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Dear Newsletter Reader,

thinktankWe are looking at the future of the NZCPR.

It is now ten years since I established the NZCPR as a public policy think tank – after serving three terms as a Member of Parliament. While we have made some major changes over the years, especially through improvements in technology , with a new website, blog, and social media platforms, other aspects of our operation have remained very much the same.


Since the NZCPR primarily deals with complex public policy matters, I have always believed that our main feature article should be a ‘long-form’ piece capable of providing an in-depth explanation of the issues involved – to enhance understanding and help empower readers to engage in the debate.

The point is that democracy comes at a price. Citizens must be prepared to fight for the things they believe in to help build a consensus for change – lobbying politicians, convincing colleagues, persuading friends and family, writing letters to the editor…

The longer 1800 word format enables me to include more detailed research and analysis to inform our readers – and the politicians, policy makers and journalists, who follow our work – compared to the shorter 800 word style of most of our Guest Contributor articles.

However, I’m also aware that many readers are extremely busy and may consider the feature article is too long.

So, I’m very interested in what you think – whether you would prefer the main feature article in the newsletter to remain at around 1800 words, or whether you think it should be shortened to the 800 word format.

Since this would be a major change that I do not want to make it unless I’m sure it would be for the better.

To let me know what you think, please complete and submit the form below. There’s plenty of room for other suggestions too, so please feel free to share any thoughts you might have on changes we could make to improve our newsletters.

Thank you for your help – and if you would like to support our efforts to secure our future operation, please click HERE.

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Dr Muriel Newman
New Zealand Centre for Political Research

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