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The Freedom of Thought

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“Ethnic-based tribal politics has to stop. It is rooted in the bankrupt idea that the goal of politics or business is to funnel as much of the pie as possible to one’s family, tribe, or circle with little regard for the public good. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of the society. Instead of opening businesses and engaging in commerce, people come to rely on patronage and payback as a means of advancing. Instead of unifying the country to move forward on solving problems, it divides neighbour from neighbour.”
– Barack Obama, 2006

The plan by the Maori tribal elite to gain a privileged status and co-governance rights over New Zealand is further advanced than most people realise. The basis for seeking such privileges is racial – it depends on the adoption of ‘biculturalism’ by Government institutions as a de-facto ‘official’ policy.

With roots in the struggle for social justice, biculturalism has long embraced ‘affirmative action’, whereby special State privilege – usually in the form of Government funding based on race rather than need – is awarded to members of the group claiming to be victims of discrimination. The problem is that, not only does this state largesse usually end up in the hands of the elites who run the groups instead of those in need, but by discriminating against all other New Zealanders, the Government is undermining a cornerstone of democracy – namely that all citizens should be treated  as equals.

In spite of New Zealand being a country of over 200 nationalities, biculturalism is based on the fallacy that there are two cultures – a Maori culture with special privileges in law for 15 percent of the population, and a second culture, with no privileges, representing everyone else.

Over recent years, the Maori sovereignty movement – along with opportunistic iwi leaders – have been promoting biculturalism as a ‘power sharing’ mechanism. By claiming it has authority derived from the Treaty of Waitangi – namely a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown – advocates, including politicians, members of the judiciary, academics, bureaucrats and activists, have elevated it into an unassailable position of influence.

Their representation of partnership is, however, at odds with the traditional interpretation of the Treaty, as expressed by the great Maori leader the Hon Sir Apirana Ngata in a 1922 book he wrote for the Maori Purposes Fund Board explaining the real meaning of the Maori version:

Under Article One, “The Chiefs assembled including Chiefs not present at the assembly hereby cede absolutely to the Queen of England for ever the government of all of their lands”.

Under Article Two, “The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the Chiefs and Tribes and to all the people of New Zealand the full possession of their lands, their homes and all their possessions”.

Under Article Three, “Maori and Pakeha are equal before the Law, that is, they are to share the rights and privileges of British subjects”.

In other words, it was accepted wisdom that the Queen was our Sovereign, and that the Treaty provided equality for all citizens.

The concept of ‘partnership’ emerged as a result of the 1987 Court of Appeal “Lands” case – between the Maori Council and the Attorney General – when one of the Judges, Cook P, used the expression, the “treaty signified a partnership between races”. He qualified this by saying “partnership” was in the context  of a well understood common law requirement that partners must act toward each other “with the utmost good faith which is a characteristic obligation of partnership”.

While that point was reinforced by the other Judges in the case, this nuance was ignored by Maori activists who twisted the words to claim that the Court had ruled that the Treaty promoted a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown.

This was a gross misrepresentation, as Judge Anthony Willy explained in his paper Sovereignty and the Treaty of Waitangi:

“On any careful reading of the Maori Council case the Court did not decide as has become commonly supposed that Maori and non Maori were in partnership with each other, a partnership created by the Treaty, merely that the Crown and Maori owe each other duties which are akin to those owed by partners to a commercial transaction. In the result Maori and the Crown are not partners in any sense of the word. Indeed it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with any of its subjects. The true position is that the Crown is sovereign but owes duties of justice and good faith to the Maori descendants of those who signed the treaty.”

Essentially then, it is the notion of the Crown as sovereign that Maori are challenging through biculturalism.

One of the bicultural movement’s leading proponents is Professor Whatarangi Winiata, who, as Maori Party President in 2008, told National’s newly elected Prime Minister John Key, that his Party wasn’t seeking a coalition agreement but rather a treaty partner agreement: “It won’t be looking to be a coalition partner it will seek to find a treaty partner … and that’s one with a high level of independence as well as influence in the house.”

He clearly saw the Maori Party’s role as being over and above that of simply being one among many political parties represented in Parliament: “The Maori Party will want to have more direct influence on what happens in parliament. You see, they form the Maori house the tikanga Maori house in parliament.”

The ‘Tikanga Maori House’ concept had been proposed by Professor Winiata as a model for the Anglican Church in the early nineties, and, introduced under their new bicultural constitution, had a power of veto over the proceedings of the General Synod.  

This is what Professor Winiata had in mind for the Maori Party in Government: “It means the partners respect each other and the decisions they come to are not determined by a head count.”

In other words, the Maori Party expected to share equally in co-governing the country, irrespective of the number of MPs. They wanted a central role – as a government-within-a-government – whereby decisions were not determined by anything as a mundane and democratic as a “head count”.

This has now become the driving objective of biculturalists – 50:50 power-sharing arrangements between the Maori tribal elite, and Crown agents. 

The puzzle is why we, as a nation, are allowing ourselves to be duped by the political strategy of these Maori supremacists. This situation, whereby a radical minority group – with strong support from within the country’s establishment – is forcing the majority of citizens to kowtow to their agenda, is unparalleled around the world.

The answer may lie in the way that biculturalism is being presented – a ‘soft sell’ appealing to the public’s sense of morality and fairness, while at the same time labelling those who question their intentions as ‘racists’.

The reality is that as a result of the relentless pressure of advocates, not only is the bicultural Treaty partnership agenda now entrenched right across the public sector, it is also well advanced in local government.

In education, a commitment to biculturalism and ‘cultural competency’ is about to become mandatory for the country’s early childhood, primary and secondary school teachers, through a new code of conduct that comes into force on July 1st. This will ensure the indoctrination of the next generation is set in place.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is Professor Barend Vlaardingerbroek of the American University of Beirut – an Otago University graduate, who has examined this development and is appalled:

“Existing Practising Teachers Criteria standards include ‘demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand’ and ‘work effectively within the bicultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand’. These standards clearly target the political domain, for biculturalism is an overtly power-sharing paradigm (and thereby a political maxim), unlike multiculturalism which is more of a social ideology. Demonstrating a commitment to a bicultural partnership forces on teachers a particular political model arising from a particular interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi.

“On 1 July, this requirement is being beefed up to ‘Demonstrate a commitment to a bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand’. Passive acquiescence won’t do any more: teachers must now be personally committed to this political paradigm. Where my alarm bells were ringing before, they’re now shrieking. This is where the new standards leave the democratic domain and enter the totalitarian realm. Bang go teachers’ rights as citizens to hold their own opinions without interference. It’s the imposition of a political ideology, pure and simple.”

Professor Vlaardingerbroek observes that “teachers are being deprived of a fundamental right of all citizens in a democracy – the right to disagree with ideological dicta promulgated by the political elite. And that is enforced ideological conformity – the antithesis of democracy and an infringement of teachers’ internationally acknowledged human rights.”

The rights of every citizen to hold and express their personal views free from State oppression are enshrined in New Zealand’s Bill of Rights. Section 13 guarantees the freedom of thought: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief, including the right to adopt and to hold opinions without interference.” And Section 14 protects free speech: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.”

Despite those safeguards, the new Teachers’ Council Code will restrict a teacher’s right to adopt and “hold opinions without interference” from the state and to “seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form”. Anyone who dares to speak their mind and say, “No, I do not share those beliefs” will no doubt be sanctioned or bullied into compliance through the fear that they will lose their job or be ostracised in the workplace.

So, what exactly does the Government intend to do about it? Will they order the new Code to be withdrawn, or will their desire to appease the Maori Party – so they can hold onto power after the election – over-ride their duty to do what’s right for the nation’s teachers?

If National allows the Code to go ahead, they will be requiring teachers to instil into children the radical anti-government agenda of the bicultural movement.  

Canterbury University is also in the throes of introducing a bicultural ‘world-view’ and cultural competency – in their case, through a “memorandum of understanding” with Ngai Tahu, which will require every graduating student to be “biculturally competent” by 2020.

Bicultural radicalism first invaded the health sector back in the nineties in the form of ‘cultural safety’ requirements for nurses. One student, Anna Penn, who had the courage to speak out in those early days, against the politically correct agenda that was being imposed on them, faced such antagonism that she ended up having to complete her nursing degree in Australia. At the time, many students felt intimidated by cultural safety courses and complained that the repressive climate prevented them from questioning the content.

Doctors have now become the new target for ‘cultural competence’ indoctrination, through a just-announced partnership with Maori: “Improving cultural competence and creating culturally safe environments for both patients and doctors is the aim of a new joint project between the Medical Council of New Zealand and the Maori Medical Practitioners Association.”

Social workers too are forced to sign up to a Code of Practice which requires that they work in ‘partnership’ with Maori clients as ‘tangata whenua’, using ‘bicultural’ practice models.

Looking at it all objectively, it defies logic that state sector employees are being forced to subscribe to a radical race-based political agenda that challenges the sovereignty of the Crown.

The reality is that biculturalism has no authority in law. It is a political movement that is being driven by a small minority of New Zealanders with aspirations of grandeur, who seek to replace Democracy with race-based rule.

As such, biculturalism is divisive, dangerous, and backwards looking. It’s time our political leaders stepped up and called for its removal from all State agencies.


Should bicultural policies be removed from all State agencies?  


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This is more separatism in the making. When will central government make a stand against separatism and favoritism peter
Then at the next elections show the few ministers who are responsible of pushing this BS by voting NZ First especially in those electorates. Graeme
yes yes yes john
It is an anathema in this day & age to be attempting to implement a tribal rule system!! It must stop – but how without being called a “racist? David
We have come too far not to go further, done too much not to do more … Wally
Just a subversive way of achieving the results that the group requires.. Repeal it now before it becomes entrenched Rob
tvnz is getting to be the worst offender even though the natives have there own tv stations we are getting hammered by that rubbish language on tv 1 on the morning show then later on dureing the day/evening,just wish I could afford Sky. Richard
definitely tony
The thought of non maori children becoming 2nd class students saddens me so much. All children are treasures and should be treated as such. This new Education Code that could be law by July is racist and the people who are pushing for it deserve to be banned from any education sector for life. Unbelievable that people think this is ok! Where are the teachers who should be shouting out in protest. Just another bunch of propaganda puppets, they should be ashamed of themselves. Lyn
These policies are ruining our country Margaret
A democratic answer would be YES, but as we see daily Western states are governed largely by the fear of left wing groups, determined that only their ideology is the correct way. We see an elected National Government bringing down a Labour gifting budget in a World of spiralling debt; we see them giving away (mainly by blackmail) New Zealand in bits and pieces to one ethnic group. Worse of all, we see a National Party that has abandoned its principals leaving the voters of this country in limbo by its continuing subservience to the United Nations doctrine over matters indigenous. Brian Brian
Time to halt the slide into this bicultural madness. We are a multi cultural society and the moves to force a bicultural model onto state employees are a breach of our rights. Rex
These policies are truly racist especially as NZ is a multicultural society. Eira
should be more publicity about this stealthy movement james
we are looking at S African policies! dave
Does Winston Peters know about this education policy? National deserves to lose the election on that policy alone. Barack Obama indulged in identity politics throughout his presidency; I find a quote from him inappropriate.. Monica
new Zealand should be for all the not the few. who are in the know. kim chapman
It is a bit mind boggling that the NZ public is so apathetic to what is happening right in front of their own eyes! Hilary
one country one people cherrille
We can try … but it’s going to be difficult to undo over 30yrs of “Deep State Marxism” initiated by Palmer and so religiously forced down our throats by both the Labour and National parties ever since. Thank God that at least we have NZCPR showing some resistance …. the liberal left have taken over NZ main stream media as well as our education system which makes it very hard for us “racists, homophobes, xenophobes, sexists, heterosexuals, Christians, white Caucasian males, etc” to offer any informed comment about any “bicultural policies”. Steve
National do not deserve any votes this coming election based upon their abject failure to protect the rights of all citizens. They have simply pushed Maori party policies to remain in power. No more please. David
We are all New Zealanders these Policies will further divide NZ Ross
Absolutely repeal. We are NOT bicultural, we are MULTI cultural. What is the matter with the brains of our elected spineless leaders? Maori are not any more indigenous than the 85% non Maori and are not entitled to claim “partnership”. Problem is NZers are pathetic and and will only wake up when it is too late. Carolyn
Am a teacher and am sick of it all. Sue
The Treaty can’t be our founding document, it had nothing to with the country of New Zealand. It was ratified by the borders of New South Wales (NSW) being extended to encompass “all of the islands of New Zealand”, Maoris to become instant British subjects and it is illegal for British subjects to be a partner with their monarch. Governments are lying to us. Our true founding document is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840; ratified on 03-05-1841 (the day NZ was born) it separated us from NSW, gave us our first constitution, English law and the English language now under dispute. There are no racial privileges in English law. George
I vote in favour of this but see no wood for the trees. Can anybody see the folly of this who is. I doubt that a change in government will make any difference Andrew
We are ONE people not two distinctly different types of NZ citizens!! John
NZ is still a democracy – just. Wake up polititions; wake up New Zealanders. …. and remind me …. how many full blooded Maoris are there today? Sarah
I disagree with racist biculturalism. Medical school at Otago university now guarantees 20% places to maori ( even if 1/64 Maori blood), meaning others miss out even though they have higher grades. there is not even an interview for entry! Nicholas
We are one Wayne
I don’t like living in a separate so jetty or country. Of course it should go, it also causes a caste system, which will always be doomed to fail. Audrey
We should be working towards a unified NZ rather than a kitset! Paul
Absolutely Craig
Divide and conquered! John
I strongly feel they should be repealed. In today’s society we should ALL be working ‘together’ for the GOOD OF ALL mankind regardless of Race, Color or Creed. Without UNITY what is left, SEPERATISM!! Lisa
Absolutely! Nothing will destroy this country more quickly than race-based privilege and division Mark
What absolutely amazes me, is that 36 years ago ordinary Kiwi’s were prepared to get their heads cracked protesting against South African apartheid, but we won’t stand up against it in our own country. What’s happened New Zealand? have we become that weak or brainwashed? Brent
I can’t believe that our politicians, who have supposedly been well educated, can’t see the racist divide that they’re taking this country on. All too soon it will be too late to reverse where these elitist maori are taking us neville
The government needs to stand up to this once and for all !! simon
Why are the various media outlets ignoring these threats to democracy? Free press supposedly helps defend democracy. Helen
We are now much more than two races. Ross
Yes THE treaty made all people of NZ then and forever British subjects, under the rule the crown of Britiin without giving fame nor favour to any particular group. THE treaty is not the founding document of nz,but more like an appeasement to stop the unrest of the time. james
I’ve absolutely had more than enough of this government supporting radical Maori claims such as this . After years of strongly supporting National , my vote goes elsewhere this year. John
most definitely & immediately Lynnette
It’s time the National Party got rid of any Caucus Members that have Aparthied views. We don’t want to be like South Africa was 40 yrs ago. Bill
When did New Zealand change it’s name to Aotearoa New Zealand.? John
We want a democracy, as my father fought for it in ww2. Brian
It is time that the government abolishes favouritism to any single group of ethnic origin. In New Zealand we should all be treated the same way. Cornelis
Yes, no person should be required to believe that NZ should be bicultural in any way. Forced to conform to an ideal and having the right to a different view removed by legislation is similar to communist ideals. One’s right to speak out and not be branded racist, for having a different opinion to the political elite, must be protected. Geoff
The totally undemocratic and unfair “bicultural policies” had better be repealed, and damn quickly. The alternative leads to civil war. Rob
Maori Elite benefit Harry
very very quickly john
Definitely. We have trusted the Government to rule New Zealanders as one people. They have betrayed that trust. Both Labour and National Governments are responsible for the failure of democracy on this country, and I think that both parties are beyond their use-by date. With apologies to Shakespeare, I say: “Out Damned Government”. Kevan
Nothing promotes racism more than intorduction of race based legisslation Maurice
Absolutely otherwise it is rule by discrimination William
The funny thing is that you quite innocently might expect bicultural to mean 50% this and 50% that. Not here though! And disappointing is that the people you elected to carry your views have an agenda that will ultimately disenfranchise you in your own country. Fred
This appears to be totally wrong but we are faced with a predicament, if the National Government won’t stop the legislation due to pressure from the Maori Party, it is very unlikely Labour would do anything and would also introduce many other even worse pieces of legislation. The Maori Party and the Maori seats along with MMP, are the root of the problem but there appears to be little we can do to remove these temporary ‘fixes’ which should have been gone last century. Chris
If we do not want the slide to continue into a dictatorship government ALL BICULTURAL POLICIES HAVE TO BE REPEALED. It’s time to take a stand against the built in lies of the treatyand revive the TRUE ORIGINAL WORDING AND MEANING, throw out the many manufactured versions as a means of UNJUSTLY gaining co-government. Teach the Maori elitists there are no grounds for their push for sovereignty in this nation. Cecelia
Enough is enough . Said 15% of the population seem to think taxpayers are a never ending “Gravy Train” they want and our Gvt gives and taxpayers have to foot the BILLS… they get land, money (heaps of it) yet still want us to pay for their “Welfare, use of our Public hospitals, provide houses at a reduce rate of rent and purchase plus heaps more….lets promote that RULING that appears in the letter from Muriel Newman re RIGHTS . I am getting quite tired of this attitude “Its mine under the Treaty of Waitangi” and the continual “Gravy Train” attitude marylin
It has gone too far already. Philip
Please stop the racism! John
Absolutely, unless carried by parliamentary majority as a governmental majority vote which is highly unlikely. Peter
We are a multi cultural society and the government is simply creating racism that will destroy everything that we are Andrew
We are all one people. kalakanthi
It is incredible how this race based doctrine is sneaking up on us through the back door so to speak! Ron
The only people who seem to be free of this cultural interference are pensioners. Thats why grey power is so strong. Levonne
We are a multicultural society, not bicultural. Freedom of speech and though is paramount. Rosemary
One people, not Maori, European, Asian etc etc Frank
no race based laws john
Don’t need them. The general law is good enough for everyone, irrespective of race. I blame MMP where parties need to kowtow to other parties’ wishes to stay in power. That’s not what we elect. Sheila
I do not agree with most of the posts on the NZCPR website, but the posts on Maori issues and “bi-culturalism” are spot on and very important. It is a long-standing problem: for example, In 1994 I did an introductory psychology course re drug and alcohol counselling, and cultural competence was a part. It was “taught ” by two Maori women and was their version of history [i e 1,000 years as harmonious tangata whenua, although all scientific scholarship says 700 years] plus a litany of grievance. [Yes there was disgraceful behaviours on the part of Missionaries and business and government .. and restitution or recompense is justified, and it is really only via Maori pressure that this has happened.] Similarly with GP Registrar training had the same Maori history section. I never hear from Maori positive words about literacy, clothing, science and technologies, musical instruments .. so much of European culture that came here via the various settlers. It is just taken for granted. Rochelle
One law for all, is all that is required to stop NZ from becoming an apartheid country Leon
Why are Teachers not out in the streets protesting these changes ? Are they too afraid for their jobs? Steve
Definetly YES!!! What is sold to us under the guise of culture , racial equality, political correctness and such is a massive conspiracy supported by the actions of our Govt. This conspiracy has only one aim: Totalitarian control over the entire country by a small elite including a complete redistribution of wealth.The signs of this massive take over are everywhere: media .education , substantial parts of our economy , law and literally every Govt department are already infiltrated and eroded. Our country can be compared with a cancer patient. Only radical surgery can give him a chance to survive and recover——- Michael
I immigrated to NZ over 40 years ago and am a citizen of three countries, NZ, Mexico and UK. Born in Mexico of English parents I have to wonder where I fit in in a country which recognizes only a duo culture…Pakeha and Maori. This racially based division must be recognized for what it is …a dangerous nonsense. It is about time NZ grew up and addressed the issue in a mature way by treating all citizens as equal before the law. Martin
This is a takeover of democracy by stealth and needs to be stopped. Kerry
Before I read this account I had no idea this caustic, divisive biculturalism was so far advanced. Richard
We are going to be the laughing stock of the world. Move over Mr Trump. Robert
If enough teachers stand against this proposal then may be the Government will be forced to repeal this act. Cliff
As a teacher, I shudder to think where this might lead. I suspect many in the profession will leave before they are forced out. Say anything that could be construed as not towing the bicultural line, and the education al Nomenklatura will come down hard. Goodby conscience protection, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech if these new standards become law. John
One law for all. No ‘Aryans’ or ‘Afrikaners’. David
This article has convinced me that National must go as the voting system enables the Maori party and others to easily have their racist agenda adopted so that they can remain on the government benches. ie easy to blackmail Derek
We will have to rely on Winston Peters to make headway here. The NZ First Party stands for supporting needs – not by the colour of your skin. One New Zealand – isn’t that what we all want. Di
I am so angry that n this little country our leaders have allowed this rot to become legislation and it is destroying our country and our people. Margaret
It impinges on the right of freedom of thought and speech. That is not democracy but totalitarianism and dictatorship. How can a person perform their duties passionately to the best of their ability when the principles are against what they truly believe? They can’t and the recipients of that “service” end up getting second rate attention. It is very hard to anything well when your heart is not in it. Kevin
If I were still a teacher I would be wanting to resign as of July 1st. The wording of the new code of conduct is completely unacceptable to me. Unfortunately, even if teachers could afford to resign, most have a commitment to their students which would make them stay. And most are too exhausted from the daily grind (of trying to get 100% pass rate from students who don’t want to learn, and trying to do all the paperwork already in place to try to get Maori students a better education), to spend time fighting against a new code of conduct. Hilary
I am Ngai Tahu and I disagree with this bicultural partnership claptrap. Tony
Equality for all not just a hand picked few we are all equal or should be Laurel
Those of us working in the tertiary education sector, of all places, have to been subject to this obnoxious interference in our daily work for years. It appears that the pressure is ramping up at the moment. Steve
I can’t believe that Government departments have absorbed this biculturalism. How is it enforced. The way I see it is if you are polite and civil to whoever you are dealing with you cannot be brought before the law. Dennis
absolutely agree. democracy is at stake. tony
Absolutely. Which political party will make it a clear objective in their manifesto? Doug
Yes, because it is not for the government of a democracy to impose a State political ideology on its subjects. Barend
NO MORE PANDERING TO THE maori ELITE (who in any case do not represent the Maori majority) UNDER FALSE PRETENCES WHICH DO NOT EXIST IN LAW. John
Absolutely yes.Time to stop this creeping Biculturalism that appears to be a result of having the Maori Party supporting the National Party in Government. peter
When are these idiots going to stop pushing their barrow and live and work with the rest of us, in peace and prosperity? It is terrorism on a small scale, but getting bigger all the time. Benjamin
Absolutely! – the fact things have deteriorated to this extent is a sad indication of how apathetic we have become as a nation. Scott
There should be no racial favouritism. Richard
We are now virtually a totalitarian state because of successive spineless governments. Freedom of speech scarsely exists and will disappear if this stupid commitment to biculturalism is not stopped. Tom
Yes, to preserve everyone’s human rights. Reynold
I hate what is happening in my country. Deb
Everyone not alerting at least one other to the threat this represents is assisting it to come about. Mobilise in defence of the democratic ideal and your way of life! Mike
Muriel has said it all. We are not a bicultural nation. I am appalled at what is happening in our lovely country. Wah
One land, one people!!!!! One law for all. sue
My father and many like him fought for our democratic rights, a key one being freedom of speech. I am appalled that so called intelligent people have bowed down to a bunch of racist PC activists who have no mandate other than their own, to undermine those precious democratic rights. I now know why Teflon John Key has sloped away before the proverbial hits the fan in the next few months. Vote NZ First if you want to put an end to this BS Peter
New Zealand is no place for racisum and the pandering to the Maori elite We are a multicultural society where we should all be equal Ian
We all merge into one culture, the New Zealand Culture and are all treated equally as in any true Democracy. So yes, get rid of any policies that favour any one race. Eric
I can’t recall any mandate for the government to put these things in place. They should be removed. Andrew
Absolutely. NZ is now a country embroiled in apartheid. Thanks to politiians who are elected to govern in the best interests of all NZ citizens but don’t have the balls to do so. Maureen J
This is a dreadful situation. National is responsible. Tony
NZ should be MULTICULTURAL rather than the BICULTURAL BS that is APARTHEID. Geoff
But it has all come a bit too late. You quote 1 case from the 9o’s. Cultural safety hogwash was endemic way back then. Adherence to The Treaty has for ages been a public service requirement, even when quite irrelevant. Indoctrination courses include mythology which you’re supposed to accept as fact rather than gibberish, or a black mark against your record Peter
Biculturalism is very wrong. Maori (15% of population) should not have so much power. David
Absolutely. This situation is rapidly getting worse. I see many writing in the letters columns threatening that they will not vote National at the next election. I can sure understand how these people feel, I think the same way myself. But if you don’t vote National, what are your options? Labour/Greens. Labour’s history of bending over backwards for Iwi is as bad as National’s. After all, it was that great traitor Geoffrey Palmer who bought in the back dating of claims back to 1840 and let loose this avalanche of rip offs. He was also responsible for creating the so called principles of the treaty and opening up that doorway as well. So Labour’s history in this area is not to flash at all. The Greens then? You would have to be joking. Just look at their history of trendy lefty policy settings. Yeeesh. Along with being just as bad at giving away the farm as National is proving to be, Labour/Greens can be guaranteed to wreck the economy as well. They always do. As Maggie Thatcher said ” socialism is a wonderful system until you run out of other people’s money”. Folks, this has been going on for years. Another truism…….” if you keep on doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result then you are insane.” This sums up the NZ electorate to a tee. WE HAVE TO START DOING THING DIFFERENTLY. Vote for a party that will make binding referendum the law of the country. Then the people will control the politicians which is the way it should be. Ronmac
Should never have been started David
Its National’s stupidity that’s allowing this. What about FREE SPEECH & people’s OPINIONS that National is stifling. Cindy
There is no place in a democracy for any legislation which promotes biculturism and the favouring of one group of citizens over another Phil
Stuff these elite Maori Iwi who are ripping off the rest of us with their constant trying to get control of resources. Stuff Biculturalism is this is the means they use to get their idea into the vulnerable young. If I don’t want to be interested in Maori cultural things I don’t want My Grand kids to have this Rubbish Rammed down their throats to satisfy the these greedy Iwi and racist the Maori Party Colin
Racial privilege must cease ! Mike
The trouble is that rational argument against this outrageous nonsense will get nowhere, because the idea of “Treaty partnership” is based on feelings, not reason or fact. The Maori activists – who are rabid racists – have successfully manipulated the emotions of the gullible, who don’t want to be thought of as biased against the Maori “victims” of colonisation, to the extent that the surge of politically correct newspeak is now almost irresistible. Only a brave politician can break the spell, by a declaration that all racially-based policies, whether enshrined in law or otherwise, are to be abolished by the next government. There’s only one candidate, and we must hope that he exercises the balance of power, after the election, with an unshakeable commitment in this regard. Otherwise, this country will be forever doomed to a state of quasi-apartheid. Graham
we are way more than a bi-cultural society; think multicultural and everyone has apart in in not just Maori and everyone else. Why is the Government so hell bent on allowing this to happen, they need to stand up for all people and stopped being pushed around by some Maori bullies who think they are above everyone else. Bryan
Simply put – has anyone apart from me, realised that if you are only considering European New Zealanders and so called Maori, then this pertinent fact needs to be published. All the people in these two groups are New Zealanders! ALL have strong European ancestry. Some have Maori ancestry, but no more than I have Irish ancestry – my Great Grandmother was Irish. To be bi-cultural you need people of two distinct ancestral groups, clear of interbreeding – none of that is evident anymore! Bi-cultural in New Zealand is farcical. What about those of 1830’s Chinese? What about Pacific Island people who claim New Zealand as home? You get the picture? If we claim New Zealand as our country and have total allegiance to it, then everything we do should be a united effort – not one where a minority get preferential treatment to compensate for non-negotiable terms of grievances – each new generation seeking more money for past so called wrongs. How do they square up with their European ancestry? Do they settle that one or prefer to pretend that it doesn’t count – after all they are tangata whenua you know – the high percentage of European in them isn’t relevant. Eh? Take away the European in them THEY DON’T EXIST!! – not even a generation or two back! Rod
It just isn’t fair – a basic tenet of most New Zealanders. Jasmine
we are all equal in this country and there should be no privileges based on race John
we have had enough Adam
This would require a government with a spine. That problem might be better solved after this year’s election. Hugh
HELL YES. Anything else is STUPID. john
There is no place for race to form part of ANY law in New Zealand. William
dont vote labour or national they are run by the same people ian
NO to race based privelege Brian
This policy is detremental to democracy in New Zealand and is Stalinistic ie dictated without any mandate from the people. wayne
We need another Trump in NZ Geoff
Apartheid by another name. How come NZ fought against South Africa having it, and now introduce it into NZ by stealth? Peter
If we don’t our children will suffer on both sides of the race line Rex
treat all people equally, irrespective of race gerard
We should all be one people Under one law Under one flag Annette
how anyone can allow the so called Maori elite to get this far is beyond understanding. This is one country where all are equal Tom
These policies are promoting separatism when we should be under one rule for all New Zealanders. Andrew
we are one country of many cultures and should have onlyone law for everyone! Kath
Yes, as it will only lead to a an unequal aparteid state like in South Africa! Cyril
YES! New Zealand style ‘biculturalism’ is simply apartheid by stealth. The entire process is racist, undemocratic and, frankly, inexplicably and appallingly stupid and short-sighted. This country is desperately in need of a leader with strength, vision and, above all, courage. We certainly haven’t seen leadership with those attributes during National’s recent reign. The outcome of the forthcoming General Election will be crucial and, in my opinion, will determine whether the future path of New Zealand is along a democratic line, with equality for all, or whether the country will, tragically, continue in the present, racist direction. Martin
I am all for having an understanding and regard for Maori (and for that matter Polynesian) cultures but I am dead against that my whole life will be required to enforce these in my employment, my leisure and my family time. Also that these policies will be rammed down the throats of our children in our schools and all other places of education. Keith
We are ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION . What on earth is the National party doing. They will NOT get my vote this time Rod
Completely! We have enough problems ahead without stupidly creating this one! This just adds fuel to the racial division which has the potential to tear us apart in future years! Them and Us can only result in bitterness, hatred and finally, violence. We are one nation, and need to view ourselves as such! Hugh
One rule for all! Robert
Most definitely Trevor
Who ever would have thought that Maori elite strategists would have stooped so low, & the National Party so brain dead. Jennifer
This a multi cultural country or so we are told, but this government is allowing 15% of the population to dictate what we should think and do. Wendy
Absolutely.They should never have happened. Dick
They are racist, and deny equality to all non-maori. Sonia
I cannot agree more with the sentiments of his of this article. The notion that two cultures exist with the term, bicultural, is insulting to all those of different culture in NZ who do not identify as Maori. We are entering a dangerous period in our nation’s history.  Bruno
another jackup lance
Absolutely – and NOW – will any of our Political Parties be strong enough to Repeal this horrendous act ?? Elayne
Absolutely, Categorically NO Peter
Bicultural policies are a breach of the Articles of the TOW and it is quite probably treason to actively seek to diminish the Sovereignty of NZ. John
It’s good to provide courses to increase understanding of tikanga Maori,sensitivity regarding history etc, and multicultural philosophy but biculturism is a racist ideological step too far. Requiring state servants to show obedience to any particular political or social ideology beyond general restrictions through criminal law, is dangerous. Note however that even in criminal law, family and civil law courts, and to a lesser extent employment law, we are seeing a steady erosion of free speech and freedom of thought. Hans
Absolutely, urgently. bill
By any definition of the word these policies are ‘racist’ and have no place in a modern society. Chances are that they are in fact illegal under international law. Perhaps concerned citizens of this country need to take the case to the appropriate international authority? alan
Under God, we have been created equal regardless of skin colour, sex or any other biological predisposition. Chris
Where is democracy if this is allowed to be enforced Bryan
Totally and immediately. We should all be treated equally under the law with no special privilege based on race whatsoever. It should be based on need. We must all be New Zealanders first and foremost and race should not come into it. Helen
not before time barry
Definitely Tony
Should never have been enacted. Vote catching gone mad. What happened to One New Zealand for all? jim
All for One for all. We are all Kiwi’s Ian
All Citizens should receive according to their need, and pay taxes according to their ability, NOT according to their race or ethnicity. Peter
Once again we are having the wool pulled over our eyes, when will we ever wake up or is it too late. Fraser
where is all this crap going to take us? Bill
creeping racism, validated by the evil of political correctness, damaging democracy. It is the same old story – different day. WAKE UP NZ!! X
All bicultural policies should be repealed immediately at the same time as the government removes all Treaty of Waitangi based legislation. Richard
If National insists on carrying on these policies they will not get enough votes to even consider forming a government. BrianB
One nation, one people. John
At the same time get rid of all reference to biculturalism. Incidentally, why aren’t the views expressed by people like Professor Vlaardingerbroek published in the media? Terry
When will this nonsense stop? What is wrong with our National Party politicians? They seem to be oblivious to how the maori movement is leading New Zealand down a pathway of racism, with the path becoming increasingly narrow. Time to step off and set a new “One New Zealand” agenda. Chris
too right! wally
Of course. What is happening to New Zealanders now is similar to a frog being slowly boiled in water. The majority now appear to accept ideas and solutions which only twenty years ago would have been in the realms of idiotic fantasy John
We are and still should be ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE ….. Geoff
Totally agree, it’s so rediculously racial it’s not funny. But guess what, NO government or their leaders have the balls to legislate for ALL NEW ZEALANDERS !!! Graeme
More racial division of nz, we are supposed to be one nation? IAN
This self-serving nonsense must be repealed immediately. No one considers it to be in the best interests of New Zealand and New Zealanders. Graeme
They are government racism. They are intellectually offensive to any normal person. Barry
The Attorney General is responsible for giving Maori claimants taxpayer funding for anything they want to challenge in court, its known in other societies as racism. If this isn’t repealed before the election I know who I won’t be voting for. Rex
Most definitely YES! The last six lines of Dr Newman’s article say it all. Don
Put bluntly, biculturalism (bc) is bullshit. We are a multicultural society; that is a statement of fact, not an opinion. To push us further down this bc path is to drive us further toward a bitter race-based division. One view is that those who seek to drive New Zealanders further down this bc path are either guilty of a policy of personal aggrandizement, or so blindly indoctrinated and biased that their views should not merit serious consideration. Peter
What ever happened to “we are all equal under the law” it now appears some want to be more than equal. Time to stop this nonsense. Mike
Unequivocally, any of that offensive legislation that subjugates 85% of New Zealanders, must be eliminated from all legislation. If I had my way, those responsible for having it put into legislation, would pay a substantial penalty for their legislative insurrection. I believe that this pernicious “Maori privilege” cancer is simply slipping past a lot of lazy, incompetent so called representatives who are being herded like the sheep that they are, into supporting this malicious agenda. It is as if, once elected, our representatives rapidly succumb to the comfortable ritual of drawing a fat salary, putting on weight and voting for anything at all in order to maintain their intellectually slothful existence. Dianna
of course all of these bullying policies need to be repealed, But who will do it? Sherie
Racist crap Dave
One law for all! Brian
15% of the NZ population should not be making the rules for the other 85%! Donald
One country – one people. Monty
I agree, people dont realise how far this has gone already. Bob
there is no room for any race based policy in democratic NZ.To quote Dr.Elizabeth Rata “Social justice cannot be found on the path of ethnicity.” Bud
It is racism gone mad Bruce
Maybe we should all be dyed a nice orange tone so there is some common recognition! Lets vote Green and encourage Nats to join with them? RICHard
This is getting way out of hand and needs to be corrected now. Confirms to all of New Zealand where the billions have gone and who is controlling it. This bi cultural move will not fare well for the 15% of New Zealanders who are instigating it. Wake up NZ and look around at whit these racist picks are up to. Government sanctioned mind you. Neil
We are multi cultural, not by cultural! Gerhard
It is an affront to democracy to have separatist racial legislation. This is apartheid which NZ fought against in Sth Africa. There is no excuse for this in a country like NZ, who has always been an example to the rest of the world as egalitarian, peaceful country, where all the citizens were treated equally. It is also against the essential meaning of the Treaty which was to make two peoples into one. Michelle
The Maori tribal “elite” are more powerful than our parliament. Every day maori are receiving some privilege or monies to forward their cause. Wake up New Zealand. Look what is happening in Africa and South Africa now that the tribal factions are in power. New Zealand must say NO MORE to Reverse Racism here. Darryl
Words fail me. This just not the NZ I grew up in. Our soldiers fought for our rights to have an opinion of our own. Back to Mao’s Little Red book!!!!!!! Tim
This is all about the very heart of DEMOCRACY!!!!!!! Andy
Biculturalism has to be the most toxic ideology presented in a supposed democracy as it clearly supports an ideological hegemony that is totally opposed to democracy Dennis
The founding of the New Zealand nation in 1840 saw disparate settlers both tribes and mainly British, agree to cede sovereignty to the Crown. In return, everyone in NZ received the rights and responsibilities of subjects of the Crown. That is: One Law, One Nation and Equality for all citizens… Nothing more nothing less! Les
Totally disgusting legislation. chris
This has all gone too far, when is the Press going to print all the info I hope they get this article. Geoff
WTF? Is this real? Why are our own media not questioning these issues? I am sure the majority of kiwis have no idea that our so-called leaders are selling our rights and privileges for cheap political expediency. Appalling. Steve
Could somebody please explain to me what the benefits the majority of NZ will gain from all this Maori bullshit .As I said in one of my previous comments you have to remember that just over 200 years ago the Maori were savages eating one and other , so how did they suddenly form this very sophisticated society that is superior to not just NZ but the rest of the world ? Absolutely amazing . Jock
One country, one people, one language Murray
Absolutly.. Not to do so will create another civil war Bob
I find NZ bi-cultural policies highly offensive having children of a mixed marriage Hugh
Definately Barbara
NZ is multicultural with 80 cultures represented in our national community – enough said surely? andrew
Racist spineless government Greg
This garbage and takeover by stealth must be stopped.. NOW..!! Peter
We are all NZers, all one people. Alan
the next step is separation and uncontrolled opposition to this scam douglas
this issue may have a significant bearing on voting in the next general election – political parties take note! Russell
Absolutely. This is critical for a united country of people, irrespective of race ! James
The present system has the few trying to manipulate the majority and seemingly having success. The majority group is one of many cultures and therefore the minority should have to join under that umbrella. Same laws for all. Elizabeth
One non racist rule, where all are Equal in the eyes and governance of the state. Peter
Without a doubt ! David
We are ALL KIWI and K always comes before Iwi Kelvin
There can be no special treatment; the whole of govt must be brainwashed colin
Yes, immediately. We are meant to be One Country, but because we have weak politicians who have to buy votes at the eventual expense of New Zealand as ONE. If not repealed we will soon be renamed Aotearoa under a new bicultural government. And then lookout!! Stuart
The sooner, the better! Elizabeth
And the sneaky Findlayson should be defrocked Phil
The effect of bicultural policies is to create inequality and divide New Zealanders – they are grossly unfair on any level Sue Sangster
In 1980s we opposed apartheid when S A toured here with a race-based Springbok team.Now we are doing the same is other matters. Peter
Equality means equality Graeme
Every politician should be polled by NZCPR to get their personal view and the results published in a way to give voters the opportunity to see whether their MP has their interests at heart or is just looking after their own Party’s policies. Terry
“….Divided we fall…. United we Stand…” Words of wisdom from centuries past… ChrisH
Maori with their snouts in the trough again Kevin
thanks NZCPR for bringing another very important issue to NZers attention. the lust for power by the NATs is far from their manifesto in the 1930s – a party that once stood against Marxist ideology – now appears to embrace it. Reds under the bed – no – the bed is red. incrementally we are being slowly brainwashed into accepting a system that is divisive in – the name of PC correctness. what a better place to instil this disinformation into our children’s minds than via the schools and universities. until we as a nation challenge the revisionist fake history that has been foisted on our nation for over 60 years by liberal leftists we will never be able to hold our so called leaders to account. the infiltration of iwi into the clean river agenda and unelected positions in councils etc is an example of what we as a nation face – troughers comes to mind many of us lived thru the cold war and have read the history Mao and his minions – 100 million dead by the isms in a century – what have we learned – fake history = fake news Venezuela is an example of the end game that we could face as a nation if we follow the Maori tribal agenda that has gained unelected traction over property rights and education, never seen before in NZ this commenter has Maori heritage – a NZer – one law for all and a staunch defender of property rights, freedom of speech and freedom of worship the Bible correctly says -we reap what we sow God Bless NZ . Ross
this is not a bicultural country.there is more than two in this country and one is very minor compared with the rest of them jim
It is abhorant and an affront to non Maori citizens Laurie
That step is long overdue Collin
We just get so sick of this race thing when you read Twisting The Treaty it is the history of NZ that we were taught at school I just comprehend what we get dished up now a days it is sad what the younger generation is being indoctrinated into all so false and we have had two ministers now who I see as tratiors with a gravy train with no end Russell
For crying out loud when is this attempted Maori domination and interference going to be stopped? We are becoming a dysfunctional country over ridden by misrepresentation by and nonpartisan the Government because of this. Robyn
We continue to face apartheid by stealth. It has to stop. Frank
Unfortunately, stating that all bi-cultural policies must be repealed and vocalising my disgust with Government that is supporting privilege based upon racial descent; agreeing to co-governance by introducing policy that will ensure the children of the nation are taught that such privileges are legitimate and deserved; passing legislation that enshrines race-based governance by granting rights over the general population based on racial heritage without reference to the electorate; does not reverse the situation or restore democracy to my country. Belief that my elected representatives will fairly represent me has all but vanished. Michael
NZ is multicultural! Mark
Absolutely disgusting the level we have sunk to. For the first time in my life National will not get my vote come September. This has to be corrected now. Graeme
It’s totally inappropriate for government organisations to be adopting political agendas of supremacists. Disgusting really! Thomas
Absolutely!  David
State agencies have been duped by political correctness – they don’t want to say no to Maori advances. But they are misguided. These policies are dangerous and undermine our democracy. Nancy
Biculturalism is divisive and outdated. All bicultural policies should be repealed. Keith
Yes – it’s time all such policies that have been adopted by government departments were abolished. We are one people and that’s what all state agencies should reflect. But is there a political leader who will be prepared to do this? I have my doubts. Dan