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The Politics of Division

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Most New Zealanders will have watched last week’s Albert Park demonstration against British woman’s rights campaigner ‘Posie Parker’ with alarm and disgust, as a surging mob of howling rainbow rights activists threatened to crush her, while the Police stood by and did nothing.

The division, violence and anger that was on display that day, will be an enduring legacy of the Ardern-Hipkins Labour Government.

Instead of advocating the democratic ideal of equality and unity, Labour has championed diversity and division.

A hard-core socialist who was World President of a communist youth movement when elected to our Parliament in 2008 – a position she continued to hold for a further 15 months – the former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern heavily promoted the divisive agenda of identity politics.

This Marxist philosophy shifts the struggle for social justice away from the working class to the so-called oppressed groups in society based on identifying features such as race, gender, and sexuality.

As Auckland University’s Professor Elizabeth Rata explains, “Victimhood was subsequently understood as oppression by colonisation, the patriarchy, and ‘Western’ culture generally – an oppression experienced by ethnic groups, indigenous peoples, women, gays, and religious minorities rather than the capitalist exploitation of working class people.”

As well as dividing society by appeasing identity groups, Jacinda Ardern embraced authoritarianism. Claiming to be the sole source of truth, she breached human rights through unlawful lockdowns and illegal vaccine mandates. Imposing an unauthorised He Puapua agenda, she replaced democracy with totalitarian tribal rule. And she threatened an oppressive ‘hate speech’ regime that would have criminalised anyone criticising groups defined by gender, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, employment status, family status, religion, or political opinion. 

On top of that, with her ‘dob in your neighbour’ philosophy, and a ‘picking winners’ approach to government spending, Jacinda Ardern deeply divided our hitherto egalitarian society with its proud tradition of ‘live and let live’ and ‘give everyone a fair go’. 

This is the New Zealand Chris Hipkins inherited when he became Prime Minister in January, and while he’s assured the public he will undo some of the damage created by his predecessor, to date he’s done nothing.

As well as embedding the politics of division within our legislative and regulatory framework, Labour has fanned the flames of discord through vicious gutter rhetoric.

The Immigration Minister Michael Wood exemplified this with his despicable “river of filth” description of the doctors, nurses, teachers and others protesting at Parliament against unlawful vaccine mandates.

He was at it again when explaining the trans community’s attempt to prevent Posie Parker from entering the country had failed: “I find many of her views repugnant, and am concerned by the way in which she courts some of the most vile people and groups around including white supremacists. As we look towards her events for this coming weekend, the welfare and safety of our transgender community is front of mind… Police have advised they will also be in attendance to ensure public safety. I condemn her inflammatory, vile and incorrect worldviews, and will always stand alongside those New Zealanders who use their own right to free speech against those who wish to take society backwards.”

Finance Minister Grant Robertson, a member of the LGBTQI+ community, also piled in: “I find her views and statements abhorrent. Her bigotry is dangerous and disingenuous. As a country we need to keep our trans community close, and support them through this time. The hateful language is the same that was directed at gays and lesbians in years gone by. Its the same misinformation and lies that destroyed lives and broke apart families. I for one will never let that rhetoric take hold. We must stand together against bigotry and transphobia.”

Justice Minister Kiri Allen, whose partner is the former RadioNZ Midday Report host Mani Dunlop, was also critical of Posie Parker’s right of free speech, saying, “Nope to any person that tries to censor anyone else’s identity – race, sexuality, class, gender – just nope. Let’s do what we do, Aotearoa – stand up, make some noise and support our trans whanau by showing up and drowning out any bigotry that seeks to divide and hurt our whanau.”

And, in spite of the violence and chaos that ensued that morning, the chair of Labour’s Rainbow caucus Shanan Halbert, brushed it aside saying, “I’m so proud of our rainbow community and our allies for coming together in solidarity with our trans whanau. I saw an energetic protest. One that stood up for what New Zealand stands for – inclusion and acceptance. I’m pleased that it was largely a safe environment for all.”

While Prime Minister Chris Hipkins tried to stay out of the controversy by saying Posie Parker’s entry to New Zealand was “a matter for the officials” and claiming “People are allowed to express their views and oppose those they don’t agree with”, he also said he did not agree with “inciting violence”: the “law has a clear line on what you can’t do and I respect that.”

It was rainbow activists who crossed the line and incited violence that day. Fuelled by the inflammatory comments of MPs and false media reports linking Ms Parker with Nazi-sympathisers, the hostile crowd was whipped up into such a frenzy, that she feared for her life.

In an interview with The Platform’s Sean Plunkett, Posie Parker recounted her experience: “I didn’t know if I was going to make it out alive. I concentrated on one foot in front of the other, and then as the surge came forward, I started falling to the side. If I fell, I wouldn’t get up. A body on the floor is not like a human being – it can be kicked and stomped. It was just so frightening I thought I would get crushed to death. I’ve never felt so unsafe in my life.”

Meanwhile, the Police stood by and did nothing – and while the mainstream media down-played the violence of the protesting mob, you can judge for yourself by viewing Posie Parker’s live-stream of the whole incident HERE or a short edited version with drone footage HERE.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Contributor, veteran political commentator Chris Trotter, outlines what should have happened last Saturday:

“At 11:00am, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (a.k.a “Posie Parker”) a small (just 155 centimetres tall) bottle-blond mother of four from the United Kingdom, would have stood behind the microphone set up in the Albert Park band rotunda and delivered a speech.

“To a small crowd of about 250 people, she would have detailed her objections to transgender women (i.e. persons born biological males and, in some cases, retaining their male reproductive organs) having the right to enter spaces hitherto reserved for biological women and girls; being incarcerated in biological women’s prisons; and permitted to compete against human females in sporting events intended for biological women only.

“Keen-Minshull would have been followed by a line-up of New Zealand speakers (most of them biological women and feminists) concerned about the linguistic erasure of their sex from official discourse (as in the expression “pregnant persons”) and alarmed at the efforts of transgender women and their supporters to silence the public expression of their concerns.”

Chris then explains what really happened: “Keen-Minshull’s rally was over before it had even begun – victim of the Thug’s Veto. Her right to free expression had been illegally and violently curtailed.”

The burning question, of course, is on whose instruction did the Police fail to intervene to ensure public safety – and why?

After all, according to Minister Wood, the “police have advised they will also be in attendance to ensure public safety.

A second question asks whether this represents our new norm – if identity groups don’t like the message being expressed through New Zealanders’ right to free speech, is it now OK for Cabinet Ministers and their media allies to help whip up a frenzy so they will exercise the ‘thugs veto’ and intimidate speakers into silence, whilst Police turn a blind eye? 

The point is that in a democratic society, the police play a crucial role in maintaining public order and enforcing the law. But their actions last Saturday, where they failed to intervene to prevent the violence, appears to indicate they have become selective about law enforcement.

As Dr Oliver Hartwich of the New Zealand Initiative points out, “Civil disobedience does not excuse police inaction. People who engage in civil disobedience should expect to face consequences. That is part of the deal. If the state does not respond, civil disobedience turns into state-sanctioned activism.”

Is that what happened last Saturday – were we witnessing State-sanctioned activism?

That certainly seemed to be the objective of the Green Party Cabinet Minister Marama Davidson, who, attending the protest to support the rainbow community, claimed it is white cis (same gender as birth) men who are responsible for violence: “I am the prevention violence Minister, and I know who causes violence in the world, and its white cis men.”

Pollster David Farrar fact-checked her claims and explains why they are false: “There are two issues here. The first is that she is wrong. In New Zealand here is the data for violent offending for 2022:

– Gender: 79% male, 21% female
– Ethnicity: 51% Maori, 29% European, 11% Pacific, 2% Indian, 1% Asian

“If she is talking about the entire world, then we also have some data. The top five countries for homicide: El Salvador, Jamaica, Lesotho, Honduras, Belize. And the top five for rape are: Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Bermuda, Sweden.

“So it is very clear the Minister is wrong. But that is not the biggest issue. It is her trying to stir up racial hatred.”

Welfare commentator Lindsay Mitchell fact-checked the Minister’s further claims that “overwhelmingly it is men who are the biggest threat to women and children when it comes to violence”, and found they were also wrong: “Green’s co-leader Marama Davidson just keeps digging the hole she is in deeper. First she showed her bitter antipathy towards white CIS men. Then she walked it back to all men…

“University of Otago Professor David Fergusson, an expert on domestic violence, said the public perception that men were the perpetrators of most domestic violence was the result of biased publicity. The proper message is that both gender groups have a capacity for domestic violence and women probably perpetrate more assaults on children then men do.”

Here’s the truth. By revealing her own hate and prejudices through racist and sexist comments, Marama Davidson has demonstrated she is unfit to be a Minister of the Crown. Chris Hipkins should remove her from Office.  

Nor is she the first Green Party Minister to display bias against white men. Who can forget the former Minister for Women, Julie-Ann Genter stirring up hate when she stated that “old white men need to ‘move on’ from company boards to help close the gender pay gap.” 

The Greens’ anti-white male hatred is vile and dangerous.

But back to Posie Parker.

It is ironic that on the day when she was due to discuss basic needs for biological women including their own bathrooms, changing rooms, and sports events, the President of the World Athletics Council Sebastian Coe announced that female transgender athletes who had gone through male puberty would no longer be permitted to compete in female competitions.

That decision is in sharp contrast to the new guidelines issued by Sports NZ late last year, which not only allow transgender athletes to compete in the gender they identify with, but requires sports clubs to provide inclusive bathroom facilities and gender neutral uniforms.

What happened to Posie Parker was a disgrace. The inflammatory comments by Ministers of the Crown, the false reporting by the media, the Police failing to protect a vulnerable woman in extreme danger, verged on State-sanctioned activism.

It’s not only time our politicians stepped up and defended New Zealanders against radicalised activism, but judging by his dithering when asked to define a “woman”, it’s clearly time our Prime Minister went back to basics and learnt the difference between a man and a woman – as well as the difference between right and wrong.

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*Should the Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson lose her ministerial warrant for her racist comments?  


*Poll comments are posted below.


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As a white cis male I am deeply offended by this woman, maybe I’ve been knocked down by a motorcycle too Jock
Mrs M. Davidson has always been an extremist agitator but being a maori will require special treatment. However I hope the Greens go down below 5% and we get rid of them at the next election. Monica
And not just that – she must resign as well. Scott
Absolutely. Racist comments and anti-women comments such as hers should have no place in our Parliament. Christine
Absolutely Valda
Yes, yes and yes. Someone has to grow some ********* kick her out for life and bring this country back to what it was. We are being run by mentally challenged people with noses in the trough. Time to boot the lot out and find a party with common sense and bring us back to one country. Or all the people with common sense leave NEW ZEALAND and leave all the idiots to run and maintain the infrastructure without a handbook and handouts. Jeff
She is so racist and for her being injured by a motorbike is all lies shame on her, she had a tiny black mark from the motor bike and was enjoying the attention. No excuse for her racism.  Alison
No minister should be allowed to remain in public office after making such comments. Heather
Marama showed her hatred towards me because I am a white straight male. SHE MUST GO!! KEN
a man hating activist should not be in her role ronda
Also James Shaw. He has defended her to the hilt knowing of her bias Roy
Of course she should but will she? Chris
Ministers have a responsibility to represent all New Zealanders. tony
absolutely john
Why does this half caste Maori think only white people can be racist when she makes such a racist about white men graeme
If she doesn’t lose her ministerial warrant, our government will have double standards. Peter
Yes she needs to be sacked immediately & the whole govt with here Nigel
an absolute disgrace, potty mouth, deluded maori racist fool brian
Absolutely, unfortunately its is only racists’ in NZ if you mention anything Maori. It is impossible for any other group or ethnic persons to have any complaint investigated by the biased race relations department. Leon
Where is National in all this. They are pathetic Alan
If anyone said that Brown cis men were the cause of all violence they would have arrested for inciting violence and thrown in jail. Yet that statement is closer to the facts than Davidsons statement Grant
Why not. her comments are racist. Chris
One set of rules for every Minister, she transgressed therefore she needs to go. Gavin
Kick her down The road like an old tin can! Racist Neil
same rules for all douig
no place for this sort of crap peter
Imagine what would happen if a white person said that Wayne
Trouble maker John
If the roles were reversed she & her accompanied white man hate activists would stipulate & force their rights to have that minister removed. Her display indicates immature head space not fit to represent what a NZers want, she is feeding the racist gap & fuelling further anger. She cannot be a part of the members of Parliament Meishel
She is a disgrace. Such bigotry as she verbalises is not befitting a Minister of the Crown. Shocking! Absolutely shocking! She has brought disgrace to NZ and we are very negatively viewed overseas too as a result. Joanna
Marama Davidson is Evil & vile. She is , I think , a Woman and yet she seems to violate biological women! She is nonsensical, totally deranged! Should be gone from Parliament! Valerie
Desicable comments. She must go. and in regard to the CAPTCHA question challenge 4 2 = 6 unless you are Marama Davidson in which case in equal whatever you want it to equal. Chris
A disgusting racist. Francis
With her purely abject remark, Marama Davidson shows no remorse whatsoever for her racist retort. She has passed her use-by date! Kevan
Marama is NZ’s No1 ultimate racist as shown by her comments. glyn
Activist scum Thomas
Yes yes yes Ruth
Totally out of order Ken
Surely she can’t stay after showing her true colours to the world? I’ve always considered her a racist idiot – now she’s proved it…… Dave
Hypocritical Fraser
It beggars belief how she got there in the first place. Linda
She is racist, sexist and dangerous and because she breaches many of the responsibilities that ministers of the Crown have to exercise. Kerry
The continuation of Davidson as a minister, or as a MP in view of her blatant bigotry should be a decision made by the voting public at election time. I would be very surprised to see her continue in Parliament beyond the forthcoming election. Colin
Division is the agenda for our current MPs. This is NOT NZ. Annette
There is an election coming so if she doesn’t get the marching orders now we can do it with the vote to kick her out Warren
NZ one people one nation Margaret
She is out of line with her woke beliefs. She and her woke party must go! peter
How can we feel and be safe in our own country when the Government condones racist hate from its minsters and allows them to continue in that position. In my view Politicians and media whipped up the resulting chaos. New Zealand’s reputation will suffer. Something is terribly wrong in NZ? Sam
Marama Davidson should have been sacked the day after she made that comment. No Minister in our Government should get away with that kind of outburst. Linda
She made a nasty despicable comment the deserves to see her removed from her ministerial position. Zelda
Shocking comment from a government minister Rayward
She must be removed from All National Politics in New Zealand foe ever ongoing Phil
No doubt about it Bev
not only her but her woke so called leader and while we are at it the woke prime minister for not pulling her up over her racist rant, the sooner the election comes around the sooner we NEW ZEALANDERS can get rid of all the parasites in Wellington Richard
she and her party have nothing to contribute. Parasites. Political opportunists masquerading as environmentalists bill
When Govt Ministers, Media and the Police sanction mob violence it is time for all New Zealanders to take stock of where our Govt is leading us. We do not want to become another country where minorities rule , and mob rule is condoned by our law makers. Free speech must be the right for all citizens without fear, favour. or race as an impediment. Brian & Trish
Definitely Richard
Of course she should! But sadly in this crazy clown country we now live in she won’t. Lola
For her to say it, she has to have thought it in her mind – therefore Marama meant it! Phillip
Under normal circumstances an honourable minister would resign. Yeah-right. However, it might be better she doesn’t. This will give her more public opportunities to rant and spit vitriol to further highlight this Green-Labour government’s divisive ideologies. Roll on October. Norman
Absolutely Murray
Yes, she was deliberate in her condemning of white males as being the main perpetrators of violence. However the truth is shown in the statistics. She should be made to resign. Yes I am a white male who has contributed tax for 50 years. Allan
Davidson clearly demonstrated that she is racist and therefore not fit for public office. Frank
She can’t get the facts right, blames the wrong group with impunity and doubles down with the wrong facts when asked to apologize – which she steadfastly refuses to do. Sheila
Failure to act by the current PM and the Labour party in general, shows that if they are not defeated at the next election NZ will see a mass exodus. Ian
She should have been / should be sacked immediately for her sexist, racist, false comments. What an appalling, incompetent, dishonest bunch of idiots the labour / green party has proven itself to be! Andrew
Apallingly disgraceful & I feel ashamed of our Govt, Police & those violent protestors, who along with the media & Govt have NO idea of what Posie Parker actually stands for & in doing so, have destroyed our global image of a beautiful, peaceful country called New Zealand….! Bruce
Absolutely. The entire rabble of left wing lunatics ought to be arrested and charged with instituting violence and civil disobedience. Geoff
NZ needs the very best of brains in the Beehive but all we get are a bunch of self-serving, ignorant, selfish idiots. MMP must be removed as a very first step. As a second step, potential MPs need to be tested to ensure a minimal IQ level. Frank
Foul mouthed woman Peter
Hell yes! This harpy is using the cloak of invulnerability i.e. being a ‘Maori’ woman, as a platform for her racism and obvious hatred of white males. She must be sacked immediately, but of course she won’t be because both Shaw and Hipkins are castrated cowards. John
Absolutely what a miserable excuse for a politician she is. If thats the sort of vile belief that she stands for she should be removed immediately and disallowed from holding any future role in any political party or public office. Plus she should publicly apologise for the remarks, New Zealand does not need a Government whose politicians hold such racist views especially when they are so very wrong. Rob
Those people can get away with it. But us White Honkies will always be labelled as a racist bruce
She is wrong. If she gets this wrong and lies publicly, what other damage will she do? She cannot be trusted. Ruth
Absolutely !! She has demonstrated that she is unfit to hold public office. Doug
What a fool Daryl
If she had any ability to use both her eyes she would resign. She has no sense of service to ALL New Zealanders and is clearly sexist, racist and probably ageist and heterophobic. NZ deserves far better as a Minister of the Crown. Gary
she is a bigot Russell
Not worthy Alison
Absolutely.. The facts speak for themselves. Ms Davidson is Racist and WRONG Gregor
Her comment was vile and directed at white males. There was no reason for this and shows that she has a bias which cannot be tolerated in a modern multi-cultural democratic society Leslie
She fails to deliver anything positive to NZ. Just a negative stir against white males. Steve
She pretty much met expectations with her comments. She’s an arrogant nutter, wrapped up in her own self-importance. If it wasn’t for MMP she’d be nowhere near Parliament let alone being a Cabinet Minister. Graham
She has proven beyond doubt that she is truly a racist. There are many others in her party and Labour who have the same views as she does. No wonder public opinion has switched from supporting Maori in their endeavors to feeling as though they are given special treatment. We have to get rid of this government before it is too late. Lets have a country where everyone is equal. Maori are the biggest racists of all. Dianne
She can go work for the Canterbury Call..double the incompetence. Matt
Marama Davidson is a disgrace. She’s a Maori activist first and foremost, and a pure blood racist. 51% Maori men cause violence in NZ against 29% white. That is the facts. Laurine
Absolutely and she should no longer be a MP either. She is unfit to be in parliament, due to her racist vitriol and refusal to apologise for her remarks. Chris Hipkins is weak not sacking her too. Karen
The Boss… the PM needs to learn the lines…”YOU’RE FIRED….” ChrisH
I personally believe that the MMP voting system we now have was a huge mistake for this country. What we get in parliament now are minority fringe groups who because of our MMP system are able to get into Parliament and of course get to have a huge say in the running of this country. I don’t think that the people who voted in the MMP system really understood the full ramifications of the new system and are for many of them now reeling at what this country has become. Without the help of the MMP system the Green Party would probably never have been able to get in and have any say what so ever. So much of all this sort of thing can now be blamed on allowing the Lunatics in under our new system. Paul
Absolutely – The way Marama Davidson behaved along with the Green Party drag queens who stifled free speech, is an appalling way for a Minister of the Crown to behave. Posey Parker is simply advocating safe places for women where they do not find themselves alone in a public toilet with a drag queen. We have just got rid of a Prime Minister who could not say no to the tribal Maori elite and she has been replaced by a man who is unable to define what a woman is! The lunatics are definitely in charge of the asylum! David
Definitely she is unfit to be a Minister of the crown John M
But unfortunately there will be no consequences for her from the PM nor her own party. And from her own party many will nod in agreement. We can only hope that retribution will come on 14 October at the ballot box. Brenton
I wonder how she would fell if a couple of hundred pissed off people decided to give her a good old slapping. Sven
Obviously biased and irrational Lyn
She is violent, a rampant racist and a liar in my humble opinion. Bruce
We don’t need these racist anti-white people in government. They have become the racist ones, most Europeans don’t care about the colour of their skin, they are just feed up with their attitude towards other races and their supremacist views. Barry
She is stirring up hate and as a rapid dog need to be put down Arthur
Some 6 time more likely to be attacked by one small group of New Zealander, than all the others. Lionel
Democracy is under threat! The minority have the loudest voice. Let’s show our solidarity at the upcoming elections by making our voices heard through our vote. Don’t forget the last 5 years it’s been a shocker! Dianne
Hateful bigotry Lee
Most definitely and I think she possible had something to do with trying to remove James Shaw too. Ann
She should be sacked. She’s has exposed herself (once again) as being a racist, sexist, Frankfurt School Critical Theory ideologue of the worst kind, and has absolutely no place in any position of leadership, let alone parliament. Will she resign? No. Because she is performing the duties assigned to her by the Globalist elties for whom she actually works. She is also typical of the untalented narcissistic individuals that populate our parliament and local councils. And as I keep saying, without a free, independent and critical media holding government to account, there can be NO democracy. All we have is an illusion while our country slides irrevocably towards totalitariansm. Davidson, a “useful idiot” is just a symptom of this. Jasmine
Sadly, it just shows how compliant this Government is to the Trans community, that she hasn’t been demoted at least. Of course one only has to look at the mess America is in, to see the direction the left is taking that nation. Sadly, I’n not sure that National will have the will to do much better here. Ted
Absolutely, if it was an opposition white minister making similar remarks about maori etc they would be gone by now. Lawrie
Yes, no question Valerie
She is clearly racist in her comments toward white males – imagine what a white male politician would have faced uttering similar claims about black women? Keith
she should be gone burgers sacked from the greens to….where are some good people to stand up in parliament and the greens to fire her.. Wayne
She should also resign from parliament because she should be representing all people and she is not.. She should also be disciplined by the Greens if they wish to represent all people. As a white male why should I want to give the greens my vote? John
Absolutely! Simonne
Racist through and through. Always has been .Disgraceful.Not even an apology David
She’s a freak Evans
Go immediately. Iain
Quite clearly not suitable to hold the ministerial warrant she does, step down! Ray
An assault on not only women but women victims of violence Sharon
absolutely yes a bigotted racist with a dangerous ideology has no place in a position of power and influence. john
Hipkins too weak or scared to sack her , and the other one. Potty(pothole) Woods needs serious help. A bitter and sad lad. Ron
She is a potty mouthed, low intellect and a total racist and is not suitable or worthy of the position that she holds. She should be removed from Parliament immediately. Allan
She should be sacked from Parliament. The people of NZ do not need in the house Wendy
She should be fired completely. Trevor
Completely the opposite colour is true. Ross
She is a far more ‘vile’ person than Posie Parker, but she slots nicely into this ‘most vile’ Cabinet that new Zealand has ever seen. Phil
Yes she should be given the boot but I bet she won’t.We still have a bunch of dropkicks and r/soles running the country so it ain’t going to happen. We can fix the above bunch of fizzwhistlers on election day but only if every one of your average kiwis rise up and do some research into what is really going on in this country NOW and vote for Act or National. Review this excellent site by Muriel,go back and read comments from the past few years. Don’t forget Sean Plunkets The Platform and also The Taxpayers Union. It’s quite clear to me that unless this bunch are voted out this election the country is completely stuffed It will take many many years for people to see with there own eyes how stupid they have been and to take steps to rectify the terrible situation the country will be in. So WAKE UP NZ Do you want our countrys name changed ? Do you want Maori control of our coast? Do you want Co-Governance? ( If you don’t understand what it is look it up) Do you want to watch TV without being bombarded with a foreign language I could go on,sorry Muriel for getting off subject a bit. REMEMBER – One country one people We all came here by boat – There are no indigenous people here. Brian
She is an unfit “person” to hold any position of authority. Neil
Must go, before lunchtime Owen
Absolutely, as should most of the 3 main parties. They are all untrustworthy, now lovely platitudes flowing for the b***h who started this racist crap. Davison needs to go! Hipkins stated (I only heard it once) that he’d like to have been at the the Auckland riot to support the protesters. If only the public would realise that Hipkins is another nasty piece of work underneath, and has supported Ardern as her right hand person for 6 years, and he’s lying if he says he will change anything. As for Luxon – one word – untrustworthy globalist. Carolyn
to bloody right she should Robert
Racism is dividing this country so fast and we need a government that dispels it … not encourages it! Glenda
Not only lose her her warrant ,but removed from Parliament altogether. Don
She thinks she is untouchable. John
There is no place in New Zealand for this sort of bigoted political stance. WHERE ARE THE OPPOSITION PARTIES ??? Denis
Along with the others Ian
She is vicious and racist communist scumbag who has no place in Parliament. She is a monument to the failure of party list seats that seem to bring in dregs. John
Absolutely, definitely YES Vivienne
No excuses, fire her. Derek
Absolutely she should be dismissed from her ministerial role. Any politician citing racist comments does not belong in any Government or political party period. Wayne
Switch around the other way pale males saying something about Maori crimes and see what transpires!! Phil
She is one of the group that is the most racist in NZ today Dennis
Absolutely. Her biased factually incorrect inflammatory statements have no place in a Ministerial portfolio. Christina
True colours Iain
Yes absolutely she should be fired immediately and expelled from the parliament along with the others who whipped up this frenzy. The woke and ineffectual police who ordered the hold back, don’t protect her stand should also all be fired immediately. What happened is appalling and I’m disgusted with it and the fact that woke fool hipkins can’t define a woman, adult human female, what an idiot. Him and his whole woke and corrupted govt need to be immediately scraped and thrown into the weeds. What a shambles the have made of this country and the nats are no better in fact worse. They at least are supposed to be on the right, conservative if you like but instead are just as stupid, wet and woke as the labor socialists. I’m appalled at lot of them. Flip
A disgustingly racist comment which I take umbrage with as the mother of 3 sons. Carol
It shows her hatred for Europeans/us and desire to enslave them/us David
absolutely Imagine the out cry if this was a European person Roy
Marama is a RACIST! at no time should any minister show bias towards any group! They work for all kiwi’s! We the people pay their wages!! lisa
Hipkins should grow some balls and sack her!!! Keith
It was very offensive & racialist. Ruth
Most definitely Noel
of course Lorraine
There is no place in politics for those who have personal racist agendas. she is a disgrace as is James Shaw. the Green Party no longer has any credibility in this Country. KK
I also went on Human Rights Commission site and put in a complaint they replied they are unable to assist with my complaint 1. limited to providing dispute resolution services 2. it is not enough that the material is offensive or controversial 3.has a broader role to encourage harmonious relations between diverse communities Karen
Yes – gone by lunchtime! John
It just continues….”I mispoke the words I wanted to say”……your just full of shit Ms Davidson. …… Alan 
How can we get rid of Racism when our Parliamentarians spout it so often Laurel
She is a thug, pure & simple – by proxy – and should stripped of her ministerial roles. If she has broken the law, then the full force of the law should be applied. Mark
She is a poor example of a politician. Tony
Typical lying Greenie! Mike
She is clearly incredibly racist and, even worse, a perpetrator of false information. We don’t need persons like them to be a Minister if the Crown. John
A ” true colours” moment if ever there was one! Alastair
How can Hipkins condone this ? Does he agree with her then ? At least she’ll help to pull the Green party down, and hopefully Labour with them. Andrew
A maori racist activist should not be in parliament. She certainly was not elected. ash
History shows what worse things happens next if situations like this one are ignored. She was and still is 100% wrong. Donald
she is not fit for purpose. gale
Muriel’s article says it all. The Green Party co-leader must be sacked. And all those Ministers that spoke vile words about Posie prior to her arrival, should also be sacked. Actually get rid of the whole government! We have had enough. This will happen, the sooner the better. We cannot keep tolerating their despicable behaviour. Its been 3 years of hell. What does it take for Kiwis to rise up and say NO. It is time to unite and say, “The people of New Zealand stand united to dissolve this government immediately”. We can keep talking about it and not do anything, this just creates a loop going nowhere. Lee
No place for her because she patronises division and projects racially and gender bias. Peter
Disgusting behaviour tony
Absolutely she should be sacked. She has disqualified herself from Public Office with her racist comments. Margaret
I%u2019m absolutely disgusted with her she needs to resign. Catherine
she is factually and morally wrong in her assertions fred
She is devisive she shouldn’t be in parliament with her attitude Sue
She should have been sacked immediately for her racist offensive comment. Daphne
Why should she not be punished for her totally out of line comments. Her beliefs. John
Divisive person, bad politician. Martin
Absolutely. Marama Davidson is Not fit for purpose as a public servant. Basil
It’s about time we get some decent people in parliament Theo
Not just her. Labour/Greens politicians are a disgrace. The world is the judge on this debacle. Marion
Marama Davidson has made me feel unsafe in my own country. The woman she purportedly hates, quote “hetero is boring”. As the minister for anti-violence she is the wrong person as she has incited violence against ‘cis white males’ – that is what my front line St John Ambulance Officer husband is. Meg
Absolutely!!! And so should Meng Foon! Andrew
Who is going to fire her,the weak kneed PM Hipkins or her equally weak kneed co-leader.There is no accountability in government now as they are all trying to stay in power so will back each other regardless. Peter
She is assuming that people are not capable of thinking for themselves. Either that or they should not think for themselves. Catherine
a nasty disgraceful piece of shit she is!! Not only should she lose her ministerial portfolio but thrown out of that wasp nest on her black arse!..what goes around comes around Marama Davidson!!!..hellfire comin your way lady!?! Treena
Same rules for all. Tim
Her ignorance and racists and discrimination is abhorrent! Angela
She should be sacked without a doubt. Gavin
Comments such as those made by Mariana Davidson show a high degree of ignorance and hatred and should not be tolerated from a Minister of our Parliament. Gifford
Absolutely, all the Green Party should be banned! I know we can’t but the system allows for this sort of crap to keep going. Good for nothing, all Greens and most of Labour. Graeme
Revolting though Davidson is, it is better that she stays where she is – that way expect more gaffs that reveal the bigoted damaged mess that the Greens have become. Barry
Anyone else would have if they hadn’t ticked so many boxes. The paid media would have seen to that. Rob
Just imagine if she was non-Maori and had made those comments about Maori.. The uproar would be deafening!! Tony
Yes — in fact the whole damn Green party should be got rid of !!!!!!!! Alan
absolutely should have been sacked, goodbye greens Cliff
I believe her actions and language was very questionable at best Incitive at worst. Unfortunately for New Zealand we do not seem to have an alternative opposition view or reaction . Luxon is heading for a severe lose in the upcoming election, He almost seems to be leading Labour version 2. William
This will not while Labour, Greens and a weak National party are in Parliament. Lew
Guilty. One rule for her and Kiri Allan and the rest of us would be fired if we did it. Jacqui
Absolutely Teresa
Resentful, envious and greedy there’s no place in our govt for these activists. She has shown her true colours. mike
Definitely she should, nothing but a troublemaker. Benjamin
It is a disgrace she is still in the job.. Donald
But more importantly what was a government minister doing there in the first place? Lee
Yes is not qualified to be a minister. She needs to go. David
she along with the whole green party and labour should be sacked. Andrew
She is an avid racist, cannot provide leadership to NZ, and should be chucked out of the NZ House of Representatives, aka Parliament Tim
Burn her evil-doings at the flaming stake for Witchcraft! Or better apply “The Crushing Load” for the spells of corrupt influence the idolatrous witch casts on the Puritan horde! GeeBee
The unbelievable contradiction of reality is abhorrent. GeeBee
She would be emboldened by the marxist-Leninst”Political Incorrectness dictates that (amongst other things) allows that minorities cannot be seen as racist against majority groups. This government is fostering their own flavour of racist hate speech. That is against the principles of civilization. Hugh
With comments made by Marama Davidson she should be gone from both green party and naturally from parliament .Not a good look for New Zealand with those comments coming from Minister of the Crown. Cyril
enough is enough Bev
Absolutely. Neville
Absolutely the wrong individual to be a minister of the Crown. Skippy should fire her immediately. Jeff 
They are assisting the labour party in causing division in our country, there has never been so much division before caused since the Ardern Government with her MARXIST ideas. Nancy
yes , the dopey b……h mike
Yes she has shown clearly hate towards men leo
Inciting terrorism and displaying antagonism towards free speech should become a crime instantly brianb
She has long been a dangerous embarrassment to this country. Garrick
Exposed for what she is by her own words. Karen
It is a disgrace that an MP let alone The Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual violence should be involved in a riotous attempt to deny a women her right to free speech. This Minister should be sacked, not just from her ministry portfolio but also from her role as the co-leader of the Green Party, if the Greens are serious about politics they need to to demonstrate they respect the power they have while ministers of the crown. That’s Ministers of the Crown, not ministers of the Green Party. T
An out and out racist. Bruce
Most certainly. She is obviously biased, like the rest of the Labour government. Laura
Too bloody right Bill
It is clear that there is a push to undermine the Democratic right of New Zealanders. The push for division by the United Nations and the NZ Government is clear. Carol
Terrible behaviour Paula
Of course she should. Her comments were straight vindictiveness. If she cannot control her vehement tongue she has no place in parliament. Kick her out! Ron
Absolutely!! Sue
But I don’t expect for an instant that in fact she will, not with this abhorrent lot in charge! Philip
Without a doubt, but it will take a real man to do that in feminist NZ !! Pierre
hateful person anne
As a ‘cis’ woman I fear for my children and grandchildren living in a country in which members of government can – without remorse or consequences – make these statements. I am looking seriously at relocating overseas – my ancestors on both sides arrived here in the 1840s. Skarlett
Davidson must go. She’s racist against 85% of our country’s people. We are no longer welcome in our own country NZ But we have the power to remove this lot in October. Vote them out. Worst govt. In NZ history. Scumbags. Kevin
Shouldn’t be in parliament at all David
She is a disgrace, as a minister of the crown, as a supposed maori, and as a woman.. should be sent packing. Peter
Davidson epitomises all that is wrong in NZ. She’s Racist, Sexist, Bigoted and vile. Geoffrey
She has stated what the actual thoughts of the Green Party are, but as a Minister of the Government makes her comment all the matter worse, so should lose her job forth with and with complete ignominy. Roy
She’s an absolute disgrace. I cannot imagine how we came to be saddled with people like her, not only in positions of power in our country, but also with their snouts well and truly in the trough of taxpayer funds. Are we NZers such fools that we actually voted these people into power? Rosemary
Yes, along with a few others – Michael Woods, Willie Jackson, and Mahuta. Elizabeth
Marama has proved time & again that she is a racist. & a cancellist. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her gets cancelled. People like her are the reason NZ is in such a mess!! 🙁 She needs to GO!! FloJo
Yes, most definitely! She cannot even find it in herself to apologise for her disgusting outburst. What sort of example is this to set – by a government minister ! Leon
The thing is the purported Harley, leather clad Tamaki acolyte motorcycle ‘incident’ actually knocked some truth out of her. Very useful! Dick
She is a racist Colin
She meant every word ! Nancy
Disgraceful attitude for a ‘minister of the Crown’. That core belief has no place in the country’s leadership. Ian
She’s not fit to stay a minister John
Absolutely YES What an absolute disgrace and it’s not the first time she has disgraced herself in a similar choice of words. We do not need under any circumstances a person who is such a racist bigot in Parliament. Carolyn
Get rid of theB…. .There is no place in any party for her … and many more I might add! Des
eFFing oath Rob
Most definitely! A white CIS male would most certianly lose his! Michael
It was obvious that she was not a suitable person for a ministerial position. In other words, she should never have had a ministerial position and should now lose it. Paloma
Definitely a dangerous racist Lynn
Definitely David
Shes an unelected Racist POS Greg
Most definitely! J J
No doubt she should be fired – instead she is still spouting the same rhetoric Jan
Her and her kind should be kicked right out of parliament altogether, no place for racists and sexist’s so that would clear a good percentage out. laurie
She certainly should be sacked. Her vile aggressive behavior and verbally abusive and incorrect statements should not be tolerated in our society. Also being a Minister of the Crown makes her position there intolerable. Then she doesn’t even have the guts to apologise to the people she offended. She is an embarrassment to NZ. Keith
Apart from Marama’s slip confirming that she to is indeed racist. it is absolutely unacceptable for a minister of the crown to make such comments, so yes she should resign and if not of her own accord be remove by Chippy. After all if it was a ACT or National MP that had said that, the government & their state owned media would be clamouring for their removal ! John
Disgraceful and deserves to be booted out Dianne
The comment was extremely inappropriate and she should have been sacked for her racism towards white people. Robin
Absolutely. Deliberately making false accusations is a sackable offence.. William
Marama Davidson is a nasty pice of work and not fit to be a Minister.. pdm
This Government continues to promote racial division Lindsay
She is just another green part of the swamp David
Definitely, If it had of been a man making this type of comment about a women there would have been such an uproar. Her statement was not an apology. Shows the calibre of our Politicians Francis
She and her ilk are totally immoral and a blight on those she is supposed to serve. Peter
She is a disgrace to her gender and an embarassment to the people of NZ. Phillip
The best way to get rid of this lot is no votes Ken
Yes Davidson is a vile racist who ignores data and the truth. We cannot trust her in any leadership role. Chris
There is no place in a civilized government for a racist bigot. And racist bigots are not all white cis men either as well demonstrated by Marama Davidson. frank
Immediately John
Potty mouthed underhand. Janet
She’s a racist thru and thru Pete
She has failed on too many fronts on various policy indicators for both the Green Party and her Ministerial role John
She should have gone days ago Andrew
There are too many radicals in government. Get rid of them. Gareth
To carry on like she did shows her lack of decorum as befitting a leader of a political party. Could she be trusted to lead a multi cultural society, I don’t think so. Dennis
Any one who wasn’t Maori would have been Joh.
Her attitude is obvious and divisive. We don’t need people of her ilk in parliament. so why has she not been sacked? Gay
Very poor politics Murray
She got it so wrong in all areas. Completely bigoted. Kevin
not fit to be a minister Colin
and charged with “hate” crimes. Richard
Most definitely. She is obviously biased against white men and there should be no room for such bias. I’m disgusted at the inaction of the Police. On whose instructions were they so impotent. They certainly weren’t doing their job. Heaven help us if the Greens go in coalition with anybody at the next election. There should be no bias whatsoever. Helen
Most definitely, sexist, racist ministers not needed in NZ. Allan
The more Greens that can be got rid of, the better. Take the Labour Drongos with them John
Look back to her comments during the mosque shooting – not supporting the muslim community who should have been the focus of everyones thoughts but attacking white supremacy Anon
And taken through the courts for inciting violence and racist rhetoric she is not fit for purpose Warren 
The sooner the better and some re-training program to boot. Ian
Yes because she is exhibiting the very fascist ideology of division which the Nazis extolled and which which was grown in apartheid South Africa ian
Absolutely, it was disgraceful Karen
All Green MPs should be removed from the cabinet. Shaun
She should also lose her co-leader role as such bigotry is no example for our society Diana
A real eye opener to have it revealed that the disgusting violent scenes that took place in Auckland were not only condoned but were enabled and encouraged by the likes of; Hipkins the Prime Minister Grant Robertson Minister of Finance Kiri Allan Minister of Justice Michael Wood Minister of Immigration Marama Davidson Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence, Paul Hunt Human Rights Commissioner Tory Whanau Mayo of Wellington Et al It must be a really sick government to think that conduct like should be considered acceptable. For the police to be cowered by a mob of sexual deviants and their supporters (including sitting MPs) does nothing for their image. Particularly after being able to muster over 600 pers to beat the crap out of peaceful protestors at Parliament. I doubt that the rank and file of the police are proud of their politicised hierarchy. There is no excuse for the lack of police presence because the lowlifes had left no doubt of their intentions. The animal Eli Rubashkyn should face charges and then be deported back to its country of manufacture. Davidson should be sacked along with Logie and Menendez March and any other MPs that were present. The above Ministers and officials should resign as they are not fit for public office. The mainstream media are also corrupt and as culpable Terry M
Absolutely, she is sexist, racist, and a disgrace to New Zealand. Brian
Not green, pathetic. Murray
she is an absolute RACIST and should be sacked from politics completely Les W
Marama Davidson is a racist. I have written to the PM 3 times asking for her resignation. I never get a reply. We need to start a public demand for her to go. tane
She totally exceeded her brief and became part of a murderous frenzy. She has to go. Janet
For helping to incite violence from the gays and trans. She is a disgrace John
She will get away with it because she is a Maori activist Lindsay
Because she is wrong Sheila
Ministerial privilege doesn’t hide the roots of inbred racial feelings. Hugh
Marama Davidson is imbued with hate for white New Zealanders, probably based on incorrectly recorded Maori history. She needs to be removed from her ministerial post immediately to update her history. William 
Absolutely! She’s a disgrace! Jacky
Democracy is dead. The left are communists, the right are socialist so what we have is uniparty of psychopaths controlled by the CCP/ Khazarian mafia and forcing us towards their one world government utopia. neil
Along with all green MPs Steve
Why should she be exempt when others have not been. She has abused her privilege. Liz
Absolutely. She is not fit to be a Minister of the Crown. Lorraine
unlearned witch! murray
Has anyone asked her if she even knows what the Cabinet Manual is? Rod
Part and parcel of a government that promised to govern for ALL in NZ, she is partisan and prejudiced. She needs to go. Labour, Green and National have supported 0.02% of the population and antagonised 50% (the women). Well done! Jenny
Unacceptable comments about white males which is factually wrong. No Minister should be able to express a view which is incorrect and not be held accountable. Louis
If a European had made the same remark about Maori men they would be in dire straights and rightly so. Murray
Absolutely must be sacked. She has consistently demonstrated that she is a disgustingly racist person who is not even close to be a fit and decent person to be an MP. Her latest outburst abhorrent and decisive proof of this, if any more was even needed. As well as her, every Maori politician that has used the term “our people”, meaning Maori people, must also be removed from parliament. Politicians are elected to run NZ for ALL NZer, not to push the disgusting racist agenda pushed by Maori elite who have deliberated corrupted the meaning and intent of the Treaty to line their own pockets and implement undemocratic tribal rule in NZ. Steve
Her comment showed her honest opinion and her cover up if an accident just highlights how dishonest she is Debra
100% must go. Just imagine in reverse the uproar. You would probably end up in jail with this current govt. Labour and greens must go. All racist, lying pack of bastards! Allan
wokisim is alive and free in NEW ZEALAND. Mark
obviously , get rid of her ,shame on her mike
YES Gerald
NOW Wiremu
If Rob Campbell’s comments met the threshold for dismissal, Marama Davidson’s remarks clearly demonstrate she’s unfit to remain as minister. David
Absolutely Peter
a very unbalanced person to have governmental power and control. Gillian
Davidson is an out & out racist & there is no room in government for people like her. John
Of course David
How can a Co leader of Green party scream out hatred using race as her vitriolic subject. Totally unacceptable behaviour. I am ashamed of her. Elizabeth
Davidson should further be charged for inciting violence in my view. Jacqueline
As a minister representing New Zealand her comments were far from acceptable and she should be impartial Allan 
She appears to be an unapologetic Racist and Sexist. Hugh
Yes, she should but no she won’t. She’s part Maori so can’t possibly be racist! And what about her partners in crime? Those who encouraged the mob through inflammatory uncalled for remarks – Michael river of filth Wood, fatty Robertson, Kirri Allen, many of the Greens and others. Alan
pure hatred & prejudice is not right, especially by a minister. Anon
That she is in that particular job and doesn’t know the relevant statistics is perhaps a pointer as to why no progress at all is being made on this issue. As usual, the disgusting and irrelevant Greens show themselves to be out of touch with reality, with zero ability to self-correct. Tony
Definitely Pam
If we had any justice in this country of ours, that vile and disgusting person would be charged accordingly. But it is obvious that one sided justice is applied to the ones with the wrong skin colour and morally and ethically sound people. I have seen this kind of violent Antifa behaviour against politically undesirable opponents in Germany in 2016. The police then did nothing and it seems that the Antifa crowd here is learning from the same textbook. This is just the beginning. Michael
Also, she should receive the harshest legal censure for ‘hate speech’. Very pleased she did what she did as huge swathes of grass-roots compliant New Zealanders have been put on high alert as to the untoward events unfolding before our eyes both in the national and international arena. Hopefully, within the not too distant future, our strength as a nation will over-rule the current culture of totalitarianism. Let’s join in unison to cleanse the filth from society and enable our children to inherit a beautiful world where they and their children’s children can thrive in harmony. cushla
Davidson is a woke green disgrace. with no honorable morals. RICHard
get rid of her gerard
Her statements belie her overall state of mind and utter disregard for cabinet rules; she should be removed by the Prime Minister forthwith. Andrew
Without doubt!! But Wally WhiteWash Chippie will do nothing…he needs all the votes he can get for October, and sacking her will alienate the Greens who they desperately need to win! Robyn
What a sad country we have become under this Labour govt Chris
It should have been an instant result of her appalling behaviour Geoffrey
Davidson should have been sacked immediately after making her comments.All members of parliament and all employees working for government agencies should be asked one question “What is a WOMAN ?”. Those who cannot or refuse to answer should be sacked on the spot. Steve
Despite her hollow apology her statement on the day confirm her biased attitude to white males. Allan
And now! John
If I (a white woman) had spoken as she did, I would have been annihilated. As a politician and Maori she was indeed racist with her comments. Dot
I would never vote for the Green party. David
She is a vile racist. P
absolutely Jim
Her Statement was appalling and she laughed and thought it as funny. Helen
Most Definitely. An absolute disgrace. Noel
Racist B**** Graham
She is a disgrace to NZ and to the Maori people as a whole. She needs to be removed from Parliament for her divisive race-based views Pauline
Uninformed, sexist, racist person who is not fit to be in government let alone as a Minister. Henry
Of course she should loose her position for the absurd comments made. If Hipkins does not sack her then he is just as bad and should also go. lets get rid of these clowns Tom
She should be gone from Parliament carol
People like Marama Davidson are an absolute nonsense in Parliament, with no positive outcome for the community but huge self publicity as wahine Maori striving to reduce family violence. Facts speak for themselves. She needs to be thrown out of Parliament, it’s a disgrace to have her there. Galina
Absolutely Marama Davidson needs to go her true feelings were expressed that day and we are heading down a very dangerous path. The divide that has happened over the last few years is a worrying trend. Rob
If it was the other way around you can imagine the stink most of the racism comes from the very ones who claim it comes from us the mainly white population When is National going to step up and tell us when they are going to make a few promises or are we going to get the same crap from them Vote Act Peter
She is dangerous, just dangerous. The thought she way have another 3 years to spout her vile bigotry makes the water in my FEMALE bladder turn to ice. Linzey
It is very obvious that she is totally out of control, and can no longer disguise her hatred for white people, especially men. She was never fit to be in parliament and if she is not removed it will expose the sham that purports to be our governing body. On a related matter; do not blame the police for their lack of action; blame YOURSELF! It has been common knowledge that the NZ police are not fit for anything except rampaging around heavily armed and armoured at the least excuse, and collecting speeding fines. Nothing has been done to improve matters, and while ever people keep voting dishonest groups with hidden agendas into power, nothing will be done. TOBY
Absolutely yes! It is good though that she and other ministers are exposing their true selves well before the upcoming election. Davidson may have won the votes of a few rainbow people with her remarks, but I bet she has lost a vast swathe of middle NZ support for the Greens. Pamela
A member of our NZ Parliament should set an example to ALL NZ people. Her yelling out things like she did was an embarrassment to us all. Barbara
Her comments show the real person and that shows she is not worthy of holding a ministerial role. Peter
Clearly not fit to be a Minister and incredibly weak of Hipkins not to fire her. Alister
but that was never going to happen the frenzied mob had their way. ken
Davidson should have resigned, or been sacked by PM Hipkins. I actually wrote to both Greens Party co-leaders, and PM Hipkins, telling the three of them this. Surprise, surprise, no reply. Total lack of leadership from them. Greg
The Greens & Labour have to go. They are a disgrace. The politicization the nastiness that pervades NZ is appalling. The Universities also have to take some responsibility for promulgating these ideas . The nonsense has to stop. Evelyn
Her ignorance of the statistics is disgraceful. Layor
She certainly exposed her belief that white men are the cause of all ills. She is absolutely indoctrinated and not fit to be co-leader of anything. I feel sorry for her white husband! She is foul mouthed too, Jo
Accountability is everything in any role. Racism is abhorrent, extreme anger is dangerous, and a voice that shouts out misleading and deeply insulting information should not be heard; Marama Davidson Christine
She’s a nasty hypocritical racist who incites violence, cannot be trusted and deserves to lose her job.. The world would be a happier and more just place without her. Helen
100% she strongly meant it no excuses she MUST resign she is a racist Richard
She is dangerous, just like our latest x PM Keith
Most definitely … Evil ..she should never have been gifted a ministerial position in the first instance. Sick thing. Alan
Shameful behaviour from anyone let alone a Minister of the Crown. John
She knowingly trashes the office she holds and its conventions and responsibilities. It is clear that she is determined to undermine our system of government and democracy in NZ Roger
Not only for her comments but for complete incompetence as a politician. Every thing she does is along racist lines! Murray
Here is an example of Maori in charge. Wayne
Disgusting behaviour and language. A taste of what is to come? Trudy
racist cow barry
she’s just a radical extremist jan
To hear & see such vehement actions from anyone should merit being put in court! But if you claim to be a Maori – go ahead no action will be taken – WRONG!! Peter
Stable society does not include a minister of the Crown indulging in vile hate speech. Needs to be sacked Patricia
she is unsound grant
Davidson is a disgrace to New Zealanders. She should head back to the Islands from whence her forebears came. Ablution block cleaning seems to be the limit of he ability. Chris
She is so disgustingly racist that she should never be allowed to be a member let alone a minister. Barbara
and a few others too Gill
Absolutely. We are sick of these hardened female Maori activists and the racist comments they spout. Mary
She’s a racist ever if there was one!!!!!! Les
Maori can say things about Pakeha but we can say things about them or we are called racist. Ron
Absolutely categorically yes yes yes! Joe
She is a disgrace to this country, and should not be removed permanently from all positions of influence before she does any more damage to this beautiful country! Denise
Typical inconsisteant directions from Gvt- that should apply across the nation. If I did anything like that Imagine- I’d be thinking of bread and water diet in isolation. Sacked & begone. just an emotional rant. Failed. mike
Absolutely! Felicity
She obviously believes what she has said, and she said it with venom! James Shaw needs to go as well, he has supported her. Linda
Not only MD, but those ministers who came out with the in incendiary statements should be censured. KirinAllen was admonished by Andrew Little for forgetting that she was always a Minister of the Crown,. Michael Wood and Grant Robertson should also heed that advice. Susan
If a white person said it they would be gone before lunch! Mark
It’s unacceptable that a minister of the crown should use their private views in a manner which gives the ok for others to do and say the same things. New Zealand is falling through the cracks. God save New Zealand, the labour party and the greens certainly won’t Trevor
She should probably also lose her co-leadership position in the Green Party, a large percentage of whose members very likely ARE “cis white men”. Oops … Sue
This woman s clearly not of suitable character to be a Minister. Biased and a liar! Mark
Asap Anthony
Definitely. There should not even be a debate. What ever Stuart Nash has done pales in comparison. This woman is so racist she needs to go Rod
If a white MP commented on the much higher rate of Maori domestic violence there would be calls for that MP to be forced to resign from Parliament. Chuck
Racist comments out of order. Not representative of our nation’s thinking. Tom
Most definitely, absolutely! We can not have politicians in our government holding such views. She should be thrown out! Colin
she should be sacked as the racist that she is ! Alison
Need to go as does this divisive Labour Government Carl
racist dogma has NO place in this country. bruce
For such a reaction to be so close to the surface that she couldn’t control the outburst is evident she has far deeper grievances than we know. In such a time we would all react with a few choice bleeps but a deliberate aim is unforgiveable for a public servant. Sharron
She is a disgrace, not only to women, but the whole country. Her dramatically incorrect statistics show she is not even aware of her own portfolio. michele
Yes! This demonstrates that it’s the older pale guys that have more wisdom in their little fingers than the likes of Madame Davidson ever will have. She and people like her are simply not fit to be anywhere near to be having any involvement in leadership roles of any kind. Greggory
She is a dangerously prejudiced, uninformed Labour Party sanctioned Green List Government Minister representing just over 7% points of the wider NZ electorate. Her background, qualifications and admirable intentions are regrettably overshadowed by her divisive prejudices. Murray
Marama Davis is an elected politician. When deciding to enter politics she should have shelved her prejudices/biases while in the role of government minister. Because she cannot, she should not be in that role. She has shown her biases and prejudices and articulates them in her role as a Minister. Too often we are allowing our standards to slip downward – it is a slippery slope and eventually we get to the bottom. The loser in this is democracy Sylvia
Marama is a woke virtue signalling racist and is not suitable to be a Minister of the Crown or even a member of parliament. Lynne
Of course she should lose her position if it was me said the same thing would be gone by lunch time russell
Yes! The sooner the better. Ron
loose comments unbecoming a minister of the crown, with no factual reference. Barry
Marima Davidson’s comment is the very cause of the divisions occurring in our New Zealand communities, which she claims to be defending. It is hypocritical and she must go. And GO NOW!! David 
She disgraces Parliament, her race and our country. Nasty piece of work. mick
Ms Davidson exhibited a low level depraved mind. People of this ilk should not be elevated above the level of the gutter in which they seem to be more comfortable. Garry
She is clearly unfit to hold a ministerial warrant. Bruce
No place for separatism in NZ Kay
Her comment was racist, ignorant and hatred-inciting. She isn’t worthy of her taxpayer-funded position. Fiona
She can never act without bias Roger
Useless green Allan
As you may know the Maori roll is open for enrolments, you would also know that John Key said on national TV that anyone could become a Maori. Many years ago I went along and enrolled, was no problem. I have been on the roll for many elections, the plan being to keep the Maori Party OUT of Parliament by voting Labour in my Maori Electorate here in the South Island. My DNA says that I am an Ancient Briton with 20% Scottish DNA. So if we all registered on the Maori Roll we would have TOTAL power !!!! Brian
She should be sacked as a MP John
She is so racist her position is untenable. She confirmed it at her Rotorua conference the following day Kay
This racist fool should not be a member of our government at all. She was not elected by the people. Charlie
Yes, her messaging was racist and purposely inflammatory. gavin
There needs to be at least some level of intelligence required for any person to stand for parliament. The division in our society is at a seriously critical point, NZ will continue to fall into a state of Apathy and chaos. Meantime the brain drain is in full flow.. again! Bryan
The whole lot need to be sacked,the sheeple of this country need a kick up the backside to wake up in get involved in these serious issues. Stop watching free to air paid & bought for media & do some research & see how you are being conned & screwed by this corrupt commie regime & don’t count on Luxon to change anything. Allen
We constantly hear of politicians who break parliamentary rules, clearly not fit for the job. Roy 
Without question. She is racist, foul mouthed and completely incompetent. Our parliamentary system should not have a place for this type of behaviour. chris
She is a racist David
No question about it. She is a vile liar. Allan
Marama is an absolute disgrace and unfit to be an MP, let alone a minister of the crown. NZ deserves much better than her! Greg
It was appalling to hear her and I feel no support as a woman from this minister. She didn’t even know what Parker was speaking about she just assumed she was against trans people when in fact she was supporting women in having women only places to feel safe in and compete fairly in. She’s ignorant and racist. Lynne
And she should be indicted under her Governments own Laws for inciting Racial and Gender Violence. It is a form of Domestic Terrorism. But then she is controlled by the New World Order and has to follow their delusional Agenda Geoff
She should be arrested. John
If I said what she said I would be hounded as a racist. Martin
She should definitely be sacked. Extremely racist person. Eileen
YEs, a thousand times yes. Even more so because she exacerbated her lying by attributing her words and attitude to a trivial motor cycle incident when it was clear that she was not “damaged” , just totally fixated on her mantra chanting. Vernon
Racist comments and lies are no place for the likes of Marama Davidson Margaret
Of course she should … along with any politician with divisive views. Robbie
She is totally unfit to be a minister of the Crown David
Her racist rant was untrue and shows her true character, not fit for parliament Peter
My goodness! Please let common sense prevail. We need level headed people representing us. Doris
She’s a racist masquerading as a politician Kevin
Outrageous robin
If it were not the fact she is Maori , I’m SURE Marama would have been at least demoted from co-leadership of the Greens and lost her Ministerial warrant. She sounded demented and unbalanced in her rantings . She has CLEARLY demonstrated she is racist and that alone shows she lacks the neutrality and balance to hold ministerial office , let alone be the co-leader of the Greens who are part of Government. The very minor motorbike ( handgrip contact) incident provided a very convenient excuse for Hipkins and Shaw to do nothing . Conspiracy ? You decide ! Hugh
Definitely Gerry
A vile poisonous and frankly dangerous individual Mike
Disgraceful Ronny
Racist liars should never be in government. Marama Davidson is a disgrace Vanessa
Send her to South Africa John
And her misandry. Barend
most definitely Richard
After that outburst, the question should really be; was it correct for PM Chris Hipkins to remove Marama Davidson from her ministerial posts? Clearly he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of the average Jo and Joanne in the street. Chris
And the others held to account for stirring up the violence Chris
She should be sacked , not resign but sacked Lorraine
Racist, sexist, wrong, and totally unworthy. Give her the boot! (figuratively speaking, of course) Mark
This lot in Govt., are all touched in the brain department in my opinion. In all my years, I have never seen such an ignorant bunch, of idiots. Merryl
The minister, who I think is one outside cabinet, should be spoken to and told by the P.M. why it is right for men to have the same rights as women and that there are only men and women, period. She should be further told her ministerial pay and responsibilities are over. Ray
Both reds and blues are scared of those identifying as maori chris
She is helping to divide our N Z Gordon
she only walked back her racist spiel due to pressure that Hipkins raised about their election chances Mike
A public flogging would be a warning too. Enough is enough from these amateur pollies, We need Government not social controllers. Kevin
Unacceptable behaviour from an MP let alone a Minister. Steve
Her public announcement was not only wrong, it was racist and inflammatory. Not the conduct we expect of a Minister of the Crown Terry
She should go Debbied
Marama Davidson should be sacked she is racist and biased .I am absolutely shocked by the behaviour by some of those ministers in parliament. Hopefully they will be gone at election time. I am deeply deeply concerned where our country is heading or has already gone. Denise
She is manifestly unsuitable for public office given her racist views on all matters and her manifest prejudices. Susan
I moved to Australia in 2009 and returned to NZ earlier this year. I am appalled at the transformation in those years from a largely peaceful, cooperative society to one in which bitterness, hatred and violence has become widespread, aided and abetted by self-seeking politicians who have clearly forgotten why they are in Parliament. David
Under the FPP system, persons with mindsets like Davidson’s would never have been elected to parliament. Jim
Yes she should, and it should be demanded by the people of this country. She is not fit to be a Minister of the Crown. It is bad enough that Labour and Greens have seemingly brought in a form of Apartheid into our country, without her ranting and blaming one group of people and using insulting language to boot. She should be gone. Heather
Racism is not okay towards white men if some had said brown men are thre cause of all violence in NZ they would have been fired straight away even though the stats say they are we don’t stand up and pick on one culture. What has happen to this country? Grace
Yes. Definitely. reg
She needs to go. Other people have been removed for lessor comments. Mike
Her lack of integrity and dignity and her racial bias make her unfit to be a minister in our country. Margaret
I’ve known Marama for since before her entry to Parliament, and she struck me as an extremely racist woman all those years ago. Sack her. Colin
Disgraceful Nathan
Where are the “normal” people in parliament? Certainly seems not many in labour. Richard
Absolutely. Words spoken in anger more often than not reflect true inner thoughts David
She’s not fit to be an MP, let alone a Minister. She is a prime example of a minority bigot and racist, though. Something all too common in our progressive socialist elite. Derek
Of course. AND so should the Minister of Justice–that Kiri Allan–another disgrace. Graham
After suffering a “trauma” a persons utterances reflect their deep core beliefs. Marama Davidson revealed her utter hatred of white men and needs to be removed form government. Ken
Of course as should they idiot school teacher Kelvin Davis. before her. If it was a white person that said similar comments they would be hounded out mercilessly. Scrub Luxon, he knows that the white right want Maori seats abolished, all race laws abolished and a call back law introduced to deal with double dealing politicians. He has delivered nada and avoids the subject altogether and we are still hearing about what is worrying Maori & Pasifika every time we turn on a radio or TV and how much they have been given to solve the problem, further exacerbating inflation. Hipkins has dropped nothing of Labour’s aims in his disposals programme and the Labour Party remains a Progressive National Socialist Party in disguise. A bit like the big bad wolf dressing up as Little Red. This is still not a Labour Party but a dictatorship trying to buy votes in certain sectors to stay in power.The rest of the world could be heading for a recession but I’m afraid Robertson may well have orgainised a depression for us in NZ.. Having Luxon in charge will be something like having Frank Spencer in charge and the whites that have not as yet left the country will be having to find a stronger right wing party to invest their votes in. Terry
Absolutely Marama Davidson should be sacked as a Minister. She is racist and biased against men.  Roger
The violence on display that weekend was awful, and the fact that the police were there and did nothing is a disgrace. With Ministers displaying radical activism and bias, the media no longer reporting the truth, and the cops not doing their job, our society is falling apart. That is the legacy of Jacinda Ardern!  Murray
Of course Hipkins should sack her. The whole Green Party are racist against white men. So are the Labour Party for that matter – and the Maori Party. God help the country if those three parties form the next government. Eric
Marama Davidson is not fit to be a Minister with her racist bias against men. What a shocker she is. But I bet Hipkins hasn’t got the guts to sack her. Labour needs the Green Party, if they are to form a government, and he won’t want to do anything to upset them.     Diane
National should not let up on Marama Davidson – she should be forced to apologise to white men for what she said, which is a pack of lies. And yes, of course she should be sacked! Bruce