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Policy Failure

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Since their election in 2017, Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government has embarked on an ambitious  programme of significant public policy transformation and reform.

In line with the PM’s deeply held socialist view that more State control produces better outcomes, centralisation has been the preferred approach.

Accordingly, on 1 October 2019 three housing agencies – Housing New Zealand, its development subsidiary HLC, and the KiwiBuild Unit from the Ministry of Housing – were merged into the new Homes and Communities mega-agency, Kainga Ora.

Next it was the turn of vocational training – on 1 April 2020, the country’s sixteen Polytechnics, along with Wanaga and Industry Training Organisations, were merged into the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, Te Pukenga.

Then, on 1 July 2022, the country’s 20 community-based District Health Boards were merged into a new centralised system with Health New Zealand coordinating the delivery of health services across the country, along with the Maori Health Authority as an independent statutory authority, and a new Public Health Agency.

Water is next, with legislation now in front of a Parliamentary Select Committee that would confiscate ratepayer-owned fresh water, storm water, and wastewater services operated by the country’s 67 local authorities and centralise them into four mega-agencies, under a co-governance arrangement that will deliver effective control to iwi.

Since water is such a crucial public resource and the proposed Three Waters merger is so radical – with high risks and high costs to water users and taxpayers should it fail – let’s examine how successful Labour’s other reforms have been to assess how real the risk of failure really is.

The housing reforms have turned into a basket case. Leaked documents reveal a massive debt blowout at Kainga Ora – from a forecast peak of just over $20 billion in 2033, to almost $30 billion – raising concerns the Government would be unable to repay the increase over the next 60 years.

Meanwhile as the state house waiting list has exploded from 6,000 to more than 27,000, with over $1 billion spent on Emergency Housing for thousands of people living in motels, the agency has spent $24 million on head office renovations, it has hired 1,700 new staff, and is planning on hiring another 485 in 2023.

So what about the Polytech merger – given the Regulatory Impact Statement warned against the planned reforms: “The programme is high risk, being extremely complex, with substantial scale and scope and many and varied stakeholders. The desired rapid pace of change… presents challenges for successful implementation. The key risk… is that, from 2021 when the reforms are likely to take full effect, training volumes and completions could decrease. This could result from a number of factors including reduced confidence in the system, reduced capabilities within the system, and the disruption of learning programmes in the transition.”

It turns out that Labour’s $200 million centralisation of the New Zealand’s vocational education sector has also ended in a shambles – with the Chief Executive Stephen Town on his $13,000 a week salary now on indefinite personal leave. The mega polytechnic Te Pukenga is facing a $110 million deficit, declining enrolments, a damning Tertiary Education Commission report, and the prospects of widespread job losses.

So, if Labour can’t successfully merge three housing agencies nor 16 polytechs, how have they managed merging 20 district health boards? 

Not very well, it seems.

While the new system is only a few weeks old, the Government’s concentration on the reforms over the past fifteen months, instead of on ensuring the health system can cope with the added pressure of the pandemic, has resulted in 900 doctors across 30 different areas of medicine revealing in a New Zealand Women in Medicine Charitable Trust survey, that “we are at risk of a catastrophic collapse of the healthcare workforce.”

While hospitals allegedly need another 3,000 nurses and the aged residential care – which is currently being forced to close down facilities – another 1,000 nurses, New Zealand is also desperately short of 1,500 GPs, and 1,500 medical specialists.

Furthermore, the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists has estimated that if New Zealand was to match Australia’s per-capita staffing levels, we would not only need 3,000 more GPs and specialist doctors, but 12,000 more nurses.

Meanwhile, to manage this crisis, the Ministry of Health has hired nearly 1,000 new consultants over the last 11 months, making up 1,359 in total!

So given this dismal track record of policy failure, how can New Zealanders possibly have faith that Labour’s plan to centralise council-run water services into mega bureaucracies controlled by iwi is going to work out well?

They can’t, of course, because the fundamental problem with Labour’s reforms is that their main purpose is political.

Their housing reform was announced when the embarrassing failure of KiwiBuild was big news. It was designed in such a rush – to ‘bury’ the agency and get it out of the headlines – that the regulatory impact statement revealed officials were unable to reliably estimate the cost, impact, and risks associated with the proposed merger.

The centralisation of the polytechs was another rushed job that aimed to give iwi greater control of vocational training. The Health Boards were also abolished to empower iwi – in this case to control health through the Maori Health Authority and Iwi Partnership Boards.

It’s the same story with Three Waters – iwi will gain a controlling influence over water at every level, from the water regulator, to the regional representative groups, to water services boards, and even to the regulation of local water supplies.

Taumata Arowai, the new water regulator, answers to a Maori Advisory Board, which is chaired by Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta’s sister, Tipa Mahuta.

With a disproportionate half  of the seats on the Regional Representation Groups of the four mega Water Entities reserved for iwi acting in their own best interests, nothing will happen without their approval.

While it is not specified that the members of the Water Entity Boards that will run the region’s water services, must include iwi, the requirements make it clear – since they must be “adequately competent both as a Treaty partner, and with expertise in accessing matauranga Maori, tikanga Maori and Te Ao Maori knowledge to inform the water entities activities.”

And at a local level, only iwi have been given the power to issue “Te Mana o te Wai” directives to the Boards running the Water Entities that cannot be ignored.

Kaipara Mayor Dr Jason Smith, who was on the Government’s Three Waters working group has explained their importance: “Whoever gets to write Te Mana O Te Wai statements gets control of water, land, planning rules and regulations, land use… TMoTW statements will cover every pipe, river, creek, farm pond or fresh water body.”

Meanwhile Minister Mahuta has launched a $2 billion ‘Better off’ fund designed not only to bribe councils into accepting the Three Waters proposals, but also to ‘gag’ them by requiring those accepting the money to agree to not do “anything that can reasonably be expected to have an adverse effect on the reputation, good standing or goodwill” of the Labour Government.

In addition, Jacinda Ardern is now politicising the Three Waters submission process by emailing Labour supporters and asking them to send in submissions. This unusual move suggests submissions opposing the Bill are flooding in, and Labour is now desperate to avoid the humiliation of forcing through a law change that’s opposed by the majority of New Zealanders. 

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator investment analyst and former local body councillor Frank Newman shares his review of the financial models being used by Minister Mahuta to justify the law change, concluding they are flawed and should not be relied upon:

“To put it plainly, the underlying assumptions made in the government’s modelling are unrealistic. This creates significant risks to water users and central government.

“The most likely long-term outcome of the 3Waters reform is that the assumed cost and capital efficiencies will not materialise, due to a cumbersome governance structure subservient to cultural interests. The Water Industry Commission for Scotland make it very clear that the efficiencies will only arise if the entities are run with private sector management practices and disciplines. That would seem impossible given the complex governance arrangements and direct influence of iwi.

“When considered in the context of the risks associated with the high debt, it is likely that the water entities will not remain viable without central government support or additional cost to water consumers. The water reforms as proposed in 3Waters is a high-risk proposition, with much higher risks than that faced by the 67 local authorities individually.”

So why is the Ardern Government failing so badly in virtually all areas of governance?

Dr Eric Crampton, Chief Economist at the New Zealand Initiative, provides an insight into their policy development process.

On Thursday March 10, a 1News Kantar public poll revealed National was leading in party support for the first time since the pandemic, with Labour falling to its lowest level since 2017.

Christopher Luxon’s claims that New Zealanders were suffering from a “cost of living crisis” saw his ‘preferred PM’ rating rise, while Jacinda Ardern, who denied the crisis, fell to her lowest ranking since becoming PM.

Just four days later, on Monday March 14, the Herald reported: “Jacinda Ardern has this morning finally acknowledged a cost-of-living ‘crisis’… She indicated Cabinet was today considering temporary relief on some of the tax that Kiwi motorists paid for fuel. ‘We are looking at additional things we can do to ease the pressure on families. Any decisions taken today, we will speak to this afternoon.’”

Official Information Act requests into the policy U-turn reveal a chaotic process.

At 2.53pm on Sunday March 13, about a dozen New Zealand Transport Agency and Ministry of Transport officials received an email from an NZTA senior manager headed: “Cabinet paper: Urgent.”

They were asked to provide details on how much it would cost to reverse the increases in Road User Charges and Fuel Excise Tax that had occurred since 2018 – for a Ministerial Cabinet Paper due by 11am the next day.

The email trail shows officials worked well into the night, with the last message sent at 11.42pm. They met at 8.30am on Monday morning to firm up their costings for the 11am Cabinet meeting. At 4pm – just over 24 hours after being first approached – the Prime Minister announced the policy.

Dr Crampton says, “NZTA did an admirable job, under circumstances that should not be faced except under real emergency. There was no emergency that required inventing policy on less than 24 hours’ notice to officials, forcing them to work past 11pm on a Sunday night. There was only a political emergency caused by Labour’s drop in the polls. It is a terrible way to run a country.”

The same knee jerk policy development was evident in the $1 billion cost-of-living package announced in May’s Budget.

On May 3, just two weeks before the budget, a Newshub-Reid poll showed most New Zealanders didn’t think the Government was doing enough to manage the cost-of-living crisis. 

As a result, “Urgent advice” was requested by the Minister of Finance from Inland Revenue on the possibility of a cost-of-living package being developed and included in the Budget.

Given the rushed timeframe, the Minister was warned against the scheme: “Given the narrow scope of the commissioning and the speed at which advice was produced… there is a risk that significant issues have not been identified.”

He was also warned that a $1 billion hand-out would fuel inflation: “Treasury has advised that strong aggregate demand, combined with constrained supply and a tight labour market, will result in inflation staying above target in the near term. In this context, an increase in the level of fiscal support would further exacerbate inflation.”

Despite Treasury’s warning, the $1 billion package went ahead, funded from the Covid relief slush fund and as predicted, interest rates have now risen to 2.5 percent, as the Reserve Bank continues increasing the Official Cash Rate at the fasted rate in New Zealand’s history.

Then on Sunday, another surprise announcement – the transport relief package was being extended for a third time through to January 2023 – this time to counteract the record inflation figures due the next day!

With inflation now running at 7.3 percent – the highest since the Reserve Bank Act was introduced 32 years ago and well above the Bank’s 1-3 percent target – this latest $600 million package means even higher interest rates are in store.

Labour policy is driven by polls and media headlines. Advice is ignored, or not even sought. Is it any wonder that Labour’s reforms are a catastrophic failure? 

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*Do you have confidence that the Labour Government is capable of delivering their Three Water reforms at the promised cost savings and on time?

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You would not print what I would like to say, but a couple of words I can use are: absolute incompetence.. Another couple of years of this socialist/racist cabal and Cuba will look quite an attractive place to live. Neville
No brainer Gail
they are a useless lot not in tune with the people they are suppose to represent. The sooner they disappear the better John
They have absolutely no chance! The only thing they are good at is stuffing things up! David
Marxists always fail Peter
It’s a dumb idea. Denis
Can pigs fly ????? John
Will b like all their other failures Bev
I have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in Labour at all……..for ANYTHING! Heather
What a shocking mess New Zealand is in economically, politically and societal. Is this the transformationally change the woke, neo-Marxist, apartheid-loving Ardern with her henchwoman Mahuta wanted for New Zealand? It is disgusting and revolting like the cognitively-challenged, climate cultist, senile US Pres Biden. There are big governmental changes coming there in November however who is going to rescue us? Monica
Absolutley not! This Government and their supporters Disgust Me !!! Their agenda of Moarification of this country ( NZ ) continues like a RUNAWAY TRAIN . Laurie
with the half wit in charge of health and more interested in brown nosing the iwi mob by giving them millions will mean the people who can afford private health insurance will do that but the ones that cant would be better off by buying a prepaid funeral policy before they go up. Richard
It is appalling that this government is going full steam ahead with this UNdemocratic bill. Dot
The real definition of reform identifies with the positive. This government’s Reforms are negative and destructive. Frederick
This lot should be sacked as quick as possible and Luxon should show some courage and say: all good and well, maori decendents have gotten enough the last 20 or so years. I scrap all this rubbish and we go and live as Kiwi’s.5.5 million of them. Peter
They have failed at everything else they have tied to change, so not a snowball’s chance of success with Three Waters. Mark
not about clean cheaper water, it is about water ownership for maori. Money is irrelevant to Iwi- or the cost to taxpayers, it’s all about them. Sam
This Government is absolutely useless at doing anything except spend on unnecessary consultations, government employees, and the like David
Nope . . . . get real! Alan
The majority of comments appearing now are all ignoring the elephant in the room; that of the main purpose of the changes which is to give those who chose to identify as Maori power over water. Napier Council in joining with other HB Councils has made it clear that if its plan for local control of water is accepted, it will be done with Maori co-governance. As with Maori wards little input from ratepayers. Phil
It would be a first for them if they actually achieved this. I all other projects they have failed miserably. Why would we believe this to be different Phil
It is going to become a complete shambles like all other Labour policies and we are going to be picking up the pieces for years to come, even if we can. Heaven help us. Fraser
Labour cannot deliver anything on time and within budget Noel
This government seems incapable of doing anything constructive – even with the help of all the extra civil servants they’ve hired. Terry
NO NO NO What have they done that they promised they would do?????? DONE JACK SHIT. Party of broken promises, JUST A BUNCH OF TO FACED LIARS. everything they touch they stuff it up, kiwi build,covid, health, education,rail, finance, harbour bridge cycle way, gang shooting, ram raids, protest on parliament grounds, the list just goes on and on, its time for all the bullshit to stop and lets just get rid of them. COLIN
They couldn’t run a bath ! Fresh water comes from rain . Maoris don’t own rain. Rain is a God-given joy owned by us all. Listening to this bloody continuing nonsense is very hard to take for the lies, deception, bribing et cetera just adds to the utter chaos of this regimes ineptitude. I would just love to be able to say what I really think ! John
What have they delivered ? Why would this be any different ? Greg
anything that labour and their brown bosses plan for this country is doomed due to corruption and 3waters will be no different, pity the population don’t do what the people of Ceylon have done before we go down the drain. Richard
never in a million years !!. Mark
I have confidence in nothing that this government has done. The country is in a mess and this government does not have the ability to fix it. Andrew
definitely not no way Lorraine
I have absolutely NO faith in this current government whatsoever. It concerns me deeply the direction this country is being taken and unless there is a change of government next year we will consider leaving this country. Lawrie
Head girl would not be able to operate a chocolate wheel at a school fund raiser let alone deliver three waters to save costs. Do not worry head girl will not have any control of three waters so we do not have to worry about it. She has given it away to her third cousins once removed to run and on sell to some one else. What needs to happen is we all bugger off to Australia and leave them all to cuddle each other and catch rain water to drink as they will not have the intelligence to run, maintain and operate three waters. Problem solved rod
Absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in this. In fact this reform is undemocratic to the core. The Labour Government are NOT following the democratic processes of NEW ZEALAND that have been in place since our inception. Norman Kirk and Robert Muldoon would both be rolling in their graves. Roger
Not a hope of it being run well. Their racist preference for putting Maori in charge of most of these changes ensures failure. God help us in the meantime till the next elections and we can throw out these little children. Eric
Definitely not. Glenis
You know I think they will push it through and make it appear to work and say by the time the next election comes through that, “there there, see we all had nothing to fear from the water reforms.” They will do this by shutting down any real information about how the reforms are working and who is really pushing the buttons and they will deny that indigenous parties are now in charge. They will lie and cover up and hide all that looks bad JUST AS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR 5 Years! Ray 
Not Possible to predict how to do it until organization matures. No possibility of deficiencies being resolved under status quo John
Has failed on the other centralisation initiatives. To racially skewed Paddi
I have no confidence at all in any of this socialist government reforms. More cost to the workers everytime. Heather
A top-heavy, complex and undemocratic governance structure with unclear ownership and murky debt financing arrangements will not succeed in achieving the stated objectives. Chris
Not from past experience diana
Three Waters is a racist rort. It should be passed only by a state wide referendum., not an underhanded deceitful government. And they try to tell me that “New Zealand” is a democracy? Not with this current bunch! Kevan
Can’t solve an engineering issue by mucking about with political governance! Gail
Building a huge centralised body and giving Iwi the final Decision can only fail Bryan
Hope they do not Rob
NO… not a chance, and what a joke, liebour couldn’t, run a bath!! David
They couldn’t run a bath Neil
Panic actions ron
Labour simply must go – we are certainly heading the communist way, Marion
This govt couldn’t deliver pizza. They are the most incompetent and dangerous bunch of muppets ever. Elizabeth
More idealistic nonsense Pete
They have failed to deliver one dry promise so far and this will be no different. Richard
Not a one in three hundred million chance. If we think bureaucracy is atrocious now we haven’t seen anything yet!! It is destined to be the biggest disgraceful disaster in NZ political history Bede
Look at their track record! Seriously abysmal. Phil
Labour has a track record of delivering nothing, this will be the same but it has caused so much resentment throughout the country its results will be catastrophic. National needs to be more vocal in their REPEAL PROMISE OF THIS SHOCKING LEGISLATION POSSIBILITY. Claire
bureaucratic nightmare graeme
Cause they are idealogically driven and have no idea about how to deliver Graham
Absolutely not! Albert
No, but not because the model may or may not be flawed but because it is a barely disguised attack on democracy by Nanaia Mahuta and her Brown Round Table henchmen.. David
cost savings from a labour socialist government. not likely. steven
proposal is antidemocratic and will lead to primitive tribal rule. Previous Labour promises have not been fulfilled. fred
I am absolutely sure that they cannot, will not and really don’t care whether the NZ consumer benefits at all from this ghastly mess they call 3 Waters. As long as Nanaia Mahuta and her”talented Whanau” benefit financially that’s all they care about. Like all evil, unjust regimes their days are numbered. Lets hope their downfall is very heavy and very thorough. Rosemary
constant blowouts are consistent with this Adern lead shambolic govt Ewan
No way! Paul
The Labour government has failed in their delivery of housing and vocational education. Iwi will be given overall control which they exercise for the benefit of their own people Dorothy
NO.NO.NO. It will follow all the other promises made, like health, housing, education , mainly Poly Tec.. Massive spending without any notable benefit to the whole country. New Zealand is being bombarded daily with detrimental propaganda not helped by the $55 million dollar bribe made to all media outlets who show no opposition to 3 waters. Cyril
Two words – track record Christina
Not while race trumps science & not while bureaucrats are in charge, remote from the action. Peter
and it will be a failure and a disaster… Gregor
Why would this reform work better than any of the other FAILURES of this government??? Gary
Disaster for ratepayer! Centalisation has seldom benefited anyone except all the newly appointed administrators. Kevin
It only adds costly further layers of governance and administration to a further distance from the business. Terry
No chance. It is all ideological clap trap to appease the Maori caucus more than any thing that could possibly called altruistic Keith
3waters is and will be a total disaster. There are going to be so many layers of bureaucracy that the person in the street who has a water main burst outside his home has absolutely no chance of getting it sorted out before entire properties are flooded and 10s of thousands of litres if water are wasted. How long will it be before Iwi are asking for royalties from everyone that needs water supplies to their home or business? As I said a complete and total disaster and water of money Marilyn
Alongside the blatant lying about NZ’s dirty water causing 34,000 people to become sick every year (totally untrue), the disgraceful TV advertising making it appear as if our water is dirty is unforgivable. Toss this Ardern Govt out before they make changes that will be hard to reverse. Worst govt in my living memory. Robert
Policy made up and implemented in a rush based on political ,racist and ignorance elements is not going to ,work ! Bruce
Too much incompetence shown by the labour government to install confidence. Judith
I have a very high level of confidence that it result is massive cost increases and more delivery failures. Peter
I have no confidence in the current Labour Government getting anything right, so why would 3 waters be any different?!?! J J
Certainly not! It is a total disaster waiting to happen, and worse still, will add to the growing racial discontent within our country. Hugh
Absolutely NOT Geoffrey
A couple more points on 3 waters–perhaps most know these but just in case, they are, high-power factors driving the reforms, at least by iwi. 1–At 2012, the Maori King, Tuheitia–who is I understand, Nanaia Mahuta’s cousin, told 1000 NZ’ers at a meeting, that in spite of fresh water falling from the sky as rain and snow, it was owned by Maori; “We have always owned the water”. He said–“the ultimate goal for iwi is to retain management and control of water…”. Now, 10 years or so later, Mahuta is fully committed to bringing her cousin’s prophetic utterance, into full substance and enslaving the entire NZ population, with binding regulations and laws with perpetual Royalties and usage payments, by all. Have no doubt on these counts–even the committee reviewing 3 waters a few months ago–most of whom were for the reforms, were not allowed to tinker with co-governance or Royalties. They were closed vault issues, preserved for the future implementation and guilded pathway of, of iwi control and wealth. So, there it is–the undeniable backbone to the 3 waters drive. Obviously, if you want to control people and a population, apart from military force, controlling a substance like water, is the ultimate. It’s absolutely indispensable to every facet of our lives, 7 days a week. This also positions iwi to an elevated platform, not much below the authority of a government itself. ( The above quotes came from a NZ Herald article). Look at it though–‘the ultimate goal for iwi…’ If this reckless, insane and juvenile 3 waters charade is empowered, it will be little different from a communist regime’. Under Taumata Arowai’s guidance–chaired by Mahuta’s sister, will be required that even roof water, bore and spring (creek) waters, will be eligible for assessment and charge. This factor, absolutely confirms the 3 waters mandate, is about power and wealth and nothing to do with health of water! 2–But check this out, from a separate article as quoted by David Rankin: As Ngapuhi Leader David Rankin says–“Prior to the arrival of Europeans in New Zealand, Maori never owned water. There is no cultural basis or historical precedent for the claim. Neither is it a Treaty right. This is just a case of opportunism and on the basis of the foreshore and seabed issue, Maori have learned that if we keep pushing for the right to something, eventually, a weak Government will give in and hand it over to us”. So that learned statement washes the whole iwi camp downstream; unfortunately though, they have fabricated so much energy behind this issue and seduced so many into their convictions, all carried along by a porous, cancerous government and extremely dangerous leader, that their efforts have formed a stronghold. But, it is certain that we, the ordinary people of this great land, can and will prevail and this with truth and common sense. Absolute, head-on challenge with no back-down, is the only way to deal to a bully! It’s not just New Zealand–it’s our futures and that of our Children and Grandchildren and reasonable, lawful prosperity. There is, in this nation, no room whatsoever, for power-mongers, communists, or self-elected dictators. We can win this. And we must. Alan
They will be an absolute disaster Armand
They are the most useless Government of all time! They have achieved nothing and will achieve nothing. Levonne
The supply and disposal responsibility for water must stay with the local authorities, the governing legal framework should come from central government Gerhard
The whole lot is smokescreen for co-governance. It will all end up a disaster! steve
So many costs are caused by this ‘government’ by clawing away at remaining in power – Tight labour market is due to being paid not to work hides the unemployment figure. Peter
traitors !! Joe
They haven’t achieved anything so far Stanley
This government couldn’t run a bath. Terry
This government is incapable of doing anything Geoff
They are so incompetent at managing our once happy country and are divided it it by race. Dave
The policy has not been thought out correctly. Layering it with bureaucracy is surety of failure. Dennis
Impossible for this Government tis unable to Active anything to do with Business .Not One off them have had to Generate a Profitable Position to pay Wage’s.! Be Kind! That’s the Biggest Joke of the Century . Mike
absolutely not, why do you think NZers are up in arms so forcefully Robin
The labour govt are not capable of delivering anything that is for the good of this country. End of story Gail
Maori are scaring out plumbers and nurses so they leave NZ causing Kiwis to be refugees and leave the country for maori to control,, but who is their partner, not Kiwis? George
Based on previous evidence there is absolutely no chance of the claimed savings Alain
All government policies should be colour blind if the have any chance of success Brian
I have no confidence at all in centralist socialist policies which remove decision making at a local level, There are only a few instances where nationwide rules are necessary, including, the time, which side of the road we drive on, IRD tax rates and the like. I say, out with this socialist rabble! Peter
Self evident it will be a mess like everything else they are bloody hopelessly out of control driven by UN mandates and WEF mandates. Apparently it’s progressive governance ?? Peter
Just another big Labour blunder coming? John T
NZ is set to re visit the musket wars of the early 19th century when iwi fought iwi for no other reason than revenge and ego. Geoffrey
Not a chance they are incapable of doing anything of any importance Peter
Like every other grandiose scheme. Total disaster. Prue
Their track record speaks for itself Bruce
Not capable Diane
When it is necessary to bribe the councils to get their support, we can be fairly certain that support is not based on a strong business case. Jacob
This is a terrible Bill and must be opposed by all Tax payers Ian
No, labour will struggle with the complexity’s involved. Structure of management when several boards are brought together for one thing. Easier to say than do, typical of this government. Owen
Virtually everything they have done has been a failure and a cost blow out so everything suggests Thee Waters will be the same. Llew
The proposed Three Waters reforms are wrong on some many levels it is incredible that the government still wants to proceed with them in the face of so much opposition. The current Labour government and the Three Waters reforms are both shambolic. Alister
Not on your nelly Graham
A staggering waste of money and resources Michael
incompetence & corruption abounds as always with labour,–useful idiots to the cunning Maori theives. bruce
Labour does not the ability Nigel
Not a snowballs chance in hell. Louise
Absolutely not, 3 waters will another unmitigated disaster for the people of this country by the half witted labour govt. It’ll join the litany of abject failures which has characterized this govt Flip
Muppet’s Justin
No,no confidence in anything they do Marion
Must be stopped Ross
Look out all people irrigating. They are deliberately not talking about it, but if they charge 2c / cu m for water, and your allocation is 100 L / sec. ie. enough to water approx 180 hectares, then that will cost you $172.80 a day. Tim
None of the structural reforms introduced by this government have achieved the promised benefits. John
They have failed everywhere else so the confidence that they will fail again is 100%. Kevin
This racist rubbish from an extremist government will not deliver anything on time and within budget. The only things it will deliver are bills to non-maori water users and control of water to maoridom. Gavin
thay are full a shit thats going to cost us millions of $ Alan
NZ is now an undemocatric country to be ruled by tribal ways. Very sad. Dane
Just look at their record to date and those in charge Jim
I have NO confidence at all in this current bunch of incompetent misfits that calls itself a “Government”. Vic
This is the biggest joke I’ve seen. Next we will have the gods and goddesses running the show. Annette
They have not costed their reforms. It is an exercise in stealing. Phil
Because their strategy is for political reasons only. Cost is not a consideration Bruce
They couldn’t deliver a piss up in a brewery Teresa
Not a show in hell Rob
Given their tragic performance to date one could hardly have confidence they could deliver on anything – even a local pizza! Graeme
With their track record that has to be a NO. This Government is totally out of control with their excessive spending with no accountability that we can see. In the business world their incompetence would scream for them to be OUTED! Vivienne
When can we vote this Labour Govt OUT? No longer any confidence in their direction. What about a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE? Ian
HELL NO! Grant
Not a hope in hell, far too corrupt and no real idea in what they are doing Beau
They have failed in everything since in government David
Another debacle in the making. Alec
No confidence in a bunch of idealogical amateurs who are systematically destroying this country… A million people considering leaving it says it all Jock
The Labour Government is incompetent, devisive, non democratic, fostering an apartheid and communist country and turning New Zealand into a third world country Ann
Anyone who thinks labours can deliver the racist water policy has rocks in their head Ihaia
It will be another botched project costing the tax payer. All this unnecessary cost to set up 3 Water when the government knows it will not be governing after the next election and 3 Waters will be repealed is just wasteful spending. Richard
It is simply a grab for Maori and Ardern will do anything to pander to them. Lois
No chance in hell Craig
Thy are the dumbest government in our history Russell
Labour is just the blind leading the blind, and they will totally decimate this Country given the chance. Roll on the next election so that we can see the back of them. everyone I know simply hates them for what they have done to date and Three waters will just make people hate them more. Gavin
Capitulating to the Maori caucus in every instance!! They need to go NOW!! Given the current economic times this country NEW ZEALAND, will forever suffer at the hands of these incompetent fools!! Ron
Why isn’t anyone quizzing Jacinda about three waters and why didn’t Mahuta seek approval from Jacinda about her family appointments rather than lesser ministers Tony
It is clearly politically driven to favour those who claim some Maori ancestry, to the detriment of the 83% who have no such claim. Peter
This government is the worse administration that NZ has had bear since the Muldoon era. Their blatant misuse of taxpayer money is nigh on criminal. Who do they think they are? Paul
I have no confidence in anything this government promises. I am also sick and tired of policies based on ethnicity and the maorification of the names of government (& local body) departments. re health I agree with Andrew Little – it is not a crisis, it is a catastrophe! Neville
You mean, based on their demonstrated ability to deliver quality outcomes? Yeah, nah. Mike
I have never seen a more incompetent and useless government in my entire voting life which has covered 65 years. To think they can pull this planned highjack of our assets, paid for by our rates, and turn it into a superior entity is an absolute joke. It is solely aimed at giving the assets to Maori for their financial benefit. Richard
This 3 Waters joke has become a war just waiting to happen. john
Hopeless Clare
The Labour Govt is made up of corrupt cheats and liars. Nothing in the media is ever true. There is always a “spin” added to make things look better than the dismal failure they are. The govt system in this country is done. Get rid of parliament and give local govt the teeth and the finances to run thew country. Then we could get rid of all the MPs and all the 30,000 or so other hangers on. Imagine the success that would ensue? Then the true “will of the people” will become the rule of the day! Neil
There is nothing this Labour Gov has done that is based on facts or careful analysis. They are sadly for all of us incompetent. They are a huge risk to NZ. Maurice
Surprise! Rodney
B/c of the racial undertone of the concept the transfer of ownership from us to them exposes the ignorance of real democracy as the western world mostly determines it. The option that socialists and communist…is not ‘by the people for the people’. Ced
Government ie Labour, have not satisfactorily stated why the reforms are necessary. If their aim is race based control of resources why not admit it and then see what people want??It is Theft from the Councils who have done a fantastic job of supplying their communities with services, and the people who have paid for them, all races, faiths, denominations, to have it all go to greedy avaricious elite Maori who wish to control not only their Maori kin but all others in NZ. Shame on them . ! The Treaty Chiefs would be very angry with them !!! Such treachery after their Goodwill with the Crown. Bev
What a joke this government is every thing they touch is a disaster. Allan
The Three Waters reforms are not about water services. The whole thing is intended to give Jacinderella’s maori paymasters more power over New Zealand and ALL its people, not just the maoris. All of her policies are political, this one is nothing to do with water, just as the ‘Health’ reforms are not about improving health services, nor the polytechnic reforms about improving training. This deceitful, narcissistic woman and her incompetent cohorts have been, and continue to be, a disaster for New Zealand. Please use your next vote wisely, or it may be your last. TOBY
I’m sorry to say this, but these people are halfwits, they couldn’t run a bath. Merryl
As with all other orgs / agencies that have maori elite running or having undue influence over them it will be a financial disaster for the country whilst lining their pockets ! Glen
This has to be the worst government in NZ’s history. Everything they attempt becomes chaotic and a money sink. The effects of this disaster will take generations to recover from. Lee
They couldn’t organise a party in a brewery Tony
NZCPR recently published an article by Judge Anthony Willy on the subject of Marxism in NZ. In it the Judge concludes that it definitely exists here and that part of the philosophy is to totally wreck society in this country. What we are seeing is this plan in action. It is no accident, it is deliberate and part of the World Economic Forum plans for the take over of the world. Ronmac
No! They cannot deliver on anything they touch! Also what they are doing is illegal. It must be stopped. Bill
imprison the traitors tom
What will their IT. A whole new national billing system will be needed for a start!! – replacing systems that already exist! – crazy. John
We don’t want the Three Waters Reform at all. Bruce
Not a hope in hell Philip
Control and power via stealth for the elite ‘iwi’ continues on unabated. New Zealander’s have to combat the situation. Election time will hopefully see us across the winning line and the Labour party shredded to the dustbin of History. Chris
The Labour government is a disaster Rod
they are not capable of delivering anything for anyone who are not Maori. This is the start of to claim on the Waikato river by Tainui. Dive and rule. Stephen 
To take over council water resources and run them by a committee is destined to fail and increase costs to rate payers Peter
I can only presume the question was asked as a JOKE. If this legislation is allowed to proceed, it will be no more than the wedge destroying our democracy, having been driven even deeper. This is starting to get scary, yet recent polls show the LEFT could still retain power if an election was held to-morrow. A.G.R.
Why might they become competent now??? John
They haven’t achieved any thing else they have tried. Why should this work? Bev
We are on the way to becoming another Venezuela under the Labour government John
Hopefully it will go the way of all their previous endeavours – down the gurgler. Alan
Transparency & kindness @ an all time low… kenn
Emphatically NOT! All Ardern is capable of delivering is a packet of fush ‘n’ chups across a chip shop counter – BUT – you’d best make sure she’s giving you what you ordered. Ron
How is it that these incompetents are still the GOVT of NZ? There most surely be a way (short of civil disobedience and or war) to get rid of them legally before they bankrupt and cripple our country and society. Step forward ACT? Andrew
No, I say leave well alone. Most things this Government has done has cost the Tax Payers more. WilliaM
It cannot work. The model they are using is wrongly focused – too many bosses, not enough workers. Same as health etc. malcolm
Not a hope in hell. What a dismal pack of idiots and racists. They have wrecked the country beyond recognition. A ex pat family member came home recently from the UK for 2 weeks and couldn’t believe the carnage, wokeness and pathetic NZ media. She will never be fooled into voting LEFT again. Here’s hoping next year’s special voters do the same. ALSO, IT WOULD BE GREAT TO READ THE COMMENTS OF THE 1%ERS WHO VOTE AGAINST THE TREND EACH WEEK. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THEIR MINDS WORK.. JUST LIST THE COMMENTS THE FOLLOWING WEEK (WITH NO NAMES) Creed
Full stop David
track record of abject failure ray
They are bloody useless and have to go. Lyn
Labour and the Greens fail at every turn Andrew
The iwi have far too much power and the country will be beggared if this continues. Murray
We don’t want the projected reforms, we don’t need the reforms & we don’t need 50% co-governance in any shape or form. Neville
Judging by the past broken promises of this Government how could they deliver the promised reforms. Ross
iwisation Mike
If it’s given over to iwi to “co-govern”, then they haven’t got a shit -show in hell of getting it right. After all, they haven’t got anything else that they’ve tried right, have they? Trevor
Ardern and her bunch of muppets could not organise a booze up in a brewery. The combined IQ of the entire Labour Caucus would be in the negative. Devoid of talent ideas and direction. NZ deserves better than this and it is going to take years to sort out the disaster that=has been the last 5 years of Ardern’s failed Government. Her legacy will be an absolute fail in all aspects of governance and after being removed from office hopefully she will be treated with absolute disdain and the opprobrium that she deserves. Allan
A no is in line with the question, has labour made good on previous promises? Graeme
This non democratic gvt is dangerous for NZ Susie
Not in a million years… Clive
Centralizing water control is patently stupid ; and with Iwi having half the control is NOT democracy and therefore should be deemed illegal as it is totally against the public interest. Also illegal is the govt., using general tax money to pay off the Media so that the public do not get the true story about what is really going on in this country. Graeme
As your most interesting article reports this Labour Government are in complete disarray and totally incompetent. Ann
It’s a rort to enable a self serving radical and racist group of PART maori activists a 1/2 share of the assets and control of the infrastructure of NEW ZEALANDS property and services. It’s called apartheid !!! Bruce
The only thing they’ve delivered is a socialist lifestyle in beautiful NZ. Liz
Just add another failure to the growing list. Dave
NO! The word “promised” gives the answer to the question. Since when did Jacinda’s weird mob ever keep a promise or deliver anything other than financial disaster. There is more chance of that crowd delivering and “English Language” week than keeping a promise or achieving anything they have promised. They are making a fair start on apartheid though. The country is stuffed. Bruce
Had no confidence in Labour to start with Dominic
Centralisation rarely means an improvement. Rob
The Labour government is demonstrably incompetent on all fronts, it should be removed from office. Johanna
I have no more confidence in their managing three waters any more than the housing, child poverty, polytechs, & health systems. Just one more scam/shamble. Sarah
No business sense whatsoever Alan
This government is not capable of doing anything right… just a complete shambles. Peter
idiots Ross
Absolutely no confidence whatsoever. A Bryden
In 2020 I did not vote Labour. David
No chance, especially with their track record David
This Government has absolutely under performed in everything it has attempted. For most Kiwis this is a bloody Nightmare and inflicted untold hardship on thousands of Families. For God’s sake can we please get some Professionals in before we all go back to stone age living. Geoff
Absolutely no confidence in this Labour Government or its leadership full stop. vic
Even a blind man can see that this is another train wreck in the making. If this had any chance at all of success, it would need to be run by people with years of experience in this sort of thing, and not a bunch of maori tribalists looking after their cousssies. 3Waters will be an unmitigated disaster, and will require frequent bailing out by the tax and ratepayers. Jan
Labour’s management of the country is alarming. Wendy
Of course not. There’s not a hope in hell that we will be paying less for our water Peter
I have no confidence in the Labour Party delivering anything but mayhem and apartheid to to NZ.If I was a a few years youngerI would relocate to Australia or Canada and never return. Steve
They cant even deliver the petition against 3 waters in the mail! Nikki
The idea of centralising water in the first place when councils are doing a great job of supplying water reticulation has to be the dopiest thing the labour govt can do. William
Labour’s aim is destroy NZ. They’re puppets of the WEF, Billy Gates, etc Simon
It is going to cost a hell of a lot more than they say. I cannot understand why they think they can do it cheaper than the existing local authority. The winners will be the Maori elite Frank
All that. Was needed was a contestable fund and a team of engineering experts to provide appropriate timely advice to the councils who hold the assets we have paid for Cliff
Definitely NO What a shambles NZ is in. Evelyn
They are a DISASTER DIanne
3w is a scam to give Maori water royalties Ray
Impossible Undemocratic Margaret
Of course not. Joseph
this is a rubbish government with no clear thinking duncan
Woo on charge , yeah right Keith
Totally useless Keith
I have no trust in this labour government at all they have to go Jimmy
I hope Labour won’t deliver at all! It will cost a lot of money to roll it all back. Pam
This dysfunctional bunch of muppets could not organise a booze-up in a brewery!!!! Henry
No confidence at all. Nothing Labour has been involved in has been good news. A complete disaster in everything they touch. Kevin
a labour is making everything so twisted that the private person money cannot be looked after bryan
None whatsoever… Liebour are totally incompetent, an hopeless, they need to go PRONTO! David
Not in my life time Daryl
No confidence at all. It’s just ideolog Socialist dogma with a capitulation to the Maori caucus who seek to norhing more than utu for their past failures to join in with the spirit and the freedoms offered by the greatest government system ever to have been derived by mankind. Garry
None of their special reforms have worked so far & neither will the “3 waters’ be viable. peter
What a legacy to leave from Labour – unbelievable. Words fail me.. Roy
no way in hell !! norman
Scrap it. We’ve all got to fight to kick this government out. Socialism is all that JA cares about. It was a very bad day that she was elected. Laura
A huge no, just another promise to give more and more to the chosen ones laurie
Given their track record, I have no confidence whatsoever in the party of Jacinda. My desire to return to New Zealand, my birth country, reduces by the day. Barry
con job to pass the control of water to Maori. Next it will be the air that we breathe Ivan
With poor performance from so called previous mergers ( housing ,education etc. ) this would be an even bigger disaster inflicted on the New Zealand public Logan
0% chance of anything good coming from the incompetence of these plonkers. 100% certainty this will create havoc. Mark
No rational thinking person could believe that this government is capable of running anything, let alone 3 Waters. Marion
No confidence at all, just like Max Bradford promising cheaper electricity when he deregulated the power industry. Chris
They have not delivered effectively on a single policy that requires actual infrastructural and governance change. The only ones they seem to get delivered are the ones changing numbers, like fuel excise modifications, number of months up until an abortion is legal. Their lack of real world experience in actually getting things done is frighteningly apparent. Derek
We don’t have confidence in this Labour Govt. at all for any ability to achieve anything beneficial for our country. Jacqueline
It’s just a Maori co-governance grab Janne 
Labours entire governance of this country has been an abject failure, a disgrace, and without accountability too! John
Labour are a cluster of incompetent idealists. STOP dismantling structures we have in place now. You have proven yourselves incapable of restructuring anything! Neil
No more confidence than I have had in their other failed policies Kevin
I have zero confidence that Labour can deliver anything but poverty, deprivation, human rights abuses, economic destruction, racism and general incompetence in everything. Richard
NO Not by a country mile. It is all pie in the sky delivered by a bunch of misinformed amateurs with a very questionable aim . There is no need for any such reform as there is no issue or crisis requiring it. The aim is to deliver power to Iwi and significant income to it’s management and fabricated jobs for the iwi Boys. The development of better water quality from mammoth borrowed investment with no policy for repayment shows a total lack of any intelligent thought. It is shambolic in its ideals with no realistic chance of ever achieving any measurable progress towards an improved outcome that is affordable. terrence
I oppose the Water Services Entities Bill and require the Select Committee to withdraw this bill on the basis that it is contrary to the public interest and harmful to democracy. My main concerns include: – Communities have not been properly consulted over any proposal – The modelling and assumptions cannot be relied on – The estimates of costs to water users cannot be trusted – The growing debt will create a huge burden for future generations – The co-governance arrangements are discriminatory and anti-democratic. The Bill should not proceed. Ken
Muriel says it all. June
Definitely a no I have previously been a member of a water supply committee for over twenty years These are locally owned and operated schemes and must remain that way otherwise they will fail Brian
Due to their track record being total failure I can’t see anything changing , Its just political promise . Ken
Absolutely not! Labour’s track record across all of its reforms has been totally abysmal. Its failings across all sectors of health, housing, education and economic management reflect a degree of incompetence never before experienced in the history of New Zealand. It is disappointing however that National are failing to confront so much of what Labour are enacting, especially with regard to the Maori dominance over policy and management. National seem to be afraid to call out the injustices being imposed in the governance of NZ – afraid of being accused of playing the “race card ” instead of going in to bat for a fair and equitable system that is representative of ALL New Zealanders. John
This apology for an administration is incapable of managing anything other than a catastrophe — and then only at the causative stage. Philip
I don’t have confidence in anything the government says. Jack
Based on their current track record on metal health, child poverty, Kiwi Build, Kainga Ora, covid, etc pigs will fly first. Mark
I wouldn’t trust labour whatever they say or do since they are in bed with a bunch of loonies and corrupt and disfigured so called humans all of whom are just looking after themself’s and not this country called NEW ZEALAND. Richard
They havent delivered anything else they promised on time or otherwise, why should this be any different David
the sooner these fools are gone the better. I just hope National can reverse some of these terrible policies. Rick
Not now, not ever Graham
they have stuffed everything else and this will be no different. graeme
None . How can a bunch of self-serving half breeds ,socialist pushing ,and homosexuals have sufficient nouse to have any hope of running any organization ,apart from into the ground . Never mind whitey will repair things as per usual . Governor General get off you backside and do what you are paid to do . Ray
Just another political stunt. Labor giving in to the maori party. kevin
with their track record it would take a MIRACLE – highly unlikely with the proposed people to be in charge. Sylvia
The Labour Government has failed with every one of its reforms and 3 waters will be yet another massive failure. Hopefully there will be a change of government before it can be implemented. Les
Absolutely everything done by this Government has been a dismal failure. The only people prospering are Motel owners! Michael
They can’t organise or run anything. Peter
Absolutely opposed to council assets being taken over and then co governance run it will be diabolical kelly
no way – the calculations are flawed Colin
They might be delivered by ‘miracle’ – but at what Cost john
They have no ability to deliver on anything except line there own and family’s pockets Norm
No confidence whatsoever! Their track record shows abysmal failures in just about everything they’ve done. No proper planning, and going against advice from government departments is the height of arrogance. Laurence
They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. NO Pam
Labour’s track record is one of failure to achieve any of its major objectives. Why would we think it can suddenly succeed in this one? Centralisation internationally, right from the beginning of the Communist take over in the Soviet Union, has proven to be disastrous bringing famine, disease, poverty and oppression. The same has been true of every country unfortunate enough to come under Marxist control. Communism is another form of tribalism which has never brought freedom and prosperity to anyone. Why would we want to go the same way as Zimbabwe and South Africa? Wake up, kiwi people, before it is too late! Duncan
Useless pack of headless chooks Allan
The only thing that this Labour government is capable of delivering is an equal sharing of misery. Scott.
Simply because the added control layers are unnecessary. All that Councils require is better access to funding. DAVID
It’s a rear door for maori control. Allan
With Jacinda Ardern there is this hidden agenda with Maori that she will just not tell the people of NZ about and I truly think she has a mental health issue. kevin
Although everything this government touches is a disaster, I think the worst thing they have done is divide our country along racial lines using taxpayers money to do so. Yes, hardworking taxpayers and salt of the earth Kiwis have paid for all these socialist pipe dreams that none of them actually want. Many people ant to leave the country and I suspect in the next couple of years we will lose our best and brightest. We are now 51 out of 52 in a list of desired countries to return to for ex -pats. Janine
Nothing this Labour Government does is delivered as promised. An absolute shambles!! Jim
Have we ever seen or had a more incompetent government than what’s in power now. The damage they are doing to this country is unbelievable. Snap election NOW please. Peter
With this crowd nothing promised eventuates at a reasonable cost. Shaun
Nothing is ever thought through, they have no imagination past their dogma chris
This is another ploy by the socialist government to deliver control of public ownership of water to indigenous interests to the detrimant of New Zealand Keith
Never! Robin
God forbid that it will ever see the light of day, given that it is all against the wishes of most New Zealanders. It certainly will not be delivered within the budget lies of Mahuta and her maori cohorts. Des
This pack of losers couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery.This is just a rip off by dribble chin and her greedy cohorts to take control of water for money and power. Ross
The three waters will be a total failure like all the other changes that they have made since being in Government and inflation running at 7.3% is proof . Now just watch inflation rise further and i forecast that by end of year that inflation will be closer to 9%. To all you hard working Kiwis you are being screwed and National needs to get tough and put more pressure on this bunch of socialist if they are going to take over as a majority come election time. Act are gaining public support and have given New Zealanders some hope.for a better future. ken
will be another Labour balls up gary
The deceit, ineptitude and incompetence is so bad, Ardern presides over a government that seems hell bent on taking us back to financial ruin and the the dark ages! John
The sooner this rotten government disappears for ever, the better things will be. John
It’s not about water reform, it’s about co governance. Co governance is about maori control of Government as per He Puapua and UNDRIP John
I give them as much confidence as I do the All Blacks of winning a test match especially against the Irish Warren
I have absolutely no faith in this Labour government’s ability to deliver the outcomes as proposed, with the exception of co-governance which is of course the intent. From memory they have managed to botch up everything that they have attempted. It really says it all. chris
Absolutely not !!! In any event it has nothing to do with water. It is all about more and more Iwi involvement in all facets of our lives and control. There are other ways to fix any so called water problems without Government and Iwi control but that is the way of a leftist socialist and dangerous Government. Alan
3waters will be yet another disaster for NZ. The existing LA centered system of managing at the local level will be lost. Dual central control with the maori elite having veto over all decisions is an appallingly bad idea. Charles
Totally inept student politicians who live in a 101 level world but attract real world salaries.What a dream! Bernie
never, nothing the govt does is productive, its designed that way.. wayne
This unpopular Labour Govt. policy is against the wishes of a significant majority of the NZ population. It is undemocratic and wrong. Greg
No confidence at all The reforms are now, Iwi driven and supported by Ardern sopping up to the Maori Party What have labour changed for the better ? ? What sort of nonsense are we going to have inflicted on us by the co governance of this resource which the Maori are on record as wanting to own the water Race Removed from legislation To make NZ a better Nation Bruce
Vote of no confidence in the PM and all the other incompetent muppets ruining our country. We need to also have a referendum on MMP. Why should the smallest party with the least votes dictate who governs the next term. It should be that the party with the majority votes deciding on which minor parties they choose to form a coalition government with and not the other way round as it currently exists eugene
It is just a greedy grab! Dick
I have absolutely no confidence in the Labour Government delivering anything but disaster on the so called Three Water reforms. (Their other disasters include education, health, housing and, oh! about everything else they have touched) Further, the whole Three Waters scheme is based on an outrageous bare-faced theft of property and services that have been paid for over more than a hundred years by ratepayer citizens of New Zealand. What was the contribution Maori “iwi” made to this? Why should they have their nose in the trough? Don’t tell me it was detailed, like a thousand other wonderful and unlikely things, in the much maligned Treaty of Waitangi. That’s a real sick laugh! ROB
The Labour Govt has managed to wreck everything they touch. They have forced apartheid on to us, they have bastardised New Zealand and created disrespect for authority. Sharron
Not a chance! Bryan
Like anything this Government has tried it will be another disaster. Peter
Have no confidence at all it is doomed to fail like any promise Labour has made leo
This government is totally inept – a bunch of Marxist academics and union officials who are devoid of any real world business or living experience. They couldn’t successfully organise a pissup in a brewery! Alan
Labour government are useless Mike
At least ACT and National have stated publicly that they will repeal this rubbish. Graham
Everything this Government has done has ended in abject failure and 3Waters won’t be any different. Kate
Labour has shown itself to be completely incompetent at running this country. Their reforms will be paid by future generations with absolutely no benefit. Labour is a disgrace! Eric
I have absolutely no faith in Labour or that the National Party will not just follow what Labour has done with 3 Waters. They all lie through their teeth prior elections. Laurell
Yet another of Jacinda’s disasters Bruce
Not a snowballs chance in hell!! Mike
They are idiots. National needs just one upfront policy; Reverse ALL of Labour’s muck. Robert
Looks to me like another of their major failures David
Neither do I have confidence that Labour will listen to the information held within the submissions against this policy. They will push it through regardless as if none of us exist! sue
This government is taking what was a wonderful country, into a backwater and a dump. They have to be removed. Tom
left wing rubbish B rian
They have shown at every turn that their changes have failed. Tessa
This Labour Government has already introduced many dictatorial policy changes behind the backs of New Zealanders many of which are causing massive upheavals e.g. racial education, high truancy numbers, drastic hospital staffing shortages under the guise of Covid issues, 3 Waters take over and ‘give away’ when they can’t satisfactorily and efficiently run our Hospital services. Why wont Jacinda debate openly with New Zealand – what is she so coy about? Just think about what happens when activities take place ‘in the dark.’ What is the motive for nefarious activities when they are imposed on others? Is this democracy? I think not! Stuart
It will only provide more jobs for public servants, greater costs, and will certainly be a failure. Bottom line is that it is theft from ratepayers to satisfy the growing socialist state. Colin
Labour has failed on every policy they have tried to introduce which shows that there is a singular lack of expertise by their Ministers to execute a simple task. Ian
none at all – labour’s incompetence is clearly evident and it is time they were hounded out of office russell
For all the reasons outlined by you, and the fact that 1 iwi will be opposed by another as has been the case for many years over tribal affiliation. Mel
I have no confidence Labour can deliver on any reforms. What is the answer? National? Luxon, appears to walk the road of appeasement in regards to all things Maori. We need a leader who will state what they stand for (all one people equal under the law), and stick to it. Let the country choose the path they wish to pursue. Who knows where Luxon truly stands on some very important matters? fred
In addition I am extremely concerned about the race based control proposed by this proposal. It cannot be allowed to proceed. Steve
I am deeply saddened that a society which stood for so many fine values through most of my 78 years is. being torn apart while 121 MPs gutlessly remain silent. David
How can you have any confidence in this communist government that cannot get anything right as they are determined to ruin this country by any means they can and all you silly bloody sheep out there are letting her do it you are more concerned about the bloody All Blacks than our country eric
Failure is guaranteed as has been proven with the Iwi lead failure of our once valued Housing NZ and NZ Polytechnic Institutions. Anything controlled by asset grabbing Iwi Maori Elite and labour Maori caucus has ironclad bankrupt guarantee as they are incapable of agreeing amongst themselves and will demand more money to research how to come to an agreement Result No Money For Water Improvement. Result -BANKRUPTED NZ TAXPAYERS ASSETS. Brenda
Too many dead heads given sit on bums jobs creating confusion for those at the work face thus creating excessive costs. john
Their abysmal track record speaks for itself. Allan
The quicker we all get rid of this Govt the better but damage can be done in 18 mths so hard hats on for now. Barbara
with all THE ADDED STAFF AND OVERHEADS and extra TRAVEL COSTS how can it be more cost affective. Gaire
Ii is a shame just to give control of water to Maori it will never deliver if anything it will plunge New Zealand into another crisis, lack of water, expensive water, more racial division Nigel
its not about water quality… its about water ownership & iwi control Graeme
Labour are a disaster! Mark
Labour ministers are all a bunch of no hopers Les
None whatsoever, They have achieved little significant, beneficial change in four years, cannot see them starting now. Grahame
I have absolute confidence that 3 waters will cost far more and ultimately fail. Mike
I’m confident in them delivering trouble. Tribe Waikato are heavily implicated and that could boil over into domestic tribal wars again. Land ownership is also at risk. some believe that Maori are spiritually attached to the land and it can only be theirs. kevin
Another Government failure in the making. Peter
They have proven that they are incompetent at delivering anything – Failures: Kiwibuild, Hospitals that are unable to treat the sick and dying, Immigration policies that support local businesses, construction industry price escalations that have pushed up new house building costs by 18%, centralised polytechs that are leaderless and facing budget blowouts, Housing corporation that is heading towards bankruptcy. Ardern’s socialist beliefs are destroying the enterprise that NZ was founded upon. She wan’t be satisfied until we are a Marxist state. Marx wrote “the power relationships between capitalists and workers were inherently exploitative and would inevitably create class conflict.” He believed that this conflict would ultimately lead to a revolution in which the working class would overthrow the capitalist class and seize control of the economy. NZ’s place in the world was built on free-thinking, innovation, risk-taking and real hard work. Those recipients of the government handouts that don’t require them to work are totally behind her drive to destroy capitalism in NZ Kerry
Labour are incapable of filling a bucket with water Colin
Bin Arden the communist dictator with all her muppets (white and mouldy faces) by her side should be hung / shot for what they are doing to New Zealand Anon
absolutely not……they have destroyed everything – this will be no different Lynn
just like everything they do. No confidence. But will an ACT / National government undo all or anything and if so, when and how ? bill
No – They have delivered on nothing since being in office except making us a third world country so why would this be any different. Addrianne
They have no capability to construct anything Tony
How could they? There incompetent Graeme
Having worked in the SOE’s for Roger Douglas, I can assure you that the Govt is hopeless at running a business and this lot with a bunch of dead beat Ministers is even worse. John
The Three Waters and He PuaPua policies, that were kept secret at the last elections are the reasons why I consider this govt to be fascist in nature rather than democratic. James
Surely this question is redundant? Rex
It will be a mess for sure with costs through the roof/ David
The present Government of NZ would not be capable of organising a piss up in a brewery! Elizabeth
Co-governance is a total fraud designed by the worst possible racist extremist politicians in NZ. It is a deliberate corruption of democracy that is intended to slash the rights of the vast majority of NZ citizens in favour of enriching and empowering the Maori elite. Ardern is a either too corrupt or too gutless to put a stop to the Maorification of our country. She promised to govern for ALL NZers but she blatently lied is is in fact governing for Maori. Labour MUST be stopped NOW! Steve
Got to be kidding biggest fraud and deceit yet Alan
Absolutely not. Why ask this question when National / Act will reverse the legislation? Brian
And New Zealand does NOT need this racist ACT or LAW. Time this whole Labour shambles was canned TIME for an early election Carl
Labour simply cannot do anything and get it right, as proven in the past. Leave stuff as it was, better results with the tried and true. Amalgamation leads to higher costs Michele
dont want an iwi led body at all we are all NZers with 1 vote each Wiremu
Not even a remote possibility. Yet another disaster that will permanently damage New Zealand’s future. The worst affected will be our children and grandchildren, that is if they choose to remain in this declining country. Such a shame. Frank
It will be another disaster like the other centralised shambles that they have created. Murray
Three waters is nothing to do with water clean , dirty, or otherwise. It’s all about Maori securing a perpetual income stream that cannot be interfered with without resorting to violence. It hasn’t a ghost of a chance of delivering savings or better service. It is doomed to fail. David
Not even a remote chance that the reforms might work. Bruce
Not as hope in hell Colin
they are hopeless robin
Labour will be remembered as the Government that destroyed the New Zealand way of life in such a disastrous way, I don’t know if we can recover from it Peter
The labour cult has proven that the only thing that they can deliver is failure. They have shown time and time again that they are completely incompetent, lack intelligence, are corrupt, cannot be trusted and are intent on destroying our democracy. Terry M
Doomed to drown from the start like the Lab Govt: Goodbye. mike
It is clear that Labour and the public service in general is not fit for purpose. I doubt a National led government would be any better and indeed we need massive constitutional reform. Councils, who should be looking after the best interests of their ratepayers and ratepayer assets have become a tool of the Labour government. Not only do we see this in 3 Waters, but the fervour in which most Councils have promoted unscientific and incredibly harmful Labour Covid policy. This included locking ratepayers/residents out of facilities they pay for. None of our public bodies are fit for purpose. They are unaccountable, transparent, bloated and expensive. Alex
The government are totally incapable of organising anything. Every “policy” is a knee jerk reaction Jana
None whatsoever. David
why would anyone have confidence in this Labour government, they are a racist bunch of shifty, lying, non-performers. They are not deserving of our trust or our votes. Tony
Of course the answer is no, Nothing this government has done since they have been in power has come to fruition so this is not likely to work either. I understand from insiders that the new health reforms are going to plan either Les
This shambolic, self-serving, communist disaster currently in office in New Zealand absolutely MUST go. Wake up New Zealand! Before it’s too late………. Logan
You must not be serious to even ask such a question. Socialist politicians are generally incapable to to organise anything practical or common sense procedures. Just look at the skill level of our ministers. Leonard
There is no way unelected, unqualified people can run this more efficiently!!!! What a load of BS Andy
They are a reactionary “government” They have no skills or knowledge about how to manage complex issues. They have an idea – run with it, then realise they don’t know what they are doing so four millions into trying to fix it with consultants! Steph
It will be yet another unmitigated disaster in the long line of abysmal failures this government has presided over. Replacing competence with racist ideology never works – so expect more of the same from this crew of hopeless talking heads. Derek
Totally clueless. Stop now and fix the polytechnic shambles to prove they can do at least one reform.3 Waters will be a costly disaster and health is about to implode, along with runaway inflation. Robert
Except for perhaps the first Labour government, they are and always have made empty promises. Also look at the failure of the Auckland super city promises of efficiencies and lower costs lol. John
Say NO to Three Waters, and to all of He PuaPua William
Never! Pete
No. They are not competent at any thing they do. gale
The Ardern Government is demonstrably incapable of managing absolutely anything that has to do with good economic governance. Fred
I wouldn’t trust this government to run a lemonade stand profitably, let alone the countries water supplies. Brent
A snowballs chance in hell colin
I don’t have confidence of the Labour Government being able to get up in the morning, let alone run a country 🙁 FloJo
Just another government grab of control Bill
they have been a total failure in government Gordon
It’s a tribal power grab, the rest is window-dressing. Trevor
Not a chance! David
Nothing the Labour Government has attempted has been completed on time, and without massive cost overruns. So I cannot see that Three Waters will be any different. Cost savings? More costs. On time? Not likely. Paloma
The additional social and financial cost of undoing and correcting Labours ideological folly needs to be understood and declared. Peter
They do not have the organisational skills errol
How on earth can we be confident in any of these schemes . Everything these political wreckers touch , goes pear shaped and collapses due to the absence of any expertise. They hire armies of consultants, which most likely is just another scheme to put mates into well paid jobs. And I wonder how many hundreds of millions of our hard earned tax dollars are spirited out of the country ( the the Kaiman Islands or Guernsey ). They throw money at problems in such a clumsy way and had this sore bunch of loosers in the Beehive not bought the media , their utter failures would be known by the general public. We can only hope that the general public will finally start hurting enough and realize what they have voted for. Another 16 months of this shambles of a Government is a depressing outlook. They are working hard to soften us up for Agenda 2030. The other big problem is that we have no good political alternative in National or Act. I do not trust either party because one has gone soft and the other one is opportunistic. There is no honesty in either. God help us !!! Michael
No confidence in Labour, what-so-ever. Not in any area. Josephine
Everything they touch fails…. Peter
Two major reasons why 3 waters will be an engineering and economic failure, guaranteed, are: – 3 waters is primarily a vehicle for progressing Maori co-governance. So that is the criteria for success, rather than delivering a cost effective, efficient system. – In any case, Maorification and woke political ideology has rendered moribund the delivery capability of our civil service and government quangos generally. Ron
Adhern not listening to the people she represents, the people she has forgotten about. One nation & one people David
An absolute scam as far as I can see. All about retaining the Iwi vote with no actual positive outcomes. John
Labour achieve anything! Don’t be stupid. They could not achieve achieve anything other than spend taxpayers money and such up to Maoris. Peter
Just another neoMarxist forced bureaucratic expensive undemocratic nightmare of unmitigated theft%u2019 – totally without precedent Hylton
I suspect the claimed savings were a con from the outset. There is no chance of them being achieved. Peter
Its rubbish to think that this move will be any more effective than previous efforts in housing and education. New government needed. Trevor
It’s all a bunch of lies as usual John
This Government’s track record in fiscal responsibility has been and still is simply woeful. The 3waters proposal will be no different. Instead of spending billions of dollars setting up a system bound for failure they should instead be assisting local bodies not having the population base to fund the water upgrade projects themselves. Bruce
The aims of this government seem twofold (1) to wreak havoc to greatest extent in shortest time possible while (2) feathering their own nests. Vandals and crooks the lot of them! Tony
it will be a total disaster if it goes ahead Errol
Time for a change of government John H
Not a sh.t show. Tribal interests, infighting, nepotism, massive cost blowouts, just another labour/maori caucus cockup. Darryl
I have no confidence this Labour Government could collectively clean a toilet properly without a team of 1,000 consultants to advise them how to undertake the task. No chance they will ever deliver on a complex commercial project. Adding iwi to the mix only ensures delays, higher costs and higher bills for users. Just look at what is happening to Tauranga Ports Authority application process to dredge the harbour and add extra capacity for shipping.. This is a national disgrace. Chris
I think this is close to the worst, and most dangerous policies this awful bunch of chimps have attempted yet. Martyn
No way, leave it as it is. Mike
What can you say . This is the worst Government since I started voting 50 years ago. Sadly some of my friends are contemplating leaving if Labour gets back in. They have had enough. Maori agendas and having Maori language forced upon us which is dividing this country. Al our ancestors arrived here by boat of plane. Please let us be treated as one Rod
Not a show in hell. Ardern is dreamng Jef
It is effectively a device for delivering Maori / tribal control / ownership of our water resources and assets – and the first step in Maori ( activists/ tribal elite) rule of the other 99percent of New Zealanders. By collaboration of activists within caucus , Government has now effectively been captured by Its Maori activist members and we effectively right now have neo-nepotism and tribal rule inside Government – despite Manai Mahuta’s recent attempts to dress it up otherwise. Hugh
That is a joke Robbie
With so many more layers of bureaucracy, that has to be paid for, there is no way 3 waters will be cheaper for the ratepayers. In any case this is not about clean water, it’s about power and control. Gavin
No clear, simple objective & plan. Just political tripe. Doug
Of all of the WEO polices they have introduced this the worst, racist and bound to fail. Don
Everything they touch turns to lead! Andi
This government couldn’t deliver a letter standing beside a postbox. Bryan
Labour have consistently failed to deliver on promises / targets and I have no confidence that the proposed three waters project will be successful in achieving stated goals. Peter
The Maori caucus has Jacinda over a barrel. There is panic and confusion as a result. Labor is lacking experience and expertise and consequently is shooting from the hip. Heaven help us! Tony
Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Pip
The promised cost savings are a lie. A complete fabrication made up to try and soften the blow to our democracy. Brenda
Basically a scam for Maori to gain control Gary
The Labour government is entirely driven by (1) the UN Agenda 2030, which says “in 2030 you will own nothing and (2) Marx and engels’ Communist Manifesto, which says “the theory of communism can be summed up in a single sentence: abolition of private property”. They know they’ll be OUT next election so they’re rushing through “Policy Statements” and other sub-legal documents aimed at achieving this aim. Whoever gets in next time is going to have an AWFUL mess to clean up and none of the existing parties has personell capable of doing it. This is a crisis all right. A crisis of government. Sue
ALL Labours reforms are are catastrophic failure, Treasury advice is ignored & Ardern is putting out fires she/he has instigated…this is the worst leadership ever in NZ politics. mark
Theft of ratepayers assets. What’s next I wonder Rose
Not a snowflake in hell’s chance.. They are hopeless.. Don
Too much beauracacy! Paul
Not only are their policies flawed ideaology from the start but also to coin a phrase “they couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery” Mike
Absolutely NOT! Shambles Hilary
obviously you concede the fact it is going to happen by asking this question. All the Fs including farce and fiasco. Poul-Erik
Do you think that the labour politicians feel that they are a JOKE, or do you think that they are bludgeon to accept the situation by a very vicious woman? William
Incompetence central Mark
They have not on any other changes Barry
I hope not Paul
I sincerely hope that the Three Waters proposal fails to be implemented at all, let alone that it might confer any benefits – except to greedy, power-hungry Maori. The whole idea is such a racist con job that I’m amazed anyone could take it seriously. No wonder Labour are frantically canvassing their supporters to submit a submission in favour of the plan. That’s shameful. Graham
totally useless & uncaring government time they went! Dominique 
absolutely not ! mike
nepotism and corruption will kill it alan
It’s just a ploy to entrench APARTHEID further in NZ. Geoff
Labour can’t deliver anything as their prime goal is political that is being seen to do things that support Maori and Greens aspirations! Ray
No way! Lee
They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery  Lindsay
Are you kidding me…..? Look at their track record of mammoth failures, all at the tax payers expense. Gary
Government is pushing through the 3 Waters legislation to deflect public views from their pathetic pathetic performance in Government. Eric
no they wont deliver on time …any way 3 waters is a monumental fiasco and a major tuck …..no one should have any confidence in any thing that they try to implement……as their track record shows …every thing has turned into a disaster Roy
This government could not deliver a pizza. pdm
They are children. Evans
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha neil
Deffinatly not. Mark
Notice how Labour’s changes. always end up with maori headings? What’s that all about? With less than 12% of the population speaking maori, is this childishness really necessary? Charles
Definately not this country is now leaning very much to the left as we are slowly but surely loosing our English heritage and our every day language and English place names Fed up with all this iwi first we are supposed to be NZers but sadly we are not any more Barbara
More Bureaucracy!! Where’s the cost savings and why are Maori involved on a co-governance basis. They’ve NOT contributed to any infrastructure?? Tony
Nothing else that the-is government has attempted has been delivered on time and on budget. And they expect us to believe that this will be different? Rod
It should be stopped immediately Michael
Iwi are incapable of making decisions. The process will stall and cost mega bucks. John
Not a snowball’s chance in hell. These racist woke morons couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. John
The only thing this govt has done is wreck this country. Peter
I wouldn’t expect them to deliver anything that our country needs, let a lone what the public desperate wants!!!! Raewyn
I have no confidence in this government to succeed in anything other than our complete ruin. Michele
Not ever Graeme
How the hell do we get rid of these bastards – where is the governor general – they are purposely driving us to the state Sri Lanka is in. anna
Labour couldn’t even run a kindergarten! Their inability to comprehend that the majority of the population do not understand the Maori language nor do they want to.! Keep and develop all things Maori for those who wish to live that way but let the rest of us live with civilised democracy Chris
Track record Graeme
Labour and Ardern have shown repeatedly that when it comes to practical delivery, they couldn’t run a bath. Jim
It is flawed, racist, costly and theft! Like everything else they do, they will fail miserably at huge costs to ALL Kiwis. Jan
The only moderating feature of this government is they are so talentless their ability to execute is almost nonexistent, so NO they are lying when they say can deliver on time and save money, in reality they don’t care about either, the radical Maori party will still continue to support them whilst Labour does what they want and no Socialist party gives a farq about the cost as they’ll just raid the pockets of the working class, yet again. John
This Government has not fulfilled a single promise so no. Vonne
Noooo given their shambolic history of policy delivery failures. Robert
Another disaster waiting to happen Dianne
Muppets, the lot of them. We the people, should be able to unceremoniously kick such incompetence out of the Bee Hive before any more serious damage to NZ is done! Terry
Cant trust Labour in any form now chris
Absolutely not, they could not organize a p##s up in a brewery. Brian
Absolutely not. This is not a time to load up more debt in a bid to buy votes. I reject the Iwi control element. I reject the centralised control being handed to Iwi. I reject the setting up of the Water Services Regulator controlled by the Ministers sister. The Bill, and the proposal should be tossed out. The Water Services Regulator needs to go. Peter
Zero confidence. The reforms and the reasons why are deeply flawed. It is all about giving power to I will. Jane
Doomed to failure like all the other reforms. Ruth
Absolutely no, as evidenced by their complete failures to date on delivering any positive outcomes. Gavin
This Labour government has produced one disaster after another.. why should 3 Waters be any different? Bruce
Labour couldn’t deliver a paper. Chris
3 waters must not go ahead Kevin
Cannot understand the logic of the proposed water changes. NEIL
ZERO confidence in Labour’s ability to do anything to NZ’s benefit. Coral
Ha ha ha ha.. dreaming, this bunch of socialists couldn’t run anything, we gotta get rid of them. Clive
No (in respect of savings in the short, medium or long term), but I am confident that this Government has already wrecked this country big time in every aspect of life. Folkert
It smells of corruption Mark
get rid of 3 waters ERIC
They can’t even be relied on to tell the truth about the reform programme. It was kept a secret at election time. A crime in itself. Saw Red Rob on the TV yesterday talking about inflation in a speech full of commie propaganda. Blames overseas imported inflation. He said they will continue to be responsible with the peoples money. What a joke. Spending up 68% under labour and don’t forget the $2.75 million given to the Mongrel Mob ( check the Ambury Park rape) as an example of responsible spending or even Ihumatao protest buy-off as a couple of quick examples. Robertson was warned he would exacerbate inflation with his latest budget. Did he care? Not a bit of it. Your mortgages and rent will be going up. Interest rates in for good increases. They are on a knifes edge with inflation and close to losing control of it. NZ as you want it. Terry
Absolutely NO both Labor and Greens MPs PM are career politicians and haven’t a clue about life They sit behind a desk taking a huge salary embedding Socialist policies into a Democratic nation ENORMOUS FAILURE David
Not a hope! michael
They couldn’t get you a beer in a bar David
We are on a fast track to repeating what happened to Venezuela. A Marxist gets elected, gives away/spends the country’s treasure, then becomes a dictator. We need to put the brakes on these treasonous idiots and fast! Bill
I do not want our water to be under the control of Maori Bill
No way? Not this side of Hell freezing over! Robyn
Absolutely no chance this side of hell!! Graeme
Study of centralized control proposed by labour prove they do not work. Its like communism all over again Michael
No No Rob
The people in this government are bumbling idiots. Charles
I just hope they don’t happen! sonia
Due to the shambles of ALL other “reforms” how could anyone have any form of confidence in this motley crew. They may as well ask the cat ! John
They seem incapable of delivering anything on time or in budget. AAlan
Can any of the policies Comrade’s pushing through at pace before she disappears to some posting abroad leaving others to clean up her mess be reversed? Terrifying if not Helen
These reforms will be disasterous for all New Zealanders both with supply of water and cost. David
Absolutely useless lot of ministers in Parliament at present – couldn’t organize a cup of tea for two. Moyra
Nothing this government has done to date has functioned. The Maorification of New Zealand is, and will further lead to an absolute disaster. charles
It is legalised theft from rate payers. We ratepayers who own the asset have not even been allowed to be consulted. It is also a power and money grab by Maori. Mahuta does not like being challenged or being told the truth. I see she is upset about being asked why family members, are on the pay role. Are they qualified to run such a business? Dene
Bad track record mary
Another pathetic dismal failure Chrysta
Past form shows this government to be so incompetent and inept it is certainty 3 Waters will fail Jeremy
No, as in Scotland, and having iwi with a bit more than a finger in the pie, it’s doomed to fail. Peter
I have absolutely no confidence in Labour to deliver anything of value to NZ. As a government they are an unmitigated disaster! Vince
The three water reforms will be a shambles and it will be water users who pay. Thank goodness National have promised to repeal the law change – let’s hope they stick to their guns. Derek
No – I have no confidence in anything Labour does. And they don’t do anything for the good of the country. Everything is aimed at their own supporters, especially iwi. Clare
Not a chance! Harry
What an embarrassment Labour has become. I’m starting to feel ashamed of being a New Zealander.  Eric