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The Dark Age of Political Intrusion

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The medieval Dark Ages refers to the thousand year period in history between the fall of the Roman Empire around 500 AD and the beginning of the Renaissance in 1500 AD. It was a time of feudalism and the Crusades, when society turned its back on science and reason. Superstition ruled. 

A question that is increasingly being asked these days is whether we are now heading into another ‘Dark Age’, where common sense and rational thinking are again being replaced by fanaticism and superstition.

The symptoms of such a retreat from reason are all around.

Universities, founded on the principles of academic freedom, are now muzzling academics who challenge the view of radicals.

The Labour Government’s newly appointed Chief Justice is instructing the Judiciary – the upholder of the Rule of Law which ensures that all citizens are treated as equals – to embrace Maori ‘tikanga’ and embed race-based privilege and spirituality into our judicial system.  

A new National Research Charter – being developed by the Royal Society of New Zealand – could force all publicly funded research undertaken in this country to abide by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, which themselves are not defined.

Cultural competency
‘training’ is being widely used to indoctrinate the State sector with an agenda that promotes Maori privilege. But that is not enough for the Medical Council, which has recently issued a new directive requiring all doctors to meet ‘cultural safety’ standards as well.

Feminists are relentlessly promoting an anti-male campaign under the guise of ‘gender equality’, to the point where merit counts for nothing and older men are villainised and told to “move on” by the likes of the Green Party Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter.

Colonisation is being reinvented as oppression, instead of liberation from a culture based on utu, cannibalism, and slavery, with those who speak out against race-based laws now branded as white racist supremacists.

Freedom of expression is under threat from the proposed criminalisation of ‘disharmonious speech’ and ‘hate speech’.

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples undermines national sovereignty through the introduction of the right to self-determination and separate self-rule. 

The UN Global Migration Compact threatens national security by legitimising illegal migration. 

The UN Paris Agreement claims to be reducing man-made global warming to save the planet, but the overarching intent is to control free market economies and redistribute wealth.

Furthermore, the climate change agenda has now been captured by an anti-establishment movement that is tapping into the emotions and fears of young people in particular. The new poster child of this global cult is Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome. She has now revealed the agenda has a greater political motive: “The climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fuelled it. We need to dismantle them all.”

The concern is that Kiwis are too complacent and so are largely blind to the more sinister agendas driving many of these changes. Unlike the yellow vest movement in France or the freedom fighters in Hong Kong, new restrictions are being introduced with barely a murmur of protest.  

So how is it that New Zealand society can be so quickly undermined and fractured, without civil upheaval? 

Surprisingly, the answer lies largely with social media.

Before social networking sites were established, the mainstream media was the gatekeeper for news. As the Fourth Estate – the fourth pillar of our Democracy alongside Parliament, the Executive, and the Judiciary – the mainstream media not only held the government to account, but they largely filtered out information that was deceptive or irrational. In general, they upheld their responsibility to present balanced arguments and the truth. 

But the rise of social media changed the landscape by enabling people to more easily channel their own information and share it directly through their networks.

Initially the media ignored the intrusion, but as social media became more influential, they embraced it as a resource to try to halt their decline. It’s now reached the ridiculous stage where any social media story has the potential to become mainstream media’s headline news. Sound journalism and its associate costs, has been replaced with social media trivia. Much worse is the more recent development where mainstream media have become cheerleaders for popularist campaigns and refuse to publish contrary opinions.

Traditionally, the mainstream media challenged politicians or others who had chosen to become public figures. But nowadays anyone speaking out on social media is a target, especially if their opinions are not politically correct. They risk being personally attacked to destroy their credibility, and silence their views.

A recent illustration involves a lady who responded to an Air New Zealand social media message that began with “Kia ora” by politely pointing out she was not Maori: “Hello (I’m not Maori)…” 

Instead of replying in English, the Air New Zealand employee responded with a more complex Maori language expression.

The lady replied “I’m still not Maori. What’s the English translation of that?”

In response Air New Zealand sent her a link to the on-line Maori dictionary.

At that stage the social media attackers weighed in, calling her a racist, and congratulating Air New Zealand for continuing to use Maori. Mainstream media then reported the story, adding to it by searching through her Facebook account to highlight anything else that was politically incorrect. 

This situation where propaganda now masquerades as news, and free speech is being suppressed is contributing to a more general malaise that is affecting society as the State becomes more pervasive and people feel increasingly powerless to change or improve their lives.

During his 24 years as a Member of Parliament, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator never lost sight of the needs of ordinary people and the importance of policies to empower them.

Sir Roger Douglas was the former Minister of Finance in that courageous 1984 Labour Government that rescued New Zealand from the brink of bankruptcy – the legacy of Robert Muldoon.

Their swift and far-reaching reforms are legendary. They included floating the currency, lowering taxes from 66 cents in the dollar to 33 cents, abolishing price controls, removing subsidies, and opening up the country to export growth and trade.

They transformed New Zealand from being a highly regulated state-dominated society, to an open and competitive free-market economy.

Sir Roger believed, “The only effective safeguard for ordinary people is the ability to make a free personal choice among competing suppliers whose livelihood depends on satisfying the consumer. Dedication to that principle from 1984 onwards is what places that government squarely in the established Labour tradition of putting the needs of the common people first. The abolition of privilege is the essence of structural reform. Wherever possible, give power back to the people. That is central to democracy.”

Sir Roger outlines the danger that exists when governments undermine freedom and choice, trapping people in dependency on the State: 

“Politicians have deliberately introduced new policies or used existing policies to create a situation where most New Zealanders are dependent on them as a government. They have done this to win votes and to hold on to the votes of those they already have.

“The power to make important decisions about their lives has been taken away from individual New Zealanders and transferred to politicians and the bureaucracy. This has occurred in a number of important areas to most people, such as health, welfare and education.” 

We have all seen the dreadful impact of State dependency.

Generations of families trapped in a welfare system that creates dysfunction and ruins lives.

An education system that fails to provide far too many children with the basic skills and knowledge needed to get a good job and live independent of the State.

A health system that leaves tens of thousands of sick and debilitated New Zealanders suffering on waiting lists.

These policy failures are an appalling indictment of our system of government and they hit at the heart of one of the great philosophical battles of our time – how much control do we want politicians to have over our lives?

How far should their reach into our pockets and our way of life extend? Do we let them control us in the same way China dominates its people?

Or do we say “no” to their incessant intrusion into our lives, and limit their role?

Sir Roger Douglas reminds us that it’s all very well to regard the government as a benign force, but in reality there’s a political agenda that’s driven by the need to get re-elected. Like any producer of goods or services, they need to be needed. They may also naively believe that they are a better keeper of people than people are of themselves.

In his article Sir Roger quotes from a speech he made in 1989, where he warns of the need to be wary of governments that appease vested interest groups: “Government is not there to protect vested interests at the expense of the consuming public. Its role is to ensure that vested interests cannot thrive except by serving the general public effectively.”

That message is even more important now, 30 years on. Jacinda Ardern’s Labour led coalition is not only allowing vested interests to prevail, they are sponsoring it. This includes two new Bills promoting Maori privilege.

The first is Labour’s grand plan to revamp the whole public service by repealing the State Sector Act and replacing it with a new Public Service Act that includes race-based rights.

As the Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins explained, “The current Act is silent on the Crown’s relationship with Maori, and that is something we are changing. We’re requiring chief executives to operate as a good employer, recognising the aims and aspirations of Maori, the employment requirements of Maori, and the need for greater involvement of Maori in the Public Service…

“This is another clear signal that we are serious about our commitment to our treaty partners. What is good for Maori is good for New Zealand. The country is stronger when we improve outcomes for Maori.”

Submissions on the Public Service Legislation Bill close 31 January 2020 – details can be seen HERE.

The second piece of legislation is just as important. The Education and Training Bill, which represents a fundamental rewrite of education laws, also includes an increased emphasis on Maori privilege. It wants to significantly boost the Treaty of Waitangi in schools and the teaching of Te Reo, despite the present education system already placing a huge emphasis on the Treaty of Waitangi and the teaching of Te Reo.

The Prime Minister, nevertheless, wants more.

The changes will be achieved by elevating the importance of the Treaty to the same level as the key objective of our education system, namely, ensuring “every student is able to attain their highest possible standard in educational achievement”.

Under the new proposal school Boards will not only be required to ensure plans, policies, and the curriculum embrace local Maori tikanga and a Maori world view, but that they also deliver equitable outcomes for Maori students. The Ministry of Education says the new objective will “contribute to meeting the Crown’s duty to protect Tino Rangatiratanga rights actively”.

Sir Roger Douglas has explained that his reforms were designed in the established Labour tradition of putting the needs of the common people first – empowering citizens through the removal of privilege, ensuring freedom from state control, and fostering wealth creation to raise living standards.

Jacinda Ardern’s ambitions do the opposite. The socialist agenda of the Labour-Greens-New Zealand First triumvirate is reaching further into our personal lives. The question is whether New Zealanders will wake up from our complacency and at some point stand up and say “no” – as the freedom fighters have done in Hong Kong – or whether we will continue to accept increasing State repression. 


*Are New Zealanders too complacent about the loss of personal freedom?


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Yes! We are complacent BECAUSE the public majority are NOT listened to by Politicians. It is always the minority, squeaky wheel who have the Polis ear. Maureen
iIt may need to come to a head, as in Hong Kong,, before the ‘powers’ that be wake up to the resentment they are fostering in this beautiful country.. They are blind to what they are creating for their own ego’s and fear of upsetting the United Nations negativity regarding our alleged misdoings. Vic
Our current socialist government absolutely pose an existential threat to the liberty of all New Zealanders, if we fail to unseat them at the next election I fear that we will have no personal freedom left! John
NZ will end up like Zimbabwe, our freedom is slowly being eroded, we should say ‘enough is enough’ before it’s too late. Dumb them all down and follow along like sheep. Graeme
Rescind the treaty now. Enough is enough. Bruce
And their privacy / personal information. Graeme
The rewriting of history. Indoctrination, fear of speaking out. Read or reread 1984 we are there now. Be very afraid. Polly
I am not alone: numerous NZers I know/am acquainted with opine that we citizens are grossly over-regulated Isabel
Yes frighteningly complacent. The Media was captured long ago and appeared incapable of reporting Truth and balance some time ago. Not watched/listened or read any New Zealand news in years. It would be insulting and disrespectful to be spoken to or communicated to in a foreign language mixed in with English via MSM. A National Government governing alone with SB will not change a thing. Nowhere for my vote in 2020. Sam
Almost to the point of no return I fear…barring revolution/civil war. Sad. Mark
Unfortunately, yes David
Some people with full time jobs and the responsibility of raising a family appear to have no mental energy left to consider racial privilege and the way that it is undermining our society. In addition there is far too much name calling from the radical brown supremacists which is given prominence in radio, TV and newspapers and which is conveniently ignored by the “hate speech police”, and this can turn some people off from, the underlying issues. Donald
Jacinda ADERN is following Saul Alinskys method of how to create a socialist/communistic society. Google Saul Alinsky. Disarm people, run down health and indoctrinate school children, get more and more on to welfare dependency and therefore under govt control. Wake up NZ. You are being manipulated by this b…h with pressure from the U.N. who are pushing the One World Govt to gain world domination. Carolyn
Muriel, please please keep your very excellent editorials going.You and your invited guest contributors are a breathe of fresh air.you get it right. Gale
Your articles help us to know these things Neville
Sadly yes. Even normally sensible friends are spouting and agreeing with some of the rubbish being enacted.. and straining our friendships.. DICK
with the communist labour party and there brown nosing mates are well on there way to complete control of decent NZrs many who do not realise its already happened and too late to reverse unless we do what the HK young and old people are doing, really this country is knackered. Richard
Look after Kiwi men and women, are there any in parliament? George
Kiwi’s need to wake up to whats going on and start doing something before it is too late. Muriels “Dark age” tells it like it is, but most Kiwis just cant be bothered standing up for our way of life. Don
I notice Sir Roger never mentions how NZ has been captured by the malignant Maori mumbo jumbo and in the same Cabinet he served in, also produced the hideous G Palmer with his Treaty of Waitangi trash. Where is our Donald Trump pendulum swing, sorry NZers are too much asleep to take action,, MMP has been a disaster for NZ, J. Ardern should NEVER have been PM and S. Bridges not much better, no backbone. for real change. Monica
We should be more wary because PC has gone mad! JIm
DR.Newman’s article raises some interesting threads and I agree that AirNZ staff dismissal of the customer objection to being addressed in Maori language is to be deplored. It brings to mind the increasing use of the National Radio starting every broadcast with a flood of Maori which I don’t understand or wish to hear. I doubt if many Maoris ever listen to National Radio in the same way as I never listen to commercial radio and only use National Radio for news broadcast. Chris
I am so glad to be 80 years old now – Thank the ‘powers that bge’ that I will NOT have to live, ( if one could call it that), or endure the disastrous effects of this incompetent, inexperienced, and no logical idea of how to run a business, let alone a country. They are steering us into a Racist, Communistic, Govt controlled State, the Mugabe and Idi Amin would have been proud of. Good Luck with that, you people of NZ. I wish you well – you all will need it, and that includes the majority of fine Maori citizens we have. SO DON’T YOU PULL OUT THAT RACIST, WHITE SUPERORITY CRAP on me, – it is IDIOTS like you that are allowing this to happen. As they say – “a Country gets the Government they deserve” so maybe you could think for a change . . . . MervB
As the US study/book author stated not long ago that US citizens had become dumber over the last two generations it also applies to kiwi’s ! James
We’re afraid of speaking out and taking a stand on issues in case we get unfairly labelled as “racist” or “homophobic” . We get shouted down when we express any opinion that doesn’t agree with that of the instigator and not allowed to express any contrary viewpoint. New Zealanders have lost respect for anybody that doesn’t agree with their line of thinking and robust debate is a thing of the past. Established facts and events from the past are also being twisted to suit whatever agenda is being pushed and the majority of people are too lazy to check things out to see if what they are being told is historically or factually correct. Reverse racism is also rampant, whether it is acknowledged or not. And our so-called “Wellbeing” government leaves us with a sense of less-than-wellbeing as they not prepared to listen to “the people” either so we feel dumbed down and ignored. Mary
Not really sure why but it’s really Real. My thoughts are that social media and the likes of main stream tv media dum people down to a point where it’s an easy option to just flick a switch and forget about real issues. Alan
We’ve lost our pioneering spirit. Rick
We put up with our government saying one thing and doing another, using safety etc as an excuse to overburden public, road users and business with excessive blockages that hinder or cost large amounts of money. Philip
Far too complacent. Today’s slack media attitudes (or leftist compliant support) don’t perform anything like the 4th estate role once expected of them. With only fatuous and unrealistic expectations stemming the 18-year-old vote, the general populace seems blissfully unaware of how much we’ve lost, how much we’re losing or how fast it’s happening. Jim
Wake up the somnolent idiots! New Zealand is going under! Mitch
It is part of the Kiwi approach to life. Most of us are guilty. A change of government may help but there is no guarantee. KEVIN
The ‘silent majority’ need to wake up, pull their heads out of the sand, shake off their apathy, and DO something before it is too late Mike
We are generally too complacent about just about everything. Most don’t until they are affected at a personal level. Ray
Yes we are and have been too long. It’s only the likes of your Newsletter that highlights the un fairness and bias that we have to face,The biggest problem is how to get a United front to stand up and challenge and make changes that we all need.The National Government need to ‘stand up’ and take the challenge forward for all New Zealanders ,regardless of race etc.How do we achieve what the ‘yellow jackets’ and Hong Kong citizens have done as a collective group?? Steve
Always have been. Russell
Socialism and Communism go hand in hand. Hope the present Government will be out of office next election. Perhaps we should start singing God defend NZ. Ross
New Zealander’s lie on their backs with their paws in the air and the reason WHY is no one seems to care about the following. 1. The Treaty was judged illegal in 1877, a judgement that hasn’t been overruled. 2. The so called “Principles” are of unauthorised translation written by Prof. Hugh Kawharu, chief negotiator for Ngati Whatua who used them to gain Bastion Point, because this claim failed in Her Majesties Court through evidence against. 3. The Waitangi Tribunal was founded upon the non-existent English Treaty, non-existent because it bears the wording, “Done at Waitangi on 6-2-1840” when it was, in fact, “Done in Waikato in April of 1840”. 4. As the Treaty is illegal and the “Principles” as well as the Waitangi Tribunal are a figment of the imagination: what does this mean for all the Rip-Van Winkles who call themselves New Zealander’s. George
Unbelievably so ! Richard
I am afraid it started when John Key’s National party pandered to the Maori party when they wanted control of the treasury benches. Of course the Maori party was given an inch and demanded a mile. Labour has continued the movement and of course the maoris are making a meal of it. This has got to stop, as whether we like it or not we are now a multicultural nation where everybody is equal. Dennis
Absolutely. It’s how wars start. By the time people realise whats happened the only remedy is revolution Bill
Your article says it all. A great percentage of us ground base population are too busy surviving an ever increasing minefield of life to speak out at what we are really experiencing. The time has come to stand up. We are CURRENT NZ citizens with CURRENT lives to live. We appreciate the history and value of culture and need to recognise it for what it is. HISTORY. We can’t house ,feed, or educate our families on HISTORY and entitlement. Wake up NZ take responsibility for your lives. Mark
Many are oblivious or don’t want to know the ramifications of the laws being changed to favour 1 group. When I raise this with under 30s it seems they have already been brainwashed in high school to the careful pronunciation of Te Reo & talk about the wrongs done to Maori in the past without balance. Nick
YES _ the majority of hard working NZ ER’S are so busy supporting so many lazy, dropout, couldn’t care less people they haven’t got time to hit the streets. WARWICK
socialism at its worst Allan
I met a man from Zimbabwe once. He told me that when his country was being decolonised, he and his friends & family thought the government would surely do the sensible and rights things. Instead, they turned it from the bread basket of Africa to just another basket case. I can’t see that NZ has learnt anything from their terribly flawed ideology. Fiona
As a nation, we are too easy going. I am a white New Zealander of multi European ethnicity married to a racially different woman and absolutely believe and practice equality for all. However, the present reinterpretation of colonialism does not sit well with me. Taking a stand against the currently fashionable Maori favouritism should never be seen as being racist. Peter
We are told racists hold the balance of power, not a single thing can happen politicly nationally or urban without the approval of iwi and the like, and they have the audacity to call us racist, the boot is very definitely on the other foot it is time we stood up and started to call them the racists. Graham
It seems that we are a nation of sheep and follow whoever bleats the loudest regardless of what they are promising. We need to stand up for our principles, otherwise we will return to the dark ages. Fraser
Most kiwis are completely asleep Peter
Very much so and it is frightening. There is no freedom of speech now, we are called racist if we are white, yet Maori can slander us as much as a they like, we retaliate and they say we are racist, yet they are. I really don’t like where the country is headed. Kerin
Complacency reigns! John
Get rid of the Treaty of Waitangi Charlie
Yes we are We have that real British tendency not to complain too much as it is bad form. However if we don’t wake up soon it will be too late with the Maori Elite taking control of the country. I would also like to point out that as there a few if any full blooded Maori then those same elite are denying part of their own ancestry That to me point to their only real target is the largess of the NZ Government. I just hope and pray that we wake up before the final conclusion or there will be violence in this great little country. Governor Hobson’s words must eventually be the correct way forward for NZ. “We are now one people” Robin
have been for at least twenty years Barry
Absolutely they are. I call it smug complacency syndrome aka I’m alright Jack, life’s good, no worries, what are you on about. Allan
The less government the better. Michael
Triviality now rules. Many seem more concerned about eg the latest fashion or what food/wine will be on the menu will be available when they dine out. Catherine
This is a sad state of affairs. This lack of freedom will bring on a Hong Kong type of very angry people and this is not the way of fixing the problem. The most important thing is to get rid of this present Government at the next election, and for the National party to have the guts to turn back the rot that has come that exists. John
The Govt is communist. Dave
Yes as the majority don’t even know what is happening in New Zealand especially the younger generation John
Most definitely yes. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. That quote says it all. Wake up people before it is too late. This country is going down the gurgler big time and it is all in plain sight. We desperately need to get rid of all race-based legislation and all be treated the same. Thankfully I won’t be around to see the mess which is occurring at an ever increasing speed. Helen
I get furious with most of my friends and family who just stare into the headlights bewildered whenever I tell a few Te Reo hometruths. How you get them off their arses into voicing NO is beyond me. We are a soft, complacent majority fiddling while our way of life burns away. David
This government continues to promote ageism, sexism and racism through its policy. It destroyed the economic future of taranaki specifically and the country as a whole – its economic treason Alan
Most have not noticed or believed the danger of seeing NZ natural and coastal resources going under control of a minority who intend to be in charge of the whole country eventually Rayna
I feel powerless–I fear for my Grandchildrens future. If there was a Protest Group formed I would join it in a flash. I’m guilty of being complacent….I know that. Monty
Of course they are because they are all brain dead. Watching main stream media, net flicks, sport sport sport. No one has the slightest idea whats going on in the real world. 99% of the said shootings classed as a terrorist attack is staged. Research the shit hit the fan March 15 Government Staged Event, Gladio False Flags. The more false flags they do the more fear they put into the people. Decide the Red Pill or the Blue Pill only you can decide. The worst is yet to come. They will take us to the Dark age because thats what they want. Pauline
Yes. Scott
It’s a mix of too complacent but also too busy to worry about it, or too busy just trying to make ends meet. Andrew
Yes, your article The Dark Age of Political Intrusion was spot on about what is happening in NZ. And the Govt wanders why the Mental Health rate is so high at the moment!! I’m sick of this attitude because I’m “white” I’m some how privileged, not the fact it took my ancestors thousands of years to arrive at the point we are today living in a free democratic, equal right society, which is of course all under threat now Suzanne
Definitely ! James
This insideous program is resulting in a growing feeling of racial division in our society! This is totally destructive! Tell any one sector that they have special rights and privileges, they will respond with arrogance, and demand more and more! Is this what we want for our children? Hugh
Our apathy and disinterest is legend. A critical mass slavishly believe what they are told by main stream media. They base their perception of reality upon this and disregard evidence to the contrary. Dominic
Great article. Pity DumPost would be most unlikely to print it in their OpinionPaper (It’s not a NewsPaper) Anthony
We have had it too easy for too long Barry
Basically we are too lazy too get involved or say what we think. We seem to have the attitude someone else will do it for us. Laurel
The media and public in general are still dazzled by Enid’s chompers and meaningless slogans. Meantime we are heading where we may only be permitted to say (and think?) what “they” will agree with. Eric Blair predicted it all. Philip
Most definitely. I think we have a really high proportion of really naive, unthinking, myopic morons among our population. Add to that a political system that allows unelected foreign activists to insinuate their way into positions of power in government and NGO’s. Under such a system, the electorate has no power to challenge and reject these activist usurpers. New Zealand is in deep trouble. Dianna
We have been moving towards two sovereigntys which is race based. Maori will not be happy until the get what they are aiming for. They eventually want 50 percent of the tax take with all their own Government Departments. Including the courts and Police. They already have a maori department in the police with a moari assistant commissioner of police over it. Wake up NZ!!!! ;Dene
our freedom is slowly being eroded, we should say “enough is enough”, we should not allow more privileges for minority groups. All people in NZ are ONE. Gerard
The average New Zealander’s attitude of “she’ll be right” is extremely frustrating when you are one of the few that sees what a loss of our personal freedom will do to this country. Mary
Sadly the Labour government’s PC brainwashing of our citizens is causing NZ to be slowly sliding into a state similar to that of Stalin’s Russia. Amongst many other things it seems that the PC agenda is to replace all English origin place names by Maori names Ted
They sure are because they don’t feel supported by any government over the past 20 years Catherine
Not only too complacent, but thanks to education, media and marxist politics, too many are too dumbed down to know. Richard
But partly this is because the media do not loudly and clearly give the necessary information as to what is happening to the public. There needs to be a lot more general discussion about the direction we want to take the in this country. Gail
New Zealanders are sleep-walking in to a future of rampant racial privilege and separatism. At the present rate the totality of this trend will too advanced to halt without severe social unrest. The collapse of the economy will provide excuse for a return to intertribal warfare this time with guns rather than as previously with clubs. Victor
Socialistic let press is indeed a powerful force via the education systems. And Coalition governments are never going to be other than pathways for minority extremes. Maurice
new zealanders are in some kind of dreamy utopia Steven
Example: Not a single parent at our children’s school has EVER been asked or informed about new education policy. Peter
Once the Government, not just this govt, has the level of control over our lives that these people seek….1984 is here, there can be no resistance. Lionel
Apartheid is coming rapidly – and voters must stop it. It’s like the complacent Germans as Hitler came to power. Peter
NZ landers have been asleep at the wheel for decades now. And this toxic apparition called ‘social media’ does add to this concoction of ignorance and complacency. When every dipstick out there can spread his or her ‘opinion’ which are more often than not totally bereft of any analytical , critical or informed fact based content, this will serve to speed up the rot and decay in our society. As far as these machinations in regards to this TOW and its ruthless application are concerned: Just another tool to destroy values , ethics ,morals , families– you name it– This is not about Maori culture – not by a long shot– this is about what these radicals call decolonisation. What start with trees on a hill, ends up with people being targeted. It is happening all around us and it is not a national problem— this goes down all around the Western world. No surprise that they are taking guns away from people. Michael
We have been far too complacent for far too long. Sarah
I am seriously thinking of moving overseas permanently. And I am not alone. John
Unfortunately given the one sided coverage by the MSM most New Zealanders are completely oblivious as the issue will never be covered Mike
When there is no public reaction resulting from the Minister for Climate Change’s comment on the Zero Carbon Amendment Bill passing its third reading, “The zero carbon bill was conceived not by me, I might add, nor even by the Green Party that Marama Davidson and I together lead, but by Generation Zero, a movement of young people committed to climate action,”, one does have to believe there is public apathy. How can a Minister of the Crown admit that legislation is made by pressure groups, and in this case a pressure group that has yet to gain any perspective or balance through life experiences. The claim that Governments now defer to children for advice and guidance appears to be true. I certainly did not vote for this. Miss Ardern and her Government created a myriad of investigative and advisory groups to report back to her and give guidance for amendments and the introduction of new legislation that will make New Zealand a “More-Caring” society. However, when she creates a Royal Commission to investigate the circumstances and events that led to the Christchurch Mosque murders, she knows better and introduces and takes urgency on legislation that provided the public a two day submission period. Seems like an exorbitant expense to go to when the final solution is already decided! But yet again, no public outcry or marching in the streets. Admittedly there were some who spoke out but their efforts were somewhat belittled and pushed aside by our biased Fourth Estate. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it – a few Historical quotes to illustrate the dangers we face: “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” (Plato) “Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.” (Bodie Thoene) “Your life begins to end the moment you start being silent about the things that matter.” (Martin Luther King Jr) Michael
It is time to wake up Barry
Yes so vote National. If I were Maori I’d feel insulted as Maori are evidently so inferior to Pakeha they need special privileges e.g. mandatory positions on Health boards etc. as they haven’t the ability to win such positions themselves! What a farce! Juliet
We’re like those frogs in a pot of water being slowly brought to the boil. Stan
I too observe the insidious creep of racial bias. A plank for the next election should be that our racist legislation be completely expunged from our law. otherwise we remain an out and out racist nation. Paul
The old expression, “The country gets the government it deserves”, is SO true. Instead of investigating or becoming involved in politics, the average ‘Joe Blogs’ simply does not vote at all, or votes for the same Major Party, that they, & probably their parents before them, voted for. We have had ‘new’ Parties established from time to time, such as Rodgers, & then Rodney’s ACT Party, & now the New Conservative Party, who promote Hobson’s Pledge, ie ONE PEOPLE; ONE LAW. But sadly the non voter will remain at around 40per-cent, while the MAJORITY of those who do bother to vote, will cling to either National, who signed The U.N Declaration of the Rights o Indigenous People, {when of course, being an Island Nation, we don’t have any Indigenous people} & don’t forget the Paris Climate Accord, which opened the gate for Jacinda’s zero carbon bill. [Supported by the Nats]. Or Labour & it’s allies. who, with their Communist inspired base, are loving the free ride to total State Control. Will the Sheeple of this once beautiful country WAKE UP in time?, probably not, because we now have more than a whole generation who know no better. They weren’t even a twinkle in ‘the old mans eye’ when Sir Rodger did his thing.. A.G.R.
All leftists, greenies and rebellious persons or groups are now being referred to as: “watermelons”. That is – appears to be green on the outside, , but when cut open they are RED. Rod
Absolutely. But how does the average concerned citizen fight back, when everything done or said will be turned around and thrown back at them? Graeme
We are in every field possible.One cannot say anything against Maori without being labelled racist, and we cannot criticise govt without being told we don’t understand.I fear for NZ if the next election is won by Labour,Greens NZ First as we will be transported back hundreds of years by their ridiculous policies. Peter
Heads in the sand I’m afraid. Shelly
racist Donal
Incredibly so and the MSM keep churning out the same garbage so that the public seems almost proud of its ignorance. Roger
I believe it will have to get worse before the public wakes up to what is happening. I just hope it will not be too late to be able to rectify the problems at that stage Richard
Our present government is frightening in its objectives, we are the proverbial “frog in the cooking pot” – if we do not wake up soon it will be too late. Roy
I am just complacent! RICHard
We need to wake up. Pam
Most have been dumbed down by the education system and don’t know how to think for themselves or question anything. Geoff
Sadly, yes, New Zealanders are far too complacent about the loss of personal freedom. The bulk of them have been dumbed down by years of insidious change in what were once sturdily independent and fearlessly outspoken newspapers and the rise of easy-to-watch TV, later reinforced by misleading “social media” on the internet. Sorry, guys: The war is all but lost. Rob
Another example is this week’s banning of cartoonist Garrick Tremain from the Otago Daily Times, largely as a result of online bullying. Thinking of Charlie Hebdo, the cry should go out, “Je suis ODT!” Colin
We have an air of arrogant complacency as New Zealanders.. Meaning, when asked if we know what’s happening with anything,”no one informed me “.is the usual answer. The only thing missing from this whole Equation is the legalising of Marijuana,, which should give the Government control of the rest of the Population. God save New Zealand. Geoff
Wake up New Zealand it’s the story of the frog in slowly boiling water Bev
Everybody talks about being fed up with the reverse apartheid in this country but nobody will demand load enough to state we as a population want ONE NATION,ONE VOTE AND DO AWAY WITH THE TREATY OF WAITANGI AS IT HAS NOW BEEN SETTLED. Muriel
Most hard working New Zealanders are to concerned with retaining the employment and maintaining a living standard and with their social media contacts they are completely ignorant that they are being controlled more and more by Government interference and when you mention what you see happening to them particularly the young they don’t see your reasoning . Ken
But how can we ordinary NZers evoke involved EFFECTIVELY! This government seems to think it can do what likes without consultation. Graeme
get rid of Ja-sin -dar !!!! Graeme
The average citizen has no idea what is happening to democracy in NZ. They don’t bother to check media articles for themselves and unless we get better politicians and judges etc. we are being slowly lead to the slaughter like sheep. Stu
15% Maori is controlling the 75% of New Zealanders thanks to the pm directives so the incompetent trio will have to go come 2020 Sidwell
Appalled at NZers’ lack of awareness on this issue. We MUST make our politicians work for us and let them know we are watching and disapproving. Robert
we deserve this as New Zealanders have lost any balls they had .It is past time to stand up so ACTION PEOPLE STAND UP Bill
The problem with Kiwi’s is that they do not want to get involved in anything controversial they seem to like to go with the flow. unfortunately N.Z. has one of the most ignorant, naive, apathetic electorates in the in the world, they believe mainstream mass media, don’t research or query anything they are uncertain of, they run a mile when you try to inform them of anything political, then when the s–t hits the fan they say “why wasn’t I informed”. That is what I call complacent . Allen
We are far too complacent and that is all that is necessary for the radicals to push their agenda through this appalling government of Jacinda Ardern and this awful MMP system where nutters like the Greens and NZ First know most Kiwis are suckers for bribes so they can sit on their backsides and bludge of people who want to work Colin
What is wrong with the majority of New Zealanders. Haven’t they got any guts to stand up for themselves or are they just happy to be walked over by a few greedy Maori Tom
That way for years, yet becoming more so it seems. Leo
They won’t notice until it is too late. Eric
Oh yes. I can look back over the last 70 odd years and see how NZ SOCIETY has deteriorated. Socialism is slowly destroying this country. I feel very sorry for my grandchildren’s future and their children. Maybe we need binding referendums to curb political power. Peter
It’s the national malaise, but how do we change this attitude ? Mike
The sanitised news media has a large role to play in keeping news PC. TV too do not tell the true story of what the Govt are surupticiously getting up to. Helen
Absolutely. New Zealanders still believe ANY narrative from those anointed with leadership. Given the Police in particular are demonstrably more than happy to lie, make things up, skew statistics or lie by omission to implement their agenda we are in serious trouble. Yet most NZers drink the cool aid & have no idea police have been given the ability to MAKE LAW. Tracy
Unfortunately we are and boy are paying for it. We are being walked over by all the cultural bullshit and mislead, lied to about the out dated treaty of waitangi . Darryl
very much so norman
Yes, Yes Yes! It has gotten to the point We’re children are brainwashed with lies about the history of NZ and are growing up believing what they are told. .. Air NZ speaking Maori on the planes which nobody understands and Tv doing the same thing with their news readers ramming maori down the throats of everyone…. not to mention the latest introduction of a news reader with a tattooed face. I am totally offended and can no longer watch any news on Tv. Something needs to be done to put a stop on all this bullshit .. and done now! Des.
Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents would be horrified. They knew what it was to almost loose their freedom. It’s the most precious thing we have. Maurice
You only have to look at the colour of anyone’s skin, to see where their thoughts are. Brown is good, white is bad! Bullshit. Carl
So long as Nanny State is a major cushion for a great many in this country , nothing will change. Looking forward to the election Gary
Labour is busy digging a grave for everyones freedom. Time to wake up. We are all New Zealanders not just Europeans and European/Maoris. Robbie
We must object before it becomes too late! Rod
Personal freedom is being eroded very subtly by social and mainstream media. Minor rubbish, such as politically incorrect cartoons, are being held up as headline stories of significance. Meanwhile, freedom is being lost by outrageous political decisions which are treated as too difficult to handle by the mainstream media and therefore masked. Gavin
Although I don’t fully agree with this. I think many are disillusioned but wary of expressing their real views. Barbara
There was no partnership or principles in the simple treaty signed in 1840. Contemporary government initiatives based upon nothing will only make the existing part Maoris more dependent. Graham
its like a creeping amoeba ignore the problem at your peril. Warren
Treaty mania has got to stop. It is not, repeat, not holy writ and well past its use-by date Bruce
Regretfully .. YES. ‘ She’ll be right mate ‘ ! We’re too damn busy trying to survive under this repressive and socially engineered creep … by the psychopath Creeps. Alan
Complacent, apathetic, comatose… Martin
Nearly half the population is ‘Brain Dead” when it comes to recognizing REALITY Bob
As an older New Zealander I am becoming more and more appalled at the attempts to increase Maori political influence in this country beyond what is right considering their population percentage. Wake up people before it is too late! Ron
Far too complacent, too much of a not my problem attitude Russ
Undoubtedly, laid back Kiwis will, if this governmental direction continues will live to regret the day. The function of any government is govern basic elements of society not to RULE society as is happening. Time to stand up and be counted – election time is running close. Chris
Yes New Zealanders are to complacent and governments take full advantage of this to do what they please without any redress. Digby
It seems that the media with their lack of accurate reporting of the truth, try global warming as an example, have a lot to answer for. Ian
“…slip sliding away…the nearer your destination…the more you’re slip sliding away….” Wake Up NZ…….!!! CHowes
Leaning more and more towards separatism. The outdated document that is the treaty is holding back progress of NZ in the modern world, and is being used to create fictional grievances by a small segment of population, most of who have little or no blood ties to maoridom. Kabe
Absolutely. It will have to go a lot further before we see anything like what we have seen in France with the Gilet Jaune. We are too British and apathetic to do anything as a rule in this country. The best thing is to use your vote wisely and start to speak out and up. I don’t care if I am labelled a racist. Just remember facts are hard things to move. Robert
We are like sheep & being slaughtered by labour-greens.WAKE UP N.Z. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE,Hong Kong has done it & so have people in France.WHY are we excepting RACE BASED POLICIES.After maori has EVERYTHING they want WE,LL be spit on & CONTROLLED because WE LET IT HAPPEN.Are you ALL TOO LAZY-so going on social media & give your opinion will NOT be popular TOO BAD IT,S YOUR FUTURE AT STACK & of course it will be attacked but NOTHING is achieved EASILY & YOUR FUTURE IS MORE IMPORTANT so grow some SPINE & SPEAK UP Cindy
Absolutely and the country is going downhill at a rate of knots led by incompetent bums at the top Don
Maori are getting to much control in Government Ian
As a nation we tend, some extent, to “suck it up”when bad laws are mooted or passed. The recent riots in France (again) are about raising the age at which people can retire on a pension. Could that happen in New Zealand? I don’t think so. Sheila
While we sit around like a lot of sheep, living in ‘cuckoo-land ‘ we have wolves in sheeps clothes stalking us. Wake up for God’s sake! Ced
we had been proclaiming this for many years but the structure of our “democracy” makes effective objection to government proposals and actions, between elections, very difficult indeed. Gordon
The people have been overwhelmed by the sudden changes and intrusion into their lives. From demonisation of our farming sector to land grabs. Lee
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke, a respected 18th century statesman. Currently, we are all busily engaged in doing nothing while our country is being hi-jacked by a race who have proven themselves to be massively inferior in every respect of modern life. Whilst I accept that their brute strength places some maoris to the fore in certain sports, will the maoris or any of their apologists please list all the contributions made by maoris in the fields of medicine; law; government; science; engineering; agriculture or social development. I await with interest reading your very short list. New Zealanders, wake up! Picture your country being run by maoris, for maoris. Believe me, they will not be so accommodating to us when they have achieved their aim of dominance. TOBY
The government approach seems to be directly against ICERD not sure whether we are a signatory. Therese
YES WE ARE. We should be protesting out side Parliament Rioting in the streets but NZers are a pack of sheep being led to the slaughter. Gun laws pushed through , why what are they afraid of? That the sheep will finally stand up & scream NO MORE! Nigel
this government is an ASS Chris
And we have a left government that is all too willing to intrude even further. Carl
Wake up before it is too late. Regaining lost freedoms can be dangerous and painful. Frank
The stealth of the Left , the media, and the lgbt brigade are winning the minds if our young people. The UN desire to see a ons world government is a major threat and to think that our Jacinda is lining herself up for a position on such an immoral body. our problems here started with the lowering of the drinking age age the banishment of discipline in schools. maybe we could be the first country to address some of these issues. Frank
yes by far , we kiwi’s have been heading down the road to the dark ages for the last almost 3 years without protest, utu rules and must go James
I see this daily when I enlighten my staff on where things are headed, and their response is “They won’t let that happen.’ Yet the “they” my staff are referring to, is the very they who is creating it all. Blissfully Naive! Steve
NZers are becoming increasingly complacent about the increasing control government is having on our society. I just want all NZers to be treated equally. Keith
YES!, YES! & YES! Send this newsletter everywhere ! Don
Yes, even down to telling me that I can’t get a plastic bag and what firearm one can own. Labour is obtaining control under the guise of protecting the dumbest of the dumb in society. Neville
Try fishing on a beach or river where others have claimed “customary rights”. Try talking about that! Bruce
The Government is obviously intent on increasing the scope of state dependency. Peter
Personal freedom coupled with ‘First do no harm’ is all that we have left. Thank you, Dr Newman, for your eternal vigilance. Jan
As individuals and as a nation, after years of subtle and ‘educational’ indoctrination in pursuit of socialist One World Governance; the latest example being this Government’s political ‘take over’ imposition of District Health Board Chairs and other Board members; clearly illustrates so very clearly how we are rapidly going down the socialist path. Watch the National debt rise as this Government borrows to buy votes leading to so many more individuals being dumbed down more and more. “WE will tell you how to think and how to bring up your families because WE know what is right and good for YOU ! I believe it’s not climate change that will destroy this western world, it’s rampant socialism and communism. We, in New Zealand, and some leaders in our society have to awaken from our complacency before it is too late. Just look at what the secretive Minister Faafoi has just done. He got caught; said he was sorry to PM Ardern and (it appears) walks away without penalty …. look out New Zealand!! Stuart
The commie state of Govt will ensure it continues by Maori guilt, promotion, there are no true full blood Maori’s left, the country is controlled by cross breeds and the Govt, has far to much Racial pressure and no guts to control it The DARK age approaches. IAN
No Doubt about it. Question is, Where are they ?? As long as Labour controls TVNZ we will never hear the voice of ” New Zealanders “ Pierre
We cannot have a racially based Country if we believe in equal rights for all. Socialism is not a successful system compared to free enterprise. Michael 
New Zealanders are asleep. New Zealanders are also “afraid” of being called names, like racist, bigot, white Nationalist, islamophobe, etc. I am apparently, all of those. I got called a white racist mother f for delivering pamphlets opposing the marine and costal area theft. I am hoping the ballot box will remove this commie lot. If it doesn’t, we are screwed. Neil
We certainly are ! I am NOT a racist BUT I do not understand why everyday now in NZ, particularly in the Media we are subjected to virtually ALL the Journalists speaking Maori phrases on mainstream outlets when they have their own TV station so why don’t they just restrict speaking Maori to this outlet and if anyone in the public wants to listen to this they can tune in to Maori TV. Jack Tame on Q&A is a classic example. Also I hear that soon ALL children in Primary Schools will be forced to learn Maori language etc. This is totally wrong and if any parents want their children to learn to speak Maori it should be voluntary. After all the Maori only make up 15% of the population and NOT 85%. Maybe we should have Chinese as a compulsory subject in all schools ? (NOT ) There are now as many Asians living in NZ as those who call themselves Maori. We live in a multi cultural Society and NO language should be COMPULSORY. Many of the things creeping into our society are racist like the special privileges given to those who claim to be Maori and there are many examples of this i.e. Special places at University for Maori people race based sports teams. It is surely overdue for us to all be treated the same as New Zealanders. Andrew
And more so for those that are dependent on the social system to exist. They fail to understand that an increase in a benefit on one hand is taken away by an increase in a cost on the other. Unless the ability to provide the extra benefit is funded from; 1. Borrowing. 2. increased taxes. 3. creative accounting . Barry
Interesting how the right to use nommes de plumes was removed as the need to do so increased. Howard
Quit enforcing outdated and historic preaching which are divisive. Maoris have same choices as do we all. no need to be spoon feed because they opt out: One nation for all. too much govt interference. personal accountability required. Mike
Hopelessly so. In my life-time I am to become a second-class citizen as I don’t meet the 6% threshold. What a joke NZ is becoming. Mike
Yes, the she’ll be right attitude prevails across all aspects of society and those who question are cut down by the likes of the infantile Winston Peters and Shane Jones, to name but a few Kevin
No-one wants to talk about it. Lots of people don’t even know what is happening. It makes me feel as if am a mad conspiracy theorist if I mention anything about the way NZ is going. Marianne
Many people that I know say that they are just not interested in politics even though it is pointed out that their lives are affected directly. And this particularly refers to people younger than 40 years old Roger
The Waikato Times won’t print my letters on these things even when is just a reply to the opposite opinion Bill
Life is still too easy for most to care what happens, it seems.. Allan
Mindless morons manly or worse they are consciously supporting a political system that feeds them whether it be as beneficiaries, Maori activists or radical greenies. Mike
I am feed up being told what is right for me Keith
yes NZers are a pack of sheep what the Govt does they all follow along I am bared from a lot of the media because I disagree with what is going on like your article said if you do not agree with the media you are a white surpremist Russell
On the whole kiwis are an apathetic lot and accept a lot of things they should be protesting loudly about, I’m not happy with the way maoris are demanding this and that, we are becoming a separatist society. Carolyn
We are being conditioned to accept whatever the government chooses to do to us. Many of us are too busy on social media, watching soapies, game shows and reality tv to notice what%u2019s going on. How many watch news and current affairs. The governments agenda starts on children at school and we are constantly being told the treaty talks of a partnership with Maori when there is no such thing mentioned. It is only when you start to question and do your own research that you become enlightened and start to see the truth for yourself. Trevor
Very much so, the people of NEW ZEALAND need some help from the people in the media who are not cowed by the minority. They need to give the common NEW ZEALANDERS some help on how to stop the stupidity that is crippling this country of NEW ZEALAND William
This drift into totalitarianism has to stop if we are not to regress into the distant, and primitive past.. The present ‘maorification’ of everything, the erasing of gender and suppression of all dissent is a very dangerous trend. Kathryn
I thought Winston & the Jones’ boy were going to apply “common sense” Now – who can we turn to – perhaps a revolution in National with Act gaining ground? Doug
A well written insightful piece Dr Muriel. Grant
Maoris are not more equal than me !! Brian
The reduction of personal freedom in NZ is clearly currently being driven by a neo Maxist PM supported by Greens who also have a Maxist agenda, they just use climate change geas a front for their real agenda Linton
I think we can feel powerless as individuals. Power for change challenge is seen in the collective protests going on in Hong Kong Brian
Death by a thousand cuts. Peter
Less complacency, and more ACTION required. Activists Arise !! There are plenty of channels available – ‘Save the Mounts’, Hobsons Pledge, Red Pill University – find them, join them. ACTION NOW. Coral
And other things also.The promotion of the Maori language as a dividing influence as well as the ugly Maori “culture” being rammed down our throats all the time. David
Marxist creep, brought about by people who have never worked at a proper job in their lives. Reporters tutored by professionals?? of the Fabian Society ilk, there’s no such thing as a good reporter anymore, just mouth pieces for ignorant, poorly educated BA students. Merryl
There is a division growing in NZ that is NOT any credit to our forbearers who worked enormously hard to defend and construct this nation. basil
We’re just a disorganised mob of sheep. Geoffrey
Most definitely they are. But, they are also busy people, working long hours, raising and spending time with their families, and generally keeping up. Too many mixed messages are fired at them, much from a biased media. Too many flip flops from our mad three year electoral cycle does not help either – this ultimately causes distrust of our leaders. Grahame
You have expressed my concerns that have been growing since the beginning of the Helen Clarke rule.. tony
Mesmerized by the smile and teeth Jeff
nzers are politically ignorant Terry
We as a society are sleep walking to the abyss! Willy
Look how hard it is to get your point across we are being brainwashed from early school I e watched how my grandchildren and great grandkids are being educated it’s a dangerous way to go but I believe we are only seeing the thin edge of the wedge god help us in 20 years I’m glad I won’t be around to see it Peter
Yes, they absolutely are, They’re also too afraid of being called racist if they object out loud to any of these things. Brenda
Wake up Kiwis- before it is too late… Donald
Younger generations already thoroughly indoctrinated about Maori ‘history’, almost everyone, it appears, thoroughly indoctrinated about global warming, no sense that there’s anything we can do about any of it. Would the Swiss 100 days system work here? Hilary
Unfortunately, most do not even realise that they are giving away their freedom because it’s usually done in the name of ‘safety’ which is a dominant motivator for most. Alan
Legalizing marijuana will help with the complacency. As most people want to belong, bucking the developing system put them on the outside. Maybe soon most of the New Zealanders will be on the outside and the we can start to claim back our personal independence. Racist, boomer, pale stale and male and all the other names are an extension of school yard bullying. MAureen
Most working New Zealanders are too busy in the daily hustle of life to pay much attention to what is happening. And those on benefits with time on their hands are to quote Roger Douglas “suffering from boredom, low self-esteem,alienation, drug abuse” so they don’t care about factors outside of their narrowed vision. Rex
Sheep being led to the slaughter. Chris
The law should be changed to classify us all as Maori then we would all have equal rights. This racial privilege will be the demise of NZ. Brian
It’s a symptom of too easy a life in NZ. Eg. The apathy that allows APARTHEID to flourish while hiding in plain sight in NZ. Eg. Racebased separate Maori parliamentary seats. Geoff
Absolutely, but in a way, complacent citizens will get what they deserve. They choose to ignore the impact of the Maori supremacy issue, keeping their heads in the sand. When they finally DO something it will be too late. All the two-class laws will be set, all based on re-written and false history. Unfortunately, they take the rest of us down with them. Joyce
Absolutely correct and most can’t see what is happening and being set up little by little Phil
“Apathetic” would be a better word. Jimmie
personal freedom has been eroding at a phenomenal pace since Ardern got in power by default !!! and will continue to become more invasive as time goes on , asLabor tries to balance the financial books . Roy
On the same track as Zimbabwe. Just watch this space. Terry
Unfortunately. The people are too busy paying bills, putting food on the table and a roof over their head to worry about Jacinda and her cronies are doing in Wellington. Graeme
They need the maori vote Jimmy
Fostered by ignorance Laurie
Yes, indeed they are!…in fact they’re complacent on a number of major issues, not least of all racial privilege, ie. Maori. Tony
Ab-so-bloody-lutely! Rodney
We are being walked over and doing nothing Colin
And you never mentioned Massey cancelling Brash. And the Auckland Council, Goff on Southern et Al. Robin
They certainly are dennis
Mostly because they do not understand what is happening around them as they dote all over Taxcinda Allan
Yes and by the time the masses wake up to what’s going on it will be too late. The most effective firearms for the inevitable revolution are being purposefully removed!! Alan
Yes we are we need to wake up and speak out against these outrageous intrusions and to not be afraid of being ,labelled’ which is the lefties way of shutting down any dissension Carolyn
Not only that, but we have a large enough vocal minority that is constantly pushing for more regulation and freedoms taken away. Still waiting for this ‘pendulum to start swinging in the other direction’, but I’m starting to think it won’t happen in my lifetime. Pavel
They only ever complain on facebook and very seldom to the people who they’re moaning about.. John
Absolutely Kiwis are too complacent. They need to be shaken out of complacency. They can’t see that New Zealand is being taken over by the Maori sovereignty movement under their noses. Nigel
Sir Roger Douglas was a NZ hero – having the courage to undertake all of those reforms. It is appalling that many in his former party try to discredit him. He had more guts than the rest of them put together!  Gordon
It’s like the frog in the pot of heating water – the public will wake up when it’s too late and we will be like Zibabwe. Susy
New Zealanders need to be more outspoken instead of being cowed by their own shadow.  Brian
And we need politicians who are ready to speak out. Too many these days are scared of offending someone. Political Correctness is ruling supreme in Godsown!