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Open Letter to National Members of Parliament

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National200516Dear Member of Parliament,

Over the last few months, you will have received many messages from New Zealanders, concerned that your Party is considering allowing iwi to become involved in the allocation and control of the country’s fresh water. As you know, fresh water is vital to our survival and the thought that a private group, with strong vested interests in owning the resource and deriving an economic benefit from it, could be given controlling authority over its use, is simply unacceptable to most people.

This, of course, is not the first time tribal leaders have sought control of this essential resource.

They tried it on with Helen Clark’s Labour Government in 2006, when some of the country’s most powerful tribal leaders came together to demand control of water. They wanted a price on water to trigger a settlement, which they believed would ‘dwarf’ the $170 million fisheries settlement of quota, fishing company shares, and cash, they had received when the quota management system was introduced in 1986.

But the Clark Government rejected their advances and stood firm, upholding the long-held position of successive governments, that water is not owned, but is controlled and managed by the Crown for all New Zealanders.

Labour’s position was, in fact, consistent with the recommendation of the Government’s ‘Red Book’ guide to Treaty settlements, Healing the past, building a future – a Guide to Treaty of Waitangi Claims and Negotiations with the Crown, which states that in such matters, the Crown has a duty to act in the best interests of all New Zealanders: “The Crown must govern in the interests of all New Zealanders. In considering redress options it must balance the grievances and aspirations of Maori claimant groups with matters such as continued protection of and public access to conservation areas, and the overall management in the national interest of resources such as water, petroleum and geothermal energy.”

Given the consistent stance taken by Labour, it has been a shock to find out that your Party appears ready to cede to the demands of Iwi Leaders through Nick Smith’s fresh water reforms.

To see exactly what Iwi Leaders want, you should read for yourself the claims outlined last year by their Freshwater Group – a group that has developed a close association with Ministers and government officials.

Essentially, they not only want ownership of fresh water, but also of the beds and banks of all of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers. They want a price on water so they can gain commercially from controlling the resource. They want to be involved in every aspect of fresh water decision-making. They want to establish new “Rohe Protection Areas”, where they would have total autonomy – full control of waterways, with a prohibition on the involvement of Councils or the Department of Conservation unless required by the tribal group. In addition, they want $1 billion of taxpayer funding to build their capacity to manage and control fresh water.

Nick Smith’s approach was summarised in the “Next steps for fresh water” consultation document:

“The Government recognises that iwi have rights and interests in fresh water. As Treaty of Waitangi partners we are working together towards a freshwater management system that benefits everyone. Iwi and hapū have traditional and cultural connections with freshwater resources, as well as significant economic interests across a range of industries contributing to the New Zealand economy. For iwi and hapū, core objectives are active protection of Te Mana o te Wai and upholding their guardianship (kaitiaki) obligations towards the water bodies in their rohe.”

While your Party’s Research Unit will no doubt have provided you with background justification for this position, let’s examine firstly, the claim that iwi have “rights and interests” in fresh water, secondly, that iwi are Treaty “partners” with the Crown, and thirdly, that so-called “cultural connections” and “guardianship obligations” justify giving iwi preferential control of fresh water in their tribal areas.

The main argument being used to justify iwi control of fresh water is the claim that they have so-called “rights and interests” that need to be recognised. While iwi attribute a Supreme Court ruling in the case New Zealand Maori Council v the Attorney-General, as providing the legal justification for this, they are not correct.

While the Supreme Court does state, “In submissions to the Waitangi Tribunal and in the course of the hearings in the High Court and this Court, the Crown accepts that some hapu will have interests in particular waters and that their interests are protected by art 2 of the Treaty”, this is not part of the Court’s determination – it is merely a record of the evidence presented by Crown Counsel. In other words the statement forms part of the obiter dicta of the judgement, not the ration decidendi.

The only ‘official’ body to find that Maori have “rights and interests” in water, is the Waitangi Tribunal in their 2012 inquiry into fresh water.

However, not only is the Crown not bound by Tribunal findings, but in this case, the inquiry itself was unlawful and should be disregarded. The reason for this is a law change introduced by the Clark Government in 2006 – and supported by the National Party – to restrict the Waitangi Tribunal’s jurisdiction. Under their amendment 6AA to the Treaty of Waitangi Act, the Tribunal can no longer hear any new “historical” claims lodged after the 1 September 2008 deadline.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Anthony Willy, a former Judge and University Law Lecturer, has been looking into this matter and explains:

“The Tribunal did not confront the fact that it had no jurisdiction in law to consider the claims. One would have thought that it is clear beyond doubt that the Tribunal cannot hear any historic Treaty claim brought by ‘a Maori’ after the cut-off date of 1 September 2008. Clearly a claim that in signing the Treaty Maori people did not surrender their rights to claim ownership or guardianship of fresh water is an ‘historical Treaty claim’.

“It seemed that nobody at Crown Law alerted the Minister to the probability that the reference concerning fresh water is outside of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. No institution including the Tribunal or indeed a Court of law can ignore the provisions of s6AA whether raised by the parties or not. The prohibition against hearing claims which arise after the cut-off date goes to jurisdiction and is absolute.”

With the Tribunal’s findings essentially a nullity, the only rationale for Maori “rights and interests” in fresh water is political.

The second justification for giving control of water to iwi is based on the argument that they are Treaty “partners” with the Crown.

But this too is incorrect.

Maori and The Crown are not partners in any sense of the word. Indeed it is constitutionally impossible for The Crown to enter into a partnership with any of its subjects. While Ministers of The Crown and senior Government officials regularly engage in joint undertakings with other entities, they do so as ‘servants’ of The Crown, not ‘as’ The Crown.

The true position is that The Crown is sovereign, but owes duties of justice and good faith to the Maori descendants of those who signed the Treaty – as well as to all other New Zealanders. There can be no question of the sovereignty of The Crown in New Zealand, represented by the Governor General and Parliament, being shared with any other person or entity. It is one and indivisible.

Thirdly, while the arguments that iwi have “cultural connections” and “guardianship obligations” to water are being used to justify the plan to give them preferential control of fresh water in their tribal areas, the law is clear – since 1840 the English common law of water applied in New Zealand, which meant there could be no private ownership of water. Thus, irrespective of who owns the land over which water flows, water is owned by no-one. In 1967 the Water and Soil Conservation Act vested the sole right to use natural water in the Crown. In effect this nationalised water, and everyone, including Maori, had to obtain a ‘water right’ if they wanted to use water other than in ways allowed by the Act. The same arrangement is continued by the 1991 Resource Management Act, which vests democratically elected Regional Councils and Unitary Authorities with the statutory responsibility of managing and allocating the nation’s fresh water.

So while iwi might want control of fresh water, successive Governments and the Courts have recognised their claims as being opportunistic, and have rejected them in the national interest.

Isn’t it time that your Party did the same and simply declined tribal demands for separate rights to manage, allocate, control, or own fresh water – in the national interest?

The point is that the public are growing increasingly concerned that iwi demands are becoming more radical and are now threatening, not only the control of natural resources in New Zealand, but democracy itself.

Seemingly emboldened by their privileged arrangements with your Government, Maori leaders are becoming more ambitious. This was articulated by the Maori King’s representative, Tuku Morgan, in an appallingly unbalanced news item screened by the State broadcaster, TVNZ, last Saturday night:

“Despite the rejection of Maori wards in Taranaki and the racial ugliness that has come with it some are not ready to give the issue up and are even mooting equal council seats for Maori… Tuku Morgan said people have to get used to the fact that partnership is here to stay. ‘They deny it at their peril because it’s coming and you cannot stop it. No one has a larger slice of decision making than the other, we all share and it’s 50-50,’ Mr Morgan said.”

One person, one vote is a fundamental tenet of New Zealand’s democratic system. Yet, your Party is setting up 50:50 co-governance arrangements with Maori separatists, giving them equal power to everyone else, even though they represent no more than 15 percent of the population. This is a very dangerous move for a nation built on the notion of equal rights for all. Especially – as Tuku Morgan has indicated – Iwi Leaders now have their sights set on Local Authorities and Parliament itself.

For many of your supporters, in spite of your Party’s achievements in other areas of governance, these are defining issues.

They may not say much, for fear of being labelled a ‘racist’ – and these days it seems that anyone who disagrees with separatist thinking is subjected to abuse. But a steady erosion of your Party’s support and a steady gain for New Zealand First – which has stated publicly that they want to see an end to racial separatism – is indicative of this growing concern.

For National MPs, these developments could be disastrous. A healthy electorate majority is no longer any safeguard for the future, as the loss of the ‘rock solid’ Northland electorate – with its 9,300 majority – in the 2015 by-election to New Zealand First demonstrated only too clearly.

Some MPs are particularly vulnerable to any swing in support at the next election – Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central only had a majority of 600 at the last election, Sam Lotu-Iiga in Maungakiekie only 2,348, and Nicky Wagner in Christchurch Central only 2,420 – not to mention List members such as Chris Bishop, Nuk Korako, Jono Naylor, and Maureen Pugh. Others in provincial areas may also be at risk, including – if media speculation is correct – Shane Reti in Whangarei, who may be challenged by Shane Jones for New Zealand First.

The reality is that a growing number of your voters believe that your Party’s support for racial privilege has gone too far. Many are now looking for a Party committed to the abolition of the Maori seats, the winding up of the Waitangi Tribunal, and an end to separate rights based on race – policies your Party once stood for.

Surely it’s time for National to re-asses its current direction – especially on fresh water – before it pays the price.

Yours sincerely,

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Dr Muriel Newman
New Zealand Centre for Political Research



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Not only would it influence my decision, I’d withdraw my support for National as well. Jim
National should be listening to the majority of the people of NZ & NOT the vocal minorities who always want to be given preference based on their race. David
But it’s only one of a number of things where National seem to have lost touch with their supporters …… Dave
The AG should advise the Waitangi Tribunal that it does NOThave the requisite jurisdiction in this instance and should therefore act accordingly. Jack
NO to separatism. We are one nation and one peoples. Bill
I have voted National all my life if the water issues is not left in the hands of all nzers I will vote for labour. Mike
But god help us if labour & greens get in to power they will be worse nz first has got to hold the balance of power.  Keep up the battle Muriel I don’t know what we would do with out you. John
It is important to treat people as individuals and not as members of groups. Not all Maoris support the Maori Apartheid Movement. K
Maori no longer exsist as a race no one. All Nz ers have equal rights. One person one vote. Election by merit not race. Don
It has in the past and will definitely be the case again – they don’t seem to care though. Craig
I will vote for NZ First as they are in line with my thinking on racial matters, immigration issues and the Resource Management Act. National have been acting in most “unNational” way starting with the foreshore and seabed issue followed by a trail of other racially biased decisions. Been a National supported all my life but no longer. What is Bill English doing having a drink in Parliament. I suppose it was water. I wonder if he paid for it!!! Mike
I will withdraw my support from any race based party and if National head down this track then 4 votes in household will not be countered for Nats. Warren
This will be a defining issue at the next election. We need a Trump movement(USA) against political correctness and the rise of a Maori aristocracy that John Key seems to favour. We need the truth told about the whole TOW mumbo-jumbo. While the National party has the Maori party as a govt. partner, I have not voted for them.. I always vote for the party closest to abolishing the Maori parliamentary seats. If National continues in its current direction, I will be voting for NZ First for the first time. Monica
I’ll be voting NZ First. Francis
If the Maori “owned the water”, would they be liable for all damages caused by floods, etc? Rod
Due to National’s support for separatism I will no longer vote for them! Donald
It definitely would. I’m well and truly over all this type of racial nonsense and the governments, etc that continue to promote it. John
But will the other parties be any different. They to know the value of using the maori vote to stay in power. None of them have the guts to stand up and say enough. Ray
45 years a National voter, but not any more. NZ First or ACT will get my vote from now on, pending on which party has the strongest views on the corruption of our democratic rights. Stevo
One Nation. Dene
Maybe not as a single issue, but when placed alongside ineffective policies on housing, I’m no longer enthused over a fourth term. The options are dismal however! Bruce
I have had a guts full of all Governments! I do not trust anyone of them. They all know what to say to get into power and then promptly go about pushing their own agenda’s. The whole lots of them are a pack of high grade Narcissists. Trina
This government appears to be playing to a globalist elite’s agenda, including DESTRUCTION OF : family (parental authority transferred to CYFS!) , property rights, democracy in local government (eg Auckland), national-level democracy through some key select committees which appear to be pre-programmed, democratic equality as equal rights, national sovereignty in favour of globalist power-transferring treaties (eg TPPA), acquiescence to UNEP’s IPCC (promotes empowerment of UN agencies to collect revenues to enable them to ‘play God’ with the climate, ostensibly by controlling – and rationing? and transferring? – energy consumptions) and ICLEI (promotes LG bankruptcy through forced implementation of the globalist implosion cities formula), Agenda 21/2030 (recipes for socio-economic debilitation and ultimate collapse), the wholly-subjective and anti-economic ‘sustainability’ mantra, etc etc etc. And why the haste? Can only think of one reason … Next election may be too late to save NZ from the whirlpool this government is is thrusting us into. David
NZ for all New Zealanders. Ross
The time has come to change support to NZ First. I have also changed support for MMP. It is turning into a disaster for democracy. Colin
It has influenced my vote in the last two elections. I will never ever vote for any party that supports race based favouritism and privilege. NEVER. Derek
I’m thinking very seriously of not giving either my party or electorate votes to National I believe they are going against last election promises, and are giving the very much Maori Party and Iwi leaders just about anything they ask for. This is separatism. Look at the way South Africa has gone – do we want to be like this? The National Party should say a resounding “no” to any more of this blatantly racist agenda, and cut its links with the Maori Party and Iwi leaders, both of which have too much sway on an elected government. Go, Winston! To me it seems that NZ First is the only party that can give New Zealand a future with equal and democratic rights for all. Laurence
One man, one vote – DEMOCRACY! Sylvia
Drastic but necessary. Rod
Democracy is one person, one vote. No-one should be in public office either at local or national level if they have not won the right to be there. Avril
No ownership of fresh water – it cannot belong to ANYONE lets be become a non racist society PLEASE. Sheryl
Winston is looking better every day! Pam
I would transfer my vote to NZ First. Mark
I am tired of this National Government in many areas. This water thing is the straw that broke the camels back for me. I have decided I shall vote NZ First. I won’t change my mind. Lynn
Mr Brash brought the National Party back into political contention which later resulted in National winning back power, however the parliamentary wing of the National Party went on to advance the goals of Maori interest groups and doing so in secret and behind closed doors. The National Party has shown complete contempt for the wishes and principals of its own members and supporters to further its own interest. I for one can not in good conscience vote for National at the next election. Fred
We have to make a stand against this racism. One rule for all and no one can own/control our water. Fraser
I made up my mind to never again vote National after the Seabed fiasco, and the gift to radicals of our freshwater confirms it was the right decision. Lorraine
As a 37 year police officer dealing with the law and its foundations; I have seen this government allow maori superstition and mystical belief to reinterpret the treaty and then join it to the law. Their eventual aim being percent rulership of this country. Frightening but absolutely true. Dene
I have voted National all my life, but NZ First will get my next vote if National give Maori ANYTHING to do with water. Athol
Absolutely – even if opposition candidates were the mimicry of what they are today. Fred
This is indeed unfortunate and I cannot understand their thinking on this situation. I am not a fan of the ragtag army of NZ First but equally I am not a fan of Nick Smith and his determination to create a separatist state within NZ for Maori. National will die from this incredibly stupid movement of theirs to undermine the future of the majority of the NZ population. Murray
Disgusted with the whole business !!! George
Attorney Generals failure to pull the Waitangi Tribunal in to line over this is probably the last straw for me, a National voter for 45 years. John
Anything other than one person, one vote democracy, and National will not have my vote. Glenn
Frankly, I don’t care who owns the land or the water – what I care about is my access to both. You can’t take it with you when you go but it would be nice to be able to extensively use it while you’re here – on equal terms with anyone else living in or visiting NZ. Steve
I have been a staunch supporter of the National party as I have believed they were a truly democratic.There is no way I will continue to support the party if they continue to promote racial legislation. Bryan
I am and have in the last two elections voted for New Zealand First for no other reason then their view on the Waitangi Rip Off System we have. Marc
Bring back Dr Brash. Winston
NZ First is looking the way to go. Neil
I have already told my local Member that if you do this, you have lost my vote. Rodney
It is time all this nonsense was abolished and all are classified as one people. ANNETTE
We are all one people or I hope that is the case. The Nats have lost this fundamental premise and it will effect the way I will vote in the next election. Just remember the speech Don Brash gave in Orewa and how it effected the polls. Robin
This sort of pandering to Maori just increases division and tension. Why can’t the government see that it’s all about the (free) money? Disband the Waitangi Tribunal for a kick-off! Mark
Always been a staunch national voter,Now backing NZ first, to wind up this national divide. Its about time we celebrate one country one people. Steve
Problem is there is no viable 2nd choice. Rick
Despite of the great economic work this govt has done I will assist in removing them if they acquiesce on water ownership – enough is enough. Philip
I don’t think I will ever vote national again while that gutless is key is there. Russell
The greens are unacceptable having lost the plot on Environment and substituted marxism, even littles union band are hopeless on a journey to nowhere, winston a spent force slowly liquidating his former goodwill, Act and others cannot jump the threshold. Maori with its entrenched racist polcies is not even worth considering, leaving only National as a logical conservative candidate, but be advised, failure to correct the RMA, failure to move on cancelling the Race based seats in Parliament and in every local body, failure to curb the Waitangi Tribunal industry, failure to cut corporate welfare and curb social welfare to essentials will result in a no vote for national. not just one disaffected voter but a whole family. To gain a vote or more importantly a families group of votes this election, National have to move to earn it. I dont believe Key has the fortitude to bring real reform and the result will be a default result of a Winston led coalition, Prepare friends, batten down for another disaster. still it cant be worse than the greens on the treasury bench. Richard
I can not any longer support National because of its leaning to Maori separatist demands. When they initially took the benches from Labour they articulated a policy proposal that they would abolish the Maori seats and many more similar proposals that would have solved the ‘Apartheid’ direction the PC brigade were taking the country. National has reneged on all that. So it will be hello Winston. Derek
Come on National show some leadership for all people who voted for you.. there are many people out there who are concerned that your party is considering allowing iwi to become involved in the allocation and control of OUR country’s fresh water. Dianne
It is race based and undermines our now fragile relationship with Maori. Barbara
Yes, very definitely. I’ve had an absolute guts full of this government, which in 2008 promised to do away with the Maori seats in a parliament, and to limit the treaty claims. If they progress this garbage over water then they can forget about ever getting another vote from me. John Key got his government into this by hopping into bed with a party than can scarcely get 1% of the vote. Let him show some guts and get his party shot of them. He might even find if he does so he might find much of the support that has left his party might return. While I’m not a great supporter of Winston, in Key’s position I would certainly be talking to him regarding the offer of support made by him in order to regain some respect from his once supporters. Jim
We need to stop racial preferences now! Gerardus
Defiantly I am opposed to Iwi rights to water and also non elected members on councils if this comes about I will vote for another party. You are on a short fuse John Key. Andrew
Listen to the people, John Key and company, or pay the price. Peter
One person , one vote Elected representatives only. Arthur
Will be changing my allegiance to NZ First who believe in NZ for all NZ’ers not iwi controlled. Anyone would think Maori invented water – Ha Ha! Helen
I will never vote to support a racial based agenda and will go out of my way to encourage others to vote against any party with such an agenda. John
Fresh water should never be privatized, IWI is effectively a private company, that would sell New Zealand’s water Rights to foreign companies. George
I have always voted for the Party; no-matter how minor, that has promoted one law for all. The ‘TREATY’ was signed to make us one nation under British law. Any-one deviating from that should be charged with treason.. A.G.R.
It already has. I’ve been kicking myself for the last 7.5 years for being so naive and trusting of John Key. I’m not a great admirer of Winston Peters but he’s getting my protest vote. Fiona
I am a long term right wing voter now seeking alternatives due to JK separatist agenda. Stephen
Absolutely no support from me if this happens. David
Whilst I have been a National voter all my life (I am in my late seventies now) the recent and on going threat to democracy, one man, one vote,, the water and council representation issues, along with the rising surrender to the gimme call has forced me to give consideration to either not voting at all or casting my vote to NZ First. Chris
But I would want a clear and unbiased assessment of any proposal and its implications. John
Successive governments have acceded to tribal lobbying which has no basis in truth. There is only one treaty and that is Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed by some 556 Rangatira. Maureen
Absolutely. Even though I have voted for National in the past, this issue would mean I couldn’t vote for them in the next election. It’s totally racist to even consider giving people with some Maori ancestry anything that the rest of us do not have. Helen
I have been a national supporter for over 50 years but this election will not be for National unless we all are one people, NEW ZEALANDERS. Peter
I have voted National for most of my life – but NOW is my time for change. Only NZFirst supports the anti-IWI stance that my heart is telling me is right. Carl
That thin edge of the wedge again!! Helen
If this nonsense carries on I will definitely become a NZ First elector!! Laurence
It already has. No way am I ever voting for National again. In fact, I am in the won;t be voting for anyone camp. That is how disgusted I am with these shenenigans. Pixie
Need I say more . This Maori Grab for power and money should be resisted with all the power that can be organised. We are a democracy and one people one vote. John
Enough is enough. Max
Was a national supporter. No longer sure who I am going to vote for next time around. Rob
Are the National party Racist? Of course but they just hide it. Lance
Utterly disgusting how Govt kowtows to pretty much everything maori want &b in my opinion they are supporting racism. Barry
One nation .. one people .. look forward, not backward to an outdated document. Times change, the past is past. Plan for a united future. Kabe
Who would trust ANYTHING Tuku morgan is involved with!!! Ron
National appear to want to do anything that for Iwi that Will keep them in power. They are fast losing my support. Bryan
The country should wake up to the fact that the Nats are introducing APARTHIED. They should be kicked out of office at the next opportunity. Ian
Of course. Barry
I have not voted National in the last 2 elections because of their Aparthied policies. Kay
This is madness. Dave
Definitely. National MP’s, and especially Shonkey, have lost their integrity and no longer have my respect. Brian
I cannot support a party that undermines democracy. Jo
By accepting the Maori Party to be able to govern has placed the National Party in a Danegeld situation from which there is no escape. After 51 years of voting for National my vote will extend only as a protest vote. not that I would in any way think, that the Labour Party would do anything different to National in this respect; for power is all consuming. The ultimate result if we allow this situation to carry on will be a debt torn country…Greece of the South Pacific. Maori demands will forever increase, so the only solution regretfully, is one of Partition..a parting of the ways. Brian
Absolutely, these clown and their maori bosses are carving up the country and giving it away to the racist elite and the hard pressed tax payer will be paying the consequences for ever. Key and Whinlayson, along with the rest of their fellow conspirators will have a lot to answer for in the very near future, I can’t imagine the masses putting up with a maori dictatorship for very long, for that is what it’s coming to. One only has to look at Zimbabwe and South Africa, fine examples of democracy indeed. National will definitely lose my vote, and that is after 45 years of voting National. Stevo
Yes— it will have influence on my vote! A lot of people talk about NZ First as an alternative —.BUT!! Folks — I would like to remind you all that the existing political system is set up such that the voter is giving a mandate to govern for 4 years without having any influence on decision making processes by binding referendum.( I wish to remind you all that Switzerland has practised this system sucessfully for the past 600 years!!) Every political party in this country has therefore broken more election promises than they ever kept. This has to change once and for all.!! No more negotiations behind closed doors!. No more undermining the rule of law ! No seats in Parliament or Local Government for unelected persons.! Removal of the Waitangi Tribunal and a renewed legal analysis of the TOW document by the High Court and Privy Council in context to all claims made so far by misinterpretation and distortion of historical facts AND analysis of what damages have been caused to ordinary New Zealanders by draining enormous amounts of money from taxpayers funds into the pockets of a few tribal leaders ! Back to NZ First. We all know that W Peters is a thorough bred politician and so far he still has to prove that he is putting his money where his mouth is. So far he has not shown any different ,he is always using the status quo to gain political influence .Above mentioned changes have to happen no matter what if NZ is to be changed into a balanced democracy with real input from voters( ie the citizens) into all important political decisions) And so far there is no politician or party in this country who has the guts to make a commitment down these lines. Descent into a multi factional ,corrupt and dysfunctional political chaos driven by reversed racism will be on the cards for this country. This decay has already begun and we are well on the way!!! Michael
I am happy to be called a “Racist” whatever that means if I define an abhorrence to opportunism, stupidity, greed and ill education as some of the criteria. Unfortunately too many of those calling themselves Maori come under these labels. To give this irrelevant and hypocritical minority so much previously, and seen how they just keep coming back for more is unacceptable. My vote is for a party with the spine to dump all of the quangos feeding off this easily defined as racial separatism and desist from wasting millions each year fermenting the decisiveness. The fact we are having to endure this nonsense all over again is indicative of how degraded and lacking in morals National really are. These parasites will destroy this Country just to remain in their jobs. Charles
Most definitely. Gary
Not just potentially. Hilary
We are supposed to be ONE PEOPLE regardless of race, colour of skin and believes! LET US KEEP IT THAT WAY! Theodorus
Racial based privilege lack integrity, is undemocratic and must not be entertained whatsoever. Nats are finished for me if they do. Mike
National has gone too far down the track of apartheid. I will be voting for democracy via NZ First which is advocating for the sort of Society I wish to live in. Susan
For sure. It will have to be NZ First from now on. Steve
National have lost the plot. Peter
My question is “Why?” Is the National caucus suffering from fatigue of incessant Maori claims or is there some unreported subterfuge ? Incredible stuff! William
Say no to Maori demands, enough is enough! Gerard
My comments are un-printable. Benjamin
Absolutely it will. I have already writtten to the Board of Directors of the National Party and every National MP on the subject. My family has voted National in every election since that party was formed in 1937. My forebears arrived in New Plymouth and Wellington in 1840 and 1841 and have contributed heavily to New Zealand’s development. We are woven into the fabric of this country. My adult family and I have discussed the situation and are unlikely to vote for National again until they come to their senses and put the well being of the Nation before their self interest. Mike
Two more votes for NZ Fist. Lesley
Would never vote for them again. Gerhard
It certainly will. Winston is looking better and better. I never thought I would live to say that. Ronmac
They are selling their soul in order to stay in power, this a consequence of MMP, NZ First may get my vote first time ever if they don’t back away from their pandering. Allan
I have already changed. Ray
MY WIFE AND I BOTH VOTED NATIONAL IN ALL RECENT ELECTIONS BUT ALREADY ARE PREPARED TO THROUGH OUR LOT IN WITH Winston pETERS WHO STANDS MORE FOR WHAT WE ALL BELIEVE IN. lIKE MANY WE ARE DISSAPPOINTED WITH THE DIRECTION National has moved towards over the last couple of years and unless they change direction very soon they will have lost us forever, as a couple who have supported them since Sir Keith Holyoak’s tenure. Robert
Definitely yes. Neville
Definitely. Terry
No, only because National have lost my vote for other reasons. Principally their major lurch and support of the left. Their borrow and hope economic policies. The stated reasons for National’s existence have been ignored. It is Muldoonist power lust revisited ~what wins the most votes, rather than what is best long term for NZ. Peter
They have already lost my support. When they won power after canvassing to abolish the Maori seats and won handsomely, and could have carried out their agenda with the help of Act and United, they chose to unnecessarily include the Maori Party in their coalition! a complete slap in the face to many who had just voted them in. Rob
Absolutely. It appears National can no longer be trusted as John Key ‘negotiates’ weakly with Iwi time and again ‘cuddling up’ to them for their votes – and they laugh all the way home! Stuart
If National persist in pushing legislation giving special water & other rights to a racial group, then it is good by National for our family. We oppose any racial connection to water as this is highly divisive and not in the national interest. If they were genuinely concerned then a referendum must be held on this issue. Brian
I would no longer vote for national. Bruce
How much longer are we going to have to be ignored – WE DON’T WANT POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION IN NEW ZEALAND! Stewart
Absolutely, they are working diligently to wreck NZ. Stuart
Sick to death about Separatism Will definitely not vote National. Herb
The Maori situation is out of control and if my vote can bring an end to Maori seats and privelege above me, then I will vote for the party which will do that. Peter
I have been a National supporter all my voting life (36yrs) but that WILL change next election. NZ First for me and lets sort this nonsense out once and for all. Kevin
Am a financial member of the National Party and have been on var committees years ago. If what is arguably separatism continues shall discontinue all interest. Roger
I will not vote for any party that does not support New Zealand for New Zealanders of ALL races being equal! Kerry
Great letter Muriel agree 100%. Bruce
More politically based racial division of NZ. Ian
A National voter for 50 years, I am now very disappointed at the obvious lack of “balls” by the elected MPs to deal with these issues. Roger
Kiwis, not iwi and others. Stan
For the first time in my life I could be persuaded to vote for another Party. Even ACT is becoming disenchanting. COULD NEW ZEALAND’S DONALD TRUMP PLEASE STAND UP? We need a strong Leader who will stand up for our right to defend ourselves from marauding thieves and rapists, home invaders and other assorted criminals. Someone who will toughen up on careless immigration, allowing only people who will bring skills and an assimilating attitude to our country. We need a Leader who can make good deals for New Zealand. Governments first responsibility is to protect it’s citizens. Our armed forces are so degraded that they are totally inadequate for purpose. Our police are afraid to to get tough with thugs and juvenile toe rags in case they infringe on some miscreants “human rights”. Corrections are releasing violent offenders into the community because of some stupid piece of poorly thought out legislation. Our publicly funded schools are turning out young people who are totally unprepared to assume the responibilities that are expected of young adults. So many kids who are 35 years old are still living at home … no jobs, no sense of paying their own way in the world. Our current Government is hamstrung from making any significant decisions because they simply do not have the numbers. I could never vote for Labour, Greens or Maori Party. Don’t we have any good, strong, ethical Leaders in this country? Dianna
If National think they are going to win the next election they are living in Cookoo land if their heads read. Robert
Far too long have governments given in to radical Maori (and of course the not so radical will follow when there is money to be had for nothing.) Financially this country would be better off scrapping all the financial ‘obligations’ based on a Treaty interpreted by those who can suck more out of NZ coffers. I would like a referendum where all New Zealanders could give their opinion on the Treaty and ongoing ‘obligations’. Ido
## Yes, but what choice is there? All of the leftists are, among other contrary arguments, Maori issue sympathisers, leaving us currently with throwaway votes for Act, Conservative or NZ First! Since I and thousands of readers here agree with 99% of the opinions raised on NZCPR, perhaps its time it launched its own ‘True Blue” party which I’m sure would get over the 5% threshold and hold National to account on these such issues. Bruce
I cannot vote for any party that furthers separatism and racism … I have been a National supporter for 60 years but for the first time I will be looking at who ends this racist money trough. It is time to realise there is only 15% of the nation who claim to be Maori and in reality none of them are even half Maori … They all have more European blood than Maori. Who do you want running this country? The elected representatives or those who claim the right by way of a very dubious and thin bloodline? Robbie
Such support would amount to political suicide for National. Russell
If the fresh water allocation/control passes to weak Councils I will not be voting National. Govt should be looking after this for all people of NZ. As a staunch National party voter it saddens me to watch racism and separatism creeping into the party. Judy
I’m sick of NZ racism and the gutless-vote-buying politicians that perpetuate it. Rik
My Word Yes.! (Had Enough!!) Mabel
It has already influenced my voting. John
This racist party is unfit to govern. Away with them forever. Support Winstone Peters. Tom
Winston, here we come. Anita
My understanding of the Treaty is that Maori would enjoy the same rights and privilege as non-Maori. I see no justfication for Maori to enjoy more rights or greater privilege. Ken
And my vote wouldn’t be going National’s way… Meg
NZ first, seams to be the only one able to tackle this BIG problem. I have never voted for them before, but will definitely vote for them this time. (my wife also) we have had a guts full of Key. Stan
I’m a National voter, but this issue is huge and would certainly influence my decision. Pam
Historically a National voter this attitude has got me riled. For the first time they would not get my vote if the Maoris get the water. All my peers feel the same way. Colin
We have not renewed our membership as National supporters and will not do so because of their courting of Maori over water rights. Go NZ First. Ken
New Zealand citizens should all be treated the same with democracy and respect. There should be no division between the people of this country, but sadly there is with so much special rewards given to one sector of the people, which is a disgrace to all of us. Audrey
National has made a rod for it’s own back. Many people will not vote National who otherwise would. Look out for Winston! Richard
I think they are pandering too much to Maori demands. This is simply politicking under the MMP system of government we are saddled with. We are ONE nation. If ACT get their act together I could very easily give my vote to them. Their policies are overall good for NZ John
I will not support National, the most racist government ever in this country. Mike
Would like to see Colin Craig come back in he had some good policy. Have been a national supporter for 60 years. Colin
National has gone way too far down this Maori-appeasement track. Helen Clerk fully recognised the excesses of Maori ambition legislating immediately and effectively to keep them in check when their demands were over the top. On the other hand, Key bends over backwards to accommodate their demands, in order to keep them onside and himself in power. He is aided and abetted in this by (A.G) Finlayson Who has built his career on sycophantically backing them and cow-towing to their every whim. This is a dangerous path to tread as it must inevitably lead to resentment and ultimately outright civil conflict. Key is not a politician of the right. He’s an pragmatist with no principle saving his overwhelming power-seeking ambition. The Nat’s will not be getting my vote unless they oust Key and Finlayson and regain some moral backbone. Aunty Podes
National’s support for separatism, for quite improper racial privilege for Maori will definitely influence my voting decision at the next general election. Rob
I am not keen on Winston but if he said he was going to get rid of all these problems I am sure a lot of people will vote for him. Geoff
Ordinary New Zealanders are progressively being told what they can do and say this is eroding our Democracy. Rights are for us all. It is time to unite all as one. Patricia
Definitely. I always thought we were supposed to be equal and democratic but I no longer think that and wonder now as a NZer who loves this country if I am an underclass Kiwi as a non Maori although I am married to a Maori who considers himself a NZer and thinks we should all be that with equal rights for everyone, not just better and increasingly more rights for Maori as it has been and is getting worse. I just want to feel I belong here again. Margaret
Definitely. We are sick of this cash cow. David
National support for separatism, with privileged status for Maori, is undemocratic and racist against the majority of New Zealanders. Graham
Apart from the illegaliity of the claim which should be challenged by Declaratory Judgement, the water that is in the river today is not the same water that was in the river last week let alone last year or 150 years ago. It is new water which clearly cannot be subject to historic claims. Miles
Most definitely! Peter
The negotiations between the Crown and maori today appear to have little to do with the Treaty of Waitangi. Peter
Always voted National before. Not this time unless they have a big change of heart. Al
It certainly would im sick of the whole mess its disgraceful. Peter
I’ve been voting for National since I was old enough to vote but then changed my alliegence to ACT. I now think that National have sold their principles to stay in power by pandering to whatever the Maoris want. Rayward
The Treaty was ratified by “the borders of New South Wales being extended to encompass all of the islands of New Zealand”, immediately causing Maoris to become British citizens subject to the laws of England ONLY. For any Government to say the Treaty is our founding document, therefore, is lying to you. Enquire “Treaty” enquire to New South Wales, any document can only be ratified once and this was DONE IN New South Wales. Withhold true history and you can feed the populace any rubbish that suits political agendas. Our true founding document is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840, this authorised our split from NSW, gave us our first constitution and English law only. No racial privilege exists in English law. The National Party and it leader, Key, are currently thee most racist body ever to govern New Zealand, the quicker we are rid of them the better. George
All before one law otherwise the consequences will become ugly and destructive. Don
Once again, one country, one people. Tom
We cannot vote for a Government who gives into illegal claims. Carroll
National is running down a very scarry slope, leading us into a society based on race. JC
Definitely YES! Ron
Absolutely – this could ( and should) be the end of a National government. Graham
New Zealand First would get my vote. Neville
Unjustified in this democracy, where 15 % of population can seek and may get contol over water rights, null & void under Treaty of Waitangi also. Donald
I have refused to pay a donation when asked directly because of these actions by the National party. They certainly will not get my support at the next election. Someone needs to keep them honest. Mark
I wil be voting for NZ first. You cannot trust this govt. Hold on to power at all costs. ROSS
Absolutely, as not only promoting a separatist society but non ruling maori of which I can claim to be will not see a cent of these settlements. Keith
Race-based controls of anything, rather than majority votes, are bad. National hasn’t even abolished the Maori MP seats. Wasn’t that one of their election promises? Sheila
When Mr Key first became prime minister he said one country one people. That to me meant that jobs etc were based on competition not on race. One wonders why some councils are appointing Iwi by right of race without putting it to public voter. That is not democracy. Aat
National would not get my vote.  Our political system has become so corrupted by by separatism/racism, democracy, ie one man, one vote, and one law for all, appears to be doomed. Ced
Certainly would NOT support a govt. who gives SO MUCH AWAY to others. Maori ONLY have 1% of the polls so WHY do they get more than kiwis. Cindy
It already has! Go Winston!!!! John
Key has in his term in office turned NZ into a neo apartheid state.. I left national two elections ago because of hie separatist flag acquiesence, the Foreshore and Seabed, The UN Indigenous Charter, the Constitutional Review etc. He has an obsession with power at any price and has undermined the future of democracy in NZ. Tom
Yes I have not voted for National since it first came into power back in 2009 due to its support for changing the Seabed andForeshore Act passed by Labour in 2002. The continuance of national in support of the Maori Parties antidemocratic stance is to be deplored. Wayne
Last time I didn’t vote National was to get rid if Muldoon. This could be the next. Alan
Definitely, it’s time to end all this rubbish. One govt. one law, one vote, end of story. Kynan
70 years a National voter, but I will switch to NZ First/ACT if National pass ANY race-based legislation such as water ownership, 50/50 representation in Parliament, local bodies etc etc. My confidence in Key is being sharply eroded. Bill
They know not what they are about to do! Bruce
I have been a supporter of National for 45years, their support for separation has already influenced my voting decision. I and everyone I know will not vote for them again unless they change their ideas soon. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE. Rod
In fact it influenced my voting at the last election. Roy
Yes it would absolutely. This National led government is absolutely pathetic on Maori issues and so love him or dislike him Winston Peters will get my vote purely on his stance as regards seperatism. These so called Maori elite are nothing more than greedy racists who think of no one but themselves and their egos. Mike
John …. it is all yours to lose & you are going the right way about it. Have some balls and so NO for once … just like a responsible parent dealing with a spoiled child. Its called tough love! Nike have a mantra. Use that one. Your electorate support will be massive. David
A party with a bias to one race in New Zealand cannot be expected to win the acceptance of the majority of the population. It would be interesting to have an investigating journalist dig up the skull duggery that is going on behind the scenes. Dennis
Yes. Don’t allow this to happen. Stewart
Can National sink any lower? Peter
Absolutely. Barbara
I will not vote for any political party who advocates favoured treatment based on race. Ross
Governance has to be colour blind otherwise it is racist. I can not allow this race based approach to governing, so if National does not change its approach I will reluctantly vote for NZ First. Henry
I will not be voting for National ever again. My votes will go to NZ First. The name says it all, doesn’t it! Trevor
I will not vote for a Government who appear to be going down the path of apartheid creating separatism and eroding democracy to curry favour with a minority of any race. Diane
There is NO mention of Partnership in the ToW and this concept is a nonsense. Lyn
By Nationals present performance and ignorance of New Zealanders views on separatism, they have already lost my vote. I won’t stand for the National Party’s leaning toward the greedy maoris any more. I see New Zealand First as leading the country after the next election. Peters may be a bit of a ratbag at times, but his principles are correctly aligned so long as he sticks to them. Neilo
Vote for whatever party would do the most to end APARTHEID in NZ. This would easily be accomplished by ending separate Maori seats in Parliament. That way there will be no separate voters role for half breeds, quater breeds, etc. to get on with attendant gravy train. Geoff
NZ first will end up with the party vote and balance of power. Neil
As a staunch former National supporter for many years I have not vote National in the last 2 elections because of the Maori issues and will not vote for them until this stupid idea of race preference is wiped. I have close Maori friends who cannot believe how gullible we are to believe all the rubbish that is dished up to us by the media and racial groups. Tim
Regrettably I have to say yes to this important issue. Jim
National appear to be happy to accept blackmail from a minority to bolster a narrow majority. Anon
There is no way I’d support a Party which support separatism. Anthony
This must NOT happen. It is clear that no one owns water but the Crown manage this valuable resource. I will NOT vote for National if they give in to Iwi demands. Andrew
I will be voting for the ‘party’ that will come out and abolish all this ‘maorification’ of everything New Zealand. Gordon
Time to take a tough stance and treat all New Zealanders as equal – in spite of their racial background, not because of it. AJ
One country, many people, same rights. Doug
I am tired of National, I do not trust them. They lie and connive behind closed doors. This is a one nation or its supposed to be. If Maori gain water rights what’s next? I don’t want to live in a divided country. We get by on our merits not our colour. Kerin
Water is for everyone – not by race! Ian
They will lose 6 votes in our extended family… Donald
I cannot support racist governance. Malcolm
Already planning on going with NZ First National are corrupt. Chris
My long term loyalty to National has already ended. David
Governments have for years said we are all one people. By hell things have change a lot in a short time. Now it separatism. We were not happy with how South Africa was, but now we have it here in our back yards. Are we going to live together as one people or dose Maori want separatism. We have tin pot govenments these day. Robert
If they persist with the intention to give Maori rights to water I will vote against them in the next election. Kerry
Stop pandering to Maori racist tactics and greed. Kevin
Even hopeless Labour would be preferable to this racism fostered by National! Mike
I have had enough of the current govt patronising of the maoris demands. I am a supporter of National and have been for over 50 years, but if this govt cave in to these increasing demands from the maoris, then they will lose my support in the next election. They have already created a racist state by giving in to demands and to keep their support for power. So it’s goodbye Mr Key and your party. David
National stands to lose its right to govern if Maori are seen to be given preference over others simply because of race. national have eroded the rights of all Kiwis by even entertaining the rights of one race to control of water, or any other resource. Donald
So far I have been a National supporter all my voting life. If they let the Maoris get away with control of the water, then they have lost my vote. Maurice
When John Key first came to power I voted for him because of his stance on the gravy train. He lied so now I vote NZ first and I follow 1 Law for All. Murray
As a past National voter, I am committed to getting rid of them. Nick Smith is very dangerous and I do not understand the Nelson people continually voting for him. NOWHERE IN THE TREAT IS THERE MENTION OF A PARTNERSHIP OR PRINCIPLES. Time for Key and Co to STOP pandering to this rascist section of the part Maori (15 percent)) and the problems they are creating for future generations and governed for all races in NZ. Carolyn
National is ignoring the principles it is supposed to stand for. Brett
I would not vote National. Michael
Definitely. Rog
No Way I am supporting Separatism,going done that path will lead to the demise of New Zealand as we know it. Les
The first matter this government must address is the issue of the maori electoral seats. As long as these remain, political parties will be tempted like National to make unprincipled arrangements with anyone holding these guaranteed racist seats. John
Absolutely. I have voted National since 1959, but if they proceed with this madness they will never get my vote again and I have told Bridges, Muller and Smith as much. Murray
What part of equal does this government not understand? Every primary school child knows that equal means exactly the same amount yet our esteemed government ministers appear to have nounderstanding of this concept. Shirley
I will be seeking a party that gives all New Zealanders equal rights in governing this country. Allan
New Zealand First gets my vote because of their stand on race based policies. Russell
I certainly would not vote for the NATIONAL PARTY. William
New Zealand first is looking good now. David
Anybody who aids and abets separatism in this country has no place in the decision making processes. John
The water was here BEFORE the Maori and NO ONE OWNS IT. It is a resource for all in New Zealand to protect and use diligently. I am totally against race raced legislation And will use my voice and vote to spread my word. Don
Like to seriously consider voting for NZ First. Kevin
This is non negotiable and must become the number one attack front at the general election. Douglas
I will give both my votes to ACT. and not vote for National in the electorate until they stop pandering to these greedy IWI Sods just to stay in power. Colin
I have read the Treaty and I do not believe that Maori have the right to everything they think they should nor do I think the Govt should kow-tow to their mostly mythological whims. NZ is now a country of many races and all should be under one banner. National have to stop the circle talking and show leadership. Elizabeth
NZ first are looking better all the time always admired Winston Peters for his stand on all things Maori. Russell
Enough already!!!!!! Andy
They lost my vote long ago over the fisheries debacle. Peter
This was the only thing Helen did that was good. I will not vote Nat again if this continues. Nick
Absolutely! I will vote AGAINST any party that is willing to trade our Democratic right to equality for their political gain. I will vote FOR the party that claims they will abolish race based privilege, ie New Zealand First. Joyce
NZ First, here I come. Jill
It is THE MAIN ISSUE for me. Jeremy
This National Government is taking us down the path of civil war. You simply cannot give these maori racists disproportionate power without a radical consequence. Trevor
I will leave the country if maori have the rights to water. No one has that right. Jim
Absolutely it would influence my vote. Glenys
I had been a long time National supporter. No longer. Keith
Because of the steady capitulation and appeasement being used by the National government to allow Maori interests to undermine NZ democratic process, I did not vote National in the last election, and I do not intend to vote for them in the next election. They have betrayed the expectations of those who would traditionally give them their support. John
The problem is that there is now no mainstream party in NZ that is prepared to treat everyone equally under the law no matter what their race/ethnicity. In addition many, many people have blindly accepted the ridiculous concept that the British Government intended to be partners with Maori when they signed the treaty of Waitangi. Gary
While National has done well in many areas, I feel they have really dropped the ball in all matters relating to the grievance industry. I waited in vain for the Maori seats to be abolished, along with the Waitangi Tribunal and the rest of the racist garbage that this country has been lumbered with for far to long. They have at least kept Labour and the Greens away from the Treasury benches which is a worthwhile achievement in itself! On balance however, I would have to say that my vote in the next election would be influenced by the separatism issue, as I feel that it is of critical importance to the future of this nation and needs to be resolved ASAP. Therefore my vote will go to the Party which demonstrates that they have the intestinal fortitude to achieve this. Scott
Key and his cohorts need to stop bowing down to a few noisy maori radicals and start listening to what their electors are saying, or heaven forbid we will have Andrew and his lot running the country. Urban
I already vote NZ First. Warwick
As far as I’m concerned, after having been a National supporter for over fifty years, the Nats are now “dead in the water”. They’re nothing but a disgraceful, ‘politically correct’ rabble. I’ll never vote for a National candidate again after Key and Company’s feeble minded treachery. I’ll be voting for the NZ First candidate in the forthcoming election. Winston, for all his foibles, is the only politician brave enough to speak up for racial equality and the rule of law. Les
There is no place for anything other than all New Zealanders are all equal The treaty is unfit for New Zealand today and all New Zealanders are equals who live in this country. Kevin
One person, one vote, ALL equal in one nation!!! Graeme
Can’t believe the speed at which the Govt is racing down this track. They need to do a major U turn very soon. Christine
I may not vote for NP next election if this country is divided into two separate classes of citizens. Leon
National must drop these negotiations. They are non democratic. Pete
One person – one vote. No apartheid. Tom
Is Key trying to start a revolution or some uprising, or is he just not up with the play. Is his advisors on thius water thing the same who advised him on the flag debate. Maybe they are the same clowns that never saw the recorder at the now infamous “cup of tea” . Sam
They need to get over themselves and act like New Zealanders and let us go back to being a Democracy. Laurel
Any flirtation with “seperatism”, or provision of privilege for one group in society will make this life-time National voter look elsewhere. Andrew
Most definitely. Unless this Govt stops wasting time and money on this racist Waitangi Tribunal they can forget my vote. Graeme
The mere fact that the government has considered an approach from Iwi to the control of water among other issues, is completely unacceptable and undemocratic. It is high time this country moved forward as one regardless of race and may I add greed. Unless there is a u turn by the present government opposition parties will benefit from my vote and that is a certainty. Chris
NZ First will have my vote as they and they alone are willing to take a stand against racial privilege in this country. Paul
It will influence my decision certainly as will their polices on immigration and those that have prevailed as regards foreign ownership of our existing housing stock. A party like New Zealand First has only to commit to doing their utmost to fix these ills and they will get my vote as well as those of many other long standing National party supporters. Peter
Great legalistic points made by Muriel here. Paul
Separatism should never be considered. Richard
I will no longer be voting for National after 54 years because of this issue. They were elected to represent all of New Zealand not the small percentage of indigenous imposters. Dave
Strongly considering giving up on voting National after 44 years because of their bowing and scraping to radical, illegal and I in democratic Maori demands – from people who are not 100% Maori but probably no more than 1/32 – 1/4 Moari blood. The rest of hard working NZers are being sold lies and treated appallingly. Sarah
Definitely. Ian
I’ve voted National for more than 40 years. If National supports separatism I will never vote for them again, period! Buckby
No, because I have not voted for them in many years due to their racial agenda. This water issue is hopefully the call for New Zealand to wake up and reinstate democracy. New Zealand will vote for National at their peril. However, current Labour and the Greens are worse! They openly state in their manifestos to just give everything Maori want! Such has become the indoctrination which shows almost daily on our tv screens. Folkert
Winston is gaining more support as each day passes. He’s getting my vote. Brian
Most definitely…….in fact I can guarantee it even as a National supporter of many many years! Joe
Of course it would. After being a 30 year Nat Party member, I resigned. Just disgusted with their agendas over the past 6 years. Di
I will never vote National again while it has its current policy towards separatism. I have tried to talk to my local National MP but he says its about settling treaty claims. He really has little idea of what is going on it seems to me. Roger
Why must we watch like stunned Mullets whilst the tail continues to wag the gullible dog? Paul
Separatism attacks the very basics of our freedoms that millions died for and would and is a mistake for both sides of the debate. Ken
If the Conservatives come up with a suitable policy. Cannot vote for Hekia here in Mana. David
Chris Finlayson is naive and his continued push on behalf of Maori in ignoring legal facts is an abrogation of his responsibility to all New Zealanders. Michael
National support for apartheid type laws, voting rolls, land ownership, taxes and privileges is a single overriding reason why I could not vote for National, despite supporting some of their other policies. In 2008 they campaigned for one law for all – how could they do such a fundamental U turn?? I could not ever vote for them unless that changes. Mike
Having been a National Party supportor ALL my adult Life and member for 31 years I would vote elsewhere if they continue support for Iwi water rights and Control. I actually thought being a 5th Generation New Zealander there would some equality in what’s become a Racist debate. Bill
As far as I am concerned their approach on this subject should prevent them from every sitting on the Government benches again!! Jim
Very much so!!! Bob
One vote per person not subject to what race they are. Cherryl
I’ve had a gutsful of this National government and their sycophantic pandering to the Maori racists – let them both be gone. John
So far NZ First is the only one making the right noises. Where does ACT stand. John
Definitely. My family have traditionally been National supporters for several generations. No more. National’s weak kneed support of the sovereignty movement had killed any support we once had., They forget they were elected by the people, FOR the people, ALL NZ’ers. Why should we pay Maori for the use of a God given life resource? THEY DO NOT, AND NEVER WILL OWN THE WATER IN THIS NATION. If National allow this, they are finished, FOREVER, in parliament. Cecelia
… a Divided Nation would exist for generations ..NZ would sink into a chaotic undemocratic location….!!! Christopher
Have already decided to go with NZ First. Alan
Apartheid is here to stay by the look of it. Edward
We do not want or need apartheid in NZ. This is reminiscent of the 1980’s and the Springbok tour. It is a similar situation. Kevin
If National persist with this madness, I will vote against them at the next election in the way that appears to be tactically most promising at the time. Geoffrey
I confidently predict that it would alienate a significant proportion of traditional National supporters – far more than many in the party seem to appreciate. There will be a huge shift of allegiance to NZ First, should this abominable sell-out to Maori go through. Graham
I, along with many people I know have had enough. Hard core National supporters for many years contemplating a vote for NZ First specifically on this issue. Murray
I’m very definitely reconsidering my support for the government because of this and other attacks on democratic equality. David
When are succesive governments going to have the intestinal fortitude to resist the Gravy Train, and its hangers on. Pre European Maori were in a sad state. Now European decendants are contantly sudject to a culture of blame. Someone get some BALLS !! Brian
An apartheid state in the making courtesy of National-who would have thought? Garry
We fought against apartheid. Why introduce it into NZ! Noel
Time to stand firm. Stuart
Thank you for a good letter with a warning to this National Party that it has got far too “cosy” on a number of issues with one ethnic group. Ted
It already has. Hans
Like most European voters, I am shocked and appalled at how the relations in. Our country are being allowed to slide more and more towards separatism. This water proposal is the worst by far, since the aborted claim to all of the foreshore of our country. Wake up people! It’s really hardto u do this sort of disaster! Hugh
I will vote for any party that will undertake to put a stop to the treaty nonsense. Graeme
No! I would never vote for them anyway! Kevan
Most definitely. The damage is all ready done. Don
Didn’t we oppose apartheid in South Africa yet we appear to have it here in New Zealand with burgeoning separatism. Adrian
National deserves to lose the next election if it allows Maoris to govern Or control our natural resource – water. Certainly many folk will abandon them them Peter
I have already rejected National support – after many ‘loyal’ years. Only NZ first stands for democracy.. One man one vote. Racially neutral. Laurie
Absolutely! I am tired of all this namby-pamby pandering and thought National would make sensible decision that only a democratically responsible government would … but it’s looking more and more like democracy is a thing of the past in NZ. Frightening. Maddi
What has happened to one country one people. Joan
It certainly would. I’ve been a National Party member most of my voting life and some of its decisions have past caused me concern. However, the ongoing government-occasioned separation of our races is wreaking more and more damage to non-Maori attitudes and many, like me, have just about had enough. Any accommodation with Maori over water will spell the end of my involvement. Jim
I’m thinking the unthinkable – that is, voting for Winston Peters. His stand against race based legislation is clear. Neil
Most definitely! I will probably vote for NZ First. Elizabeth
Nationals pandering to the (part) maori elite and extremists has already cost National my vote forever. Unfortunately there is no real alternative apart from Act or perhaps as a protest NZ First. Alan
Looks like Winston will hold the balance 017. Peter
Separate development is evil in all its forms. Ray
Enough is enough. Andrew
All people are equal. Ian
Absolutely. Tracy
Yes – if National goes ahead with iwi control of water I will definitely vote for NZ First at the next election. Robert
National is being foolish in putting Maori rights above the public good – how can you trust them? Tony
You are right – race relations is becoming a defining issue. We do not want our children to inherit a country controlled by separatists. I don’t know what National is thinking. Gayle
I hope National MPs take note of what’s been said otherwise their support will start to slide. They must remember that these issues are incredibly important to National supporters, as Don Brash showed only too clearly. Warren
If iwi gain control of water I will never vote for National again. David