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The Danger of Co-Governance

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In 2006, the former US President Barack Obama, then a Senator, used a speech at the University of Nairobi to rail against tribalism:

“Ethnic-based tribal politics has to stop. It is rooted in the bankrupt idea that the goal of politics or business is to funnel as much of the pie as possible to one’s family, tribe, or circle with little regard for the public good. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of the society. Instead of opening businesses and engaging in commerce, people come to rely on patronage and payback as a means of advancing. Instead of unifying the country to move forward on solving problems, it divides neighbour from neighbour.”

With on-going stories of corrupt tribal leaders living in palaces with taps of gold while ‘their people’ suffer in slums epitomising the excesses of tribalism, New Zealanders from all sides of the political spectrum have been horrified to find Jacinda Ardern – under the guise of implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – is forcing tribal rule onto our country.

The Prime Minister is so manipulative, that she not only kept this radical agenda secret from her Deputy Prime Minister, New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters, throughout the whole of the last year of their coalition government, but also from the public during the 2020 election campaign. Her intentions were not revealed until after she gained the power to govern alone, but even then, there has been virtually no openness nor transparency.

The path to tribal rule started with the public being blanketed with Maori language and culture, State employees being forced to undergo Treaty “re-training”, and media tapping into the Government’s Public Interest Journalism Fund being required to promote Treaty propaganda.

However, things have taken a more sinister turn over recent months, with our Prime Minister now privatising – under the banner of ‘co-governance’ – essential services, including health care and water services, to the tribal elite who run multi-million-dollar business development corporations.

As Victoria University’s Dr Bryce Edwards explains: “The co-governance model is a form of privatisation. The new companies will be half controlled by private organisations – iwi, which are increasingly highly corporate in their business operations.”

It is a scandalous situation – as Auckland University’s Professor Elizabeth Rata explains in an article in The Australian: “New Zealand’s constitution is currently undergoing a major heart and lung transplant via co-governance arrangements between Maori corporate tribes and the government. It beggars belief that one of the modern world’s first democracies — founded in the fledgling 1852 Constitution Act — is descending into ethno-nationalism but the Labour Government is determined to embed racialised policies across a swathe of the nation’s laws and institutions.”

Professor Rata describes those pushing this tribal takeover as “radical intellectuals of the corporate tribes”, ably assisted by “social justice warriors armed with an unassailable moral righteousness”.

Those ‘social justice warriors’ in our universities, government agencies, and the media are spreading the disinformation that underpins Jacinda Ardern’s tribal rule agenda – namely that the authority for 50:50 co-governance comes from a Treaty ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown. They allege this was affirmed by the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Robin Cooke in the 1987 State-owned Enterprises case between the Maori Council and the Attorney General.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, the former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy has examined the case, and, by exposing the ‘partnership’ claim as a gross fabrication, he reveals the deception being used to persuade New Zealanders to accept tribal control:

“On the Wednesday the 13 April 2022 the political commentator Audrey Young wrote an article for the New Zealand Herald about co-governance and a ‘partnership’ between those with some Maori genes and the remainder of New Zealanders. The writer concludes that such a unique constitutional arrangement results from the decision of the New Zealand Court of Appeal in New Zealand Maori Council [1987] 1 NZLR 641.

“It is clear from the growing body of writing and commentary that very few of the authors have read the judgment or understand the jurisprudence at the heart of judgment writing – what it is that comprises a judgment of a court. Given the widespread ignorance which surrounds what has become holy writ to Maori radicals it is timely to examine what the case does and does not decide.”

The former Judge explains the difference between the “obiter dicta” discussion of a case, which helps establish the arguments but forms no part of the decision, and the “ratio decidendi”, which is the outcome of the case that becomes part of the common law until it is overturned by a later Court or by Parliament. He then goes through the findings of each of the Court’s five Judges, explaining their over-riding objective was solely to ascertain “what, if any, are the principles underlying the Treaty” – not to create a “constitutional revolution” by suggesting that Maori should be sharing in governing the country:

“A great deal of social angst and raised expectations would have been avoided if those relying on the State-Owned Enterprises case had taken the trouble to read the document and made an effort to understand what was said. It is beyond question that nothing in the case suggests that the Treaty in any way creates a partnership between Maori and The Crown or brings into question the legitimacy of our democracy. To argue the contrary on the basis of this court case is either ignorant or wilfully dishonest.”

By using the Treaty ‘partnership’ deception to justify giving control of essential services to the Maori elite, Jacinda Ardern is deliberately robbing New Zealanders of crucial democratic safeguards, placing them instead at the mercy of unelected and unaccountable iwi business leaders working in their own best interests, not in the public good.

The reality is that once co-governance is put in place, the opportunities for tribal enrichment will be endless, with contracts, fees, and other mechanisms able to be used to secure taxpayer funding – exposing the country to the problems that plague all tribal societies including corruption and nepotism.   

In fact, investigations have now found that a number of the family members of Cabinet Minister Nanaia Mahuta – the member of Labour’s powerful Maori Caucus who has been leading the drive for co-governance – have been given government positions of significant influence.

The Herald reports that a company run by Nanaia Mahuta’s husband was awarded contracts by the Ministry for the Environment during a period when she was the Associate Minister: “Documents released under the provisions of the OIA show that Ka Awatea Services, a consultancy owned by (William) Gannin Ormsby, Mahuta’s husband, was paid $25,000 for work that began in late October, 2020, and ran for 12 months. The work was described by the Ministry as ‘Maori expert ropu’.

“A second consultancy, Kawai Catalyst, owned by Tamoko Ormsby, a relative of Gannin Ormsby, and his wife, Waimirirangi Ormsby, was paid $65,000, for work described as ‘support for Maori expert ropu’ over the same period.

“Both Tamoko Ormsby and Waimirirangi Ormsby are also directors of Gannin Ormsby’s consultancy, Ka Awatea. The three family members made up the majority of a five member Maori group of advisers, or ‘ropu’, formed by the Ministry in 2020, to contribute to a waste strategy review. The group was described by the department at the time as ‘Maori waste minimisation technical experts and thought leaders with wide experience in the sector’.”

Sean Plunket’s The Platform has also been investigating, what, from the outside, appears to be a very bad case of nepotism. They reveal that Nanaia Mahuta’s husband, who served in the British Army from 1988 until 2001, began picking up work in local government and on trusts and boards after the 2017 election, culminating in the 2020 waste minimisation contract, where he involved his young relative and wife. They also report that Nanaia Mahuta’s sister, Tipa Mahuta, has been awarded key positions, including as chair of the Maori Advisory Group for the Three Waters reforms, and co-chair of the new Maori Health Authority.

Since Nanaia Mahuta, as Minister of Local Government is responsible for the Three Waters reforms, the appointment of her sister to the Maori Advisory Group was delegated to Kelvin Davis, the Minister of Maori Crown Relations – as required by the Cabinet Manual whenever a serious conflict of interest arises.

Mahuta family members were also involved in the development of He Puapua, the UN Declaration plan for tribal rule. 

A Cabinet paper from March 2019 shows Nanaia Mahuta, then Minister for Maori Development was authorised to establish a technical working group to produce an action plan – and a statement from August 2019 outlined progress: “In 2019, the Minister for Maori Development appointed a technical advisory group. The Declaration Working Group was comprised of non-government members (Dr Claire Charters, Waimirirangi Ormsby, Naomi Solomon, Gary Williams MNZM and Dr Jacinta Ruru) and government officials (Emily Owen, Judith Pryor, Kayla Kingdon-Bebb and Tamati Olsen).”

The He Puapua report, also acknowledged the significant contribution made by others, including Tamoko-o-te-Rangi Ormsby.

Tamoko Ormsby is, of course, a relative of Minister Mahuta’s husband – and the husband of the Declaration Working Group member Waimirirangi Ormsby, who had been appointed by the Minister. Presumably Nanaia Mahuta saw no conflict or perceived conflict in doing so.

The Cabinet Manual sets out stringent rules to ensure Cabinet Ministers do not deliberately nor inadvertently abuse their position – explaining in Section 2.66: “It may not be appropriate for Ministers to participate in decision-making on matters affecting family members, whanau, or close associates, for example, by proposing family members for appointments…”

It goes on in 2.67 to outline the importance of public perception – ‘the sniff test’: “Public perception is a very important factor. If a conflict arises in relation to the interests of family, whanau, or close associates, Ministers should take appropriate action”.

The Manual specifies the ‘appropriate action’ is, in the first instance, discussing the matter with the Cabinet Secretary, and, if necessary, the Prime Minister, followed by standing aside from decision-making, or, in extreme cases, being relieved of the portfolio.

If conflicts of interest lead to personal gain, there are serious implications.

In particular Section 2.64 of the Cabinet Manual states, “A pecuniary conflict of interest may arise if a Minister could reasonably be perceived as standing to gain or lose financially from decisions or acts for which he or she is responsible.” And Section 2.65 explains, “A conflict may arise if people close to a Minister, such as a Minister’s family, whanau, or close associates, might derive, or be perceived as deriving, some personal, financial, or other benefit from a decision or action by the Minister or the government.” 

Doesn’t this raise questions about the legitimacy of the whole tribal rule agenda, since ‘co-governance’ could deliver significant ‘benefits’ to tribal groups associated with the Minister?

For instance, if the Minister succeeds in bulldozing Three Waters into law, since iwi will be given effective control of water services in New Zealand, what’s to stop them introducing a water royalty – in perpetuity – forcing Kiwis to pay them a fee every time a tap is turned on?

Wouldn’t that amount to a long-term gain for the Minister, her family, and associates?

Or what about her overhaul of Local Government – isn’t it her plan to introduce co-governance so iwi control the country’s local authorities and the rating system? Couldn’t that lead to preferential zero rating on iwi land, with rate increases for other landowners?

Jacinda Ardern’s path to co-governance and tribal rule, has barely got off the ground, but is already proving to be a recipe for Maori privilege by an inherited elite that will divide and weaken our society. Their end goal, of course – as outlined in He Puapua – is to ‘take the country back’ to tribal rule by 2040.

Are we really prepared to stand by and let this become the future for New Zealand?

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*Do you believe the Treaty “partnership” claim – that underpins Jacinda Ardern’s co-governance agenda for tribal rule – is based on disinformation, or fact?

*Poll comments are posted below.


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TOW should be abolished.No longer fit for purpose.Cancel this woke govt. chris
Beyond words and terribly sad for NZ future. glenny
Could this be a blatant example of pigs with their snouts in the trough? I think so. TONY
Tragic John
Here It comes…. And now, special voting rights based on racial preference !!! Maori can now change voting rolls at will, when is this race BS, separatism going to end ?? David
Lies and More Lies Rhonda
Trying to rewrite history based on lies and subjective agendas Gavin
I believe we as rate and taxpayers are being fleeced by a corrupt and greedy part Maori elite. They must be stopped. Mike
This is a racist maori power grab supported by sickly white liberals who have become entrenched in the civil service — the health system, education, and all other arms of government. It needs to be stopped, but whether Luxon and National are up to the task is questionable. Democracy is one person, one vote. If this extremist Labour-Green coalition wants to alter that, it needs to go back to the people to get a mandate. There is no transparency in this administration. Gavin
we will be robbed blind. Gregor
It’s hard to believe that the claim is based on other than a grab for race-based wealth, power, and privilege. Shameful. Colin
Her actions are simply unbelievable. I think there is going to be a huge flood of departures by citizens to Australia in particular if this trend continues Lindsay
Time for ‘False Flag’ event of 1835, to be fixed with the treaty, a new constitution drawn up, restored KIWI SOVEREIGNITY, with the flag of 1835 to be the national flag of our country. David
I believe that Ardern would literally choke on her words if ever forced to tell the truth Tony
corruption! Barry
We have a very sinister government ruining this country. There is NOTHING honourable about them. I feel the saddest thing is we have ALLOWED this to happen. Our complacency. Most people won’t even discuss politics. How insane is that!? They either don’t care or they have adopted (brainwashed) the narrative one does not discuss religion or politics! The government knows this of course, keep the sheeple distracted and we can do what we want. So what is this government’s agenda? Question Everything. Question our education system, our medical system, our legal system, our universities etc. Question Everything. We need to make NZ a safe place for our children and their future. Lets leave them a beautiful and peaceful place to live. Chris
Mahuta must be stopped!! Adrienne
This is about Power first and foremost & Money nothing else. Maori Elite , Nanaia Mahuta, Willie Jackson, Kelvin Davis and others whose ancestral Chief forebears lost their power to the people when the Treaty was signed have been playing the long game over many decades influencing left wing Socialists at the UN and our Parliaments working within the system instead of fighting against it from the outside as some earlier Radicals did. They have become entrenched in the Ministries of Education & Justice etc since the 90’s after the signing of UN agenda 21 in the 90,s and the UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007. They have been playing the long game because you must change Societal thinking threw the Education system first so over time you have more desciples and can exclaim them as the voice of the future. These desciples believe in the Socialist view which is much more dangerous than Communism because unlike Communism where you have to work and contribute to Society or perish Socialism instills in the Young and impressionable that you must take from the Middle & Upper class privileged and redistribute this to those whom are supposedly less fortunate in other words provide a universal income so this group does not need to work or contribute to Society in any way because it is Societies purpose to provide them with all they needs, it is their individual right. The folly of this thinking is that Jacinda and her cohorts believe they can control these desciples but as we all know idol hands lead to malcontent. As the Covid splurge of spending has come to an end Middle & Upper class NZers are awakening from their slumber realizing that our standard of living and way of life are now under serious threat as we are descending into a Tribal run Dystopia. We cannot wait for the next Election it is up to all of us to out think & out strategize these traitors of Democracy. They have had years, we only have literally months to take back the Narrative threw alternative & Social Media before the Hate Speech & Internet Filtration Bills are entrenched in Legislation & our voices may be silenced. We cannot wait for the next election it is incumbent on us all to support those who speak up about the imbalance, loss of individual rights & suppression of Democracy. Some think it will be the constabulary that will enforce the will of the Government of Truth but be wary it is no coincidence the number of Gang members has increased exponentially during the time of the Co-governance march and as they are not law abiding Firearms License holders their cache of weapons has only increased. Larry
I am a far left winger, but I have always believed in democracy, I believe in equality for all, what this government is doing is not equality it is in fact separatism, but where is any opposition why doesn’t national grow some nuts stand up and be counted. This government is trying to rewrite history with an essay of untruths, and are now brainwashing the children. They will be so far gone in just over a year prediction less than 20% John
Democracy has been threatened by populism, post-truth and polarisation. Our liar and divider-in-chief Ardern is definitely guilty of such things. Monica
A bigger load of bull I have never heard, a pretend princess with a dragon agenda Ken
how many treaties are there . seems to be one for maori and none for the rest of us . well past its use by date Edward
All very will writing about it, but what are we really going to do about it, the answer it nothing we are to weak and gutless. Sven
All New Zealanders, of whatever racial origin, should read the ‘treaty’ and understand its implications. There is NO mention of, or reference to, ‘partnership’. it is a fiction perpetuated by those with vested interests. TOBY
Lies. This question should be on a posted on a large public roadside bill board around the country to wake people up. New Zealand is in for the fight of it’s life for one person, one vote democracy. Sam
disinformation ; like almost every other trick that they have pulled or attempted Roy
Such blatant attempts to defraud the citizens of this country are incredible! However,this could not be done without the PMs connivance! Dennis
?????????? Mark
Bullshit, lies and fairy tales– on and on it goes steadily down the tube of self destruction. What will save this lovely country from civil war ? John
kiwiblog has presented excerpts in recent months on this subject. It amounts to ‘coup’ by Maori interests at the expense of the majority population. Scary stuff. Michael
Just remember ,as many here might think not all Maoris agree with what the government is doing. I have seen what happens overseas with tribal governance and how the ones at the top keep the cream and nether mind the people at the bottom of the rung. This is already happening here and is denied because the ones getting rich feel threatened when truth come out ,from a New Zealander of Maori and European descent wade
Rewriting history based on a sentence from a judge and using this to justify their actions. Dave
Absolute lies Pam
Another blatant takeover by Labour and Maori, utter bullshit. Wake up New Zealand. Fraser
Our Country is so divided by race, that it is impossible to move forward as one for the benefit of all that live here. Kevin
There is a deceitful take over happening right under our noses. Geoff
On a blatant lie, in reality. Bryan
So sad for our country, its the ordinary lazy people who are standing bye, doing and not confronting this B— S— Clint
Fantasy is fact if you are woke. fact is fantasy if you’re not woke. the only cure is brown skin, tatoos, multiple piercings (face, mouth and genitals best) and green or blue hair to ensure full compliance Steve
Name one country where tribal rule has advanced the majority of people, & the nation, in that country ? The end of NZ as an open democraticaly governed Nation is the future. Very sad. Dane
There is no question it is entirely a manufactured narrative – cleverly marketed by a corrupt self-interested few. Rob
Crazy! Jim
Lies and more lies Bev
It,s about time that the true situation is made widely public to the honest people of NZ. Marg
They are making the rules up to feather there own nest Harold
Facts no longer matter this government- It’s driven purely by dogma John
Total misrepresentation. We would form a crimes and corruptions commission. This is exactly what Obama was saying – the destructive manner of tribalism Matt
I’m sick and tired of the racist agenda being peddled by this govt Ihaia
Arden has introduced apartheid in NZ and people are over her communistic activities with her inept government Sidwell
This government has to go. William
The whole debacle is based on a lie. A scurrilous attempt to gain advantage Queen Victoria’s letters patent is our founding document. There is no co-governance it’s the old adage of tell a lie often enough Carolyn
Sorry I have lost ALL faith in Jacinda and her Leadership Pierre
What a circus, Labour continue to do what they wish! Robyn
The British at the height of their imperial power signed up to a partnership, unequal partnership too. All hidden in a translation of the primary language English, to Maori LOL. That’s unbelievable the British empire signed up to this fictional arrangement with what we’re arguably Stone Age cannibals. Most of the tribes signing on with their thumb prints wanted crown protection from other Maori who were busy slaughtering them. There’s hundreds of examples to back up this view! Boris
Alternative media and the use of social media are the ways that we will expose Jacinda and her cronies. We must all organize ourselves leading up to the next election as it is our responsibility to inform the general populace of the parliamentary misinformation through official channels that will lead to Kiwi’s slide into a third world economy and wide spread poverty. The truth must and will prevail. Some New Zealanders are in a slumber threw widespread government handouts during covid but are awakening to the real life reality where they believed the continuing lifestyle that has prevailed in NZ for many decades would continue as it was but will not. Most younger Kiwi’s do not have the wisdom of the past as we have in the time when during the 60’s and 70’s NZ was in the top 10 countries world wide for standard of living. This is now nothing more than a by gone era lost in the haze of left wing socialism, take from the wealthy and middle class and give to those who believe they should live like Kings & Queens while acting like the Courts jesters. It is our collective responsibility to out think and out manoeuvre these traitorous socialist. We must work out a strategy to win back the narrative threw alternative and social media as this is the hardest medium for them to control until they have the Internet filtration bill passed and enacted. So in conclusion the Mahuta’s, Jackson, Davis’s of this country and their ancestors have been orchestrating iwi control of New Zealand since their power was taken from their ancestral family Chiefs by the treaty. This is about power lost and now money their family’s have been aggrieved from the time their power was striped and given to the people threw the treaty, They have been playing the long game and it is now coming to fruition and we as a collective only have months to organize and repel their dishonesty and have them removed by democracy at the next election or as one of the previous commenters stated the only way back if they win the next election will be threw armed rebellion and we will not have to worry about NZ armed forces they will use their brothers in arms the GANGS of NZ to enforce their will on NZ’s population as the growth in GANG membership is not coincidental as Co-Governance has gained momentum. It is up to each and everyone of us to play our part in upholding true democracy a small shift in public opinion will lead to the ripple effect where it then becomes a wave and then will swamp the Socialist traitors. I apologize for the length of this comment if you got this far you lasted the distance and will be concerned enough to act. Larry
I am of European descent but I find this to be a very inflammatory question. ‘Tribal rule’ are your words. If you have read Struggle Without End by Ranginui Walker (an excellent and extremely well referenced book in my view) you would know that Aotearoa New Zealand has been totally dominated and controlled by a colonial government where Maori have had almost no say in the governance of our country over the last 150 years and it is really only since the Waitangi Treaty Tribunal was set up that there has been any real chance of redress on SOME issues. If you think that Maori don’t deserve to have some say over their own health or welfare then you haven’t read the afore-mentioned book. Alec
What a shocking shocking Government!!! Corrupt to the core!!! Dianne
MORE bloody reverse racism killing our wonderful Country. STOP IT NOW.  Brian
We are being fed a stream of lies by Government and are ill-served by the muzzled Press. How can we presipitate a return to honest democratic governmance?? Bill
The Treaty was never intended to be our founding document, its only purpose was to bring peace so that we could all work together to build our nation. Russell
The whole Te Puapua process is a racist outrage proposal being pursued by the Prime Minister and Minister Mahuta under pressure from the Maori portion of their Caucus. Robert
I hate racism – I hate apartheid Andy
Why are the police not investigating this corruption? Hugh
Some how we must stop this. Malc
Total deceit at every level. Lynda
I rarely believe anything Ardern, her ministers, the current labour Party, or the “Maori Caucus’ tell us! Frank
Racist government Neil
and (willful ?) ignorance ! Laurie
Maori,Maori,Maori,Maori.Fool stop.Pakehahahaha Matthew
very scary Sally
You are doing a wonderful job of exposing Adern and her tactics but how do the rest of the country get to understand this deception before it is too late neville
One increasingly common disguised form of propaganda is the term “the treaty partners”. This plants a suggestion that ‘signatories’ to a treaty are ‘partners’. They are not, they have only agreed to whatever was in the treaty. Two countries who sign a treaty e.g to end hostilities or to agree to terms of trade don’t become ‘partners’. No way would the Crown have intended to be in a governing partnership with each or all of those Maori chiefs, which anyway directly contradicts the wording of the Treaty. It’s not even true to say that the Crown and ‘Maori’ were Treaty’s signatories when in fact they were various separate chiefs. John
Absolute disaster if we allow Te Puapua to go ahead. We are not hearing much from National There will be huge unrest in NZ if some of these Labour racist proposals become law. Max
We are labelled racist if we choose to challenge this government Nigel
Typical of the He PuaPua’s release and.behind the scenes implementation by stealth John
100% NO …… Thankyou to Audrey Young Peter
All the so called Maori History has been changed. I learned the maori History over 70 years ago from the Maori elders from the Local marae. HELEN
It is increasingly obvious that Jacinda Ardern and her government are implementing a social order aligned to Maori interests at the expense of the democratic order in New Zealand. Keith
It’s a scam Gary
this whole co-rule is a load of Maori nonsense but we will have it foisted on us richard
It’s total nonsense Sheila
Translation created an entirely new & different document Linda
B S all the way Keith
when our dictator stated on tv showing her speech at that septic collage saying that the pollwogs are the indigenous people of NEW ZEALAND shows what a LIAR she is, and now luxton is learning the so called language which was never written untill the Europeans arrived shows he can not be trusted just like mahuta and her corrupt family and the ones that allowed this to happen which is most of the labour party and so called civil servants,so lets dump this so called treaty and its useless minister and his hanger ons and get this country back on its feet without having a them and us system for the common good of the decent people in this country otherwise there will be a civil war/riots in the not too distant future. Richard
Their brilliant step was tying the media’s hands with the Public Interest Journalism Fund, removing an important check on disinformation. Mike
Of course, the treaty was meant to stop the Maori from having their neighbours for dinner. James
Blatant distortion exceeded only by blatant disinformation. Allan
“This time, we’re going to do racism right!” is the whole of their approach. Rene
already the racism has begun as seen on TV Robin
disinformation for sure rodger
indigenous means of the place,no body is indigenous to new zealand,and these war like maoris that came here from over seas and took the land off the people that where already here the waitaha and mori ori.i just dont beleive that this government is being aloud to take us down this road,these maori activists are just unbeleivable,and bloody pm and her cronies need locking up what is happening with these opposition party’s that there is no backlash against this, the truth is they do not have any indigenous rights in new Zealand, and now they are pushing to change the name of new zealand,my father and so many like him and along with the maori battalions of the day went and fought in those two major world wars for new Zealand not Aotearoa these activists need to pull there heads in new Zealand is entrenched in this country, and cant be taken away people need to just wake up and see what is happening here by this socialist commie government rodger
It definitely is on purpose based on disinformation. Therefore is a gross untruth. It appears that the Labour party machine has lost its nerve and to stay in power it must have the Maori party and the Greens to be on side with them to have any chance of remaining on the Government benches after the next general election. But in the meantime why not continue down the path of separation to create an atmosphere of expectation to make it harder on any opponents that may be the winners if they (Labour Govt) fail in the ballot boxes? It amounts to the current Labour party members as a whole have become mentally unstable and have lost their minds and as such are no longer capable of being ministers of the Crown. Garry
Having lived in a country with tribalism I found it had become so corrupt and dysfunctional. There are already gross examples of Mahuta’s nepotism. This is the quickest way to turn NZ into a failed state. Kay
I am not sure if I have any fight left in me. This Government is evil. Albyn
Absolute rubbish Mike
Total crap that the most powerful Empire in the world would enter into a partnership with fragmented stone age tribes. Alan
I’m not in full agreement about disinformation I think she see’s the united nations as a global government to replace all others, and following they directives and hoping to be a pivotal player in world transformation Greg
I do not see how the Socialists see the countries betterment in a race based governance. Rob
Bent filth. alan
Not fact but fake! A rather common occurrence in our times HansPeter
maori are not indigeneous to nz. they colonised nz the same as the british terry
Trying to make people feel it is required by the Treaty . Even the TVNZ News talking about people and politicians who are against co-governance are racists spreading disinformation Dorothy
We are now the most racist country in the Pacific. We now have apartheid. Denis
What a dreadful lying PM has Labor had delays none of their policy spent billions on taxpayers money for what? Where is the accountability David
100% fiction. Andrew
As far as I am concerned, the whole agenda is more than disinformation – it is totally dishonest. Pam
Total fabrication Murray
Exactly what this government excels in – disinformation – ABOUT EVERYTHING. christine
This whole co-governance is so anti – democratic it is unbelievable, I thought democracy is what the whole fundamental of our society was founded on. Digby
Well, the problem is there has been very little information about co-governance and that’s the way this Ardern socialist government want it. Owen
Jacinda Ardern is the most deceitful prime minister we have ever had. We cannot let her remove any more of our rights Charlie
We should be seriously concerned. Pamela
Co-governance” is permeating the Regional councils like a poison gas. The ORC in my neck-of-woods is well and truely in action. All under cover with almost no media attention. Modern democracy of New Zealand is rapidly becoming a garbage heap thanks to the political ‘zombies’ in the driving seats. Chris
Corrupt politicians > corrupt policies and practice. Bill
There is only one thing to do. Every New Zealander must now become a Maori citizen, mandated by our beloved Prime Minister Alan
How you can turn “One People” into a Partnership? Maybe I went to the wrong school. Mahutamania has taken over in the beehive. That should cease forthwith! Get rid of the word Principle and substitute it with the word Privilege! Kevan
The Treaty was never a partnership Arthur
Those who like to be informed have been able to study the judgement for years Bruce
This is a clear case of mis interpretation of the treaty fred
If we are to stop the downward slide to tribalism, words will not be enough. I see a future where civil unrest becomes the norm. Ray
Disinformation has been going on for so long that people are beginning to take it to be true. I can’t for the life of me see how many are so gullible. Dennis
This would be setting NZ up for South Africa style Apartheid, something Minto railed about but now has gone very quiet mike
It’s based on wilful misinformation, not just disinformation. It’s a twisting of the facts to suit a small minority of people who, if they get their way, will rape and pillage the rest of the country until it is bled dry. What then? Do they consume themselves (as they used to)? Trevor
Vaggioli was a jesuit priest in NZ in the 1880s. It is clear from recent translation of his memoirs that the Catholics were creating anti British ‘disinformation’ among Maori. The fruit of the poison seeds planted then continue to this day. Justice Cook was Catholic. Bruce
Disinformation, on more counts than just one! Ted
The extreme of corruption and nepotism. Why are the many parliament laws preventing this being ignored. Why aren’t National and Act enforcing these safeguarding laws before tribal rule under Maori Iwi elite, caucus is established. They will be corrupt and unaccountable living in luxury while everyday Maori and the rest of us live in poverty and fear of tribal suppression and ransacking. God defend New Zealand. Brenda
It all becomes clear when you consider all the changes that have come to pass in NZ over the past 20 years. The change to Maori from having little or no F sound in the language to nearly every place name having a F sound to it their wanting to change all English place names to Maori, every thing they touch has to have a Trible stamp of approval J. Ardern needs to be charged with some thing but I don’t know what treason may be a step to far then again she must knows what she is doing is wrong Noel
it is a complete con Anon
This woman and her depety PM should be arrested and jailed for at least till 2040. The whole labour government is corrupt and most kiwis don’t know or are willing to see this. peter
Deceitful, strategic promotion of invalid co-governance rights without full public debate and engagement MUST be energetically rebutted. Peter
I am extremely concerned for the future of NZ. with what we are all witnessing. Anna
An expert “snow” job a primmer in stealth which can only end in enrichment for the few at the expense of the many!! Shame on Minister Mahuta and her iwi!! Karen R
Clearly this whole case is based on disinformation. There is also a strong hint of a criminal rip-off by a number of the key players in the present government and members of their family. An immediate and deep-searching inquiry is needed. How could our country proceed to an election without this matter being cleared up? Rob
In 1840 the Treaty was a good faith document toward the Maori people, and absolutely NOT a co governance document. The manufacture of te tiriti is an aberration and needs to be quashed. Laurine
The labour cult’s claims are based solely on their communist ideology. There is absolutely no basis of fact in any claims of intended co-governance or partnership in the Treaty. The sole aim of the labour cult is to introduce apartheid and tribal rule thus enabling the insidious ingress of communism and eventual control by the corrupt UN. Even the maori caucus in their ignorance are mere pawns in the agenda of Ardern and her comrades. Useful idiots only. Terry M
It will divide this country and cause conflict. I have never felt as concerned about the dishonesty of a government until now and I’m old ! Liz
This is absolute rubbish — there was no “partnership” as the “Treaty” is now being twisted by those with agendas. It was sovereignty by Queen Victoria for ALL and Maori agreed.Three waters, co-governance, Hauraki Gulf, Hospitals etc etc has nothing to do with any so called “partnerships”of those facilities — It’s all to do with Iwi and damned Maori control. Some are saying a revolution may be needed to get rid of this Government before it’s too late but some still think Jacinda is “lovely” !!!!!! Alan
The so-called ‘partnership’ begins and ends with the simple fact that many chiefs of the majority ‘peaceful Maori tribes’ who signed the Treaty had less interest in ‘partnership’ than in the Crown’s guarantee of protection from attacks and atrocities by the more warlike Maori tribes. Phil
Total rubbish Tim
More rubbish from a corrupt government Edgar W.
Civil war on the horizon!! Ron
The Maori take over agenda is getting really cranked up now by Arderns Govt.. She only has 15 odd months of rule left now so be prepared for a massive Maori push. What we need now is a commitment from Luxton that National will dismantle all of this Maori bulldust not just the 3 waters scheme. Richard
This dangerous Agenda needs to be out in the public arena and make people aware loud and clear to start calling to stop nola
Seriously is not the question really a[ready answered by Aderns lack of honesty on so many levels .What a shame the Governor General is a maori otherwise Im sure we would have a similar situation that Aussie had which resulted in the incompetent’s serving political party forced into a early election . Sadly Kiwis we are stuck with our bunch of labour morons . Ray
A partnerships clearly not intended by the original writers of the treaty document. Bill
they make up the narritive to suit their ideology john
Very powerful disinformation, and being spread by the MSM, and has been given a foothold in government funded enterprises way before this current Labour lot – I worked in a DHB before Labour got in, and ‘Treaty training’ was obligatory – so it has been insidious for a very long time, and now erupting into a big boil that needs to be cut open and drained, hopefully not too late for the patient (NZ) to die from blood poisoning. I liked the analogy of ‘heart and lung transplant” – our democratic heart and lungs are in danger of being ripped out by trickery and cunning. Hat off to the independent Platform expose and young journalist Ani O’Brien for speaking up – because she can! Pammie
All this is hidden agenda needs to told to the general public loud and clear before to late leo
God help us, because it appears that the courts won’t. Peter
Who needs facts when you can make up your own propaganda and the media is bribed to spread it every day! and the Mahuta clan apparently think they are royalty and can do what they like. Good to remember that “pride goes before a fall”. Rosemary
Totally intentional deceit. Paul
A disgraceful situation which Ardern must remedy. But, I am not holding my breath. This really is tantamount to corruption. David
MUST be STOPPED . Jacqueline 
In other words, outright lies. Trevor
Deliberate deception Peter
There is NO such partnership between part Maori and the Crown and they know it. New Zealanders: we the people must fight to keep democracy. Spread these articles far and wide, it’s urgent. Sam
there is no such thing as a Treaty partnership. Imagine the chaos !! John
She probably believes it is fact. Kelly
Pure racist fabrication. This must be stopped. Clive
Get the message out there for all to see Barry
Underhanded deceptively manipulated by Mahuta for personal and family gain. Should be sacked immediately as should this lying deceitful labour government. Governor General do your fecking job. Ray
The situation is dire. Evans
It is divisive & leads to rule by a minority at the expense of the majority Peter
When is someone with the finances, going to take legal action against these crooks. Andrew
The Treaty of Waitangi is NOT a partnership! Sovereignity belongs to the Queen, not Maori. ‘We are one people under the Crown and Treaty. Ian
Ardern and the iwi elite are fully aware of the Mahuta family cabal but it worries them not such is their arrogant believe in their right to do so. Helen
Maybe this bullshit is behind all this gun control, maybe, just maybe someone is preparing for a far greater reaching piece of legislation that will take away most of Pakeha rights, and just like the Jews in Germany in 1938, us whitey will have no way to protect ourselves. Pray that that never happens in NZ. sam
The people pushing this are nothing but racist opportunists, and the Ardern regime (I cant call it a government) are pushing it for all it is worth. God help this country if it gets enshrined into law. Roy
We as a Nation cannot let co-governance happen. William
definitely so Colin
1 equal vote 1 person. Dump the treaty which is based on 2 words, native and indigenous! No one in New Zealand is native or indigenous. We are all imports. Rick
As if Britain would enter partnership with cannibals who practised slavery, infanticide and human sacrifice! Co-governance is a scam and Labour must go. Chris
Just the part breeds ideas John
This total disinformation, which Jacinda Ardern has recently accused ‘keyboard warriors’ of, which to my mind is totally hypocritical. On the one hand you have her and her radical members in the Government telling us that this is all about a ‘Partnership’ which has been in the Treaty, and then you have what is actually in the Treaty. Hardly anyone believes this Government now, but we are supposed to take what they say as ‘truth’ and yet people are perfectly capable of finding out their own truths if they choose to investigate themselves. Therefore, her claims that the Treaty ‘Partnership’ means co-governance is NOT based on fact. Heather
It’s called aparthied Brian
Who seriously believes that the Crown would enter into a partnership with her subjects? The Crown, by it’s nature, is supreme. This is a very dangerous path into apartheid. Martin
It smacks of you rub my back I’ll hand you money and power. Damn everyone else who are not of our skin. By excuse of ’87 ruling. William
The Queen of disinformation, busy ruining our country Dave
Absolute corruption, the whole narrative is a fabrication. This govt believes if it tells the lie often enough, the muppets that voted them in will believe it. Two entities that always lie – the KGB and Maori Elite. Mike
They are only telling some facts but not disclosing the balance of the message Wayne
absolutely. Partnership/living document ?? yeah right. The treaty was a black and white CONTRACT – PURE AND SIMPLE.!!! tony
The only word that comes to mind is traitor. Merryl
I still can’t see why someone hasn’t forced the Governor General, as the Queens representative to disband this govt and call for an election. It’s been done before. mike
As I understand it, a sovereign cannot enter a partnership with his/her subjects – it is a legal impossibility. Enough said. Derek
It’s a RORT. Totally dishonest and racist. bruce
The Court of Appeal decision did not say the treaty created a partnership, and certainly not an equal one. By referring to duties of good faith “akin” to or similar to those of a partnership it actually negated an actual partnership. And incidentally, and what you never hear mentioned, is that those duties were owed by Maori just as much as by the Crown. Trevor
Hidden under a pile of BS Philip
It’s a bloodless coup of New Zealand Willy Jacksons idea of democracy, he has 5 votes to our one Maurice 
As with the climate fraud we all must do all we can to fight the ridiculous plan for “co-governance”. Laughable if it were not so serious. rosalie
There was never a partnership! Justice Cooke said the treaty was akin to a partnership but those remarks have to be taken in the context of the 1987 judgement. They shouldn’t be used to legitimise what our communist government is forcing on us in 2022 with 3 waters! Rex
Maori elite are changing the interpretation of the Treaty to suit their own agenda. It’s time for the Treaty to be abandoned. It has no place in the 21st century. Steve
Shocking theft lyn
Probably disinformation. Paul
Totally fake news, like every thing coming out of government information. In 1986 when Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand Sec registration number CIK0000216105 registered on New York Stock Exchange, becoming a corporation, the treaty of Waitangi became Null and void! Signatories and their defendants as Sovereign people, can no longer contract with a corporation! That is why government wants Maori to creat corporations ( Iwi) so they can contract. Maori need to wake up and see this deception! Peter
co governance bull shit Ian
There is a long pathway of deception and mistrust – there is no positive future in it. maurice
Frightening to think that warped ideologies can interpret something so simple in such a different way paddi
It is beyond sneaky to do what is being done by this govt. in health in “co-governance” & “equity” claims and in conservation to name a few areas of NZ life. This is the worst govt. NZ has ever had! Raymond
The 50% of NZ voted for change,without knowing what that would be ,have got their wish. 1/2 a brain should have told them what was coming bill
Dangerous times with this radical bunch in charge. The only hope is the opposition are able to form a Government next Election but that would appear to be borderline at best especially with such a woke approach to matters shown by Luxon,. National needs to harden up not pussy out on important issues. Ken
I cant tell if this is disinformation as this is new to me. However do any of the minister favour their families for contracts. I feel we all should be new zealanders working together, so no to co-government which I hadnt heard of until today, so why is it so secret ? Janet
The most dishonest government we have ever had. Mike
You cannot Co-Govern New Zealand / The Queen is Sovereign- That was clear in the Treaty. New Zealand governs for all races and protection for all is reflected in that. It will be a disaster if race is used to Govern -We were and have been in a very proud way all inclusive- some problems -yes ,however we stood tall in the world of race relations. Let’s not destroy that,. Phil
Absolute disaster for democracy as we know it if it gets to be passed. Serious trouble is a likely outcome if this goes ahead. Errol
It’s outrageous Jillian
It’s obvious. Peter
Usual labour crap Allan
Jacinda’s open and transparent Govt.. what a farce. Cheryl 
Can’t we have the House of Lords rule on the “Partnership” claim and bury it once and for all? Steve
It is a case of the Turkeys voting for Christmas and 80% of us will be the turkeys. Only country in the world which is choosing apartheid. “Maori woman denied lifesaving drugs by Pharmac” They don’t mention the other Kiwi women of various racial backgrounds who were denied the same drugs. The country is stuffed and that is what happens to turkeys. Bruce
It is nothing short of a Lie as there is no legal or common law or precedent for it to be considered. It is pure avarice and greed in action. Bev
This all depends on the elites depending on and, in fact, creating ignorance of their true intent. The electorate MUST educate itself if we are to remain a democratic society. Gary
sooner they all go the better !! Eddie
This has to be stopped in its tracks John
A total fabrication based on the ignorant and misguided Supreme Court judge’s obiter dictum in 1980s Peter
of course norman
Absolutely disgraceful that this is happening. Good on The Platform for delving into the corrupt NaniaMahuta , and her iwi’s part in this co-governance scandal. Mary
Any claims that the (real) Treaty proposed a partnership are certainly not fact. Terry
They used to call Kevin Rudd the “Teflon Kid” because nothing ever stuck. Well Kevin now has a “sister” to some degree because isn’t that what Jacinda is all about? Maureen
I’m very pleased that this issue has been exposed and it is not too late to counter it. Further mahuta must be exposed to Parliament, Stephen
Mainstream media is missing in action in providing unbiased research and factually correct information on “co-governance”. It is NOT and never was a partnership. One people, one government. Chris
The Treaty, signed in 1840, has NO reference to any partnership..Article three gives Maori people full rights and protections as British subjects. Look up Subjects….not a term used for Partners. Lionel
Total lies and propaganda are being used to attempt to take over this country with racism, apartheid and ‘elite’ favouritism Jan
The spin doctors are at her disposal but she is very deceitful Barry
We are being ruled by a self-centered brainless idiot. When are we going to wake up and stop our country being ruined by one dangerous woman. Jeannette
The treaty partnership is an illusion. Never intended. never was. Bruce
My Maori friends do not want this they say it will do nothing for them everything will go to a few a few at the top the Iwi will go on begging. Stephen
It is both unbelievable and disgusting. How could NZ have allowed this to be happening. Our country is DOOMED. How can we possibly live here any longer. Our kids and grandkids will be the victims. Valer
This smacks of APARTHEID chris
Unbelievable that this co governance Is going from strength to strength and there appears no way of stopping it GOD defend NZ Colleen
There was no partnership. Charles
The revisionista believe what they want to believe, none of which is based on actual truth Keith
We need a Political Party that will stand for a totally colourblind society. If that was the case such a party would win major support. Note Don Brash’s Orewa speech and the effect that that had in a much lesser critical time Cookie
With all these breaches to the Cabinet Manual, who should be taking the action to cease and rectify the decisions and why is it not happening. murray
Holy moly!!! Talk about corruption and nepotism, its there in spades. They should be hauled before the courts and charged with every charge possible. Imagine the uproar if pakeha tried to do what they are doing. This is so so wrong. Peter
The 1987 ‘partnership’ notion was about a recommended positioning of contractual parties, i.e. partners rather than opponents for the purposes of progressing the treaty, nothing to do with national governance. ron
This MUST be stopped ! Apart from being racist it is totally UNDEMOCRATIC. For Willy Jackson recently to state that “democracy is now changing”” What a load of codswallop !! There MUST be a change of Government next year or we are doomed to this Co-governance nonsense !! Andrew
Dangerous nonsence cedric
I have never ever known this country New Zealand (NOT Aotearoa) to be so divided. Russ
It is a pack of lies – at best Bruce
as you have rightly pointed out Max
Anthony Willy’s article and the writings of Dame Anne Salmond are conclusive-also Maori are not indigenous people nor is the UN particular treaty relied on by the Prime minister binding Geoffrey
Another case of a minority of the 15 % trying to dictate to the majority 85 % Logan
British interests in their Colonies would never supported a Partnership with the maori tribes the Treaty was to stop the tribes from killing each other to be given equal rights as all British subjects Ian
Ardern can be accused of allowing this corruption to run unchecked under her watch. John
And Jacinda’s campaign touted transparency – what a joke. David
Why can’t we learn from the past. Barrack Obama had it right. The sooner we get to One Nation with equal rights for all the better. The current Regimes path will lead to significant disharmony and divide and New Zealand will continue to go backwards. Steve
David Lange had it right; there is no “partnership”. Peter
Disinformation is a soft description – based on lies, corruption and cunning . Warwick
The Treaty was never a partnership!! Also maori are not indiginous, they immigrated here like our forefathers did! Derek
corrupt.. nothing changes with race involved jeff
I will vote for any party that proposes they will reverse everything Ardern has done during her time in office. Mark
The dishonesty in the ethnic group is already evident Geoffrey
It’s clear that the Maori members of the Labour caucus and cabinet are hell-bent on co-governance for their own benefit, and not that of all New Zealanders. The PM is bowing to and aiding and abetting their demands. Who’s really in control?? Laurence
I feel betrayed by this government in its divisive and secretive manipulation of NZ Judith
More lies and obfuscation from this disgustingly secret and socialist government. Godfrey
Roll on next election. We should not only be voting for our party of choice but also a list of BINDING referenda. Maybe this will help weed out the deceit and corruption. Neil
The Treaty brought all citizens under the protection and governance of the Crown. Co-governance was never granted to individual groups. David
The learned Judge says it all. Invoke the rules of Government now and ensure Muriel’ article is delivered and received by the Govt General. John
Very scary PM Jan 
Another example of Adern’s duplicitous “Trojan Horse” tactics. She is a traitor to our nation.  Pete
This Government is failing in its duty of care to all its constituents by having the tail wagging the dog. Murray
All based on a judges comment, a comment that did not even mean what they now claim Kenton
and an added component of deception Valda
This is a most dangerous for democracy in New Zealand Shaun
This is the felonious idea that the Treaty of Waitangi was a partnership between the Crown and Maori. Revisionist Rangatira concentrate on three arguments to show bad faith by the Crown and deliberate misunderstanding of their interpretation of the Treaty. Firstly; they focus on one word in the second article Tino Rangatiratanga (Chieftain rule) where they claim that the word means sovereignty for Maori. The second is the claim that the Maori translation of the Treaty is different from the English original. The last claim is that the Chiefs did not know what they were signing in 1840. The problem is that all these claims are false and the Rangatira claiming these things know it. What they are relying on is New Zealanders sense of fairness, New Zealanders poor knowledge of our own history and that of the Treaty, and the ability of the current Government to reinforce these narratives. So, we will look at each of these claims in turn. The concentration on the word Tino Rangatiratanga disregards the text surrounding it in Article Two and especially they ignore the preamble and more particularly Article One. The preamble states the reasons why the Treaty is being made and that it is for the Crown to obtain the sovereignty of New Zealand to fix these outlined issues. Article One is the part that cedes whatever sovereignty the disunited tribes had to the Crown. That is the political and constitutional part of the Treaty. The second article’s subject is clearly about land and resources, and not about governance. The Crown grants Maori chieftainship (Tino Rangatiratanga) over their lands and resources, but with the caveat that any land and resources that they no longer want they must negotiate and sell to the Crown. The third article says that the Crown grants Maori the same rights and duties as English citizens, and it is only the Crown that has the power to do this. There is no way to read the Treaty and not conclude that the Crown is the Sovereign of New Zealand, and that Maori, along with the non-Maori settlers, are its subjects. The second claim, that the English original and Maori copy do not mean the same thing is again false. This point is easy to disprove because the back translation from the Maori copy back into English shows that the ideas expressed in both versions are remarkably consistent and that there is no difference in the meaning of the texts. True academics are unanimous in this fact. The last claim is that the Chiefs in 1840 did not know what they were signing is also disingenuous. Speeches made by chiefs at the time of the signing of the Treaty, and again at Kohimarama in 1860, make it quite clear they understood that they were giving up whatever sovereignty they had. Also Governor Hobson and the Missionaries were at pains to explain exactly what the Treaty meant so that the Maori chiefs were under no misapprehension. And indeed, that is the interpretation which prevailed for nearly the next century and a half as explicitly reaffirmed from time to time by such Maori leaders as Sir Apirana Ngata in his excellent 1922 booklet on the Treaty and Maori. Furthermore, Maori by 1840 were familiar with the concepts and differences of Kawanatanga (The Crown) and Rangatiratanga (Chieftainship). Since the coming of the Europeans Maori had been widely travelled. Many went to Australia and saw the workings of British Governance in the colony, and some Maori chiefs had gone to Britain and met King William IV. In addition, in the 1830s vast numbers of Maori had converted to Christianity and were very familiar with the popular Maori translation of the New Testament where Pontus Piolet, the Governor of Palestine, was answerable to an Emperor (supreme power) in faraway Rome, and to whom the Pharisees (equivalent to Rangatira) who wanted to kill Christ had to appeal. As the debates at Waitangi on 5th and at Mangungu on 12th February show, the Maori Chiefs fully understood that they were agreeing to give the Crown full sovereignty over the land. Brenton
Unbelievable. Why is it not being widely exposed? Peter
Mahuta appears to have her fingers in any Maori pie. It’s disgusting that she is allowed by JA to have so much control and elect her family into controlling positions. Tribal rule is a nonsense in the 21st century, it smacks of the worst African dictatorships which the world condemns as an abomination. What in Gods name is this government doing. I wish there was a way of getting these facts out to the general public. Unfortunately the press have been bought of by Jacinda. Laura
The issue is politicians and related parties are manipulating the original intent of the treaty to meet their own ends related to power, control and money. Frank
Many Maori look through rose tinted glasses at their tribal history.Their claims of loving relationships among the tribes contradict the findings of the early missionaries who wrote of a people struggling to survive healthwise and tribes constant wars.The real Maori history is being concealed by successive governments. Maori cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Steve
Retain our democacy governance. warwick
Easy to re-interpret stuff from the past! But more and more professionals are getting the courage to speak up and refute these claims! Hugh
I don’t like the term disinformation. Lies is a much clearer description. There can’t be and never has been a partnership with the Crown. Co- governance is a no go and very dangerous.  Elizabeth
No one who has read the ‘treaty’ can honestly claim to believe there is any mention, or intention, of a ‘partnership’ in it. This is no surprise, as dishonesty is rife in public life now, both here and elsewhere. Mahuta’s favouritism shown to her family is staggering in its cynicism and disregard for convention and the public perception of her actions. Ardern’s promotion of obviously untalented and incompetent individuals into high offices in order to secure maori support will come back to bite her; the sooner, the better. New Zealand citizens, use your next vote wisely, you may not have another chance! TOBY
It is printed in Maori thats why! Warren
We are on a slippery slope Ted
The evil intent of Adern & her govt is increasingly obvious. But if there is a change of govt at the next election, will there be any changes in this situation? Maurice
JA is a great example of the consummate lying nacissist. glenda
Sir Apirana Ngata set out the meanings of the treaty and clearly dismissed the concept of a partnership. Graham
Yet more deceit & deception from this Liebour Govt, they must be STOPPED with SO many parts of their agenda, it’s difficult to know where to start…they must be voted out & soon. Where is the Governer General these days, isn’t she Representative of the Queen & has the power to desolve a rampant, out of control Govt? Bruza
How can it be fact when the courts have already made a ruling that there cannot be such a thing as co-governance between the crown and its subjects. Utter nonsense just like the information and diatribe that has come out regarding vaccinations. There is no way we can trust the PM or her associates. Civil disobedience is looking a likely outcome. Kevin
In the original Treaty in 1840, there was never a partnership with the Crown intended , but rather equality of citizenship under the protection of the law, for Maori. John
Maori preference is based on BS more like Richard
I call it downright deliberate lies Bev
Nz will end up like most of Africa given Jacinda Putins agenda a basket case. Warren
APARTHEID is being increasingly entrenched in NZ. How ironic given NZ’s perceived part in it’s activism against Apartheid in South Africa. The parrallels between the erstwhile National Party of old South Africa and Maoridom are alarming. Both minority groups and both wishing to hold disproportionate power. Geoff
So many lies I have lost count David
1. JA is a blatant disinformation broadcaster which makes her Harvard speech so patently ironic. 2. Tribalism has never worked anywhere and is likely at the heart of most Maori problems. 3. What is more racist than constantly referring to “our people”? mark
Every thing else head girl tells us is disinformation so why would this be different. How one person has caused so much unrest in NZ is eye watering all for their own gain on the world stage rod
Time to get rid of any form of co-governance. It was not the reason for the Treaty. NEIL
In fact a pack of anti democracy lies,and a grab for power In the end this could result in violence. David
It is absolute lies and the top level of the Labour party and all those mahuta family members involved should be imprisoned asap! Jeffrey
Jack cinder, is a snake tongued liar, of the worst kind! bolsheviks can’t be trusted.! The treaty is BROKEN….! It has been illegal, since the FALSE FLAG, of 1835!! David
Co- Governance will lead to civil war in New Zealand. Paul
It’s a load of bollocks. Can you imagine the Queen in partnership with t his lot with their barcode on their chins? Ridiculous! Jenny
Let’s get back to the wording of this simple Treaty. It was all about rights; individual rights…Equal democratic rights. As for “governance”; there is NO such word in the Treaty. It is entirely false to say this simple agreement was New Zealand’s Founding Document. The word “founding” or any simpler word is absent. Let’s put this Treaty where it should have been years ago. TO REST !!! Graeme
No citizen should be entitled to more than their neighbour because of the colour of their skin. The whole myth being implemented is outrageous. Peter
Dr Goebels would be proud of the government’s ‘publicity’ and treaty retraining. It needs to be exposed fully and shouted from the rooftops. Dick
Wake up New Zealand. We are being led into a trap through lies and deception. Is there anyone of authority who will call out this evil government? Rob
Where would Maori be without the European, no modern technology, no building materials different from the trees, no introduced food, no WINZ, no hand outs, no food banks, no do gooder’s to help them out of the state they were in and as it is they are well over represented in Parliament per their population, and to cap all that off not one of them is 100% Maori blood so part of them wants everything from the majority European part of themselves. Laurie
Not only disinformation but deliberate lies Les
The bumps are already showing through the wallpaper. Call it for what it is – the introduction of apartheid without any public mandate. Most are probably unaware of what is happening under their noses. Rob
There is little doubt that the Treaty has been barstardised by the current government.We have got along pretty well for over 100 years, and now we are a growing society divided by race. Exactly what the treaty tried to avoid. Anthony
This co-governance is causing a huge rift in New Zealand’s people, no wonder, as they said on the news last night, that racism is being rife – Jacinda has caused that. I for one can’t wait for the election kerin
Of course it is based on disinformation, only greedy people reaching for higher positions would think otherwise. It is time this government and it’s hangers on were thrown out. Wake up New Zealand we are on the slippery slopes to oblivion or Chinese rule Tom
Why transfer/distruite the coutries wealth from what has been the norm for a very long time (the signing of the Waitamgai Treaty) NOW. This is based on False testimony and Fact.. Labour are dividing the country on racial basis, what about the other ethenicies that also have forged this country DONT’;s they matter?? Carl
Treaty “partnership or co-governance” is a blatant and shameless lie which has been pushed by radical maori activists since the 1970s. It must be stopped. Greg
we are heading down the road to a third world govt no country that has gone back to trible rule has failed so say good by to our high standard of living Russell
and the most racist goverment nz as ever had.We need to get rid off them nev kath
We don’t need co-governance. This government is enough! Lyn
All this from the ‘most transparent government’ EVER!!! Sylvia
Maori understanding of the Treaty at the time of signing was clear. It was later confirmed at Kohimarama. Sovereignty is not partnership. Phil
What unmitigated absolute CRAP!! How can any single body have a “partnership’ with the State? Just more pandering to the outrageous claims of the Maori elite Tony
Number one, Maori are not indigenous to NZ. and John Keys had no right to send Sharples over to the UN to sign the UN indigenous treaty pact in the first place. Elitist Maori are greedy and only their close family ever receive anything from NZ Tx payers hand outs. Wayne
the whole thing stinks peter 
Blatant lies and corruption. I “totally reject the premise” of Labour’s partnership myth. There needs to be a full enquiry into Nanaia Mahuta’s actions and the various appointments of her family members. Judith Collins had to resign for far less. Nanaia should be stood down in the interim. The sniff test on this one is off the register – it stinks! Wendy
OR a hidden agenda Gary
Call it for what it is – a blatant, barefaced, lie! How much longer are we going to tamely sit here and take it? Can we really afford to wait until 2023 to get this clown show out of office before we are irretrievably ruined? “Build back better” is starting to sound like a really good idea! Scott
It is high time we straightened out this treaty shambles and either scrapped it or re write it in plain English,after all we are supposed to be one ONE PEOPLE not Maori this and Pakeha that . John
Disinformation is too kind. The treaty partnership claim is a blatant lie in the case of many of the claimants or in the case of others (including, possibly, the PM) abject ignorance. Where does our unwritten Constitution stand in relation to the the huge constitutional changes in envisioned by the co-governance given that such proposals have not been mandated by the electorate?? Surely they are every bit as important as the change from FPP to MMP. I would have thought that such a change without mandate would be unconstitutional and therefore illegitimate and without legal effect. Shouldn’t the courts have some say on this? Alan
Will take SPECIAL legislation to eliminate the TOW. Suggest by 2030…. and “Maoriness” to be determined by DNA rather than “feeling” Gill
It looks like cronyism is on the rise again, a repeat of Maori TV. Geoff.
All requirements for ‘co-governance’ under the treaty are already met with our democratic system of one person one vote Bruce
Why is there no PUBLIC debate – out in the open – with Prime Minister Ardern available for such a PUBLIC debate? Where is her – in her own words – is her “openness”? Without this “openness” I believe this country of ours is facing a great threat. Our parental and family rights, our education at most levels, individual’s religious beliefs and customs and widespread long established and accepted moral standards are being systematically and intentionally broken down. History clearly records how this scenario usually ends. BEWARE NEW ZEALAND! Stuart
The Treaty cearly states that all people have the same rights as the citizens of England – a democratic country with one person, one vote. Mark
major problems ahead for all NZers graeme
No to tribal rule. This is clearly APARTEID, a precursor to future civil unrest and would provide a perfect framework for Chinese intervention to protect the Chinese minority in New Zealand, with all of the subsequent consequences. charles
The problem is that there really are no full blooded maori left in New Zealand, they have intricated almost totally since Cook came to New zealand in 1769. so there is no reason at all to have seperate societies Les
I have read the Treaty and would urge others to do so – it’s freely available online and is a simple one page document. There is absolutely nothing to indicate any form of partnership. Glenn
I cant understand why this co governce situation can be legal as we didnt vote for that. One cant just change the rules of our voting system just like that. Barbara
The basic tenet is and will always be, the Crown cannot enter into a ‘partnership’ with its subjects. Anyone who believes Queen Victoria’s Equities representing her at the signing of the TOW were to create a ‘partnership’ with Maori Tribal Leaders in 1840, who were unable to read or write, but agreed to cede their lands to the Crown in return for the protection of the Crown. There was absolutely no mention of a ‘partnership’ anywhere in the TOW. Robyn
When you look at the nuts and bolts of this it looks just like a SCAM. The uninformed New Zealanders are being CONNED into believing that there is nothing to see or worry about here. If that is NOT the hallmarks of being SCAMMED I do not know what is? Rex
There was never a Treaty Partnership, and I can not understand why this should be promoted by Comrade Adren and that the Public seem to accept and allow this abuse to continue at the cost of our Nations and personal freedom. Don
This is a racist propaganda and Mahuta and Adern should be fired immediately Gareth
The most deceitful dangerous coarse of action to be forced on our country Bryan
Of all the repulsive policies, this has to be it. I can’t imagine anything worse for NEW ZEALAND (not aotearoa) people. WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND,WAKE UP. Your freedom’s are fast disappearing. When will wiser minds prevail in the Labour party? Don
Gross, deliberate and irresponsible disinformation would be nearer thee point. The government, to put it simply, does not have a mandate to to follow this course of action. chris
Apartheid driven by Maoridom David
This HAS to be stopped! Russell
Disinformation from the altar of truth Ed
Another nail in the Coffin for Kiwi New Zealanders of all ethnicities. Time for them to be brought to trial. Frank
Stop this absolute nonsense. Maori are seeking a backdoor way to unfairly benefit themselves Kevi
Co-governance is based on Article 2 of Te Tiriti Aotearoas foundational constitutional document., It provides Maori with the inalienable right to supreme control over their lands, homes and all the things they regard as precious. Co-governance is less than what was promised Maori under Te Tiriti but is as close as an honorable and just government is ever likely to get. Neville
The current government is very clever with misinformation and its use to further their own ends. Also there has been some stupid rulings by Waitangi Tribunal hearings in the past the have ended up being misinterpreted to suit current political ends. David
The NZ public isn’t being told the truth about co-governance and what it really means. The media is also complicit in covering up the truth by saying that people are racist if they challenge the government’s agenda for total corrupt tribal control of the country by 2040. Virginia
Based on a lot to do with male cattle! Peter
No comment needed! Roger
Either someone is being manipulated, or she has a Weird agenda to bind us up in Govt. rule, Think communism! Diana
Lies and deceit. Gary
Sadly, reason won’t prevail: this assault on our egalitarian democracy is driven by a combination of emotional ideology on Labour’s part, together with naked greed for power and money on the part of the Maori elite. Neither party will pay any attention to rational counter-argument. Political corruption hardly begins to describe what is happening in the corridors of power in parliament. Graham
devious disinformation and fabricated lies engineered by spin doctors paid for by tax payers richard
The Treaty has been scrutinized and dissected for decades with tax payer money flung in every possible tribal direction as compensation for what is alleged to be the previous inadequate carrying out of Treaty obligations. At no time has anyone ever said hang on – don’t give us this money; the Treaty means something different and we need to unpick that first. Either the Treaty has been so poorly worded as to be meaningless in its intent, or the meaning has been clear and acted on already. We cannot keep revisiting this document and icing it over with new layers of meaning ad infinitum. We are a democratic country with a mix of human beings – racially diverse, philosophically diverse, physically diverse etc – who need to get along under one elected government representing all of us as best we can – not a new South Africa. Dayle
Absolutely, it’s her agenda Giles
I can’t think of any possibly reason the most powerful person in the world at the time would have considered forming a partnership with a group of relatively primitive tribes. Brent
I’m very worried about the direction in which our country is heading. It’s not going to end well. We need to bring an end to racial divisions. We are all New Zealanders. Helen
An absolute disaster in the making and we are sitting back watching it happen. A beautiful country being slowly destroyed. Vote them all out next year. Lawrie
Article 3 of the Treaty says it all George
Ardern has never had a mandate to govern by majority vote. Policies not presented at elections are null and may be seditious. What has someone in the Maori Caucus go on her?She must be felling trapped. Kevin
There are a number of stupid people in this country including apathetic Europeans. Unfortunately at this time many seem to be in Government. Bruce
This is absolute nonsense. Gayle
How do we stop this unlawful behavior of a government which seems to have lost its tiny mind? The next election seems a long way away. Paloma
I am unable to follow the issue here: I believe we are one nation, i.e. joined two different parties together. Once you do that you cannot have ‘co-government’, it is simply not possible. Gerhard
No-where in the treaty does it say 50/50 governance. However, it does say we are all equal and have one vote. Michele
Communism Michael
THE Jacinda Arderns Labour government is the most destructive government this country has ever seen and the social consequence’s if left unchecked will be disastrous for New Zealand as we have known it Kevin
I’m afraid so. I no longer feel comfortable in this country I/my family emigrated to in 1977. Then I felt it was a kind and democratic country,. I think improvements have been made since then [including MMP], but I thoroughly hate tribalism. Rochelle
It is very clear the treaty partnership is trumped up propaganda peddled by the most devious , corrupt prime minister New Zealand has ever known. Donald
This whole ”partnership claim’ is just a devious agenda driven by a radical minority. This PM is only a front to make this scam look legit. No wonder that cronyism and nepotism (Mahuta and friends being only the tip of a very large iceberg) are already spreading like wildfire. As with parasites or cancer cells in a body, if untreated, the patient will inevitably die. Same case with our country. That lot will not stop before they have squeezed the country dry. Then they will retreat into their gated communities and leave the rest to rot. Michael
It leaves one speechless. gale
One rule for all. I totally reject the premise that any one person has more affinity and therefore more ‘say’ about what happens with our natural resources. Tribal beliefs of animism are a disgrace and an insult to the common man. Jacquetta
Arden’s Government is destroying New Zealand and she is a liar. They are misusing public money. I do not trust this government at all Margaret
The co-governance agenda being supported by the Labour Government can only be described as treacherous behaviour to its citizens. Governments are elected to run the country economically and prosperously in the best interests of all New Zealanders. Peter
I would add the word deceit to disinformation Wilf
All it is going to take is one person of guts and personality to stand up and say ‘bring on the revolution and kick these noddies to touch’ and take our country back. Back to democracy! Mike
This blatant treachery is beyond belief, but the most disturbing aspect is the vast numbers of New Zealanders who blaze on complacently, confident that such a thing “could never happen in New Zealand”. Meanwhile, the insidious trend continues to slither in. To all the lawyers out there, surely there must be something illegal in this process? And in the Public Interest Journalism Fund bribe? Can charges be laid? Logan
For disinformation read ‘downright lies!” Peter
It’s the Big Lie that successive politicians have perpetuated and Ardern keeps repeating in the hope that if she states the lie over and over it will become the truth. Kerry
The labour party members who truly believe that what they are doing is right, should have to stand up and say so. The Opposition members should stand up and say what they believe is right. This is supposed to be a country that is ruled by the people that we believe can best serve ALL of us (NEW ZEALANDERS) by doing the right thing. The right thing is NOT cowing down to a MINORITY who think that we owe them. william
A very poorly worded question and very misleading! I change my vote. Partnership is one of the founding principles of the Treaty. There is so much scaremongering happening. Why can’t people focus on moving forward and recognising the mana of all in NZ? Partnership is about recognising and acknowledging Maori and pakeha. Denying the rights of Maori is separatism and does create tribalism. It creates an “us” and “them”because there is a lack of acknowledgement and respect. It creates a society without equity. Chris Finlayson has the right approach. Partnership has been happening for a long time and should be embraced. See article – https://e-tangata.co.nz/comment-and-analysis/chris-finlayson-co-governance-should-be-embraced-not-feared/ Sarah
How can we the people stop this race base co governance. Writing and reading about it doesn’t seem to slow it down or stop it completely from happening. Astrid
Stop her John
This is a discus ting deceit in major proportion . Raewyn
This must stop Ann
The government are masters of disinformation. The Podium of Truth? Give me a break mark
While they say the Court of appeal affirmed partnership, it seems more like it sowed the seed as there was very little heard of this plan prior to this ruling. I think it was a poor choice of words by Cooke, as he should have said both were PARTIES to the agreement, but not partners. Big difference. Steve
Been very concerned about the nepotism of Nanaia for some time. Michael
Having watched the PM’s speech to the Harvard University, there can be no doubt that her agenda is set to only benefit the higher ranked Maori leaders who she believes she can become one of . Trying to portray that she can speak the confused language and wear a feather cape and suggest that she is probably related to many of the 30 odd Kiwi’s at the university was all for her own benefit and to ensure she is recognized by her to be Maori Governors Baryy
Too much evidence now out there to believe anything else. Prefer to listen to wiser words. Murray
The whole manipulation is contrived for purpose by a totally self-interest-driven Maori-activist-dominated caucus and an idiosyncratic, ideologically driven Prime Minister – all bent on destroying our democratic system and democracy in favour of a Maori tribe / elitist neo-apartheid governance structure, clearly open to extreme abuse. Tribal structures are the direct antithesis of democracy – totally autocratic. An excellent paper by Muriel Newman , setting it all out very clearly. Hugh
Absolutely disinformation Graeme
The whole co governance agenda is based upon a rewriting of the treaty by the Maori elite to provide them with power over the majority of unsuspecting New Zealanders. Lynne
There is no partnership and never was. A lot o people are convinced however and that will curse us if we let it. Roger
Absolutely deceptive rubbish talk that needs to be dumped in a great hole russell
Paid media John
WAKE UP Kiwis… donald
Pure bloody fiction, to put it bluntly. Ardern is a complete puppet, not only dancing to the tunes of her maori caucus members, but also the global elite. This whole cabinet should resign, and be investigated by the SFO. Jan
I grew up in Apartheid south africa now its happening in NZ will leave and go to OZ or UK asap Dr Alan Papert alan
They are promoting apartheid with all this BS Laurie
It is just like the fictitious name of Aotearoa imposed over New Zealand. The whole Structure around this Co-governance Proposal is pure Propaganda. Geoff
Absolutely on disinformation- the facts have been majorly twisted here Nick
co-governance & the treaty of waitangi is an absolute farce, this government & needs to be locked up for treason. Nigel
The Treaty is so open to interpretation it’s not funny. If they want to use the treaty, then let’s have every aspect of it defined by law. But they dont want that as it wont be able to be twisted to suit their tribal agendas. Brian
Some maori, iwi etc are very skilled in twisting the historical facts. Most of their information is not true facts but unadulterated lies! Darryl
Justice Cooke used the idea of “partnership” as a metaphor, he did NOT declare it to be a fact. We have had 35 years of lies ever since. Trevor
The deceit of this government and it’s leader is boundless. All nicely wrapped in smiles and advice to be kind. Bruno
Dangerous and outrageous!! Margaret
Obvious from the beginning. Shown by all the vague definitions of terms – left for later convenient interpretation. Jack
New Zealand’s Democratic way of life is in great danger of being subverted by this disgraceful government acting without consultation of its citizens. Ken
issue for me is lack of transparancy. Comments like hard to explain, co-governance is not our term etc. They do not want any public debate. Willy Jackson challenged David Seymore to a debate on this. Would be great but would have to be the right moderator eg Antony Willy. Maybe a public panel discussion to enlighten us all a bit more mike
This co governance fabrication has to stop. Unfortunately David Seymour and Act are the only party of substance who have a plan to ask the people of New Zealand if they support this iwi plan to tribal rule. Please wake up New Zealand and in particular National. Luxon seems asleep at the wheel on this issue claiming less than 10% of New Zealanders see it as an issue. Luxon needs to grow a pair. Alternative is he is being smart and using the old adage, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves? Chris
A total Rory. Terry
Somebody STOP this before it ends up a bigger mess Roger
This is not the will of this nation Lyall
Why was Judge Cooks decision not objected to by other judges? It was wrong. The government is either foolishly or wilfully destroying NZ and I believe it was wilful. Rosemary
There is only one answer to this. We need an effective opposition party in parliament to say ” none of this nepotism is acceptable”. If that is what it is it is truly outrageous. A party that was elected to ” govern for all the people”. It seems though that together with the Green Party and the Maori Party they could still govern next time. These blog sites, although excellent, are not enough. Without a loud, focused and effective opposition the majority of Kiwis won’t be presented with the facts.The opposition needs to find a way to bulldoze it’s way into the MSM and out of obscurity, not just sit idly by and hope to be elected. Janine
The PM is also silent on the Mahuta conflicts of interest. RICHard
one great big Labour/Adern/Maori elite, taxpayer funded con. For the benefit of already rich, part Maori elite, who make up a very small percentage of the 15% of NZers on the Maori roll. That means possibly 2% of NZers are actually being given 50% control over the remaining 98% of the population under this co-governance ripoff. Richard
The most dishonest government ever Heather
All New Zealanders should read retired judge Anthony Willy’s article of 1 June 2022, which explains clearly in law, why J.Ardern’s co governance agenda is based on misinformation. s Don
Based on made up garbage to achieve an end which most New Zealanders do not want. Neil
This is one hell of a path we are heading if this is adopted. There also needs to be more public debate of these underhand deals in this so called co-governance. It has gone far enough ROD
Unelected parties should not be allowed to govern. Ron
this cogovernance idea completely undermines our precious hard won democracy and should be abandoned immediately . Maori already share in running this country as do we all with equal influence through our one man one vote principle. we are all NZer’s and government (all governments ) should always be striving to preserve that . William
lies & deception are its base clive
This would have to be one of the biggest frauds ever inflicted on a nation. And we stood by and let it happen. Peter
There will be civil war if this goes ahead Carolyn
There was never a “partnership” mentioned in the Treaty, it has been fabricated over the years. Gavin
They are so corrupt it is breath taking Charles
Of course it’s disinformation. These Labour MPs should be in court. This seems unlikely to happen though. The public will take their revenge in direct action. The Labour MPs will initially be the target, Ardern will cut and run, because that’s her way, and leave them to take the brunt of it. The Police and the Defence Force will become ersatz commies or tools under commie control by defending these idiots and obeying orders. People will be hurt. They can avert a bleak future by dropping He Puapua ,and everything connected to it ,immediately. I don’t need to try and be a Maori. I have a rich culture where the Vatican library contains more recorded history than this country. Terry
Jacinda is pushing this as the fair and lawful thing to do, me thinks our Liar in Chief is yet again screwing 3/4’s of the country to favour of those keeping her in power, in this case the Maori party ably abetted by the Greens and Marxists in her own Labour party. Welcome to the Socialist Utopia, formerly known as New Zealand 🙁 John
Get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal – for a real good start……. john
They don’t want truth to get in the way. All very sneaky. Tim
Everything ‘they’ say to us minions is disinformation! Debs
Mahoota and her cronies should be charged with treason Chris
dishonest rules  Dominique
The treaty can not be used to create two levels of citizenship based on ancestry. Geoff
And it’s all coming from the most deceitful person ever to hold office in New Zealand Mike
I don’t like the division of New Zealand. Kelly
How to divide a nation, it is just stupid and will encourage even more dependency / totalitarian state John
Undemocratic idealism in the extreme. Peter
TOW is no longer fit for purpose & should be abolished. chris
The outlook for New Zealand is terrible. The worrying question here is will Chris Luxon do anything about it and if he wants to will he be able to? Is he against what is happening? or if elected will he just go along with it? Will we be ABLE to go back to how we were? Those are the pertinent questions – our Grandchildren”s future depend upon it. Elizabeth Mary
All I can say is this government MUST go Peter
It amazes me everyday that we have no open media to air these issue’s to the wider public.This disinformation is being spread while most Kiwi’s are flat out trying to keep a roof over their heads and food for their children without the time to study the implications of this governments agenda keith
And, when MSM are confronted with our thoughts, that too will be deemed to be disinformation. Remember the saying; “We are the source of truth”. How ironic! alan
All requirements of Treaty obligations should be removed from all legislation. The treaty is a historical document, is finished and has no ongoing commitments. Martyn
This is blatant disinformation Lynley
Arderns prime decision making appears driven by her ownself interests d political survival totally self interest driven Max
It is all about SPIN LesW
Lies seem continual with part -Maori in today’s world. Anything that might give them advantage over others, such as claiming the Treaty entitles them to equity and partnership. Yet anyone who reads both versions find both words never appear in them at all. Somehow recently Partnership has morphed into Co-Government. Why? Because part-Maori again feel this would give them even more advantages and don’t care if they are unsubstantiated lies. Lies they certainly are as, no one can have a partnership with Queen i.e. the Crown, nor a Co-governance. Only a single Government, not two parliaments or dual justice systems. MP David Parker as Attorney-General should resign as he is failing in his duty to state publicly that such aspirations are impossible. Alastair
Regrettably the fairy Princess and her fellow socialists are heading down a very dangerous path that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks Phil
Only one sun in the sky Geoffrey
It is a manipulated lie along with the fictitious attempt to rename New Zealand Steve
Self serving Subversion and Mahutu needs the boot! Carol
This government appears incompetent in many areas, but it must be admitted that it is extremely good at providing the masses with disinformation. Rod
Just more food for the two legged sheep, how they must make sheep shudder. Russell
Based on lies and propaganda June
Twisting of facts relating to the treaty and running a propaganda campaign to imbed the lies, by the media, maori elite and corrupted government institutions has got us to this place. Willy
Greedy power hungry tribal elites going for gold and laughing all the way to the bank at how easy it is now! Brenda
It is all bullshit adapted to fit the ideological agenda. pdm
Disinformation knowingly used by activists using a low competency government led by an egotist who sees vote gathering capacity in facilitating the out of control Maori Caucas To have unwanted say in proceedings. Pete
one man- one vote Nick
It’s a wrought Pete
It is the same high-handed arrogance that originally claimed that co-governance is sanctified by the Treaty without a shred of proof from that document. This is a very dangerous moment in our history Alan
Given the article’s assertions, with which I totally agree, the use of the word disinformation, is quite inadequate. Regardless, why has there been no legal challenge to this behaviour? Gray
I have read One Sun Under the Sky which clearly documents the facts. Co Governance is a fabrication. Gordon
And “shame” on successive National Parties for perpetuating/encouraging this blatant lie. neil
Outrageous racist attack on our democratic foundations topped with criminal corruption by the Mahuta hapu. Tim
One man / Women one vote of equal power and importance. No partnership and take the treaty back to what it was and what it was intended to be when signed by the relevant parties. Flip
We need to get Anthony Willy’s article published, somehow, in the MSM so as much of the public has the opportunity to read it! Paul
This treaty they refer to is not the original Treaty written in English, their Treaty was drawn up by Missionaries who worked with maori long before 1840, and they added to the original Treaty,…Partnership and Treasures Etc. I do not know why the 85% of us are not challenging this Bullshit Treaty in the Courts ? Chris
Was never A partnership Maori came to British for protection from marauding tribes. Would be extinct otherwise. Maori never indigenous. If u Arrived by boat u cannot be indigenous. Greg
The way that the treaty of Waitangi has been misinterpreted in recent years is appalling. Apart from this, Maori are NOT indigenous to NZ. Let’s deal with FACTS instead of RUBBISH. Barbara
The Leopard is the Mistress of Disinformation. Tony
By now this question doesn’t really need asking. What needs asking is how much longer can we tolerate a handful of maori militant MPs continuing to racially divide our country? Nev
What can you say in defence of these actions? They are indefensible and bring out the worst in the politics of New Zealand. The current government is a hot bed of corruption Tony
It is outrageous Brian
The whole idea of co governance is nothing more than social engineering and is dangerous in the extreme for our country. Governance is about doing the best for all our people regardless of ethnicity. Robin
Look no further than the analysis by Tony Willy, a widely acclaimed specialist of constitutional law. Donald
Idi Amin tried, and look what happened to him chris
Every aspect of Arderns conduct as so called PM is an example of the old adage of “absolute power corrupts”, but who is the actual “power behind the throne” who is masterminding this assault on the very fabric of our nation? As is demonstrated daily as soon as Ardern is “off script” her total lack of mental agility is there for all to see. She is just a “puppet on a string'” james
How can 4% (iwi elite) ‘versus’ 96% (the rest of us) equal 50-50 co-governance? Paul
In 1840 England was the most powerful nation on earth. So putting aside all the arguments regarding the wording, and the meaning of said words in our Treaty, and/or the Maori version, perhaps Ms Mahuta, and Mr Jackson might like to explain :- On what grounds would the most powerful nation on earth give co governance, or any modicum of sovereignty, to factions of warring cannibals. We seem to have completely resigned ourselves to modernistic fairy tales rather than actuality. Geoff
Deceitful and corrupt Neil
Lies, all lies. There’s proof that the Maori tribal leaders KNEW they were giving up control to the Crown. That was why they had so many discussions regarding signing FloJo
Corruption of the first order Errol
a lie is a lie no matter how much ink is thrown at it. Geoffrey
Just another one of arderns continuation of her racist spin, she is so far in bed with maori, that she can’t see what the rest of New Zealanders are upset about. Peter
Tribalism is a recipe that will lead to nepatism and corruption Tony
Racist thieves of assets I have paid for in being a taxpayer of fifty years Paul
The dishonesty displayed by this government beggars belief!! Glenda
Why is this nonsense given the time of day Barras
Hopefully the elections will oust this government and it’s radical extremism that is polarising our nation, before too much irreversible damage is done. A difficult task given that most of the electorate has already been bought using taxpayer funding. Martin
It either is or it isnt. I believe it isnt. Cathetine
One would have to be an absolute idiot to believe that Queen Victoria, ruler at the time of the British Empire, would enter into a partnership with a stone-age cannabillistic group of disparate tribes. NZ is under serious threat from Adern’s agenda. Brry
Co governance can only succeed if the citizens of New Zealand turn a blind eye to what is happening. If the tribes win this battle and start charging royaties for water I for one will not pay it, ever, nor will I pay any other stipend to maori tribes. Chris
Lies, Lies, more damn Lies. I don’t understand why she hasn’t yet been charged with treason. Sharen
NZ’s future is at stake. mary
Jacinda Ardern is the master of spin and disinformation. By blaming others, she deflects accusations away. Goebbels would be proud of her!   Geoff
What a mess the country is in. NZ is a great case study on how one useless government can virtually destroy a nation in just a few short years. It is a very sad situation.  Jason
The Treaty partnership is disinformation on steroids! Imagine using a lie to privatise control of essential services to business corporations. Where is the anti-privatisation lobby when you need it! And when are Kiwis going to jump up and down at the thought of iwi leaders controlling our health care and fresh water!  Paula
Disinformation and propaganda is all Ardern can do. She can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything these days. John
Absolutely the partnership claim is disinformation. And thank you to Judge Willy for pointing it out so clearly. Les