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The Politics of Fear

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In her pre-budget speech, the Prime Minister said, “There is no playbook for the recovery we are about to embark on. But nor do we need one. When it has come to COVID 19 we have carved a path based on our people, our health system, and our economy. And now that is exactly what we will do again, as we recover and rebuild. The team and I will bring the same determination and focus to the economic rebuild as we brought to our health response.”

So let’s review the impact of the Government’s ‘health response’.

According to the American journalist H.L. Mencken, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

Using fear to control the public is a tactic commonly employed by politicians and activists.

While fear helps to protect us from harm, it also makes us vulnerable to manipulation during an emergency, especially if the information flow is regulated.

Throughout the entire COVID-19 crisis, controlling the narrative has been a primary objective of the Prime Minister.

This became clear on March 19th – just four days before she announced the nation-wide lockdown: “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has quashed rumours that the Government is set to announce a total lockdown across the country to combat coronavirus. She stressed for people to only trust official Government sources as misinformation only fuelled public panic. ‘I cannot go round and dismiss every rumour I see on social media, as much as I’d like to. When you see those messages, remember that unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth’.”

That’s an astounding statement. The sheer arrogance of anyone who believes they have a monopoly on the truth is disturbing. When that person is a country’s leader, it is dangerous.

The Prime Minister’s agenda to control the narrative was exposed last Friday when a ‘gagging order’, issued to all Government ministers ahead of the release of thousands of pages of official advice on Covid-19, was leaked.

The memo directed press secretaries to prevent their Ministers from talking to journalists about the documents – instead “brief written statements” were to be issued, but only after a “sign off” from the Prime Minister’s Office: “Do not put Minister up for any interviews on this. Because the public have confidence in what has been achieved and what the Govt is doing… there’s no real need to defend. Tough calls had to be made… the results speak for themselves. Evidence shows our decisions were the right ones… we can dismiss.”

As the Herald explained, “It’s not just the cynical timing. The ‘no real need to defend’ … ‘we can dismiss’ reeks of arrogance – the subtext is ‘we are above scrutiny’ – and blatantly flouts Ardern’s cultivated reputation for openness and transparency. It may have been intended as a guide to dealing with journalists, but in a crisis the role of the media as a proxy for the public is amplified and this is a slap in the face for both – a disregard for the fourth estate as well as the public interest.”

The Sunday Star Times editorial claims the government’s arrogance reeks of a premature ‘third-termitis’: “It’s the assumption behind that advice that is so alarming; it speaks of supreme confidence that this government can do no wrong in the eyes of the public.”

It certainly appears those calling the shots have become so comfortable in their dictatorial bubble that they no longer believe it’s necessary to worry about openness, transparency, and accountability – the fundamentals of a well-functioning democracy.

The antidote to fear is knowledge. With so many New Zealanders still under the spell of the Government’s dreadful fearmongering over the virus, it’s extremely important that we all continue to shine a light on what is really going on.

When light is cast onto our knowledge of COVID-19, we see that the virus is not as dangerous as the Government’s Armageddon models made it out to be.

Many medical experts say it’s not much worse than a virulent strain of influenza.

Professor Johan Giesecke, a chief scientist at the European Center for Disease Control, explains, “what we’re seeing is a tsunami of a usually quite mild disease. Most people who get it will never even notice they were infected… 98-99 percent of these people are probably unaware or uncertain of having had the infection; they either had symptoms that were severe, but not severe enough for them to go to a hospital and get tested, or no symptoms at all.” 

He believes the overall fatality rate will be similar to influenza, “which would be an order of 0.1 percent”. The ones who really need protecting are those who are elderly or have underlying heath conditions: “the old and the frail – try to minimize their risk of becoming infected”.

Sadly in New Zealand, 70 percent of our 21 fatalities were residents of rest homes – the very group that should have been afforded the highest level of protection.

Progress is also being made on treatments.

At the start of the epidemic, most people hospitalised with severe symptoms were given ‘supportive care’ – medicine to bring down the fever and fluids to keep them hydrated, with those who had difficulty breathing given oxygen and in more serious cases, connected to a ventilator.

Unlike bacteria, which have specific cell functions that can be targeted by drugs to disrupt their spread, viruses use human cells to reproduce. That what makes finding treatments that kill or control the virus – without harming our own cells – so difficult.

There are literally thousands of studies and clinical trials underway around the world. Governments too are investigating better ways of dealing with the virus. The US Senate is hearing testimonies including, last week, from a group of critical care specialists whose treatment protocol is being used internationally to save the lives of seriously ill patients – especially those who are frail and elderly.

When it comes to a vaccine, while over a hundred studies have been registered, only those in the UK, China and the US have reached the clinical trial phase. Optimists are hoping a vaccine could be available within eighteen months, while pessimists admit that one may never be found.

When it comes to strategies for dealing with the epidemic, most governments adopted a mitigation approach. This involved introducing social distancing and good hygiene measures, as well as isolating those who are the most vulnerable. If the disease began to spread too rapidly and threatened to overwhelm the hospitals, restrictions were progressively introduced, such as limiting gatherings, businesses, and events, closing schools, and in extreme cases, introducing lockdowns.

Dr Wilfred Reilly, an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, has analysed the effectiveness of government strategies, by comparing the outcomes in states that imposed strict lockdowns with those that didn’t. He found, there is “little empirical evidence that lockdowns prevent the spread of COVID-19 better than well done social distancing measures”.

Essentially while Dr Reilly discovered that both temperature and population density had a meaningful impact on the incidence of the virus, with warmer states with lower populations having significantly fewer cases and deaths (something that could explain why New Zealand and Australia have fared so well), he found government strategy had little impact:  “While social-distancing measures – like wearing a light medical mask or washing hands – might be annoying, the practical impact of country-wide lockdowns has been utterly devastating,”

It was mid-March when Prime Minister Ardern made her captain’s call to change New Zealand’s strategy from mitigation to elimination: a “go hard, go early” world-beating plan to “eliminate” the virus. When she realised that it’s not possible to ‘eliminate’ influenza viruses her narrative changed: “elimination doesn’t mean zero cases, it means zero tolerance for cases”.

The elimination approach required a lockdown that was far more restrictive than in other countries, creating devastation that’s deeper and far more widespread.

In comparison, Australia’s mitigation approach has produced better outcomes than New Zealand, not only in terms of lower case numbers and deaths per head of population, but also in terms of less social and economic disruption.

Parliament’s Epidemic Response Committee has heard some of the heartbreak.

The anguish and grief of dealing with the suicide of family members crushed by the lockdown.

The overwhelming distress and anxiety faced by those with life-threatening illnesses who were unable to get the medical help they needed.

The distraught husband whose wife was forced to deal with her miscarriage alone, while he waited – also alone – in the hospital car park.

The distress of a new mother when her partner, who had supported her during the birth of their child, had been forced to leave as soon as the baby was born.  

The abject despair of families unable to comfort loved ones during their final days – or even farewell them, after they had died.

This was epitomised in the disgraceful case of Oliver Christiansen, a son who had travelled from London on April 23 after his father’s cancer started deteriorating. He arrived in New Zealand with no symptoms of Covid-19 and went into quarantine, believing there was time to sit out the two-weeks, before spending his father’s last days with him.

But with his father’s condition suddenly worsening, he applied to the Ministry of Health to be able to see his dying father on compassionate grounds. While he fit the criteria for an exemption under the law – especially as his father was receiving palliative care at home, not in hospital where a bedside visit might have risked others – the Ministry of Health turned him down. Three times. They even refused his repeated requests for a Covid-19 test.

In desperation, he applied to the High Court to challenge the Ministry’s decision. The Judge found in his favour and he was able to spend 36 hours with his father before he died.

In commenting on this awful case, that exposed the heartlessness of the PM’s ‘elimination’ strategy, she claimed Ministry officials had granted 18 requests for compassionate exemptions to visit dying relatives. But it turned out they had granted none. While the PM later blamed the Ministry of Health for the confusion, the reality is that she’s the one who’s not only confused about the devastating consequences of her strategy – but is also out of touch with the human cost.

The Prime Minister’s boastful claim of leading the world in her ‘health response’ to COVID-19, may yet turn out to be the most disastrous political decision in this country’s history, especially if a vaccine is never found.  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former Labour Finance Minister and ACT New Zealand founder, Sir Roger Douglas has been assessing New Zealand’s policy framework and fears that without major reform, the impact of the lockdown will create lasting social and economic hardship:

“In the aftermath of the economic fall-out caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the Labour Government must not only seek to help those who have been most affected by the recent lockdown, but also introduce the framework for radical new policies; policies which address the systemic weaknesses that have undermined our economy and society for so long, and which threaten our very future.”

The Prime Minister is using the Budget to change the narrative: “The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global economic shock not of our making, but like every country in the world, we are also not immune to its fallout. Around the world, unemployment will rise significantly, businesses will close and Government revenue will decline. And we will feel the pain here too. New Zealand is about to enter a very tough winter.”

The PM’s new strategy is to blame New Zealand’s ‘pain’ on a global economic shock caused by the pandemic – instead of being created by her extreme lockdown. Whether New Zealanders believe her, remains to be seen.

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The effects and long term costs are yet to become apparent and as time passes the public will be angry buy the extreme measures that this Government and our Prime minister had taken I have maintained all along that Australia had the right policy and kept there economy moving along and they are now well ahead in their recovery .Jacinda has created an atmosphere of fear amongst most New Zealanders and is now in a position of mental control over the public. Jacinda can now set policy that has a socialist flavour and the public at large will just buckle .National needs to roll Bridges and come back fighting and regain power. Ken
It needs to defend everything it does Paul
They should be held accountable Simone
Absolutely not. They must justify their decisions – which clearly they cant. There is serious concerns about what has been done and the way it has been done. Lachie
Arrogance, of course they need to defend their actions. I feel that had the Government locked down 2 weeks earlier than they did we would not have suffered nearly as much economic damage, we would NOT have had as many cases and the economic recovery would have been far quicker with less pain than is now happening. The main thing back in early March is that all vulnerable people and those over 65 in NZ should have been isolated but far more of the economy kept running. Too late now the damage is done so we will be paying for this for many years to come. Andrew
She is a politician, therefor a lie or the truth matters not, only the agenda matters. Politicians are evil. Brooke
The PM’s statement smacks of I know we could have done better. Jason
We have been treated like children and talked down to. The boarders should have been closed earlier then we would not have had the mess we have now. What is Jacindas Ideology further down the track !! Ross
She has been in communist heaven with the control she has exerted on all New Zealanders Roger
deja vu for NZ’s Le Kuan Yu? Owen
I think the prime minister is Politicking every day under the Guise of the virus Mary
It would be difficult to defend a policy which consists largely of buzz words, mottoes and slogans. Oh, and the daily appearance of the Gypsy Princess on camera, of course. Blatant electioneering! TOBY
International political grandstanding of the most outrageous order ahead of effective focus in NZ on what was in the communities best interests. John
We are almost a police state, with these ridiculous overbearing rules and this Prime Minister doing all she can to secure her votes for the coming election Ann
Every aspect must be checked and published. Wayne
Needs a major inquiry into the lack of democratic process and the dictatorial almost communistic style of leadership Ian
Accountability is required as always in such cases of severe effect on great numbers of people and their livelihood russell
This has been a total con as far as I am concerned. Nothing more than an ordinary flu so think people, why have they done this to us? The real reasons for destroying entire economies is what? Think and wake up…. It’s about CONTROL….. this has been a practice run donna
This is the most disastrous government with the most disastrous prime minister who made the most disastrous political decision ever in NZ. It will always be known as the Ardern LOCKDOWN which collapsed the economy. Monica
I don’t trust any Govt. They are all spin doctors touting their version of the truth as they see it to further their own ends. bill
She has plunged the country unnecessarily into huge debt and wrecked the economy when, I believe, many workplaces could have continued to remain open . Also I agree that she initially instilled fear into the populace whilst she and two others applied their agenda to the situation with nobody holding them to account. Now she needs, belatedly, to be accountable. Colin
Democratic governments are held to account at the ballot box and by the free press; sadly New Zealand under MMP is not democracy and the press are incapable or wilfully negligent of asking the right questions. New Zealand needs a strong intelligent leader who is capable of putting our sovereignty, rule of law regardless of race ahead of power at any cost. Hopelessness is what we have now. Sam
She needs to explain how her overbearing socialist control is not aimed at overturning the liberal policies of the past without lying in the process.. A denial is not an explanation. Barry
A total over reaction to close the country down totally. Look out for the carnage that will ensue within the economy. Murray
Govt must always be accountable to the population. Hugh
The PM and her immediate Ministers have done an amazing job over recent weeks by providing strong leadership. It’s not easy to make the hard calls and is usually criticised by those whizz kids who only have 20/20 hindsight vision but who dodge the bullets in the middle of the action. Alan
They must be open, but of course as with most governments they don’t like to admit their errors. Andrew
we could have had herd immunity while protecting the vulnerable. Individuals know whether they are likely to be vulnerable and can organise themselves to lessen risk. We are not sheep. Catherine
She is the most dangerous politician in our history. Catherine
Of course the Govt. has to defend their strategy. Brilliant assessment by Muriel and I agree with just about every comment that has been posted here. Annie
Anytime our rights have been infringed upon, a stringent independent and transparent review needs to be conducted. Jules
Someone should advise the PM that New Zealand is not East Germany. She has built a “mental” wall and has employed the police (Stasi) to make sure no-one jumps over. The sooner that she and her mob are shown the door, the better Philip
Why do people believe anything that this Government says. I remember the promise of 10,000 houses .Where are they?.Now a promise of 8,000 houses.They must think that we are as stupid as them. Steve
More clarity is needed into their decisions. And of course – good explanations for the law changes like Police being able to enter any ones home. Simon
no comrade of mine. Zoran
This is extreme socialism Kevin
What a arrogant Comrade PM. We need a Royal Commision to look into this whole matter. Peter
Her version of the truth is based on what, apart from her career aspirations? She has been serially institutionalised her whole life – she has been coloured in by naively and lacks credible real world experience and has no understanding of a world outside institutional codependency. I feel sorry for her. LUKE H
current excessive requirements like 2-metre separation cause unnecessary fear of easy infection for many people. Interesting to compare the situation of the 4th Labour government 1884-90 which was confronted with dealing with the HIV/Aids epidemic. In 1985 Govt. supported a public campaign….but guess what….. there was no threat of any lockdown, no call for social separation of any dimension. Was this a case of conflict of interest? or perhaps pandering to the LGBetc. vote? The people took it upon themselves to use common sense to avoid infection. A statement on 20 June 2018 by Assoc. Minister of Health Genter mentions that approximately 4000 people will require HIV treatment annually; presumably almost all of whom did not use common sense, – and who hears of HIV today today? How many are currently receiving treatment for COVid19 ? certainly not thousands. alan
nobody is beyond being scrutinized even PM,s barry
The sign of a good leader is one that admits to their failures or mistakes. This PM is totally blinded by her own infallibility and arrogance. She will never accept responsibility for her errors. When confronted by a problem she has articulated, she weasels out of admissibility by blaming others or redefining the meaning of her words (eg elimination). Total coward. Robert
The CFPR and its writers have identified the path New Zealand is on and that is downward into poverty due to economic shut-down and other socialist policies. Worse still is the refusal of successive governments to accept both the state of the nation and the need to change economic policy direction. Future Policy that will change direction must return the economy to fundamental economics and it will be the difference between survival as a democracy and economic collapse by continuing current policies. The essential directional change could be written on one A4 page but the political system is dysfunctional and such a page would be shredded long before it reached a cabinet table of government. Here is an overview of some of the knowledge steps: – 1. Educate incoming MP’s to understand fundamental economics. That is, the democratic formula of Consumption and Production as a basic foundation stone to economic opportunity and wealth building within an autonomous population. 2. Teach the vital function of Trade Balancing and its impact on other critical economic performance factors. Particularly the adverse effects of excessive importation. 3. Teach the need for revenue generating Domestic and Regional company development as a vital economic pursuit to create wealth. In Practical terms Policy initiatives to avoid economic collapse need to be: –  Discouraging Social Debt Borrowing and replacing it with significant Public Debt that is applied to Venture Capital policy to launch new private production companies assisted by digital technology, computerisation and robotics. Manufacturing has an indirect job creation factor of up to 10 indirect jobs for 1 direct job, plus substantial increases in the economy of supply. Encouraging Private Investor Confidence through a licensing system that could be introduced in some industries. For example, 5 Foot Ware Manufacturing Licences to make the County’s foot ware needs of some 8 million pairs per year. Small regional factories could operate in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and 2 in Auckland. This logic could be applied to many other industries. Preventing the further destruction of wealth by limiting Foreign Ownership to a maximum of 49% of Companies as this would limit the transfer of control and revenue to overseas interests.  Preventing the sale of strategic assets to Foreign Corporations both Private and Government.  Encouraging Re-cycling Company development based on 100% Re-cycling objectives.  Encouraging Household goods to be locally made using small business manufacturing.  Preventing the predatory access of domestic and regional markets by Foreign Corporate interests either Corporate or by Foreign Government sovereign Companies.  In a position to Re-structure the Resource Management Act and give Judges more legal power to make decisions in shorter time frames. Plus, enable the Environment Court to make legal determination by referring to law not related to the RMA to expedite the closing of cases. Environment Court decisions should be final.  Introducing Immigration Policy that only accepts new immigrants who are migrating to a vacant job position that cannot be filled locally. Removing global political ‘doomsday’ pursuits, that fund overseas bureaucracies, destroy existing economies and prevent innovative developments from commencing. All based on unquantified theory.  Reducing Public Sector Salaries by 25% and curtailing Departmental Heads excessive salaries and conditions.  Reducing the Public Sector’s bloated size to restore ‘service’ to the people rather than the effortless ability to act against the Private Sector and the population without accountability or consideration of outcomes. Restoring the power of veto to Ministers of the Crown that will increase their ability to manage portfolios and become more accountable to the electorate. Controversially, there is a desperate need to create a society built on role-modelling and this means that males are exceptional in particular roles and females are exceptional in particular roles. Encouragement to fulfil these roles should be the function of the education system and law that discourages costly, frivolous, equality based court cases. Currently, society is being ripped apart by the lack of values, respect, truth, sincerity and commitment. Once a marriage results in divorce financial ruin soon follows. Also, the family becomes dysfunctional from that point and the further creation of wealth becomes unattainable for both the family and the country. We are now at the margins of the A4 Page.  Frederick
When the outbreak began in China – New Zealand evacuated nationals who were there. Likewise in the Middle East soldiers were evacuated . In both instances the evacuees were quarantined. This worked well. Then they relied on all returning New Zealanders to self isolate. This was the big mistake! A natural reaction is for returnees to go and visit their family in rest homes. They also needed to set themselves up in their place of residence. Here is where the virus spread!! The prime ministers inconsistency lead to the deaths NZ suffered. As a consequence the nation spiralled down . If ALL returning NZers had been quarantined there would have been no outbreak in New Zealand. A lockdown could have been avoided. We could have continued to live in ‘splendid isolation’. Good work; but not thorough enough. Easy to shut the coop once the cat is in with the pigeons. Peter
Evidence existed prior to lockdown to say that a lockdown would cost more than remaining open with sensible precautions (eg Australia, Sweden) It was a political decision to lock down, not a health decision. Graham
She is a heartless, draconian liar with no heart. HOPEFULLY she and her team will be voted out NEVER to return. Too much damage done. Sharon
The government need to GO before NZ becomes a locked in police state. Janet
Ardern has been so arrogant, to the point that she seems to believe her own spin. The lockdown was unnecessary & has destroyed our economy. She has allowed illegal road blocks to carry on & allocated hundreds of millions to a Maori response to Covid-19. (Whatever that means) Then she tells us to trust her, all the while talking to us as if we were kindergarten children. Rex
A royal inquiry into the lockdown is required Hugh
Liar Paul
Who does she think she is. I think she will find she has no choice eventually when the carnage becomes clear for all to see. Marty
I maintained from day 1 that it was the wrong decision. The country is small and would have been easy to confine the cases and protect the vulnerable without sacrificing the economy. melvin
I’d like to know why the govt took the position they did, and was it legal?? I’d also like an explanation as to why they’re dodging releasing the legality issues by not releasing the docs. Not transparent and very worrying…. any worthwhile protests etc I’m in Deborah
Jacinda Ardern is on a mission but it is one that harming New Zealand Gabrielle
I would like the PM to [1] explain why our borders weren’t closed earlier, and, [2] explain why New Zealanders [some obviously infected] returning from overseas weren’t placed in strict quarantine conditions. Rodger
This PM is so far out of her depth is is truely scary for our countries future. The arrogant shown time and time again from her and her ministers confirms everyday there is no depth at all. All we have is a COL of slogans how long did we hear nine years of neglect with every speech, now we hear hard and fast every time they open their mouths, what we really get is spend spend, spend and hope hope and hope, they are clueless, the sooner they are thrown out of Parliament the better, they will be recorded in history as the worst government ever. Diane
There is a huge need for meaningful accountability from the PM.None of us like control freaks. Gale
I bet Jacinda didn’t like that internal email leaking out. Tony
Govt should be accountable for their gross over-reaction to a relatively mild disease. My background includes 30 years in animal disease control – the early models quoted in media seemed obviously gross over-guesstimates John
The government lead by the PM charted a course through the pandemic that arrived in New Zealand. It is obvious that the majority of decisions made were on advice received from experts in their fields. This of course was done as there was no previous manuals written to advise steps to be taken. As time has gone on all kinds of experts have come out of the woodwork espousing different theories as to how the government should conduct the recovery. There are those who decry the government for locking down businesses and removing sources of income. Others are pleased that the lock down was put in place as a life saving measure. As i see it, one has a choice. You can either be an alive pauper or a dead millionaire, At the end of the day we should all look forward to reading the results of the debrief to ensure the manual will cover all necessary information to combat any further pandemics. Dennis
They came into power stating they would be the most transparent government. Looking very opaque now Kevin
Totally appalled by what I read Jennifer
They have the blood on their hands Of all those suicide victims who took their own lives as a direct result of the govt lockdown actions – I am particularly exercised about the death of the young mad butcher franchisee in south Auck- the malice exhibited over not allowing butcheries and some other businesses to open shows just how kind our supreme leader is Alan
We are lead to believe that we live in a democratic society. One of the freedoms given in a democratic society is that our elected public officials (elected by the tax paying public) are held accountable for their actions and decisions, and to be open to scrutiny criticism of their decisions and process by those that gave them the responsibility to govern. Peter
The swedish model would have been the correct choice.. We never needed a lockdown before.. Bruce
What a self-opinionated arrogant Prime Minister! Alan
Transparency is vital Gordon
Let%u2019s hope that enough people realise what a shocking devastating decision she made using such unbelievable statistics Bryan
I do not agree with the action taken Warren
Arrogant in the first degree. She is a stupid woman who believes in her own PR. Liz
All decisions should be transparent Gareth
just covering her butt John
Govt failed to quarantine incoming people from the outset of the disease notification. Had they done so, the OTT lockdown would not have been required, we probably could have done well without one at all! Geoff
Everybody has to be accountable for their decisions, and a refusal by a decision maker to clearly explain their reasons for reaching said decision, often sends a message that the decision maker themselves, may not be confident that reasons behind said decision had been robust enough to the give people confidence that it was the right decision. John
I think our P.M. has done an excellent job and the results that show our ability to now have considerable freedom to revert to a more ‘normal’ life is testament to that. It is easy to criticize and find fault but in my opinion we could not have had a better leader at this difficult time. Peter
I feel that the PM is only telling us what they wish us to hear and not all the scientific facts. Thus Not allowing us to make up our own minds and come to our own conclusions Marion
Everyone should be accountable we are not in a dictatorship like she seems to think we are! Roger
No. They made the wrong call by not protecting those at greatest risk, the elderly in Rest Homes, where the bulk of our Covid deaths came from. No the blanket cover we got which has destroyed NZ far greater than Covid has. ! Robyn
Despite belonging to the wrong Party,She has done a great job David
She has caused enormous long term damage to our economy & social structure. cyril
Despite her being leader of the wrong Party, she has done a great job. David
The damage unnecessarily inflicted on New Zealand’s economy by this Prime Minister is almost beyond comprehension. Terry
Need to be held accountable , should have isolated aged population. Should have locked down earlier and taken lockdown off earlier. Many businesses could have operated at level 4. too extreme unnecessary & ruined economy Chris
It’s all part of her Degree in Communication Studies at Waikato, otherwise known as brainwashing. I quote: ‘Gain the insights to design a communication campaign that can shape people’s beliefs and behaviour, address major social issues (eg. health, the environment), or attract new customers to buy a company’s products and services.’ She does not have permission to change the beliefs and behaviour. of New Zealanders. What arrogance. Julia
… big ego…and now desperation …and quantities of manipulation. Cannot really trust these people. Peter
Jusbinher the Immoral will likely flourish in this land of woolly heads, baaa baaa baaa Russell
It is fatally flawed and based on dodgy computer modelling Bryan
I would love to know who her puppet masters are. This “pandemic” in my humble opinion was a global pretext to introduce further draconian civil controls. Gary
Go late (two weeks later than Samoa) then go hard? To catch up perhaps? gary
The people of New Zealand who voted for this Labour led government and to Winston Peters who gave them the numbers to govern; your future is now what you deserve. Darryl
Comrade Jacinda imposed the strategy rules for COVID-19 . Now stand up and take responsibility. I fear now you are attempting to buy support and votes with larger and larger financial ‘bribes’. All this does is, I believe, leads to a greater false sense of social and financial security. All the while we are subtly being divided as a nation – all part of Global control. Stuart
Communism writ large… Michael
It was all about control cause panic and its in the bag NZ will take decades to recover from this huge mistake sure close the boarders but keep the country ticking over Let’s hope NZ has learned that this incompetent government has to go forever Peter
The prime minister should be happily able to face the music and defend her Governments strategy esp as she claims it is so world leading and transparent in all it aspects Phil
We are now seeing the scheming minx. The were selected not elected. We need actual Government. Kevin
It all started with ‘smoke and mirrors….’ Carl
another arrogant assumption from the PM gillian
She is a wee girl in a big world, and well out of her depth. She has completely stuffed this country. We will have a whole generation of unemployed and the start of the “Andy Cap Syndrome”. I feel sorry for my grandchildren. I will be long gone before we suffer the worst. I am very depressed that my generation has bred the generation of this government. Denis
Now things seem to be calming down they definitely need to do an overview of the strategies used in the Covid _ 19Crisis Laurel
She is destroying this country and must be removed in September to avoid total chaos and disaster. Rod
Ardern and her Govt have shown nothing but incompetence in their handling of the pandemic (not to mention almost everything they’ve touched whilst in power). The models used were flawed, and the people who developed them lacked understanding of virology. The Govt also spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. Probably the most appalling aspect has been the way the Opposition and, in particular, the majority of the media failed to hold the Govt to account for their actions. The media’s blind love for Ardern and general ineptitude is staggering to behold. In addition, the sheep-like response from the general public as the Govt trampled across normal democratic processes shows how stupid most people are. We will now pay the price for many years to come. Gary
I believe that Miss Ardern’s and her sycophants in Government show complete disrespect for the people they supposedly represent. The constant claim the their course of “going early and going hard” was the right one is an outright lie. The first NZ case was diagnosed on 26 Feb 2020. On 19 March Miss Ardern introduce a mandatory 14 day Self-Isolation requirement for returning NZ Citizens/residents and banned cruise ships from entering NZ. On 21 Mar Miss Ardern announces the 4 Level COVID-19 alert system and places the Country into Level 2 Restrictions. On 23 March Level 3 is imposed upon the Country. On 24 March Miss Ardern announces the country moves to Level 4 on 25 March and we a truly a Police State with citizens and residents encouraged to become police Informants reporting any person they consider to be breaking the Level 4 Rules and restrictions. It is not until 9 April that all persons entering NZ were placed into supervised quarantine (prior to this date, the 6th of February, the only supervised quarantine was for those New Zealanders and British subjects evacuated from Wuhan). As the virus could only have been imported from off-shore, allowing 43 days to elapse between the first confirmed case and the effective closing of the borders does not sound like we acted “early” or even “hard”. The only thing hard about it was the constant bombardment of the Country’s citizens and residents with messages that the virus had a high mortality rate and is highly contagious which has frightened a large portion of our citizens into believing the Government’s action were the only course, when this could not be further from the truth – just look at Taiwan, a country that did act early (late January 2020), enforced aggressive border and general populace testing, accompanied by supervised isolation of those infected, protection of their most vulnerable citizens, and maintained an economy that, whilst having some restrictions place upon it, has continued to operate throughout the ‘crisis’ Despite all the protestation from the PM, the Minister of Finance and the Police Commissioner, that “staying home saved lives”. all the deaths associated with the disease have been persons over 65 years of age with an existing pre-condition. Further the majority of those who died were already in a supposedly isolated environment. Indeed it would seem that the cure, a wrecked economy, is going to be far worse than virus. Miss Ardern’s edict that her various Ministers did not need to say anything of note in respect of the measures taken in respect of COVID-19 because the Government already had the full support of the public is arrogant to a fault. Further, she required all releases by Ministers to be vetted by her office prior to release to the media and Ministers were not to answer any questions because they did not need to given the ‘full support of the public’. The only arbiters of the “truth” are her, Deputy PM Peters and Minister of Finance Robertson. Are we not glad that we have two ‘wise’ men and a ‘wise’ woman that know the ‘truth’ who given their infallible knowledge and expertise, can suspend Parliament and institute a Police State. Do I believe the Government must justify their late intervention, racial bias in the allocation of financial support, and their failure to effectively protect those most vulnerable to the virus? I most certainly do. Michael
It’s been a missed opportunity to address some fundamental flaws that may impair our future. We need to cut our cloth to fit our future capabilities, however limited those may prove to be. Ian
Any strategy or major decision like this must be open for discussion and alteration if the majority are against it. We are a democracy are we not? Eric
stop killing business tony
The blatant arrogance of this closet communist and her cronies is all too evident. This whole outfit called Govt. has revealed itself to be a grave danger to us ( except you know who — that lot just received191 million $ so called Virus relief — I call it a massive bribe to buy votes ) If these riders of the apocalypse win another term ( which would not be entirely a surprise given that a lot of folks out there are so horribly brainwashed by state propaganda) we have a very good chance to join the array of shit hole countries like Venezuela or North Korea. PS– I wonder for how much longer we will be able to write our opinions until we will be thrown into jail for ‘ hate speech’ Michael
Complete dictatorship from a left wing government- not a pandemic- a massive over reaction!! Mark
No need for a total lockdown disastrous economic consequences totally wrong political mistake and she will pay for it Alan
No I do not agree with the PM. We are being played by ideologues – our new totalitarians, who are weakening us economically into dependency on the government. Don
You must be able to defend your position Merv
we need a PM / Govt that helps and shows people how to be more self reliant and reward those that are– instead of rewarding and pandering to those who do nothing but put their hand out for grants. Also cut out the RACE privilege. Warwick
This government has just wrecked far too many people’s lives based on poor modelling, ignoring advice and generally dominating the fear narrative. Mark
Covid 19 is the greatest excuse they can wish for. Ido
full analysis is required to help deal with future shocks and an assessment made of how the bad outcomes which will result could have been materially reduced by a much less stringent lockdown. david
I’m not sure whether the Government should defend but perhaps justify the PM’s actions. In any event, it is share arrogance to make such a statement holding public office. She has again put her self above those she has sworn to uphold not the other way around. Her attitude is worrisome. chris
in general govt has done a good job Frank
The Government is a Democracy, not a Dictatorship. Isn’t it?? David
Government using fear. James
In a free democracy the government must always be accountable for its actions Frank
contrary to the statements from this government, there was a plan to follow, based on WHO specified levels and triggers……they did not follow it. Lionel
NZ is supposed to be a democracy and any Leader must be able to defend the action they took on behalf of the nation. Tom
her ego,socialist policy stinks, [comrade ] Norman
Her strategy is indefensible. Ken
No! No! No! martin
The PM must be able and prepared to defend any action they take. Bill
She has crippled our once great country. Next she will open up our boarders to an influx of refugees and migrants, then we will be taken over by commo china !! ROD
She is a dictator. Pam
Covid-19 may never be eradicated and always threaten us. So we have severely damaged our economy for why? John
sounds to me like Germany 1930’s mike
The PM needs to fully explain why she went pretty much from Stage 2 to Stage 4 with no justification . Brian
Dictatorial socialist dogma !!!! Brian
We can still spend 50M on our poor racing people and keep up with the help given to the addicted gambling souls. If not for Peters, we would not be in this hole. bill
I agree because of “Jacindamania”. There was the issue of alleged rape and sexual assault by someone working in PMs Office {across the road} by 12 females. The PM denied, obfuscated, shoved it onto to a lawyer. Such heinous action being condoned didn’t make a dent in her popularity. Her government have been abject failures in delivering positives, yet Labour are still very popular. People seem to believe her actions have saved 80,000 deaths. So there’s just no reason to justify or defend anything; the voting public will continue to adore her, no matter what Peter
The lockdown was a political decision that will place NZ in the third world – possibly forever. It was unnecessary. Tony
Not my PM. Tony
Looking at the situation in other countries where hospitals have been overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases our doctors and nurses have been spared the ongoing drama and death. Whilst we have a border shutdown so do many other countries so international travel will not be easy anyway. When you look at China s and its huge population it is remarkable they have been able to contain the spread compared with other countries including the USA. Trumps statement that it would just “go away” was naive and shows his mentality and what a silver spooned idiot couldn’t achieve with his rudderless statements and lack of guidance. I would rather be in New Zealand than the UK or USA. And I have never supported labor Alan
I think they have already outlined why they did it – whether it was the right call – who can say. Jen
Sheer arrogance ,but to be expected from “Our Glorious Leader” who can do no wrong. Malc
her socialist policies have no place in nz, bugger her. Norman
Of Course they must defend what they are doing. I the past month I have reluctantly agreed Jacinda was doing a good bob about covid19 but not any more once I have read Roger Douglas and Muriel Newman’s reports Plus the fact that Sweden did not close their economy and have emerged with a economy Little damaged by covid19 Colin
No I don’t agree, in as much that any government is to be held accountable to the people. If they make mistakes, they should say so. Sheila
This is NOT democracy if the govt can just ride rough shod over the populace without accountability. Tony
Of course they do. I know they can’t but they need to try. Graeme
I’m afraid the PM is starting to show the other side of all the hugs and ‘kindness’ underneath it all she is a spiteful, nasty, ignorant communist, pure and simple, aided and abetted by, members of the former labour party, who still haven’t forgiven us for voting them out, a leopard never changes it’s spots. Greed and envy, are what they are about. We need a good clean out in the Unis to get rid of these kinds of academics. They need reminding, we are their paymasters, they are public servants, our public servants, they need putting in their place. Vote them out. Merryl
What fecking strategy? The Ministry of Health FAILED because they had no plan. This just left the door wide open for the communist Green-Labour to have free rein passing laws we neither need nor want. Hail Comrade! Mark
they certainly do need to defend there strategy, in such a short time our economy has been decimated, the fear factor in this virus is so true, they never use there own common sense,there is no body I would realy trust in government,and what are they going to do to the tax payers,in new Zealand,to pay back this horrendous debt and where are all the new jobs going to come from, Rodger
The whole bunch of thugs, including Ardern, should be in jail for crimes against humanity. Gert
Obsolute orrogance!!! Neil
They must be held to account AND not pass anymore legislation under urgency that infringes on our civil liberties. Carol
Dream on, Jacinda! J J
No! No! NO! A thousand times no! Jan
Dictators don’t feel the need to be accountable. Russ
The strategies effectiveness compared to other countries MUST be evaluated John
Jacinda makes a good cover girl but lacks brains to be a PM Winston Peters brought all this rot on our country she could not have stuffed up more if she tried will take a long time to recover from this lolly scramble so what we have had is circus run by clowns Russell
A communist at heart dreaming of taking the country down: This is the true look of Jacinda Ardern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9rsxFaq6Ig & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeUfEDLIwCI I am hoping Kiwis will come to their senses and see this debacle for what it is – another false flag in Jacinda’s reign. Sadly, we need a civil war quickly to re-establish our freedoms and get NZ back on its feet. Richard
There so many of you who are so wise after the event. You don’t have to make the hard decisions and face the consequences. I feel deeply for those who have had to handle the loss of a love one without the vital support of friends and family. Perhaps it could or should have been handled better. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Sir Roger Douglas should no about social disruption and pain. He caused plenty of it! The “why should Il” and “Me” generation are showing themselves in their true colours. They would not have handled the 30’s and 40’s too well either and Yes, I will feel some pain too. For the greater good …I hope so.  Bruce
but no point in an enquiry, it will only fill the pockets of the rich. michael
What strategy? The Prime Minister cannot visualise the whole picture so relies on advise from individuals with questionable expertise or grossly inaccurate computer models. The decisions must be scrutinised as the long term effects will be devastating. They have now invoked the laws of unintended consequences. We have entered an Orwellian world. Lee
Never let a crisis go to waste! Chris
She needs to justify her Captains call. It was not early. We had cases in NZ for many days before her unnecessary full lockdown Our borders should have been closed much earlier. Around the world others understood the need for herd immunity. Our PM did not or chose to ignore it. Graeme
The whole lot of her team are hopeless; and totally out of their depth.. God help NZ Donald
why did we not behave as we do with the normal corona type flu and those sick stay away from others esp those with vulnerabilities. The actual data proves it is no worse than the seasonal flu. Why did we jump of the cliff of the completely overblown modelling just because many other countries in the world did. this is a basic lack of leadership and the leadership that has replaced proper leadership is tyranny. We don’t live in communist china this is nz and we will not accept loss of our personal privacy, civil liberties and freedoms which are our rights in NZ. The overreaction and attempt to impose tyranny is exposing those in individuals in our government and they have shown themselves as an absolute disgrace. Focusing on handouts is not strengthening our society, it produces dependency in place of independence which is not where any democratic government should be headed. We are very being very badly treated by those who are responsible for being our servants not the other way around. Carol 
only a socialist govt could think this way Eric
It is abundantly clear that the “cure” this ghastly, unfeeling woman has foisted on the country is FAR worse than the disease. She has doomed our children and grandchildren to many years of ruinous deprivation. We must get shot of her come September for the good of our nation. David
Of course she should be subject to debate and challenge. Our democracy is effectively suspended if you believe Labour, yet we are making the biggest decisions in our history. Peter
With a 0.01% death rate similar to ordinary flue, she doesn’t look so clever. If you want to do something that is not true, create fear or guilt or both and this is why we are led to believe The Green’s Climate Change policy of fear and Treaty guilt by reversing history. George
Action needed to be taken, and was. Any inaction and subsequent loss of lives would have been a disaster, and everyone would be asking ” why didn’t the Government act “ Kevin
Jacinda and her cronies work (supposedly) for us, so sorry Jacinda you need to defend your actions that have destroyed the economy of this country, have made thousands unemployed, have given the police the power to invade your home without a warrant, that have committed the country to $50 billion debt that are children will have to pay off ! John
I consider that the PM has been on the wrong track in creating an atmosphere of fear. Brian
At first, PM Ardern spoke of kindness. As time went on, kindness was no longer mentioned, and it was replaced with: Obey, or else! She acted also as if she was the one who personally gave all those billions of $$. No, it was NZ tax-payers who ‘gave’, and will have to keep on giving for a very long time. Janice
This Labour Government NOT Voted in by Majority need to be HELD accountable Carl
Every body I know is doing very well at following the RULES and that includes self employed people coming to do work at my place and the (car) garage I went to this morning. Hell read the overseas newspapers (e.g. Guardian) to see what a shambles it is in the NERD led countries such as UK & USA. Ian
Action …Action is the Universal Key to the present and future Game of Life”….let it speed us all to a new World…. ChrisH
She needs to explain a lot her policies she said we need to share the pain but is she what has she lost family her home her income I think not Cherryl
A commrade in the arms of other comrades!!!!! Look behind u. RICHard
The disgusting statements from the EVIL Leader, should be challenged at every opportunity. What a Marxist dream come true, ie total control of the entire population while the economy collapses, giving the perfect excuse to allow Global Government. Note some of the statistics in Sir Rogers article. FORTY per-cent of those who have come through our education system CAN’T read, so the EVIL Leader insists they learn Te Reo Maori. We are way below average in science education, so our EVIL Leader insists the children are indoctrinated to believe in man-made climate change. Just two glaring examples of keeping the population ignorant, so they don’t realise the nation is being destroyed. So wake up people, & start questioning EVERY decision the EVIL Leader makes.. A.G.R.
All she needed to do was shut down the source of arriving infection, i.e. the borders, then no need for a draconian five-week level 4 lockdown. She dithered for too long and then took the wrong option, i.e. the lockdown. She was too invested in the March 15th photo opportunities, and “couldn’t see the wood for the trees” – or perhaps didn’t care? Roy
Brainless, not blameless. Coral
I am becoming used to the arrogance of this Prime Minister but I have long been saying there will be a severe backlash to all of this when the truth eventually hits the fan. I suppose that most will have now forgotten that Ms Ardern was once a member of the Junior Communist Party.  Jim
Fear, partial truths and lack of empathy have epitomised the PM and sidekick Ashley’s approach to this ‘Virus’. Gerry
Hell, NO. Her arrogant, I know best little children, attitude is sickening. Paloma
Ignorance Arrogance = Igorance. Robert
A PM enveloped in the stench of hubris Alan
She would have no qualms about defending it if it were defensible. It isn’t. Richard
Of course they need to defend their COVID -19 strategy, in the interests of transparency. There lies the problem. jan
She is a dictator in the purist form. She and the government need to be investigated for so many reasons: illegally locking us down, destroying the economy, preventing freedom of speech plus many more things Kristene
we are getting really close to Socialism, if they get reelected we will be there Just like her Comrades in Russia David
She and her Government work for us, she must defend her COVID19 strategy if any of us feel she has made poor decisions. Shelley
we will be rueing her decisions for the next decade Anthony
Any decisions need to be evaluated – The need for lockdown has been abused by Comrade Cindy and we need to have systems in place to ensure are freedoms are not further eroded by this communist! Bruce C
She has ruined the economy for years to come, in true Socialist manner Peter
Despotic ignorance and absolute arrogance. Her and her mob has to go ! Alan
Government is accountable to the voters for all decisions. Jill
Everything needs scrutiny in what any government does Her mob is no exception and they need to answer why we closed our borders so late Kevin
There are a heap of things they need to be questioned on and the only logical conclusion that we must have the strongest possible independent enquiry conducted as soon as possible! Ron
What arrogance . I hope more people understand the consequences of her actions Bev
Typical arrogance of this PM Wah
The S@*$t is going to hit the fan, when the costing is done and the Government is going to turn to the public to find the money spent. 21 Deaths out of a total population of 5.025 Million, comes to a probability of 0.000418 % Who and how is this going to be justified ?? Pierre
I thought her leadership was transparent, so why now gag all her ministers? John
I think that she becomes used to bending and distorting and destroying the truth. She may even believe her own untruths… Roger
With her ill-thought-out strategy wreaking havoc on both people’s lives and the economy, it is important that all aspects of the strategy be subject to continuous scrutiny. Doug
She acted too late to shut the borders ,if they had been shut earlier the whole country would not have needed to be shut down. Now she had better control the borders very strictly john
she has made some absolutely stupid comments and back tracked on many of her stupid rulings Graeme
It is becoming quite clear that this government (or I should say agglomerate of desperate views) is aiming for government control on a bed of socialism. The recent legislation, for which there is NO justification is clear evidence. Greg
Be it be on her head; John
It was a political decision based on political ambitions and not reality or science. Charlie
they have plenty to explain and defend – no plan. Gaty
The cure has killed the economy it is not a cure but an ignorant excuse for political stupidity Ian
Covid-19 is a scam. The covid-19 bill is a disgraceful grab for draconian powers by Ms Ardern and the government. I’ll never vote Labour or NZ First again. Kate
Is she suffering from mad cow disease or just simply lost in her own self importance? Mike
The government has made a right pigs ear out of this so called pandemic.. Clive
they have destroyed our economy for no good reason so she could star on the stage, despicable nag. Frank
The NZ govt must be held to account. Willy
Ho hum. It really does not matter whether Ardern and her government defend her actions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. I (and I suspect a lot of other New Zealanders) have no sympathy for that defence. Rob
Lyin’ Cindy’s policy and strategy are indefensible. We must get rid of her before she ruins our nation completely. Alice
Robust discussion of the strategy is part and parcel of open government. In fact, this discussion should have been started long BEFORE the ‘elimination’ decision was made. Instead we have ‘Trust us, we know what we are doing’. But do they? What is the plan? How long can we play dogems until a vaccine becomes available? What happens if there isn’t one? Brian
By saying they don’t need to defend their strategy, Ms Ardern is saying she is not accountable to anybody. Is this really an acceptable or advisable approach for the elected leader of a democratic country. There is a growing number of people who are dissatisfied with her dictatorial style of leadership. I sincerely hope she and her cronies are voted out ASAP Jenny
The last three governments led by two Marxists, Clark and Ardern and one globalist, John Key killed off my export manufacturing business with their obstructive practices, laws, tax’s and incompetence. Labor and National are equally to blame for the gradual decline of our freedoms and quality of life since 1974. School teachers are assisting with the promotion of anti democratic theories. As Winston Churchill once said,;- “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is its sharing of misery”. If NZrs want to go further down this road they will get what they deserve. Rex
you are correct, the extreme extent of the lockdown has caused mayhem unnecessarily. Chris
The PTPM and ministers response to this virus is indefensible. The biggest challenge facing NZ now, is retrieving NZ from the cabal of Communists who have hijacked the economy, on the pretext eliminating – now only mitigating- the virus Bob
If arrogance was money she would be a billionaire. Murray
There is plenty of evidence that this fear campaign is a determined attempt to make a one world govt, controlled through corporations. Faci is part of it. Tim
That’s rubbish, of course they should Graeme
typical commie attitude which this govt is and shows how arrogant they are and afraid that if the truth came out about all their cockups labour would never exist in the future and thats why the kgb have been given more dangeres powers, wont be long before the govt bring out that numbers WILLl be tattooed on our arms. Richard
I know for sure that Jacinda is a socialist, but the arrogance and stubborn nature she is displaying looks more like a communist dictatorship!!. John
In your’e in charge you are in the best Position to asses the aftermath and would also of course, take your responsibility for it. If your’e the Leader BE THE LEADER !! Geoff
NO,NO,NO she,s PROVEN OVER & OVER what a LIAR she is,people DONT let her blame the virus for our struggles it was ALL HER LOCKDOWN & you all were supposed to be allowed coffee,meals some business were to remain OPEN that was the advice she was given but IGNORED,WAKE UP SHE,S TO BLAME for treating us as easily lead sheep as ONLY SHE KNOWS BEST & we tax payers are not able to THINK,DO ANYTHING AS ADAULTS, & have to rely on her knowing best. Cindy
Of course they need to provide Kiwis this all the key factors that form their strategy plan. The only reason they don’t want to do this is to mislead the people so that it benefits their political end game, which we all know is centered around winning the next general election. Alex
The reason that our Dear Leader did not allow her Ministers to defend her policy is for fear that they would cock it up. Geoffrey
All governments have to be able to account for the decisions they make whether in a crisis or not Chris
Of course any Government of any persuasion needs to defend their actions on any matter. The strategy to go hard and early was not the correct one First they did not go early and shut the borders properly anywhere soon enough and the go hard part has yet to manifest itself either on the health front or most definitely on the financial. On the health front until there is a vaccine the virus will not be defeated world wide so we need to get herd immunity or keep our borders shut permanently On the financial side the ramifications of the total shut down will be felt for several generations of New Zealanders. Today’s budget will I believe as at the time of writing this it has not been released will only lock in the disastrous socialist agenda of Comrades Ardern and Robertson Robin
I fear this country is going to pay for a very long time through the Prime Minister’s arrogance in the way she has handled this pandemic. She is a total disaster and I have absolutely no confidence that she will be able to repair the damage she has caused, for a very long time if ever. Helen
The Government is supposed to be the country’s elected representatives and as such must be held accountable for their actions. The fact they were not elected is in this instance irrelevant . Chris
There is a ideological tyranny appearing in recent legislation and in the speed of its passing with the lack of public consultation Trevor
This Covid 19 lock down has been directed and administered as a FEAR DIRECTED campaigner. 5 million people were ordered to close off their current freedom of movement and follow weeks of fear of being dobbed in if one moved away or out of ones bubble. I live in a district where there were only 8 infected people were recorder ie WAITEMATA. Colin
Too much illegal stuff going on. Rules have been broken. Graeme
The level four lockdown would have been unnecessary if the govt had closed the borders before March 24 and policed the quarantine of returning kiwis. Terry
She’s got all the dickwits in the country convinced we’re all gonna die if she isn’t in CONTROL! Graeme
It is very scary at what this Government and especially the Prime Minister wants make New Zealand into. I feel total dictatorship over time. Roger
I DISAGREE with the Prime Minister. Saying ‘I do not agree’ could be a neutral statement. Graeme
Another appalling statement by an absolutely appalling incompetent and out of touch Prime Minister. Richard
Time will tell but I hold the Government’s lack of `looking after our old folk’ and letting them die in rest homes. The remaining 6 who have died is minimal and far more people have died of the flu, cancer, car accidents and others not getting treatment. The doctors, pharmacies & hospitals have been off limits at a time when they should have been treating people. My heart goes out to those who have suffered losses and not been there to hold their hands. The inhumane treatment of so many of our citizens, was not BEING KIND. sheryl
This government’s approach to the pandemic has all the makings of a Greek tragedy. Jacinda Ardern’s hubris will be her undoing, and the recent directive to her staff , to ignore public sentiment, may, hopefully, be her nemesis. Graham
Trevor Mallard took the prayer from the sitting of Parliament & now we have Churches cannot operate @ level two what is our countries future, hopefully not Marxist. Ralph
In days gone by the term for this government would be barbaric. Chris
This communist needs to be put up against a wall and shot. Norm
Totally a Political ploy of the PM’s power and “I AM”Commie game to attempt the emmission of her control over NZ and get more publicity for her EGO and the next election.(FAIL). IAN
Nothing motivates like self interest – PM’s is power & control Graham
All Politicians are accountable Les
I will never agree with this PM. She hasn’t got a clue. Cant make a decision without experts or committees. God help us going forward with her at the helm. Time for people to take off the rose coloured glasses or suffer the consequences Elizabeth
Arrogance beyond belief Graham
she only looks at the sycophantic MSM John
like hell this woman is a despot in the making her and her rotten govt partners are of the same ilk, we the people are like lambs to the slaughter god?help us all and quick, before the 666 kicks in. James
The complete and utter arrogance of Ardern should be clearly understood by all New Zealanders. She relies on her outstanding political marketing ability. Fooling all of the people all of the time will not work this time. Peter
Ardern’s eyes are on a bigger prize than NZ. This is becoming obvious. Graham
The harm to peoples mental health has been enormous. This is heartless and manipulative draconian control. Judith
Ardern is just another unmarried mother living off the taxpayer who continues to make very poor decisions Steve
Ardern has demonstrated time and again that she is simply an over grown student politician with the antics of a 14yo school girl, whose knowledge of anything remotely of value and substance in life you could write on the back of a postage stamp. What strategy ? She hasn’t had a clue since day one of what needed to be done or how to do it and NZ will pay the cost for their stupidity in allowing Winston Peters to enable this happen for many years ahead> James
Jacinda Ardern’s elimination strategy has been a disaster. New Zealand will never recover from the unnecessary lockdown she imposed. She panicked and now everyone is paying the price. What a disaster she’s turned out to be. Paul
I can’t believe how arrogant the PM has become. She is responsible for bringing the country to its knees. The damage she has caused is unbelievable.  Sandra
This information needs to be shared widely. New Zealanders need to wake up and realise what’s going on before its too late! Roger
The destruction that’s been caused is unbelievable. Of course they need to defend their strategy and be held to account.  Tim
Its time the Opposition stopped playing ‘nice’ and started to defend us from the Ardern tsunami!  Colin