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Homo Degeneratus

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Five years ago Reeds published my novel True Facts. Before you scream, understand that the title was not a grammatical error, rather it was deliberate and highly pertinent to the plot, as I shall explain.

When Mike Moore read the manuscript prior to publication, he, a great enthusiast of my previous novel Ogg, expressed his alarm. Mike’s an old mate and knows he can talk frankly to me. In essence and notwithstanding its humour, which he acknowledged, Mike felt True Facts’ underlying thesis was dreadfully offensive and would cause outrage. That didn’t eventuate, possibly because the book never took off which Reeds attributed guessingly (there’s a new word for you) to its cover design.

Five years have elapsed. So too has what I wrote about in True Facts.

The plot was set in an international media company based loosely on News Corp with the oafish, earthy executive chairman, Felix caricature, drawn roughly on Kerry Packer.

Always sensitive to market movements and becoming sceptical about the future of both television in the over-competitive market and the broadsheets in an increasingly illiterate world, Felix spots a new opportunity.

Reading a report of a zoology Professor being bumrushed in a huge politically correct furore, out of his university, Felix recognises an untapped market.

For what the Professor had discovered was the devolvement of a section of homo sapiens into a new biological animal species, which he named homo degeneratus, these being the fifth generation welfare dependant class in Britain.

With his eye to the main chance Felix organised polling of the degenerati including a survey, notwithstanding their illiteracy, as to their readership taste. All dismissed newspapers as full of lies and the repetition from the degenerati that what they want is “true facts” leads to a new, largely pictorial tabloid tailored specifically for them, called “True Facts”. Three years’ issues were written in advance with stories such as “Boy born with horse’s head due to sperm bank ballsup”, of successful prospering criminals, of the sins of “they” and much more of that ilk. The publication proved a great commercial success with the degenerati.

But the salient message was the existence of a huge, welfare-sated under-class that by any definition, can not possibly be considered homo sapiens. When I say definition I refer in one word to civility with all of its accompanying values.

I will not pull my punches. Homo degeneratus is now thriving in New Zealand; slobbering, tattooed, illiterate, pig-ignorant, prolific breeding, drug-infested, alcoholic, welfare dependent, murdering and robbing, barbaric filth and it is all traceable solely to welfare excess and the DPB in particular. I for one have had enough. Disproportionately Maori, their existence is a disgrace, not to Maoridom but to the human race.

Pampering, soft-soaping and excusing plainly doesn’t work. As a first step we must cut off their life-line, namely the aforementioned welfare excess.

I sense and personally feel, a widespread sense of hopelessness about the current state of affairs.

The solution lies with our politicians but what odds on a set of political circumstances which would throw up another Douglas to embark on a radical social reform as Roger did on the economic front?

Ironically, when I write that the solution lies with politicians I could just as easily say that the problem stems from them. Primarily motivated by the pursuit of power, once in office the record shows that politicians driving modus operandi is not to rock the boat.

I hold no hope for salvation with a Key-led government as history shows that National in office is afraid of radicalism. Always fearful of criticism they are natural appeasers.

As ever, reform will likely come from a leftish administration even if it was they who led us into this mess. Clinton showed the way in America when he took a firm line with the welfare careerists, which measures have produced good results.

Conversely it was a right-wing politician, Guillani, who successfully dealt with New York’s appalling crime by his absolutist, zero tolerance approach.

It’s not hard and if politicians are in doubt then they need simply ask the man in the street who will universally advocate as I have written.