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The Failed Ideology of Cultural Marxism

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“Marxists get up early in the morning to further their cause. We must get up even earlier to defend our freedom” – British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, 1978

Last week, the Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon released a report claiming racism against Maori has been escalating since the onset of Covid-19.

He explained, “The most common forms of discrimination reported by respondents were receiving online negative comments or abuse, being stared at in public, being excessively avoided beyond the usual social distancing, and receiving negative comments or abuse in person.”

Whether any of those “online” complaints were generated by the activist group Action Station, which receives support from government funded agencies to professionally train “keyboard warriors” to roam the internet and disrupt those who speak out against separatism, is unknown.

While admitting that many of negative comments related to the illegal roadblocks being run by tribal activists, Meg Foon went on to claim, “All racism in Aotearoa began with colonisation and represents a contemporary extension of colonial suppression”.

It is totally unacceptable for the taxpayer funded Race Relations Commissioner to denigrate colonialism and settler descendants. Instead of healing the racial divide, through such misrepresentations of history, the Office is deepening it.

Such promotion of fake history is a real concern to historians like former MP Michael Bassett, who worry that the planned teaching of New Zealand history in schools is an exercise in ‘propaganda by those with axes to grind’: 

“Students will be given a lop-sided picture of our early history if the curriculum ignores or romanticizes the pre-1840 period where several Maori tribes… killed between 40,000 and 50,000 Maori, approximately 25% of the total number of Maori in the country at that time, eating some, and enslaving others… 

“In other words, ‘bleeding heart’ versions of our history which push the line that everything was lovely in Aotearoa until the colonists arrived, and that they were responsible for depriving Maori of their livelihoods, are telling dubious bits of the story. Maori had killed more Maori between 1810 and 1840 than the total number of Kiwis killed in World Wars One and Two combined.”

Please click HERE to make a submission on the draft curriculum – the closing date is 31 May.

The sanitisation of Maori history has become so extreme that activists are now trying to deny that Maori was a Stone Age culture prior to the arrival of the Europeans. At least, that’s what former MP and radio host John Banks discovered earlier this month, when he was dismissed by the Magic Talk radio station for making the Stone Age culture claim on air.

According to the Maori Council executive director Matthew Tukaki: “Maori culture was rich and strong before anyone else came along. We were growers of our own kai, cleaners of our own rivers, and developers of our own land. That is not a stone age culture, that is a sophisticated society.” 

But the facts of history tell a different story: Maori was a Stone Age culture, for the simple reason that the technology associated with the production of copper, bronze, and iron – that transformed societies around the globe – had not reached Polynesia by the time those early immigrants set off for our shores.

In his 1907 book Maori and Polynesian: their origin, history and culture, Professor John Macmillan Brown of Canterbury University explains that Polynesia remained in the Stone Age until the arrival of the first Europeans: “First of all it remained in the Stone Age till Europeans broke into its isolated seas with their metal implements and weapons. It had no trace of any metals… the last migrations from the coast of Asia must have missed first copper or bronze, and then iron, by the merest accident… The Polynesian immigrants doubtless saw and felt the power of the new and incisive weapons… but they were driven off in their canoes without learning their use or the art of making them.”

This point was reiterated in an address given in 1956 by the Director of the Department of Maori Affairs, Tipi Tainui Ropiha, on the on-going difficulty some Maori were having adapting to European culture: “at the time of Captain Cook’s arrival in New Zealand, the Maori was still in the Stone Age, so when settlers arrived later he was asked to bridge the gap between 500 B.C. and 1800 A.D.”

The Director explained that those Maori that adopted western values advanced, while those who clung to traditional culture did not: “The result is that there is on the one hand a group of professional men, and on the other, another group very little removed from the living conditions which existed in pre-European days.”  

In 2006, the author Alan Duff concurred: “a Stone Age societal model patently does not work in this modern world. When are we as a nation, starting with the Government, going to say enough is enough? To continue with the collective, whanau, hapu, iwi societal model is a fatal mistake. For in not developing individuality we continue down the declining slope of anonymity in a collective. Of no one willing to make decisions, especially unpopular decisions, for fear of standing out from the crowd, going against the collective will. Individuality is as fundamental to a society’s development as property rights.”

While their support for tribalism may well be holding back Maori families and creating disadvantage, it is convenient for iwi leaders and governments to blame colonisation and racism for the disparity.

In his paper Colonialism? Or Human Capital Development? this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Associate Professor Jeff Fynn-Paul of Leiden University in Holland discredits the theory that colonisation and racism are to blame for the difficulties faced by indigenous and post-indigenous groups, and shares with us his new model for explaining the disparity:

“The purpose of this essay is to provide an alternative to the current interpretation of the difficulties faced by modern indigenous and post-indigenous groups. In doing so, this essay aims to highlight the glaring oversights and misconceptions underlying the current model – and thereby to highlight the problematic nature of policies based on this model. As an alternative, this paper offers a more realistic interpretation of the historical roots of the current challenges faced by indigenous peoples. This is based on the simple concept of ‘Human Capital’, borrowed from microeconomics. In framing the discussion of indigenous policy in terms of human capital development, the essay paves the way for future discussions on the best policies to pursue in order to address the human capital-based skill gaps which are the true root of most of these challenges.”       

The Professor explains that decades of failing policies have exacerbated the economic and social problems faced by tribal groups:

“According to the prevailing wisdom, the ‘plight’ of post-indigenous peoples is the fault of ‘European Colonialism.’ More specifically, of a variant called ‘Settler Colonialism.’ This theory originated on the far left of academia, but via social media, it has become so mainstream as to be virtually unquestioned either by journalists or by members of the general public.” 

He explains that this failed model is based on the belief that some groups, namely Europeans, are inevitably exploiters, while other groups – non-Europeans – are inevitably exploited: 

“This anti-democratic mentality is the same belief held by radical feminists who can ignore 100 years of progress in gender relations as mere window dressing, while pronouncing that men will always exploit women. It is the same belief held by radical race theorists, who, ignoring 100 years of progress in race relations, see history as an inevitable and ongoing oppression of ‘non-white’ people by ‘white’ people.  And it is the same belief held by the few remaining radical Marxists who believe that ‘capitalists’ will always exploit ‘working people.’ Hence the calls by all these groups for a re-segregation of society.”

He warns, “Somehow, we have let these bitter academic misfits come to dominate our democratic discussion not only of the indigenous past, but also of the post-indigenous present and future. It is high time that we sweep such toxic negativity out of our political discourse, and turn to a set of solutions which are based on a) scientific facts, b) economic reality, c) a genuine belief in good-faith dialogue, and d) the genuine possibility of progress.”

The Professor explains the ‘exploitative’ model being used is Marxist:

“The real danger of Marxism always lay in a combination of three factors. First, it used an essentialist logic to posit insurmountable difference between arbitrarily defined ‘groups’ in society. Second, it posited that under the current ‘system’ it was inevitable that these two groups would come into conflict. Thirdly, and most dangerously of all, it held that the current ‘system’ had so corrupted the minds of the masses, that they would inevitably vote for non-enlightened (i.e. non-Marxist) candidates in an open election. Thus, Marxist intellectuals justified a course of action whereby they, the enlightened few, could sidestep the parliamentary process, and declare a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat,’ until such a time as they could re-educate the masses to agree with them. As anyone with a modicum of historical awareness now realizes, any system in which a group of self-appointed ‘right-thinking’ people attempt to justify extra-parliamentary action, will lead to an extra-parliamentary government. A.k.a., a dictatorship.”

Professor Fynn-Paul describes this ‘extra-parliamentary action’ taking place in our country – namely the power grab by tribal leaders – as “Apartheid”:

“In New Zealand, this is fuelling calls for an allotment of political power based on race – a new Apartheid if ever there was one – between Maori and non-Maori peoples. This line of thinking further holds that anyone who speaks out in defence of democracy, capitalism, and western culture is a brainwashed or ‘privileged’ menace to all that is right.” 

Importantly, he believes those driving this dangerous agenda do not want the public to realise that it is straight out of the Marxist playbook:

“The main thing I can caution on this score is this: the left naturally wishes to disavow its debt to Marx’s model of perpetual ‘struggle’ and ‘exploitation,’ when propagating its Settler Colonialist ideas. It is terrified that the political centre will adopt the term ‘Cultural Marxism’ to label a dangerous theory which is just that – it is a Marxist, antidemocratic interpretation of how cultural problems work. So I would strongly advocate that we call it what it is: if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, if it does not believe in dialogue or progress, but insists on gagging debate, or the inevitability of violence and struggle – then yes, it’s probably too Marxist to be the basis of mainstream political discourse. Let alone the basis of real-world political policy.”

Professor Fynn-Paul explains that it is a lack of human capital that is the root cause of Maori disparity, and that the left is “dangerously wrong” in pushing us backwards by blaming colonisation:

“Their theory is based on an outdated, angry, illogical, and anti-democratic assumptions about how society and history function. It creates opportunities for indigenous elites to ‘influence capture’ out of all proportion to what they should rightfully be able to claim in a modern democratic society. And it encourages a re-racialization of society, when most of us realize that we should be moving towards post-racism. It creates a haven for anarchists, and encourages young people to loot and burn, rather than learn valuable skills. While this type of quasi-Marxist thinking may be prevalent in sociology departments of universities, it is a terrible, highly damaging basis for a realistic and progressive post-indigenous policy.”   

It’s not colonisation and racism that is holding back disadvantaged Maori families, but policies based on the failed ideology of Cultural Marxism and tribalism.

In a modern economy, where productivity and efficiency are paramount, tribalism is a pathway to financial ruin for most – except, of course, the tribal elite.

Instead of embracing Cultural Marxism as the Prime Minister attempts to transform New Zealand into a socialist enclave of United Nations idealism, the focus should be on what works – human capital development and the promotion of the Kiwi success values of hard work, enterprise, and personal responsibility.

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Not unless they are unbiased John
not unless he/she is objectively neutral. Great to see in 26Feb Herald the acknowledgement by Government that Moriori were the indigenous people and were ” pushed out, by the Maori”, killed, enslaved, eaten and reduced their population to about 100. Bet that is not in the new history curriculum; nor the dreadful numbers of Maori killed by Maori mentioned in this week’s CPR column. alan
Certainly not one like our present one! Sarah
Certainly not the present one Trevor
Cultural marxists like Meng Foon and Susan Devoy before him need to keep playing up the drama of Maori victimization thereby dividing the country and driving us backwards into tribalism.. This is Apartheid NZ. I have said for sometime now we are fighting for our lives and sensible Western Civilisation awareness and values. Monica
We are all supposed to be one people or so her highness Jacinda would have the world believe, so therefore NO! Fraser
No need at all. Simon
Kia whakanuitia an Aotearoa Marty
We are one people and everyone living in NZ needs to understand that. Owen and Janet
Enough is enough Michael
Complete waste of time, money and space. Terry
Current incumbent pearly supports cultural Marxism. Dennis
Meng Foon , Susan Devoy et al – I don’t think so Catherine
Could well be renamed Apartheid Commissioner john
The last few commisioners seem to have done their best to make race relations worse. Michael
What for? We are all equal …..There are a lot of different Races in NZ IAN
We are one people no matter whether we are black, white, brown, or any shade in between. Race is being used as a tool to create guilt and victimhood mentality. And those who wield the power know it, play on it and use it to divide and conquer. Robert
This role serves no purpose other than to create conflict where none exists. Kerry
I see this role as an unnecessary waste of public money and resources. The existence of this office serves only to exacerbate the differences in our society and perpetuate the officially accepted myth that Maori are somehow inferior to other races and therefore require special assistance to enable them to function in the modern world. Igor
The Race Relations Commissioner is outmoded, just like that nefarious body, the Waitangi Tribunal. Both Labour and National are past their use-by dates, and the Greens should have been choked at birth. Kevan
Waste of space Robert
It needs a commissioner aware that racism is a two-way street and that a group using race to gain political power, government money and other advantages is as guilty of racism as any white slaver. Pete
If the anti-Maori comments posted on this poll are indicative of the attitudes of our society at large, the Race Relations Office should be expanded 10 fold. Cameron
So long as they can remain imparial John
Not when he/she is controlled by the Government policys of the day,and is not independent. Don
We’re a team of 5 million according to Dear Leader. So why would we need to be divided by race ? Bill
we were far better off without one and do not need one barry
it is a farce allan
Certainly not the current one Graeme
Foon is an idiot full stop. And besides– we do not need a race relations whatever. We have bigger fish to fry these days. And on another note: The old saying goes that you cannot unscramble scrambled eggs. What I want to say is that these racist radicals and their socialist /commie buddies will relentlessly cause distortion and division until they have reached their whatever goal . One thing is for sure: What they have in mind is unsustainable and will come crashing down in one big shit heap . Michael
There are race related issues which need to be able to be referred to some authority from time to time. BUT, the post needs to be filled by a person with the intellect, and non biased mentality to do the job in a fair and equitable fashion. What we have now is simply inciting more and more racism! Hugh
No, not a racist Race Relations Commissioner which is what we have at the moment. If you are a boomer like me you are automatically deemed to be racist and for that matter rich and have ruined this country. I strongly reject that notion and am not racist but get very annoyed that because on my European descendants I am automatically tainted with that brush. The pendulum has swung so far too the left that Western society on so many levels is on its way to committing “suicide” and won’t the Chinese, Russians, Muslims etc be laughing their heads off! Robert
We may need one, but we do NOT need one who promotes racism. We need a Race Relations Commissioner who works hard to IMPROVE race relations, so that people from different ethnic groups learn to respect and honour each other and honestly and humbly learn to resolve any differences. Pieter
Just another wasteful taxpayer funded quango…. there are others!! Bryan
The appointment of a race Relations Commissioner is itself racist. It is particularly bad when such a Commissioner brings the baggage of his own racist biases. Ronnie
no we dont , the ones we have had , have all been nutty as fruit cakes just like the red feds in the labour govt quango james
There are too many govt bureaucracies as it is,, time to trim the fat and drain the swamp… Byrne
Certainly not when the one we have now favours every thing Maori Eric
A useful Govt way to support human rights and to protect some citizens from the abuse of those rights. However the office should not involve itself in interpreting history. Huria
He exacerbates racial issues. Lynne
The killing, casual enslavement and occasional eating – of 40 to 50 thousand maoris in the early/mid 19th century was done by maoris of other tribes. This, of course, represents the most extreme form of racism ever practised on planet Earth, and gives the lie to Meng Foon’s ludicrous claim that racism here began with colonisation. To answer the poll question, no, we do not need a race relations commissioner! The race relations industry -, for it is an industry, and a well paid one too – attracts only those who perceive that they have an axe to grind in this area of life. It becomes automatic that they will always, always act for the nominated ‘underdog’ of the day. Nothing will ever change this. TOBY
When did any of them last say anything good about race relations in this country? They’re like auditors – they have to find a negative or it’s assumed they’re not doing their job. The last good one was Hiwi Tauroa. He was a man of much common sense and not radicalised. Mike
Outdated, un-necessary, and more often than not simply a political platform for Maori.. Hell the whole labour party is a Political platform for Maori.. What about the many immigrants here in NZ who work hard, better themselves, and add cultural diversity to this country without the “blame others” culture now so prevalent in Maoridom Rob
The race relations commissioner is part of the socialist Labour government who uses racism against anyone who doesn’t tow the government line. Carl
Another tax payer funded unnecessary Government rort. Alan
Certainly not this one, nor many of those in the past. Maybe if they were genuinely out to heal relationships not just to promote anti-white feeling. Hilary
It needs a political party to stand up straight and say ‘ people need to take ownership of their own lives- harder for some cultures than others. Maurice
Unless they are willing and it is within their mandate to stop all of the silly positive discrimination instead of the current brown-nosing and political butt-licking that is present now. Mark
Meng Foon, the PM and her coterie of Marxist followers, need to go, the PM has done a lot of damage to this country and will go down as the worst thing to happen to NZ and it’s people. Winston Peters in my opinion has done a tremendous lot of damage, and he knows it, as has Helen Clarke, two people that the country could do without. National hasn’t shown much interest in getting us back on our feet, after four generations of National voters, we will no longer be supporting them, we have turned our backs on them as they have NZrs. Hopefully ACT can get back to it’s original policies, making it the new home for former National voters. t’s about time the moderate Maori who don’t believe in all this rubbish, will have the moral fiber to stand up and denounce this rubbish. Merryl
Not if they are a puppet of the left. Florence
Nuf said. Richard
Yes qualified , but NOT if appointed Commissioner is another tribal elite Maori Marxist Female !! Pierre
No because the bias is there and needs to go David
The ones appointed are already pre-programed. We don’t need one they ferment racial division where there never was any. We have never had one without bias. Nothing will change after the next election. Sorry folks the country IS stuffed. Bruce
For this position a suitable accredited & qualified intellectual academic. Is required for such a position. The last two have not made the grade with their radical theories. due to fashions and trends then applying. mike
I n my opinion everybody has the same entitlements and chances in life. Nobody, whatever colour or creed should not be. disadvantaged If a Race Relations Commissioner was to be retained they would have to be neutral as otherwise it makes a mockery of the position. Dennis
We should have got rid of the position years ago. Paloma
Marxism thrives on a divided society that requires more & more government intervention to survive. A modern democratic society can only prosper if all members of that society move forward together. If members of an ethnic group wish to cling to a stone age past, then let them survive as best they can. Why should the rest of that society continually subsidise that group who refuse to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the choices they make? With Socialist/Marxist leaders now in charge of the majority of what we refer to as the Western world, I can see nothing but disaster & poverty for the generations to come.. A.G.R.
Probably but not a radicalised one. NZ one nation – many cultures – no apartheid – please Douglas
It seems strange to say that New Zealand does NOT need a race relations commissioner but we have evidence of this in the failures and the lack of intelligent understanding of the current holder of that office. I am sorry to have to say so, sir, but you are not fit for purpose and, because of this, one comes to believe that the office of race relations commissioner is a waste of time and money. Money which, incidentally, we taxpayers pay for. If it has not worked, and will not work, and it is costing us money, then let us get rid of it! Rob
We need to stop all this racial nonsense and get on living as kiwis -the lot of us! Brian
I despair for the future of this country AJ
Sadly this current commissioner is making things worse, not better. He needs to read this newsletter! Robin
This one is absolutely out of touch jeff
Because in the very near future we are going to need a Truth and Justice Inquiry to redress the failure of successive governments to resolve the historical abuse s of democracy, the removal of private property rights and the continuing advancement of maori interests to the exclusion of all other New Zealanders. Mike
Because in the very near future we are going to need a Truth and Justice Inquiry to redress the failure of successive governments to resolve the historical abuse s of democracy, the removal of private property rights and the continuing advancement of maori interests to the exclusion of all other New Zealanders. Mike
especially the last 2 incumbents chris
There will always be a minority who abuse those of us who ae different to themselves – sadly but true. However this does not require another bureaucracy to redress what can be done naturally through the courts. Tony
Meng Foon is an agendised waste of space, same as many of his predecessors. NZ simply needs to remove the separatist Maori seats & wards. Apartheid is killing this country. Geoff
The answer would probably be “Perhaps”. The problem lies more with the person holding the office of Commissioner than the theory behind of the role. As our country is becoming more racist, more divided every day, mostly by government decree, we do need a sane voice to say STOP to the process. I imagine anyone at the head of the Commission would get short shrift if he / she stood up and told the government to stop passing racist laws. Jenny
I hate the idea of marxism and hate racism. I thought when I came here to live in beautiful NZ there was no racism, I was told we were one people. Activists think otherwise. They take more and more and that begets racism. I grew up in my home country with many different ethnic groups – I didn’t see colour, I saw people. I thought it was the same here, we ALL work together – seems not. Activists from any creed are not working for the common good, only theirs. Do we need a Race Relations Commissioner – not if they are racists or biased but if working for the common good then I agree with that. It upsets me to read about racism. Maori are allowed to say what they think about Pakeha but Pakeha are not allowed in any way to say what they think – Maori call that racism. Kerin
a total waste of time and absolutely unnecessary, It actually promotes disharmony John
Not with his views thank-you. Donald
Its is not in the interest of any bureaucrat to do themselves out of a job, rather they perpetuate or worse magnify the issue they are supposed to redress. As an example when I came to this country nearly 40 years ago, racism didn’t exist imho, however successive socialist governments and bureaucrats have successfully created racism, you know this given they no longer talk about New Zealand or New Zealanders, rather as disparate ethnicities living in a country called Aoteoroa John
Actually my answer could be ‘yes’ and ‘No’. The position always seem to reflect a bias towards a minority rather being used to ensure fairness to all. Racism by minority groups is wasting our time and attention. We need a’ just’ watchdog to appeal to in times of unfairness but whose judgement can be trusted to ensure a balanced outcome. Harvey
we are all New Zealanders. Eira
The last 30 years have demonstrated that this office has neither the ethics of impartiality, the ability to fully or honestly research, nor the wisdom of Solomon (sorry, rather an unfortunate surname) David
We don’t want separate development in NZ – we are supposed to be “one people June
A waste of time Graeme
Cultural Marxism is evident across the spectrum of NZ politics, be it race relations, health, education, ecology or economics. How do we get rid of the Marxists? Robert
Certainly not especially if those selected are extreme radicals ,which is what we get each time . David
I would have thought when you consider the background of the current race relation commissioner coming from Chinese stock and being a hard worker in his early life that he would have known better. This type of behaviour just shows how weak some people are when power and money take over. We should have got rid of the last two commissioners early so git rid of this one and close the Race Relations department down . ken
Unfortunately our Race Relations Commissioner advocates a racist agenda. If you interchanged the words “Maori” and “non-Maori” in many of his pronouncements, there would be a public outcry of racism. Henry
The Treaty already acknowledges that all New Zealanders are equal – Can’t these Marxists understand the meaning of equal? We already know the JackAss only looks after her own image – to hell with the rest of us – and now the whole governing part of parliament is following her naivity and trying to cast the rest of us who pay the taxes that they give away so easily, to cough up more and do nothing about it. Now that is dumb. Garry
Especially not if the Race Relations Commissioner is biased in an way. Elizabeth
Failed ideologies and race based decision making should have no part in our democracy.To date,Jacinda and her team seem hell/bent on policies which will only serve to divide us as a nation.She seems blind in so many ways. gale
NO,NO,NO I dont want my tax money spent on a person like that.But will jacinda listen after all he,s a GOOD PAL of the iwi.SORRY folks the ONLY way is to copy Hong Kong & DEMAND labour gone if they keep dividing NZ with their race based policies OVER KIWI,S WHO PAY THEIR PAYMENTS(IT INCLUDES COUNCILS,ALL MP,s & THE BEEHIVE NOTHING can exist WITHOUT OUR TAX MONEY) It,s way over time decent NZealanders acted before more damage & race based policies happen.Hong Kong people of all ages stood up for their rights are NZealanders brave or just sheep.Cindy Cindy
In times past, the Race Relations Commission performed a necessary and important role, but it seems to have become more about job security for it’s staff than it’s mandated objectives, by using politically-driven statements to justify it’s continued existence. As a result, it has become an instrument of division, instead of unification, and appears to be pushing NZ towards a form of reverse-apartheid. Phil
based on past performance, is a total joke. can not believe some comments in the press. norman
This guy is nothing but a joke…….. Norm
as long as we continue in thinking in racial terms, progress will be stalled. bud
I am appalled at the radical and racist comments the current Race Relations commissioner has made over recent times. This attitude along with government marxist actions is really bring racism to the fore. Rewriting a new version of NZ history since 1840 is absurd. There are books such as “Old N.Z.”by Manning which describe NZ and Maori as it was from 1826 through to 1870’s give an account of what was happening back then. Douglas
We need a commissioner that promotes the sort of egalitarian society that we could be proud of. Not to be divisive. Gary
To keep referring race problems to a commissioner only adds to the problem and let’s face it they have not improved the situation over the years. All peoples of N.Z. have equal rights and it is up to them to make the most of these rights. Tom
Meno Foon has extended the noble aims of the commission into a farce. Max
Why do we need a race commissioner to stir the pot when we should all be acting as one for the benefit of all Neil
Waste of money, and, the present commissioner is a fool. Andrew
No. It does not. Successive Race Relations Conciliators have shown that they do not believe in a colour blind New Zealand and equality under the law for the different races. Instead they have pushed for a maori dominated “partnership”. At the rate this is progressing New Zealand as we knew it will be un-recognisable within five years. John
Only if representing all races including those of European descent. Otherwise it is an instrument of apartheid Richard
one country one people john
it was nonsense when it was first instigated,Next we will have a commissioner of hate speech Les
No, we do not need a Race Relations Conciliator. But let’s not denigrate Meng Foon, an honourable man doing largely what is expected of him. As an individual he has clearly done well and all credit to him. Perhaps he should humbly suggest that people follow his own example, but then that would hardly justify his salary! Peter
We need a productivity commissioner; and a work ethic commissioner. Bob
causes more problems than it solves anthony
No – the office simple encourages separate development roads that encourages racism. Ian
The Race Relations Commissioner has to stir up imaginary grievances so that it appears he is doing a job. It is the same as the Children’s Commissioner who encourages parents to spend their money on themselves and not feed their children. Errol
But they must be imparts and not push any race agendas Kevin
There has never been a Race Relations Commissioner with a balanced view of race relations. They have all pushed the government of the day’s barrow. This one is no different Graeme
And especially we do not need a left leaning racist one Roger
Neither do we need a Governor General nor be part of the British Commonwealth. We need breakaway from our passed traditions with the current of sovereignty and become a republic nation. This is the only way we stop all this crap with the Maoris and the so called issues of the Treaty. Reg
he or she is part of the problem Graeme
successive Race relations Commissioners have either been rabidly racially biased (like Mr. Foon) or controlled by a slavish adherence to politically correct dogma at the expense of fact or truth Ken
Definitely NOT we are or should be ONE not defined by race or colour .for goodness sake how long is it going to be for this pathetic government or any other government to realise this John
I think we don’t need a race relations person , the last two Devoy and Foon have created more problems than they have solved . Foon in particular only listens to Maori, white NZers are evil, NZ is called Aotearoa a more racist person there isn’t . Karen
what for – most are totally biased and usually have their own axe to grind Erin
The appointment has become a font for promoting Maori activists demands. It no longer is seen as acting impartially Michael
Definitely does not need one that is biased as the one we presently have. Anon
The law treats all the same. Graham
Unfortunately any race relations representative would have a natural bias – we are fundamentally separatist beings by nature. We identify with certain groups and constantly change depending on the group we are in immediate contact with. We identify through commonality – it can be anything from race, religion, sex, ideology, tribe, etc. to something as normal as family or sports teams. Given the current racial divide that has been promoted, here and overseas, we probably need a race relations ‘facilitator’ that mends the rift with common-sense dialogue and policy rather than with enforced legislation. This would of course, require that a modicum of common sense prevails. Hopefully we are not too far gone to recover! Martin
Having special department in our society that has the explicit purpose of asking anyone who feels aggrieved by the actions of another, is promoting the belief that racism not only exists but there is a higher authority that will believe you and take up your cause justified or not . An example of a similar appointment is the Waitangi Tribunal. who now appear to be the Maori voice of anything that Maoiridom feels is oppressive or racist. How may “claims” have the tribunal rejected since formation, very few if any. Barry
No one is wise enough. Kevin
They let themselves down by a clear lack of objectivity Willy
Obsolete John
If they behave like Meng Foon and, to a lesser extent Susan Devoy, no! Terry
We are on a dangerous path of devision and conflict! Gregor
Not if we have to have one so biased as the present incumbent. This man personally exhibits racism himself and should resign if he cant remove the separatist rubbish from his eyes. Roy
I feel that New Zealand should be for all races who have made the commitment to become New Zealanders, here I talking about recent arrival’s/immigrants into New Zealanders. As for those who are Born here they become as of right New Zealanders, with their ethnic background as of right. Carl
Just more bureaucratic bovine excrement. Tony
to qualify the NO vote ; European NZr’s are unfairly targeted in a very racist manner , However no body ever mentions this , and all the good they have and continue to do for indigenous people Roy
Perhaps Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon should disclose how many incidents there have been of racial abuse by Maori against other races. Or perhaps that is a question they don’t ask when doing their “surveys”. jd
It is simply delusional for Matthew Tukaki: to say “Maori culture was rich and strong before anyone else came along. We were growers of our own kai, cleaners of our own rivers, and developers of our own land. That is not a stone age culture that is a sophisticated society.” In the 20 years prior to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and Maori gaining the protection of the Queen, Maori killed a third of their own population through tribal warfare. They practiced genocide on the pacifist people of the Chathams. They took slaves to do manual work and in some cases the slave women were prostituted or given as “gifts” to traders. These are not hallmarks of a sophisticated society. jd
“Everything that exists, deserves to perish” Karl Marx Coral
We never did need it, it was setup by the left in the hope it would expose white racism, instead the majority of complaints are against Maori. Once the left have furthered their anti white bias they are now verbally attacking all white people for being white.. Now there’s a job the race conciliator is paid to do,, hound down the organisations that are promoting racist conflict, and division, such as the universities and the whole Marxist controlled education system. Bring back George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” as compulsory reading for teenagers. This whole pro Marxist, anti white settlers movement has been allowed to fester unopposed by Labor and the National Party for decades. There’s a wide opening for another political party who are willing to give back the freedoms we have lost and are continually loosing. In summary; the established parties will not hand back our freedoms they have taken because that is how they control their power over us. Rex
I don’t need someone to tell me how to react to others, regardless of ethnicity or skin colour. A much more intelligent man told us 2000 years ago — “Love your neighbour” Philip
We certainly do not need one who is blatantly biased in his opinions. Mark
Enough is enough. A race relations commissioner merely propagates the concept further. Pandering to a privileged minority just furthers unrest. Time for these people to move on. Peter
Just another mouthpiece for the marxist promoters of apartheid Frank
Not the ones we have had of late! Kit
Not a biased one. Iain
Are we a country of one single type of equal people regardless of history, color, religion etc? Or are we a Racist country with one standard for Maori and another for Whitey. Tony
What utter stupidity and a complete waste of time and taxpayers money, plus it only adds to the racial division; One appointed person cannot determine what people can or can’t say in relation to race. Graeme
Surely the role makes racism WORSE Gillian
The position of the Race Relations Commissioner has continually enabled many Maori activists to continually undermine the “one people” mantra. New Zealand is a long way down the evil road of apartheid. Darryl
no we do not need a Race Relations Commissioner?he is one of the more useless Govt employees who is stirring up racism in this country he is the cause of a lot of us being racist and is able to make Maori think they can do any thing russell
The Human Rights Commission happily accepts sexism against males and racism against whites. According to the HRC’s website: “These positive actions are called ‘special measures’ or ‘affirmative action’. They are not discriminatory if they assist people in certain groups to achieve equality.” This is creative and convenient reasoning that places a concept of ‘equality’ above other ethical principles of behaviour when that suits certain favoured groups. A Commission promoting such hypocrisy is not needed. John
The last three RRC have all been reading from the same book that suggests that all Maori are being denied the same rights as every other New Zealander.This Labour Government must be given the message that their ideology will not be accepted by the majority of NZ. Steve
We shouldn’t need one, and certainly not one who does not realise that racism works both ways Gail
No, not if you have 1Law4All, which we don’t. Effectively it’s a cultural Marxist takeover by the Maori ‘elite’. Don
Certainly not one with a mandate to stir up hate and distrust June
It is immensely frustrating seeing what actions and intents the subversive elements are reaching, in order to effect their distorted desires. Meng Foon–where did he come from, has made sweeping and childish conclusions in his celebrated position, it seems based on some social questionaire. The spineless drive by so many ‘over-grown-brats’, who seem hell bent on the destruction of a great nation–(with a few current issues/problems to resolve but nothing half as bad as reported by the ‘in-crowd’), ‘is just so wrong and sad. Perhaps what’s most at odds with reason and common sense, is that so many individuals in this land, voted in to power a few months ago, this depraved political body. It’s outright true–socialism is just communism with the claws retracted! Alan
Its very existence effectively promotes and perpetuates racism. My belief is that All of our legislation should be purged of the words Race or Racism to show that our laws apply equally to every citizen. Paul
We have racism in reverse in NZ big time.What’s the Race Relations Commissioner doing about that, stuff all,so dump the guy now. Malcolm
The last two commissioners no be have not administered their portfolios for the benefit of all New Zealanders. Grahams
He is irrelevant Graham
They wouldn’t tell the truth. Mike
He generates racial dissonance every time he opens his mouth. Linzey
In my view, the job of a race relations commissioner is to ensure ALL races have equal opportunity and there is no racial bias in society. In New Zealand, the job is defined as exactly the opposite and that is why I voted no! There is a clear pecking order by race with Maori at the top, followed by any other non-European races, and white Europeans right down at the bottom. The Commissioner then blames all the woes of Maori on the white Europeans. The races in the middle group are kind of in no-mans-land with little preferment but also no animosity. NZ should be held up as a classic example of what NOT to do when trying to produce a fair and equal society. Derek
Unless it is an individual who can be objective and not a token government lackey and running dog. Alastair
Definitely one like Meng Foon. Bring back Hiwi Taiaroa who I suspect is dead but was excellent in this role. pdm
One always thinks that the new Race Relations Commissioner that comes along cannot be as dumb as the last one and then Meng Foon is appointed and new heights of stupidity are reached. Brian
Certainly not the biased one we have at the moment. We are being pushed very quickly to apartheid Bev
Ss long as it across the board and not bias Catherine
A middle of the road one Ian
A waste of time and money which provided by the tax payer. John
all he is doing is denigrating colonialism and pushing tribalism, which results in apartheid Tony
I have always opposed the race relations commissioner post due to the focus on race rather than country. Terry
Probably should say yes to oppose the reverse prejudice currently growing exponentially in this country at present. From race based parliamentary seats to separatist bursaries, loans and conditions through to Billion dollar organizations born out of fake settlement obligations operating tax free against real NZ companies who got there through hard work. Real Nzers need protection but would never get it from a race relations commissioner such as Foon. Tony
If we are one people we do not need one Erin
Current incumbent is promoting racism Lindsay
Foon has done nothing to encourage bipartisan neutrality between Maori and Pakeha, or encourage both to work together as ‘one people. one country’ Any comments he does make based on his own ideaology and are outspoken rants which encourage any situation to escalate into a full on futile debate. He is not bipartisan as he should be holding the post that he does. We do not need him stirring up what is already stirred up, and adding to the flames of Racism. Robyn
The present incumbent has demonstrated with his poorly considered yet inflammatory comments we do not require the position he holds. Peter
This is NZ not aotearoa , maori are only 4 % of the population , the other 10 % are more white than maori so we stay as NZ GRAEME
No. Do we really need a single person who is able to decide what they think is right and wrong for us. Andrew
We are all the same race, so why have a commissioner for that; unless its purpose is to create political division. Something to channel tax payer funding to; a wooing trough… LUKE
In NZ now being ‘white’ of Anglo Saxon ancestry automatically classes this part of the population as racist. Unless proven otherwise. While every other race origin who actively practice racial separation and exclusivity are deemed to be free of any form of racism by virtue of their ethic origins and colour. Max
Especially the clown we got running the the outfit at present. Sam
No – we never did! Scott
Plainly it has become a racist Commission in that racists have been appointed. As in Australia, the Iwi “Tribal Elite” are the ones perpetuating colonisation and racism on Maori descendants to keep them in a position that will sustain the “Tribal Elite”. Corruption to the core. Neil
its racist allan
The name is racist itself SHERYL
The civil law has been perfectly adequate to redress any genuine and founded grievance. Absolutely no requirement in a civilized society to pander to ideological manufactured grievances, nor create an industry from them. Richard
Absolute waste of space, and just another exponent of fiction. Mike
All New Zealanders are equal…. all laws should all be inclusive.. not like the racist policies that are happening now… Clive
Certainly not like the present incumbent who blatantly favours Maori over any other ethnic group, especially those of us who descended from colonialists. So much for “race relations” – his version is one-sided. Laurence
The original intent of the office has become shockingly abused. It no longer serves meaningful purpose, and certainly not any constructive purpose. Shut it down. Jim
all they do is cause more racial division. They try and justify their position, not by pointing out true racism (i.e. govt policy that favour Maori based on race), but by calling anyone who stands up against race based policies a racist… jeff
I fear that New Zealand is no longer. David
Waste of space and stirrer Moyra
With their recent performances, definitely not.I am very disappointed with the incumbent – had high hopes! Dick
Absolutely not. Haven’t the events from overseas over the past decade taught us ANYTHING? Why are these people pushing regressive ideology of going back to a time when race was a defining factor to everything? Pavel
No – because the current situation is is biased in favour of the Marxist control developing by pseudo-Maori that we are encouraging a racial civil war in NZ Bob
Not a racist one, anyway Barbara
A cause of more division than anything else – it is well past time when such PC post as this were abolished. Roger
waist of resources, all people in NZ should be one nation gerard
We should be all one Diane
he like the previous one, have a one way view when it comes to racism. Won’t even reply to questions. Ian
Most definitely not. It is obvious they actually promote racism with their distorted one-sided view of things. We would be a much better country if everything to do with race was put to rest. The mention of race should be deleted from all legislation and any special treatment should be based on need, not race. Helen
Especially since we have had a string of racists in that position. Nobody worse than the current POS . Wonders why people are complaining about the part Maori vigilante road blocks . They are racist and this prick never said a word except to call Kiwis racist if they questioned the police about in and did nothing. If white kiwis had set up vigilante road they would have been arrested immediately. Greg
It is a taxpayer-funded rort to disseminate divisive, extremist views, most of which are anti-capitalist, anti-Western and anti-white. Gavin
All of our race relations commissars have been as counter productive as the Waitangi Tribunal Geoffrey
It does not serve any valid purpose. There are countless other legal avenues to turn to if you feel suitably aggrieved. chris
To stop Maori taking everything ( that they didn’t work for or create ) Kevin
Certainly not the current one nor most of the previous ones. Perhaps a race-relations “Conciliator” instead to bring both (multiple even) sides together including his “Asian” race. What a ridiculous name – in what way do Indians, Pakistanis and the Chinese make up this ridiculous single entity when they are naturally as diverse as they possibly could be. Let all work together for the betterment of New Zealand – fcs Graeme
Yep, time to give Meng Foon and while we’re at it give the racist Waitangi Tribunal the D.C.M at the same time Bart
Who appoints these prejudiced people? They all recently at least appear anti non Maori / pacific islanders Bryan
Most of our modern racial commissioners would have been better called ‘racist’ commissioners. It seems their one goal in that office is to find any euro descendant accused of even the mildest act of racism a racist whereas blatant acts of racism by Maori are ignored. Alan
New Zealand has become a racially divided country. Apartheid here we come. Sam
some racial bias here, a lot in fact! David
This position is actively and mischievously creating racial divide. Dee
The Human Wrongs Commissariat is a total waste of space and time I thought that Susan Devoy may be more balanced but that proved a false hope Foon is going down the exact same road Get rid of it Robin
Absolutely not! Race Relations Commissioners all get captured by the left and end up promoting racism instead of supporting equality. The office should be disbanded. James
The whole Human Rights Commission should be abolished.   Colin
Race Relations Commissioners always become radicalised. The staff seem to poison their minds with extremist separatism. They then become a danger to society. The same thing has happened to the Children’s Commissioner. Both offices should be axed.  Dennis
The Human Rights Commission and Race Relations Commission are a disgrace – they are now hotbeds of racist activism and should be abolished. Lora
Wasn’t there a plan to get rid of the role of Race Relations Commissioner? I wonder who overrode that?  Murray