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New Zealanders Under Siege

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“I support the protest 100 percent. I don’t agree with you that my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are extinguished by a government declaring a pandemic. To me those rights are absolute. If anything, I would wish the protest be more intense given the damage Parliament has inflicted on the people I love and the community of which I am a part.”
– Rodney Hide’s letter to the ACT Leader

On January 27, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned New Zealand that Covid modelling predicted an explosion of Omicron cases: “The range of modelling meant that we’ve undertaken scenario planning for as little as 1000 a day to over 50,000 a day. We do not know whether or not we would reach such high numbers, but we must be prepared for that based on the international evidence. The best thing we can do is act preventatively so that means get your booster…”

With Waitangi Day case numbers of 208, the forecasts of up to 50,000 cases a day by Waitangi weekend, peaking at about 80,000 each day a few weeks later, produced by the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation have been shown to be wildly inaccurate. 

Quite why Jacinda Ardern was quoting their figures, when her Government has already paid Auckland University’s Te Punaha Matatini $6 million for local Covid modelling, is not clear – unless, of course, the PM wanted exaggerated modelling to scare New Zealanders into getting their boosters.

As the American journalist H.L. Mencken famously noted, the use of fear tactics by Governments is commonplace: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

Fearmongering has certainly been a hallmark of the Ardern administration. Coupled with punitive constraints never before seen in our democratic society, exaggerated predictions of tens of thousands of Covid deaths have been regularly used to justify lockdowns and other draconian restrictions that has allowed the State to intrude into the lives of New Zealanders in an unprecedented way.

The flow of information has also been tightly regulated, not only through ‘gagging orders’ issued to Government ministers, and obstruction from the public service, but through $55 million in public funding to ‘bribe’ the media. Controlling the narrative has been the Prime Minister’s obsession: “I want to send a clear message to the New Zealand public. You can trust us as a source of information… Remember that unless you hear it from us it is not the truth.”

When questioned about the inaccuracy of the Waitangi weekend modelling, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins admitted: “I’ve always been pretty sceptical about the models. They are useful. It’s better to have some modelling than no modelling. It’s a little bit like the weather forecast. Some nights they say it’s going to rain tomorrow and it turns out being a nice sunny day.”

Health Minister Andrew Little also admitted scepticism: “It’s helpful to a degree – how accurate it is? I don’t know.”

Such concerns about the accuracy of modelling raises an obvious question: Why are they spending so much money on modelling if they don’t believe the results will be accurate? The answer, of course, is that the predictions can be used to justify their agenda.

While it’s easy to observe the inaccuracy of the exaggerated Covid modelling being used by Jacinda Ardern to justify authoritarian rule, it’s not so easy to see just how wildly inaccurate the climate change modelling is that she is using to justify her dangerous zero-carbon policy agenda, since those models predict outcomes decades into the future.

Yet, on the basis of exaggerated and chronically inaccurate modelling, she has declared a climate emergency and is forcing New Zealanders to sacrifice our economic wellbeing and living standards.

As a result of changes she’s made to the Emissions Trading Scheme, the price of carbon has rocketed up over 400 percent, from under $19 a tonne when she took office in 2017, to $77 today.

With the carbon tax now forcing up the price of electricity and petrol – adding an extra 17 cents a litre at the pump – the flow-on inflationary impact on all goods and services throughout the economy cannot be ignored.

When the Emissions Trading Scheme was first introduced, Westpac warned the inflationary impact of a carbon tax would become a major headache for the Reserve Bank: “Westpac suggested higher electricity and petrol prices will add between 0.3 and 1 percentage point per annum to the consumer price index over the next three years… A carbon price of $15/tonne would lift petrol prices by 10 percent and residential power bills by 7 percent, while $50/tonne would make petrol prices jump 16 percent and electricity by 20 percent.”

As well as higher power and petrol prices putting pressure on inflation, Westpac noted other risks include higher oil prices, greater fiscal stimulus, a tighter labour market, and persistently high food prices. We are now experiencing all of these, with the fiscal stimulus associated with the Ardern Government’s reckless $70 billion in Covid spending resulting in a massive blowout of debt from $55.7 billion at the end of June 2019, to a peak of $165.5 billion in 2024.

Inflation has now increased to 5.9 percent, and interest rates are on the rise.

It is in this climate of spiralling costs and rising interest rates that our socialist Prime Minister is planning even more severe emissions restrictions as she moves New Zealand ever closer to a State-controlled economy. Stressing the importance of New Zealand doing its “fair share”, late last year she announced our United Nations emissions reduction targets would be increased from 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 to 50 percent. This will require a brutal “reset” of our economy, even though New Zealand’s contribution to global emissions is an infinitesimal 0.17 percent.

In contrast, the world’s three largest producers of man-made greenhouse gases have all extended their target dates for reductions, from 2050 to 2060 for China and Russia, and 2070 for India.

In other words, at the behest of a Prime Minister who claims climate change is so dire that unless we start making reductions right now, we will be responsible for some sort of planetary collapse, New Zealanders are expected to sacrifice our economy and living standards.

Meanwhile, the three big emitters are making promises they will never need to keep, because they know that in the intervening 40 years, the public around the world will finally wake up to the fact that they are being conned by their political leaders, and this zero-carbon madness will finally be dropped. 

The British Government is now in the throes of being held to account for their climate policies as they are forced to face up to the damage they are causing.

Last week the Times of London ran the headline, ‘Britons facing biggest drop in living standards’, stating, “In a bleak assessment of the year ahead, the Bank of England warned people that take-home pay would fall by five times the amount it did during the financial crisis of 2008. It will be the worst hit to real incomes since comparable records began in 1990.”

The Daily Mail did not mince words as it described the “self-inflicted misery” of energy policy: “Successive governments ignored warnings about the insanity of having no long-term strategy to safeguard energy security. Now the chickens have come home to roost. How unnecessary this is. For Britain sits on an energy goldmine. We have vast unexploited reserves of oil, gas and shale. But hypnotised by the apocalyptic alarmism of eco-activists, our politicians have pursued an aggressive green agenda, shunning these abundant power sources. It means we are left at the mercy of unreliable renewables and importing high-priced energy to stop the lights going out.”

And the Daily Telegraph asked a question that should be asked in New Zealand: “The big political question is whether the country is prepared to pay for net zero now that people can see the implications of a policy that will do nothing to combat global climate change for as long as the world’s biggest CO2 producers refuse to change their own practices.”

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Richard Reaney, an Otago University graduate who has studied Climate and Paleoclimatology for over 40 years including being awarded a Cambridge University Visiting Scholarship to Scott Polar Research Institute in 2005, puts all of this into perspective, in his excellent analysis of the reality of climate change, when he says:

“The eruption of the Tongan volcano in the Pacific on 14th January was likely the biggest recorded anywhere on the planet in more than 30 years, according to expert volcanologist, Shane Cronin. It is said to have put up over 3.2 million tons of CO2 in the 10 days since the eruption began. This equates to over 116.0 million tons per annum if emissions continue at the same level.

“This by way of comparison is more than New Zealand has ever put up. This level totally makes farcical any measures by NZ to control or reduce emissions. In fact it highlights that it is Nature and Natural Processes that control climate, not Mankind.”

And that is the point. With 97 percent of all greenhouse gases produced by natural processes, and only 3 percent by mankind, those political leaders who are trying to claim that driving your car, cooking on a gas barbeque, or using a coal-fired boiler will tip the planet into some sort of global warming apocalypse, are delusional. Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on earth. It’s if carbon dioxide levels get too low to sustain plant photosynthesis that we all need to panic!

A new reality is now emerging for our Prime Minister. The polls are turning as she becomes an increasingly polarising figure. While the recent 1News-Kantar poll put her well ahead as preferred Prime Minister, when her negative rating is taken into account, her net approval rating fell below that of National’s Christopher Luxon.

It’s not just within New Zealand that she’s losing support. Her Government’s recent decision to refuse an emergency space in MIQ to a pregnant Kiwi journalist so she could return home to have her baby, has exposed the heartlessness of Jacinda Ardern’s regime to the world.

After reporting on the fall of Afghanistan last year, Charlotte Bellis had returned to Qatar, only to discover she was pregnant – and living in a country where it is illegal for unmarried women to be pregnant. As a result, she began urgently applying to return to New Zealand, but failed every time to secure an MIQ spot. So, in desperation, she contacted the Taliban to see if she and her New York Times photographer partner could move to Kabul. Ironically, the Taliban have been kinder to her than our Prime Minister.

Outlining her plight in the Herald, her case highlights the cruelty of an administration that has turned away thousands of New Zealanders desperate to get home – including dozens of pregnant women – while granting priority status to DJs, sports stars, and other celebrities.  

The international news coverage of the scandal shows the PM is now being mocked around the world, for showing less compassion than the Taliban!

And, as a result of the controversy, a timetable has now been set for opening up the borders and phasing out MIQ. With Omicron seen the world over as being not much worse than the annual flu, and many countries now abolishing all Covid restrictions, the time has surely come for our Prime Minister to follow suit.  

In an interview with the PM last month, Herald Political Editor Claire Trevett wrote: “The collateral damage of Covid-19 is everywhere: inflation, house prices, her goal of fixing inequality and child poverty are all things she will now face being blamed for. Asked if it has felt like she has been on a war footing for the last two years, she says ‘yes, it does’. And now? ‘Like I’m still on it’…”

But it’s not just the Prime Minister who feels she’s been on a war footing. New Zealanders are under siege as Jacinda Ardern’s authoritarianism and deceit threatens our freedom and liberty, divides our families, imposes cruel and unnecessary mandates, and through her obsessive promotion of Maori supremacy – to appease greedy rent-seekers – she is now undermining the Rule of Law and Democracy itself.  

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*How much reliance should we place on the modelling used by this Government to develop policy on Covid and climate change?

*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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The modelling seems to be all about the worst case scenario. The worst case rarely eventuates. It is part of this government’s drive rule by fear, and to make everyone believe it (and only it) has all the answers. Gavin
Modelling is used for spin and does not provide information that enables the population to understand the situation Peter
No reliance is not a strong enough term. Zilch, zero, minus % jeanette
It’s total spin Chris N
It would seem a lot of scare-mongering is going on with the modeller’s that are being used by the government. Nothing they’ve predicted has turned into a factual event Josephine
Am sure those that do the modelling have no clue they may as well just throw a dart at the board and pray they don’t continue to look as stupid as they are. They are just overpaid lackeys used to spread the fear Carolyn
How much evidence is needed abt gov’t dictatorial aspirations? David
No reliance at all for covid, , climate ,or even clay modelling ! I didn’t believe anything politicians said years ago and even less now. Most are weak, wet and windy. All of this bullshit is becoming a total disaster. Just a couple of days ago the Deputy P.M. was very upset by some remarks made by the protestors at Parliament. Well diddums,what the hell do they expect if they rough up the nation. Interesting times ahead when the tomatoes, eggs and cow pats get thrown ! Wake up you dim wits, the world is becoming insane ! John
This is a joke and has been right from the start. The Labour strategies are exactly those of communism in pre revolutionary Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, East Germany and the like during the 60’s 70’s & 80’s T
Failed methodology time and time again… They should be embarrassed by this poor science. Jock
none whatsoever. this is a repeat of the Goons show. Tinkerbelle & Peter Pan ( Grant Robertson) and the pirate crew are floundering from pillar to post, making ad-hoc laws as they go, none that are enforced. Ray
If climate modellers were correct, the world’s beaches would have been swamped more than a decade ago. Most Pacific Islands would be submerged Glyn
it is all totally unrealistic fabrications and has been from the very beginning Robyn
After voting for more than 60 years I am shocked we have a government under Adern that has no conscience. This govt. should be objecting to outrageous Maori demands. These demands focus on total supremacy for a small percentage of NZ citizens who did nothing to establish this nation as a hard working, dedicated country to become a thriving trading nation. I admire all Maori who do not agree with this attempt to demolish democracy. CM
When the modelling used is based on flawed inputs and fraudulent data, it has only mischievious value to those who have a spurious agenda to pursue. If there is anything to be really afraid of it is that very agenda that promotes the interests of the word Economic Forum and it’s groomed and chosen “young leaders”. Covid and the so called climate emergency are the excuses to promote this destructive agenda to the detriment of everyone except the “elite few” as power and wealth are concentrated there, and taken away from most of us who contribute every day to the maintenance and improvement of civilization and human wellbeing, hard won over countless generations of human effort and cost. Jim
As we have seen no matter where it comes from it is wildly inaccurate Ray
They should be indicative only, and not be a substitute for critical thinking or the justification for policy. Frank
Totally corrupt Govt Not happy with the stance of other major parties either Maureen
Get Covid away from Political agenda Ken
I believe modelling and the take over of science by corporates are designed to enslave us all. It’s not the climate we need to be afraid of https://www.daragrennie.com/climate/ Darag
I don’t trust this communist govts policies on anything. Donna-Maree
Ms Ardern is an evil propagandist who will do anything to maintain her toxic, woke power including computer modelling with false, outlandish predictions. Monica
after watching a vid on Tonga, that was a nuclear explosion not volcanic….the camera was placed right above dead centre, perfect timing..watch the cloud, did it remind you of those 50’s testing films in the desert.. Wayne
The figures become more ludicrous with each publication – and these insane predictions are costing the country dearly! Sylvia
NZ is so small and is mostly covered in bush and large green farms we have no climate change problem until all the big players emission problems are complied with the small ones can be looked at leo
The government are hell bent on their own agenda, totally ignoring science, common sense and the truth. The government’s response to covid19 has been farcical, with the science showing that the vaccine is ineffective for immunity and long terms effects have not been researched, the lockdowns produced more harm than good, mask wearing is ineffective, 99 % of those who get covid19 recover and therefore have natural immunity etc. Why the general public believe the government (when previously politicians were rated the least trustworthy) is a mystery. Go here for a summary of the flaws of governmental policies: https://youtu.be/t6kmm70ji5c Paul
The models are designed to give the pre determined answer the govt is looking for. Trevor
They take the worst scenario to scaremonger the public into compliance with their wishes. David
Our current govt does not rely on modeling but pays for the model it wants. peter
Disgusted with everything this labour govt does. Marie
I could do better.  Elizabeth
The whole Govt are liars & thickheads Ron
The modelists are bought and paid for by Gates and Pfizer Kevin
Cindarellas covid mandates are illegal, in fact everything these communists have carried out have been illegal, when does civil war break out? David
Modelling is total Bu#$$hit. Martin
None reliance, and to make if worse, JA is following NWO policies at our COST. The protests/protesters are a start, and we should support them anyway how. National are no better and ACT…well I’m disappointed in them as well. so what to do….disillusioned. We need a new party for the people by the people. anita
Jacinda Ardern has lost any respect we had in the world with her draconian policies regarding climate and Covid management. I expect to see a mass migration to Australia of our top talents when the borders open up Brian & Trish
Very little reliance in my view. At best, the modelling can be used as a starting point for discussion. Peter
I don’t even understand why climate change is pursued as it is. We should all do our bit to be decent clean living citizens – but really – cows pollute less than humans in this country!!!! The whole thing is totally lopsided and beyond belief. Lyn
Just a form of scaremongering. Douwe
We have never experienced so much lies, deceit and falsehood in NZ since WWII. The current government is simply playing to the demands of the New World Order leading to ever more destruction Gwyneth
co founder of Greenpeace – Dr. Patrick Moore resigned from Greenpeace over their climate Lies. refer to website: Conversations that matter. Dr. Patrick Moore. ions that matter – Dr. Patrick Moore aubrey
Modeling is based on assumptions and as you know assume make an as out of you and me. Enough said. John
its another money scam Robin
Idiots all. The worst government and opposition ever in New Zealand’s history. Don’t they ever look outside of the Beehive and listen to others than the marxist greens. Neville
Those who do the modelling are paid from the same pocket as the Media who take the money and do as they are told to fit the government agenda. Cobblers. Mike
Modelling is absolute rubbish. Murray
There are 3 types of lies as postulated by Mark Twain: “Lies, damned Lies and statistics.” Our Socialist Prime Minister certainly knows this and uses it to the fullest. What is unforgivable is her payment of $55million to “buy off” the media to report only “kind” things about her Government, its policies and the handing of Covid-19. Even worse is that we have been totally deceived about climate change and her plans to turn NZ into a country run by and dictated to by Maori supremacy. This Government has to be voted out at the next general election before we tip over the precipice and can’t claw our way back. Colin
Money money John
NZers have lost confidence in Ardern and her government. Never has her socialist authoritarian rule been more obvious. NZ must be rid of her and her buddies!!! Marilyn
Climate change is a United Nations SCAM, to raise funds. If Jacinda pays the UN NZ $4.5 Billion , she must first provide information to prove to the NZ Taxpayers that climate change has indeed occurred !! NOT UN REPORTS !! Pierre
Any conclusions drawn from incorrect data are by nature, false. Ask any engineer if they work on guesses or facts Michael Charles John
Climate change and Covid is all part of the left plan to control the world through the World Economic Forum and UN Neil
Completely embellished. You can make a report look anyway you want to. Barbara
Jacinda Ardern and her government are full of spin and they have ceased to be credible over dealing with Covid. Far too much unfairness and injustice in how it’s being handled especially MIQ which is cruel, callous and indifferent to the plight of Kiwis trying to get home. There are too many things going on under the radar such as giving Maori more rights while people are pre-occupied with the daily implications of Omicron. The government response to climate change is pathetic and mere greenwashing especially when they don’t strongly oppose the destruction of urban trees essential to keep cities cool and oxygenate and refresh the environment. Virginia
They’re like PCR tests. They provide the results that fit the narrative. Waste of time. Waste of money. They should be dumped, at least until people using them have been trained properly to be able to differentiate between truth and fiction – ie, know that what they’re inputting is accurate. Robin
Climate Change has been a HOAX for many years, but some meddling scientists happen to find a way to make a living out of Govt Grants by promoting FEAR, similar to those on the NZ Govt Payroll for COVID BS….! Bruza
It is all scientific bunkum Derek
Common sense should prevail Naomi
Past performances give little confidence in its accuracy. Peter
By their very nature most if not all model creating fail.More so if a condition is chaotic,and proven non linear as the climate is.Only clowns and the poorly informed think otherwise. gale
Communists and socialists, together with other limited thinkers, are prone to wasting money on such tripe. But not their money, ours!!! Shane
Because its computer modelling created by those most interested in getting the answer they want Where a Geologist has to deal with the past in the form of historical samples nigel
but only some Wiremu
The ‘so called truth’ is not the real truth and we are discovering this daily. Marg
Proof is in the pudding! Alarmists Felicity
This Government is turning us to a communistic Maori republic as quickly as they can using their majority in parliament.. Shaun
If senior MP’s don’t have any real trust in Modelling then we shouldn’t have any faith in it. Mike
Jacinda and her mates need to go and go now,traitors should be locked up Paul
they are so full of bullshit paul
No reliance whatsover should be placed on our Government!!!! Jude
To date all the experts have proved – insanity exists in modelling!!! tony
it has been proven time and again that modelling is only as good as the information put in. rubbish in rubbish out john
They have not been right once over the last 2 years so why keep on using them? As Einstein said ‘ PEOPLE WHO DO THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT ARE IDIOTS” ARRYG
Agree with your commentator….its a total con !! Nature will destroy and heal . Bev
This modelling should be seen by all New Zealanders for what it is- a farce and designed to continue the scaremongering that is the hallmark of this control driven PM and her socialist government Heather
Making decisions with certainty on modelling that is never certain, is complete foolishness. Modelling outcomes offer caution about possibilities and likelihood’s but do not reflect the real world. Modelling outcome should not buttress political movements or deceptive narratives. Michael
They are marcist nutters. Shes gotta go!!@ Nic
the whole thing is as you say a total con,a scare mongering ploy to keep most people scared and racing to get there boosters, we will all have to face this virus sometime in our future, and if this omicron is not as severe, and you will gain a natural immunity then that’s the way i would rather go. They have to drop these mandates and let us take our chances, she is destroying peoples livelihood’s, through fear. rodger
All skewed to suit our Marxist Labour Govt. Richard
Not sure why they pay so much. Ridiculous. Could use another country’s modelling. Susan
Lies lies lies week in week out I’ve never been so dismayed with a government Ewan
Absolutely no reliance on any of their modeling or should that be muddling. They’ve been wrong, very wrong everytime. One can only think it just aligns with their narrative Keep the population in fear and difficult circumstances and they’ll rely on govt to be their salvation. Be very suspicious when someone says ” I’m from the govt and I’m here to help. Flip
This Government, Greens and Labour, claim they follow the lead of “science”. Such claims are supported in the supposed Climate Change/Global Warming findings, predictions and recommendations of the IPCC. The IPCC bases its claims on models that have shown to be grossly inaccurate from the day they were created some 35 years ago. The distortion of facts and lies told by prominent subscribers to this body such as Mr Mann (I hesitate to recognise his PhD given his distortion and manipulation of data to produce the result desired by Global-Warmists and the likes of Albert Gore and jacinda Ardern) who operated in concert with the the University of East Anglia and Professor Phil Jones (both major contributors to the IPCC with Professor Jones resigning after the facts of Climategate became common knowledge.) However despite the fact that there are many well qualified climatologists that refute the IPCC claims, and clearly the willingness of supposed IPCC “scientists” to lie and distort data in order to obtain their desired outcomes, our two party Leaders Miss Ardern and Mr Shaw and their sycophants and government appointed and selected committees continue to blindly accept and follow the IPCC recommendations (Indeed go even further than the IPCC require. The next piece of empirical data I find that supports anthropogenic produced GHG {Greenhouse Gasses) will be the first. Surely even Miss Ardern and Mr Shaw should recognise that life without CO2 is extinct, but clearly they do not Then along came COVID-19 and our Government based its actions on a forecast that indicated there would be 80,000 COVID related deaths in New Zealand (they talk about Ao Tea Roa but that is a fictional nation, so I have substituted a real country, New Zealand) These politicised, communist friendly, modellers, classed by Government as experts and superior forecasters, Souxsie Wiles and Shaun Hendry, whose predictions using their models, continue to drive Government Policy. Despite US studies showing that lockdowns and facemask are a waste of time, we have lockdowns occurring upon the presence of two cases. Further despite a promise that those persons electing to opt out of vaccination would not be penalised, Government, supported by a politicised Ministry of Health, introduce a ‘vaccination passport’ restricting those who do not hold one to limited commercial and personal interaction. Clearly a means to force those opting out to comply with Government edicts – nothing to do with the protection of human rights. The provisions of the Bill of Rights Act in prohibiting the administering of any medicine without the specific agreement of the proposed recipient, and the illegality of ostracising any member of society provided by the Bill of Human Rights Act seem to have bypassed recognition and adherence by this Government and its politicised Departments/Ministries and Public Servants. It is of interest to note that the same technique of telling the nations citizenry one thing that is generally democratic, but if the end results are not what the Government wants, then change tack and introduce legislation that compels adherence. This is again shown in the manner they are managing the Three Waters campaign. Reliance on the Government’s modelling and their implementation of same, rings as true as Herr Joseph Goebbels would require. The Revolution is coming!!! Michael
The government is driven by the Green Taliban fundamentalism, Shaw won’t accept the IPCC AR6 SSP2-4.5. He is so determined to screw the farmers, offset 2/3rds. of NZ’s emissions by buying carbon offset credits offshore and the rest of NZ muddles along on the new apartheid state. wtf Mike
Covid is a smoke screen for their more evil political agenda’s Trish
Lies, dammed lies and statistics bruce
Figures don’t lie but you can lie with figures! Warren
I am 86 I have seen governments come and go I sincerely hope this lot will be out very soon. NZ is now not what many of us had worked for. What a disgrace placing Maori names first on the many doors of parliament Ross
Both have proved to be Totally unreliable Paul 
“modelling” has NEVER been accurate. It has been designed to keep the world in constant fear. I know that the whole lot of it is a scam by criminals. Yes the same ones that occupy parasite palace in wellington. The whole system is broken and must be pulled down. All the criminals in wellington are being directed by outside actors and it has to be pulled down. New Zealanders must now “not consent” to all the criminal mandates and reject any policies relating to the stupidity called “climate change”. The most absurd claim that we humans on the plant are the cause is becoming more of a joke every day. This lot must go, via the gallows preferrably!!!! Neil
The modelling on climate change is a joke. Covid cases are now taking off – so who knows…! Lyn
The figures do not match the facts Arthur
They’re out there with Don Quixote, “Tilting ast Windmills’. The ‘Donkey’ is Jacinda! Michael
Maybe talking to other countries to understand different view points! Deidre
Scientists have been so unreliable that Jacinda should make future modeling a crime. Fine all alarmists and cancel the emission targets RICHard
The modeling is fraudulent and created by deeply corrupt organizations that have repeatedly grossly exaggerated outcomes for their own agendas Amanda
Nil at any time Rodney
As you said – all just scare tactics to frighten the population. Climate change especially so. I think Cindy’s reign of terror will go down as one of our darkest periods as a nation (worldwide too with all the wokeism destroying economies.) Dave
some reliance should be given, provided the inputs to the modelling are correct and based on NNZ conditions. Recent models were simply from overseas and ‘dropped’ on the NZ Public. They were hopelessly inaccurate. Peter
Modelling is only one persons opinion Bev
A lot of modeling is just hopeful guesswork . Michael
ABSOLUTELY NONE, in fact the whole lot of them should be had up for treason. Athol
It”s all been guesswork. Our Government hasn’t graduated from pre-school yet, so inexperienced!! Judith
I have always believed that the co2 emissions are a natural part of our world, and nothing that humans do will change that. Doreen
To me this seems all part of the massive One World Governance program to impose socialism everywhere, aided and abetted by United Nations and others. Reviews of the diverse propaganda from 30 years ago, up to today indicate how mush of the Wuhan Covid ‘pandemic’ and climate change has flooded the media – until the multiple truck conveys began alerting many more to the contrived modelling. Why wont governments openly debate the issues? WHY? Volcanos above and below the sea drive climate and sea levels, while Fauci and Wuhan think they control Covid all with the same end goal – total control. Stuart
This is merely a vehicle to give money to favourites. Kenneth
Zero trust or reliance on the government and the modellers. Oh that someone or something would free us from this lying incompetent government. Carole
the last two years have shown me the our governmental , tertiary educational and medical institutions have been captured by non state bodies . this government has no mandate to outsource our sovereignty Robert
Of course-stupid. David
I have heard the scientific evidence to show that ‘climate change’ is completely false . I cannot believe that the PM or government does not have access to at least the same amount or more information than I have. I am forced to conclude that their policy has nothing to do with truth and their motives are not in our best interests. New world order socialism seems to be driving them, regardless of what the people of New Zealand would want. Harvey
Any credibility in these figures was lost when those at the beginning of the pandemic were so far off. They’ve only got more far-fetched. Paddi
Bit like the weather forecasts- rarely right. Adrian
Zero, there has been a complete lack of balance when it comes to reporting on estimates including “dying with or from”. NSW very briefly hit that number & only because of RA Test catch ups… Richard
Carbon Zero based on nonsense modelling also Michael
Why pay these modelers all this money like 6Million to a local crowd and to overseas modelers is just pure stupidity when that monies could be spent to treat those who are infected. All those models have help to ad fear and the public at large have been tucked in to this to keep Jacinda in power. So just wait when the world is back to normal which is taking place now and watch the wheels fall off and Labour start running for cover and the public start to show their anger like the protest in Wellington .Kiwis at large have had a gutsfull . ken
Common sense should prevail. Josie
The PM has too devious with plans for governance of NZ which would essentially be the end of democracy in our country Michael
It’s cruel, scar-mungering, creating more fear and I don’t know to what depths the mental health levels will be. Janet
Govt is out of their dept. hasn’t ever considered other kiwis who live in NZ . Sick of hearing her pushing co governance and flashing the cash for maori. The millions spent on marae’s is disgusting money should have been used more wisely for much needed maintenance. Dianne
The computer ‘Modeling’ is absolute B S. You can basically put into the Computer what result you really want, as seen on previous occasions. It’s definitely nearing a time and place where these Political Criminals were held to account for their fraudulent racketeering behaviour !! Geoff
Total scaremongering Andrew
As with all bought and paid for loyalists to this shambolic govt., (is that a correct description,, govt., that is?), fear mongering and a fat silencer payday. Come clean and give us the facts, Ardern & co.. The next election is coming faster than you think. You have been warned. martyn
It – carbon zero – is a Marxist plan for destroying society as we know it. Allan
The track record of the computer models is one of total failure. The predicted catastrophes simply never eventuate. Just useful to keep the populace in a “State of Fear” doug
A load of complete scaremongering BS as usual. Richard
Overall this woman is dangerous to everyone of us Kath
Very impressed by the resolute and discerning NZCPR readership but very concerned about the Government’s stifling of media and public servants’ duplicity in preventing ‘open and transparent’ reporting of facts. Peter
None whatsoever. Their ‘models’ have invariably been far out, whether it has been about the climate or predictions of how many deaths NZ will have if we don’t bend to the WEF in the Covid vaccine scandal. Julia
it is all fabricated to give PM control. Must stop Rod
All our evidence shows the modellers produce absolutely idiotic numbers which have never come to pass. What do they use to get their basis for this nonsense? Mary
They are putting up statics to suit their agenda. Not the truth Joan
Not one forecast of the IPCC since its inception has been accurate. Doesn’t that say it all. 99% of the mass in the Solar system is the sun. Guess what has the most effect on the climate Mark
Climate change is a scam set up by that septic Gore and the corrupt UN that our dictator is brown nosing to and with her paying these so called modelers means they do what she says and what figures she needs to cause fear so she can control and hence destroy NEW ZEALAND. she and her lapdogs all need to be sent to the Tower of London asap. Richard
no trust at all Noel
I am disgusted with this government and Jacinda Ardern for what she is doing to our country Kerin
Modelling is even more unpredictable than trying to predict the weather. I’ve never believed in it. And as for paying $6m for it!!! Total waste of our money. Sheila
Its a con Russell
It is as plain as the nose on your face what Jacinda is doing, but people just don’t want to see. Anne
Modelling can be a useful tool when assessing possible outcomes. The accuracy of modelling is dependant on a number of factors of which the local dynamics play the largest part and should therefore be the basis for any modelling criteria. Reliance on modelling is absurd due to the number of contributing variables that provide a vast range of possibilities focusing of the subject at hand. Use it wisely as a guide for the specific topic but not to base general decisions on. Decisions should include a multitude of other factors such as effects on populations mental and physical health, economy, environment, etc. Martin
Modellers should publish the criteria on which they base their assumptions. David
Blatant scare-mongering to keep the sheeple under her cruel and lying control! The terms of the Paris Accord particularly stated, Partner Climate Control measures should not be forced under any service or commodity that concerned,Food, Health, or matters relating to the Welfare of the people of their country. As usual Liecinder has her own agenda and will stick to it with The Greens to hold her presumed control of this country. Robyn
We don’t have a government … we have a Dictatorship that is very quickly destroying New Zealand. Des
Anitgr complete waste if time and money. Valerie
Adern the Marxist, pays her government advisers to promote alarmist rhetoric. If you need the truth you have to listen to offshore data because NZ data is contaminated, just as in all authoritarian states. Rex
The climate will change from day to day, year to year and so on. All the scare mongering so far (including film’s etc.) has been proven over time to be grossly exaggerated. We as the population of the world can drive our fossil fuel vehicles all year and not emit anywhere near as much Co2 as nature can in one day from a mountain erupting. We all know mountain eruption has nothing to do with population. An over populated world? This statement is absolute bullshit!!! There are enough provisions and commodities in this beautiful world to go around. Providing no one gets greedy which is exactly what has been happening for far too long. After all if you stood the entire population of the world on a metre each, in New Zealand, they would take up no more room than the Wellington province. We are a very small corner of this world, and are basically carbon neutral! Our biggest industry Agriculture, because the powers that be use modelling from other systems in other countries they make our farming systems look very BAD! The reality is we are the cleanest greenest you can possibly be. I can back that up, not hear it would take too long. Robin
Vote No Confidence Linda
people like so called covid modeller Sean Hendy are nothing more than paid puppets of the Ardern propaganda campaign & totalitarian regime – paid heaps by Arderns muppets with our tax funds. Hendys so called expert statistical modelling is a pile of crap and been so far off the mark it laughable. This is all designed to maintain the fear tactics amongst the populus – wake up Romneys, this is all BS. Climate change modelling is no different. I’m heartened by the recent increased awakening of the public & fully support the public and fully support the protest actions of the protesters in Wellington. This is the worst ever govt NZ has ever had, with big cracks now starting to show through their BS facade exposing the lies and hypocracy. Watch for the lying evil Ardern to fall on her sword over the next month – I will have a big party (with no masks or BS s distancing) when that inevitably happens. Mark
If politicians will not address these issues based on reality rather propaganda then I say the time has come to elect Independent MPs who will actually represent the people. Denis
Government should study the science on climate change and wake up to the false information being put out by so called climate scientists fraudulency. David
The modelling needs to be improved. It is after all only information that needs to be considered along with all the other information available to make an informed decision. John
Absolutely NONE. William
Can anyone point me to an example of modelling which has turned out to be correct? Enough said. Rod
It’s all a sham Lindsay
The IPCC were seen to be manipulating data…. and that has not stopped. Lionel
to be on the safe side…and after all of their work has been ; learn as you go , experience , funded by us , then I would say , absolutely NO reliance . Roy
Absolute waste of money and no doubt used to scare the wits of the vulnerable NZers Alan
Just contrived spin to sell their policy. The end game is to control the masses and control food production, people are much easier to control once you have them queuing for food stamps. Stu
Like everything Labour does, it will be a circus act Matt
After the first failure it should have pay by results. Ian
Both sets of modeling are driven by an expected outcome of doom. Neither represent reality, which is far more moderate. They seem programmed to create doom mongering. Robin
Totally bullshit. China produces more pollution in 1 day than NZ does in a year. Alan
The models, from day one have been proved to be wildly wrong. They exist only to justify the draconian controls Danny
Instead we should ask the Danish modeler, Dr Camilla Holten-Moller, who based on her modelling ended ALL covid laws in Denmark. Susan
Reluctantly selected “some reliance” as surely the modelers will start getting it more right than wrong one day. Peter
It’s all political hype Clive
Do not trust the Government for anything. Andrew
Absolutely no confidence this lot can make anything work. Kaye
So called climate change by UN paid Greenies was based on false modelling, leaving out info.to get the answers they wanted .And obviously something amiss wit( this Governments modelling, obviously they don%u2019t possess an ounce of logic amongst them. Sooner they go the better for all New Zealand, Our biggest hope is that the ICC do not take to long over the papers relating to Covid they received in December to make a decision on whether they will proceed further. Finger crossed it%u2019s soon. Gwenda
Labour have ruled by fear fed by their grossly exaggerated death forecasts. One day they will be gone and we can start rebuilding. Chris
She has proven to us that she only knows how to lie to us. To late Jacinda, people are waking up. Diana
All the modellers, without exception, have been shown to be inept in their ability to forecast any of the actual data of the pandemic. Brian
Modelling has never been accurate. Bruce
They are deceitful scaremongerers Carolyn
My congratulations to Anthony Willy on his guest post on Ardern’s Marxist government. Very precise and lucid. If the voters of NZ want to see what is facing them they may well improve their knowledge by reading this post. As I have previously said This Labour government is jam packed full of Marxists and commies who have been practicing these deceits for a long time. If you value your freedoms we must rid ourselves of their poison and lies and never let them back. Is your freedom worth a couple of bucks rise in the minimum wage? because they will come hunting for it back later. Terry
Ha!!! Anyone who did a bit of research would see what a load of bullshite this climate change crisis is. One active volcano wipes out anything we do to avoid adding to the warming of the planet. These models on the virus have proved to be way off target,just like the climate models. They are propaganda material used to scare people. What a disaster she has been for the country. God help us when she gets into the UN. That’s her goal to follow Helen. Peter
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. who had Jesus crucified on the cross..? A politician, and yet 2022 years later you still believe politicians? John
Modelling seems to just be another justification of policy,and so far appears to just another part of the litany of lies and psychological assault on our citizens Sue
Its all just total bull-shit and lying. Don
Modellers have caused so much fear from the start of the virus Ruth
I am sick to death of so called “Experts” in the world today. What many of them are lacking is rational common sense and an analytical ability to present balanced views without scaremongering. Unfortunately we live in a society where the “Experts” are more interested in pursuit of fame rather than facts. Martin
The covid models have proved to be about as hopelessly inaccurate as the climate change models Terry
It has all been proven wrong too many times. Mostly produced by academics looking for their moment of fame and temporary relevance Frank
any government that claims to be the only source of truth … already has lost sight of the truth… alex
The modelling seems to be political motivated and does not represent the true scientific facts. John
This govt under Ardern have almost destroyed New Zealand But they have under estimated the strength of the convoys. Dianne
moderate for COVID as there is some evidence that we need to be prudent and vaccinate as much of the population as wants to be vaccinated – the more the better. But none for anthropogenic climate change Francis
The modelling could be used as an “indicator”, but to make policy decisions on something where there are so many assumptions is crazy. Ted
A great summary re the farcical nature of computer modelling. The inability to input accurate information makes the modelling of both Covid and Climate an absurdity. We need to remember also our basic science on the carbon cycle – ” zero – carbon” makes NO sense at all! Mankind can make NO difference to global climate. Rosalie
Ardern needs to go – fast! That’s all there is to it! She has her own evil agendas as part of the whole global re-set, her personal wealth has skyrocketed – how has that happened one might ask??? (Not rocket science) She sure as hell isn’t doing what’s best for us kiwis or NZ’s long term future, that’s for sure! Lazza
None, because modelling can be manipulated Liz
Absolutely do not believe anything they say Shirley
The current and past modelling is now being ignored by the Government as it has proven unreliable Rex
it appears the modelling is fabricated to meet another agenda noel
ZERO wally
Every day I read the news and all I can think is FFS! Brenda
Ever since Hendy claimed we would have 80,000 dead in NZ at the start of Covid., we can see it is just a fraud. Howard
Results speak for themselves. Willy
Like climate change models formulated by IPCC these are flawed and have failed.polititians should have no input regarding climate matters,they by and large lack the credentials to do so. gale
Models are always wrong but are sometimes useful. On a whiteboard at the University of Auckland. Unknown author. Dane
Garbage in garbage out. Nature doesn’t have a social media account. Coral
I no longer believe anything the sitting politicians say – in fact Is ee them all as members of a Corporation looking after itself, not a democracy. Claire
I now don’t trust anything they say, there have been so many lies Gail
The whole modelling thing is no more than soothsaying! Kingsley
Lies, damn lies and statistics. To which we might add: self-serving statistics. Mark
All models principally reflect the beliefs of the models developer, most of which are beholden to the State for research grants – and are thus subject to the political will of politicians and bureaucrats. Exactly what Eisenhower warned of 60 years ago. David
They have proved there self to be useless Mike
$60,000,000 worth of useless information. Money would be better spent on the issues that they talk about but do nothing to solve. David
“0.00” The worst is yet to come!!! Frederick
This climate change scaremongering is a big fat scam! So many other factors affect climate, not man. A few elite will get very wealthy from this. Janine
A big fat Zero. Andrew
I just don’t trust them, full stop! Their policies make little sense. Jane
Absolutely none as they are a confused ignorant bunch of liars only interested on their agenda to destroy NZ and leave it open for the chinese to take over financially. They dont realise that once the chinese have control they themselves will be imprisoned also with others who are not needed. Mission accomplished chines rule David
Modelling is being used to create fear as this government moves towards a totalitarian state. It has also proved to be a waste of time and money John
Never in my living memory has a computer modeler been within striking distance of an accurate result. GIGO as the computer acronym goes. Mark
Two words to beware of are “modelling” and “reset” both in relation to Covid and the bullshit promotion of “anthropogenic climate change” Also be wary of any global organisation with the word “World” in it. Check out the World Economic Forum and a guy called Klaus Schwab — you will learn where people like Jacinda want us to head !!!!!!! Alan
I have felt all along, covid is just an excuse for the world agenda of Satan. Paul
What happens overseas does not mean it will be same for N.Z. Most people here are compliant in taking precautions and should benefit from double vaccinated and boosters Chris
Modelers for this sort of stuff are notoriously out by huge numbers. Take UK’s Ferguson for example Barry
Tricky question,. But the answer is we cannot rely on the government to be unbiased when their agenda is so obvious so they will choose the modelling that suits. pamela mary
They are stupid little nerds with no experience in the real world. mike
You have got to be joking ..’ reliance’ … lol. About as much as relying on governments. ” We are here to help you “.. Run. run , run. Alan
What a shame she didnt get Covid & die, to put all New Zealanders out of her misery. david
Politician’s pipe dream led by Shaw robin
They may be slightly more a accurate than reading chicken entrails but only Marginally Peter 
It is patently obvious that we should use modelling to rely on policy-making to the same extent we use astrology or gazing into a crystal ball. They would all be as effective as each other. The govt used “modelling” to lock us in our homes, in our country and steal away our rights and duties by making the more gullible of us fearful and wanting their ‘protection’. I suggest we go back to the tried and true method of making an educated guess based on experience and history, and keeping the channels of communication open, holding leaders to account so they are able to change tack if circumstances change. It would be for the politician’s own protection as much as our people and our country. Jenny
All the ‘models’ about COVID and climate change have been extremely inaccurate, if not totally WRONG!! Dennis
Instead use common sense and learn from what has happened previously. The slow roll out of the vaccine indicates clearly total incompetence with an inability to act appropriately This P.M and others are beyond hopeless and must be got rid off Tom
Hipkin’s has already stated the data and advice from modelling are unreliable. Why continue to develop policy on potentially false claims? Lindsay
Science Modeling is the pseudo science of the 21st century. In decades to come historians will look back on this era as we look back on the Medieval history. Andy
Shawn Hendy should apply to the Imperial College for a position. He would fit in well there (they LOVE looney predictions/modelling !!!) Laurie
They are misinformed and do not know or seem to care what they are causing. Fritz
Current modelling is rubbish & of no use at all. ?? Andrew
These modelers have lost all credibility. Even the misguided weather forecasters do a better job of predicting….and they’re bad!! Tony
Just another tool Jacinda is using in her campaign for complete control of all New Zealanders. Is it just a coincidence that Delta and Omricon isa conundrum for Media Control ??? Urban
Not all fore casting can be accurate. WQe must take the best available at the time and plan on that basis – plus a bit of a safety factor Paul
The Labour coalition governing our Country has replaced Democratic procedure with biased Autocratic rule . matt
They have been hopelessly inadequate and have always seriously overstated the potential outcomes. It has suited the government agenda to scare people into compliance Trevor
As per the Tooth Fairies past record her logic and basic knowledge is badly flawed . Being a highly skilled wrapper of fish and chips she and the rest of the muppets in Govt are well out of their depth and we can only hope the people who voted for her can now say what a waste of space ,sadly this is going to take a lot of repair work for the next non Labour Govt . Excellent opening account of her disasterous lack of ability Muriel . Thankyou . Ray
Why are Labour so blind ? Are the Labour MPs too dumb to see the issues or too scared to speak? Malcolm
They make it up as it goes along. The people should speak and will speak. Every day another right is extinguished. Carol
The polls are made up to keep everyone fearful Kristene
Absolutely none! As outlined in your newsletter it surely is part of the agenda to oppress and control the nation and lead us into dependancy o the State. Christine
Discreditable bunch – will only design models to suit themselves and mislead us Edgar W.
All covid predictions around the world for 2 years have been grossly inflated. Paul
commo related brian
Pathetic scare mungering and all taxpayers money Neil
its all about FEAR john
The same level of reliance I would place on this Cabinet’s ability to tell the truth, and on any promise it made not to resort to bludgeoning all opposition into a pulp. Phil
I’ve used mechanistic and Stochastic models for over 20 years without accounting for all possible confounding variables and real time validation they can be wildly inaccurate as we have seen. The Danish group though have got it right. Bryan
The government thinks of a big number and tells us that is the truth. And we will protect you. I don’t accept that (a Helen Clark quote) Andrew
More spin John
When they get it wrong there is no apology. Warwick
The fact that this government chooses to ignore the facts and picks the option which suits their agenda shows them for what they are, manipulative, ignorant and totalitarian yeverley
With Natural Sources accounting for 97% how can any Human activity influence the long term outcome. Mark
Modelling for the govt is simply the orders of politicians given some dubious scientific authority by those benefiting from govt handouts. It is very different from modelling for research or engineering design. Alan
None whatsoever, it has proven time and time again that its modelling for COID has been well off the mark Kevin
These so called experts are full of BS just like our government Laurence
The Labour Party keep changing things all the time. What am I to believe?  William 
The Covid modelling is completely bogus .. and to justify policy. Also when the horrors do not occur, to say .. yes but that is because of our Policy: . without it the modelling may have been correct. Absolutely corrupt. Re Climate Change: this dire threat to our agriculture, natural areas, our life is becoming more real every year/month/week. But the government reaction has been feeble, muted, This is because it would affect everyone negatively in the here and now. Short term interests have always trumped long term measures however important. Rochelle
Have never had any faith in anything this government proposes. Dr Newman’s article doesn’t pose a very rosy future for us and protests such as the one in Wellington will become more commonplace. Lawrie
Question motive of the modellors Bill
Cult-like madness! Brian
They’re hopeless.. Wake up Kiwis. Donald
utter rubbish. pay it no truck at all pete
Carbon Tax – has anyone tried to establish what we are getting for our ‘sacrifices’ tax payments? Any actual “tangible effect” at all? Yeah right ! Michael
We should place absolutely not credence to anything this government says. They have absolutely no idea!!! Jillian
are you kidding????? Erin
Hopeless Jeff 
Its as about as accurate as throwing a dart at a dart board – just a wild guess Errol
It’s amazing how Jaspinder is addicted to poles and has used them time and time again to try and prove her correctness. The COVID predictions have been vastly overstated. Her scare tactics have run small businesses into the ground as people are too frightened to go out. Get rid of her. Laura
I would give zero reliance to the governments attempts to have a sound policy for climate change, especially when the major emittors do little or nothing to reduce the problem Brian
I have constructed models during my career, but always based on solid data. Theoretical models are valueless. They are merely paper exercises, like a child’s drawing. kelvin
Absolute proof of total failure in calculations has no defence. Yet they carry on doing it. Spectacular arrogance. Jennifer
I would have been able to do a better job for $100,000 !!! sheryl
The whole Ardern project is a scam Lloyd
I did some modelling when I started work. My modelling showed me I would have millions in the bank by age 40. Wrong. Shows the uselessness of modelling. If Jacinda could not maintain the fear factor among the populace, she would have no control at all. There is real fear out there as a direct result of her actions, particularly among women. Fear is apparent with climate change as well, particularly with younger people who in many cases see no future for anybody. It has to stop NOW. Ray s
None. Jim
The facts are there and always have been. The late David Kear exposed the lies that started this nonsense. Doug
Control freaks. Al Gore’s hypothesis on climate change was proven fraudulent. But the lies kept coming and turned into the truth. Trumps book on ‘tell a lie many times and it becomes the truth. So many are being conditioned by this radical government into believing a lie that they are starting to think its all true. Bottom line is that this is all Politics at its extreme aka. Starlin. Covid-19 does exist but, extremism has latched onto control of the masses. That is what we are seeing here in New Zealand. David
ALL previous predictions have been proved grossly over=inflated. Heather
Typical labour Allan
They exaggerate all information to make their agendas seem more urgent an scary william
Absolutely agree with Mr Reaney. The climate scam is just that a scam. My fear is our current Govt. and the lack of any opposition to the PM and the madness she is imposing on the people of New Zealand. Sam
so fake .. all to fulfil an ideological agenda helen
Wildly inaccurate – a joke. John
It hasn’t been right to date and its projections for this month hare been the stuff of comic books John
They should not rely on the models if they continually prove inaccurate. Ken
The notion of climate change is a farce. Jill
It has been proven wrong again and again, it is used to instill fear in the population Eduard
Its is the first up best dressed policy commonly know as no idea. Garth
It’s all alarmist not based on any factual or reliable evidence. Lies lies lies. Dianne
This govt. believes whatever suits their own narrative regardless of the social and economic consequences. Bryan
These Marxists seek just one thing, theft and ruination of all that is good and true. They despise humanity and despoil the Earth.Their fake Covid and climate narratives reveal their hideous plans for all the world to see. To Hell with them. Robert
Climate change control? See the new energy sources coming on stream: https://brilliantlightpower.com/ Scientists have been busy. This coy is probably the most advanced. Engineers, scientists, practical people.We will have power created directed in our homes. Cars won’t need batteries. Even Aerobus has got patents. Kevin
Modelling is simply forecasting based on a series of assumptions, Who is debating and agreeing the assumptions, as none of these are made transparent to us. So I am sure the experts are good at modelling but it is the assumptions that are the problem Mike
We just need to apply our collective common sense without all getting hysterical by over reacting to the political shenanigans of this current incompetent Government. In the case of Covid – 19 and the omicron version. Surely we can take the opportunity for omicron to add to our natural resistance to the overall Covid – 19 virus, which could still possibly evolve into a far more disastrous version with a 1917 Spanish flue type catastrophe to cope with. On the subject of global warming we as a country need to take on a more pragmatic attitude and to work on an effort to be more scientific for future results. New Zealand’s CO2 emissions are barely enough to keep our greenery well fed for it’s consumption of CO2 necessary for photosynthesis. We need to stop being an immature chest beating population feeding the egos of all those of the Green Party. We New Zealanders’ need to put our efforts into working out what we need to do to repair as best we can all the damage done so far over the last decade to enable our country to be as before, i.e., to live in peace and prosperity with an equal opportunity for all to get on with their lives to follow their legitimate interests as far as they want to without causing any stress to others. Garry
The government has paid stooges coming up with models that suit their agenda. Dave
computor modelling ???? garbage in equals garbage out.!!!!!!! There has been no measurable changes to sea levels at all.There has been no “overwhelming” of the health system by omicron at all !!!!!!! Brian
They are making irrelevant assumptions They are making greatly inflated assumptions, which only induces fear into the most vulnerable. Heather
modelling results so far expose modelling for what it is namely a wild arse exagerated guess Phil
The PM has to go. Ian
This government is a farce, they are just using the modelling to create fear and entice people to get the booster. They are creating fear because fear is the currency of tyranny and without an emergency, they cannot continue to issue the Pfizer jab since the Pfizer jab is only authorized for EUA e.g Emergency Use Authorisation Mary
No reliance whatever – until the predictions in the peer reviewed for honesty and validity of methodology models begin to show demonstrably that they have a very clear degree of accuracy. Until proper and accurate reviews are undertaken ALL results should be taken with a very large grain of salt and mistrust. Those who say “the science is settled” are charlatans trying to force through their agenda. . Ron
No truth in any Government policies. Ann
It’s all bull Richard
None at all If past results are to be considered they have all proved wrong and just used to scare the population Cookie
Absurd. Even at the outset. Tony
Jacinda Ardern”s socialist/ communist direction for New Zealand, and her total lack of respect for the rights of New Zealanders is beyond belief . Wake up New Zealand before it’s too late. You cannot put a price on freedom. Dan
I have seen a quote by an American Professor who said that all models are wrong but some are useful. It is safe to say that all models are wrong. Michael
They have consistently been well wrong. Stephen
it is based on fraudulent science mike
I have said for years, that if you could take a knife and scrape NZ off the planet, it would make no difference to the production of carbon. We have been hoodwinked into feeling guilty for carbon that will have no affect on the outcome. Another scam to get money from hard working kiwis! Peter
You have to base decisions on some sort of research but not the garbage we have putting up with. antoni
The first models produced in 2020 by Hendy were based on inaccurate assumptions and projected 10,000 deaths. What did we get? 50!!!! This was a tactic to keep NZers under control by using fear tactics. Ardern has done that consistently through 2020 and 2021 and still persists through keeping the whole country in Red. She pushed 80,000 cases by Feb 6 and we ended up with around 1000. She needs to keep all those woke supporters scared so they will vote for her next year. Kerry
in my previous position i was responsible for building a company performance model spanning forward ten years. This model, as you would expect had numerous variable parameters which could be altered to show negative, stable, and positive outcomes. Shortly before I retired, this task was handed to one of the company’s general managers. in discussions with the CEO the new model was created with their over optimistic view of the future included. The model showed major growth and they proceeded accordingly. The result was huge increase in inventories, disposal sales at below cost, and unhappy shareholders. The point being, models are only as good as the information presented and generally that information will be conditioned by the views at the top of the organisation, which are often conditioned by those to whom they report. Joseph
Obviously the modellers used are not from a broader spectrum of intel available. Sharron
It’s leftist manipulated philosophy Graeme
Guessperts in action !! NOT experts , a classic case of GINGO Peter
When did a Labour/Greens government ever get anything right Robbie
The use of relevant models should be incorporated into the decision making process, but not used as the sole criteria. Gavin
Climate modelling has demonstrated time and time again that it is faulty by virtue of fact that it’s predicted outcomes have not come to pass. Models of various kinds cannot always be relied upon since the input data is either limited or incorrect. It is often the case of “junk in” resulting in “junk out”. In the case of the covid models, the public has no information whatsoever about what the input data is, so how can they expect to believe any predicted outcome? Ronnie
It is all just a joke by a communist PM to scare the hell out of folk. Murray
Never believed in climate change, its code for more tax Tim
Do we pay for a model to predict how many woman will die of breast cancer; how many NZers will die of colon cancer and not to mention cancers that affect the men in our society. No; then why are we modeling the outcome of a flu. Sue
It’s all bullshit Chris
It’s all total rubbish! Mike
Can’t vote any other than ,no reliance, every prediction from these muppets has been wrong. JOHN
Omicron morphing into an annual type flu get real and remove all restrictions and jolly well live with it!! Karen
Every prediction has been way over the top either through error—- incompetence— or deliberately, which is something much more devisive. If this is Jacindas idea of a transparent government………. Geoff.
The modellers may be okay with plasticine but they wouldn’t know shit from clay. They pontificate on what will happen with Omicron and climate change but wouldn’t know when the next bus is due. Charlatans! Philip
It amazes me how little common-sense prevails, until you realise there is a shadow agenda! The so called fog of war???… don
Why can’t we force the Governor general to disband the govt like they did in Australia in 1979? mike
Hogwash! Bryan
None whatsoever. Fraser
Made up gobbledegook to entrench fear and so take a booster for a virus that doesn’t respond to it! Lindy
stupidity gill
You can create the answer you want by altering the input numbers. Sven
Sooner they go the better. Why isnt the right stating what they will ditch when they get in? Dennis
Total bullshit. Scare mongering by this socialist government and the Communist Arden. Darryl
like all modelling including IPCC climate modeling it is only as good as the assumptions/parameters that will determine the outcomes which will have a high probability of being way off the mark bruce
You need a baseline of some kind. Tony
I despair at the downhill trend of the well being of all New Zealanders. Why? simply that a rapidly development of our despotic leader believes that she is above the law – just like all the current protestors who think that the rule of law no longer applies to protestors. Anarachy is not far away. Paul
The modelling is bunkum and is purely used to instill fear and allow authoritarian control. Gordon
A lot of our money is spent on these so called modelling but I dont think they are working. This stupid Govt relies too much on people who dont know anything and the sensible Educated people dont get listened to instead get shut down then it is too late. Maori are mentioned too much by this Govt why? Barbara
If Covid modelling hasn’t proven the modelling is total BS .. I’m not sure what is going to. Good grief please can we have a government with at least one brain cell?!! Maddi
These modelers should be ashamed of themselves & held to account by the NZ population for reckless attention seeking antics, name & shame them all ! mike
My usual reply, Muriel has said it all. June
Both are not-so-secret manifestos of the World Economic Forum and the Rome group wanting to create climate change as a scare tactic. Neither should be believed in fact, it’s high time any political leader examine their moral conscience as to the hurt they are doing to Humanity in general. Medical Practitioners have a duty to “Do no harm” but ignore that for the sake of continuing funds. What hope do we have of politcians ever realising they once had a Conscience, let alone exercise it. RIP Humanity and Freedom; welcome Total Control RobTGA
It is all staged Colin
No reliance whatsoever! It is more than time to face this “the emperor has no clothes” farce with realism. China, Russia and India are not going to shut down their huge output of CO2 for 40 years. They will be laughing all the way to the bank while stupid western countries kowtow to a farcical delusion that by docking their own production of CO2 they are going to “save the world!” Yeah, right! Rob
Could have saved the money! Marianne
This government has been deceiving the New Zealand public since the 2017 election. Vonne
The covid modeliing has always been wildly exaggerated to seemingly promote fear and compliance from the people of nz, I see that fear and compliance numerous times every single day – the truth is 99.97% of people world wide survive covid and the average age of death from covid in the US is 84, well above the average age of all deaths. Selected modelling used by this government creates fear porn and all other opinions are suppressed and dismissed. Its just so sad to see. rhonda
Its the old story, rubbish in rubbish out ,very little better than reading the tea leaves. Gordon Gordon
Modelling can be rigged to give outcomes to suit your purposes. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work that out. I do believe it is time to open up the country and get everybody back to work and the economy moving again. Dennis
According to distinguished Professor Ian Plimer, Climate Change nonsense is the largest confidence trick ever inflicted on mankind – and as the Marxists want will inflict economic tragedies on Australia and Z Hylton
Look how accurate it has been so far! Like the climate change ‘models’, they predict the past before the model was built very well. Not so hot on the past AFTER the model was built, so why the heck are we expecting them to predict the actual future? Building policy based on known-to-be-inaccurate models is simply madness. Gail
I’m reminded of ancient soothsayers examining the bowels of sacrificed animals – the modellers appear to be a modern version, and of similar use. Barry
She is a proven liar! Roger
There have been so many lies, deceit, false promises and ineptitude displayed by this government, how on earth could you possibly believe anything they say. The whole scenario is a complete debacle. chris
They’ve lied about everything else and this data is from the UN which is even more corrupt if that is possible than our government John
Govts predictions are used to fuel fear, not for true outcomes Mike
Political bulls dropping Wayne
A load of scare mongering Margaret
modelling used to keep New Zealander’s in a perpetual state of fear. simon
It is total scare tactics Tony
You won’t find Jacinda criticising China. Russia or India as she is in love with them all. There are more Chinese and Indians in New Zealand than there are Maori. Denis
Absolutely none, where in the World has a Covid modeller got anywhere near to anything that has actually happened. Julia
I remember when covid came around and we were to have 10000 minimum deaths unless we went into lockdown. that was 2 years ago.!!!! Barry 
These poll results are so far wide of the mark they are a complete waste of time and money. Only good to scare people time and time again john
It is time “modelling” is called out for what it is, namely, the modern version of the haruspicy of the ancients. Sorting through the entrails of animals to predict the future never gives a useful answer Ian
Take it “with a grain of salt” Jacky
Waste of time to read the unbelievable waffle the government is forcing upon the population of NEW ZEALAND Cyril
This can’t possibly get worse!!!! Raewyn
The Ardern Government has one policy. Total control of the population of NZ.The revised covid rules are proof of this.Climate change has been debunked by experts but is being used by the Labour Party to introduce more taxes and control our already extremely low emissions. Steve
Its all Pie in the Sky, Designed to create fear in those who cannot see in is only designed to control those who blindly follow. Don
Quacks the lot of them! Trevor
The days of ‘Crystal Ball Gazing ‘ need to relegated to the dysfunctional gatherings of the Green Party and their ilk ! Their musings are actually less accurate than waving ones hand out the window to determine if it is raining ! wayne
bullshit in , bullshit out. these people have totally invested interest. jason
Their modelling on climate change is a complete waste of time and money. Trevor
Its the same story with covid modelling as climate modelling. – Rubbish in, means rubbish out! Ron
The free press of the world are holding governments to account. By blocking our press and media from at a minimum of questioning government actions, the are promoting Ardern’s socialistic policies. Wake up New Zealand and demand media freedom Mike
It is all a load of BS. Tim
These modelers are like the man made climate change proponents – a fraud. Unfortunately we tax payers are paying them. gerry
Lunacy. Who could believe anything from those politically motivated and biased idiots Hendry and Wiles. Lord help us if that is the best Auckland University can produce as mathematicians. I pity the poor students who are trying to learn under the tutilage of these two morons. Chris
They find modellers to suit their political ambitions Dorothy
They are designed to support the narrative, and so inaccurate as to be exceedingly dangerous Roger
Anyone needing reliable, factual and comprehensive information on ‘climate change’ should read ‘Green Murder’ by Ian Plimer.Best price from Connour Publishing. You will wonder how people could be so naive and easily conned. Judith
Ridiculous waste of taxpayers money Susie
Both pandemic and climate emergencies are hoaxes designed to ruin the economy, livelihoods and to make NZers obey ie communist. Catherine
and stop paying the bastards with my money Graeme
None! It is fixed and meant to garner fear Elaine
Just another scam to keep us all in the paddock of 5 million where she and her bar coded cohorts can control us at will. Sick John
This govt will twist all figures to suit themselves Gordon
No reliance by this government on anything, not just modelling! Murray
For the first time in many years of reading Dr Muriel’s column I absolutely disagree with her comments about Covid modellers. What if the model numbers turn out to be correct but the timing 2 or 3 weeks out. Jon
The modellers are just hand picked govt .stool pidgeons. Stephen 
Since their first prediction of 30,000 deaths pa subsequent predictions have been just as far off the mark. $6m that could have been better used elsewhere, what a joke. Kate
Appalling Id Adern and her crew Ronny
To much going on behind our back to trust this government Jimmy
The very best indicator of the future is the past, but that is ignored by the climate change models. As to the COVOD models – what a joke. These “experts” should be exposed for the tricksters and con artists they are. JD
NONE norman
The present Government of NZ is loaded with truly evil bureaucrats and politicians who just cannot resist being petty tyrants and abuse their power. Democracy has been destroyed…and we now have a bunch of sociopaths at the helm…New Zealand is lost in cloud and rain . Chris
The definitive scientific study has been done by Wijngaarden & Happer and by Coe et al. Effect of doubling CO2 is minimal. less than 1 degree. methane has no effect, it is irrelevant. Peter
The covid con is just a rehearsal for the climate con. Will
It is a wildly inaccurate activity designed solely to support vaccine mandates done by people who clearly have no clue but have become Empliile Emperors in our state. What price is paid by us for the glory of the few? Chistina
Words fail me Albert
I am medical Scientist and mathematician Tony
The modelling of both scenarios, covid and climate change, are completely unreliable. It is obvious that one can set the modelling program to say what you want it to say. Any pregnant goldfish with an active functioning brain cell can work that out. The accurate information coming out from the modelling scenario is less accurate than what is contained in the khaki coloured semi solid matter that comes out of a bull’s anal sphincter. Time to remove the use of any information from so-called “experts” (modellers) – in fact ban the modellers altogether as they are just part of the narrative. Kevin
Laughably inaccurate. Contrived and fraudulent. John
Mad made climate change is almost non existent. Biggest scam bestowed on mankind since the fractional banking system. Darren
The incompetence of ministers is astounding. In private sector they would be OUT Phil
It’s all a load of shit. No one really knows what is going to happen. Graham
The congenitally stupid and cruel scatty third form class monitor from Morrinsville has destroyed all that was decent and good about NZ with her relentless and infantile squealing of “here be dragons” and her audience of the brain dead have lapped it all up while supping on the forced largess of the hard working wage earners. I utterly detest her and her party of drongos. Bob
Modelling is NOT science! At best it might be a small part of it but that is all. Climate change remains a theory and to bet our way of life on that is plain stupidity. Roger
It is an obvious scam.examine the records of the early promoters and who now rides the AGW gravy train! Henry
Garbage in, garbage out Andi
If some of the Govt. dont believe it why should we. Time to get rid of the most useless and corrupt Govt. we have ever had. Peter
We seem to be (mis)governed by a pack of incompetent muppets!! Henry
Zero. Modelling is only as good as the figures you put in! C. Thompson
Its a lottery that is used by the fish and chip wrapper to further her goals and smoke screen her Maori agenda. Sick of being talked down to as if we are a bunch of little kids. Notice how she loves the lime light. Dont know what she would do without Covid! alan
Is only a very wild guess Ray
It is all to exagerate yhe “need to be fearfull” keith
Overpaid Muppets Tony
Get real. neville
Pay me $1 million and I will come up with a better guess. At least people will know it’s a guess and taxpayers will be $5 million better off.It will be difficult to get rid of Labour as too many idiots think she is marvelous. Peter
I cant believe the Govt is paying serious money to people who come up with figures that are so wide of the mark and wide ranging like between 6,000 and 18,000…no credibility whatsoever. salve
It has never been more important for New Zealanders to expose Labours ridiculous delusional policies for being the sham that they are. Jacquetta
Small point. I watch a Dunedin professor talking “masks,masks,” and have never seen him wearing. It riles me. I buy my daily coffee from a 20ft container out in the open, and they can no longer serve me unless I wear a mask ! Dick
Neil Ferguson and Imperial College London have been catastrophically wrong three times before. If this was baseball he would not be batting and we would not have been listening or we would have been listening with a crystal clear head and a discerning eye. Darag
This communist government is just going from bad to worse and wont get any better until jacinda is gone forever eric
Computer modelling is subject to the parameters decided by the modeller. A choice fraught with error/bias. Vic
No question, she must be gone and as soon as possible before we are renamed SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of AOTEROA. Chris
I feel sick to my soul with everything this dreadful Government is doing. Jacque 
Her government officials are doing their bureaucratic thing of constantly fearing the worst and over compensating for the extreme scenario. Her ministers are following their lead with verbose statements and no true facts. Oh dear! Robin
They are just making it up as they go along to keep the population scared, docile and compliant. Mike
The ones to fear are the irrational zealots at the extremes of both sides. Hoping the silent majority will vote in a good government for all NZers next time. Richard
Models are an indicator of what might happen in the future, given certain parameters that are factored in the model, and these can add or subtract anything. This Government however has always gone for the worst modelled case to justify its actions when it is more obvious that a more moderate range is more probable, and to claim they are are ‘following the science’. This Government is in fact been discredited in large part by the modellers they favour and the advice they follow. Brenton
Computer modelling will always produce the results that the modeller or the payer of the modeller wants. Alan
Modelling is guess work. John
Complete fear tactics Norm
History has shown the fallacy of their modelling time and again. Gareth
They are clearly a geeks best guess, and no ability to modify the calcs when the facts give a different result. Once again, the more you charge, the greater the buy in, regardless of if any value. steve
They seem tragically behind the curve of what is being learned overseas. They really seem to be noddies when it comes to strategic thinking and planning. David
Hendy, Wiles, Jackson and Baker are scaremongers at best and probably lining their pockets at taxpayers expense to no value to anyone. pdm
Its like sticking a finger into the wind and wondering which way the wind will blow Audrey
Modelling has been shown time and time again to be totally erroneous. In the U.K. it’s been admitted that it was done purely to shore up the government’s scare tactics. Terry
I believe it’s about dominance and control. We are losing sight of the importance of our children’s futures. Fear is not the way to live sharon
Modelling has become an international farce. grant
modelling is like looking into a crystel ball and saying what will happen and asking you to believe it. Is that how our government works. Looks like it Yes the more bullshit the better John Raat
Substitute the “o” in modelling with any other vowel and it it helps ease the pain. Madling, Meddling, Midling, Muddling. Seriously however; anyone who was good at modelling and had access to supercomputers would be making billions on world financial markets. The rest (who by definition therefore are not good at modelling) are all ‘tools’ used in pursuit of nefarious political agendas. Garbage in, garbage out, on demand. Tony
It HAS all been shown to be ridiculously inaccurate. Geoff
They only use modelling when is suits their ideology political outlook. Tough love Kiwis just grin and bear it Suck it up mate we know what is best for NEW ZEALAND frank
used to create fear Craig
its for all to see…they don’t know what they are doing.. murray
There are lies, dammed lies and statistics. Modelling is the worst form of statistics. Used to cause us fear and compliance. Avril
So out of touch with reality it is unbelievable. The algorithms used in the modelling areaway out of whack. John
Obviously another propaganda method to show ‘legitimacy’ to Govt, controls Peter
The geographic makeup and population spread of NZ is very different from other countries. Anyone can see this …. right? David
Hopelessly flawed as we now know. Colin
Not been remotely close to date. John
I can’t get over the fact that during the Xmas holidays, when all the bureaucrats and Pollys were on holiday, the C19 numbers flatlined for 2-3 weeks, max 20 daily and only 1 in ICU. When these people came back to ‘work’ in mid-January, figures sky rocketed again and Jacinda was back in her favourite role, fronting a TV camera beseeching us to get our booster shot or we’ll all die. The best thing she can is crank up her booster and skyrocket out of the NZ politics. Brian
As they always said: Garbage in garbage out. I ‘d say that sums it up in that department. As far as the other topics in Muriel’s article are concerned: another 2 years of this and we are in serious trouble. The economy is already collapsing. Inflation, High prices , high interest rates supply problems, The number of serious health problems caused by this gene mod vax are under reported and will come out in the open as more and more people will become seriously ill. We are in a hell of a pickle and people still do not get it. Michael
climate change is a tool used by the UN to take energy reliance away from OPEC. Covid predictions have been untested as we closed down to keep it out, not hard you would think seems we an island nation, but the govt will listen to modling but not follow studies already done overseas RAT is a perfect example Nigel
Climate – It is arrogant to assume humans know better than Mother Nature. The Tonga eruption observation is a perfect example. Modelling – prudent guidance would have been acceptable, not scaremongering as we have been subjected to. Robert
Common sense must also be taken into account Bruce
To anyone who imagines we have already witnessed the worst damage Miss J. Ardern can do to this nation – just wait and see the results of her giving the governance of the nation (co-governance is merely phase one) to the stone-age minority who happened to live here before we did. TOBY
Get back to common sense and real science. Jenny
None whatsoever – it is yet another gigantic scam by Globalists whose ultimate goal is ownership and control of everything! Scott
An atrocious state of affairs, Who can help us. Hendy
I listened originally but now aM ‘OVER IT ‘ Bronwyn
Climate change is total madness, promoted by those who can gain economic benefits, or political control. Bryce
Significantly wrong with Delta kenn
All modelling is based on ASSUMPTIONS not FACTS, hence all models must be treated with caution. john
Don’t put too much reliance on it as it has been quite inaccurate lately. Kim
It’s never been right to date! Grant
I have been involved with science/ scientists all my working life and I have seen many Models. Some times they work. But something as complex as climate change is impossible to model. There are far too many factors over too many disiplines. mike
I have little to no confidence in information produced by this government or mainstream media outlets bought off by government grants. Lorraine
The modelling has been proven to be hopelessly in accurate. Its only value is to the control freak as a scare tactic to control the sheeple Peter
All manipulation it seems Beryl
Mostly scaremongering to support govt mishandling Graham
Reliance 0n Covid and Climate Change modelling are hoplessly useless and should be scrapped. The old adage in Computer usage was and still is,”Feed shit in and you get shit out.’ Ian
Safety first, which I still support. Regards the Climate , not nearly enough being done on the plastic. Barbara
The woman who supposedly Leads our country is totally out of control and needs to be removed. gow is this for an example. NZ Herald ( This week Not sure of date) “Leaked Emails expose government’s underhand Vaccination plan”. emails between gov officials & local councils appear to discuss possibility of introducing the covid vaccine into city water supplies in ares where vaccination rates havent reached 90%. Kath
It is purely scare tactics, by arderns government, to ensure the public conform to to the archaic draconian rules of a dictator that she is. The modeller particularly shaun hendy has been so far away from reality it is ridiculous. And he got paid 6M for it, what a joke. Peter
Directing our lives on the reading of a crystal ball? Nah Richard
Too much of the decision making has later been shown as driven by political factors rather than reality! This has to stop! Environmental taxes dropped, covering productive farmland with pine trees which will never be harvested, must stop! Hugh
This is a GIGO situation garbage in garbage out but why rely on rubbish Gareth
Modelling only correct if data entry correct. Our govt paid modellers are very suspect. Lesley
Sack these mongrels throw them out of office NZ Marc
The modeling has never been correct from the very start of the Covid 19 outbreak. It is used to instill fear in the population. Margie
Who in their right mind trusts incompetents like this government !! Bruce
not an exact science bryan
NONE of the modelling is based on true scientific research. It in once again, creating fear to gain political control! Marion
“Some reliance” on it being so outrageously wrong! The eruption of the Tongan volcano in the Pacific on 14th January was likely the biggest recorded anywhere on the planet in more than 30 years, according to expert volcanologist, Shane Cronin. It is said to have put up over 3.2 million tons of CO2 in the 10 days since the eruption began. This equates to over 116.0 million tons per annum if emissions continue at the same level. This by way of comparison is more than New Zealand has ever put up. This level totally makes farcical any measures by NZ to control or reduce emissions. In fact it highlights that it is Nature and Natural Processes that control climate, not Mankind. And that is the point. With 97 percent of all greenhouse gases produced by natural processes, and only 3 percent by mankind, those political leaders who are trying to claim that driving your car, cooking on a gas barbeque, or using a coal-fired boiler will tip the planet into some sort of global warming apocalypse, are delusional. Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on earth. It’s if carbon dioxide levels get too low to sustain plant photosynthesis that we all need to panic! Stan
Fearmongering as lapdogs of the Govt. Terry
For both climate change and a viral pandemic the ultimate mathematical models are horrendously complex and will always be partial answers capable of being politicised and weaponised to suit the agendas of the powerful elite. The current groupthink has trapped all NZ’s political parties to a greater or lesser extent. A new social paradigm is required and will only emerge from adaptive political thinking that is scarce in NZ today. Victor
Climate change is all bulls..t as in the past we have had ice ages droughts, floods, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions as proved by archeologists. These events produce 97% of climate warming along with the abundant huge herds of wildlife years ago. Peter
This Government is an absolute disgrace Graeme
The Government & Jacinda will only listen to, and approve the modelling that best suits their dictatorial aims Bob
It’s been over-hyped since the beginning. Total nonsense. Coral
The who man-made climate change is a farce. Let’s just concentrate on keeping the planet as clean as we can- clean water, recycling ALL plastic, banning dirty polluters etc Anne
Nil faith in Maori lead labour government. Deceit rules with 97% climate warming caused by natural processes-the government must know this. A bankrupt country is much easier for Maori elite/Iwi to complete their bloodless coup. Brenda
The couldn’t pick a winner in a one horse race . Hamilton
Modelling can be good but if you get to pick the models to suit your agenda then it is BS John
Purely a propaganda scare tactic by the most dishonest govt this country has ever had. A disgrace to the term “government” ross
This has always been a no brainer for me. I have never trusted the actions of academics in their influence over polititions of all ilks. Terry
It’s all BS! Peter
Modelling financed by the government will reflect the wishes of the client viz. the Government. That’s business! charles
The sea levels have been rising for 20 years – where. All the water at our beaches is right where it used to be. 16,000 covid cases a day by February – where ? 200 a day. And millions spent for this “misinformation”. S
Some modelling should be done but based on reliable science not fear mongering. Vaughan
Only as a rough guide, however as soon as actual figures leave the model then adjust to the reality. Alex
The climate (average weather) models are 97% wrong (only control models of reduced human CO2 levels predicted current observations), 97% of the Greenhouse effect is not CO2 (most all is due to water vapour/clouds that are too hard to include in the models) and 97% of CO2 emissions are not from human activity so NZ is 0.17% of 3% of 3% being 0.00015% or 1/654,000th of the contribution. Net-Net if we grow trees & kill all animal life or if we burn to forest to the ground & live off meat & burn coal, it will make carbon zero difference to the natural cycles that have existed for millions of years. We are very arrogant fools to think we can control this . . . bust suppose that is Adern and her band of converted ideologists all over Wayne
Modelling has been an abject failure. From the impending ice age of the 60s and 70s to pandemics and climate change. Just a useful political tool to use against a gullible public. Lee
Their predictions are even more outrageous than weather forecasts. From my point of view – zero credibility. Unless the whole reason is to instill fear in the population. who may still actually believe her. Michele
If only these modelers were setting the odds at the TAB. Seriously, climate change and covid will go down as the greatest scams the world ha ever seen. Why do we still align ourselves with the UN? Remember the days when our independent principles defined us as a nation? Ian
Its all about keeping the fear going. Total exaggerated Propaganda. Lyn
They have proved to be totally inaccurate Ian
If we trusted the science as a result of JA there is no trust in her numbers. john
It is a total mess. They say on TV about thousands getting covid scaring people. So far they have been so wrong Jan
It is a scam and New Zealanders should wake up. moyra
This racist divisive government are a bunch of morons. They have lost the plot completely. They use fearmongering to try and control the population. Time to remove them from office. Bruce
Hasn’t worked out has it?! Kate
they are third-rate publicity seekers using obsolete methods. The press is complicit in always posting worst case scenarios. John
The extreme and so far inaccurate forecasts are being used to justify extreme and undemocratic political action taken by Adern and her mob Mike
No mention of the sun in climate change predictions. Apparently every heatwave has been preceded by higher sun output Graeme
It seems that it’s impossible for this government to get anything right I’m surprised there hasn’t been a massive uprising in NZ Peter
‘Most models are wrong; some are useful’ – Steven Koonin, author of ‘Unsettled – what climate tells us, what it doesn’t and why it matter. Gary
Modeling has been wrong everytime Ian
Zero due to GIGO Collin
Modelling has a history of being wildly incorrect. It’s time to ditch all modelling, including the farcical Climate Change modelling! Sheila
Modeling on computers is a sick joke. Charles
It has to be balanced. John
This government lead by the insane Ardern has to go. Alan
Absolutely NONE David
Its part of the New World Order as described by UN on its website. Don
No reliance whatever because they have nearly always proved to be about as predictive of the future as Greta Thunberg. RAY
These models have been shown to be worse than throwing a dart at a spinning dart board and expecting to hit the desired result. Derek
total waste of money that should be spent on health stephen
They have been wrong by considerable margins every time. They are nothing more than propaganda pieces for a tyrannical government Alastair
I would like to say none but to make a forecast you have to have history. The history is misleading by way of interpretation. Lionel
We should drop all Covid restrictions and Climate Change is total bullshit. NEIL
I wouldn’t trust this government to sit the right way on the toilet. Jim
WEF driven policy with the end goal of “You will have nothing and be happy”. neil
I would say that the whole of government and opposition were a joke if it were not so bloody serious. The decisions, mandates, and controlling legislation being introduced by this disgusting socialist cult are unbelievable. The maoris occupy Ihumatao for months on end, the government buys it for them. The maori occupy Shelley Bay and are still doing so and the government sits on their fat arses and allows it. When the people of the country become tired of being bullied by government and have a legitimate protest the power-crazy PM and bullying speaker of the house decide they are going to end it by force. Have no doubt that this was planned otherwise there would not have been a build-up of police personnel prior to the arrests. I have absolutely no problems believing that there were shills of the government planted to stir up trouble. That is what a cult like labour are capable of. What I have trouble with is that the hierarchy of the police allowing the government to include them in what is an obvious move to try to cower those who do not agree with the government’s agenda. Surely there are people with influence that can see through the labour cults plan to completely divide the population, introduce apartheid, and cause maximum disruption and fear, to embed the UN ideology in this once great country. If this present government is not committing treason, it surely is introducing communism. AS for climate change, that is just another corrupt UN fear campaign and money grab. Any government that gives away billions of dollars to remedy a problem that does not exist has to be from another planet. Fifty-one years ago, I, proud to be a regular force soldier in the NZ Army, was coming to the end of my attachment to an Australian unit in Vietnam supporting troops which were engaged in actions that were intended to prevent the spread of communism. Now, fifty-one years later I am disgusted to see that NZ Army, along with the Navy, Airforce, and Police Service, supporting a demented communist dictator as head of our government. Helping to remove freedom, impose mandates, taking away employment from even some of their own members, vaccinate young people with an experimental drug with known harmful, and even fatal, side effects, pass legislation which introduces apartheid and removes democracy, and sets our country on the slippery slope to becoming another Zimabwe. NZ DO NOT LET THEM WIN> Terry 
Richard Raney should challenge James Shaw to a debate, that would be interesting. Regarding the protesters: we need to support them whether we agree with everything they are protesting or not. We do not have a Pierre Poilievre in New Zealand. The difference between New Zealand and The UK, Canada and The US is they have alternative media sites and effective opposition parties. We do not. We are in a very difficult position in this respect. As I keep saying a new political party is needed they would get a huge amount of support. I say, thank-you to our protesters and may their numbers grow. They give people the hope that our politicians don’t. Disruption is necessary for democracy to survive. Janine
Models are only as good as the assumptions they are based on and all need to be validated….modelling 101! Sally
Their modelling is a joke. Their policies are a dangerous. This government needs to GO! Walter 
Scaremongering is all Ardern does. That’s why she loves computer modelling – it can churn out anything she wants! The public must realise the models cannot be trusted. Adrian
What a disaster this government is. Ardern should go! Gordon
Modelling has been politicised and can’t be trusted.  Jenifer
The sooner we get rid of Ardern and her incompetent government the better! Harry