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The New Face of Authoritarianism

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When Jacinda Ardern addressed the United Nations last month, the world finally began to realise just how dangerous New Zealand’s authoritarian Prime Minister really is.

The editor of the UK Spiked On-line, Brendon O’Neil wrote, “Tyranny has had a makeover. It’s no longer a boot stamping on a human face forever. Authoritarianism is well-dressed now. It’s polite. It has a broad smile and speaks in a soft voice. It is delivered not via a soldier’s boot to the cranium but with a caring liberal head-tilt. And its name is Jacinda Ardern.”

US journalist Glenn Greenwald described our PM as the new ‘face of authoritarianism’: “This is someone so inebriated by her sense of righteousness and superiority that she views dissent as an evil too dangerous to allow.”

Jacinda Ardern is the embodiment of new-age socialism. The “team of five million” have been her guinea-pigs. But what’s actually been thrust onto the country is simply a public relations make-over of the ugly failed socialism of old, that represses freedom of expression and perpetuates failure. As a result of her ‘unfortunate experiment’, New Zealand is now more oppressed and divided than ever before.

But even someone as delusional as our Prime Minister must be sensing – and fearing – failure.

That’s certainly what the opinion polls are signalling.

The question now is how will she respond? 

Indications are it will be the way of all tyrants – she’ll use the authority of her Office to repress dissent.

That’s certainly the approach she signalled in her UN speech, when she said, “The face of war has changed… The weapons of war have changed, they are upon us and require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old.”

And what is the menacing new weapon our PM believes is more “dangerous” than bullets and bombs? It’s on-line speech!

Jacinda Ardern reminded UN leaders that while the Christchurch Call was established to stop violent extremism from being shared through social media, it is now focussed on preventing radicalisation: “This week we launched an initiative alongside companies and non-profits to help improve research and understanding of how a person’s online experiences are curated by automated processes. This will also be important in understanding more about mis and disinformation online. A challenge that we must as leaders address… After all, how do you… tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?”

Bizarrely, the Prime Minister appeared to be claiming that if you disagree with her policies – for instance her 2020 declaration of a New Zealand climate emergency – then you are effectively engaging in a sinister form of warfare: “The weapons may be different but the goals of those who perpetuate them are often the same. To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves. To disband communities. To collapse the collective strength of countries who work together.”

In her address, Jacinda Ardern indicated that she’s leading a global campaign for mass-censorship. Under the guise of preventing radicalisation through the Christchurch Call, she appears intent on undermining free speech around the globe by helping to convince Big Tech companies – including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube – to change their algorithms to suit her authoritarian agenda.

Her objectives align with what global powerbrokers like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the UN have been advocating.

At a WEF ‘Tackling Disinformation’ forum that was held in New York last week, Melissa Fleming, the UN’s Under-Secretary for Global Communications explained what’s been going on: “We partnered with Google – for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources. We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled ‘climate change,’ we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top. So we’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do.”

What this means is that algorithms are being changed to ensure that internet searches no longer give you what you want, but what “they” want you to see.

George Orwell’s age of Big Brother really has arrived. Its name is Jacinda Ardern.

The Prime Minister and her elite cabal want to control exactly what people can see on the internet. This means it will take a great deal of determination to find alternative views, since they will be buried deeply underneath an over-abundance of orchestrated ‘news’ produced and promoted by the UN and its networks as the “only truth”.

New Zealand has already experienced this first hand with Covid. Early in the pandemic, Jacinda Ardern claimed that she was the ‘only source of truth’, and through the manipulation of social media and internet algorithms, alternative viewpoints on matters like proven treatment options used successfully overseas, were dismissed as fake news.

Through her UN speech, our Prime Minister has signalled that she now intends going much further in curating what New Zealanders can see and read – not only by paying off the mainstream media through the Public Interest Journalism Fund, but also, it appears, through controlling the internet.

Certainly, her comments about climate change – ‘how do you tackle it if people don’t believe it exists’ – indicate that the viewpoint that ‘nature controls the climate, not mankind’, will be much harder to find in the future when Kiwis begin challenging her disastrous zero carbon policies and start searching for the truth.

But is denying the availability of information on line really any different from book burnings in bygone eras – including the early 1930s in Nazi Germany?

The Prime Minister’s authoritarian censorship will not stop at climate change. Reading between the lines, is she also planning to condemn those criticising her fake Treaty partnership claim and her radical He Puapua plan for tribal rule, when she says: “How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology”?

While those words may be vague, we know her intentions are not. 

So, here’s a question for all New Zealanders – particularly those who supported Labour at the last election: Is all of this what we signed up for when we voted Jacinda Ardern into power? Does she really have a mandate from New Zealanders to take our country down this track? We can go even further and ask, is she fit to be our Prime Minister? 

The divisions that Jacinda Ardern has introduce under the guise of unity are now well entrenched, particularly on race.

An article in the Herald last month by senior political journalist Audrey Young provides an insight into how this has happened.

The Office for Maori Crown Relations was established in collaboration with Iwi Leaders in 2018 as an agency to oversee the Government’s work with Maori in a post-Treaty settlement era. Since the agency was asked by the Minister, Kelvin Davis, to operate “under the radar”, most people are completely unaware of the corrupting influence it is having on New Zealand culture.

With a primary goal of helping the Government to become a better Treaty partner, the agency has developed a “Maori Crown Relations Capability Framework”, which enables public service chief executives to establish Treaty partnership protocols and comprehensive cultural change targets for staff: “All public servants have to be attuned to the needs of Maori as Treaty partners.”

Even more sinister is the veto right the agency has over Government policy: “In 2019 the Cabinet Office issued a new circular for all ministers and chief executives to apply whenever new policy is being developed, to ensure it is compliant with the Treaty.”

Through this Office, New Zealand is rapidly being turned into a nation where a Maori world view is the only one that matters.

Those who work for the Government, must comply with Maori cultural requirements as a condition of their employment, and all new Government policies now have dominant Treaty partnership and Maori cultural requirements built into them.

At local government level, the strong arm of central government is evident in a new standing orders template that requires councils to establish what are in effect co-governance arrangements with local Maori: “Iwi and hapu have a mandate based on their role as the indigenous governors of the land… An agreement could include… Mechanisms for ensuring that papers and advice going to meetings incorporates the views and aspirations of mana whenua. Such mechanisms might include the co-design and co-production of policy…”

Even private organisations like Playcentre are now controlled by Maori, with the Otago Daily Times reporting that a recent vote to change the constitution, that was supported by 366 out of 400 branches was overturned, because only 4 out of six Maori branches agreed to the change, and five out of six were needed for a consensus. Effectively, this means that under their co-governance arrangement, those two Maori votes in opposition, were able to veto 366 votes in favour.

Meanwhile in Parliament last week, Kelvin Davis, the Minister for Children, revealed that Maori MPs who disagree with Labour’s separatist agenda are considered by the Government to be ‘not Maori enough’.

Questioned by ACT MP Karen Chhour over Oranga Tamariki’s funding agreements with John Tamihere’s Waipareira Trust, following revelations the Charities regulator was investigating a potential misuse of funds, Kelvin Davis chose to insult her instead of answering: “What the member needs to do is cross the bridge that is Te Tiriti o Waitangi from her Pakeha world into the Maori world” and stop looking at the world with “a vanilla lens.”

He apologised the next day.

But rather than face disciplinary action for his racist comments, the Prime Minister thought an apology was sufficient.

This is in contrast to a similar situation in the UK where an MP who made a racist comment was asked by the Labour Party Leader to apologise and stand down, pending an investigation.

Racist insults by Ministers of the Crown – Kelvin Davis last week and Willie Jackson in May, when he called ACT Leader David Seymour a “useless Maori” – provide an insight into the arrogant superiority of the Maori elite as they pursue their agenda of political privilege and tribal rule.

It also provides an insight into our Prime Minister’s willingness to bend over backwards to appease her Maori Caucus.  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator welfare researcher Lindsay Mitchell has described this clash of cultures as New Zealand’s ‘cold war’:

“A stoush between collectivist and individualist Maori… has simmered for a long time but this week boiled over when Kelvin Davis exposed his thinking for all and sundry to examine. He confirmed that a Maori world with its own set of values exists, and that anyone with even a smidgen of Maori heritage should get themselves into it. It wasn’t a kindly suggestion. It was a command. The cost of not complying? Derision and ostracism.

“The tribe is a communistic unit. The tribe takes precedence. It owns you. Its culture is all-encompassing. It provides strength in numbers, security and identity. But it is also stultifying and limiting, depending on which lens it is viewed through. Ultimately, inevitably, whether at the micro or macro level, the question must be answered. Is your allegiance to the tribe, or is it to yourself and your chosen group of family and friends.”

Lindsay then asks, “What kind of society wants to remove that freedom? One in which the collective trumps the individual.”

Indeed, it is that collectivist future that Jacinda Ardern and her Labour Party are imposing onto New Zealand. It is the face of modern socialism.

Next year’s election will come down to a matter of trust – what do you trust more, individual freedom, or central government authoritarianism?

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*Do you think Jacinda Ardern should have treated the racist remarks by her Minister Kelvin Davis more seriously?


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Ardern’s wokeism (essentially cowardice) wouldn’t allow it. Of course that is exactly what she wants Davis to do. Monica
This woman is dangerous. She must be stopped before its too late. Robert
YES according to Adern’s own stated beliefs, but NO, because nobody in their right mind cares a whit about the petty exchanges of the political class anymore. They are NOT servants of the people, they are puppets of supranational power. As far as Kelvin Davis calling the “treaty” a bridge? That’s laughably absurd. It’s not so much a bridge as a guilt-cudgel for battering weak minded non-maori into submission and/or silence, so iwi can get their grubby mitts on as much stuff as they can fit in their swag bags. Petty squabbles like this show how incompetent and worthless our “leaders” are. As far as Chhour claiming that the “attack” left her feeling “distressed”, all I have to say is grow a damn backbone, instead of whining about your hurt feelings, defend yourself, you’re not 12 any more. Jasmine
Davis’ approach reminds me a bit much of how gangs in NZ are internally managed. Andrew
This was one of the clearer racist statements we have heard for sometime from parliament. Pieter
Davis’s remarks were outrageously racist but once again J.Ardern refuses to reprimand ministers whose behaviour she would condemn in opposition MPs-hypocrisy at its worst Donald
She must go !! Tony
definitely brian
He has dropped other changers e.g when the prison was burnt down Davis was missing in action He’s . A failed school teacher Ken
She should hav but we’re dreaming if we think that she will Phillip
One country, one people. No going down this separatist path. Causes division and dissent that will have an ugly outcome. As a 5hth generation NZ’er this is not the country I love anymore. Chris
but had she done so, she would then have had the ‘race card’ used against her. mike
Disgraceful racist. If a white person made a similar remark s/he would have been thrown out by the Speaker and pilloried in the media Peter
God help us when our PM allows such blatent tridal insults to go unpunished.He should have been made to withdraw his remarks or be kicked out. Bryan
She should have had him removed from the house….. but NO, she did NOTHING, see, Kelvin Is a NASTY RACIST, and one of the attack dogs, and it was a rabid attack! David
Jacinda is a career politician. She has been to smile school (university), but in this case she shows a weakness. Kelvin Davis should have been publicly admonished for this racist attack. But no, there is an election next year so let’s not muddy the (3) waters. Where is the National Party in this? Their silence speaks volumes. Both Labour and National should be cast into the dustbin of history! Kevan
Yes, it was not acceptable.  Jim
Any other place and attended by so many ethnicities would normally have attracted a much louder & vociferous response but we mustn’t challenge the elite! John
Yes, because independent from how well he did when he turned around the Maori achievement levels in the Kaitaia Intermediate school, Hon Kelvin Davis did behave unbecoming of a minister when Questioned by ACT MP Karen Chhour over Oranga Tamariki’s funding and chose to insult her instead of answering. He seems to have problems answering questions in general. If Jacinda is not excepting bullying in her caucus, then a stern reprimand would have seen justified by many. Chris
Racism is becoming more and more normal in a so-called ‘Maori world view’ but woe betide anyone else who says anything that Willy “Jewish” Jackson or Kelvin ‘Whitey” Davis disagree with. What if Karen Chouur had told Davis he should stop looking through a chocolate lense. What an uproar that would have caused. Rosemary
Ardern is the most dangerous thing that has ever happened to NZ including two world wars, and the ever increasing crime in our cities. Paloma
Eliteism in it’s highest form ending in destruction of peaceful society. Janet
Kevin Davis is a dangerous racist idiot. Karl
Of course she should have but that is the side she is on, hence Maori special seats in City Councils and ‘Three Waters’ where Maoris come from nowhere in the end & control half of it. Eric
Yes of course but the result is exactly as expected– just pathetic ! In fact the whole scene continues downhill towards another political disaster worse than ever before. I am just so saddened by this inept performance with a lot worse to come yet. John
What an absolute joke trish B
Yes. But possible she realiased that Kelvin is a loose canon. She is seemingly controlled directly and indirectly by the maori party. And uses them to hang on and garnish favour for next year. The disengenuos weasel words spoken at the UN fooled some but not all The red princess is all that she preaches against. Bruce
She is a budding Trotsky commo, she has to go Thomas
He should have been sent to sit alongside Dr Sharma and take lessons in how to behave. Armand
Definitely, had it been a white who was to say anything similar there would have been hell to pay. She is so racist. Heather
If the boot was on the other foot she would be raising hell. Denis
Its like water off a ducks back. She doesn’t want to know She is a complete racist just like her PART maori cronies. bruce
But, she is never going to. Why have a dog and bark yourself Christina
He should have been striped of his ministerial duties & demoted to a back bencher. His comments are racist & show his true colours. But, on the positive side, it will hopefully open up a few more peoples eyes to the Labour’s hidden agenda. Rex
Communism by stealth John
Don’t the utterings of Davis constitute “hate speech”? Graham
The Prime Minister should have treated Kelvin Davis’s racist remarks far more seriously. Had it been a European denigrating a maori the comments would have caused outrage and brought almost immediate expulsion from the party. However, it seems that Davis’s statement is government policy. Gavin
Absolutely ! if it had been the other way around, say something coming from Act for instance, then she would have been all over them like a galloping rash. Colin
Imagine the furore if it had been a european MP making a comment about seeing the world through a brown lens Glen
Definitely- he was insulting and demonstrated bullying behaviour. So much for ‘being kind’. Jane
Maori racism knows no limits. Yet it would hate and decry as racist a “White Party” It’s goal is Utu (revenge) and will perpetrate upon European NZ’rs the very thing they claim happened to them, 180 yrs ago. They have learned nothing, because they are tribal, and not democratic. NZ will be like Johannesburg. Laurine
For a person who looks most unlike a Maori it was a very racist remark he aimed at the other member (Chhour) Derek
sad Joe
She stands up for her party and yet show no mercy to people who think differently from her party. Margie
Since the introduction of the Waitangi Tribunal, New Zealand (its real name) has been travelling down a bi-cultural highway. In a country that proudly portrayed itself as “Gods own” it has now become an apartheid heaven where one group of people overrule the rest of the countries multi-cultural population. Leslie
Davis should have been removed from the front bench. Sven
But did anyone really expect her reign in an errant MP who can’t manage his ministry’s. No. T
Racist comments by anyone let alone Mps should not be tolerated. Robert
the PM is a bully supporting bullies like Mallard & Davis. John
Davis is a total disgrace but what can we expect from someone who is the bearer of such little brain? If anyone is in any doubt just watch the interview from last Sunday. Anne
Ardern should have taken a leaf out of the U.K. Parliament stance and stood down Kelvin Davis. His remarks were nothing short of bullying, insulting and demeaning. Sylvia
It’s disgraceful Brian
The whole maorification issues going on is a continuous nauseous nonsense which surely most Kiwis would reject if they had the democratic opportunity. Bruza
a hand shake and apology doesn`t cut it for racist remarks Pamela
But she will never do that… she is a disgusting psychopathic liar… and has now declared that she works for her overlord bosses, at the WEF/WHO/CFR /TC !!! David
Willie Jackson is ‘the useless maori’, not David Seymour. Peter
She too is a racist & a hypocrite Susie
Apartheid is NOT acceptable Mike
We are meant to be one nation not divided. This could be hate speech! Tony
Her utter disregard, in my opinion, of the seriousness of his remarks, shows definitively that perhaps Mr Sharma’s accusations of being bullied are truth. She & her team squashed him like a bug. This is too sad. Elle
it shouldn’t matter what comments are made but it does as only white people are racist according to current trends. TONY
scary future ahead for NZ with govt Rick
Imagine the outcry if a similar comment had been made about Maori. Rose
The woman is a socialist dictator! She obviously has mental health issues affecting the whole country. Ron
Disgraceful, Rod
She is a maori dressed up in white robes ! mel
Our PM is two faced, and is not running our country the Maori are. Not so long ago Davis was hiding be hind a pillar in parliament to avoid media,asking him questions, he has no pr skills, along with a lot of other labour members, just a bunch of idiots including our PM Paul
The summary provided says it all. Lets hope that Christopher Luxton has the backbone to respond aggressively to this racist Govt. Richard
Yes he should be sacked but at least the exchange showed his fear of ACT’s Maori members asking tough questions. Adern seems to think turning NZ into a Maori-run basket case will look good on her job application to the UN. Davis is thick, can barely answer any question coherently. Chris
What percentage Maori is he. Never talk about the other percentage of their DNA Davis= Welsh Kelvin= Scottish John
It seems to the likes of Davis and his Ilk, that only non Maori can think, say,or have Racist thoughts or actions.Heis a very DANGERIOUS MAN. Mel
All forms of racist talk should be stamped on, but especially when coming from those in high office. There seems to be a very different set of parameters for Maori making racist comments and I am still disgusted by the comments made at the Maori Party conference where the leadership openly referred to the Act Party as ” The dirty rotten Act Party” and they also “joked” about poisoning David Seymour and how they would go about it! Imagine the uproar if those type of comments had been made by Act about the Maori Party and its leadership? There is definitely not one set of rules when it comes to divisive and racist comments within NZ – fairness and justice have definitely taken a back seat under Ardern’s government. John
At least stood him down pending an inquiry into what he meant by the remarks Roy
what has happened to the days when we were all -treated with respect ?? This govt has changed the rules on decency and done it by brainwashing via the media Jenny
Is “be Kind” only applicable to those outside of the Labour party Murray
Davis must be immediately expelled from the Labour caucus and forced to resign Richard
If you only have to apologize for making a racist comment, then try it and see how far you get! You would be crucified for the comment. richard
She is a soft cock when it comes to labour’s Maori caucus! Keith
and the race relations minister should be on the caRPET FOR NOT CALLING THIS ‘RACISM’. James
Outrageous behaviour which to some degree allowed us to see the gravity of our current political environment. This is a very dangerous path we are being dragged down and it’s time it stopped Susan
If Jacinda was a democratic PM she wouldn’t have allowed her minister to utter such racisms without penalty, unfortunately Kelvin is just saying out loud what she thinks….! So much for the myth of Jacinda being a kind and compassionate leader, rather she is starting to seem more like Lenin everyday. John
They are dividing the country and creating a race based society Brian
Yes Davis should have been stood down but we know Ardern is being controlled by the Maoris in caucus Sidwell
as she is controlled by the bunch of brown corrupt race of neanderthal they can say anything they like knowing they will get away with it. She’s not fit to be called a prime minister nor are some of the people that call themself a mp Richard
He should be stood down for that and his lack of action in the 5-year-old Malachi case along with his CEO Chappie and his Chief Social Worker for having no results 11 month on from his death. Jan 
But she never listens Malcolm
But he is a Maori and can do no wrong Arthur
The country is getting divided and our individual freedom is being eroded away David
It is pretty clear where Adern is heading and she does not have the belief that Davis has done wrong. She signalled a weak rebuke only, displaying her true colours. neville
Maori can be racist but no-one else can. That;’s wrong. James
That she did not says more about her than it does about Kelvin Davis in my opinion. Sonya
Absolutely Philip
If a white person made such remarks, all hell would break loosen the bought off media. Davis should be ousted. It shows the radicalisation that has taken place within the govt. caucus. We should be greatly alarmed at where this communist prime minister is trying to lead us, ENOUGH Anthony
He’s a racist idiot Russell
Definitely, not that she will though as she wants every maori vote she can garner. But more than that it is her intent to cause major racism jude
The labour party under Ardern/maori parties control is nothing but a racist dividing attempt at rule through unlawful and corrupt means by a bunch of traitorous thugs. mark
Ardern and her henchman (maori caucus) are running this now communist dictatorship. Kelvin Davis should’ve been stood down, but that would’ve meant another committee of money grubbing members and no conclusions. The sooner this birch and her heavies are gone, the sooner NZ can start picking up the pieces and starting again. One Very Dangerous Nitwit who needs dealing to before she skedaddles from NZ, never to return. As an aside, where is her nasty father? Carolyn
That the PM smiles in the face of vile racist utterances from activist Maori MPs is unacceptable. Imagine the reaction if we very pale vanilla people did the same. Come-uppance will come next year for this betrayal of trust. Hugh
Appalling attitude. Lois
Kelvin Davis should step down for his continuing racial slurs. Ronnie
This division of people in NZ is not will help grow our country. Other parts of the world that ruled by racial differences have failed. Why do we have to allow a handful of leaders change a beautiful country like New Zealand. Pavithra
But that would have required her to cease viewing the world through a lens washed in a sewer. And I used to think that Helen Clark was dangerous! She was Cinderella by comparison. Ardern is all the ugly sisters rolled into one. Time she was fired. Philip
Definitely. If it had been any other member from another partyLabour would be baying for blood Chris
Was it a National member had made that statement, you would never have heard the end of the screams from the left. Davis should have been stood down as Deputy, and relegated to the back bench if not resigned. Samue;
His behaviour was unacceptable and demeaning to his office. Joy
Yes, and therein lies the terrible sabotage, in my view deliberate, to pitch one New Zealander against another. Maori who do not align themselves with the radical racist separatist inside and outside of parliament must shout out that they do not agree with racial division of our country otherwise they will be assumed to agree. Praise to Casey Castello and Karen Cohour from Act, we all need you more than ever. Speak up loud and proud Kiwis, we are not a skin color, not ideology, we are people, we are different but all New Zealanders that JA would have us turn on each other, what kind of PM/person creates a chaos of division. We know the answer, speak up people. Sam
Absolutely. She did nothing at her peril! Chester
the poor behavior of the government ministers is the worst of any to date Stanley
Ardern is enabling hate speech (by any other name) that suits her agenda. She speaks with forked tongue. Mark
With remarks like that he should be stood down Gail
I am seriously concerned that we are heading towards violence as a means to resolve the deliberate anti democratic actions of some Maori. Jill
She should have but she is racist herself imposing apartheid on NZ so no doubt she couldn’t care less Laurie
This is where Parliament privilage needs to be rained in and treated like any other hate speech is treated. The new speaker of the house failed miserably in his non handling of the event. Time for a vote of no confidence in the government. Gary
It doesn’t matter any more… She is gone. peter
one rule for them and one for the rest of us barry
She knows that she will have to rely on the Maori vote during the next election and she can’t afford to combat any of her Maori/Labour caucus. Ralph & Lauree
Kelvin Davis, needs to go We do not need racists in parliament. There appears to be rules for some and not for others in this country Trish
Under Jacinda’s promotion of aggressive ‘under the radar’ extensive development of Maori influence, including via the Office for Crown Maori Relations, NZ now faces major racial divisiveness that has the potential of almost Civil War conflicts. The racial damage generated by this Government demands an urgent unwinding of these extremist manoeuvres, hopefully no later than the next Election. Peter
She just wanted it to go away, so swept it under the carpet. Andrew
should have been stood down Tom
It was a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket Warren
This is why I am seriously looking at exiting the country when I retire, which is only a couple of years away. It doesn’t matter what happens from now on. All this maori and PC rubbish is too imbedded. Good luck to everyone still living here! Chris
Absolutely!!!! carol
I find the change coming in NZ to be unsettling to say the least. Deb
If a National or Act MP had made those comments, Jacinda would have demanded their resignation Lois
She must have a bit of Maori blood?????? Richard
she is the pits ,thinks she is wonder woman vickie
The racism that is now emanating from so many professed Maori is horrifying definitely not what the country needs to progress,we are all New Zealanders no matter where our ancestors came from. If we can pull together this country would be best in the world instead of going down a slippery slope to being one of the worst. Chris
Just another example of Ardern being sycophantic towards Maori. Where was the Speaker of the House? Of course, he’s a Maori too. Davis should immediately have been made to apologize and withdraw or leave the Chamber. Doug
I don’t actually know any of these “useless Maori”, but I do know they exist because a couple of the Maori I do know have told me they try to cope with them every day. Ian
Definitely. This was appalling & disrespectful. Is she using the Maori iwi to gain control of (hopefully) a growing number of followers & then use it against the non Maori “kiwis”. Judith
Disgraceful comments by Kelvin Davis. A wet bus ticket reproach by Jacinda Ardern. This country is so divided now. I am a New Zealander. Not a Pakeha of European descent!! Sheryl
She has to go and take Putins cronies with her, at least in Russia they know what they are getting. They do not hid the true agenda under fish and chip papers as this slippery piece of work does. This is probably unfair on fish and chip wrapper uppers as they are probably nice people and are good at their job. rod
Kelvin Davis by those remarks shows himself as a racist and should be sacked. Ardern doesn’t have the courage to do it as the Maori caucus run the show Addrianne
But will she, NO because she is frightened of the maoris she has licking her jack boots and as she is using them to create disent in the country for her communist purposes eric
Being clearly racist herself, I doubt whether Ardern realises the insult to ALL NEW ZEALANDERS by the petty little part european would be dictator. Peter
Absolutely David
Absolutely! Allan
One voice for he boys and another for the rest Bryan
YES. But she won’t. The summary of a the article asking for this vote says it all – Adern obviously considers herself, friends and family as part of the tribal elite. Methinks it will come around to bite her Methinks Adern is in for surprise when her supposed Maori allies finally oust her in a blindside coup she has enabled. Et tu Brute? Robert
But racist remarks are apparently no problem if the person voicing them is not white. Reverse racism is a standard to be aspired to. I have seen a couple of excellent articles lately, particularly in Australia lampooning the Marxist puppet and her speech to the UN. What a travesty. Free speech is now apparently a weapon of war. She is definitely whacked in the head. A lovely result in the local elections rolling back the commie 5th columnists. Labour party MPs take note. You are next. We will work to keep Labour out of parliament forever. You have shown your true colours. Real Kiwis will no longer tolerate the chimps running the tea party. Terry
I believe her actions show her true feelings by not seeking disciplinary action from the racist remarks of Kelvin Davis. Lawrie
Absolutely racist just imagine if a pakeha said the same thing about other than Maori Alan
The dumb maori elite need to stop and ask what they hope to achieve by following Jaccinda into the history books. All to be just a failed past. RICHard
He made a very racist comment Virginia
Of course she should have. If someone else, a whitey had insulted a ‘maori ‘ member along similar racist lines there’d be hell to pay. It’s yet another example of the socialist cindy and her half wits bending over backwards, forwards and sideways to appease her maori caucas. Flip
Yes she should have but she won’t, nor any other such remarks made by her Caucus. Her speech, the antics of her MPs and so on support the tactics that will be used next year. A 15 September news article in News Room, stating that Meagan Woods would be Labour’s Campaign Manager, stated that New Zealand was divided between those who listened to the truth and those who listened to conspiracy. Anyone who will disagree in the elections to Labour policies will be tarred with that brush – along with being racist, homophobe and any other tag the Left can use to blacken their opponents. 2023 will not be a year of rational debate, and will likely divide New Zealand further. Brenton
If it had been a white person who made a remark like that, you’d never hear the end of it ! Mike
Jacinda only got one eye Jimmy
It is obvious that the PM is only PM at the pleasure of her Maori caucus. She is a weak leader. The Labour Party should be renamed to reflect what it is – it isn’t doing anything for hard working New Zealanders Brent
Unbelievable. This Govt can not see past the end of their nose. Gary
Your Prime minister is a clone of Justin Trudeau or they are feeding off each other. Very bad news for us common folk who pay the price and the bills. More serious NORMAN
It’s ok for a Maori to say but what if a white person said look thru a chocolate lens Jacky
You would expect so, but by now it is clear that she isn’t in charge. Kelvin Davis, (Wee) Willie Jackson and Mahuta are, so they call the shots. Jan
I have no faith in this Ardernised government of fools Ken
His comments were rude, derogatory and overtly racist. He should lose his position as an elected member Naomi
Ardern and her left wing liberals are a communist organisation which will tolerate NO opposition to achieve their goals. Communism allows NO dissent. Unfortunately the leader of the opposition is in the same camp. Joyce
It was an appalling personal attack based on Davis’ hierarchy of what? Was there some tribal supremacy underpinning his tirade?A Prime Minister surely should not tolerate such prejudicial abuse by their Ministers. Christina
We should not be surprised that she did not after all she is preferencing Maori in order to create social division ( divide and rule) so that a Marxist type controlled economy is established akin to Klaus Schwab New World Order. Stephen
Except of course that he’s doing just what she wants. Mark
Jacinda is using Maori to totally destroy NZ so the WEF and UN can walk in and take over. Then all Nzers Maori and Pakeha will be slaves. Quite ironic really. Alan
It seems if you are woke or socialist you can get away with racist statements with impunity Noel
His head should be on the block. This behaviour is totally unacceptable in a country where everyone is supposed to have the right to free speech. Tony
We could have a minority of self proclaimed indigenous completely running the country very soon because of this pathetic weak leader. Morgan
Kelvin Davis should have been thrown out of the house. Now we have a weak speaker. Carol
Ms Ardern should of sent him packing and banned him from Parliament for his sickening racist comment and underlying hatred. Jacqueline
I don’t really care. What is, a racist remark? They all need to grow up and grow a pair. Oh that is so sexist of me. It must be remembered that offence must be “taken” which places the onus on the recipient. So it is not possible to say something offensive to someone! Work that out! Neil
The fact that NOTHING was done is racist in itself! If it has been any race other than Maori that came out with the comments he did, they would have been made to resign Jan
They are all racist who push the moarification of our country. Clive
His comment to Karen was inexcusable. She is a lovely lady I have met, a survivor, with a passion to see adequate housing for all the needy, pakeha and Maori. Jacinda is setting this sort of thing up for the whole country. If it was on facebook it would have been taken down! he needed to be made an example of, and stood down. heather
His comments were totally unacceptable in any situation let alone Parliament. Jacinda is condoning them by her lack of action. Dorothy
most definitely, Maori should take a step back. gerard
Ardern is so racist. Why are we not doing something about it? We are all New Zealanders and deserve equal treatment. I hope the next election will put her where she deserves to be. In the gutter. dianne
What a shambles this Labour Government is, a bloody disgrace. John T
Yes, but let’s be realistic – based on her past track record, does anyone really think she will act in an ethical manner unless it furthers her best interests? Scott
Well. he only was rude to an ACT Maori, so evidently to him with that. The apology was forced and not meant. Rochelle
Definitely!!! Dianne
She is so evil David
She has never shown this ability with any in the Labour Party, so bullying and rudeness will continue, no consequence. Linda
I am very concerned with the idea that anyone with a smidgeon is considered superior especially with access to modern drugs in the apartheid health system Patricia
He did it because he has no integrity. He did it because he knew he would get away with it and his leader has no integrity Richard
No constitutional order here. Edgar W.
Ardern has been brow=beaten by Maori Suprematists! Gaynor
Ardern is weak and dangerous. I just hope after the election that National will have the backbone to undue all that Ardern has put upon this democracy Mark
Hell yes! Grant
Our Prime Misery, Jacsinister, has not lost the plot. As a trained totalitarian, she knows exactly what she is doing and IT”S ALL BAD! Alternative news platforms around the world are having a ball analysing her U.N. speech. Donald
You don’t have to be a Pakeha to be a racist ! Adrian
She is a total disgrace and clearly frightened of the Labour Maori caucus. Deborah
Absolutely! John
“You will know hate speech when you hear it…..” Mark
I am disgusted by Ardern. How dare she treat non Maori people as non worthy citizens. I wish I could leave N Z for good. It no longer is my home Julie
She’s a dangerous woman. Jackie
Where was the Maori speaker of the house in all this? Checking his ancestry perhaps? Jacqueline
Racism in any form is divisive and needs to be addressed. Jacinda actually seems to encourage it.She must be stopped before it is too late!! Glenda
He should have been stood down immediately. Jacinda Adern is cowing down to the Maori. She MUST go. Ann
Once co-governance is the norm and 17% of the population of New Zealand has 50% of the power, will we see further division within the 17% as a result of competition between the different iwi groups? Rob
But we know Jacinda is calling the pot kettle black. She only has one aim, allow division in NZ. Jackie
I feel discriminated against for being white in my own country. Tina
Kelvin Davis should have been fired on the spot. The fact he still has a job, completely cancels the fashionable notion that commenting on a persons race in any way at all is deemed racist by the current crop of favoured luvies of the ruling socialist class. Oh well, roll on the 23 election. Delighted to see Wayne Brown is the new Mayor of Auckland. It’s a good sign. Dianna
Personally I am glad Kelvin Davis made those remarks as it proves exactly what we already know proving the agenda of this Maori corcus that Adern is seemingly supporting. Davis and his giggle box smirk family behind him should get out of their one eyed ways and understand they were elected to serve all people of NEW ZEALAND. Time the good Maori woke up and put pressure on them. Owen
Personal slurs have no place in Parliament, especially not when made by Cabinet members Rob
He should have been severely reprimanded. If the boot had been on the other foot there would have been an uproar of protests from maori and labour. How two faced are they. For the sake of freedom loving kiwis this lot must go asap. Peter
Definitely – the rule has to apply to everyone regardless of culture. Roy
Davis should be stood down. He is a racist Kevin
There is no consistency in the way in which she manages her Miniters. Sue
What would have happened if a white person said similar to a Maori ? They more than likely would be sacked. Allan
Pure tribalism amongst the tribes. bruce
100% JA should censure him for flagrant elitism, and hypocrisy. And if she wont, then the press should. Pam
Of course. Must have been wearing her coloured glasses. Neville
Her socialism is an outrage to NZ people she will have to be stopped Harold
Yes ha should have been stood down and he is useless as Minister and totally dis honest but he is no different than the rest i e Willy Jackson and Mahuta. I only hope that Luxson grows a spine and calls out the opposition more often. ken
Just as the case in the UK, he should have been stood down, been instructed to apologize most sincerely, a word I believe he doesn’t comprehend… J J
The remarks were not just racist – they were a personal affront and extremely ruse and insulting. David
Yes as they were very rude. Jane
Absolutely, but no surprise, she did nothing David
His comments were racist to the nth degree and he should be disciplined. It is obvious that he is racist and should be removed as a MP. This will not happen as the leadership is weak and the opposition has not got the balls to follow it through. Luxon is a weak pussy and will loose the next election if he doesn’t stand up and be counted. He will not get my vote Andrew
Absolutely we cannot allow racism to thrive in NZ Ihaia
I’m lost for words over everything this government is doing to divide our nation Albert
I am quite concerned by the way this Govt have allowed such freedom for Maori in running OUR country, even to the point of changing our name secretly Barbara
Absolutely! Imagine if it were a white face saying that about someone of Maori decent!!! Maddi
In one breath she is against racism but does nothing about it. If anyone had said that Kelvin Davis was a useless pakeha one wonders what would have happened then. One can only imagine the seriousness of the consequences for the spokesperson. The whole situation in NZ is hypocritical. Kevin
Of course she should have. However as he has some Maori blood in him, no matter how little, she has to support him in order to retain the support of the Maori radicles and to keep the communist group, which she leads, in a contended frame of mind. We have had enough of this blatant nonsense . New Zealand still has a chance to get out of the mess it is in but do the voters think so ???? Tom
It was a typical case of one of favourite sayings.”Nothing to see here move on” Stewart
It’s a disgrace the way the Labourites can do no wrong. Rob
Jacinda and her maori caucus need to be kicked out of running this country sooner rather than later. They are an extremely dangerous collection of socialists David
Kelvin Davis defined himself publicly, finally. A racist bigot. Alan
Good Wiremu
Clearly they are both racists, one a biggeted Maori and the other a Communist. Linton
As a thought ..If I had said this to someone I would be getting plenty of flak and possible charges for inflaming race tensions. The man has NO MANA in my view! Adern should have sacked him. Bev
I used to think that people who called for government change by methods other than the ballot box were wrong, now not so sure. Hugh
And where was the Speaker of the House in maintaining the rules of Parliament? Helen
He obviously greatly insulted the member and she said her mana had been affected badly and I agree. She should have gotten a far greater apology for what she suffered publicly. He should have been demoted and made to retract. The Speaker should have acted straight away anyhow. RAY 
should have fired him bill
She has allowed a lot of comments to pass her by Ted
Racism only goes one way in the western world now. It is a tool the Ardern govt. uses relentlessly Martyn
Typical of her controlling Maori circus Lynn
Davis is a racist prick Allan
racist geoff
Too bloody right! Debbie
I really do not find I can trust Jacinda Ardrern at all. David
Where skin colour is concerned we should all be colour blind Len
Ardern is brainwashed Collin
stood down at least Lionel
Ardern is a Utopian, Utopians crave ultimate power, ultimate power corrupts. Roger
Of course she should have but that would not fit in with her plan. The ‘oppressed’ become the oppressors who in turn become live bait for globalist, totalitarian corporations who will eat them up on the world stage. Marilyn
if a pakeha had made those comments against Maori they would have been fired and ostracized. Mike
most certainly valda
You will never get anything sensible out of the narcissistic idea-loge PM . Evelyn
Racism needs to be called out. Most people need alcohol to speak how they feel/think. There seems to be some smug arrogance surfacing in Parliament. Would love to be a fly on the wall at their caucus meetings. The most open and honest government, Yeah Right! Ross
Yes, of course. But based on Jacinda Arden’s UN speech whence she spoke fervently that the she alone was the fountain of truth and any thoughts and words contrary to her thoughts and words was “misinformation!” Absolutely Authoritarianism. Do real New Zealand’s want and support socialist Authoritarianism? Stuart
Yes. Kelvin Davis is promoting tribal communism. Tribal rule is communism. He definitely should be expelled from government NZ is a democracy. Co-governance = tribal communism by Iwi Elite. Labour = communism. Maori caucus and liebour government communists and Kelvin Davis must go. It is time to petition England under Queen Victoria’s letter’s patent and constitution to throw out these communist dictators. Brenda
When you check Australian, US and UK news, our PM is shown for the dangerous and authoritarian that she has become. Darrel
She dare not however coz it would ruffle too many feathers – pun intended A Bryden
Without any doubt, she should have treated the racist remarks by Kelvin Davis much more seriously, pending an official investigation. This angry man is toxic – and a snake in the grass. Marg
Most things that the Labour Government do are out of line. They are a hopeless lot. William
Disgraceful Lenise
I do not wish to be governed by an ethnocracy. Vanessa
It’s getting very frustrating now to see Maori customs and beliefs , (which they are free to express) being imposed on everyone else! Carole
There seems to be a whole set of different rules for REVERSE racism. I can smell the breath of hypocrisy from here! christine
Real handy to have the news media in your pocket David
can you imagine the outrage if an opposition minister had made such a racist call. JC
Both of these individuals are despicable. neil
But she could not because his remarks are labour party policy. Mark
The assertion that maori cannot be racist is of itself racist. john
The Prime Minister is controlled by the Maori Caucus, also she creates racism and social divide. Under her rule race relations have hit an all time low lindsay
Favouritism and unreasonable bias is not how New Zealanders see our relationships. Robin
It was a serious attack on a good messenger and should have brought a public reprimand Graham
He should have been demoted Greg
If joe public had said this there would have been immediate reaction by the racist police Gareth
Stood down at least william
She’s in denial Evans
That she didn’t shows that she nothing more than a neo-Marxist in line with her previous history as President of Socialist Youth International. Trouble is so many NZ voters have not yet woke up to this. Hylton
On the other hand being discussed so much in public helps reveal who they really are! Andy
This is bull…. These people who are not indigenous with 15-20% maori ancestry and were also settlers who arrived by boat have no right to dictating their racist demands. Roger
A disgusting comment Diana
It was more than a Put Down and required a Stand Down! Dick
Definitely Simonne
She should certainly have done so! Therefore, by not calling him out on it properly, she’s condoning it. She’s as much a disgrace as he is. Heather
He is an idiot Gordon
It seems that if one is a Maori, one has carte blanche to say what one wants, without accountability. But the may accountability is a very big word and does not fit at all into Cindy’s lexicon. Or Kelvin’s. Or willie’s. Anthony
I am Tanee Tupuna Tony
imagine the cries if you reversed the situation john
It was a disgraceful display of socialism. Liz
Davis is and has always been a narcissist of the highest order. Should never have been in parliament. Murray
Don’t buy into the Lefty agenda Philip
Without a doubt. An apologise .. be dammed.. He’s as thick as two short planks and as dangerous as Ardern. Alan
Se are supposed to be a new n racist country that Jacinda is has rapidly changing Lynn
Very Poor leadership Neil
Disgraceful lack of authority bii
I’m definitely over the racist way the Maori party keep referring to New Zealand Europeans as Pakeha that is totally racist to keep calling us WHITE FACED MEN FROM THE SEA . I wonder how they would react if we only referred to Maori as BROWN SKINS . Peter
It was not an apology. He did not retract what he said. John
Davis should firstly have been reprimanded by the speaker, had he been up to the task, then kicked out of the house for the rest of the day. The PM should have then sacked him, for not only his racism, but also for his complete incompetence. Ardern is, however, in no position to judge the performances of her ministers as her own record is abysmal. Her introduction of apartheid is proof of her ideology and her performance at the UN could only be described as a disgusting display of narcissistic authoritarianism. Every time she leaves the country, she is an embarrassment and undermines the credibility of New Zealand. Any PM worth their salt would have the decency to resign if they were leading a party polling under 30% but looking at the current list of government ministers there is not a one whom I would employ as a street sweeper let alone a party leader. Terry M
Her reaction to his comment is even worse than what he actually said. She thought it did not even merit an apology. Lee
He should have apologized immediately or asked to leave the chamber. What came out of his mouth was vitreol. Not acceptable in any way . Tom
Not his first and won’t be his last. What is 4 2? That depends on what we are told it is by our leader.  Nic
Certainly any sane and normal person would have recognised the racist remarks of Kelvin Davis as grossly racist, but this woman who, unfortunately, is our prime minister seems to be demonstrating that she is not sane and normal. In fact she seems barking mad. Rob
The question assumes Jacinda Ardern is in charge. If she is then the response by Deputy Leader Davis should have been dealt with along with the others seen on camera shot who were supporting him. Just poor behaviour that should not have been condoned by a PM leading a parliamentary party. That the response was so tepid and suggested the matter was personal ignores it arose in response to an Oral,question in the house that remains unanswered. The current government has outstayed its welcome. Peter
We await the uprising of decent NZ citizens. We must hear Luxon walking back all this racist Marxist talk. WHEN WILL THAT HAPPEN? JOHN
If it had been any other Joe Bloggs, then they would have had the book thrown at then. To bloody one sided. Richard
It was a very bad day when JA was elected. Typical socialist practice control the media then make Maori elite some of the top Ministers knowing that any criticism would be deemed racist. This allows her to push through her socialist/communist agenda without restraint. She has ruined this wonderful country adding racism where there was none before. I detest her. Laura
no way .one is a bit neurotic if a comment like that upsets them john
Until New Zealand is a totally colourblind nation we will never achieve our potential Cookie
She certainly should have done but you had better get used to it. Be prepared to be a second class citizen in the very country you have given a lifetime of sharing and caring about. There is now no rule of law, no consequences for criminal acts, even the taking of another persons life by drunken and dangerous driving only rates home detention. (have the boys round and have a piss-up eh). Ram raiding and target shooting is fast becoming a national sport … eh? Kids gota do something and remember that a kid in sport stays out of court. Even too young to be charged or to be added to the statistics. I keep telling you the country is stuffed and hell I hope I am wrong…. don’t think so tho. God defend NZ and NZers from the socialists and woke wankers. Bruce
This is the least of the seperatism accepted and legislated in NZ. Margaret
Kelvin Davis is a racist bully, and should have been demoted and stripped of his ministerial roles etc and demoted to the backbench, to languish there until Labour are kicked out in the next election. Trevor
the comments were an absolute disgrace and shows the arrogance of kelvin davis,s beliefs Bev
If it wasn’t for the fact he was in parliament – he should be taken to trial tony
He certainly exposed the Maori agenda which would be a disaster for the everyday working Maori. Tikanga everything would take freedom away never t be seen again. Gay
Yes. She can’t let remarks like that get past with no mention. Sheila
I have answered “Yes”, she should, but in the full and certain knowledge that she supports the blatant racism of the maoris. With the possible exception of the Chinese, the maoris have the strongest racist culture of any human grouping. They not only despise non-maoris, but also maoris of a different tribal origin. With the connivance of our prime minister, and the other simpletons running the government, they are thrusting themselves into a position of power using a strategy based entirely on the blatant lies that – the Waitangi document is a treaty – and that it conferred some measure of equality with the crown onto stone-age tribesmen who themselves had no semblance of a governing structure for the landmass they inhabited. If allowed to proceed unchecked, this will be the total ruin of New Zealand as a modern western-style nation. TOBY
absolutely disgusting Richard
Very dangerous woman Peter
Had his comments been made by me I would have been branded a racist and I would have been vilified out of the Country.. What did we get Kelvin was wrong. Nothing more Shame on our PM and the Labour Maori Caucus Frank
racism is a two way streak. maori van not be racist as a sense of entitlement. angela
Obviously Peter
She (PM) cannot answer or address the awkward questions. This is a classic example. What annoyed me about Davis spouting off about Maoridom, is here is someone who is less than 50% Maori living a Pakeha life style enjoying all the benefits that the European culture has brought him. But as usual it is inconvenient to acknowledge such matters as it doesn’t suite his (and other so called elite Maori’s ) agenda which is supported by our PM. chris
She should have fired him. david
Kelvin Davis is a hypocrite – he looks pakeha – not an iota Maori – and with a Welsh name how is his “te reo Welsh”? Is he likewise supporting the basis of his own existence? The woman he insulted is far more Maori than he is!! Suzanne
And stop her own racist comments Giles
Because he belongs to her party J.A will not do a thing about it. Ann
The Leader of the Wolf Pack is starting to show her weakness and the rebel Wolves are taking over! Michael
He should have been stood down for a period of time and demoted. kevin
I feel if this had occurred in front of any other PM it would have been instant discipline. If something similar to this happened in our company ranks you cannot just let it go. Clive
There are no words I can summon up to describe the hatred and division being put into this once wonderful nation. She and her lot must go. Could not even bring myself to type in her name. Martyn
You are surely not serious about the question? Ardern and her cronies do what they like, her/his government is a farce, they are aiming for totalitarianism, nothing short. People need to wake up and get rid of them before we loose all freedom! Peter
She should have showed better leadership in reprimanding Davis for his pointedly racist comments to another person with Maori ancestry. But she won’t take that step because it’s obvious that she’s scared of the Maori caucus. What’s an “apology”? Simply in this case, a mea culpa. Davis has overstepped the boundaries and used parliamentary privilege to do it. It was noticeable that Willy Jackson seated behind him was laughing during the whole episode. Ultimately there is only one world, the planet on which we live, and we have to learn to get along together instead of shooting off cheap shots at other people, especially those whose views we may differ on. Laurence
It is disgraceful that this is acceptable by the Prime Minister. Gayle
Shocking just more of the same biased weak leadership. NEIL
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, ‘Nuff said. Gary
People with Maori “ancestry” are immune from being called racist no matter what they say and about whom. The usual story of one rule for them and another rule for everybody else. Diane
Definitely, she is a disgrace as a PM and is destroying NZ. Stephen
“Get real”! Jacinda won’t challenge her leading racist because she is an authoritarian one anyway Ian
There’s a video on line where Ardern is asked what article 1 of the Treaty is. She didn’t have a clue, even with attempts at prompting by Willie. Her best effort was a juvenile, flippant remark. She must have been away on her own indoctrination day. Ian
That’s how a communist leader operates. No surprises there?? Peter
She won’t of course – it wouldn’t suit her agenda. What a disaster this lot of commo’s are. How do we get rid of them before they create more mayhem. WAKE UP NZ Don
Kelvin Davis demonstrated racist demeanour means he is unfit to continue to hold his Office as Deputy leader of the Labour Government. Full stop. Hugh
His attack on a fellow MP was classic racism and should have been appropriately punished Terry
Reverse racism is as bad as racism. Neither have a place in NZ Democracy has to be restored and the Jacinda Arden communistic era should be brought to an immediate end.. Ixlan
He and Nania should be fired ASAP Terry
maoris are only people who matter in this country (NOT) everyone else is only here to work & pay taxes for them with THEIR hands out. Lesley
Dont do what we do but do as we say says Jacinda. Harvey
Maori Party is Racist by definition. mik
Unbelievable. She and all labour MPs must go. valerie
Definitely yes. Unfortunately New Zealand is currently wounded and now has a stench that signals the wound has become dangerously gangrenous. It appears that the odorous smell has so far been bottled up to the extent that the general public are not aware of the potential new fraudulent wave of servitude to a new master class is being set up to control us all. There are already vast numbers of New Zealanders who have seen what is coming who are now residing in Australia and other parts. They simply want their freedom as individuals and have escaped the tyranny of forced socialism for us to be fleeced and to be led by the bull ring to the whims of those who believe themselves to be the master class. Have we, the general public learnt nothing over the last eighty years? There is so much damage that is being done to our institutions of public service that a further twelve months of this sort of current nefarious shenanigans being perpetrated by the current power brokers is the cause of so much damage to our society that it may never recover to allow for a truly evenhanded harmonious country that at the best will only be an illusion. We could be a fractured nation forever with a wound that is unable to be healed. Garry
We live in a very sad little country at the bottom of the earth. By the path we are going down we will soon be even irrelevant to rest of the world Lindsay
He should have been shot. Far too much ‘put down’ culture as a response fair comments. Tim
Ardern should have treated Davis’s remarks with disdain BUT when your a Puppet, working for the WEF and being driven by their ruthless Agenda, then you would tend to ignore any Racist Remarks by your Underlings. It’s all part of the Great Reset. Geoff
Hypocracy and racist! Davis is a fraudster, along with Adern. This Govt needs to go. NOW Andrew
This is very serious – what would have occurred if a non Maori had made a similar remark – that is a scary thought. Maori resentment, jealousy, and arrogance is a reflection of the bullying that all NZers are experiencing. michael
Most definitely Michele
Absolutely, a party, even one with a proud history like the NZ Labour Party, is reduced to nothing if it lacks integrity. Leadership, at the national level, must represent (and protect the rights of) every New Zealander. Ardern’s gang are exposing themselves as not capable of that. The have failed to deliver for child poverty and public housing, but, have very successfully caused dissent and resentment in the community with their overtly racist policies. Francis
He should be required to resign. Simon
His apology was sufficient for what he said. Parliament has always been a cesspit of insults, subtle and otherwise, true or not….tragically. Davis based his on his own understanding of what Maoriness is. You do the same: ‘Jacinda Ardern is the embodiment of new-age socialism.’ Apparently ‘just a makeover of the ugly failed socialism of old’, as with the meaning of ‘Maoriness’, ‘socialism’ is undefined… just a club. There are many of us who see what is happening in this country and elsewhere as a revival of the thinking of the 1920s and 30s that led to fascism and war. Alan
Ardern seems happy if not committed to creating racial division in this country. Gifford
She has proven to be weak dealing with conflict in her government John
Typical Ardern, everything for Maoris Graeme
Absolutely. Parliament should be a place of racial neutrality. Davis should have been ordered out of parliament by the speaker and made to formally apologise in writing to the ACT MP. Dennis
The so called ‘principles’ for the Treaty are being distorted and as a reason to suppress any dissenting voices Geoff
Reverse Apartheid does not belong in NZ David
Davis is a racist, and I also doubt that he is even 50% maori, he is just on the gravy train!!! Les
Enough of this apartheid! Enough invented words for things and organisations that don’t exist in Maori culture. 2 languages yes but keep them seperate as in other bi lingual nations Colin
yes it was totally unacceptable.She is a weak PM and cannot deal with the hard issues richard
Unfortunately for NZ, she is not in a position to dismiss Davis; HE is the bottom of the barrel, there are no credible replacements. Bob
He should have been sacked. Ann
New Zealand now has the most racist government in the Western world Alister
Great article thanks Muriel. Jacinda is a threat to our way of life in NZ. It amazes me that in the polls, they have any support left. Socialism does not work, never has. CAROLE
When will people wake up to the fact NZ is an APARTHEID society. APARTHEID should be shunned just as it was in South Africa. Geoff
He is out of control. Florence
Yes, not acceptable. Kim
Yes hope he will be seen as a radical unhinged part Maori full of tribal junk,,out with him and his junkie lot next year James
he’s a racist bigot Peter
definitely Les
Ardern needs to be gone NOW BRUCE
he should have been sacked from being deputy leader & made to give an apology to Karen & the New Zealand public Nigel
asobloodylutly Robin
Lack of action gives quite a clear message. People may realise how devious our government is. Jack
Jacinda Ardern is a racist beholden to the Labour Maori Caucus. John
Disgraceful Roger
This is a prime minister that has started as her major objective to fight racism. What a hypocrite!! Murray
Most certainly! Because regular comments and put downs are now becoming daily occurrences from some maori ; it shows their arrogance. This country is truly divided now on race due to the adherence to the outdated treaty of waitangi and jacinda arderns socialist policies. Darryl
I think one of the reasons she didn’t is because in fact it’s the Maori caucus who is running this government. She is too scared to do anything-not that she thinks he did anything wrong anyway! Roger
We can’t sit back and watch this happen to our country. The rest of the world is watching and slowly waking up and realising it’s happening to them as well. This carcinogenic Jacinderation and the melignant warts that follow her need an overdose of chemotherapy and regular doses of radiotherapy. Give us back our freedoms and harmonious successful country. Mike
Actually the Tooth Fairy has done kiwis are huge favour by virtually supporting half breed Davis . If she had done the correct thing it gives the sheeple a perhaps she is ok tick .Whereas most sensible kiwis hopefully know her chest beating ago ,well shown at her UN speech . Finally even various overseas journalists who have some moral attitude can see what a sad dangerous person she is ,contrary to our own bribed morally bankrupt NZ journos are . Hitler would have been so proud . Ray
Shows her true worth. Zero Keith
Sack Labour at the Vote Poll next year. Joseph
He should be expelled. David
If you don’t, then you should examine what you believe is racism. Clearly Jackson, Davis and other Maori self proclaimed elite are in the box seat in this discussion. Peter
The PM is supporting a racist separation of New Zealand and she is supported by the media that have taken funds from the government in return for unquestioning support of a hidden agenda that Labour dare not state publicly as it would be rejected by the vast majority of New Zealanders at the next election. Stephen
she says be kind but she is the racist David
Davis should have apologized to Pakeha as well before being stood down. Rick
Why didn’t speaker hold Davis to account? Karen
absolutely Fritz
LABOUR thinks it owns the Maori narrative and controls how it should be used Noel
Why didn’t speaker hold Davis to account? Anon
When/how will this end? You can place your bets on a deluge of ‘misinformation’ prior to the Election (which may itself be too late to correct entrenched Maoridom !! V. sad) michael
Stand the silly bugger down. Better still vote him out of office next time around. Robbie
The racist attack by Kelvin Davis was shocking. It is a serious concern that she thought his weak apology was okay. Barbara
Compare the way Ardern treated Davis with the way Liz Truss treated her Trade Minister based on one complaint. Now that is leadership. pdm
Davis is typical Hori. He failed as Minister of corrections and is failing now with Oranga Tamariki. He has displayed no leadership in either department. He has displayed his true colours, as a balanced responsible Govt leader:. mike
“Divide and conquer” is a time-honoured mechanism to undermine a disparate opposition. She is happy to be the ‘smiling face’ while others do her dirty work. Sooner-or-later there will be a backlash from the ‘conservative’ segment of society, and the result may be worse than a lot of Kiwi’s expect. Ted
Most definitely. Surely we have all grown up as a country and all mention of race should be deleted from the Statute books. We should be moving forward as New Zealanders and race should not come into it. Helen
this sedition needs to be stopped now. We are certainly on a slippery slope to hell. colin
one-sided racism. What about Davis’s european whakapapa Eric
Of course but that’ll never happen because she won’t allow anything to upset her elite He Puapua plan, under which democracy will die. Bev
Absolutely! But this evil woman has her own agenda and she is determined to carry it through come hell or high water! Because like all narcissists she believes her reasoning is absolutely right and she wont be thwarted by anyone! Ron
The comments made by Kelvin Davis were abhorrent and Ardern’s response was absolutely weak and feeble, imagine Labour’s response if someone in the National party had behaved like that! robin
Yes. But I doubt seriously whether she will be held to account. Stuart
Absolutely Ian
Get her OUT !!! Pauline
Yes, but too late, she is clearly in the maori camp- what have they ever contributed to NZ ? they killed and ate the genuine indigenous people, now they claim they are the indigenous ! They have sanitised and rewritten their real history, their whole claim is basically a fraud – yet JA and crew pander to the maori Caucus and gift NZ’s assets to them! Trevor
Sadly like all megalomaniacs Adern believes herself to be above those whom she is meant to represent and her need to control is destroying what once was a democratic harmonious balanced multicultural society. She has to GO!,,, Lindsay
Poor leadership where equity is promoted but not practiced. Howard
He should have been sent to the back benches Joan
Of course, but as then leader why would she discipline her workers if they were doing the work she has designated them to do? Marie
Obviously if any european member had spoken in a similar way – the media would have gone crazy Peter
Yes. His rant was disgraceful. Roy
Needed to be censured for such a comment Terry
Racism is often used as a tool to avoid losing an argument. Some forms of racism are deemed acceptable depending on which race is practising. In this instance it was used to avoid providing a credible argument by insulting the questioner, thus diverting attention from the topic at hand. Was there an answer to the question? I imagine Jacinda would be quite proud of the political manoeuvre but public opinion would have to be massaged – hence the apology. I doubt there would have been one otherwise. Interesting times! Martin
It ill behoves a Minister to bad mouth another person of the same ethnic group. Janet
What is the moari equivalent of a whitewash? Anon
Ardern knows the Maori Caucus rule. Trevor
“through a vanilla lens’ is similar to the ‘white privilege’ statement directed to students on tertiary courses and in classrooms. These comments bring division and behind them is the mistaken belief that we are all responsible for the wrongs of the past and must redress them by tribal rule. No. Jacquetta
What the hell do you expect from the woman. She is a damned disgrace and one way or another must be held to account. She and her bunch of inept communist Maori and pakeha caucus and systematically destroying our country. For God’s sake wake up New Zealand. David
Davis needs to embrace his vanilla side and stop sitting on the bank of the creek catching eels with the dumbest of his Pakeha friends, while the next generation of Maori play in the river with their Pakeha toys. Rod
Of course she should have. Absolute disgrace. Words fail me with this woman. Chris
Labour is arrogant and divisive. Mel
In her world only white people are racists. Gordon
maori caucus & the petty pati hate party are the most racist members of our NZ!All should be jailed for treason & hate speech chris
Typical of the dictitorial attitude of this Marxist government. Jon
Total hyprocacy by the pm. Davis should definitely be censured for his behaviour. It is an outrage that he accuses a fellow mp in such a racial way. Non radicalised maori also need to call out this behaviour as well. It is time for them to stand up and be counted. Willy
The least she should have done was demote him. David
Kelvin dropped his veil and we saw him for the racist he is. Kevin
Racism is being forced on us by this Labour led government intent i persecuting anyone with views other than their own Sandra
Kelvin Davis is just a bully and a thug. He should be expelled from Parliament. This is the same discipline that would be measured out to someone acting in this manner at school or in a normal employment relationship. The fact Marxinder did nothing to discipline this outrageous bully highlights just how far New Zealand has fallen down the slope to an apartheid country. Here comes Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. Chris
Get rid of this government Sandra
Most definitely, he apologized but still believes what he said. Gavin
We need a snap election to get rid of these racist communist scum Greg
A disgusting comment from Davis he should have been booted out. He is as bad as Adhern . Both dangerous for NZ Dianne
Imagine the howl of protest should the situation have been reversed Clive
However she is ‘owned’ by the radical Maori caucus and cannot do anything they do not approve of Mike
Immediate removal from cabinet. Graham
Yes, she should have. william
But why would she? She and her puppet masters are pushing the racist division. Bryan
Absolutely unforgivable. One of many dreadfully handled situations. Anna
Yes, they were very bad. Jane
Arrogance!! Martin
Anyone else would’ve been called to be stood down Leeanne
Sure the ‘leader’ should have. But that is not the point really. This whole thing has taken on a kind of self propelled dynamics . Words do not mean anything in their eyes. They chop and change as they go along. They reverse and distort to suit their current agenda, which could change overnight at any time. This ‘leader’ is a WEF/UN puppet reading from a script and has been given free reign void of any responsibility,— moral and ethics are foreign to that ‘leader’. The goal is clear. They want to destroy us and nothing else matters. Michael
…maorification of New Zealand is a disease. The WHO should be notified urgently and the correct ‘vaccine’ such as the removal of the Labour Party before Miss Hitler distroys the Nation . Chris
Most definitely. Double standards! Joe
Karen Chhour was given a standing ovation by all MPs after her Maiden speech. in Parliament. I would like to remind Jacinda of this. Sylvia
Absolutely…and she should go after Willie Jackson for the same reason. Paul
Our PM is more corrupt and dangerous then Xi, Pultin and Iranian regime. She smiles and poison us NZers we call home. Should get her political humiliated in such a way that she is even afraid to see herself in mirror and when she sees her self she should see her holding Hitlors hand. Nasty person in my view. Dharmesh
Definitely Peter
Absolutely. Dianne
But it is part of the coup so she won’t. john
Under the thumb of the Maori caucus Lawrence
This is beyond commenting on. It is beyond comprehension every New Zealander should be disgusted by Davis’s comments and he should be stood down Rod
She can’t however as she is owned by Mahuta. Intertribal wars to come. Kevin
Ardern must go Scott
Should have been stood down Doris
Just another limp response to this Maori bully. Mike
Along with all the vile racists comments made by members of the Maori Caucus. Vonne
Those comments are appalling and for our Prime Minister to pass it off in the way she did is disgusting. She is not fit to be in her position. Walter
Obviously Kelvin hasn’t attend the Anti bullying training provided by Parliamentary Service yet! Confirms yet again that Dr Sharma’s bullying culture claims have substance, well to everyone except Jacinda. Brenda
Our current government has such a double standard, which is reflected by the confused people of New Zealand. Peter
His comments were made in parliament. His apology should also have been made in parliament. Then both are on the record of Hansen. . His craven apology over the phone was allowed to be an off the record easy way out. Peter
absolutely, He should have made a public apology, He’s an incompetent minister anyway Sonia
It was a very racist remark Norm
Of course, this guy should be thrown out of parliament. Together with a few others peter
yes , as it seems that only white people are deemed to be racist , so.. It needs to be recognised that darker skinned people are also very racist , especially now that this so called Govt , has empowered these people , to think that they have been unfairly treated in the past and now. Roy
Just imagine reversing the roles and had a whitey make those comments……..the tribes would be up in arms wanting his head on a stake!!! Tony
I wholeheartedly do. If I had said it as a Pakeha I would have been castigated and called a racist. Come on New Zealand wake up to this socialist regime. Laraine
Apartheid lives. And it’s here in New Zealand. John
I was disgusted by the behaviour of those MPs around Davis, like Willie Jackson and even the speaker of the House who treated it like a joke. It was the worst behaviour I have ever seen in Parrliament. Ken
Jacinda. Will not stand up and put the Maori cuasus in place as she is frighten to be labeled a true New Zealander who stands for good old democracy. Stephen 
It is the thin edge of the wedge. I thought we spoke against apartheid with the Springbok tour in 1981 yet now we are endorsing it. Adrian
I’m born and breed in NZ the same as my parents were, now starting to feel I have no country to call my own. I love NZ & have worked hard to keep my family here, which has not been hard as they love NZ too. Now rethinking if my children have a future in NZ! Have I failed my children & grandchildren encouraging them to stay in NZ??? John
The Maori caucus own her. She’s drunk on power. Brett
This is another incident in the increasing tribal Maori policy of division in New Zealand. John
Different rules for one and other Sue
I was appalled how the Prime Minister, who was in the House, just a few seats along from Kelvin Davis, did not jump to her feet and speak to the point, and apologize on behalf of the Government. Stephen
Her pathetic minimizing of the comment was nothing less than disgusting of any leader. Jan
The Maori caucus has her by the short and curlies so this will be swept under the whariki. Allan
Leadership requires wisdom and neither Davis nor Ardern showed any through this episode. Bill
They are all idiots so not capable of any common sense. Why do New Zealanders put up with this nonsense? Scott
Absolutely she is a disgrace & a danger to this country Lorraine
Please leave climate change out of these articles and let people vote on each issue separately. Keith
The PM of New Zealand talks with a forked tongue. Racist comments such as Kelvin Davis’s, last week, should warrant the same treatment that would have been metered out had a European passed such a comment against a Maori MP. Double standards reign! Barbara
Disgraceful Bev
And voters need to remember, next year. DAVID
Ardern needs every bully that she can get. Thats how a bully operates. To oppose or turn on those who support her aims would never do… The objective is to turn on those who don’t. Imagine if ANY other politician had behaved that way never mind made a speech like Ardern’s to the UN. The media and academics around the world have decried and derided this very speech and are globally alarmed. The New Zealand media have reported none of it. The silence is deafening. Jen
JA is evil. Unfortunately, most NZers are oblivious to what is happening. Eleni
If she was a Prime Minister with any gutz – yes, but she hasn’t she just has her rabid socialist colleagues around her each feeding on their rabid totally racist rhetoric while she nods in agreement. She’s not fit to be a PM in more ways than only this; and she surely has not got NZ;s best interest at the forefront of any of her policies. She’s a total disaster for NZ Carolyn
Useless leader, most divisive govt ever, National and Act have a lot of damage to repair!! Tim
he should have been reprimanded for sure Lorraine
Davis is a racist and a bully Ray
Davis is an idiot. It’s mean to pick on the weak so she should just pat him on the head and tell him to shut up and go back to sleep. Graham
Red, green and blue You don’t know what to do We’ve had enough of you. We will hire someone new. charles
Absolutely – he should have been stood down and investigated, otherwise it sends a signal that racism by Ministers and the Government is acceptable.   Murray
Jacinda Ardern’s speech to the UN revealed that she’s totally lost the plot!  John
The only way to get rid of all these accusations of racism is to take race out of the Statute books – just like they’ve done in France. National should be promising to do that otherwise the country is stuffed. Barry
Ardern secretly likes her Maori MPs to bully opposition MPs as when they are intimidated, they give her a free ride! Christine
Imagine if Kelvin Davis had been a white man – Jacinda Ardern would have come down on him like a ton of bricks. It should not have made any difference that he is Maori. He should have been stood down. Roger