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Six Years of Failure

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It’s customary in the run up to an election for voters to ask, “Do I feel better off today than when this Government first took office?”

Since Labour is a second term government, let’s turn our mind back to 2017.

After nine years of National, economists were describing New Zealand as having a “rock star” economy. A Listener poll published at the time showed “84% think we do incredibly well for a small country at the bottom of the world, and 76% believe, given the current state of the world, there is no better country to live in.”

Kiwis appeared satisfied with the party that had guided the country through the swine flu pandemic, two earthquakes, the Global Financial Crisis, and some difficult commodity slumps.

However, it was opposition parties that captured the interest of the media and ended up changing the course of the election.

It started when the Green Party’s then co-leader Metiria Turei delivered a controversial speech on welfare reform, during which she admitted benefit fraud. Perversely, it caused a surge in support for the Green Party – at the expense of Labour. This triggered a Labour Party leadership change with Jacinda Ardern replacing Andrew Little just seven weeks out from the election.

Thus began a media ‘love-fest’ with Jacinda Ardern. Media commentators inhaled ‘Jacindamania’ fairy dust and Labour hoovered up supporters from within the Greens, New Zealand First, and even from National.

Labour’s new leader assured New Zealanders that if she became Prime Minister, she would be open, honest, and transparent. Thanks to the vagaries of MMP she was appointed our PM. But open, honest, and transparent, she was not.

The warning signs were there.

The fact that she had been the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth and continued in that role for a further fifteen months after being elected to our Parliament in 2008, was a telling sign of the extreme ideology of our new Prime Minister.

That dangerous extremism revealed itself early on when she claimed climate change was her generation’s “nuclear free moment”.

And dangerous it was. Just months into her administration, without official advice or Cabinet approval, Jacinda Ardern made a unilateral decision to ban new deep sea oil and gas exploration – in order to look decisive at her first overseas meeting as PM.

She later declared a climate emergency and introduced the world’s most extreme Zero Carbon Act, pushing up the cost of carbon and forcing up prices throughout the whole economy. This has not only exacerbated New Zealand’s cost-of-living crisis, but over-regulation is now threatening the viability of key agricultural industries.

Jacinda Ardern not only used the tragedy of the Christchurch terror attack to crack down on the rights of law-abiding Kiwi firearm owners – in order to look strong on the world stage – but also, to launch her Christchurch Call and lead the world in censoring the internet.

By 2019, the radical United Nations’ Agenda 2030 had been embedded into New Zealand’s legislative and regulatory framework – but we only found out because Jacinda Ardern boasted about it during a speech she delivered in New York: “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions.”

At the centre of all of these world leading initiatives was the personal ambition of Jacinda Ardern. These were revolutionary changes for our country that Labour had not campaigned on, while those promises they did campaign on – including building tens of thousands of affordable homes, reducing homelessness, and eliminating child poverty – were turning into dismal failures.

Without a doubt, Labour was destined to be a one-term government – but then, as election year dawned, along came Covid.

The pandemic enabled our authoritarian Prime Minister to introduce some of the world’s most restrictive emergency measures. And, with her claim she was our ‘single source of truth’, it provided a platform for her to embellish her world persona.

Our loss of liberty was unprecedented.

Under the guise of fighting the virus a multi-million-dollar army of communications experts was hired to deliver the Government’s message – and help Labour win the 2020 election.

And win they did – with over 50 percent of the vote, Jacinda Ardern promised the country she would govern for ‘all’ Kiwis: “We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you, we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander.”

That turned out to be a lie of monumental proportions.

Jacinda Ardern introduced vaccine mandates – in spite of a promise before the election to not do so – dividing the nation and crushing the human rights of many Kiwis. In attempting to ‘lead the world’ in vaccination rates, large percentages of the population were mandated into receiving vaccines they would otherwise have declined.

Then we discovered ‘He Puapua’, the blueprint to replace democracy with tribal rule that had been kept hidden from voters for over a year. This unmandated plan by Labour’s Maori Caucus to transfer power to the iwi elite through co-governance was, in reality, a fundamental attack on democracy itself.

Labour justified co-governance by claiming that the Treaty of Waitangi delivered a partnership between Maori and the Crown. But the great Maori leader, Sir Apirana Ngata, in his brilliant explanation of the original meaning of the Treaty, shows that to be a lie.

The Treaty established the Queen as our Sovereign, protected private property rights, and gave Maori the same rights and privileges of British citizenship as every other New Zealander. No special rights based on race were promised by the Treaty – everyone was equal.

After three years, we now know what a divisive and devastating effect He Puapua has had on race relations in this country. New Zealand has never been more racially divided than it is today.

In health, we now have the astounding and abhorrent situation where, as a result of Maori co-governance, patients are being prioritised on the basis of race, instead of clinical need!

Thanks to co-governance in education, children are being indoctrinated with a Maori worldview that denigrates our history – and our pioneering forebears who helped build this nation.

In local government, the democratic rights of local communities to challenge the establishment of Maori wards was abolished retrospectively and without warning.

And now our water assets are being confiscated through the financially unsustainable ‘Three Waters’ proposal, that Labour is forcing onto the country in order to give control of fresh water to iwi.

Hiding in the shadows of the He Puapua reforms, the Office for Maori-Crown Relations is spearheading iwi partnerships and co-governance throughout the public and private sectors.

Is the fact that crime is now out of control a result of iwi interference?

Is the iwi partnership in Corrections responsible for violent Maori offenders who should be in prison, being released into the community and committing more crime?

And is the iwi partnership with Police resulting in a blind eye being turned towards Maori offenders, instead of arrests being made?

Was Immigration New Zealand’s partnership with iwi the reason immigration settings took so long to change in response to the country’s critical shortage of workers?

In an investigation into the so-called independent Environmental Protection Agency, Thomas Cranmer found that key personnel were implementing “a radical model of co-governance seemingly against the wishes of their Ministers” – and he warned, “this demonstrates just how much momentum co-governance now has within ministries, agencies and NGOs.”

The subversion of democracy, as powerful tribal interests pull the strings and control the agenda for their own private benefit within both public and private institutions, is Labour’s dangerous legacy.

Tragically, many New Zealanders are still completely unaware that any of this is going on. The Fourth Estate can bear much of the responsibility for this scandalous state of affairs.

Apart from a handful of outlets, the mainstream media has failed to investigate the partnership lie and the damage it is causing to our democracy.

Part of the reason, of course, is Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund. Put in place ostensibly to support the media during the aftermath of the pandemic, its ulterior motive was to prevent the media from investigating the bogus partnership claim that underpins co-governance, by requiring those receiving funding to ‘promote’ the lie instead of exposing it.

While the fund finally ran out in June, last week reports emerged that the Minister of Broadcasting Willie Jackson was planning on meeting with mainstream media representatives to agree on a set of guidelines for reporting on Maori and Treaty matters during the election campaign. If true, couldn’t such discussions be seen as an attempt by Labour to encourage media collusion and influence the election?

So here we are, just weeks out from the 2023 General Election, facing not only a cost-of-living crisis, fuelled by Labour’s reckless spending and the excessive regulatory cost burden they have forced onto the country, but a racially divided future, with democracy in tatters.

What the Hipkins-Ardern Labour Government has done to our country – undermining democracy and turning New Zealand into an apartheid state – would have been unimaginable back in 2017.

So, the answer to the question of whether we feel better off now than when Labour first came to office, must surely be a resounding “No”!

But what lies ahead?

Both National and ACT have opposed co-governance.

So too has New Zealand First – as this week’s Guest Commentator, political analyst and Victoria University’s Democracy Project Director, Dr Bryce Edwards, recently explained:

“Race relations are a prime issue for NZ First to campaign on, with growing concern about Government initiatives in this area.

“Peters and his party are banging on this drum, helping drive-up discontent with the Government’s agenda on ethnicity and co-governance. Peters condemned this as ‘separatist’ and specifically stated he was ruling out working with the ‘racist’ Labour Party.

“It looks like Peters is going to bang on this race relations drum much harder than either National or Act have been doing. NZ First has the ability to go harder on this because the party’s top four politicians are Maori, which means they cannot as easily be dismissed as being racist.”

Dr Edwards makes the point that accusations of ‘racism’ or ‘race-baiting’ have never bothered Winston Peters, who describes them “as yet more proof of the ‘liberal elite’ arrogantly and unfairly defending privilege and the status quo.”

Public opinion polls are now converging on the view that Labour’s day is almost done. It is now drowning in its own vile legacy, while Jacinda Arden is busy fulfilling her personal ambitions on the international stage – benefiting from the profile she created at New Zealand’s expense.

Meanwhile, Willie Jackson and his fellow members of Labour’s Maori caucus say we have nothing to fear from co-governance.

Tuku Morgan, the former MP who chairs the $2 billion Tainui Iwi, and has been appointed to lead the northern Three Waters entity agrees: “Non-Maori have absolutely nothing to fear.” But in the same article he threatens court action if the democratic process goes against iwi control of water.

Speaking on behalf of iwi leaders last year, he warned: “I don’t know which world they belong to, this is 2022 Aotearoa New Zealand, this is about partnership. We will never be denied, we will never go silently in the night, our voice must be heard at the table and we must take our place, end of story.”

Those are not the views of people committed to serving the public good – as Labour is spinning co-governance – but the arrogant and intimidatory demands of elitists, who believes they have the ‘right to rule’.

Co-governance is a euphemism for totalitarian tribal rule. The iwi elite will call the shots and they will be accountable to no-one. They will not be able to be challenged, nor sacked. They represent the future if Labour is re-elected.

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We just have to be careful that the apathetic KFC loving don’t get a new incentive and vote for more welfare’ Peter K
To a large extent but all part of socialism and left wing extremists Greg
I do not support Co-governance . This is not the NZ I want to live in if Labour wins the election Melanie
Labour and the elite Maori, plus those two racist in the Te Pati Maori Party have turned NZ into a racist society. Along with some of the green members, hopefully after the election, they never see the light of day again or hold any reins in government. There is just so much that need s turned around and some honesty regarding Treaty in our schools and learning InstitutIons starting with universities. The media have a lot to answer for. And when there is a change of government I hope heads will roll in many government organisations. Gwenda
It should be about all Kiwis Gary
I shudder at the thought that Labour could be re-elected! Janet
The issue of race relations concerns me very much. The iwi elite will stop at nothing to take control of NZ. This will lead to division within the country in a very dangerous way. robina
The iwi radicals continue the push for an apartheid society ! Donald
Yes. But the only people who will make it an issue, are the NZ public To quote Plato “if you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools”.The issue is. Will or should one race continue to be granted favour. Clearly the answer is no, and to effect change all references to race need to be removed from legislation. Simply replace the word Maori, and replace it with the phase (people in need) Possible too simple ! We have for some time allowed the culture of division to creep into all facets of NZ bureaucracy Driven by a few who have with all the cunning equal to the propaganda which prevailed in Germany during the 30’s/40’s created a situation were in NZ today one race is seemingly favoured over another. We are a stage were the Nz public owe the Maori nothing What the Nz public owe to themselves is to remove separatist insidious values that allow division. Need is not soley defined by race Nor do the public need inflicted on them aspects of a culture that Whist rich in its self is no meaning to the vast majority Bruce
There are so many issues, Race relations is one. Apartheid is a major, but so is health and education. The damage done by Labour will take a lot of work to correct. NZ is no longer the place it once was, so, so sad !  
Great editorial this week John
Race relations with Maori have always been concerning for me and now under Jacinda Ardern it has peaked with 3 Waters & Maori special seats in Councils the worst. The government will without doubt change and this era of Labour’s resigned to history. But to stop this ever happening again, get rid of the Maori Seats. Eric
The monster media are the reason that all the public are not fully informed of this subject. The parliamentary Maori seats need to be abolished otherwise the tribalism politics will continue to blight our country. Only one electoral roll is required. Monica
Absolutely and along with everything else this useless coalition of chaotic losers have done to ruin New Zealand Flip
The same divide was implemented by the same people in South Africa that is now steering the New Zealand campaign.. Nick
after what they’ve just pushed through with legislation so YES, big time. Please tell me why we still have a Govt with Emergency powers that are being used to push through undemocratic policy. Treasonous Carolyn
We are sick of the division in the country that this government has caused. We are one country and the way a minority is being pushed is not fair. Jillian
How do we put the genie back into the bottle? am now totally anti-Maori as are most of my friends, not in a personal way, but the gravy train they have created at our expense. Who do they think is going to continue to keep paying for their free ride, I for one will pack up and leave before I give them a bean of my hard earned assets. Erin
Yes Utterly disgusting communists racists in the Labour party have caused massive damage to our country. Treason. A pack of dogs. God I hate the site of them. David
Because the gvt had no mandate to bring co governance in. Debbie
Certainly the main key but with all the lies coming out of labour and co with bribes before the election no wonder this country is dam near bankrupt so expect gst to go up to 20%, or even more, just think of the windfull the IRD would have if the horis paid Rates on their land or even tax on their so called charities. Richard
Absolutely I do. John M
This is unfortunate but a fact John
Absolutely !!!! The separatism and favouritism was started by Jacinda when she was the first to use the misquoted word “Aotearoa”. It was the beginning of what was to come. They are not even sure what it means and in any event never applied to the South Island. Alan
Yes… because the Labour party, has become the largest racist party in N.Z, they are carrying out the KALERGI PLAN, that the UN/CFR/and TC have had for over 75 years!!! David
Absolutely. A vote for Labour, Greens or Te Pati Maori is a vote for co-governance division between Maori haves and Maori have-nots, division between Maori and non-Maori, division between democratic and undemocratic. Jin
If not, it certainly should be! New Zealand society is being deliberately divided on racial lines in order to promote tribal rule. It does not require much imagination to know how this will pan out if allowed to proceed. TOBY
… or at least “race relations SHOULD BE a key issue. Whether it “will be” is so far not clear. Steve
In the minds of most right wing supporters they are hopping it will be. However those parties on the right do not seem to have the balls to put the issue up front due to the fact Labour are not opening themselves up to enhance any political debate from their opponents, very cunning. So we all need to use our social media skills to wake them up. Owen
It is inevitable. We are all New Zealanders, all supposed to be equal. But all of a sudden the colour of our skins determines the services we receive. Apart from that we are faced with a Totalitarian state. The last six years have been the death of Democracy in New Zealand. Ursula
This is one of the key issues and even now NZ First seems to be the only party even trying to get this issue raised, National seem to be MIA and Act are too busy telling the wealthy they need tax cuts.. Every NZer should be equal and not discrimination based upon race! Ross
At the centre of this years election is how well we value our democratic rights. Co governance simply strips away democracy from all New Zealanders to be treated equally. Wayne
Yes the Labour Party is trying to their very best to stay in power & will use any means to get these votes ( fair or Fowl ) As we all know very well, they have virtually destroyed our country by all the borrowing. It makes it very hard for our Grandchildren to survive the budget on the horizon. Tony
Most definitively. Its getting to or already there. Its either them or us. as an old saying goes. Cyril
This country has never been so divided as it is now Laurie
Yes – it’s become a divisive topic Peter
They should be and if not, why not, when apartheid is being actively promoted by this government. Andrew
Just one of the key issues. Felicity
Yes, radical Maori, Morgan, Tamahere, Davis, Mahuta have made it so. As per my part maori mate all every day maori should boycott the Maori roll. Send a message to the radicals they are not wanted. Maori roll is just another racist example. If you mention a race it’s racist. ANY RACE. Allan
It has to be, radical maori have made it so the most important issue facing NZ. The extreme TainuI and Ngai Tahu corporations are leading the charge. It’s time to boycott these parasites. I DO. They don’t pay any tax and are just blood suckers bleeding the country dry and initiating the takeover with Labours blessing. The behive needs a complete clean out October. Kev M
Sadly yes. Rosemary
Stop the bullshit with regard “THE PARTNERSHIP” and get back to democracy. Richard
It should be otherwise every other issue will be irrelevant. Co- governance will very quickly destroy New Zealand as we used to know it. Ian
YES, but it should NOT have to be that way,it has got so bad, it’s called IWI greed, from the I WANT IT TRIBE, all they have to do is STOP the i want this all the time and just get on with everyone else and forget the last one hundred and eighty years of shit and move ,get a life,yes it’s hard out there, but it’s hard for most of us but you don’t here us banging on like a bunch of crying baby’s all the time. They keep banging on about the WARS etc, for god sake it was a bloody war, get over it, you don’t here other countries that have had wars we the tribes or what ever just keep banging on about it for so long. Go back to the fifty’s and sixty’s we never used to here anything about the shit that we do today and everyone got along just fine and there was no bad blood and everyone was friendly to each other, it’s just the shit stirring younger ones coming up throw life and stirring the minority of them up and they found a sucker in the Labour party and here they go, I WANT IT, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, YOU TOOK IT FROM US, I WANT IT BACK. Just think long and hard,VERY HARD, just a bunch of crying baby’s. If the WHITE man had never came here and over many years and didn’t build roads, buildings , bridges, farms, houses, schools, cars, trucks, trains,planes, ships, WINZ, TAB, KFC, and every other thing you have today ask yourself were would i be and what would i have????? short answer, NOT MUCH. So you really need to work out would rather have those things in life or go back to having JACK SHIT. Because if the rest of the world just left you down here and never came to build and help do what they have done that’s about all you would have,JACK SHIT, so get OVER your selves. Thank god for the election and they will be GONE from parliament and hopefully never to return as the majority of the people of this country have had a guts full of the IWI crap. I think they all should go and read the real treaty and under stand the real words of it and not make up there own meaning. I have lots of very good friends that are Maori people and have been for most of my life and they also are just over all this iwi crap and they just can’t under stand why their people carry on this way. IWI talk about they own the water, the sky, the stars, the land , the list goes on and on to what ever else they want, but unless you have paid good hard cash $ for it with proof of purchase LIKE EVERYONE ELSE , then you don’t own JACK SHIT. And by the way this country is called NEW ZEALAND nothing else. COLIN
It will be once parties including Act and NZ First get their election campaigns up to full speed as both have the nous and guts to stand up and point out that what the current corrupt government is doing is fundamentally racist and wrong as both parties have a similar stance that we should all be equal before the law with no special priviledges afforded on the basis of race. Ardern is a two faced liar, Hipkins is barely any better and neither have the skill to actually lead our country, instead they have sat back and enabled a vicious, corrupt, racist and treasonist Maori minority to take over the agenda. It’s high time the racist and Waitangi Tribunal, corrupt Race relation commission, and all mandated Maori seats in Parliament and Councils were abolished and every piece of legislation that confers special privilidge on Maori is purged from our laws with a new piece of legislation being added to enshrine the original basis of the treaty that we are “one people” with one government, and every person has one equal vote. Anything less is a perversion of our democracy in favour of one minority and as we have seen enables the tail to wag the dog. Steve
probably not, ignorance due to bribery and muzzling of news media and NZers false belief in a fair go for all, we have been hoodwinked, ripped off again John
Removal of Co-governance entirely is the sole issue for our circle in this election. Weak politicians have traded social cohesion for votes and power. Remove apartheid in all forms, the money saved paying the racial consultants will go a long way toward health, education for all New Zealanders. Apartheid and corruption are destroying our country. One law for all regardless of who arrived first. Sam
The left will almost certainly use the race card to try to cancel conservative views on the need to restore our traditional democratic way of life and basic freedoms Jim
If it’s not it should be! John
Maori elites are insisting on having their own way against the majority. They are serving their own selfish agenda. This is not democratic. Dianne
If we do not dump This present “administration” New Zealand will be governed by an uncontrolled rabble. Graeme
I think it should be but the major player National under the leadership of Luxon are all quiet on the western front.This will lead to a disjointed government with National / Act with Peters holding the king seat again he will be independent. There you have a disjointed parliament Andrew
THe unmandated current situation now prevailing of Maori above English on road signs and place names is just one example of bureaucracy taking control.. And there are other examples. Adrain
Can we have NZ cack to what it used to be Barry
Abhorent as it is, Labour has created a monster that New Zealand will struggle to control. Neville
Any race based policy (and that is the Labour Party) is racist. There is no partnership, we are one people. One person, one vote.Maori have no special rights in this land as they originally came from Hawiiki and therefor cannot claim to own anything here Warren
Winston must be re-elected. We are Doomed without him and hopefully some more people who can heal our ruined democracy Pauline
This should be front and center because the future of NZ is reliant upon a one man one vote policy with no preferential treatment given to any race whatsoever. Allan
One of many. Labour will bribe to poor majority to get back in power. Peter
I just hope Maoris forget to vote Warren
??!!! Doris
It has to ! – but we need someone and a party that will do as they promise and not just lie like Winston Peters! Vote ACT for real change! Roger
And not everyone is awake to it Alan
Yes – and it will continue to be so for as long as we allow it. Scott
Unless this racist nonsense is ended NZ will become the South Africa of the South Pacific. Grant
why dont peole se what is happening anthony
Yes, NZ is in a bad way at the moment. Kate
It is the main threat to our society Jan
i hope more people wake up to what is happening to our democracy Graeme
we need to end tribal rule and all things racist that are being promoted by Labour and Maori party chirs
This election is crucial to the country’s future. We cannot have apartheid in New Zealand ; a minority can never have veto rights over the majority. Allan
Look at what was South Africa bob
We base our political system on Democratic process. Race relations as proposed by the current government is anti democratic, steering us towards a dangerous reef of Totalitarianism. Sylvienne
Hopefully it will be the main issue. We have to get back to a DEMOCRACY as soon as possible. I don’t want to be governed by Willie Jackson and Tuku and if that happens and New Zealand becomes the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific, then I’m off . “God defend New Zealand”. Don
undoubtably Maxwell
If labour get back in I feel I have little option other then to sell up and leave NZ, as I cant see a future here for my health and children’s future. Its sad that its come to this. Evan
the apartheid system that is being developed needs to be reversed john
It is the prime reason for me to demand a change in government. I am appalled at the increase in crime, the failure of the health system, the demolition of a once world-best education system. But I’m more concerned about the attack on democracy and the stealthy way that Ardern and Hipkins have tried to paper over the cracks when they are pointed out by those who know what’s going on. Kerry
The destruction of our democracy during the last 6 years is hard to believe, but recognizable everywhere in our country, if we open our eyes and ears to the truth… It must be stopped, our survival as a Free Nation depends on it… Les Hole
I certainly hope it will be because by ditching the co-government agenda will put NZ back to a fair and responsible level of government. Warren
A democracy is based on one person one vote. Race should not be a factor, however under Labour we have become a divided society. This needs to change. Gavin
Of course. They are running a race based hospital system and giving $50 pressy cards to pregnant Maori women only. Don’t worry that ginger haired little so and so has not dumped 3 waters or the race based Maori health system and he is just waiting to get elected before ramping them up again. Can you just see him in a pair of shorts and a school cap? Robertson has screwed the country financially and they call it an economic rough patch. Well this is a rough patch that your grandkids will also have to weather. Taxes will of course be on the up and they are still offering election bribes. Terry
Just the division of nz Lynne
A scandal ignored by bought off mainstream media ! Mark
There are so many key issues that this crowd have created that need to be fixed, you need a super large key ring to fit them on. The axe they’ve been taking to race relations is certainly one of them. Graham
Labour have nothing left in the tank to offer to Kiwi voters….. some paltry BLACKROCK CRUMBS, as a bribe to keep Chippys gang in the FEURER BUNKER for another 6 YEARS. David
We are becoming an apartheid country which is totally unacceptable. bRUCE
It feels as though it is all out of control. Laurel
Unfortunately YES, even though there are a number of other issues we should be focusing on like the cost of living, education, crime, healthcare and justice. Kevin
As a European married to a Maori, with part Maori children, we want this nation to be united, NOT divided by race or anything else, and co-governance rubbish is the LAST thing to achieve that. Christine
They should be but parties don’t have the stomach to make it an issue which it is Labour no word about if they win what about co governance their media are not asking the hard questions all too scared Richard
The primary issue is UN/WEF interference in our democracy. Bryan
I want to live in a democratic country. Co-governance is not democratic. Peter
Only if more people are made more aware of it as the MSM won’t be mentioning it due to the Labour / Maori politicians influencing them. John
It has got to be ROB
Sadly yes and brought about by previous week leaders who could not see the thinking behind the cunning Maori leaders who should now be charged with treason Tom
So sick of hearing the part Maori crap. It’s those called elite (Tuku Morgan, Mahuta etc). Support Julian BTchelor, who tells it how it is. I can’t bring myself to vote for Luxon or Seymour, their arrogance is appalling and they can’t be trusted. If only Liz Gunn had started earlier. Everyone must take a photo of their voting paper before posting it at the polling booth. Labour can’t be trusted NOT to cheat again. Do we have those vote counting machines again? My adult kids are talking about moving to Australia if that little snake Hipkins gets back in. Can’t believe the stupidity of Labour voters wanting more like the last 5 years. Carolyn
Certainly hope so, we need to get this whole issue out into the public forum and debate it Barry
Of course a key issue! The future of our country depends on completely Knocking the co-government fraud. A stop must be put on it at the 2023 election Phil
Spread the word people if you want a country you can be proud of to raise your children in Gary
Deeply concerned about the racial implications in the upcoming election Brenda
amongst other issues ,yes. galem
Unless we have a series of referendum by say the end of February the country will simply become a 3rd world chaotic country in the South Pacific. Referendum subjects: – MMP back to electorates only say approx 120 electorates. Democracy (1 person over 25 yrs = 1 vote for all. All governance of taxpayers funds enterprises to be 1 person = 1 vote Jim
People are afraid to speak out for fear of being called racist. It’s a very emotive issue. Lorraine
I certainly hope so – I fear too many NZ folk do not realise what is happening. Dave
The race card has to be tops we are so divided we need to get back to one people Russell
How is it that a third of New Zealand voters still support the Labour Party. How is it that so many people can be so stupid? How can so many new Zealanders can tolerate the push of Maori rule. we are one people –“New Zealanders” Colin
Definitely. Janine
I am truly appalled by the decisions of this government! It is time to wake up and demand equal rights for all. Cath 
It has to be debated in the open as it is never going away. Dennis
Race is designed to separate us in more ways that we can ever realise. alan
It jolly well should be but there are so many be nice be kind they wouldn’t do that uninformed head in the sand wont accept what is happening. clive
Co-governance would ruin this country! Richard
I certainly hope that sufficient voters wake up in time to the damage this Labour government has done to New Zealand, and to race relations in particular ! Laurie
Not the number one issue for many (it’s the economy, stupid) however up ahead of climate change, then again, just about everything will be ahead of climate change. Bill
As it most certainly should be! David
I feel once everyone knows what is going on they will be against co governance anything. The Iwi have only one goal and it is NOT for everyone to work as one. They don’t even get on with other Iwi as has already been seen. Jackie
I certainly hope so, but as you say, many New Zealanders are completely unaware that under the Ardern, Hipkins Govt, N Z has been turned into an apartheid state, where our Democracy is being undermined, by iwi led co-governance and worse to come! The MSM, our corrupted 4th Estate, should be held to account immediately. Mary
It absolutely should be, but the 3 Waters bill is due in Parliament for its second reading within 15 days, and NOBODY is on MSM is talking about this #1 issue! Glyn
WE are one people Bruce
I cannot believe after all the world has been through that Maori want to generate a race based form of governance. Rob
But the MSM is doing its best to avoid discussing the topic. Mark
Down with the likes of Jackson and Co – the most divisive group of Iwi NZ has ever seen. Thanks Jacinda! Peter
Absolutely. The problem will never go away, in fact, if Labour get back in, the process to total separatism will accelerate. I see bloodshed on the horizon before things operate the way the TOW intended. Ray S
There is no public discussion. It is never mentioned generally speaking. Max
It should be THE defining issue of the election. Rob
I hope so. Ian
Caused by Ardern, NZ is well into an apartheid regime & now ‘madam’ is swanning around the world virtue signaling as she goes with NO responsibility to the massive damage she has done to many aspects of Kiwi life. It’s really unprecedented in NZ political history that one single person could do SO much damage to our beautiful country. I really hope & pray that her past will catch up to her & that she will be made accountable, along with all those in Parliament who supported her, her being the wicked witch who is beyond EVIL. Bruce
I hope so. Barbara
Its splitting the country like never before and has to be stopped Michael
A dangerous issue which should not exist under our true democracy. Allan
I believe this to be the most important issue facing NZ at the moment. More important than health, the economy and law and order as our democracy is under threat. Wayne
Yes, I heard a lady on talkback today say she `never wants to see a Maori again.’ The host cut her off but I can see her point of view. Most of us have had a gutsful of Maorification and to hell with Co-Governance! Chris
we should all be just one people Phil
Yes ! Yes ! from a Maori voter. Denis
NZ is One nation Fullstop. Warren
Race relations are the lowest in my 85 years on this planet and are never going to get better under the communist govt as there mantra is to divide and conquer so vote National 2 ticks Eric
Sadly we are becoming a racially divided nation INSTEAD of going forward strong and UNITED. Phil
Yes co governance must be discussed. But, I feel that Labour and the Greens will play it down using the racist card to shut down discussion. They are also pushing their extremely false narrative of the ToW and, like Trump, if you repeat the lies often enough, they will be believed. Laura
I voted NO because I believe those who can enact laws to set our country back on the road to democracy are too afraid to make it an issue. We will end up with some form of maori control because the maori have cowed the gutless right into submission, too afraid of being called ‘racist’. Don
The only way forward is colour blind!! Brian
Goodbye activists. The stage is not yours and the treats you confuse this nation with will be your undoing. Ken
Democracy or bust! Peter
Absolutely! This government has used ‘skulduggery’ big time, to bend over backwards for the Maori elite and we need to remove them before that totally destroy New Zealand’s democracy. Lauree & Ralph
This division of our country based on race has to stop. Alan
Brought on by maori roger
Definitely…..this labourgreenmaori party are not open & transparent as they like to say. In fact they cannot be trusted are are selling all other ethnicities in NZ down the rivert in their divisive racist policies. mark
I hope so, but many fear talking about it Murray
we are not South Africa, but the way Adren has hoodwinked us we are moving in that direction robin
The sooner this racist pack of idiots in the current government are booted out the better. david
Yes I certainly hope it will be a key issue. Sick and tired of trying to keep up with Simon Dallow reading the news with Maori introductions all through it and the general apartheid Maorification of this nation. Leon
Yes, people are starting to wake up to the new apartheid state that New Zealand is becoming. Vote for parties opposing co-governance before it is too late. Fraser
All other issues will pale into insignificance if the coalition of chaos is elected to government in the upcoming October election. New Zealand Inc will be destroyed and our hard earned assets will become valueless as hard working New Zealanders move overseas to a safe and democratic country. Chris
Sure will be. Ian
And if not, they should be. It is time for National and ACT to front up very loudly. Their voting public deserves this. Elizabeth
Yes. It always has and will always be a key issue for a country like New Zealand move forward. Roy
Absolutely! Labour will pull out all the stops so that Maori rule will continue! Sylvia
Every time we listen to the radio or TV you get lambasted with how Maori have been succumbed to colonisation and their culture has deteriorated because of the white mans law. Do the crime do the time. We are one nation. If Liebour, Maori and the Greens get back into power again I fear another Rhodesia. Wayne
the main media need to take note and get the country back to democracy rule we are all one English speaking Nation LEO
Yes it’s gearing up to be a big issue with the co-goverance tour being a big hit Jeffrey
Democracy needs to prevail, enough of this elite Maori nonsense. Allan
Never been as bad as now. Prue
It is becoming more like reversed apartheid and will destroy NZ as a free country. Brianb
They will be, but pre the Ardern Labour Government there would have been no cause for the present state of race relations. Paloma
But only for voters. Unfortunately I think National and Act are ignoring how serious voters are about the whole racist takeover. Jane
I sincerely hope so… otherwise we are doomed to divisiveness. Lynne
we are all NZ kiwis if born here!! nick
It will be an issue but mainly for the informed and those becoming aware of it as an issue. Vast swathes of NZ are totally ignorant and mis and disinformed about this John
They certainly are for me! Murray
Well specifically Co Governance will be the issue of the Democratic NZ we have known. If Labour wins it will be the end of Democracy no question. But what will follow? No one has bothered to explain that in any detail at all. But judging by history 3rd world status and civil war seems inevitable. Mike
Pressing a change of Government it will take a strong leader to undo all the harm perpetuated by the Marxist Government Ala
Definitely Yes . We have had enough of the Maori mafia and there the ilk including the traitorous media > Trust the big mouths Jackson ,morgan ,Davis ,etc etc to go to their fellow media bottom dweller scum to get the simple minded Labour supporters to be again act like schmucks .and support Labour again . Be optimistic kiwis . Labour is stuffed . Ray
Great victories have been won using Divide and Conquer. Wake up New Zealand Wietske
As a New Zealander why do I have to be identified on ethnicity?? mike
We are a country split in two – Maori and non Maori with Maori gaining privileges because of their ancestry. We are becoming an apartheid nation. Lynne
I am sick of Maori getting special treatment-We are ALL Kiwis . Maori always have their hand out for more and our weak govt backs down every time Bob
Absolutely . Please let us have a new decent Govt Russ
The loss of our current Democratic system of one vote per citizen and all votes of equal worth regardless of ethnicity status in life education with the value of the cleaners mundane job equal to the highest recognised person in the country including judges,or Governor general or any other elitest person or wealth Stan
Certainly and this is why Winston is gaining traction and he could well be the one who will have a say as to the future regarding CO Governance and i hope both National and Act give him some space on that issue. ken
An issue, yes, but not a key issue. Gabi
I hope so. The realities of our new apartheid state must be exposed and need to be understood by New Zealand voters Frank
Yes to the poll question – race will be the main issue for N.Z… The close second issue for every nation will be decoupling from the AGENDA 2030 roll-out if nation-state sovereignty is to be preserved. The choice is, life on life’s terms vs a living death on the globalists’ dictatorship terms. Donald
Labour’s Public Interest Journalism Fund would have a certain Josef Goebbels’s envious approval. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time is the quote but the Labour Party’s rewrite of NZ history may well have fooled far too many for too long. Unless Kiwi’s wake up and think before they vote they had better start learning Pidgin English. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND.. (from the country name change!) Bruce
Unfortunately a lot of people are unaware of the depth that apartheid has reached and older people think they wont be around to see the disaster which future generations will have to come to terms with or move abroad Bev
Yes because the representatives of the Maori Tribal elite are driving hard through the Labour Party. Shaun
Maori elite need to be put in their rightful place, near the bottom of the list! Jeremy
A very big role!! Murray
maori have no more right to NZ than anyone else. They simply deposed the race who were there before them. they are not native or indigenous to NZ Rick
It is one issue of a number along with the cost of living, crime and the health system. Malcolm
It has to be sorted once and for all our country can’t go ahead till we are all paddling in the same direction, noel
They will be, as they have been amongst the population for some time now. If this racist crap isn’t stopped, South Africa style apartheid here we come! Russell
This is the most critical moment in the history of our Country New Zealand. Derek
Unfortunately David
YES YES YES !Labour has turned New Zealand into a totally apartheid country … ie, Maoris only allowed! This must be stopped before cival war breaks out. I attended a STOP CO GOVERNANCE meeting a few weeks ago and it was totally disrupted by about 150 mainly Maori who were inside and outside of the meeting causing complete havoc. These savages were screaming, blowing whistles, reeving loud car engines and trying to damage the sound equipment at the meeting .. and much more. The police on site (outside) showed very little interest and made no effort to to remove the maori protestors from the meeting or move them away from the entrance door where they continued their carry on for the entire 4 hours of the meeting and their savage grunting cancelled out the what the speaker was saying. When leaving the meeting, those who attended were abused and in some cases were assaulted by these lowlife loosers. I even had items thrown at my car as I left. Are these the scum we want running NEW ZEALAND!! Des
Undemocratic racist and divisive Brice
It is for me, that’s for sure. Thanks to Julian Bachelor’s seminars. Wake up NZ. Pamela
Labour’s deceitful He PuaPua strategy intends to hand control of New Zealand’s sovereignty to unelected Maori elites. This intention has never been communicated to and discussed the electorate, and the media self-censor to avoid the issue. In our form of democracy governments govern at the pleasure of the people who decide who to elect based upon clearly stated political objectives. Labour kept their sinister aims from the electorate while promising more houses etc. Labour betrayed the fundamental obligations of any government which include governing for all citizens equally, not selectively based on superficial characteristics like race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Race is central this election. Unfortunately the average maori has been indoctrinated to believe they ‘rule’ as Tuku Morgan seems to believe. he’s in for a rude shock come 14 October. but, we may still find ordinary folk at each others’ throats because of the deceitful, shameless promises Labour made. Baden
Unfortunately yes Douwe
How the Labour party has caused the massive racial divide in such a short space of time in unbelievable. NEW ZEALAND yes, it is still NEW ZEALAND is unbelievable. NEW ZEALAND is a country that we are all equal as it used to be until this communist Labour party and the red witch took over. So yes, race relations are a key issue. If we lived in Russia at least we know what we are getting without the stealth take over by the minority who stole the country from someone else in the first place. How does that work??????? Jeff
Most Kiwi’s don’t want decisive labour policies. John
ONLY if the very weak National “opposition” make it so – but I am afraid that Luxon personally is in favour of Co-Governance Ross
The dangerous Maori caucus MUST GO!!!! Also TAMIHERE,MORGAN,& any other WILLIE JACKSON SUPPORTERS!!!!! WINSTON PETERS on the right track & he should be supported to retain democracy in NEW ZEALAND!!! Ron
Whatever happened to the meaning of equality? One man one vote. Labour’s mantra is vote early and vote often. This racist co-governance legislation has no place in a democracy, that is, assuming we still have one … Bruce
Why has it taken NZ so long to wake up to the APARTHEID that exists in this country, primarily by dint of SEPARATE Maori seats in Parliament? They MUST be abolished ASAP. Geoff
The opposition parties announce they’ll introduce business tax on all Iwi business. It’s long been an unfair advantage against non Maori business. Trevor
we are all equal i went to school with many moari in taranaki and never thought they were any different than me my father fort with them in ww2 and admired them laurie
Kiwi not Iwi democracy vital. Rose
It is my top issue and National better take a stand or I’m out. Clive
I sure as hell hope so, otherwise it’s tribal rule . Lesley
I certainly hope so as the current Labour government has divided our country based on race. I hope that the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund needs to stop and then let’s have free journalism. Hopefully then more journalists will have the guts to give a balanced view on the rubbish that the Treaty grants a “partnership” of Maori and the Crown. The rubbish that comes out of the so-called iwi leaders in no ways benefits the Maori generally and only promotes their undeserved status as the “voice for Maori”. Keith
I hope it comes front and centre as it is such an important matter. John
I certainly hope so Warren david
Yes it will be a key issue if not the most important one of our time COOKIE
I am old enough to have lived in a time when we all were New Zealanders and we lived together in harmony. This new way that is spreading through the Country quite frankly frightens me. Sue
All New Zealanders are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. This includes Maori who were not the first people here so are not indigenous. We should all be treated equally not separated by race. Andrew
For me, the major issue Murray
Absolutely David
The Maorification right across all state sectors, in health education etc, must be overturned including Maori wards and democracy restored. David
All Maori in NZ have european ancestry. They have husbands, wives,partners,children etc that are not Maori.What will happen to them? Steve
It has been for years.It is time to be settled. Murray
Labour has turned Nz into South Africa just disgraceful. We used to be a democracy but not now Dianne
But only for those who are aware of what is happening. Unfortunately, many people are oblivious and the MSM are not reporting this in support of the Labour party. Prue
We all have to stand up and fight for our Democracy here in New Zealand. I agree the totalitarian tribal. ‘co-governance’ is disgraceful. frontal attack on our democracy and that this election may be our final chance to defeat this destruction from accelerating into totalitarianism. Peter
If you don’t think race relations is at an all time low then I would have concern that your rational thought processes have been destroyed exactly what Labour and their teams of spin doctors have chipped away at for 7 years. Without a doubt Ardern was the worst PM in our history her ideological clap trap was an absolute disaster for this once great nation. Ken
This country is going rapidly down the road to apartheid, thanks to Jacinda Gareth
It has to stop, ,we are all equal. Ann
We have to prevent apartheid (racism) from becoming embedded in New Zealand Peter
If race is mentioned in a policy, then it is racist. Ann
Race Relations should be a key election issue for this election, but it will not be as there are so many other more immediate crises in peoples lives in health, cost of living, crime, etc that they will submerge the critical Declaration Plan that will be implemented in 2024 should this Coalition of Chaos get in. It is unfortunate but it is a fact of life. Brenton
We are now a divided country, and something needs to change. Lets start with Labour GONE! Carl
The news media have taken a 55 million BRIBE by the Labour government, to promote maori, and so will “soft pedal” any discussion on race problems kabe
Absolutely. New Zealands hard won democracy faces a dire threat. Richard
The ridiculous irony is that NZ is full of people who are rightfully proud of our tiny nations part in ending apartheid in South Africa while we introduce apartheid here. Bob
I marched against apartheid and I still believe in democracy and racial equality. Labor clearly doesn’t so they have to go. George
This racist Labor government is totally out of control. Wake up NEW ZEALANDERS !!!. Our freedom is at stake here. Don’t even consider Labor or the whacky Greens. Bruce
Equal rights and one law for all must be reinstated. Race must never be allowed to dictate and is an insult to the generations of Kiwis who developed and built up New Zealand to one of the greatest Counties in the wold. Not to be destroyed and pulled down by a handful of PART, MAORI ACTIVISTS. dON
How can people who think Labour are so great, be so dumb! Dennis
Heading strongly towards apartheid Graham
895,000 Maori compared the balance up to 5 million. why are the Politicians such cowards Marie
You are right in your identification of the machinery of the new apartheid state being built on the bones of democracy here. That is s the one great national problem this society faces. It is unfortunate that the great international problem of environmental destruction you don’t seem to see quite so clearly Alan
Probably only if the media starts being honest and telling the truth. Anthony
It will be unavoidable as race relations are at the top of Labours agenda in collusion with the Maori Party Rod
Disappointed with the divide this issue is causing.Still waiting for a proper discussion with leaders from both side of this issue so I can make up my mind. lynne
Race relations is the major problem in this country. It is being hidden by the public being side tracked and talking about ‘pot holes, education, health etc, of course all very important but the underlying cancer of co-government hasn’t gone away. Chris
Yes unfortunately. I believe that the majority of Maori would like to get on with life and be part of the greater New Zealand. Regretfully they too have been tarnished to a degree due to the radical element in our society, and we know who they are. It will most likely be a key factor in the election like it or not. chris
Definitely.However the Politicians will not admit it as they would loose Votes. john
Most definitely it’s a huge issue. I’m fed up with receiving emails from my Drs office with all Maori titles that I have no idea what it stands for . Catherine
It’s not so much race relations as Democracy v Tribal Rule. There is no successful tribal society in the world today. The majority world’s failed states have tribal dominated societies in common. Ken
The preservation of our democratic rights and that we are all equal in the eyes of the Law in this country are paramount and at the end of the day overshadow all other issues facing Kiwis today. William
Co-governance is a complete fantasy by some delusional heads of two Maori Corporations Tainui and Ngai Tahu that pay NO TAX and want to rule New Zealand. The old saying, “People with power want Money and People with Money want Power” These particular People are not ‘Elites’ but common ‘Parasitical Bullies” and have been for some time mainly because of a ‘Circus, Clown Show’ referred to sometimes as Parliament. Time is way overdue to say NO. Geoff
They are still living in the past . Charlie
All Parties will make a dog’s breakfast out of this issue. No to Co-governance rapid return to Democracy is needed. Correct view of Treaty of Waitangi needed not what this generation think it should be. Otherwise scrap it altogether. Frank
The general public are being blindsided by other issues and by the media who are biased in their coverage of anything Maori. Co governance should be one of the main issues but I don’t think it will be. Dave
My best buddy is Nga Puhi. They don’t yet have a treaty settlement and their people are among the poorest in perennial poor northland. He’s an urban dude in cool sneakers and skinny jeans and works hard and pays taxes and supports his family as best he can in this shitty economy. Co-governance is of no use to him. Especially if Tainui ends up controlling the northern region. He gets little benefit from the claims process or charity organisations like John Tamahere’s lavish Waiparera Trust. This is an elitist cash cow that creates new mega corporations to suck the tax coffers dry at the expense of all regular kiwis. It’s just a transfer of wealth from many to a few. It’s not even about race. The chief executive of Ngai Tahu is whiter than me and I’ve got no Maori blood. This is about big buildings, flash corner offices, Italian leather loafers, Audi A6 company vehicles, personal assistants, 4 star dinner meetings and animal print underwear on the company credit card. This is why we go to work for around 50% tax rate. It’s crap. Matt
Race has no place in this country. Let us not forget that the treaty was between the Maori and the British crown not the NZ Govt. Robert
Most definitely by clear thinking voters who loathe the apartheid situation created by Adhern and Maori caucus Sidwell
It is the main issue this election, WITH OUT DOUBT !!!! norman
Its one of many but it is the major cause of division. Apartheid didnt work in south africa….. mark
Nothing is more certain – but taking into account the Media in NZ you would it think so. Hylton
we have got to get back to a ONE PEOPLE mentality as is everyone is EQUAL LesW
as well as many others! Wiremu
Without a doubt this election will be the most critical in NZ’s history. If it falls back in Labour control we will see massive changes over the next 3 years embedding Maori elite control of our once beautiful country. Lawrie
Racism is the absolute worst thing that Labour will leave us with. Shame on them for introducing this divisiveness to our society Dave
Yes, and democracy is being undermined by an elite group of Maori who do not have any mandate from their people or the community at large to force their aspirations of Iwi rule on anyone. We have to protect our children’s rights and future generations. June
NZ has indeed never been more “divided”. We see the $NZ falling, a sure sign that internationally observers are wary. Should Labour return to Parliament this coming election we will see an Exodus of capital and capable people from the country, a country no sane person will want to live in. These “exit people” will be the 20s to 35s, the mobile paying, spending backbone. in what was “our home country”, NZ. Those of us with alternatives will probably never return! charles
We need to stop this racial division which is already becoming entrenched in all of our lives without any consultation whatsoever. Bring back equality to all New Zealanders. Bring back democracy. Angela
We are a country that has always prided itself on treating people fairly and helping those in need. But every society requires its citizens to contribute so that everyone benefits. Unfortunately, we have reached that point where we have a disproportionate number who want something or claim an entitlement, without any desire to contribute. Malcolm
Race relations have never been so bad in NZ. The Maori elite has hijacked a number of sectors for their own misguided demands. If NZ moves forward, we need a collective one people one nation approach.  
It is the most important issue and it so important important that everyone understands just how divisive co governance will be. Bryan
Absolutely Sue
Sadly we are the next lawless version of South Africa now. The laws that have been buried will take lots of work to dig out Peter
Any incoming government must revisit the electoral commissions recommendation to do away with Maori seats. Let Waititi and his ilk take their chances in a general electorate and see how the go with their racist policies. Brian
Yep…. and plenty of Maori are with Peters. Gill
We are a democracy … let us stay that way and deny elitist communist backed part Maori the chance to change to totalitarianism for their benefit. Robbie
It’s very sad what is happening and now there is an expectation by many Maori that more should be done for them. Geoff
I hope this is an issue that the new Govt purdues as if not we are all doomed as Maoris get away with everything. I am not worried about me as I am 73 but I have 4 Grand children who I worry about although 2 are in Australia. Barbara
Nothing more certain. Ruth
The world has changed, we’re all in this together…it’s time to abandon tribalism. phil
Yes – If these muppets are not stopped now it will be too late, and NZ will be lost for the foreseeable future. Roy
labour has had a lot of incompetent & weak leaders. Chris
And so it should be. Graham
Yes – It’s the only way to save democracy! Mark
At least I certainly hope so Geoffrey
If it’s not – then I despair for the future of New Zealand… Naine
should be but it wont due to media closing debate down. bill
Divisive Maori co governance is a recipe for disaster and alienating Maori & Pakeha. Brian
Co governance must be rejected. Trevor
Absolutely yes. kevin
Get rid of co-governance and let’s be equals. Tony
Indeed a VERRY definite YES. Reverse racism is already out of control – try living in the Far North. Brian
Hope so, they are dividing our previously democratic country. It’s time all New Zealanders spoke up! Lee
Something needs to happen before it’s too late. Race relations have never been worse. Dave
Time to revert our Country (New Zealand) back from these racist Maori radicals. Mark
It has to be as we need to get co-governance out of the public service and serve all New Zealanders John
Right up there with the economic crisis…and the education crisis….and the health crisis…and the crime crisis. Jesus Chrisis, Labour are bloody awful! Derek
It will indeed be an issue simmering beneath the surface. Wherever mentioned by relatively spineless opposition parties it will be in context of co-governance. Sadly none in opposition have the personal charisma to even attempt to put the radical Maori genie back in its bottle. Iwi have been running their agenda as a project spanning 50-years, funded by successive Treaty settlements while Kiwis have been asleep at the wheel. The damage has been done, and with Ardern now floating around the World stage to stir the pot, expect much international hand-wringing and cries of ‘racism’ if anyone should dare to try to unwind any of this. Tony
Should be Barbara
Race relations used to be excellent in New Zealand. Six years of a Labour government have undone this. Rod
I certainly hope so because the current direction needs to stop and reverse as it is doing no one any good. David
yes, it’s a fundamental attack on our democracy, period! Giles
It appears, from the close margin in polling between the two major parties, that an astonishing majority of members of the public cannot see what damage and divisiveness this government has caused in New Zealand in the last six years. Terry
It’s completely out of hand way passed time this was put to bed forever Peter
I hope not RICHard
No question. Ardern,Hipkins & Co have been aided and abetted by bribing MSM who have blatantly lied about Treaty Principles which clearly state we are ONE PEOPLE. John
If you want a look at where APARTHEID leads, just look at what is happening over in South Africa. The black leaders are encouraging their mob to go out and kill the whites, which they are doing and the whites are fleeing their own country in fear of their lives. So this is our last chance to deal with this Maori partnership/co-governance rort. neil
I totally agree with Geoff’s comment 100% Allen
But Act and National need to make sure the public understands the agenda of the seperatists Gareth
Of course, but not as much as it should be, because mainstream media avoid it as much as possible. John
It has always been the key issue Dominic
The only real racists in the country comprise a small group claiming that their world view is superior in all respects to any other. Dennis
Maori have their hand out for more and more. They will not stop Treaty Claims, or other claims ( the squeaky wheel gets the lube ) and I’m bloody sick of it. Kevin
Our country is heading for disaster under labour. Labours racism will destroy our democracy Gordon
Labour have caused me concern since Jacinda’s attack on the Taranaki economy Clem
Nothing matters more. the Maori elitist at the helm ensures NZ becomes the Rwanda of the Pacific. Helen
We have what feels like the last chance to have a democratic vote on whether we want to live in NZ, with one people, one nation, one law or keep going down the path of apartheid where one group get preference because of the colour of their skin ! John
Our country has never been so racially divided. Sadly most kiwis are blissfully ignorant on this. Murray
I assert that what a minority of Maori elite claim as colonialism by imposition (i.e. against their will) was in fact colonialism by request (or at least by the request of a large number of their chiefs). It is both interesting and revealing that the moaners never mention Te Whakaputanga, the group of Ngapuhi chiefs who in 1831 addressed a letter to Britain’s then King William seeking an alliance to overcome problems created by increasing European activity and the scant regard of some of these visitors for the niceties of civil behaviour. Nor do they mention problems arising among their own people from fighting to the death among themselves, often followed by ritual cannibalism, with the prior fatality rate sent soaring by the availability of muskets. Paul
I will vote against any race based nonsense Steve
I hope so, but there are so many issues that confront us. Chris
With focus on co governance. pdm
Ardern should face Court Charges of forcing false information, non transparency discrimination and anti Democracy !!!!!! How could her Government force the changes to New Zealand’s policy, so drastically without the citizens of NZ vote. These policies were not what they campaigned on. These policies were hidden, even from the then Deputy PM !!!!! Criminal !!!!!! Must never be able to happen ever again!!!!! Julz
How could racism not be an issue when you have the likes of Willie Tuku and co blatantly bullying us all, not to mention the graft and corruption going on amongst the Mahuta clan and their toxic cohorts? John
If race relations is not an election issue, it surely should be. Because this topic is blowing our country apart. Peter
We, the voting public, must get rid of this foolish, trechurous govt and their insane policies before NZ descends to apartheid and civil war. Andrew
Labour have unbelievably successfully introduced the abhorrent Apartheid system into this country. Shame, shame. John
Although most parties are afraid of being called racist. The aim should be to One Nation. Tony
This country is in a diabolical mess, yet some people still appear to support Labour and Co. Unbelievable! Alastair
Race based identity politics is evil and twisted. He Iwi tahi tatou anyone? Paul
Didn’t we oppose apartheid in 1981. If so, why are we allowing it to be promoted now, here in New Zealand? Adrian
Yes, it is the key issue, even though the economy and crime follow next, That said, they mean nothing if co-governance is introduced. We will all be slaves to the Maori elite when that happens. Scott
All Laws pertaining to Maori implemented by this Labour Government must be thrown out. Derek
No, everybody is sick to death of the topic. George
First MMP HAS to be abolished, then the Greens have to be sacked and the maori seat be scrapped. Peter
“race relations (ie Maorification) will be the principal issue for voters over the age of about 60. Fortunately, this is the cohort with the highest voting percentage – and I believe they will turn out in droves on 14 October 6
Yes, very much so, we now have apartheid in New Zealand which can only if let be continued lead to a civil war, so don’t take part in any form of gun buyback. Laurie
It is the.most important issue John
No co governance Peter
Co-governance – education – crime will be the issues. In that order. Andy
This coming election is democracy’s moment of truth for New Zealand. The legacy of all of our citizens, our forebears, of the men and women who have died in global wars to keep the nation free and open for everyone, is at stake. We owe it to them as much as to ourselves to eradicate this current Government’s malaise and send a very clear message that we, as proud and honest New Zealanders, will not be bullied and coerced into a state system that is not of our choosing, by the people and for the people, of all ethic origins, going forward together and not divided. That is who we are and that is what the world used to envy. They will soon see us again. DAVID
This country must stop the decisiveness that was hatched by Labour .If they get in again it will be too late. carol
For all the reasons in your article Muriel Ian
Sadly this will be the case after the 5 years of a racist Govt driven by a vocal number of Cabinet Minsters who can only see through the re-written Treaty of Waitangi rather than looking at an inclusive New Zealand John
Sadly the press are ruled by Labour to say otherwise so many don’t realise the facts Pamela
Maorification is the number one issue. A Maori with less than 505 is not Maori. Gerry
For me it is the only election issue. Unless true democracy & accountability of governance is upheld (by binding referendum) all other current issues will be impossible to address. Gerard
We have to reverse this hideous racism in NZ at this election by ousting Labour and their vile partners Ray
Race relations a key issue? Means just one issue among many others. Will it be the main issue? Or will it be down the list a little. Of course it should be the main issue. This general Election is all about keeping our democracy or loosing it. The polling is too close to call and can still go either way. Luxon seems to be a pathetic weak lynchpin who would altogether look to be just downright scared of the crude radicals in parliament and the blowhard radical infiltrators installed in our Bureaucratic institutions to have any real effect on ending the current nonsense of over the massive Maorification of our day to day lives. Politicians are not known for their bravery and down to earth views and they most certainly are not here for us. They are but poor performers on a stage where they can act out their power trips in thinking that they have some relevance and importance when they become a clan of the ruling class. They are all over-rated. Geoffrey
Fed up with all this Maori stuff they are getting worse and the law for them is useless. Poor little darlings had a poor upbringing so did lots of NZ people years ago but they don’t behave like thugs Barbara
We are one people equal in all respects without fear or favour. Ronald
Yes of course. If we do not defend NZ for all races we will soon be living in a NZ driven by a new worldview that includes you only if you agree with it. RAY
The Bribes have already started with the GST, the various parties will target the pensioners, target Maori, target the youngsters Tony
We need to return to a “colour Blind” position where we are all equal and one vote per person. Noel
I see Maori friends as being “equals”so my vote against co governance etc is not personal against them. I will be voting against non democracy and against a B/S spin on the TOW. Mark
I agree completely with Geoff, he’s at number 5 from the top. Also unless we can find a way to get whats happening to lots more people these racist dropkicks could well get back in.These excellent sites such as this one of Muriels Hobsons Pledge,The Taxation Union The Platform are only preaching to the converted I’m afraid. I wish I knew the answer.All I can say is if you are new to these forums come election time DO NOT VOTE LABOUR,GREENS OR MAORI. Make sure you vote for NATIONAL,ACT or NZ FIRST. Then hang on to your hats it’s going to be a bumpy ride. ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE No RACISM. brian
Maori, Maori, Maori, sick of hearing the term one country one people what cant they understand Anthony
Well I hope so, so that we can put an “END” to where this present government is leading this country at the present time, into “RACISM”. Richard
If not they should be. I will not trust that woke clown from National to not cowtow to Tuku. In fact he is a threat to our democracy according to what he has said lately. Is he going to put the english interpretation of Maori lace names in English?? Sam
Co governance is top of peoples mind when talking with friends. Frank
N.Z. is becoming what Sth Africa was. The new apartheid nation. Denis
I wish it would be taken more seriously by more politicians Noeline
absolutely. Most are fed up with the lack of democracy and we must all have equal rights… Neil
It absolutely is an issue for New Zealand but the question as whether it will be an election issue will depend on how the media campaign on the ‘racists who oppose (the lie of) co-governance. Ian
i am hearing only crime and cost of living being spoken about although I believe it should not forget the race relations issues that will cause more problems than all the money can solve Pavithra
The shame of NZ that it has come to this. Trevor
Race, relations and crime will be two of the hot topics selection. Labour must be thrown out. Rob
Divide by race and remove the middle class with inflation while feeding the poor to create the poor and the wealthy only – this is straight out of the communist playbook. Ivor
Race relations and many other key issues – homelessness, cost of living, wasting money – to list just a few of their failures – vote them OUT! Patricia
I have an article from a local newspaper in front of me – it’s headline says”Third of kiwi workers think of moving to Oz.” Though the people who were interviewed gave various reasons for wanting to move, it seems that the elephant in the room was not addressed here. In my humble opinion, these people are prepared to move because they don’t want to live under maori -led apartheid rules. The article says thinking about moving. I would suggest that they are just waiting to see what the election brings. If labour gets back into power, they’ll be gone. So, if a third of our taxpaying base is now gone, where is the revenue going to come from to run this country? Zimbabwe, here we come! Trevor
Support Julian Batchelor Kenneth
As it rightfully should be after the numerous, futile attempts to deliberately divert the attention elsewhere… Ever since Ardern took over with her Authoritarian Communist, Totalitarian rule! You are long past your pathetically exposed “sell by date” Labour… A bigger Landslide without heavy rain, or quake befalls you… Bring on October! Graham
The most serious that has impacted New Zealand since WW2. Alister
I hope race relations will be a key issue in this year’s election. We just have to get the message across to the stupid people who voted Labour last time. Rod
We Must Vote Labour OUT for Ever Terry
Top of the agenda for any party worth voting for. Andrew
Segregation WILL destroy NZ like it has so many Countries before mike
Unless we have one set of rules for everyone, we are heading down the road to apartheid, in complete violation of the race relations act. Norman
Labour are trying to avoid this issue but the Majority know that there a lot more than a change of Government at stake this election. The quiet majority will make their voices heard through the ballot box. Kevin
Undeniably Fred
I see a disaster for NZ if labour win. People could riot like we have not seen in NZ. Dave
Given that the country is in such a financial mess and Labour have broken most of their policies, race related issue’s are still the most important to me Peter
We are all heartily sick of the divisive racist agenda of Labour and the Maori party. And when I say we, I mean Maori descendants like myself of Ngati Wai. Mike
Sadly yes. Winston will campaign on it, but if he gets into government true to form he won’t deliver on any of his promises. Willy
I want to live, and my grandchildren to live in a democracy. I do not wish to speak pidgin or have government departments with names that cannot be found alphabetically and are meaningless in sensible terms. I do not want a feudal, tribal system of government where a small group runs the show. Partnership is not what the treaty was about . The reinterpreted treaty is a sham. The labour government of Jacinda Ardern can not be forgiven for the damage they have done. I remain a concerned New Zealander watching values being lost as democracy and good sense is tossed aside by a long since failed government Pete
Absolutely Race & Gang Crime Nick
It is for me and others who read outside the MSM Ray
Equality says it all -stop apartheid in NZ David
Yes, for all the reasons outlined in Muriel Newman’s article of 14 August 2023 Warren
I fear for the future of NZ. Under co governance young people with out a trace of special Maori blood already have their sights set on moving away from NZ Patricia
We are heading for something akin to a ethno conflict . Evil has truly arrived in this country of ours and if people do not wake up pronto there will be a lot of grief. Michael
I fear. that it will not be a big enough issue and the media will love this state of affairs. National will need to grow a spine and be brave enough to tackle this head on. Tim
Frighteningly so… Shirley
I will do my utmost to vote for a party who will return NZ to the democratic country it once was, maintaining equality for all citizens in all aspects Maxine
It will be for me! I grew up in my formative years under apartheid and it appears my declining will be back under apartheid! The problem for a new government will be putting the genie back in the bottle. The PIJF has elevated some of the most virulent of racist journalists in the MSM to positions of influence beyond their worth. David
The Racial Division Policies of Labour are THE MAJOR ISSUE of this year’s election, and the reason why my allegiances have switched from the left to the far right. Nothing else matters near as much if this country is to have any future at all. Colin
yes, it already is. ken
Whether people understand it, or not. It’s there simmering away. A crying shame for our country. Kahn
Elite Maori are trying to turn NZ Into a tribal ethnocracy Geoff
the horis and green will twist it and make it a topic. Its the space age not stone age: get with it: mike
With the radical Maoris having been given their head,it will take a Supreme effort to claim the country back.Water,non elected council members and every thing co-governance has to be sorted.Good luck to whoever wins the election. Peter
Co-Governance has made it an issue and the signing over of control of our water to Iwi. Janet
But it absolutely should be an issue. The government funded media and its extremely biased coverage is the reason. With a couple of exceptions this countries media does a poor job. Hopefully the election won’t be a narrow loss to labour but massive one to send them a good message. Graham
This maorification of New Zealand has to be stopped. It does nothing to help the average maori family..just the worthless activists who care nothing for their own. Barbara
These f***ers have to go Mark
Our country is more divided than ever, but to divide the country by race is the last straw…… Peter
Most definitely. Grahame
I certainly hope so Robert
Almost definitely! Michael
Well it should be Lynn
Have commenced my application for Australian citizenship which will be activated if the “present govt.” is re-elected ..I do not want to die in a Third World country. Chris
Division will make every other issue we have like housing education and crime 1o times worse Fiona
let nz be “one people’ Neville
Race relations is THE issue of the election. What Labour have done in promoting iwi control over public services is appalling. Fancy a government encouraging the whole public service to favour one race over every other. It is despicable.   Donald
Absolutely it will be a crucial issue amongst sensible voters. Only those who are woke won’t care – and hopefully they are still in a minority!  Nigel
Doesn’t this government know that tribalism always ends in disaster? Why on earth would they inflict it onto the country. Imagine trying to reason with the Tuku Morgans of the world! Isaac
This is such an important election, yet so many people have no idea what’s at stake. Toni
A Parliament with National, ACT and NZ First all opposing tribalism and co-governance would be better than one without Winston. This country needs all the opposing voices it can muster. David Seymour is being churlish in trying to keep Winston out of Parliament. He should focus on stopping He Puapua and tribal control. Geoff