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The Blame Game

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Two headlines from the past week sum up the current mood of the nation: “Sir Russell Coutts accuses  Government of dictatorship” and “A deceitful lying pack of bastards”.

These harsh words fairly reflect the betrayal New Zealanders feel when a Prime Minister, who promised to govern for all New Zealanders, acts like a dictator, passing authoritarian laws and turning our democracy into a totalitarian State.

Three Waters is a case in point. The Government’s announcement of the compulsory acquisition of the country’s three-water infrastructure – freshwater, wastewater, and stormwater services – breaks the promise made to councils that joining the scheme would be voluntary.

An aggressive $3.5 million taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign that blamed councils for providing poor quality water services, was clearly designed to set the scene for the effective nationalisation of water into four separate entities controlled by the Maori tribal elite. 

But this unmandated transfer of the democratic control of an essential public resource to unaccountable private sector Maori corporations, may well prove to be a step too far – the point at which New Zealanders turn against their Government.

The Three Waters reforms will be rolled out under cover of the pandemic. Legislation is expected just before Christmas, no doubt hoping that the opposition will be distracted over the summer. While the Select Committee process will likely be a farce – just as it was when Maori ward petition rights were abolished – it will, nevertheless, be crucially important that opponents express their outrage, otherwise the Government will claim their silence as approval.

Meanwhile the Ardern administration is attempting to distance itself from its legacy of failed pandemic management – leaky borders, never-ending lockdowns, the slowest vaccine rollout in the OECD, critical health sector staff shortages, and one of the lowest ratios of intensive care beds per head of population in the Western world.

The PM’s masterstroke “traffic light” strategy will see blame for the slow vaccine rollout transferred from ‘the Government’ to District Health Boards. This will enable the responsibility for the failure to reach vaccination targets to be pinned on the DHBs – conveniently maligning them ahead of their planned replacement with a racially segregated health system controlled by the Maori tribal elite.

The ‘traffic lights’ will enable Covid to remain in the limelight right through to the next election, ensuring the on-going control of New Zealanders.

The new system signals the end of the ‘elimination’ strategy that was introduced by the PM in March 2020 to replace the Ministry of Health’s Pandemic Plan – a plan designed to keep infection at manageable levels until natural immunity to the virus was built.

Once Jacinda Ardern took control, she imposed the world’s harshest lockdown and set a zero-Covid target – seemingly to lay claim to becoming “a world leader” in controlling the virus.

The inconvenient truth she conveniently overlooks is the detrimental impact on health and wellbeing caused by her draconian lockdowns – the hundreds of thousands of planned medical procedures cancelled resulting in complications and deaths, the escalation of domestic violence, and the creation of a mental health and financial security crisis as livelihoods are crushed.

Now, almost two years later, we are returning full circle to the virus being controlled within the community. The difference is that under Jacinda Ardern’s management, New Zealanders now rely on State control and a vaccine with never-ending booster shots, instead of freedom and the superior protection provided by natural immunity.

The new traffic light system will become operational once the country hits a 90 percent double-vaccination rate. This is a higher vaccination target than almost any other country, seemingly so the PM can re-claim her ‘Covid Queen’ title.

But I have a simple message for Jacinda: Kiwis don’t care about your status on the world stage! What we do care about is that you stop ruining our country. 

The traffic light system will take the ‘blame game’ to new heights by dividing New Zealand into two classes of citizens – the vaccinated with superior rights and freedoms, and unvaccinated, relegated to second-class status in their own country.

The fact that those who are infected, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, have similar viral loads and transmission capacity, and can therefore equally spread the virus, doesn’t seem to matter to our Prime Minister. In Jacinda Ardern’s propaganda war, the blame for spreading the virus is being shifted from Government mismanagement to the unvaccinated.

The PM seems unconcerned that many of the unvaccinated are simply seeking an alternative to the Government’s preferred Pfizer vaccine. Nor does she seem to comprehend that to many people Clause 11 of our New Zealand Bill of Rights: “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment” is an inalienable right that was specifically introduced to protect the public from any government that was attempting to coerce the population in this manner.

And as the editor of the British Medical Journal Peter Doshi pointed out in August, there are many reasons to be concerned about the Pfizer vaccine: “On 28 July 2021, Pfizer posted updated results for their ongoing phase 3 covid-19 vaccine trial. But here we are, 13 months into the still ongoing, two year pivotal trial, with no reported data past 13 March 2021, unclear efficacy after six months, evidence of waning protection, and limited reporting of safety data.”

Villainising the unvaccinated and turning their friends, family, and colleagues against them, is grotesque. Through her actions, Jacinda Ardern is following in the sinister footsteps of Hitler, who persuaded fellow citizens to persecute marked groups in society – and we all know where that led.

The one thing we should have learnt from the atrocities of despots is that rule by division is dangerous. It should never be accepted, and people have a duty to ensure it never prevails.

The fact is that great leadership inspires, binding people together by what they have in common. In this context an inspirational government would seek to address the concerns of the vaccine hesitant. In doing so, they would find that many are worried about mRNA vaccines and would gladly take a shot if a traditional vaccine alternative was available.

But with no such option being offered by the Ardern regime, they are being bullied and threatened: ‘take the vaccine or you will lose your livelihood, your liberty, your friends, and you won’t even be able to freely associate with your loved ones’.

Who would have ever thought a Kiwi Prime Minister would act in this way!

So how will the new Covid traffic light system work? While it’s promoted as only becoming operational once all DHBs hit 90 percent double vaccination rates, that’s not the case. Auckland and the South Island may be able to start ahead of the rest of the country once they reach the 90 percent target.

Everywhere else will have to wait until all DHBs reach 90 percent – with those lagging behind no doubt blamed for holding the country back even though the vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus as the unvaccinated.

Apart from confusion, what will be the impact of the traffic light system? Once operational, many health experts are predicting hospitals will be inundated with a tsunami of Covid cases.

While schools will remain open at any level, if a Covid outbreak threatens to overwhelm hospitals, the light will turn red. Although the vaccinated will retain the freedom to attend work, shops, cafes and restaurants, hairdressers, and the gym, as well as gatherings of up to 100, the unvaccinated will be restricted to contactless services and gatherings of up to 10.

Under orange, while there would still be some community transmission and pressure on hospitals, life for the vaccinated would be relatively normal, while the unvaccinated would be subjected to contactless services and limited gatherings.

A green light signals minimal virus spread, and while the vaccinated would have a normal life, continued restrictions would remain in place for the unvaccinated.

The system relies heavily on surveillance, especially the on-going checking of vaccination certificates, with penalties for those failing to comply.

No end date has been set for these restrictions – but it doesn’t have to be like this.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy of the University of Newcastle’s School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, is a leading Australian clinical immunologist with an impressive record in the field of mucosal immunology, who strongly believes that early treatment protocols are necessary in the fight against Covid-19.

Professor Clancy explains that in addition to a vaccine strategy, in countries like New Zealand and Australia, which have pursued elimination and have little natural immunity to Covid, the evidence supporting early treatment with re-purposed medications to help prevent people from getting sick and needing to go to hospital is compelling:

“The first is a WHO study in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state (230 million people). Medical teams visited 98,000 villages, providing ‘kits’ containing ivermectin for the treatment of those with Covid-19. Within 5 weeks, new cases had dropped by 97%. Meanwhile, Kerala, another Indian state with 8% the population of Uttar Pradesh and not using ivermectin, recorded over 31,000 cases per day. Similar results are reported in areas of Peru, Mexico and many other regions.”

Professor Clancy points to Israel as providing guidance for countries like New Zealand that are reliant on the Pfizer vaccine: “Israel was used as a ‘laboratory’ for the Pfizer vaccine. Six months after vaccination, there was essentially no protection against infection or mild disease, although protection against severe disease remained at 85-90%. Thereafter a rapid and progressive loss of protection against more severe disease. Infected vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects have similar viral loads, and transmission capacity. Immunity following natural infection is better and more durable than that induced by vaccination. There is no sense in immunising those who have had Covid infection in the last 6 months.

“In an Australian context, by New Year 2022, about 2 million vaccinated Australians will have lost protection against infection and mild disease. Infections will increase as borders are opened and we re-enter the international community. Our lock-down policy has limited the acquisition of natural immunity. Although we can expect high levels of infection with less severe disease, pressure on hospitals will increase. The experience of Israel and Iceland with high vaccination rates of 85% or more, provides a possible scenario for Australia. In Israel, with a population of less than 10 million, the “third wave” continues, with 1500 new cases and 30 deaths a day. More concerning are reports of high Covid mortality in some jurisdictions, in older vaccinated subjects. Variants such as the further-mutated Delta variant in the UK will continue to appear, with unknown infectivity, response to current vaccines and pathogenicity.”

Professor Clancy concludes, “we cannot vaccinate ourselves out of the pandemic. Most deaths in England over the last 7 months from Covid-19 are in vaccinated subjects, and studies across 68 countries confirm increases in Covid-19 infections are unrelated to levels of vaccination. Booster shots with current vaccines come with little support, and possible enhanced toxicity as reported to the FDA. Antigen-based vaccines such as NovaVax with its strong metrics on efficacy and safety, need to be considered. It is understood this vaccine will be available by year-end.”

In January, following reports of ivermectin’s success in treating and preventing Covid-19, the US National Institute of Health upgraded their recommendation on the use of the drug, enabling doctors to prescribe it as another therapeutic option for treatment of the virus.

With a tsunamic of cases anticipated in this country once the traffic light system is introduced, instead of facing on-going restrictions, shouldn’t New Zealand doctors also be given the freedom to prescribe for their patients any of the readily available treatments and preventative remedies that are being used successfully overseas?

Surely the ultimate goal is to prevent from Kiwis getting sick once Covid is endemic in our community, so traffic lights and on-going surveillance can be phased out. It’s only then that the Covid blame game will stop, and the dangerous fracturing of society being caused by Jacinda Ardern can begin to heal.

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*Should New Zealand doctors be free to prescribe whatever treatment and preventative remedies they choose for the treatment of Covid-19? 

*Poll comments are posted below.


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As usual Muriel has said it all June
I am 78 & unvaccinated; I chose not to be vaccinated because of the troubling things that I’d read about an experimental vaccine. I just do not trust “Big Pharma” or the govrenment!! David
Absolutely. Oliver
Science has been taken over by tribalism especially in this country. Because Pres. Trump was treated with hydroxychloroquine, the US left-wing media, like CNN, villainised it which went around the wokester world and banned it. Monica
Yes -They are the qualified health professionals not these other twerps Carolyn
Ivermectin has been around for almost 40 years, is very safe, very cheap & very effective. Allan
Of course ! Very interesting in the past few days to witness the tide changing against the Nazi Labour Party and the large TV advertisement against Three Waters ! Once they get rattled and realize how detested they have become in a short time they will become panic merchants. This madness wont last and cracks are now appearing. When the masses turn against them they will run like skittery cats. Very interesting times ahead ! John
the concern many NZers feel in regard to the dictatorship of this current government is obvious and when it (the govt) interferes with the personal choices between a Dr and patient–esp in regard to a Dr prescribing what is required for a person’s well-being. How dare they !! The arrogance of this govt knows no bounds!!!!! They must be removed jenny
without any restrictions and exemptions to vaccine should be able to be given by GP PA
It’s ridiculous that Dr. Bloomfield and The Ministry of Health continue to ignore what’s happening elsewhere in the World in the fight against COVID 19. The horse drench ivermectin is proving successful in helping people to recover from COVID 19. Frank
First do no harm – any medication that has an established safety record should be prescribable, from there it is a risk vs benefit equation to select the best available treatment for the individual patient. This is a process to be managed by a trained professional and the patient as these are the two parties that can ascertain the relevant risk/benefit balance. christine
Ivermectin would be an excellent start Catherine
If they are connected together, they will be united with their message about GET THE VACCINE Hilary
Medical advice should be between you and your doctor and not politicians John
If doctors are trusted as experts or capable of investigating illnesses and coming up with treatments they believe will be effective, the fact they’re now not trusted to even try and treat or prescribe preventative remedies for Covid-19 has basically rendered them impotent. So now, all of a sudden, they can’t be relied on to use their expertise and training? That they are penalised for even attempting to implement treatment protocols that are proving successful for their peers overseas is just one more aspect of the insane asylum we find ourselves living in under this crazed government. Leigh
yes of course Therapeutics are used successfully in other country’s check out Dennis Prager on You Tube about his experience and recovery from Covid using Therapeutics Greg
ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!! Murray
Definitely yes. They do know more about medical matters than JABINDA. Maybe she gets a bonus payout from fizer if she reaches 90%. Ronnie
Definetly Mary
We know ivermectin works. Jennifer
Doctors swear to the Hippocratic oath, and to first do no harm. Helen Clark was the person that wanted this to be removed from the medical Profession !!! Go figure. David
Yes of course they should, we need to end Jacinda’s total control of our health. What a sham she must be being paid a fortune to keep us like this. The New Zealand Dictator. I would actually leave this country of my birth, it is being destroyed by this stupid Labour government. Fraser
Absolutely, i have friends who have used ivermectin for long covid, and also a vaccine damaged individual. I follow Dr tess lawrie and www.bird-group.org scott
This woman is despicable. Craftily dodges all the mistakes she has made with excuses and PR proclamations designed to protect her when her lies are exposed. Dangerous woman. Robert
Please go to www.zstackprotocol.com Look up Dr. Zelenco who treated covid patients with success. Jahanara
absolute power corrupts absolutely! just another control method Robin
I consistently become lost for words to describe this tyranical Govt who are refusing to listen to any other reasoning or debate about many issues, especially the COVID Jab which is NOT A VACCINE, it is an experimental genetic modification technology being tested, not on animals as is the usual procedure in Drug Trials, instead these drugs are being tested on us human beings, for some dire consequences like DEATH…! If this Liebour Govt doesn’t change it’s behaviour very soon back to it’s 2020 Election Promises, we will see Protests and Riots in the streets as Kiwis have had enough….!!! Bruza
most thing i read points to this vaccine running out of steam after 6 months, preventative medication is needed and and the government has no bloody right to tell us what we can and cant take, I would have thought they would be trying other remedies to make this better for people, I don’t even watch the news on all this now,im sick and tiered of this arrogant and horrible government, just hope people wake up in this country,and stop the rot rodger
The denial of effective therapeutics is akin to manslaughter. Allan
Yes! Trevor
Disgraceful government acting against all humanities freedom of choice, Nurimberg code and common sense. John
There is more than ample proof that Covid-19 is treatable, by many MANY doctors worldwide. Not allowing doctors to treat Covid-19 in ways which have already proven successful is nothing short of evil. Ian
My right to be guided by my medical practician & not by any politician trying to retain their control & job Bruce
Freedom is precious and freedom to vaccinate by choice is extra precious Roger
The vaccine that is best suited to me is known by my GP Doctor, not the Ministry of Health. My GP certainly knows more about my health than that espoused by the Lying person we currently call the PM. There is enough evidence to show that the Pfizer vaccine is probably the most ineffective of those currently available. I am certainly more than aggrieved by the Government treating me as a second-class citizen and actively creating me as a person that should be derided and ostracised because I decide to exercise my rights accorded under the Human Rights Act 1993. I suppose that I should not be surprised by the dictatorial actions taken by this Government but their abrogation of the Law does not make their actions legal! Michael
No delay. Do it now. Introduce Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, all with vitamen D3 to boost immune system. Murray
Comrade Ardern is an emotionless, heartless communist whose ambition is to be liked by the elite weirdos like Bill Gates. I believe she is on the same wavelength as Gates – pro depopulation. As I said, emotionless and heartless as well as not very bright. NZ, get rid of her, she doesn’t care a damn about us. Fred
Why TF were they ever not allowed to? Mark
Do whatever works for God’s sake Sam
It is past time that COMMON SENSE prevails Colin
taxinda has no skills no ability and no knowledge of anything why are we even listening to her, she can get stuffed, I will not listen tp anything she has to say Norm
Yes, and quickly, this government is loosing its way due to mainly financial and economic issues. Government have it seems used covid to distract the opposition away from the real issues they are pushing through into legislation, of which we are all aware of through this media platform. Owen
We should always have had this option available. Allison
How can the current govt. be stopped now instead of suffering 2 more years of damage? Elmarie
Why are Health Services holding back on proven medications??? Population control??? Jan
Absolutely. The doctor/patient relationship should always be ahead of blanket & often uninformed Govt dictates. Other countries around the world are doing just this and having much better results with both prevention & treatment of covid. Arderns corrupt Govt’s completely wrong approach of madly pushing a single branded vaccine has nothing to do with health & safety – quite the opposite, its all to do with pleasing Arderns global elite masters and ushering into NZ a totalitarian regime by stealth behind the smokescreen of Covid – we know what you are up to Ardern you liar and the decent people of NZ are not letting it happen ! Mark
Health is private matter between the individual and his/her doctor. no room for govt. Richard
JA will never admit that her and her comrades are wrong now and always have been. John
Definitely..It is written in their code of practice Doug
It’s a no brainer for those who think that doctors dealing with covid cases with access to early treatment with alternative well proved medicines know o lot more than Govt doctors with no practical experience only academic experience Stu
Definitely. That’s their job. Wouldn’t even trust the health of my dog to this gang of scoundrels. Let’s hope the tide against them keeps turning, before it’s too late. Dell H
Why are NZers sitting back, unquestioning Comrade Arderns nonsensical platitudes and not DEMANDING that we want ivermectin and HqC made available. Oh, I remember, Ardern is the only source of truth NZers need.. yeah right. My partner and I are80 and have not had the experimental jab, but may consider Nova or similar when/if they become available. Meanwhile we’ll take our chances. I will listen to my doctor but NOT to Comrade Ardern and her band of stupids! She is thick as thieves with Bill Gates who is focused on exterminating 80% of the world population – a woman with no conscience and no emotions. God help Clarke, living with this piece of work! She must’ve made her parents so proud – not. Margaret
Ivermectin has been used extensively and successfully overseas. It must be an option for NZ. I would like to know just what remedies are being used in our hospitals right now. Carole
What a dumb question !! OF Course the decision of what medication to prescribe to his Patient, should rest with the Doctor !! Covid or No Covid !! Pierre
ABSOLUTELY!! Ivermectin bring it on!! Letesha
Absolutley we are not Nazi’s Max
Big Pharma is a criminal cabal. Susan
My guess .. it’s part of the rotten contract agreement with the Govt. and Pfizer. No alternatives ??? Tom
Yes, free to discuss suitable treatments with the patient and prescribe them. Pammie
Dr Clancy’s comments make eminently good sense. Great article, thanks for sharing Stephen
Yes, provided that they prescribed therapy is proven to be safe Peter
They should know best Garth
Trust! A GP should be a trusted person, in my eyes. Someone who knows their patients, understands their concerns and their life choices. This trust is being eroded by our Government, as most doctors seem to be subscribing to the narrative. Let the trust be restored to our doctors! Kerry
There are safe and effective early treatments for covid with many, many studies behind them now showing they’re saving lives. We need to have these readily available to us Lena
Absolutely! Brent
That’s why we have Doctors to prescribe the most effective treatment avaliable Jacinda should not be trying to be a Doctor which she i not to her it is not about health but money probably getting a good back hander from the drug co Russell
And patients should have input as to what they want also. steven
Absolutely. Who knows a person’s health history better than their Dr. No-one so they should be able to prescribe anything necessary to help that person overcome any infection/illness Michelle
Is TVNz doing what they are told or just lying on 20 10 21 cases reached 104 on22 10 21 cases reported 129 on30 10 21 160 cases news reported that we have now passed 100 cases twice mistake or lie on 31 10 21 143 case news displayed graph show only 3 spikes above 100 who is supplying this false information. You might think this is trivial it is not a lie is a lie just one of many . The continuation of teaching cultural differences is an abomination and until we accept all NewZealanders are just that government intervention to deviseness will split this country asunder Jacinder we have had enough begone your racist regime of secrets and lies just lets get rid of them Vivian
Don’t trust Health Dept nor the government – they have lost all credibility with me. Kerry
It’s what they do! Pharmac should move with urgency to make suitable preventive and treatment remedies available. Stan
If this were only about health known treatments would be actively pursued, as there is more at play here these are being suppressed in favour of threats and gate passes. The development of “Phfizermectin” at least will keep the money rolling in where the cheaper alternatives would not. John
Adern should face charges for holding back effective treatments Tracy
The Government has no place overriding the professional judgement of a medical doctor in prescribing treatments to patients. Oliver
The government has like everything else it touches tries to fit any issue into one size fits all – and when that doesn’t work Arden blames everyone except herself – good little socialist. Michael
Just because they went to medical school does not give them such a right. There is way too much for one person to decide. Peter
Initially we were told “Any questions ask your GP.” When some GP’s, being true to their profession, gave answers the Govt didn’t like, all of a sudden the GP’s were being referred to the Medical Council and now face loss of registration, and their liveihood.  
I am waiting for the nova vac to arrive that is if it ever does. Sven
It’s time the covid Queen listened to some real science and tried some real kindness instead of locking us up until we take part in a genetic experiment. Mark
Yes of course. A patient who is known to the prescribing doctor should have the right to trust his or her doctors diagnosis and treatment rather than be forced to accept a less effective (or state sponsored) “remedy”. GPs being bound to government rules and regulations with regard to treatment of covid would be yet another blow to democracy in this country and would surely be detrimental to successfully managing the disease going forward. Glen
I will trust my doctor to make the right decision. Peter
Trying to get some of the treatment remedies in New Zealand is hopeless and being told they have been banned by this Government surely is a red flag to something sinister. Christine
This is a no brainer. We should have been given a choice from the outset. To be told what vaccine we should have by a bunch of quacks who have no knowledge of a person%u2019s medical history and dictated to by a control fanatic is an insult to New Zealanders and a breach of our basic human rights. Given the bad reaction I have had to the first dose of this Pfizer vaccine I want to be able to be prescribed something that is suitable for me by someone who has been my medical practitioner for more years than I can remember. I%u2019m fed up with the lies, deceit and dishonesty from this government Heather
A big YES. It is criminal that these treatments have been denied to New Zealanders from the beginning. Albert
I strongly believe in early treatment : we should all have on hand the supplements, anti-virals , anti inflammatories for immediate use! Rosalie
It is thanks to doctors in other countries being free to explore treatment options that we know what is effective in keeping us alive and out of our underfunded hospitals. Caro
Your doctor has a commitment to ensure your best health outcomes as well as vested interest in your survival. He/she has all your special quirks and history at his/her fingertips cliff
Look at the overseas results in india as an example. Peter
The hospitals would not get inundated with Covid cases if early treatment was routinely given to all positive-testing people, as soon as they are diagnosed. Nola
The People of NZ must have the ‘option’ to choose, whether they want an invasive, unproven, experimental Vaccine or a proven prophylactic, and several other anti-viral drugs that millions around the world have shown that both work to a lesser or greater degree for mankind.. We don’t know yet how the man-made, genetically modified Virus was adapted or created. The ‘owners’ of that knowledge have purposely denied to provide that or the ‘gain of function’ to the detriment of mankind . Scotty- we have a problem! Ced
Doctors are the professionals Russell
I believe there is something(s) in the vaccine whose contents have not been disclosed, that would be improved by the use of products like Ivermectin Hydroxychloroquine. In addition, these drugs assist as prophylactics to avoid Covid, as well as especially in the early stages of Covid, in conjunction, with other therapeutics. The NZ Covid campaign has been too politicised, undermining the sacred relationship between patient doctor. Theodora
Of course they should, they are after all, the medical professionals , Ardern and her co-horts certainly are not Why of why are we be denied a positive alternate vaccine? Carolyn
However in saying this I am concerned at the lack of logic in the arguments put forward in your newsletter. Generally I welcome the clear voice and rational position put forward each week. Unfortunately this week is not one of your best. Gerald
Absolutely!! Politics should be kept out of the mix!! Wolf
Only if the prescriptions follow documented and proven trials of high percentage efficacy in large volume public testing. David
Yes and immediately at that. Ardern won’t want to lose face by walking any of the previous edicts back due to her extreme arrogance so probably shouldn’t count on any of these highly successful therapeutics being approved by this appalling govt Flip
Ivermectin, Why would you not? it saves lives and is proven safe. This is mass murder of the grandest scale this government and media needs to be stopped and held accountable. Mac
Provided the treatment is proven to be effective and non toxic on the world stage Jeff
Ivermectin has been used for decades on humans but is banned here Colleen
It’s evil for a government to think it knows more about someone’s health care than their own doctor! Simone
Our MOH don’t want to hear about Ivermectin. This proves this whole thing is not about people’s health. The government is pushing another dangerous agenda. Jan
Yes, all treatments must be made available for doctors to prescribe. I do not consent to the govt illegal rules and mandates. I will travel and move as i see fit and will not have my freedom, a god given right, impinged upon. The laws of nature and the god given laws of living men and women see not something that a corporate government has the jurisdiction to enforce. Freedom is not something that a government controls, it is mine by right and they cannot take it from me. Neil
You can’t trust the lying SOBs in Government and Ardern in particular. As the saying goes they are so bent that they could swallow an iron nail and shit a corkscrew. Terry
Of course. How can politicians make medical decisions? Natalie
ivermectin is proven to work but unfortunately trump mentioned it so the looney left immediately rejected it john
And the patient should have some input. Neil
Our medical professionals must know more than politicians, especially those M.P.’s with a background of falsehoods. Edgar W.
We should not leave any such decisions to Jacinda and her treacherous MP’s. Many are now extremely concerned at Labour’s agendas in keeping with World ideals. Alan
Absolutely yes. Doctors can take into account the patients’ medical situation and history and their professional judgement should be accepted. Jane
Politicians should have NO say at all !!! Anything they touch turns to shit > Hubert
No question early treatment has been the best solution to control Covid – especially Ivermectin. But our Government are a one trick pony. Vaccinate or else. They are, as the Wairarapa Times says quote “A lying pack of bastards”. And have been from the beginning. I will not have this vaccine – and I will never accept being a second rate citizen no matter what these clowns throw at me. I am a proud Kiwi (77 years) John
Yes, especially those that have a good safety record are being used successfully elsewhere. https://globalcovidsummit.org/news/biochemist-martenson-you-have-nothing-to-lose-with-ivermectin Angelica
Best practice overseas instead of the continuing blinkered leadership by our dictator and her collective of simps. Zoran
Of course, otherwise what use are they? Fiona
now !!! mike
with cindy being a multi millionare and nz just using the pfizer vacine makes you wonder whats going on, top marks to Sir Russel Couts for describing the standard of our pm and for the Wairarapa paper to describing our bent parliamentarians in the present govt to a T and who should all be sent to jail for treason , I dont have much faith in my Doctor but they should be able to offer different treatment to their patents if they want it. Richard
Ivemectin and hydroxychloroquine along with iv Vitamin C D and zinc. I’m against using remdesivir due to it creating fluid in the body. Also ventilation should be last resort. Michelle
YES. As long as the prescriptions and procedures are in line with those protocols devised and successfully used by medical teams from around the world. For government to de-neigh by law these treatments is tantamount to murder. Ray
Well why not, my doctor knows more than me. Eric
Not all NZ doctors can be trusted to follow genuine science. Prf. Clancy is at odds with the vast majority of expert opinion, and so is Ms Newman when in come to optimum management of Covid-19. Ron
no question drs are being controlled through their government payments to their clinics but should be able to make the best decisions for their patients wellbeing anthony
This is an excuse for the antivaxers! Paul
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the present government has changed from democratic principles to totalitarian.No one is allowed to question any of their decisions.Doctors have to go through comprehensive training before they can practice and prescribe medicine. MP’s require no qualifications and are elected on their ability to convince the public of to vote for them.List MP,s are not elected but foisted on us by their Party. The vast majority of list MP are useless at anything except collecting their salaries.The PM should apologise to the Doctors. Steve
It is absurd when there is so much evidence that the NZ government allows only what they consider the right treatment to be given Marion
only way to get rid of covid Look at India. great SUCCESS WITH iVERMECTIN. bring it on John
We should all be able to select the medication that we take. William
Of course they should. Since when does a “one size fit all”? And it is unfathomable how the current gene-based experimental injection, on trial until 2023, with long-term side effects completely unknown, is still termed a “vaccine”, which clearly it is not. Freedom of choice is a cornerstone of democracy. And the NZ Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code must be upheld. Kate
I have been wanting this to happen ever since Covid-19 appeared. There is no valid reason for doctors not to prescribe tried and true medications. That is their primary job. Sylvienne
Absolutely! They know their patients – they have access to the research – if they ever read it – and they might just know a wee bit more – and have demonstrably more experience than our draconion politicians. Felicity
Absolutely yes! Kath
Doctors know what works, not politicians marie
absolutely free and it will shortly come to that doctors should be able to perscribe well proven ivermectin to all that want to give it atry because the pizer by their own admission is extremly limited in its longer term protection and just maybe ivermectin may help as it has everywhere its in common use,,but vaxinda is to bloody stupid to give it even atry because they commited themselves to pizer,and will not hear of alternatives,,meanwhile shes sending the whole country broke and in creasing the infection rates,,and why did she allow them to imune from prosicution for failier of their vaxine or its effects on our people,and to pay for the doses wether used or not,,pizers standard contract with all countrys ,,no wonder shes pushing it on us all,,with no bloody alternative allowed,,we will soon have to figure out a way to take our beautifull country back from the worst govt we have ever seen,,and the worst run ,worst policys,worst economy,etc etc etc maybe the up coming wedding will help when her face appears in all the magizines i for one are sick of the sight of her and thoroughly sick of the one oclock bullshit,,i think she got big balls not to resign hone
Proof of this has now shown up big time in India. Big Pharma is Busted !! And yes there’s that word again Ivermectin. This has proved, now beyond doubt that both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine WORK. Geoff
Every Doctor and Pharmacy should have the right to vaccinate and we would get every Citizen who wanted to be vaccinated done. Jacinder Ardern and The Government are manipulating the covid -19 roll out for political advantage. Henry
Yes they know better than jacinda Karen
Of course. Why is there any question? Judy
How do we get rid of this utterly stupid woman and her equally stupid and self seeking party Shirley
Dr’s are at 6the coal face and best able cto assess the local trends and results Barry
The rifts in this country will never heal while the Adern government is in office. gay
Doctors should know what is right for their patients better than the politicians Ted
Way past time. Jacinda has tried her best but failed. We value our freedoms ahead of the Covid jab. Let’s all start the rebuilding of our broken community and economy. Ian
They know their patients best and are trustworthy to do the right thing for them. Marg
The meddling Labour government needs to keep its nose out of this issue. Let the experts (doctors) decide such matters. Stick to what you’re good at Labour, like…….ummm……like………oh never mind. Logan
Yes they should be able to do the best for their patients without the stupid mandates of our beloved leader. I have a suspicion that the mandate is based on a request or something more from the drug companies to ensure they profit from their vaxes. On a different subject I noticed yesterday (Saturday) that there were significant protests over the lockdowns throughout the country but very differing coverage on the two main TV networks. Which one is Government owned I wonder ROB
Most definitely. They are the experts. Pam
There are proven treatments in place in Australia and elsewhere lindsay
I’ve been researching this issue for about a year now, and it appears big Phama (and governments) may be complicit in possible crimes against humanity, on a massive scale. John
It’s not a politician’s job to medal in medicine Sue
Unequivocally YES! Surely we can trust our medical profession to act in the best interests and wellbeing of their patients, rather than being held to ransom by a despot who’s desparate to hold on to power. She should be reminded that the word, “minister” means “servant”, and that “prime” means “first”. Therefore a “Prime Minister” is actually the “first servant”. “Power” has gone to her head. Laurence
Clause 11 of the NZ Bill of Rights gives me the ability decide what I put in my body. It won’t be something the government manipulates me to accept or mandates me to have. It will be what my doctor and I agree is necessary. Peter
Ivermectin, Vitamin cocktails and prednisone have all been used with success overseas by doctors. Not INSTEAD of but IN ADDITION to vaccines. Any tool in the toolbox is worthwhile. Geoffrey
Once again, a well researched & accurate article that should be front page material on all of our ‘news’ papers. Thankyou Dr Newman. But no, our now politically owned news-media pushes the government agenda & lies, as if they are facts. No wonder the frightened rabbit like population dance to whatever tune their Leader plays. Some are starting to wake up. Will it take a revolution with possible blood-shed to rid the world of this tyranny? A.G.R.
Yes if they have the best interests of their patients at heart. Many medical practioners have lost their credibility by supporting this governments vaccine and lockdown only strategy no matter the cost to our country and wellbeing. Lena
that’s why we have people who trained to be a doctor, huh. Henk
The lying shits politically protecting Maroi seats to give them another three years of stechting their dominance in power. It is unbelivable how NZ is now heading into apartide Drs are dis Kevin
Since when were politicians qualified to give medical advice? The Pfizer agreement bans the use of Ivermectin but we need to stockpile it NOW as it works! The vaccines don’t stop anyone getting or tansmitting the virus… in fact overseas data shows around 90% of serious cases are in vaccinating people. Wayne
Of course! Treatment should be a medical decision, not a political one. Janet
Of Course they should Gregor
Yes, doctors should always be the one who decide treatment options based on their clinical assessment and the needs of the individual patient. Gottfried
Government are not medical experts and ‘their experts’ are carefully selected and biased toward government’s thinking. NO opposing discussion is allowed or encouraged in ANY way. Cheaper health treatments (with a safe history/data) are not allowable. If people’s health was paramount, this would be allowable and even encouraged! Jane
There are many safe, effective & proven alternatives for treating covid, and this should be part of choice. Christine
Common sense indicates this to be a logical and viable option. Pete
Doctors know what they’re doing! You would hope. Politicians are not worthy or experienced in medical field s Neil
The question is – how many New Zealand doctors would prescribe the available anti viral options? Will they stick with the well rehearsed and now encoded in their psyche, ‘you should be having the jab’. Is there a reason for them to change their current message. The ability to be healthy rests with other wellness professions as well. Note: I do not work in the wellness industry but have used such services for years with excellent outcomes. SC
The Government is trying to change legislation right now to make it unlawful to prescribe ivermectin or the other proven medical solutions. It’s like they want to make us sick and/ or die. Pam
Absolutely. I am appauled at the lack of advice that NZ Doctors are allowed to give their patience on the Covid. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? Ann
We are still waiting for the “vaccinations”to come out of trial stage and prove successful – in the meantime all the vaccines given, are to guinea pigs! tony
Of course they should. Since when is the dictator a doctor with specialty skills related to the pandemic? Paloma
How much of an influence has “Big Pharma” having in all of this? Is NZ just doing as they say in getting even the booster? The first time the “booster” was mentioned, was by the CEO to a bunch of investors; – does that say something? Ted
The minority in NZ holds the majority to ransom at every turn. We need more dialogue between groups with different views so a real consensus can be reached that forms a majority Only then will we be able to move forward as an undivided society that is majority controlled. Isn’t that what democracy is supposed to mean? Ian
I have had doctors stuff up what they prescribed., but for COVID related YES robin
Local GP’s usually have the pulse of what’s happening & best for the patient. 1 size fits all legislation does not work for everyone Nicvk
Most definitely and without recourse. Alan
At least this way we would not be at the mercy of our dictatorial government David
WE must not continue to be governed by a Prime Minister, whose main qualification was wrapping fish & chips whose government dictates what doctors have available to prescribe. Learning about Covid is ongoing and there is no one cure fits all. Doctors must be free to keep up with international findings and cures Alan
Of course, plain and simple. “But I have a simple message for Jacinda: Kiwis don’t care about your status on the world stage! What we do care about is that you stop ruining our country” I copied this bit from the article. Stop ruining our country should read, “stop RUNNING our country”. Problem solved. Ray S
Of course, unless they want to be gagged By the Intellectually deficient, self serving, adulation demanding – ms adern. Doctors have taken the Hippocratic oath. They agree to help mankind. The medication which is available (needs to be available) for them to prescribe. Jude
Our Puppet press won’t tell you the benefits of intervention drugs. They are paid not to. Bob
My doctor tells me medical associations in nz have recommended against ivm, like many doctors I doubt he has done his own research. Roger
The obsession with mass Phizer vaccination is “over the top” and has to stop. This is an experimental vaccine which is still in a testing phase, and does not prevent people catching covid,or passing it on. Its only advantage is to reduce the severity of illness for any vaccinated person who catches it. Other preventative remedies should be adopted as used overseas. Roy
Absolutely Gabrielle
the obvious caveat is that the treatments are FDA approved. Gavin
It is a no-brainer and our idiotic Government is simply proving they have no brains are are unfit to Govern Garry
YES, absolutely. NZ is meant to be a free society! “As a human right as governed under World Law by the Nuremberg Code of 1947” NZ should be free to choose their inoculation process. It seems NZ is being duped in many ways !! Science and medical developments have historically produced amazing medical and scientific advances against various destructive diseases. Why is New Zealand (and some other countries) under the financial grip of BIG pharma restrictions – and is this corruption at the highest level ? Why is it, when Uttar Pradesh state, Peru, Mexico, and just recently Indonesia has switched to accepting and using Ivermectin? This has produced amazing results – Covid-19 infections and death rates have dramatically plummeted to virtually zero? Nobel Prize winner Ivermectin (several billions of doses used world wide for other diseases with amazing success with high safety records? See Indonesia’s Government’s recent graphs showing when Ivermectin was banned – massive infections and associated deaths – then ivermectin introduced; used extensively; infections and deaths plummet! Why are media, BIG pharma and WHO desperately attempting to block ivermectin? Follow the money – look for the answer. Ivermectin – out of patent – is very cheap! Even Pfizer employees have become whistleblowers against Pfizer – why? Why would they do that? Are they embarrassed? Why are (most) reputable Doctors not able to freely discuss ivermectin or Hydroxy etc with their patients? Again, follow the money! Are there restrictive financial restraints placed on entrapped, compliant (or complicit?) governments to use only BIG pharma experimental vaccines? WHY THE RESTRAINTS? Where is open and honest government which NZ expects – and voted for? Stuart
People’s choice. Lee
Definitely. If this is about health and not a genocide agenda. It is easy to see which is prevailing . Pamela
Absolutely 100% Kevin
It’s a no brainer Barry
Simple logic suggests this option – why wouldn’t you. Clive
Bloody criminal not too! Terry
Of course!! Alastair
of course – they are the Doctors – not whoever, if anyone, advises Headmistress! murray
Thats why they are doctors RAY
Labour has 65 MPs with probably 55 totally incompetent.I trust my GP over any of them including (by proxy) Dr Bloomfield,who toes the Labour line – or he wouldn’t be trotted out 3 – 4 times a week. Roll on the revolution or the next election. Dick
There needs to be regulated treatment for this virus. Can you imagine the damage and health chaos if some doctors started prescribing holistic and cultural type unproven medicine Darryl
Yes they should be enabled to do so Theo
Should have a choice of treatments from the start. People trust Doctors. Tangata consider go to hospital to die. Leigh
Yes Doctors should be able to do this, and patients should have the right to decide what treatments and remedies they would like including whether to have the vaccination or not. Janine
Appalling we have no other than Pizer vax choice which is no choice at all if we value our lives. Read International journal of Vaccines Theory & research ‘Worse than the Disease’ Chris
There are other effective treatments available which the Govt has banned Arthur
To hold back proven treatments and offer only one experimental jab which is known to cause deaths and adverse life changing reactions is tantamount to treason and those responsible should be charged with this. All avenues of treatments and drugs should be made available and people given the choice of what methods they use in the event of them being infected. History will be scathing of Ardern and her handling of this so called pandemic..Her lack of integrity, life experience and leadership qualities have been shown up completely by her actions. She has to be the worst PM that we have ever had and this Government the worst Government that we have ever had. The damage done socially, psychologically and economically to NZ by them is going to take a very long time to fix. Allan
So long as they are fit for purpose like any other regulated medication in this country. We hope doctors are above all the conspiracy theories and mis information abounding at present. Willy
Under the ‘traffic’ system unjabbed will be labelled ‘criminal’ regardless of what they work at or have contributed to their societies. atherine
Dr Muriel Newman for Prime Minister. Please! Pat
I think there has to be some controls on medicine. But if people want it then they owe it to the people to at least look into it properly and not dismiss it. Lyn
Of course they should! Just ask yourself – who do you trust your GP or your MP? It’s a no brainer, innit? Next question – do you trust Commissar Ardern? Another no brainer! My answer – I wouldn’t even accept fush ‘n’ chups from her – even though that is her highest level of expertise. Ron
Absolutely, 100% Kris
Yes, of course. We need NZ health authorities to fast-track the approval or rubber stamp things that are already approved in the US, Britain or Aussie. Andrew
Doctors surgeries is where treatment (inluding vaccination) should have been not by DHB in expensive halls/drive throughs/etc – the surgeries are set up what could have been easier sheryl
How is this woeful government getting away With this?? Do they not look beyond their Noses,, Helen
As long as the prescribed drugs aren’t harmful, why not. Ivermectin is cheap and not subject to the rip-offs of big pharma. It’s likely that the new drug being peddled by Pfizer is just a slightly modified version of ivermectin – they’re about as devious as our politicians! Alan
Govt. Has a this under control. John
Ivermectin has been proven overseas – get Iwi elite to request it as it is written in Pharmac protocols that Maori have preference over all other ethnicities Brenda
Overseas experience shows that drugs our Govt is blocking are indeed effective. What is their game? Harvey
Different remedies work for different people, treating COVID should be no different. Drs should be able to assess and evaluate the best treatments they think for each patient. Steve
While as you point out Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment everyone also has the right to health and should be able to do so on the advise of their doctor. John
But but good luck in finding a medical practitioner that hasn’t been brainwashed and brought into the Govts propaganda. One thing is clear now is that you don’t have to be overly bright or intelligent to be a Dr, just study hard. Toni
A patient’s GP needs to be involved, especially for independent support and management of their patients individual needs, rather than patients being lumped into the hospital system which has only one focus of recovery. Now, especially as patients are now isolating from home and not MIQ. Annie
If they have clinical information and that research has been through then they should be given the right to prescribe for their client .We have to much Government control under this sloppy lot. Time to get rid of them. ken
No government intervention and threats. No propaganda. No pharmaceutical kick backs. Restore integrity to the relationship between patient and Dr. We do not want “yes men”, we want honesty and people who act upon “First do no harm”. Viv
The blame game is the strategy of this Government, however no matter what excuses the PM and her followers come up with, the fact remains that had the government ordered and paid for any of the vaccines that were becoming available as early as August/September 2020 and an effective program of full vaccination for ALL citizens and tighter control at our borders had been even thought about from that point on, we may have had an opportunity to get ahead. Barry
It is ridiculous to ban any medication that is proven to work. Betty
COVID-19 requires a medical response, not the bull in the china shop ignorant emotional dodgy response we have from Jacinda Ardern and her government. Pfizer have never had it so good making so much money. It seems very odd that our doctors are censored by the medical council if they dare to follow their understanding of science than the orchestrated political response Jacinda Ardern is insisting on. It is astonishing that amidst the chaos and mayhem of adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab Jacinda Ardern%u2019s government no longer recognises NZ%u2019s Bill of Rights. Medical treatment under duress is no problem to them. The sooner the medical profession are allowed to deal with COVID-19 unfettered by this ignorant dictatorial government, the better. To rub salt into the wound Jacinda Ardern and Ms Mahuta continue to progress the He Puapua inspired racist 3 Waters asset theft ,Andrew Little is busy with the Aparteid health reforms and James Shaw and his cronies are preparing to commit more economic vandalism to appease the mythical god of climate change. Meanwhile COVID-19 is marching on, NZers remain divided over vaccinations with no home treatment, and the Auckland lockdown continues – No wonder NZers are stressed. !! Donald
Of course they should. A no-brainer Gail
Jacinderella’s hidden agenda was not really so well hidden. It became obvious at the start of her term of government that filling ministerial posts with half-wits would allow her to pull their strings, and enforce policy decisions in all areas of government in a way that suits her ideological dogma. There is no doubt, she presents a far greater danger to a viable future for New Zealand than Covid-19 does. TOBY
Other countries have proved it works. The information does not seem to get through, or appreciated by our govt as they are hell bent on depopulation and only using Gatee’s death shot. Michele
Within reason you should be able to get the medication you want. I think this is reasonable.  Jim
They should be encouraged to look at the iMATH and MATH protocols and to treat early NOT rely on mRNA gene therapy which isn’t working in the rest of the world. Surely not treating people early violates the hippocratic oath? Anon
INVERMECTIN for our’ booster shots’ now ! All for free, no credit card required to ride this train… Christtopher
Our doctors know us, the govt obviously do not! Sharron
Optimum Health first and foremost Lyn
A Satirist’s take on this: “Facing a reputational hit with his denouncement of Ivermectin as an effective prophylactic and early-stage treatment for COVID-19, as being horse medicine Dr Ashley Bloomfield has in a surprising move doubled-down on his rhetoric. Look we just can’t trust the public to understand the science here and we’ll be moving just as soon as we can to eliminate all horse stuff from stockists shelves around New Zealand. This will extend to carrots, apples, and oats – all well-known to be consumed by horses and thus deadly dangerous to humans. On the subject of water, also known to be widely consumed by horses, the ministry has issued a public health warning that it should be taken with caution and in minimal volumes until we can conduct further studies. Expect a proclamation sometime during the week after next. Insider information from Princess Adern’s Government of Aotearoa New Zealand (PAGANZ) has it that the subject of water availability will soon become a moot point anyhow as control of all of the country’s water resources will move soon to centralised control guided by iwi customs and traditions. Simply; even with water, water everywhere, there’ll soon not be any drop to drink.” Tony
Its a no brainer Gary
Yes! Of course. I am wondering when the medics start protesting against the ban of proven medicines and also start to count the costs of death and other problems due to the stupid “stop the virus” measures. I am not a medic, but I do know that a virus is not stoppable and that is proven in NZ and overseas. peter
Of course Steve
This country is at war with Covid. Widespread vaccination is our only way out of this catastrophe. A degree of compulsion is justified Graeme
Its not likely to happen any time soon as Covid 19 is the only thing Cindys followers have left to believe in Phil
Are doctors free? Lesley
This Adern government needs to be held accountable for their actions and removed from power at the earliest opportunity Richard
There are already many reputable studies showing the very limited duration of the so called protection. Also evidence is mounting that the vaccine destroys your immune system progressively.This will result in many extra cancers etc. Much better to focus on treatment which is likely more effective than the untested (long term safety) vaccine. Gerard
The government should NOT interfere in medical treatment at the coal face.. This “administration” seems to want to interfere in everything. THAT’S DICTATORSHIP. Graeme
Not only does this corrupt Government control doctors in the medications they prescribe they stop us importing these medications, some of which have been used for decades and approved and proven elsewhere. [Read Prof Robert Clancy’s commentary in this months news letter] Dr Bryan Betty seems to have a large say in this Governments decisions on medications whilst it could be said he is badly compromised with his business interests in Big Pharma. Check it here https://nzdsos.com/2021/09/30/the-trojan-horse-paste-hater-at-the-helm-of-the-rnzcgp/ Barry
dam right they should A
Yes definitely. I need to be able to trust a doctors judgement that they care primarily about my health concerns, not their political alignment. Lewis
Great coverage and opinions – we must end this madness!! Red
HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Andy
‘Do no Harm’ the professional medical Oath. Deliberately withholding FDA registered medicine’s from Qualified Doctors and the public is criminal. The interference by the State in the doctor patient relationship has crossed the line and confirms we are under a dictatorship. It appears we are in a war without guns but weapons are in use. The question Professor Clancy asks, who is pulling the Strings and will PM Ardern be held accountable along with her bureaucratic experts when the potential humanitarian crisis of deaths ensue because of failure to provide Early effective treatment for symptomatic patients with C19 as doctors do for any other medical condition with a selection of registered medicines, often off Label as in the case of IVM. The reach of control over so called Western Democratic nations should be feared by all. Media failure, weak self-interested politician’s, and a gullible indoctrinated population into Group Think give A deceitful lying pack of bastards power. Come on New Zealand, we must push back on this Divisive Government before Hope the last chance of human survival is lost. Sam
Absolutely. Those with formal medical training must be better able to judge vaccine efficacy than politicians. Bill
This government is overriding health totally. They are only interested in control rather than what is proven to be effective prevention of the virus effects Why are we not using NZ developed saliva testing ? Peter
That NZers are being denied good primary care as a result of Govt edict is unethical. Most media now co-opted as Govt propaganda channels. Louise
Great & the Indian success of another drug should be made available in NZ. Warren
Come on kiwis its the to get rid of this deceitful lying pack of bastards called the labour governments dictatorship once and for all, i am absolutely disgusted that i voted for these picks it really turns my cuts over, come on national, act and co start beating the drums as loud as you can and jumping up and down and getting the public behind you to get the ball rolling NOW, . Don;t wait until 6 mths out from the election start NOW, start with a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the government, with the covid-19, the three waters, the DHBs, the spending of money willy-nilly everywhere that;s not necessary, the list goes on and on just look at the money that covd is costing the country and look what the tree waters is going to cost as well as the divide of the people. How is it that the government has to right to give the water and all its rights the the iwi 16% of the population and stuff the rest of us, its just bull shit and they know it, No one owns the water it belong to all, sorry the iwi own jack shit they just want to take take take land ,water, mountains,you name it they want it, for god sake they rest of us kiwis have had a cuts fill of all the bull shit its time to have government that just governs for all the people as a whole not for the 16% we are all one we are all kiwis. What happened to labours working for the people BULL SHIT. ITS ONLY WORKING FOR 16%. COLIN
That is what they train for? Sally
Yes, they should! This Government is treating Doctors like a bunch of uneducated numbskulls. They were even sidelined when dishing out vaccines, so that they could ‘train’ people off the street to stick a needle into an arm! What’s next? Burning books! Let’s see how long it takes them to get the anti-viral drugs necessary to treat Covid-19 Patients, they’ve stuffed up everything else. Heather
This entirely goes without saying – the relationship between doctor and patient is sacred – doctor are destroying that sanctity Skarlett
Front line medical professionals in the USA are now unequivocally reporting that Democrat-maligned billion-dose tested resveratrol and remdesivir are now proving to be vital in the rapid recovery of the majority of their Covid Delta patients. Phil
The lack of the private sector involvement in ALL issues around Covid is a shame on the Govt. BRET
Swift and early implementation of Ivermectin combined with other drugs has stopped Covid cases progressing to a more serious level of the disease. This is a cheap way to stop our hospitals being overrun with ICU beds. Medicine has historically always had multiple ways of treating illnesses. The vaccine is only one way we need more tools in the toolbox. Vicki
the sooner ivermectin is available the better. it may only correlate with good outcomes nub the drug is so safe there are minimal downsides. no harm in using it mary
this government is full of politicians and is backed by a bureaucracy that essential backs into the future. Planning is ma dirty word – they merely react after the event Shaun
The worm is turning. Lethargic New Zealanders are waking up, at last. Maybe hope has a chance of beating in our hearts. valerie
The medical profession needs to be able to offer alternative vaccines as well as ivermectin and any other drug that offers promising curative performance. Dianna
For the greater good of society we should all be vaccinated. Gerry
Drs should have the right to treat their patients as they see fit. Noeline
An overwhelming yes to these treatment protocolshttps://rumble.com/vndgg6-oct-2-2021-peter-mccullough-md-the-vxs-are-not-safe.html Allan
Note: Front line medical professionals in the USA are now unequivocally reporting that Democrat-maligned billion-dose tested resveratrol and remdesivir are now proving to be vital in the rapid recovery of the majority of their Covid Delta patients. Phil
All citizens should have the right to receive treatment prescribed by their doctors after a consultation where the benefits and outcomes are discussed and agreed upon. Dennis
It is not acceptable for a government to dictate to a health professional how to treat any diseases, what treatment they are allowed to use. Nor is it acceptable for them to deny health professionals the ability to make one on one assessments of their patients based on their overall health profile (as should ethically be done) before advising whether any inoculation is deemed safe for that individual person. Shelley
Absolutely! Doctors should be free to make decisions in the best interests of their patients and not suffer the fear of sanctions. Thankfully we have some courageous doctors and other medical professionals that are prepared to make a stand against medical tyranny. Lee
Of course that’s what they are there for. Allan
Absolutely, only your Dr knows what your situation is medically. The Government doesn’t know nor is it any of their business. Rita
Yes – the current forced inoculation with an experimental gene therapy is not working – it was never intended to! This so-called “vaccine” is killing off more people, than the virus has, in ever increasing numbers. The real, proven cures – Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C and D, etc, were purposely sidelined in order to line the pockets of Big Pharma, aided and abetted by MSM and governments worldwide. Slowly but surely people are waking up to this, as well as coming to the realisation that they are being used as guinea pigs in some nefarious, Globalist experiment. Our Government needs to step aside and let Doctors do the work they have been trained for and not interfere any further. Human lives are too precious and valuable to be abused in this fashion! Scott
There are plenty of proven alternatives, so use them. Ian
I have been saying for a long time now that the World has been going a whole series of experiments – some successful and others not, and that the Government should have been incorporating what worked and ignoring what did not. As usual this clown show of the Government ignores the evidence while wanting a ‘NZ’ way of doing things, to burnish Ardern’s UN credentials and get themselves elected in perpetuity which is what He Puapua will effectively do – bloody useless. Brenton
Ivermectin like India did Barbara
Absolutely ludicrous that this has been handled politically and not medically sharon
Freedom of choice premised upon professional judgement Jamie
Will not happen as this would ensure Marxinder would lose her control from the pulpit of truth well before the 2023 election. Chris
Jacinda is only interested in adopting her UN agenda 2030. Any other distractions that get in the way will be completely ignored as she is doing with 3 waters. Lawrie
We don’t live in a Police state or do WE?????? Les
Freedom is everything. Nobody is the fount of all knowledge , not even the govt. It is only with freedom that you can get various ideas on how to combat the virus. John
Take the politics out of medicine. Doug
Without delay Erin
or patients source overseas Gill
I have not had ‘the shot’ (I refuse to call this synthetic concoction a vaccine) but would be there with sleeve rolled up if my Dr. was allowed to administer Ivermectin, Novavax or anything produced from antigens. I think it is appalling that a government can silence and threaten the medical profession into compliance, thus undermining their previous status of trust and honesty. What has happened to our country? Don
Early treatment is the key and there are effective treatments available David
Of Course Bryan
yes just like how to treat any virus or illness. dave
Like it or not we have to put our trust in the medical people the Govt have chosen to keep us safe. Some Drs are not experts in this particular field. barbara
This should have been implemented in mid to late 2020 so New Zealand citizens had options as to the treatment of Covid, as opposed to a totalitarian approach by Jacinda based on a fear campaign and compulsory vaccination using Pfizer as the only remedy. She has presented us from developing a natural immunity and as such we are destined to be controlled by continual lockdowns until at least the next election. I only hope there is a huge backlash and her party is terminated by voters. Steve
Of course they should! Why would you NOT treat any illness in the early stages, especially when other countries have had success with inexpensive, easy treatments? It’s criminal and hard to believe that a government would actually prevent doctors from prescribing medications for patients. Jacinda Ardhern and her cronies have to be stopped before the country is totally destroyed. Liz
Doctors know better than any of our dumb politicians colin
Unregulated use of drugs??I think the preferred option is for a more flexible and proactive approach from med-safe Mike
Comrade Cindy would have to the most untruthful ,devisive ,self praising , labour leader to grace the halls of power . Her obvious next step is BRIBERY which is the only thing she excells at Poor old Winnie got anything he wanted when he sadly joined Labour ,which still remain a secret and of couse Cinys Bribing of the Media ,a totally abhorrent form of misuse of power .I fully expect the briery carrot will soon appear to appease the gullible Kiwis who voted her back into the treasury benches . Where are the politicians ,lawyers ,academics ,hopefully there moral codes may be enough to force them into action. For all Kiwis I hope so . Ray
I trust my doctor more than my government noel
Some control is required. Would like to see the most effective drugs used overseas available, not just every drug out there being used Gaylene
Sensible Jeremy
absolutely! Valda
Of course they should. Had enough of Jacindas dictatorships socialist methods Alan
Doctors should have the right to prescribe what is best for their patients; patients should have the right to freedom of choice regarding their own body. Phillip
Ye, of course. When it comes to medical matters we need to take the advice of medical practitioners – NOT lying politicians. Rob
Do I not have the right to choose whatever remedy I like as a free citizen? Mervyn
I cannot vote in favour of doctors choosing to use whatever they choose or like to treat any disease or affliction. As in ll walks of life we will have some crazies among them as well as some who are simply misinformed, but the risks to our people are the same either way. Doctors should be able to administer suitably tested and proven preventative and remedial products. While I believe that what I have written is what you intended to ask I think your wording was clumsy and short on detail. Keep in mind that we rightly castigate our government for doing this John
But not really sure they are all able to make such decisions. David
Ivermectin has been a dirty word in NZ for the last few months. Put down as cattle drench by Bloomfield, the ignorant. A good job suppressing it has been done in NZ!! Marianne
Ivermectin seems to be the worlds latest wonder drug. Murph
The results in India are simply amazing – ironic that WHO is trying to take credit without mentioning Invermectin Peter
Has Ivermectin been banned by Ardern for use in NZ? Roger
I, for one, will not take this vaccine. lorraine
It is clear those running the Covid recovery at present do not have a clue so better to leave it with the Doctors and Health professionals rather than the `witch doctors’ the government is using at present. pdm
Informed choice is good. Totalitarian government control of every aspect of your existence is not. Frank
Ivermectin was denied to the people of NZ on the basis that it would be off label use. Yet it is ok to use an experimental injection with no long term safety data yet available.The stupidity and hypocrisy of this government and the muppets advising them knows no bounds. Release Ivermectin for covid treatment immediately. Delia
I would gladly take a non mRNA vaccine, my preference being Valneva as soon as it’s approved. I have a mask exemption and at a store the other day was given a yellow sticker to wear by the door person. Jacinda read Hitlers playbook and we’re well on our way down that slippery slope. What can we do? If someone fights in court and wins, like Sue Grey, Labour just change the law so she loses. Ruth
Of course, if they’re intelligent enough to do their homework. Recent conflict with a doctor who “preferred” to treat only vaccinated patients has made me realise that doctors know diddley-squat about this virus. Jenny
Traditionally doctors have had their hands tied to use pre-purposed medicines, until long trials have shown that these medicines are safe. In the case of treating this virus this “normality” should have been reversed quickly. Exceptional circumstances need exceptional responses. Wake up the medical powers that be NZ and start using procedures that are working abroad, and saving lives. Carol
Absolutely! The State has no place meddling in Medicine beyond providing the means for our Drs to practice. Ian
Within reason, but Ivermectin should be available. Jen
Big Pharma rules Michael
Absolutely, they are trained to a very high level of protection and therefore should have the right do decide on the treatment that is required for covid -19 just like all other ailments Tom
Absolutely, Doctors SHOULD be free to prescribe the treatment they choose, just as a patient should be free to choose whether or not they wish to take the remedy. Robin
yes they should be able to prescribe alternative medications that are known to work, nigel
I would like to see more data on ivermectin- I give it to cows for internal parasites but like with many drugs, they sometimes have unexpected beneficial effects in other diseases. Laura
Subject to the treatment previously being trialed and shown to be effective with minimal side-effects Derek
Without a doubt, Doctors know their patients, and everyone has the right to choose their own treatment. DON
Professional trained and doctors understand medicines better than me. RICHard
Ivermectin was awarded a Nobel prize but Dr Bloomfield has banned its use. Veronica
Of course they should. Robbie
We are beginning to accept “rules” that we would once not even have been considered. As I have stated many times this is what propaganda does. There is no logic in many of the decisions that are being made. If our media were telling things differently, then all those people who still believe everything they watch and listen, would have a different view. As far as our parliamentarians are concerned, those with the real power, they are all an absolute disgrace. According to the oath they take they should be upholding our democratic rights. Each one is elected to represent us all not pander to individuals within our society. My hope now is that people “shout from the rooftops” before the next election and return our country to a democracy. Janine
Sadly they have been threatened and muzzled and made to go along with the biggest hoax the world has ever been forced under. David
treatment for Covid, ie vaccines should have been to the GPs in the first place. They are the people trusted most, not the Government Erin
plus why are we restricted to only one vaccine ? we want the novavac and refuse to take the current one on offer ,,this feeling is strong in our local rural community mac
Criminal not to have done it. Hugh
It’s a no brainer Yvonne
No brainer if this med works as evidence shows that it does. !! Andrew
And the fact that they are forbidden to do so is absolutely criminal in my opinion! Brenda
Let’s get rid of the racist Ardern Pauline
It should be a crime not to prescribe it. They are failing in thier duty to thier patients. In turn this erodes faith in the medical profession generally. Russell
Yes: More though NZld’s should be able to purchase drugs from Pharmacies in small cocktails of treatments to prophylaxes or active treatments e.g. Aspirin,, Zinc, Ivermectin, ,Quinine possibly a steroid and antibiotic as used elsewhere widely throughout the world. pat
No restrictions on vitamins ! Ann
As long as the therapies are ‘approved’. Otherwise witchcraft will be rampant. Ravi
A vaccination one-size-fits-all mentality was necessary in the early days of Covid while research into treatment was still being undertaken. Those days are long since passed, alternatives are here and these should be available as a personal choice. Bruce
subject to the usual quality issues and not “experimental” therapies. We do have some alternative medicos so would want to have some control over those who do not follow normal medical guidelines Bryan
As long as the remedy or treatment has been researched Andrew
Insane to keep thinking we can vaccinate our way out of this. It is a pandemic of the UNTREATED !!!! A complete failure of government to put money into our health system ! Shelley
Some doctors have proved to be rather stupid in this regard. Maurice
It is outrageous that the government is stepping in and banning treatments! Ron
I would be the first into the clinic door to get it !!!!!!!!!!! Carl
As a medical professional who makes balanced decisions on evidence based medicine this is the way forward rather than medically ignorant politicians making purely politically based decisions on an individuals health management Jude
Our personal GP’s have earned our trust to know what treatment / medication we require, why should we trust Fauci, Bloomfield or Ardern to decide write my prescription? Tony
The Indian studies clearly indicate that Ivermectin has potential to limit the impact of the virus. John
Yes – the hiding of successes such as in India is chilling! Bronwyn
and not be villanised for refusing to vaccinate darelle
This whole government is a complete failure in every respect apart from totalatarianism. “The first indication of stupidity is complete lack of shame.” It is also a symptom of narccissism as also is lying. Terry
Of course Alan
the doctors are going to prescribe what suits best for their patients Les W
Absolutely without question!! Ian
The hotels should have been converted to hospital rooms, each with its own ensuite, instead of MIQ facilities. Then the regular hospitals would have been free to conduct normal operations and so save the burden on them. . Terry
They should prescribe only those remedies that are based on science. Quacks kill. K
Vaccination by decree must be replaced by remedies for the free by Doctors in the know. Terry
The Medical Council is preventing GPS from giving exemptions even for anaphylaxis. So while the legislation says you can get an exemption who is going to issue it?? Early treatment meds will be treated the same. Medications for early treatment surely negate the emergency use approval for the Pfizer jab and whatever contract the govt has will not allow it. The jab or be damned approach has to be stopped. Shannon
ivermectin is a proven cure Brian
Democracy of choice in action David
Broad (universal?) testing combined with early anti-viral treatment is being shamefully neglected. David
BUT, choosing only from those which are generallhy regarded, by the medical fraternity, as effective. No “alternaztive” treatment or remedies. Geoffrey
Absolutely. They are now just being sheeple doing as our communist scum Ardern says Greg
They should always have that freedom. Kevin
Pharmac will be a probem. Graeme
People should have the right to choose what they can prescribe and take! Letesha
Treatment is of vital importance, and to place all reliance on a vaccine of dubious efficacy defies all logic. No government can be this stupid, there has to be an underlying motive. Rod
Absolutely government should not interfere with doctors treating their own patients.doctors know their patients health issues not the govt Denise
Finally someone has brought together in rational words and thinking what I have been thinking, believing and endeavouring to articulate both to myself and others around me. Thank you. It is a relief to read this credible and well supported article. Surely/hopefully there must be many others who hold to this commonsense medically grounded approach. Judith
No Brainer Matt
it is medical problem being manipulated by political fanatics. Maurice
If the drugs do no harm then why not use them, nothing to lose but much to gain Peter
ABSOLUTELY!! They’re the goddammed professionals and should NOT be controlled by a bunch of political hacks and bureaucrats. Tony
This is not about health. It is about control. if the government was really concerned about health, it would allow doctors to do what they can and should for their patients, not what the government says. Pauline
Not all Dr’s will have the same resources throughout the country therefore they should be free to do their best with what the have available Sheryl
Alternatives to the JAB are working well for prevention and cure in many countries overseas. Neil
I have 2x Pfizer. I am 74 and have haemochromatosis meaning, I have 600ml of blood removed every 6 weeks or so. Every venesection diminishes the efficacy of Pfizer. I now want a booster shot of Astra Zeneca . A- Zeneca does not dilute efficacy with venesection as does Pfizer. Clinically it is appropriate but I am denied that by Government dictating what should otherwise be my and my GP’s right. David 
Yes indeed!! But that will not happen because this regime has done a deal with Pfizer ( apart from receiving massive bribes– my suspicion) and they cannot get out of that contract without massive penalties. Apart from that in regards to 3 Waters : I fully agree with the headlines of the Wairarapa Times Age. The chief moron and her minions are a pack of lying deceitful bastards. Another two years of this and we are beyond damage control. Michael
ivermectin MUST be available, to say no is criminal, and kiwis must ask WHY? Is it just this communist control thing ?? norman
Of course doctors should be able to prescribe alternative drugs for covid, if they are working elsewhere in the world why not NZ. Gavin
Stop the dictatorship Donald
We need a Nuremberg type to hold our present government to account for “crimes against Humanity” namely US. Dave
Frankly the relationship between a doctor and a patient is the business of nobody else. Greg
Your words sum it all up quite well. I have followed the science closely for the past 2 years. It has become painfully obvious that neither politicians or half the medical people speaking have a clue what viruses are and how they spread.The mRNA vaccines are potentially a mine field and I prefer to take my chances until a traditional vax is available. This makes me an ignorant luddite in the minds of the all knowing geniuses out there. My frustration and bewilderment at the sheer obstinate stupidity of those allegedly in charge is beyond words. I now turn off all mouthings and the barrage of relentless BS issuing forth from Wellington. I cannot bare to even see Adern let alone listen to her. She raises my blood pressure to ill advised levels with her sanctimonious claptrap and snide triumphant assertions of how virtuous she is and how she will make us all suffer! Charles
Unfortunately they’ve been told lies which many appear to have believed about ivermectin and HCl so how many would prescribe it even if they could. Hilary
Influenza has been managed very well over the years, different strains included, by the nations GPs. This appalling blame game,and arderns divisive policies is surely nz ‘darkest hour’ Peter
Yes absolutely they must also be allowed to prescribe ivermectin. We should be able to purchase it Kristene
no more of this being dictated to by big pharma Graeme
Of course they should. Elizabeth
Doctors are the “experts” when it comes to treatment of diseases and illness. They know their patients far better than some glamour seeking, woman who only aspires to end up with a top slot at the United Nations. John
Of course they should we trust them for all our medical problems Peter
That is the job of any doctor/ To do no harm. Meaning to care and test the sick. Sarah
I will trust my doctor’s advice and treatment over this incompetent government’s dictates any day. Andrew
Early treatment is key to overcoming Covid 19. Ivermectin has proved to be highly successful. Debbie
Logical & non-political. That’s why Ardern & co wont have it. Bob
Well done on the world info review. But it’s strange how the press & the general media react. Good to see Jacinda getting the Plank award. Neville
Not only the doctors but also the patients should be allowed to request certain treatments. The doctor then gives advice Phil
Covid is a killer – if so – then every treatment known should be thrown at it. Drugs (ivermectin etc.), vitamins, antibiotics etc. and safe vaccines. Dr.’s should be able to treat their patients as they deem appropriate – no two people are alike and vaccines may not work for certain people. It is disgusting to turn New Zealanders against each other in the manner Ardern and the government are doing! Also we need full facts on reactions, on going health problems and deaths related to the vaccines. Nothing should be withheld from the public because this fuels fear and conspiracy theories and people should be able to make their OWN informed decisions. Vaccine passports will be another way to monitor and trace people living their regular lives. Jo
Thank you for your succinct commentary and ongoing efforts to ‘educate’ your readers and save our country from this astonishing government. The divisions being created in our society beggar belief. Merrill
If it works use it this Government is to up it self to no Jimmy
Absolutely! The govt has no right to interfere in any medical treatment this is dictatorship she /they must be stopped before it is too late … Lorraine
How else will we control an outbreak. Teresa
Surely if it is as bad a virus as they say they would not tie GP’s hands behind their back and all options should be on the table. David
The danger lies in the alternative, natural remedies that now exist as blatant quackery ,compounded by pseudo science readily available on the internet. Max
They should have been able to prescribe these medicines since the beginning of this year. Chris
Ivermectin hound be freely available to all NZ. a proven remedy world wide Annette
In the event of a pandemic, there needs to be a centralised ‘control’ of what medication and treatment is made available nationally. The economies of scale prevail and the funding is provided. Guidance for the prescribed medicine and treatment should be provided by a board of specialists, with varying perspectives and credentials, who are tasked to investigate, debate and advise the governing health administrators on the best course of action to promote. Utilising one or 2 ‘experts’, with potentially biased opinions, to make national decisions about peoples’ health in a pandemic is criminal. Unfortunately individual doctors generally, would not have the expertise or resources to provide a cohesive response to a national problem. Martin
There should always be freedom of choice, and no one should be coerced or bullied to do anything. That includes threatening doctors to tow the line, or else! Yanina
Absolutely, and the medical council who licences doctors should also be abolished now that they have shown themselves to be so unethical. Stephen
I trust my longtime Dr far more than I trust PM Ardern. I do not trust PM Ardern and her government at all. They have lost my confidence. Pete
There is just too much evidence of the effectiveness of these alternatives in combating the numbers for NZ to ignore. GET THEM NOW AND MAKE THEM AVAILABLE! Wally
NZ Drs should be ashamed of themselves. They need to stand up and be counted instead of following g the government narrative to protect their income’s and status. I will never trust them again Elizabeth
Hell yes, off label meds were once standard practice for doctors. Now standard practice is medical malpractice. Matt
This individual and her motley lot are displaying an unbelievable destructive agenda on all New Zealand citizens without any personal concern for their livelihood, wellbeing, or future. she is ignoring solid proven alternatives from learned people to prove her knowledge is greater than theirs, and pigheaded enough to think the team of 5M is stupid enough to believe her. An absolute disgrace and destroying this country at such speed the rest of the World shake their heads in horror and nominate her as an unmitigated disaster of a PM!! Robyn
My doctor can be trusted to provide my best health outcome…not the PM. James
Doctors have trained to treat and care for patients as individuals. Not, “one jab suits all” Christine
The way NZ doctors have been treated and, consequently, their patients, is simply unfathomable and disgusting. It’s all politics! It must stop immediately. Doctors know their patients medical history, they have formed trusted relationships with them, they are well trained and certainly better able to make health decisions for their patients than politicians and health bureaucrats. Michaela
By banning Ivermectin, HCQ and all the other effective safe treatments the government is guilty of the murder of every fatality due to covid. That is a crime for which they are totally responsible. Ross
It’s their frigging job ffs. There’s a reason people go to a doctor when they are sick and not a politician. Pavel
Absolutely – doctors are bound by a medical code to do the best for their patients. The Government should not be interfering. That they are is an outrage.  Murray
It is shocking that politicians can prevent doctors from doing what is right for their patients – and threatening them with deregistration if they don’t conform. NZ has become a dictatorship!  Joan
Of course doctors should be free to do the right thing by their patients. It is ridiculous – even criminal – that preventative treatments for Covid are being withheld. Bruce
Jacinda Ardern is turning into Hitler. Larry
What a disaster the Government’s covid management has turned into. Control, compulsory vaccination, the loss of freedom – no-one could have predicted this nightmare.   Donald