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The Great Global Warming Awakening

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On the last Friday of May, students from all over the country bunked school to support School Strike 4 Climate rallies. They called for “urgent action from central and regional governments to reduce climate change”.

The Aotearoa Liberation League supported the strike claiming the crisis is caused by racism and disrespecting Maori culture: “Climate crisis isn’t a complicated issue, it’s as simple as society’s disrespect for Ranginui and Papatuanuku. If we resolve that disrespect and also the racism that underpins it, we’ll resolve not only climate crisis, but in fact all of our environmental issues”.

The demands of the student activists included: “Reduce emissions now – 50 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030; a 100 percent transition to regenerative agriculture by 2030; Te Tiriti-centred climate justice; and lowering the voting age to 16 so today’s young people help put climate breakdown at the top of the political agenda.”

Translating those demands into real-world effects, they want to kill the economy, destroy traditional agriculture, promote Maori supremacy, and lower the voting age to 16, so impressionable young people get to influence election outcomes.

What the strike clearly demonstrated is how climate change has now been captured by the political left.

There are signs, however, in some parts of the world, that the public are pushing back.

Two recent cases spring to mind.

Back in March in the US, when a Rasmussen survey asked voters, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Climate change has become a religion that ‘actually has nothing to do with the climate’ and is really about power and control?”, 60 percent agreed.

In other words, three out of five US voters believe the climate change propaganda they are constantly bombarded with is about political power and control, not the climate.

A similar trend can be seen in Berlin, Germany. In April, climate activists suffered a devastating blow when their “Berlin Climate Neutrality By 2030” referendum was rejected by 82 percent of voters – in spite of more than a million euros being spent on advertising and promotion.

If New Zealanders share the same sentiment, as is likely, then Labour’s Budget spend of $1.9 billion on climate change initiatives will be seen by many to be a colossal waste of money. In fact, public opposition to such things as subsidising electric cars for the wealthy – and paying a giant Australian corporation $140 million to consume electricity instead of coal – is growing strongly.

The irony is that while our Labour Green Government is cracking down on the use of coal – planning, in fact, to close down New Zealand’s only coal-fired power station – many other countries, including some in the European Union, are increasing their reliance on coal. In particular, China, which is already operating 1,118 coal-fired power stations is building another 240, while India, which has 285 plants, is constructing another 51.

What’s more, neither China nor India are considering taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions until at least 2050 – if at all!

So, while countries like ours, which are clearly driven by climate fanatics in government, are crippling our economy in order to implement ideological UN mandates, China, India and others are putting practicality and the wellbeing of their people and their economy first, by increasing their output to fill the void. China has now overtaken Japan as the world’s leading electric car manufacturer – manufactured in plants fuelled by coal!

Fortunately, there are signs that a great global warming awakening is starting to emerge. The European Union has abandoned its planned ban on combustion-engine cars, and the G7 has refused to set a date for the elimination of coal from the bloc’s energy systems.

Even the so-called world authority, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is having second thoughts about some of its overblown predictions, as we shall see.

When it comes to New Zealand, for decades we’ve been brow beaten with claims that our ‘clean and green’ country produces excessive emissions of greenhouse gases, with our world-beating farmers accused of being largely to blame.

The argument from the IPCC has always been that the methane produced by livestock digestion is more ‘dangerous’ than carbon dioxide by a factor of twenty-eight – even though methane is part of a natural cycle that can be traced back to the dinosaurs.

However, it now turns out those climate change ‘experts’ were wrong, and that the actual figure for stable methane systems like ours is only a quarter of that – seven, not twenty-eight.

The IPCC admitted the mistake in their Sixth Assessment Report, explaining at page 1016 of Chapter 7, “…expressing methane emissions as CO2 equivalent of 28,overstates the effect on global surface temperature by a factor of 3-4”. But the mistake has never been officially corrected by New Zealand officials. 

Instead, it is the false assumptions from the IPCC that continue to underpin the Labour Green Government’s Net Zero policy agenda. This has allowed them to impose the harshest methane restrictions of any country in the world on an industry that’s an international leader in efficient primary production.

Furthermore, this has been done in defiance of Article 2 of the UN’s Paris Agreement, which specifically prohibits governments from introducing policies that would restrict the supply of food: “This Agreement… aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change… in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

This is not the only significant correction that’s recently been made by the IPCC. Two others also impact heavily on New Zealand: the first involves their claim that by 2100 the sea level will rise by over a metre, and the second is that by 2100, global temperatures could rise by up to five degrees Celsius.

The exaggerated sea level rise predictions originated in 2009, when the IPCC adopted a “very high greenhouse gas emissions” option – RCP8.5 – as one of four scenarios to predict climate outcomes.

It turns out that RCP8.5 is based on an ‘impossible scenario’ – that the whole world uses only coal for energy and transportation.

And it’s this ‘impossible scenario’ that’s being used by New Zealand’s climate agency NIWA to justify our “climate emergency” and predict a huge future sea level rise of over a metre by 2100. Their false assumptions are now being adopted by local councils in their planning documents, with serious consequences for homeowners.

The UN has now admitted the RCP8.5 scenario is so dangerously unrealistic that it’s been banished from all policy making. Even the Biden administration has abandoned it in the US.

The UN has also admitted their temperature predictions of up to 5 degrees warming by 2100 were also wrong: “According to the report from UN Climate Change released on 26 October 2022 the world is ‘on track for around 2.5 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century’. The UN’s announcement effectively concedes that there is no ‘climate emergency’. The extent of the risk is that global temperatures over the next 80 years are expected to rise at around the same barely perceptible average pace as the last 80 years – about 0.017°C per year.”

Time is proving what many have always known: The IPCC models are grossly unreliable. Based on false assumptions they have attempted to predict natural systems that are so volatile and complex, they are inherently unpredictable. A casualty in this is climate science, which has been captured by political ideology. 

And this is where New Zealand has a real problem.

The UN’s inaccurate measures for methane, sea level rise, and temperature increase still underpin the Labour Green Government’s whole Zero Carbon legislative agenda, the Emissions Trading Scheme, and the work of the Climate Commission.

What’s more, the Government has made no moves to correct these inaccuracies. Continuing with a regulatory climate framework that uses measures discredited by the IPCC, must surely border on climate fraud.

At the very least, opposition politicians and the media should now be holding the Prime Minister and Climate Minister to account. 

But while the IPCC has been dialling down the rhetoric and conceding there is no climate emergency, that’s not what the Green Party’s Climate Minister is claiming.

Climate researcher Ian Bradford is holding James Shaw to account for his absurd claim that  Cyclone Gabrielle was caused by climate change: “Let me remind Mr Shaw of the NASA definition of climate change. ‘No weather by itself is evidence of climate change/global warming, as the test is whether the weather adds to a new weather pattern over many years or even millennia’. A one-off event that does not keep repeating day after day is NOT climate. It is a weather event. Cyclone Gabrielle was a one-off event. It was a weather event.”

Ian also reveals that the Government has been able to ramp up climate change scaremongering by claiming today’s bad weather events are record breaking – because NIWA has not included the worst historic storms and cyclones in its database. According to Investigate Magazine’s Ian Wishart, “Gabrielle is being called a 1-in-250 event by the media and climate scientists because they don’t realise that there was an even bigger one 155 years ago.” In fact, of 22 major weather events that took place over a 22-year period leading up to 1890 only four had been loaded into the NIWA research database – a massive 82 percent were missing.

With the Labour Green Government preoccupied with forcing everyone to switch to electricity, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, energy expert Bryan Leyland, outlines the danger:

“The New Zealand government has committed to ‘net zero’ emissions of carbon by 2050. They seem to believe that wind and solar power can achieve this. In the real world a wind farm’s output often drops below 10 percent of its installed capacity for days at a time. Solar power disappears completely every night and drops by 50 percent or more during cloudy days.

“These plans have a single, fatal flaw: they are reliant on the pipe-dream that there is some low cost large scale technology that will store surplus electricity… Barring some sort of miracle, there is no possibility that a suitable storage technology will be developed in the needed time frame.

“Under net-zero plans, nations will need to generate many times more electricity than they now can to meet the increasing demand from electric cars and electric heating and the shutdown of many coal and gas fired stations. Power prices will soar, making most things more expensive, and there will be frequent blackouts.”

Bryan points out that Transpower has already advised the country will face blackouts this winter. That raises the question as to why the government is subsidising the switch from coal to electricity on such a massive scale. Is this yet another case of socialist ideology being blind to practical realities?

A critical question we should be asking Labour and the Greens is where their Net Zero agenda is taking the country?

In the UK, Dr Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation has looked into this and explains, “The realities of Net Zero are hitting home for the general public. The threat that the project represents to livelihoods and liberties is becoming more evident by the day. Recently, the mathematician Norman Fenton tweeted an excerpt from a Government-funded report that set out what Net Zero UK might look like: no airports, no shipping, no beef and lamb to eat, and most food imports eliminated. Sounds grim, doesn’t it? Lots of people thought so, and the tweet went viral, garnering over three million views.”

Dr Peiser also highlighted the threat of ‘15-minute cities’ to discourage car use, and “programmable digital currencies, which would allow the authorities to dictate your purchases – ‘No beef for you this week’!”

Before our eyes, the climate change movement is morphing into totalitarianism.

Which leads to a crucial question: with the State intruding ever deeper into our private lives – now telling us to take only 5-minute showers – will New Zealanders stand by and let them take more control, or, as a nation, will we too push back to defend our freedom and way of life?

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*Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Climate change has become a religion that ‘actually has nothing to do with the climate’ and is really about power and control? 


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Indoctrination is rampant. Objectivity has been lost by those in power and those who blindly parrot the climate crisi dialogue Lianne
Totally agree… Rhys
There are two camps on this issue – climate alarmists (who gain ALL the publicity) and climate realists who are shut out of any debate and vilified by the MSM. Tony
It is unbelievably shameful for political leaders and shows just how shoddy our press is, that we cannot even be hearing this information from TV1 news- Thank goodness for podcasts. Maurice
The Science is never settled. Richard
What more can you expect from our New Zealand communistic government. Voters wake up and not vote them in for another 3 years. Cyril
The critical thing to understand is that there is no possibility of rational thought defeating a militant neo-marxist ideology, which is what we are facing. This has NOTHING to do with climate, and everything to do with the introduction of the neo-feudal superstate being implemented by the United Nations, WEF, corporate “stakeholders” and their puppet “governments”. Useful idiots and impressionable children are being weaponized against the population, exactly as they were in Mao’s “Cultural Revolution”. It’s an effective way to suppress dissent, freedom of thought and rationality. The neo-feudalist totalitarian superstate that is planned will be an inescapable trap if we don’t push back and push back hard. We can stop this, they are already ten years behind. This is why they are labelling critical thought as “disinformation” or “dangerous conspiracy theories” – to silence those whom might dare oppose them. Jasmine
Yes, but agriculture should be in the ETS – let the market decide what the appropriate price of carbon is. Keeping agriculture out just acts as justification for the crazies to implement far worse solutions. Coker
Climate has been changing since Adam was a boy! what we have is weather and the elements that control weather events are far beyond mans control. I have been on this mortal coil since 1941 and have lived through some frightening weather situations where there was no mention of climate change or global warming. It appears that the governments of the world, including ours, are leaping onto the gravy train for the monetary rewards that are accumulated from their respective population’s in the form of massive tax takes. I have lived through the numerous predictions of massive floods due to sea level rises, in excess of .5 to 1 metre during the1970’s to 2000, due to Global warming instead we had a mini ice age situation Brian &
Climate change is so easy to control but NO PARTY HAS THE BALLS TO SAY IT. Very simply reduce the population of the world. What was the population in 1965 ?????? and what is the population in 2022 ?????????? The world is on fire, lack of water, food, shelter etc grow up and face the facts, the Greens are so thick thay cannot see it and the Government is the same. Jeff
There is a critical need for an Economic Terrorism Act in Western Nations to be able to bring the doomsday cults to our courts. Cults that use hypothesis and theory to build a foundation stone not based on truth %u2013 but based on deceit and fear. Deceit that transforms into the de-industrialisation of democracies should be able to be challenged by the law. We should be able to bring these cults before the courts and force them into delivering quantitative evidence to prove their case. The courts being the last bastion of truth. Their actions are equivalent to War Crimes against humanity that drive society into poverty. As Scientist Dick Reaney has stated after decades of research in the Arctic, the Himalayas and the Antarctica, Human Induced Climate Change is the biggest and most destructive fraud of the 21st Century. The doomsday cults strategy has been to build a foundation stone that is based on CO2 being a harmful gas, when it is a harmless gas. Then get out-of-work socialist scientists to invent un-pronounceable definitions based on fear. The next step is to gain the global support of socialists in the UN to declare that the planet is doomed because it will overheat! Once this is accepted by socialist politicians and propaganda based media outlets it is time to move onto the doomsday weather climate change scenario that the first two steps are responsible for creating. Then the power base is set! We can fight back by simply proving that CO2 is a harmless, tasteless, odourless, motionless microscopic gas that is consumed by us every day and has no ill-effect on the planet at all. Then the first foundation stone would be shattered and the other building blocks would come tumbling down. Indeed, without carbon-dioxide (CO2) the food sources of the planet would not be able to be produced as plant life would die and like the Dinosaurs we would die out!!! In essence, a huge amount of carbon-dioxide (CO2) has a life span and at the end of its life span it is transformed into oxygen (O2) by the cycle of photosynthesis. A truth that is not understood is that this cycle could be called the Carbon Transfer Cycle and it is owned by Mother Nature and relentlessly applied 24/7 globally. One notable consideration of the transfer cycle is that it prevents the calculation of carbon-dioxide (CO2) from being quantified as the gas is continually being transferred into plants and new plants to grow more food – with the help of its new state – that of new oxygen (O2)!!! At the end of the day when irresponsible government governs without truth the effect can be catastrophic and that is the case today. Now a caustic economy has been created that feeds upon itself giving the impression that it is creating economic growth when the reverse is underway. Frederick
Zero carbon obsession will destroy.New Zealand Daniel
gorbachev advised green cross society of potential for this vehicle to further the cause of international socialism way back early 1990”s in. san francisco pattie
Mostly bunkum John
I am one who accepts human-caused global warming. However, I have never seen any good evidence that it’s due to CO2, animal farts or ‘greenhouse gases’. The explanation is theoretical, its predictions have been wildly inaccurate, and there is no evidence that reducing such emissions will make any difference. I suspect the still-depleted ozone layer as the cause. That depletion was due to chemicals that never existed previously and it allows a lot more solar energy into the earth’s atmosphere than ever before. Although some healing of that layer appears to be occurring, it’s still heavily depleted. Yet the green brigade claims that ozone is actually a greenhouse gas, so presumably we should be getting rid of as much ozone as possible. John
Definitely a religion Beverley
Climate change is an even bigger scam than covid Roseanne
Idiology tends to do this. Laurie
It terrifies me to think this is being taught to all children at school Diana
An agenda driven by the Jewish elite to control easily led people, steering them towards a C02 quota life style where everyone who isn’t in power or extremely wealthy, will be confined to human chicken coops in defined areas they cannot leave. jamie
This has been blindingly obvious for years Only sheep believe this is true. john
It has been obvious to most self thinking people that a lot of what the looney left spout is rubbish.How do we combat them? Peter
Just another way of controlling people and their choices. Dale
Yes it is a religion all on the band wagon & like a flock of sheep listening to so called bs experts but still collecting salaries & squeezing money from farmers Rex
Man made global warming has always been an excuse to create more taxation and has nothing to do with the ever changing world climate and it as now become a religion not science. David
The biggest world polluters,Russia,China,India and the USA,arnt signed up to the same rules,as the rest of the world’s suckered. Mike
Almost as ridiculous as believing in god. Evan
This government is an expert at brainwashing with their propaganda. Somehow we need to stop them and use our brains and common sense instead. David
socialism is anti freedom Jan
Totally agree with the sentiments on weather events these have been around for 1000’s of years. Peter
Totally agree. It is about power, control and social engineering. These people love the planet but hate humanity. Leon
same as before Robin
I have always said that, its the same as the covid power and control Robin
Fire that guy Shaw from the green party. He’s just a waste of space. Actually get rid of the greens completely. Brian
The so-called ‘elites’ promoting this and scare-mongering children are nothing more than a scurrilous band of hypocrites. They themselves are by far the largest global emitters – of malinformation Tony
our children are being brainwashed in these government propaganda institutes, while reading and math achievements are at an all time low. jes
Totally. Will create such a large use of electricity with resources that cannot handle it and at unaffordable costs. John
we need to put our carbon levy money into clearing event problems rather than carbon trading. Leigh
Top- down unrealistic utopianism. In ‘Questioning climate change’, a previous newsletter of 28th Feb. I made the comment that global warming (climate change) with climate having nothing to do with climate but power for the elites and politicians and doing it through fear. Monica
Some of us saw it for what it really was from the beginning, a scam Glenys
Two generations of our children have been lied to about the dangers of CO2 so it is not surprising they now believe the lie peter
we can do better by living as we used to forget all this climate mumbo jumbo. gerard
Almost predominantly used by the left. Keith
You got it in one tony
There is much to be said about Dr Muriel’s magnificent article. It seems that Toyota will not proceed with electric cars because “electricity is not the answer”. Why give brainwashed youngsters of 16 years of age the vote? I say to them: do your own research, think for yourselves, draw their own conclusions. I ask them (and our Government) why are we not allowed to use coal-fired power stations when we allow coal trains from the West Coast to Lyttelton to bring coal to fire foreign coal-fired power stations? Sheer hypocrisy! If China and India are building them in abundance, I say let a coal-fired power station be built at the mouth of the Grey River or nearby to provide more power for Westland, for example. If I wanted New Zealand to fail, I would vote Labour/Greens/Tea Party Maori at the next election!  Kevan
Read Prof. Ian Plimer book. Green Murder. bill
It has been obvious for some years that our Governments are skipping to a different drum than that which benefits Kiwis. Personally I think most MPs and a plethora of Bureaucrats should get a fair trial today and then be hung at dawn tomorrow. Max
I trust Bryan, I worked in the same civil engineering company with him. Rogan
We have been consistently lied to about climate: https://www.daragrennie.com/climate/ Darag
absolutely Colin
Always was…!!! Rodney
Until both major political parties encourage open debate about ‘climate change’ whatever that means (because the promoters keep changing there definition when facts come out that don’t support them) I have difficulty in accepting anything that the Politian’s and the media say about climate change. Mike
Science has been replaced with hysteria Bernie
It’s all about power and control, ownership!! Neil
I never doubted that this has been a mission to control society and take away basic rights Ray
Anyone with any brains should have known this was the case from the start. The Greens are a brainless group of fools that obviously can not read and can not understand what the world needs to live on – Carbon you fools as without it we will have no CO2 which plants convert o oxygen which we need to live. Methane is also very short lived and does not pose any problems in the current air levels. The only thing green about the Greens is that they possess the same brain power as vegetables. Garry
So sick of all this garbage !! It is all very political and about control. Can we please just hear from the real experts – written by peer reviewed/published authors anne
Most people have no idea of the CO2 level in the atmosphere. It’s only 0.04%. At 0.03% all the plants & trees die off. Soooo! clive
NZ politicians have no ability to see outside the narrative driven by the western rich elitist ideologues who appear to have gone insane through narcissism. Brain dead. Leon
If real science was used they would see that ruminants bind more carbon in the soil that they emit. Lots of research has proven this. lone
Its a lie the Green Party use the tern ‘green’ a more accurate terminology would be the ‘extreme left of left socialist party’ mike
Do we want to become dependent on China for our energy> Where are solar panels manufactured? Where are wind farm windmills manufactured? Wake up NZ!! Bruce
Labour assumes that the population of NZ are idiots.They lie so mush to us. lorraine
We need more electricity for sure but we have not looked at the generation of power from Municipal waste and to stop Bradford Tipping. Gary
Driven by governments’ use of fear to control populations Peter
Global warming is a total set up by UN Rod
It’s never been about climate, its always been about control… divide and conquer! Sheila
Always was and will always be a power and control religion. Steve
I have been banging this drum for 20 years and at times even my own wife thinks I am nuts. The Climate activists and their incessant demands are nothing but political activists who would like us to permanently become a radical socialist country. Albyn
Absolutely agree. The climate change rhetoric has gone way too far. David
Climate change has indeed become a mechanism of control for the smarty people & a religion for the sheep. Why else would Ireland be contemplating the genocide of 200,000 cows as a sacrifice to gods of climate change? Why if this really was about the climate hasn’t anything been done about the 2x oil wells in Turkmenistan spewing out Methane at a greater annual rate than the USA ? Wake up people, you are being controlled. John
Seems to me the planet has always been warming or cooling. The current rate of warming is a concern. BUT Destroying NZ’s economy to save the planet is just crazy ideology when one considers the outputs of China, India and every volcano that erupts!!! NZ is being run by morons!! John
NZ needs a recall law that pulls these elected officials out of their respective portfolios and out of office. Norman
Climate change believers (Labour/Greens/Maori) are driving this cult-like religion. Can we be assured that any future government will reverse that course? Barry
climate activists are hysterical lunatics bruce
Been studying CAGW/Climate disruption/climate change for over 20 years. It’s undoubtably the greatest fraud ever. james
This government is blind to reality KEVIN
A religion to be used against the population until democracy is destroyed. Thank you Muriel and Frank for your constant work to expose the truth. Frank your poem, if I wanted New Zealand to Fail is excellent. Put it on the flyer? Sam
Climate change seems to be made into a business. This is something that will surprisingly enlighten you. Go to You Tube and google in Dr Patric Moore he is a founding member of Green Peace and watch his clip on climate change. every Green member of Parliament should watch this. Owen
The Libour party wants to take total control. The NORMAL population of NZ must be made aware of this tin pot government and its stupid ideas. Mike
it is and always has been about power, money and control Alastair
It always has been. It’s a money making business and we are being sucked into it. Gas exploration was stopped 5 years ago on the basis it caused global warming but it only does that if it’s burned. The other byproducts from the hydrocarbon industry are used in every aspect of our lives from clothing to cars to furniture to home appliances. The zealots have taken over and will be hard to stop. Mike
It has been this way since 1998, but Al Gore and Co. made a clever movie that brainwashed the people. “Save the planet; starve the people!” Glyn
Someone insert into the PM’s brain, if they can find it, that there is a difference between weather and climate. Paloma
The government will dictate everything we are allowed to do with the threat of climate change. Dorothy
Throw in calls and ChCh Councillors calling for eBikes to be subsidised. A subsidy for getting people out of ICE cars is one thing, but getting people off pedal bikes and onto an eBike, really is mindboggling Robert
Re Carbon world 0.04% nz component 0.17% of 0.04 % total == 5/8 of not much this climate agenda is about control & power over people Graham
Because all our countries efforts are insignificant when it comes to global climate change!! Earl 
Too true S
Best example Germany most recent legislation that will force millions of homeowners to demolish their fuel based heating and to spend a fortune to switch to electricity based heating Petra
Considering we produce 0.17% of the world emmisions and our farmers produce the least of any of the world farmers and dinosaurs would of burped and farted back in the day too… yes I agree Fiona
stupid Mark
humans breath out c02, Are we going to wipe out the human population ?as well. richard
It is all based on the false belief that reducing the amount of CO2 from human activities will have an effect on the climate. That is NOT possible. Human C02 is less than 5% of the CO2 in the atmosphere. How can reducing that portion have any significant effect when we can’t control the other 95%? The consensus scientists shy away from any attempt to answer this – much less governments. Instead, they continue to focus on a convenience source of justification for increasing taxation and control of the populations they are supposed to serve. Juliet
It is a scam. follow the money trail dona
Stop Geoengineering !! Ron
Future generations are going to look back and shake their heads just as we do as regards the Earth is Flat brigade some hundred of years ago. Grant
All part of Labour/Green ideology of taking over the lives of all NZers. Sue
I have never believed in this global warming nonsense. Ice ages and global warming have occurred regularly over millions of years. I believe the humans effect is minimal. Allan
I have always disagreed with humans ability to significantly affect climate, it is now only another religion. John
Total madness continuing on by lots of very uninformed people, who are all on board with these ideologies. Noel
Its all about the money…Al Gore was fairly well broke on exit from the White house, yet it seems his bank account has risen a little faster than his predictions as to the sea levels…. David
Of course – It’s all a convenient way for the Green wallies to gain more power. Tell more lies and hope everyone believes you. Don
Always has been. Dave
It is a financial SCAM orchestrated by The UN to generate funds. It has nothing to do with control of the Climate , only generation of funds for the UN. Pierre
I am a lot more informed now, thank you Philippa
You have it in 1. Warren
I think it always was a religion Barbara
The churches have provided those who would be tyrant with a blueprint of how to control people’s minds. And Goebels of course! Mark
Typical Socialist rhetoric DEREK
The whole thing is bizarre based on missfacts on display on many social sites , a sorry state of affairs rob
Definitely all about power and control Elaine
100% agree. See x pm Ardern a Dame. Disgraceful. Brought our country to its knees and gave it away to Maori mafia. Should have been in court for treason. Kevin
Strongly Russel
I have never been a believer in climate change. My 82 years of living on this planet has shown me the same weather patterns to have occurred. People have jumped on the bandwagon of belief not realising the control the powers that be are having on them. Laraine
Listen to Leeeighton Smith. A university in Queensland report on the condition of barrier reef showing it was in best condition ever, Professor got dismissed ams report withdrawn. Mike
INIWA is nothing but an over staffed propaganda .machine for idealogoy driven Green party Pete
Our current government is totally incompetent, so their only plan is to take absolute control of the country and speed up its trip down the gurgled! Dennis
Yes, and like all religions, it requires blind faith and sacrifices. Your pain will purify your soul. Matt
Not sure how paying money to people saves the environment, why the push to solar & wind is so hard, while nuclear stays off the table. Nuclear is safe, reliable, there when we need it, and available right now with off the shelf technology. Kris
Always has been. It allowed Russia and China to control the world’s energy supplies and like muppets our bureaucrats swallowed it hook line and sinker. Mike
Carbon Zero is absolute nonsense Michael
Like many similar events one just needs to follow the MONEY to see it is a con. David
Climate changes every day. Global warming is a complete con. Ken
This particularly so in Nz for if you take the alge in our surrounding oceans which absorb larger quantities our green urban ares and the green of our green pastoral areas plus our National parks let alone all the alge in our surrounding ocean plus the urban parks and road verges Bryan
Yes I agree with the statement. I believe that politicians like James Shaw actually agree with the climate change scaremongering and are in full belief of what they are saying. I also believe there are the evil ones who spout this nonsense knowing full well it is a load of nonsense and these are the people who have a hidden agenda to control us. Paul
It is a immoral control of young people and an abused exploitation of their credulity. Disgusting! Eurico
Their “New World Oder” is not new. It is Communism Michael
There needs to be a revolution which is terribly unfortunate for this country. David
Cannot understand how any sane thinking person can swallow the climate change propoganda. One only needs to observe what has happened over their lifetime to see it is all lies and fabrications Gail
Just be pragmatic and use common sense in making decisions about the use of pur resources and don’t pay attention to the crap these zealots produce. What is unbelievable is how these zealots and fanatical socialists got thete hands on the power, there must be a lot of stupid and or ignorant people about. Leonard
Agree totally !!!! I have been studying this subject for about 8 years now and it’s a complete fraud. Some 33 predictions have proven to be totally false and all you have to do is look up the long open letter sent by 500 World scientists to the UN. This letter states there is NO climate emergency. Also look up Patrick Moore, Willie Soon, Bill Happer, Ian Plimer, Bjorn Lomborg etc etc etc. They are REAL CLIMATE SCIENTISTS and GEOLOGISTS and can confirm what a rort is being dealt to us the public. The IPCC have removed the middle age warming period from their graphs as it wrecks their argument totally. There are other examples but just check out all the above and be convinced. There is no global warming, the sea is not rising and arctic ice cannot fall by warming air as ice falls due to ocean currents. Thats enough and as I suggest check it out !!! Alan
Of course it is, anyone with half a brain could see that! Most or all the greens in this country and the world have less than half a brain, and blindly follow the lies! Pete
The science proves, unequivocally that GW has a small, almost neglible effect. Anyone interested in the facts should listen to Prof Murray Salby and Professor Britt to name to pre-eminent scientists who speak to the issues. Boud
Hood winking the people again. Ken
stop the world==lwt me off—please!! Maxwell
It’s mass hysteria and always has been. We might as well try to push back the tide – just as futile. I’m all for clean-whatevder-we-can though, and clean up the waterways. Reduce harmful plastics. Sheila
I only wish these NZCPR Articles & Weekly Polls were used effectively in an attempt to change this Govt’s thinking (esp James Shaw who doesn’t seem to have a brain!), to get them to listen at least to the UN’s IPCC who have back peddled furiously to try & retain some of the little credibility they had originally, if at all…! Bruza
Climate has always changed and will continue forever. CO2 is essential to life – the lack of CO2 is critical for the production of all food. Selwyn
Many people have been awake to BS of Climate change for many years. I rang you once about Weather Modification and Geoengineering about 4 yrs ago, This I know is not what your column is about this week, but it is the same thing. Weather Modification or SRM Solar Radiation Management is being used to control our weather to make it look like we are having major weather events. www.geoengineeringwatch.org it all there., Pauline
It is lies Rose
Yes it rains the wind blows the sun shines there are earthquakes etc because it All comes from the Creator God Almighty The world will not fall apart until he calls it a day. He has everything in Control. He owns it All Harold
The science is being ignored when it contradicts the politics. Phil
Cultist politicians such as James Shaw, Marama Davidson and others in the Green Party do not deserve to be in Parliament. In fact, the Green Party as a whole needs to suffer a major rejection by voters in this years General Election so that they do not reach the 5% threshold to enjoy participation in the next Parliament. James Shaw has knowingly been deceiving New Zealander’s by using United Nations repudiated figures in his reporting. Colin
Part of the clear picture of Labour’s Communistic aims to ruin our established democracy. Edgar 
Yeah and they are sucking most People in with their mantra. Fraser
Climate Change to me, after living with many historical climate changes over 80 years, seems nothing more than a massive world wide socialist political wrought through distraction from real life ethics and challenges! Stuart
Ever since Al Gore came out with his “inconvenient truth” I’ve been wondering what the scam is. Climate change will happen,as it has in cycles over many millions of years, and our puny efforts to change it will have negligible effect. Jon
Fraud! WD
This nation has gone MAD! They are so wrapped up with Climate Change that they refuse to up-date knowledge and use out-dated statistics to instil fear into the population! Sylvia
It is about power and control james
that septic al-gore started all this crap just to make money and brain wash the dimwits around the world as even Muriel back in 2007 tried to stop his crap being used in NEW ZEALAND schools because parents were worried that it was a form of political brainwashing on their children, and then came jacinda and now skippy who are carrying on this massive lie which is now showing our school children give up education to chant crap voiced by that Swedish bimbo and cause disruption in towns when they march like a mob of crooks. Richard
Some people need to focus in on a subject that allows for their general hate to be channeled into a fashionable fad Raleigh
Absolutely you cannot tell me that well educated sensible and practicable people cannot see this Alan
of course the climate is changing – the Tasman Glacier has been retreating for 25000 years. We were not here! Humanity is not the reason for the changes. Look to planet/sun/orbit changes for answers, Ask the dinosaurs! Murray
Absolutely!!! The climate cult has been gaining momentum for a few decades based on data manipulation and flawed models with bygone conclusions that have never eventuated. Now they want us to believe more doom and gloom without question. This is all about power now. Janine
This has been obvious for some time now to those who chose to look beyond the MSM and government funded propaganda for accurate information Terry
Our current government’s policies on climate are entirely based on an error which becomes a lie as it is incorrected Helen
The sooner the labour/green parties are discarded into the dust bin of obscurity the better. Their ignorance and lack of commonsense is breathtaking. What this country needs is a thorough clean out of the schools, universities and for that matter anyone or institution that fills our children%u2019s heads with this rubbish. Mindless morons comes to mind, and that goes for all the other parties, following along like mindless sheep. We are sick of the lies. Merryl
If you read up on the history of the “Global Warming/Climate Change” story you will find that it had it’s origins with the UN department that was concerned at the time with population control. Peter
Someone needs to wake the ignorant, the feeble-minded, and the easily led, to explain to them in simple terms what is actually going on. Logan
Yes. Followed with fervor, countered with defiance,, led by obfuscation and ignorance. on both sides. How can we ever find truth apart from the lessons of the past that nature will win and we will be losers no matter what the theories. susan
George Orwell had it right in {1984] John
The Madness continues ! John
Incredible that disinformation from a very small segment of society is being promogulated on a site that calls itself “political research” John
I totally agree. It’s been obvious for years that Green Energy it can’t work. Simon
Were are the scientists why are they not starting to speak up loudly and give the proven facts to the wider public of the world leo
So true! Vicki
The lunatic fringe,aided and abetted by the media controlled by a rabidly far-Left Government strikes again !! Henry
It is the biggest fraud in the history of the world. Bryan
Its time we pushed back on the rubbish & misinformation being bandied around on climate and many other situations ! Donald
And because it is a “Religion” or belief system it is beyond criticism. A non-believer can be subjected to quite extreme reactions if one dares to question the belief. Evelyn
It’s absolute rubbish. The whole thing is a scam!!! Mike
We cannot let the “loony fringe demented” who have grabbed power continue to do so. Plainly: Chuck’em out! Ian
Our perception of weather change is based on statistics recorded over a miniscule fraction of Earth’s history. Malcolm
Climate change promoted by this Government is nothing but a ponzi scheme and will destroy the primary sector and lower our standard of living and Maori can further clam collinisation as a factor .Climate Change is just a normal change of weather and while we suffer because of idiots like James Shaw the rest of the World moves forward. ken
I have been saying much the same for years Stanley
Patently obvious to anyone with half a brain Keith
The global ‘elite’ are using climate change4 as a weapon for their cause (one world order) just as the WHO is being used for control for the same reason. What does our Govt get out of it, while our country is being destroyed? Even the youth are being turned into a weapon as they don’t know what they are talking about but are handy voters. At the core it is treasonous. Why is the Opposition not talking about it? Are they actually in on it? Harvey
I have been around long enough to witness many storms, abnormal weather events and cyclones that have hit New Zealand over my lifetime. Nothing abnormal as weather patterns, La Ninia, El Ninia, Volcanic eruptions, the moons gravitation, Sun all have an effect on weather patterns. Wayne
I have always thought that there was something strange about the people who identify as greenies and climate change champions. They do not respond when you suggest to them that radically reducing the worlds population would set the planet back to a more sustainable future. Steve
Climate Change is a Major International Con!! Carole
Woke leftists believe anything without checking the facts. It has got to be stopped. It will bankrupt us. Clive
The whole climate change narrative has not only just become a religion, it has been a religion for a time too long to remember. Ronnie
The brainwashing continues! Murray
Always has been , driven by ideologists with an agenda . Where are Al Gore’s predictions now ? Wrong again !! Peter
Warming up since the last Ice Age. Ernest
It would be good if this was put to the general public. Bruce
It is a licence to print money for the U.N. agenda. Al Gore has a lot to answer for let him put the U.S. Into line first and not bully smaller countries to pay for U.S. ,Russia , China, and India when that happens I think N.Z. Could full into line .Let us not put the horse before the cart.. Steve
If NZ went back to prehuman times, we would make such a small contribution to reducing climate change, that its barley worth us doing anything, until the big emitters make some changes. We should not be stuffing our economy for nothing. Ian
Totally. It’s always been about power and that lunatic Ardern wanting to be the first to do anything and everything despite dire consequences. Teresa
It hasn’t “become a religion” It has always been so! Peter
Promoted by the UN, and the Greens. Their religion is world wide. Ian
This has always been obvious to me Dave
There is no climate emergency. Furthermore if civil servants or elected officials try to impose policy on the people that is based on data (UN or otherwise) that they know has been proven to be false, those individuals should be charged with fraud and tried in the criminal courts. Paul
an absolute sham by this socialist govt eric
Absolutely. The denigration of “climate deniers” – the vast majority of whom agree climate change is happening – as it has for millions of years both up and down and without the effects of the industrial revolution. Man’s contribution to this change is very small overall and when the tiny contribution of NZ is taken into account it is ludicrous to risk destroying our economy and testament to the ability of manipulators to induce the current mass hysteria situation – David Ellis revisited. Steve
Yes.It has always been the case. An other example of never letting facts get in the road of a good storey gale
If they could just go back in time they will see its a regular occurrence, we have to adapt or die. Quit with the gigantic SUVs and big boys toys importation for a start., They damage grass when no street parking and often the driver is well retired and no need of such a large mode of transport. Sharron
the climate continues to cycle like it always has. nothing new in changing patterns john
Total power corrupts totally. Shaun
As geologist Ian Plimer explains in his book Green Murder the Australian (and so are the NZGreens) Greens are a political force and that they are ignorant of the geological history of Earth. Barbara
Lies and subterfuge by the left has reached the point where it can now be termed…Traitorous! Damaging to youth. agriculture, race relations which are at an all time low. Labour/Greens MUST lose the election! Marshal
Totally agree. The greatest mass delusion and political manipulation in human history. These thoughts however will be banned under Labour’s new censorship regime. Trevor
Of course its a control thing that Labour and Greens are pushing albeit in their twisted ,lacking common sense ,approach to all they dribble on about . And of course the 16 year old Einsteins want to have their 2 cents worth . Perhaps once they grow up they will have enough grey matter to make informed decisions , but seriously I doubt it . Ray
Sun and solar activity control the climate not co2 and methane david
100% Valda
I have always believed this and have been ridiculed for it. Stand up New Zealand! Christine
Evil Communist tyrants Greg
Its simple follow the money. Phil
Never was to do with climate, was always a global power grab and control Kevin
The thing that no one is talking about when it comes to climate change is that earth has always had climate change ever since it gained an atmosphere. It is an enclosed system – baring climate changes from various distances from the sun and the odd large meteor – that is subject to internal systems. History and records show that the biggest factor in climate change internally are volcanoes, and that human activity is relatively negligible on the climate. I am in fact of an age where in the 70s and 80s climate ‘activists’ were predicting an ice age, now we have global warming – make up your bloody mind. To these fanatics science has nothing to do with it – and is only supported by the science that relies of large grants to promote this rubbish. Brenton
AGREE, As i have said before there is no such thing as climate change, it’s earths mother nature and this sort of thing happens about every 30 million years or so and it could have around another million years or so to go before is finished, but the earth and life will continue, it may not be as we know it but it will survive, and all this climate change is the biggest load of shit world wide to ever have been invented and spread around the world to anyone dumb enough to believe it, it’s just a massive money making scheme for the rich to get richer, i would like to now were all the moneys going and what’s happening with it ???. It’s a complete load of bull shit. COLIN
Climate Change is taking place regardless of what mankind does to stop it, we are coming out of an Ice age Morrin
I’m tired of politicians that can’t rationalise what they read or question what they are told. Alan
Absolutely has been a religion for quite some time. Only problem is they are now indoctrinating our grandchildren into this movement which may have dire consequences for this country if they get any traction. Lawrie
A lot of people are making a very good living out of constant scare mongering . Max
Labour green ideology is pushing NZ toward third world status Les W
Wake up New Zealand – this climate cult is destroying the country. John
power control and money for the elite. cameron
There is no science that supports a climate emergency. There never has been but what we do have is serious plastic pollution in our oceans. If they want to make a difference they should spend their money on cleaning these up and get the plastic out of our food chain. DAVID
Any critical analysis draws you to this conclusion particularly when you focus on the assumptions the modelling is based on Andrew
In one of the much earlier IPCC reports, I think number 5, one of the commissioners stated the the aim of the UN IPCC was not to address Global Warming, but to facilitate the transfer of wealth from the rich countries to the poor. Nearly all our politicians have bought into this massive on going fraud and refuse to accept that there is no actual data to support the climate emergency religion. Ian
It is the brainwashed students I am concerned about. NZ would be in deep trouble if the voting age was lowered and they were still obsessed with their fanatical views. Those in government should be ashamed of the themselves . James
Man induced climate change was always a scam, along with carbon tax Laurie
There is no climate emergency as it has been based on floored models and turned into a religion by Marxist, totalitarian politicians Ann
Absolutely! Zoltan
bloody politicians Anon
Co2 is not a pollutant. Rob
Climate hysteria is mass psychosis induced by a lazy and ill-informed media and quack ‘scientists’. It is a modern day Salem Witch Hunt. Ross
Its always been about control. Not “has become…” Kerry
According to ChatGPT New Zealand contributes only 0.17% of the total world emissions of greenhouse gasses. You have got to wonder why we are stuffing up our economy to meet such a minuscule amount compared to other industrial countries. ASH
Climate change to my mind is a big hoax orchestrated by the ” greenies ” trying to make a name for themselves Logan
The obsession with climate change is absurd. I was recently told of an organisation that changed its boiler to wood chips. Coal was costing $8k per month, wood chips are costing $30k per month. Madness, we’ll go broke as a country! graeme
Read ‘Green Murder’ by Prof. Ian Pilmer. destroys the man made CC myth bill
The climate is always changing. Thats how it works. Anton
Auckland bus transport uses diesel generators to charge their electric busses – that makes sense! John
Spot on. What a worry, what are they doing to our young people? And shortly, our efforts to speak out will be disallowed. Marion
It is a complete scam as the planet has kept changing forever despite politicians meddling Sidwell
It’s out of control and must be stopped Jacqui
Using the word “religion” is really dumb. Climate change may not be much of a problem in NZ, but it surely is in many other parts of the world, including Canada where I live. The IPCC may not always be right, but overall they’re a much more credible source of climate perspectives than Muriel Newman. On this issue she sounds somewhat like Donald Trump. Brian
Climate change is a normal part of the earth’s activity. The challenge relates to managing the changes that occur – and they are NOT due to CO2 in the atmosphere! John
Biggest scam ever. Well outside of covid and the so called ‘vaccine’ of cause. If noses grew because of lies – our politicians would be wallowing waste deep in snot. christine
i agree 100% DELLREA
Don’t dare say there is no climate emergency you will get shot down in flames, to hell with that I’m going to fight back! Chris
100% spot on. It’s become a religion for a few years now, that unfortunately infested politics. Pavel
That failed politician Al Gore started the whole scenario making millions of $ for himself Bruce
When are politicians going to stop relying on computer models instead of science, which involves logic, observation, and questioning suppositions? Mark
Always has been based on rubbish conjecture. Jeff
It was always about power and control. The dweebs running this country are just a bunch of socialist jerks, interested only in their own misguided beliefs. They use confirmation bias to continuously affirm their own unsubstantiated beliefs – it’s really past time that they went and good riddance when they do! Trevor
The world gone berserk !!! Pam
Complete and utter lunacy. The NZ Labour, Maori Communist Government should be ousted will all haste, and don’t let that clown Luxon take control. The man is another stupid commie puppet. George
We are involved in the largest scam of all time. We are 12% Carbon and all plants and animals MUST have CO2 in order to live. Without it we would not exist at all. The IPCC/ UN have ruined Europe into CO2 slavery. Our leaders are fraudulent and have begun to take away our delicate freedom. We must unite or perish. bruce
When are we New Zealanders going to wake up and say enough is enough. We should be reading this in every news paper every day. Alan
And I said so at an election meeting in 2014 (as a Conservative candidate) that the Greens are a religious cult, worshipping the earth and declaring that humans (other than themselves, of course) are her mortal enemy. They, and the yoof whom they have indoctrinated, are climate lunatics. Philip
he waka tutai translates as – a boat load of bullshit. ! hugh
The science is overwhelming at proving the climate crisis is a hoax Ian
Anthropomorphic climate change has always been a lie perpetrated as a means to an end. If mankind is ever totally controlled with a noose around one collective neck, we will hear nothing more about climate change. Always remember that this projected state for mankind is not inevitable – it does not have to happen. Decouple from the Paris Climate Accord and honor nation state sovereignty. Donald
We’ve always known that this is a scam. Weather patterns will change. Some people have made a lot of money from scaremongering. So the weather goes wild now and again. These looney lefties need some education, and stop threatening the livelyhood of our farmers who we rely on so much. Dianne
Other political parties must voice their opposition to this Climate change narrative by Labour and the Greens immediately . Mary
This foolish government along with the greens need to be gone in October! Nigel
I have lived on the kapiti Coast most of my 70 years.I have aerial photos of Raumati beach & Raumati Sth to Paekakariki at high tide taken in 1956,it is totally static,the same as it is today.,When I was a child my parents would take me up to Waitarere Bch in the 1960’s toeroa hunting & what was left of the 1878 ship wreck the Hyderabad I could dive off what was left of the wreck into 6 feet of water ,the wreck is now buried 25 meters above the high tide mark. Tectonic plates have been lifting the West coast of the North Is for thousands of years. From the old St Hi Way 1 to where the coast is now was under water. Climate is controlled by the sun & the moon, not by humans who in real time have only been here for 5 minutes. Of cause the climate change is a tool of the socialists but unfortunately it has been indoctrinated in our schools & universities world wide & the sheeple of the world with the help of corrupt media have been helping all the way. Allen
Super hype going on here to exaggerate climate change . False statistics to suit the claims. Little NZ at the other end of the world when it insists on going to extremes to offset emissions is a drop in the ocean to the rest of the world. The powers that be are hankering to their masters. Carol
An absolute con. Graham
Absolutely. Tim
This is a Fraud! From the One World Government Monopolists wanting to to totally control every nation. It will make everyone poorer & of course the already poor nations poorer. We must not allow this to go any further, it is evil. I have never supported these ideas. These kids should concentrate on their education at 16 not be allowed to vote & the education system should not be allowed to indoctrinate them with these absolute lies. Valerie
Real published scientific evidence, from lifelong experience with on the ground evidence – state there is no climate emergency and may never be. Maurice
We must not let this false religion ruin our economy Simonne
Climate change is natural and continual. Man-made climate change seems to have taken on cult status with ever-growing strident calls for emissions cuts, much of which is mindless propaganda. Electric vehicles still require lithium to be mined; the Green Party seems to ignore this fact. The same vehicles also require more power than the country can produce and the national grid can handle. Climate policy is hitting home owners through insurance companies and councils. Schools are promoting untested and false claims as science. Politicians and media consistently engage in scaremongering over greenhouse gases and water vapour in the atmosphere, targeting farmers in particular. It seems to be a push towards a totalitarian push for power and control. Gavin
Absolutely agree and its time the people of this country wake up to what’s going on. john
When Stuff would not allow debate on this issue you knew it was a religion not based in reality. Marianne 
This climate change scenario has been developed by uniformed, biassed scientists intent on ruining our economy and promoting their own hidden agendas. They MUST be STOPPED by pointing out to the public that we are being duped! John 
This is so obviously true. And I can%u2019t believe the level of either lying, or perhaps charitably delusion that our leadership is spouting Matthew
It is a financial and political rort based on lies and misinformation swallowed by clueless and gullible people. Jack
Who can remember the predictions of Al Gore? How many came to fruition? Richard
We need to use the courts more with these treasonous fools Barras
Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, dispels the myth perpetuated by climate totalitarians that we are in a “climate emergency” Alex
It’s time that the media started taking an interest and correcting our outdated, untruthful data Annette
I guess it proves that we all have a spiritual craving and for many that longing has been filled by the cult of climate change, I suppose that those who are propogating the climate change hoax either don’t understand that if they get their way, life as we know it will caese to exist (no food, no law and order, complete breakdown of society) or they intend to be part of the very small group who will benefit (unlimited power and wealth} Now is the time to ask all of our politicians the hard questions and to remind them that we elected them to represent us, not to enrich themselves. Russell
I say to the political charlatan, James Shaw, an individual who performs the World Environmental Death Throes dance for political gain and to whom the word objectivity is just as dirty as the word coal: Bring some impartiality, bring some fairness and most importantly, bring some bloody honesty to the public arena. Stop using fabricated, extreme climate modelling scenarios to construct doom-laden predictions that allow MP’s and government lackeys to scare the public, all to justify your outlandish and unnecessary government spending. John
It is a scam & always has been. Who’s making the money ? ? ? dona
Read Green Murder By Pr. Ian Plimer Neville
Sounds like it and I have never believed in their radical climate change anyway Eric
It’s amazing how quickly our Government, Labour and their cohorts, changed from their scare tactics as regards C19, to the Climate Change Scam! You hardly hear anything about the C19 issue anymore, but we are having this climate change issue shoved down our throats at every opportunity.Of course, the climate will change, it does it quite regularly, nature is in control….. not man, either by choice or by influences IE using fossil fuels, coal etc. One good volcanic eruption will emit more CO2 into the atmosphere than ALL the emissions ever put out by man, since he first walked this earth. This ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND NOTHING ELSE! Heather
Absolutely, “there are none so blind as those that will not see” – like zealots the climate change fanatics consider climate infidels as “deniers” and would rather worship at the feet of a 17 year old Swedish girl than respect evidence based science. Francis
Climate change is for the weak minded muppets drinking from the Marxist koolaide cup Terry
Once again, if you tell a lie often enough then people will believe it. Brian
Thank you so much, Dr Muriel Newman, for your article on the “great awakening.” Clearly some Labour and Green politicians need to be taken to task, and even held financially liable for misleading the country in the way they have over “global warming”. Climate change has, in reality, always been with this little world of ours since its beginning and despite the b.eating of the Greens. It is definitely not being altered much by the odd cow fart, or even Mr Shaw’s! Robin
No doubt about it. We need pragmatism, not idealism with hidden agendas. John
I have always held that the Left & Greens don’t understand (or choose not to) the repercussions of their ideology. Maybe I’m simplifying it & they understand all too well, but have a hidden agenda? FloJo
Only the stupid and brainwashed believe in climate change. alan
This ha to stop or in five years we will be Zimbabwe 2.0 Kathryn
This has always been this way from the late 1980s when Stephen Schneider, a scientist, encouraged his fellow scientists to exaggerate and simplify their messages about climate and talk as much doom talk as possible. Since then communist activists and their useful idiots of the middle class elites have turned climate into a quasi pagan religion infused with destructive hard left politics and have brainwashed whole generations of children. This is a destructive power grab that will collapse Western society if allowed. We must fight this as our survival is at stake. The lunatics are trying to run the asylum. John
Totally agree. Uneducated politicians just throw this up to make the public feel guilty. They don%u2019t understand global warming themselves, so they just throw data into the air so they can say that they are going something. What an empty headed lot they are. Where is wind power, we are in the roaring forties, and,we have massive solar power here. The greens just seem to be racially based – they seem to just concentrate on racial issues, not climate I.e. white sis men and our people. Hardly green comments! Laura
How can we make the opposition and Christopher Luxon come to their senses Beverley
This has been obvious since the early 1990’s. School children, the Universities, Public Service and Media have all become indoctrinated emissaries. Stephen
Dangerous socialism at work – only a socialist govt would follow this path. russell
It is just a god gimmick for stupid, so called politicians to spout about, because they have nothing positive to offer, knowing that a large part of the electorate are gullible. Tom
Always has been about power and control. Gosh there are more dopes out there than anticipated!! Karen
Excellent article. There needs to be a clean-out of Universities, Research Institutes, Councils and the like of those pseudo scientists who have abdicated scientific research for Political advocacy in my opinion. Kevin
I will never support unsupported claims by this government. Ken
James Shaw is a Charlatan and us the most dangerous person in New Zealand Mark
Will power blackouts happen in the beehive? Pat
IPCC were caught out few years back pushing incorrect information hence the change from global warming to climate change. Its a complete scam no amount fudging of figures or money pd to UN can change what nature delivers us. However the UN has the big purse to push the Incorrect narrative.. Gwenda
People need to read the authenticated science reports much more carefully to understand the very small anthropogenic contribution to climate change. John
New Zealand with only 5mill population is being used as a global experiment. If it fails they only decimate and impoverish a small population. It beggars belief that people can%u2019t see through this gigantic scam. Rod
The whole thing is bull shit Colin
Slowly, but ever so slowly some people are actually doing their homework. This was all evident and in plain sight 20 years ago. charles
Absolutely about power and control – a channel for Global totalitarianism Concerning in NZ Labour Greens Maori need to be stopped overthrown with immediacy and damaging ideological legislation and policies to do with climate change removed and democracy returned Marre
It is the biggest con ever inflicted on humanity, or first equal with the mRNA safe and effective lie. Allan
Also they are brainwashing our young from kindergarten on, who are believing this rubbish is real, hope they do their own research and wake up before it is too late. Peter
The Labour conman team must be broken up and thrown in the bin , where it has belonged since its inception. Jacinda is laughing all the way to the bank as she now thinks that HER BOSSES will add even more pieces of silver for the never ending scam that she herself instigated. fred
Gone OTT would be better if the kids stayed at school. That is if they have a teacher Felicity
created by a bunch of unscrupulous control freak business men Jonathan
This f**king Communistic, Authoritarian, TOTALITARION, Control WILL ultimately lead to a Civil Rebellion that will make the lawn-side pic-nic party at the Beehive look like a Sunday afternoon bible retreat at a diagnosed coercive controlling, mad as a hatter Tea:Party… There will be NO sleeping Dormise… And only the majority of the TOTALITARIAN MAD MARCH (Fill this space with any month of choosing,October e Seems immediately relevant) hares stood-up on the back of their flaming ruins! GeeBee
Exactly! John
I’m appalled to hear king er charles misusing his power to try and create climate crisis . There isn’t one . Its just natural cyclic sun changes same as last few thousand years and more I didn’t think this a few years ago i’ve looked into it and its true . Goes back to al gore and beyond . Political bs Roger
Dividing our GNP by Co2 emissions gives us a figure of $3000 will create 1 ton of Co2 so, every subsidy for public and private transport plus other incentives create huge amounts of Co2, madness at work Allan
I am just one voice and feeling insignificant. I. Need to write to my MP and his boss. Robin
james shaw is an idiot david
This whole charade will come crashing down when everything simply collapses into itself. This whole affair is driven by fanatical extremist zealots who do not see and understand that every action causes a reaction. In this case the reaction will not be pretty. Michael
Climate change is utter rubbish just more money for someone Barbara
Biggest con of the century Mac
The West has replaced Christianity as their religion were people looked up to a unifying force larger than themselves with the climate cult were citizens now assume ‘god like’ powers to control the climate. Really! Peter
New Zealand has a total scattered population of about the same size as Sydney. This puts into context the whole absurdity of what James Shaw, the Green and Labour Parties and every other deluded, brainwashed protester is blaming on to farmers, motorists, people mowing lawns, and homeowners taking showers at a length they object to. We have always been a country where we take responsibility for our own actions.The Government should provide accurate environmental information and then encourage and motivate the citizens with helpful suggestions. But to enact dictatorial controls over such a small population? Never. And the people need to choose very carefully, in October. Make your own contributions. But reject this constant Nanny State mentality that Labour (and the Green Party) has adored since the days of Lange, Clark and Ardern. Hipkins is just a more of the same yes-man. And Shaw doesn’t even have an election mandate to be seen anywhere near Government. He was invited in, by Ardern, to keep the Green voters in their fold. 2023: It Counts. DAVID
Finally, at long last, after 2 decades of CO2 mass hysteria, the world is waking up. Top marks to Muriel Newman!! I will send her $50 immediately!! Andy
I am wondering:: how come there are so many brainless politicians deciding what is good for us and what is not good for us. and how come so many people tumble in that trap?? Is it Netflix which keeps them dumm??? prter
I strongly agree, and find it sad that many fellow New Zealanders do not believe the gov’t and their paid media would lie to them!!! Jude
Socialism (totalitarian) is only one step to the right of Communism. This appears to be what the left want. Graeme
Bravo Muriel – this scandal will surely be an election issue, despite the best efforts of the corporate media. Barry
Although I broadly agree, the question is too wide in its scope. Part of the answer may lie on the observation that there are too many people on the planet living in a more energy consuming lifestyle than was the case 50- 100 years ago Peter
Humans are a participant in the natural evolution of life and do not have a controlling interest David
it was always about power and money by a small clique of individuals. john
Yes this is blatant treason by the corrupt Labour/Maori caucus government. When is Labour/Maori Iwi Elite going to be charged by the UN for breaking Article 2 of the UN Paris Agreement which prohibits governments from introducing policies that restrict the supply of food??!! Huge tracts of farmland have been converted back into forestry because of this government%u2019s harshest methane restrictions in the world on our farming industry that%u2019s an international LEADER in efficiency in a corrupt attempt to bring this once democratic country under tribal rule and tyranny. Why are we rolling over like zombies and letting this disaster happen??!! Brenda
A load of bunkum. Someone needs to get real. Nuclear fission power is so advanced these days it is so safe to run. But if you have your head in the sand like all the anti-nuc people, Nuclear fusion power is now available – completely contamination free. The blockheads running this country should be looking at this option, not wasting billions on ponds. Ray
I have thought so for the past 20 years! Gordon
The lock downs prove how easily controlled we are, and how weak we are as people. Sven
When you see all the information and graphs etc to back up what these scientists that have studied the climate for decades of their lives say about global warming or climate change, then you see how much bull shit has been shoved down our throats by the likes of James Shaw and Co. I know who I would be right and it wouldn’t be the greenie nitwits.Climate change is politically driven, full stop. Peter
First World economies and civilizations that idiotically and blindly follow drastic climate change ideals will become the new Third World countries. Didn’t Jacinta give $M to China as part of our contribution to aiding their greenhouse reduction initiatives? I think we paid for a few more coal stations! Expect a mass exodus of tax payers if this party stays in power! Get rid of them and reverse their stupid policies if we have leaders with the courage! I am so over unaccountable fools ruining our country without any personal consequence. Martin
The biggest Scam of the 21st Century!! Robyn
You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time Peter
Has ANYONE stated what the effect on GLOBAL climate change will be if/when NZ goes to zero emissions?? Yeah, right !! Mike
The IPCCD has been found wanting as has NIWA. I cannot accept James Shaw has any credibility given he has not acknowledged the methane matter which has been very much overstated. Our sequestration numbers are not including all the sequestration and as such the pressures being placed on the community is without foundation. Zero Carbon is just an economic , knock out for our economy and politicians stating it will be dropped will be the ones to follow. Peter
Of course it is all about power and control. Follow the money…. Margaret
Climate change is about control, not climate. Bill
Lies and more lies. Time for accountability John
We are being hoodwinked by the policy makers. We’ll they think so…sigh Yeverley 
Labour govt is doing everything to keep control of NZ graeme
Anybody who has lived for many years will have experienced that climate has always had fluctuations. It is a great pity that those without this life experience didn’t keep their mouths shut and appear fools, rather than opening their mouths and proving it. PETER
Thank you so much Dr Newman, for being such an honest & so well informed provider of the truth. It was a sad day indeed, when you & Mr Hide left parliament. What a pity we can’t get you back there. This whole climate crises lie, is a tool of control, cunningly used by the Globalist Agenda Left. Now that we have nearly two generations of indoctrinated citizens, the first of whom are now moving into positions of power, sadly I think we are doomed as a sovereign nation. All Parties now in parliament have become puppets of the W.E.F, so a change of government is not going to help much. I can only hope I am wrong, but having seen National & Labour working in tandem for decades now, I will be amazed if I am. The answer lies in the election of an honest Party outside of parliament, but because of the wasted vote scenario that has been hammered home by the ‘Establishment’, this is not likely to happen. A.G.R.
Labour seem to be going all out to secure re-election no matter what. Ernie
It is such a load of utter pre Neanderthal. Codswallop It begs belief. Patricia
Why ignore the facts.. our prime minister stated that science is truth.. then he ignored it. Stewart
If we didn’t contribute to the Parris Slush fund by NZD$1.3 Billion and to the useless non performing Carbon credits nonsense How many Aged and Veteran pensions could we afford, How many teachers and Nurses could we pay how many Police could we upskill and retain Foolish Foreign cult priorities are impoverishing the nation. No we don’t want or need a WHO treaty if another pandemic would arise we would shut the borders as before.So we dont need expensive global gouging medication stockpiles. What is needed is not Climate fund syphoning but internal productivity and internal cycling of our credit to facilitate and promote internal productivity. Richard
Without a doubt! Paul
Is it possible that the sun is presently closer to the earth’s elypitcal orbit, thus warming things up a bit more than in a “Normal” year. Whare do ice ages come from? r
Power and control to eliminate freedom for all citizens. Ann
And the legalised embezzlement of taxpayers money. John
Absolutely,,,,,,, Gregor
Almost everything at all political levels is about control. If you control people’s desires you also control what they think and do. You also ensure the people won’t react violently against the power controlling because they can loose to much should they do so. This govt has made this their modus operandi and we must ensure this stops. No wonder hey took so many guns away! alastair
It’s been obvious for years. There is not and never was a climate emergency. Too many politicians lie to further their own agenda Laurie
Gabriel was a result of the Tongan volcano,causing 140 million tons of water to rise into the atmosphere- according to NASA Derek
Absolutely True Bob
Common sense David
It has been proven that information and research has shown that what the NZ Govt has fallen for the myth of” climate change” ending humanity and all other life on earth. I cant decide whether they have no interest in doing research themselves or just dumb. Because what they are doing is actually causing the damage themselves. Jackie
I totally agree, we need to know who’s doing the power and control. Terry
I’m a fan of all the posts by Dr Muriel, but this one is Gold. There are so many holes, misconceptions and outright lies in the various climate activist’s arguments that it is hard to believe and understand how they get so much traction, and how gullible the public are. I’ve just hit my 70’s so fortunately won’t be around to see the disaster these fools are predicting, but also unfortunately won’t be around to say Your predictions were all BS – told you so! Climate crisis isn’t a complicated issue, it’s as simple as society’s disrespect for Ranginui and Papatuanuku. If we resolve that disrespect and also the racism that underpins it, we’ll resolve not only climate crisis, but in fact all of our environmental issues. If you believe this – I have a bridge to sell you! Graham
And it shows how the education system is failing to introduce critical thinking to those children in their climate change march. As for giving them a vote-heaven forbid us succuming to their ignorance Layor
Climate change has been political since Al Gore’s time. It has little to with the climate that has been changing since since this planet was created Peter
Time these climate change finatics got back to reality we cannot continue to live in cucko land electric cars are a waste of time it is a ploy to get cars of the road when there are no replacement battery we are in a mess Russell
Frankly it is a load of rubbish. And at last some of the predictions posted by the UN agencies and others have done an about face on their former assessments. By all means do your house work, i.e. clean up the landscape, rivers and recycle etc. but please spare me the political mumbo jumbo. chris
Climate has changed over thousands of years. Its a natural thing that changes happen. Now since Al Gore it has become almost a religion and power and control. Frank
Thank you so much for this expert commentary Rosalie
Absolutely Bryce
.04% C02 and .00017% methane in our atmosphere, liars. Climate change is a fraud. Steve
It will get worse in the future. William Clive 
Its a wealth transfer scheme Ian
Definitely about control. Colleen
Now Stuff and other MSM need to put some real questions to our MPs and the CCC advisers? RICHard
Climate change has been happening for millions of years and Co2 emissions have absolutely nothing to do with temperature. The Government need to stop the nonsense James
The press are not going to tell us the truth because the government will not let them Tony
CO2 contributes 0.04% of the Earths atmosphere and Humanity contributes 0.0325% towards that What a farce Climate change is. The big Al Gore lie. David
Another see-thru scam pushed by the criminal self appointed UN. mark
Wake up New Zealand Don
This climate change rhetoric will go down as the biggest hoax known to mankind Andrew
The Aoteara Liberation League claim that climate change is caused by “racism and disrespect for Maori culture”. What are those guys smoking, ………and where can I get some? Allan
Definitely agree! Evelyn
The sooner we see common sense, the better off we will all be. We have become dominated by so- called ‘experts’ and need to publicly oppose this rubbish. Marga
Incorrect data used, agenda based conclusions made & false information then used to scaremonger & waste money, ruin economies & make unjustified political decisions. Paula
The chooks are coming home to roost. It was only a matter of time. Grahame
If anyone says ‘the science is settled’ or refuses to allow debate on climate issues (as the Labour Party and Stuff and various unions have) then you KNOW this is a lie that just does not stand up to scrutiny. PJ
shutting down gas in nz ,continue to import coal what a joke peter
If the climate, ie the weather didn’t change, we would still be in the ice age. And WHAT if none of the predictions actually occur, guess we will all get a payback. Unfortunately very few of those alive today that believe in the “stated” facts, will be alive to say,, sorry we got that wrong. Barry
None of the climate change predictions have ever come true The perpetrators just keep pushing out the date for Armageddon. Graeme
The Climate Change movement is in front of our eyes, progressing state and UN control of our lives, its tyranny. Stan
Prudent voting in the upcoming election will get us out of the mire of corruption and ideology this Government has put us in. Rod
Jacinda lead this mistruth and used taxpayer funds to fund journalist to enlighten us voters – voters must trust me and the Labour Party politicians. Mike
another woke agenda! climate changes 4 times a year autumn,winter,spring,summer! get the 120 fat cat politicians out! we are done with their bullshit!! time for a new governance system where the power goes back to the people! lisa
Labour and the Green Parties are pure socialists and cannot be trusted. David
Absolutely ideological. Our youth have been spoiled with lies like evolution and big bang, then comes socialist idolatrous agendas. If there is no hope of life after death then the fear of death and the fear of a dying world causes these activists to fight to survive. Look at Greta Thunberg’s behaviour, she’s so fearful of dying that she will fight to the death for this belief. She is a hater! but hate speech won’t apply to her and her cohorts. Jo-Amy
Climate change is neither political or a religion. Climate change is a fact, you are misleading people by telling them they can carry on with their way of life. By denying climate change and people’s ability to make a change you are putting the future of our children and grand-children at stake Geraldine
The IPCC 3rd Assessment Report TAR states boldly that Climate is a chaotic system hence it could not predict the future! (and yet they continue to push us around. Other scientist like Norman Page are on standby for a Maunder Minimum as sunspots go to zero. Kevin
I hate it. Peter
ideology is driving this communist govt mac
Utter madness but note that Stuff has for some time refused to publish anything opposing climate change!!! Stephen
#how to make a new TAX out of thin Air Paul
I’m sorry, but I have ALWAYS regarded it that way. There is NO correlation between CO2 and climate. And, if we want to keep feeding an growing population we are going to need all the CO2 we can get! J J
A load of BS. A big con job. Chris
The UN wants to become a One World Government, and they knew that they couldn’t become that, unless they could unite the majority around one theme. The IPCC (a UN body) has served them well in doing this, so that now the WHO wants to dictate our health! Ted
Clear as daylight stuart
yes for sure , political and power all the way end of story. james
It was never about the climate and always about control. Kenneth
Climate change scare-mongering has led to massive grants and project funds allocated to global Universities and Governments without proper peer review testing. It is certainly about power, control and greed. Peter
Because of the brainwashed public, this has gone passed its use by date!! Raewyn
Useless labour barstards Allan
Shaw needs to resign, he is a liar Richard
More propaganda from the crazy greens Sharon
Governments gone crazy Ray
I agree that it is all about power & control. Murray
Its nuts Rod
Researchers are limiting their research by setting the targets rather than researching facts and coming up with results. For instance, has anyone done research on rubber tyres and their effect on the environment, especially with so many big rig trucks on the roads now compared to moving goods by rail ? There is so much we do not know and what we are told is not always based on truth. Dot
These Climate Change zealots may live long enough to see the fruits of their endeavours when the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come galloping through, but by then it will be too late for anything! Scott
I am a denier from way back. Our own David Kear exposed the fraud. David was head of NZIR a top scientist. It seems to me that religion is faith or belief in the unknown. Doug
That was its intention from inception. Goes back to David Rockefeller and the club of Rome. Also check out Geoengineering or weather modification to see what the NWO are up to with their weather weaponization agenda. neil
YES, yes, yes…. A thousand times YES! Vernon
Totally agree. This whole climate change is a load of tripe. I would like to ask the question- where did the coal and oil come from in the first place. From trees and foliage that sucked in CO2. It was then rolled beneath the earths surface to eventually become oil and coal. All cyclical. Rod
It has become so confusing to the average person that anything on climate change scares people and seems this Govt is happy about that. Barbara
I have held this opinion for quite some time and I hold it more strongly now. James
Social agenda engineering has shown to first be initiated in schools – and that is where its being activated in NZ by capturing first the curriculum and those governing the educational services. Re-education is the new phrase ! Bob
Labour is desperately trying to keep public attention away from the reality of the economic crisis they have NZ in Maurice
We need to stop wasting money on this nonsense. The do-gooders need to get a job and create something like overseas funds Graeme 
Well didn’t all the thinking sensible people know this it’s been a major lie but who started it and where and for what reason this election is going to make or break this country how can a minority decide for the majority what we do I and many of my friends are getting ready to bail out in fact some already have Peter
Everything this govt does is about power and control. This is an abuse of the people Gail
James Shaw needs to get real with his woke driven extravagent claims on climate change Andrew
100% Doug.
It has ALL of the hallmarks of a religion, obedience to a doctrine, high priests and clergy, rituals and punishment for unbelievers-of course it’s a religion and like a religion it enslaves minds. Roger
The unfortunate thing is that those who push the government agenda do so for political or financial reasons. They are WELL aware of the truth, but place their own interests above those of the nation. Ross
The worlds climate has been and will continue to change and there is nothing that we in N.Z. Can do to stop this.Our present So ialist Government is hell bent on ruining our wonderful country by penalising those who have helped get to where we are today Bryan
Some of us have realised this literally for years David
The whole push for carbon zero in New Zealand is simply “Green” party ideology aimed at conning votes from the uninformed. Graeme
Yes. And opposition parties National and ACT are also acolytes, so not holding Labour to account. National leader doesn’t even allow discussion on the matter Peter
Man-made global warming leading to Climate Change is a reality.. along with plastic polltion, toxic air and water in places. It staggers me that MN and supporters of so much of what she writes [as I do] are on this bandwagon of deniel. Our agriculture that relies on imported fertiliser and palm oil expeller/kerels is very inefficient except via intensification, often in completely unsuitable regions of our country. This latter leads to degraded soils, run-off into waterays including aqifers. But numerous interviews with farmers who have gone down the regenerative, organic routes have found the same net income as before with less stress, more enjoyment. It can’t just happen over night though. There needs to be subsidies, support for up to 5 years to make this change in method work for the farm owners as well as the environment. This is where the energy of MN and supporters should be going .. not fighting for the status quo. Rochelle
None of the aspects raised have anything to do with the climate. Lionel
Absolutely we are being fed rubbish to justify the mammoth waste of money Terry
100% this is common knowledge. Why can’t these idiots in power see this ??? Gareth
It’s shame on New Zealanders that in this country so many have been conned by so few for so long. Generally New Zealanders deserve what they get. They don’t bother to do any research and they vote as though the majority are nothing more than a lot of dumb idiots. Garry.
all BS and a waste of time and money Graeme
While not agreeing with a considerable amount of what is being used to sell the Climate Emergency, I do believe that climate change is having a catastrophic effect on a number of areas of the planet. Pacific Islands being slowly but surely submerged cannot be denied. and global warming is to me the obvious cause. phil
A growing number of scientists and commentators are confirming this Gerry
Part of the grand plan Lindsay
I read an article which convincingly showed we are actually heading into a new ice age Geoff
This is the biggest con job of the 21st Century. The masses (young in particular) are buying it hook line and sinker. Mark
This is a great scam Kath
the myth has been broken so the only reason to keep the fable going is for control Nigel
It’s just smoke and mirrors Peter
Same as co19 a mind madness aimed at control. No other than Nazis could successfully lock up underhouse arrest its entire population bud
It started in the 60s Club of Rome. It’s about bogus business set ups and less about the environment. It’s about money and nothing else. The fear propaganda started to ramp up it narratives during first lockdown when we all were distracted and overwhelmed. Media endorsed the fear narrative from covid vaccinations and now climate. The so called climate crisis is now the Trojan horse for 15 min cities, climate lockdowns, digital currency and digital ID. If youth on realised how they are part of this manipulation. However I do believe pollution is more is a concern- plastics and toxic waste and cloud seeding. All to make us unhealthy. A look into weather control needs serious investigation here in nz. Angela
Totally agree, all this shite that Labour and the Greens are promoting, Is all about and control and the biggy some will be making billions out of it. World wide issue. Kevin
Please keep pumping this agenda !!!!!!! jacqueline
I face a lot of flak by telling people, don’t by an electric car, we will have brown outs. If everyone comes home at nigh and plugs their car, the whole street may very well plunge into darkness. I’ve been pushing the food production barrow, but city people think ‘greed farmers’. We will win over this nonsense. Dick
Nothing is further from the truth than that statement. Facts is, the climate has been changing for millions of years and there is nothing humans can do to change this. That said, we should always look to improve the way we do things, but led by engineers, not politicians. Scott
It is totally absurd doctrine fuelled by disingenuous politicians and fanatical impressionable dangerous green zealots. Mike
It is a cult with Shaw the Archbishop. A religion that demands “faith” with no scientific evidence. Jenny
Climate change can be summarised as a Green socialist agenda to destroy the world economy. They are quite simply economic vandals. Chris
None so blind.. Bryan
Fully agree. Totalitarianism, given a huge boost during the pandemic, has accentuated this, very real to me, the major threat to NZs future. Paul
In addition to the fact that the major sources of warming gases are not going to change in the next 30 years and may even increase. Kirke
We need to vote these weird people out its insane. Chaquila
Greedy people are seeing there is money to be made and keep on pushing it. Andrew
The climate is variable and always changing, and our contribution to that change is minimal.We have to live with it, and any action taken should be to protect against harmful effects, not to try to change the climate itself, which is clearly impossible. Rod
Fossil fuels will rule for many more centuries… ChrisH
The climate has always changed, and will do so in the future, as shown by geological, ice & paleo-botany cores. Dane
When the lights go out the zealots might consider hydro dams on the West Coast and elsewhere again. Clean and green after construction is completed. Gold dredging took place on the Coast for years. If you return to those areas you cannot see where the work took place. What a wonderful recreational area round the dams would result. Nudge to the Opposition Parties. Kiwis on the verge of retirement won’t be enthusiastic about supporting you talking of raising the retirement age(.and I worked until I was70) Lucky I could still manage it. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND. Bruce
It has always been about power and control. Mike
fully Anthony
I once thought that the minister in charge, Jamie Shaw, unlike the rest of the ragtag mob he associates with, had a reasonable level of intelligence but clearly I was mistaken. He’s as thick as a plank or alternatively an outright shyster twisting the narrative to his own devious ends. Alan
Wake up NZ to what a dangerous bunch of misfits is presently in government. VOTE THEM OUT! Dennis
Spend the $1.9 billion for Hospitals and Schools. Warwick
China US India, mammoth uses of coal which is never going to stop, until they know how to securely harness the power of the atom. Nz is 5 million people v 3.5 billion in the above 3 nations. It’s ludicrous for NZ to worry about any reductions at all. Our clean burning natural gas must be retained and encouraged as the best choice to a healthy back up for power. Lay off the farmers. Laurine
It has been a religion for some time and it is now time for the Silent Majority to speak up. Bruce
The biggest con ever put over the voting public. Errol
Absolutely dumb chris
if not stopped soon these lunatics will destroy mankind’s advancements over the last 50 years or so. God defend us from the morons in the UN and our stupid politicians. Roy
You would have to be very dense or stupid to believe otherwise. Carl
Climate Change, previously known as Global Warming, is a scam. During the 1970s we were assured that an ice age was on the way. We are still waiting as we are for increases in sea levels. Jan
very obvious to me! norman
Yes, keep the W.E.F and their ideologies out of NZ., say no to the binding changes in the corporate captured W.H.O’s treaty/instrument, say No to socialism, protect NZ farmers from Woke climate activists, protect individual autonomy and freedom of speech and re-store in NZ the “absolute” right to refuse medical interventions and novel vaccines. Helen
The whole push by this government follows their ideology of control of the masses, through fear, like they did for covid19. The public needs to wake up before it’s too late and we find ourselves in a Stalinist state where every facet of our lives is controlled by the State. Kerry
There is NO climate crisis and it does not take too much research to find that NONE of past predictions have come to pass. Polar bears are still there, the sea level is not rising, and temperatures are not rising like they should. So it must be about the lefties trying to control the population. Cookie
So obviously true Peter
Agree! One (of many) very frightening aspects of this is, that by many school teachers buying into this scam, our school kids have been conned into becoming adherents to this ‘religion’.! Frank
It’s definitely become a religion. Actually it’s a cult. Everything is being blamed on ‘climate change”, For goodness sake, the climate has changed for millennia, way way before mankind was even a thought at the top of the tree. But hey, extract as much money from the gullible for as long as they are – well gullible. What a scam on a monumental scale. But to scare the children with their lies is the worst of the worst thing to do. Carolyn
Proven Codswallop! Roger
Biggest con job ever. Rob
It is ABSOLUTELY all about power for a few elite million, and death for the rest of us. They are heinous. joyce
World wide the poor need energy to lift themselves up financially and present Governments do not want that for the poor david
NOTHING we do here in NZ will have ANY effect on World Climate or pollution. So destroy the country to say look how kind we are? Peter
Become political and radical rammed down our throats in oir homes every day and almost every news item Richard
Total neo-Marxist control to destroy society as we know & respect it. Hylton
The minister needs to tell us all the answer to this question. Suppose Kiwis do everything you wish for, What will be the total effect on Global Emissions? (The answer is 0.6%) The Mister Shaw is an uneducated fool working through a Woke manifesto for his own political career. tony
I don’t think it’s religion. t’s just left-wing fascism. I think we all need someone to tell us what percentage if warming is controllable by humans and what percentage is natural and beyond out control. Best controllable figure I have seen is 3%, if correct, we can spend billions and still be worse off in 80 years. Ian
It’s been obvious ever since Al Gore first opened his fraudulent gob 30years ago. John
Shifting not so subtly from Anthropogenic Global Warming to “Climate Change”, it has taken on a political life of its own, long since decoupled from reality. IPCC is back peddling as fast as the politics will allow. Whilst here the Labour coalition has too much skin in the game to afford to notice, rather will likely step up the furore of its crusade with attack being the best method of defence. Ron
The Heartland Institute have a great team of SCIENTISTS that can prove there is no climate crisis! Ray 
Conservation is a laudable goal and legitimate. Environmentalism is a political cloak for the elite power brokers to further their agenda of collective global control. John
Labour, Greens and the Maori Party are all self serving scum. Trying to take control over every non maori NZr. The only fear we are facing is from these Power hungry control freaks. Scumbags to be put down in October. Allan
There is no debate in NZ. Only the party line. We are so disappointed with those who purport to be leaders. Karen
It’s all based on false data Peter
What is it going to take to wake up the hypnotised mainstream media sheeple? This is all about fear, control and to destroy the economy and lives of the world. WEF & UN are not even elected officials. They are the minority. It is we the people who are the majority. Stand up & roar like a lion for our future generation instead of bleeping lime frightened sheep for all our sake. Noel
Yep been saying that for years – it’s a man-made religion for sure. Pam
I agree that climate is controlled our planet, not by the people on it. A lot of the scaremongering we hear are Governments asserting control over their citizens. Dennis
It’s Really Hard to believe that someone is Stupid Enough to believe anything this Government has to say ,,, Only Three things are wrong in this world ! Population . Pollution. & politicians.!!! Michael 
The Marxist left school teachers are brainwashing the children with their looney left propaganda. And by trying to adopt a lower voting age are hoping to remain in power, greens/labour. Will
The idiots currently in power are all for earning brownie points from the WEF, not to actually thinking about where their inaccurate predictions will take us as a country. michele
Sensible reports confirm that. Graham
It is the new world religion John
Thank God we still have some Great minds opposing this BIG FAT LIE. I have to ask. Why do New Zealanders insist on voting for a 2 party system that obviously does not have our best interest at heart. Are we tax payers the ones paying their 6 figure salaries to treat us like a pac of sheep? FYI All foreigners coming into NZ for citizenship have been informed they must vote for Labour or they loose their citizenships here? Did you know that? Shhhhh its a secret Sky
It’s just the latest cult Nothing to do with science John B
Wish more people would read this>. Thanks Muriel, and Barry Brill for your work in exposing the Monumental Methane Mistake!! Marianne
The crap that not only here but world wide is ramming down our throats is beyond my reasoning but unbelievable that so many people go along with it.The world has gone bananas Keep up the fight. John
I have always thought that Peter
Please can somebody in government stand up and have the courage to say ” This is not only illogical but it’s dangerous to our livelihoods!” Glenda
That’s what it has always been. 1984 in drag. What astonishes me is the seemingly otherwise intelligent people who believe it. I blame the fact that children are now bought up in a propagandized factory system of brainwashing. Parents for a large part abandoning their responsibility of being their child’s first educator and also abdicating their responsibility to keep a watchful eye on the curriculum and taking action to make sure that the people charged with governing the curriculum are kept on track so that their kids are not being brainwashed by stupid nonsense. Dianna
No Question Keith
We in the main in life people are like sheep lazy in research and Moana when it hits the fan Clint
Totally agree! This government in cahoots with James Shaw and the Greens, have got their heads in the sand. and are leading our country to ruin. The latest data from IPCC should be a wake-up call for all NZers to hold the government to account. We don’t have enough electricity now, and wind and solar power are not reliable sources of electricity. Wake up, Kiwis! Laurence
Russia V Ukraine is the biggest threat to global warming presently/ What we see today has been doing for years.. Solar flareups and perma frost contribute big numbers. The biggest abusers should shut down their plants and clean up pollution otherwise we will all be out the back door the hypocrites. mike
Climate is always changing. Man has no control over it Don
Whole of Society is a mess. Lord help us in October whether we have a change of Govt or not New Zealand will be a mess Francis
The Govt is hell bent on controlling all of US .Buzzy
Absolutely.. any reputable scientists who challenge the hysteria surrounding this matter are abused and denigrated by the scientifically ignorant idiots who believe everything they read in our now totally discredited MSM Rob
The con of the millennium! Piet
Individual weather events are NOT climate change. Patterns are long term changes THAT’S climate change. Peter
Tragically Marxist ideology – idealism over reality. They are such dangerous clowns. John
It is the lie that underpins 15min cities and climate lockdowns by nefarious globalist backed unelected NGOs Skarlett
A total Governmental CON job Chris
Too true for far too long Andi
Hocus pokuss, just like communism the virgin birth, heaven or damnation and other ” cultural” taboos . All to allow a few to control the many. Colin
Virtue signalling morons who have only succeeded in making energy unsustainable for the poor Peter
When a govt bans the use of high quality local coal and allows the import of shit coal from offshore, who stands to gain financially. When nz produces fuel, destroys the factory and imports the product, under the same govt, who stands to gain financially? Raymond
It has become a political tool focussed on popular fantasy and nothing to do with facts and positive practical opportunity responses. Brian
more controls??? why H
It rained last week. It didn’t rain last year on this week, most be global warming. Charles
It has a focus on what it values most and that it therefore deems of most worth. It offers worship to Mother Earth. Of course it is a religion. Ray 
So-called “Climate Change” was .morphed from “Global Warming” around 2010, when the US Space and Science Research Centre advised the US Govt that world temperature data showed no increase in temperature around that period. To suggest that an increase of 200 ppm of CO2 is enough to raise atmospheric temperature containing 200,000 ppm oxygen and 790,000 ppm nitrogen is not science, but pseudo science, euphemistically called “consensus”. Ramsey
It is one big myth. New Zealanders need to wake up to this blatant lie pushed onto us by the leftest agenda. John
Vote National John
People believe what they hear and $1.9b pays for a lot of hearing. Time for a change off political direction Rod
Original skin replaces original sin. Kevin
Properly run businesses do not invest money in activities that do not produce tangible measurable metrics so as to clearly demonstrate the money spent was worth it. Given billions if not trillions of dollars are being spent world wide on climate change ‘initiatives’, where are the tangible, measurable metrics that prove categorically that all the money spent is actually having an effect? I’d wager there are no such metrics available. Don’t get me wrong, climate change is very real, the exact cause is unclear and is more likely natural than man-made. I fail to see how any of what is currently being done to ‘change’ the climate change will have any effect. To that end I have asked the NZ Greens Party to tell me how and what they are doing etc, and to date after a couple of months, I have yet to receive a response from them. Why am I not surprised ??!! Greg
Absolutely. Climate change is just another thing for people to virtue-signal.  Kate
Tell Luxon and Willis to eat humble pie and agree with this. andrew
Many so called green solutions are actually worse than what they replace! Alastair
Push back Kiwi’s. Don’t put up with this garbage Noelene
Nobody know except history Les
Yes John
100% true Peter
Let the push back begin Hugh
It probably be easier to get the Pope to support abortion than get James Shaw to ever debate the issue. Chuck
Agree totally Dominique 
A new Wave of Insanity brought to us by the same People who concieved the ‘Plandemic. this Agenda will probably be the next Lockdown HOAX, after all it is part of the New World Order’s ‘Great Reset !! Geoff
It is about making money out of something which cannot be seen, is vital for all life, and about control. And of preventing improvement of the health and development of third world nations by refusing them good sources of energy. Catherine
This whole climate change ideology is a farce. The worlds weather patterns have changed over eons and will continue to do so. Andrew
Power and Control is also the reason for the Plandemic. Jeff
Climate change is just a scam, so yes, I absolutely agree with the statement!   Jason
When will Kiwis wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated by radical socialists who are using climate change to take control. It is long past time to stand up and say enough is enough. Roger
Labour should be held to account for using discredited measures to determine climate policy because it is being used by councils and insurance companies to effectively penalise home owners. When will the National Party – or ACT – step up and highlight what’s going on??? Judith
It’s disheartening that so many people still believe the world is about to end because of carbon dioxide, even though it is the gas of life. The media and politicians promoting climate scaremongering should be held to account for the lies they are spreading. And schools should be teaching proper science to children, not propaganda.  Chris
Climate change has definitely morphed into totalitarianism. If one of the political parties pledges to expose the scam and rid us of the ginormous regulatory burden that being imposed on the country, they will get my vote! Paul