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The Lockdown Week 1 – Questions…

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Here we all are in week one of an event that is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Our country closed down by the Government and everyone quarantined at home.

While the Prime Minister claims that putting us under an effective state of house arrest is the only way to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and prevent “tens of thousands of New Zealand deaths”, many questions remain about the way this crisis is being handled.

First some perspective.

During every winter’s influenza epidemic, around a million New Zealanders become infected with highly contagious flu viruses. Upwards of 500 people die. The very young and very old are most at risk, as well as those with pre-existing medical conditions. Although our hospitals can be overwhelmed, for most of us life continues without too much disruption.

The difference between this COVID-19 outbreak and the flu is, of course, the fact that there are vaccines for influenza. While they may not always be a perfect match with the particular strain of flu prevailing at the time, they nevertheless help to create widespread immunity.

Any potential mis-match is due to timing. The decision on the content of a vaccine has to be made in October to allow 5 to 6 month for the manufacture of the 1.5 million doses New Zealand needs by March. While it’s based on the dominant strains of influenza in the northern hemisphere winter, by the time the viruses make their way to New Zealand for our winter, they may have mutated so even those who have been vaccinated may be vulnerable to some of the strains in circulation. 

Individuals become immune to a virus when they develop antibodies either naturally through exposure or a vaccine. When enough people can no longer transmit an infectious virus, the disease will die out and the population will have gained what is known as ‘herd immunity’.

Pandemics like COVID-19 occur when there is no herd immunity and no vaccine. It’s similar to the situation in 2003 when another new coronavirus – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS – emerged from China.

Following that pandemic, the Ministry of Health produced a plan for dealing with such outbreaks. It required all contacts to be tracked and anyone not needing hospital care to “be isolated at home or in some other suitable facility throughout the period of communicability”.

Household members were to be relocated away from anyone infected. If that was not possible, they were to minimise contact, with daily follow up by public health officials to determine whether symptoms develop.

Since COVID-19 is the same virus family as SARS, questions must be asked as to why such a plan was not enacted once the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak to be a pandemic on 12 March?

More specifically, why did the Government decide not to isolate the ten cases in New Zealand at the time?

By isolating infected people, Singapore was not only able to contain the virus without putting others at risk, but they also avoided the need to shut their entire economy down.

Meanwhile, new research emerging from around the world suggests that the virus is not as dangerous as originally thought. Once the high incidence of asymptomatic cases had been factored in, the fatality rate of Covid-19 in the Chinese city of Wuhan drops to between 0.04 percent and 0.12 percent – lower than the seasonal flu at 0.1 percent.

Oxford University researchers found that fewer than one in a thousand people infected with COVID-19 becomes sick enough to need hospitalisation. The vast majority have only mild symptoms or none at all. Their assessment of the fatality rate for the virus in the UK is around 0.002 percent, far lower than the seasonal flu.

Many specialists are also beginning to conclude that pre-existing diseases may be a more important factor than the virus itself, with 99 percent of the patients in Italy, who tested positive for the virus and died having had one or more pre-existing conditions.

German immunologist and toxicologist Professor Stefan Hockertz concurs, explaining that most so-called ‘corona deaths’ have in fact died of other causes while also testing positive for the virus. He believes up to ten times more people than reported are infected, but show no or few symptoms. Professor Hockertz says, “Covid-19 is no more dangerous than influenza, but is simply observed much more closely. More dangerous than the virus is the fear and panic created by the media and the ‘authoritarian reaction’ of many governments.”

Northwestern University’s Professor Charles Manski, who has analysed government responses to the virus, explains, “Two fundamental strategies are possible: mitigation, which focuses on slowing but not necessarily stopping epidemic spread – reducing peak healthcare demand while protecting those most at risk of severe disease from infection; and suppression, which aims to reverse epidemic growth, reducing case numbers to low levels and maintaining that situation indefinitely.”

He warns about the risk when governments choose ‘suppression’, saying that the epidemiological modelling upon which such approaches are based, does not quantify “the enormous social and economic costs which have a significant impact on health and well-being in the short and longer-term.”

Singapore is a country that has chosen mitigation as its policy approach, but so too has Sweden. It has adopted a far more liberal strategy.

Sweden has not closed its borders nor its schools. Neither has it closed non-essential businesses. Even the ski slopes are continuing to operate. Skiers are asked to keep their distance while queuing at the lifts – and in restaurants – but otherwise, it’s business as usual.

This response is based on their philosophy of “trusting the public to adopt voluntary measures to delay the spread of the virus”.

Along with a common sense approach to hygiene and social distancing, the Swedish strategy is based on two principles: firstly, at-risk groups must be protected by requiring older people and those with underlying health problems to remain isolated, and secondly, anyone with flu symptoms must stay at home.

In comparison, here in New Zealand, the lockdown policy imposed by Jacinda Ardern’s Government, which is crippling our economy, is based on suppression.

Their decision was informed by modelling produced by Otago University, which included a doomsday scenario. That report, Potential Worse Case Health Impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic for New Zealand if Eradication Fails, states:  

“In this worse case scenario the epidemic would be expected to peak in early July 2020. A total of 3.32 million New Zealanders would be expected to get symptomatic illness; 146,000 would be sick enough to require hospital admission; 36,600 would be sick enough to require critical care; and 27,600 would be expected to die. This death toll would far exceed the death toll for NZ from World War One (18,000 deaths) and from the 1918 influenza pandemic (9000 deaths). Not considered here also are all the deaths from people who don’t receive normal care (eg, for heart attacks) due to re-orientation of the health system to deal with COVID-19.”

Their modelling indicates restrictions may need to be in place for 6 months, 9 months, or the ‘rest of year’ to reduce ‘peak’ hospital demand. It concludes, “If New Zealand fails with its current eradication strategy toward COVID-19, then health outcomes for New Zealand could be very severe. If interventions were intense enough however, in some scenarios the epidemic peak could still be suppressed or pushed out to the following year (at which time a vaccine may be available).”

Just as the Government’s zero carbon policies are based on apocalyptic climate models that don’t take into account real-life evidence, has Jacinda Ardern fallen into the same trap with COVID-19?

The Prime Minister has called for national unity in dealing with the virus pandemic: everyone working together. And largely, that’s what people are doing.

She also wanted an end to political point scoring during the emergency, accusing National’s leader Simon Bridges of politicising the crisis whenever he challenged the Government’s coronavirus strategy.

But while National MPs and candidates have now put electioneering on hold for the duration of the crisis, Labour has been publishing taxpayer funded adverts promoting their ‘success’ in handling the pandemic.

In fact, politics appears to underlie many of the Government’s recent decisions.

Isn’t that why billions of dollars of the business support package were targeted at beneficiaries through a permanent $25 a week increase in benefits and a doubling of the winter energy payment?

Isn’t it why landlords were attacked just before the lockdown through a rent freeze and a ban on evicting dangerous tenants?

Isn’t it why an additional $56 million in race-based funding was given to Maori on top of all of the other support being provided to New Zealanders? 

And isn’t it why the Police and Jacinda Ardern have turned a blind eye to the vigilante road blocks set up by tribal activists around the country?

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, freelance writer Michael Coote, has been outraged by the actions of politicians, police and councils in condoning these illegal blockades:

“The roadblocks are mendaciously represented as precautionary COVID-19 sanitary cordons imposed at alleged tribal borders, yet patently have a political function as Trojan horses for Maori racial supremacists to claim control of contemporary internal borders at which other people can be stopped and prevented from entry just like sovereign states.  The COVID-19 blockades are actually crude assertions of Maori tribal sovereignty.  COVID-19 will eventually pass as an issue, but the precedent that Maoris can arbitrarily prevent people from lawful passage and freedom of movement throughout New Zealand will linger unless central government takes a stand…

“Maori rahuis have no legal force. The current ‘road rahui’ Maoris are private interests who have no legal right to block public roads, impede lawful passage, or stop, obstruct, interrogate, and turn back travelers, or otherwise impair access to public or private land, apart from land they themselves own.  People promoting and implementing illegal public road blockades should be subject to swift official interventions such as warnings, arrest and removal, and court prosecution by authorities such as Police and local and central government.” 

That our Government is not only condoning vigilante border patrols in blatant breach of a country-wide lockdown – but also the effective establishment of tribal sovereignty – is indeed a constitutional outrage. How can this be acceptable under any circumstances?

More importantly, what is the Prime Minister going to do about it?

Without a doubt, these are troubling times. New Zealand’s COVID-19 cases continue to grow and tragically we have had our first death. While for now we are all stuck in our “bubbles”, questions remain about what happens next?

Will the Government’s commitment to their models mean we will be forced to stay in home detention for longer than the four weeks they indicated? Or will they allow the economy to start rebuilding, while recommending that at-risk groups continue to protect themselves until a vaccine is available?

Professor Michael Osterholm, the director of the US Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, who has been researching options for re-starting an economy after a lockdown, has observed that there was hardly any difference in the rate of transmission of the COVID-19 virus between Hong Kong, which closed its schools, and Singapore, which didn’t.

So, if New Zealand schools could re-open at the end of the 28-day lockdown, then family members would be able to work, paving the way for our recovery to begin.

Professor Osterholm suggests: “The best alternative will probably entail letting those at low risk for serious disease continue to work, keep business and manufacturing operating, and ‘run’ society, while at the same time advising higher-risk individuals to protect themselves through physical distancing and ramping up our health-care capacity as aggressively as possible. With this battle plan, we could gradually build up immunity without destroying the financial structure on which our lives are based…”

That sounds like a pretty sensible plan for New Zealand too.


*Should the Prime Minister require tribal blockades to be removed?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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We are one country or should be! John
Just more Social Engineering by far left extremists to divide and destabilise mainstream NZ society Bill
Yes, absolutely! Preferably with the tribes they represent! Frank
The police cannot give any individual or group permission to break the law. Its absolutely disgusting that this is allowed to go on. Jacinda should resign! Roger
it is a dangerous precedence. Mike
Maoris are not above the law Stan
It will save lives – look at the aged care facilities. The only reason it is getting attention is because they hate Maori people. George
Definitely. Alan
Maori in NZ is now defined by the filthy few who have worked out how to scam a weak useless socialist government with no back bone or know how – average Maori on the street does not benefit from the millions we have handed out to these scam artist and it needs to stop now. Stuart
She will ignore it – too hard basket – and she might not win it. -Shame Maurice
There needs to be an adequate police presence to help isolated communities keep themselves safe. These communities have very limited health services through no fault of their own. Kelvin
They clearly illegal and being used as a wedge for Maori isolation and mob law Stewart
What an absolutely brilliant article Dr Newman. The Labour Government have tanked our economy, for nothing. I have thought this all along, but keep getting shouted down by friends and family. Good on you….. Verne
Absolutely yes. One rule for all. Oh that’s right, we have Maoris don’t we. Graeme
All tribal blockades should of been removed immediately. This action of blocking public roads is a blatant disregard of NZ law and should of been corrected immediately. The rights of all NZ citizens must be protected at all times. Robert
Remove them as a matter of urgency Megan
More racial pandering by the Marxist piggies on the treasury benches Paul
The rule of law MUST be retained – it is the only thing that lies between us and the end of our country – Zimbabwe here we come! pascal
Absolutely illegal and objectionable Alan
They are illegal.. Case closed. Alan
They are illegal and if was me white boy I would be before the court so why aren’t all other New Zealanders treated the same John
this is outrageous that Maori have taken the Law into their own handProsecution of Maori should now take place over their objectionable and unlawful actions. WilliamJ
If any non Maori tried to block our roads? What would Jacinda’s police puppets do? If they want to lose our respect then be it on there heads. Angus
So the weakling S. Bridges steps aside from calling the government to account whist the populace continues to be talked down to, like kindergartners from the Comrade princess dressed like a teenage gypsy with the round gold earrings. The media are being played; it is always Labour and the Greens intention to smash the economy and they are doing a great job of that. We did NOT need to go into lockdown, wake up New Zealanders. Monica
You don’t need to ask! Marie
Yes! The P.M. should remove the blockades. One government law for the nation. We are being Conned by the Treaty Industry! Check out the 95 plus pieces of legislation dividing New Zealanders by race from 1974 to 2017. It took more than 200 statutes to enforce Apartheid in South Africa. Check out some of the 24 myths on which the treaty industry is based. Let us have one nation and not separatism or tribalism. treatybooklet@1law4All.kiwi.nz Don
Most definitely. This country is fast becoming split in two and Jacinda’s govt is doing nothing to stop the rot. Giving more large sum of money for “Maori” health during this lock down is a prime example of a duel society. Such double standards and buying votes with such handouts must be made illegal. Graeme
She needs to show some guts and enforcement Alan
One rule for all New Zealanders please. Tribal road blockades are illegal and should be dealt with as such. Elaine
Again there is no respect shown for our laws by these people ; always has been this way and continues to create more and more problems , for the wider community and Police ; hopefully one day we will have a strong enough leader who does not stand for this anarchy , and becomes tough enough , so as to make tough decisions , and not made ..{ decisions } ..to purchase votes …As is with all Labor leaders. Roy
Again and again! One law for all citizens regardless of ethnicity. This is really civil disobedience is it not. Can anyone tell me why Maoris require more health care funding? Carol
Get with it ,this is one country and the medical system covers all inhabitants. Stop treating Maori as non New Zealanders Tom
Our communist PM refuses to close the border and infected people return.. We might try to seal off Howick with road blocks if all else fails. Democratic right for preservation if government do not listen to the people John
Absolutely YES. The blockades reveal the true intentions of the sovereignty activists and that is self-rule. They clearly do not see themselves as part of the wider community. It also sends the message that vigilantly groups is permitted. It’s a signal that any landowner(s) can block public access over what is public property. jd
Ask yourself, what would have happened if non maori had set up blockades. Yes! you would be accused of breaking the law and arrested. Paul
Absolutely Terry
Yes, but the government should have closed our boarder properly and people would not be motivated to block the road. Roger
While the police are not stopping tourist from travelling around the country someone has to stand up and be counted. The lack of action encourages people to ignore the restrictions in place.  
Race based selective discrimination Paul
No legal right to do so. They can of course deal with the root cause of obesity heart disease and diabetes by eating real food. NO man should ever have any excuse for a pot belly. For what its worth I survived covid and its no big deal except I got refused a test! Wrong ethnicity? Zoran
The tribal groups have no authority under the law, also are untrained and unskilled to carry out any such operation. Rex
Vigilante behaviour should never be condoned by the Police! Sylvia
Never martin
Please, let sanity prevail !!! The greatest tragedy of these times will be that the cost of dealing with this virus (destruction of the economy) AND the ineffectiveness of the strategy will be a double disaster !! Brian
One law for all! Graham
It is incomprehensible for these blockades to continue without the police or government stepping in to remove them John
Only the police and authorised defence force can be tasked with setting up check points and road blocks. Our PM is the weakest we have had in living memory and she is pulling all the tricks out of the bag, in order to try and get actually elected, rather than accidentally, as last time. She is a rank amateur, and would be better employed taking meting minutes rather than attempting to influence them. Luke
What legal right do these racially-based groups have to set up road blocks? I used to admire and respect Dr. O’Sullivan but have little for him now. Annie
The Maoris have no legal right to blockade public roads and the police, Who do have the right, should not be condoning this. It is another example of one law for Maoris and another law for other NZers. The Police must stop this nonsense right away. They should also arrest those Maoris manning the blockades for not complying with the Stay at Home mandate. Kerry
It’s appalling that she and the police have been supporting this race-based vigilante bullying. It seems our police find it a lot easier to chase after swimmers and surfers minding their own business and enjoying the last of summer. Fiona
This is illegal if anyone else did it they would be charged Ann
Excellent article from Michael Coote. His rage is shared. Words cannot describe the fear, yes fear and anger that New Zealanders must be feeling since the police appear to no longer follow the rule of law or that the Government collude with these maori supremacist to block roads and take over private land. Allocating 56 million to iwi of your tax money is unforgivable. A strong moral and ethical leader is needed. Sam
one law, one people.equal rights. Gale
Vigilante action supposedly finished in the wild west Bill
Of course but don’t hold your breath waiting for action. Bruce
IT is a police or army role if a blockage is recommended by government not by Others Barry
Trust Harawera to get in on the act. Give these stone age activist an inch and they will take 2 miles. Prosecute them, set an example. The PM has opened pandora box as well as decimating the economy. Look at the handouts to benefits so they will vote her in again. Another Helen Clark, using us to get into the UN. Peter
one country for all in NZ n
absolutely totally abhorrent and dangerous Bev
They simply don’t have the right to do this Neil
This is a step too far. Jamie
If it’s illegal then stop it. There is no tribal control over the public roading system. Steve
The “tribes” don’t own the roads. We have legal authorities to do this type of work Bob
This cannot be “accepted” as an appropriate act by any group. Law is the law and must be upheld. John
If there is a Covid-19 issue in the blockaded areas then Police should apply and enforce blockades or at the very least authorise Maori Wardens in protective to man the blockades Rod
Pre-empting the role of the Police is totally unacceptable and a most dangerous precedent. Colin
Of course she should …but it won’t happen, can’t upset “those” people!! SPINLESS as usual Malc
Reviewing the posted comments I’m struck by the racist overtones of the majority of your male responders . What is wrong with those who are poor and vulnerable with little services to fall back on protecting themselves? I thought the article was about the effects of the virus not an opportunity for racist rants Heather
These are just vigilante groups pushing their own agenda Laurie
must stop laurie
It is a given that this failed race, the maoris, will try everything they are allowed to do to regain some of the power they weren’t able to hold on to as a stone-age people faced with 18th century power. It is also fully understandable that our Prime Sinister would allow them to get away with it as she will need their votes when the dust settles. She apparently forgets the contempt that the rest of us have for her politicising of this medical emergency, but will surely find out at the next election. TOBY
Self appointed quasi police are illegal and very dangerous. Maureen
Racist bigotry Paul
Ardern is engaging in divide-and-rule. It’s as simple as that. By destroying social cohesion and the rule of law, this government will ultimately destroy New Zealand as a first world country. There will of course be no economy either, but what will this matter to this cabal of totalitarian communists? Dave
Yes, They should never have been allowed.Will only get worse. Gordon
This is just an attempt by Maori radicals to assert their separatist views Mark
It sets a president if allowed. Helen
Should be a no-brainer, but quite simply will not happen under this government. with its enthusiastic adoption of institutional racism. Stan
This has got so out of hand ! as with the land dispute what Maori want/do and we curtail and roll over . Separatism at its best . All the $$$ xtra handed out yesterday solely for Maori yet they still access the ‘normal’ facilities as well . I call It racist double dipping Karen
If NZ is a democracy, then this activity is clearly unlawful and should be stopped.If it is not stopped and we accept that in fact NZ is sliding into a form of Dictatorship, then the question is : what are the people of NZ going to do about it ? bryan
No Question Brett
Immediately.! All citizens must be treated equally before the law. Unfortunately the police are becoming a politicised force responding to the whims of this government. Lee
same laws for all NZers Barry
She won’t do it because she is so weak stewart
Or do we face the abomination of left wing socialism Ced
The low should be the same for all. richard
Who owns our roads anyway or did I miss something amongst all the concessions given to a select group of New Zealanders? Brian
What happens if someone drives through a road block, will they be violently stopped? Michael
They are illegal and undermine the sovereignty of the state and right of New Zealanders to travel anywhere within their own borders. Brenton
This is blatant racism and opportunism, nothing more. Can’t believe the government and police are “looking the other way” on this issue. Roy
Once again the cowardly govt kowtows to maori beginning to establish regional apartheid. When will the govt grow a spine? Sherrin
The country is reverting to tribalisim, which also invokes communism. Bob
or publically state that white people are allowed to put up road blocks too John
The bubble head needs to earn her salary for once. Steve
And prosecute those involved in this illegal activity. sharon
I think there should be a royal commission of inquiry into the lockdown, with very broad terms of reference. Hugh
Tribalism is NOT NZ Bruce
Yes and disband the ToW and nationalise all fraudulently taken funds, assets and land Darag
These blockades are a device to establish precedent for territorial control. This the work of activists and should curtailed smartly. Peter
It is unbelievable that is has been allowed to happen. Pictures of police standing by is outrageous. I really feel like setting up my own road block! Robert
Yes it is a public road Ross
This government is too weak to come out and say “no”, and does not want to risk looking bad to a small minority. Look at the precedent they set with the Ihumatao debacle. What signals does this send to other groups? Sam
That is what she and the Minister of Justice should be directing the strong-arm of her police-state, the NZ Police, to do. This however is unlikely to happen given the privileges and consideration being accorded to those NZ citizens claiming to be Maori in the legislation brought forward by this Government of losers.. Look at the Zero Carbon Act [a most unscientific piece of political chicanery ever written], and all proposed legislation, including the Public Service Amendment Bill and the Education and Training Amendment Bill, and what hope can New Zealanders have in achieving true democracy under this government. Even her enforcement arm do not seem to be singing from the same song-sheet given the statements issued by the Tairawhiti Area Commander stating the illegality of the road-blocks and yet the Eastern Bay of Plenty Police can issue a press release stating their support and involvement in manning such road-blocks. Mr Hone Harawera has also undertaken the same actions in Northland but NO Police or Govt Response heard of. It would seem that the NZ Police are no longer “Servants of the People”. Looking to Singapore as an example of what can be achieved is obviously not within the objectives of Miss Ardern. Michael
Why does the government think that Maori are more vulnerable than anyone else. This is racism. Sorry, if the minority don’t have the power but have a privilege above the minority that is racial preference which in Afrikaans is apartheid. I thought that was what Maori fought against. Oops but when they are the privileged that is different. I don’t think so! Denis
The 7 Sharp crew tonight thought that there was some justification in the road blocks and cut the Human Rights expert short when he was suggesting that the actions of the iwi and Police might be illegal John
To hell with pro maori racism Michael
They are against the law, but we all know the Police always have a softly softly approach when dealing with Maoris and they don’t want to fall out with their bosses, the Government. Eric
The whole Tribal thing is getting out of hand and I am sure the Covid-19 crisis was a good excuse to flex their muscles. The same old trouble causing names seem to keep popping up when things get out of hand. Laurel
This is just sick The accidental PM should resign immediately Carolyn
I am sick of the Maori community being singled out for special treatment and tax payers money and now they want their own law, it is getting worse by the day and needs addressing otherwise we will be in a Maori state with them running everything. Barbara
Though it should not be necessary she should ensure that POLICE immediately ORDER those establishing and manning such road blocks to dismantle them and desist from the action of stopping people on a public road — we have established and authorized Govt agency’s to carry out such duties if deemed necessary by the GOVT. WARWICK
Most certainly. This is the thin edge of the wedge where Harawira and his henchmen are establishing a precedent that can be argued in the future. The police should man up and order these roadblocks to be removed immediately. Clinton
The blockades should stay in place until the mixed race part maori sign a deal that they will obey the laws like the rest of NZ residents.If they refuse the army should be called in to ensure that no-one gets back out . Steve
It illegal. They should be treated that way Mathew
One law for all Patrick
As usual nothing will be done Andrew
Roll on elections. ian
Unless the law is upheld and respected we will have anarchy. This sort of action is already spreading so at the end of the lock down such actions will be established. John
yes remove road blocks paul
Definitely Tony
This is only one of many otherwise contentious issues that this government is taking advantage of while it attempts to scare to death the New Zealand public with its constant covid-19 reporting. Ronnie
sheer arrogance. Neil
It’s time the world was alerted to the APARTHEID that is rampant in NZ. Geoff
Agree that tribal sovereignty is the aim. Tim
A job for the police or services Frank
Immediately Hugh
Yes. What authority do they have to set them up, if people do not stop what do the vigilantes propose to do, and why are the police in attendance and condoning the action? Terry
enough of all this maori carryon william
Racism 101 Alam
This not a time for tribal activities but one for public unity Gail
I am not a believer in separate developments in any form nor should any racial or religious group get any better benefit than any other member of the public — we thought “we are all in this together” — obviously not so. BUT in this case the North is extremely vulnerable so I think we should go along with their actions IN THIS INSTANCE !!!!!!! Alan
The Maori roadblocks are mob rule, as n the French revolution but with none of the moral justification that may have had.. (I have already voted  
How pathetic is the PM’s ‘we are one’ pronouncement in these circumstances Roger
It is racism gone mad Bruce
Let the Police do the Policing. Everyone else needs to be at home right now. This is no time for a political charade whilst All our lives could be endangered. Doug
They’re unlawful and akin to a “gang” taking over citizen’s rights. We are not tough on upholding the laws with people enforcing rules and regulations with people who don’t comply. Mary
In times like these all these bottom feeders and dung beetles come crawling from under their rocks . Call them the MSM ore the tribal activists — all the same– not to mention all these idiots on social media who fling their uninformed BS all over the place. A proper Govt would deal with this nonsense strictly and swiftly. Not this one though: at the helm a former fish and chips shop attendant and in her wake a bunch of mostly useless political actors ( one cannot even call that lot real politicians) who go about affairs like headless chickens and the media shreeks:’ we are all in this together ‘–what a load of crap— this Govt will ruin NZ in the interim future and to rebuild this mess would require real managers with experience in the field of economics finance etc, not a bunch of social justice warriors. And as far as these activist road blocks are concerned, that is only a glimpse of what they have in mind for this country. God defend New Zealand— nobody else will. Michael
Racist idiocy by comrade Cindy John
Because the people concerned are breaking the law of the land. They are racist, anarchists. John
That is a function for Police or Civil Defence in the event of an emergency being declared. Mark
Laws should be enforced. Not a good look for tourism and but maybe they should use the same approach to intercept the drug runners. Norm
Again Harawira & his racist separatist attitudes ! Why is he allowed to get away with it?? Weak weak govt!! Ron
Another thin end to another wedge, and no I don’t believe on the evidence so far that Ardern will do anything at all about this situation. She will continue to Cowtow to Maori as long as she is in government. Think about that 51 Million dollars. What was that for ? Jim Jim
The Maori activists will be enjoying this. Its time hey realised we are all New Zealanders and that we collectively owe them nothing Phil
Other enclaves could end up doing the same Blockades should only be done by legal authorities Chris
REMEMBER THE SIGNING OF : The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People. ALL COMING HOME TO ROOST NOW PEOPLE. Vote National ? YEAH RIGHT.. A.G.R.
Yes it should only be handled by Police. Frank
One nation, one set of laws. Mitch
absolutely, and to enforce the isolation provisions of phase 4 by requiring those manning the blockades to “stay at home and save lives” gordon
This govt coalition is clearly racist and supports apartheid Sharon
Another apartheid measure to separate our country. We were supposed to be one people with the same rules to apply to all. Valerie
Didn’t she say “we are all in this together”. Her words not mine. Elizabeth
I do believe the maoris had good intentions in not allowing infected people contaminating the locals. However all road blocks should be removed as soon as level 4 is removed. Dennis
Absolutely. If I or we were to do the same we would be arrested within the hour. This from my point of view the allowing of this is pandering to both racism & illegal activity. Can the PM answer why are certain people allowed to conduct these activities & everyone else is made to stay home Tracy
Maori are attempting to make their own law at a time when we should all be ‘at one.’ They are taking advantage of the pandemic to try and re-establish tribal rights. That time has long past. Lesley
Taxpayers paid for these roads not local iwi or whatever. They are therefore there for everyone to use and no-one except law enforcement officers can stop one from using them. Kevin
Absolutely Jim
Absolutely, it’s just another arrogant practice of some maori activists to stir up trouble between them and white New Zealanders. Darryl
Hell yes. David
Its just more activist rubbish, they must stay home, or they will most probably contact and pass on the virus. they will no who to blame!! Warren
What can one add to the excellent article? When will New Zealanders stand up against these racists and say we have had enough of this separatism and grab for more taxpayer dollars. Chris
It is a disgrace that this is being ignored, however it is not surprising we have had discussions about this is the past day and all agreed that nothing wold be done about it as it is Maori. They have now, it seems started their on government we have the NZ Government putting the country into Level 4 but the Maori Government has put its are into Level 5. The PM should be embarrased about this happening under her watch. Along with being a Police State we have the situation where the government has effectively set up a NZ Stasi, encouraging the public to dob the public in. Just like Eastern Europe did. With Comrade Ardern agreeing with it, indeed encouraging it.. Anne
Why were they ever allowed to exist? This situation is likely to burst yet the government and their agents the NZ Police, openly condone racist law breaking yet persecute lawful gun owners. Political / Maori appeasement is dividing this country. p.s. The World Health Organisation CEO has been exposed as a lackey of Communist China hence their support of communist propaganda. (NZ state controlled news outlets won’t tell us that but SKY and Fox news have) Rex
Whats this country coming too !!!May be NZers should be on the other side making sure ‘they’ stay IN. Mark
Absolutely. They should be imprisoned for an illegal action that flies in the face of the Treaty of Waitangi and the laws of the land garry
I am normally opposed to such “sovereignty” acts; however, the lockdown already forbids distance travel, so not much harm can be done by enforcing it. We should also bear in mind historic damage to Maori populations by diseases for which they had no immunity. While none of us have immunity to Covid-19, there is an emotional issue here. As for the Swedes, do not expect New Zealanders to be as self disciplined as these Germanic people. (Roolz are roolz you know). Our health will definitely be improved by closing American fast food outlets! Hugh
sick of this, where is the One Nation? Graeme
Of course racist groups forming roadblocks on public roads is an outrage. Our beloved prime minister and our police will (as they are sworn to do) of course uphold the rule of law and have these nasties charged appropriately with their law-breaking in our courts of law. Yeah? Well, I’m not holding my breath while waiting! Rob
Yes, but she will not because it may offend them and she could lose their vote-and power. David
Maori have no right to blockade public roads, they should be stopped by the police. Theo
This is blatant racism at its worst. Were a largely European community to throw up roadblocks, those involved would face the full wrath of the law. Gavin
illegal action, racist and breaking ‘self isolation requirements! Kevin
for sure. It looks like vote buying. I thought we were all New Zealanders Maori and Pakeha Elsa
Should never have been allowed to happen in the first place – the failure of the Police and Councils to uphold the Law is an absolute disgrace! Scott
The Police should enforce the removal of these illegal obstructions, and Harawira and company should be told in no uncertain terms to move on. At present the PM and the Police are giving clear evidence that these roadblocks are OK by not closing them down and even seeming to be affirming their presence. Jacinda and the Police should be enforcing the Rule of Law, and not be seen to be effectively condoning illegal tribal activity. Laurence
The activists operating the blockades are clear that no opposition from the govt or police means support. The blockade becomes recognition that tribes have control of “their” districts. Activists cite the Waitangi Tribunal’s reinterpretation of the treaty, that article 1 ceded only a right for the govt to control non-Maori and that Article 2 allowed the chiefs to carry on being chiefs, as a “legal” framework for their actions. This view is widespread on social media. It is what successive govts have fostered over 30 years. Mike
That is an utter scam Maori putting up road blocks just another law for the Maori remove them post haste Russell
Jacinda is planning ahead, with the idea of attracting maori seats at the next election, so she will be slow off the mark to remove them if at all. Murray
Labour is hell bent to kiss the brown bums and let the KGB allow these road blocks to carry on whereas if a group of other New Zealander’s did it they would all be in court, welcome to apartheid NZ, thanks to our commy govt. Richard
YES – it’s another unlawful attempt to own the nation’s highways. Wake up Maoris and Harawira – it’s time to accept you ARE NOT THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE HERE – the best you can have is equality with every other citizen. Stop the land grabbing and give respect to the many generations who established this nation – it’s businesses – its roadways its towns and cities. What did maori contribute to the road you are trying to own? STOP IT! Anon
They have no right to do this. Josie
Immediately, action taken illegal and shop be stopped by Police. Garry
Yes – definitely John
Yes of course, once again Maori think that they can set the rules. I bet they allow their own people to freely go in out which makes a mockery of the whole thing. The Government and Police just stand back. Fraser
This is pure racial favouritism and shows how desperate Ardern is to keep those Maori sears.This pathetically weak and dumb PM has Maori running the country Apatheid live and well in Nz Don
Apartheid in reverse in New Zealand.Where are you now Minto. Malcolm
None of their business unless we have an unequal society where the lowest common denominator bullies the dogooders. Leonard
finally the Maoris have what to wanted, borders from which they can then make up their own rules whilst still taking Millions off the rest of the citizens of New Zealand. And if we raise any objection, we are labelled Racists. Stewart
If blockades were necessary they should only be carried out by government agencies like the police and/or army. Sheryl
One law for all NZers administered by by elected officials only. Rick
Tribal blockades are illegal as are any other privately organised blockades of public roads. Move the police in and clear the roads Richard
Lock Hone up in jail. Despicable racists and criminals such as he have no place in our free society. Also cut off his welfare benefits he no doubt takes full advantage of. Richard
We ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE EQUAL & HAVE ONE LAW FOR ALL, JACINDA HAS BEEN PASSING undemocratic race based laws TO GREASE UP TO IWI ETC & HER not STOPPING illegal ROADBLOCKS FROM IWI & THE POLICE IGNORING IT JUST SHOWS HOW P.C. & POLITICAL THE POLICE FORCE WE used TO RELY & TRUST HAS GOT.tHIS WHOLE LOCKDOWN WAS political & unneccesary BUT SHE WANTED TO LOOK GOOD & STRONG JUST TO GET VOTES IN 2020.aND THE ONCE TRUSTED MEDIA ARE ALL ON HER SIDE.tHE IWI(MAORIS PARTY) WILL TURN ON HER JUST LIKE THEY DID TO NATIONAL once they’d used them.Questions NEED to be asked WHY labour didn’t learn from China,s SARS & follow what then was decided & where are all the masks,gloves,protective gowns,ventolaters the medical staff have been crying out for & jacinda as usual said we have stocks of them,just her usual LIES. Cindy
The law must be preserved at all cost otherwise anarchy prevails both now and in the future. Kevin
Racist disgrace Hone
If she does not then it will be the thin edge of the wedge and with Labour’s desire to recover the Maori vote will end up being sanctioned. Ian
Her failure to do so is disgraceful Wah
yes but that wont happen because she is a do as I say not do as I do woman,.the thingies blocking roads are a bunch of overfed flunkies with sub normal brain power. James
One law for all John
The ‘tribal’ areas are no different or anymore important than any other place in NZ. For years I’ve been trying to stop Aucklander’s moving to Tauranga. Now there’s hope. Maurice
It is u believable that such a blatant racial thing be allowed to happen. Peter
Absolutely. I wish I was allowed to drive right now so I could drive right through one of those illegal road blocks Dave
She us ignoring this blatantly illegal action as she is determined to stay in.power with the Maori vote. As a Maori she wont be getting mine though. Mike
At once- and the Rahui notices that have been put around the place! These people are trying it on and being supported by the police -absolutely disgusting. Iwi have no authority and the police and DOC should stop pretending that they do. Roger
It is disgusting Maori can get away with this Ian
These roads are paid for by New Zealand. Just another case of inch by inch divided NZ Lenise
One Country, One Law for all. No Race based Politics or funding. the $56 million goes back in to the general fund all. One New Zealand, Many cultures. We are One lets live that way. Kalakanthi
This is another example of one rule for Maori and another rule for the rest of us. Andrew
If there are to be blockades it should be the Police or Army doing it Colin
Life is a bit different at the moment, so if it is not hurting anyone, I would leave them.  Gerry
This will test her courage and I bet she avoids the issue or lets tosser Shane Joness handle in his normal Racist manner.These are becoming tough time for our Jacinda and the pressure is mounting on all fronts. ken
Absolutely and that action is required to be performed today – not tomorrow – “because she has too many meetings to attend “. Get this “try-on” stopped now and remind the Police Minister to stop playing politics for the Maori vote. Graeme
Absolutely. Days too late! Dick
I am so sick of all this race based bull shit. Either your a New Zealander or your not, if not, then isolate & remove. Maybe to the Auckland Islands. Graeme
Of course. The last thing we need is ragtag activists blocking our roads and interfering with travelers who they think shouldn’t be there. Disgraceful?! Peter
Unfortunately i fear its too late and there are plenty of other things going on like giving Maori more money so they are laughing all the way to the bank. Carol
It is duplication of Govt. responsibilities. — I would like to commend the quality of your commentators, so often superior to that of the herald these days who’s standards have slipped dramatically from earlier times . Barry
Next will be Nationalising the Supermarkets to control the food chain and Cindy’s Communist plan will be on its way Russ
They are illegal. Douglas
If I was crossing that blockade, I would simply continue on my way. Hone and his mates might be able to frighten freedom campers, which is a good idea as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t think he would stop legitimate business traffic. I’d be very surprised if Kiwi truck drivers would take any notice of Hone’s blockade. Dianna
What will they be getting away with next Jimmy
They cant block access to public roads or other property that doesn’t belong to them Steve
She has a clear duty to uphold the law and require police to clear these illegal road blocks without delay. Failure to do this will cost her party dearly. David
A blatant separatist move by Harawera. We can expect more. Peter
YES YES Nevkath
It is a disgrace; remove them now. Don
Stop the racism from Maori, public roads for the public. They can close off their driveways instead. Kathryn
The thin edge of the wedge! peter
Another example of Maori Racism Miles
This unlawful behaviour needs to be stopped otherwise it will sent a very dangerous precedent les
Such action is contrary to the Treaty of Waitangi. Douglas
It just shows how weak she is. Chris
One rule for all Jane
New Zealand Government cannot allow one race to force their superstitions on other races. The Government should clamp down on these racial activists. Marshall
They are illegal. If European did the same they would almost certainly be told to go and this after the PM telling the public to stay out of it and leave enforcement of the rules to them.. Donald
There are only two main roads leading into and out of Dunedin. If local activists of Scottish descent blockaded them, I wonder how long it would be before the PM ordered the Police to act on these??? John
Absolutely. The bloody Maoris think that they can just take the law into their own hands, well they can’t. It is one law for all. The police should be able to stop this right now and let them know in no uncertain terms that they do this. But guess what !!!! Nothing will be done about it. The police and the Govt just don’t have the balls to do it. Graham
And those stopping free flow of people should be imprisoned Gareth
They’re unlawful – and racist Graham
Absolutely – this is a deliberate try-on by Maori to gain a little more unelected control – roadblocks are the responsibility of the Police – not vigilante Maori gangs russell
Absolutely without a doubt. Typical of Labour ideology To turn a blind eye. Sue
How can we get Dr Muriel Newman as Prime Minister. David
Hone has more clout than Jacinda has? Warren
Now is the time to act. This is unjustified vigilante action. Promoting the intentions of activists . Shouldn’t the payouts to Maori Tribes be oaying the extra costs of care to Maori? Peter
Immediately. This BS has to stop. Gary
My understanding is these are illegal acts and should be removed with force if necessary by the army. Bud
“We are one people”. It was great when we were. The divide is ever increasing. Maori road blocks, increased funding for Maori Health during the virus crisis etc. It goes on and on. We all have had the same education and subsequent employment opportunities. If any other NZer erected a roadblock they would soon be moved on. God defend NZ. Bruce
But she won’t because it’s too close to the next election and she needs the Maori vote. Bruce
They have no legal standing and should be prosecuted if they are not removed Murray
Totally illegal and alternative interests are at play Merv
This is maori profile building[mostly part maori] I have had enough of gutless politicians, and totally ineffective police force. Disgusted with our police!! Norman
Yes. Or it means that each town or village can put up blockades. Andrew
No brainer here. These tribal mischief makers need to be jumped on at once. Peter
Totally illegal. Politically motivated. Gangs Tony
My Wife and I were caught up in the very early stage of the East Cape blockade. I challenged Maori actions and asked on what authority they were doing this THREATENING ACTION. I contacted the Police and informed them that I request their intervention. At our own pace , the next day we made our way down to Gisborne, stayed the night and quietly made our way back to Warkworth, Algies Bay. We did get an apology from Maori before we left as to their heavy handed method of asking us to remove ourselves. We had a Gisborne Council Permit we bought, authorizing us to stay at the various bays over 9 nights. This Authority was rejected by Maori. I will be seeking a refund from the Gisborne Council shortly. We did have a previous threatening experience but I scared this evil character off. Colin
Yes, remove these barriers, but that is a small issue. Of much greater concern is the present closing of most businesses. Supermarkets are amongst the worst places for people to be with the large numbers involved. A better policy would be to allow small grocers and dairies to remain open whilst observing an appropriate social distancing regimen. These businesses are typical of small employers who are the backbone of our economy. The big supermarket chains have a much greater ability to withstand business closure.and should be amongst the first to be shut down. Peter
Another step towards a two state system Diana
The laws of the land and rules put in place to cope with situations such as present state that these blockades are illegal! The people manning them should be charged and jailed under the State of Emergency rules. Bruce C
She should but she won’t and what is the bet some of them are there for longer than the period of the “crisis” John
Maori do not make decisions as to who should come and go. Robbie
One people, one rule? Who’s kidding who? Peter
Maoris don’t have any legal rights to impose restrictions to anyone in New Zealand. Maoris must remember that they only make up 14% of NZ population and MUST conform to all NZ laws like every other NZ’er does. ELITIST MAORIS DO NOT CONTROL NZ!!!! Rod
Whilst all NZers should have the freedom of movement, we all need to observe the safety requirement especially the elderly. IT is the polices function to police the country, not a racially based group Alan
before asap…. wayne
Absolutely no way! Joe
Immediately Alan
Just another step in the process of attaining joint sovereignty Janet
The govt response to covid will do far more damage than the disease. Don
They are only practicing for the future showing Kiwis that they can do just what they like. The Govt is too scared to say anything David
Yes they are a flagrant beach of the law and unless the “so called” government acts immediately and forcefully if necessary, to end this challenge the rule of law , the already building tensions in New Zealand over perceived Maori Rights will reach boiling point ! Then it will only take a single spark to set New Zealand ablaze. james
We are supposed to be ONE people June
They say one law for them one for us Brian
While normally I would say yes, given the circumstances I am comfortable with the intent of these. The Maori race has in the past shown poor resilience to new diseases, quite likely to their visibly poor ability to keep good health by good diets and practises. Plus who will be stopped by these blockades anyway? Most likely people who shouldn’t be out on the roads during a lock down anyway. So let them stay for the lockdown, but not to be continued thereafter. Steve
This is a further attempt by Maori to dominate in the governance of this country. Jacinda should either take action or set down from maher position as Prime Minister. Peter
This is the one time I agree with what the Maori are doing. BLOCK those roads guys, keep the virus out of your towns. George
There should be absolutely no question about removal of any blockade on state highway or feeder roads. I government d fails to act on this issue, I fear there will be bloodshed if the lockdown were to continue. Stamp it out now. Ray S
A State of Emergency DOES NOT INCLUDE certain Individuals from taking the Law into their own hands to promote a truly Racist Political agenda. Geoff
It is being done under the guise of Covid 19 but represents an undercurrent of Moari activity for their own good, way beyond their numbers. it may be a cunning ploy for traction on other issues of interest to them. John
As long as they are not threatening people…also if people are adhering to the lockdown, there shouldn’t be anyone except the locals going in and out of these communities. Jane
Always have questioned the legality of this over use of Maori “powers” Michael
Unequivocally Yes! Remove the Maori road blockades. And remove the Maori $56 million in race-based top-up funding that was also given to Maori on top of all of the other support being provided to New Zealanders. Robert
Tourists and others should not be allowed to roam the country as they still are. I don’t blame people in isolated areas stopping these nomads. I see so many others in the Taupo area driving around, parking and walking their dog I too would like to set up a road block. David
note there are also a number of areas around the coastlines which have had rahuis declared particularly in northland. These have been in place for a year or more. tony
Why should they have the power to close roads If some one else did it they would be in jail or heavily fined why did the Maori’s get given more money than anyone else the 1918 flue which killed thousands of maori’s was over 100 years ago Cherryl
This is New Zealand, there must be one law for all and not a state of apartheid base on your skin colour. John
What would happen if Eastbourne residents put a gate across the road at Point Howard ,with a sign saying NO TRIBAL MEMBERS ALLOWED PAST THIS POINT ?? Eddie
Tis is getting out of hand Norm
Well it is actually the law that requires that , rather than the PM. Mike
I don’t understand the issue! cyril
Abso whuken lutely. Fred
And hurry up comrade Jacinda! Alan
Police didn’t do anything about the other land trespass in Mangere last year! Marianne
Of course. We can’t allow lawlessness from anyone. Jenny
One law for all DJ
absolutely I have had a guts full of this spineless ratbag collection of social miss fits If I could gather enough of like minded thinkers we should do and proceed with the obvious William
Nip it in the bud right now ! Alan
Iwi members should observe the same rules for isolation in their rohe as the rest of us have to do in our communities Barrie
Definitely she should but once again part Maori [as that is what they all are ] are allowed to do anything they want and this pathetic government will do nothing about it except talk ALL ABOUT GETTING VOTES NEXT ELECTION. John
Prime Minister – get control of these racist radicals! Donald
These blockades are precisely as damaging as the blockade of the Whakatane wharf following the eruption of a White Island. Geoffrey
I think they are just trying to protect their people, everyone is feeling scared during this time. June
More racist problems. Should be totally jumped on Gareth
If it OK to block roads…..watch for more of this behaviour….. What you allow is sanctioned, that which is sanctioned has legal argument. Lionel
Remove them if they do anything illegal. There are many silly people out there that need to be controlled, One way or another. Another concern is China Inc and ‘their’ offer to provide a flat pack hospital. NO NO NO NO and again NO….! RICHard
Yet again, Maori flout the laws and get away with it. It’s unacceptable Kevin
She should NEVER have had to be told !!! Jim
These events are nothing less than an appalling indictment on how this country is being administered, let alone the illegality of these actions. What on earth is happening to our beautiful “democratic” country. Roll on September. Chris
Removal should have happened immediately. If I tried to blockade a road it would only take minutes for me to be removed. Why is this government so racist??? Bruce
This is however more than just about race supremacy. This is a trial run for a much greater socialist/totalitarian stranglehold hold on our nation in the future. Be very afraid.It is imperative that we drive these fascists out and return to the democratic rule of law Rod
Yes definitely, particularly now that Maoris by breading are not Maoris anymore but probably European or other New Zealanders like most of our recent immigrants. Bruce
The Prime Minister and Cabinet are responsible for upholding the Law and confirming the Rights of the Commons that are the substance of Law and the peoples consent to the Law without which no elected Administration can govern. Thus The Prime Minister and Cabinet are accountable in all instances for the correct and fair operation of the Law. Police are obliged to administer the Law not make up handy compromises as they go along. Whilst Community co-operation is desirable there is no flexibility in Law to allow continuous breaches for the convenience of the Police. Unfortunately there is a long list of Police inaction and inappropriate action including a gross failure to uphold the Law, especially relating to ethnic activism, going back to the Titford debacle. If Police want enduring respect and support they need to focus on upholding the Law equally across all sectors and not allowing noisy extremists to impinge on the Commons Rights of the Citizens. No one denys the Rights of Maori to close off their Maraes and Private roads within their own Private Property, but none have the Right to close off Public Roads. For the police to condone such activity goes beyond casual convenience and ineptitude, it drives into the area defined as Treason and No Police should involved in supporting Treason and remain holding a Warrant, Neither should any elected Member be supporting such acts of Treason and be holding Office. Richard
I think the question asked is provocative and inappropriate given our situation. It is also politically flavoured which in normal times I might agree but is totally inappropriate today. Greg
Of course they must be removed why is it the activists seem to get away with anything only the police or the army should be manning any sort of road block and the idiots doing it now should be arrested for not being in isolation like the rest of us Peter
Maori Tribes are not in control of NZ, or so it is thought. Pierre
Damn straight, she should. Jack
Absolutely yes. Police commissioner needs to respect the law he is supposed to uphold Paul
my white buttocks would be arrested if I did this: Things are being managed without those clowns. Mike
No comment necessary. Just yes. It’s that simple and requires no justification. Vernon
This is absolutely illegal and will just encourage them and other groups to do likewise! Ray
Otherwise, New Zealand will disappear down a ‘black hole’ forever….. ChrisH
Another racist concession on the road to aparthied. Ian
Of course. Restriction of movement needs to be policed consistently on a national basis not in an adhoc manner as it appears to be in some instances. Gary
How do all the locals turn out to man road-blocks that are probably in the majority of cases beyond 5Km from their homes? Manning a road block is not an essential occupation Terry
This insanity. Tribal activists ‘policing’ the roads. Absolutely bizarre but not unexpected with this weak racist Govt Rod
I usually agree with Dr.Muriel Newman but not on this one at all.Today in the world 4% of those who have become ill with coronovirus have died!!!!Yes maybe preexisting conditions(though I read today of 19 year old without).Also reading that China is going to have another spike due to people being reinfected after presumed clear.We beed to stay locked down JC
Absolutely yes. I strongly believe this Government’s ‘acceptance’ of tribal roadblocks further illustrates their acceptance of political ‘tribal’ control of New Zealand. It is amazingly scary how this Government has been able to Lock Down most of New Zealand – including closing down many local independent newspapers and magazines. We need to remember how the 2nd World War evolved being justified by ONE bitter narcissistic activist. WE need to learn from history – NOT bury it, as some desire and encourage – at our peril. Stuart
I agree entirely, this is an outrageous situation. Peter
Obviously as the police have not done this. But the PM will not as she is soft. What is soft? Our PM. That’s what the media and Hollywood love! Ray
The fairy Princess is totally incompetent Les
I believe that they have ended anyway. chris
Definitely. The longer this behaviour goes unchallenged the bolder some Maori groups become sonia
Immediately and the Police should be reprimanded for allowing it to happen and giving weak excuses for it. If it is allowed to continue then I really fear for our country and would lose all respect for our Police. Helen
hell yes! Richard
Tribal devicism has no place in our society. This behaviour helps no one and is destructive. The government must make a stand – but they won’t. They’re too scared. Alan
Yes the Government should totally oppose these moves by the tribal elitists One law for all is the only way forward but we are dealing with politics here. The Government wants the support of the Maori vote and will do anything to gain that support. I just hope that the rest of the the sheeple will see this as what it actually is and kick the Government to touch in September. Robin
Absolutely un acceptable in a democracy.Vigilante law!! Wolf
Racism Greg
What a racial FARCE, suck it up corncake. get free medical treatment and put your hand in the trough IAN
Let them self isolate. Why would you want to go there. Levonne
But they won’t be. Graham
blatant racism imagine if anyone else tried this murray
Not a hope she wont want to lose the vote Allan
Certainly. Use the army if the police are too weak or scared to do the job! Alan
It is unbelievable that the Government has condoned the actions of these tribal bullies. Under this Labour NZ First Green government Maori supremacy has become a reality. Chris
What’s happened to the fundamental concept of the Rule of Law? It’s been trashed by a Government desperate to win back the Maori seats! They will sacrifice anything for power. Simon
That any government would tolerate vigilante blockades is unbelievable. Are thugs running the country now? Donald
Absolutely – the blockades must be removed and the supremacists brought to heel! Rebecca
Are these tribal groups so powerful now that they are operating under their own rules? Has Jacinda Ardern’s government become so weak that it can no longer enforce the rule of law? Graham