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Parliament’s Arrogance

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A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.” – George Orwell.

Over the last two years, Jacinda Ardern’s Government has instituted a raft of unprecedented emergency restrictions aimed at safeguarding our population from Covid-19.

In March 2020, using exaggerated modelling that predicted tens of thousands of deaths, Prime Minister Ardern made a Captain’s Call to abandon the New Zealand Pandemic Plan that had kept us safe during the 2009 Swine Flu epidemic, to introduce the first ever lockdown of healthy New Zealanders.

It turns out, however, that severely curtailing individual rights and freedoms creates enormous economic and social injury, with mounting evidence now showing that lockdowns have caused more harm than good.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Dr Peter Smith, an Australian writer and editor in economics and politics, who is highly critical of the loss of freedom during the pandemic, outlines the latest research on lockdowns:

“Three researchers from the John Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise published a meta-analysis of the effect of lockdowns on Covid-19 Mortality in January. You might have seen coverage of it; nevertheless, it’s worth repeating an extracted summary of its conclusion:

‘This study employed a systematic search and screening procedure in which 18,590 studies are identified that could potentially address the belief [that lockdowns reduce Covid-19 mortality] … 24 qualified for inclusion in the meta-analysis [which concluded] that lockdownshave had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.’

“But we long since knew this, didn’t we? Deaths in light-touch Sweden never exploded as the models or doom merchants on the Left predicted. As at the end of January, Worldometer reports the death rate in Sweden as below that in UK, the US and in Spain. It’s higher than in some countries but lower than most. Similarly, light-touch Florida, South Carolina and Texas had death rates all lower than in New York and many other American states.”

In response to the pandemic, the development of Covid-19 vaccines was fast-tracked around the world. Because producing safe and effective vaccines for a new virus usually takes between three and five years, mass vaccination has never been responsible for ending a pandemic. By the time the trials are over, and the vaccine is declared safe, the disease has either died out or mutated into a less virulent form and become endemic. 

In this pandemic, however, emergency authorisation was given by medical regulators for a range of new Covid-19 vaccines – many of which were using experimental gene editing technology – even though some of their trials were not scheduled for completion until 2023.

As countries raced ahead to inoculate their populations, normal precautionary controls were abandoned on the presumption that the risk of the disease outweighed the unknown risk of the vaccine – even for pregnant women and children.

When it comes to assessing new vaccines there are two main considerations. Firstly, effectiveness – will the vaccine sufficiently boost the immune response to fight off the virus and avoid transmission, hospitalisation, and death? And secondly, safety – are the risks of taking the vaccine significantly less than the risk of catching the virus.

Jacinda Ardern chose Pfizer, a messenger RNA genetic vaccine, for New Zealand’s mass vaccination programme. Concerns about the new technology and the fact that the vaccine had been rushed to market before the trials had been completed, were allayed when the PM confirmed, just before the 2020 general election, that under her watch vaccination would be voluntary.

Her assurance upheld New Zealand’s Bill of Rights – Section 10: “Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent”, and Section 11: “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.” 

However, once she had won the election, Jacinda Ardern broke her word and announced vaccinations would become mandatory for many workers. 

While some still claim that vaccination is a choice, making people choose between vaccination and losing their livelihood is coercion, not choice – the tactics of a totalitarian regime. 

Despite the high personal and financial cost, some said no to the vaccine, while others complied, albeit reluctantly. But most trusted the Government and willingly took the jab.   

So, who are these people protesting in Parliament grounds?

The Prime Minister claims they are anti-vaxxers, but if she actually spoke to them, she would find many are vaccinated but strongly oppose mandates, believing people should have the freedom to choose what they put in their body.

Many other protesters are heartbroken public servants – doctors, nurses, teachers, members of the Police and Armed Forces, who have willingly complied with past vaccination requirements for themselves and their children, but as a result of concerns over the use of new genetic vaccines before their trials have been completed, have been forced out of jobs they love by the mandates. 

Furthermore, the rationale for mandates no longer adds up as Newstalk ZB’s Drivetime host Heather Du Plessis-Allan explained earlier this week: “Ask yourself this: what is the rationale now for people losing their jobs because they won’t get the jab? You could argue that they must be punished because they will put a strain on our health system. That was true when we had low jab rates, but we’re now 94% double-jabbed across the country. Do we really think a tiny percent of people is going to overwhelm the health system?” 

She also highlighted research published in the Lancet medical journal showing those who are fully vaccinated can spread Covid just as readily as the unvaccinated: “Fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.”

Essentially, this means there is no longer any justification for mandates, and not only should they be removed, but, where possible, employees, forced out of jobs, should be offered them back.

The Speaker, Trevor Mallard, who is responsible for the Parliamentary precinct where the protest is being held, has handled the situation badly, maligning the protesters as “feral” and engaging in childish acts of petulance by turning on sprinklers and blaring loud music across the grounds.

As expected, his actions have not only galvanised support for the protesters, but strengthened the view that many of our Members of Parliament are not only arrogant, but hypocrites – as Newstalk ZB’s Political Editor Barry Soper points out, “Mallard seems to have forgotten the much more violent protest he was once involved in, back during the Springbok tour of 1981, where they camped on Parliament’s front lawn for the more than the 40 days the rugby players were in the country.” 

Those MPs who are refusing to even meet with the protesters, seem to have forgotten that they were elected to listen to the concerns of constituents and represent their views in Parliament.

Not only have our political elite shown themselves to be tone deaf about the protest, they also appear to be equally uninformed about Omicron, which is now sweeping through the country at a great rate of knots.

Apart from telling everyone to get their booster shots, ‘the pulpit of truth’ has provided scant information to New Zealanders about Omicron.

The knowledge of those who have successfully treated Omicron is being ignored in this country, which is why the experience of people like Dr Shankara Chetty of South Africa, who holds qualifications in medicine, surgery, genetics, biochemistry and microbiology, is so important.

Having treated almost 8,000 Covid patients in his rural practice, including many who arrived critically ill by ambulance, he reports that none have died, been hospitalised, or needed oxygen. As a result, Dr Chetty is now recognised as a world authority on Covid treatment, but you won’t read about him in our mainstream media.

Once he understood that if Covid patients were going to become seriously unwell, that change occurred on Day 8, he realised it is a biphasic illness. The first phase is a self-limiting viral illness, and the second phase only occurs in the minority of patients who are hypersensitive to Covid’s spike protein. In those people, it triggers a severe allergic reaction in the lungs, which, if left untreated, can spiral into a life-threatening cycle of hyper-inflammation and hyper-coagulation.

Dr Chetty treats the first phase as any cold or flu, according to the symptoms. But for those patients developing the second phase – a hypersensitivity pneumonitis – a toolbox of treatments is needed, which includes antihistamines to suppress the allergic response and steroids to reduce the swelling.    

In an interview not to be missed – see HERE – Dr Chetty discusses Omicron: “There is little to fear from Omicron, as it is a mild variant, and there is no reason to panic. In South Africa, there is no increase in hospital and ICU admissions, despite the increase in cases.”

When asked how to differentiate between Delta and Omicron, he explains, “The symptoms are very different. With Delta we are seeing the respiratory symptoms. We are noticing the deterioration on the 8th day which can be severe. With the Omicron variant we are noticing that patients don’t have respiratory symptoms per se. They have a sore throat on the first day which by the second or third day resolves completely. But the overriding symptom they present with is fatigue, headaches.”

He explains that few people infected with Omicron develop the Day 8 allergic response, but if they do, and are treated with antihistamines and steroids, there should be a full recovery. He also mentions that in some countries, because every hospital admission is tested for Omicron, if patients are infected – even though they have been admitted for other medical reasons – they are counted as hospitalised Omicron cases, misrepresenting the variant as far more dangerous than it really is.

And when it comes to fearmongering – using the threat of Omicron to force people to get booster shots – Dr Chetty has some strong words: “I think it’s absolutely nonsensical… The only thing vaccines have shown some benefit in, is to prevent severe disease and death. Omicron does not cause severe disease or death; it causes mild illness… I don’t see the point to mass vaccinate the population to prevent severe disease and death from a variant that does not cause severe disease and death. And of course, notwithstanding that the vaccine can have severe side effects… The risk of the variant does not warrant taking such a risk as a mass vaccination campaign. It’s nonsensical.”

Dr Chetty believes it will be virtually impossible for anyone to avoid being infected with Omicron and he suggests that the lasting natural immunity it confers – which is far superior to that acquired from vaccination – will provide important herd immunity protection if more deadly variants emerge in the future.

That’s why governments around the world are moving to lift mandates and all other Covid restrictions once Omicron has displaced the far more dangerous Delta as the dominant strain.

No-one in their right mind would try to enforce mandatory vaccination and quarantine requirements over something as dangerous as a cold, and yet, that’s what New Zealand politicians are now doing.

It’s for these reasons that the protesters in Wellington and other countries including Canada, the USA, Israel, Europe, and Australia are right to demand the removal of mandates.

The political elite in Wellington have misjudged the situation by maligning and dismissing the protesters. Their misrepresentation of those who are standing up for what they believe, will simply harden their resolve, and result in more good Kiwis like Sir Russell Coutts going to Wellington to support a movement that is aimed at ending forced vaccinations and restoring human rights, dignity, and the freedom of choice for New Zealanders.

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Vaccine mandates are a breach of the NZBOR Act 1990 Jacinda has used who position in power to dismantle kiwis rights and freedoms, tyrants should be sorted out because we will never live in a country under a dictatorship, the rule of law should always be upheld for simple principle that no one is above the law Sam
Never bought into the “plandemic” from the very start – believed it was a big media beat up, but of course it turned out to be something far more sinister. From the initial “4 weeks to flatten the curve lockdown” Ardern has continually lied & shifted the goal posts! Finally, even some of the sheeples are waking up to her agenda. And now the high court has declared them in breach of the human rights act – something anyone with the slightest inkling of intelligence knew right from their inception. Rex
great to see! Kiwis uniting in UNITY for FREEDOM ! Long overdue. GENOCIDE in all its forms must be stopped, as well as TYRANNY and BOLSHEVIK SLAVERY!! David
how much science does the Gvt need, where there is a risk there must be a choice. Jennifer
100% JD
‘Vaccine passports’ are identity cards that must be shown for people to be allowed equal movement and to receive normal services. Identity cards have long been used by racist and totalitarian governments and have no place in our democracy. Aside from everything else they deprive us of anonymity and provide yet another way for government surveillance of our movements. There was no need for this government to discard such fundamental rights as the right for mentally intact people to accept or refuse a medical intervention or to participate in medical research. It wouldn’t have taken much creative thinking to find ways to maintain respect for such rights for those who choose not to accept the Big Pharma potion to be injected into their bodies; e.g. by offering regular testing, requiring the use of the most effective masks and protective measures, and redeploying temporarily to other roles, as ways for unvaccinated people to maintain their employment and a greater degree of freedom of activity. This government has taken a punishment approach trying to force people to be injected by a potion for which nobody can know the long-term consequences as it’s based on mRNA technology. Very weird given the appalling history of unethical behaviour by Pfizer including falsifying research outcomes, and the huge profits Pfizer has made (around $40 billion so far) from their overpriced potion. Someone needs to investigate what incentives Pfizer might have provided to our politicians to enlist their coercive marketing cooperation. Incidentally, I am triple vaccinated. I have taken that risk BY MY OWN CHOICE and I respect others’ choice not to be vaccinated. I might challenge the beliefs underlying their choice. Johan
J. Ardern is not a leader as, just like her friend Canadian PM J. True-dope, she cannot meet with legitimate protestors. She needs to resign as her falseness has now been exposed. Monica
Noone is stopping them from choosing whether to get vaccinated or not but I as a fully vaccinated person have a right to feel safe from those that are not. Brian
Absulutely, 100% HOLD THE LINE Donna-Maree
Mandates, vaccine passports should be removed immediatley and the Law that enabled these draconian regulations to be implemented should be rescinded. There should then be a totally independent Commission of Inquiry into Ardern and her Government’s management of the whole sorry affair and those responsible for this sorry saga be brought to justice and tried for their crimes against the citizens of NZ. Allan
We need to demandxrepeal of the covid health response bill and abolish the vax pass wich is a weapon of discrimination and a prelude to social credit Vanessa
Yes i support removing the vaccine mandate. It is cruel and looks vindictive.The frustration and anger shown by protestors has been building over the time of this present governments rein due to a range of actions effecting peoples freedoms and their overall unbelievable continuing incompetence Marty
There is no need for them and the digusting aim of segregating our society is nothing short of communism at work Carolyn
Mandates are an abominal breach of an individuals rights over their own medical care. LGC
Mandates dont achieve anything. It has been proved that even tho triplel jabbed one can get and pass omicrom. Bev
As 90% of the country are now fully vaccinated the current lower lower level virus can now be treated like the annual flu. vaccine. The red queen and her communistic government are treating the population as children and their rules and laws must be obeyed without question. Cyril
My opinion is that coerced vaccination is tyrannical. The government does not have the right or the medical knowledge to Lord it over the individual as they are doing. Eileen
Yes of course ! The gathering in Wellington was a show of strength up to a point. I had the feeling thousands more would have attended if the yobbo element hadn’t popped up. Ardern has to be worried now because the heat is coming on and will increase like a blow torch. We don’t want her; we don’t need her and we certainly don’t want her representing N.Z. at the U.N.. A long period of exile on the Snares for crimes against the nation would be a fitting reward for her time in power so far. All I can see ahead is a total disaster and hopefully that will ruin any ambitions she may hold for the U.N. top job. She is a disaster and over many years the U.N. not much better ! I don’t know why I worry because I am now old but I do love New Zealand. and want sanity to return. John
Labours PM is the most arrogant we have ever had. meg
Not happy with either Arderns or Luxtons handling – these protesters are your constituents. If you are afraid to meet them onsite, then meet elsewhere, but meet them. The people are speaking. We can’t all be there to join them but don’t underestimate the population. We don’t want vaccine mandates. Also wake up and read some overseas information coming out on how bad these vaccines are. We are tired of mis-information and downright lies from this government. Barbara
Absolutely. The bottom line they are there for is to remove the vaccine mandate. Obviously there are others there that have their own agenda, creating problems, but the government needs to listen to constituents. We don”t want vaccine mandates. We want choice over our bodies without being penalised. Right now it is no jab, no job for a vast majority. Leigh
stop the mandate madness eira
Whole heartedly! I attended the protest and would go back in a heartbeat if finances allowed Kylie
There should never have been mandates to separate vaxxed and non-vaxxed. Victims of Corona when recovered, would have far more immunity than that of a serum not proven to work, as it hasn’t as yet proven effective. Jennifer
It’s a no brainer! J J
Civic responsibilities have precedence over mislead, uninformed concerns over personal freedoms. Aaron
Go protesters… hold the line! Wayne
The political agenda to mass vaccinate in the light of the true medical research that has been done should be proof enough in itself that the agenda has nothing to do with health but everything to do with communist totalitarianism Graeme
Using cynical “health” scare tactics as justification for vax and mask mandates this evil labour govt has implemented classic fascist tactics to impose its political oppression on any dissent. Richard
very definitely !! John
100% ! mei
I am vaccinated but I did this because i was told I would get my life back. That was obviously just one of many lies told by this totalitarian government Mark
We need our equal rights returned, went to parliament on Saturday and it was a beautiful place full of many business owners like myself. This government must go, and an incoming one must understand human rights. Jason
I support providing it stays within the bounds of some decency. There are other major issues to protest about in the near future as well! I am very disappointed in the performance of the National Party over issue. Laurie
Support the protest 100%. Prepared to drive to Wellington again to swell the numbers Marian
go to https://www.bitchute.com/video/dSilLRMDstpR and listen to the interview by Liz Gunn with Dr Guy Hatchard Andrew
Of course not, the purpose of the total protest was always obscure and the ringleaders are probably not protesting about the mandate anyway. It has descended into lawlessness and should be stamped out forthwith. Terry
Absolutely. Drop the mandates. Re-employ the teachers ,Drs ,Nurses, police, .Sack the government! Alan
Absolutely! The damage done to the NZ people as a whole has been devastating and the perpetrators need to be held to account. The coercion bordered on blackmail, it forced numerous citizens to lost their jobs and they may never be able to return to any job depending on age.. The mandates have broken up relationships, partnerships and marriages. Hold them all to account I say, including the paid-off media! Larry
Our political elites are serving their own political agendas instead of the people of New Zealand Charles
My wife has been coerced into taking the vaccine as she is a school teacher to save her job. She will not be taking the booster to keep it. My 14yr Daughter has written a very sad account of how she feels being excluded from sport and social events because she has no vaccine passport. Steven
Jacinda has lost the plot and things are going from bad to worse. Lets get rid of her. I propose a vote of no confidence in the Labour government. Fraser
It is the god giving right of ever new Zealanders too have our freedom and no totalitarian rule! Discussing is Jacindas crew!!! Neil
With certain safeguards Thomas
Mandate of this trial of a vaccine has been so wrong from the very start. I thank those protestors in Wellington for standing up to this – just keep it peaceful. Janet
Absolutely John
National were spineless and missed a great opportunity to arrange a suitable venue etc to meet with key protest representatives Robert
Someone from Govt should have addressed them early on. Nigel
This governments response is appalling and essentially nonsensical. There is no actual reasonable logic to it. Matthew
Not only to remove the mandates but remove the current entire crop of politicians! Murray
Absolutely, I support this protest. There are indeed risks with receiving the pfizer vaccine or undergoing any medical treatment. How dare another force someone by coercion. Where there is risk there MUST be choice. Bryce
They should never have been put in place! Ron
They’re further dividing the country. Mandates are all about control over the populace. We should be allowed to act responsibly for ourselves and for others. Laurence
The Government’s treatment of its citizens through this protest should be strongly condemned John
Absolutely.. I wish I could have been one of them Jock
Those protesters represent the rights of all NZers…even the ones who haven’t woken up yet to the reality of what our deceitful dictator (PM) has been so busily doing in the name of COVID. Fay
Mandates for health decisions should never have been made. It is corporeal rape to be forced to consume an experimental poison. It defies the Health & Disability Commissioner’s Act as well as the Bill of Rights. It is the final frontier for a government to demand and exercise control over your body. It is a disgrace that people have so willingly accepted this situation and condemned those who do not. Despicable. Christins
This government needs to go. They are just a bunch of hopeless, impractical academics who don’t know what it’s like to live in the real world. Anon
And please send Mallard and Wood with them. Mick
Time for everyone to be allowed to live again instead of just existing. The scam is over and Ardern needs to admit it. Kirsten
Previously the Govt promised to ease restrictions at 90% vaccination. Way past that now, restrictions should go David
There never should have been mandates in the first place. Christina
Jacinda has to be working for the NWO… Peter
The Govt should pack up and go home. Russ
I now think I was wrong to have the vaccines, especially after listening to Dr Chetty.. Jacinda will have a lot to answer for Derek
As one who is in their mid 70s, am part of a large ageing population who are more susceptible to problems from Covid and variations. I feel that a considerable number of protesters would protest on anything and especially those who consider the whole thing a hoax. John
Massive breech of the BoR. Mark
Jacinda Ardern is an alumni of Herr Klaus Schwab and WEF – as are Justin Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Blair and many others. She sees no reason to be loyal to us when her true loyalties are directed to dividing and breaking New Zealand’s independence, all the easier to bring us into the 2030 Re-set. Wake up New Zealand! The whole Covid debacle has been the start of dividing us. Don’t let this woman and her hangers-on have her way. Julia
I am 74 and have had 3 successful businesses and I am firmly against Adhern and her controlling attitude and her appalling performance. she has done so much damage to NZ Hugh
Much much more needs to occur after the mandates have been removed to restore our country. Pete
and to dissolve the Govt and all Parliament karen
Thank heavens we have Kiwis willing to stand up for our freedom and rights against what is now becoming a dictatorship with sadly no real opposition in our Parliament apart from ACT. I expect more from the National Party which is missing in action Tony
Absolutely, Govt has failed the public and needs to be dismantled Barb
The rest of the World are cancelling theirs and they are months ahead of us. Too many lies from this Govt have been proven they are wrong in their mandate laws. Robyn
They are unreasonable and violate human rights, and are destroying businesses, taking away people’s employment, homes, opportunities and freedoms!! Debbie
We’ve had enough and just want to get on with life Sheryl
I am an unvacinated Flu’ and Covid being in my 80’s. Also take no medication at all (except trying some recently for sleep resistance) but have a good diet and top up with natural (herbal) supplements. Colds and Flu were a common occurance prior to making better life and diet choices – now have had neither for the last 15 years or so. I also believe that it is my right to reject anything I don’t want into my healthy system. True for everyone.  Marie
I also want the requirement for self-isolation dropped when returning from abroad robert
Yes it’s okay for them on a salary and not affected at all. NZers just want the freedom to choose. Vicki
This is only one of several legitimate gripes. The loss of jobs, The fear. The homelessness. First homes now out of reach.. Broken health system and so on. Tony
They are causing the loss of freedoms for Wellingtonians to go about their daily business and affecting the rights of surrounding residents and businesses I think their behavior is shameful Liz
As long as they are using RAT tests regularly to confirm negative/positive status Heather
It is clear from the governments response that this is not about an infectious disease. This is about control at all costs to implement a hidden agenda. Boy
What Dr Chity says ought to beread by all our MPs and PM too Maxwell
These Mandates are cruel and unnecessary it is time they were lifted, and people back to work. It is also time our country started to repair itself, and getting rid of the Mandates would be the first step. Heather
Politicians should be consistent and follow the science which clearly states that there is no need for any form of vaccination or Mandate for Omicron. It is just about control by a Communist led government. linton
She’s destroyed our human rights, our economy, our trust in All our elected representatives, our trust in science, our mental health, our physical health (vaxed), our livelihoods, the list goes on and on. There is no punishment too severe for her treachery. Joe
This has dragged on too long commonsense keeping distance is the way to go. If feeling crook stay home till feeling better simple!! Karen
Believe in vaccination, and am double-vaxxed and boostered, but the time for vaccine mandates is over Val
These protesters have a right to demand a direct response from jack Boots Jacinda and to me this government has miss judged the publics anger and this protesters are just a small number that have had their freedom put under controll .All the political elite including the opposition except A C T .have missed a golden moment to front the protesters and get their views and find some middle ground. Coster missed his chance and has been totally useless . This protest will go on for some time and i would suggest that Mallard be sanctioned. ken
a first crucial step! the second is to flag the v=pass which has no meaning other than to identify who has ‘done as they were told.’ Janya
The so-called protesters credibility has been hugely diminished by the people that have attached themselves to this mob. The genuine protesters have now got fleas by laying down with dogs. Not a good strategy. Gary
The only virus consuming New Zealand is Jacinda Ardern’s spread of misinformation and fear. Robert
Definitely Elizabeth
authoritarian rule must be eliminated only the good people of NZ can stop this madness from continuing. ken
Prime Minister stated we would be free once we hit 90%, once again she has lied. The most dishonest leader this country has ever had. Lindsay
There is no defendable reason for continuing with mandates for an illness that is less likely than the flu to put people in hospital and does not stop transmission of the virus. T
YES, we support the demand to remove the Mandates , but also but also their demand for Jacinda to step down and resign !! Pierre
absolutely! Gerhard
My view of demon procedures and murder weapon sequence: 1 Covid 19 PCR Test – swab to the back of the nose to deposit onto the rhino pharynx: Darpa hydrogel, Ethylene Oxide, Technetium radioactive superconductor. 2 False Positive Test – Controlled Hospitalisation treatment to administer REMDESIVIR a worldwide proven lethal serum. 3. Injection – mRNA Pfizer BioNTech or comirnaty: spike gene, nanoparticle, graphene oxide, HIV, aborted fetus gene, And these experimental and industrial chemicals listed by Pfizer = ACL-O315 – A positively charged molecule that helps the nanoparticles form; DPSC & Potassium Chloride; Monobasic Potassium Phosphate; Sodium Chloride; Dibasic sodium phosphate dehydrate. 4. Ardern’s NZ Propaganda Media Controlled reporting on each false positive case and victim numbers. Peter
Like my friends and hapu, the PM Ardern we have learned to hate for her evil. Maiming and killing innocent people by coersice manipulation of NZ minds without a second thought. She rules by her conflict of interest cash from Mr Global young leaders forum loyalties. Not for her country. How satanic of her. And how sad for all who suffer loss from taking the toxic PCR test serum so-called vaccine for a non existent virus called SARS COV2 she knows its all bullshit. But enjoys and promotes the use of those killing weapons with her smile. Her fate is told in the good book. One she and her supporters cant read yet will be condemned to damnation – and good for us in the light. Amen Peter
absolutely and removal of all mandates including 3 waters Robin
The Mandates are an Ardern Communist tool for her buddies at the WEF. If Trudeau falls Cindy will follow and she will be hopefully held fully to account in Nuremberg 2. Barry
The overwhelming evidence supports the view that vaccinated people with high public contact are less likely to be a vector for infection of contacts Peter
Not yet. But I do want to see a time line for their removal. Any new employment contract should have the right to require vaccination. Any building owner should have the right to deny access to privately owned property. And urgently a timeline for the opening of the border to workers first then tourists. Businesses need certainty!. Lisa
just selfish idiots Nev
as soon as possible. Stop testing, and get on with life David
Pretty useless pandemic when the population increases- 2020, 2021. Maybe it will show itself in 2022? Cecelia
Give us our freedom of choice and life back. stop segregation of our people Rod
Freedom of choice respected Carol
It is completely obvious that this has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with control and taking away our freedoms and rights. I, along with most of my family completely support the protesters’ and what they are doing. Jade
I also speak for a huge amount of friends and family that would prefer to be down in Wellington however have commitments like work, family. Also would like to note the vast amount of people that remain unvaccinated however are too scared to speak out. The numbers are most definitely skewed and the demographic they portray as anti-vaxxers is a smear. We are healthy, self employed, working, society contributing, young (and old), educated family orientated people that have done the research. Alana
I agree 100 percent John
Totally – get rid of the mandates along with Cindy and all the sesame street brigade with her!!! Matt
90% Cindy said and we will open up, yeah right ! John
It must go. James
Mandates & their restrictions on people is now done solely to keep Kim il Arden in power Derek
Absolutely! John
Jacinda is flogging a dead horse Omicron is mostly presenting as a mild cold, this government is now loosing its grip on reality The liberal socialists don’t like it when the liberal socialist turn on them. The great Norman Kirk would never have displayed the arrogance Jacinda has displayed towards the people she is supposed to be representing Be kind, well being, are now meaningless catch phases that come from a government who have their heads jammed up firmly were the sun doesn’t shine Covid/mandate a side this protest is anti government for a number well founded reasons Bring on the next election Bruce
And for all those responsible to be prosecuted! Roger
I’m strongly opposed to the mandates.I’m also extremely disappointed with the attitude of our politicians.Some have shown us their contempt and intolerance to fellow kiwis with real hatred. Marty
There’s no longer rational reasons to keep them in place. Melanie
Very strongly! Maria
we drove a section of the convoy and totally agree with the removal of mandates Jens
and get rid of the labour government as quickly as we can Glenys
It’s Discrimination at it’s worst Barbara
It is totally unnecessary to force people to take the vaccine. Not only that everyone has the right to choose. Chris
so destructive Brian
The protesters are correct in their grievances and their demands. Being coerced by this disgusting government that is ignoring our human rights by mandating covid vaccines is against the Geneva Convention. The Leaders responsible should be tried in the international courts for Crimes against humanity. They know they are committing crimes. Rob
No job should be lost Trevor
My Son lost his Job due to the No Jab/ No Job mandate. My wife is unable to access her hair Dresser as she is unvaccinated. Carl
Do you support that this call to recognise an inalienable freedom is largely being made in conjunction with and under the banner of Maori sovereignty and right to self determination? Jeff
Nothing to do with health anymore but CONTROL! John
Absolutely, one needs to ask what the real reason for the mandate, for the vaccination or to prove the majority of the people can be controlled. Loretta
I would be concerned that if these mandates were removed will they be replaced with even more draconian ones. Elizabeth
I [and wife] will also not support any of the present political parties in parliament, so await a true freedom party to surface, which we expect will occur. Neville
Jacinda’s woke/PC bunch has got it very wrong. Well past time most Kiwis saw through Ardern’ and the undemocratic He Puapua blue-print she is pusuing for [Maor]] dual- sovereinty in New Zealand!! Frank
Nor will I have a booster shot Pauline
There are other ways to limit spread of a disease that is essentially ‘small’ consequence, but will they be just as unpopular & not used David
Hell yes ….. go further and demand the govt call a snap election!! Mark
I am so relieved that, finally, we have a brave group of people who are prepared to stand up to the dangerous, insidious workings of this government; one that has to be displaced before 2023. Heather
It’s time the Govt of NZ listened to the protesters and to know that many more people in this country are backing the brave thousands in Wellington, along with protesters in Christchurch and other towns. Deidre
Muriel, I’ve read your article. There’s too much good sense in it for most Kiwis. The woman who discovered Omicron described it as mild and then had pressure on her to rescind that statement. Kiwis want to be frightened..it’s comforting to be in a battle against the nasty virus. It bonds them. dave
These mandates have caused more harm than good. Time for New Zealand to move on. Craig
It is just another means of control administered by this communist PM and the other stupid clowns who make up this labour/ communist party. Tom
Not just the mandates, but all of the oppressive and repressive covid measures. Alistair
The mandates are no longer relevant or necessary Mike
I have lost my job due to these mandates. Open discussion is needed, all people of NZ need to be listened too and allowed to freely speak. Adele
Jacinda should be sat down with Dr Chetty, with her mouth taped shut so she has to listen. Will
We are highly vaccinated and ready to face Omicron, restrictions should’ve been a thing of the past. Jacky
I have been for many months saying that Mandates must be removed so we can get on living a normal life. Peter
definitely Anne
I have serious doubts about any NZer who DOESN’T want the mandates removed. Have such people lost their sanity, their decency – or both ?? John
I fully support the protesters and their kaupapa. Rae
I fully support the Protesters. minnie
Was there last week, totally out of my usual comfort zone, but totally worth it. Safe, happy space, the way we want NZ to be. Russell
Mandated job and not keen on being a Guinea pig Anita
As per the NZ bill of fights Steve
I am a teacher who lost my job because I was not willing to take the experimental injection. Amy
There is so much evidence that what this government is doing is nonsensical, unethical and illegal. Their job is to represent the people, not order, dictate or force. The mandates must go. Shirley
Totalitarianism at its best  Peter
More than time to move on. The Mandates are doing more harm to peoples lives and futures than they are worth. ALAN
Omicron is mild, nothing to be scared of, so give me all my freedom back NOW – no masks, mandates and reinstate free travel. The protesters are heroes. Chris
The protest is really about the method this government uses to control the population in many ways – not just vaccination mandate Steve
The use of vaccine passes also needs to be removed. Karen
Absolutely and immediately. And those who have lost their jobs through the mandates should be reinstated. Gloria
The protest is about our loss of freedoms and rights so it is not surprising the left wing socialist have no idea what they are stealing as most of them hide behind a cloak of collective non responsibility. Larry
Absolutely pro-vaccines, absolutely anti-mandate. Roger
It’s a shame they didn’t have proper leadership to galvanise the protest on the one issue. Brian
My husband has just lost his job of 8 yrs to mandates and they weren’t even necessary where he worked. Christine
100% support the Bill of Rights and freedom for the right to choose any medical treatment. Averil
Should have been removed last year. Holmes
vaccine mandates & passports are immoral. Dan
I totally support the demand to remove vaccine mandates. It makes no sense to retain them now Omicron is here in our population. Jacinda needs to get off her high horse and have some communication with the protesters. Ohhh she won’t because she cannot deal with tough situations. She and her Labour muppets need to remember they got voted in to serve NZ people, not to dictate what we can do. Greig
Providing those who are not vaccinated have regular Covid tests Jill
No doubt about it – our government is totally out of touch with the developing science, especially regards the absolute dangers associated with the mRNA jabs! Dennis
Im vaxxed and boosted and think that mandates are a form of Apartheid (Im an expat South African) Tyrone
The vacine does not stop a person getting the disease or passing it on then what is the point? Ray
Don’t believe anything that comes out of a pollies mouth. The sooner we get rid of Adhern and her ilk the better. Worst Government in my living memory. Tom
No one in this day and age should be forced to put something into their body, much less unproven and un-necessary “vaccines” Michael
We also want isolation requirements dropped for healthy people living here or coming here from overseas. Nik
The reason we need the mandates is because there are people who won’t get vaccinated to protect their family, friends, those around them, and the rest of nz. Kevin
Clearly, Omicron is not dangerous or likely to cause death. Some compromised citizens may need to isolate – that’s all. JOHN
They are not just anti vaccine but are a disparate bunch of general protesters who are out of control. Adrian
absolutely Anne-Marie
Total support. High time the govt stopped this nonsense Gail
yes the mandates are a total waste of time 100% support Noel
Open up now & let life go back to normal. Adern & her socialists need to be removed along with the greens. Warren
Authoritarianism Claire
This whole thing is crazy. Karen
While I agree with some of the sentiments expressed by some of the protestors I cannot in good conscience support the actions of the crowd currently gathered outside our parliament. They bleat about freedom but, by their own actions, deny local people the freedom to go about their business without being subjected to ongoing harassment and physical abuse. I am double vaccinated and intend to get at least one booster shot in the coming weeks. I wear a mask in public because it makes scientific sense to do so. As for vaccine mandates I believe that these are necessary in some areas. Compulsory vaccination has been common in the military for as long as vaccination has been a thing. I see no difference between the military and the police in this respect. Similarly with health workers and school teachers. I don’t want anti-vax nut jobs teaching in our schools and spreading their anti-vax lies among our children. Q. When was the last time you saw someone with polio? A. You haven’t because vaccines work. That is all. Kerry
Chetty has said and done it all. Our ignorant “scientists” and politicians should all be removed from their positions and replaced with proper scientists who really understand what is going on. The gov’t and the majority of opposition MP’s are all singing from the same song sheet and out of tune at that. Who can we trust? The protesters are more clued up about science than the so-called leaders of the nation. As stated they are there to serve the people not dictate to them. They are there to listen to those who elect them and listen to their concerns and thoughtfully consider them. That is definitely not happening. OUT with the majority if not ALL of them. Kevin
I am a double vaccinated Kiwi, but I have decided not to get a Booster. I do not support the Vaccine Mandates that have caused innocent New Zealander’s to loose their jobs, homes and ability to support their families. Vicki
At this stage YES. Eric
I support them absolutely and I salute them all and wish I could be with them all Dianna
There is no longer any logical requirement for them. Iain
Love, peace, harmony and FREEDOM Lauren
It only has to do with staying/keeping power. Mallard should be sacked long ago with his comments.Most probably he also has forgotten why his parents have fought the Fascists Peter
Mandates for a bug no worse than mild flu is madness. JERRY
Very sad that children cannot play sport, attend ballet, swimming, tennis lessons etc. I know a girl who has to do ballet in the car park as she is not allowed in. Totally wrong Jennifer
The politicians must actually do their job and listen to the people who elected them. Shaun
a left leaning government seeking total control by peddling fear throughout the population . Shades of North Korea Peter
Totally support the protests. Loss of freedoms has been ignored by MSM. Gavin
100% John
The mandates are doing irreparable damage to our society. Dave
This state of a ounce great country is a sad reflection on what polliticians have become here as they are now dictators. jonathan
It’s a complex issue but people still must have the right to decide for themselves, and not risk losing their jobs over! Hugh
This is a totalitarian govt. hellbent on destroying NZ society and enslaving the populace. I demand the right to choose my own healthcare. These vaccines are dangerous. The media are completely compromised. Rod
Even the CDC has admitted vaccinated people catch and spread Omicron and CDC data confirms that natural immunity is 2 to 4 times stronger than vaccination. The continued imposition of mandates is either due to incompetence or corruption. Either way they need to be removed. Craig
Freedom from the tyranny Paul
The mandate should be removed, it was never OK to do this to people, but there is no justification at all for it now. It is now all about control not health, and Ardern getting a “good report” at the UN for her future job opportunities at the trough. Roy
Yes its personal choice Frank
There is now no reason to have mandates. Neil
PM should have addressed the Protesters and listened to their concerns. DEREK
I am one of those protestors. Yes, they should have been gone long ago. They serve no purpose beyond division and control. Martin
As a Nation 94% vaccinated, more than any other country Worldwide, we have less freedoms. Our PM wants to continue fear. Through fear she controls. Elaine
This Government is socialist and therefore believes that might is right and the population at large should do as they are told without question. But modern life does not work like this anymore. If a situation for the elimination of this virus is by way of inoculation then the Government needs to sell it to the population. They must convince us that this is completely safe and is the absolute way to go. If they cannot sell their programme then they need to work out how the country is to cope with those who are inoculated and with those who are not without causing an economic disaster to so many people and the closure of so many business’s. So yes I support and have empathy for those genuine protestors who are standing up against a dictatorial mandate of this nature. GARRY
While I agree that the mandates should be removed, they have no right to impose their views on innocent residents and businesses that prevents them from going about their normal daily lives. Kerry
most definitely, your column is so good,i cant believe that our politicians have there heads so far up there backsides they cant see the truth, and what all this mandate is doing is instilling such fear in people,ardern needs to get over her own fear and go and talk to these protesters,though there are some radicals amongst them, most people have positive concerns about what’s happening i think even the police are standing beside them, and are handling the situation well,these mandates have to stop, and stop treating us like children,the more high profile people that can stand with this protest the better and sense may prevail rodger
Causing awful divisions in our country. Diana
The PM and her cronies have changed our country into a hermit country with their fear mongering and media blockage tactics. They have eliminated the peoples choice. Ursula
Absolutely, they are causing harm and preventing none Monica
Who are these muppets to make mandates. Their Government is contrived and only there by false pretences. Remove the head of the beast, or in other words get rid of this deceitful Labour Government. For mine if Luxon wants leadership he will have to up his act and start saying (and doing) what NZers want, not following their own BS agendas to appease a largely discredited UN. Terry
Listening to people talk about their experience with lock downs, MIQ. the DOH, vaccine mandates and this government, it would seem that there is a deliberate attempt to control the lives of the people and also use it as a smoke screen to implement policys that will negatively change the lives of people in this country. Rob
The arrogance and dismissal by Govt is astonishing for the PM to say she has more important functions to deal with such as the outbreak and then head off to Rotorua is unacceptable Alan
What will the government do once Covid has passed as a recompense to those people who have been forced out of their jobs because they refused vaccination? Is it likely that teachers and health professionals will want to return to their previous jobs and employers? Has there not developed a distrust of the government/civil services? Paloma
Cruel & unnecessary! Jennifer
Jacinda has to be removed jim
Harassment and bullying by the kind caring Jabcinda party Laurie
Parliamentarians are failing in their duty to listen to the people David
Such divisiveness caused by the mandates has affected every part of NZ society and must never be allowed to happen again. Jan
The present government politicians have driven more nails in their coffin I am pleased to say. I see an early election. Ken
Stop being dictators you arrogant polititians, no one gave you the right to muck around with our bodies! Craig
I strongly support the Protesters’ demand Barrie
Absolutely. This is about control nothing else. Addrianne
please STOP legitimizing them as were they ‘vaccines’. It’s a double jab of unknown toxins and shhence should be spelled with vaxxines with double ‘X’. Melahi
It’s their right to opt not to be vaccinated but it is not their right to infect others if they get Covid Diana
Mandates and ardern go Alan
Thank you for your column and referring to Dr Chetty. You have the courage to challenge the establishment and expose the foolishness of the Ardern government. Your words embolded others to do the same. Thank you. JD
These mandates should have been removed ages ago. Thousands have been injured by this jab. Keith
100 percent Robin
Freedom! Folkert
Absolutely gets my FULL support. Simon
The question is; how did we allow such an abuse of power to gain momentum and get to a point where the opposition has been infected with the same politics as the government and supports the totalitarian mandates against the voter. The reality is that if a real pandemic existed there would be no mass protest in Wellington! People would be lined up from Levin and Lower Hutt to get treatment. But this is not a medical pandemic it is a political pandemic and politicians have seized upon an opportunity to hold sway over the population rather than the humbleness of serving them. Some analysts believe that the ultimate actions against the political system will be like a pendulum that will swing violently and demolish all politicians in its path. As the country has descended into economic dysfunction and is being held together by government expenditure of a billion dollars a month to add to the ballooning $165 Billion Debt achieved by the leadership of a Marxist prime minister and a homosexual finance minister – the pendulum will need to swing soon to avoid a man-made depression. But what about the so-called variants of the unremarkable SARS (CoV)-2 virus? Well they are just as unremarkable!!! Both Delta and Omicron are actually Species not variants. Both were registered as viruses in 1976 with the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV – The official international body that registers viruses). From 1976 to 2020 there were 638 species of the Delta virus registered with the ICTV. The vast majority were full species with a few sub-categories. During this period none were declared an epidemic and no vaccines were, therefore, developed! Likewise, from 1976 to 2020 there were 17 species of the Omicron virus registered with the ICTV. The vast majority were full species with a few sub-categories. During this period none were declared an epidemic and no vaccines were, therefore, developed! So the practise of deceit is soundly driving a medicine based propaganda machine we have not seen in politics in Australia or New Zealand or most of the 110 democracies that make up the free world – ever before in the history of politics. The difference is that many of the 110 democracies that have national interest governments have managed to step-through the propaganda and get back to functional economies. However, Socialist governments like New Zealand and sections of Australia are driven by a totalitarian ideology that will continue to make abusive governance policy against the people. To those that are abusing us – make sure you get out of the way when the pendulum swingeth!!! Frederick
The government has forgotten who it serves. We are not state assets but sovereign beings, free men and women Jeanine
They need to listen to the people. Beverley
I believe in the right to choose, freedom of speech, the right to protest and government should be for the people and have limited powers over an individuals right. Maria
This mandate has impacted on young school age peoples educational advancement and sporting activities health. For example young drivers who have passed their learners and written tests, cannot finish their drivers test as a, result of the mandate. Children cannot partake in school sport team events. Peter
mandates are heartless and cold. Mandates are something a dictator with no empathy would be happy to use . John
I fully support the protesters. Glen
To continue to force the mandate and cause so much distress to so many for so little gain [if any gain can be said] one must surely ask the question WHY ? What is behind the drive to now vaccinate virtually every human being in this country? , and the little children? And why the need to “punish” , its a very funny way to show and act kind. Graeme
Yes I do support the protesters totally. They are the voice and actions of the majority many of whom cant be present to add to the numbers. What concerns me is the governments actions to close it down. It seems ok for Maori to occupy sites and protest historic land loss for many days and weeks but it not ok for the average person in this country to protest about more important issues such as democracy for all, the right to say what happens to their body and the right to work in their profession of choice. We in this country have never ever denied anyone the right to work if they weren’t fully immunized by many life threatening diseases including typhus, diphtheria, polio, TB, to name a few. What has happened to this country we have willingly allowed ourselves to be split down the middle! Kristene
Please remove mandates. Each subsequent booster shot destroys white blood cells. Remove mandates across all sectors now. Charlotte
But remember some mandates will always be necessary. I recall conscription to protect FREEDOM while those at home were conscripted to support the war effort Bill
The government has no mandate for imposing mandates. Cherry
Vaccines don’t work for Omnicron, we need herd immunity to happen now, to give us natural immunity against future variants Christina
That and MiQ or even home isolation for negative returnees or visitors is nonsensical. Don’t even start me on Rats. Or that thinking people won’t be PCR testing. Andrew
Yes, that’s partly why I was there. This govt is finished! The time for it to go is now! Apparently the loud music that the govt put is is used in psycological ” torture” routines. What skrt of arsehole would do that to the people they are supposed to serve? For me, the only suktable outcome here is their immediate resignation, then arrest and trial for war crimes. Make no mistake, we are in a war! For our very survival! Neil
I believe Jaccinda Arderns’ government policies have been the most dangerous in New Zeland’s history. Especially the assumption of Authoritarian State powers over individual rights. What can be more of an individual right than deciding what is injected in your own body. Craig
Wrong way to protest John
The government’s position was always about controlling people – not out of a concern for pubic health. Ardhern has milked it for all she is worth (just like the Christchurch shooting) to hang on to power. She is pure evil. She and her bozzo ministers have to go. All power and thanks to the protesters, both here and overseas. Warwick
All legislation forced through under urgency during Aderns leadership must be reversed. The NZ Bill ofor Rights must be strengthened to forever protect New Zealanders from TYRANY such as we are now experiencing under this evil woman’s leadership EVER AGAIN. This entire parliament and accompanying bureaucracy must be turfed out. Same for city councils. Sharen
100% agree. No more mandates!!! Charmaine
No mandates No passes This was a free country a few years ago. Have people forgotten already! Dave
Now that close to 90% of our population has been vaccinated for COVID-19, mandates for boosters can be lifted. However, those not vaccinated for Covid who become infected with COVID-19 should pay all hospital costs should they require treatment to recover. The unvaccinated can have their choice and accept their own responsibility. Jim
Not to do so would be to negate one’s connection with one’s soul. Mari
Repeal the Covid Response Bill. Then we need massive constitutional reform. gina
time to adhere to medicinal science and ignore political science dennis
My husband and I lost our jobs. My husband worked 35 years for kiwirail and was terminated for no jab. Sharlene
Or PM is delusional ALAN
I cannot believe that politicians are enforcing edicts which are so unintelligent. Or are they being fed by a more sinister programme? UNINTELLIGENT OR CONTROLLED we are being led down a very dangerous path. Elizabeth
Our Government is against us. They may consider they support an idea, but they are against us ordinary people. Bruce
Medical mandates have absolutely no place in a free society, whatever the supposed justification. Andrew
“We will govern for all New Zealanders.” “Be kind”. These are quotes from the worst – by far – Prime Minister New Zealand has been lumbered with. Those seeking the end to mandates have justice and common sense on their side. Philip
Most definitely more Power to these people! As for Mallards appalling behaviour, we should start a fund raiser in order to employ a Humans rights lawyer to take him to task for what he did. Gwenda
Empathize but don’t support wally
100%!!!! Lloyd
Absolutely. Mandates need to go and we need to open up the country and let this thing runs its natural course. The pressure on the government is going to grow with few ending up in hospital or ICU. It will get embarrassing. Robert
It’s been obvious since the start if anyone looked at data out of Italy. Looking after vulnerable people counted. Was told by a friend a few days ago that “Omicron was very dangerous”! I don’t have a TV.. James
totally support……. mary
Absolutely- they have their rights and there is no clinical evidence that Omicron causes severe illness Nick
The cruel MIQ system and mandates must go now! Jason
People have a right to protest, but not like this. They are abusing and intimidating people, destroying property, trespassing and a whole host of other transgressions. It’s not on.  Lyn
Too many businesses are lost due to these mandates if two jabs are not enough what is wrong !! I have had 8 weeks of chronic tiredness from the first Jab, 2nd Jab 4 nights of perspiration wet through enough to change night ware. Now we are required to have a booster !!!!!!. Ross
No more discrimination for a virus with over a 99% survival rate. The government is ruining our beautiful country. Emma
She’s just doing what ever her other boyfriend Justin in Canada does,or maybe it’s the other way round.They are both communists along with that dotty old fart in the USA. morea
The healthy unvaxed are not infectious. There is no need to fear the Unvaccinated. They have a negative Covid test result. Both Vaxed and Unvaxed may contract the disease. True Vaccinations work and prevent contracting disease; Yet the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ does not prevent Covid disease. Heather
I agree omicron is less dangerous but the reversal of policies should not be as a result of unlawful behaviour Geoff
Anarchists. Colin
Absolutely. We have attended 5 pop-up peaceful silent protests on the Highway, in 2 locations getting amazing responses of tooting from [guessing it feels like] every 3rd vehicle. There is a sense of unity, togetherness, fun, excitement, we are One NZ, from all walks of life, many colours of arms waving, many colours and conditions of cars and trucks, new and old, tooting. It is encouraging to see their enthusiasm. Instead of dividing us, it has actually brought New Zealanders much closer together. We all feel supported, and many are helping those in need. especially since some have suffered the loss of their job. We are proud of those brave souls in Wellington. Their staying power is phenomenal. The fringe element is not representative of the majority there who are requesting the unvaxed be free to work, the people to have their right to choose no vaccination back without being punished with laws of exclusion from cafes, restaurants, gyms and hairdressers. It’s pretty simple. We will put another vote on here because we are Husband and wife, so 2 of us. Brian
Yes omicron is different. The response has to reflect that Linda
Not only do I support our right to remove vaccine mandates I also support the removal of the system of government we now have and all of the corrupt vermin administering it. Mike
The National party and the Act party will never get my vote again. They are a disgrace and so out-of-touch with the people of NZ. They are a woke joke. Lorna
Freedom of choice is paramount. John
Jacinda and Co don’t give a shit about NewZealanders Marc
Mandates should never have been in place. Chris
Vaccination is not compulsory. Those idiots at the protest want the right to go about infecting others. The stupidity of people who don’t take this virus seriously is unbelievable as are those who support the arrogant lawbreaking protesters. Come back to Earth you fools. K
The big pity with the protest, is that the professional protesters of many hues have taken over from those who are more moderate, but genuine Ted
Whole heartedly agree that all mandates should be removed forthwith. Pam
Brave folk from all walks of life whom I support. THE SPEAKER must Go and so must the PM and her team. Ian
It is now, clearly, the correct thing to do bruce
Ley them catch covid – no hospitalization no public health services. Hopefully they die AND NZ’s IQ sky-rockets. Ian
Get rid of this divisive government! Michael
sure do graeme
the mandate is driving good people out of the workforce dave
My good thoughts to ALL of the protesters who are bravely doing what is correct for all of us. A BIG thank you. HOPEFULLY this will prompt Commo J to resign for the betterment of NEW ZEALAND and our people. THANK YOU to all.  Brian
Parliament is no longer a House of Representatives. They are a law unto themselves. The protesters are all tax-paying citizens of NZ who have a legal right to be where they are and to be heard by the politicians. It is absolutely disgraceful and disrespectful of its citizens that the Prime Minister and all her cohorts are so dismissive of such a large group of New Zealanders who are obviously very unhappy with the situation as it is regarding these mandates. High time the politicians came off their ‘high horse’ and showed the country that they actually represent us – which they are absolutely NOT doing. They are hypocritical, they lie to us as the experimental injection they call a vaccine is injuring men, women and children and they ignore it. They are out of control, consumed with power and very corrupted. I have totally lost any faith in their ability to govern with wisdom and with regard to the benefit of New Zealanders. NZ is being taken down the road of totalitarianism – to its detriment. God help us, God defend NZ! Joanna
As stated Omicron is basically a COLD and possibly signifies the END of Covid 19. So why on Gods Earth would you need a ‘Booster Shot which does absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting Omicron. Let go of this insane Jabdate Agenda. Geoff
The mandates are just the latest example of totalitarian control of our country via globalists. The opposition is just as guilty as the government in not putting the people’s interests before their own fear. Gillian
There is no need for further vaccinations and mandates. We can lieve our lives with Omicron as well. Nina
If vaccines are mandated people should be offered a choice. Novavax – a different type of vaccine has been approved but is not yet available. Long term affects of the MRNA vaccines are not known Colleen
The protestors should be classed as a super spreader event … no masks, no social distancing and, horrors, they are hugging each other. Everyone is watching. grant
Dropping mandates only came to make sense once Omicron became dominant, it does not mean that New Zealand’s overall response up to and including Delta was wrong, although many serious errors were made. Secondly, I don’t view the protests in Wellington as a single focus. There are broad range of factions from far left to alt right all enjoying airtime and the bravery of being in a crowd. Brian
It became ludicrous when we achieved 90% vaccinated. Lionel
Inhumain against our common law the Magna carta 1215 laws for humanity and our Bill of rights, Politicans involved should face prosecution. Neal Sean
The Stable Door was left open and the ‘horse” bolted!!! And Clancy can’t help this time! Michael
I have had the vac, my choice. People should have their own choice to be vaced. ingrid
I’m disgusted with Mallard and co’s way of dealing with the protesters. Tim
Just the beginning Bridget
I do support them, however I would have liked them to be vaxed. Andrew
we believe,test results are clear, there is no big problem gerard
They are on the right side of History. Tyrannical govts eventually fall. Murray
Yes, also the Covid 19 laws that have been passed by this Marxist government, the lockdowns,and the mask wearing. I support everything thei the protesters are asking for. I am disgusted with our pathetic MPs, ditch the lot of them from all parties and let’s start again with a new system and with leaders who know they are accountable not only to the people of NZ ,but also to God. As the Bible says, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Rosemary
hell yes,only an idiot [ or a labour politician would say no !! norman
I didnt agree with the mandates before and now with Omicron I disagree even more strongly Vicki
Its time this mad cow was revealed for the liar and autocrat she reslly is. Come on New Zealand let’s get rid of her asap. Mike
And also the Vaccine Passes. Lucina
Yes I absolutely do support the protesters, this arrogant and incompetent government need to back the hell up and give us back our freedoms immediately Jeffrey
Mandates have reduced the transmission of the disease. There is no dpubt about it. However, everything should be allowed to go back to normal when the pandemic is over. Dennis
This Govt has become arrogant and dangerous. Graham
They are dividing NZ and serve no medical purpose Daniel
Absolutely! Kingsley
we need to get rid of this government full stop Joan
I support the orderly gathering of protesters in Wellington who are demanding this and other things. Unfortunately I dont have the fortitude to stop working and be there myself. Leo
The vaccine protects from the worst effects of the virus reducing the burden on our limited hospital capacity. Joy
Give all the skilled NZ people their jobs back! Lily
Go the protestors! Phil
The vaccine reduces the burden on our hospitals. Like any vaccine, it does not stop one being infected. Nick
No masks, no mandates, no vax passports. John 
Arden deserves what she and her divisive government has caused. I feel sorry for the front line police officers and people affected by this protest. MP Photo and police commissioner should both resign and the government dissolved Darryl
Mandates should never have been put in place . They are a gross overreach of arrangance,, control & power. Sara
realizing that this corrupt govt will force vaccinations by stopping people traveling, meeting in groups and causing mass job lose and business to close for good I had my two jabs but when I had my booster the side effects scared the shite out of me so I will NEVER get another booster, so I’m all for the protesters to stop this mandate set up by our highly corrupt commy govt and dictator and I dont trust the new leader of national being any different as ACT is the only decent party to have the manners to talk to the protesters and if the police get really involved to move them we may as well have Vlad Putin as leader, anybody remember the Wharvy strike in Wellington in the 50’s which caused the police to shift members because they were hated so much by using battens and tramping people with their horses causing a lot of serious injury’s, if that happened again there will be civil war in this country. Richard
My complete and utter support of peaceful protest. Shane
I admire the protesters and their disdain o f Labours inept handling of the pandemic .How surprising these Labour idiots are mishandling everything they have any association with . And Mallard what a complete wanker ,Im suprised he hasnt accused the protesters of rape which is his usual level of incompetence’ . We taxpayers are still paying for his last foray into his lack of intelligence .Seriously where do Labour find these morons ?????? Ray
I support them with their right to protest. I do not support them for their illegal actions stopping the citizens going about their legal activities. They are hypocrites by fighting for their rights but denying others their rights Robert
Vax mandates don’t make any sense at all. Martin
and get rid of Adern and her cronies jenn
Until we know whether the more potent Covid 19 virus has run its course I believe we should all have the course of injections, but I do think this Labour mob has gone over the top and Nanny Jacinda has loved being the centre of attention ramming her views on the population and being the centre of attention. The sooner the general population realizes her real and dangerous agenda the better, but for man, once a labour voter always a labour voter, just like in the USA Alan
I am fully vaccinated but agree that mandates such as this are totally unacceptable in a democratic nation. Remember that our treacherous prime minister said there would not be any mandates. With their further race based agendas still to come we have to rid ourselves of this leftist mob and get back to democracy. If you compare us to USA and Canada we three are all in the same future of disasters. Jacinda is going to Harvard to lecture — no doubt her topics will include leftist material, indigenous matters and climate change. We need to rid ourselves of these tyrants now. Why people cannot see through this outfit is beyond me but it does appear that Australia and Republicans in the USA have caught up with Jacinda and her agendas. Alan
Govenor General needs to dissolve Parliament as the Constituation Act 1986 allows Ruth
Have supported the protesters right from the start Carolyn
Absolutely we have all now had the opportunity to vaccinated now we must get back to living our lives. Louise
my wife started studying homoeopathy over 40 yrs ago. saw then the the well hidden world graphs & stats no MD sees in their studies that blow vaccines out of the water. after 20 yrs working with autistic kids been sacked by min ed. because to endorse this experiment by pfizer is an international crime. easier to just shout tin hatter or conspiracy theorist than discover & live with the truth of a magnificent fraud. ardern moved fast to deny us IVM HCQ, get NAC off the shelves discredit vit C, D, zinc… because peoples health is nowhere on the agenda. welcome to communism comrade mark
heading to Wellington! Sally
They are nasty, punitive and totally unnecessary. The need to go asap. Jacqui
Freedom of choice is paramount. Nobody has the right to coerce or manipulate another person to put something in their body they don’t want. To restrict those people from working and participating in life is disgusting. On another point the news that is coming out about what is in these jabs should make us all say NO right now Vivienne
The Government led by marxist Ardern, claim that this still under trial “vaccine” stops the virus. Overr 18 months ago in response to a Freedom of Information enquiry, the Ministry of health admitted that those person who had been “vaccinate” could still contract the disease and still be carriers of the same. The point of the experimental medicine is therefore for what purpose. Miss Ardern supported by the politicised Dr Bloonfield, originally stated that masks were a waste of time (also supported by the WHO in this claim). Comrade Ardern also stated that those persons who wished to opt out of receiving this experimental drug would not be penalised. 18 months and six months later the opposite to the pronouncement are instituted and the population forced to wear masks and subjected to personal retsrictions designed to encourage the universal administration of the experimenal “vaccine”. Further the same cabal (involving all political parties it must be admitted) support lockdowns despite Learned US Instutes stating that sduch action is complertely useless in the stopping of COVID-19. The Government Cabal also seem unable or unwilling to recognise that they are paid for by and are the servants of the people – NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.They claim they are driven by science, but it is quite apparent they do not understand the scientific method and are driven by dogma. The same is apparent when dealing with Climate Change. Sure there is Global Warming and Climate change as there has been for million of years. The Government, in particular Mr Shaw, has yet to produce any empirical evidence that supports the claims that they have to ability to turn climate change off by stopping the emission of CO2. It should be noted that greatest warming influence is water vapour (over70% ) and that only 3 3% of CO2 is from anthropogenic causes. His only claim seems to be the IPCC which bases its claims on grossly inaccurate models and distorted data and lies. It is noted that CO2 is a life-giving force and its removal from the atmosphere would spell the death knell of life on Earth. The actions being imposed through legislation completely abrogate the Freedom of Rights Act (the ability of an individual to refuse to be the recipient of any medicine or the right not to be ostracised provided under the Human Rights Act. Do I support the protestors in their endeavours and demands – YES! Michael
People Power.. Peter
Ridiculous and damaging Debbie
Absolutely criminal & cannot be supported on any basis Every time people receive boosters they lower their immune system further & are experiencing more & more side effects & injuries as will be born out by the reported incidents being collated by Lynda Wharton Naturopath who has a tent sent up in Parliament grounds to continue adding to the database as people report their reactions to her A job the MOH or its officers should have been doing all along with experimental therapies The CARM system is not user friendly either & which busy GP has time to do it either so it’s left to victims to self report It’s disgusting how the NZ People have been used as Guinea pigs with the drug supplier exempt & immune from prosecution while making Billions of dollars when cheap effect treatments were banned in this country because they were off patent Maureen
The Government has severely misjudged and insulted the people of New Zealand. They should resign without delay. They have shown themselves to be in thrall to the WEF, not to the nation or its people. Julia
These people need all the support they can get to stand up against a immoral , unethical regime which has no intentions whatsoever to work for the common good of New Zealanders. They ( the regime) receive orders from the UN and follow the guidelines of the Great Reset. This agenda’s plan is nothing else but the utter destruction of everything we hold dear : our religion, our nation , our cultural identity, our language, our beliefs, our children’s well being. Nothing is sacred to the likes of Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates and their ilk. They want unfettered power and destroy us all. Michael
Just the VACCINE mandate. I’m not other clowns Les
Fully vaccinated. My choice Jeremy
The Liebour Govt is continuing to be very stubborn & incredibly arrogant in wanting to force, coerce & bully Kiwis into taking the booster jabs using Omicron (anagram = Moronic!). The PM has missed her window of opportunity to meet with the Peaceful Protesters at “Camp Freedom” so her only option now is to RESIGN or jump before she is pushed by her Caucus, or be arrested for Crimes Against Kiwis by the Nuremberg 2.0…exit stage right please Ardern! Bruza
Vaccines neither prevent infection or transmission and have not been shown to be safe. John
Kiwis don’t know their history unfortunately. Socialism would be a kind of hell here. Stuart
Once it is understood that vaccination does help hospitalisation but that vaccinated people can still be infectious why keep all those desperately needed people from working. Bryan
100% support them Prue
Ues it’s time to move on and stop hoise confinement and masks. It’s a flu. Next get rid of this government, most destructive in our history. Steve
I’m never supported the mandates. They are just so wrong. Bronwyn
We do not yet live in a dictatorship, but it sure feels like we do. Mel
And vote no confidence in the PM at the same time Maurice
Mallard and his Labour Louts have been and still are the very worse Government that this country or any other country could and would have. They have no conceivable idea as to how the World is run, or the very meaning of the word ‘RUN”. Roy
Absolutely do. LYN
Disruption of this kind needs to be eliminated. Its another way that Trump was running the US> Look what’s happening now. gordon
Your article above has tipped me off the fence. If mandates don’t go now, then when? Graham
Apart from anything else, our present prime minister has been totally dishonest in choosing to launch radical law changes after the election, with not a word or even faint suggestion of her undemocratic plan before the election. Rob
I am pleased to see that at last some people are realising what is going on in this country. From this antidemocratic government and are are prepared to show their concern. And as for the actions of the speaker of the house, he doesn’t deserve to be a peoples representative. Laraine
Absolutely! The mandates should have been removed before now along with Wiles and Baker who, with their outdated views, are well past their use by date. Time for them to be moved on and out with these mandates which are still inflicted on the public so Adern can keep control. The tide of public opinion is fast turning. Heather
There are over 100,000 severe vaccine reactions in ACC now and over 400 deaths directly from the vaccine. It is time to stop the use of this bioweapon. Larry
And 3 waters mandating 4 tribes ownership George
While I don’t agree with the mandates I think the protest has done what they wanted now they are getting ugly. They do not speak for me neither does Jacinda Ardern, I like to do my own thinking and my own decisions Barbara
The current situation of fear in the population, is a perfect orchestration of indoctrination by a cunning Globalist Agenda parliament involving all Parties currently residing there. Those of us, who are prepared to research & question the situation, agree 100% with Muriel & Dr Peter Smith. My suspicions were alerted when effective treatments such as Ivermectin & hydroxychloraquin were removed from availability, after being safely administered to humans for more than four decades. then there was a report I received from a Kenyan associate, that proved the injection {not a vaccine} gave protection for no more than THREE months. Finally 18months later, New Zealanders are being forced to ‘Booster shot’ every three months. And now, thousands of indoctrinated people, are getting their innocent children, who have no say in the matter, jabbed with this experimental drug, when we are years away from knowing if there is any side effects. The numbers realising they have been lied to, is growing. Consequently we have a protest on a scale, never before seen in this country, taking place in Wellington, & indeed, in many towns & cities throughout N.Z. If we lose this battle, we lose totally the democracy that our forefathers fought & died for.. A.G.R.
Mandates are absolute nonsense David
Should never have been any Mandates for this so-called vaccine! Goes against our basic Human Right to have a Medical choice, also states this in our NZ Bill of Rights! Valerie
Horsecinda is WRONG about everything. Coral
I find it totally incomprehensible how the government can impose mandates for a virus which has no more deadly consequences than the annual flu virus. Are we to have mandates in the future for every new flu virus which turns up? The mandates are ruining the economic, health and wellbeing of our country and are an absolute disgrace. Ronnie
They are a violation of human rights and freedom. Mel
I absolutely support the protesters rights to be on parliaments lawn and their demand to remove the vaccine mandates. I would be there as well if I could, supporting those who are already there Trevor
Totally agree with Dr Chetty Anna
The mandates were a very blunt instrument & did not work effectively. A better form of containment would have been to restrict people movement from one region to another. It’s people who spread the virus. People travelling into NZ brought it in the first place. So limiting movement would have slowed & reduced the spread of the virus. The Govt and Police have lost the plot. Graeme
Only dictatorial government forces their citizens to have compulsory medical treatment. Experimental at that, no I am not a conspiracy theorist Boris
Its not about our health but about control and money in Jackboots pocket. steph 
Loony your job- no entry to so many and spaces and a between fence to stop socializing with friends and family. I support vaccination however , my choice .This is about been Mandated to do so by a Government-That crosses see the line of being acceptable. Philip
Why are they not all sick and in hospital The Govt is using scare tactics Arthur
The degree of deceit by the govt in this regard is unbelievable! Janet
A Comment from another web site: “If you believe the vaccines protect you then you will have been vaccinated. If the vaccine works it will protect you. If it doesn’t then it doesn’t matter whether or not anyone has been vaccinated.” Olive
my body my choice anne
Yes, remove the mandates on vaccination, but enforce mask wearing to reduce the rate of spread. Alan
Ardern should be removed at the same time; she has proved herself unworthy to be our PM. Terry
There is absolutely no need for mandates except that this Govt has another agenda which is the World Economic Forum which is a form of communism Neil
The central committee of the party, cabinet, knows only how to issue diktats that include requiring businesses and others to be the goons and stooges of the Stasi. john
Absolutely!!! Nicola
Freedom of choice must never be blocked. Mike
Jacinda and her lying cronies couldn’t run a corner dairy let alone a country. mike
Seen them all before – Vietnam War, Springbok Tour etc. Bunch of inbreds and hayseeds. David
Absolutely!!!!!! Victor
100% support these amazing NZ’ers Liz
Definitely even though I am double vaccinated and have had a booster shot John
Mandates are no longer required and should be removed as they are totally undemocratic Stanley
We have lost 3 family members from Pfizer and other family members with serious side affects. our whole family would be there if they could. shireen
lets thank and support these people who have had the courage to stand for us all. Henry
This is about ALL mandates, vacine mandates are just a sideline and one the $55M team of MSM are pushing. If I was younger I would be there for sure Tom
science…..not fear Jacinda mark
We now have a highly vaccinated population.It is time to end mandates and relieve the country of most of the restrictions. Gary
Sooner the better. Evans
Not needed now! Mike
Absolutely .All rights must return to every human as they choose. Ann
A good example of Marxist control and how they do it. Look at the taxpayer paid organisations who supported Aderns controls, mainly the government controlled media, a good reason for the next government to get rid of them. Successive left wing governments use them for propaganda purposes and the Nats are too weak to confront. Labor used them this time to support their erroneous Covid theory. Rex
The mandates are quite unnecessary now. Hilm
I am fully vaxed but I will not be getting a booster, notwithstanding I am 79yrs old ,healthy, and no underlying conditions. Robyn
If I could I would thank each protester individually for standing up to the govt that has divided our countryman and for fighting for our rights. Karen
Stop the government hiding under the cloak of covid to take away our rights, assets and freedom. 1 Country, 1 people dave
Mandates are hurting NZ and not curing anything Robbie
Remove mandates and reinstate workers who have lost their jobs because of no jab. stephen
No, No, No. We have had enough of the arrogance of Ardern and her bunch of inept politicians. They have ignored the fact that they are there to serve the electorate. Instead we have a dictatorship. One way or another she and they have to go and soon. David
There are no good reasons for mandating an experimental medical treatment and forcing it onto a whole population, including about half a million who dont want it, not ever. Especially since the vaccine does not stop infection and does not stop spreading the virus. Authoritarianism is the start of fascism. Johan
I approach this from the vaccination point of view. If vax had been compulsory in the first place the damage caused by these protesters may not have happened. I am no supporter of Ardern or anything she does as most of her action is for self glorification and destroying democracy. Vaccines save lives, though the covid one is not as good as most due to the hasty release. I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s and well remember the polio outbreak. Schools were closed and children I knew were paralysed and crippled for life. Then a vax was produced. We all took it, naturally, without huge expensive advertising, there was no TV, and without a huge fuss just the same as new born’s are inoculated against mumps measles etc today. Yes Kiwis have the right to protest but these protesters are breaking the law, damaging public property, grid locking a city, costing unnecessary repair bills to councils and government, destroying business, and probably spreading omicron. The covid has changed its effects and no one expected the change from delta so of course the vax seems less necessary now than it did, but we were already well vaccinated by the time omicron arrived so it is pointless saying we didn’t need to be vaxxed originally. Get rid of the protesters and let’s get the country back to some sanity and concentrate on getting rid of this Socialist Government. Chris.
Yes, absolutely It’s ridiculous and now a form of political control with nothing to do with health Carolyn
Absolutely. Margaret
Absolutely Politicians must all show absolute proof that they have been jabbed three times, if not then compulsory jabbed. Tony
NZ needs a royal commission. Mark
Can’t people see what this govt mandate is ,apathied,race based policies, communism,state control of everything and national politicians are blind,no backbone for freedom,I can’t vote for them anymore,principals have gone,just there for the pay packet Maurice
Life insurance providers in the U.S are saying that they have a 1 in 200 year upsurge in deaths. They believe the vaccines are to blame Chris
Yes if it is true that omicron is not the beast they make it out to be,,,, let’s get on with life Clive
Overdue, should never have started Mandates. William
It is our right to choose. No one should have the right to tell us what we can do with our bodies. The government has overstepped its role. Janet
Did u know they blanked out tv road cameras on the routes that Convoy 2022 went so u can’t see no.s/supporters. Did u know that the protestors have sent a letter a week ago from all of them (different organisations represented there) to all MP’s & J.A. Saying what they want & agreed on. Not heard back from any! Did u know David Semore didn’t go to the protest & get booed down as he was a politician. They now have a top mediator Helping them get some results! Great article thank you so much. Averil 
I’m afraid I do although I’m vaccinated plus booster it seems this government is hell bent on bankrupting the country they haven’t achieved one thing they promised to do nothing but a bunch of lies and completely incompetent Peter
They are inconsiderate so and so’s Graeme
Covid state of emergency needs to be removed first and foremost. Rules and legislation tied to Covid need to be abolished Shannon
I certainly DO NOT support these arrogant unruly arseholes that are camped at Parliament Jim
This Government is on a power trip. It has the need for socialistic control over peoples’ freedoms. It would be a downright disaster if these people were put back as the ruling class. We just have to wait and see if we are offered a competent group of politician’s that are able to coalesce into a proper democratic force for and on behalf of all the good people of New Zealand. There is no place for such mandates in our country. Especially those that cause so much economic and social damage. Garry
Let’s hope that 3 Rivers will vanish and District Health Boards will be left alone .The madness must stop. Alan
absolutely support the protesters .It is the individuals choice on vaccination decision Phil
A Bad call by Ardern has caused more harm to the already economic mayhem That is inflicting mental anguish and cost of living pain John
No to mandates, no to vaccine passports, no to racial division, no to children being given the vaccine, no to Jacinda Ardern and her scary Govt, including Mallard. what an embarrassment they are. Thank you Mr Coutts for standing up for our freedom and democratic process. We support you 100% Sam
No longer relevant Jane
Let the business owners in conjuntion with existing staff make the decision. David
I agree with them but do not agree with the way they are executing the protest. I do not agree with having children amongst the protestors. Graham
Personal experience – Got the first 2 jabs in August ’21, no issues. Got the ‘Booster’ Late January. Got the jab at 4pm, had no indications prior of any illness. By 6pm had absolutely debilitating headache, loss of balance and nausea, started running a fever. During the night was ‘cold’ even though the overnight temperature was in the 20’s. By morning still running a fever, balance was poor and still had a severe headache. Symptoms reduced during the day, fever abated and balance improved although felt very tired. Even now a month after the ‘booster’ still experiencing recurring headaches and fatigue. Coincidence ? Talking to others I’m not the only one to experience these symptoms. Ted
Losing your job is one thing, but the Govt adding mandates is totally unacceptable. RICHard
Big Brother is on the move again. Brian
I support the protesters fully. Ann
Yes and no though Mike
This is the last resort because parliament and the Ardern led government wont listen. It’s very fortifying to see good Kiwis supporting one another. Janet
There are other options, such as using RATs, to deal with employment and access issues. I am ashamed to be part of a community that ostracises citizens who choose not to be coerced into conformity. Jenny
mandates should not have been used in the first place but our govt. has shown a reluctance/resistance to adopting RATs testing,Its no longer about illness but rather power and control john
I absolutely support the protests. Anyone not seeing what’s happening as a genuine threat to our civil rights is either suffering mass psychosis or irreversible stupidity. Brent
Although I am vaccinated by choice I am horrified by the mandate enforcements. You are right Muriel, this government is arrogant and have their own agenda to push but they may just find this is one too many pushes! Marilyn
110% We don’t need to differentiate between vax and non-vax and our children NEED NATURAL IMMUNITY that will benefit them a life time not temporary jab that is showing to destroy their the immune system for life. rita
Absolutely. Thank you Muriel for your post. [and Rodney Hide for his letter to David Seymour]. I and my partner are not jabbed, cannot in any way access normal life .. except walking and retail shops, and a few Take-away only “cafes”. We have NZ Super and our own home. But we are lucky. My son and his partner are double jabbed. most reluctantly, because there is virtually no employment which does not require the vaccine pass – and they have a mortgage and no other way to earn a living. I have been into Wellington 3 times [and we waved the convoy on the initial day]. My son/partner have been in twice. There are a great many issues being raised there, some – I am very opposed to. But all are united against the Mandates. The engineered pandemic of extreme fear has led to the jabbed and masked avoiding very many of the venues available to them. Although masked and “safe” many avoid being anywhere way near a person without a mask. We un-jabbed are friendly, smile, are happy to talk freely with all even though the jabbed may pass on the virus to us. We are relying on our immune system which has kept us going for countless millennia . Only a few, though these are regrettable, are unpleasant to the masked and opiniated others however nasty they are, have been to us. We are eager to support businesses who have struggled [but avoid as many as possible who have put in their own mandates ahead of time]. The problem is: how does this shockingly un-democratic Government get us back into a once decent, society again. All the MSM “journalists” published letter writers, most Doctors, Scientists, politicians [all in Parliament] have put themselves on the line is support of fake modelling. fake science; have spent billions of our dollars on advertisements, Pfizer, masks, cleaning fluids , PEP gear etc. etc.. I would welcome any ideas. I am a retired GP/Anesthetist and have been completely against the response since April 2020. Rochelle
I am double vaxed under duress – for fear of losing my job and also restrictions of not being able to visit and see people I love. Never thought I would see the day in this country. Support protesters 100%. Judith
Continued mandates simply defy logic. But then that is what we have come to expect from labour and it’s allies. Geoff
Immediately Erika
Without a doubt! Liz
Vaccine mandates are an intolerable interference with the rights of the individual and contrary to the Bill of Rights Act Wah
Bring back the Bill of Rights! Mark
The mandates are all about this PM and her Governments control of the population, they are not interested in the safety of the people, I just hope more folk wake up to this and remember… Carol
A power crazy nobody systematically wrecking our nation with a cabal of incompetent dictators Doug
Mandates have no logical use. Craig
End the mandates! If I could be in Wellington standing side with these protestors, I would be. Jacinta they represent the people and should not be dismissed. You have shown little respect or responsibility to this situation! He tangata he tangata he tangata. As the leader of our homelands I am embarrassed and disgusted by your leadership!! Rozana
they think only themselves not the health safety & business losses of the community at large & are in a huge & unfortunately vocal minority Ken
The mandates are not in place to save lives by controlling the spread of Covid. The mandates are in place to control the population, promote fear and implement alternative agendas unchallenged. The protests are in response to more than the mandates. There are so many areas of dispute that it is difficult for the demonstrators themselves to elect a leadership group to represent all of them. It is a true indicator of just how much is wrong with the current government! A vote of no confidence is surely imminent. Martin
More and more members of the scientific community are now beginning to be listened to. I have no confidence in the current government and its self-professed experts to accept alternative views. Roger
Freedom of choice Rex
should never mandate a medical procedure wendy
Clearly the immunity benefits conferred by Omicron far outweigh any supposed immunity benefits of the Phizer vaccine for normal healthy individuals except the elderly and infirm. This experimental vaccine should certainly not be given to children and perhaps people of breeding age who might pass on genetic damage to their progeny. As for the swamp dwellers listening to their constituents, remember half of them don’t rely on constituents but are party appointees who currying party favours are there for life. Alan
There is no medical reason to support the mandates. Why is Jacinda hiding from this issue? Why won’t Jacinda Ardern have dialogue with these protesters ? Perhaps Klaus Schwab knows something about this.? It would seem our fake prime minister is representing the interests of her special WEF friends to New Zealanders rather than representing the interests of New Zealanders equally to all New Zealanders and the rest of the world. Jacinda Ardern what happened to governing for all New Zealanders Yep Yep !!! Donald
I am double vaxed and boosted but, that was my choice and in the main to enable retention of my employment and the ability to enjoy things in life, that are out right not a privilege to be taken away by this govt, to coerce compliance. I believe that people should have the right to choose, what is put into their body, one of the cornerstones of a democracy, like free speech, freedom of association and equality. James
We did what Adern demanded and got vaccinated- 95% of eligible people- that should be be enough to lift mandates Ihaia
Vaccine passes should go as well and ALL TESTING STOPPED. Daily “positive cases” are just propaganda and fear mongering Neels
I totally support the protesters, we have had enough, tired of all this fear mongering, and worn out Denise
Yes absolutely I support the protest Linds
The mandates were introduced when Delta was running around mostly the North Island. It is the Law, and we should all obey the law. How many of these protesters voted for Labour at the last election? NZ is getting exactly what it voted for, so suck it up and enjoy it until the next election, when the next package of Tax and pension fiddling will arrive. Until then — obey the law. Ray
It is time for common sense to prevail. I admire the protestors for having the courage of their convictions Denise
Freedom of choice not coercion is the way to go. Elaine
it is time. Doug
Arrogant, racist, incompetent government dividing our beautiful Country. Alan
With some highly relevant information coming from NZCPR I am fully convinced that mandates must be removed. paul
The sooner the better !!!! Yvonne
Parliament might have stuffed things up a little however they are the countries voice by public election.The protestors appear to be a mixed bag.Some with genuine concerns but a lot with a genders that have no bearing on MANDATE. john
Anyone with a single independent brain cell has researched the facts of the “great covid con” and knows this is abject nonsense. We have lost our rights and freedoms over a flu. Govts have turned citizens against each other through propoganda and misinformation to make big pharma rich and protect a minority of the population. Tony
Mandates would not be needed if RAT’s were available to everybody. Then the whole country could get back to something resembling normality. Jude
Mandates are just another move by Ardern to her control freak mentality and further move New Zealand towards her He PuaPua template aka 1984. Chris
Remove the mandates and restore human rights in our once great country. (Double vaxxed, pro choice) Carol
100 % agree Eddie
Very well explained Christina
the MANDATE was introduced to SAVE LIVES Robert
My wife and I moved here 15 years ago, as we wanted to live in a free and democratic society. Now we feel we are living in a nightmare. One of us has been forced to take the vaccine, as otherwise it would have been end of 25yr career and loss of house etc. The lies this government and the PM in particular have told beggars belief. Not just little lies but HUGE bare-faced whoppers. Then the fact that the PM even refuses to talk to legitimate protesters who have very real and legitimate concerns. She looks down on them as if they are scum. Yes I support the protestors, because lets face it, they are all we have. They are our only chance at getting something put right here. The MSM have been bought and paid for, and that is actually matter of record pretty much. People have been brainwashed into believing the PM’s lies, and to the point of being ‘okay’ watching others be forcibly vaccinated for ‘the common good of the nation’. That statement to me is just as bad as what the Nazis did in 1936. ‘For the good of the nation’ the rounded up and executed the Jewish community, and people, most of them, just went along with it. People here have been made sick, and some have died, how many we may never know. The mantra however, was ‘the vaccine is safe’ and ‘do the right thing’. Absolutely no mention now of having a choice. If this isn’t the actions of a lying, despicable narcissistic tyrant, then I surely do not know what is. New Zealand has been absolutely ruined, friends, families torn apart by this evil woman’s obsession of being the best example of nearly a 100% vaccinated country. No empathy, no real emotion, just fake when it suits her. The spin, my god the spin. How much does this woman spend of the taxpayers money in a bid to keep her saintly image intact? It would be funny if it wasn%u2019t so serious. Kevin
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Personal responsibility, freedom to choose, minimal Government. Ravi
Jacinda and her colleagues have become very arrogant. They need to listen to the majority of thinking nz,s. When are the media going to pick up on the 82000 Signed submission against mandate tabled in parliament this week Bev
ABSOLUTELY!!! No Question! Gary
Lets also go to green and do away with masks. pdm
It has become obvious that the vaccine mandates are ineffective, anti-democratic and devisive. They, along with this socialist, incompetant and arrogant govt need to go. NOW Andrew
yes my kids are very sporty and cannot play sports, go to camp, do Duke of Edinburgh due to not being vaccinated at 14 years old. (Twins). stephanie
Really the Protesters are telling the Govt we are not being Governed the way Kiwis want. Frank
Simply their right to protest Garth
We should be free to determine our own course of events Wayne
The mandates are a tyrannical abuse of power and a violation of human rights. The government has prohibited me from collecting this year for the blind because I am not vaccinated, this is insane. Ken
Now is the time to get rid of these arrogant lefty tossers for good. John
sick to death of falsehoods and deceit bought about by this government . every focus is on the worst case, total misdirection around fear .. please can someone look into schools? i am of the belief all schools have magically received notices saying every school has an outbreak of Omicron .. i am very worried for the kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alex
I believe that many of your statistics are wrong. Other sources give other pictures. Patrick
Absolutely! The mandates are a violation of the New Zealand Bill of Rights section 11, and that the Ardern Led parliament we able to disregard the Bill of rights exposes a massive flaw in our system of Governance that must be fixed… by the entrenchment of the Bill of Rights. I believe all members of parliament who supported the Vaccine mandates , passports, etc should face Punishment’s for their rights violations. They should all be thrown out of Office, and so too all the heads of the Deep state who worked in cahoots with this oppressive systematic Political corruption that trampled our rights and liberties underfoot ! Never again can we allow our Parliament to be so abusive of power and Legislative due process. We must also expunge all legislation passed by Ardern under urgency… including her Gun prohibitions. Tim
Vaccine mandate is against our human rights law. John
The mandates are illegal and inhuman. Trevor
I did not want the vaccines, and after the 2nd one, I am still suffering fatigue and headaches. Unfortunately I will have to endure the booster to keep my job. Julie
There should never have been mandates in the first place. It was arrogance, over reach and the worst kind of nanny state interference in a person’s right to choose what happens to their body. This government and any other political parties that have supported their actions need to barred from holding positions of power again. Lena
Dictatorial and harsh treatment of New Zealand residents coupled with blackmail threatening one’s employment and free will. Ray
The arrogance of Jacinda to refuse to meet with them…and the arrogance of Trevor Mallard. They both need to go. Jenna
Freedom is an inalienable right. Not a reward DJ
The government performed well in Year one of covid but have dropped the ball in Year two to now.It is time for us to rejoin the world and for all the economic hard to be addressed. I am not hopeful that this will occur nor the harm to NZ Barry
This whole farce is built on false science and straight out lies. End all mandates immediately. Murray
Enough is enough! Steve
Jacinda has chosen to withhold truthful information again and will be punished at election time Basil
Labour are just bloody useless Allan
Most are vaccinated and the more you impose mandates the more resistance you will get. john
Absolutely Pete
It is more than just about the mandates. it is about individual rights and more Tony
My body, my right, not the government’s. Craig
Absolutely yes. This current Government is totally deplorable and must go post haste. They are a total disaster and have ruined our once beautiful country. Will it ever recover?!! Helen
This is all about Jacinda retaining control like a petulant third former. Being kind didn’t last long with her that’s for sure, being nasty seems to come more naturally to her. Bob
Absolutely yes and immediately Flip
They are there just for Self Power Colin
Lets go Cindy Ramjet
Labour party making illegal rules. Alan
Time to move on michael
The governments imposition of vaccine mandates is a shameful attack on personal rights and is proving to be totally unnecessary in achieving the aim of controlling covid 19 . rob
No comment required as it is just plain simple common sense. If there is significant transmission of the disease i the community, then there is no point in maintaining practices to prevent community spread. It’s spreading flat out regardless of all the stupid mandates and MIQ. What a bizarre bunch of dingbats we have in the current administration. Dangerous, outrageously arrogant and dictatorial. Authoritarian. Can we please get rid of them ASAP. Dianna
Absolutely approve Margaret
I am not an anti vaxer anthony
The article doesn’t present a balanced article, and doesn’t fully develop an argument whether vaccination does limit the long term impact of Omnicron, which some people are more susceptible to….so there maybe long term health implications for those unvaccinated, vulnerable people. Graham
Omicron has only been in the world for 5 minutes. Before that, Delta was causing the 2-phase disease process that had people (MANY MANY) people drowning in their own lung fluid. How do you know if you catch Covid in NZ now, that you are catching benign Omicron or deadly Delta? You don’t. These vaccines would have in the planning and development stages since the SARS Coronavirus pandemic of 2003 and the MERS Coronavirus pandemic of 2009?, so to call them experimental is fear-mongering. I believe natural infection gives a stronger immune response than vaccination (IF IT DOESN’T KILL YOU FIRST) so I am now triple-jabbed and hope to catch my dose of Covid in this current outbreak. I realise I can catch Covid more than once, and no vaccine developer will claim vaccination will stop you catching or transmitting it, that is NOT how vaccines work, so to say people have been duped or forced to get jabbed in the belief that it would stop you catching it, is disinformation. Linzey
Let’s learn to live with Covid. Colin
Get rid of mandates give people their jobs back. Leave kids alone Pauline
it is the only option Natasha
Absolutely and without reservation – they are doing a marvellous job and making the rest of us feel proud to be NZ’ers. There is another entity that needs to be removed along with the mandates, but that’s just my opinion! Scott
There is no ‘scientific’ justification for them. Janice
Mandates should be removed right now. Lee
Now!! Duane
These mandates are completely unnecessary and its huge government overreach to force a gene therapy jab on unwilling people so they can keep their employment – we are moving quickly into a totalitarism society. rhonda
Good people and organizations don’t dehumanize, segregate or discriminate against any group in society, for any reason. Rossana
Absolutely! Jan
We have the right to choose Janne
absolutely support lynne
Even a small percentage of our population could overwhelm our hospitals. There is benefit in slowing contraction down. Mark
If there ever was a valid reason to mandate COVID vaccination in the health profession, it is no longer necessary, especially outside that narrow field. Mandatory vaccination for COVID no longer has any scientific or moral underpinnings. Geoffrey
My body, my choice Andi
Got to get rid of totalitarians Gill
100% Vic
Excellent article by Dr Newman explains the position very well. Kelvin
A mallard is a duck (dick?…prick?..).whatever, without a doubt a wanker! Rod
Its time to get with the real world David
omnicrom isnt a killer, clint
History will show they are heroes. Peter
Remove the mandates and vaccination of children Robyn
Absolutely, put an end to these ridiculous, power grabbing mandates. mike
Its jacinda thats got the problem not the protesters eric
Our household supports the Protest in Wellington for return of Human Rights, return of a Democratic Country. Abolishing apartheid He Puapua plan, and reversing all that has gone through causing a race division. julz 
It’s all about power and compliance, never was about public health. There have been effective proven therapeutics available from day 1. Banned from private import along with RAT tests. Alistair
plus all of “them” murray
Should have happened months ago – Peter
Most definitely. Not needed, never was. Dorothy
Of course! All the illegal laws’s implemented by this crazed government should be retracted at the same time. Jonathan
Yes, but it must be a peaceful protest and remain steadfast in their mission to remove the ‘mandate tyrony’. Janine
Vaccination offers some protection from the health impacts of the virus. Opting to take advantage of that is a private matter. With delta the impact of vaccination on infectiousness was so small as to make mandates doubtful at best, now with the prevalence of omicron it is clear they should be scrapped. Ron
The mandates imposed by the labour cult have absolutely nothing to do with covid. Covid is no more than a convenient event that happened to arrive and gave the authoritarian cult the opportunity to insidiously introduce socialism and communism. Starting with fearmongering and control, and continuing with lies, deceit, coercion and misinformation about the efficacy and side effects of the vaccine. The labour cult had already begun their treacherous introduction of apartheid prior to the arrival of covid by instigating the He Puapua conspiracy with assistance of the corrupt maori caucus. In mid-2017, the Fifth National Government launched a review of the regulation and supply arrangements of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater (three waters). January 2018 there was an Inception meeting held in Canada for Global Waters Futures which included a section relating to Indigenous Communities Water Strategy. In 2019, the Sixth Labour Government announced plans for regulatory changes in response to the Three Waters Review which included co-governance. I am sure the above cannot be coincidental. There can be no doubt that all the disruption incited by this labour cult is planned as a part of the agenda to further their pursuit of their communist ideology. The present opposition parties do not indicate that they will be any more concerned with the wishes of voters either. Their attitude toward the protesters I consider to be a sign of treason. The best option is for the PM to resign as she has obviously lost the support to govern. Even better the Governor General should invoke The Reserve Powers, dismiss the government and call a general election. Terry M
OMICRON is a mild infection and Jacinda is an evil power-crazed communist. Ian
Absolutely and from day one of this political circus from the tertiary qualified Morrinsville Mare in Political Communications – keep the proletariat afraid! Dick
Life as we knew it in NZ would be nice but doubtless the charade of Covid Protection Mandates and fraudulent modelling will continue until the people say No-ENOUGH!!” Jacqueline
it’s a given Graeme
Exaggerating numbers and symptoms in order to reinforce control is typical of JA. I think it%u2019s about time the public knew of her extreme socialist/communist background. But, of course she has silenced the media with a huge payment forcing them to agree with her agenda. Journalistic independence has disappeared in New Zealand. Laura
Although fully vaccinated myself I do not agree with the mandates and people losing their jobs and businesses. This is so wrong. Nigel
What happened to our Bill of Rights? Brian
i want my doctor to tell me what experimental medicine i take – not my goddammed politician – next year they might decide we all need chemo as the cancer rate is rising – i want to find out how much Pfier has bribed our leader and the health bods – lets get the serious fraud office in to look. anna
All the best to the Protesters. Wonderful Love for all NZ. Charlotte
The current mandates are simply not required. There is zero health benefit. Many people have suffered severe financial hardship and emotional stress. If you haven’t questioned the motivation of the government to date then question it now. They clearly do not have the health and we’ll being of the country foremost in their minds and I now question if they ever have Peter
yes, Cindy’s Kindy have got to stop trying to be Mother Hen or rather Communists….!! Lorraine
100% absolute support. We MUST get our democratic rights back now before it is too late. Bruce
Let science speak. Jacinda stay out of it.!! mark
A S A P steve
Your informed editorials tell all. We are being led up the proverbial garden path. David
Personally every member of parliament is as guilty as the next, it’s about time the Governor General dissolved parliament, and new elections were held, this no doubt won’t happen because this so called elite don’t want to loose their cushie jobs, and the pay and privileges that go with it, they have forgotten who put them there, and as public servants, our public servants, they are there to serve the public, Not one of them is worth voting for. The PM is the worst thing to ever happen to this country, incarceration is the only way to rid ourselves of this dreadful person. Merryl
I have never protested in my life but now wish I lived in North Island so I could drive to offer support. Peter
Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can get and spread Omicron at the same rate. 90% of mandated people have vaccinated. Why create unemployment for the remaining 10% when both vaccinated and unvaccinated can get and spread the variant at the same rate? Michael
Jacinda and co are power hungry control obsessed totalitarian elitists and need to be dispensed with as a govt. asap! Brenda
When middle NZ wants to protest against improper govt action where else can they go? MP’s who will not listen to the people are not fit to be MP’s. Listen up Act and National. KevIn
Yes I support the protesters. I fear abuse of power by the Ardern govt far more than i fear Covid. I don’t like the way the govt continues to shut us in even though we are in no real danger. Fiona
ABSOLUTELY .. and all that is associated with this Covid rort. AND ..I await the day when Ardern and her ilk are brought before the ICC. Alan
Mandates are destroying people%u2019s lives. Get rid of this numpty gummint Prue
Mandates must go Grant 
It is nonsensensical and unecessary to continue with the governments mandates David
We are currently living in “1984” but most are still living in fear and yet to realise the truth and despicable plan which the protesters are mostly aware of. The only conspiracies come from those in power. Shame on them for the cruelty imposed on their people. Anon
It is well proven that the vaccine is not effective in stopping the spread of Omicron, therefore all mandates should be dropped. Margaretta
It is unjust and has breached oit bill of rights Mark
High time this charade was over!! For over 2 years, we have been lied to, blackmailed, bribed, coerced, by the worst government we have ever had in NZ. There is nothing humanitarian or empathetic about the Labour Party, as they maniacally drive their secret agendas. This has been a psychological operation from the start. They should let go of the puppet strings – more than enough harm has been perpetrated on our beautiful country, its people, the economy, our health (mental otherwise) etc etc. Theodora
The mandates are of little use now. But we all know its about control not common sense. Graeme
The mandates are political coercion and should never have been made. Giles
Absolutely! Michael
I will manage my own health according to my assesssment of the information available. No to mandates and – for me – no to boosters. Bill
Govt has hidden agenda Roger
The SCAMDEMIC jab is a DNA altering death sentence Greg
Absolutely this is a SCAMDEMIC and the jab is not a vaccine but a DNA altering death sentence Greg
Bless them all. Audrey
There is more govt lies than science and truth. Keren
I have 2 family members whose choice is the booster or no job. So much distress has been caused as they didn’t want to put this experimental injection in their body in the first instance. Toni
Once again this Labour government have shown their true colours by forcing their policies against the will of the people. Lawrie
The other thing the protesters should be asking this clown show is ‘What is the Plan to move yus out of this to normality?’ That is life as we knew it pre-March 2020. If, and its a big if, they have a plan it seems to be a bloody national secret because no one knows it. Brenton
You really do now have to ask what is this govts end game. Daily we see a sector of our society profiting (iwi) while we are bombarded and restricted under unnecessary mandates the confiscation of rrats with what we all know distribution to our so called vulnerable. Come on nz heads up. Gary
Thank you for making them squirm Leonie
Having been following this closely for the past two years getting information rather than mindless propaganda from NZ ‘news”, evidence is now beyond question that more people are being killed from this dreadful experiment than dying of the disease, and this could have been hugely avoided if basic medicinal philosophies had been applied rather than doing nothing. Masks are utterly worthless as is standing a metre apart from others. Why not make it 5 metres – 10 ? It is laughable and frightening that we entrust our lives to people so relentlessly ignorant and stupid. Either that or running an agenda that we are not privy to. I wonder which is it. Charles
And I’m over 80. Neil
Jacinda Ardern, along with Clayton Cosgrove & Golriz Ghahraman MP, is a member of the World Economic Forum known colloquially as the Party of Davos. Also a member is the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland who this week announced severe punitive measures being introduced against Canadian Trucker’s protesting at the Parliament in Ottawa. The Trucker’s protest is non-violent, friendly and is about removing Covid mandates which have been in-place for 2 years Several Canadian Provinces are now starting to remove or relax Covid mandates against the will of Prime Minister Trudeau who is quickly becoming more fascist than liberal. I can see the same thing happening here in New Zealand. Prime Minister Ardern is quickly losing touch with mainstream New Zealand and her mandates will eventually be the end of her political career. Will she worry? Of course not. She’s a Communist and will find other battles to fight elsewhere. Colin
could we remove the Labour party also eddie
absa-bloody-lutely, from day one Owen
This should be immediate. Ardern et al, are there to serve us the people. PHIL
Vaccines protect the individual. The vaccinated have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated so why have these mandates? Get rid of the mandates and let the unvaccinated return to work. David
WAKE UP NZ ngaire
Dr Shankara Chetty……”Where were his ‘words’ when we needed them New Zealand..??? “ Chris
the long term consequences of the vaccines far more life threatening than Covid . Embalmist report never seen before, significant coagulation of the blood and body fluids of the vaccinated. These vaccines are design to slowly kill and are of no health benefit as they destroy recipients immune system Bernard
For the individual’s good, they should agree to have the jab. John
protests are essential for the well-ness of all NZ ers Mark
Putting up a tent today on the front lawn in solidarity, with a sign that says NO MANDATES??? “Change My Mind” Wayne
Last week Dr Muriel wrote that the covid modelers were way out because there were very few daily cases. This week she writes ” Not only have our political elite shown themselves to be tone deaf about the protest, they also appear to be equally uninformed about Omicron, which is now sweeping through the country at a great rate of knots.”. Friday there were nearly 2.000 new cases reported. Jon
Thank you protesters for standing for all of us! Simone
Common sense Tony
Once again,a fail for Ardern and her yes men front men.One hopes,the people who support her in everything, come to their senses and don’t vote for her or her party. Peter
Persuading/coercing people to have a booster jab with a product that is largely ineffective against, but has widely acknowledged very serious health risks, is simply criminal. People and their health is just not a priority of this evil regime. We must never let this sort of thing happen again. Ian
Have been following the freedom camp on counterspin news – fantastic!! Urge all kiwis to join in this movement for FREEDOM by donating, joining weekly local pop up protests, or going down for a few days to relieve tired Kiwis. The mandates must go, the emergency powers must go, our survival depends on this!!! The elites can force us to be injected with absolutely anything if the people don’t take their power back now!!!! Stand together NZ, stand for Freedom. May God bless and keep all our freedom fighters safe. Hannah
The mandate is wrong on every level, especially the science! It shows the Government’s determination to control New Zealanders with any excuse. Catherine
First the mandates, then the He Puapua agenda. neil
I support the Wellington Freedom protestors 100%. Its more than just settling for the removal of the ridiculous poisonous jab mandates, its the total removal & holding to account of this corrupt criminal NZ govt for their crimes against the NZ people. The Wairarapa Times Age description of Ardern & her cronies as “A deceitful lying pack of bastards” is spot on. They disgust me and need to be totally dissolved immediately. Mark
There is no grounds for a mandate. What we need are low cost treatment options freely available in NZ if someone becomes ill with Omicron. Anon
The red queen has overstepped the mark by non mandated directives: current agenda exceeds the threat cause. The people resist: Resign now. you are done. mike
This government has totally lost the plot. National is not much better. They are displaying arrogance and a breathtaking lack of logic. Jackie
Obvious Dennis
Unnecessary and too much upheaval. Paul
I also support efforts to ensure that NZ remains a democracy and does not end up with ‘co-governance’. Frank
I am fully in support of protesters for the first time in my 78 years. We should have our rights as they existed prior to 30 September2019 restored to us immediately, and a Royal Commission established to find the blame for the horror which has descended upon us. Dave
The government will drag it all out as long as possible because it gives her cover for racist He Puapua and once she stops restrictions she has no idea how to fix the mess she’s made of the economy Trevor
Thanks, your article about the protesters is spot on, I am double vaxxed and believe the mandates should be scrapped right now. Louise
The sooner the better Barbara
Absolutely, there is no place in a free democratic society for mandates. Especially for these vaccines, which have proven time and again, not to work as advertised. This is now and has always been about conditioning and control of the population. For what, can be argued at length, but there is an agenda here, and it is not about anyone’s health. Sheila
And to remove this present Govt asap helen
Absolutely Jim
Freedom to choose and freedom to protest but not freedom to protest in a manner that disrespects democracy and 96% of the vaccinated populations and trying to drain the swamp. If you choose not to vaccinated then there are consequences.Just as if you break the law even if the law is an ass as are a majority of the politicians B.
Muriel is right. June
Excellent resume Muriel. Neville.
Yes together with this lying deceiving rotten labour government Athol
It is discusting that NZ Nurses, Police, School Teacher, Office Workers Etc etc have to lose their jobs Absolutely Discusting. Where are the RATS tests? Elizabeth
Hi Folk , It is the VAX that one needs to be wary of or drug as I call it causing endless injury’s to our Kiwi folk . FELIX
Yes I my wife & I would be there ourselves if we could be. The politicians have shown themselves to be totally arrogant and uninformed. If ever there was any doubt that Western nations are ruled by a class of political elite, this is disappearing as fast as Ardern’s support! Rex
Absolutely! Mandates should not exist in a democracy and this dreadful government is showing its true colours right now – IT MUST GO! Roget
Ardern promised that before she got last elected that vaccinations were not compulsory and then freedom of choice was mandated. The worst Government ever to rule New Zealand. Wayne
The arrogance of all the current members of Parliament is astounding. Such a shame we have to wait till the next election to get rid of them!! Ian
So sick of this government wanting to control everything. Adele
What more can I say, which thousands of others have not already said. I await a new political party who will listen, as parties are elected to do, to the voters. It’s arrival can not be too soon. Vernon
Absolutely. With the high vaccination rate across the country and the milder omicron variant now prevalent, the health system will not be swamped. All mandates should go. Gavin
… and a thousand times ‘yes’. Chris
It has become very obvious that Miss Ardern’s mandates show nothing more than a determination to keep her boot on the neck of the people, for political reasons only, as this has long ceased to be a medical problem. TOBY
And ban the highly toxic experimental gene therapy injections. Peter
These are the guys who are brave enough to stand up and say what too many of us are too lazy to do. They represent a much bigger picture, and support from far more of the NZ populous than the MSM want you to believe. Sadly the inclusion of some odd calls, and a few bad taste banners have fuelled the view that they are just a rabble of left wing loonies, which misses the point entirely. We should thank them heartily. Brian
The mandates are clearly ineffective in preventing transmission. More importantly, they are a violation of fundamental rights and are being used by the socialist-green-racialist blob to impose their agenda. They must be defeated . David
Because the vaccines have proved to reduce hospitalisation rates, therefore helping to keep room for those who need elective surgery etc. Colin
The Jacinda Ardern Government and the so called opposition members should resign or be removed from office by the NZ Military now! Don
Let us be free again. This situation is absurd. Cam
Remove ALL members of parliment Engage a non party system Tim
Tyranny by government. Douglas
It is a control measure from a socialist prime minister, who only cares about her own ambitions. Florence
The mandate is just another example of a control freak government , the effect of which is to instill fear in the New Zealand population and thereby maintain a modicum of control. Thankfully , this current economic and social engineering scenario displays as the final death throes of a despised and ultimately dismissed government. Time for the other two players of consequence, ACT and National to ramp up their profile to fill the void. wayne
It does not make any sense for omicron. John
I so support the protest. unfortunately a lot of the population especially the elderly don’t because they have been brainwashed & scared half to death by the corrupt paid & bought socialist media. This so called Omicron variant by all scientific reports I have read is no more than a mild cold & needs to take it’s dwindling course to create herd immunity & make vaccines & the useless masks redundant.. Allen
Wish I could be there Matt
This is just the start of loss of FREEDOM’S wake up. Gilbert
The science has changed. The risk has reduced, The extreme danger has abated. Immunity levels have provided a safety barrier. terrence
Enough suffering has been enforced – some unpleasant hangers-on, but majority are decent folk JOHN
Everyone has the right to choose .It is their choice if they want to risk not being vaccinated . Mandates are not the only issue at stake Jock
Absolute must. Murray
Absolutely. There was no real reason to enforce them initially. It could have been managed far better without the authoritarian heavy-handed, but typically Left-wing, mandate approach. Derek
Not only does vaccination not prevent infection or spread, but evidence from the UK, Denmark and Israel suggests the it may make recipients MORE likely to catch Omicron. Should be no surprise – it’s the same failure observed during testing of every other attempted coronavirus vaccine. The difference here is the the trials didn’t run long enough to show the effect! So what’s the point in a vaxpass? As the PM said in the clip shown round the world – the point is to create a 2-tier society. Sobering. And she grinned like the Cheshire cat while saying it, too. Gail
We have to live with it. We cannot remain a fortress for ever Roger
NZ is in a bad state when elected politicians refuse to engage with concerned citizens. Donald
Along with all other “it is illegal too” mandates/laws implemented by this out of control regime. Barry
Yes Yes Yes I am not anti-vax just pro-freedom of choice even to the extent of joining a couple of recent Voices for Freedom protests in West Auckland. This whole thing is not about health it IS about control and the first step towards the socialist utopia our beloved leader wants FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT OF COURSE Cookie
Ardern & her cohorts need to resign and sail off for 6months in a slow leaky boat to their masters in the UN.don’t forget to take Clark. We want our country back under our own control. Pauline
Mandates are a method if control and have nothing to do with health Kathie
This whole protest aim has become blurred because of the MSM and the Government, I think that was deliberate even our leader accuesd the organisers as being anti vaxiers, trump supporters’ etc Les
Has to be a matter of personal choice Keith
We voted the politicians in. We can vote them out again. The people have all the power if they only realised it. What we need now is a new way forward with new, fresh faces and ideas. The present politicians are sadly lacking. If we don’t reclaim Our fundamental freedoms we will lose them forever. Janine
Yes I do. Just a pity there are some fringe protestors there. Dick
Support the use of RATs in place of mandates. Do not support the protesters desire for media attention and their disruption of Wellington daily life bruce
Most definately John
Mandates must stop. Lindsay
It’s astonishing that St Cindy is prepared to fly to the US to speak by invitation at Harvard University, but she can’t walk down a few steps at Parliament to listen to the concerns of the protesters. Kindness? I think not. Vincent
As with a large number of the protesters you are able to find someone in the world that will have a theory that suits your argument. As one seriously compromised if getting the virus I am more than happy to follow the advice of scientists that I have come to respect. Siouxe Wiles (Forgive the spelling) being one in particular, who stated that she would not be taking her family into a restaurant or any other indoor place where 100 people are allowed to congregate. To quote Russel Coutts as a reasonable person beggars belief, we shall be expected to listen to Brian Tamiti next! Phil
should have been done last year Collin
I am strongly opposed to the anti-social actions of some of the protesters, but I support the narrow demand of mandate cessation Phil
Evidence from expert Specialists around the world have given evidence that the Vax does more harm than good and is useless against Omicrom. Don
no need for mandates. It is just a ploy of govt to maintain total control of the population. Orwells 1984 has come true. God help us cause Jacinda wont. She loves the power to much to change her attiruse. John
All legislation regarding covid health measures need to be scrapped Wayne
Cancel the mandates and give them their jobs back now. Eileen
We should be able to make up our own minds whether we vaccinate or not. I did. Mandates are being abolished over the world why not in NZ? Ruth
Time to lift all mandates. We will survive without all the restrictions Norm
and a whole lot more mike
parliament is simply a club of nasty bullies and should be replaced with small regional management teams replaced every 4 years donald
This governments refusal to adjust their covid policies to the ever changing science as it emerges throughout the world is proof it was never about keeping new Zealanders safe, it’s about abuse of freedom, democracy and increasing authoritarian power. I fully endorse the peaceful protestors in Wellington. Go you good people Allan
It’s a no brainer, remove the mandates, let people work again and lets get on with our lives! Brenda
1,000 percent! John
The only mandate required is honesty, in science, politics and the media. Robert
Categorically Peter
Mandates are about Control, NOT our health. Marion
This insanity must be stopped. Listen to the protestor Jacinda. Howard
I have become so incensed by our government’s authoritarian rule and infantile behaviour of Trevor Mallard, that I too am going to Wellington to do my bit in proactively supporting the removal of these hideous mandates Audrey
It might save us, and wake up the sleeping dead!!!!!! We want to wake up the public Raewyn
Unfortunately removing mandates wont happen. If they were, it shows that the government have failed with all the issues around COVID. If the government orders the application of force to clear the protestors, it will be a step too far. On the other hand, the government must be loving the diversions the protestors provide. Issues like three waters, seperate health system, He PuaPua, et al. Totalitarian regimes are known for listening to the people and our lot is no different. Ray S
Sure do Richard
Remove vaccine mandates Alan
The “River of Filth” comment attributed to Minister Michael Woods in relation to the protestors was a further indication how far out of touch with the population the current government is. The Speaker has failed completely, I have no confidence in him. Pete
How slowly reality leaks into the mainstream. Our government missed an ideal chance to jump ahead of the curve…but did the opposite. David
I’m fully vaccinated and fully support the protesters. Rhea
Vax mandates for a cold??? Michele
lets just get on with life – living is a risky business, we are up for it. Erin
100%, repeal the covid bill it must not come into force on 1/4/22. repeal and stop the digital bill, stop 3 waters Phil
The mandates are a government over reach and should come to an end – especially as the milder Omicron strain means less chance of severe illness. Instead of mandating NZers, the government should have prioritised its spending and improved our healthcare system. Tina
It is time Adern followed the real up-to-date science veronica
Much can be said. The mandates are totally destructive of NZ economy and social fabric. All our institutions have proved themselves irrational and with no awareness of fundamental human values. Very concerning. Dean
Vaccines proven to be Omicron ineffective. Govt doing everything to avoid having to admit actions wrong Trevor
I absolutely 100% support the protesters’ demands to remove the vaccine mandates! No doubt in my mind! Taunaha
And also get rid of the ridiculous childish and discriminatory traffic light system Sandra
The mandates are not needed for what is effectively a flu and it is destroying businesses, individuals and families all as badly as each other. S
Not at all. This is a political “beat up”. Scare the gullible public into meekly obeying the political fools playing at being very knowledgeable – frightening the masses into compliance. To what end? Toal control of the masses to have them believe our socialist government is looking after them. This Socialists bunch are liars of a clever order. When they have total obedience, what then? More freedoms taken away? More “do as ‘Jacinda-Mother-Teresa and her lords and masters say? Or else what? We no longer have a true democracy any more. This has been RULE BY FEAR”. Time for it to be stopped and stop! The masses (even a small section of) have the democratic right to protest even if little boy Coster doesn’t like it and can’t obey nanny Jacinda’s wishes. Ian
Adern must be removed before she destroys NZ. Charmaine
The protesters are doing a wonderful job – keep it up! And once they get rid of the mandates, they should turn their attention to getting rid of the Government! George
The mandates are totalitarian – the sort of thing Hitler would do. Paul
The mandates should never have been introduced. They were cruel and unnecessary.     Tessa
Jacinda Ardern should be held to account for lying to the public before the election promising vaccines would be voluntary only to break her word and mandate them as soon as she had won. You can’t trust anything she says. Colin
No to the mandates. No to the boosters. No to vaccinating children. All the restrictions should be dropped and the country should be opened up. John