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Shaping impressionable minds

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Oxford definition of propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

The Prime Minister and her government coalition partners have opened the classroom door to vested interest groups to spread their propaganda.

One such group that has found strong support within Labour is the Maori sovereignty movement. It is engaged in an ambitious strategy to gain governance control of the country. This agenda is being pursued against a backdrop where both of the main political parties regard the support of the tribal elite as crucial to their own political ambitions.

Having decimated the Maori Party at the 2017 election, the Prime Minister will be highly motivated to retain all seven Maori seats within Labour. She will want to avoid the risk that a kuia-led resurgent Maori Party may regain one or more of the Maori seats, along with list MPs, since they are more likely to back National than Labour.

Likewise, National would welcome an erosion of Labour’s base and the emergence of a potential coalition partner.

It’s this political self-interest that muted the response to the calls by sovereignty activists to make their version of New Zealand ‘history’ compulsory in schools. As a result, we will have the bizarre situation where, in our self-managing education system – with a curriculum designed to give schools the freedom to choose which subjects they teach to their students – New Zealand History will be the only compulsory subject.

Such is the hypocrisy of politics that it won’t be compulsory to teach children English or Maths, but it will be compulsory to teach them the Government’s version of New Zealand history.

This is alarming on a number of fronts. Realists know that activists will control the curriculum content. They will rewrite history to portray Maori as peace loving folk with an established system of government prior to the colonial invasion and era of oppression. They will promote the fallacy that all of the misfortunes of Maori are due solely to the suppression of their culture.

Already a Ministry of Education resource on Maori history that’s available for 5 to 12 year olds includes a section on “a return to Maori self-determination”. The unit warns, “It is difficult for younger students to understand what it is to have been denied rights or to have them forcibly removed. Discuss how they would feel if they had something important such as break time at school unexpectedly taken away from them for good…”

State sanctioned Maori activism also features strongly in the Education and Training Bill that was tabled in Parliament just before the Christmas break.

Under the Bill, the Minister of Education will be able to issue directives – without the scrutiny of Parliament – to ensure education providers are “instilling in each child an appreciation of the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi and te reo Maori”. In addition, “after consulting with Maori”, the Minister can instruct education agencies how to comply with Treaty of Waitangi objectives. The Ministry will clearly be at the dictate of Maori.

It remains unbelievable in this day and age that a New Zealand Government would introduce laws that create a racial divide, when so much of modern history has been about the removal of privilege and the pursuit of equality. That our politicians choose to define people by the origin of their ancestors only becomes comprehensible when one considers it in the context of them advancing their own political self-interest.

When will we have a government that will support the basic human right of New Zealanders to be equal and free from State discrimination? When will our politicians stop kissing the feet of Maori? When will a New Zealand Government be prepared to remove race-based legislation from the Statute books in the same way that many other countries including Sweden, France, Belgium, Austria, and many US States have done?

Anyone concerned that Labour is allowing Maori activists to gain influence over education, should send in a submission on the Bill by February 14 – details can be seen HERE.

Radical Maori are not the only group embedding their propaganda within state education. So too are the Greens.

On the 12th of January the Education Minister Chris Hipkins and the Minister of Climate Change, the Green Party co-leader James Shaw, announced a new climate change resource has been produced for 11 to 14-year-old children.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Energy Minister Barry Brill and Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition has examined the programme and believes that climate activism is its central objective:

“It promotes the campaigns of Greta Thunberg, School Strike for Climate, and even Greenpeace. It urges children to ‘get talking’, ‘get others involved’, ‘be powerful as a change agent’ and ‘make good choices about climate action’.

“Children are to measure their own carbon footprints as well as those of their parents’ homes and their schools. They should write to their MP and email the Prime Minister/Climate Minister demanding further action to reduce carbon footprints.

“The teaching resource implants in children the need to eat less meat and dairy products – and strongly supports the iniquitous ‘food miles’ myth…”

Barry explains that the material presents spurious predictions for the future as if they were known facts, and says, “I personally began a list of these factoids for the purpose of comparing them with the official  projections set out in the Fifth Assessment Report of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change. It was all a futile exercise. Almost every future ‘scientific fact’ in this material is either flat-out wrong or highly tendentious.”

He says, “The entire document is couched in the language of climate campaigners rather than that of scientists. It is a trashy and hopelessly unbalanced catechism of all the fashionable pseudoscience. It is pure propaganda, in the very best Goebbels tradition.”

Joseph Goebbels was, of course, Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, who used the German education system to indoctrinate children with the Third Reich’s National Socialist world view.

It is said that after Germany surrendered in May 1945, the Allies required young Germans to undergo ‘de-Nazification’ to counter the effects of twelve years of the “big lie” Nazi propaganda they had received at school.

The reality is that the conscious indoctrination of a future generation is being wholeheartedly embraced by activist groups in New Zealand. Whether the big lie is the claim that the Treaty of Waitangi created a partnership between Maori and the Crown – or that free market capitalism is creating climate change – these fanatics are targeting our children with their political propaganda.

In an interview with Minister Shaw about the new climate resource for schools, Magic Radio’s Sean Plunket asked if both sides of the debate – whether mankind or nature is responsible for climate change – would be covered.

In response the Minister made an unbelievable claim: “I have not found a scientist yet who does not think that climate change isn’t happening due to human activity.”

He further claimed that “In the New Zealand scientific community there is no debate”.    

If the Minister is to be taken at his word, he clearly lives in a very isolated bubble. It seems implausible that he could have avoided hearing the concerns of scientists in New Zealand – and thousands of others overseas – who believe that climate change is a natural process and is not being caused by humans.

James Shaw was asked: “Are we teaching kids how science works? Or what the IPCC is predicting – and what the scenarios of their computerised models might mean?”

The Minister confirmed that the IPCC predictions are core to the new programme.

The IPCC is, of course, the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change – a United Nations body of political representatives that is promoting the theory that mankind is causing climate change. 

Sean Plunket then asked the Minister whether teachers will explain to Kiwi kids that New Zealand is responsible for only 0.17 percent of man-made greenhouse gas emissions?

The Minister didn’t answer the question.

We also doubt whether children will learn that only around 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases are produced by mankind and that nature creates the rest.

Sean Plunket asked about sea level rise and how sea levels have not materially changed in spite of dire predictions. But the Minister sidestepped the issue by talking instead about IPCC modelling.

As Barry Brill has explained, the education resource has been designed to instruct school children on how to become climate activists – and by including an invitation for them to write to the Prime Minister and Climate Minister to demand further action, New Zealanders can expect an on-going diatribe from those politicians about how Kiwi children are insisting the Government do more to combat climate change.

This is not the first time the green movement has attempted to brainwash New Zealand children with global warming scaremongering. Back in 2007 schools throughout the country began using former US Vice President Al Gore’s highly controversial film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ to promote the Labour Government’s climate change agenda.

At the time, Britain’s Labour Government had sent copies of the film to schools as part of a Climate Change Resource Pack aimed at children aged 11 to 14 years.

But a school governor from Kent took a legal challenge against the Government for subjecting his 11 and 14 year old sons to political propaganda in the classroom: “I wish my children to have the best education possible, free from bias and political spin, and Mr Gore’s film falls far short of the standard required”.

During the hearing the Court was informed that Al Gore’s film contained serious scientific inaccuracies, that it was ‘politically partisan’, and was being used by the Government to ‘brainwash’ children about global warming.

As part of the evidence, it was pointed out that Al Gore had admitted it was appropriate to exaggerate the facts on global warming in order to get the message across.

The Judge ruled that schools were required to warn children before showing the film that it contained “partisan political views”, as well as pointing out the eleven serious inaccuracies. These included a claim that sea levels could rise by 7m causing the displacement of millions of people, when the evidence shows sea levels are expected to rise by only 40cm or so over the next hundred years and that there is no threat of mass migration.

In fact, Al Gore’s claim in the movie that rising sea levels had already caused the evacuation of some Pacific islands to New Zealand, remains as untrue now – 14 years later – as it was back then. 

The court case highlighted the fact that in Britain school children are protected from political propaganda through an amendment to their Education Act which requires political issues to be presented in a balanced manner.

Section 406 forbids … the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school. And if political issues are brought to the attention of pupils, Section 407 requires… they are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views.

Since New Zealand’s Education Act has no such safeguards to protect children from political propaganda, in 2008 the NZCPR petitioned Parliament to have similar clauses introduced.

The Ministry of Education responded to our petition, saying sufficient safeguards already existed through the professionalism and common sense of school boards, principals and teachers – as well as a Code of Ethics for Registered Teachers that requires them to present material in a balanced manner. 

The Education Bill that is now before Parliament – and the infiltration of propaganda into the school curriculum by activist groups – shows the fallacy of that response. It is imperative that our education system be free from political bias. Surely, its time Kiwi children had the same safeguard in law as their British counterparts.


*Should New Zealand children be protected from political indoctrination by introducing provisions into the Education Act to forbid the teaching of partisan political views?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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Absolutely. This country is being run bravery very dangerous activists and poli Mike
as a farmer I observe natures wonders every day ,carbon nitrogen hydrogen oxygen are the main building blocks of life & are stored in liquid (water bodies)solid(soils) gas(atmospheric co2 ) not carbon sinks that put life down the plughole I agree with all your comments for the last 2 years I have attempted to get a platform for my observations of nature over 60 yrs I have pages & pages of Notes I prefer to remain anonymous because I do not have an ego but have a deep concern for my grand children how do you suggest that I can get the facts of life out there david
Shame on the government – we must all stand up against this. We are the frog in the proverbial boiling water Bev
We need to constantly remind our children and young people that, as far as political opinions and beliefs are concerned, there is no one right way. Paloma
Emphatically YES! Lest and before our history is re-written bearing no semblance to the historical truth. Carol
yes ; considering that all teachers are left wing , degenerates Roy
The Labour/Greens ultimate aim is to re-educate children to total believers in climate change, Maori myths, and that anyone over 40 is their enemy. Steve
I taught for 37 years mostly in this country and found that the biggest at indoctrination tended to be those teachers who were most active in the PPTA . The current wave of indoctrination for the climate change religion is the worst that i have ever seen. Roger
This must be a thing of their own choice  Richard
Has a similar smell to what occurred in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. Bill
The doomsday Green party and the embrace of grievance Maori seats’ parties all need to be voted out forever. English needs to be the official and only language of NZ. It is ridiculous that the awful Maori language is it, I will never learn it. Monica
The thought that by trotting out this propaganda to children, fills me with dread that the green party could thereby persuade children to vote green in just a few years, but it is quite feasible. Of all the twisted politicians, they are the pits. Chris.
Partisan political views should be prohibited from being taught in schools and universities. This should be set in stone and not overturned by which ever political party in power. Dennis
It is an absolute imperative that schools are free of political indoctrination Murray
The present coalition Govt are poisoning our next generation with their own crooked political agenda and warped ideas. Kids today are to venerable and need to be told the truth about our NZ history and weather patterns. Wayne
The non-subtle invasion of Maori Sovereignty is an affront to NZ’s Monarchy, which Maori regularly exploits when a perceived advantage is endorsed. Bob
Keep Politics out of school. Give the children time to grow up and make their own decisions . And not have fake History pushed down their throats. Ross
If we had a decent press, Shaw and the maori radicals would be exposed for the rubbish they are, and the rubbish they spout. It’s about time NZrs became a bit more political and went after these groups, they should be forced to give both sides of the argument Merryl
Typical of Labour and the Greens, not to mention the Maori activists, to twist everything to suit their world views and to then ram it down the throats of unsuspecting children. These activists have no morals, ethics or principles, just a one-eyed determination to force their views on everyone no matter the cost. It’s a pity the National party does not have the guts or intelligence to stand up and counter this rubbish. Gary
This is Goebels all over again! Thomas
Definitely Laurie
Absolutely – unless the other alternatives are considered, and kids have the opportunity to figure it out for themselves, this should not be implemented. Craig
The growing similarities between what happened in the destructive, murderous totalitarian regimes of the last century and what’s being laid down here in NZ is sickening. Lest we forget indeed! There is no time for apathy if we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy peace and prosperity. Fiona
An essential provision Jim
In a true democracy we would not have to face and deal with what is happening right now. I said it before: What I find disturbing is that our so called opposition in parliament is sitting there doing nothing– saying nothing. Labour light ??!! Michael
Brainwashing to get votes next? The CoL have to go before they do even more damage! Mark
Absolutely! the political pressure to indoctrinate our children with the false exaggerations and predictions of biased computer models and zealots is frightening. Gordon
t is so sad that the minister of education and climate change is so poorly informed, and woefully behind in his reading.{Mirrors and Mazes} by Brady} would be a good start for him. gale
Hell YES. Simon
Let us turn New Zealand into a Democracy, instead of the hypocrisy that it is now! How about a television debate on this and other subjects. Is anybody else interested? Kevan
Let us and our children be told the truth about the ‘natural fluctuation’ of the climate.. Not the brainwashing of Socialist propaganda. John
School children AND adults need to be educated on AGENDA 21 and the hand of UN in placing Ardern into power as the obedient puppet selling NZ into servitude. The low intellect of the average common free-range sheeple slave offers no friction nor obstruction in apartheid embracing NZ. Zoran
it is shameful a law is needed to protect children in the education system from government propaganda is scary but having no political opposition to protect democracy albeit, a watered down version is frightening. Why do we accept an education system funded by tax payers that is used against to silence them.It is way past time for kiwis to force the leftest ideology and remove individual spirit entirely. Sam
definitely they go to school to learn as we all did, just what right have these air head politicians got that they can brain wash these children to there crazy ideals leave them alone till they are old enough to make there own decisions in life, Rodger
Without question children should be protected from political indoctrination by legislation. On subjects that could have partisan political content the choice of what is or is not taught It is not enough to leave the selection of material up teachers and school boards, Peter
It’s a shocking thing; We have powerful groups trying to control our country… beginning with our children. How dare they!! Denis
this is how Hitler & Stalin brainwashed their nations where is the United Nations this is what they where formed to stop it happening again Nigel
Yes, and not only political BS but Maori BS as well. Athol
I believe it is highly unethical for Government to be influencing the school curriculum in such a manner. We the public have to stop this. It must be exposed for the danger that it could cause. Anon
goes without saying. But there are a lot of selfish agenda driven people and organisations out there so I will not be optimistic for a common sense outcome. Gary
seems obvious, can only be a good thing. Gerhard
NO to state sponsored propaganda Brian
The pressure must go on the Education Dept to ensure that our children are protected against all propaganda coming from activists who spread nothing but false information and any teacher who encourages it in their classroom must have their license to teach cancelled. Erin
we do not need another false load of B/S Barry
Yes, and the sooner the better! Cyril
We have too much of this going on, mostly behind the scenes also. Nan
It will be tough to counteract the Govt’s determination to allow children to be influenced by activists without providing balanced views. Graham
Absolutely Education needs to be balanced and both sides of any argument discussed. When only one argument is allowed it is NOT education but indoctrination. Kids need to be taught to ask questions to seek further information to make up their own minds. This will not happen with the very left leaning teacher unions in charge. One way to overcome this dominance by the teacher unions who think they know best is to have the education system funded by vouchers then the parents are back in control and can send their kids to the school of their own choice. I have set up a you tube channel to discuss political matters affecting NZ Here is a link https://youtu.be/vn-kyQB7lEo Robin
Absolutely ! James
I don’t think children should be bombarded with things like that too early, they need to learn the basics so they will understand in the future what it is all about. Barbara Goldstone
An absolute necessity. Keith
young minds are so easily influenced. history reminds us . teach our children the basics and give them the right to an education that allows their ability to recognise right from wrong John
outrageous such blatant brainwashing is allowed in New Zealand Lachlan
Most definitely they need to be protected from political indoctrination. They are already feed a lot of misinformation by the left leaning educationist we have now. David
Teachers should only be teaching students, how to learn, not what to learn. George
A dangerous precedent is being set here in allowing this type propaganda being taught in our schools Lawrie
Socialism/Marxism is now attempting to cement its future just as Stalin, Hitler supported by Goebbels, and Mao Tse Tung attempted to capture their future through the indoctrination of the young. Why are the taxpayers of New Zealand not mounting the barricades and taking our Parliament to task. I was always taught when attending school, that I had to understand the fundamentals of mathematics and science in order to be able to research and develop answers to the various problems that may be presented. The teaching of political dogma and the pseudoscience that Mr Shaw and all but one of our parliamentarians had the audacity to claim justified suppressing our economy with the most draconian legislation New Zealand has ever faced. This body has yet to produce a shred of scientific evidence to justify their actions other than reports produced by UN IPCC, which they quote as being proven by “expert Opinion”, climate forecast models which have been proven as unfit for purpose for the last 30 years, and scientific “evidence” produced by so-called “scientists” who have shown themselves willing to amend data in order to produce the desired “scientific fact”. Who is going to police any changes to the Act? Given our recent experience, we certainly cannot rely on any Minister of the Crown to do the job, no matter what the colour of the rosette. But without question the Act needs urgent change and Shaw is the last person that should be involved developing curriculum that should be based upon science. Michael
Bloody Hell NO!!! Martin
The Problem – State education has got our students the mind. The Solution – Defund state education, universities first ! Don
science fact based teaching only cam
They are being bombarded with Political rubbish and they need to be given a chance to be educated in a normal manner without the Political Claptrap and confusion Laurel
Most definitely. Let’s not repeat that sorry episode of world history Kevi
The extent of indoctrination already is alarming. Can we stem the tide now ? Catherine
Religion out. Political views in. Sounds like communism. Ido
no political propaganda or any other unproven material should enter any school Tony
Will school children be able to opt out of climate change education like the proposed new law that will get you out of religious education?? John
Our children should be given unbiased information about ALL issues, and told to ask questions about everything they’re told, not just accept statements as truth. Often they are NOT the truth. Joyce
It’s hard to believe that political indoctrination is being introduced into schools – but it is! We must not tolerate this. It is a gross misuse of power. We must fight back with a mighty assault. Neil
We school children to be able to determine by consideration what is right for them. Indoctrination form an early age precludes this capacity and should be resisted mightily. Tony
Absolutely — teachers should be told what should be taught to impressionable minds and what is going to get them ahead in the coming years Subjects like Te Reo and climate change indoctrination should not be part of any child’s education. Alan
They are at school to be taught proper education, not propaganda from the govt. If I had children at school, I would immediately take them out of school and home school. Jan
This is up to parents to fix. On the day spoilt brat becomes a Greta Thunberg clone they should be taken at their word with the ideas they espoused applied to them. Walk to school, no more purchases of animal products to eat or wear for them or any Mervyn
Definitely Yes. Adding new agendas into the school curriculum will rob the children of a good sound education useful in whatever direction they choose as a career, and also useful everywhere in the world. CM
Children in school today are being completely brainwashed with total lies regarding history in nz. The truth is, Maori were complete canibal savages and their violent behaviour carries on right through to today. The Maori prison population speaks for itself .. not to mention the current violence of their own children and the very high crime rate within Maori families. This government doesn’t have the balls to front this huge problem and in fact they allow these problems to continue, even supporting illegal Maori land occupations. Children are being taught total untruths every day. The horse has bolted. Des
Absolutely! Protect our children from brainwashed educators. There also needs to be some protection for children and adults from biased media. Elizabeth
You have said it all – A BIG FAT FAKE LIE, ALL OF IT FROM THE GREENS, & CINDY STARDUST’ A despicable display of propaganda targeting our children. Robyn
Yes definitely! Teach the facts. Jim
this is nothing short of left wing propaganda Ken
Teaching lies is the worst thing we can do. Jamie
.Absolutely. Especially this year – election year – who knows what the schools will be telling the kids. Elle
This absolutely should happen. It is despicable to try and politically indoctrinate our children. There are more important issues for them to learn. If this indoctrination continues we are going to have children with mental issues. They are wanting to teach them something they can’t control. How sick is that? Helen
We are entering an Orwellian nightmare. I wholeheartedly support legislation that would prohibit the political indoctrination of our children within the education system. Lee
Most definitely. Pam
Teachers far too often force their views and opinions onto children as has been very evident within farming sectors dirty dairying, climate change etc. Further the vast majority of teachers are strong Labour voters and this move can only be to encourage labour policies. many teachers do an excellent job with the children but they must stay focused on what their knowledge base is and it certainly is not politics . John
The Treaty of Waitangi was judged “a simple nullity” in NZ’s Supreme Court in 1877 by Chief Justice James Prendergast, because the Maori Declaration of Independence failed, there was no Head of State to sign this international contract (a legal requirement) and the chiefs never met. There cannot be a “partnership between Maori and the Crown” because English law forbids it. When the Treaty was signed we were already a British colony inside the boundaries of New South Wales, Maoris already British subjects. Our true founding document is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840 which split us from New South Wales, gave us our own Government, English law only which automatically made English our legal language and our own flag which contrary to Flag Change propaganda is older than Australia’s, theirs is the copy. Yes, there is more than one way to abuse children, lookup the Kohimarama Conference of 1860 and you will find Maori begged Govt to stop the Maori Wars in Taranaki and with Waikato Kingites and praised the Queen and settlers. George
Absolutely. Dave
This attempt by the Govt to divert our children’s minds away from “real life” is unacceptable. There is no way that I will vote for a party that will have allowed this to be implemented. Any party I vote for will have to eliminate this UN propaganda from our schools. Neil
It is disgusting that our predominantly socialist teaching fraternity be allowed to essentially brainwash our children. Derek
The Socialist Globalist Indoctrination Agenda has been obvious in our schools for a very long time now. Really gained momentum under Clarks leadership, & has continued unabated ever since. Hitler would be SO proud of NZs current ‘Government’, with its control of the ‘Press’ & MSM, & now the indoctrination instead of the education of our children. With N.Z Society now in such disarray, there is a good chance that the current bunch of losers will be back for another three years to really destroy the last remnants of democracy in this once proud country. A.G.R.
It’s time for a change of Gvt. But who? Bill
Definitely!!!! Joe
Children should also be taught the danger of over population by humans, and their depletion of natural resources on items not completely necessary to human wellbeing. Peter
No political indoctrination whatsoever. Betty
more non voted for socialism nevkath
Especially the LEFT are past masters at this sort of indoctrination. Geoff
Another example f Green madness. Ignoring the scientific evidence for pseudo science. Jeff
we cannot allow politically biased nonsense to be taught in classes to still immature children John
It is time the public of NZ stood up to this continual biased racist policy in which Maori activists blame colonization for all the Maori problems. The pathetically simple treaty was nearly 200 year ago and we are still hog-bound by those misinterpreting it for their own political reasons. Vote for the party which says quite clearly “we are all equal”. Graeme
Absolutely So !!!!! John
James Shaw should be charged with treason. chris
Education should be unbiased and factual. There should be no place in the education curriculum for brainwashing children with political influenced subjects. Clinton
Please ‘Google’ “Hitler Youth”- teach that.-not just to children but to all the administrators of education! In fact to everybody. Unadulterated history should be compulsory in education. Selwyn
Sack the lot of them. They (the govt on both sides of the divide) are being whipped into submission by the UN. We should be alarmed and not stand silent. Robert
Hitler youth of course shows what happens when indoctrination goes to far Les
Oh yes, I had this topic out with a head teacher about forty years ago…..the story of a former french territory and all the politics about it. (Teacher was a very political animal indeed) Head had no idea the subject matter was skewed. Nothing’s new, out there….. Mabel
Our children must be taught only factual and logical subjects of proven validity as monitored but non political experienced educational experts. Arthur
The sad part is that most parents will not have a clue until they start getting challenged by their children.Shades of Germany where many parents were reported then visited by the gestapo. Better idea would be a broadsheet for each classroom of where N.Z.’s income comes from then the affect each action has on that income. Eg if you cut back on dairying to grow trees, how long will it take for the lost income from Fonterra to be made up from timber (if ever). What will happen if you put a red meat ‘tax’ on beef and mutton. What a minefield.!!! Dick
Indoctrination by the state of young kids is terrible. Andrew
Our children should be protected from these lies. Much like Pacific Island Maori being the indigenous peoples of New Zealand. Could it be that New Zealand is now a sovereign state of the United Nations?? Dave
There’s nothing really new here. Indoctrination of kids was on the declared agenda of the extreme socialist (aka communist) Fabian Society from way back. Because the sheople of NZ are, apparently, totally blind to the progress of extreme Control/Left antics, they feel free to “come out” and blithely institute their “progressive” measures to reinforce their domination. Ron
Definitely yes there should be protection. Keith
This government is hell bent on separatism not ONE LAW FOR ALL as what Winston Peters campaigned on John
It is hard to believe that in this country where the standard of education is so low that we go out of our way to avoid teaching the basics. I wonder how many people know what these are ???. Tom
It started with teachers being the food police checking children’s lunch boxes for “unhealthy” food. Now dangerously morphing into propaganda for george soros who has just pumped billions of $ into the worlds universities to influence and hasten the world collapse of capitalism. Dale
This indoctrination should be stopped in its tracks. William
Be very afraid of the way this govt is bending the minds of children to their will. This is worse than socialism; it is totalitarianism. They must be stopped at all costs for the future of this country. Parents also need to take this issue up with their respective schools. Petitioning parliament and the Ministry of Education just does not seem to work. direct action is needed. Rod
Is it time for us to take legal action against the Government like the ethical British school teacher did? Ted
is it a communist state Brian
There is too much twisting of the truth by groups trying to push their views. What needs to be taught in schools is the true history, without bias. Andrew
It’s unbelievable what labour, the greens & maori party(iwi) want to use such tactics on our children. DONT WAIT EMAIL THE PM & EVERYONE ELSE FROM BOTH PARTIES & ALSO FLOOD TWITTER & FACEBOOK.Expect some nasty comments the P.C. & maori will NOT like the TRUTH exposed. Cindy
Yes, definitely – they are there to acquire knowledge and life skills, not to be used to further destructive political aspirations. And where is National? Are they a spent force or what? High time for them to revisit their Founding Principles, as outlined by Sid Holland, back in 1936 and start acting as a real Opposition should! Scott
Informing is one thing, indoctrination another. Lynda
Is Labour now moving to Nazi political brainwashing of our children, surely we must insist on a law to protect them from biased teachings Brianb
Absolutely.. Something we are likely to see with both the teaching of NZ “History” – flavoured heavily with idealogical PC rubbish , and the radical non-sensical attitudes of the Greens on the issue of Climate Change. I find this whole deal strangely akin to holocaust denial prevalent in Germany during the post war years. I you don’t like what happened in the past then lets re-write history! You cannot apply 20/20 hindsight and 20th century ideology to events that happened over 100 years ago. Then was then and now is now. Present the facts in an unbalanced way and let the reviewer make their own minds up. Clearly the current Government only wants to appeal to the morons out there who have no capacity for rational analysis and thought, and need to be guided by the nose to arrive at the viewpoint the Government wants them to adopt! Rob
This is sick behaviour from government. I for one will keep feeding my plants CO2, and I will never pay for that until the science is unanimous. Brooke
The brain-washing continues at an ever-increasing pace! Speak against something and you’re either labelled as a racist or a denier.. time for those with common-sense to rise up! Tony
How are these political activists getting away with this nonsense? Janet
A good principle, but unless implemented wisely it could lead to unceasing rounds of political claims and counter-claims! Colin
Seams to be a great JA juggernaught that continues as long as she reigns Which hopefully will terminate very soon so she can join Clark and her UN buddies, funny isn’t it that women have no say or power where Muslims rule, ah well time will tell? IAN
Always… Peter
Didn’t Hitler do that prior to ww2 Don
Until we are one people and one law for all, this country will not prosper as it should. John
Yes, yes and yes. For goodness sake National wake up and start shouting. David
Our children have enough to deal with, without being indoctrinated with pseudo science. Margaret
All New Zealand children should be PROTECTED from these nitwits, and ANY propaganda regarding these stupid topics banned from the education system! Bill
There is no place for propaganda at any level in our schools or education system. It is put simply nothing short of brainwashing. The youth of today will be more than capable of forming their own opinion as they enter adulthood. This government has undoubtedly over stepped their brief. Chris
There should be no place in the education system for biased Propaganda material. David
Education of children is extremely important and NOTHING other than the standard course subjects should be taught. David
The whole concept of indoctrination is abhorrent. Even more so with our impressionable youngsters. Glyn
It is not only partisan political views which should not be inculcated into children but also one sided scientific views. Children should be taught how to think for themselves and how to look for and find rational facts about the world in which they live. Ronnie
Yes! Not only the children though. Think about the garbage and slanted views all our news media are feeding us. Bruce
What is happening under this current coalition by introducing climate propaganda and other forms of misinformation shows just how low this mob will go to install and brainwash the next generation is as low as one can go . Ken
Much of the world fought against Hitler and his mate, Goebbels, with many lives being lost. This Government’s proposals are straight out of the Nazi copybook and shouldn’t be tolerated by the voting public. But do we have any real alternative waiting in opposition? – fat chance!  Alan
Absolutely children must be protected from these political views creeping into the education system. Why should children be forced to learn Maori? Climate change was and will always be .no matter what we humans do. Frank
Children should be taught to analyze information and draw their own conclusions, not to accept what they are told like Good little subjugated communist workers. Bruce C
The only compulsory drop out the rubbish, make English. maths com. William
yes but should not be needed, nz is becoming more like Germany in the 1930s god forbid next we will have the brown shirts youth gangs. down with adhern and her brown and green minstrals. James
Damn right! We are moving into a dictatorship. We need to stand up to these people. Who will man the barricades? Jenny
Climate Change is just the start of the propaganda that this Government wants to indoctrinate children. The so called peace loving cannibal Maoris pre 1840 will be next and we will all be made to feel guilty about how bad they were treated and this means they will be paid more money from the sucker taxpayers of the country By the clowns in the present Government Colin
Absolutely – this sort of development can easily lead to the public education system as we know it failing and sectorial schooling having to take over. Jim
NZ will be ruined if this ‘regime’ continues. The COL must be ousted from parliament pronto. Chris
Ideologically driven politicians are the worst people to influence young minds. They are, after all, control freaks wishing everyone-one else would do as they say and think as they wish. Maurice
There is an old saying “the squeeky wheel gets the oil” With the average age of the educators’ in our schooling system being brought up on the idea that climate change can be influenced by humans ‘, their ability to provide a balanced point of view is almost impossible and anyone who objects to their way of thinking is met with a barrage of buzz words produced by radical groups. Barry
Give our children useful education to fit them to think for themselves – don’t corrupt their minds with someone else’s biased or warped thinking Russell
The sooner the law is changed to prevent this the better as we have an extremely dangerous situation in our education system already with the left wing, climate activist teachers already imposing their political views climate change zealotry on the kids. Children should be taught how to think not what to think. Allan
The left’s agenda of insidious creeping indoctrination is sickening Peter
Absolutely! This is totally unforgivable! Ron
This is getting very scary – I don’t think polls politely asking the government to “back off” indoctrinating our children will work, therefore the only way to stop them is to make it an election issue and get the nutcases out of power – namely labour and the greens. “Winston First” also needs to go, but for different reasons. Roy
Get rid of the hysteria. Both , or all, sides of the question is required. Sheila
1984 ? Robbie
All children should be taught to read, write and do maths and be allowed to ask the innocent questions of youth with honest answers as far as their teacher knows. School is a preparation place for living in an adult world. Deb
Thank you for exposing the government’s plan to indoctrinate our children, we should learn from Nazi Germany. Ken
This is just more lefty bullshit from this Government. They only want to control you every thought. paul
I absolutely agree. Education must remain free of political indoctrination else we run in to a situation of students with a distorted outlook. Brian
Absolutely Robyn
Then same goes for religion. Peter
It is an utterly horrendous concept. The substance of politics cannot be rationally absorbed by juvenile minds. Jim
Come on New Zealand – please please get rid of these zealots at the next election. Mike
What the hell is going on in this Country, indoctrinating our Kids with with a totally biased piece of Propaganda. This reeks of a Nazism style of Control.. If these People in political Power have the right agenda then why would they did to do this. The same People in ‘Power’ would appear to have the Moral Compass of a Jellyfish. Speaking of Jellyfish, there is species that has been around for 350 million Years BUT NO BRAIN. Makes me wonder if these People in ‘Power’ have evolved from this Jellyfish. Geoff
Have the correct history, no matter how truthful and unpalatable ( or else no at all ) Kevin
It’s the last thing I want for our children to be taught things that didn’t happen in schools and forced to take subjects that are not all true Kerin
Kids are sponges they will soak all this rubbish up and then god help us The education system has been Brocken for years kids have been taught rubbish it%u2019s passed time to go back to core values and leave it to caring parents to supply the rest Peter
Let them discover that information when they’re older, better able to process critical thinking and are less impressionable Tony
STOP the bullshit NOW. Please teach our youngsters facts – the three R’s for a start – PLEASE.  Brian
Absolutely….otherwise New Zealand will become a Nation of ‘zombies’. A balanced view of the REAL world is the only way. Life is tough so get used to it. Chris
This is a one sided propaganda tool that will do nothing to support or grow the NZ economy Phil
It’s essential as the previous justification for not doing so doesn’t cut it. We must have similar to what Britain has. Allan
OMG, this is so depressing, get’m while they’re young, churn out reams of indoctrinated minds. Never mind the balance, she’ll be right. Bart
No way should it be bought into schools They should be learning maths English correct History not the one made up and how to budget Cherryl
Absolutely !!!! Doug
Educate with truth. Not political fads. Bryan
….. unless they are part of a balanced, politically neutral, presentation. Murray
This is so scary Allan
Slowly but surely NZ is morphing into a South Pacific version of the CCP with an Islamic overtones. alice
All part of Agenda 21-30 – who is going to stop it? Mike
In this day and age of social media where what is written is accepted as fact, there is little encouragement to question anything nor look for an alternative view. And when an alternative view is offered it’s howled down and belittled because it doesn’t fit with a quickly absorbed point of view from pa populace too busy or too lazy to seek out real facts. It’s in the fake news category, but it’s news so it must be true. I’m also deeply troubled at the one-sided slant of this political agenda as all the years I was teaching it was always drummed into us that we must be unbiased in hat we taught and teach both the pros and the cons. It seems those days of discretion and integrity are long gone. It’s up to us as the older generation to take this government and our education minister to task over their blatantly one-sided teaching material and get the facts out there. Mary
Let’s call all our girls Greta from now on shall we? Roger
When you see information to “Counter Climate ‘Deniers'” that includes statements like….There are no Natural cycles to explain climate change….it is made up…… There is something very wrong happening. Lionel
Go far enough down this direction and children challenging the official view will be shot to avoid contamination of their peers. If that is bad we should not go in this direction at all. Alister
This is George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ in 2020! Alice
Definitely Graeme
Let them form their own views as they get older Colin
Facts please. Carbon is necessary for our existence. We interfere with NATURE at our peril. Douglas
Just another step on the Socialist ‘s creeping control if NZ. Robert
It’s unbelievable that such a law is necessary to ensure so-called education professionals and politicians in this country act in accordance with practices and policies the majority of citizens expect to be complied with. How can this kind of ‘teaching’ be allowed in a democracy? Terry
Yes because we have a communist government linfested with readicle weirdos and led by simply a dumb PM. Would National do it different.? After listening to Kaye no change. Don
George Orwell’s 1984 is now full on happening in NewZealand Graham
Communist doctrine Cutty
There is no limit to the lies of the political left. We allow it to happen at our peril. Michael
It isn’t just the brainwashing that is of concern but that it is becoming impossible to debate certain issues. It is as if one has to make sure the windows are closed before even discussing certain issues. Bill
Young minds are very impressionable and the type of political influence that is being propagated will someday come back to bite the government when those children become disillusioned adults. What the government is doing is reprehensible and evil! Elsie
Apartheid continues to grow in NZ – shameful. Peter
George Orwell advocated that who controls the past controls the future … DJ
The alternative is, Parents take responsibility for ensuring their children are not adversely affected by Propaganda by attending en-mass at every school lesson where propaganda material is introduced, and Parents exercising their Parental Rights to excuse their child out of any propaganda lesson or indeed remove the child from the school environment as a protection. Expect lot of home schooling and a downturn in tax take as mostly mothers exit the workforce to home school rather than accept socialist activist immoral propaganda. Will religious schools be required to teach this same propaganda. Climate change is established as a marxist NWO propaganda cult, one flawed on many fronts not just the al Gore impossible lie, but the whole IPCC structure is flawed as are most all of their predictions. Already our govt has turned Climate change into a cash slush donation where the people of NZ have been robbed of 1.4 billion per year which morally should have supported existing health and pharmacy needs, restored Pension payment value and built essential infrastructure. This CoL is cannibalizing its our countrymen to posture its NWO marxist ideology. Richard
The concern goes beyond this one subject. Failure to act quickly to coronavirus. Failure to put in place accountability checks. Ministers are in many cases incompetent. Bob
Kids are not being taught to speak and spell correct English. They find Maths difficult. Science is almost non existent, history consists of learning about how Maori were ripped off. These Climate lies should definitely not be taught in school. Should parents wish to brainwash their kids, so be it but I’m damned sure my kids don’t go to school to learn propaganda and lies. Chris
Absolutely children should be protected from political propaganda. Protections should have been introduced years ago.   Charles
Giving political fanatics access to children is despicable.  Toby
There is no way that propaganda should be taught in schools. Where is the National Party in all of this? They should be leading the protest.  Lana
It is very depressing realising that National will probably not oppose moves by the sovereignty movement to infiltrate the education system because of their political ambitions. Does principle have no place in party politics anymore? Alistair
All political propaganda should be expunged from the education system. and the law should be changed to prevent more being introduced. Children deserve protection, not exploitation. Fritz