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The 2019 ‘Wellbeing’ Budget

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The The Government’s 2019 Budget was delivered last Thursday, but its arrival was problematic.

Earlier in the week, the National Party had publicly released a slew of budget information obtained simply by going onto Treasury’s website and using their search engine.

Panic ensued.

The chief executive of the Treasury, Gabriel Makhlouf, claimed its systems had been deliberately and systematically hacked and the matter was referred to the Police.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson lashed out, implying criminal intent: “We have contacted the National Party tonight to request that they do not release any further material, given that the Treasury said they have sufficient evidence that indicates the material is a result of a systematic hack and is now subject to a Police investigation.”

The next day, however, the Police advised Treasury that if someone obtained sensitive material by using a website’s search engine, it was not a hack and was therefore not unlawful.

National’s leader Simon Bridges accused the Government and Treasury of smearing the party: “It shows deep dishonesty. Treasury has known since Tuesday exactly what happened and they covered it up to hide their incompetence. They have sat on a lie, calling the National Party criminal hackers and calling in the police.”

In fact, the whole affair highlighted not only Treasury’s inability to keep confidential information secure, but the Government’s propensity to blame National for their own incompetence.

But the bad news did not stop there.

On Budget morning, copies of the confidential documents were handed out to journalists hours ahead of schedule – only to be collected back once the error was discovered.

It then turned out that the jubilant faces on the cover of Labour’s Wellbeing Budget – a lady called Vicky Freeman and her daughter Ruby-Jean – had moved to Australia in December because it was too costly to live in Auckland.

She told reporters that she had struggled with rent of $700 a week, and that some weeks, paying a 15-year old to mind her daughter while she worked cost more than she earned in her part-time job.

In fact, in spite of all their talk of wellbeing, it’s Jacinda Ardern’s Government that is largely responsible for the rent hikes in many parts of the country.

Once elected, Labour wasted no time in attacking landlords, even though most are Mum and Dad investors saving for their retirement with a single rental property.

First they extended the bright line test, which is a capital gains tax for the owners of rental properties, from two to five years.

Next, by blaming landlords for the health problems of their tenants, Labour justified a raft of expensive new regulations for rental property owners, that are pushing up rents. The ring fencing of tax losses will exacerbate the problem.

But back to the Budget.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator investment analyst Frank Newman has examined the Budget and explains:

“Leaving aside the sugar coating, the Well-being Budget delivered what we would expect from a socialist government – more spending on social services, while largely ignoring the role of the private sector in wealth creation.

He makes the point that all governments spend with the intention of having a positive effect on well-being and says, “A more appropriate debate is the fundamental question about the approach a government should take to improve community well-being. And there is a major difference in approach between a left leaning government who believe bigger government is best and those said to be on the right who believe in free markets.

“Our current socialist coalition appears to have the view that free markets do not deliver a ‘fair’ distribution of rewards – according to their perception of fairness; and at a practical level they have etched out a political constituency that would rather take from others than earn for themselves. I have no doubt history will, eventually, show the government’s well-being approach to be a spectacular failure – but then I am of a view that socialism as a political system is a spectacular failure.”

The Budget reveals that under the stewardship of Jacinda Ardern’s Government, New Zealand’s economic growth has fallen from 3.2 percent last year to 2.4 percent this year. Treasury attributes this to a drop in migration and what they called “subdued” business investment growth, which had collapsed from 6.8 percent last year to 0.7 percent this year.

Concerns about falling business confidence have beset this Government since they were first elected. Businesses have been concerned about their anti-business agenda, including industrial relations changes to empower the unions and an escalation in the minimum wage from $15.75 an hour to $20 in just four years.

Furthermore, the looming threat to economic wellbeing posed by their radical Zero Carbon Bill is edging ever closer, leaving many businesses far from optimistic about the future.

The Budget shows that $84 billion in core Crown tax revenue will be collected in this financial year, up from $80 billion last year. The main contributors are $33 billion in income tax, $30 billion in GST, and $15 billion in company tax. Excise tax of $2 billion consists of $700 million in alcohol tax, $500 million in tobacco tax, and $1 billion in petrol tax. Other indirect taxes contributed $5 billion, including road user charges of $2 billion.

Core Crown spending will top $87 million in this financial year, up from $80 billion last year. The four main areas of expenditure are health at $18 billion, superannuation at $14 billion, welfare at $14 billion, and education at $14 billion. Next is $5 billion for law and order, $5 billion for core government services, $4 billion for economic development, $3 billion for transport and communications, and almost $3 billion for defence.

Essentially Labour’s ‘Wellbeing’ Budget focuses on five priority areas – improving mental health, reducing child poverty, increasing Maori and Pacific incomes, building productivity, and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

While the announcement of the world’s first wellbeing budget brought Jacinda Ardern the international accolades she clearly seeks, the reality is that this budget does little to address the underlying causes of disparity.

The main big-ticket items, include over $2 billion for replacements for the defence force’s aging Orion aircraft, $1.9 billion for mental health, and $1 billion for rail.

New Zealand First was clearly a big winner from the budget securing significant funding for trains and planes.

The Green Party were winners too but in a more in a more insidious way. There is no doubt at all that their $13 million cannabis referendum will have a far greater chance of success if sufficient mental health services are in place to cope with the expected increase in dope-related psychosis and addiction. By significantly boosting mental health and addiction services, the Government will be able to counter objections along those lines.

Another major winner from the Budget are iwi leaders.

No doubt mindful of the problems that beset Helen Clark’s Labour Government, when they introduced race-based funding in Budget 2000 through “Closing the Gaps” – a strategy New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters described as “social apartheid” – a well-orchestrated campaign was run ahead of Budget Day claiming that services ‘for Maori by Maori’ is the only effective way to reduce social and economic disparity.

Back then, the National Party, which stood for equality before the law and one standard of citizenship, strongly opposed race-based funding, and as a result of their opposition, Closing the Gaps was largely abandoned.

Things have now changed and unfortunately, National no longer appears to oppose race-based funding, even though most New Zealanders believe government assistance should be based on need not race.

New Zealand First, which campaigned against race-based policies, has also been silent on the issue.

As a result, race-based funding is on the increase, with the Budget showing well over $500 million worth across many portfolios – much to the delight of the iwi elite who will end up controlling the contracts and the money.

In Vote Health, for example, funding for Maori and Pacific health service providers has more than doubled from $20 million to $43 million, $7 million has been allocated for services that are either “for Maori” or “by Maori”, $3 million for Maori workforce development, and $1 million to improve Maori health outcomes.

Vote Education is now blaming Maori educational failure on “cultural bias and racism in the education system”. As a result, $13 million has been allocated to ensure “equitable outcomes for Maori learners” by encouraging “whanau to engage in the education of Maori learners”. A further $8 million has been budgeted for a “partnering with iwi” project, with most funding going to “National Maori Organisations and Iwi Authorities” so Maori learners can “participate, engage and achieve as Maori in and through the education system”.

Vote Justice sets aside $8 million for ‘building the Maori Crown Relationship across the public sector’, with a further $1 million available for “funding for events that strengthen and display a Maori Crown relationship”. Whether this will become a $1 million hui slush fund remains to be seen.

Vote Corrections shows a $22 million appropriation for a “kaupapa based pathway for Maori, co-designed and implemented by Maori in partnership with Corrections.”

The Maori Development Vote of $370 million sets aside over $100 million for Maori language and broadcasting, and $100 million for Whanau Ora – even though the Auditor General has criticised a lack of accountability in this race-based programme. A further $40 million is earmarked for a network of regional offices to administer Maori community investment programmes, $40 million for Maori housing includes repairing private homes, $30 million for Maori development grants, $12 million for Maori tourism and digital technology, $8 million for Maori physical and mental wellbeing, $5 million to improve the productivity of Maori land, and $1 million for Maori Land War commemorations.

Vote Treaty Negotiations shows $37 million has been set aside to support Crown negotiations and administration in the Treaty settlement and Marine and Coastal Area Act claims process. A further $11 million has been allocated to fund iwi preparing their claims for our coast, and an additional $4 million is available for Crown engagement.

Vote Courts shows that even though historic Treaty settlements are coming to an end, funding to the Waitangi Tribunal has been increased from $10.5 million to $10.9 million.

Vote Local Government earmarks $10 million for “enhancing Relationships Between Local Government and Iwi/Maori to Improve Partnerships”. Whether this funding is designed to assist iwi in persuading council to appoint their representatives onto councils with full voting rights – without needing to be elected – is not clear.

What’s missing from the Budget is tax relief for families, even though the recent capital gains tax debate highlighted the benefits of lowering income tax thresholds.

In fact, just as the Government announced it will index benefits to average wage increases to improve the ‘fairness’ of the welfare system, so too indexing tax thresholds to inflation, would have improved the ‘fairness’ of the tax system.

While the Finance Minister used his Budget speech to explain the importance of measuring the success of well-being initiatives – including the objective of improving “the prosperity of our nation” – most have no measures attached.

However, there is an appraisal of sorts for Shane Jones’ $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund. Budget documents explain that $1.7 billion of the fund has now been allocated to help ‘unlock the economic potential of New Zealand’s regions’: “We have supported more than 250 projects and created more than 560 jobs”.

That’s $3 million a job!

Just imagine the number of new jobs and ‘prosperity’ that could have been created had the $3 billion been returned to Kiwis in the form of tax cuts.

Without a doubt, the Government’s Wellbeing Budget has been a massive PR exercise. But not only does it authorise loose and wasteful spending, it also demonstrates only too clearly that Jacinda Ardern’s Government still doesn’t understand that economic growth is the key to raising living standards and improving wellbeing. 


Do you believe Labour’s Wellbeing Budget will improve “the prosperity of our nation”?


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Not at all. DICK
Nothing any politician does will improve the prosperity of our country. I have zero faith in any of them. Stevo
No! Redistribution of other people’s wealth BY FORCE, kills the producer’s incentive to do more while the recipients of that wealth do not fully appreciate its value because they have never earned it and thus most of it gets wasted. Don
real jobs and real growth are the key to prosperity, labours racist lifeline is creating more racial disharmony Stan
It will only improve the reach of the grubby hands that want more for themselves Peter
No definitely not we certainly don’t want our country heading towards apartheid Anne
It is a great hand out of money with no checks and balances in place. I wonder how much money will be siphoned off by Fraud. Dene
They have no ideas Diane
She speaks with forked tongue. Robert
They are not in touch with most of New Zealanders. Tom
It won’t help our family. Jan
Unbelievable cynicism putting in mental health services so the unelected Green party can push their cannabis agenda on our country causing great harm to society. In fact all of their & Ardern’s policies are dangerous to our country and we need to rid ourselves of their toxicity. Agree with Mike Hosking that they have ‘butchered the economy.’ While the left-wing media protect this appalling government, we never hear about how the excellent the US economy has become under Pres. Trump who is a successful businessman unlike the useless Ardern & Robertson. Monica
How this gummint can claim this budget will improve well-being & prosperity is beyond me! They are fooling themselves if they believe that “shot-gunning” money at madri,, down-&-outs, & sundry others whilst ignoring the bulk of the population & the economy …….. David
Race based funding has always been wrong. It needs to go to thell greatest need – not the greatest greed. Steve
Maori are still in warrior mode with an army of lawyers and we are not opposing them or fighting them. George
More apartheid policies Bev
How can you decide who gets wha on the basis of race Rob
It is simply a great hand out with NO real accountability instructions as to the proper use of the massive amounts given to Maori. The economy will suffer greatly as most of the money will be wasted on non productive schemes. Graeme
Not in the least. Clark
They are taking away personal responsibility Annette
Ridiculous. Joe
We move closer to USSNV United Socialist States of New Venezeula Roger
They are just wasting our money on one hand and running down our economy. Giving money to private citizens to repair their houses based on race is wrong. A budget full of weasel words. Robert
Absolutely not the lazy the bludgers will love it! More money for sitting on your back side and doing nothing to help yourself . Jacinda an her incompetent Finance minister wont be looked on very favourably when the economy collapsed and any one that tries to help themselves to finally get rid on Jacinda Winston and the greens for all time. Colin
Milton Friedman — Milton Friedman – Milton Friedman – Milton Friedman-Milton Friedman – Milton Friedman bruces
Hey Jacinda! What are the causes of child poverty? bruce
I understand four of the five priority areas, but what on earth does “transitioning” mean”? Barry
It’s all Bullshit from the government. Mind you in a few years the Greens will try to have banned all cattle from NZ so there should be no more Bullshit !!!!! Rod
Just a load of political crap. They are arrogant, ignorant idiots. A pity that no NZ journalist has the intelligence to compare ‘wellbeing’ to any other budgets. All kiwis should be made to look at our debating chamber for one day and see for themselves what a bunch of childish twats interfere with our lives. David
Extremely doubtful, and certainly won’t improve the economics either! Eric
THE 2019 ‘WELLBEING’ BUDGET Wrongly named, the title should be… ‘The 2019 Maori and Non Taxpayers 2020 Election Wellbeing Winning Budget!’ The Ardern Government has set a new standard for winning the next election; no longer does the economic stability of New Zealand matter. 1. We (OR RATHER OUR MARXIST GOVERNMENT) must be first among un-equals! Showing the way by the adoption of the adoption policy of the expensive unproven Climate Change. Another method of a fear induced taxation and control. 2. By the U.N. controlled immigration open door policy, that will lead our nation being a dumping ground for refugees whatever the cost. The ultimate end will be the endorsement of Globalisation, and a Left Wing WORLD GOVERNMENT. President Trump’s recent speech says it all – it will be the end of National Sovereignty. Which incidentally was, and still is, the aim of our P.M’s Socialism/Green Coalition.  Brian
NO it will not with the one sided assistance to one race in New Zealand which is only 11% of the population. We all know the money give to Iwi and Maori groups most dose not reach the people it is supposed to help. Wendy
What’s the opposite of prosperous, oh that right, impoverished. That’s were we are heading. Brooke
Smoke & mirrors & ignorant hope rod
God no! They are totally incompetent in all respects. The wealth generated by the people who earn should for the most party remain with those people. Tax is supposed to support public good not provide a lolly scramble for the ne’re do well and drop kicks in society. Successive Governments seem to have completely overlooked this point, in their scramble to buy votes.s continues for much longer we will be just like the drop kick economies of Europe. i.e Greece etc Dianna
It will not but neither did the policies of the last National Govt. The majority of New Zealanders (middle NZ) have missed out under both regimes. This is exactly why the likes of Trump get elected into power. Gary
One would assume that all govmt budgets would be for well being, do this just one long exercise inBS and pulling the wool. As long as budgets hand out race based chocolate fish, there will be no WELL BEING bUD
No, this is almost as big a joke as man made climate change, Athol
No, but it will improve the prosperity of the Maori Elite Leadership group . . . MervB
They didn’t even mention some of the other key issues bugging this country Arthur
This budget signals the biggest move towards the elimination of democracy in NZ. The bias towards Maori is huge and shows that we will end up being governed by non-elected people who get into power on the basis of their race. its apartheid, pure and simple, and yet we can’t state that because it would be considered as “hate speech”. Without strong opposition the trend of this budget will be increased next year in the “lollipop” scramble that will see the coalition government buying votes. If I didn’t love my country as much as I do I would be looking at moving offshore. At least in Australia they could see through the promises of the Labor Party that would have decimated the economy. Kerry
The only ones that will prosper out of this budget will be all the Fat Cat Maori hierarchy that all feed out of the trough from the Labour Governments hand outs. Bloody disgrace and a very racist budget. Wayne
More Handouts IAN
Apartheid is not a solution to improve wellbeing for the poor. John
What chance have we got? If only National had more spine they would oppose this irresponsible social hooliganism coming from Adern’s rabble. Robert
Socialism is an oft repeated social experiment which has consistently failed and cost at least one hundred million lives in the 20th century. But of course, Comrade Cindy thinks she is so smart, virtuous and compassionate that she can make it work this time around! Allan
How can it?? If an army of welfare recipients ( I am not talking about pensioners because most of them have contributed to society or the ones who are genuinely unable )and a plethora of more than questionable outfits and useless feel good schemes are receiving more and more money for nothing, how can that improve prosperity? There is in principle nothing wrong with paying higher wages, but if this is not offset with tax incentives for businesses no one should wonder why people are laid off so expenses are kept down and profits are maintained. But how can we expect these red green glove puppets ( oops— hate speech) to have an iota of common sense they love their ideological smoke and mirrors game. All what they want is power to force their dodgy schemes on us regardless of the damage they cause to the nation and its people. Michael
How can stifling business growth and employment benefit New Zealand’s economy. It won’t, period. Take from those who work hard and support themselves, and give it to those who don’t. Typical of labour governments. Peter
Hand out after hand out Jimmy
How a Government can talk of a Well-Being Budget when it:: 1. reinforces race based privilege [specific allocations for Maori and Pacific Islanders but no provision for persons of different ethnic origin who also happen to have the same problems as those claiming polynesian heritage]; 2. discourages individuals taking responsibility for their actions (disproportionately high imprisonment rates for Maori is because they are not treated or judged the “Maori-Way); 3. reinforces the view that Maori has been penalised by colonialism (White supremacy?); 4. promotes illogical depression of the economy in the name of the Church of Climatology whilst ignoring true scientific examination and discussion; 5. allocates funding to foster the “PARTNERSHIP” between Maori and the Crown despite there being no legitimate requirement under the Treaty of Waitangi to do so [and is actually divisive in practice]; 6. seems intent in following the Robin Hood method of poverty “elimination” [take it from the rich and give it to the poor]; and 6. seems more interested in following UN dictums leading to world governance rather than putting the interests and flourishing of of its citizens first. This budget does nothing to foster an increase in productivity, and with a reducing GDP, one can only surmise that their social largess will result in a reduced standard of living for all and increased tax takes from what they consider to be the more affluent of our society. Socialists/Communists seem to be incapable of recognising that low tax societies are more productive and overall healthier than any over-governed, central directed welfare states [You can complain all you like about President Trump, but compare what he has achieved with the US Economy as opposed to what Venezuela has transitioned to! Michael
But only only time will tell the whole story Laurel
Carbon Zero will wreck this country Michael
The more this govt does the more concerned I become for the well being of all of NZ. I think they have very little grasp of reality. Alastair
No of course not. Kate
Hidden from the budget is the $3 Billion they are now borrowing every year for the “Well Being” of themselves!!! Frederick
Can only increase a country’s prosperity by lowering tax thus allowing individuals and business to invest more Alan
Naive budget Sarah
Clearly they have no idea and I’m starting to believe National doesn’t either Diane
too much money to the wrong areas, most race related,organisations, very bad news. Gerard
It will fool the foolish. Good PR for the Globalist Puppet and her team of dysfunctional retards. Anon
I think we need concrete aims with policy and back up of finances in detail for each aim and how they will work. Mary
Premise is wrong Catherine
But some iwi and bureaucratic elite will do marvellously! Fiona
Absolutely not Nowhere in history has any socialist government ever improved the economy of its country Robbing the wealthy to pay the poor will never work and only lower the overall financial wellbeing of everybody Robin
Mostly just more hugely expensive lefty handout. Colin
Nothing to encourage productivity. Socialism is evil John
It will do quite the opposite, in fact! Elizabeth
It’s a flop! John
Not 1dollar will be accountable Sidwell
A socialist budget designed to demotivate hard workers. Sam
Once again,same as Helen Clark, Race based funding. Now we are two Peoples ….. Geoff
maybe all the pakehas should leave the country and let the maoris do what they want. Bill
As predicted by a number of educated NZCPR face book contributors. Donald
race based budget that will breed resentment. Business confidence is a key indicator of the future of the NZ economy….. Rex
May be OK for the lower classes but nothing for those who actually work and pay taxes to be distributed to those too are damn lazy or the many businesses who keep the country going only for their earnings to be wasted. Alan
We are on a very slippery slope down hill! Peter
The McGillacuddy serious party believed in a great leap backward. Another Waikato Clan – same effect! Roger
A budget give to increasing hand outs and nothing for business investment growth, tax incentives or incentives to get off the dole and into work. 15% of our population gets 507 million for feel good factors so to say the budget is not racist l Dennis
The only prosperity it will improve is that of the blatant bludgers in our society. They are being encouraged to be idle and even worse they are allowed – even encouraged – to breed. Bruce
You have got to be kidding ! Falling productivity , increased costs including wages = company failures and rising unemployment Peter
Nothing in it to encourage business or investment Colleen
They are a bunch of Dreamers Graham
unrealistic waste of money Russell
Certainly not. Under this doctrine based government, welfare has become a career choice even more so for maori. Alan
No, they should lower taxes for everyone, then we’ll all have more money to spend.  Joe
The only wellbeing will be that of the Maori elite. Paloma
Of course not…… Im speechless! Des
You don’t become prosperous by spending, especially using money that has been provided by the workers Mike
The principle criterion for determining where the money goes is “What is good for the CoL” rather than “What is good for the country”. Peter
not at all Geoff
Sending the country right down the gurgler. Chris
Of course it wont,, they are hiding behind smoke and mirrors. They really haven’t got a clue and the sooner they are out of power the better, that is if they haven’t destroyed the country by then. Fraser
It will wreck this country in no time at all. Tim
While it will have a pump priming effect initially no measures to improve and measure productivity gains are evident. Terry
This government fails to understand that to spend money first you have to earn money. We cannot afford all the nice things they are undertaking. Maurice
The bludgers anyway Hone
because it’s all about handouts instead of handup and minimal to encourage business investment. PGF is a dish out for Shane’s mates and will prove to be a big hole for money with little productive return. They’re all too lazy and busy with another race based move – MACA! Stan
I strongly agree with Frank Newman’s summing up about this Budget. A socialist invention with predictable consequences. Mabel
The prosperity of NZ will only improve under a National Party led Government. Grahame
Tax and Spend is NOT the way forward for economic growth. Too much given for more social welfare and wasteful spending. Tax cuts would of course help lower income families. Andrew
Message to all left leaning dreamers. Economics 101: Wealth is created by people who take risks and invest in people and plant. Profit is the reward for the risks that one takes. Remove barriers and reduce taxes then watch profits increase. More people will be employed, investment in plant and equipment will increase and there will be more money to spend on worthwhile projects and on those who genuinely need help. Unbridled socialism makes people dependent. Wake up all you left leaning dreamers! Peter
It will become worse Helen
This Wellbeing Budget is a TOTAL Failure !! It will do nothing to improve the incomes of those who MOST need it. Funny any handouts improvement for people from the budget were immediately taken back with the A FUEL TAX increase funny that. WELLBEING Sorry INDIAN GIVING budget. Carl
Promise Wellbeing – Deliver Misery. Roger
It’s still just a Labour Budget with a very Green policy outcome Ray
“Little Bo Peep” has lost her sheep and has no idea how to find them! Martin
Absolutely not! Prosperity never comes from wasting money and resources. Gert
More socialist welfare, much of which is race based will do nothing to advance prosperity of the nation as a whole Dick
Wellbeing Budget — What a fnk joke. Was there any thing in it for the Senior Citizens.. NO. Graham
Does anything Labour ever do help the prosperity of our nation? Craig
To be perfectly honest I am sick of the Maori winge, we are being run by a group of idiots, and a nasty spiteful old man, is to blame for the mess we are heading for. Merryl
They are both the same , needs anew right party Colin
No, of coarse not it will do stuff all! However it will contribute greatly to race based state funded dependency as we slide further into the abyss of misguided socialist lunacy! Paul
Sad that the cargo cult mentality so widespread in NZ Peter
The only winners will be the iwi leaders as usual. Allen
This Coalition Government will only spend on socialism and increase the national debt Bryan
What a joke this lot are. Neil
Why the discrimination Maori/everyone else? We are ALL New Zealanders. The discrimination immediately sets up and us against them situation and that is so very wrong. Diana
Money wasted in buying votes for labour. Some expenditure targets are well meant but continually throwing money at maori has shown to be a social failure. Darryl
No way .All this budget does is increase social dependancy and increase racism and further reduces business confidence . The way I see the situation is that it is all done hill from here. Ken
Just plain stupid!!! Alan
Quite the opposite! This government has stopped measuring many outcomes such as in health and education. Spending an extra however many $millions on suicide prevention might make people feel good but as to if it actually has any positive effect…..Feeling is good is not the same as doing good. Roger
A lot of it is race biased David
Absolutely not!!!! Joe
You will be paying those who know what they are doing the same as those that don’t Colin
Not across the board. But lawyers will gain heaps from more Treaty jobs. Pensioners lose as costs continue to increase disproportionately to the minuscule annual increase in pensions. Hugh
All this tax money going to maori.How much tax do they pay? Ross
It will only increase the hand outs to Maori, especially their elite, instead of who needs the help. Many Maori definitely need help but surely this should be on a need basis – not simply a race basis. We need to create an understanding that you need to work to get entitlements if you are able to work. Keith
socialist govt and race based inequalities will further reduce NZs ability to grow economically Judy
Just more apartheid and socialism. I live in Cairns and wouldn’t want to return to NZ whilst NZ heads down this path. Peter
it will reduce prosperity over the nation mainly for the worse off Barry
Not a chance.. down the gurglar Jeff
the people they are giving hand out to do not do anything to improve the prosperity of NZ only drag t down John
absolutely no way Claire
The empirical evidence is right wingers are much happier and mentally healthier than left wingers. The research findings are hardly surprising. People are divided into two camps. One believes they are in control of the outcome despite the vagaries of fate. The other believes they are victims dependent upon the action of someone else, they will always be unhappy because what little they achieve is poisoned by guilt. Jacinda carries the guilt of knowing she is unworthy and it shows in her seeking recognition. The budget is “the dependency budget” Soon we will be voting to allow depend you on a mind altering drug to people to escape their responsibility so as improve people’s mental health! There should have been a comma between “well” and “being” in the budget title. Mervyn
and I am horrified at the money that is going to maori schemes??? and the giving away of coastal rights to tribes and paying them to fight legal cases brought against their claims Anthony
Some-one should sue Jacinda 4 STEALING & MISUSING Tax payers money,in NZ there is ONE LAW 4 EVERYONE where is the help for ordinary NZ.It,s VERY clear she wants OVERSEAS praise so she should bugger off to her pals in Hollywood. Cindy
Under the existing Labour Government, NZ is running downhill when it comes to the traditional way of life of “Normal ” Kiwi’s. The future looks bleak for us Pakeha’s Pierre
More Labour /Green ‘handouts’ that simply make the so called ‘deprived’ even more dependent on Social Welfare – and very racially biased and unacceptable . We are meant to be one Nation – not racially separated or privileged if Maori. Vote the Coalition ‘OUT’ Hylton
taxing the “rich” to give to the “poor”won’t work. Chris
More freebies to the unemployed and unproductive certainly won’t do that. Graham
It’s only to increase the wealth of their voter base and buy back the Maori vote. Brent
There appears to be among those who rule us, a strong and continuing determination to sell the country and its assets to vociferous, single-issue minority groups, such as drug takers, dole bludgers, sexual deviants and maoris – particularly those of a criminal bent – in exchange for their future votes. They should be aware that these groups have a very short attention span and may well fail to make good come election time. TOBY
Not addressing the real problems – teaches and nursing Gillian
How could it? Graeme
To much inference on the unknown. John
Not one little bit. It is largely an exercise of PR by this incompetent government. Chris
It will do the opposite ! William
Too many handouts especially to Maori. Not enough real care where its needed, health, improving economy etc Elizabeth
They are spending money like winning a lottery and it is not theirs to spend Rits
Too many Maori slush funds to encourage corruption and waste. David
As someone so eloquently recently said following the outcome of the Australian election, right-leaning parties support those who WANT to work, left-leaning parties support those who DON’T want to work. The Labour party in particular has moved well away from its original mandate of last century ie supporting those who WANT to work. And racism is alive and well in NZ, It has never been clearer that it pays to be maori Sharen
Just the opposite !! Dave
Exactly the opposite. More wasteful welfare spending that must continue to be funded forever saddling future generations with even more overhead. Richard
.Apart from giving more to mental health, it’ll do nothing. Kate
Its the wrong people to advertise wellbeing when they have never had to experience any themselves Warren
Not in any way, shape or form. This Maori trend is ridiculous as they are now a mixed breed just like the rest of us Tom
If the management of the Provincial Growth Fund is anything to go by the current governance of New Zealand will make our country poorer rather than more prosperous. Pieter
This dialogue on “partnership” must end N.Z is heading down the track of South Africa in reverse John
A well is a bottomless pit into which Labour intends to pour yet more money. Alan
Yes but not enough. The ‘well being’ factor is good but I suspect it’s mo GPI should be the norm.re lip service than reality. GDP is like a dog chasing its tail. Tony
No doubt about it this Socialist Government has learnt nothing from the past. A major factor of the present and future is, that Irresponsible people are still having children when they lack the education, maturity, mentality and financial capacity in order to raise them in a loving caring family situation.. Norm
fat chance..!! Peter
More Adern BS. Sack her.. Ian
I would be better off if I were claiming Benefits. Raising Benefits payments will do nothing to encourage people to look for work, and index-linking their Benefit but not Tax Brackets is a slap in the face for those of us that do work. I also had no idea so much money has been allocated based on race; surely in our modern society everyone should be treated equally and fairly. Why is money being allocated to pay to repair Maori privately owned homes, for instance? That’s a scandal! I work hard to provide for my family and feel completely ignored and as though people like me simply do not matter. After the Budget they raised the Fuel Tax and Road User Charges again – which will have a serious knock on effect in raising food prices, etc., etc., which will also hit us hard. I am really worried for my family’s future as my income stays the same and yet I am struggling to pay bills which keep increasing. This Budget has done nothing for my family’s wellbeing – quite the reverse! CA
All gloss & money gone into the wrong areas Tony
When has all that money going to maori in the past ever helped any of them get off the bottom of the ladder except for the Elite members of tribes. Murray
No – the old adage “socialism only works until you run out of someone else’s money ” still runs true. Scott
It certainly does not give any assistance such as tax relief to many New Zealanders, especially as so much government spending is race-based – a huge step backwards. In addition, there is little or no accountability for the way government “aid” is spent. The so-called “middle income” group (say, between and $70-100k) is fast becoming the “new poor” aided and abetted by no tax relief, rising rates and insurances – the list goes on … And, on top of that, the hidden and unknown costs of “climate change” policies. Laurence
if you are not a early settler in NZ and do not have a dark pigmentation in your bloodline i suggest you get out of NZ as you are probably a worker and not a bludger living off the workers David
This country will not be a good place until Maori stop all of their spurious claims,stop re-writing the Treaty,stop thinking they are partners of the Crown, and accept that they are nothing more than subjects other Crown like everybody else. Maori are not special people in this world. Mike
No, we appear to be heading for a depression! Cyril
not at all, only for Maori. Gerhard
The Socialistic Government is running out of excuses to show money around – watch the deficit grow ! Bob
Might for some, and we all know who they are. Barry
It will do the opposite. There is no way it will improve the diminishing business confidence. Denis
no too much money to the part maori greedies and the part maori bleaters. James
The “wellbeing” budget will make our economy worse. Don
Massive amounts of tax seem to be headed towards the betterment of the maori and not across the board. Take the foot off the throat of people earning the wealth for NZ and make this a fair playing field. All of NZ need to be able to share in the tax distribution buy this government seem to have one eye shut. Not good enough Ross
just dreaming Allan
I consider that the budget is plainly race-based which emphasis’s a dangerous situation in our country. Either we are one country or we are divided.. I do not want the country to be divided. Brian
IN fact for most it will be worse. Anne
But it will entrench Apartheid more deeply in NZ. Geoff
This government has no brains Andrew
Maori, Maori, Maori, bla bla bla! cant Maori do anything for themselves without taxpayer handouts? How insulting to those motivated Part Maori! But it will help Labour get re-elected if those voters get off their backsides and go out to vote. As for the rest of ignored NZers, taxpayers who work and provide the money for Labour to throw around, don’t be surprised if the exodus out of NZ is triggered by the actions of these bloody socialists. Carolyn
Too PC and racist Terry
Too much going to Maori, as usual Kevin
How could it possibly? Liz
we are all one NZers not separate like this budget is trying to do Cherryl
It’s a joke and the tooth fairy and her mates are f***ing nz Greg
bureaucracy at central & local govt levels is an albatross on growth likewise benefits based on race are unfair Doug
NO – It is just an opportunity to further push the rhetoric that the impoverished ethnic community need to be funded with more tax payer cash. It is also a red herring as the Govt. is continuing to push through bills, out of the eyes of the public, while the media concentrates on praising the “Well being” narrative. Bruce C
Dangerous. Devisive. Ever more socialist. Sick of the whole lot of them and the growing catastrophe. Shelley
Completely the opposite. Terry
It’s an idealistic socialist complete waste of taxpayers funds directing this country on a down hill projectile to disaster. Robyn
Socialism is a failed model for national prosperity. Less wealthy people benefit most from a sound national economy not a nanny state. Mike
This government display via MMP, just as expected, is run by self centered personnel with private (unelected) agendas. Stuart
Hell no. I’ve gone back to work in Australia because it’s just too hard to earn a decent living in NZ Trevor
classical left-wing lunacy Peter
False spending with no returns will be the down fall of our economy, not only financially speaking !…again purchasing votes with tax payers monies !! Roy
Not in the slightest David
Taxinda strikes again Andi
Too much government can never improve a country’s “well being.” Alice
It’s actions, not words, that will enhance the quality of life for New Zealanders. Behind the platitudes and slogans, the coalition government has nothing to offer – unless, of course, you happen to be Maori, in which case there’s no limit to the amount of other people’s money that will be thrown at you. Come next year’s general election, voters will have had time to see through this charade, and only tribal Labour will be prepared to support them. Get ready for a change of government. Graham
My father said 60 years ago having worked with many Maori – never put a Maori in charge of a Maori, because nothing gets done…. this has just become fact they are just not managers. The whole corrections experiment of taking Maori back to their roots etc has not worked in over 25 years, so why do they keep doing it??? Erin
Venezuela sucks. Socialism sucks. Coral
The future of our Country is truly bleak. I cannot believe the amount of money being thrown at Maori whilst I cannot afford food once my rent is paid, because living expenses consume my pension within minutes of it being paid into the bank account . I am not eligible for any assistance because my wife works, and I am unfortunate enough to have a white skin in NZ. Mike
Ardern, Robertson and their socialist unionist rabble around them simply don’t have the intelligence or the business nouse to lead any a Nation.It is absurdly crazy that our Political system allows such incompetence to rule.Labour’s so called well-being is just throwing money at the problems . Don
I notice how quick the government was, in increasing the fuel and road users tax. As retire’s are now having to dig further into our retirement funds. Reg
Same old same old Graeme
This was not a growth budget at all. It handed out money to non productive sectors whilst failing to reward productive sectors or those who actually contribute. It will do absolutely nothing for the future well being of the economy and the hard working people of NZ who actually provide the tax base for the Government. Allan
It appears this coalition of losers we call a government think that the Maori race are not capable of doing anything for themselves so need more and more handouts from other tax payers! Peter
A socialist failure John
Money is being wasted on wasters John
Money wasted on feelz not practicalities once again. I’m certainly not feeling it. Chris
A wasteful spend – little accountability for money allocated Gloria
Only if one is brown Jill
Absolute stupidity, a real Tui moment. Ian
We are going backwards and soon the intelligent workers will start leaving. then no need for Kiwi build Michael
Just rubbish Allan
More race based division Collin
A race based government intent on destroying what little personal responsibility that exists amongst most maoris . Pete
Bandaiding end results NOT addressing the base problem cause Kelvin
Carbon Zero Bill will destroy this country Michael
Most definitely no. This budget does nothing to promote growth and wealth generation. Its a pity National are such a poor opposition, a decent opposition could have a field day with this government. David
Pathetic budget”….New Zealand is headed for economic disaster….all the big money earning items have been removed…Bring back Oil-Drilling and increase fossil fuel burning industries and FREE Electricity for everyone……A Useless bunch of pollies. Roll-on the next elections CHowes
what a dogs breakfast of a document labour are on a runaway train going nowhere have no idea what they are doing the only thing that happens Jacinda continues to line up for her photo shots as often as she can which makes her look good world wise but a disaster for the country Russell
Typical socialist hogwash James
bigger question is where is the opposition on all this. ACT’s David Seymour is being noisey but National seem to have vanished. Where is their alternative budget & projected outcomes of Labour’s financial (mis) management. Michael
Much of the social funding is primarily designed to hold a voting base. I’m staggered to read two meetings to get folks off the couch and pick fruit met with zero participation. That illustrates we have a major problem. Alan
A poorly conceived budget highlighting the inexperience, incompetence and no understanding of what drives positive outcomes. Brian
Not a snowballs chance sadly. Mark
Well being as most would understand it, is supposed to free one from all burdens. Labours stand on the head policy is the opposite. Dave
Well-being is not Ardern’s idea albeit her virtue signalling presentation – it’s actually an offshore committee running the show for NZ. She is just the puppet. Read here -http://wellbeingeconomygovs.org/policy-lab-2/ Bob
Absolutely sick of the ‘poor Maori’ syndrome this Govt is pushing. Maoris getting to govern our country by stealth and reaping more and more money Chris
Like the PM it’s high on style. Low on substance Diablo
Just another socialist tax and spend budget that will undermine growth and prosperity.  Murray
These guys don’t have a clue how to run an economy. Greg
Does this budget signal the start of the next recession? Bernie
The politicians running this country are so incompetent they could not run a booze up in a brewery.  Simon
It seems to me that many of the changes in the budget are operational and won’t lift the economy one bit. Frank Newman has hit the nail on the head when he says it is a socialist budget that will bring socialist outcomes – ie economic failure. Francis