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The Lesser of Two Evils

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Trump-ClintonPolitics is full of surprises. You only have to look at the US presidential race to see the truth in that statement. But more on that later.

Here in New Zealand, last week’s announcement by Labour and the Greens, that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to showcase themselves as a viable ‘government-in-waiting’, was also a surprise.

In effect, the deal is little more than an agreement to work together to get rid of National – foes united by a common enemy. It is not a coalition agreement as it does not require the two parties to govern together after the election. Nor does it require policy concessions from either.

The Memorandum was touted by Labour and the Greens as a “game changer”. It’s not. The only real difference is that they will be fighting National instead of each other. It poses no new threat to National. If anything it reinforces the scary view promoted by National, that a vote for Labour is a vote for the Greens.

The Prime Minister and his strategists know elections are won in the centre ground of politics through the support of those middle voters, who shop around and support whichever party appeals to them most on voting day. But instead of moving into the centre, as Helen Clark had done to win office, Labour has now teamed up with the most radical socialist party in Parliament.

In spite of being in Parliament for 17 years, New Zealand has never had the Greens in Government – Helen Clark ruled them out during her time in office as being too extreme.

The potential difficulties in terms of policy and positioning for this left-wing accord should not be underestimated.

Taking just one example – Labour recently announced that they too now agree with National, that by preventing councils from ensuring sufficient land is available to meet new housing demand, local authority urban boundaries are the main cause of the nation’s housing shortage.

However, it was the Green Movement’s fanatical aversion to urban sprawl, and their widespread promotion of ‘Smart Growth’ – an ideology based on restricting greenfields development through the creation of urban boundaries – that found favour with council planners and caused the problem in the first place.

So how Labour, a Party that now says it rejects Smart Growth, can present a united approach with the Green Party, which promotes it, remains to be seen.

In effect, the Memorandum of Understanding highlights a deep-seated identity crisis that now faces the Labour Party. Since the Trade Unions gained ideological control of the Party in 2012, Labour’s focus has become more consumed with worker rights. Yet, with many established laws now firmly in place to protect the rights of New Zealand workers, this issue no longer resonates as widely with the voting public as it once did.

As a result, the Party is somewhat stranded – self-focussed and floundering with a grumpy trade union leader who is looking for a cause. All of this is no doubt exacerbating their slide to below 30 percent in the polls.

However, instead of shifting position to widen their appeal and again become the broad church party of old, their union-controlled leadership have decided their future lies to the left – even though there are too few voters out there to win elections.

In fact, Labour stands to be the biggest loser from their deal with the Greens.

For the Greens, being embraced by a more mainstream party is positive – it sends a message that they are no longer considered a whacky fringe party but a serious political player. That will undoubtedly help to shore up their support, especially as the deal also signals to Labour’s left wing supporters that it is OK to vote for the Greens.

But to moderate Labour voters – who don’t want a bar of any association with radical extremists – the agreement will effectively drive them to New Zealand First or National.

In fact, this Memorandum of Understanding will have the Greens smiling all the way to the voting booths in 2017, as they move closer to their goal of becoming the country’s major opposition party.

Meanwhile, in the US, the race for President, which has delivered more surprises than anyone could have predicted, appears to be deteriorating into a choice between the lesser of two evils!

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, a Kiwi who lives in the US, has been closely following the Presidential race. Nicholas Kerr, a marketing consultant with an MBA, is the son of economist Roger Kerr, who had a major influence on New Zealand’s economic direction – and until his untimely death in 2011, was a regular NZCPR guest commentator.

Nicholas has been intrigued by the fact that while the arch-socialist in the race for the Democratic Party nomination, Bernie Saunders, has surprised pundits with his on-going primary wins – attributed not only to support for his campaign pledges, but also to a deep-seated animosity towards Hilary Clinton – it turns out that the countries he likes to say he wants to emulate, through his calls for socialised education, healthcare and more, turned their back on these economically disastrous policies long ago:

“As one of many survivors of New Zealand’s socialist experiment, it’s always surprised me that Bernie Sanders is fond of saying America should look more like Scandinavian countries such as Sweden. Because what’s made Sweden the success it is on many of the metrics Sanders loves to point to aren’t the policies Sanders espouses. On the contrary, the reforms he wants for America are what Scandinavian countries and New Zealand tried and abandoned long ago, because they led to economic misery for us all…

“New Zealand adopted socialism earlier than Sweden and reaped the results. Some have quipped that New Zealand’s version of socialism was taken as far as you can without becoming communist.

“If Bernie Sanders really supported Swedish- and New Zealand-style policies that have lifted up both countries from the depths of economic gloom, he’d be campaigning to the right of Hillary Clinton, in much the same space her husband won and retained office. Instead, Sanders is referring to the failed policies of the 1970s that both countries have long since abandoned.”

While Hilary Clinton is now claiming victory in the race for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Saunders has vowed to keep fighting until the Democratic Convention next month. But the fact that he has been so successful in campaigning on policies that have been shown to fail the world over, appears to be more a reflection on the Democrats’ deep dislike of Hilary Clinton, than on the fact that the US is ready to embrace socialism.

In fact a Reuters-Ipsos poll, released earlier this week, shows that in the November Presidential election, almost half of all American voters will be voting for a candidate they don’t like! In answer to the question, “If the election were held today between Clinton and Trump, who’d get the most support?” almost half of voters, who said they would support either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump for the White House, would be doing so mainly to try to block the other side from winning!

The poll result showed that 44.3 percent would vote for Hillary Clinton as President, 34.7 percent for Donald Trump, with 20.9 percent undecided.

When Clinton voters were asked the primary reason for their support, while 43.3 percent said they agreed with her political positions, and 11.8 percent said they liked her personally, 41.9 percent said they wanted to keep Donald Trump out of office.

And for Trump supporters, while 34.2 percent said they agreed with his political positions, and 7.4 percent said they liked him personally, 54.9 percent said they didn’t want Hillary Clinton to win.

With Hilary Clinton being a career politician and the epitome of the Washington establishment, while Donald Trump is anti-establishment to the core, the Presidential election is now shaping up to be a battle between a consummate ‘insider’ versus an outspoken ‘outsider’ – a vote for more of the same or a vote for change.

So, what is Donald Trump proposing? Given that the widespread media animosity towards him, and the negative reporting, virtually all we hear about is the wall with Mexico, the temporary ban on Muslim immigration, and his seeming opposition to free trade. So what is it that has propelled this straight-talking, self-made billionaire to win the Republican nomination – and would his message resonate with New Zealanders?

Firstly, the theme of his campaign is making America great again: “America has been great to me, I want to be great to America. I want to put us back on the right course and Make America Great Again!”

He is opposed to political correctness: “Being politically correct takes too much time. We have too much to get done!”

He doesn’t believe in man-made global warming and has vowed to not only reverse President Obama’s climate change regulations, but to “cancel the Paris agreement” – and stop all payments to the United Nations climate change fund.

He wants to unite America: “I will unify and bring our country back together. We will be one.”

He doesn’t want his Presidency to be beholden to the establishment or special interests: “I want to win for the people of this great country. The only people I will owe are the voters. The media, special interests, and lobbyists are all trying to stop me. I am self funding my campaign so I don’t owe anything to lobbyists and special interests.”

Since he says he intends to be “the greatest job-producing president in American history”, what are his pro-growth policies?

He explains that in order to achieve the American dream, he wants to “let people keep more money in their pockets and increase after-tax wages.”

To do that, he proposes tax relief for middle-America, through a simplified tax code: anyone earning $25,000 or less would pay no tax at all. Those earning from $25,000 to $50,000, would pay 10 percent tax. Those earning from $50,000 to $150,000, would pay 20 percent tax. And those earning over $150,000, would pay 25 percent tax.

Furthermore, he wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent to “unleash American ingenuity here at home and make us more globally competitive”. He says his tax cut would put the US rate “at 10 percentage points below China and 20 points below the current burdensome rate that pushes companies and jobs offshore”.

Donald Trump intends to fund the tax cuts by reducing or eliminating most existing tax deductions and loopholes. He also intends to call for the repatriation of corporate cash held overseas by offering a one-time discounted 10 percent tax rate: “Since we are making America’s corporate tax rate globally competitive, it is only fair that corporations help make that move fiscally responsible. US-owned corporations have as much as $2.5 trillion in cash sitting overseas. Some companies have been leaving cash overseas as a tax manoeuvre. Under this plan, they can bring their cash home and put it to work in America while benefiting from the newly-lowered corporate tax rate that is globally competitive and no longer requires parking cash overseas. Other companies have cash overseas for specific business units or activities. They can leave that cash overseas, but they will still have to pay the one-time repatriation fee.”

On tax, with Hilary Clinton planning to make US taxes more progressive – including offering businesses a tax break as long as they share their profits with workers – and Donald Trump wanting to simplify and flatten all tax codes, American voters will have a real choice. But the question remains, as to whether it will be the quality of the policy agenda that will eventually decide this race for the next President, or an intense dislike of the other candidate. Only time will tell.


Who do you think would make a better US President: Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?  


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Worst candidates in history. The critical Matter at stake is who gets to appoint The next Supreme Court judge. John
They are both dumb. Allan
His intense dislike of bureaucracy, PC, liberal values and strong will and his desire to make America great. He could be the salvation of that country. He may be bombastic but he is not an idiot. John
She’s only slightly less bad than Trump. Terry
There was a horrible scandal involving the Clintons many years ago that was titled Whitewater. It had to do with fraud and corruption around Real Estate investments during the 1970s and 1980s. The Clinton’s were a big part of this. Others involved were sentenced with prison terms but Hillary and Bill got off scot-free. Both are not nice people but come across as warm, cuddly, wonderful Christian people, nothing could be further from the truth. The Clinton Foundation is made up with money from people and places that are unacceptable. Hillary says she has the women’s vote. Wrong, I am a woman and would vote for my cat before I would vote for her. The Saudi government gave the Hillary Foundation $125,000. Saudi the most “against women” regime in the world. How many women have they beheaded this year? Hillary is a hypocrite. She has been involved in the American political scene for years starting with being First Lady in Arkansas when Bill was Governor there. As for Donald, I don’t think he could do any worse than Hillary. If Hillary wins it will be another four years of Obama, if Donald wins, well only time will tell. Donald would get my tick as I can’t stand either of the Clinton’s. Lynn
By a long shot. He is a mould breaker. He is anti Muslim and has no PC in his outlook. WE dont need to worry about self serving money grubbers – he has all the money he will ever need. WE need someone with courage in this dangerous world. Clinton only ther because she isa woman. 50% of voters are women who will vote for a woman regardless of political colour. Go for Trumpy!! Thomas
Trump has given the neglected American voters fresh hope. If elected he will work for the people – not for vested interests and lobby groups. O.K. He is not a perfect person but I say he is a genuine person. He says what he thinks and this resonates with many voters. In any case it’s time the political classes, both here and overseas, were given a shake up and Trump is the man to do it. I wish him well. Denis
Which candidate would be most likely to instigate more warfare possibly leading to World War 3, I believe this would be Hillary Clinton. Jane
Neither really appeal. John
Unless the radical Islamists in and coming to the US are stopped, the country will descend into anarchy. Crooked Clinton doesn’t understand this. Trump does, so he gets my support in this poll.. Refer Newt Gingrigh ‘s recent comment that compared to Clinton, Trump is ‘virtuous.’ Garry
She’s establishment, a liar has gang affiliations through her daughter’s marriage. Benghazi. Too old. USA needs a go-getter and although Trump has a long way to go, he is smart and speaks his mind unfettered by political convention and “correctness”. If he wins we will see a world wide political reaction against the established political elite who have made a mockery of Democracy. Bill
What is less evil about the Greens or Maori party with their extreme & separatist agendas in NZ? Hilary Clinton may have broken the glass ceiling for the U.S. woman presidential nomination but there is plenty of broken glass in the form of federal investigations, corruption & hypocrisy for her to contend with. I wish Donald Trump well to try and save our Western style of civilisation. When he is President, perhaps he could come & teach NZers to NOT be politically correct. Monica
He is not frightened to say what he thinks,he has some good policies, america needs someone with balls, only wish we had someone like him, instead of the mansy/pansy pc brigade that we have. Noel
Heaven help the US and the West if Hillary Clinton becomes the next US President. Tony
He isn’t the establishment, under the control of Wall Street Bankers and has fresh ideas to restore the US economy. Robert
The public are sick to death of the b…s and want a seachange in attitude, not just in the USA but in a lot of western countries including NZ where we are beleagured with maori favouritism. Doug
Trump is about the USA, he wants to protect the border, and he wishes to examine ideologies which are opposed to the western way of life and threaten western values. He wants to implement immigration policies which are best for America. He wishes to bring back manufacturing jobs to America which will provide jobs to unskilled workers who are unemployed and have lost hope and a sense of self worth. I wish our government would do the same. Politicians promise the world to become elected, but go on to feather their own nest. Fred
To prevent Trump getting there. David
Trump is a redneck but a straight shooter whereas Clinton could not LIE straight in bed at night, I predict that the common folk of America will vote Trump in as their next President. Wayne
I do not trust either of them. God save America. Ann
Clinton only by default. Mark
Donald Trump speaks and behaves very much like Adolf Hitler and look what happened to him and his country not so long ago! Theodorus
He is anti establishment. That has to be good. Jim
Hillary cannot be trusted. That has been proven. She says one thing but does the other. Would I give Donald my vote. I don’t think so but of two I just could be. Johan
It’s a lottery but he says what a lot of people think – which of course he can because he has nothing to lose. If elected – who knows what would happen. As far as I am concerned I have a great mistrust of all politicians, world-wide – so cynical. Fiona
Of the 2 candidates he is the best. Clinton should be in jail, she is untrustworthy, a proven liar and an absolute fraud. Also her play on the fact that she is a woman and that people should vote for her because of this just sickens me. Allan
He’s scary and it’s not a wonderful choice but Trump has got to be better than Clinton. Rob
More appropriate experience. Duncan
Donald Trump carries no political baggage and having the Clintons back in the white house will destroy America further as they are both crooked as is Barack Obama. Trump may be outspoken but he is the best to make America great again. Ken
Trump’s non-PC Is good for me and I can see you will agree. George
Hilary Clinton is past her use by date. A post menopause female lacking the will and determination needed for the post of Commander of the Police Force that acts for the Free-World on a global scale. This is a position and job for a male because of the leadership qualities needed. Whilst there are exceptions to the rule considering females, Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher! She is also, potentially a crook! We are entering the Chamberlain Era when it comes to China. This totalitarian dictatorship has no respect for Democracy and has infiltrated into global democracies, socially, politically and commercially on a grand scale. The next period has started in the US with the silent majority becoming aware that their country%u2019s ability to produce basic living goods has been destroyed by vulnerable political trade agreements. Thus, Chinese expansionism has been in a position to dissolve markets, diminish industries and target home companies. This electoral awakening in the US is using Donald Trump as the vehicle to make massive changes to the political system and establishment. Much of this new path will be to take back sovereignty and rebuild basic manufacturing to return jobs to the US. Thus restoring economic opportunity and the return of wealth. Trump identifies with the analysis that past US governments, using one-sided political trade agreements, have virtually shut down the countries ability to produce basic goods. Thus destroying an economic fundamental required for its economy to be functional, healthy and sound. Instead, its debt burden is only surpassed by China that has used $28 trillion to control its people and the rest of the world in order to expand a political doctrine that is contrary to democracy. Amazingly, much of this money came from the West with its consumption addiction! That is – us!!! Just like in Australia and New Zealand – there is currently no will or leadership in the US to face realities and move out of the cultural bubble that politicians live in. Hopefully, a Trump regime backed by a Republican Congress will be able to make the regulatory changes necessary to prevent further abuse of basic, but proven, economic fundamentals. A path upward to prosperity can only be re-opened by recommencing production development through domestic manufacturing. A Trump Presidency may achieve this path. In Australia and New Zealand we need the same path – upward! Frederick
No brainer. Bruce
The lesser of two evils — haven’t heard Hillary utter one word about what she will do if elected — her only comments relate to criticizing others. Alan
As a billionaire Trump has a proven track record of successful management. Hillary has nothing but lies and scandals. Trump also supports small government, low taxes, and doesn’t support the lie that is catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Murray
Trump does not appear have much political nous. Is too aggressive rather than conciliatory. not good for the leader of the most powerful country. Denis
I would be worried if Donald Trump got his hands on the nuke button. John
I like him. Peter
Hitlary Clinton can only be described as Vile. Roger
Given the Clinton record, I would not trust her. She would be a disaster for USA. Trump is outspoken and could be the one to turn America around after the semi -radacle Obama term. Brian
Good to get rid of the PC approach to everything, says it like it is, not beholden to any lobbying groups. Alan
His rhetoric does him harm however being self made he is more likely to listen to the voters as apposed to the lobbyists. His tax reform will do more for helping make USA stand tall and become a world leader rather than a mouthpiece for the UN and this may help New Zealand see the light. Although I do not agree with Nationals giving in to the Maori loud noises We need some one at the helm who has the ability to get NZ out of the hole. John
Trump for Prez for sure. Russell
Clinton is as dishonest as the president who endorses her. Her record of lies is appalling.  Incidentally, she is not the first woman to be nominated for president. Victoria Wood hull was-144 years ago, but Clinton never was one to worry about the truth. Harvey
Trump for sure, he is not as close to the devil than that. James
He’s got two to totoo with. Peter
Money will not buy respect. Stupidity can be bought and Bribed, the U.S.A has plenty of morons as Trumps has brought out with his Ranting and Raving for all the World to see. Dave
D. T. is scary! Doug
Trump is a wager and an unknown quantity. This election in the US is a watershed event of true significance as it will establish the make up of the US Supreme Court for a decade. A Clinton Presidency guarantees a Progressive Left Supreme Court packed with law MAKING justices. A Trump Presidency is at least a 50:50 bet on getting at least a neutral Supreme Court or perhaps a Conservative Court that will roll back the unconstitutional ‘law MAKING’ shenanigans of the current court and the potential for a vast increase in this illegal activity.Regardless of the rest of the issues this alone is key in the future stability of the US Republic and the stability of the globe. Peter
Trump by a country mile. Clinton is just power hungry. But, just like they elected Obama because he’s black, they’ll elect Clinton because she’s a woman. Mark
God help the world if Trump is elected President. Putin will have a field day. The idiot from North Korea will get upset and will let a missile go at America and he won’t know how to handle the Chinese situation. Graham
A vote for Hillary is a vote for more Neoconservatism she will lead the US into a major war as the US economy gets worse. Les
Trump is a bit of a gamble but his track record says he is capable. If elected i think he’d have to come to understand that politics is the art of the possible – that is not to say he would not try to realise his ideals. Mark
While he makes off-the-cuff rash statements, his basic driving principles are OK. I believe he will engage a team of good advisers and listen to what they have to say before acting. Clinton would be a total disaster. She, and her totally amoral “husband” of convenience, are out and out self-seeking money-grubbers. Aunty Podes
Difficult choice. One a liar the other a mixed slightly crazy view on America. Laance
He would do better for America. Patricia
Donald has got people who don’t normally vote interested in politics. Hilary knows her business and is aware of ramifications of trying to control events. Louise
Trump is a thug and ignorant of real life. Brian
His apparent independance from lobbyists and political bribery/corruption appeals. The Clintons and their ilk are morally bankrupt and full of evil. Bryan
I believe ALL Politicians are corrupt and damn right liars but Donald just maybe more honest then the other lot. Mark
Trump the Chump ia all mouth and trousers and appeals to the less intelligent voters. Clinton, however, is a more experienced politico with a measured approach to America’s and the world’s needs. John
Donald Trump is the most foul-mouthed vicious irrational blowhard we have ever seen in recent politics, in the English speaking world. He’s gotta go. Anywhere…but not in charge of the USA, not in charge of the “Nuclear suitcase” pr anything else which could plunge the world into war. What he really needs is a very sound psychiatrist. His behaviour is not rational. I cannot understand why he has got so far. Hillary Clinton may not be ideal, but she surely is at least Grounded? Mabel
This is the most important election in America’s history. A president does not have to be philosophically and politically pure or graciously elegant. So far, Donald Trump has punched a huge hole in Gramscian (an Italian Marxist) Political Correctness. Donald trump, in the American way, MUST break the Republican establishment as Margaret Thatcher broke the Tory “Wets” (socialists) establishment. Refer to an on line documentary. Margaret Thatcher: The Death of a Revolutionary. America is rapidly losing its middle class which was what it was all about from day one – reason, individualism and laissez-faire capitalism. There isn’t much left of that now. Trump will need a bullet-proof vest if not a suit of amour. Go to it Donald! Don
Trump – whether he can overcome the corrupt US political establishment and the Globalist opposition to make it to the Presidency is another matter – there are still a lot of obstacles to be overcome between now and November. You can be sure the US elections will be near the top of the list for “discussion” at the Bilderburger Conference! At best, Trump may have the nomination snatched away from him at the last minute by the GOP. At worst, he will stop a bullet or a bomb – the forces, both overt and covert, ranged against him are formidable. In short it will be a miracle if he makes it – Hillary is the anointed one and the Powers that Be are moving heaven and earth to ensure that she is elected. Watch for the FBI investigation to go away – especially now that Obama is giving her his full support, along with George Soros and other NWO organizations. Whether or not the American voters wake up in time remains to be seen. Either way there will be hell to pay! Scott
Trumps isolationist poicies would be bad for NZ and everybody else for that matter. Graeme
Will get rid of political correctness. Alan
Neither! If this is what they (Republicans and Democrats) can come up with as presidential candidates I say the US are a very poor country indeed. And when I hear these cheerleading howls of the attending masses when they give their speeches I think maybe that is what they deserve. Michael
Trump is not beholden to the big banks. Joan
He has the courage to stand up to the establishment. Willy
Who wants a lunatic running the funny farm …. unfortunately the U.S. has become a funny farm! Bruce
They are both not that great. But Hillary Clinton would more of a thinker. Donald Trump is too much Mr big guy. Too much rushing in to things. Robert
As you rightly point out the proposed choice is very much the lesser of two evils, but your assessment on Trump’s tax strategy, if it comes to pass – would influence my voting choice…were I able to vote in US elections. Terence
Sadly she is the lesser of the two evils. Trump is far too radical to be safe anywhere near the weaponry! He relies on extremist hype he could never administrate. Paul
The Don’s policies are way more likely to succeed in boosting a flagging economy than would dishonest Hillary’s. Barry
Hilary is just another Obama and he is a disaster. Do we want another disaster running the USA? No thanks. Kevin
We do not want Hillary as president. IAN
He might take on the ingrained bureaucracy, which is crippling the western world! Stuart
Every part of the world Hillary Clinton goes people die!! Phil
Neither, but Hillary Clinton is so extraordinarily evil that the harm she will cause to the entire world is- to me -frightening to contemplate. She is incapable of speaking anything but lies & worse. Grace
With his lowering of the tax rates he will make America great again. Hillary Clinton is too close to the establishment and will keep America on the present downward slide to oblivion. Colin
Both I have my doubts about. It will be scary which ever one wins. Cherryl
Trump does not need the power, he already has that. Trump does not need the money, he already has that. Trump is a patriot and puts his country first. If just those 3 things are true, he will make a better president. Besides, it is usually always a disaster when a woman becomes the leader of a country. Helen is an example of just that because she did irreparable damage to New Zealand. Neil
The establishment in NZ is not much better than in Washington. We don’t need PC nonsense or racial water rights etc. Michael
I distrust both candidates. Ken
She has had far more international experience than Trump for a start. Mel
Can there be any doubt. Donald
Donald Trump will be the right man for the job he will come in fresh with out baggage from past politics. Russell
Original ideas. Mary
They are both unsuitable but Trump has lees baggage. Graeme
If people took the trouble to read the grubby history of the crooked Clintons, they wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole. I would give Trump a big tick. Carolyn
I don’t like either of them much and would vote for Bernie Sanders. K
He is like a breath of fresh air – not afraid to express his views. Whether in a democracy like the USA he manages to change anything, who knows. But he will make people think (and act?) Voters are sick of bureaucracy ruling their lives. John
The reason he has so much momentum with the voting public of America is, he’s pushing all the right buttons and saying the things that the voters want said on a greater scale than they can say themselves. The bigger the voice, the louder the message and Trump is saying what the American voters want said on the greatest scale. More strength to the man and to his policies. He’s about the only honest proposed politician on the scene in America today and the voters have recognised that by pushing him to where he is today. John
We need a shift away from political ideologies that just feed bureaucrats who make a career on spending other peoples money. Maurice
America has a chance if Trump is elected. Hilary Clinton is totally untrustworthy. Ronmac
He represents the long awaited antidote to to the left, and political correctness. Everyone in the media and governments everywhere have failed to moniter this frustration or understand it. John
No way can the world afford Trump. Robbie
Hopefully Trump will not be assassinated as his approach is similar to John F Kennedy. Peter
Give him a chance to put his money where his mouth is? We can always gag him! Bob
Best of 2 guesses. Warren
Pseudoliberals like Hillary C make me puke. Give me an honest crook any day! Barend
Hilary is dishonest. Colin
Apart from a few idiot remarks hes saying what the oridinary man in the street says or thinks. Richard
Not paid for by the bankers. Chris
All the way. Graham
Trump will not be as outlandish as many people may think. His tax policies are both specific and realistic and once the establishment has dealt with their political indigestion they will see that what he proposes will bring benefits to the U.S.A. Peter
Hilary “Rotten” Clinton…..you need to research her history!!!!! Wayne
I don’t envy the people of USA making a choice! Jack
Experienced Foreign Secretary & wife of a 2 time President. She knows how to conduct herself in world affairs & would have good credibility at home & abroad. Don
America under the current style of leadership is heavily in debt and certainly not thriving. The interest which they pay on financial loans from China pays the total cost of Chinas armed forces. They have created wars where non existed and haven’t won one in living memory. They have only succeeded in de-stabalising the countries which they thought needed liberating. In short they think they are the worlds policeman. They have a border with Mexico which has more holes than a sieve, People smugglers are thriving and as a result there are 12million illegal Mexican immigrants in USA. No problem if they go through the official immigration process. How do you stop it? Well, build a wall or at least improve the system. what is wrong with this? Illegal immigrants are flocking to Europe and they are closing borders and building fences to control the problem. What’s the difference? Donald Trump says I can fix these issues and make the necessary changes. Hilary Clinton is so steeped it the traditional USA politics that it will be more of the same if she is elected. I say Trump to win by a short head !!!! Mike
Both bad. Chris
America great again would be great for the world. Graham
Without doubt Donald Trump will make a great President of the USA and by association will give the West the will to get rid of the stupid political correctness disease that is crippling the Western World. I would be delighted to vote for a New Zealand version of Donald Trump. What a great leader he will be! I wish him every success and look forward to a new America and a revival of Western strength and prosperity. God help us all if Mrs Clinton wins. The world will go crashing into the most severe economic depression in history. Phase I was presided over by Bill Clinton and accelerated by Barack Obama and will be further driven on by Hilary Clinton. Dianna
He says what he thinks, not what his spin doctors tell him to say, although if he gets into power that could all change. Glenn
The crazy Trump vs The crooked Clinton (who should be in jail). The worst democracy in the world. John
Donald Trump is not a professional politician, & that is why some words come out of his mouth that shouldn’t. He is however, a professional business man, & surely that will lead America down a far more prosperous road than the Socialist view that is expressed by Obama & Clinton. {Give us your money because we know how to spend it far better than you, if you don’t give us enough we will just borrow some more}. A.G.R.
With Sarah Palin for VP. Wouldn’t trust Hilary Clinton as far as I could throw an elephant. Kerry
Hilary is a corrupt criminal, she has sold America off to make money for herself and Bill. Graeme
His outspokeness may be politically naive but at least it is somewhat refreshing to have someone who can mouth off a bit. Hillary is not an honest person and her body language shows this. Murray
Although I don’t agree with Cinton’s political ideas the disaster in waiting, if Trump wins is frightening for US and the world. He has so many extreme plans and any one of many could spell disaster for world safety and peace. Chris
Not sure how bad he will be -KNOW how bad she will be! Roger
With minders he will be another Ronald Regan. Dave
Less chance of WW III breaking out under Hillary Clinton and way less divisive. David
At least he is honest with his presentation and does not have foreign input to support his campaign and he is American with a straight forward outlook and the country obviously badly needs reevaluating. Ian
Trump hasn’t even started to dismantle “Crooked Hillary” yet. BTW, It’s Bernie Sanders, not Saunders. Mike
Better than Clinton. Dael
Really speaking, I am surprised at the success of both in their respective parties. If Donald Trump is picked, and he does what he says he will do, it will be interesting, and could change politics worldwide!. A new broom sweeps clean. If Hillary Clinton gets the nod, I don’t see anything new. If nothing changes, things will remain the same! Kevan
Trump pro America & Americans, Pro freedom& liberty. supports the constitution. Cannot be bought by wall street. Supports both the first & second amendment pillars of freedom & democracy. Clintons are political hookers who will figuratively lie down with anyone for money & power basically fascists by another name, completely against freedom. Tracy
Neither – the US electoral system is all about $$$$ and the inluence these can buy. They are both tainted with allegations of corruption. Both seem equally untrustworthy, God help the USA. Andrew
…a new beginning is required urgently…!! Chris
Clinton is a proven liar, untrustworthy and wants Bill Clinton to run the economy! Her email leaks may have led to the deaths of USA agents abroad, according to Fox and Professor Jon Turley [North West Uni]. I worked in the States for 3 years and Washington is a basket case of bureaucrats and lobbyists! Our Wellington bureaucrats run their own agenda but Washington is the Pits….. David
Both are pretty pathetic- and extreme. Donald
An awful choice to have to make between two most unsuitable candidates. Trump is possibly the lesser of two evils. Peter
At this stage I would say neither. Tim
Time to step away from debt, consumerism, lobbyists, corruption & lack of statesmanship. Mike
The corporate establishment is terrified of Trump since he has made no bones about attacking the corruption so deeply imbedded in American politics. If the pope hates him, China and Mexico hate him, as well as the Zionist controlled media, he is obviously doing something right. The Globalists who vainly seek control of the entire planet’s economy and resources have spent billions of dollars trying to discredit Trump and have their slimy little lap dog in the White House. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, incompetent, soulless as well as completely venal and corrupt. As a president of this crumbling country she would be an utter disaster. Were the other creeps like the puppet president Obama and his minions not protecting her from being hauled into a law court on countless charges including high treason, she would be looking at a jail term of 70 years. It is truly fascinating having watched the whole theatre being played out on computer information not available on our ‘news’ channels, just how mortifyingly ignorant too many Americans are. While they appear to be rapidly sliding into socialism, incredibly, a significant proportion of the population would actually vote for Crooked Hillary. I despair of them. Charles
Lessor of two evils. Chuck
He is the only leader in the free world to make a stand against the PC lefty hand wringers. Greg
He is what the USA needs now. A Business man NOT a Politician Geoff
It is a No Brainer. It is about time some one outside the political “Family” was President. Ian
Despite his sometimes egregious outbursts, Trump is a smart man. In office, he would undoubtedly heed sound advice; at the moment, he is belligerently conducting an election campaign, which is an altogether different demand. He would be much stronger in his dealings with the Arab states, China, and perhaps also Russia, than Clinton would. Behind it all, she is an establishment figure who, if the money’s right, will follow Obama’s lead of saying much and doing little. Graham
Best of the two worst candidates. Karl
Clinton can’t be trusted. Look at her record. Julien
Let’s wait a month or two until its head to head and their policies are more obvious. Brian
Bernie for president!!!! John
Best of a bad lot. Barry
While I do not like him – I feel NZ could Trust him — Not so Hilary. John
And he is NOT under FBI investigation! Mike
In the free world…we cannot afford to have a weak US…Last thing we need is to have them go down the “Road of Political correctness”..Socialism. Warwick
The entrenched systems have to be thrown out. Clean the bench top and start again with simple systems. I.E. Roger Douglas. Wayne
Good God! El
They need a hard nose person in charge Jim
Trump would be better than Clinton. He has a lot to learn but his straight talk and sensible ideas are refreshing – especially on climate change. Keith
Hilary Clinton thinks she will win because she’s a woman, but many women don’t trust her. That’s why Bernie Sanders did so well. She would be a dreadful President. Dianne
Why don’t NZ politicians adopt Trump’s tax package – that would crank up the economy and get New Zealand working! Brian
The US is in a terrible bind – I wouldn’t vote for either candidate! Graeme
Labour were mad to do a deal with the Greens. National will be laughing all the way to the election. Steve