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The Politics of Zero Carbon

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The National Party is about to make one of the biggest decision of its time in opposition – whether or not to support Jacinda Ardern’s radical Zero Carbon Bill during the third reading debate in Parliament tomorrow. While parties that oppose legislation will often support the first and second reading of a Bill – and even the Committee stages – it is the third reading that counts.

The Zero Carbon legislation to implement Labour’s United Nations Paris Agreement is extreme. National should not only oppose the Bill but also pledge to repeal the law once they are elected to government.

The targets chosen by Labour – net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 and a gross reduction of methane emissions by 10 percent by 2030 and by up to 47 percent by 2050 – will impact heavily on New Zealanders. As Treasury states, “Modelling suggests that lower income households will be disproportionately impacted, with households in the lowest 20 percent bracket for income more than twice as affected, than those households with an average income.”

According to the Productivity Commission, to achieve the zero carbon goals by 2050, the carbon tax on petrol will need to be increased by 12 times. At present, the government’s charges on each litre of petrol includes a fuel tax of 66.5 cents, ACC of 6 cents and a carbon tax of 6.2 cents. That means the carbon tax will need to be increased to around 75 cents for each litre of petrol to achieve Labour’s goals.

When it comes to electricity, which will increasingly be needed to replace coal, oil, and natural gas, the Productivity Commission predicts the wholesale price will increase by up to 50 percent by 2050.

Estimates of the ultimate cost to the economy vary, with some agricultural economists calculating the policy could cost the New Zealand economy “more than a trillion dollars by 2050 and shave billions a year off income”.

New Zealand’s agricultural heritage and a long-standing tradition of providing quality food exports across the globe – which are embedded in who we are as a nation – will be undermined by the Zero Carbon Bill through far higher compliance costs on Kiwi exporters than their competitors. The estimated cost for sheep and beef farmers is “as high as 123 percent of net profit for an average farm”, while dairy farmers could see profits “cut by up to 60 percent”.

In effect, the Zero Carbon Bill will impose ‘global governance’ onto the country by replacing economic policies designed to enhance the living standards and wellbeing of New Zealanders – in the national interest – with laws and policies aimed at satisfying the unaccountable UN.

Unfortunately, the true impact of Jacinda Ardern’s Bill has not been clearly spelt out to the public.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, agricultural consultant Robin Grieve, explains that while those clamouring for the bill think it will be businesses producing emissions that will pay the price, ‘the reality will be quite different’:

“Reality will hit when it is realised that the polluter is not the dairy farmer, it is the baby who needs milk formula to survive. The polluter is not the evil oil company, it is the mother driving her sick child to the doctor.  Reality will hit when the financial devastation to poor communities and the personal hardships to families from this carbon zero bill become more of a reality than the rising sea. Reality will hit when those who have marched in the streets demanding the Government take action to reduce emissions realise it is not the Government that produces these emissions, it is us the consumer.”

So while Jacinda Ardern jets off to back-slapping accolades around the world, embedding a career path within the UN, it will be Kiwis who pay the price – families struggling to get by as prices escalate, and rural communities struggling to survive as livestock farmers are driven out of business, their productive land taken over for pine plantations farming carbon credits.

Meanwhile, all the sacrifice and pain Jacinda Ardern is forcing onto Kiwis will not only make no difference to the earth’s temperature, but the emissions saved over 12 months, will be negated by China – in just two days.

One National Party MP who understands the disastrous implications of the Zero Carbon Bill and says she intends to vote against it, is Judith Collins. Here is her reasoning

“Politicians around the world have been calling for faster and faster action to reduce emissions. Our own Prime Minister has joined the political hype-train by announcing climate change is ‘my’/her generation’s nuclear free moment…

“But there are a few home truths that no-one on the political left, and few on the right, are willing to discuss.

“First, the World will not end if we pass 1.5 degrees Celsius (1.5C) of warming. The children marching in the street with signs saying ‘You will die of old age, I will die of climate change’ have been needlessly exploited by an increasingly fanatical Green lobby…

“There is nothing magically different that happens at 1.5C that doesn’t happen at 1.6C. The IPCC has not predicted that 1.5C is the magic number where climate change becomes catastrophic. This is not what last year’s IPCC report stated…

“Secondly, assuming the IPCC models reflect the relationship between carbon dioxide and global warming, there is almost no chance the world will avoid 1.5C…

“At the moment, global emissions are going up. It is fantasy land to think, after 30 years of negotiations, countries like China, Brazil and India, who are rightfully focused on poverty eradication, are going to suddenly sacrifice economic development for climate change.

“But this is the pathway the Zero Carbon Bill aims to sign NZ up to.

“So this is the problem: On one hand, the likely impacts of climate change are being hugely overstated by the media and political left. On the other hand, there is a massive gap between what politicians say they think the World should do and the plain realty of global emissions.

“There is a major ‘reality gap’ in the debate on global warming. I believe this has been allowed to manifest as a result of any politician, scientist or economist who questions global warming policy instantly being ostracised as the equivalent as a global warming ‘denier’. James Shaw has tried to insert this already into the debate on his Zero Carbon Bill by labelling the National Party’s political opposition as the new climate denialism in his speech at this year’s Green Party Conference.

“The science of climate change is complex, but the economics are more complex again, and the domestic and global politics even more difficult again. We have to be able to have an adult debate on how we respond to the proposal to radically revolutionise the global economy. Economists and politicians have to be allowed to offer considered and balanced perspectives.

“I can’t accept the proposal we are expected to just never question any legislation that has the aim of reducing emissions, no matter what the cost, simply for moral reasons. How can politicians defend signing NZ up to an emissions target that has almost zero chance of being achieved, both here or abroad, and isn’t justified by any scientific or economic findings? These issues need to be debated properly.

“I am interested in your views.”

To date, Judith Collins has received over 1,200 supportive comments.

Politically speaking, while National’s opposition to the Zero Carbon Bill would not necessarily stop it being passed into law, it would give a voice to the silent majority of New Zealanders who believe that Jacinda Ardern’s climate crusade is going far too far.

National needs to remember that while the alarmist media claim that concerns over climate change are growing – which their relentless scaremongering has no doubt assisted – the issue does not usually determine elections. Just before the 2017 election, a poll showed the major concerns were the economy on 28 percent, housing 26 percent, with environmental issues just 8 percent.

Furthermore, opposing the Zero Carbon Bill would prevent National from copping the blame once the economy starts to stall.

Their opposition would also undermine New Zealand First. If National made the argument forcefully enough that the Bill will damage the economy in general, and farming and provincial New Zealand in particular, Winston Peters will be concerned for his support base.

In spite of assurances he may have given the Prime Minister that he would support her Bill, if he felt his party’s survival is threatened, who knows what could happen.

While National’s record in government is often one of compromise and appeasement – what some might charitably call “pragmatism” – now it’s in opposition it has an opportunity to stand firm on principle, because doing what’s right matters. 

Radical action on climate change of the sort being proposed by Jacinda Ardern, has not gone down well in other countries.

In Chile, next week’s APEC meeting and December’s United Nations climate conference have had to be cancelled as a result of rioting and protests over the imposition of expensive energy restrictions to fight climate change.

In France, when President Emmanuel Macron tried to impose carbon taxes to meet the country’s Paris targets, protesters took to the streets. They forced the scheduled increases in fuel taxes, electricity prices, and vehicle emissions controls to be abandoned. The protests are continuing, despite the backdown as tensions rise over what many see as a government that is out of touch.

In Canada, a federal carbon tax introduced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet Paris targets is being challenged through the courts.

In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison won the election by exposing the fact that Labour’s ambitious Paris targets would not only kill jobs, crush the economy and damage living standards, but all the pain would achieve absolutely nothing because China’s emissions dwarf Australia’s. In the end, the silent majority of Australian voters chose growth, plentiful jobs, tax cuts, and support for the energy industry.

In Holland, the Forum for Democracy, a party that campaigned against global warming scaremongering became the biggest party in the Senate by opposing the government’s “climate-change hysteria”. They wanted to stop the government funding programs to meet international climate agreements, and they want to follow the US and quit the Paris Accord.

In Finland, the Finns Party opposed climate alarmism and gained the second-highest number of seats in Parliament. They describe ‘climate’ as a new frontier in a culture war that’s being driven by urban elites.

Even Germany is putting the interests of the economy ahead of the climate, as concerns grow that many aspects of everyday life will become considerably more expensive under carbon pricing, with the financial burden falling disproportionately on the poor.

Many New Zealanders, who feel the same way as citizens in those other countries, are looking for a champion. Simon Bridges should take a stand on behalf of all of the Kiwis who don’t want to be stigmatised with the denier’s label but believe this Government’s climate hysteria has gone too far. He should say that he does not accept that a UN agreement that will cripple our economy is in the best interests of our country. He should explain that he is not prepared to sacrifice New Zealand’s economic future to the UN, and that under his leadership, he will ensure New Zealand contributes to global efforts, but does not lead them.

He should, but will he? Will he lead or capitulate to Jacinda Ardern’s climate hysteria?

The Zero Carbon Bill is expected to have its third reading in Parliament tomorrow afternoon. If you oppose the Bill, National needs to hear your voice. Email National MPs without delay to urge them to vote against the Bill. Their email addresses are HERE. Tell everyone else to do the same – let’s demonstrate that opposition to the Government’s climate extremism is alive and well!


*Do you agree with Judith Collins that there’s a major ‘reality gap’ in the debate on global warming?

*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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I am sick and tired of the press only reporting on climate change that only reports one side of the argument.The press are telling us that they are the only ones that tell the truth.Yeah right!!!! Tony
Ardern and her lala land party have GOT to go, she and Shaw will bankrupt this country, and swan off with a large Tax payer retirement plan, and for what. Merryl
The hysteria is being led by the News Media and being fuelled by the Greens and Jacinta Arden. We are very likely to see very serious concerns in this Country. Frank
pointless agreeing with Judith, she does not lead the NP and National are lined up with the COL. No longer a national voter. Should there not be a law to stop governments sabotaging the economy based on ideology. Sam
Enough hysteria, how about some reason and common sense. Michael
Consider the motives of the inventor of the global warming theory,Maurice Strong. Ron
Carbon has no effect on climate . With a 0 carbon bill it will probably take 150 years to grow a pine forest ??? PETER
Our politicians have decided that we have to pay for climate change. What a pack of hypocrites as they all travel by air drive cars and contribute more than the average NZ er to so called climate . So to clear up to all NZ citizens they should be banned from flying, motoring etc. etc. to which all their passports be annulled for a period of 20 years. All politician travel would only be by horse and cart, within NZ, and by sailing ship if able to travel overseas without a passport. What a pack of idiots that we voted in at the last election. Allan
The climate change science used by the UN is both flawed and superficial as the planet will survive no matter what humans decide to do. It started out a third rock from the sun 2.5 billion years ago and science consensus has it that the planet would only take 100 million years to show no signs of human existence if we all left tomorrow! Dinosaurs lasted 185 million years with the CO2 levels 5 times higher than they are today and they flourished. An asteroid ended their existence – not climate change. The Oceans are Rising paranoia is simply a lie – there is insufficient tonnage of ice on the planet to force ocean rise. They have risen in prehistoric times during the ice ages when the planet was ‘Snowballed’ with ice from pole to pole. Not enough space here to publish the truth about CO2 – so what about the politics? You have got it right about poverty. However, it will not be only be the poor that will lose high living standards of services – it will be 80% of us. That is, we the ordinary people will be priced out of being able to enjoy the high living standards and life expectancy that exists today due to unaffordable costs of basic items. The availability of 6,000 every day oil products and pollutants gained from petroleum refining and combustion will become only available to elitist cultures. The ‘Reality’ is that the UN is now a predatory organisation seeking increasing governance power for the 141 third world and developing world countries that make up 73% of the UN. Climate Change is a Smokes Screen to prevent the real emergency from being arrived at by global politics and the 52 industrialised nations. The real Emergency is those 141 countries above are breeding like rabbits, devouring the worlds resources at a rate never seen before in history. The world is either at sustainable Population levels or fast approaching those levels. There is a vital need for the 52 Industrialised Nations to form a new global body – the INO or Industrialised Nations Organisation that would Vote as a BLOC in global matters. Membership of the UN should be reduced to the Associate level. This of course would require Leadership from politicians that will only be possible by the selection of a new breed of parliamentary candidates. Frederick
Most of what we read about global warming is in fact man-made pollution about which governments do little ~ it’s a talk fest and tax raiser Tony
Absolutely agree. I haven’t seen any major changes to the worlds climate to convince me that any drastic warming is taking place. Eric
Judith Collins is the only one not scared to disclose that she has an operational brain, unlike most of the rest. Owen
my vote goes to Judith unless Simon grows a pair Peter
NZ cannot afford to be implicated in this fraud without heavily impacting on society. The proponents may be correct & die of the results of trying to eliminate Carbon from the atmosphere. Their actions may well be their own undoing. Nick
CO2 is plant food not a poisonous gas. It has been 17x higher than current level in the past. Burning fossil fuels is only returning CO2 to the atmosphere where it belongs. Derek
The global warming propaganda machine is right up there with the Tribal propaganda machine over the last 60 yeas over twisting the Treaty beyond belief. All part of Fear fastor. David
So much for a government that promised to be transparent and honest. There’s certainly been none of these thing evident in the lead-up to the Zero Carbon Bill. There have been no costings revealed – perhaps this government hasn’t actually done any work on this. Or, as we hear so many times: “We still have more work to do on this …”. If they have they haven’t told the rest of us. I hope that National sticks to its guns (Oh, I forgot, they’ve been handed in!) and makes much needed changes to the legislation when it becomes government – next year? Laurence
too much left wing ideaology clouding reality Robert
Rule by fear is the name of the game Bev
And now she is a traitor to her own words and the poor are going to suffer because politicians, who are not scientist, believe the Science/UN LIE. UN/OWG have many years ago allotted 10 economic areas to the world. New Zealand’s is Timber hence now the planting of farmland in pine trees by overseas investors Barry
But I strongly resent her two faced response re the bill. It is not one Judith but she heads all the other pathetic National party team Brian
the nats will regret their vote yes on the bill Barry
If the Marxist/Greens promote a policy that will destroy western economy’s then you know there’s a whole lot more to the subject background than their supporters in the left wing media are telling you. Follow the money which will show that this is being driven by bureaucrats and liberal extremists whose employment, credibility and income is reliant upon alarmisim and the promotion of lies about the worlds climate. NZ’s involvement with Kyoto and the Paris agreement is a drain on NZ taxpayers pockets who are contributing money to extreme ideologies and corrupt officials in UN backed economies, most of which despise the western countries from where the money originates. History will show that man made climate change hysterics was another left wing political hoax. Cry wolf. Rex
Such a shame that Mrs Collins voted for the bill yesterday. What a betrayal by all of national to their voters! Traitors the lot of them. Pixie
I agree with Judith Collins. Hope she can talk the other members into some degree of sense !!!! Ross
This Bill is madness John
the fanaticism over global warming is being fuelled by the labour party to try and maintain their voting base Stan
The whole thing is a rort. Pamela
Thank goodness for some common sense from Judith Collins. The Zero Carbon Bill needs to be voted down. What is wrong with Simon that he has supported it? It’s all a giant hoax and there will be egg on many faces decades down the track when they see that anything they have done won’t change the climate one iota. Helen
Yes I do agree N.Zealanders will suffer hardship because of this UNELECTED U.N. alined bill BUT JUDITH COLLINS VOTED FOR THIS BILL SHE,S A HIPICRATE & SIMON B RIDGES who,s knows the cost N.Zealanders will suffer IS NO BETTER. I CANOT see any difference between labour & national now.We DONT have an INDEPENDENT GOVT. so I will NOT give up my time to vote for either of them,They are BOTH LIARS & are OUT OF TOUCH with most people. Cindy
Most definitely!! She needs to be promoted up the order to put some backbone in the caucus Janet
When in Yucon Museum Canada, 13 Ice ages have been recorded and we are still here when will the next ice age occur. When we were young we read the story about Chicken Little who sat under an Oak Tree & an Acorn fell on his head. WOW, Histeria. “The sky is falling, The sky is falling” he yelled rushing around, telling every one. Panic, demos, just like now re climate change. Yes the climate is always changing. Eventually people realised the sky wasn’t falling but a lot of harm had been done.Hopefully this Act re Zero Carbon can be diluted?? We cannot control the Jet stream around the Globe which also affects our weather. Ross
Yes but what really happened. She voted for it Geoff
Absolutely agree. Conjured up ‘science’. Kevin
The fundamental problem is that there is no debate. Warming would be good as it increases crop yields and growing seasons but the Modern Solar warming ended in 2016 with Sun now in quiescence and tumbling into cooler times in prospect for 160,000 years. Yet we hear the OPPOSITE. All we need to do is ADAPT and use real science to facilitate strategies. The science shows the probabilities and none are for warming and certainly plant food CO2 does not influence climate at all; we are NOT in a greenhouse and CO2 which is a trace gas does not have significant amazing heat retention. We thrived during the Medieval Warm period. Look at current HUGE crop losses in Northern Hemisphere;unreported in MSM and certainly only the polar vortex perterbations bringing warmer states are reported; and the fewer fires are focussed on selectively as if they are new events which they are now even though they are more than countered by thousands of coldest ever events within the same polar vortex; induced by increased cosmic rays from Nova and our location within Milky way in low gas density dust (mostly olivine; an electroconductive absorbative particulate that deflects and absorbs gamma; x-rays and other destructive frequencies impacting on our SOLAR system. During the recent warming all the planets in our solar system also warmed by same proportion and they had no CO2 issues! No-one discusses that. That is science but cherry picked hystrionic and emotive data is instead used to brainwash the mass of chemically lobotomized populace (fluoride, inc 1080, formula, vaccines, soy, sugar and gmos). Enough is enough; the scientific method should prevail and the Globalist Agenda 21 methodology needs to be discussed as does the part played by Soros, Gates and such billionaire elite puppets. We need to rid NZ of a government of unelected losers who are rapidly destroying everything on every front. False promises and ludicrous strategies and unobtainable policies (ie. housing)on back of emotive infantile policies which merely demand higher taxation from the abhorred capitalists to finance everything to move into a marxist state. We are descending into a Glacial; are already within an Ice Age but the inter-glacial appears to have ended, not least because we are also within a magnetic reversal; with weakened Earths field permitting even more cosmic rays to penetrate and influence DNA, Cloud nucleation and muons expand silica rich magma causing increased volcanism and earthquakes. (ALL unreported by MSM) Climate ALWAYS changes and every prior civilisation has increased and prospered ONLY during Interglacials and been obliterated by the much longer Glacials. Polar bears are prospering and what idiocy even thinks to use a vicious carnivorous seal-ripping animal as symbol of Climate? Climate Hysteria is a barometer of the poor level of intellect now prevalent within the formula fed fluorided vaxxed junk fed children groomed by the Globalists. Wake up Free-Range self-policing PC sheeple-bhorg slaves……Support slavery-have children. ADAPT 2030 ICE AGE FARMER TONY HELLER 1000 FROLLY PHD Take the damned red pill…… Zoran
Sad that Bridges did not have the guts to say “New information, new analysis of data, no ’emergency’, no need for all this VERY EXPENSIVE ZCB that will knock our exports and raise your cost of living.” Allan
Has anyone noticed that sea levels are not rising. Think of a jetty that has been in place for the last 50 years. Is it underwater, or has nothing changed? Do spring tides still rise to the same level, and why are the Pacific islands that are meant to be underwater now, actually bigger than they were? Tim
changes too quick too far. Gerard
There is so much evidence against global warming that is being suppressed. Pam
What a pack of losers. Just heard that everyone apart from David Seymour voted to pass the ZCB. Simon Bridges is not a leader, and what happened to Judith Collins? Goodbye to NZF & the faux Green party next election. Monica
A cow can NOT emit more gas than she can consume locked up in the grass she eats. She actually sequesters carbon in the meat and milk. The rest is reabsorbed by photosynthesis. Brian
It makes no difference what NZ does while China, India and the US ignore their own pollution John
Man made global warming is the greatest fraud perpetrated on mankind in our history. Ken
All part of the UN one world order and Agenda 2030 programme Russell
The shrill of the alarmists is increasing rapidly because they realise that the lies about the climate are being revealed and ridiculous disasterous predictions are continually being shown up because they do not occur so they will be revealed for the charlatans that they are. This has got to be the biggest scam ever perpetrated and those who instigated it and continue to try and perpetuate it are nothing but frauds and liars and need to be exposed and ridiculed. This has nothing to do with the climate but it is merely another attempt by the left to destroy the Capitalist system. Allan
Thank goodness for some common sense! Go Judith! Elizabeth
Yes – in fact the “reality gap” is not just in the Global warming debate – it encompasses the COL as a whole. If National does not bend every effort towards opposing this Bill, then we are sunk – literally! Scott
When the children grow and gain some life experience they hopefully will be able to distinguish between the lies being feed to them by politicians and activists, from the reality of the truth John
There are sufficient credible, leading climatologists, Including the esteemed Dr Tim Ball, who question the science behind climate change, to indicate that the science is far from settled. it may be flawed. Geoff
Absolutely. Most of the climate change is caused by nature NOT humans Andrew
Climate change politics is all negative. There are many positives that are ignored. This indicates beatup bias that any change is bad change. Richard
It.s about time Simon Bridges grew up. Jim
Adern is cynically on the same road to fame and fortune with this bs just as Clark was when she signed us up to Kyoto,,,,,”,UN here I come” Sharen
100% Andrew
Why is any debate shut down? Listen to Magic Radio, the only place you will here the other side. Maureen
It is a gigantic fraud, a hoax – a government wanting to control the people what I call socialism – left wing loonies with a very narrow vision. Jude
Absolutely! Ardern and her cronies are not simply misinformed – they are barking mad to continue along this carbon tax track. the vainglorious Jacinda is just looking for personal accolades! Ron
The whole global warming/climate change narrative is false and not science or evidence based. I will not be giving National any consideration at the next election if they do not oppose this bill with all their might. Mind you they are that pathetic now their might is not that great. Maybe I will go New Conservative. Murray
Jacinderella’s fantasy policies will not do anything to halt global warming, but it will do what they are intended to do – raise her global profile to somewhere between Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. All show and no substance! A disaster for this country. TOBY
I bet they didn’t take into account the fact that trees can produce several kgs of methane per hectare per day. https://e360.yale.edu/features/scientists-probe-the-surprising-role-of-trees-in-methane-emissions John
Absolutely. And while we are at it, Judith Collins may frighten some people but she would be a far better leader in opposition and a far better prime minister than the present Labour Party leader who appears too much a soft yes-man with a rotten accent. Rob
Most forecasts have been wrong in my lifetime. 73 now! Gwynne
Yes. I believe gross political deception, promoted by world wide left leaning politicians against true realism is using their rhetoric against so many weak centralist and right politicians. If realistic opposition doesn’t stand up very soon New Zealand’s freedom could be doomed very soon. . Stuart
The following video on You Tube is a must watch as it demonstrates the Commodity Market Scam that is driving the ‘Global Warming’ fiasco. It explains why President Trump refused to support the Paris Agreement. Presented by Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (Ph.D. from MIT) who is running for the UN Senate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1T0kPNJ-v4&feature=youtu.be Towards the end he mentions how the IPCC changed their ‘average climate temperature’ from 15 degree C to 14 degrees because the measured temperature at 14.6 C was showing cooling when they had predicted a rise. So they just changed the datum to make it a rise! The link to the article he mentions that proves this is: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2012/11/fourteen_is_the_new_fifteen.html It is also very enlightening to pause the video to read the quotes from Donald Trump at the end of the video (after Dr Shiva stops speaking). Tony
It isn’t just a gap – it is a chasm! The hysterical AGW lobby lies through its teeth and will, given the opportunity, lead us, like lemmings, over a cliff and into financial ruin. Ron
Yes, I agree. If there is as problem, and there could be, deal with it . Learn to adjust. This country would be stuffed if our forefathers had reacted in panic every time there was a sniff of danger or difficulty. As a bonus result of their fear and panic tactics our trendy green school teachers have bred a race of child protesters to take to the streets any time they are “offended”. Bruce
We have to be realistic at what is achievable and at a cost which also is acceptable Trevor
Simply put the science is certainly NOT settled. In fact for my studies recently there are huge numbers of scientists who would rule carbon out – it is not a reason at all. Maurice
It is ridiculous to inflict harsh penalties on the economic. Future of NZ just to back unrealistic emissions targets.The world would benefit much more if the same effort was put into cleaning up pollution. Bryan
Yes its more like a chasm in reality! Cyril
Why the rush? Politics gone mad! Jim
The SUN is the only controller of Earth’s climate and weather. The Sun is going through a 400 year cycle where there are very few flares, eruptions and sun spots happening causing the earth to cool down slightly. I am more concerned that because of this quietening down of the sun, the Earth’s magnetic north field is moving across Sibera and could quite easily tip. Then all of the climate marxist, anarchists and child abusers, will have something to complain about. Search U-Tube SuspiciousObserver, (the sun observatory in the UK) and Grand Solar Minimum GSM News, for independant and truthful investigating and research. These 2 sites are run independant of any government control and do not receive any monetary support from them. They are financially sponsored by donations from people all around the globe. Happy research. Rod
time somebody stood up Colin
Yes, any one can see it, except MPs!! Marianne
Modern civilisation is based on cheap energy. It is time to massively turn to nuclear power! Colin
it is about time that Simon Bridges and his party get some guts like Judith Collins and denounce the bill as extreme and dangerous and vote against by doing so would show support for N Z Future and all producers. Ken
Even the UN says emission reduction should not apply to food production. Man cannot affect or control the planet’s climate. Martian polar ice caps are melting, ours are also melting. As there is no industry on Mars, common sense and logic suggests that solar emissions are a common factor in both. I bet the scientists have not even considered whether the thousands of satellites and other space junk items above our atmosphere may be reflecting or refracting the passing sun’s rays to increase the heat reaching Earth. National Geographic reports The skies above Earth are teeming with more than 8,000 manmade objects, large and small. The U.S. Space Surveillance Network uses radar to track more than 13,000 such items – check it for yourself www.revimage.org/how-many-satellites-orbit-earth. Alan
Dump the idea now. It will bankrupt us as a nation and individually. Peter
All media have their heads buried in the sand. They never ever give the point of view of the other side of the debate. The media are the biggest problem. They work on the basis that, If you lie to the people long enough they will begin to believe it is true. Rod
will be voting Act. in future if National don’t oppose this Bill Bruce
She sums it up very well! Jonathan
Right on Judith. Comrade Cindy and Co are following the UN play book to wreck all western economies and thus make way for the New World Order. They are trecherous vermin who need to be thrown out. Ronmac
She is on the money every time Tony
hardly a gap. Disagree with the ignorant idiots and you get a nice label pinned onto your back. This serves no purpose. No energy source can yield a better ‘bang for buck’ than hydrocarbons. If these people are so concerned, they should stop breeding, that would at least increase the IQ of the population at the very least. Charles
The biggest threat to NZ is not Climate change but rather the hysterical overreaction and economic suicide we are being brainwashed into. Stanley
What are we going to do about the 100s of millions of people displaced by sea level rise? John
I am very afraid for the future of our country if some reality is not introduced to the Climate change hysteria promoted by Jacinda Adern and the Greens. It is time the silent majority to rise up and make themselves heard. Albyn
You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the stupidity of the arguments. If people are told the same thing over and over and over, be it true or otherwise, they will believe it. I am called a denier by many, and it has made me realise that the real deniers are those that believe because of the force of repeated lies. Denis 
Reality gap is an understatement, we seem to be heading down the path of self destruction to appease the UN and their global one world government/wealth redistribution dreams in my opinion. Roy
The path Labour are going down is potentially an economic disaster for NZ with no real benefit to the world! Hugh
No one can deny global warming but make our contribution realistic and achievable, and show the world we can take steps to halt growth of, or reduce Carbon emissions through pragmatism not radicalism. Stewart
I dare say that if NZ suddenly sank without trace, the effect on our planet would scarcely be noticed. Some folk seem to have an over-inflated view of NZ’s physical impact on the planet. Paul
What debate, up till now it has been a one sided discussion between between the greens, labour and with Winston, as usual sitting on the fence.NZ can not afford this stupidity, all in the name of one JA getting a high back seat at the UN head quarters. Barry
We are being conned by a radical minority who have a radical agenda. Brian
There is a deliberate agenda by the UN to destroy the economy of NZ.. Sadly most of our MP’s are too stupid to see it, or don’t care. Leonie
climate hysteria – NZ can change very little on the global front when other countries flaunt their polluting power. we should clean our backyard up and not buy into the wealth distribution that the UN is trying to achieve Philip
N proof that global warming is man made Averil
To call this ‘a reality gap’ is putting it mildly to the extreme. With this questionable ‘climate change agenda’ we are confronted with another facet of Marxist/ socialist driven globalisation . The core message and intend is nothing but a massive re distribution of wealth from the educated and high developed nations to these ‘ s***hole countries’ which provide the majority of the UN members. Officially they do not have veto powers but I have the impression that this UN outfit has long been high jacked by the Marxist socialists. And they cleverly exploit climate change to their advantage. What I find utterly disturbing is that every jackass in our local councils ( amongst other institutions i. e. the education sector) is jumping on this bandwagon to push this brainless insanity. Michael
Absolutely. God save us from the looney left idealism. norm
The green ‘watermelons’ are exciting hysteria and eventually totalitarianism. They need to be countered. Gerry
Climate has been much warmer in the past and also CO2 is not responsible for GW. CO2 is a vital gas for plants and thus all life on the planet even though it is less than 0.04% of the atmosphere – more equals more plant growth! Bryan
And an emerging voice to that effect. David
This is nothing more than pure common sense. Common sense is a rare commodity these days. John
Strongly agree with Judith Collins . The majority of the public are unaware of the effects of this bill. The huge cost to the countries economy. Gloria
There is nothing that we can do if the world is getting warmer and what difference would little NZ make if we shut everything down when we have China Russia India and America not worried or doing anything about it Peter
The more I study this issue the more I believe it to be a giant conspiratorial hoax. Tony
The catch cry we’ve got to try ignore all the negative impacts of removing economic growth from the equation. Money is needed for health education law and order welfare. Labour’s policies are perfect world policies, and we don’t live in a perfect world. Graham
Absolutely – there needs to be more debate on the issue. I’m pretty disappointed with National’s seeming inability to oppose this stupid piece of legislation. And as for NZ First – they’ve completely sold out to the socialists and abandoned the people who have supported them over the years (all so Winston can play at being PM for a few weeks………..) Dave
Sure, we want to do what is best for our World, but this is NOT the answer. NZ is a drop in the ocean, population and pollution-wise. For NZ’s own prosperity, this bill is a killer. Joyce
I don’t often agree with Judith Collins but this time she’s got it right. Terry
It is complete BUMPKIN, as AL GORE showed “accidently” when he showed thru Ice core samples, that the earth has a 25K yr cycle, as we are coming out of the last ice age, it WILL get hotter. NOTHING to do with man, but used to make big $$$$ George
Just a shame she has that supercilious smirk in all her pictures. Peter
Global warming and cooling has been happening for millions of years. We may have speeded it up but it will still go on happening for millions of years to come. Laurel
Nature will control all conditions eventually and the zero carbon tax by politicians will have no effect whatsoever. IAN
The gas that is the biggest contributor to global warming is water vapour. How is anyone going to stop the most important natural cycle that is critical to the planet’s and ultimately our survival. The climate change bill or whatever one likes to call it is scientific insanity. Kevin
Who or what else other than consumers have caused the gross degradation that we see in the world’s environment?? Our unbridled, selfish desires for material goods is the root cause of our planets destruction….it’s called “consumer demand”. James
No, and she is in disagreement with National Party thinking. Jonathan
of course, but the way to win votes is to build a picture of how ‘green’ NZ already is, Don’t play the crazies at their own game – don’t be a ‘denier’ Anon
Zero Carbon if passed will kill New Zealand’s Business/Industry/Exports COMPLETELY. Time to take sides…. Carl
It’s not rocket science to see the duplicity behind the climate change crap. Jacinda is following her mentors lead and after a job at that circus called the UN. Peter
Who gets this Carbon Tax ? Its not proven this carbon tax will benefit anyone except for a few large companies and the Government How do you convince me that NZ can make even 0.000001% change to the climate by punishing ourselves like this? Tony
The problem is too many people.Reduce numbers to reduce factors that affect temperature rises. David
I have recently dived in the Solomon Islands where at higher water temperatures the coral reef looks surprisingly healthy.. Paul
It’s all smoke and mirrors Graeme
U N properganda Geoff
Just a thought, with the millions of tons of gravel and silt going down our rivers every year, just perhaps this might account for a sea level rise. Tim
Time for some leadership from National. Unfortunately Simon Bridges couldn’t lead a thirsty bricklayer into a bar. Brian
It would nice for some politicians to do some real homework instead of being gullible and gutless. homework Gail
Certainly there is a reality gap in the debate on Climate Change/ Global warming. The sudden onset of climate change being touted almost daily is an exaggeration at best and in my opinion just scare mongering to achieve a political goal. The size of New Zealand’s impact on the global climate is so small that only outcome from any changes that we make in this country will be virtue signaling. Peter
This Bill takes leads NZ down the road to socialism, where a Gvt Minister can dictate what businesses can and can’t do. The National Party is throwing their support base under the bus. for what. Where has it ever happened that mankind can control change of climate, good or bad. Warwick
Any study of our planets 4.7 billion year history with its ice ages and warm periods will clearly show that current increased global temps since industrial revolution merely fit within the planetary norms Stephen
This whole climate change hoax is out of control. And these numpties want to give 16 year olds the vote – imagine…. Mike
With a significant re-greening of the planet due to the increase in CO2 levels and with polar bears flourishing – to the point of embarrassment for the global warmers and with total complicity with the globalist geo-engineering program being pursued in NZ as around the world, the plausibility / reality gap between Jacinda Adern’s Zero Carbon bill and global reality is stark and UNDENIABLE – in short our dearly beloved PM is a reality denier. Robert
If National go along with Labour/Greens in this third Reading on Zero Carbon Admissions,, then they are committing Political suicide. If they disregard the Election results across the Tasman then they are committing Political suicide. You will see a paradigm shift in the next Election. Listen to the Majority of People because they will make of break you . Geoff
As a carbon based organism, I find the focus on Carbon to be ludicrous….There is NO MORE carbon today than there was ….ever. Lionel
Judith along with many others have done their research from actual data. Not scaremongering assessments given hype by the media. Dennis
Most thinking adults now realise that the hysterical predictions and reality are divergent. Time to recruit children to push their Marxist agenda. Lee
The climate change emperor has no clothes. Brett
It’s bigger than just a gap. If National vote for this they will be off my list despite the excuse of commercial damage. It’s time someone came up with the credible argument against this scare mongering even if the National Party have to take out fully paid ads to explain the facts to the general population. Colin
Belief in ‘global warming’ has become an out-of-control mass delusion. The Zero Carbon Bill, if passed, will ultimately wreck our economy & destroy lives – something the Coalition Government certainly realizes! Elizabeth
Absolutely. Our piffling agricultural contribution to GHG’s is so insignificant that it is laughable, but the Coalition Govt can’t see it. The zero carbon bill must be opposed, and if passed, brought down by the next government. Ken
Global Warming is similar to the Y2K bug scare. Sure the planet warms and cools over the years – been doing so since the beginning. Question is: Has man influenced this process? I don’t believe we’ve made any difference to the planet’s cycles. Volcanoes and meteorites have injected much more pollution into our atmosphere on a regular basis since the beginning. We recover every time. Zero carbon – that’s our govt pandering to the UN [Agenda 21] plus being stupid. Simon
Science is supposed to deal in facts, why then do all reports use words like could, maybe, between, up to, etc. with wild estimates of what may happen, but no facts for the future. Bottom line, they dont know, but will sacrifice our economy to something we have no control over.. Allan
Absolutely correct Dennis
The labour government will use it to continue to introduce more taxes. Darryl
It’s a yawning chasm between real science and socialists. Mark
Climate Change the greatest fraud of our time. To believe we can influence the way Mother Nature has regulated the climate and associated weather events, and has done so for billions of years, is to believe in fantasy. Robert
just like the gun banning this is another bill being rushed through so there is no time for country to see the real implications it will have on our lives Ian
We need to slow down and assess the cost to individuals instead of worrying about our position in the UN. Greg
No rationale is being even remotely applied. The wilfully blind leading the dumb and the idiotic. Jim
These bloody fools in our parliament are to lazy to think about this and kick this nonsense into touch Phil
11000 scientists have just recently warned that there is a climate emergency. It is a problem that faces everybody on the globe. NZ must do its bit however small its contribution will be Martin
the only Zero emissions that are currently in New Zealand are the ones coming out of the the mouths of these stupid people Bill
The movement has been an orchestrated scam from the beginning. The book AirCon by the N.Z. investigative journalist Ian Wishart explains the whole scheme (scam) and should be compulsory reading for our M.P,s and anyone else who has any say. The evidence is quite conclusive that global warming was a hoax and changing the name to climate change was merely an attempt to gain more credibility. It is monstrous that our Government is taxing an ignorant public on a false premise , knowing that it has no real justification for doing so.. How has politics sunk so low? It is simply criminal and those in charge should be in jail for such a serious crime.. Why has there been no effort from the opposition to make the truth known before now? Harvey
Its politics not science driving the climate con craig
The earth has not warmed for 18 years & 7 months. Any warming prior to that was due to purely natural causes. Carbon dioxide is not a prime driver of global temperatures. Labour & the Greens are evil idiots – acting on UN orders!!! David
Please see sense!!! and get rid of the radical Zero Carbon Bill! Diane
It’s a no-brainer that the populace is being brainwashed by the media and the Government on the alleged global warming narrative. Ronnie
The global warming theory is totally BS. Just a very good con. Keith
Of course – climate change has been happening hotter & colder for billions of years and has obviously nothing to do with the more recent human induced carbon emissions. The worlds greenery thrives on CO2. Climate hotter & colder in cycles of 100 years continue on and entirely due to the earth rotating on its axis and moving closer then further away from the sun. Also don%u2019t mix up climate change and pollution which are not the same. The left wing Press will however never debate all this. Hylton
Thank goodness there’s someone at last willing stand against the idiocy being forced upon us by the disingenuous media. Alan
Alarmists are promoting mass hysteria through selected and misleading information. Graham
We cannot afford this Bill in any shape or form Robyn
The inability of our politicians to understand the most basic elements of science and numbers and logic is beyond belief. We are lead by utter loonies Peter
Carbon Zero will cripple our economy and make a minimal contribution to total global emissions, it is senseless and confirmed by many reputable scientists. Gordon
Of course there is – A great mistake to expect anything from National on this Scott Simpson their climate point man is a complete waste of space. Roger
If it weren’t so serious, it would be laughable. C02 is not contributing to global warming. Evidence is more reliable than climate models. Virginia
thank goodness for those like Judith with a degree of common sense John
Simply a means of controlling and taxing people. Keith
There is a complete Brain Fade amongst all Politicians in regard to this foolish Zero Carbon Bill. This coalition govt has gone mad to think this country can alter the climate. All they will succeed in doing is completely wrecking our economy. Graeme
Carbon is an essential part of our eco system. With out it plant life as we know it (WOULD NOT exist! Angus
Labours global warming policies will only end up seriously damaging our own economy. Bryan
Some of us have checked out the so called science that is backing up the case that human activity is supposedly causing the climate change. The science that is reported with graphs and endless diatribe is absolutely a pack of lies and this is demonstrated to the serious researcher be noting the variable dates attached to the the supposed proof. The facts are revealed when all the dates are changed to a single date going back far enough to show the real situation. The real cause for the climate change is the variability of the earth in relation to the sun. This changes on an irregular basis based on distance from the sun and sunspot activity. So if your really wants that facts do some research and you will see for yourself. Ian
There is empirical evidence that changing atmospheric levels of CO2 do not have a measurable impact on climate change, but on the contrary climate change has historically driven atmospheric CO2 levels. CO2 is not a pollutant but as gas essential for all life on earth and right now more would be good. There is no quantifiable and affordable benefit from cutting our CO2 and CH4 emissions John
In fact I’d go even further and state that there is no reality what so ever in the debate that I can see. When people in power want to take away freedoms and impose taxes and laws that we would not normally put up with, they create a disaster and predict catastrophe to scare people into giving up those freedoms and paying their taxes willingly. That is what I believe is being done, and achieved, with the whole human caused climate change scaremongering! Brenda
The climate change cult is completely out of control. The fact is that the climate on planet earth has been changing constantly for may millions of years. What is happening now is that the planet is gradually warming up – in fits and starts- because it is emerging from an Ice Age about 300 years ago. Also – CQ2 levels are much lower now than for most of earth’s history. Historically there is no direct cause/effect relationship between CQ2 levels and temperature. Doug
Absolutely, have written to my MP. Jacinda Is out of control and needs some strong opposition before she destroys us all. Carole
Perhaps Ms Collins can talk some sense into National’s spokesman for Climate Change, Mr Todd Muller, who has for the last three years supported Miss Arden and Mr Shaw in their evangelic crusade for the Church of Climate Change. When will the Government come clean and show the public the data. There is no empirical evidence to show that turning off the CO%u2082 switch will solve all the world’s warming and weather problems. They, together with the teachers, Greenpeacers and fellow travellers, truly qualify for the Canute ward. There is ample evidence, researched by and documented by eminent scientists, certainly as well if not better qualified, than those Alarmist “scientists”‘ who are prepared to lie, distort, and manipulate data in order to support their holy dogma – one can hardly call them scientists or their beliefs a hypothesis. I find it difficult to support the utterances of Government, their departments and agencies, that defer to school-children for guidance and motivation on the subject and repeat the prophesies of such learned persons as Albert Arnold Gore and Dr James Hansen, of which the next that comes to pass will be a first. Is there a reality gap? Most certainly and how any government can embark on a course which will depress our economy by a Government estimated 12-20% without full, open and scientific discussion prior to gaining a clear majority on the course to be taken using the auspices of a national, binding referendum, is beyond my comprehension. Michael
YES. As a country we can still set an example internationally by making considered and sensible changes to our impact on our own country’s environment without climbing into bed with a bunch of nutters. Gary
Extremist green alarmists are simply pushing their own barrow to the detriment of the country. The view that we can do anything to change the inevitable temperature differences that the world has experienced over thousands of years is simply wishful thinking. The science is full of estimates and guesses and statistics. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Jacinda also seems to be happy to ignore part ‘b’ of the Paris Accord : (b) Increasing the ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change and foster climate resilience and low greenhouse gas emissions development, IN A MANNER THAT DOES NOT THREATEN FOOD PRODUCTION. As a food producing nation that part of the Paris accord must be a primary concern. Robbie
National needs to to make a stand on behalf of the silent majority and vote against the third reading of this disastrous Bill. Judith Collins needs a medal for bringing it to the attention of us, and we would hope that Simon Bridges shows that he can be a strong leader and votes accordingly. I shall watch and hope! Lorraine
The Science dose not prove that Global warming if it does exist is man made and that there is anything man can do to change it Alan
there sure is there are too many idiots out there spouting about things they don’t comprehend John
People are confused over pollution, carbon emissions, etc etc. Media is promoting false information Sheryl
Typical govt muck up Gareth
The very idea humans can have any control over nature and climate is a form of arrogance beyond comprehension ,akin to being modern day King Canute! Max
Ardern is selling this country out for personal aggrandisement. Mark
Half the country are thick mike
At least one National MP has sense, hopefully enough sense to be rid of the current womble. Peter
Human global warming is a HOAX. RICHARD
Boot out Simon Bridges Tom
How many realise that it is not about the climate but Agenda 21-30? Mike
I am getting tired of the Greens and others being conned in supporting a Carbon Zero Bill. They are just idealists and signing the deal will put our economy back wards over time. If Winston signs it it will be his downfall at the next election. Frank
Although I suspect the tide may have turned. When we have a 16 year-old child castigating leaders of nations, when we have middle-class brats posing as eco-warriors (XR) then the situation becomes farcical. Greta should go back to doing Cadbury ads for TV (that is her, isn’t it?) Joke! Jenny
Thank goodness Judith Collins is speaking out before it is too late regardless of what her party’s agenda is. Mary
The Bill as proposed will hurt the very people that the labour Govt says they want to help Bruce
Most of the NZ population follows the media opinion and have lost or cannot be bothered to look beyond the general media fed opinion. Jacinda already met Macron and Trudeau ( great minds think alike?) NZ government should do well to look at the real inhouse concerns/problems rather then to win brownie points on the world stage. Ido
Too right, these Guy’s are just panic merchants trying to cause disruption for their own benefit. With the attitude we wont be accountable in five years time for the damage caused. Clean up pollution by all means but the climate is mostly changing as it has is the beginning of time Frank
Not a gap but a ruddy great hole , the greenies and brownies don’t seem to realise that the big orange thing in the sky runs our climate and that’s that our input is of no concern at all. Hope the g and bs get shoved out in the cold next year cross everything James
It is clear that politicians round the world have been duped by a left-wing agenda, fostered by self-interested non-scientists who have found the way to the endless stream of money , by creating the non-science of “global warming”. Unfortunately the causes of climate variation are so complex that the models proposed and used for prediction are quite inadequate. It is impossible to reason with the poorly educated and their mantras of future deaths by overheating. Hence is is better to concentrate on two issues, as Judith Collins does. The first is that the Paris agreement allows an exemption from emission reduction where providing food is a significant factor. Second purity of belief goes out the window when confronted with the certain huge increase in the cost of survival. We need to continually emphasise this. John
Most emphatically….Stop the exaggeration of the whole issue. We should focus on smaller things that do make a difference. Jill
totally Graeme
Climate emergency is outright falsehood Collin
Unfortunately most of our politicians are absolute f….wits who’d be lucky to find half a brain between them. They’re clearly incapable of working things out for themselves finding it easier simply to believe whatever they’re told by that corrupt overfed body called the UN and a totally acquiescent media. Alan
Yes, I absolutely agree with Judith on this! Quentin
Absolutely! Albert
The greens are mad. this climate change agenda is a whole lot of rubbish led by a few David
Anthropogenic climate change is an existential threat to humanity. The steps taken by our government are to be criticised, not for going too far, but for not going far enough. Richard
This madness has to stop. Why is National not the voice of reason here? Tim
I totally agree with Ivan, couldn’t have said it better. Allen
One year’s emissions from New Zealand – two days from China? Why cripple ourselves? We should give the United Nations the old heave-ho. Sheila
If this ZCB is activated it will be the “KILLING FIELDS” of our Farming Factory FLOORS…..It is a NO GO…!!!! CHowes
I agree Warren
Needs far more research, what percentage natural or man made. Terry
The “gap” begins when the zealots of the likes of “extinction rebellion” seek to deny any input from those who choose to question the “consensus” claimed of 97% of the scientists. Scientific consensus is NOT good science; even worse if it cannot be challenged. Anybody remember Copernicus? alan
Totally. We have to lowest carbon footprint in world agriculture, but the govt cant see it Willy
It is in reality a convenient opportunity for a money grab by the government, Even if their carbon reductions could be achieved it would have absolutely no effect on climate change, I wonder why they aren’t claiming the can stop the ebb and flow of the tide, that would reduce sea encroachment, better still they could reduce the wind and waves while they are at it. John
She is right Graeme
Right on the money our Judith jeff
I support Judith Collins and urge all National MP,s to vote against this bill. Keith
Absolutely I agree. Genuine data is being excluded and those subscribing to false data are only concerned with their careers, not their integrity. The agenda is to bring non-conforming Nations to a position of being labelled outcasts in line with the UN new world order. David
Until china india and america “get on board” nothing we change in NZ will make a difference. Get those 3 major polluters making changes we might have a chance. Rick
Weaponizing children who know nothing whatsoever about the complex problem of climate change, is a sure sign something is wrong…. clive
Like the ex obama govt, these polices are designed to destroy the country s economies David
This Global Warming or Climate Change scare mongering is the biggest rort ever conceived by the UN. Donald Trump has pulled America out of the Paris Accord as has Russia. Wayne
“major reality gap”? with some of them that is a significant understatement, we need an organisation funding climate change reality to combat the U.N. funding of alarmism, sad that science has been reduced to producing the results the people supplying your funds desire. John
Yes —I agree with Judith Collin’s comments in regard to the proposed third reading , The National Party should NOT support the PM’s radical Zero Carbon Bill Jenny
The gigantic fraud continues as PM sucks up to the UN. Peter
We will be doing it to ourselves: mike
A real women frank
Jacinda is unfortunately mesmerised by Maori, Immigrants and wanting to seen to be nice. Frank
Absolutely – there’s a huge reality gap on global warming thanks largely to the hyped up lies published by politicians, the media, and the root of it all, the United Nations. If the media properly carried out their role of holding the politicians to account, we would not be in this position.  Dennis
Go Judith! Let’s hope Simon Bridges steps up into a leadership role on this and opposes Labour’s dreadful Bill. Murray
Reality seems to play no part in the climate change debate at all. It is all hype and propaganda. Even social media is now removing any posts that tell the truth. Unbelievable. Christopher
Surely National will see the need to vote strategically on this global warming bill and save the nation from this most appalling legislation. They will be rewarded in the polls especially if it passes and starts to bite, and they campaign on repealing it. It would be a real winner for them. Kath
Global warming and global cooling will occur no matter what the politicians try to do. It is all controlled by nature. Politicians pass laws to control people. That’s what this climate change bill is all about – controlling the population. Ivan