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Regime Change

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The nonchalant response of new Prime Minister Christopher Luxon to the media’s outrage over Deputy PM Winston Peters’ jibe they’d been ‘bribed’ by Labour is indicative of a seismic regime change that’s underway.

To understand the significance of what’s happening, we need to cast our minds back.

Under Labour, New Zealand had increasingly become a 1984-like dystopian society, where saying the wrong thing could get you ‘cancelled’ – fired, socially ostracised, even jailed.

Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was so obsessed with controlling the narrative that in early 2020 she declared “unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth’.”

She issued ‘gagging orders’ to Ministers preventing them from speaking to journalists, saying “brief written statements” were acceptable, but only after they’d been “signed off” by her Office.

Her paranoia became so extreme that a US company was commissioned to undertake social media surveillance. Hundreds of “social listening” reports containing private message excerpts and profile pictures were delivered to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet over a two-year period starting in 2020.

Criticism of Prime Minister Ardern was likely to be categorised as conspiracy or disinformation and investigated by a vast array of taxpayer-funded agencies including the Disinformation Assessment and Response Team, the National Centre for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, and the Disinformation Project.

While widespread public opposition prevented Jacinda Ardern from introducing hate speech laws to criminalise opposing views, just before the election, the Department of Internal Affairs released a proposal for sweeping State control encompassing all communication channels including the mainstream media.

On top of this, Jacinda Ardern used the Christchurch Call to regulate the internet, and international speaking opportunities to claim free speech had become a weapon of war and that people who disagreed with government policy – such as those opposing vaccine mandates or questioning climate change – should be punished.

Throughout this Orwellian upheaval, the mainstream media were strangely uncritical.

A senior lecturer in journalism at Massey University, Dr Steve Elers, raised concerns claiming the media were no longer holding the Prime Minister to account: “During the Covid-19 daily briefings I’ve found myself yelling at the TV screen and sometimes even throwing things at it. Why? Because our journalists seem far too chummy with the Prime Minister instead of fulfilling their role as the watchdog for society… A healthy democracy requires the news media to hold power to account, regardless of who is in power, and to question government decisions.”

According to Dr Elers the Prime Minister’s office was exerting undue influence on the media, with even press conferences tightly controlled: “It used to be the loudest and best questions were answered, or sometimes the most respected. Journalists fought for the question… but now Ardern seems to be cherry-picking them, and the conferences don’t last longer than half an hour each day.”

In fact, the “1pm ‘podium of truth’ Covid press conferences” morphed into a parody – the “Jessica, then Tova” show – as the PM predictably directed questions to her ‘favourites’ TVNZ’s Jessica Mutch McKay or Newshub’s Tova O’Brien.

But the question remains – how was the Prime Minister’s Office able to exert such influence over the so-called independent Fourth Estate?

Does it boil down to media bias? Or Government funding? Or both?

There is no doubt that the media is biased to the left.

They admit it themselves.

The “Worlds of Journalism Study 2.0. Journalists in Aotearoa/New Zealand” published last October by Massey University asked journalists to identify where they stood on the political spectrum: nine out of ten identified themselves as ‘left-wing’, and one in three as hard core.

But while the media has always been biased to the left, historically, their industry code of ethics has ensured fair and balanced reporting.

What the study points out, however, is that these days “journalists are much less interested in blindly adhering to their professional codes”. There’s been a significant shift from a focus on the “neutral observer” role – presenting both sides of a story so an audience can make up their own minds – towards advocacy: “educating the audience” and “countering disinformation”. 

The end result is that these days the public no longer believe the media when they say they are unbiased – and nor should they because it’s clearly no longer true.  

When it comes to government funding of the media, the age-old idiom “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” springs to mind!

Labour’s funding was extremely generous. The $50 million media rescue package announced in April 2020, was followed by the general Covid wage subsidy scheme in June, which many media outlets took advantage of.

In addition, there was significant government funding through advertising, with over $118 million spend on Covid ads alone from April 2020 through to March 2023.

The controversial $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund was introduced in February 2021, after Labour had won the election and the right to govern alone.

Unbeknown to voters at the time, the Ardern Government was planning to roll out He Puapua, a blueprint for Maori supremacy by 2040, that had been developed in conjunction with iwi leaders.

This plan for tribal control, which was to dominate the agenda of the new government, had been deliberately kept hidden from voters during the election. Labour feared a backlash that would have cost them votes if the public found out they intended to undermine democracy by introducing power-sharing arrangements with iwi for key public services through co-governance and race-based preference.

This unmandated – and therefore illegitimate – constitutional transformation, which had the effect of giving iwi leaders supreme authority over the lives of other New Zealanders, was to be justified through a re-interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi as a 50:50 “partnership” between Maori and the Crown. Promoting this fabrication was included as a key requirement for PIJF funding.

Under section 3 of the PIJF agreement, media companies receiving funding were not only required to: “Actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Māori as a Te Tiriti partner”, but they also had to “show a clear and obvious commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, including a commitment to te reo Maori.”

The NZ on Air guidance to applicants provides a glimpse into the radicalised nature of this project by claiming, “Maori have never ceded sovereignty to Britain or any other State” and “our society has a foundation of institutional racism.”

A successful PIJF funding application by the NZ Herald referenced their Editorial Code of Conduct and Ethics as evidence of their commitment to the project: “We celebrate the Treaty of Waitangi as the founding document of New Zealand. We will strive to ensure that the Maori voice, world view, and language, where appropriate, are an essential part of our coverage and that our workforce reflects the face of modern Aotearoa. We embrace tino matatau (excellence), manaakitanga (duty of care) and pono (integrity) in everything we do. We promote understanding of Maori culture and tikanga, and do not reinforce negative stereotypes of any race through our content.”

Whether those provisions were included specifically to secure PIJF funding is impossible to tell, but what is clear is that the Herald’s Editorial Code of Ethics contained no such Treaty references in 2016.

When then Minister of Broadcasting, Chris Faafoi announced the PIJF, he claimed it would ensure “a healthy democracy by holding voices of influence to account.”

What he failed to spell out was that the strings attached to the funding would essentially discourage critical analysis of the Treaty “partnership” concept and by association, He Puapua.  

As a result, far from holding ‘voices of influence to account’, the PIJF gave Labour a free pass by ensuring there was virtually no mainstream media scrutiny of their radical plan to undermine democracy by giving iwi leaders veto rights over government decision-making.     

With a “pay back” clause in the agreement that required recipients to refund their funding if they breached the requirements, Labour ensured the most racially divisive and destructive policy agenda in New Zealand’s history was largely protected from scrutiny by the Fourth Estate.

So when Winston Peters accused the media of being bribed by accepting PIJF funding, you could ask, did it prevent them from properly scrutinising Labour’s He Puapua agenda. And the answer is an unequivocal yes!

In response to criticism over the claim the PIJF was a bribe, the PM refused to chastise his coalition partner, saying, “it’s not the way I would describe it, but I actually don’t support the fund either. Many New Zealanders don’t think it was a good idea … and I didn’t think it was a good idea.”

He then went on to say that essentially Winston Peters is his own man and is free to say what he thinks:

“The reality is that we’re in a coalition government, we’ve got three parties in that – that means we’ve got different players, different personalities. We may phrase thing differently, he may say things differently from how I would go about saying it. But we should be OK with that.

“What is not in dispute is that we are ruthlessly focussed, all three parties leaders, all three party members and teams on actually delivering for New Zealanders. So be under no allusion, whether its David, Winston, or myself, we are focussed on rebuilding the economy, restoring law and order, delivering better public services, and that’s what’s important.

“So, yep, we’ll have our own personalities, yes we’re in a coalition Government, we won’t always have the same way. And that’s not a bad thing.”

And with those words, the dark days of Jacinda’s 1984 are over. The coalition agreement is not a muzzle. Freedom of expression is once again being respected. Kiwis no longer need to look over their shoulder.

However, this is not a time for complacency.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former teacher John Bell, believes the new government will need all the help it can get:

“We have now had a glimpse of where we have been heading, we know what co-governance looks like and we know where it will take us if the agenda that under-pins it is not brought to an end. The election of a new government and details of the coalition agreements give cause for hope.”

But, John asks, “Can we afford to leave it to a handful of ACT and NZ First MPs to defeat a powerful, well-supported agenda that has penetrated our legal system, our educational institutions, our mainstream media and our national and local body bureaucracies, or should we be organising practical support?”   

John Bell’s suggested steps to help get our country back on track can be seen HERE.

Also, email addresses for all MPs, should you want to contact them, can be found HERE.

A final thought. While the PIJF is now closed, many funding agreements continue until January 2026.

Unless the fund is axed, the media recipients will be effectively muzzled for the next two years, preventing them from speaking out against the Treaty ‘partnership’ fabrication – or Maori activism.

In fact, virtually all mainstream media recipients of PIJF funding will have not only embedded some form of commitment to the Treaty partnership in their business operations, but under the agreement they are also required to “prioritise the perspectives, issues, interests, and needs of Maori”.

Is that why, when the Maori Party publicised their call to action for Tuesday’s protest using inflammatory symbolism depicting two crossed guns, there was virtually no criticism from the mainstream media – even though the imagery could have been interpreted as a call to violence rather than peaceful protest?

If the tables were turned and either National, ACT or New Zealand First had used such symbolism against Labour, there is absolutely no doubt that all hell would have broken loose.

Those pushing Maori supremacy have a long history of capturing organisations to silence them. Is the mainstream media in danger of becoming their victim?

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 *Should media companies include references to the Treaty in their guidelines for journalists?


*Poll comments are posted below.


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NO…..the PUBLIC are fed-up with bought and paid for, 3rd rate MEDIA fluffs… wrecking and destroying our nation with MARXIST B.S!! Get the MEDIA banned.David
Media are expected by the majority in a so called democracy to report the facts in an unbiased manner otherwise they become an arm of the influencer.Gary
its about time the treaty, greens, liebour and the bar code mob are all thrown into the rubbish bin, the fund (bribe money) that has been stolen from the taxpayer by the media should be refunded with interest and if the media cant survive then tough luck as the general population is feed up with all the lies and corruption that has occurred over the last 6 years and the politicians who created this chaos should all be charged with treason and jailed.Richard
No, it isn’t necessary. The Treaty doesn’t have to be included in everything we do.Kate
The fund needs to be stopped immediately and the new government should forge ahead with repealing all they said needed doingRoy
It is obvious war between the public’s preferred coalition govt. and the leftwing mainstream media. The first casualty of war is the truth which is hardly ever told by this media.Monica
NO!! The media in New Zealand have been bought and have succumbed to a bribe that was being funded using our taxpayers’ money. Outrageous! Powerful Maori elites have scored an own-goal here. By endeavouring to gain control through stealth they have inadvertently managed to turn the nation against their heinous agenda.Rob
For what possible reason would they do that?Peter
We consider that the Treaty is today outdated. Brian
I’m gobsmacked that there has been so much tolerance to the underhanded way Maori activists have pushed their corrupt agenda. Get rid of the treaty.Mark
Why should they? Journalists are supposed to be objective …. enough said!Alex
The media have turned into lefty shills They are ‘supposed’ to be impartial. HAHAHA what a laugh that is, so no they should not include Treaty in anythingCarolyn
It is only Treaty not a Constitution. Less ‘Maori’ anything the better.Ian
NO NO NO This PIJF or whatever its called should have been in the rubbish bin by now!! Come on Luxon and Co bin it by Xmas.Just stop the cheques. I don`t hold out much hope tho` as even a simple thing like ordering tattoo face to show some respect and remove his hat seems too hard to do. I would like to see him try that in the R.S.A. Hopefully Mr Brownlee will step up to the mark and ban him if he continues to be a complete anus and not remove his hat.Brian
The journalist should be UNBIASED as part of the employment contractEwen
NO..NO..NO! The Treaty is OBSOLETE. We should have a PUBLIC BURNING, of it so that TERRORISTS get the message !! Enough of this RACIST B.S!David
The whole treaty bullshit has to be put to rest .It’s a tatty old piece of unreadable paper that has been extremely captured by maori.John
This whole business is an affront to me and my family and to many New Zealander’s I presume. The Maorification of our country should be reversed at full speed.. I detest trying to imagine what a collection of letters is trying to convey in an otherwise English dissertation. I speak three languages and see no value in learning an almost dead language.Derek
(NO) What a complete load of crap.COLIN
They must be neutral at alltimes annd not take sides.We just want good and fair press.Bary
Its racism and corruption!Bruce
They should be clear about their job which is to REPORT the news, not filter it.Lucy
No Voice… for terrorism in N.Z …..!David
But it still does not stop, the opposition lefties, and their loonie greens from having a say on LYING PROPAGANDA MEDIA!! No voice for TERRORISM…!David
They do so now because they have been paid to, by corrupt left politicians. All media must be free to report the TRUTH and not idealogical agendas. Humanities greatest tragedy is its loss of TRUTH.Alan
Absolutely not ! What a wet behind the ears outfit we have become. NZ is an absolute mess. ! Media funding should immediately cease..John
There is simply no need to include references to the treaty. It was used by Labour as a “conditioning” tool!John
Absolutely NOT! And the government must stop the payments right now.It is not for the previous government to commit the current government to pay journalists this fund, propping up the media with taxpayers money! The media will have to survive….or not!Gasil
the constant repitition of a lie doesnt make it so, so the re writing of all things treaty should be ignoredjohn
Media news should have been questioning govt, why and who is pushing the Treaty content into all organisations. And the “pulpit of truth” should have not abused the power given during the perfect storm.David
Way too much interference ,from way too many bludgers, whos main aim it seems, is to line their own pockets and bugger the people who elect and pay us.Kath
Our media must shake off their political bias.John
Absolutely NOT !! The Media Companies are not Journalists. Journalists should investigate everything they publish themselves.Pierre
Can the new 3 show the media the door.Sven
thats propogandaDavid
The original Treaty was written in ENGLISH. Its new interpretation is in MAORI, and its interpretation does NOT accurately reflect the original English document.Heather
The treaty document belongs in the trash can. No relevance what so ever in 2023. Journalist fund cut immediately. The sooner this lot are gone the better for all New Zealanders, period.Kevin
No media should have carte blanch to give only one side of a story and should be self supporting as with any other company.Gary
At last we will see no more sosialist rubbish and a much needed truthful common senseRosemary
Absolutely not!Christopher
As John Bell suggested, remove yourself and your money away from those companies who are woke. We no longer give money or support any business that has signed up to TOW lies. New Zealand is our country, if we want to remain a democracy we will need to fight for it. Push back and keep pushing BACK Maybe the politicians will then start to listen and take action on our behalf, the majority. National will not and they will learn the hard way.Sam
No #$%&*@ NoVaughan
NEVER should have..Gregor
Definately not !!!!! The meaning of the treaty is being hijacked and exaggerated to the point of rediculousness.Alan
As you have already written most of the journalist are left wing activists so theyll do it anyway.Mike
time media were told tell the truth and both sides of any debates on raceleo
Absolutely not. And they should all be forced to repay the bribes that they accepted & the scheme should be cancelled immediately.David
Blackmail, brainwashing, bribery and extortion by Labour’s latest New Zealand government!Peter
Sadly, it will not make much difference, as most ‘main-stream media are institutionally biased toward the political left, have been for years, and still will be.TOBY
The PIJF fund has effectively removed freedom of speech from NZ’s mainstream media, and effectively favours one race over all others. In the 1980’s NZ took a strong stance against apartheid but now around 40 years later it has become entrenched in our legislation, education, healthcare and media. It is disgraceful that this has been allowed to happen.Glenn
The Muzzled media is their new title. A few of these journo’s should be slung outSteve
The fund should be cancelled, right now. why is it not being done? Have I missed this?Giles
Definitely not. The country’s current media is an embarrassment.Gavin
NZ is not Russia North Korea China or Iran even thlough the Left wish it wasGrant
Bought and Paid for Media, is already corrupt…. Media should be banned from all references….. Media is meant to be impartial and neutral…!David
No – the treaty is neither a relevant document for today’s people of NZ. And it is not enshrined in the the Constitutional Statutes and Laws of New Zealand. It is outdated and is dangerous in the hands of the radical Maori elite and woke Pakeha. giving credence as if it is the Law will only serve to deepen racial divide.Paul
Absolutely not. The only reference to the Treaty of Waitangi should be that “it has no relevance to modern New Zealand;” quote Winston PetersPetetr
cindy threw NZ down the road to darkness & should be jailed. She was & is evil personified. it will be a long road back from the nastiness of her controlRick
Today, many NZ’ers have little respect for the Treaty. Over the years it has been abused by politicians and groups of individuals for their own ends. Racial harmony in NZ has deteriorated significantly over last six years through misguided expectations and misunderstanding of the over representation the historical documents has for today’s society. It seems the Treaty has now out lived the original intend to end the Maori Wars for the benefit of all parties.Tony
Absolutely NO. If nothing “essentially” changes in the next three years….its PACK UP AND PISS OFF”. Political and administrative NZ has the social equivalent of advanced CHD with ventricular aneurysm,fibrilation, tricuspid insufficiency and all of the peripheral consequences including bilateral Carotid insufficiency ! The radical political surgery needed has at best a 50:50 chance of success. Ultimately the changes necessary will require the same radical, but opposite approach, employed by Adern and her co-conspirators.Charles
The press cant be an independent advocate if they Kowtow to government instructions. Would be another inconvenient truth showing they are indeed corrupt !John
Journalists should be free agents and should resort to fair and balanced reporting of the facts only. They should not try to influence people to believe their opinions.Jerry
Hell No. Its time for the MSM to return to their roots and start holding truth to power. Otherwise, they are doomed to oblivion.Phill
The Public Jounilisim Fund needs to be axed, no state funding of the media!David
Absolutely not, quite simply they are not to be trusted as has been proven.Tom
No, they should not be pressured to include references. What needs to happen is The Coalition Government needs to legislate that English is New Zealand’s official language. This would give organisations the option wether they wish to include or not.Owen
I would say yes if they represented the Littlewood Draft of theTreaty which is what Sir Apirana Ngata agreed with.Darag
I always thought that the 4th estate was free from the inluence of politiciansBryan
they treaty was, as most of them are, a one trick pony. No Principles, just a straight “I give you thins, you give me that” transaction. All over and done with time to put it behind glass as a momento.Lionel
We want normal news like most other countries, not this bias way of control. The people have spoken enough is enough.Carol
The treaty is agreed and signed we do not need media to interpret their way.Ken
Treaty is a very old out-dated abused document that has no place in NZ society anymoreChris
Leave the Treaty out of it and bring us balanced reportingSHERYL
It would otherwise be pro racist commentary funded by the Government.Robert
That was then this is now. We are one country get on with it and time reporters reported what has happened not what they have been BRIBBED to SAY by the past red witch. We have a new broom so time to burn the old one.Jeff
No, it should be kept very neutral.Kim
New Zealanders have had enough of the endless crap that these brainwashed so called jouralists spit out regarding the treaty and its rewriten lies. Enough is enough!Des
It is called media bias and corruption.Neil
The treaty should be treated as an historical document only. No further reference should be made to it in business or in policy by government get rid of it.Clive
Absolutely not!Martyn
Legacy media have sold their soul and integrity.Henry
Media companies should be 100% independent and rely on their own funding and not that of taxpayers hard earned income taxsDavid
It is simple. No No NoMark
how about treating everyone as being a sovereign citizen with equal rights ,Mark A
A Free Honest MSM would be Beneficial to All . Not the Leftist Separatist Version of whats Happening.For the Last 6yrs we have had to Listen to Only One side of the story. Please let’s have a Real Conversation From both sides .Michael Andrew
can’t be independent otherwisegreg
Media are there to report facts NOT to report on the Treaty of Waitangi for which they were bribed by previous Government.Robina
This Maorification rubbish needs to stop.Dayal
The treaty is just an historical document, which has seen Maori treated well since it’s inception. No need for any reference to it in law or anywhere else. We are one nation.Peter
We now have nowhere to go to obtain a fair and balanced report of happenings within our country. How then do we make our decisions?Sue
not bloody likelyeric
no it is not necessary one flag one nationkeith
Hopefully we now have some grown ups in government, this rascist, marxist drivel will be consigned to the history bin, otherwise NZ democratic society is doomed.Andrew
of course not, it’s meaninglessterry
Definitely not !Mike
The treaty has no bearing on what journalists should be stating and criticism of it should be a normal debated issue.Phil
This is ridiculous we’re heading backwards into crippling racial tension and not forward to economic growth and successsharon
If they did it would be a clear commitment to racism.Frank
Definitely notAnn
Unless they are required to report all sides of the debate regarding the meaning of the treaty and its relevance todayTerry
Definitely notMark
The treaty principles are not correct in the media. They treaty is simple, that all NZ are equal under the sovereignty of the British. And Maori can claim for land. End ofChaquila
The only guidelines that journalists need are to stick to the facts and tell the truth.Philip
Absolutely NOT. This is nothing more than a weaponizing of a Treaty that was put in place to bring peace between not just Maori and Europeans, but also between the tribes. When such a Treaty is being weaponized and manipulated to bring disharmony and division – it’s time for it to be relegated to the annals of history.Christine
Absolutely NOT.Martin
Absolutely notBeverley
Accuracy, independence, impartiality, humanity and accountability. These are, and should remain, the only guidelines for journalistic integrity!Roger
Not even. The treaty has been so twisted over the last 45 years. By academics, activists, judges, the unelected, everyone, but the people it was 1st drawn up for. We all thought it was supposed to bring us together as ONE. It did! Before politics got in the way and the media were bribedRon
They should promote a country wide discussion on the Treaty and the relationship with the British Crown.Shaun
Absolutely not. The press should be free and unbound to report factually on events WITHOUT preference to any party or institution. Can the fund immediately and pass a law to make it illegal for government or government agencies from reintroducing such a scheme in the future.chris
Absolutely not!Doug
One set of rules for everybody please.Norman
The Treaty is an ambiguous, poorly drafted piece of rubbish and should be consigned to the rubbish-bin of history.Doug
If It is in English, so that most of the population can understand it AND is a true interpretation of the Treaty’s meaning and intent. If not, a referendum to divorce NZ from the Crown would be a good way to make the treaty void and stop this racist bullshit.Vic
The treaty is yesterday’s document. Written in 1840 for the times being the 1800’s. How it applies now 180 years later, are the figments of the imaginations of frauds How does anything that is 180 years in the past, hold sway today. The change to the use of Maori names is a blood joke Prey tell me what ministry of transport did the Maori have, were they could take the name they used, and apply it to todays ministry. It’s made up mumbo jumbo! how do you have a Maori name for something they didn’t have. And that theory crosses almost most all of the Maori names being used Simply they did not have that to which they wish to use a Maori name for now. Generally it, the entity did not exist in their culture. But hang on we will make a name up. BS comes to mind. Just like their interpretation of the treaty. They are better engaged writing fiction for the Walt Disney Corporation. Make it up on the hoof and see how far you can pitch it . That’s the game being played today. As Dylan said the times they are a changing The they referred to above are the radicals who are using the less intelligent Maori Party and the socialist unity Labour Party to create disharmonyBruce
Media companies are already lost and they will all be bankrupt soon. This demise is of their own making. They no longer serve the audience.Kenneth
we need free speach and honest reportinggerard
freedom of expressionlindsay
The treaty reinterpretation be dammedHoward
Journalism is supposed to be non aligned and unbiased. The guidelines should be truth and evidenceDavud
Definitely NOT They will be seen to be, not only supporters of Maaori -fication of NZ but promoters as well.Bill
Worthless virtue signalling nonsense!Fletcher
forget anything about the treatygraeme
The Treaty is a piece of ancient history which has no meaning or bearing on our life in 2023. It doesn’t need to be discussed and has no relevance to our lives or future. I recall when the Media was gifted 55 million. That month marked the huge irrelevance of the change in news broadcasts which were invaded by the pest of being inundated with Maori language in introductions to news items Government Departments had their names changed to gibberish so English speakers (the Majority) don’t know what is being talked about. A very important item that the media has not mentioned although it became public knowledge over a week ago the dishonesty of the Labour Finance Minister in setting a maze of traps to prevent the removal of the Three Waters legislation. Apparently his last action before the election was to sign up a large number of lengthy tenancies in new offices and appoint large numbers of civil servants to work on the Three Waters set up. All this was done secretly knowing that the National Government would be unable to or at huge cost to the taxpayer to dismantle. Of course it also grew the deficit by billions of dollarsCHRIS
The propagandisation of the treaty should be removed not only from media musings but from everywhere else that it has been embedded The media shold be made to pay the money back and survive on their own merits. If they can’t report stuff in an unbiased manner, then they should go down the tubes. We don’t need their leftist leanings delivered to us via the various forms of media that they controlTrevor
Bring back the balance necessary to keep our fourth estate balanced!Robin
Absolutely no they shouldn’t. However we are preaching here to the converted and there are many out there still in full support of the media and the Maori world view. We need to be proactive and keep pressure on our politicians to follow through with their election promises and not buckle under the Maori onslaught which no doubt there will be plenty more of.Lawrie
Anything controversial or right wing was not accepted by the Press. I made this point several times to Kamila HaymanGary
The Marx- Engles communist manifesto would be the next to be bribed forColin
The treaty is a 200 hundred year old document which was used to stop hostilities on both sides. Applying it to todays standards is way beyond its original intention.Peter
They should be totally unbiased unless they state otherwise.Martin
NZ needs to find a way to move forward as a country without prejudice to one race or body. We cannot be held to ransom for eternity.Teresa
I so wish that the people who are endeavouring to divide those of us who live here and love our country, would cease their efforts to create division and destruction. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? I truly wonder if they can answer this simple question.Heather
Just Woke BS for no practical resultAlvin
The treaty was a solution to a problem in the 1840’s. We need to work together for the future.Raymond
No of course not. How corrupt it has all become under the Labour party, and thankyou Mr Peters for mentioning it and I hope you will continue to mention it time and time again untill the majority of New Zealanders understand what happened and why it happened. The New Zealand public need to be educated on exactly what was going on behind the scenes and why.Paul
Why? The Treaty as guideline for Journalists is pandering to Iwi who do not open their fiscal fist to help their whanau.Liz
Not at all. Please can we get a NZ version of SKY Australia News being broadcast and streamed here. Credlin and Bolt are outstanding in providing non-woke and factual political commentary. We need new Du Plessy Alans and Hosking for TV. Remember the good old days when that crusty old bugger, Brian Priestly from Christchurch used to make the media take account of itself in his program 4th Estate. TV1 news is a so weak it is more like a secondary school student attempt at a news broadcast. Why do NZ taxpayers own 2 useless TV channels? Just look at the programs they buy.Creed
Scrap the Treaty, It is no longer relevant in today’s NZPeter
This separation of our people must end. Thank goodness we have changed the Government.William Clive
The treaty is an outdated worthless piece of junk not fit for purpose. We are all one people period this pandering to Maoridom has to end.Ken
Axe the Fund!John & Wilma
The media needs to get b ack to being unbiased.Susan
The PJFund should be stopped immediatelyChristina
I have to say no but in reality it should be yes but the original interpretation of the treaty. NOT the latest partnership interpretation.mike
We are one people.Stefan
Has anyone noticed how quiet the Labour Maori Caucus has been? Behind closed doors we may never know what they are planning. I still read some printed comments from some journalist who appear to have missed the fact that labour lost the General electionBarry
Why should they? It is an artifact from long ago! Deal with today and tomorrow!murray
Absolutely NOT, no,no,no!Merryl
Majority are privately owned companies and can make their own positions up without state direction.Neville
absolutely NO. Winston was 100% correct about the bribe. and we, the tax payer, were paying for it.Richard
definitely not. the state bribe of the media is totally undemocratic and shame on the media for accepting such a handout with conditions attached.John
Certainly not – defund them immediately!Pamela
Absolutely not.Catherine
The treaty sho be consigned to history.Terry
Absolutely not Especially when they have been bribed to do so.. They should do the decent thing – fess up and apologise to Winston and put a stop to him being brought down because of its think.Julie
Absolutely not, we must return to full democracy.Laura
If Maoridom want to save their language , do it at their mares. Plus any other stuff that gets shoved down our throats. Notice that it is the shit stirrers who are calling for disruption. Could it be that they are frightened of losing their ‘mana’ and probably ly certain privileges they enjoy. None of them are true leaders. That idiot who wears a cowboy hat in parliament is completely devoid of talking anything sensible and it gallsme to think we are paying their wages. Jackson is another waste of taxpayer money. The likes of them are the ones holding maori back.Peter
Journalists should be free to report facts as they come to light, not be ham strung by the Government in power.Dennis
The Treaty is a nullity and while of great historic interest, has no legal constitutional role to play. Q.Victoria signed the ‘Letters Patent’ creating NZ A British colony prior to the Treaty date and Lt Gov Hobson declared NZ a British colony (within the territory of NSW) on 21 May 1840 – the Nth Island by secession and the South Is & Stewart Is by discovery. By the time all the necessary communications with London had been completed NZ was was declared a separate British colony on 16 November 1840 and ceased being part of the colony of NSW. and Hobson was elevated to Governor. That was the start of the legal journey which created the current sovereign country of New Zealand. So involving the ‘Treaty’ in all contemporary proceedings is not apprpopriate – although the Treaty has great significance to Maori (and to many pakeha) and should be considered as a very significant event in the founding of NZ and the union (not partnership) of the races as British (now NZ) citizens, and all the responsibilities that that implies.Francis
The fifth column has to be destroyed, ASAP.JOHN
Absolutely not. I think most kiwi’s are sick to death of hearing TVNZ and Newhub using more and more Maori words that many don’t understand and wrongfully naming New Zealand.Brent
The Treaty has little or no reference to modern day New Zealand other than agreeing we are all equal under the lawtony
no no NO!!!tony
No the media are there for one reason & that is to report the facts. The Treaty has been bastardised since Matt Rata played with it in 1975 & it has no relevence to todays New ZealandNIGEL
absolutely notJen
Absolutely not.William
We succumbed to the labour government’s propaganda because we feared to speak out against it. Is that what we want for NZ? The treaty has no place in our current needs – let us not think that we are still living in the 1840s.Paloma
Using maori references in any document should have been stopped years ago – period.Collin
Abolish the PIJF now! Nip it in the bud and get rid of it.Graeme
Hell noPeter
not bloody likelyBarry
Why can journalists not tell the truth here. Maori are only worried about the gravy chain being turned off by the new govtChris
Labour’s attack on the foundations of democracy via the use of the PIJK is an abuse of it’s position of power for it’s hidden agenda’s ..media are just pathetic puppets who no one trusts anymore. The maori seats should be removed as planned many years ago.!chris
There should be immediate cancellation of all outstanding arrangements made with the former government to continue the gravy train (bribes) to every area of complicit media, including advertising.Warren
High time the Treaty was removed from any discussion. Recent events have shown it is flawed – mistranslated and subject to too much misinterpretation. Not a useful document to base a nation on.Peter K
The sooner the corrupt media is defunded the better.ppeter
PIJF should be stopped immediately. Or at least change to the correct name. Maori interest journal fund. Definately more appropriate.Allan
What has been allowed to happen under Labour, is TREASON.Geoff
Definitely notSimonne
certainly notwilliam
The Treaty has no Standing in NZ Law, as proclaimed by the Privvy Council, who they (Maori’s) took it too, we already have a Bill of Rights, handed down from Governor Hobson’s time from the English CrownTony
The deceitful promotion of the PIJF qualifying obligations of journalists is appalling! Our new Coalition Govt must ensure remedial action is given priority.Peter
Unbiased reporting at all levels is what is needed. Ask some hard questions of all politiciansJohn
The treaty should be historyHarvey
free speech and debate pleaseJess
No there should not be. The only way I think we can get out of this mess is to create an ombudsmen for government media eg TVNZ, RNZ etc. That person needs to be politically neutral, and has the ability to force media retractions and fines if reporting is skewed.Ryan
NO way.Ronald
The treaty document is HISTORY. so lets move on and give this new Government support. The opposition will be as disruptive as they can and do what ever they need to destroy democracy.The media are just as devious.ken
I want an impartial media who can debate both sides. This one is clearly entrenched towards the ideology of the left.Diana
Report news as it happens don’t drag up hunks of worthless paper that suits them when it suits them.Laurie
Absolutely notRobin
Most definitely not.Mick
This will create more division in NZ.The ToW is NOT a founding document for NZ.mark
Definitely not! The treaty should have been disposed of years ago, as being no longer relevant to New Zealand… in the same way that the Versailles treaty was put aside when it was no longer relevant. The treaty is in no way our “founding document”… an absolute load of nonsense.Trevor
Not unless it’s the Original Treaty that was signed in 1840. The true Treaty!Derek
NO, definitely NOT!Heather
Enough of the treaty. Get rid of the tribunalDavid
Absolutely not how can a twisted piece of paper like the treaty have any influence in a democratic modern society it should be screwed up and burnt Maori have got to learn how to improve their lives from within themselves and many do I personally blame the loosely managed welfare system for a vast amount of their problemsWarren david
All references relating to the PFU should be removed.john
No! – and get rid of the PIJF immediately, by any means possibleScott
The radical interpretation of the treaty by the Courts and government departments under the guidance of the Labour government needs to be corrected before the treaty should be referenced.Dougal
It shouldn’t be in any public sector either. Working as a nurse one of our main competences is about the “principles” of the treaty and how we incorporate it into practice! It’s a total joke, no other culture gets this special attention.Cath
It is actually quite nauseating .. but there in other sectors of our country too. Nurse. Doctor, etc training all have an absolutley biased history of NZ before colonosation/the Treaty .. all as part of required “Cultural competence”. No registration, certification without performing this as taught, – as though non-racist etc approaches to patients are always there.Rochelle
Definitely not – all journalists should have to take an oath to be balanced and unbiased in their reportingIhaia
It’s passed time the media did what they are supposed to do report the actual truth well resourcedPeter
References to honesty would be a refreshing change.Mark
The so-called Treaty needs to be swept under the carpet for good. We are one nation. All racist and Maori elite comments should NOT be considered for media broadcasting.Wayne
We need to return to unbiased reporting, at least at the moment we know when we are being lied to & force fedPeter
The Treaty is a simple nullity according to the Chief Justice. I quote: The Treaty of Waitangi was worthless because it had been signed between a civilised nation and a group of savages who were not capable of signing a treaty. Since the treaty had not been incorporated into domestic law, it was a simple nullity.Chris
Stop apartheid in NZ!!!David
Definitely not The treaty is out of date and should be scrapped. Also all Government funding for Mainstream media should end. Then we would have real unbiased reporting by the mediaWarren
Definitely NOT. Forget about the bloody treaty. It was a document for its time in the 1840s. It’s now 2023 and time we grew up and got on with life and not bound up with treat nonsence. while I’m at it ,get rid of maori signs and double language in government, local government and other areas.Don
No treaty mention should be in any legal document,. The treaty was applicable for its time as was the Magna Carta. The treaty belongs in a museum to be remembered for its worth in uniting a developing country. Treaty claims against the Crown are fraudulent. Land stolen, suppression, especially relating to genocide, a passion Maori nurtured before the Colonials arrived to educate them.Sharron
Balanced, critical, free speech should be the foundation of media reporting.Terry
Ask yourself this question. Would it be acceptable for the media to contain overt support for English culture and values as a priority? I think there would be an uproar – and justifiably so. All cultural and ethnic preference and prioritization is racismdavidf
Totally uncalled for!Lauree
All citizens and therefore races are equal. The Maori culture should be protected but not at the expence of democracy and free speech.Stuart
Most definitely not.Catherine
Definitely not!Michael
The treaty must be scrapped,and common sense of equal rights for all NZ citizens proclaimed.Sid
It’s time for the new government to make their mark and get New Zealand back on track by stopping the nonsense from the last governmentChris
A bribe would be “Do this for me, and I will reward you.” Mainly with money. In this case, the outgoing government said “Here’s the bribe, and if you don’t perform to our satisfaction, you will have to repay the bribe money”. Isn’t that called “bribery with menaces”??LiNZey
This reference has no relevance to news reporting in NZ.COLIN
Freedom of speech is criticalJohn
We need to stand and fight for free speech and be free to call out biased and racist agendas and lies, and the rewriting of NZ history purposely devised to support Maori activist agendas.Greg
In the 1880’s Chief Justice Prendergast described the Treaty as ‘a simple nullity’ sol why on earth does it have the status given to it today. This country is living under a great big lie and the Treaty is NOT our founding document. Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent of 4 November 1840 is our founding document. It made NZ into a British Colony with a Governor and Constitution that set up NZ’s political, legal and justice systems under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed.Helen
It is appalling that the Labour government has so compromised our Fourth Estate that it can no longer report or operate without fear or favour and is committed to supporting the attrocious He Puapua agenda. The PIJF must be cancelled forthwith. Leaving it in place until 2026 will perpetuate this disgraceful situation.Mary
All are equal in NZGary
The ToW should have been dead and buried in May 1840 when Hobson declared British sovereignty over the whole country. It had done its job by then.Bruce
All references to anything specifically Maori must be eliminatedGareth
That would be unjustifiable coercion. The Queens Royal Charter is our Founding DocumentBryan
Thanks Muriel for all you do! You are not short of subjects for next week, maybe 427 workers employed and 1 billion in contracts might be of interest!!Marianne
Ref to the exact wording of the treaty is appropriate. However, ref to any ‘invented’ fictitious realities or principles or history must be refuted and called outJohn
Unless the article is about the treaty per se, any reference to it is of no relevance.Richard
If there is any Reference it should only be to the original three Paragraphs of the actual Treaty NOT the imagined one. Why should the Media need to reference the Treaty anyway, are we not all Citizens of New Zealand with the same Rights !!Geoff
Absolutely not They are meant to be the Fourth Estate not the Fifth Column. Investigate, observe, report and facts only. Nothing elseMurray
And While the PIJF is now closed, many media funding agreements continue until January 2026. These agreements SHOULD BE CANCELLED EFFECTIVE ON 1st DAY OF NEW GOVERMENT.Mike
Give me one reason why they should do so.Is that not coercion?galem
Left wing so-called journos dont need any more excuses to spout theiir socialist agendas . Lets hope the coalition , who incidentally doing a fantastic job ridding any references to the Adern years of lies , dont waiver in their attempt to make New Zealand a proud and honest nation AGAIN .Lets encourage our elected politicians to further rout out the biased media . Let them follow Labour to the rubbish unless they actually do their job of critising both sides of the political spectrum .Ray
No need. Fair reporting is what is important, not race-based ideologies. Reporting institutions should be free to report, fairly.M
we are supposed to be one, it is quotedbob
THat is RacismTony
So much still under wraps.Ann
The Treaty has nothing to do with the media or any other business. It really has nothing to do with the day to day lives of New Zealanders.Hugh
Again Racist and divisive Also more importantly portrays false informationRuss
By including references to the treaty, they are still going to be left leaning an will not scrutinise those that they are reporting on and will also not fact check what they are reporting for accuracy.Mike
We are one country developing New Zealand’s traditions as did Europe and Midfke East before us. ANZAC started the process.Lyn
no section of NZ’s community should be favouredWilf
Corrupt and utter Ardern nonsense and Labours attempt to destroy NZSteve
Media should report facts only and investigate thoroughly what they reportPeter
The Treaty is DEAD and should be reviewed.Graham
Not in my world.Peter
The original treaty, as endorsed by Sir Aparana Ngata has been re interpreted by maori interests, to claim its a ‘partnership agreement with the crown.’ WHAT RUBBISH!Geoff
Absolutely never – no place for this in our media, judiciary, government or education systemMark
Journaists should adhere to their union’s code of ethics, which is posted here https://etu.nz/journalist-code-of-ethics/ Under that code, every union member who prioritises the PIJF would be sacked.Mike
Today I don’t see any anywhere the acknowledgment that it was the early Christian missionaries who brought the written language to the Maori people. They brought the Biblical truths of Love vs hate. Honesty vs deception, and the early Maori Chiefs, gave them credit for the massive attitude changes that resulted. (See Bastion Point 1860) So where are those eternal values today? Just what values are at play?Maurice
Definitely not.Barbara
All reference to maori should be removed except in historyColin
I’m heartily sick of this one way racist appeasement.Mike
The treaty has been taken from its original simplicity of all being subjects of the Crown to something monstrous. Remove it completely and put it in a museum.Jenny
Don’t play into lying M.S.M.s’ LYING media B.S, they have nearly wrecked our Nation…. The Coalition will have their work to do for the next 3-6 Years.David
The notion the treaty is a partnership is not accepted. There were three articles, no principles and it was simple. Maori ceded sovereignty, gained protection of the Crown in exchange and were given equality as British citizens. A magnificent deal for Maori and accepted. I reject the creeping introduction of tribalism and removal of the freedom brought to this country. Freedom of thought and expression for all was the promise inherent in the treaty – that must not be allowed to be subsumed as a consequence of an activist minority seeking tribal control.Peter
Freedom of speech is vital including the media.John
Unless this fund is cancelled NOW, nothing will change. Time for Luxons real intentions for NZ are brought into the open, we are doomed. It’s easy to understand why intelligent NZers are leaving NZ, just to evade the sinister nonsense that only Winston and Seymour can stop, people will continue to desert NZ. Wake up NZ.Carolyn
It’s racismGreg
Media should be unbiased. Not influenced in any way by different interpretations of the treaty. We are all new zealanders no matter our genetic pool.lone
The media needs to be completely independent of political control – which is what we got from Adern and Company. Treaty issues are inextricably intertwined with political views.Duncan
The Treaty is well passed its use by date. The citizens of this country are New Zealanders not European, Indian, Chinese, Maori or any other nationality or race except in their heritage.Bruce
Winston is correct , the media were bribed with $55 million ($105million if we count the 2020 payment) BRIBED!John
Media are supposed to present facts … not leftist views.Robbie
Time to stop all this nonsense now.Bruce
It’s time for the majority to be heard and for media to take heed.Harry
Blackmail or bribery – forcing the Media to reference the Treaty in their guidelines or give the money back has to be one or the other!Helen
Definitely not. We are one people.John M
The Treaty gave everyone living in NZ equal rights. No more, no less. Let it be that way. No more pandering to Maori.Murray
And all funding to media companies should cease now.Reg
The media is already captured though and cannot be redeemed. Schools indoctrinate children with Marxism and then some go to journalism school to be further indoctrinated to be journalist activists for Marxism. The media are now propaganda outfits here and overseas. Journalists can no longer be trusted again.John
Stop PIJF now!Liz
keep all that treaty stuff outGraeme
Of course not. They need freedom to do as they see fit, within the bounds of the law in NZ. It’s supposed to be a “free” country.Andrew
Bias and unbalanced reporting will persist otherwise.John
Get real. It’s not the 1840 Treaty we’re referrring to here, but s bullshine version that’s been developed over the past few decades. by racists and anti-democracy cooties.Paul
Definitely not! This travesty could only have happened under the direction of a totalitarian wannabe like Ardern. Never again!John
Absolutely notRoss
The Treaty was a guideline in times gone by and I dont think we should be referencing it in the 2000s. The time has well and turely come when we have to draw a line as we need to stick together as Kiwis not them and us.Barbara
They need to focus on how NZ now moves ahead, the electorate having signal a fat no, rejecting he puapua and anything entity focused.Stanry
Tova Marxist StuffAnon
look forwarddoug
It’s pure bribery. And treasonPeter
Journalists should be fair and neutral reporters. They need to restore confidence in the quality of their reporting.Gavin
Payments from the PJIF MUST BE STOPPED now. No ifs, buts or maybesRoger
A 55 million dollar pay out to the media with strings attached by the crooked Ardern government was absolute corruption.Roger
Because the media would use a Treaty interpretation/ reinvention to suit their very strong left-wing / Maorification bias and purpose a propaganda role and influence strongly supported by their strongly left-wing , politically unbalanced journalistic and editorial staff . To them it would be , as it has been , an instruction from heaven.Hugh
The Treaty was for a different century and time. We now need to concentrate on ONE country for allHeather
It’s an historical relic with no place in modern nzNiall
Of course not! Media are supposed to be unbiased and just give us information to let us make up our own minds.Lee
It’s racist, and based on a lie.Kathryn
Absolutely not. The year is 2023. Not 1843. We need a constitution relevant for today and the future.Andrew
It’s a load of Mumbo Jumbo- let’s all move forward togetherKevin
time for the treaty is past, get a life & work towards a future for ALL.Chris
They shouldn’t!!Murray
The treaty is not our founding document as at that time these islands were still an off-shoot of NSW. The true founding document is the Queen Victoria Charter, which separated us from NSW.Dennis
State funded and supported racist by a bunch of inept fools who we can only hope will never again wear the mantle of power over the people of New ZealandRob
It’s all about controlDeb
Only where relevant and in keeping with the ORIGINAL agreement. Interpretation appears to have been hijacked by extremist Iwi to further their cause and gain public support – assisted by the media with taxpayer funding. NZ media has lost all credibility to the extent that many Kiwis do not use them as a source for honest, unbiased information.Martin
Let’s have one law for all.Peter
By including ref’s to the Treaty. Undue importance will be emphasized in the guidelines. It will coerce the public into thinking that the treaty is above the democratic process. It will produce bias and undue influence on the publicDavid
NeoMarxist control not acceptableHylton
Breath takingly appaullingKevin
Free speech is a mustJohn
I di not understand why media funding is going on for another two years. Everything can be repealed . And in this case the head of the snake needs to be cut off to silence this malignent marxist lot and let them fend for themselfes. In no time they would realize that very few people in this country would be keen to be exposed to their drivel.Michael
The Treaty should be consigned to History. It’s worthyness expired at the Kohemarama Conference 20 years after it’s signing when Maori leaders accepted the Treaty had done it’s work and they again proclaimed allegiance to Queen Victoria.Gerry
Most people have never read the Treaty of Waitangi, it would only take 5 minutes it is very short. However, the “treaty agenda” folk suggest it says all kinds of things that it does not and then insist that these new made up “principles” must be followed. It is BS and it started with the lies imbedded in the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1974 and put on steroids by the Ardern Tribal Regime. For this reason, all references to the “treaty” should be removed from all legislation and from all corporate rules and regulations. The Treaty is an important and well-written document, but what it came to pretend to mean under Labour was turning NZ into an apartheid state, something nobody wants, except a few power-mad tribal elites and nobody needs them.Trevor
We have to end the Maori dictatorship.paul
And the Truth shall set you Free.Peter
Absolutely not. It is in no way the media`s responsibility to declare allegiance to any political point of view, social justice agenda or controversial moral issue. Their job is to provide the public with the truth, informing them without directing their interpretation or moral judgement on it, and holding powerful forces, especially the government, to account. Make no mistake; it will be of little help to take away the Labour Bribe to the media. Their bias is entrenched – a toxic consequence of years of liberal ideology indoctrination in schools and universities. The self proclaimed statistics showing 9/10 “journalists identifying as far left speaks for itself. Fortunately the public increasingly know that the media are now run by leftist activists rather than journalists.Johan
New Zealand should definitely have a referendum on what the Treaty of Waitangi means for Kiwis all of us not just MaoriFrank
Pure REVERSE racism – appartied. A very big NO, NO, NO. Lets get NEW ZEALAND back to ONE people, pleeez. Brian
Absolutely not. All requirements to the PIJF should be cancelled forthwithRod
The codes should be axed, and if not then presented to the Minister of Internal Affairs (it should be HR Commission but they a re complicit) as racist and the organisations held accountable.John
No- Absolutely not.. Treaty references to anything should be relegated to the costume wardrobe along with those that disrespected Parliament the other day. Then shut the door and lock it.Carolyn
It is all out of date and abused. Scrap it?mike
Totaly not, the Treaty can mean what ever Maori want it to mean !!. Let’s get on with defining the Treaty in law, as our laws define everything else we do, once defined we all know where we stand.Brian
No Not what we voted for.clint
We just require unbiased news.Martin
WE are all onePaul
The treaty was with the crown! Ti Tiriti was not a partnership. Maori chiefs ceded sovereignty so they could live in peace and security, they could not have a maori king because they all hated eachother and lived under the tikanga of utu.Philip
No, the whole treaty process has become a rort. Review of the Waitangi Tribunal should be expeditedGrant
The controversial $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund should be abolished within the 100 day plan and the media called upon to explain their silence and defence of socialism!!!Frederick
Under no circumstances whatsoever, as this is against completely the concept of independence of the press and journalism essential to a constitutional democracy.Bruce
The media have lied by omission and no longer trustworthy.Peter
Hell no!!!Evans
I no longer trust mainstream media as we have seen how they behave, TV1 should be sold and hopefully Labour will never returnStee
We are all equal.Janet
What a joke!! lolBruce
Media companies were no doubt bribed Trust in MSM is virtually non existentGeoff
Media are to report news with facts not fiction. Media are not puppets of any government and should not promote agendas.Ross
No, it is time we moved on!Kate
Cancel and Withdraw all funding to the media NOW. ASAP.RICHard
No, not now, not ever!Norman
no place for the ‘R’ word in my country thanks. sadly, the treaty is innocent. specifically worded to create 1 peoples. if icant be respected it must be ignoredmark
Apartheid has no place in NZLBoris
Absolutely NOTKay
Science reports do this to show credibility, journalism should be no different.Trevor
New Zealand has moved a long way forward since 1840. Why would anyone want to go back to those days?John
Do so if they don’t want to be read. I recall a quote that said we dont rifle the refuse for tonights meal or possibly sufficiently poor we do. Life is meant to be lived fowards not in the rear mirror.Christina
Media should stick to facts and realityFrank
Forget the treaty its historyAnthony
The fund has to be axed NOW. It will take some years before the media will be trusted againBRuce
What the feck for?Ray
Absolutely not – this process has been based on deception and lies – National has got to get serious about this!Bruce
Emphatically NOT. Better to explicitly include instructions AGAINST bias and FOR analysis. END BI-CULTURALISM. The population is much more complex than this and will remain so in the future.Peter
The corruption has to stop right nowJane
The TOW was a document of its time and was essentially dead and dusted once it was signed and implemented.Alan
The Declaration… is our Founding Document, not the treaty…….!David
The PIJF funding arrangements out to January 2026 should have been cancelled already. Things have got to be moving faster than this. Labour didn’t waste time destroying NZ did they?neil
Political manipulationmary
References to the Treaty must be removed from all regulatory and policy requirements starting at government – local government and media level. The rest of the countries corporates who chose the way of woke will, in time follow. The best description of the Treaty in these modern multicultural times was delivered by then Chief Justice Chamberlain in the late 1800’s “A simple nullity” To keep the Treaty as the document that guides all will keep us in the 1840’s for ever.Brian
Absolutely not! References to the Treaty are part of a political agenda and the media cannot afford to be seen as partisan.Roger
What a mess Labour created with the PIJF. They really have corrupted the media by destroying an ability to deal with Maori issues fairly, without influence.Dave
The PIJF should be scrapped and all requirements removed.Paul
The Coalition have got to resolve this PIJF funding issue as a priority otherwise the Maori Party will get a free ride, when they need to be exposed as radical extremists!Gail
Abolish the PIJF all provisions relating to it.John