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The Biggest Bully

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A week that started well for National with a good TVNZ poll result and positive coverage from their annual conference, quickly deteriorated, as the media spotlight descended onto their new Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell.

The Labour Party, which had been alerted to his expulsion from school as a 16-year-old for bullying more than a week before the by-election, would no doubt have welcomed National’s difficulties. But any hope they might have harboured that Christopher Luxon would be exposed as knowingly supporting the election of a bully, quickly faded as the facts emerged.

It turned out that the Tauranga candidate had disclosed the details of his past to National’s selection panel. Given the incident occurred when he was a boy and that he’d turned his life around, they believed he should be given a second chance and the opportunity to make a real difference as an MP. But since the National Party’s rules obliged the selection panel members to sign a non-disclosure agreement about those seeking selection and the proceedings of the panel, the leader had not been informed.

The public, meanwhile, were quick to highlight the hypocrisy of crucifying a new MP over his actions as a teenager, when Parliament’s Speaker, Trevor Mallard, who has been described the “biggest schoolyard bully in the place”, not only suffered no consequences for harassing and bullying anti-mandate protestors on Parliament’s grounds, but was, in fact, rewarded by the Prime Minister with a cushy diplomatic post in Ireland.

In spite of Sam Uffindell being suspended from Caucus pending an investigation by Marie Dew QC, the media continued to hound the beleaguered MP – that is, until the Hamilton West MP, Dr Gaurav Sharma, dropped a bombshell by publishing an opinion piece in the Herald claiming he was the victim of on-going bullying by Labour!

His article, alleging “rampant” bullying and a culture of fear at Parliament, described how Labour’s Louisa Wall had revealed in her valedictory speech she’d been bullied by senior MPs, and claimed, if they could speak freely, other Labour MPs would admit to being the victims of bullying: “In my experience, when an MP raises serious concerns, the Parliamentary Service steps back, stonewalls the conversation, ghosts the MP and throws them to the whip’s office to be gaslighted and victimised further so that the party can use the information to threaten you about your long-term career prospects.”

He took aim at the Prime Minister: “Politicians especially at the top of our current system … often talk about ’changing the system’ and ‘kindness’, but as the saying goes ‘charity must start at home’.”

Having been bullied at high school and university, Dr Sharma had used his Maiden Speech in Parliament to highlight the importance of standing up to bullies.

He then used his Facebook page, to provide a window into the inner workings of Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party – outlining an 18-month saga of bullying by Parliamentary Services, Labour’s former Chief Whip Kieran McAnulty, Junior Whip Duncan Webb, and the Prime Minister’s Office:

“I went the only place I felt I could to seek help in December 2021. The Prime Ministers’ Office. The advice was always clear – do not give anything in writing and do not expect anything in writing. Everything can be OIA’ed. So I met the Chief of Staff for over an hour. I took with me hundreds of pages of evidence – emails, timelines, issues to explain my case. I very clearly said that Kieran McAnulty was a bully. That I was being bullied. That other caucus members were being bullied by Kieran McAnulty. An investigation was never done. My bully still walks the halls of power with his head held up high.

“The kick in the guts however is that despite raising concerns about Kieran McAnulty, not only by me but as I understand by other members of the caucus too, he was promoted to being a Minister of the Crown. This is our justice.”

More allegations against Labour’s leadership and the culture of bullying followed. Statements from other MPs “who were also being bullied” were provided, including claims that MPs asked “how to fake a Covid test so they didn’t have to come to Parliament because of how much they were scared of being bullied.”

Dr Sharma claimed the promotion of their main perpetrator to Cabinet sent “a message to caucus members being bullied that their well-being and concerns didn’t matter…

“After 1.5 years of going through every manager, every office, knocking every door in Parliament I never got heard. Even after I wrote an op-Ed last week raising my concerns there was an attempt to deny that bullying existed… In addition to that the party machinery has been trying to deflect the situation by trying to dig my past and make accusations about me… but that should not stop me from getting a fair independent hearing re my concerns.

“I have been told since my op-Ed came out that I shouldn’t talk to the media and instead should raise things with the Whips or the Leader but that’s exactly what I have tried to do for last 1.5 years without being heard at all. And now I am being silenced again as the bullying continues.

“I have been driven to this point because even now the party and it’s leadership refuses to believe that there is a problem. It’s a sad day for our democracy.”

The Prime Minister, of course, denied Dr Sharma’s allegations that he’d been bullied: “My primary concern at the moment is Gaurav’s wellbeing. I’ve reached out to ensure him that we will provide him with the support he feels he needs”.

Yeah, right!

Josie Pagani, a political commentator and former Labour candidate, was highly critical of the PM’s response: “The Prime Minister’s press conference was full of soothing, reassuring words, concern about Doctor Sharma, which in retrospect looks a bit like being bullied by a wellness coach. I would say the Labour party machine is telling everyone to lie low and shut up… “

Political journalist Jack Tame was also disparaging of the Prime Minister’s treatment of Gaurav Sharma, saying, “Seeing a sitting Labour MP accuse the party-of-kindness of bullying is a remarkable turn… Even as the Prime Minister was addressing the issue, unnamed ‘Labour sources’ were commenting to media and slagging him off. Such kindness! And despite the compassionate veneer, the Prime Minister’s statement still carefully insinuated that everything Sharma was complaining about is actually his fault.”

This affair has yet again, exposed the Prime Minister as a hypocrite.

She talked about fairness and empathy yet organised a secret caucus meeting – without inviting Dr Sharma – to decide his future. Then, she had the gall to not only claim it was not a caucus meeting – because not all members of the caucus had been invited – but when Dr Sharma didn’t show for her scheduled caucus ambush, she feigned concern!  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Contributor, veteran political commentator Chris Trotter, provides another revealing insight into the inner workings of the Labour Party – including the role of backbench MPs: 

“Judging from his op-ed piece, Sharma may even have been labouring under the misapprehension that he was in Parliament to represent the electors of Hamilton West. He may even have thought that they were the people to whom he was ultimately answerable. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! That is merely his constitutional role.

“His actual role is to shut up and do as the Whips command. Make a speech on a subject he knows nothing about. Sit on a Select Committee and vote exactly as the Labour Chair indicates – no matter how wrong or stupid. Most importantly, say nothing, write nothing, and do nothing that attracts unwanted attention.

“The poor man would soon have discovered that this ‘sit still and shut up’ rule applied with equal force in caucus…

“Think about it for a moment. Labour has a caucus of 65 MPs. Most of them, like Sharma himself, highly qualified professionals. How, then, is it possible that all but two of these intelligent and (presumably) principled men and women (the exceptions being Louisa Wall and, now, Sharma) have never even once spoken out of turn or (God forbid!) expressed a viewpoint on any major – or even minor – issue that was not in 100 percent conformity with the official party line? What does it take to inspire and maintain that sort of collective discipline? The answer, tragically, is fear. Fear of being written-off as a troublemaker; and fear of the emotional violence inevitably inflicted upon those who refuse to be bullied, by those who long ago abandoned all resistance.”

Fear, of course, is what bullies do: “do it or else”. And bullying those who do not dance to their tune is clearly deeply ingrained in Labour Party culture.

In late 2018, Speaker Trevor Murray commissioned public sector change agent Debbie Francis to undertake an investigation into the Parliamentary workplace. Her report found a toxic culture of systemic bullying and harassment, including claims that the media all too often acted as a “classic bully” and contributed to the problem.

Media bullying was certainly on display during what became an open season on National’s newest MP. Even journalist Jack Tame was critical of this behaviour: “Almost everything that can be said of the Sam Uffindell scandal has already been said… Nonetheless, I don’t think the best response is to mercilessly destroy his entire life.”

It seems the media too needs to ask questions of itself when it comes to bullying and harassment.

The Sharma battle is not over for Labour.  Some issues are beyond his control. Under Labour’s 2018 Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Act, if he is expelled from the Party – at the Prime Minister’s pleasure – the Speaker can be asked to declare the seat vacant. That would trigger a by-election – unless it is within six months of a General Election.

This draconian law essentially gives party leaders and caucuses the power to not just expel MPs from their own party, but from Parliament itself.

The problem for the Prime Minister, however, is that since Dr Sharma won a safe National seat in her 2020 election landslide, Labour’s recent fall in the polls signals a likely loss in a by-election. Although losing Hamilton West would not affect her majority, it would create a flashpoint – and a platform for opponents to air grievances that even a friendly media would find hard to ignore.  

The ball is now in Dr Sharma’s court. All he ever wanted was someone to properly examine his case and give him a fair hearing.

Instead, the Prime Minister ruled out an inquiry and suspended him from Caucus with a return to the fold only ‘possible’ if he kowtowed to the Party leadership and made no further public comment.

Given the choice of grovelling or remaining true to his moral stand against bullies, he has now broken his silence and is standing tall.

By continuing to speak out, he is forcing the Prime Minister’s hand – she will either have to expel him from Parliament and take her chances in a by-election or allow him to remain as an independent MP representing his constituents.

Dr Gaurav Sharma is not planning to go down without a fight: “If I ever have to choose between party and country my allegiance will always be with the country first.”

By accusing the PM of a cover-up over the ‘secret’ caucus meeting she held without him to pre-determine his fate, he’s now standing up to New Zealand’s biggest bully – Jacinda Ardern.

The dictatorial way she has governed our nation, destroying lives and livelihoods, undermining our democracy and crushing those who stand in her way, is testimony to a ruthlessness that her “be kind” mantra attempts to disguise.

In fact, the public owes Dr Sharma a debt of gratitude for once again revealing just how untrustworthy and dangerous our current prime minister really is.

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Ardern is a liar (safe and effective), a liar (Pfizer jab js not a vaccine), and a bully (dissenting doctors are ignored and struck off). Dixie
the leader should not have the power to to remove an electorate MP from parliament.It is a bully tactic. ngaere
Jacinda Jacinda Adern is ruining this great country – it is time she went!!! Janet
Thems the rules Warren
Comrade ‘ Darella, Sin Sin’ has shown the voting public, who the biggest bully on the block is…. remember her actions, against the peaceful protests..last February 2022!! David
NO..NO..NO !! The leader, is not a Dictator This is what has happened, since we turned our hard won Freedoms, into the hands of untrustworthy lying politicians.. David
This only happens in Countries that are run by Dictatorship Russia, North Korea, China. Gary
The trouble is she is a BULLY herself but doesn’t know the meaning of it Pamela
She is a deceitful manipulative power hungry control freak hell bent on pushing her warped ideology.she cares not a jot about anyone only herself and political grandissment.How have we managed to end up with such a vile person? gale
only in a communist state bill
better still remove jacinda as she is not the sort of person we need or wish to hsve in a position of power in new zealand. I have long held a view that she is a very dangerous person to New Zealand,s future wellbeing and the sooner we get her putdown the better david
No Deborah
NZ is not Russia, China, North Korea, some former European African colonies, etc … so NO Michael
Standards are slipping as indoctrination replaces education John
Not an elected representative, a list member yes. David
Ardern already has far too much power. She is TOTALLY RUTHLESS! Sylvia
Makes him/her the great dictator, like Trump Peter
Certainly and immediately passed it use years ago Sidwell
Webb told Sharma that the Party is more important than the country. It appears that the party leader sees herself as more important than the party. She has destroyed a once proud Labour party that used to be there for everyday New Zealanders. Labour will be lucky to survive as a party. Ian
Only the people in the electorate have that power Selwyn
It has been obvious for some time that Jacinda Ardern is a bully and very authoritarian in the way she runs NZ. Dr Sharma is to be congratulated for speaking out and giving other MPs the courage to do the same. Robina
The leader is not the dictator! anyway the party should be doing what they are elected todo SERVE THE VOTER! David
If elected by the people No expulsion from parliament – if a list MP then expulsion for party and parliament John
It would be against the Will of the people who elected him to Parliament Chris
He was voted in by the people so definitely should NOT be kicked out by a dictator which what we currently have. Glenda
Because it is undemocratic judy
No if an MP has been voted in and is a standing member he is there to represent his electorate. JA should have given him a fair hearing. Lawrie
An elected representative should not be liable to expulsion from his elected situation. The people put him there it is only up to them to expel him an election. Murray
She is giving herself too much power a true communist John
Citizens voted for their Rep. A corrupt party agent must not be able to remove such a Rep from parliament. Gordon
No. The job of an elected MP is to represent his or her constituency fairly and without favour. Or power to Dr Sharma Peter
makes a mockery of our electoral system when one person (leader) can remove the person I as a constituent voted for without any attempt to address the concerns expressed by the sitting MP. Hitler, Stalin et al made their careers by silencing the dissenters Jackie
We live in an democracy (supposedly) and not an autocracy John
An elected person is key to democracy. New Zealand is no longer a democratic country. as all levels of council and Govt. are subjected to racial intimidation and division. Absolute power corrupts. Sam
It is he responsibility of those who voted the electorate MP into the House to seek his removal. This would be done normally at an election, but could be generated if the MP committed a serious crime requiring his removal. Philip
NZ needs massive constitutional reform Alex
NO AND NO – but it is a big shift in understanding – the rights belong to the voters- not to the party.. Maurice
He has been voted in by the majority of people in his electorate, She has no right to eject him from Parliament and by law, surely, she cannot do it. Eric
I add my voice, my families and almost everyone I know voice to this absolute sham of a government. I am so ashamed of Jacinda Adern for her ruthless mannerism, her pretence of being kind and just when she has now been demonstrably exposed as the chief narcissistic individual in government. Jacinda Adern has embarrassed herself and the nation. I note Stuff.co.nz is about the only online news that has gone silent on the matter. Stuff, another organisation that needs investigation. Luke
This is just wrong Alister
An M P IS Elected by voters to serve as party member leader on own does not have right to dismiss LEO
It should be keeping its (muskets) powder dry at this time before a full on polished attack on Labour from early 2023. Russell
Yes….BUT I suspect that Dr Sharma is not all that he appears and has found himself on the crest of a wave of self pity and he is showing a side of politicians we are all now becoming accustomed to …. beware his lips are moving…can we believe it all? The country is stuffed. The leader of the main opposition party has turned out to be firing blanks. God defend NZ. Bruce
Ardern is without moral leadership Jeff
That’s bullying and abuse of power akin to communistic “Putinesque” rule Ian
Electorate MP’s are elected by the people not by the party. It goes against democracy – yet another move by the PM and her government to destroy our country’s democratic tradition and ethos. The “waka jumping” law should be repealed ASAP. Opposition MPs should be stating clearly that they will do this. Laurence
An Electorate MP represents the people who voted them in. I do not believe that the head of a party should have the power to remove them. Allan
This whole Dr. Sharma fiasco has surely shown up The Red Queen’s True Colours…..! Bruza
An electorate MP was put into Parliament by voters and only the lectorate should have the power to remove them. Not the PM. Chris
Not if the electorate has voted him in. The PM’s vote can’t outweigh the electorate. Wendy
Remember what happens when good men say nothing. After a while there are no good men left. Ardern is a dictator, has no one noticed? Paloma
So much for “Democracy” in NZ! Chris
It is without doubt that the “reformed” socialist Comrade Adern was elected by the misguided Voter. But that same misguided Voter has the power of democracy over the parliament. That is, an MP is elected by the people not the PM or the parliament. This socialist PM is corrupt, of low intelligence and has destroyed the functionality of the economy and continues to hide statistics needed to start the long road back. Hopefully, the Voter will wake up soon! Frederick
Jacinda is showing she is the biggest bully in New Zealand. In fact all caucus members are now bullies. God help us because no one else will John
Elected MPs are elected by and represent their electorate. MMP members represent a small ‘special’ un-elected group – and what we see happening in Labour whence opinions differ without dialogue to resolution. With natural narrative blocked frustration and bullying inevitably clash until (if possible) a resolution can, again via dialogue, evolve; but not likely under the unilateral power of an authoritarian leader. Stuart
The voters only should have the right to remove an electorate MP Rosie
he was put in parliament by his constituents not Bully Adern Stanley
They are voted in by us, not the political party. graham
Wrong question in my opinion, Ardern should not be in a position to make such rulings – she is totally unsuited to the roll she is in and utterly incapable of making an unbiased ruling in this situation. How the hell did we ever end up with someone of her character, political ideology and IQ level in charge of our country? Roy
more on this to come… including a solution kevin
Isn’t this supposed to be a democracy? The voters put him there and with them should be the responsibility to remove him. Keith
End of story?? DFavid
The MP is elected democratically by the electorate; not the leader of the party. Ralph & Lauree
Jacinda Exposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John
Promote Gaurav, sack her. Geoff
No as he was voted in by the people in his electorate and they have the power at the next elections on who best represents them Allan
With exceptions. If the mp commits a serious crime perhaps  
He was elected by the people in his electorate. Mark
Any such action should be by an independent entity, that operates with clear rules about assessing the suitability of an elected MP to remain an elected MP or not. Stan
Totally unacceptable. The M.P. was voted in by his electorate. The P.M should respect the voters choice, and they have the power to keep an M.P. in a position of trust. George
Of course not. That is the sole right of the voters in the electorate Frank
The people voted for that person to represent them, how can one individual decide to veto the will of the people? Simone
Having worked in parliament and been a victim of bullying in addition to trying to protect others from being bullied I knew nothing would be done about the Francis review even though I had submitted my experience to the inquiry. The appalling treatment of an elected representative whatever the party is not acceptable. The biggest bully of them all has to be stopped. Dr Sharma deserves to be congratulated for his courage in standing up to this bunch of bullies and calling it out for what it is. Heather
No way; an MP elected, should remain – not be tossed out at Miss Adern’s whim. marilyn
Hitler did that! We don’t want Nazi rule in New Zealand. Patricia
Unprintable as far as this woman goes, she disgusts me. Merryl
She is a Communist !! Tony
there is an old saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely so no leader should have that much power and control john
no the elected people are there by democratic means , not by a the whim of any deranged primeministress nor any other wolf in sheeps clothing james
No, it needs to go to a vote.  Kim
Yes to removing from the party, but no to removing from parliament Trevor
of course Paula
Too much power Lyn
No way, he was duly elected by the people in their electorate. So much for this going to be the most transparent government ever. Be careful what you say it may come back to haunt you and it is bloody marvellous. I hope the PM is squirming but I am sure she doesn’t give a damn as usual. . Fraser
Not unless they have done a murder or something equally as bad, not because they disagree with the leader if you could call her that David
O only the electives should do the be able to do this Bob
An MP’s first duty is to his electorate Michael
Bullies Pam
Got there not because of the but by the voters, should be their decision Leon
Absolutely NOT!! The MP has been elected to represent a group of citizens and not to kowtow to any particular policy where t they have a disagreement. Tony
Its what she has been doing all the time Its time she and her bunch of no hopers went off to Russia where they belong eric
First there must be an independent enquiry! Ron
In these circumstances, NO Kath
The electors elect the person. Party should have no power to remove John
He has been chosen to represent the electorate- not the party. To remove him would be to disenfranchise those who elected him. Gaynor
Normally I would have said yes to this question but given the current circumstances I voted no. Tony
Ardern’s brand has been seriously tarnished. She has been shown up for who she really is. She is toast. I truely hope Dr Sharma has started a domino effect. Now we can sit back and watch the excuses as the party unravels. Robert
no justice there morris
No way that is un democratic and when you look at Labours own policy which states that the party comes before the Country that on its own shows just how ruthless and corrupt they are.. Ardern and her lot including the corrupt Maori caucus have total contempt for the public at large. Selfish Bastards. ken
Typical labour Allan
The Hamilton people elected the MP in question. The PM, or any other leader, has no right to overrule their decision Jim
Dr. Sharma is to be commended for his actions and standing up to this BULLYING. He is an ‘Elected’ MP, voted for by the public, he has taken an oath to represent, upholding the democratic principles of this country. Therefore he cannot and should not be removed unless the public he represents say so. If the question was asked of us all “Who should be removed?” Then the simple and resounding answer to this, is JACINDA ARDERN, accompanied by her entire wonky Government! John
Only List MPs who are there on the coat tails of the party and nothing else. Lionel
No. He should remain as an independent. Different if he was a list MP and got in on the Party Vote. Gary
This is an electorate issue Colin
Who is the bully now?? Ian
A list MP…yes. Indeed these should only ever be proxy votes not people drawing a salary. But someone elected by electors are representatives not lackys. Kenneth
I cant believe we have allowed this to happen Errol
depends on his crime keith
The matter is quite clear. Now the P.M. and others are lying , further efforts to address the problems are imperative for the sake of Parliament and the country . It is a matter of trust and open Government which we plainly lack at present. Harvey
that would be a dictatorship not a democratically elected representative (by the people for the people). Jason
The people of his electorate put him there so no she can’t fire him unless for serious criminal charges.. which he isn’t charged with. Clive
An interesting question, however when a bunch of hopeless elected members vote one of their group to the position of P.M., as is currently the case, it is quite clear that the elected P.M would not,/ could not, have the ability /capacity to reasonably think this case through and accordingly she does not have the right to remove this elected member. It may differ with other leaders. Tom
To allow this to happen only enables Bullies like Jacinda to control every aspect of our govt and our daily lives. Jan M
Well this is what a Communist Party would do and we are fast becoming State controlled by M/s Ardern. Helen
Only those that elected him should decide that Anthony
An electorate MP represents the electorate so is answerable to the voters. Full stop. Tiim
Undemocratic! David
Electorate MP is voted by the voters whether they voted for the party or the person… List MP is placed by the party and should be answerable to the party as that is how they were placed, albeit indirectly by the voters but still for the party policies. So list MP should be able to be fired. John
Never, an Elected member is only for all elected members of Parliament to deal with as opposed. An elected should be dealt with by that members party, never just the leader. Any other way a monster will be created. Ken
Only those who elected the MP can remove him- all things being equal and no law breaking situation is involved. sue
Unless there exists a legal provision that a party leader my remove an elected MP from Parliament I assume that removal could be done only by a majority of the electors in that electorate agreeing that removal is their wish. John
Unfortunately we have with MMP a situation where the MP’s are required to follow the Party Dictates more than the wishes of their electorate. The wrong person is in control. We need to get a system where the electorate is once again supreme Cookie
If an MP has been queried as to immoral or criminal affiliations, there should be the possibility of exclusion from their position. Helen
Definitely not! Hopefully, the house of cards is about due to topple, and the sooner the better. I cancelled my newspaper subscription because I thought the Labourious Party’s subscription would let me get my paper free! Why should I pay some $2000 per year for some Labour Party “Stuff” (excuse the pun) that I do not want? It seems that every man has his price, including the media ghouls. New Zealand (Aotearoa any body?) is said to be the lease corrupt country in the world, which must be in one shocking state. Donald Trump had it right. It is time to drain the swamp! It is also time to burst the racist bubble. Kevan
The leader of a party is not God. It is only the electors of the electorate who can vote a person out of the position they have put that person in. Maureen J
Unless it’s for a criminal offence the party alone should not have the power to remove an elected MP. That MUST be left up to the voter alone. graeme
Democracy not dictatorship should prevail. Ray
His/her electorate voted them in to represent them. If the party machine prevents this then we have lost democracy and fair representation Naomi
Who does she think she is Warren
Thanks to Dr Sharma we now see why Labour MP’s vote as a block even to pass madcap legislation. Lambs and wolves indeed! Tony
Been elected by his constituents to represent them. Any leader should not be able to override democracy. Henry
Our current one is a Dictator, and we do not need this. Rod
How could this hypocrite[our so called leader] expel an elected member,when she has never won a seat herself. Ross
Definately not..The supposed leader of our country is sadly lacking in justification. What’s she there for ? Clifford
A Standing menber (elected by the elecorate) should be afforered a by election as the only way of resolving this issue. ONE criteria he must not be accused of legal wrong doings. Carl
They were democratically elected! Andy
The PM seems to believe she has achieved her goal of turning NZ into a COMMUNIST state, governing on a racist agenda , with those who have NOT that drop of MAORI blood being the inferior one’s who should have no say in how NZ is run. But they should keep paying what’s needed in tax .. WARWICK
Dr Sharma’s statement of “COUNTRY FIRST” is an example to every other MP in the Beehive. Pamela
An MP is the elected representative of the people in that electorate. Repeat. Representative! This fundamental principle of democracy has been lost and replaced by a presidential personality mentality that now exemplifies the current Labour leader’s bullying control tactics. Colin
Not in a democratic society, only in a communist style regime. Noel
The electorate people voted the MP in so the leader should have no power to remove that person. Darryl
Not if the removal of the MP is based on unsubstantiated allegations and such. measures which are serving to supress the truth about what is going on inside parliament michael
This is typical of dictators about time this government was deposed Gareth
This is a hypocritical dictatorship. I wish they could be got rid of before the election Colin
Supporting Dr Sharman braves exposure of this corrupt Government Heather
No! Only the electorate should have that power. Dr Sharma is doing a good job in bringing this information to the public and good on him for being brave enough to do so. We could do with more politicians like him! Marga
Your comments and article well said. Bev
If an electorate MP has committed an illegal or fraudulent act, absolutely. The Dr Sharma incident though is not and the best way forward for him would be to resign his seat, force a by-election and stand again as an Independent candidate. Vic
Democracy starts with the people not the party Roger
it is against the principals of democracy Bryan
Another brilliant column by Muriel . of course the Tooth Fairy is a lying, devious, and bribing bully intent on being the big I AM to New Zealanders . Sadly her evil ways still seem to attract the sheeple with her ratings still much higher than most intelligent people would see her, self proclaimed chest-beating for what it is .GRANDSTANDING . Dumbing down of Kiwis is sadly very apparent . Ray
The first step of a dictator is to remove those who don’t agree with him – look at Stalin, Putin, Kim Jong-Un. Democracy requires free speech and as soon as that starts getting shut down, look over your shoulder. Ardern is showing more and more that she is devious, deceptive and destructive – showing the true traits of a socialist with an agenda to dominate. Every time she speaks her words become more and more unbelievable because she has lost the trust of most deep thinking people. Kerry
Absolutely not. He was ELECTED by the people of Hamilton West, not brought in on a party list controlled by party officials. She, our gracious leader, believes that she has the power to do what ever she likes including covering up anything that may effect her and some of her most ardent yes men like K McAnulty. Barry
The power to do this is unbelievable. This is further evidence that the current bunch are self-serving with NO interest in democracy. Vic
The issues which Dr. Sharma has identified in the Labour Party go back as far as John A Lee. Since then we have had people like John Kirk and Peter Dunn. Leopards never change their spots Peter
Elected representatives are the main pillar of democracy. The function of elected representatives is to represent their constituents. A failure to do so is a failure of our Democratic System of Government, in spite of the ghastly collection of lily livered nitwits that appear every sitting day on Labours front benche in Parliament. Viva Dr Sharma!!! As some other person has suggested, Dr Sharma should stand for a Party with principles. Dianna
They have been elected by the people to represent the electorate Diane
Not do I believe the government has the right to bring in new legislation that has never been allied to before an election Robin
No, they’ve been elected by the people Kerin
Great to hear that someone has the moral strength to stand up for what is right in such a toxic environment Ted
Only the electorate should have that power Desmond
We’d be even worse off as a nation than we are at present. Paul
Democracy must be retained above party loyalty Jenny
No as they are elected by the voters of the electorate not the leader of a political party. There has to be something wrong with the law in this country when a person feeling malicious puts an axe through an electorate window and the police cast around their set of tools (laws) to fix the biggest possible charge on him and finally put him through the courts on a charge of sedition. They stand idly by without lifting a finger watching the destruction of democracy in this country by Ardern and her creatures which by any reasonable measure can be termed sedition without enacting a prosecution. Draw your own conclusions. Terry
The electors are the only people who should have the power to reverse their votes Maxine
if you can get the votes as an independent then go for it, but if you require the help of a Party then toe the Party line Noel
No certainly not, especially when that person has been voted in by their electorate. Rosemary
At least not without DUE PROCESS and a full investigation. Up till now everything has a Due Process but our current People in Power are ignoring this in a true hypocritical fashion. Geoff
Definitely not, and in this case it would be a travesty. Mike
An electorate MP’s obligation is to their voters, not Beehive thugs. John
The Leader of a Party has been voted in by his/her peers TO BE LEADER. They need to lead. Kathleen
Definitely not Graeme
There should be a by election Warwick
Electorate MP’s are elected by the electorate David
Let us hope SHE gets the flick soon. And all of her comrades. Elizabeth
It over rides democratically elected officials Darrel
Nobody should be surprised by these allegations. Even a blind man can see Labour is full of a bunch of yes-men: Do as you’re told, but please pretend the party stands for democracy. As for the mantra ‘be kind’? What a farce! Jan
If they are a list mp yes. A constitutional mp however is voted in by their electorate and should only be removed by that electorate. Willy
An electorate MP is answerable to his electors only. The PM only has the right to select her cabinet and there by enact policy – with the current government they are mere puppets Tony
The people of Hamilton West elected Dr Sharma to represent them in Parliament. What right does the PM have to take action in direct opposition to the choice of Hamilton West voters? Oh thats right, JA is a dictator and what she says and does is always correct. Joan of Arc’s demise is too kind for the PM. Chris
List MP – yes, but Electorate MP no. The electorate MP was chosen by the electoral community, not the party. Graham
A parliament of MP’s just there to make up the numbers for tyrants is not a democracy. Richard
If an M.P. is elected by the people. The party should not be able to overturn that. Robin
Maps are elected by the people not the prime minister. Mark
They are elected by the people not the leader. William
To do so would be dictatorship , the method of a communist style of government ? Logan
Only from the particular party they belong too. MMP is worse than first past the post. Nothing of any significance for the average New Zealander has been achieved. The Politicians are only looking after themselves. We have various Dept’s run by CEO’S Treasury, Reserve Bank etc Politician need to get out of the way and let the people rule themselves Frank
Too much power has been concentrated in the party. This is partly the fault of the MMP system that has list seats. However allowing so much control over Maps by the party makes a mickey of representative government. Murray
the mp represents his voters,not his socialist leader. This mp has guts, I wish a few more did! norman
A list mp… Yes But defo NOT an elected mp Ale3
They are voted in to represent the people of an electorate, not appointed by the leader of a party. Peter
to in this case glenny
Elected by the people for the people they are the only ones who can remove him at the polling booth. No bulling from the party caucus. Stephen 
It must be at least a Caucus decision and even better the electorate that first put the member into parliament John
Holding Ardern to account for bullying is important as she is so sanctimonious about the behaviour of others. John
The voters are an MP’S “employer” Andrew
but NOT in this case , as it is a rarity for a labor politician to come forward with the truth , especially necessary with the taxcinda govt Roy
A case can be mounted for expelling somebody who just appears on the party list -but nobody should be able to expel an MP elected in a electoral seat Andy E.
She is so dangerous. Jim
That’s a step too far in the political power game Terry
Dr Sharma is surely a strong candidate for New Zealander of the Year for exposing the sham and monumental failure that is the Ardern Labour Government., Peter
This is a role of the caucus not the leader merv
He has been elected by the people, unlike the myriads of backbenchers who really have no right at all to be there. christine
When an MP votes according his/her conciense the leader first should find out WHY and discuss it. NOT just like John Key did: you don’t vote like I want you to vote, you are out of the door. peter
No it should be a wider discussion involving both party and parliamentary rules including the right to natural justice. Christina
That would be most unfair and undemocratic. NEIL
A candidate is elected by the people in his electorate. If the candidate has been honest to the electorate the leader should not have the power to remove them for honesy. . Demote them yes; but not remove them. Whereas Sam Uffindell was not honest about his bullying at Otago University he should be removed by his leader. Dr Guiran was honest but has been attacked for his honesty by a dictatorial leader who seems to dislike honesty , We have one leader attacking an honest man and another leader taking no action against a dishonest man. Those of us who were/are bullied enjoy seeing a bully cornered, Jacinda at a school opening was revealing in her inability to speak to the press. Likewise Sam when confronted , showed his true colour as a cornered fr bully. Signs he has not changed .The worms have not turned; they just highlight political hypocrasy Peter
The MP has been selected by the voters. Short of a criminal or treasonous act it remains for the voters to remove the Member from parliament. Neither Trump nor Biden can eject members of congress. Dene
Definitely not. That would be a dictatorship Sudhir
They are democratically elected by citizens of New Zealand to represent them in parliament. Bev
Definitely not Annette
Bye bye Jacinda. You deserve everything that you eventually get! Dennis
Depending on the severity of the charge/s, it should be put to caucus (not just the PM) to decide. In the present case it warrants serious investigation not dismissal. But unfortunately we have a PM who prefers to dictate rather than follow her verbal niceties to her constituents. As we have witnessed from her overseas escapades, she says one thing on the international stage but does the complete opposite at home. chris
Its the people who choose not the PM!! Barbara
If the MP is a constitute member then its up to the people to decide if he is fit to represent them. They put the member in so they decide if the member stays. JC is a conniving socialist bitch, she’s the one that should be throw out for being a liar. Peter
Dictatorship is what Jacinda is aiming for. In 2009 on U tube Jacinda called her audience comrades that was a warning sign. She is also leading us into apartheid and that is of deep concern to me. Trish 
When is this woman going to stop. Leader, definitely not Jeanette
He/she is the ELECTED representative of that electorate. Roger
It is time M.P.s of all parties accepted that their primary loyalty is to the constituents who elected them to office Bryan
not in a democracy. Perhaps in Russia! Phil
The people elect an mp to parliament.How does that give the pm the right to expel? Anthony
only the electorate should have the power to remove him. All socialists are bullies- it is the nature of the beast. The bullies become tyrants. freedom loving people all over the world are sick of tyranical socialists. bruce
if it is in accordance with the law YES john
Only the voters should be able to do that Russell
No – he is there to represent the people in his constituency who elected him for that purpose – not a political party – this is how it is supposed to work! In my opinion, the whole rotten edifice is broken and beyond repair – we need to replace it with a new system that is designed to serve the best interests of the nation rather than a hapless collection of self-serving sycophants whose only aim is to feather their own nests at taxpayers’ expense. As an aside – I cannot for the life of me understand how someone with Dr Sharmas’ intelligence, education and intellect could ever have wound up as part of this clown show. It beggars belief! Scott
They were put there by the people that voted for them. bill
Too dictatorial and non democratic Rae
She’s a lier and hypercrite Sheryl
An elected member of parliament is voted democratically to represent the electorate. If he falls out with the party he is still the elected member. Only a by-election can change that position Tony
They were elected by the electorate not the party! The list MPs are the party lackies. We need real MPs. Phil
Never is the better argument, they are the representatives of their communities. dave
The Red Queen is decietful and a liar herself. Her abuse of authority and nationl N.Z. laws by sly underhand back door deals is treachory and decietful Sh is a thug and bully of the worst kind. mike
“NO”, in the first place that person wasn’t put into Parliament by a so called pm. That person was elected by the people of that electorate to represent them. Richard
The electorate MP was put there by the people he or she represents. It should be classed as unconstitutional for the party leader to undermine this by having the power of removal just because they, for example, don’t see eye to eye over something. Trevor
He/she works for the country not for the leader of a party!! Nina
They are elected by the people jean
Finally we have an opportunity to express our extreme distaste of the present governments policies! Go Dr. Shauma go!! rON
What price democracy? What price ‘kindness’? What price fair play? What price role models for the coming generation? Shame,, shame, shame. ELizabeth
Absolutely not. Neville
My belief, although possibly naive, is that the elected person is responsible to his constituents first and foremost. Rod
Smacks of dictatorship. Mark
Finally she is about to get her just deserts! Ron
Should be a caucus decision. But goes to show we DONOT have democracy in this country and never have. The people of NZ are and have always been sheep. Alan
Probably but I’m not trained in the political sciences. Ray
He has been fairly elected by his Constituency and must stay Hylton
No, Electorate MP’s are elected by the constituents they represent. It is only those who can remove the MP. Dennis
Too much power corrupts. so non democratic. Peter
Far too much power in a party leader We have a dictatorship in NZ now The sooner the labour Government is removed the better Geoff
Ardern has been drunk on her power for too long. She has to be reined in. I’d prefer to see her go before the next elections before she does any more damage to this country. Janet
This whole Labour government is rotten to the core Peter
It depends on the nature and gravity of the misdemeanour. It is a safeguard to ensure the integrity of the individual – not as a tool to remove a challenge of party policy or party members. The result is a by-election to replace the MP or possibly even return the MP to parliament if re-elected. The people must ultimately decide. A more apt question would be ‘should an elected member be able to remove a leader from Parliament’? Process should be in place to remove an incompetent leader. Martin
NO, as it was the people who voted Dr Sharma to represent them not our treasonable so called prime minister and her lackeys, so this affair shows her hand of being a dictator just like her friend in Moscow. Richard
A democratic vote of one person one vote is the only way any MP should be voted in or voted out. They are there to represent the views and aspirations of the nations voters Not to be bullied into submission by a power crazed, racist dictatorship. Lorna
Democracy is being challenged Lois
The MP is elected by the majority of people in the electorate showing they believe that person to be the best candidate to represent them in Parliament. How can a party leader nullify that vote by removing him from the seat he has won. Terry
The party system has always been obnoxious and dictatorial. With MMP Parties have far too much power. Parliament electorate MPs should represent their electorate ist ahead of their party. John
In a case like Dr Sharma’s it might be fair enough if the party expelled him from party membership but to go further and expel him from Parliament would be quite wrong. His electorate elected him and if I were in that electorate I would feel it high-handed and totally wrong if the party in the form of the speaker expelled him from parliament. ROB
The voters have that responsibility John
They’ve been elected by the public. PETER
” The only thing we have to fear is fear itself….” F. Roosevelt. Go for it Doc. and take it to the Limit even it’s only one more time. Chris
Elected by the people for the people Erin
The very Word’s Be Kind is this PMs biggest Joke of Her Socialism Government .The way they Have Been Controlled Buy the Maori Elite this Government will never Be Democratic . Michael 
To hear what Dr Sharma has gone through with this fear driven Labour Government will hopefully open the eyes of the believers. Heaven help us if they get back in Rod
It’s a dictatorship Jan
Definitely not. Geoffrey
However in some cases, depending on why,, maybe that MP should resign Anne
Get rid of labour Sandra
Whatever happened to Jamie Lee Ross, a ditto incident. Will Labour make Sharmas bid to be independent untenable as it was for Ross? Nikki
They are elected by the people not the party leader. Keren
MPs should represent their electorates Arthur
MP’s are voted in by citizens and are the citizens representative in parliament. The PM should not have the power to remove an MP from parliament or even the party. The PM is not selected by voters and being selected by the party gives unbridalded power to the PM office. Bad part of democracy Raleigh
Certainly not. That is over reaching the office of the NZ Prime Minister and not within their juristriction. Robyn
JA learnt her bulling craft from Tony Blair (remember weapons of mass destruction) and his chief henchman Alistair Cambell, two of the worst liars that the British Labour Party has ever produced. Jacinda is nothing but spin doctor with false ’empathy’ that has fooled the population. She is dangerous. Laura
Certainly not. Buying seems to cover everything in N Z at the moment sad to say. Where have their consciences gone!!! Hearts of stone!! Jacqui
The choice is for the electorate. DAVID
It is a bullying technique when leader of the party doesn’t get their own way. Michele
No bloody way ! Only the electorate has that democratic prerogative. To hell with that conniving b—- and her and scum bags bullies. Alan
Such an unconstitutional and arrogant approach, when the party leader can just toss out an elected MP because they won’t tow the line. The MP represents those who elect him/her. They are there to “serve” the electorate first and foremost. This lot have to go. See you all in Wellington on Tuesday, 10:30. Be there or be square!!!! Neil
No. Never. Absolutely not! This opens the way for an unscrupulous (yes they DO exist) party leader to manipulate the number of seats held by her party, as well as manipulating the people she has caused to be put in those seats. Another nail in the coffin of Poor Old Democracy. TOBY
The high-heeled jackboot across the face of humanity. Robert
It must not be her call, it is the voters call, that is democracy. Alan
Jacinda Ardern is the bully, no doubt about that! Ann
Too much power to hand to a bully.  David
No let his or her electorate decide in a by election if its needed. Michael
Definitely not! Laurence
A rogue MP doesn’t deserve any protection from the Party that supported him/her Kevin
An elected person is there to represent the majority vote of their electorate area and should remain in Parliament until the next voting period. Trevor
The sooner the Bully goes the better for all New Zealanders David
Absolutely not. An electorate MP has been put into Parliament by voters in that electorate. Party leaders already have vast power. No doubt when Labour has forced out Dr Sharma from the party it will use the disgraceful party hopping legislation to replace him. Where in all of this is Ardern’s ‘be kind’ mantra? Total hypocrisy. Gavin
They have won their right to represent the people that elected them and must fulfill their obligations Chris
Maybe if they have broken the law. Otherwise, not in a properly functioning democracy Murray
No they are elected by the voters. If the party leader doesn’t like that person or cannot get on with them, then the party leader has to grow the gonads to put their own personal deficiencies aside and learn to work with the people the voters have elected to represent then. The whole notion of being forced to toe the party line and not speaking out is in itself a deliberate effort by the party to circumvent democracy and dictate the party’s agenda onto the nation with reckless disregard to any dissenting opinions. Bullying dissenting MPs must not be tolerated. Steve
The PM doesn’t understand the Indian community. They are some of the most able and just in NZ. They make great lawyers and logicians. The PM is a fool by comparison. Kevin
Perhaps the closest move to fascism that Labour has made – and that’s saying ‘something’, considering the the anti-democratic legislations towards an apartheid state – such as the separatist Maori health act, the attempted theft of all New Zealand’s local-govt multi-million dollar infrastructure under the fraudulent and racist Three Waters bill, and so, so much more awaiting this unfortunate nation. Paul
If they were elected by voters to represent them only the voters should have the power to remove a member. If they are a list MP, that is different and the party might be entitled to more say. Bruce
Democracy trumps party Peter
Electorate MP was elected by their constituency not the leader of the party. They represent the people who voted them in. Ruth
Labour’s dirty laundry is on show. I think Luxon’s strategy is to stay in the background and give Labour enough rope to hang themselves. I think it’s working. Grant
That they have that power, makes all MPs effectively list MPs. That was not what was voted for when the nation voted for MMP. Further, we should not be surprised that JA is outed as a bully – she is the protege of Helen Clarke, who was without peer in the bully stakes. davidf
To do so is not democratic. Shane
No single person should have the power to remove a democratically elected MP. There is no compelling reason that I can think for applying rules different from those that apply to removing a PM. ron
An electorate MP is elected by constituents, and he should only be able to be removed by them. List MPs serve at the behest of the Party, and therefore can be removed by the party. Erica
An elected mp was put there by the particular electorate NOT the prime minister Douglas
Definitely no Barbara
The public are under the illusion that the MP’s represent us, not her highness of kindness. Mark
A little child attitude, If she cannot get own way, lookout. I hope he now brings out all of the lies our PM has uttered Reg
NO, they have been appointed by the people and it is to them they are ultimately accountable, not the bully Ardern!! Warren
When it’s an honesty problem that needs to be aired and discussed, definitely no. If the laws of the land have been broken, probably yes William
Only the MPs electorate should be able to recall him/her after all they put them their. Rod
definitely not Paul
No….that’s the job of voters! John
No, that is too much power. Jen
We the electors of Hamilton West elected Dr Sharma – Not the Labour party They only grabbed him because he was electable. As an Independent he will win again Colin
Communist scum CINDY Greg
As long as they are in the same party. What happens if the Leader is the bully? David
Of course not they are elected by the people. Besides it’s time to take some of the power away from parties and return them to the people. Roger
Dr Sharon was not a list MP and he should be answerable to his electorate. Peter
They have no right to remove from parliament only the voters This comrade PM is a disgrace to NZ Kevin
He represents Hamilton not the fish and chip wrapper alan
The leader of any party should listen and act on anything her MPs report be it true or false, needs investigating so it can be dealt with fairly barbara
He was elected by the people it is their decision not by Comrade Jacinda LesW
He is elected by his constituents not the party and the constituents should have the say Dorothy
Nor able to muzzle him Peter
MP’s are elected by their electorates, not the PM who is primarily responsible to her electorate. They exist as representatives of the people. Edgar W.
Removing a candidate is for the Party as a whole not a dictatorial leader. Leader can appoint and sacm Ministers – that is enough power. Mike
No, because the people chose him to represent them. It is their democratic choice that should be respected. Pammie
too open to misuse Gill
Be kind. What a croc. Susan
No in principle as the people have voted for the person. That said, if I were to say yes then the reason would have to be something extra-ordinary and certainly not disagreeing with the biggest bully…. so aptly named by Muriel. Scott
no no no wayne
She is a nasty piece that one. Thank you Muriel for explaining so well and clearly how it all works in the Tower of Babel. Dr Sharma deserves an Honorary Citizen of NZ Award….for speaking his truth against the bullies who are spending billions of our dollars by the way! She has to go!! Chris
Electorate MP’s are voted into parliament by the public and should go out the same way. Otherwise, it makes a farce of the voting process, and democracy Nyle
Dr Sharma is a hero, despite being a Labour MP. People are seeing Ardern unmasked as a lying tyrant thanks to him. Surely New Zealander of the Year! Chris
If they are elected to their position by the people of an electorate, then No absolutely not If they are a list MP then that’s another story altogether as the ‘dear Leader’ appoints them and that, in a nutshell’ is what is so terribly wrong with this current dumb system of election, MMP It’s altogether daft, suits the MP’s down to the ground but does nothing at all for those that put them there, the electorate, It’s crooked,, and if this present Labour govt tells us anything it is that absolute power corrupts absolutely.. The whole system needs to be wiped and replaced with a system whereby what is happening now with no checks and balances on their unbridled power, can never ever happen again Carolyn
They are elected. BUT the people should have the right to ask a politician to be removed if proven they are not working for the electorate. Or working to subvert democracy. Bob
NO! If the public cannot remove a rouge (rotten) Government then no one in the Government should be able to remove a legitimate publicly elected Politician unless there were criminal circumstances. Garry
Typical Labour hypocracy Warren
Neither do I believe that the opinion representing the electorate of a MP should be smothered by forcing that MP to vote for the party line and not his/her conscience dictates but then again I am dreaming of fairness and statesmanship. What would happen to New Zealand if we abolish parliament and have a set of practical rules running various departments monitored by 12 wise elected people with no political, racial or religious agendas. Nirvana I would say. Leonard
They answer to the electorate. Does our selection process favour those with no empathy for others to rise to the top. You have to stab others in the back to get to the top. Tony
He%u2019s been elected by the people of Hamilton West not appointed by the Labour Party. Kevin
That is dictatorships Dave
MPs are voted in by the electorate, not by the party leader. The PM has shown she is the queen of bullies. The way she has handled the latest in-house revelations is just one case in a litany of bullying techniques and bullying achievements. Jack
MP’s are elected by the electorate they represent. No party leader should have the right to remove a democratically elected MP. Grant
Dr Sharma is a brave man with principles, a rare beast in Parliament, if not extinct bar him. The PM wouldn’t know the meaning of the word, principles, and lacks all credibility to be in charge of our country. Elizabeth
In this particular case certainly not Beryl
If one looks at the official election results one sees that a PERSON not a PARTY is elected for a constituency John
Only voters have that right. Steve
MP’s should represent their constituents first and foremost! These are the people who pay their salary after all is said and done. Mark
The people in the electorate should have the say Colleen
She should be removed Gary
Elected by the people for the people RICHard
An Mp should only be removed from Parliament by death, major criminal proceedings or losing an election. Tony
Especially MS/Ardern making a call to dump an embarrassing claim and backed up with facts that she has been economical with the truth about her MP DOCTOR SHARMA claims . Tony
List yes, electorate no. Graeme
The bullying in parliament, and control from the top to force NZ citizens to undergo medical misadventures that will kill them, is an ongoing disgrace. I hope one day that they are all sentenced to life in prison. Of course, that could only happen if the judiciary was not guilty of the same behaviours. Jeffery
Caucus yes. Colin
It is a fraught question and in not giving that power to a party leader leaves things open to abuse, but those who abuse it will be very ‘visible’ and are unlikely to have an easy ride. Pieter
He was elected by the people of Hamilton west and is accountable to them. The PM appoints cabinet and can promote and sack at that level but that is where it should stop. Ben
Too much power to the leader!!!! Les
An electorate MP IS voted in by the people and shouldn’t be able to be removed by the leader of the party Sharon
He is the electorate representative not the labour party’s. He can be removed from the Labour party so would be an independent and be free to vote with whom he chooses. Robert
NO, only the people who put them into that position should have the write to do that. COLIN
The member was voted in by the people, The government is supposed to answer to the people, unless it is a communist state! john
Elected MPs are voted for by the public they represent therefore cannot or should not be removed unless the public say so. Jacqueline
Mr Sharma was elected by his local electorate he is their representative, if Labour boot him, there has to be a by election. Our entire central Government process in NZ is based on based on party politics, self interest, fear and deceit. Honesty integrity and trust is non existent rob Robert
Members of parliament are voted into that position by the democratic process and therefor represent the citizens. The Prime-minister is not elected by the citizens and therefore should not have control over that elected members position in government. I have always considered this a weakness in our democratic system. The people should select the Prime-mister. Having a prime minister elected by its party I give the PM excessive power that I believe they are not entitled too. Raleigh
Autocratic neo-socialist PM we don’t need Bryan
They are usually better politicians than those who get in with the party vote. John T
Should only happen if it’s a police matter. Andrew
Absolutely not Ray
They were voted in by the people to represent their wishes. Shouldn’t the people have a say in whether they go or stay? Elizabeth
No,only the electors should be able to. Peter
What happened to whistle blowers protection? Reminds me of fizzer trying to stop the whistle blowers protection act in us. One thing they didn’t want was whistle blowers protected after telling the world about their dirty deeds. Ardern is no different, when will people wake up to this evil creature. She doesn’t deserve to be termed woman. Peter
Definitely not for being bullied which is degrading causing loss of confidence and eventually silence rendering the person ineffective in their role. Rose
Only in extremis john
The electorate should have that ability Ewen
The Labour Party May dismiss a member from the party, but surely cannot remove an democratically elected MP from Parliament. Roseanne
Totally undemocratic. Deborah
it’s up to the people who voted! Dominique 
The member was voted in by its members, not the PM Peter
That action would be in complete contradiction of all things Democratic Sylvienne
Its a case of do as I say or go away. Adrian
Isn’t that a dictatorship? neil
Absolutely not. That gived them the power to overide the electorate. What I want to know is “what has Ireland done to NZ? for us to foist the loud mouthed bully Ducky on them. Terry
your biggest bully article was great. john
this should surely be the job of the electorate james
Ardern must go immediately. Kevin
Welcome to our Ardern dictatorship. Allan
No! No! No! Removing an electorate MP is up to the voters in the electorate. It is not up to party leaders or caucus members – only voters!  Cameron
The waka jumping law is a disgrace to democracy that should never have been introduced. It should be repealed, as it undermines true democracy. Andrew
No – party leaders already have too much power. Brian
Electorate MPs are responsible to their voters. They are the only ones who should have to power to elect and reject them. Noeline
Well done to Dr Sharma for standing up to Jacinda Ardern. She is the country’s biggest bully and he is doing a fine job of pointing that out to all of those Kiwis who are still under her spell. All power to him! Harry