slanted and dystopian views espoused by the media in particular Stuff (Stuffed) Newspapers, in particular the local Nelson Mail . There is rarely any positive news just endless stuff on Climate Change and Identity politics Rob
Definitely, and it should be independent of the media itself and the government. Why couldn’t it be included in the Bill of Rights? There should be severe penalties as in the UK for harassment, defamation, etc. We have a right to free speech and a right to be silent. Kevin
there attacks on the citizens of Nz is absolutely un believable it must be stopped how can they call themselves loyal NZS anthony
YES! Garry
and constantly inspected and enforced. Make the papers accountable where it hurts. While at it do the same to the poiticions. mike
More importantly when there is a change of government, I hope that no more payments will be made to the press. Hopefully they will be asked to pay it back. The press have wholeheartedly backed Labour. This is not free press. Laura
Good luck if it’s the media council though?! Haven’t done much so far! Kate
Tax paid media funding should be all about democracy and neutrality. STUFF and the ABC take note. Funding should be withdrawn immediately bias becomes evident. Peter
Definitely Steve
Most emphatically YES. Most reporting in today’s newspapers leaves one asking How much of this is true and how much is just the journalists opinion? Pam
If Extinction Rebellion had been parked on the lawn indefinitely absolutely nothing would be done! Sanctimonious hypocrisy at its finest. Boris
Absolutely – we need to know the truth not someone’s interpretation of it Peter
That code of Practice should apply to all media and public servants including ex Ken
The media in his country, with a few exceptions, has been bought by the government. A shameful act in its self and a highly denigrating acceptance by the media of what amounts to accepting a bribe resulting in bias reporting. A code of practice is essential and if not adhered to, the publisher/s should be delisted. They strike off lawyers and doctors etc if they do not adhere to their professional code of practice don’t they. chris
It’s interesting that stuff/DomPost demonise any local body candidate with a a remotely anti government view as extreme right wing conspiracy theorists while promoting the virtues of all left leaning, greenie anti democratic communists running in local politics Ihaia
very important,made obvious by last 3 years newspapers. norman
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a statement which very obviously no longer applies to the Politically controlled media. Maurice
I mean does anyone really want to be a journalist! There has to be a better way of doing it. Alan
Too right it should be . The Marlborough paper printed an article which was very much anti freedom David
Do you mean telling lies Mike
It is time to rid NZ of this communist Labour Govt Robert
The trouble is, how can you ensure that it is beyond corruption? America has shown how far corruption can spread. When the Government is corrupt, and ours is showing clear signs of the same, any office or position which is constituted by Government can be the same. Where does it stop? How do you stop it? Harvey
Absolutely they should have a code of conduct and practice! The problem is if we had an organisation like the UK IPSO, this corrupt government would have infiltrated it to it’s own purposes! How would we know any complaints were listened to? This country has become like East Germany before the wall came down! We can’t trust our neighbours, any comments about government or covid are spoken in hushed voices, phones covered to muffled voices, no one trusts anything written in media or from this government. Any voice against media or government today is crushed, how would an IPSO or NZMC work under this regime? But without some sort of constitution and standards control, we have fascism off the lead! Peter
Essential, but it should go further to include government interference through subtle bribery. Tony
There should also be no bribing of the press by government, they should be totally independent and be seen to be Gareth
Just boycott all left wing media. Let them go broke. Scott
YES because at present the PRESS is Labours Propaganda mouthpiece – we are heading down a VERY SLIPPERY slope toward total AUTHORITISM LesW
Of course it should be introduced, but I can’t see it happening. We are rapidly turning into China and I don’t understand why so many people refuse to open their eyes to what’s happening. Liz
This I feel is a policy that could be uses for the opposite reason….. Carl
it is now hard to believe anything the NZ media puts out it’s all hell bent on popularising Ardern’s policies on co governance, the weather is so bad some nights it is very hard to understand in words what is being said, bloody ridicules Nigel
What media..$55 million makes them all public servants. Matt
absolutely – Gill
If nothing else Fire and Fury illustrate that an Editor’s Code of Practice is long over due. Ian
And all political parties should be asked to PROMISE they will ensure there is never, ever again such as corrupt requirement of media to make such promises in exchange for government funding! Paul
Most absolutely Ann
And all recipients of the PIJF should be Mae to pay it back. No exceptions Phillip
Of course Gary
Urgently needed and enforced NZ press has a FREE Hand to harries and crucify anyone WILLIAM
Also make it illegal for a government to pay for media bias & fine the political party & the media taking the money. Roger
No doubt if it is introduced Stuff will claim it as an idea of their own … Dave
there needs to be checks and balances to try and moderate the media sway particularly when they display hostility and bias john
There’s far too much of that here in NZ going on. Its a disgrace Kerin
The Free Press is charged as being an “A” political body which the people of NZ should be able to rely on for unbiased and independent opinion. Sadly the PM has destroyed that. David
Journalists need to operate in line with a code that would prevent the harassment by the like of Stuff Ian
The media are so left leaning it’s totally unfair when they target someone , never there own ! A prime example the new Hamilton MP . Salem here we come ! Karen
Given how errant the NZ media are I’m not sure this would be sufficient though. We need serious media accountability and transparency. What we have now is the state’s propaganda machine. Alex
This is absolutely a matter of relative power. Valerie
But we need it now! Pam
The MSM are paid govt puppets. This dictatorial, incompetent, totalitarian. racist govt needs to go NOW before the have completely destroyed our democracy and economy Andrew
Hopefully all these so called reporters will be without a job come the next election – they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves Claire
Too much brainwashing and intimidation coming from Arden government Chris
yes. there is ALSO a need-perhaps a greater need- to prevent future governments from”buying support” for their policies by making public monies available- selectively to those who undertake to support particular policies.” ken
Requiring the Government to be subordinate to the rule of law might also be of value Geoffrey 
Must be two sided to protect both sides and to produce a good industry standard approach John
I am ashamed of the standards of journalism in NZ, having worked in the industry in the 70’s and early 80’s. We had strict rules of no personal views, to report both sides of a story and let the public decide and we had to be neutral in our reporting. Richard
The Media has a huge influence on public opinion and is therefore totally responsible for providing accurate, unbiased reporting and conduct themselves in a professional manner when interviewing people or recording events. The Media Council, being a self-regulated entity, has little or no influence over the reporting and behaviour of their own ‘members’, let alone those of non-members. There should be a public services department responsible for this industry and its regulation. Media funding by government or political parties to promote their own agenda should be criminally illegal and result in consequences for offenders. Media and those bribing them. Martin
Our democracy must be protected from biased media reporting Colleen
It needs more than that. Self-regulating bodies usually end up being a damp squib. There needs to be protection under the law whereby the media are legally held to a clear code of conduct. Punishments can include temporary suspendments of broadcasting and publication, as well as hefty fines. The NZ media are out of control and a Editors Code of Practice won’t fix it. Derek
Most definitely. I have long lost trust in the media. They are bought and paid for by Jacinda’s lot and do not report objectively. They should do the research and report the true facts but this is not happening. Helen
MSM are Jacinda’s pitbulls! They are a disgrace to this country! There needs to be accountability for the lies they have told!! lisa
Yeas of course it should, but under Labour its never going to happen . Really its not rocket science Kiwis .for New New Zealands sake WAKE THE HELL UP ND STOP BUYING THE HERALD ,The Press ,TV guide and any other Stuff publications .Hit these parasites where it hurts .But no the good old Kiwi apathetic sleepwalker would rather just moan about it .Pathetic really . Ray
Definitely far too much interference from Jacinta Barbara
What has happened to our Main Stream Media since Labour has come to power is disgraceful to say the least. No longer can we trust them and everything they say or do is to be taken with a grain of salt. Murray
The UN Agenda 2030 (described as Agenda 21 on steroids) marches on as taught by Klaus Schwab to over 1,600 politicians – including Ardern, Trudeau, Macron, Boris, etc, etc Ross
Stuff in particular is bad and now even LGNZ is cashing on in the issue by advising people of who belongs to what “disinformation” groups so should not be elected. Disgusting. michele
Long overdue Thomas
It would need to be carefully worded as we don’t want the cautions to reduce free speech Robin
This government has captured the 4th estate. Janet
For a long time I have thought these media propagandarists should be brought to account. They are no longer worthy of the title ‘journalist’. Liz
Never again should we be brainwashed by the media. Pauline
A shame that this has become necessary. Brian
this media control of information is out of control greg
About time. Common sense, fairness and imparartiallity must prevail John
Hopefully will provide protection from a ‘bunch of low lifes’ with a chip on their shoulders. Grow up and get a real job or get a one ticket out of New Zealand. You are NOT required OK. Chris
We lost our once unbiased FREE press when this lot came into power.. Donald
Better still, ignore the New Zealand MSM There is actually more balanced reporting on our domestic situations on foreign new outlets. Keith
Of course and $55 million payments which basically amount to bribes for publishing propaganda should be outlawed. The Marxist puppet Ardern is the worst ,most dangerous politician this country has ever had and the facts about her have spread overseas. I do hope she is not thinking of staying in the country when she gets thrown out. I have still not decided who the puppetmaster is. Robertson is just as dangerous. If you ever had a reason to leave the country it is because of PC directors being elected to the Board of the Reserve Bank who know nothing about money management. See https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/the-oppositions-warning-about-dubious-reserve-bank-board-appointments/BKDBXM4A35Q2ZURIDIYYRC5OTE/ This guy appears to be all bonhomie & free tucker but mistake him not, he is the enemy. I can see the gnomes of Zurich withdrawing their credit lines and this is probably the best reason you have to move yourself and assets overseas. NZ heading for tough times financially. Terry
Yes it should be introduced, effective yesterday! I and many others I know no longer watch TV 1 or , and rarely 3. Nor do we read legacy media online or in paper versions as we cannot trust that they are giving factual unbiased versions of any story. Brenda
The fake news media have been bought off with a 55 million dollar bribe by this fascist government and should therefore be held to account for any misreporting of the facts and face a heavy fine with a public retraction if found guilty. Roger
Absolutely and sooner rather than later. Reading this concerning and accurate appraisal just reinforces what a disgrace Ardern really is to this country and its people. David
We need to protect basic truth, clint
There is too much spin and apparent bribery and manipulation of media to portray only one side of the story, often lacking in fact. Raymond
NZ media is very committed to clobbering anyone who they feel doesn’t meet with their ideas of what the public want or need. Graham
The media in NewZealand are a disgrace. I no longer watch TV , listen occasionally to radio and haven’t wasted my money on a newspaper for years. MSM in this country can’t be trusted to give fair, unbiased news. Elizabeth
Yes. BUT the country is stuffed now anyway. When any government pays the media to print stories democracy and freedom of speech is stuffed. Until someone puts turps on Mr Luxon’s tail and get the opposition fired up on the things that matter nothing will change. Perhaps concentrate on one “man” one vote. God Defend New Zealand. (in any language you want!) Bruce
Censorship in any form has no part in a true democracy Bill
NZ MSM are a disgrace and are most certainly have become a propaganda machine for this Ardern Government John
NZ Media have shown themselves to be filthier than any river outside parliament. They have zero credibility in my eyes, I pay no attention to them at all as they refuse to operate with integrity, and focus wholly on deception. Vanessa
This is badly needed. David
Any real democracy would have codes in place to ensure that the media is functioning morally ,ethically and factually correct.. But the reality is that the MSM have turned into something really ugly. The covid queen and her regime have learned well how to use the Antifa as their street fighting tool to infiltrate and create nasty scenes of chaos in order to discredit the protesters gathered at parliament. This is only the beginning . In the US and Germany they are acting out with relentless violence against any political dissenters , even beating opposition politicians close to death (as it happened in Germany) to spread terror. And all that with massive funding of the regime. Politically New Zealand has sunk to a low point in history from where it can recover only under the most difficult circumstances. And only if there is a true political will left in this country to do real damage control. I have the impression that the regime is causing so much damage intentionally because they know that in the case they will not make it in the elections in 2023 , they can — being in opposition– use this chaos they left behind and weaponize these problems against the parties voted into power. Michael
The propaganda media organ of the Labour communists has to be curtailed. Mike
Enlightening! Evans
Muriel this is your best ever comment – BANG ON!! How can any leader who is clearly a liar remain in power – why are Kiwis accepting this ???? anna
How can it be fair for a tax payer funded media to become this socialist Government’s propaganda machine. Enough, let’s get back to good, honest, impartial reporting. Gary
The damage media have done to themselves over the years in their trip down unreliable lane. Has been immense. Some may wonder why their news industry is threatened, it is because they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. To be impartial. To tell it like it really is. I like fantasy in my reading, not from my news reporters. Bob
Definitely. Stuff’s campaign of vilification is obscene. Trevor
Should be – no – an Editor’s Code of Practice must be introduced in New Zealand now that it is widely understood how most editors are ‘under the spell’ via acknowledged payments (bribery) as organized, or instructed, by so called leaders. I see it as blatant deceit and deception against genuine New Zealanders. Stuart
Definitely especially with a biased media Wade
But, how you make it work? Those in Parliament grounds were typical NZedders. Rural NZ had come to town. Those were voters not conspiracy theorists. Look at the crowds lining the roads thoughout NZ. THe whole of Amberley appears to be there. Kevin
Why does our mass media not report BOTH sides of issues??? And why is the *government* allowed to fund the media thereby creating an OBVIOUS conflict of interest??? Gary
Definitely John
Absolutely yes, especially now our MSM is just a govt propaganda machine Linda
Control Jeff 
DEFINITELY because a fried of mine is being bullied right now and it is cruel to see it happen. Ray
Definitely Mike
Stalinda’s PIJF should be abolished and the media hacks that took our money to spread this Marxist govt’s propaganda including stuff’s Penfold should be made to pay it all back. John
It should not be necessary, but certainly is. Dick
The bias is obvious. Even cartoons show Labour in a good light and denigrate National. I have complained to editors to no avail. Laurie
Independent freedom personal responsibility Beryl
There is a proverb for NZ politics today, “DANGER IS REAL – FEAR IS A CHOICE.” The Socialists now governing NZ need to divide society to pull down the voter and lock in dependence on the state. The vaccines used were and are experimental drugs and should not be injected into any person under the bill of right. If one is vaccinated against any historic killer disease like smallpox, TB, Polio etc one does not get the disease or virus. As has been stated the SARS (CoV)-2 virus is an unremarkable virus that has been used by socialist politics to hold sway over the people. Instead of the thousands of people leaving NZ for a better life elsewhere – they should staying and the socialists driven out!!!! Bring on the election!!! Frederick
Definitely so. We need to protect our right of free expression of our thoughts Barb
It’s well overdue, but with the buying of the media by this govt, it’s not going to happen until honest democratic leaders are appointed. Susan
MSM is now a controlled mouthpiece for the NWO takedown. neil
We need free press/media to maintain a democracy. New Zealand’s press/media are a mouthpiece for communist Jacinda and her toadying Government. Mel
I’m all in favour of this proposal. The traitorous Public Interest Propaganda Fund has been disastrous for the ability to discuss both sides of an issue that may be anti-Maori or anti-Labour. Tony
That along with an absolute discontinuation in direct state funding of mandated media Richard
We all like to be kept up with the news but there should be a limit on the degree a Journalist can pester or harass people. Adrian
The state of media in this country is terrible. There is no balance to anything that they report on. The taxpayer funding they receive has removed any semblance of impartiality that they may have had pre Covid. The lack of any spine during this whole fiasco will leave a stain on their credibility for a long time, a stain that they may never be rid of. Kris
And very definitely, the government must not fund the media, and government advertising should be contained to essential. The vote buying pap should not be a charge on the taxpayer. Peter
It’s disgraceful that stuff should be pursuing candidates for local Government Won’t publish information about the influence labour has over candidates for council Geoff
It should have been a long time ago and this last 2 years of madness may not have happened Peter
This government has all the hallmarks of communist suppression. It is time to call out those that support JA and the iwi elite He Puapua and highlight the values and tactics behind it. John
I hate communism Greg
Media in NZ are mostly govt lackeys – there should be no govt interference in journalism. Clive
It’s quite absurd that there is not a code already in place. This actually explains a lot about the poor reporting standards of Stuff and The New Zealand Herald. Difficult to see it change under Arderns regime. Linda
Who’s going to write this code Jimmy
Maybe, if addressed by aggressive media personal the standard reply could be simply: “I do not agree with the premise of the question, please excuse me I have to go to the bathroom!”…it seems that is what is taught in a B. of Communications course! Charles
Yes, good idea. Kate
Totally, especially given that they work for Jacinda Jan
Because of Jacinda Ardern I now find that the NZ MSM are completely untrustworthy and utterly despicable. I also no longer respect or trust the NZ Police force and I avoid medical professionals as much as possible. She is the worst PM in the history of NZ. Linda
Yes they should but it wont happen as the government has full control on all media who take the money handouts, all run by left wing socialists, and now they are coming for control of the local government elections, and they have also started to discredit the NZCPR , Taxpayers Union , Free Speech Union, The Platform etc anyone who does not think the same way as them. Brian
Bought left wing media scumbag journalists are tax payer funded propagandists for the Labour party. Richard
Yes. But in the present state of the country there isn’t a chance. Howard
We need to see the back this sinister Communist lead Govt urgently. Tony
They certainly should. The lies and the bullying border on criminal, and the intentional mis-representation of the facts is unacceptable. Our media has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of this government. They have left behind any journalistic skills they may once have processed, to become a lazy bunch of useless idiots. Christine
Absolutely – protection for the public from the media ‘pack’ is long overdue. They should definitely be held to account for their harassment.   Charles
It should already be part of the Media Council’s code. Donald
Stuff’s behaviour in hounding people and destroying their reputations is worse than dreadful. Is there no-one in the organisation with any ethics?  Gordon
Fire and Fury is a dreadful piece of propaganda. It makes me feel sick that we taxpayers have funded it. Mary
The Editor Code of Practice sounds like a brilliant idea and long overdue in NZ. The media have been getting away with dreadful behaviour for far too long, and the damage to people’s lives in many cases is permanent. Bryan