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The Big Lie

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“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That of course was infamously said by Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda in Hitler’s Third Reich.

He understood the power of indoctrination – that convincing the public depended on being able to repeat blatant lies often enough. As a result, all forms of communication – newspapers, magazines, books, art, music, movies, radio – became part of the Nazi propaganda machine.

Schools played a key role – teachers were “re-educated”, history was re-written, and impressionable children were indoctrinated to become loyal patriots. 

While these abhorrent developments occurred almost 90 years ago on the other side of the world, it is concerning to see these same techniques being used in New Zealand today.

The ‘big lie’ that is being perpetrated against New Zealand democracy is that ‘Maori are in partnership with the Crown’. The ambitious tribal elite driving this dangerous agenda are demanding supreme rights – the power to co-govern New Zealand.

Astonishingly, instead of ridiculing their greed and rejecting this ludicrous attack on our democracy, Jacinda Ardern’s Government is perpetuating the lie. As a result, activists are now gaining access to public resources and authority they would once have believed impossible.

Where claims of a Treaty partnership were once infrequent, they are now being repeated with such frequency – including in our schools – that New Zealanders are being brainwashed into acceptance.

‘If you control the language you control the mind’ was an important theme explored by British writer George Orwell in his iconic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

As US analyst Jem Berkes explains, “Demonstrating the repeated abuse of language by the government and by the media in his novel, Orwell shows how language can be used politically to deceive and manipulate people, leading to a society in which the people unquestioningly obey their government and mindlessly accept all propaganda as reality… 

“Orwell’s novel paints a nightmarish picture of a totalitarian system gone to the absolute extreme, but it is a novel that is fundamentally about psychological control of the public… psychological tactics (manipulation of people through language) can be continuously applied to the general public without raising great public opposition or fear — and that is where its strength lies.”

Without a doubt, language is now being used in New Zealand as an instrument of political control to shape reality, conceal the truth, and manipulate history. It’s why language is at the heart of the plan for Maori supremacy – as then Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox explained in a 2017 interview in the Listener:

“New Zealand would gradually move to its own unique form of governance, one that would abandon the Westminster model in favour of Maori customs, principles and values… It would take 36 years – 12 election cycles – for a Maori sovereignty party to share government…

“The critical step in shifting New Zealand thinking is to make the Maori language a core subject in the country’s schools… people look at things differently once they’ve acquired te reo. The Maori world view is different and that’s expressed in the language. The language unlocks our history and our thinking.”

While Labour intends making the Maori language compulsory in schools, the current shortage of Maori Language teachers has led those driving this separatist agenda to adopt the strategy of saturating the public with the Maori language. This not only includes calling New Zealand “Aotearoa”, but changing English place names to Maori, referring to the Maori names for government agencies, and using more and more Maori language in everything written and spoken.

A former Otago Daily Times columnist Dave Witherow outlined the process: “Radio New Zealand – the New Zealand equivalent of the BBC – is supposed to be free of political meddling. Yet now it has been hijacked, and its hapless staff obliged to dispense their daily dose of te reo. There were just a few words to begin with. Then longer sentences which have kept on growing until the keener young grovellers now begin and end their spiels with expansive swatches of a lingo understood by only a minuscule proportion of their audience…

“The new rules at RNZ were imposed without notice or public discussion, and they show, yet again, that no aspect of New Zealand life or culture is immune from the separatist commissars and their spineless friends in government.”

By exposing the truth, Dave created huge controversy. But over the intervening three years, the separatists have become emboldened – especially those demanding special rights and powers for the Crown’s Treaty of Waitangi ‘partner’.

Yet, as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy explains, there is no legal foundation for such Treaty partnership claims.

He firstly clarifies that the Treaty of Waitangi is a simple contract which has no standing in law:

“It is not a ‘Treaty’ which was then, or now recognised at International law. The law relating to treaties is clear. They can only result from undertakings made between sovereign powers. Whatever misconceptions the Colonial Office in London may have temporarily entertained about the governance of these far away Isles in the 1830s it is clear beyond doubt that there was no Sovereign recognised by its inhabitants and no settled form of governance in the nature of a nation state. Furthermore the document has not been enshrined in New Zealand statute law. If the document is not a Treaty recognisable at law then it can only be in the nature of a contract entered into by the signatories, and like all contracts it was and is to be observed in good faith.”

Secondly, he points out that it is impossible for a partnership to exist between the Crown – our sovereign – and her subjects:

“It was and is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. She can as she did in 1840 make promises to them but by definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws.”

And thirdly, Anthony explains that since the use of the word ‘partnership’ in the 1987 Maori Council Court of Appeal case, which activists claim as the ‘evidence’ of the existence of their ‘partnership’ with the Crown, was part of the commentary of the judgement, not the decision, the concept has no standing in law:

“The only judgment in that 1986 Maori Council case which refers to the Treaty giving rise to a partnership between the Maori signatories and the British Crown is that of Justice Cooke. The Judge said, ‘The Treaty signified a partnership between races’… His Honour was quite entitled to hold these obiter views (that is statements made in passing which are not essential to deciding the matter before the court) as any other private citizen but his duty as a judge was to identify and apply the law. Nowhere does his Honour cite any legal authority for his views and they run counter to a number of previous cases of high authority. In short he was making up the law for which there was no legal precedent and trespassing on the role of Parliament the only institution in our democracy which could legislate for such a fundamental social upheaval… None of the other four Judges agreed with this brave social experiment… In no legal sense does this case decide that that there is a partnership between Maori and non-Maori and any later case which purports to rely on the dicta of Cook J is to misconstrue the reasoning on which the case is founded.”

While this means that claims of a partnership have no legal foundation, this has not stopped those pushing the sovereignty agenda from misrepresenting the situation and continuing to use the lie to justify their claims for power.

As Canterbury University law lecturer David Round wrote in an article on judicial activism, “Partnership has taken on a life of its own. Every day it is spoken of and referred to, with the implication of course that the partnership is a genuine one and one of equals. Partnership has turned out to be an attractive idea, among Treaty claimants anyway.” 

In their election manifesto, the Maori Party, which is pushing the Treaty partnership agenda, outlines where all this is heading.

As well as renaming New Zealand “Aotearoa” and replacing English place-names with Maori names, the Maori language would become compulsory in schools. All New Zealanders of Maori descent would be required to register on the Maori electoral roll, Parliament’s Maori seats would be entrenched, a Maori-only Parliament would be established, separate social services instituted, and a new constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi would be introduced.

The democratic petition rights, that allow the public to overturn council decisions to introduce Maori wards through referenda, would be removed.

All conservation land would be given to Maori, and they would have the right to claim private property that has historical significance – like Ihumatao.

With Ihumatao having the potential to open the floodgates for claims on private property, Prime Minister Ardern should be extremely wary of attempting to appease radical activists – as the former government found, to the country’s cost, when they tried to ‘do the right thing’ over the foreshore and seabed.

As a result of introducing the Marine and Coastal Area Act in an attempt to resolve customary right grievances, more than 500 opportunistic claims for the coast flooded in to the High Court and the Minister for Treaty Settlements. While the law protects the public’s right of access to the coast, if claimants succeed in gaining title, they will secure rights akin to ownership – including possession of non-nationalised minerals, the right to charge commercial operators, and veto rights over resource consent applications.

Worried that no-one would be standing up for the public interest in the 200 claims lodged in the High Court, the NZCPR supported a property rights group to not only register as an interested party in the cases, but to secure the services of an experienced legal team to represent the public interest in the first two claims.

That is where the legal test specified in the law, that requires claimants to have “exclusively” used and occupied their claimed area since 1840, is expected to be clarified. Since all of the competing claims overlap, claimants are now arguing for “shared exclusivity” so they can divvy up the coastline between themselves.

If the Judges find in favour of the claimants in these first two cases, then much of New Zealand’s coastline will fall into tribal hands. If that is the outcome, the NZCPR will fundraise for an appeal.

It’s of huge concern that most people are completely unaware that this attack on our coast is occurring right now. The reality is that unless more public spirited people are prepared to help support this fight in the public interest, the outcome could be a disaster for New Zealand.

So, what should be done about the Treaty partnership lie?

First and foremost, we need to raise awareness that Kiwis are being subjected to an orchestrated propaganda campaign. That’s what the NZCPR is attempting to do through these newsletters.

Secondly, we need to remember that this is our country too, and we should not let ourselves be held hostage by extremists. These radicals are not great in number, and but they are using the Treaty “partnership” lie to try to deceive New Zealanders – more people need to say so. 

Thirdly, when Helen Clark was Prime Minister, she called Maori supremacists “haters and wreckers” and refused their demands. Jacinda Ardern should follow suit and stop pandering to extremists.

Opposition parties also need to step up. At present there is virtually no political opposition – they are letting us all down.

New Zealand’s democracy is under attack. Masked by a propaganda campaign, most people are failing to recognise that the enemy of democracy is within.

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The consistent pandering and submission of the govt.to the never ending illegal and false demands is atrocious. Clive
One sided grab for power and assets at the expense of the NZ community tony
I’ve read all the comments, and there are many. Seeing that there are so many of us that agree with complacency, and the many comments against the U.N. 2030 agenda, then we need to oppose this nonsense strongly and inform our friends and neighbor’s as to just where we are being lead against our will. I believe TREASON is being committed against our sovereignty. And Jacinda told us this Government would be the most transparent and informative, while it puts in place agenda’s without informing us about it first. John
Yes, too complacent. Lyn
Most people don’t get it that we are being subverted by a very clever propaganda program. one day we will wake up too late! Willy
This Govt is scarying the @##$% out of me more every day it is so much worse than that I could have ever predicted so wake up Kiwiis before its to late Eric
Until it affects the pocket or their rights who cares? Warren
Yes. Most people are not even aware that there is an activist agenda, but worst of all are the Europeans who see Maori as victims and think they know best for them. Many are well-to-do residents in leafy suburbs with too little to do and partners that are high-brow barristers, gynecologists, or orthodontists. These people are naive and condescending – and dangerous.. jd
There is no partnership ,there never was It’s the old ‘repeat a lie often enough etc mantra espoused by the left. that is being used by Maori to further their claims for E V E R Y T H I N G. Carolyn
Lets have a New Zealand for all without pandering to one race Barry
There is NO TOW partnership. It never existed in law or any other form of words. Mike
Yes! How can there be a “partnership” when we are supposed to be one people? Kev an
It is NOT a “Partnership”!!! Never was …. David
The treaty isn’t only for radical Maori, it was meant for all New Zealanders! The Treaty has been broken for a long time, it needs to be fixed David
There is not enough active, voiced opposition to the treaty claims – and now we have a new cave-in by our used fish-an- chip wrapper from Matamata. Anthony
Definitely YES. There is NO partnership but a simple agreement between the crown and the Maori tribes. We should also stop these Maori Wards invading our local councils. By all means we need Maori representation there but they must be elected like all other councillors. Keith
God Defend NEW ZEALAND against treachery, lies and deceit. Maori were and are NOT the indigenous people to arrive here. Look what they did to the Mori Ori people, a peace loving people who welcomed them to our shores when the first canoes arrived.. Wake up ALL NEW ZEALANDERS AND stand up for justice and righteousness. The sovereignty activists need to know NO LEGAL RIGHTS EXIST FOR THEIR CLAIMS OF SOVEREIGNTY OR PARTNERSHIP IN GOVERNMENT. NEW ZEALAND IS PART OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS – signed, sealed and in place. The Queen is sovereign here and no one has and legal right to change that. LEAVE OUR NATION’S LEGAL NAME ALONE AND STOP TRYING TO PUT MAORI NAMES ON PUBLIC PROPERTY AND ROADS. THIS GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO GOVERN FOR THE GOOD OF ALL THE PEOPLE AND STOP TRYING TO SNEAK IN NON ELECTED MAORI INTO PARLIAMENT THROUGH LISTS WHICH ARE NOT DEMOCRATIC. CMM
Geologically, how old is the NZ landmass? Who were the first peoples to inhabit NZ? When the Maori arrived, ca. 800 years ago,, did they concede equal sovereignty to them, or just ate them? Since NZ has been uninhabited for millions of years, we are all ‘Johnny come lately s’, whence the distinction? One law for all. Robert
The Majority of NZ’s do not have an in-depth knowledge of what exactly the Treaty partnership agreement contains. I know, because after 28 years in the country, I still don’t. Have always just left it to the ruling to Government, in hope they will know best !! Pierre
We have a very small percentage of New Zealanders telling us how to run this country it has not worked before and will never work, take a look at history !! Ross
Totally had enough of the Maori elite and radicals demanding more and more without a word about meeting their obligations under the Treaty. All the money that has been given to Maori and yet the vast majority of them have seen no material improvement in their lives. Where has the money gone? Non-Maori are sinking rapidly into being second-class citizens in New Zealand. Why is every Government entity converting to Maori names? Why should every place in NZ have a Maori name? Every building in NZ these days is effectively the result of non-Maori technology. Probably 99.9% of modern life is the result of contributions by non-Maori. I do think illegal actions by non-Maori and Maori should be investigated and addressed appropriately, but it needs to be done with balanced contributions from both sides. That is, something is not “wrong” just because a Maori person stands-up and says it is. Gary
Too much has been read into what is a very short document, by people who have an axe to grind to suit their own nefarious purposes. Henry
NZ people just do not know what’s goin on!! Ian
When 60% of the voting nation can believe that Miss Ardern is the second coming and she and her sycophants “Saved New Zealand” from COVID-19 (Oh sorry- she may not recognise this Country as she has now decided it should be Aotearoa New Zealand), and Socialism/Marxisim is the NEW ORDER that will Build Back Better and save the world (so sayeth the UN and the Labour/Greens coalition)- then without question I have to believe New Zealanders are far too complacent. When two years ago, the Hon Mr James Shaw (he is only honourable by parliamentary protocol, because he would not know the truth if it punched him in the face – perhaps it actually did) declared at his address at Waitangi – Maori did not cede sovereignty and the Treaty provides for a partnership between Maori and the Crown%u201D, the MSM did not question it and there was no public outcry asking for the evidence that led him to make such a ludicrous statement (The Crown in a Partnership?) – Sounds Like Looks Like complacency and Dr Goebbels philosophy in full flight. Michael
What treaty ? What partnership ? What does complacent mean and who cares anyway ? I haven’t got a care in the world because I know that Jacinda knows best and is looking after everything. I don’t have to work …. she gives me money for nothing. She gives me a house, free medical care for me and my family. She gives my kids free education at the very best schools with university educated teachers who even teach my kids how to masterbate (they weren’t that progressive when I went to school) and they even offer them free gender conversion councilling. I love Aotearoa (New Zealand), the NZ Labor Party and especially Jacinda. Why should I worry about a stupid treaty and Maori partnerships ? Life is sweet as bro. Steve
With Stuff coming out on the side of the activists, it won’t be long before the conservative media block the truth about these attacks on democracy in NZ. Kerry
I don’t think that they fully understand the implications and possible consequences of the Treaty partnership agenda, and how it will impact on both them and their families, both now and into the future and, If they don’t question it now, it will soon be too late to change some of the possibly less desirable outcomes of the partnership agenda. John
Could an influential group be formed to inform the public of these dangerous Maori LIES as journalism is dead in this country? Would Michael Coote be interested? The NZ public is seriously uneducated about the Maori cultural takeover. Monica
We are just dumbed down and neturalised Ian
Definitely! But few listen to a tired elderly 83 year old! ! John
or too scared to say anything diana
It is an insidious process which we will wake up to when it has swung too far to reverse. Gary
NZ ers are so used to rolling over for a kick in the guts by central govt they really don’t care anymore. Worst is the new found apathetic nature of kiwis now makes most oblivious to the latest attacks on freedoms and democracies pete
I will stop listening to RNZ the moment I am referred to as an Aotearoaian. Wally
I read in the Simpson Report (Health sector reform) that one serious proposal is 50% board seats to be allocated to Maori. So the ‘Big Lie’ article certainly isn’t hyperbole. Gordon
If we continue down this path of apartheid there will be social unrest for all Bryan
The very first thing that needs to be done is to RECOGNISE that English IS an official language of NZ Bob
You are right we are being played for fools and unfortunately if one stands against what is going on you are a racist. Roger
I am part Maori. I am not party to these Political Manouvers that will see Maroi haveing ownership of all the wealth and power in this county tony
We definitely are …… however to stick your head up and call this for what it is just leads to being decried as racist and overpriviledged. Media first need to be reminded of their role in society rather than the one sided “apologist” excuse that they are now …… that would go a long way towards the general public of NZ understanding what we are allowing ourselves to be signed up to. Mark
There is, or never was, any partnership with the Maori. Find the word partnership on the Treaty, it is not there Tom
There was never any partnership.Thats the lie david
Absolutely ! Richard
We are too complacent about all the stealthy changes being made to our lives. Where is the questioning by the news media? Graeme
These grovellers are the same ones that critisise Trump. Yet lay down like submissive dogs because they are frightened to be called “racists” by these left wing zealots, that have gained a foothold in the powers if the countries legislators. sam
Absolutely !!!!! The meaning of the treaty has been warped to the point of ridiculousness. This Country is going downhill at a fast rate of knots. Wanted to emigrate to Queensland in 1996 but chickened out — too old now so what a bummer. I fear for my grandchildren now and what they are heading into in the future. Alan
Most people wont speak out for fear of being called racist. The word the Marxists love to use. Lew
Lulled by the pernicious grip of socialism. Howard
Governments of all colors are cowards giving in to radical maori. The contempt shown to “The Rest of Us”by treating us as fools has long past. The current PM demonstrates daily, she is happy to sell her soul for votes by way of appeasement without regard for future potential social resentment.. Maori wards, land occupations, historical lies, indoctrination of our young including the Huge climate scam ridiculous language used with English. Sam
Absolutely Laurie
there is no partnership Ian
We are becoming over run by Maori re names and special pronunciations. Our local councils are into the pandering game too at the rate payers expense without our agreement!!! tony
It’s going to be tough over the next few years with the Labours left wing agenda & it’s caving into the Maori activists Tony
Hell yes, lies, lies and more lies and most people are sucked in by them. Lets face it the Maori want total control and Labour and the Greens will help them get it, while we all stand back and watch. Wake up NZ! Fraser
Sadly our sheep numbers are on the rise with a growing number of brain washed N.Z’ers. Roger
One Nation, One Law. For everybody,. Regardless of their race or creed. It is also way past time that the racist Maori seats in parliament were abolished and every citizen enrolled on the general roll. The separatist Maori Party should be outlawed too on the grounds of its blatantly racist nature. If a white supremacist group or an Asian collective began standing candidates for election to parliament in New Zealand there would be a huge public outcry but the only difference between this scenario and the Maori Party is the colour of the members’ skin. Igor
They don’t know and are too busy living their lives to be interested. There is no public debate and thus no publicity for ordinary people. Garry
There is a reason that the classic scales of justice statue wears a blindfold. New Zealanders deserve one law for all with no distinction made on the grounds of race, colour, or ethnicity. This is the only sensible interpretation of the treaty (deliberate non capitalisation of the word treaty). Kerry
It is glaringly obvious that claims of “partnership” with the Crown are dishonest, and should be strongly refuted at every opportunity. I must disagree with the claim in the article that maoris want to co-govern. That is this week’s ambition, total dominance being their very obvious final aim. When they achieve that, it will be too late to regret no taking action now. TOBY
You now cannot make comments in print media as if you raise concerns about the lies it will not be printed. Murray
Yes we are complacent. We have also been fed considerable misinformation in the guise of fact. Peter
As a nation, we are presently living in reverse dreamland ! James
Unfortunately the younger Nzers are unaware of the consequences. They have been brain washed at school and by the left wing media. If we say anything against we are labeled racists. wendy
The colonials (and we all have faults) have delivered all NZers a great country, including Maori compared to what they had. – It is ignorance to say otherwise. Maurice
Most people are un-informed and hence just don’t care. Neville
The media need to get into gear and let the populace know what is going on. Brian
Very much so. Compulsory reading for ALL New Zealanders INCLUDING our stupid politicians. John Robinson’s “Dividing a Nation” The Return of Tikanga. Already over 90 Acts have special provisions for Maori when most “Maori” are only a very small part “Maori”. New Zealand is fast becoming TWO nations; when the simple “Treaty” was supposed to unite us ALL. Graeme
It is time this treaty business all stopped, it is costing tax payers an absolute fortune and those benefitting will keep chasing the golden goose for as mush as the stupid politicians will give them. David
Yes – a million times yes. Glenda
Too complacent because of media complicity in the propaganda war obscuring or hiding the facts and implications. Henry
NZ is being swamped by ‘maoriisation’.Consequently most have tuned out which is what they (Govt) planned bill
the views of the majority are never heard as they simply get on with life.. the only noise is from the radical minority which since it is the only view heard develops weight. marc
It’s been a shocking distortion of actuality Jim
If the good men/women of New Zealand fail to resist, Jacinda and her activist Maori cronies will prevail and the New Zealand we love will be no more . John
New Zealand needs to wake up! Jonathan
the control Iwi are being given over our privately and publicly owned land is frightening and corrupt. Maureen
Yes, they are too complacent. I hate to say this but in general, New Zealanders need to be hurt in a big way before they wake up. Don
No co Governing 1 people 1 Nation. We are all New Zealanders Laurel
The Annexing of everything by Maori is a cover Ray
It’s time TV and radio set aside a program to show a copy of the original treaty agreement to all Kiwi’s.The sooner the better. Malcolm
if the so called Maori now all have mixed blood, why don’t the aggrieved Maori part of a Maori launches a personal grievance against their own pakeha other part? Why do the rest of the population don’t stop this non-sense? Why several generations after we are still being blamed for what happened in the past? Why are we using Maori”tradition” for modern concepts that did not even exist when the Maoris where real Maoris? lu
It would seem so. Cindy is too busy people pleasing a d doing nothing really for NZ, everything she does is really just about her. However, she is not really capable of holding her own, in the wider world, and she will get rolled spectacularly on big issues, by the real global players on the fullness of time. She is setting herself up for a fall. Popularity is not about intellect, ability, skill, or qualification. She will one day find herself in free fall without a parachute, because her ambition is eclipsed only by her naivety and vanity. LUKE
This push to favour all things Maori is very dangerous. Maori are already the most cosseted race on earth with a disproportionate take of Taxpayer welfare to the detriment o other New Zealanders.. Christopher
As you and Anthony have shown Muriel there was no partnership entered into in the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. And there were no principles listed either. One of the problems is that some Maori academics late last century redefined the Treaty and the Maori relationship with the Crown in order to push their separatist agenda. Unfortunately they were encouraged by Justice Cook who exceeded his judicial authority and rewrote Treaty history. Roger
Far too complacent! Scott
Most NZers have no idea or do not care what is going on politicaly. Most seem to think that Princess Jacinda will look after them. Steve
The treaty was never a partnership. How could it be? Paloma
Like a lot of SHEEP Colin
Definitely and one problem is that no media raise the issue ever – quite the opposite it seems that no matter what happens the so called Maori are the losers – every time no matter what circumstance and blame it on colonization Bryan
Govt is bending over backwards Graham
The Big Lie is a good way to describe the current process, and it is becoming obvious that this ‘special’ minority group is not just preoccupied with their ancestry and genealogy – no, there is a much bigger game on, with high stakes. We might lose Government of the people, by the people and for the people if we don’t regrow some national spine. Barrie
I wonder why National and Act parties are not actively pursuing this subject especially the situation that is developing with councils and Maori wards. Maybe they agree with the crap that is being allowed to steadily progress ! Richard
If the agenda proposed and promoted by radical groups is adopted then ” God save New Zealand” from those promoting this agenda. Brian
Sadly yes, most people are just trying to get on with their lives and leave all that sort of stuff to politicians to sort out. Trouble is the politicians sold out to identity politics long ago. Whatever it takes to earn votes is acceptable to them. The very foundation of our society, democracy is at risk here. Louise
The majority have no idea what the Treaty means, but I think most of us are fed up with the millions being given away!!! Cecilie
Many of us are just lone voices people are to scared to speak up even tho’ we say you are losing your country! It’s just giving Maori more confidence to carry on. Christina
I just cant believe how thick NZ,s have become and are being sucked in by all the Maori bullshit that is rammed down our throats .I have complained to TVNZ about the constant use of Maori language being used on national tv by every news reader , and they have the arrogance to respond to me in Maori. Our children are being brainwashed in schools, with lies which have them believing that the people who actually built New Zealand (not Aotearoa) were Maori … they were not. We desperately need to act NOW to prevent Maori from any further theft of Land or rights that were never granted to them. Des
About everything Kevin
terrifyingly so! Gordon
There are too many ill educated people now who have no idea what the history of their country is and who made it work. The problem is that we are producing more and more of these people, brainwashed and softened and dumbed down people. Too late to wake up? Gauging by the comments I receive about the Treaty etc, I believe it is very very late to find a peaceful solution, haven’t we learned from history on what path we are on and at what cost, unfortunately people want bread and games, who said that before? It is so sad to see a beautiful country slide into a stone age swamp, methane included. Leonard
Most New Zealanders do not realize what is showing happening being coned into this “partnership” thing. I am sick and tired of seeing names for govt depts changed to be in Maori. Speaking first in Maori on TV. We are one country. I am cancelling my subscription to Stuff, because there was no need for them to apologize as they did. Frank
most people trust the government to do the right thing and look after the whole of New Zealand Joan
The partnership propaganda has swayed young inexperienced people to believe without question. Aaron
This is very well argued Muriel – thank you! Don
The treaty words and meanings are being purposely misconstrued and modified to suit a few with an agenda of gaining power and control for their demented thought. Certainly not for the greater good of all. Gregar
Yet another RACIST MOARI push to be given even more money they don’t deserve. When are these RACIST MOARI going to be held accountable and made to pay reparation for the multitude of atrocities they committed against the pacifist Mori Ori (like eating them)? Mark
All references to partnership should cease PETER
Strange how Kiwis fought for the abolition of apartheid in South Africa however we now seem to be fighting to institute the very same system in New Zealand. Is it because in South Africa the minority were white, and therefore ‘bad’, and in New Zealand the minority are brown and therefore ‘good’. Keith
Give Maori the entire fishing quota but make them go out in their dug-out waka to catch the yield. I support only private enterprise partnerships.with Maori. Geoff
it’s time to stop the rot before any more damage is done to the mindset of New Zealanders – far too many people are very vocal about maori ‘rights’, and are leading New Zealanders into ever more treacherous waters. Loud voices are needed to counteract the constant maori racism drivel. Patrick
It’s about time the governments had the guts to say we are all equal new Zealanders as per the original treaty then put it into the history books, or do they want us to become a 3rd World nation. Peter
absolutely Gerhard
There is no partnership arrangement when England agreed that we are all one nation and all people would be treated as equal Peter
The public need to be continued to be informed about the ‘Social Engineering” prevalent in all forms of media today. Brian
From what I have read there is no partnership. There was equal citizenship and rights to freedoms and protections given to all. Darag
Every race in NZ is a migrant, and Maori were not the first migrants. There is ample evidence that Europeans were here at least 2000 years ago and Chinese 500 years ago. This history is suppressed, while in other parts of the world ancient history is a prized part of their culture and development. People should read “From the ends of the earth” by Maxwell Hill and Forbidden History, both are available in at least the Auckland libraries and provide evidence ranging from ancient Greek and other maps to man-made objects, to carvings and paintings located in NZ; as well as Maori oral history. Let’s promulgate the truth for a change alan
I can see we have a huge fight on our hands, the 85% majority of NZers will have to stand up for the continuity of Democracy for ALL…!!! Well the real meaning of the word Aotearoa is is…”The Land of the WRONG WHITE CROWD….” ….!!!!!! I will certainly be supporting you financially if an Appeal is required to stop this extremely biased lunacy which goes against ALL Democrat Principles Bruza
The Dunedin City Council published its 2nd generation plan this year which included the introduction of wahi tupuna zones. The implication being that if you make changes to your property you may need consent of local Iwi. I note that the DCC referred to Ngai Tahu as “The Crown’s Regional Partner”. Does anyone recall the country being broken up into regional partnerships, I don’t? This is all happening by stealth under this Labour Government and complicit media. Phil
It is very worrying as is the comment I have heard for some years that, if you feel you are a maori then you can be or you are one Marilyn
Absolutely, these uneducated indoctrinated snowflakes are are adding to the lie. Gerald
OMG where to start? are the ordinary citizens of NZ too blind to see what the outcome of a co-governance model would/could look like or do they simply not even care. I get the idea however that if it’s the latter, they’ll soon come to realise perhaps they should’ve taken a little more notice, grasshopper/ant. bart
Jacinda is an empathetic person but is weak which has created a political vacuum in the country that these extreme separatist groups are capitalising on. Phil
Yes way to complacent. Our lives are so comfortable the average Kiwi doesn’t give a s!!! about these matters or anything politically important. Just look at the last election result. Willy
We’re concerned that New Zealanders are being herded like sheep into a very frightening future totalatarian state under Maori sovereignty by a PM deliberately diverting peoples attention with ‘kindness & wellbeing’. We have a very dangerous PM quietly driving her own private agenda. Loretta
My impression is that about 80 % of NZ citizens are totally apathetic about this issue– not to mention that they are not interested in informing themselves about anything substantial these days. Too often I experienced that when a conversation moved into the political, people’s eyes glazed over . We- as a society – are in a sorry state where these radicals can operate in a absolute vacuum without any resistance. And for this we will pay- and are already – paying a hefty price. Like with everything else in history, the pendulum has swung ( almost ) into one extreme and will swing back to the other , leaving a lot of destruction in its path on the way. Michael
free speech is being held back by laws supposed to stop hate speech antony
Wake up NZ Sheena
most kiwis don’t know what is happening in their own country and as a person said to me kiwis are politically ignorant terry
It’s not so mu h complacency but ignorant of what’s happening and for those who have noticed are becoming afraid of speaking out lest they be labeled. I for one am not afraid, I’m sick of hearing all the maori spoken on TVNZ news I’m sick of hearing our country and place names spoken in maori, I’m sick of the out of proportion number of news articles and stories about maori this and maori that. And what about bilingual signage? Surely the dominant language should be placed at the top in bold letters rather than at the bottom in small text with maori on top in bold! I’m sick of it all. NZ is losing it’s culture and identity that has been built up over the last 170 years and is just being given away to the other side, and yes they the maori are the other side which is just what they are after, separatist. New Zealanders need to wake up before they find that if you can’t speak maori you’ll be locked up. Chris
New Zealand youth have now come of age after years of brainwashing by our vaunted liberal public education system. Any wonder they are incapable of seeing how little democracy we have left. Saturated by left wing media propaganda they are incapable of comprehending reality. The low IQ of the remaining proletariat make them incapable of comprehending their predicament!! Bruce
Absobloodylutely!! Martin
It is a lie falsely claimed repeatedly and not thus like Naziism is not denied or rebutted NZ beware! Alan
It is terrible that Maori think the treaty is a partnership it was not Ian
People are being brainwashed by government agencies no more so than the current administration and the John Key Nats. What astounds me is the complacency of New Zealanders in general terms. They just don’t seem to grasp the radicals in our society and their obvious agenda. God help us all. chris
New Zealanders generally are a bunch of suckers. They allow themselves to be bluffed & bleed by all sorts of crooks including separatist Maori, greenies. corrupt main stream media and currently big tech. The treaty means ‘one law for all’ — end of story. bruce
Absolutely. There appears to be a complete lack of interest in the truth about the treaty, and about what is happening in NZ. An interesting book to read is ‘Bible & Treaty’ by Keith Newman – a very readable history. Barbara
There was no “partnership”. The treaty was 3 articles. 1 asking for and accepting Queen Victoria as Sovereign. 2 keeping rights to their current lands. 3. Having the same rights as any other British Citizen. Sue
Its not so much complacency as total ignorance…..all this bosh about the Treaty is a waste of time for it has no entity in reality. Mabel
It is past time for the silent majority to speak and declare that the supposed treaty is not a lawful document Alastair
Too many think it is true which it is not It is BS Arthur
Yes. But NZers are too complacent about most of what government does. We need a better form of democracy, as many who do take an active interest advocate. Miles
And show no sign of being anything else. John
The average New Zealander has little understanding of the serious outcome of this situation. Brian
please stop the rot!! gerard
We are slowly being pushed into an intolerable relationship by a small group of activists. Wolf
Maori radicals are taking over thanks to a gutless PM who won’t say enough is enough Sidwell
Ignore this and our country will be like Germany in the 1930’s brained washed by untruths and deceit a very dangerous situation Brian b
Yes, they are being brainwashed by the media that keeps repeating the lies. Sadly many do not know our history and believe anything the media and Maori Radicals etc say Lynn
Omg!!! When are kiwis going to wake up to the fact that we are slowly but surely losing our rights and freedoms in this country. Over the last 75 years I’ve been alive I’ve seen this country going down a slippery slope,moreso the last 2o years. We need an exordinanary event to wake people up and get rid of all this ‘woke ‘ crap and pc bullshit once and forever. Peter
The legally impossible “partnership” claim needs to be exposed, loud and clear, for the attempted rip-off it is. Our beloved toothy leader is kowtowing to a vociferous few “maori” supremacists because she is booby scared of losing the fickle maori vote. If she truly represented all New Zealanders and had any abdominal fortitude she would be brave enough to say so. Rob
yes and its out of control francis
The “it doesn’t effect me, so I will ignore it” apathy of New Zealanders is undeniable. When it all turns to custard, then “I didn’t see that coming occurs. Most of what we will do gets ignored, or the race card is played against descenters! My MP is pathetic and scared to make any noise. I am sick of the lie!!! Neil
The Treaty gave Maori equal rights with the colonials not separatist partners. Peter
Nowhere dies it say, or imply, the Treaty proposed a partnership… The 1840 Treaty does confirm however, the tribal signatories ceded sovereignty.. The ceding of tribal sovereignty was also confirmed at Kohimarama in 1860. Time for all New Zealanders to insist tribal descendents live up to their responsibilities as subjects of the Crown and citizens of New Zealand Les
Racial propaganda Stuart
Worried about the push of the Maori language, it should never be compulsory in schools or work place. A democracy does not force that. Lya
Our Govt is belittling itself by swallowing the barrage of rubbish, false history etc of the Maoris. Anon
Are we to scared to get of our bums and oppose these criminal acts. Unfortunately yes John
By the time it begins to affect the average New Zealander it could be too late to stop it without blood being spilt. I notice editorials in newspapers these days are contributing to the sham. It is time for the truth to be stated prominently and constantly. Dennis
we all have red blood !!!” Lest We Forget ” How many NZ ‘ers died in WW1 & WW2 to preserve our way of life ? Bruce
The ‘silent majority’ of New Zealanders are all well aware of the situation and await on the sidelines as this ‘political piece of treaty garbage ” is shuffled around the tables and any Government that gives in to this… will forever be lost in the ” Black Hole of History…” ChrisH
This ‘partnership’ ploy is like an underwater torpedo. It has been coming for a while. Maori have been unashamedly pushing for their right to self-rule alongside the Crown. If you tuned your radar you would have heard the ‘partnership’ word used frequently from many different spokespersons for Maori. They are using propaganda to claim they have the right to a separate rule of law for themselves, and that this is written into the Treaty document. It is a deliberate attempt to brainwash those who are ignorant of the agreements and intentions of the ‘Treaty’. Those of us who believe in the philosophy of ‘One Nation, One People’ need to wake up and become alert to the impending danger before we are hit amidships. This is more than political; this is utu! Robert
Maori separatism and cultural hegemony have been the major political issues in New Zealand for 20 years. Spineless politicians of all parties have ignored having referenda or voting on these issues and the public have succumbed to the continuous propaganda delivered by a biased left-wing media. The outlook is grim unless the public of New Zealand have a vote on all race-based issues. There are according to Wikipedia 97 different ethnic groups in NZ. All should be entitled to equality within the laws of the country. That was covered by the Treaty in 1840 . Tom
Yes but mainly because too many do not know what is quietly happening. If only Jacinda would act as strongly as Helen Clark did against the Maori supremacists. Juliet
This current government is a threat to the very foundation of our democracy. Poorly informed and politically inept MPs are being led by an apologist with a winning smile and pleasing words. The perfect con artist. Bob
A Maori can never be trusted, they were as bad as the Jewish Slave carrying shippers who transported the black slaves to America. Don
When will our leaders grow a spine and stand up to the bullshit that will eventually destroy our once was a wonderful country Barras
Everything about the way Maori values and language are being rammed down our collective throats by media and Government is offensive. We are meant to be a multicultural society, but are rapidly evolving towards one in which Maori have a totally disproportionate influence on how we all live and what we do in a country that is as much ours as it is theirs. Enough! Rob
Most NEW ZEALANDERS don’t have a clue as to what the agenda behind this and all the other changes that are occurring and have been equally scared if they put there head above the crowd. Bruce C
Most certainly the subjects you raise are coming true because they are continually being mentioned? I cannot understand why all the thinking Kiwis are not standing up to all this PC bull…. !! The silent MAJORITY should speak up but fear doing so for fear of being called racist. This is of course rubbish. It’s time Don Brash is asked to lead the fight back against this tyranny. Andrew
Totally! It’s a slow and insideous process and Sdn happening, successfully in the main, for any years now. No country in the world has succeeded where it has permitted a minority slice of indigenous population to influence or co from Government. It will lead only to hatred and even racial war! Hugh
The iwi have used a false Treaty as a blank cheque and duped the govt. into paying tens of millions of taxpayers money into iwi hands. The snowball grows day by day apparently with govt.approval. No measures seem to be in sight to slow or even stop it. I weep for my country. Don
The treaty should be abolished now this is the 21st-century not the 18th Mike
Absolutely But we only have ourselves to blame we let it happen. Can we stop it probably not .God help us. Henry
Those of us who are not complacent seem to be ignored by both main political parties. A year or so ago there was a push by activist groups for a separate Maori Parliament and citizens were invited to write to the Parliamentary Select Committee who was dealing with the matter, So other citizens and myself did make submissions. Nothing more was heard, After a few months I emailed Parliament asking if a copy of citizens’ submissions could be put on the Parliamentary website. No response! My local National MP repeated the request on my behalf. No response. So much for citizen’ participation in our democracy. You’ll get just the ration of democracy which our politicians think you deserve – and that isn’t much!! Denis
YES, but now we have the frightening government that we have, which proves New Zealanders are too complacent about all political decisions made in this once to be proud of country. A.G.R.
You have said so well Les
Unfortunately, if any one writes an article to voice one’s views, it won’t get printed because, whoever you are, is being racist. It appears only the Maori view can be heard. I, for one, prefer to choose what language i speak Not told by someone half my age, to tell me what I have to do. or my children/ grandchildren. Josephine
We need to see an actual copy of the treaty to be convinced Bill
Every mention of the partnership word should be denied vigorously. Max
Sadly too many are not prepared to speak up or perhaps afraid to do. There is always the real risk of being labeled a racist for expressing any view that is counter to the racial privilege agenda. Frank
It has long passed the time when repetitions of the partnership claim have fixed it in many peoples minds as a genuine issue thereby deadening opposition to the concept. Joseph
Many of my friends haven’t a clue about what is happening, and find it hard to believe. Dick
We are constantly being brainwashed by these socialist leaders of “love” and don’t realise what is happening Laurie
maori are slowly taking over NZ GRAEME
We are slowly being taken over by so called Maori David
Brainwashed by PC liberal arsewipes Peter
Yes they are, probably because they don’t really understand the Treaty. Rosemary
Absolutely to complacent. The tribal model of Government pre 1840 wasn’t working to good. Endless wars among each other. if you want to pursue a career requiring higher education then i don’t think the Maori language will help a lot. NORM
It is frightening. Becoming like South Africa or Zimbabwe? Shirley
Obviously we have no idea of what is going on and if we have to have Maori language shoved down our throat everytime I open the paper, turn on the radio/tv WELL ENOUGH IS ENOUGH sheryl
Maori are a conquered race. The English treated them very well compared to what usually happens when a civilization is conquered. Treaty claims should be over & done with. NZers of European decent CAN’T go back and claim land in Europe because of past injustices! We need to be aware of the current scams by these activists and stop them. Simon
As far as I know there was no partnership between Maori and the Crown. Digby
Far too complacent. Its scary Kerin
We are led along like sheep by the present government Ted
Not enough is written in the Media in a critical way to make people think about where we are heading with this partnership. People seem to think it is pie in the sky so are not alarmed at all. moyra
I share great anxiety about how Maori are seeking power and control within central and local governal agencies. laurie
Ask then why do some silly people support Maori Wards. That will be a slow slide to ruin. RICHard
Complacent is not a strong enough word !! The treaty is equivalent to a relationship. The Relationship Act includes a Clause to ” Set Aside ” any written agreement between the Parties. It is legal and being applied !! I say ” Set Aside the Treaty to bring it to conclusion !! “ Pierre
Must be the only time I have ever agreed with Helen Clark when she called Maori supremacists “haters and wreckers” and refused their demands. Jacinda Ardern should follow suit and stop pandering to extremists. (Comments taken from Muriels piece) How right she was. Roy
Why are we allowing Maori to override our democracy & award them unelected seats on our councils ! & if they don’t get there way Jacindas Maori MP will ensure ! The main stream media TV 1 2 & 3 are upping the Maori language on us all & being pushed by Labour%u2019s leftist agenda. Less than .05% of Maori can speak there own language & now we are being indoctrinated. Maori are trying to create an apartheid NZ , with there own Social services hospitals etc Ok fine so long as it is ONLY Maori taxpayers are doing the funding. Maori need to look at the elephant in the room ! Yes Themselves, they through bad parenting are the physical abusers of there own children unskilled etc theist is endless. Poor migrants arrive in NZ unable to speak English, yet strive to attain go to school to learn & do well, SO why are Maori not doing the same! because there so called families Tribe whatever are totally disfunctional & not prepared to Learn at school as others & yet continue to blame everyone but themselves. If they want autonomy ok take away free housing, the dole, free schooling ,free dental, hospitals prescriptions etc and allocate them the Tax paid by Maori for the same ( shortfall would be huge ) Derek
I could never have conceived a situation whereby NZ would have been dragged down to a socialist state, as we are very quickly becoming, under the current government. Roy
The average Kiwi is afraid of being labelled a racist for speaking up on any issue to do with Maori. This is a fear that has been fostered by liberal agendas which seek to crush free speech and obscure any effort to reveal the truth about these issues. Peter
we are one country so don’t try to split it up david
The “Partnership” lie must be exposed for the divisive racist propaganda that it is. Robbie
Act now. Pam
There should be no racial preferences in NZ. We are all New Zealanders equally. One person one vote. Malcolm
There is so much going on I think older people are holding up their hands in horror and thinking Inam not going to be here to worry about it, middle aged are to busy working and supporting families and young people are being brainwashed. It needs time energy and will to contest this evil. Bev
what can we do to stop this. Riot Astrid
Yes … and I’ve had a gutful of the conniving Maori and socialist Govt.. Their greed and arrogance has no bounds…. yet ! Alan
Your average Kiwi hasn’t a clue and couldn’t care less about Maori activism. I for one am thoroughly fed up with Tv presenters finishing and ending sentences in te reo etc etc. How many others have noticed the constant use of Maori people in our ads on television as if there are no other races in New Zealand. I can say this with a clear conscience as I am of Maori descent but class myself as European. Mary
most definitely. Most have no idea.. Deb
New Zealanders are becoming too self centred and lazy about politics in general. Chris
The contract should be viewed AS WRITTEN in 1840, albeit under the limitation that a large proportion of chiefs refused to sign, thus undermining it from the outset. Would a bank mortgage to buy a house go ahead if one of the borrowers refused to sign it? I suspect not. Linzey
Without constant vigilance, we will wake up one day in a country that is no longer the one we were born in. Perhaps that day is very close; perhaps it has passed. Alan
Yes we are being shafted by a few maori agitators. john.
Maori are using the stealth of Gollum to subvert reality. Graeme
Its time politicians called this out for what it is –a lie! Michael
I believe that the main stream media ,radio and TV are not to be trusted and that our way of life is being manipulated by minority activists .Greatly concerned about the land and coastal land grab by Maori which are being supported by the current government garry
Very much so. The biggest problem is getting these facts out to ALL NEW ZEALANDERS. It is organisations such as yours that has the ability and the channels to do so. William
they are blind and foolish and not willing to see the enemy within – they will pay a high price for their weakness to stand against this outright robbery of our democratic rights under a govt which is also our enemy!! russell
The Treaty should be filed in the archives having no further use. ross
The whole concept of “partnership” is founded on ‘Trumpian’ facts. The first Article (english translation from maori) leaves no room for ‘partnership’. John
Most probably do not want to ‘ make a fuss’ but to seem ‘ fair minded’ Those who would like to address the issue do not have a ‘platform’ and so are not heard anyway. It is only Maori groups who make their presence noticed and they repeat the same lies so often that people suppose there must be something for them to go on about. Really the issue should be put in its place once and for all. Too many liberties are taken as if some real rights exist. But it is Government which should take a lead but is scared of losing votes. A referendum-binding- would do the trick but who could be trusted to frame it fairly. Harvey
so many people that I speak to agree that we are too complacent but do not themselves do anything about it! Shame David
it is so obvious i just cannot understand how people can not see it barry
It%u2019s frightening. Aussi is starting to look inviting. My grandkids are already brainwashed by their schools. Keith
hell no,we all know that Maori were the cannibals,took slaves, killed and raped. Can not kiwis see this? norman
Too interested and blinded in being “saved” by Jacinda from Corona -virus 9. Media is firmly behind the lie and refuse to publicly say otherwise. How can we reverse this without being branded as racists and bigots? Peter
Yes indeed. Where else in the world would a voting population elect a marxist as a Prime Minister and a homosexual as a Finance Minister. Winston Churchill said of Socialism: “The philosophy of Failure; The Creed of Ignorance and the Gospel of Envy.!” It is there for all to see happening today if only they would look!!! At the end of the day New Zealand will pay. Merry Xmas to CFPR and All and Happy New Year. (I doubt if it will be happy!!!) Frederick
Absolutely and dangerously so. Helen
Action is needed Now from our politicians to protect NZ from falling apart. Rick
This is racisms in reverse. It is anyone who dose NOT have Maori blood are being marginalized. Carl
yes,yes,yes, not enough politicians have any guts at all. I can not believe how intelligent people can be led by the nose by such idiots! Norman
Absolutely we are. We get what we deserve. Lesley
Most New Zealanders hear the word “partnership” and think it must be good because it sounds good. They should be exposed to what it involves and would then change their minds. Jack
Goebbels said to Hitler. ” if you lie to the people long enough they will begin to believe it is true. That is what is happening in NZ now!!!! If you want to blame anyone blame the mainstream media starting with TV One Rod
Yes but what’s the use of protesting. so many so called kiwis are no more than government or benefit sheep Don
There is no partnership Kevyn
yes i most certainly do, truth of the matter is, there are no indigenous people in new Zealand, even the waitaha and the mori ori came from across the waters,but they where first,before the war like maoris arrived,we are all immigrants to this country,and we are being held to ransom over a few radical maoris,i wish we could all get on but as long as this government keeps pandering to to these activists we are in trouble rodger
The Silent. majorly, 85% of the population may be more aptly be titled the Pathetic Apathetics. Bryan
The Maori Elite seem to be pushing their ‘so called hidden agenda’. David
I never believed there was ever a partnership. Joanna
This is the promotion of Maori Sovereignty by stealth. The growing use of Te Reo by newsreaders and others is also abhorrent and should be opposed vigorously. Doug
The Treaty was a simple statement, suitable for those uncomplicated times of nearly 200 years ago. It should be left there as an historical moment in NZ development. Instead, by some twisted thought process it is now produced to try to influence the changing of laws and the way we do things in a complicated world that we occupy today. How on earth can Maoris use the Treaty to change how science, medicine, food supply, transport, housing and dozens of other ways we do things today be ruled by what was said in the Treaty, just to suit their wish to control and benefit their tribes. In other words the Treaty is irrelevant. Unfortunately this document cannot be left in the museum. It is too late for that. What must be done is to disallow its widespread misuse as legal evidence as much as possible to prevent the Maoris cry of gimme gimme gimme. We must see this power grab for what it is and what it means for the future of our country. Chris
Typical kiwi attitude she will be right mate this government and former governments have pandered to. Maori far to long who commits the most crime per head of population who has the worst health who are the most people on benefits well if we don%u2019t do something very soon we will be a 3rd world country not long ago we were world leader come on NZ get our act together and all be New Zealanders keep our names Peter
Where are the female voices? Heather
not only are they complacent but they believe all the lies and BS that the half cast and politicians all tell and now that we have a commie dictator who’s so far up the half cast mobs backside that by the time of the next election new laws will be enforced that would make East Germany look like utopia when Stalin controlled it, and the so called treaty should be used as toilet paper as this country will never have a partnership with the half cast mob as they want complete control of this country and with the gutless politicians on all sides of the fence it’s not far off. Richard
We need to start talking about “our people” too!! Mark
Of course most New Zealanders are complacent about the Treaty partnership agenda. They have learned the hard way that to put one’s head above the parapet brings immediate accusations of racism followed by abuse, threats and eventually damage to persons or property. They also know that the government and its institutions will not back them. This is why the majority now pretend the problem either does not exist or will go away if they ignore it. John
I FIRMLY believe THIS NEWSLETTER NEEDS to be sent to ALL MP,s from ALL PARTIES ESPECIALLY ALL LABOUR MP,s IT,s OUR NZ NOT aotearoa & OUR RIGHT if we want OUR children BRAINWASHED & taught the MAORI VERSION of what happened 200 years ago,TRIBAL STEALING OTHERS LAND,TAKING SLAVES TO KILL & USE AS FOOD,ETC that is being HIDDEN & the maori make out they were a peaceful people before COLONIZATION. Cindy
Each day what little respect I had for the PM lessens, she is a puppet in the hands of a few, has little knowledge, and intelligence, to cope with the manipulation that is being carried out right under her nose, the ‘simple’ behavior of this young woman, is just a cunning act to curry favour with the voters until her plans have been finalised and we become the Sweden of hers and Helens dreams, a country run purely by women, allowing the maori to get away with all this, is her way of getting more votes. Wake up NZ, you lifestyle is being stolen from you by a devious young woman and her maori mates. Time for her to be shown up for what she is, and it’s also time for National, to pull it’s socks up, and start to behave like an opposition, you are letting ardern and co get away with straight out theft. Merryl
the original treaty ignored by labour leaders – Beth
We are heading for a public revolt at he end of the day. You are right in that the Maori activists and cohorts have an agenda. Owen
NZPCR Needs to be much more widely known and read Catherine
Some one must stand up and take control. If I were 30 years younger I would get up and fight. Paul
Absolutely! However they won’t hear anything about this from the mainstream media,. Those New Zealanders who don’t agree with this need to make their views felt, TIme for us to protest for our rights too. Margaret
Without a doubt and I can’t understand the apathy of the general public in the face of these underhand tactics to grasp control of New Zealand. Terry
John Locke set out the relationship between the government and the governed. It is the central tenet of the Treaty of Waitangi. The people accept the government on the grounds the government recognise the private property rights of the individual, which include the right to ones own body and the fruits of that body’s endeavour. Every individual is in partnership with the government(Crown in NZ case) Maori have no right not shared by everyone else. That every NZ lander is in partnership with the Crown needs to be promoted and that Maori have the same right as all the rest Mervyn
Sadly, yes. Most don’t even know it is going on as the media hush this sort of thing up. Disastrous in the long run. Graeme
Signs are everywhere showing the intentions of takeover, and public aren’t yet showing enough concern. It will soon be too late. Graham
A large percentage of New Zealanders are busy working, raising their family, doing everything possible to get into the housing market and getting on with life. They do not have the time, to investigate and become aware of the threats posed by the Treaty partnership agenda, or for that matter, this Government in general. The treat is there, become aware!!!! Grahame
too many people thinking it can’t and won’t happen WAKE UP NZ james
They’re being led by the nose into believing all this. Heather
All pre-Maori & non-Maori New Zealanders have and still are being betrayed our historical truth by our successive and current governments who cut & paste piecemeal truth of our history, thereby enabling Maori to be appeased, comfortable and totally unaccountable of their own past history of ferocious absorption of all preMaori & maori tribes lands & cultures as their own, by cannibalism and/or slavery. That Includes whalers & missionary Pakeha slaves in the 1700’s that is never talked about as part of our NZ history. Our PM Jacinda Ardern statement of representing ‘all’ New Zealanders opened Parliament wearing a Maori cloak! That speaks volumes of her continued direction. The word Aotearoa we are constantly being brainwashed with too has its original meaning as the alliances between the areas of Rarotonga and Tahiti ignored as it’s hijacked to be accepted as a maori replacement for our name New Zealand. Either we are just too complacent and/or non interested, as gullible as sheep or bowed in compliance from ‘white guilt’ with the constant rhetoric from Maori and the Green Party, (including from the mouths of immigrants with no ancestral connections to NZ), of their continuous anti-white colonial declarations, with not one word spoken out in response to defend our ancestors strengths and tenacities to the building of our beautiful NZ and our democracy to benefit all? Where are the loud voices representing our ancestors? Pauline
Sadly the ‘surrender’ of democracy is being led by our Communist government. Our leader seems unable to stand up for the rule of law – she is a total powder puff who is giving away NZ’s gdp to minority groups constantly. Liz
Separatist non democratic agenda Tony
Much like the seabed legislative and court activity, the topic of ‘partnership’ as per the 1840 treaty, needs a highest-court challenge by caring and informed New Zealanders . Paul
Definitely, it’s a worry Graeme
Here in the Western Bay and Tauranga we are definitely under attack with Maori wards approved by TCC land claims being made and it all so subversive. Margaret
Definitely Murray
A one sided press is not putting the true facts out. mike
It seems the general media are united in their push for their interpretation of Treaty Partnership to suit their political socialist and racial agenda to ‘take over New Zealand” Stuart
While we have a weak prime minister these demands will grow and she will continue to capitulate. The majority of citizens are frustrated in having no substantial voice in the media to counteract the growing flood of demands. Lee
om Jack
NZ is clearly being indoctrinated by racists radicals Bob
History has been rewritten before our eyes. Everybody should be made aware of this. Do your own research and share the NZCPR messages. Neil
We are probably well into the third generation of people, who as children were indoctrinated with revised history. What passes as history today with our media, is vastly different to the factual history that I was taught in the early 1950’s; history supported by the stories of the local Maori in our rural district. Bob
And I, like many others, feel inadequate to do anything about it in a real sense of opposition to the claim. Carl
I bring these these issues up among friends and relations and they do not wish to hear me.I have found a few acquaintances who do care but are powerless to act ?? David
Further to my previous comment Antony Wily did make one error about the Treaty. ‘Forests and Fisheries’ were not included in the final draft (Littlewood Treaty which mirrors the Maori version) and the actual Treaty which is in Maori. They were only included in an earlier draft which was replaced by the final English draft. Helen
Well done Muriel!! Very well said. Sandra
The treaty was actually a vehicle to stop Maori going to war against each other and the resultant huge number of deaths, rapes slavery etc. Sandra
It is not a partnership. It never was and never could be. It was an arrangement for mutual benefit. But one side of the ‘mutual’ has been ignored. Examined in its context, nor was it a true treaty; a treaty is between sovereign states and this was not the case. It was in essence a good faith agreement entered into by those who signed it. It is, sadly, another case of twisting facts and sanitising history to manipulate an agenda that ignores the historical environment and the mutual benefit and protection intended. Maori saw the advantages of a beneficial legal system over the culture and barbarism they had been used to. Too many Maori and non-Maori alike are inverting the truth. Jack
You write that “At present there is virtually no political opposition”. One of the founding principles of the NZFirst party’s policy was ‘one law for all” and Abolish the Maori seats”. Yet the public rejected them! Go figure! Huria
Wake up New Zealand Cherry
NZ is being tricked. Maui is alive to Maori and whatever they can get away with is to be applauded. It’s “might is right”, occupancy is title. Ihumatao shows that at work. Kevin
New Zealanders are definitely far too complacent and suffer from the misconception that even if they recognise the threat to our democracy they feel powerless to do anything about it so just sit back doing nothing. We must stir our opposition into some positive and continued action. It is all very worrying. The people must wake up and do something – anything!! Helen
Folks only have so much capacity to focus on the things that life throws at us all. Which gives propaganda a good chance of success. It isn’t until someone is personally affected that they become aware and then it is too late. Bill
New Zealanders are like a lot of Sheep. Just can’t be bothered to stand up for the truth. Maori were never a united people but only waring semi nomatic tribes intent on destroying each other over Utu. As such Maorii never OWNED land, Mearly Occupied what they could hold against other tribes.. There are NO true Maori left only Part Maori who don’t acknowledge other european ancestry Don
For the first time, I am donating! Brian
When will fellow New Zealanders wake up to this Nazi type indoctrination of our children at school by the Maori partnership agenda supremacists? How do we mobilie the silent majority most of whom are abhorred by the thought of what is happening but seem unwilling to stand up and clearly state their disagreement with the reverse apartheid which is happening right now in New Zealand. I am almost at the stage of only watching overseas news programs on TV as the local media seem to have been infiltrated by these Nazis with the plan to indoctrinate all New Zealanders with Te Reo by stealth. Also be aware Governments departments are being separately funded to drive this Te Reo agenda. This indoctrination has now filtered down to the likes of Fonterra and Dairy NZ. Hard to believe the directors of these organisation are prepared to waste hard earned shareholders funds on this nonsense. Chris
Not only too complacent but blissfully ignorant of the intended implications Sue
These facts need to be made more widely public through unbiased media. Brian
We have had propaganda from the news media for years now.Subtle for a start now full on lies, myths and fairytales and don’t forget the crocodile tears and sob stories.The mute button on the television remote has become most useful especially during the propaganda items and even the weather report. If you can’t feed em don’t have em. If you can’t see that they take advantage of the education that is available to them don’t bleat that they were discriminated against at employment opportunities.. It’s going to get worse!!! Bruce
Too complacent, they are downright stupid. Nice people but no backbone. Tom
Time to stop the gravy train and focus on a New Zealand for all New Zealanders and toss out this racist attack by Maori extremists Kevin
Far too complacent. It is the curse of our age, of our country. I have been sworn at and abused by a group who think they have the right to block a public way. The excuse of ‘partnership’ is now almost a given amongst ordinary people. We do not even have the assistance of a single political party to fight this battle. Roger
YES! NZCPR has more gumption than our politicians. I applaud you. Doug
I think the vast majority are being duped into believing that the treaty established a partnership agreement, between Queen Victoria and the savages of NZ. It is a nonsense. New Zealanders need to become informed as to the truth. Nzers on the whole don’t seem to care., that this great country is heading into a dark pit of separitism, anarchy. I blame the Governments of NZ, both past and present,for being so ignorant of the truth, and allowing a situation to evolve, which allows maori separitism movement. I have never understood a government, that allows itself to be undermined by the squealing minority. Governments have been giving their power and NZ taxpayers money away in an un democratic misguided interpretation of a flawed document. just to appease radicals. I reckon that all these governments should be charged with misappropriation of tax payers monies. billions of dollars back into the coffers for all New Zealanders. steve
A Treaty is not and cannot be a partnership, and never has been! Peter
It was NEVER a ‘partnership. Even British citizens do NOT have a partnership with the ‘Crown’. Sovereignty was ceded to the ‘Crown’ and British citizenship conferred on all people in NZ. That was it. NO partnership. Bryan
I think we all sit back and think it won’t happen , but as you mentioned it is . All started with Maori week , Maori All Blacks etc . Imagine an all Parkeha team . Every time you make a comment disagreeing with Maori the howls of hatred and racism are in your face . Karen
It is getting worse day by day stop it now before it is too late Vivian
I have found people do not want to talk about it! Marianne
There are so many attacks from so many fronts that it is hard to keep up Gavin
needard much wider media coverage if brought left wing media have the guts to do some good honest journalisim richard
Definitely most New Zealander’s are far too complacent to realize that Maori are cunningly undermining our democracy and the present government are giving way to all their claims ,IDIOTS John
The Ardern government is leading us down a path of ethnic separatism disaster while most so-called ‘Maoris’ have a vast majority of other ethnicities in their DNA. Graeme
I’m upset at the constant antiwhite colonial abuse of our ancestors in Parliament at every opportunity by the greens (even from those immigrants who have no ancestral connection to NZ), and maori with not one word from anyone defending our ancestors who built this democracy!. No one seems to dare remind maori of their own history as colonising cannibals who absorbed the best of other cultures & claimed ownership, or the fact they were slavers that also included pakeha whalers & missionaries in NZ in the 1700’s of which I had no idea about until an article in The Listener Sept. 2019. Such alarming clarification of our successive Governments complicity in thwarting non-Maori knowledge of all of our country’s true history! It’s up to us as citizens to confront our governments of their betrayal of us all. Even the word Aotearoa’s origins we are being brainwashed with has nothing to do with NZ it has been hijacked. Its origin was related to the areas of alliance around Rarotonga & Tahiti. Pauline
Hell yes. Even talking about it to people I am called racist. Christine
I feel powerless Brian
Wake up Kiwis… before it is too late. Donald
There needs to be a legal constitution that provides for all NZers to be equal. The push for Maori this, that and everything easy to grab with no responsibility for others needs to be made illegal and held up by meaningful penalty for contempt and incitement to disobey. Change of significance must be agreed by the citizens in the proper course. Maori privilege seeking is separist and divisive that needs reversal by elimination of all such separatist arrangements. Stan
Our future generation will have to live with this, if this keeps going. In 30 years, I won’t be around to see it happen. reg
I am getting more and more concerned NZers aren’t making their voices heard. I hear so many talking it up how wrong it is Maoris are getting more and more privilege – yet when it comes to pen to paper. Nothing. Not publicly challenging the shit that is going on is simply condoning it. And so the insidious slide into a truly racist Maori state will continue. Look out. Mike
Predictable laziness, dishonesty and ignorance, again. Richard
Racism sucks. Maori racism directed at non Maori is an insidious cancer Richard
Canada complacency in dealing with indigenous peoples appears to mirror those of the Maori typical intimidation. Arden and Trudeau much alike tending to dictitorial powers. Norman
It goes right over most people’s heads and they don’t want to know until it personally affects them So, yes they are very complacent Carolyn
You can see the propaganda already working particularly in the younger generations. Ian
Wake up NZ Bob
And not just complacent about the Treaty partnership agenda. About a whole raft of other issues too. Meek acceptance of public policy on climate change, positive discrimination for Maori, laws to enforce “hate speech”, removal of democratic rights etc etc. The public, by and large, are either ignorant of these issues, uncaring or believe them too complicated to hold their own view. As Muriel says, our opposition parties are next to useless. The only thing Collins has actively spoken out against is the removal of the Speaker – that’s a typical points scoring exercise. I was expecting much more from ACT, who running up to the election had taken over the centre-right mantle from the hopeless Nats, but sadly not to be. Mind you, our left wing media give them little coverage anyway. The public need to wake up and smell the coffee, otherwise in a few years the main news will be read entirely in Maori with subtitles for the vast majority – is that what you want? Derek
We will see adversity before we raise our voices to question the fraudsters…whether climate fraud, race based fraud or cynical attempts to introduce socialism. John
Jacinda’s obsession with pandering to Maori, LGQTB and Muslims to the exclusion of Pakeha may be viewed as discrimination DJ
tooo complacent Ngaire
I was born in this country, and I am concerned at the increasing reality that I will lose all of my rights as a citizen. History repeats itself as we head towards becoming another ‘Zimbabwe’ Darrel
I despair at the general lack of engagement in matters political. The consequences of which will see a truly divided nation in years to come. The indoctrination of our youth my greatest concern. Carol
We need the legal fraternity and legal professionals that have access to the persausive pathways to step up and voice concerns when incorrect statements or publications are made. John
Socialists giving way to extremists? There are numerous agendas at play!! Hence no voice of opposition. Martin
Yes, we have a “she’ll be right” attitude. Andrew
It’s not complacency persay, it’s WHAT THE HELL CAN WE AS INDIVIDUALS DO ABOUT IT? If individuals actually say anything, they’re ridiculed and almost pilloried for saying anything and everyone ducks for cover. Graeme
Many find the “push the Maori perspective everywhere” movement objectionable but refrain from voicing or acting against these lying falsehood presentations of fact for fear of being clobbered by the “You’re a racist” machine. Vernon
We are taking the ‘head in the sand’ approach while the activist sail through with their agenda, unstopped by weak politicians Heather
They don’t avail themselves of the facts as they are lazy and the treaty is boring unless your a Maori. Graeme
Most are politically apathetic, and too lazy to think for themselves. Graham
It will destroy New Zealand Richard
Unfortunately, a lot of people hang off every word , this half witted brainless prime minister utters The Treaty should be torn up Maori seats abolished And If they want to preserve their useless Te Lingo Do it in their own time at their own expense at their Maori pa’s Then see how much interest there is Very slippery slope this half witted communist prime minister is embarking on Murray
There is not enough fact about this being made public, people are too busy and blinded by Ardern to take the time too digest it and when they do, it will be too late Carol
The word “APARTHEID” simply means Separatism.. That is what NZ has, no question. Why is this accepted from a country that allegedly railed against Apartheid in South Africa? Geoff
Noone wants to rock the boat or stick their head on the block and say what they really think about all this bull-s..t. Pete
It needs a strong group of people to express their views on the issues expressed in your article. How can we do this with such a complacency from the white population. It is becoming an absolute farce to see sports teams taking a knee before games to express that black lives matter. I am at a loss as to what I can do to stop this insidious slide. Andrew
Not only too complacent but far too uninformed Kevin
NZ ers are too complacent about everything. They only get excited about the All Blacks otherwise they are too apathetic to care beyond this. Tony
The Treaty agenda is dangerous and divisive. pdm
Unfortunately your articles preach to the converted, most people are blissfully unaware of what is going on around them. Charles
The treaty partnership agenda has to stop! Carl
The problem is that New Zealanders are too scared of the ‘R’ (Racist) word being used against them. If someone objects to the current programme, being called a ‘racist’ is generally enough to quiet all dissent. New Zealanders need to man up and realize that when they are called racists for dissenting to this decapitation of New Zealand then this is the last desperate attempt by people who have no legitimate argument that they can present. Brenton
For too long NZs have been educated what to think not how to think. There are now so many who are basically thick. They see Jacinder as a goddess who can do no wrong and will follow her blindly into Maoridom and back to the Stone Age Alan
There are none so blind as will not see! Ron
If the question means, should NZ accept that the treaty is a partnership, then the answer is no, it is not. This idea panders to the Maori elites desire for dictatorship without justifying their positions, while nothing changes for Maori who need leadership like everyone else. They are yet to get it. Graham
It is Sovereignty, not ‘partnership’. Coral
That is so right.Once again you have articulated what most of us agree with but have difficulty expressing in words. gale
We are multi cultural, the pendulum has swung too far left and most of the people fail to see the brainwashing that is occurring. Merv
As a citizen who had to leave my country of birth due to the consequences of radical liberal activists, I am concerned about the naivety of New Zealanders about the threats of activist demands by separatist, radical Maori interests. JJ
Whilst NZCPR is doing a great job you are taking on the government and many of the parties- the regime – and they are encouraging complacency. John
Maori getting to much Jimmy
We are being pushed down a path that is getting more and more slippery as the Govt, media, and Iwi Leaders Group keep lengthening the way ahead in favour of apartheid. John
We are slowly but surely being brainwashed. Especially the children Mark
Boiled Frog…. ie a slow inexorable increase in racist advances for Maori…the general public vainly and naively hope that ‘enough is enough’ and normality will return once treaty claims are settled….alas the genie is out of the bottle and Labour will throw the cork away Richard
And our mainstream media are not providing accurate or balanced information, probably because they are either too blinded by fashionable ‘wokeness’ or they are too scared to tell the truth. Johan
Unfortunately this voting-forum is populated by a segment of NZ that tends to be of the same mind,. so its results are very skewed, and thus, meaning-less Geoffrey
Very difficult to get the apathetic ‘sheeple’ to understand the real threat from part-Maori extremists agitating for their own sovereignty…provided the wicked white man continues to pick up the tab. Tony
people need to be aware what’s going on behind their backs !!!!! trevor
Completely. Why are our politicians so blind? If they are afraid to speak out then could former politicians be persuaded Laurie
Maori have their hand out for everything Kevin
Yes we are. Too busy being nice to every one , paul
Disgusting evil racism which will cause major conflict in the not too distant future Greg
Most just don’t care or scared of being called racist John
First reaction is ‘Yes’ but it is the younger generations who are the culprits here. Those born from 1940 or earlier are very aware of the dangerous situation we are being lead into, but threat of ‘hate Language’ is holding them back from speaking up for fear of being singled out as ‘Racists’. Whereas Maori are very vocal about where the feel they want to be heading and blaming everything on the ‘Colonial Rape’ of their people. What they blatantly and conveniently forget to acknowledge is, had NZ not arrived in 1840 and tried to befriend Maori, there would have ceased to be a Maori presence in this country because they would have eaten themselves to extinction through canabalism.. Robyn
Way way too complacent. Tim
Hell yes. NZer’s are sheep just happy to follow, don’t keep up with what’s happening politically and believe what they see in the media. They need to grow some b..ls like the french and say enough. Trevor
Far too complacent. We late multi cultural, we are all emigrants Maori came after the first Moriori and basically wiped them out, Colonisation isn’t perfect but a lot better than tribalism Chris
So many New Zealanders are oblivious to the co-governance threat. They think the government will protect them. What they don’t realise is that the government is right behind the deception. It is a very worrying situation.  Harry
I never thought I would say this, but the Labour Party needs to bring back Helen Clark! At least she had some wisdom and lots of courage to stand up the tribal bullies. Pete
The maiden speeches of the two Maori Party MPs show how dangerous these supremacists are. New Zealanders should be extremely worried about what is now going on.  Nellie
New Zealanders are far too laid back and complacent. The threat of increasing tribalism is very real. Do we really want the land confiscations of Zimbabwe, because that is where we are heading if the government doesn’t stop brainwashing the public and encouraging separatism.   Gordon
New Zealanders need to wake up and stand up against this partnership lie. It is deception, pure and simple. Roger