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The Great Climate Reset

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For weeks now, there has been saturation level news coverage predicting a doomsday future caused by human-induced global warming.

The reason, of course, is that the annual United Nations “Conference of Parties” – COP26 – has been held in Glasgow, where 25,000 advocates have been dreaming up ever-harsher restrictions to prevent mankind from destroying the planet by 2050 – or is it 2030, or 2060, or 2070?

Climate change is now called an “emergency” so that every wildfire, drought, flood, or storm can be touted as ‘evidence’ that free enterprise and wealth creation are to blame. The scaremongering, alarmists claim, is based on “science” – namely climate models that have been consistently wrong for 30 years.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the climate is such a complex system that it’s impossible to model – the UN does it anyway. Since they claim only humans cause global warming, the influence of the sun and other key climatic factors are excluded from the models. Then, when the dire predictions don’t materialise, the arrival date of their predicted climate Armageddon is extended.

Remember fifteen years ago, when former US Vice President Al Gore terrified the world by claiming in his film “An Inconvenient Truth”, that there would be a 20-foot sea level rise and 100 million climate refugees “in the near future”? Such exaggeration is how alarmists are using fear to gain their mandate.  

As the influential American writer H.L. Mencken astutely observed in 1918, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

With the ominous picture of eight billion humans destroying our planet as a backdrop, let’s add some perspective.

Firstly, while eight billion is a huge number, the reality is that if the world’s population stood shoulder to shoulder – each taking up one square metre – they could all fit in the Wellington region!

And while urbanisation through housing, roading, and commercial development in some countries is extensive, in most others the footprint is relatively small – as it is in New Zealand, where it accounts for only one percent of our total land area.

Add to that the fact that our total carbon emissions amount to a miniscule 0.05 percent of the global total – with almost half produced by cows and sheep through a natural methane cycle which sees emissions broken down to effectively feed the plants that feed the animals – and you have to wonder why our political leaders are so determined to punish New Zealanders through increasingly harsh policies that are undermining our economic wellbeing.

We can already see the effects of their climate policy agenda in the rising cost of fuel. With Emissions Trading Scheme carbon prices now hitting $65 a tonne, petrol pump prices include an ETS levy of around 15 cents a litre.

The flow on effect is creating huge cost increases across the whole economy, including the production and distribution of food – resulting in far higher supermarket prices.

Is this why the Government launched their inquiry into supermarkets last year – to conveniently point the finger of blame for rising prices at supermarkets themselves, instead of our Prime Minister’s climate extremism?

Electricity prices will also escalate once baseload generators – that use coal and gas to maintain the security of power supplies when the sun doesn’t shine, the wind doesn’t blow, and lake levels are low – face the full impact of rising carbon charges.

So, what have been the talking points at COP26?

Firstly, for New Zealand it was the hypocrisy of Green MP and Climate Minister James Shaw travelling to Glasgow with an entourage of ten – creating massive emissions and taking up precious MIQ spots – instead of attending by Zoom.

Then China, the world’s biggest emitter, proposed the date of the climate crisis should be changed from 2050 to 2060. This was followed by India, the world’s third largest emitter, wanting to further delay the crisis to 2070.

The world’s second largest emitter, the US, was represented by President Joe Biden, who nodded off to sleep during opening remarks. But, as the Herald reported, worse was to come: “As world leaders gathered to discuss the grave threat posed by climate change, much was made about the need to control emissions. Now it has been revealed that at least one high-profile participant was reportedly unable to practice as he preached.

“US President Joe Biden audibly broke wind during the COP26 event – and while he was speaking with Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall… Camilla has not been able to stop talking about the ageing President’s ‘long fart’ since he unleashed it in her company last week. It was long and loud and impossible to ignore…

“The day after his gaseous faux pas, Biden’s administration launched a plan to reduce methane emissions. Clamping down on methane flaring and leaks from oil wells and gas pipelines is considered one of the easiest ways to cut emissions. Reducing methane from agriculture, in particular by belching cows, is a trickier matter. The impact of presidential poots and potential methods to restrict them remains unknown.”

Meanwhile Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg – Time Magazine’s 2019 ‘Person of the Year’ – was at her eloquent best when speaking at a rally on opening day: “Inside COP, they are just politicians and people in power pretending to take our future seriously… We say no more ‘blah blah blah’… No more whatever the f*** they’re doing in there…”.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is the Chairman of the Climate Coalition and former Minister of Energy Barry Brill, who has been appalled by the Glasgow climate circus:

“The 400 private jets alone will blast 13,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, and their ostentatious presence has been branded ‘rank climate hypocrisy’ and the ‘nadir of carbon inequality’. But they are no more than the visible tip of an iceberg. Many of their mega-rich owners – Bloomberg, Bejos, Fink, Gates, Soros, Schwab, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds – are pouring many more billions into lobbying governments everywhere for their favoured climate policies.

“There are literally tens of thousands of professional climate activists working on a full-time basis and drawing wages funded by these ‘philanthropists’. They make up the bulk of the non-delegates at the Glasgow convention. What hope does common sense or moderation have in the face of such an army of propagandists?” 

One of those propagandists was Maori climate activist India Logan-Riley, who, having been invited to speak at the opening of the conference, blamed Britain for stealing Maori land, and colonisation for causing climate change!

In a recent interview, independent journalist Sean Plunket outlined her background: “She is a member of Action Station, which can be described as the king of neo-Marxist woke organisations. One of its funders is internet billionaire from Silicon Valley Pierre Omidyar. It is highly linked and connected to the Prime Minister’s Office. So, this woman was nothing more than a propagandist for our liberal elite. But our news media swallowed that hook, line, and sinker. That isn’t journalism – that’s what Joseph Goebbels did.”

Many climate propagandists hail from the environmental movement, and Dr Patrick Moore – a founder of Greenpeace who walked away 15 years later when it turned radical – outlined the danger in a lecture in 2006: “This was the rise of environmentalist extremism in the mid-1980s. The only way to remain confrontational and anti-establishment was to adopt even more extreme policies, eventually abandoning science and logic altogether. World communism failed, the Berlin Wall came down, and a lot of political activists moved into the environmental movement bringing their neo-Marxism with them, using green language in a way to cloak agendas that have more to do with anti-capitalism than anything to do with science. They tend to be anti-business… They are ultimately anti-civilisation… There is this naive vision of some utopian ‘Garden of Eden’ that never existed.”

Is Prime Minister Ardern now attempting to lead New Zealand towards a socialist Utopia – protected by a state-controlled economy?

Just as her He Puapua agenda to replace democracy with tribal rule is being rushed through while Labour has the power to govern alone, so too we should expect severe economic restrictions to be forced onto us – but under the guise of saving the planet.

Stressing the importance of New Zealand doing its “fair share” in the fight against climate change, the PM has not only promised to give away an eye-watering $1.3 billion of taxpayer’s money to other countries, but she has now pledged to halve net carbon emissions by 2030. 

New Zealand’s original emissions reduction goal of 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 was decided in Paris in 2016. The Prime Minister has now changed this, raising the stakes to a 50 percent reduction by 2030.

That 9-year timeframe to dramatically reduce emissions, will require an extraordinarily brutal “reset” of our economy. This is in sharp contrast, not only to Australia, which refuses to set emissions targets that would ruin their economy, but also to the world’s largest carbon emitters, which are extending out climate crisis deadlines to 2060 and 2070.

During COP26, New Zealand also agreed to phase out coal burning for electricity generation in the next 10 to 20 years, although how this will be done in such a way as to still guarantee the security of power supplies has not been explained.

A pact to drastically cut methane emissions by a third by 2030 was also signed, even though a working programme to become the first country in the world to put a price on agricultural emissions by 2025, is well underway.

A Declaration on Forests and Land Use, and the High Ambition Coalition Leaders Declaration, were also signed, along with the International Just Transition Declaration to ensure that the transition to a low carbon future is “just, inclusive and equitable.”

With the Government expected to release their first Emissions Reduction Plan – to set the direction for climate action through to 2035 – early next year, a public consultation process is now underway. 

Jacinda Ardern wants this new climate plan to transform our lives: “We have the opportunity to build back differently after Covid-19 and the Emissions Reduction Plan will be a key component of our recovery.”

Is this going to be New Zealand’s “Great Reset”?

Regrettably, it could be that New Zealand is about to enter a phase of radical economic reform, justified by the Prime Minister’s desire to penalise our country through harsh new emission reduction targets, while the world’s largest emitters carry on as usual with no imperatives to structurally change their economies. They will grow richer and more dominant, while New Zealand grows poorer.

In contrast to what is being signalled here, Australia’s approach is to support climate change action but in a way that protects jobs and livelihoods, keeps the costs of living down, and preserves the way of life, especially in rural and regional areas.

Isn’t that the sort of leadership that New Zealand needs?

While it may feel futile, anyone who is concerned about the proposed climate restrictions, should engage in the Emissions Reduction Plan consultation process – see HERE. Since environmental activists, who want to undermine New Zealand businesses and destroy our free market economy, will be proposing harsher restrictions, we need to urge as many people as possible to counter their influence by sending in a submission – they can be completed on-line or emailed to climateconsultation2021@mfe.govt.nz by the deadline of November 24, 2021. 

These are very troubling times. We are facing many challenges, but the greatest threat of all is the loss of social and economic freedom – that is being taken from us by our very own Government.

Sadly, with the mainstream media now operating as an echo chamber for Government propaganda, it is up to us to raise the alarm!

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*Should New Zealand be moving faster on climate change reforms than the major emitters? 

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Why do anything when we can just blame Jacinda Ardern for everything Geoff
For 30 years the IPCC has been a demonstrable farce, The proposition of Man made climate change is a farce. the proposition of man made carbon warming is a farce. Carbon credits are a RORT. Participant enablers are fostering corruption. extinquish it all and sack the administrator enablers. Charge those defunct politicians and senior administrators with criminal deception.Sever careers and fine. Dismember the whole apparatus. Return our economy to stability. Return our energy markets to stability/ Stop the redistribution slush Rort. Richard
we should only move after they do steven
We should not be moving at all. Peter
Of course we should we are an island nation… james
If we don’t sacrifice the innocent to the climate god, how will expunge our guilt? Matt
Abandon climate change reforms and focus on emission free waste combustion Colin
Climate changes naturally. That humans can anything but a minute impact on climate is the biggest hoax – above and below water volcanoes impacting air and sea temperatures would have far greater impact than us mere humans.What are we humans on minuscule earth compared to the mighty sun? Jennie 
NZ’s contribution to Global warming is so insignificant it will make no difference to Global warming Graeme
They know the truth and couldn’t be happier Alan
Check out Dr Patrick Moore. The real answers are there. Our emissions are negligible. Michael
climate change is a natural cycle the earth takes ! Kevin
Cannot believe people are fooled by this propaganda – must be the equally foolish education system at fault – wake up people. – M Marie
The whole ‘climate change’ charade is just smoke and mirrors and provides the political class and many of the mega wealthy with a convenient cause with which to distract the masses. Future generations will look back on these times and wonder at the arrogance of humans thinking that they controlled the climate. Francis
Our emissions are negligible compared to the rest of the world so whatever we do it will make no impact on CO2 levels. I think its more important we clean up our sea, control pesticides & chemical use, as well as building clean burning incinerators for our rubbish & plastics, instead of dumping in landfills. Margo
The whole debate is BS Graham
Ardern cares not for NZ or people. Everything she does is for her reputation on the world stage and future job at the corrupt UN Carole
It’s all a farce anyway! Part of the UN agenda. Elizabeth
This whole climate change debacle has been proven by scientists wit INTEGRITY that is ALL A HOAX and has been from the very beginning when it was termed as Global Warming until they discovered that the planet was actually cooling and to save face the term Climate Change was presented, hence the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC…!). Our planets climate is in constant flux, has been & always will be. Our ocean currents control the very weather above it whether it be “El Nino” or “La Nina” that’s why we have different weather patterns every year! But, they didn’t want to be accurate & talk about the ‘elephant’ in the room as there was too many ‘elephants’ in the room, most of them flew their in their private CO2 polluting JETS…! The hypocracy is obvious & most critical thinking people who have researched at any depth outside of our MSM will have found such massive HYPOCRACY amongst most countries Climate Change Pushers who will eventually ruin their own countries economies & set up Debt Levels unheard of in our historical past. Bruza
Self-flagellation never has a happy ending. Michael
Climate change is vastly over rated and is being used by our government to impose even harsher controls on us. Bruce
Ardern won’t be happy until SHE’S crippled NZ, that has always been er agenda!!!! Lesley
all marxist propoganda claire
No ! But why should I worry or get so frustrated I could throw a brick through the TV screen. To me the world is run by liars, cheats and bastards. What a beautiful place it once was. Now it is a proper bloody shambles . Glasgow has been the the usual ‘bilge water’ one would expect. As the world descends ever lower into the doom and despair created by humanity the end result was predicted a very long time ago. In the meantime roll on Sunday and the nationwide ‘Groundswell’ protest against the government ! John
Isn’t that just a free society’s right donald
Thinking People know that the “Climate Change” (formerly Global Warming) rort is perpetrated by those who profit from it. Get rid of so-called “green” energy like solar and wind and work to make existing energy sources more efficient while reducing land and oceanic pollution. Janet
Climate change is a costly Scam Peter
No, I haven’t seen the tides coming further up the beach then when I was a wee chap 80 odd years ago. Electric car batteries are constantly improving & getting cheaper & in the near future will take over from petrol driven cars. Also looking way back when the huge dinosaurs roamed the planet their rear end emissions must have been pretty spectacular. Far more then cattle! I just think the whole thing is a great big con. Eric
Check the open letter to the UN by 500 world scientists stating THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY. They wanted a discussion but of course got no response. Check Patrick Moore, Willie Soon, Ian Plimer, Bjorn Lomborg and many other REAL climate scientists and you will see what another World scam this is. It’s all to do with grants — nobody can tell us where the 1.4 Million dollars NZ sends goes. !!! Alan
The word RESET has become more offensive than some commonly used four letter words. Most rational people would agree that it is not wise pollute the air, water or ground. However, we all live on this planet and a commonsense approach will be more successful in getting people on side than the ongoing scaremongering tactics. Peter
There is no point in pretending to be a world leader, when our standard of living under this present Govt is being destroyed and they are dividing our people. Margaret
it seem the Govt is really good at using computer models that are BS because it works for them. Robin
CC Is all a old load of crock, more about removing personal freedoms and enslave You than saving the planet. Genesis 8.22 “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Romans 3:4 Let God be true and ever man a liar. Bazza
i consider that a faster move in NZ on climate change would be an absolute disaster for individual rights and the eccomemy as a whole. Brian
I consider that the so-called reforms are a hoax – an attempt to convince people that NZ is a prime or secondary cause of the problems – (if there really is a problem).. In the history of the planet, there have been many rises and falls in climate changes as is shown by a study of the planets geology. I consider that what is being promoted is Scare tactics to satisfy those pushing for climate change. Brian
N Z is Two Thirds covered in National Parks and Bush We are not causing even 1 percent of world issues on climate leo
More pressure needs to be put on the major emitters to encourage them to reduce their emissions for the benefit of all. Marg
The nz effect re climate change is negligable world wide the so called seious emmitters should be leading the charge warwick
Be Kind ! Resign ! John
NZ is too small to be a world first like Ardern insists! Why should we do more than the major emitters Neil
We contribute something like .03% of greenhouse gases to the whole. bidens fart at COP probably contributed as much. Dave
Climate change is nothing more than a dangerous religion of the elite that is destroying beautiful NZ. “Once you go woke you go broke “ Kay
NO! We shouldn’t be moving at all. It’s a load of BS Laurie
I remain of the opinion that the whole concept of anthropogenic climate change is a false ideology perpetrated by extremists hellbent on destroying civilisation as we know it. Certainly the climate is changing, as it has done since time began, but to pretend we can control it is complete folly. Kerry
China and India should be the leaders on this. We are stupid to be going down this track in my opinion. We should be focused on looking after our oceans, eliminating the plastic and other rubbish. What about the Kermadec Marine Sanctuary? That appears to have disappeared off the agenda. Wind turbines are a blight on the landscape, they are noisy and destroy bird life. Janine
Totally unrealistic Margaret
The largest emitters ie China& India, USA, need to lead. NZ is smaller than most of the Worlds cities -,ludicrous & arrogant to think we could lead. John
Neither our megalomaniac PM or her sycophant Minister for Climate Change need to adopt and adhere to real science. How could anyone believe models and predictions that have been far from the truth for more than 30 years. How much sense does it make for a nation that contributes less than 0.2% of global GHG emissions (even it could be proven that the cause of Global Warming/Climate Change is anthropogenic) to attempt to lead the world in the reduction in GHG generation and emission. How idiotic is our Minister for Climate Change to make the statement “Two years ago we put the 1.5C global warming limit into our Zero Carbon Act. Today we%u2019re upping our commitment to help keep the world on track to meeting it,” Neither China or India, the two greatest generators on our Earth, show the slightest interest in what New Zealand does other than to make us less competitive and cheaper to trade with If Mr Shaw truly believed in what he preaches then he would have attended the meeting and had both his and his entourage’s statements made using internet linkages rather contribute to the additional generation of GHG produced by the likes of Mr Bill Gates, Mr Barak Obama and Mr Albert Gore in their private jet traqvel to the UN COP26 Conference! Perhaps they should consult with ALL of their employers BEFORE committing our nation to a diminishing of its competitiveness and the blind adherence to FALSE Science! Michael
Just like “covid”, Man Made Climate change, like WE are the ones responsible, is one big CON JOB with the same intent as the covid con job. Make the rich and powerful richer and powerfuler, and keep the slaves in check. And by the way, the only way that New Zealand can reduce its emissions to the extent they are talking about, is to reduce the useage by about 90 per cent. And how do you do that? Just one guess!!!!!!! Not while I am breathing!!! Neil
what we need is a volcano to blow up under our dopey and dangerous dictator and all the greens and the UN then we can say climate change is working, that prick gore has a lot to answer with his stupid statements that has started this BS. Richard
No, we should be realistic and keep in line with other nations such as Australia, U.S. Stephen
The whole can of worms is a gigantic hoax !! Bill
Impractical dreamers! Robyn
it used to be a person on a soap box on a street corner preached hell fire and brimstone now we have the climate change religion. Except now the nutters have control and the politicians are incapable of standing up to them. It’s all about money, follow it as it goes to China for their new coal fired power. Sam
Put the handbrake on as no one else is doing as much as New Zealand sheryl
Typical of this governments peanut ideals, ban gas oil exploration and fire up the coal fired power plants. Costing this country billions in incoming revenue and jobs. And an increase in emissions! Go figure. Our 0.05 isn’t going to change a thing only going to cost us through loss of jobs and create a poorer economy. And 2030 will come and pass. Paul
the planet renews itself regularly Anne
There is NO climate change the earth is going through its normal cycles. This is just so so called experts can rip the taxpayer off. Norm
With our major reliance on exports -namely agriculture coupled with our isolation from our major markets, we owe it to ourselves to not burden ourselves with fictitious costs introduced and promoted by fear, lack of actual facts or debate by a government who have a long history of lacking commonsense and relying on consultants who have been unable to get anywhere near an accurate long term forecast of what has actually happened, Mike
Z is one of the smallest emitters per head of population in the world – so why do it at all till the others catch us up? tony
The governments first responsibility is to care for the citizens of our country. As we are such a low emitter we should follow what other countries are doing, not trying to win international acclaim for Jacinda. Graeme
It is simply ridiculous for no to cut off its nose to spite its face. No contribution on reduced carbon emissions by nz will ever be felt by anyone anywhere in the world. Bernie
Totally ridiculous Arden and co need to become realistic and not grin on the world stage Sidwell
Climate Change is not changed by by Mankind. The Objectives should be Good Environmental management. Pollution. both air and rivers, lakes sea land etc etc. Not Cow’s farting as a contributor to the CC they invented. Love nature and teach children likewise – not scaring them with doomsday rubbish.. Philip
Probably the smallest out-putter of Gases Paul
You can’t run a country on propaganda! John
action taken by all countries on climate change reform should be on measurement of scale noel
Fight pollution instead. That would be more beneficial. Jane
We should follow, not lead. John
Absolutely not. Valerie
Utter madness from hysterical girl guides. I can’t wait to meet Rochelle. You mad bitch. Dave
Our contribution to supposed climate Change Emissions is so minute, whether NZ sank below the ocean, or doubled emissions, would have no effect on the world. Climate has been Changing continually since the planet formed. Roseanne
We should not be changing at all. NZ only contributes 0.013% to world emissions and that has NO effect on world pollution. Ardern will bankrupt NZ for nothing – sheer madness. The tooth fairy has to go the sooner the better. Don
The Facts About Ruminant Methane (FARM) group is working hard to help the Govt understand that as methane is in equilibrium in the atmosphere we are in a state of zero methane now. What is not understood either is that the proportion of methane in the atmosphere is very small, so its role as a GHG is quite limited compared with water vapour (the major and uncontrollable GHG) and CO2 (also a very small component of the atmosphere. Ken
It is a scam run by the elite. Refer Global Warming Policy Foundation set up by Lord Nigel Lawson. Susan
No we should not. If anything at all we just need to keep up with the efforts of our major trading partners so not to punish our exporters. Having said that there is NOT a climate emergency The climate has always changed and will continue to do so without the efforts of man How many of the dire predictions of the past have come true NONE How many times has Bonnie Prince Charley been in the last chance saloon Finally why Climate change and not Global Warming Could it just be because the globe stopped warming some years ago I wonder ROBIN
Our emissions are negligible compared to the main players. Why should we wear a hair shirt and play the mouse that roared when the rest of the world is not listening? David
Methane gas from animal farming is very serious. Lynda
we will make little difference Gary
This is simply a way for our current Prime Minister to promote herself on the world stage. Glenda
Climate change is a Marxist takeover in disguise, strange that the revolutionaries are the bourgeoisie. I guess now they are on top they want to pull the ladder up. Darryl
Zero carbon ???? Will it take 150 years to grow a pine tree in the future ? PETER
It is madness for NZ to be at the forefront when we are only 0.05% emitters Stanley
why the hell should we put that stress on this country when we are such a small amount of the problem, and i just don’t believe half the propaganda that is coming out, do these politicians ‘ever listen to themselves, have they even thought of the cost of this climate scam,on the people, when all these billionaire’s go of to the climate meetings in there private jets just laughable, they are a joke, and why haven’t they been doing things about it over the decades most of these rich people have made there money abussing our mother earth, big countries haven’t given a shit about anything just there money, I hope mother nature makes us all suffer to be quite honest, and all these young activists need to pull there heads in, they have contributed nothing to this life yet, every one through there greed will have to pay the piper one day, and i don’t think its that far away rodger
It should be based on the percentage of emmissions Janette
It is ridiculous that the world is being held to random by scaremongering. When are the general populace going to wake up and reclaim everything they have lost and will lose.. common sense being the biggest casualty Jock
Why do people think in the scheme of things we are so significant that we control the worlds climate ????? Yes cleaner and greener to reduce our impact but control it …we never will ! Sue
Climate modelling has been incorrect for the past 30 years, why should we support this hypocritical nonsense. A survey in the Pacific in 2018 of 709 atolls and islands revealed that 88.6% were either the same in area or had increased. Don’t believe the vested interest propaganda. John
Bunch of morons running this country headed by a devout Communist. The answer is NO John
Makes no difference Anon
It is economic sabotage pure and simple on the part of the government. The science isn’t settled and has been perverted in support of the Progressive Socialist to redistribute wealth to the 3rd world, more commonly known as their bank accounts! John
The whole ‘climate change’ thing is a farce. I remember when we had to prepare for an ice age.. James
Absolutely not !! Michael
Absolutely frightening Ardern and her communist government will push NZ back to the dark ages What an idiot she is and her sheepeople David
Absolutely not. The back patting in Glasgow was so load that it was deafening. Ironic that the belief that the rising of sea levels was about to swamps most of the Pacific’s low lying islands was followed with the concern that China want’s to expand in the region and even build a new, almost international airport on a tiny atoll in the northern pacific. Are they concerned, hell no because it ain’t going to happen. Barry
We are pushing ahead with policies and law without how it’s going to be achieved, substitutes and long term effects of changes Wade
We do not need to lead the world. Clean up all pollution in NZ with a balance economic plan. Keep all climate change funding in NZ. Neil
Nz actions will make little or no impact on the global issue, but our government is happy to throw our economy under the bus for them to look good. Willy
WE’re a rich country. We can afford to make the sacrifice Nick
Even a blind man can see it won’t make any difference, because our contribution to the global problem is tiny in comparison. Jan
The first responsibility of a government is to look after its own people. The desire to virtue signal on the world stage at your own people’s expense is criminally egotistical. Jocelyn
Our “contribution” to climate change is 3/5 of 7/8 of SFA. All the gasbags who invaded Glasgow, should be told to walk home. Hypocrites. Philip
Being an agricultural economy we should be increasing CO2 so all plants will grow better and that would increase our GDP. Our communist leader is fast destroying our economy and culture. If she gets two more years without blowback, we will all be slaves to the State, Larry
The Government is following some crazy made-up view of so called climate change backed up by flawed science. The world is not in danger of extreme overheating or the oceans rising by 10s of metres. What we are currently experiencing is a natural cycle in the ongoing evolution of the planet. Hundreds of millions of years ago the planet was far far hotter than it currently is. Climate activists would have everyone believe that the world is in imminent danger of catastrophic collapse. It is not. What we have is a cycle that nature will correct as it has done for millions of years. Prime Minister Ardern rushed to announce a climate emergency for New Zealand. What absolute piffle. Sure we need to make changes but those changes need to evolve in an orderly manner and not at some crazy warp-speed rate that destroys New Zealand and peoples lives and their futures. In her attempt to win the battle at all costs, she’ll lose the war to everyone’s detriment. As with everything else this Government does, it all has to be rushed through into law without explanation and consultation, unless you’re part of the indigenous elites. Colin
Where is the evidence that man alone is to blame? How about the effects of the sun , volcanoes and other areas of natural causes!! Bruce
No way. This has to stop now. How much longer do we put up with this. Never thought I would say this, but Ardern & her extremists are dangerous. They are proving to be enemies of our state. Harriy
What we do won’t matter until the major emitters conform Lindsay
This is a lot of crock and again scaremongering with huge economic cost. Funny how the world’s experiencing the coldest spell ever in USA and Europe Alan
Like durr. Obvious innit? Mark
Time they cleaned up their own acts not relying on us and other smaller cleaner countries to do it for them Laurel
I keep asking climate change enthusiasts. If we have had 5 Ice Ages we must have had at least 4 global warming events. Please explain. Not one has yet. Phil
No doubt the silly cow that we have as our “Prime Minister’ will be wanting to get her name in the overseas news again & will be pushing little old NZ to set totally unrealistic standards to the detriment of the population, but what the hell does she care! david
All that will be achieved here is more people in hardship through the high costs of implementing restrictions and unworkable regulations that will be no doubt forced upon us to try and achieve fanciful and unproven ideology driven policies Jim
Our pastures offset our emissions. Why is this not recognised. Sam
They do go on, some of these climate change flock of sheep. When you get some guy from a Pacific island swearing in all seriousness that his village is going to be drowned I feel like taking him to the wharf in, say Auckland or Wellington where there is a tide gauge. Take him at low tide and point out the obvious marks of tide after tide still between the same old marks. Yes, the level of the sea does rise over the years, it is just one of those things of nature, but you have to look darned carefully to see that rise because it is miniscule. So stop worrying, my island friend. The sea will not, I promise, rise up any more at your place than it has at mine. Rob
Burning coal does not pollute the atmosphere. The smoke does that. We should not ban the burning of fossil fuels, we should just ban the smoke. Scrubbing systems already exist and could do the job. Fitting a gadget to every stinking smokestack to eliminate all harmful emissions could be done in months whereas the green commie idea of banning the burning of fossil fuels will take decades. Green commies don%u2019t care about the environment. Their aim is to destroy private enterprise especially big companies, particularly big American companies because with them gone the complete communist takeover of the World can proceed unhindered. K
Climate change is predominately a natural phenomenon – many timed throughout history our temperatures have increased on occasions at a much faster rate than currently. Which the climate radicals conveniently omit to mention. Peter
It won’t make any difference Mike
This “government” is going to destroy New Zealand Patrick
We Just need to get rid of these idiots, and their followers. bill
We shouldn’t be moving at all as it is all a load of bollocks dreamed up by people who allow an imagined fear to rule their actions Gavin
We should wait in the wings to see how it is done!!!!! Our 0.05% will achieve nothing other than impoverish our Country . Gregore
It is plain silly if we do. Andy
Given any changes we make is symbolic it is absurd that idiology can then cause an ongoing recession in nZ Ausralian approchj is rational tony
Shouldn’t move at all. It’s all a hoax. Ian
NO NO!! gerard
As covid 19 fades away, climate change bullshit will be imposed upon the world. grant
absolutely NOT, this young woman masquerading as a PM, has to go, clueless, arrogant and stupid. Merryl
Some major polluters are not involved so defeats the purpose. Accept the status quote but no more. John
totally ridiculous with no concern for economic impact jenny
Why the haste all of a sudden? Over 60 years ago I used to go out with my cousin in Christchurch delivering bread in electric vans. If we had continued since then, where would we be now with electrics in transportation now? But I would not get the universities to help because they seem to have been taken over by the left as well as tribalism. Heaven help us! Kevan
A few things I don’t understand here, Why does a small rabble of left wing activists command so much attention and two;- If the opposition parties disagree with the Labor Parties intention to enact laws which will further damage the NZ economy, why haven’t they shown their intention to repeal everything the Labour party does? Is there an unwritten agreement not to undo the others laws? Rex
Why should we, a very small country, be forced by a zealous Prime Minister to do what the major emitters are not prepared to do? I can only conclude that we would become casualties for the advancement of her vain, personal political aspirations. There is no other logical reason imo. Julie
20000 years ago, ice was one and a half kilometres above the Hermitage Hotel – global warming lowered that and we were not even here! Lets get real,! murray
This foolishness will bankrupt our economy if it continues in the manner now proposed. A more reasonable and sensible approach may be more acceptable if any of our governments are prepared to put politics to one side and be more pragmatic Errol
Climate has been changing since the world was created, we don’t have the power to stop it! It’s natural. Yes we need to take responsibility for the damage we do, eg rubbish and waste, cow flatulence absolute rubbish, get their own under control then they can teach others. There certainly is an agenda to bring us all under control and reduce the population. Good points you have made today Jeanette
If we did nothing it would make little if any difference Ray
We are so insignificant on the world stage as far as emissions are concerned. This Govt just sees this as a way to further control us.. We could all be Joe Bidens letting go with gusto and still wouldn’t register on world emission charts. Let the large emitting countries lead on this., rather than further trash our country where everybody will be beholding to the Govt to survive. salve
Ardern’s agenda has nothing to do with Climate Change! It is all about maintaining fear and control to ensure a socialist/communist system is introduced in New Zealand. Our contribution to climate change is negligible yet she is determined to continue on this path because it serves her purpose. Good on Australia for standing against this madness. Obviously their government isn’t looking to eradicate capitalism and democracy. Martin
Utter madness if you said yes. Robbie
It’s unrealistic to believe NZ can keep the promises devised by James Shaw and the bureaucrats who believe it is one set of rules of them and another for the rest of the world. Idealism does not create wealth or stability for our nation. This government is going to break us, not only as a nation but the very soul of our existence. Its sad to think we are leaving this legacy for our children Margaret
It is ridiculous valerie
Climate change is a contradiction in terms as the climate is always a variable due to the activities generated by the sun and the moon. Terry
Absolutely NO!! Bill
Putting the emphasis on methane the way the Gov. is, spells doom for the agricultural sector, and when they hit hard times, – everybody does! Ted
It’s so much bullshit. This government is being dominated by greenies and maori racists. What we generate is minute compared with the rest of the world. Climate change is a natural phenomenon which has happened in cycles during the history of the planet . We need to stop this nonsense in its tracks. Bruce
There is no empirical evidence of man made climate change Doug
political b.s. stephanie
The Govt is applying Communist thinking & action to ruin this country calledNEW ZEALAND!, Ardern should resign NOW & an early election held. Ron
Simply suicidal!! J J
Derek Mackie summed up Jacindarella extremely well.She wants the world to see her as a Messiah who will save the world Her reward will be the adulation and a seati at the UN. Steve
Freeky Ardern controls!! Coal is cheap plentiful and our own fuel. China and Russia must make coal reduction first before our small economy Ian
No, it is silly. We have more important things to worry about at the moment. Lil
NO NO NO! and thrice bloody NO. Phill
This Prime Minister is obviously intend to ‘destroy’ New Zealand in whatever way she can! Susan
I live and play around the coast of Nz and have seen no evidence at all of sea level rises in the last twenty five years in fact many places are actually creating it’s a load of lies Warren
The climate is changing constantly. It always has. Human input is minimal. These extremists want a UN led world socialist government Peter
Labour Government is trying to wreck our economy ! colin
Our contribution is so small to make any difference. Phil
let us be real for once. graham
Tragic destruction of our robust economy for nothing at all. Not a singe positive. NZ should concentrate on genuine environmental issues. Rosalie
When will Jacinda, a true Socialist, run out of other people’s money to spend? Geoffrey
It appears to be another side track from the real issues at home here in NZ. Climate change is a crock religion in my view, out to fleece believers. I believe NZers are doing a good job reducing emmissions – already 15% of our petrol price is ETS tax? That sealed the deal for me – fleecing the sheep! Grr. Pammie
No! We are minor in the massive field. I agree we should be making some movement but not at the expense of our country and all the individuals within it. Such radical proposals are going to devastate the country, but maybe part of this massive reset is to get all the immigrants to move back to their own home countries because NZ is unaffordable and gone to the dogs? Look at the credible science. Start putting things in action based on this. Wipe out a third of all agricultural animals? What does SAFE and PETA think of that? I sure as hell don’t agree with that, agriculture is this countries backbone and no one could give a damn about it criticising at every turn. Look at the cycle of methane and look at ways to reduce what escapes the system. I am fed up of the demonising of agriculture and trying to push people to factory made meatless products – are you telling me that a chemical man made creation is better than a grass fed piece of steak? Go back to school! Ange
The lunatic running this country luckily has just under 2 more years the wreck havoc on our economy, our way of life whilst destroying the racial harmony this country has enjoyed for decades. The growing divide between Maori and myself expands daily and this sentiment appears to be shared by many. Adern is responsible for that. To climb aboard the Climate Change nonsense is further evidence of just how stupid this ideological Communist idiot truly is. 2 yrs and she’s gone forever. Perhaps the UN might Pl(f)uck her earlier and rescue us from this demented dictator. Tony
Recently uploaded, Marc Morano’s 2016, 1:18:35 documentary: CLIMATE HUSTLE. The climate will always do what the climate has always done – change. Don
Although I dont go along with a lot of Australia’s polocys either, NZ would be better to adapt the Australian ideas or similar, for climate change. Kathleen
It’s amazing how the so-called brains of the world can be so stupid, Nature runes this world NOT man, the Glasgow CPO26 run by the UN is a good example of just how brainless the world leaders really are. And would someone please give Joe Biden a handful of corks!! Athol
New Zealand’s economy will be destroyed if the Labor government brings in harsher climate change reforms! Karl
Nature will take care of any changes in climate as it always has done since time began. pdm
It’s not a race Alex
What climate change? It’s all utter BS. A made up crisis to allow them to tax us more and control us more!! Brenda
This cannot be justified. Bronwyn
NZ should not be contributing any greater % of cost than any other country, per capita. That would be a “fair share”. However that is still assuming any meaningful change can be proven to work. Greg
Pauperisation – the future of New Zealand under this government John
Damage to economies and nations will be catastrophic. This is all part of generating more fear for more control by a New World Order. Angel
Stupid greenie rubbish Stephen
I understand NZ carbon emissions are 0.05%. To halve them would be 0.025% contribution. Not worth the damage caused. john
Our emissions are less than .02%of the world’s emissions, so why would we wish to accelerate our undertakings? Doug
Because there are 3.8% less livestock in NZ now, than there were 10 years ago, Methane is naturally degrading in the atmosphere faster than it is being emitted. So what’s the problem, there is less methane in the atmosphere now than there was 10 years ago. Tim
Climate change is propoganda and is design to undermine our way of life. None of it is based on science. Just computer models that have been shown to be utter nonsense John
We are a very small low economy emitter, we should be following at a pace that our economy can afford. The way we are going under the control of the fish and chip wrapper upperer we will all starve to death. NZ is on fire the priority is the population of NZ not some one in Wellington who has her head in a very dark arrogant place. Global warming is simple TOO many people living on the world. STOP population growth. rod
We have to maintain a viable economy and control over our resources in a practical manner without destroying our way of life Bryan
moving too fast at the moment without regard to our primary industries robin
Comrade Ardern appears to hate NZers and the country that has given her so much. (Even $10 million plus personal wealth). She is a list MP, and should not be in the position of PM! Why do we have to lead the world that doesn’t actually care if we are submerged by her rising sea levels, this climate 26th junket is just a sham and would be interesting to know what benefit 10 greenies jetting first class to Glasgow has done FOR NZers. Vote them all out ASAP. Carolyn
Useless labour barstard Allan
Who calculates carbon and its influence on climate? I have never found a formula for carbon transfer from emissions to trees or pasture or soil. We are being led by emotive rhetoric. Brian
The noise from the great army of the radical far left who want to throttle human advancement and bring us down to the basic failed levels of tribalism/socialism is an ugly insult to all the good citizens of this planet who want nothing more than a good wholesome go at life. Common sense alone points to a steady as she goes type programme to do our bit for a positive outcome without the huge destruction of our economy and the unnecessary decrease in our current living standards which for most is probably grasping at a basic comfort level. Our current Government just wants to pin medals on their chests to enhance their personal CV’s so as to be in the flow with the great noise and be seen to be concerned but in using other peoples money without any consequences coming home to roost on their shoulders. Garry
The whole thing is madness. Brazil reportedly had a huge reduction in carbon emissions as a result in reduction of deforestation from previous high levels. We do not count our native forests for carbon reduction credits. Duh! How does that work. We just had the word that China has plans to extend a military base on a coral atoll in Kiribati. While in Australia, the military strategist Mahuta was asked what our position would be on this expansion into the Pacific. Her reply was that we are far more worried about climate change than China building bases in the Pacific as a threat to the Pacific region. Now here I was thinking that concreting over coral atolls for airstrips and fishing out former major marine reserves is really bad for the environment, but apparently no, that is not a worry, it seems it is much more of a crime for a cow to fart in Wellington. Terry
Manmade climate change is not proven. Even if it were, NZ would contribute only a miniscule amount. Any emission reduction in NZ would not have any effect, but would have huge economic and social costs. Alex
Its all the big reset and the Woke brigade pushing this – “Jacinta we don’t love you any more” Louise
This woman is becoming more and more dangerous and is fuelled by an over inflated ego of her own blinkered abilities. I fear for the future of this country as well as my children and grandchildren Heather
I have laughed at this charade ever since I saw goofy Gore’s joke of a movie years ago! Grant
Another excellent ‘letter’ from Dr Newman that the entire population should be compelled to read. The now government controlled ‘media’ convince daily, the dumb-down portion of the population who believe the GARBAGE that they claim is ‘news’. Even Federated Farmers leaders have become no more than government puppets, while the likes of Silver Fern Farms management post regular news letters to their farmer producers & shareholders, explaining the efforts they are making to become Carbon Neutral, & suggest all farmers do the same. Any factual letter of protest is ignored by these people. Why?. Truth is of course, the implementation of Agenda 2030 & the Great Reset, can only be introduced if the population majority, are convinced there is no other choice. The Wuhan Flu scam, with the refusal to allow known treatments, & the climate alarmists, CLIMATE CRISES lies are perfect tools for the job.. A.G.R.
We are in the grip of climate madness. Gordon
Do I need to? Barry
Why destroy our economy and life style for a problem that does not exist. Seems a pointless stupid idea to me. It such a pity that the dumb Politicians do not see it that way and we will all pay the price for their folly. Allan
There is NO climate emergency – total bs. Total conn job Peter
the whole climate change crap is a complete and utter hoax. LYn
NZ’s carbon emissions represent less than .01%, Australia’s carbon emissions are less than 1.1% of the world’s total carbon emissions. This exercise is futile unless China, USA, India, Russia & Brazil start actively reducing their carbon emissions. All this bluster by Ardern is a nonsense. Greg
Absolutely Not!! Ian
I resent the fact that so few do not have to good for the country in mind and instead follow their own goals to create their utopia. Again for the benefit of a few chosen ones.But that has been the history of the world. Ido
Climate Change is the biggest scam. the world has known Michael
No, NZ composes c <1% of global emissions where our methane from agriculture has peaked. Deal with the major emitters first! Gavin
No, get rid of this grandstanding useless Prime Minister who seems hell bent on destroying our land and then giving what is left wholly to the Maori. What a disgrace. Fraser
Especially when that includes emissions from agriculture where we already have the world’s lowest GHG footprint per unit of product. The effect of this will be transfer production to less efficient countries resulting in an increase in global emissions. Stupid in the extreme! Alister
Making too many mistakes, pushing ahead too quickly Phil
No Way Arthur
The extreme climate change movement is nonsense as it is destroying economies and jobs. Seems part of the WOKE agenda to destroy democracy without consideration of economic outcome Ann
Absolute madness John
It’s nonsense, more concerning is the NWO takeover progress. Bryan
We are irrelevant, just do the bare minimum Athol
Start the reforms with the truly big emitters in the world, that is where the true reform needs to be focused Phil
No and we only need to look today on the coal cop out( instead of phase out now to phase down) what a joke. No mention of oil & gas(our PM turned ours off. Les
No! We should pull out of the silly extremism of the leftist who are mangling our outlook, morals, economy and children. Ray
We have a total of 5 million people – James Shaw is trying to make a name for himself, but he is a dreamer and has no right to make the ridiculous commitments he has made on behalf of NZers. Richard
It’s a farce Linda
What ‘climate code red’? – Ah red Marxists Rex
Why? Bob
And stop payments to the Paris accord nonsense !! Geoffrey
Climate change policies can be created which will be further unnecessary restrictions on the freedoms of citizens. Who now trusts Labour? nicholas
Welcome to the climate gulag. Sven
With the pressure on to reduce Methane, our farmers are going to have more put on them. Who does this government think supplies huge amount s of Overseas Funds I wonder? another suspicion I have is that a god lightning storm, and we have many, will very quickly remove methane gas, leaving that dreadful CO2 to get on with producing more pasture vegetables and trees to release more Oxygen into out lives. It is a very clever cycle – here from the beginning, and will continue on until our Creator says “Enough!” Dick
It’s not being proven that anything other than the natural occurrences of our weather are changing our climate. People are being made to feel guilty that it is their fault that humans are entirely responsible for all the changes in our climate and our weather patterns. Mary
Who’s she trying to appease? China or Greta? Marilyn
NZ is too small and doesn’t need to try to be a world leader. We should follow the example of Australia. Colin
There is no rational reason for NZ to move faster Unless the accidental prime minister wants to paint a picture for herself Progressing on a par with other nations would seem to be the logical way to go Bruce
One of the two centre right parties needs to announce that they will be unpicking all this Climate BS, and the institutionalised racism being pushed through by this Government. Provide a plan for moving more towards “green” energy Hydro for a start….. Lionel
What’s the point. The longer it can run the greater our ability to get rid of this stupidthinking, as when the figures are studied. The temperature has not risen in the past 30 years. john
There is ample scope for using energy now going to waste, without burning more fuel. NZCPR risks its reputation when uttering >Clamping down on methane flaring Flaring methane decreases the greenhouse-gas emissions by a large factor. Loosing methane straight into the atmosphere, as unfortunately done by many NZ farms, rather than collecting it and using it in CBG machinery, is a glimpse of how we could lead the world. Meanwhile, jeering that conservationists say mankind is about to destroy the world is a classic strawman stunt unworthy of ACT. Robert
Moving too fast now on a bullshit agenda robbie
If the forests are to regenerate we need more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere not less. John
As an innovative country we are aware of what to do to protect our own patch. We should do this by our own methods and in our own time.We do not need to belong to, sign and agree to protocols that are ridiculous in their demands. We should just quietly go about doing what we deem necessary and give the finger to the rest of them out there. Frank
Slow the process down, and REBUILD our economy, and allow responsible mining in “consultation” with Doc miles
There are more important things to be “moving faster” on than climate change, which is an absolute crock anyway! Moving Jacinda and her motley collection of squander bugs away from the levers of power and our ever diminishing Treasury faster would be a priority, in my opinion. I have come to the point where I no longer care exactly how it is done! Scott
The late highly respected NZ Scientist and ex head of NIWA, David Kear warned us in his paper in 2013 of the fraudulent basis of the then proposed Global Warming / Climate Change proposals. He contended there was no problem with Carbon as we were well below historic levels and in fact needed more in nature to speed food production. He was certainly not the only qualified scientist to take this line. It is illuminating to note that this Govt of ours chose to ignore the Health Ministry’s prepared plan to deal with any pandemic which was prepared by qualified people and available to all but followed their own hasty amateurish “lockdown” approach which has been (intentionally?) economically disastrous. Edgar W.
man made climate change is bad science david
No! There is no problem with the climate. It is the world’s greatest scam, only just ahead of Wuflu bullshit. CC reforms are doing nothing except raising costs of everything, eliminating the middle class and making the poor poorer. Murray
The country is being run by dangerous Muppet%u2019s Bob
Protect agriculture, food production and keep a stable power supply generation. Mark
No need. Common sense Msrk
absolutely No No No mike
This evil Ardern government has NZ on a suicidal economic and social pathway. Geoff
Climate change is the biggest con imposed on mankind. Covid is the second biggest con. These two cons are tightly linked. Pollution is big issue and the awareness to reduce it across the board is the challenge. Every country has different circumstances that they need to manage within their individual constraints. Richard
The nation must not be sacrificed for Ardern’s vanity and UN career… Mike
Climate change is a scam and has little or no foundation as a legitimate problem. More scare mongering based on no scientific evidence. Sea levels at Fort Dennison in Sydney harbour were the lowest in a 140 years according to figures earlier this year and about 4 years ago they were lower than 100 years prior! We have the greenest planet we have ever seen and that is with co2 levels at a minuscule.04% of the world’s atmosphere. Richard
If the Cheshire Cat and her kittens were serious about reducing NZ’s emissions the prime driver of increases, all immigration, should be stopped and all those who apply for refugee status after they have entered NZ should be immediately deported. John
The world is not going to end ! Climate change occurs naturally unfortunately the masses are being lied to Barry
It emitters need to lead the way Paul
From a geological view, the current several thousand years has been very stable, but longer term the trend is cooling toward the next ice age. In addition CO2 is plant food and is vital for survival. Chris
NZ is “small fry” compared to the big countries US, China, India. So NZ should slow down any changes that will destroy NZ’s economy. Jim
We are not a problem!!! Ray
Absolutely no, you would think, listening to this stupid Prime Minister and others that we were some sort of super power instead of a little country at the bottom of the world that most people in the world have never heard of. This PM is of course is playing the game to ensure that when the time comes she gets a seat on the U.N. Our emissions are currently so low that there is no need to do any more than what is already in place Tom
What they want is totally impossible. Ross
The world has been turning for millions of years, it is controlled by forces well outside of human activity, sun, planets, etc. This is how the dinosaurs were wiped out…just get on with living before you send yourselves crazy. This old world will still be here long after you are pushing up daisies. Helen
A most definite NO. Oh we could be clever as to change the climate. It’s all totally ridiculous. Of course we should be ready and prepared for significant weather events and careful about pollution but we can’t change the weather. Helen
Delusions of grandeur seem to fuel our leader’s determination to brutalise our economy and set us back 100 years Ray
The top 3 Emitters should be accountable for 99% of any Carbon charges Richard
NZ should never have agreed to pay for carbon produced from agricultural production as we feed 45,000,000 people 40,000,000 live overseas. Whilst fuel is paid where it is burned, so Saudi Arabia pays almost nothing. Miles
just another stupid decision Edward
We need to broaden the discussion to include the impact of GeoEngineering on the global climate. There is no question it is affecting ours! The issue is the elephant in the sky, and off-limits to even mention at climate conferences. Bill
This useless bloody Government headed by a out of touch useless leader with marxist views is leading this country down a path of distruction and racial seperation and will end up with conflict and greif. Look out N Z times ahead with inflation and living will be the norm. ken
Climate change is a crock. steve
Of course not. Our minuscule contribution will make not a skerrick of difference. Brian
I have just watched a YouTube video on how marine experts have been studying the Barrier Reef off the Queensland’s coast. The marine and coral life has greatly improved over the last 10 years. What facts are we being fed? Sure there is room for improvement, no question but why does New Zealand have to be world leaders? Let the big polluters China, USA and India lead the way and set an example. The cost financially to our small nation is huge. We see lots of criticism on what NZ needs to do to improve but not too many viable practical solutions. Chris
We are too small. We have shit government who couldn’t organise snow in Iceland. It is hypocritical to buy in fuel when we can employee honest kiwis to produce it. Sarah
Climate change is not driven by mankind. What a huge big lie we are being told. It is all about control Heather
making a name for herself at OUR expense john
There is no such thing as climate change. Michelle
no norman
The amount of positive benefits versus the negative effects on New Zealand relative to emissions by the Super powers is miniscule. Stop this rubbish Adearn you are bankrupting our country for your Marxist ideals. Ken
Utter madness Faye
No – we should be focusing our energy on reducing waste and pollution, cleaning up the environment of rubbish and plastic, and sustainability. Man-made climate change doesn’t exist.  Kate
What is the point of New Zealand ruining our farm based economy when major polluters such as India, China and the USA are causing the problem, and our contamination is minimal in the real scale of climate change Peter
No, we should be moving more slowly until we find out if the so-called climate change is any different from all the changes that have occurred throughout the ages Terry
See this link to Jordan Peterson’s views which are very interesting https://youtu.be/_ui92cPxueM Lynne
The problem is that all the CO2 being admitted into the air (2% which is human produced) is actually leading to a greening of the world. There are reputable minority studies that the vegetation – which we all rely on directly and indirectly to eat, and the oxygen that it produces for us to breath – is actually increasing in mass and size. Over the last two decades for instance an area the size of France in the Sahara Desert has been reclaimed by vegetation. While we need to limit pollution for the good of human health, we do not need to bankrupt ourselves in doing it. Brenton
Deal with big guys first. Elaine
We should follow, not lead, in a way that does not impact on the economy or way of life. Lynton
She was quite happy to see the effect of vaccinations on the rest of the world before finally getting off her arse and doing it here, why can’t she have the same approach on the so called ‘climate crisis’. But that wouldn’t fit with her plan to get into the UNs good books. I bet when she gets tossed out of government she will get a job with the UN. Peter
There has always been climate change Graham
Our part in this stuff is virtually non existant compared with China and India. David
we should not be going down any route this government has planned for us. As one cannot stop the sun, wind, rain or wildfires. And throwing money at an unnamed bank account in some European city will not stop the weather. We have had to many making ridiculous predictions for many many years and not one has come to fruition. never rain again in NSW, UK will not see snow again and as for Al Gore who made millions out of scare tactics he should have been locked up. Has the seas risen Nope. All those climate zealots created in Glasgow was Hot air and if they believed what they preached they would have Paddled, swam, walked, or rode a bike to attend the Glasgow Conference they are all hypercrites. NZ has not had an honest debate, with scientists and Professors of Geology. Just Green activists on computers leaving modules out to make their thesis believable so they can keep sucking on the UN tit. Gwenda
Why penalise our economy when others do little Bev
This Government has got to go while we still have a country worth fixing Garry
Government is a bunch of one eyed activists who can’t see the wood for the trees Gareth
We as one of the smallest countries are doing maximum at present to meet requirements but to force more changes under cover of COVID is unrealistic. Farmers and manufacturers are already doing there bit so instead of giving billions to other countries spend it in nz on rebates etc. Solar power on homes,hydrogen,electric, and help supply small countries with technology. Ken
This whole COP summit was/is a hypocritical farce. This government is well on the way to reducing the bulk of us to peasants toiling for a bunch of userous nutters. Andrew
Absolute madness! As is giving away $1.3billion to other countries.that could well be spent here addressing our own climate issues. Power generation for example. John
What ever NZ does will not make a scrap of difference to the planet. But it will decimate our economy and future well being. By all means, tidy up your own back yard but some common sense would go along way to elevate pollution. chris
We are doing more than other polluting countries so why Tony
Climate is the Trojan horse for what is really wealth redistribution overseen by the UN and a host of ignorant sycophants Bernie
The whole Climate Alarmist theory is based on complete ‘Hogwash’. There is nothing in the current Climate Science that indicates any Planet threat. This zero carbon agenda is the current Planet’s biggest Ponzi Scheme. Geoff
Cancel the cancel culture adherents Graeme
It%u2019s just plain suicidal stupidity Bryan
Does she want to ruin NZ ?? if so she is going the right way about it For christs sake WAKE UP eric
we should move with majority Tony
This is madness – how can any rational government push for reforms that destroy our economic future for unproven “climate science”, particularly when every prediction they have made in the last 30 or so years has failed to come true? Obviously there is an unspoken objective, and I think most of us know what that is! The PM is in my opinion short on life experience, unaware of the consequences of her actions, and driven by ideology instead of loyalty towards her country. Roy
NZ could throw everything at climate change and yet there will be no discernible effect. We are so small and yet our dear leader wants to cripple our economy and lower our standard of living just to show how much she cares! Steph
The PM and Shaw are grandstanding on the world stage when they must BOTH know our little amount of emissions make very little difference. If we in NZ went carbon neutral tomorrow the world would NOT SEE ANY CHANGE at all. Graeme
NZs effect on climate change is minute. Work towards managed reductions as the development of new technology and infrastructure allows. Do not act in a manner that damages our economy punishes our business community and wider population by reducing revenue to provide health education and a high quality life Rex
No way. We are the pimple on the pumpkin. Sandra
No, our impact is infinitesmal Graham
Why hit the farmers when they are the back bone of our economy David
Virtue signalling madness Brian
climate variations have been with us forever . Why does Jacinda want to ruin her own country anthony
The worst polluters continue unchallenged under the current world ‘climate change’ narritive while the community pays the cost. Sally
For heavens sake the population of this earth is increasing at a huge rate leading to vast areas of land degradation and mass migration of humans looking for somewhere safe to live. Is this not a bigger issue than chasing imagined climate issues. Tim
Jacinda is a total half-wit, by the time the 2023 election comes around NZ will be on its knee’s. Don
0.17% of world emissions? no way We should pressure the big emitters Tom
It was stated that all of the worlds population can fit into the Wellington region. I haven’t seen the figures for the area taken up by all the animals in the world. I imagine they would cover the rest of New Zealand. Therefore there is vast areas of the world not emitting methane. I am still under the logic that the world is going through a natural cycle. Dennis
And the. ETS gross effect on inflation needs to be halted and reversed Stan
Follow The Money. Take away the money and watch the problem disappear. If there is no money there’s nothing to see here, let’s try something else. This whole climate change is just one enormous scam. Another means of instilling fear in people, the younger ones in particular, to allow governments and through them the UN to control the populations. It is also an endless source of money, taxpayers money, for those who are donkey deep in the promotion of this scam. Of course, scientists are going to say there is global warming No Problem= no funding. How much did Al Gore make from his film, which used fake data? He has business interests in the carbon trading area. We need to have some means of preventing successive governments being led by the nose by crazies. But then I guess that if the crazies are the government you’re snookered. Do we have anyone in the other parties that can see through all this corruption. It must be corruption if, when you pay your money, someone makes your problem go away. Just like the mafia, American gangsters, drug dealers and NZ gangs. Or even the media. Anyone who will pay $1.3 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money and commit to reducing carbon emission by 50% thereby restricting production and therefore the ability to create income, on a non-existent problem, must be wrong in the head. TerryM
Totally ridiculous and arrogant of us to presume that any reforms outweigh our economic needs. How about we stop a volcano erupting? Jacquetta
Our low percentage of emissions is a joke when the big polluters are more interested in the money provided by the polluting agents – coal and gas John
Definitely move faster – in Reverse Graham
No we need to pull back like Australia has. This will financially ruin us by taking on more than our share – once again we look stupid in the eyes of the world elite and powerful. Australia is already laughing at us becoming a Maori supremacy government- we don’t need this stupidity added to our humiliation when NZ crashes and burns Peter
The country must look at the facts not the fiction. David
We must cut our coat according to our cloth, in order to stimulate our ailing economy, not try to pretend we are a big player in the global pond! Ritchie
Does any one take any notice of the results? Arthur
it is the biggest scam since religion D Glenn
Unbelievable what is happening to our wonderful country. And how many New Zealanders don’t even know or possibly care Alan
Climate change is just another arrow in this woman’s quiver. She is determined to ruin NZ so she can look good in the eyes of the outside world. She is a psychopath; all charm and smarm, with vocal facility, big plans announced with a grin but with no idea how to implement them. Typical psychopath behaviour. She is obviously a reader of Mein Kampf. It’s time for her to go. Jenny
Anyone who answers yes to this question should not even be allowed to vote. Mike
If NZ was depopulated overnight and all of the land planted in forest, the effect on world’s climate would barely be measurable. Is ruining our economy and the standard of living of 5 million people worth such a minute benefit. And meanwhile China is going to slow down it’s coal fired power station building program. Geoff.
govt crazy reforms Don
We should abandon any efforts to reduce emissions because there is NO scientific evidence to support any claim that says emissions are to blame for for increases in temperature or adverse climate events Brian
Why should we sacrifice at the rate and pace that is being promised when other countries are doing far less. Lee
We should follow Australia and take a proportional responsibility. The greater powers are posturing and not doing their share and will impoverish NZ without a care. Brenda
I didn’t vote for New Zealand to buy into this whole Climate Change Reform. Stop pretending to be looking after my interest. The reforms are going to hurt our economy. Leon
No, not at all. In contrast to the propaganda, how is it that our planet could have ice ages and recovery with out intervention by human beings. We are simply so self important, and flaky. Paul
Climate change legislation is nothing but neo-Marxist nonsense that will destroy the NZ economy, but not make one iota of difference to the world’s climate which is mostly determined by the ever changing relationship of the Sun on the earth Hylton
this is the WORST government we have ever had Chris
complete waste of time and money, its called evolution it happens around every 30 million years or so its mother earths way of cleansing and it doesn’t matter what you do or not do or how much money you put into it, it will still happen its happened before and it WILL happen again it could be a million years away or 10 million but it WILL happen. climate change my foot, EVOLUTION you never here anybody talk about EVOLUTION because if they did NO ONE would put there hands in there pockets and throw money at it, so it makes you wonder were the all money will end up and with whom doesn’t it. JUST THINK ABOUT IT. COLIN
Climate change has been happening forever. It will continue and man will not stop it with money. Elizabeth
Humans are just a small contributor. And the planet has started to cool! John
Even Michael Moore, who was a far left eco-warrior is now saying I got it wrong, thst has to say something about the path we are being driven down by our esteemed leader and her cohorts. Alec
Certainly not a level playing field. Ardern is undeniably ruining this country.. The Greens are right up there too. They are disgusting. Peter
Big Emitters need to lead the way, otherwise what is the point, our contribution is worthless unless the biggest emitters get on board richard
It is just a political ploy Monica
I totally agree with your comments and that the minuscule effect that New Zealand has on global emissions, we are ‘farting against thunder’ at great cost to our economy and our democracy. Colin
Our out compared to Russia, china, India, USA is so miniscule that measures would make very little difference and make us and our country poorer.. shaw and Ardern need to fuck off! Barbara
We are such a low emission country, and we are in danger of ruining our economy to take the draconian measures suggested Elaine
We have done our bit and some countries have no intention of changing their ways but we will still feed the fat cats. I see NZ’s contribution just a down payment on Ardern’s UN folly Karen
We need to protect the livelihoods of New Zealanders and the NZ economy. That’s not to say we as kiwis shouldn’t do everything we can to improve our environment within a planned fact based system.  Ihaia
We need to set a good example bruce
It will totally destroy our economy Gary
waste of time and money. barry
China isn’t even remotely participating in this ridiculous hoax and neither should NZ. John
NZ is a minor player in all of this Climate Change. Muurice
No reforms of any kind are needed. Tony
We need leadership from someone – not sure where it’s going to come from……….. Dave
Definitely not. It will destroy our economy. Dianne
Firstly, we’re only so infinitetismally small that NZ virtually makes no difference and secondly the whole climate change fiasco is a total crock. Climate change is just a cyclical event. Tony
If what the greenies are is true then NZ’s major reduction may give the world another month of life as we new it. Ian
COP26 = yet more wilful arrogance from the over-zealous ideologues currently “governing” New Zealand. Best hope is for their track record of non-implementation to continue unabated. Wendy
The US department of energy has produced a “Carbon Map”. World wide human production of CO2 is only 4 percent of the total amount. Neil
New Zealand is no danger to the planet and we should not be penalised because Jacinda wants to earn’ brownie points’ with her U.N. counterparts. What she is attempting tp do is suicidal for our future. We need some scientific brains who can help counter this crazy trend in the world by showing that it is all a diversion and waste of time.. Harvey
To destroy our economy when our emissions are less that 2% of the world’s is utter madness. When China, India and the US have committed to longer terms to reduce their emissions, why would we do the opposite at the cost of jobs, livelihoods, and the devastation of our economy? Kerry
there is no climate change other than that which is constantly changing as it has always done.nothing remains static, not even the climate. gale
Certainly not! I believe science, not this woke rubbish Shaw and the Greens are trying to score points on. All lies, complete manipulation and imminent destruction of our country. Robyn
Simply put , as a small trading nation we cannot afford to compromise our livelihood and lifestyle on the back of woke extremism from the bunch of clowns currently purporting to be running the country Rob
Climate change has been naturally occurring for centuries Grant
Climate Change is natural and all the carbon admitted is snapped up by all growing things on the planet, all objectors should be forced to go back to school and study science Colin
There are none so blind as those who do not want to see. China, Russia, India etc etc emit fa more pollution in a day than we do in a year. China probably the worst. Big attraction in Hong Kong is to take the Peak Cable car to the top and view Hong Kong city and Harbour from a wonderful. vantage point. Trouble is both times we took the trip we couldn’t see ANYTHING for the smoke pollution from mainland China. Australia has become very self righteous of late but they are possibly the main supplier of coal to China. Bruce
New Zealands emissions are only a fraction compared with the major industrial countries. Let the major Countries lead the way. Don
No we should be following Australia’s stance and protecting our economy given the extremely low emissions this country produces. Lawrie
Just stop the felling of the rain forests. Laura
Someone needs to explain why co2 and methane are an issue. This guy for instance indicates methane has virtually no effect on temperature rise. In other videos he also explains how the effects of co2 decline logarithmically to the extent that at current levels changes in co2 has virtually no effect either. http://www.ilectureonline.com/lectures/subject/ASTRONOMY/2/355/6357 Russell
I can’t believe that intelligent people think carbon emissions are solely to blame for climate change (if at all). Over millions and millions of years, the world has changed from seas to deserts to frozen lands. Real scientists consider the sun to be the main influencer. It is BS we are being fed Wake up and think about it! It is impossible for only one thing to affect the entire climate! Seriously! By the way, the Emperor really didn’t have clothes. Anne
Much of climate change is a natural process os reducing carbon emissions isi not the whole answer George
The to Js need bullets ross
We are such a small emitter that it makes no difference and all we do is penalize ourselves. Andrew
Bloody DAFT – so DAFTinately NOTTTT. Brian
Hell NO!!! What we do will not make one iota of difference in the world – especially as we will never be able to make any other country follow or “lead”. Why are we aspiring to become an apartheid third world country??? FLoJo
Total waste of time while the real emitters do nothing. Pointless making us poor and ruining our Country. She’s a disaster for NZ and has to go. Tony
Our well being as an independent economy is at stake . Pete
No! If NZ disappeared from the planet it would make no difference to the outcome. Cutting our emissions by half while rest of the world carry on regardless is insane. We are all going to pay a very high price to be made an example of, while the world smile and nods and carries on regardless. This commy government will have total control of everyone’s lives! When all the sheeple finally wake up and realise we’ve all been fleeced, it’ll be too late! Peter
Absolutely NOT! As ACT have suggested we should match our emissions reductions on a per capita basis to all our major trading partners, including China. so really we should be increasing our emissions!! Crank up Huntly for some more reliable power. Derek
This climate change issue is a UN Hoax ! to raise funds to cover their annual expenses ! Increase in Climate Temperature of 1.5 DegC and Rising Sea Levels ?? Measured Where ? and By Whom ? When ? Lets see the results first before we take drastic action !! Pierre
NZs efforts, even if self destructive, will make so little difference to the earth that they are irrelevant. Graham
No, No No. It’s a scam! Thanks for the great info you give us Muriel! Sick of the scare tactics, with figures throw at us without being put in context!! Marianne
The “science” must tell us the full cost of zero carbon. Mark
the whole CCE is a complete crock of baloney. It’s horse shit. boud
We should be pulling out of the Paris Agreements and focusing on regenerative agriculture. Darag
Climate change does not exist in the way that the alarmists are portraying. The world has historically and demonstrably gone through cycles long before there was the current human population numbers. Warwick
We might be small but if we do/speak loud enough others might heed but we cant afford to sit around and do nothing barbara
Ridiculous Keith
makes absolutely no difference what we do. Gerhard
Just an excuse Ardern to bring in communism and control NZers Pauline
The whole climate change political pandemonium team to Glasgow enjoyed their tax paid first class polluting flights and cushy stays in posh Glasgow accommodation. How hypocritical! No wonder they want to rewrite history as history has for ever recorded BIG floods and droughts, heat waves and ice ages, massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, dry lightening induced wild fires plus human business and recreational travel, with most individuals needing a water proof roof over their head – if they work and thus can pay for it ! Oh; but then many want ‘you’ to pay for ‘mine’ Stuart
Virtually no difference to global warming can be made by anyone until China, the US, India, and Brazil are on board. No one will notice what we are doing. The only result will be hardship for NZ with no up side. In addition, a serious, unbiased study needs to determine the actual causes(s) of global warming. Logan
Pure alarmist crap .Keep the people in fear as per Covid inspired imposed rules ,since found to be non effective whatsoever . The greenies lead by Laurel and Hardie are a waste ot oxygen .Apart from Eugene Sage a true conservationist . David (off) Shaw is an idiot granting huge financial support to a private school ,he did eventually apologise saying he didn’t understand the question OMG How can we believe anything these clowns say ? Trump had it sorted and refused to bow down to what is being said that has been occurring for millions of years Ray
When will this lying, fact twisting woman be dethroned? We can’t take much more and call N.Z. a democratic country Robin
I believe if we do this properly we will have a much more prosperous society Greg
I don’t believe in human climate change. Humans pollute but the world CO2 admissions create oxygen through plants. Explains how green it is. Humans need to tidy up their pollution, end of story. Steve
Hopefully we can be more creative, successful and be ahead of the major emitters. Fanciful I know, but I believe NZ can do it, but probably not with the current leadership. Kirke
Alarmist pressure being brought to bear from all quarters Frank
We shouldn’t be doing anything, that effect the economy of the country and until the bigger players do their bit. reg
Climate change is snake oil Peter
No in fact we should wind back much useless and costly policies and celebrate our country and our environment. This is possibly the biggest scam in history. Roger
It will be impossible to manage or change NATURE. RIICHard
The NZ government should follow the IPC 3% reduction in methane emissions recommendation rather than impose a 10% reduction of methane emissions on farmers. NZ should not try to be ahead of other countries just to make Jacinda look good to the UN. Mandy
climate change has nothing to do with weather and is purely political john
We should not damage key industries for the sake of being “world leaders” as Cindy always states in her policy announcements Mark
The Jesuit Climate Change Agenda comes from the same sewer as the WHO fake covid scamdemic Owen
Our emissions are so minimal as to make them irrelevant, compared to the rest of the world. Heather
NZ can do all it wants, but it will not make an iota of difference. All for glorification of the greens. Pat
WHY,? IF NZ disappeared tomorrow there would be no difference out there in the big wide world with regards to emissions… Erin
It really doesn’t matter what others are doing if we cannot influence them; we can only lead by example. Phil
Us precious, privileged, arrogant, ignorant, selfish, self centred, greedy, immoral Kiwi inbreds have been sitting on our backsides having to do nothing for so long, we don’t know how to stand up, do or think. We have been polishing our ego (backside) for so long we don’t even recognise shite anymore. Russell
One reason is that the greenhouse gas theory has never been proven as a sole or even primary explanation for human-induced warming. It has long simply been assumed as the only possible explanation. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyZDf3kMvwo John
This government has either got zero idea of consequences or they have an agenda to turn us into a Venezuela or Zimbabwe economy. BYW just where on this planet has Tribal rule been successful? Rex
What are we in comparison to India or China. Small fry that contribute miniscule amounts of carbon Andrew
It is impossible for NZ to have any impact on the climate or the political leaders of other countries. This is yet another reason why Ardern must be pushed into resigning. Peter
Humans causing climate change is a scam.Please read this book ,The Mythology Of Global Warming. By Bruce C Bunker, available from Bookdepositery .com Rex
Climate change . a natural occurrence mainly influenced by the sun is being used to force radical change and central control upon us all . I worry for the future of my children and grandchildren peter
Please put a stop to the Tooth Fairy’s nonsense – she is killing us all one grin at a time Mike
No. New Zealand should should be taking a stance more along the lines of that of Australia. But with Ardern at the helm of this shit government …. fat chance! Des
we should trow the whole thing out Co 2 is not a pollutant Hans
No, New Zealand should not be recklessly imploding our economic future to enable Jacinda Ardern to grandstand to her international socialist handlers. The concept of well being budgets, the economic blind panic response to the Covid crises, and the ongoing economic vandalism being inflicted on our nation to appease the never satisfied mythical god of climate change has set this relatively wealthy nation on course to economic ruin. We are about to find out the hard way, no money means no choices and no choices means no freedom. I don’t quite get this kindness thing Jacinda. Donald
We need to act but we are too small to make much difference Ted
I have long advocated that the temperature of the world varies continuously and we are presently in a natural upward phase. Brett
Its UN pressure and political football Sue
Per capita we are huge emitters of Carbon.. as CO2, Nitrous oxide and Methane. We will be suffering just as much as anywhere else from the global warming, greenhouse effect as anywhere else. Altering our farming practices as a minority are doing and finding it economically good too, is what we must do. Government which has spent $billions on Covid related measures/purchases can spend to make sure that farmers are helped in their transition to regenerative farming methods, for protecting SNAs on their land, fencing of waterways, the costs of monitoring, at least at first. Government should pay DoC to do more pest and weed control so that our biodiversity is enhanced and our native forests, flora and fauna do not collapse. To do more, go further will make our life here more enjoyable , .. and will enable a clean, green image to be real and worth something in our trade with the world. We would not have to buy “credits” from elsewhere .. an idea which really disgusts me when we can do so much. Coal should be used for steel production only. Gas [methane] should be harnessed where possible for water heating for green houses, etc. Native forests should be planted and wilding pines destroyed. Logs should be kept in NZ first for our building needs. All new builds should have water-saving devices.. tanks, recycling, etc and Solar panels for water heating where possible. People should reduce frivolous use of petrol, electricity., big cars, water. Life could be so very much better for ourselves, our children and grandchildren Rochelle
Doing nothing should be the preferred option. Charles
WHY????? Merv
Let those rabid warmest people COP 26 play King Canute, as history is against them. Warwick
NZ is so slow at doing everything else, why the hurry now I wonder. Chris
How can the PM give away $1Bn of NZ”s money when its not hers to give? Kevin
WE e in nz can not solve the worlds pollution when most of the world will not do their bit Les W
if the major emmiters are not doing things right then what Ardern is proposing for New Zealand will have no effect on the overall World situation. But will greatly effect out economy. david
We should be spending money on learning to live with climate change as nothing the human race does is going to change what is mostly natural. Murray
We should not be involved in this at all. Greg
NZ is too small to be of any significance in carbon reduction Tjaart
These are transformational Times. NEW ZEALND is not being well served by its 120 MP’s. Lets start transforming our Country here. Get rid of the FREE LOADERS and appoint the right people with the right skills to run our Country./ (Fat chance of that Happening) We will do our part to save the Planet for the future if others do the same. In the meantime we are only on the Earth for a short time so should be allowed to enjoy it. James Shaw should be made to account for his share of the Polution he caused to attend. The Fear of God should be put in him and his Clan Frank
the country is stuffed: Nothing complimentary about the treacherous Adern. mike
No,No,No,. Mark
No! Absolutely not! But this climate change -now called emergency, next catastrophy–has been systematically engrained into the distorted perception of these so called politicians ( and unfortunately includes the – so – called opposition ) that it has turned into a run away train. Hypocritical madness rules the world and all this is designed for is to end our way of life as we know it. World communism driven by eugenics is the goal to reduce the global population to a mere 500 million ruled by a perversely rich small elite( according to the Georgia guide stones( look it up). Truly the end of times has arrived at our doorstep. Michael
Why do we even bother when the biggest countries don’t even try NZ does not have a problem with pollution compared to every other country Any one with half a brain would know that this is just another cyclical pattern the world is going through Time will prove it but by then it will be to late because the beauracats will have ruined the world Peter
Freedom democracy peace will be replaced with anger as they despoil our lives with false scientific nonsense. Anthony
totally evil agenda – maybe we need re education camps for these total morons? chris
Absolutely not, there is no logic to doing so when our global emissions contribution is so minuscule. Stuart
In the world scale of things climate New Zealand should be doing absolutely nothing about trying to rectify so called ‘man made’ global warming. ! Its all bloody nonsense! Ron
The Green agenda is best summarised as economic vandalism. NZ is only penalising oursleves by this marxist agenda, increasing costs but no commensurate increase in out put. Only one outcome possible, bankpruptcy. Chris
We shouldn’t be moving at all, the whole climate change scenario is a sham. Minor warming and cooling is a feature of climate, and nothing we do will change that. What we have to do is find ways of coping with the effects of change brought about by natural cycles. Rod
Ridiculous! Lefties PC nonsense. Louise
The Prime Minister is not acting in the short, or long term interests of New Zealand. This Climate Change boondoggle is not another thing we need to be seen as “World Leading”. Peter
Our list PM is out of control and if allowed to continue will do more damage in a shorter space of time than any climate issue Ken
The New Zealand Public are currently mesmerised by two falsehoods. 1. The safety and efficacy of the “Fizzer” jab and 2. The “settled science” of climate alarmism. Vic
Group think and a propogandist media will allow Labour to destroy NZ and its values. June
The whole world must be laughing at New Zealand and the antics our so called leaders are up to Shirley
New Zealand can’t save the planet by itself, while the big emitters like China, and the USA, carry on as they are. John
Our small population is being held ransom by a group of marxist extremist politicians bent on furthering their agenda at the expense of sane political judgement. Ken
No. The CC movement is a farce. End it!! Doug
Humans can have no significant influence on the continuing natural climate changing process. CO2 contInues to green the planet. ACC theory is a scam. Brian
Reduce our nation to peasants Jeff
Need widespread action to get rid of this government now. The problem is that Collins and seamour are almost as bad. Chris
NOOOO! & no Terry
Stupid David
Do what we can only afford not what will ruin this country. Be fiscally responsible. Doug
CO2 is good for the environment ,Plants love it as much as we love oxygen John
No, We are doing enough and while China, USA and Russia appear to be doing nothing then lets let some of the mid sized nations come to the party. Graeme
Emissions from NZ (not Aotearoa) are miniscule compared too the rest of the world. Reducing our emissions will have no effect on global warming. We are being led down the reduction path by a group of people who want to be seen to be at the front of a futile plan – global emission reduction. Until the major emitting countries get seriously involved any emission limit is a no-goer. Those countries will not get seriously involved as any reduction will adversely affect their economies. Tony
Another political scam designed to meet agenda 2030 communist rule Greg
Our Communist dictator is destroying New Zealand. Joyce
The Northern hemisphere has 90% of the worlds population, its they that are filling our hemisphere with co2 let them clean it up noel
The real science shows CO2 has a minuscule effect on climate and CH4 has none. The sun controls climate. NZ contribution is insignificant, Reduction achieved by every country has been negated by the increase from China. Not only that but every effort made by mankind in the last 30 years to reduce CO2 was negated by the La Palmer volcano in the first week of its eruption. Peter
Global warming is just the natural evolution of planet Earth . Has been for millions of years and will continue until the Sun falls from the Sky. Joe Biden will have to cut back on his brussel sprout intake before his next major meeting…In his mind he really does not give a “Fart” about the climate. Cheers. ChrisH
Common sense died a long time ago. More than ever we need to urgently remove this communist government from any semblance of power and reverse their destructive legislations. David
words fail me Roy
It will kill the country. Jan
This has to be part of the repeal agendas. I am already hearing of National MP’s trying to soften this Repeal legislation. Where are the resilient democratic liberal leaders in NZ? John
We contribute peanuts to pollution of the atmosphere as a nation when compared to other countries around the world. Climate change has been going on for millennia and is not going to stop anytime soon. John
Only when the major polluters become accountable and everyone finally wakes up to this international rort. Max
Simple the majority of changes will ultimately result in job losses increased costs lower NZ exports resulting in loser balance of payments reducing the value of NZ which pushes up the cost of all imports What a never end spiral of poverty and distraction the people will have to endure to meet Ardern’s Socialist agenda David
Economic self-destruction defies all common sense! Piet
The target of 50% reduction of methane is going to severely impact on our economy Geoffrey
NZ’s area is 1/600 of the world’s landmass. Nothing we do, or don’t do, will have any effect whatsoever on the climate. jim
Absolutely not. Climate change propaganda is based on a lot of false interpretation and information. Jack
Its a total hoax and if you are woke you can’t say that. If the modelling was anywhere correct we would all be 6 ft under, underwater 20 years ago Mark
An absolute farce and this government is a disgrace Ray
There is no such thing as man made climate change%u2026 This is all smoke and political mirrors and must be stopped. Clive
Why would NZ’ers, or anyone sane for that matter, care to partake in the biggest rip-off ever inflicted on mankind?. John
Ludicrous!! Insanity, anti scientific nonsense. Science is never settled! C02 is not a pollutant. Below 150ppm everything dies. At 400 at least there is a margin. Methane is emitted from all rotting vegetation…and animals. charles
Prime minister needs to be accountable to New Zealanders and the public that elected her – not UN bureaucrats. Pavel
Jacinda forgets we are an agricultural country. At this stage there is no way to stop cows farting, there are no electric tractors. She is so tied up with kissing babies, rubbing noses and sucking up to the United Nations and gangs, she has forgotten the essence of this country’s wealth!! Peter
Absurd pc woke bs socialism gone mad! Mark
Fact. Trees emit more carbon than they absorb. shall we cut them down as the major emitters of carbon? How politics has ruined reasonable and verifiable evidence. David
No way – NZ should be a follower NOT a leader. We are governed by dangerous clowns. Bryan
National needs to step up and promise to repeal this extremist madness that Ardern is proposing.  William
What is being proposed is reckless. Wait for the huge tax increases as part of the “great reset” – to ensure every New Zealander pays their fair share. Murray
New Zealanders are not safe while Ardern and co are in power. They have no right to force our country to be at the leading edge of climate restrictions. The whole thing is fiction anyway. The planet is not frying. It’s all scaremongering.  Darren
We should be following Australia’s lead not recklessly trying to lead the world in climate extremism. It is madness! Lesley