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The Radicalisation of Parliament

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Parliament has not even been sworn in, but already the Greens, the Maori Party, and Labour, are demonstrating levels of radicalism and hate not seen in our House of Representatives before.

Their target is the new government – and their supporters.

Is this extremism going to be their modus operandi for the next three years?

When Green Party MP Chloe Swarbrick chanted “From the river to the sea” at a recent rally for Gaza, the crowd responded, “Palestine will be free”.

The words of this battle cry can be found in the constitution of Hamas – the terrorist group that controls Gaza and which launched the attack on Israel killing more than 1000 civilians and capturing hundreds of hostages: “Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.”

The expression from the river to the sea refers to the land between the Jordan River bordering the east of Israel and the Mediterranean Sea to the west – and is commonly understood to stand for the complete annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people.

In Britain, when a Labour MP used a similar expression at a pro-Palestine rally, the Labour Party leader condemned the comments as “deeply offensive” and suspended him.

In contrast, not only was Chloe Swarbrick not suspended, but a Green Party co-leader, Marama Davidson, was egging her on!

This incident is indicative of the radicalisation of the Greens. They have morphed from a Party of environmentalism to one of extremism.

Even the other co-leader James Shaw, who has long cultivated an image of moderation and reasonableness, has now revealed he’s just as radical as the rest by promising “violence” and “wide scale social disruption” if the new government goes ahead with the ACT Party’s proposed referendum on the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Marama Davidson elevated the rhetoric by threatening the new government: “Just try and come for the Treaty, just try”. She warned the Greens will do everything they can to incite public opposition and resistance: “There is going to be community-led resistance and movement that the Greens will absolutely amplify.”

Not to be outdone, the Maori Party president John Tamihere claimed, “all hell would break loose” if the government tries to introduce the referendum with “well-organised” protest action: “That protest will be significant… there will be days of national Maori action and they’ll close down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington.”

He described the referendum as a ‘clarion call’ for protest action around the country: “Even conservative Maori who voted for National would come out with us.”

The  rhetoric from the Labour Party was even more menacing, with former Minister Willie Jackson making inflammatory threats that Maori would ‘go to war’ over the referendum: “If there’s a referendum I’ll stay around for as long as it takes to fight that, and to stop that. I’m amongst people who will go to war for this, war against Seymour and his mates”.

And on TVNZ’s Q&A, he warned, “Let me tell you now, if they try and push that through it’ll be 81 Springbok Tour, civil unrest times five, times ten.”

Prior to being repealed in 2007 by the then Labour Government, such comments would likely have qualified as sedition under Section 81 of the Crimes Act 1961: “A seditious intention is an intention to bring into hatred or contempt, or to excite disaffection against, the Government of New Zealand; or to incite, procure, or encourage violence, lawlessness, or disorder; or to incite, procure, or encourage the commission of any offence that is prejudicial to the public safety or to the maintenance of public order; or or to excite such hostility or ill will between different classes of persons as may endanger the public safety.”

Isn’t all of this exactly what Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party are doing?

So, what is it that’s giving rise to such orchestrated fearmongering?

The ACT Party has proposed a referendum to clarify the meaning of the “principles” of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Even though the Treaty of Waitangi doesn’t actually have any principles, dozens have been invented by the judiciary, the Waitangi Tribunal, academia, and the civil service to embed a wide variety of race-based privileges into our legislative and regulatory framework.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Dr Michael Bassett, former Labour Government Minister outlines the process:

“Over the last twenty years the tribal elites began inventing arguments that under the Treaty of Waitangi Maori were entitled to more and more from the taxpayer. A growth industry in Treaty fiction emerged. Before long, a 1987 Court declaration that the Treaty of Waitangi was ‘something akin to a partnership’ between Maori and the Crown developed into a call for a 50-50 split in governance over all resources, despite Maori numbering barely 17% of the population.

“The Ardern-Hipkins government with its big numbers of Maori in the Labour caucus bought into the tribal elites’ argument that special assistance, to be enjoyed by no other ethnicity, should be delivered to Maori.”

We all know what happened next – using the invented ‘partnership’ principle as justification, Labour’s secretive He Puapua plan for tribal control was steamrolled across the country. 

If the Treaty principles currently in place were replaced with ones based on equal rights and the Rule of Law, Maori privilege, and the various income streams that flow from it, would be threatened. That’s why opposition party rhetoric is so explosive – they want to prevent the new government from taking away the lucrative arrangements that have been put in place.

ACT’s proposed referendum would define three principles – based on the original three articles of the Treaty – in a Treaty Principles Act, with the public then asked to support or oppose the law change.

The first principles would be along the lines of, “The New Zealand Government has the right to govern New Zealand”. The second, “The New Zealand Government will protect all New Zealanders’ authority over their land and other property”. And the third, “All New Zealanders are equal under the law, with the same rights and duties”.

The original three articles of the Treaty of Waitangi are eloquently described by Sir Apirana Ngata in his 1922 explanation of the Maori version of the Treaty – copies available from the NZCPR HERE.

So, the battle to regain democratic control of our country has now begun.

Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party are determined to prevent the new National-led government from even considering a referendum since it would not only jeopardise the privileges secured for the tribal elite, but it would also undermine their own power-base, which depends on the continued categorisation of Maori as victims of a tyrannical majority.

Fortunately, most Maori do not buy into the agenda of these radical separatists.

Most Maori have the same aspirations as everyone else. They want to build a better life and a brighter future for themselves and their families. And its long past time that we stopped isolating them through separate race-based laws and practices and began treating them as the equals they are.

That was a recommendation made back in 1960 when Sir Jack Hunn, the Deputy Chaiman of the Public Service, published his landmark report into Maori Affairs which recommended the phasing out of separate statutes for Maori: “Differentiation between Maoris and Europeans in statute law should be reviewed at intervals and gradually eliminated”.

The report also noted that Maori disadvantage was socio-economic, not race-based: “Such discrimination as may exist is obviously not racial but social and applies between different groups of society, whether Maori or European”.

Equality was also the recommendation made by the 1986 Royal Commission into the electoral system, which suggested that if MMP was introduced, there should be a common electoral roll and no race-based differentiation. They argued that Maori would receive more effective government if they were part of the mainstream of society.

They also warned the Maori seats would create a disproportionate over-representation of Maori in Parliament if they were not removed, and they were clearly worried about the consequences: “Nor do we think it appropriate that any minority group should have the power of veto in the legislation of a democratic nation.”

They would no doubt have been horrified to witness the introduction of a new Apartheid-style health system that prioritises patients on the basis of race instead of clinical need, which is clearly the result of a minority group holding disproportionate power and a right of veto.

Given successive governments have lacked the courage to do what’s right for the country and remove the Maori seats, has MMP delivered the over-representation of Maori in this 10th Parliament that the Royal Commission warned about?

The unequivocal answer is “yes”.

David Farrar of Curia Market Research has done the analysis. Of the 122 MPs elected to Parliament, 33 are Maori. While Maori make up only 13.7 percent of the adult population, their representation in Parliament is almost double at 27 percent (more than half-way towards their 50:50 He Puapua goal).

With non-Maori significantly underrepresented in Parliament, it is now time our electoral law was reformed to rectify this imbalance. If the Maori seats were removed, Maori would still make up more than 20 percent of Parliament, so claims there would be an underrepresentation if the reserved seats were abolished are unwarranted.

Furthermore, while 18 of the Maori MPs are list Members, the fact that 8 won general seats while 7 won Maori seats invalidates claims that the ‘system’ is hostile to Maori.  

Of the six parties in Parliament, five have a greater proportion of Maori MPs than the adult population.

Labour has nine Maori MPs out of 34 (26 percent), with seven from the list, one from a general seat, and one from a Maori seat. The Greens have six Maori MPs out of 15 (40 percent), with five from the list, and one from a general seat. And the Maori Party has six Maori MPs out of six (100 percent), with all six from Maori seats.

National has five Maori MPs out of 48 (10 percent), with all five from general seats. New Zealand First has four Maori MPs out of eight (50 percent), all list MPs. And ACT has three Maori MPs out of 11 (27 percent) with two from the list, and one from a general seat.

Opposition parties aren’t just threatening to incite violence over the referendum either, but over any law change that would undermine the iwi power base. 

The co-leader of the Maori Party Debbie Ngarewa-Packer claimed there would an “uprising of the hikoi of all hikois”, if National attempts to fix their Marine and Coastal Area Act, even though it has now been re-engineered by the Court of Appeal to ensure that virtually the entire coastline and Territorial Sea end up under tribal control.

Given the law will now deliver the exact opposite of what Parliament intended when it was passed in 2011, the new government must, as a matter of urgency, restore a law that upholds the public interest and the birthright of every New Zealander to enjoy free and unfettered access to our coast.

In reality, the threats of violence and civil unrest that are being issued by MPs are a last-ditch attempt to protect the separatist power-base that’s been established over the last six years within the public service and the private sector.

They are desperate to prevent the new government from exercising the mandate they have been given by voters to restore democracy and remove all traces of tribal rule and He Puapua from our statutes. Attempting to intimidate and bully the new Prime Minister – and the public – into submission is their strategy.

Let’s hope democracy and our right to live in a country where the big issues can be tackled through the ballot box prevails.

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 *As a matter of principle, should the new Prime Minister stand up to bullies threatening social unrest in order to govern in the interests of all New Zealanders, or back down to keep the peace?


*Poll comments are posted below.


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easy decision.Tony
Next thing the IMPOSTOR BULLIES want……. Have a guess?? CLIMATE CHANGE….LOCKDOWNS coming, too many people dying from the same!!David
Yes most definitely. And both NZ first and Act should remind Luxon of his speech he made at the Ratana Church gather earlier this year. He National,NZ First, and Act are in because the country has had a guts full of Maori twisting the treaty into something that it clearly isn%u2019t First on the list should be the reintroduction of the section 81 of the crimes act 1961 The JT,s and Wille Jackson and regrettable more recently James Shaw have spouted words of violence because they don’t like democracy. To incite violence because you think you have a standing out side of the general population is sedition.Bruce
The radicals are acting as if they have no idea why thousands of Kiwis voted Labour out. We are sick of the subtle invasion of having to accept what we do not want more of. Earn it and pay for it if you want it.Maurice
Now is the time to sort this rubbish out once and for all.Justin
Sooner rather than later when the racist system becomes fully entrenched.Dave
All truth passes through three stages. First bit is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed (this is where lying tribal Maori and cheaters are). Third, it is accepted as being self-evident- Arthur SchopenhauerMonica
New Zealand for ALL New Zealanders without differentiation.Ian
Co-governance doesn’t offer any threats to our society – Yeah Right!Warwick
‘What must be done’ ?…. All BULLIES AND TRAITORS, IMPOSTORS, must be arrested, and tried for SEDITION. The leaders of these factions, in REBELLION to our elected Government, have to be called out, immediately… LUXON must show his Leadership, otherwise this country will be facing a civil war! It will not be pretty!! ENOUGH !David
He shouldn’t need a vote to proceed. Show some backbone and act in the manner that the majority of the population want him to.John
Equility for all Kiwi’s and put NZ back for everyone instead of Maori elite! Sick and tired of this separatism by Maori! Referendum on treaty!!Neil
It’s a bad joke what has been happening over the last 40-odd years and yet maori still claim they are disadvantaged despite billions being thrown specifically their wayChris
Very interesting article thank you – if only everybody was reading it.Jackie
People who have nothing to worry about, don’t threaten. The incoming PM should deal smartly to those who do.Cathrine
It is going to take real courage to and determination to repair the damage that has been done to this countryTim
Reinstate Section 81 of the Crimes Act 1961 – sedition should be a punishable crimeJacky
Yes, Yes, Yes….. People have had enough, the bullies have to be confronted!!! How we do this, may be hard, we must convey this message, so they understand!!David
We are a single united nation and those that demand special privileges need to understand that they will never receive themtony
Stand up to this bunch of bullies.All members of the labour, greens and maori parties are racist, treasonous, radical bunch of lunatics. YOU HAVE THE MANDATE FROM YOUR CITIZENS. ENACT IT IMMEDIATELY !!!!Kevin m
If the new prime minister does not stand up to the bullies then he should not be in power … Mr Luxon do what is right for the majority of new zealanders instead of being bullied by a radical minority … dont give them the strength and power that they want.Louanne
The New National Prime Minister needs to be strong to stand up to any Bullying from opposition MP’s over especially CO Governance, the Coastal,Marine & Seabed legislation that was bought in by Sir John Key and Chris Findlayson shame on them it’s now getting out of control. We need NZ to be for all New Zealanders ( Kiwi’s ) not just exclusive to Maori’s claiming to be the Indigenous race of NZ which is very much up for debate!Frank Donald
Yes Sir !!Ian
History’s Nobel Peace Prize Nominees: 1939 Adolf Hitler 1945/48 Joseph Stalin 2020 Jacinda Ardern 2020 Joe BidenMark
We consider that the interests of all New Zealanders must be in a primary position. We must not pander to racial groups. to do so would be an dangerous situation which would be fatal to our country and its future.Brian
Enough is Enough for the majority of Kiwis over all this maorification nonsense, most people have had a guts full & the only reason these radicals are making much noise is an attempt to intimidate the Nats/ACT/NZF Coalition during their negotiations interfering in the process as if any of those involved will ake any notice as these actions are ALL BLUFF & HOT AIR…..who cares, these radicals aren’t important…!Bruce
don’t piss around with themAlan
it’s now or never… racism cannot be condoned, no one winsjohn
If you give them an inch, they will take a mile. Many people have had this experience in dealing with Maori.bruce
It’s a no-brainer!Keith
Stand up you must or This country will be divided by a minority Rebel groupleo
The old tribal violence is just simmering, waiting for a politician with balls to say NO. Better to get this sorted now and entrenched so that no future bunch of part-Maori extremists can hold 85% of New Zealand’s citizens to ransom.Creed
The continuation of race based policies will lead to unrest by citizens of all ethnicities. The Court of Appeals decision to uphold a High Court decision to give Maori preferential rights above other New Zealanders to coastal waters and more is only the beginning of this country going back in time to a minority apartheid regime. Any politician that supports this move does not represent all of us and should not be a a member of our parliament. I have said this before, but western society is slowly killing itself.Robert
This country needs to face down the ethno nationalists to re-affirm itself as a true one nation, one state democracy without unelected co anything.Ron
We must stand up for all New ZealandersPauline
Funny , that after all the M.SM /B.S, the politicians, that we elect, suddenly go ‘deathly silent’, in ‘quiet mode’. The politicians always win elections……. !!!David
Another 3 years of even partial continuation of the last 6 years pandering to Iwi & Hapu interests will be the death of New Zealand. Unfortunately National historically have followed a Labour Govt with only minor programme tweaks and renaming – what we need is radical re-engineering of massive numbers of legislation, in addition to the demolition of the burea-rats in DIA and PSA – they are the problem, not the puppet politiciansMark
Swarbrick and Davidson are a particularly toxic pair while Jackson and Waititi clearly demonstrate that ‘utu’ that underlined the savagery of pre-colonial era New Zealand is very much alive and well.David
Equality for all.Neil
colour blind is the only way forwardBrian
Not to will only show weakness and embolden even more unrealistic demandsBryan
The new Prime Minister will have to stand up to certain narrow minded individuals in the opposition parties, however, because they lack intelligence and self control he shouldn’t have to waste to much time on them. Those that use their platform to spout mis and disinformation, ignorance, or to threaten and intimidate should maybe find a more intelligent way to get their message across. Two sayings come to mind 1/ empty vessels make the most noise 2/ Its far better to shut your mouth when you don’t have anything intelligent to say and appear ignorant, rather than to open it and remove all doubt. The fact that they let emotion over rule truth, diplomacy, and standards is dissappointing. Grow up.Rob
Yes, though I doubt if Luxon has the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing for NZGiles
For the general New Zealand public to capitulated to a bunch of grubby bullies or even 100.00 or more then what a shame on them. Our past service men and women in two world wars fought to defend our right to our common suffrage in the name of democracy. What an abominable sacrilege it would be if we were to forgo their cruel painful deaths in the defense of our universal democratic way of life. There has been far too much M%u0101ori overreach with it’s expectation levels coming through as something akin to divine rights. Well not only does all this need to be kicked into touch but it needs to be immediately deconstructed to a point where the county’s annoyance level is rescued and we can all resume our lives without the gibberish and the bare arsed nonsense is finally diminished to the theater of antics for those who think that war is to be glorified. The bullies are just a pathetic bunch of no nothings who’s contribution to our nation’s advancement has been more like an anchor holding us back from going forward as a relaxed but hard working prosperous modern nation.Garry.
The Achilles Heel of Democracy is tolerance and a reluctance to deal with something that threatens it’s existence until it is almost too late. The time has come to emasculate the Maori elite.John
Absolutely vitalIan
Stand up to the bulliesGraham
We don’t negotiate with terrorists – even the wannabe terrorists.Jin
Commin sense is being attachedDavid
I am prepared to listen to the claims of any Maori who does not also have pakeha heritage – if you can find one.Mitch
We must stand up for democratic values to maintain democracy, or we risk losing it altogether. Democracy is not easy to get back once it’s been lost!Phil
Sick of the apartheid system.June
The new MP needs to have the courage and integrity to do right by all New Zealanders. i.e. equal rights for all.Dianne
Threats should be treated as a criminal offence.Denis
If only i could see that happen…..nobody has yet had the courage to say No to Maori radicals.Lesley
Stop this before its too late.Rob
Time for Maori seats to go.Astrid
no argument heregreg
A test LUXON will have to nailKen
One person, one votejo
Absolutely, that is one of the things he is there forGary
Don’t cave in to the elite minority ‘BULLIES’Allen
There are a few matters here that need better understanding and I hope pointing out the obvious doesn’t embarrass people too much. Luxton, wants to have a peaceful and tranquil prime ministership where everyone gets along. That’s a perfectly understandable way of company thinking. However the monster has grown out of control to the point of bankruptcy and open threats of ‘all hell would break loose’. It is long past due to call out the modern interpretation of the treaty of Waitangi to be the fraud it is. It is deception and a scam to divert natural resources to one race of people in what is expected to be a democratic country. Democracy doesn’t last for just 30 seconds standing at a cardboard box drawing 2 ticks with an orange pen. The only way is to have a referendum on the matter. Do the supporters of division of race-based policies want a referendum? Of course not. They would lose in spades. Rather than working to provide for others, they prefer to stand in as gate keepers to all natural resources of New Zealand and charge a toll for it. Evident by the 2020 election where the Labour party received an outright majority, to 2023 where they crashed to 17 electoral seats plus 17 list seats. It is a clear sign the people of New Zealand have had enough of race-based nonsense and dictatorship. If Luxton does not agree to a speedy democratic referendum made up of questions created by the public, he will travel down the same path as Ardern did.Luke
Without doubt.John
World wars were fought to protect our country and ensure peace – Those who made the ultimate sacrifice did not sit back and allow bullies to take over, control, and destroy equality for all. They never considered in their wildest imagination this would occur within the boundaries of the very country they fought for.Leeanne
Must stand up to Iwi Elite bullies as all the freebies they have been given will never be enough. What has happened to the hate speech laws? Obviously they do not apply to Iwi Elite. We don’t need a referendum all we need is the true TOW of 1840 the Littlewood and Maori version of 4 and 6 February re-established in parliament. The other option is to change our constitution to the colourblind legislation that the European countries adopted to ensure the likes of the Nazi coup never happened again. This will end the Iwi Elite coup.Brenda
I hear political commentary on TV and radio go on and on about the economy. If you are going to have two sovereignty’s in a Nation, each with separate Government Departments you will bankrupt the Nation and cause cultural wars within.Dene
This is all ridiculous!Hugh
He must standup and represent the people who voted him in to honour the mandate he was givenDianne
Of course he should stand up to the bullies but he won’t. I see Mr Luxon backing down everytime. I think NZ will cave in fully to the bullies and become a third world new Venizueala of the South Pacific where many decent people just simply won;t want to live anymore.. It takes guts to reverse what has been done and our politicians just don’t have that.Paul
They have no choice. Govts cannot keep kicking the can down the road, hoping things get better. The left will continue to drive until they destroy democracy and NZ.Andrew
YES, i think the new Government should start as they mean to go on, because if they are soft then things in general are going to get a lot worse, they can’t be like the last bunch of wankers and use the lets be kind, because look what’s done, JACK S–T.COLIN
It is inconceivable that they would not sort out this racist crowd promoting racial privilege. I’m holding my breathGodfrey
It is now or never to display intestinal fortitude.John
This government was elected to ensure all New Zealanders rights are equally represented. They must show moral courage.Julie
The Maori seats should have been removed, by the Key government as they had made an election promise. But that proved to be a disappointment of a government in a lot of ways.Hugh
Beyond important it must be ControlledAlan
One person one vote.Rob
Weakness will only give a message they can walk over others at willIdo
The problem has been a few years in the making, being most evident to me when Don Brash was treated badly by the radical left at the University and is still abused every meeting he attends.Ian
I’m sorry, but I believe Luxon will sell us out so he doesn’t offend the Maoris. Only way to get the gravy train stopped is a referendum, a binding referendum.Peter
Democracy is the only way for fair governance.JOHN
Unite New Zealand don’t divide it by race.Christine
It is imperative that the new government restores democracy. The radicals in the Greens, Labour and the Maori Party have shown their true colours – they will get their way through threats, intimidation and violence. Just like the gangs! Those of us who have been shouting from the rooftops about restoring democracy will not stand by and let the mob rule.Kerry
All for one must ruleHugh
Yes, he must do what is best for all and do so urgently.gale
Unfortunately for all New Zealanders is is probably too late to stop the undemocratic racist based path the country is already well down that track.Dane
A referendum must be heldLindsay
This has to be done immediately or continue endlessly dividing the countryChris
Too bloody rightJeremy
a backdown would fuel further demandstony
Backing down just ensures that bullying continues.gail
Stand up to the bullies. Luxon will not but Seymour and Winston will. if not we the people must without hesitation or we will loose our country to a small group of serial fraudsters aided and abetted by scare weak politicians unable to govern. Threats of violence must be taken seriously and dealt with by law.Sam
Absolutely YESmartin
This is such a sad state of affairs. This lovely harmonious intergrated country that we knew before 2017 is quickly disappearing.We were once such a tolerant country but it is sad we cant say that now, especially with the threats this article has mentioned. I hope this new government can restore the country to what it was.Laraine
We’ll cetainly find out how strong Chris Luxon is. Don’t hold your breath but NZ first and Act will come through.Mike
There is no place in NZ society for these bullies. They must be gone and gone now.Grant
Better to face up to them now. Pacifying these people only makes them bolder.Louise
It’s now or never with these sort of politicians. Shut them down now and get NZ back to a true democracyRoy
That’s WHY I voted for him.Malcolm
down with the radical maori we all need to wake up and use the rule of law while we still have it?Peter
Stand up to them. This nonsense needs to stop now. NZ is now a multi-cultural country and the government needs to govern for ALL New Zealanders equally.Teresa
If it had been done sooner this mess would not have eventuated.Mick
I am surprised that you would ask such a patsy question. A new government has been elected to govern, not to be held to ransom by some disaffected groups.Peter
If the present situation of a re imagined TOW and continual payments to tribal interests at the expense of the nation as a whole are not eliminated then there is no hope for NZ going forward.willy
Show strong leadership for our country and all New Zealanders it is the right thing to do.Gleniss
If it was us white fullas making the threats against them, we’d be in Jail!Steve
Grow a spine, forget your mentors at Blackrock & get NZ back to being ONE PEOPLE!!!!!Honest Dave
Reverse apartheid is rife in OUR country.Peter
Most definitlyAlbert
All that is needed is to reinforce that every person in a democracy are equal. No place for ethnicity.Steve
It needs to happen nowJane
Lets get the vote over and get back to democratic government. To HELL with the Bullies – just go ahead and do it.Don
This, like so many things of late, as a ‘no brainer’! New Zealand is careening. towards the precipice. I fervently hope it can be halted.J J
If civil war is required to restore democracy then so be it, count me in.Evan
The actions of members of Labour, The Greens and Te Pati Maori in suggesting and calling for civil unrest and violence is clearly an act of sedition and as such they should be held to accountChris
ASAP Too. Stop pussy footing around the issue Luxon. Otherwise 3 years is all you will get. Then what ?Greg
If Luxton does not have the courage to sort these radical out then this country is heading towards civil unrest at the very least.Allan
Absolutely or we as a country are doomed to continue this con. I challenge all NZers and I would say 99% are sick of this gravy train treatyRuss
Succumbing to bullying only encourages them. Standign up to them has the opposite effect.Colin
If we don’t then we will have lost altogether and New Zealand will become Zimbabwe of the Pacific!Peter
Fat chance of Luxon standing up to anything. He wouldn’t stand up in a stiff breeze.Matt
Yes, the New Prime Minister needs to stand up. This will at least demonstrate to all just how skewed our democracy is at the moment, towards those who would be the favoured few (at the expense of the rest of us). And while they’re at it, New Zealands Bill of rights needs to beenshrined as the one document that we need to observe, for the betterment of all.Trevor
The new Government has to come down hard on these so-called radicals. The ACT party’s three principles are the guide lines. Govern the land, protect all NZ’s and we are all equal with the same rights.Russell
It was radical maori threats back in the 1970’s that started the 50-year project leading to where we are today (including formation back then of the Waitangi Tribunal and Maori Language Commission), both of which have long outlived their usefulness, and neither of which has improved the lot of the average man in the street one jot. BTW; if I recall correctly the threats by maori back then were of terrorism, related to the training of maori activists in Libya. It was a weak government that caused this problem, and successive weak governments allowed it to perpetuate (possible exception being Clarke). More weak government won’t fix it either. This has nothing to do with the Treaty itself which has been used throughout to smuggle maori separatism goals, hilariously often involving actual ‘ancestors’ of maori who refused to sign the treaty back in the day.Tony
This is probably our last chance to stop the tow gravy train. Our country named New Zealand absolutely must stand up and boot this political ball into touch once and for allGlen
The new coalition have to stand up to the racist wreckers, of our country!! They are : Radical T.P.M/GREENS/ FASCIST IWI, as if they are the GOVT.!! STOP THEM…David
That mere fact the threats were made is all the more reason to not back down.clive
Bullies keep getting bolder unless challengedBruce
Maori Activist have started to control our Government when Labour was in Power its got to be stopped nowIan
Let’s hope he has got a spine.Gerhard
If the new government don’t make a stand now New Zealand is lost and heading towards third world status.Brent
These bullies are mainly blustering thugs, venal corrupted parasites and deranged racists. They need to be told to get stuffed, laws made against sedition and a Police force that will deal with them.John
Time for democracy. The nation voted for it so come on Luxon, listen to the people!!Peter K
Until a new Government is formed nothing can be ruled in or out. Luxon should agree to a referendum on the ‘Principles, of the Treaty, preceded by a period of public education about these false principles. I suspect this issue in particular, is holding up agreement between the 3 parties! It is urgent that a new government is formed to prevent the on-going deception of the left.Mary
We were taught long ago not to give in to bullies, to stand up to them, no matter the cost. To give in to keep the peace means you are continuously bullied. And that shows how weak you are.Paloma
O Question the time is now in fact long overdue,if they do they will get the enxt term in Government,if not we are in major trouble.steve
This crap needs to be stopped before we descend into tribal anarchy.Andrew
Stop the rot, sack the lot.Rob
This country is facing the destruction of democracy, Luxon and the coalition MUST fix this NOW. If not, history will record them as cowards.Peter
It’s not even debatable!!Nev
No one repects those who do not stand up to bullies. Luxon does not have my respect.Marion
Absolutely – stand up to the radicalsJill
Bullies are emboldened if not taken to task , also the law cannot be selectively applied, if we are to live in a democracy, something I hope we get back to now we’ve disposed of the fascist labour government.John
It’s overdue that the racist takeover by a minority group, stops.Vaughan
New Zealanders need to bring back a one vote system to ensure we are all equal in our country. No powers to veto on anything.Jacky
Totally, else the Ballot Box has lost its intention – the majority vote ceases to exist and the whole Event/Election Result, is a Sham!Robyn
What are Maori afraid off? Maybe it’s the loss of their gravy train?Chris
Let’s take our country back.Peter
Do it now and do it to the will of the people through referendumBarras
Removing New Zealand from the clutches of the UN, WEF, WHO etc will go a long way to rectifying this situation.John
I am heartily sick and fed up with the bullying by the Maori lot who seem to think they have been voted into power. Do they not understand that they have been rejected by most thinking New Zealanders?Derek
Sort it out once and for all, we need clarityRsymond
Definitely stand upLaurel
English must be made a New Zealand official language .Chris
Te reo Luckless needs to show some spine, backed by Seymour and Peters. The maori seats must go, along with he puapua and all other race-based nonsense. Otherwise this nation has no future.Gavin
If they don’t standup we will have more of the same, out democracy will disappear.Heather
If they back down, there is no option but to leave the country. There will be no hope left.Tony
Chris Luxon has to stand firm on this issue, he has the backing of Act and N Z First with the majority of the people in N Z behind him. Stand firm Chris.Ken
Hope & pray the new Government will have the Balls to do whats rightdona
I voted for Seamore because i believe National is and has been part of He Puapua movement. .Just Look at the Key Goverment.Ian
Before it’s too late !Phil
The Act Party made this one of their promises prior to voting. NZ First has shown agreement for this. The people of NZ voted for them because of their stand. If Luxon bows down to threats of violence this sets a precedent over any future policies that these dissidents do not wish to happen. In effect there will be tribal law for the benefit of elite Maori.Carol
Def, stand up, we are not a Biden Democratic GovernmentTony
Of course he should…. LUXON as his close mate once said…..quote… SHOW SOME GUTS!! before he shunted KIWI SOLDIERS OVERSEAS TO FIGHT for the NWO!!!David
Maori radicals have taken over the leadership of the various iwi. The universities and the schools, aided and abetted by the teacher unions. They have brainwashed and radicalised the students. Having been on the receiving end of threats of intimidation and violence, I have seen first hand how they operate to shut down all views which differ from their own, I have been warning about this sort of agenda since the 1970’s when I first became aware of it as a teacher in the state schools. It is good to see this stuff is beginning to get known more broadly but I fear we have missed the bus. Never the less, we must try.duncan
Do it now. Stop the rot!!Wayne
Democracy is one vote one person the tail must NEVERWAG THE DOGStephen
I am sick of the way these other political parties are trying to destroy New Zealand & voted for National in the belief they would stop this behavior.Ann
A certain number of only a few really, are the Bullies. They know that they will be beaten by a Referendum. But they also can be beaten through Parliament by reversing all the Legislation that Labour has sneakely introduced while they were in power. One way or another all racist legislation must be changed back!Valerie
Come on Luxon!Ian
The new Government should just get on and do what is necessary to restore the system to what used to be its recognised status. No referendum is needed; the electorate spoke last month. Simply remove everything that Labour introduced over the last few years. And do it legally.DAVID
The actions/threats of some members of parliament are treasonous and demands appropriate law enforcement, and expulsion from Parliament by the Governor General.Colin
The figures that Dr. Newman has listed on the disproportional huge percentage of Maori MPs is a larger threat to democracy than most of us have realized.. The threats thrown at Europeans and the National Government ,of physical harm are frightening. Are we heading towards a situation similar to what is happening in the Middle East?CHRIS
Backing down is not an option. To do so will entrench the apartheid system we are heading towards.Terry
Bullies cannot be allowed to succeed. Democracy cannot be overwhelmed by threats of violence.Peter
Stand up to the bullies.Barry
absolutely stand firmjohn
It is obvious that time has deserted the maoris and the changes must be reversed, so many are quietly shocked that a government could allow this to happen behind our backs.Anthony
I’m sick of their tactics, having had an unpleasant experience of how they operate, I can say one thing, they are in my opinion just a pack of liers.Merryl
Either you stand up to them now, or when, or if, you try to stand up to them in the future it will be a million times worse. Toxic has become evil. It is time for them to experience the storm.Donald
People cannot be in government and not stand up to bullies. Full stop, Our democratic way of life is being diluted – that must stop. Democracy must be the way forward. The others do not work. Look around!!!!!Grahame
Be a Prime Minister stand upR OB
They have to do what they were voted in to do – for ALL New ZealandersGaye
He has an obligation to do that. Co-governance nder Labour was roced upon us without a mandate. It’s that simple.Jan
Bullies is a far too tame a word. They are brainwashed, indoctrinated people with an Evil agenda, which sadly the cannot see is designed to divide mankind to be full of hatred. Only when we are all awake can peace reign.Alan
The prime minister has a mandate and is duty bound to wind back the maorification of NZ.national along with the Maori party introduced hepuapua into nz politics it was never binding so yes it is up to mr Luxon to get nz back on track and stand up to the bulliesWarren david
Luxon is the leader of the Nats, they are the party with the majority, in the trio coalition….. They have to set the stage as the leading party he has to show strong Leadership, he has to stand up to all of the radical left !!David
We have nothing to lose, only peace in our time.Mike
Ignore the threathsTom
The part maori “elite” are governed by money and a desire for mana neither of which is a good background for a successful government.Robbie
Luxon needs to stand up for all New Zealanders!Kim
Time to call out the seditious behaviour of certain MPsAlister
Of course, this is just.Henk
Its gotta happen – nil ethnicity in our governance – anyone seeking unearned income to be stood down,,murray
Democracy must prevail. There is no place in this country for bullies, no matter their stripe!Stuart
we need a united country, all people equil and the same level ofb voice.gerard
We either lance the boil now or suffer death by a thousand cuts as we kick this can down the road yet again . If the safe option is taken what is the result? Loss of our brightest and best overseas, sapping of our economy as corruption and tribal nepotism ramps up even further, a stagnating and then shrinking economy hostile to business and ultimately the flight of foreign capital and investment. Welcome to South Africa, Zimbabwe etc etc.Bernie
if he doesn’t this country is f****d and he will go down as the most despised PM after adern who is the pits. but if what jackson is planning plus all the other half wits and that australian who is now being shafted by a strap on by his female friend causes a civil war I might be able to revenge the murder of my relative back in 1840, so roll on and see if luxon has the balls to stand up to this rabid bunch.Richard
most certainlyColin
It’s the old story – united we stand, divided we fall. If we try to keep the peace by backing down, we are simply encouraging further division – exactly what Jacinda had in mind with her socialist/communist goals.John
Absolutely – it is imperative the new Prime Minister stands up to these radical bullies!Margaret
It is scary to read what might Be ahead of us in the political World.Be strong everyone And supportive of all of us.Mary
The National led new government has been given a mandate for change from the woke & divisive race based policies So get on with changing the laws affected now.Don
Hell YES!! The sooner the better.phillip
We must all get behind our new government and allow them to have a referendum on all things that divide our country. Let’s put these radical Maori in their place. We have suffered 6 years of of racism. Let’s finally have equality.Dianne
Time to bring NZ back to a democracy as we all understand it should beian
Yes, of course. This is his big test to see if he’s got try leadership.Andrew
Government for everyone not just a select fewGavin
We had enough of bullying under Ardern. Let’s try democracy again.Mark
Absolutely. It’s the same as if Israel backed down and allowed Hamas to carry on with their plan to eliminate the Jews. Enough is enough.Ken
People who recommend and incite civil unrest and violence are criminals that ought to be imprisoned.Charles
Democracy for all in New Zealand,one person one vote,please stand up to them,I left national 20 yrs ago under Bolger as they have no princips or back bone and I fear Luxon is just a Compromiser not a leader,go winnie and Davidmorrie
Yes the National Party leader should stand up to the Mongrel Maori’s but he is a puppet to the Global Predators and he himself just has not got the guts to directly take on the Maori’s like the French where prepared to do back in the 1850s.Don
Should be based on irrefutable arguments, avoiding confrontational language.John
Some things are more important than keeping the peace!Neil
The in coming Government should stand up to the Bullies and kick them pit of Parliament. tThe majority of NZ has spoken and had a gutsful of what this past government has allowed and some previous governments. If the Maori elite stirring the pot Re the treaty, this in coming government need to go back to the. original it didn%u2019t state partnership or much else of. what they have falsely claimed .therefore money and land must be returned..Gwenda
Show some backbone Luxon and put the referendum on the Treaty to the people of NZ.Rhys
If he doesnt, he doesn’t deserve to be the PM…..Peter
That is exactly why most of us voted for National. Hopefully their Leaders will show some integrity and testosterone to ensure we recover our pride in full democracy.Robert
Amazing that there was no ‘tyranny of the majority’ when Labour/Greens came to power in 2017.Graeme
Never any Goog can be Done by Backing Down, Stand up to the BulliesRichard
Unless he wishes to be a one term PM he had better. We the people gave them a mandate.Alistair
Absolutely for democracy.Laura
All such comments should lead to a charge of seditionKeith
You can’t back down and show weakness to bullies that’s what fuels their bravadoJanet
An interesting Stat. 477.1k are registered on the Maori Roll. NZ’s Maori population is stated as 16.5% of the population in 2023. in the October election only 38.25 of those on the Maori roll voted. 61.75% couldn’t be bothered and probably couldn’t care less so long as the financial benefits keep rolling inBarry
I repeat again 1 person 1 vote and voting rights to all between 25 yrs and 65 yrs.Jim
We are all one people under the law and democracy – New Zealandersbruce
We must all be equal New ZealandersJohn
If the incoming government fails to deal with the unrest threatened by these unhinged extremists, they will have much worse unrest to face in the not-too-distant future. Sorry if that reads like a threat, it is actually a prediction.TOBY
not enough iron, HR in the corporate world does not like confrontationPoul-Erik
Got toPatrick
The PM with this Government MUST stand up to the bullies. The previous Govt allowed this bullying to happen for there own purposes so National MUST take the lead and bring sense ti this situation.Robina
The treaty is irrelevant now! We have 32 maori in parliament now so there is no need any moreLes
What ever it takes the principles of democracy should be maintainedBob
Backing down will not bring peaceJeanette
Hopefully ACT and NZF will give him some backbone. Nats have the mandate for the public service, so that’s a start.Pamela
Of course he should. But he will not. Too weak.Murray
Absolutely he MUST stand up to the bullies. It is imperative that everything to do with race is deleted from legislation, the Treaty is filed away where it should hasve long gone. The country is rapidly going down hill due to these racist bullies. Luxon must show he has a spine otherwise National will be gone at the next election. He could be surprised how many would support him in ending everything to do with race.Helen
Should just get rid of all this rubbishRod
absolutely! To not do so is divisive or at least supportive of divisive politicsMark
My concerned question is do we have a strong upstanding Leader in Christopher Luxon or do we have another politician more attuned to world wide forces pushing authoritarianism for his personal goals rather that pushing those beneficial for a true democratic New Zealand?Stuart
This is a complex situation that needs to be managed using the tools of government. The first thing that needs to be done is the re-introduction of sedition as it was defined prior to 2007 into the crimes act. The next thing is the appointment of commanders in the police who will act against such threats. The third thing that needs to happen is the defunding of RNZ and TVNZ and the sacking of their radical activist journalists and editors.John
The government has to reassert equality by race in NZ. In a way (I hope) NZ First being in the Coalition Government may become a positive – Winston will have no excuse not to “walk the talk” – so it could be both ACT and NZ First stiffening the spine of National. And again (Hopefully) some Nat MP’s will join them.Mark
Stick to your guns, Christopher and David! We must reverse the racism that’s become part and parcel of the Treaty’s “interpretations”. The tribal corporations should be made to pay tax on their huge investments. And the racist Waitangi Tribunal should be shut down ASAP! It’s outlived its usefulness, and costs us taxpayers untold heaps!Laurence
New Zealand needs to become a Republic with a Constitution that reflects the values of everyone who lives in this country regardless of race, ethnicity and political beliefs. The existing Treaty of Waitangi has been corrupted and bastardised so much that it is meaningless and benefits only a fanatical few. The Waitangi Tribunal needs to wound up and disbanded. Until a government has the will to change New Zealand for the better, its citizens will be the under the yoke of those who composed the Principles of The Treaty and continue to promote it as law.Colin
the sooner the better for all concernedgay
Bullies are cowards!!!! They need to be out in their place!!!Dianne
Even if you can dredge up some backbone from somewhere Chris, do it. Face them down and don’t forget your coalition partners. I am sure they will stand by you.Helen
Appeasement has never worked, so don’t even go down that road!Sylvia
All mps should stand up to these bullies threatening unrest, give them a month or two in the lockup.Colin
We are all equal NZ,sGraeme
If he doesn’t stand up to the bullies now , New Zealand will become like other countries in the world and take us backwardsChris
Absolutely he should. It is discusting the way, that these other people / parlimentarians are behaving with their threats against the newly elected ones and our newly elected Prime Minister. Trying to hold them and our Country and citizens at ransome.. They are obviously hell bent in trying to stop more of the truths and misguided deceit from coming out and being exposed… Bit like the ones that were hell bent against the message, surrounding stop co governance – shutting down freedom of speech and in doing so protecting the Elite and radicals agendasJulie
One country, one law for all. No room for race based policies.gavin
Unless this man shows backbone NZ will descend very quickly into anarchy.Audrey
Grow some Kahunas Cluxon is a gutless WEF puppetGreg
Its the only choice if democracy is to surviveAndrew
Democracy and equality for everyone only way to go,N.Z. Is a very different country from when Moriori and Maori arrived here, take race out of all equations everything should be based on needs of the country in this day and age.Chris
Why do we not refer to the Maori & Green Parties by their TRUE title. That is the Communist Parties of New Zealand. Fascinating how panic is setting in when the Treaty gravy train is threatened just a little bit. Communism always fails when the money supply runs out. The new government will earn great respect if they can put the brakes on the Treaty train. No government in the last FORTY years have had the courage to do that.A.G.R.
The track is inexorable otherwisejohn
There’s only one way to stop bullying and that is to go hard on the bullies!Barbara
Stand up to these M Ps and the elite and get rid of the Waitangi treaty tribunal and place the sea bed and for shore back under the Crown. ownership . The sooner the likes of Willy Jackson and John Tamahire and all those other Maori radicals the better we will all be off.Ken
Restore NZ to a democracy one person one vote & no race based privilege.Derek
Time that a few radicals are shown that they are not the majority or running this country by fear.Neville
That’s why we voted for Equal rights for all New ZealandersJean
Swarbrick & Davidson must go & anyone else inciting violence.meg
Absolutely, we should stand up to the bullies, the government should treat these people terrorists, for in inciting civil unrest and violence in this country, absolute treason.Brian
No point electing a govt ever again if we don’t stand up to the bullies. The new govt must do it, or this country and its democracy is doomed foreverGail
Wee willie Jackson and his chum Kelvin are blowhards and would show more backbone and integrity if they stood down and let new talent into the Labour party if there is anyPeter
The lid needs to be put on this boiling potFiona
Show some spine LuxonRuss
Luxon needs to show that NZ stands by it’s moral pinciples, by excercising some fortitude and pushing for the Treaty referendum.Glyn
Put the bullies in their place, we dont want civil war starting. Good people surrendered firearms to the Police recently, and not good people did not. That is unfortunate for good people, maybe this was part of the activist takeover plans?Greg
Get some balls, Christopher. Wollie Jackass and his ilk are true racists. They are also ungrateful idiots. Worse, they continue to sup at the trough of public expense which we, the ridiculed and threatened, continue to replenish. It’s bullshit and I’m over it!Philip
no question about that!Luxon does not impress,hope other 2 parties have more guts!norman
The recommendation of the MMP committee to remove Maori seats was indeed wisdom. So we have arrived at the consequences. Most Maori in my experience do not even understand it.Maurice
Stand up to these socialist bullies and acknowledge the support of the electorate.Karen
Got to nip it in the bud. It only gets worse if allowed in this country.Pavithra
However, I have no confidence that will happen. National is a weak institution that doesn’t want to rock the boat.Barry
We must all start calling these Iwi bullies out for what they are: RACIST. They want to develop an apartheid state where one race has supremacy over the rest. Time to stand up to these racists NZ and put them down for what they are. Self-serving bigots only interested in filling their pocketsTrevor
show some gonadsCharles
In a democratic society unifacation is best for keeping the peace.John
HE;WE must stand up to the bullying otherwise there will be no turning backor it will be a big battle to turn backanthony
There is no need for referendum. Enact new laws that restore government of NZ to the agreed treaty as outlined by Sir Apirana NgataTony
Democracy pleaseDaphne
It is a fundamental right of all new zealand citizens to be treated as equals in our societyGrant
Shut down Waitangi Tribunal NOW, Have ALL their transactions AUDITED [past & present], STRIP Maori individuals of money due to others.Dr John Robinson could help…Gill
The new Prime Minister must ,at all costs, stand up to these traitors /bullies regardless of the consequences, in the interests of the future of this countryTom
National, act and NZ first have the majority of New Zealanders mandate to stand up to these evil rabid maori cartel If they insite riots they must be arrested and convicted and sent time jail. Democracy Rules. Labour, Greens and the Maori Party are a discusting lot. Just pure evil.Allan
It has to be fixed so all Kiwis are equal.NEIL
Yes,definitely . Stop it from spreading. It starts from being strong at the top. If the p.m shows weakness the opposition will be all over the government.Edward
We saw so much vehement rhetoric from the establishment and media when Trump was elected. The like I had never witnessed before This seems now to be accepted practice when radicals lose power – not able to accept democratic process they threaten violent reactions. As with Trump, so we see here with Luxon, Seymor and Peter’s – the lunatics believe they should run the asylum!Dave
Please,please show some courage Mr LuxtonDavid
Yes he needs to do that. It is time to have a strong leader and I pray Chris Luxton will be that leader we need.theo
There has got to be a time when enough is enough. This is the opportunity the new government has been given by the people of New Zealand to remedy the situation. No doubt a few heads may be broken in the process, but our country needs a fair and egalitarian government for all.Dennis
This has got to end We are all New ZealandersRay
100% behind the majority wish to return to democracy.Susan
If it does not stand up now then when? A backdown will signal a lack of spine and allow the threat of violence for more inconsequential policies frankly paralyzing the Government so it achives nothing.Brenton
Agree with Muriel 110%Alan
This is the new government’s opportunity to eliminate completely the Maori attempt to take over NZ. NZ must be a democracy. Go to it. Doesn’t need a referendum. Just needs explanation to the general public of democracy v tribal control. A large % of the population have not heard of or do not understand the risk of co-governance. Hope the new government coalition will be strong and stand up against violent talk and action. Democracy is the only key to a good future for NZ.Jim
The new Govt MUST legislate what the people voted for Every citizen equalStan
Luxon,Peters and Seymour should immediately state that they will not back down and immediately begin the process to have a referendum on the matter. The sheer arrogance of the Maori Party claiming that they preferential treatment because of their race is breath taking to say the least. My immediate reaction to these clowns is to say go and get stuffed., we do not want apartheid here in NZ. One man one vote END OF STORY!!!Allan
We are one country for all.Raymond
Now is the time, soon it will be too lateDavid
We are suppose to be one peopleDavid
if our new prime minister doesn’t have the courage to do this then he shouldn’t be there, and shouldn’t have taken on the job, if Winston and David Seymour can find common ground to fight this tribal rule that is coming then NEW ZEALAND is in big troublerodger
Finally people are gaining the courage to stand up and be counted and no longer fearing being called ‘racist’. If a person ‘of colour’ (sorry, don’t know the political correct terminology -it changes daily) objects they are activists, but when a white person objects they are called racist. I now consider myself a ‘white activist.’Ben
Of course, he is of the elitist new age squad, has he got the guts to bring the tangata whenua into line, the same line as all the rest of us, I doubt it. He is to concerned by being all PC and all the crap that goes with it.Sam
If it comes down to a choice at the end of the day, between capitulation to APARTHEID or civil unrest to protect democracy, then clearly we must choose the latter and say, Bring it on.Geoffrey
This lot of extremists should be jailed. Let the real criminals and murderers like Ardern, Bloomfield and the rest join themPeter
This has arisen because of cowardly approached from previous Governments. There is one Law, and it applies equally to all people in New Zealand – including Judges. Where these Judges produce wehacky judgements, the Government should challenge them through the Courts, sand if this is unsuccessful, change the law to the will of the majority.Dave
To be fair a Land Sale by Maori Tribunal should be set up for sales by maori to non-maori shen the “vendors” had no true, resl ownership rights. It was theft by maori from non-maori and maori alike.Margaret
No public servant should promote violenceSimone
Thats the jobnoel
Never give in to bulliesAnne
Put the perpetra(i)tors into court for sentencing for treason/sedition. Make the sentences appropriate for the crimesandra
Stand up to them or they will continue to bullyBeverley
The time to lead is now Christopher. Clear direction and you will renegg on election promises at your peril.Youve been given a chance by the good people of New Zealand that knew of the bent filth if the previous 6 years. Use that chance and use it with courage.Flimflam won’t work anymore….. .Alan
It’s a no brainer to stand up to these radical bullies, there is no place for this behaviour! I bet a lot of people who voted for greens and labour may have voted differently if they knew how radicalised they have become. Unfortunately they are victims as much as we, ordinary people. They have been to the WEF and their parties are infiltrated with WEF staff. Indoctrinated with WEF ideology these woke members of parties spout their policies without even realising who they stand for. The likes of Swarbrick has spouted Hamas words but has no idea of what’s truly going on in the middle east, she’s so woke she wouldn’t know where to look for the truth! They are all pawns in the WEF game, to cause disruption in countries, then they will come in with a solution which will enslave us all!peter
Absolutely stand up to them. That is the mandate that has been given to this new government. We cannot allow the likes of Willie Jackson and his cohorts to extend their radical extremismLawrie
Chris, David and Winstone will sort them out.Ian
Tribal leaders are bullies and their greed for power and money is disgusting. Maori should rise up and take them on instead of watching them destroy New ZealandClaire
This message must be solidly emphasized to all New Zealanders day by day, week by week and year by year until the massive damage resulting from the previous Prime Minister’s personal objective has been totally repaired.Kerry
What ACT proposes would be seen as sensible, reasonable and unremarkable in most western countries. The fact it even prompts debate in New Zealand shows how far the country has strayed from the basis of democracy. Now is an opportunity (perhaps the only one) to reverse the slide. Will National be known forever as the party which failed to grasp it?John
If he does not do so, New Zealand will be ruinedAnnette
Racism of any kind is intolerable and unconscionable. Those openly practising a divisive racist agenda must be brought to account and punished with severe penalties. A strong deterrent to racism and separatism must be strongly enforced. Lengthy jail sentences must await all perpetratorsRichard
Absolutely, New Zealand should be a country of equality for all New Zealanders.Heather
Restore true democracy at all costs.Peter
Of course they should take them on AND put them in their place! In fact, it’s time to threaten the fullest extent of the law and act upon it when the time comes. Unfortunately though, this is all a part of the globalist agenda. It allows the radical types on the left to get away with anything.Cian
This matter must be dealt with now and the incoming Government will gain much respect for doing so. Maori elitists/activists must not be allowed to overrule our democracy.Allan
For goodness sake time to take the radicals on. We are all equal kiwi citizens stand up to the rot permeating our schools and universities etcChris
These radicals should never even be in govt let alone be issuing threats, green and maori party have NEVER censored their outspoken rubbish with their pig noses in the troughLaurie
Call their bluff or put up with disruption . I believe if the protests start sleepy NZ will see tribual rule play out. The Maori utopia myth will be exposed to al NZers. Bring it on now before its too lateGlenn
They should be put down in no uncertain manner the same as a rabid dog.William
These radical separatist groups of people NEED to be convicted for “hate speech”, the exact same thing these “victims” would be calling for if any other ethnicity had made such inciting comments, and rightly so, about these radical groups. They are not politicians, they are savages in suits not wanting see their golden goose taken.larry
eveready NZers will want peace not dominance by maori Graemegraeme
A must!!Murray
Enough is enough!!!Deb
Bring treason back as a capital offencechris
Do not back down. In fact tell them to go to hell in no uncertain terms. We have all had enough and any unrest by way of marches etc should be severely dealt with — there in no such thing as a “peaceful march”.Alan
We are all one peopleJoan and Don
There is no alternative! It either that or aparthied!Colin
Spineless Luxon will want to be popular an avoid conflict – ACT and NZF must push for referendum..Clive
We must not bow to the vocal minority that threatens to destroy democracy . This has occurred in many countries resulting in dictatorship – Myanmar , Russia , Belarus etcPeter
Of course he should. I have said many times that the country is stuffed and that is because it is and I am a pessimist. The House of Representatives gives all the appearances of a fancy dress party and the conduct of many members is childlike. Then there is the “keep it under ya hat mob” who think wearing a hat is the equivalent of wearing a crown. Bring on the clowns… no they are already part of the TINY minority who are calling the shots. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND.!!Bruce
With both ACT and NZ1 at his back Luzon will have to address the bullies.Jenny
You don’t undertake to hold a position if you aren’t capable of standing up to bulliesMichael
Backing down is no better than being one of the Political Bullies. Our new Prime Minister needs to grow a Pair of be voted out !!Geoff
If he doesn’t stand up to them, the situation can only et worse with the minority running the country.Andrew
Our future as a country depends on thisDavid
The more you back down, the more the bullies are encouraged, and the worse things will become for society.Murray
NZ as one peopleMargaret
If the new Prime Minister refuses to stand up to the bullying tactics of a vociferous minority then he needs to be replaced by one who will, for the sake of us all.Scott
We all must make a stand & have NZ as oneTony
Of course he should stand up to bullies. He is a good guy but I hope he doesn’t look for a compromise. Justice & fairness must not be compromised.Eric
if they the radical want a fight bring it on .Barry
Luxon needs to grow a spine and fix the costal areas Act to give effect to what was intended.Allan
Democracy must prevail. Every citizen must have the same rights of equality under the law. Tribalism is a thing of the past. We are all one in this country, all equal no matter what ethnicity, religion or public status.Gifford
Absolutely, and he should do it hard and fast!Debra
I agree with the principles that Muriel has articulated so accurately CPR 12.11.23Stephen
Let us hope & pray that this government have got the balls to stand up for the vast majority of New Zealanders!david
Racial division will never unite the country, it is way past time the so-called ‘principles’ are defined and fixed in law.Graham
This government has an opportunity to turn the tide and must deal with those that try and impose their will at any cost. Time to get tough.chris
The radicals do not come across as people capable of governing the country in a civilized way, so they should be sidelined.Paul
I don’t believe that Luxon has the balls to confront any issues that will raise the ire of the Maori elite.John
Stand up against especially the Maori radicals that are trying to stop people haveing an opinion on this stupid Treaty shit.Graham
However he probably does not have the wherewithal to achieve it!John
Maori are not even indigenous to NZ and therefore have no more rights than the rest of New Zealanders to live here, being immigrants just like the rest of usAlastair
Fight for equality!Pete
Stand up to bullies ALWAYS. It’s high time our government did, after so many false starts over the years. Be strong, Luxon, we are behind you.Sheila
It’s time for a reset.Terry
Luke warm Luxo should grow a pair. Short time pain for long term gainNeil
If he does not stand up now he will open the floodgatesArthur
The big lesson Hitler taught us: appeasing bullies doesn’t work and the longer you leave it the bigger the mess.Mark
I very much doubt Luxon has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these bullies. Bolger and Key failed to do so during their tenure as PM. National must join with Act and NZF and remove all race based legislation from the laws of New Zealand. While they are in that process the judiciary should also be examined and those judges who have allowed maori legal phrases to determine legal decisions against the laws of Parliament should be removed from the bench.Chris
Unless a stand is made now radicals will only be emboldened with power and outcomes will be considerably worse. The time has come for a line in the sand.Graeme
If the government hasn’t got the balls to stand up to the bullies then it does not deserve ones vote.One rule, one law for all New Zealandersjohn
The only way to settle this is to face the Problem Head on . With Hate Speech & threatening Behaviour this is being Bullied by those who can see a free Meal ticket taken from them! Democracy is not their way ahead they want total control over everything!!!Michael
Never give in to a bully. Bring back the Riot Act.David
Remove Maori seatsAthur
That’s what we elected these MPs to do. Anything less is totally unacceptable.John
Maori have the same agenda as the Palestinians.Heather
If these threats continue, it will only mean conflict and that will be disastrous for all New Zealanders. Take out the leaders and this will stop.Reg
all race based policies need to be repelled, Maori seats need to be removed. Sedition laws reintroduced & the law breakers punished. referendum on the Treaty must go ahead or the next time the radical left get into power New Zealand as we know it will be finished. All radical leaders need to be imprisoned for treasonNigel
The world stood up against Hitler when he was winning and were still able to defeat him.Warren
YES but luxon wont have the guts its upto people emailing ALL mp,s that National will have in govt. & also ACT & NZFIRST mp,s.Cindy
I have been waiting patiently for someone to finally point out those things in the articles of this publication. I sincerly hope the tome has come.Barbara
Luxon and Co need to be strong and put an end to this craziness.Lyn
Yes, stand up to these bullies in your new coalition. Make Winstone the spear-leader of your stand.Simon
The current trend being manifested is clearly being manipulated from beyond our shores. We only need to look at America to recognise the same pattern and the destruction which ensues. The minority groups are not about fair play and even treatment.Harvey
The treaty settlement process has become a noose around this country’s neck. There needs to be full and final settlement, but the elite gravy train will never accept thisPeter
It has been written, that all men are equal under the sun.Ray
A fair go for allMilan
I voted on that issueBarbara
Why was National given so much support in the first place in this last election?Reg
We must get back to a true democracy.Colin
Most definitelySteve
Stand up don’t back down at any costRita
If the govt doesn’t stand up to these threats to the people of this country I will be one of 100’s of thousands of New Zealander’s who will leave this country forever.Maurice
The prime Minister needs to step up and stand up to anyone and everyone who is issueing threats in order to promote their savage evil ways., and people like Jackson and Tamihere need to be dely with severely and given long sentences. Luxon dosnt have the balls to do this on his own but hopefully this behaviour wil not be tolerated by Act or NZ First and they will make it clear to Luxon.Des
He will be gone before the next election if he caves in. People have had enoughNorm
Good luck ,Luxon is afraid to offend Maori. He even has a personal Maori tutor teaching him Te reo BS .He needs to be pulled into line by his party or get kicked out.Allen
And get it done NOWNoel
Stand up to the bullies! Ardern should be stripped of her Dameship and made to apologise to the country for allowing this to happen to New Zealand while under her watch as PM.Sharron
It might already be too late but it is imperative that it is doneGareth
National needs to keep NZ democratic. We’re fast becoming an apartheid country, full of radicals, terrorist sympathisers & Treaty liars. The people voted in Act & NZ First to force National to do the right thing by the people .. all of us, not just a select fewFloJo
They need to be shown up for what they are but spoken with to address their concerns.Hazel
Definately stand up to them, they are full of their own self interest and care nothing for anybody else, including their own followers.Carol
let every nzer be treated equallyalex
RACISM and APARTHEIT must end in NZ for the sake of OUR Countrymike
Children in the playground use aggression as a form of communication. It’s time for the likes of Willie, Marama, Rawiri, Debbie, Tau and John Tamihere to grow up and engage in adult conversation instead of performing verbal war dances for the media. Bring on Act’s referendum. The sooner the better.Wendy
There will be no “peace” if the Govt don’t stand up to these threats. People who make such threats don’t just stop when they win one campaign.Fred
That this should be a question shows how radical some people have become – do we really want to be like Europe and USA? Hate is ugly!patricia
If Luxon backs down there is little point in ACT going into coalition.Tony
Luxon with his own bully way tells his own MP’s to shut up if they talk out loud about anything he doesn’t agree with, there lies the problem, open discussion is required.Tom
He needs to put an end to all this crap. Kate
Elected representatives must run this country, not much stirrers who seek personal gains.Bruce
Sick of the over maorification of New Zealand and everything being named in maori especially government departmentsSteve
for the rule of democracy, a democratically elected government MUST stand up to the bullies and even reinstitute the Sedition chapter of law that was repealed.Michael
Some hard decisions will need to be made and make them soon and get on with life.Tim
Absolutely!! Or we’re doomed!!Niki
Let us regain a democracy, which has almost vanished in the last 6 yearsross
A stand has to be made now otherwise the minority rulesLindsay
Racist bullies threaten universal suffrage in NZ. There is no place for these threats of violence from Maori cry-bullies. Imagine the response to non-Maori making the same threats against Maori. ?Baden
100% One country, one multicultural people, one law for everyone.Rita
Threats of violence by political leaders is untenable & should be addressed by the Gov.t ASAP.. A return to the sedition law is needed & should nevver have been removed..Nick
It’s our last chance!Pat
Bullies keep going if not stopped.Helen
Under no circumstances should our new Government back down to radical Maori who want Tribal Control of New Zealand. This country does not belong to one race and our Forshore and Seabed Belong to all in this country with equal access and rights. Maori customary rights should cease to as we all need to protect and stop overfishing and there should be no privilege granted to one race for any reason whatsoever.June
If not now, then it will never happen.Martyn
Now is the time!John
Hitler tortured and persecuted dissenters .Look where that ended up.Doug
Get rid of gang patches and clubs. Definitely do not give them any more funding. Also stop intimidation by gangs.William
Democracy must reign.David
standup and control the bulllies….have been given too much already. bring it on bullies…wont win a strong fight for democracymark
they are racist psycopathic extremists.Russell
Please defeat the racists separatist Maori elite.Mike
The radicals in the Labour, Green, and Maori parties are not representative of the general population and their threats are meaningless. If we don’t oppose this nonsense the country will be headed for anarchy.Terry
We are with this new Govt 100%Don
This is a very difficult situation/environment. Perhaps a Referendum is not the best idea though .. they have always been difficult re information and division, whatever the topic. But Government can enact Laws. That is their power/mandate. Re equality of citizenship and confirming of the “ownership” of the foreshore and seabed and ocean as belongiong to New Zealand [or Aotearoa] – the country – as a whole for example.Rochelle
Absolutely all race based policies must be repealed all foreshore and seabed must be returned to the Crown for all New Zealanders to enjoy. This is what the people voted in the last election. Do not let us down Mr Luxon, Mr Seymour, Mr Peters govern forctge whole of New ZealandClaire
We are one people same rights fir all.Sue
Democracy must prevail for all New ZealandersRichard
“Halt All Racist Tours”Bruce
Govern for majority not minorityrob
Absolutely.it has gone on too long that the bullies are causing unrest.Ann
Not an inch!Samuel
Bloody disgraceful behaviour from the left party’s “leadership” – more like the rabble pre-WW11Phil
Lock up those who threaten the government.Graham
Totally. You cannot allow bullies in any shape or form, especially in running the government. NZ should be FOR the people, in that, meaning for EVERYONE not just the minority. We are ALL equal. Never let bullies winKerin
We’re all equal and prefer to live peacefully.Janet
Carry on the way we want him to in this new era.Graeme
It would be an unforgivable stance if the newly elected government does not address this issues immediately. The people have spoken and they must prove my vote was for nothingCath
Sadly confrontation seems to be the only solution. The radical few promoting 50/50 representation have to be stopped.Hugh
Not sure Luxon is up to it. Perhaps with Seymour and Peters the support might be enough to convince himMaureen
Tough times create strong men Strong men create easy times Easy times create weak men. Weak men create tough times. We need strength in our new leadership, not parasites.Mike
One people regardless of ethnicity. No one ethnic group favoured against another. Restore true democracy in NZ, an English speaking nation. Back up some years and Maori families were desperate for their children to learn English as they saw it extremely beneficial. Now radicals want us to become Maori speaking and invent Maori words to rename Government departments. Our once God’s own New Zealand is being torn apart and people are leaving in droves. Let’s regain democracy and fairness and become the beautiful country I and others of many different ethnicities grew up in.Cecilie
The new government has been given the mandate to stand up to enforce the voters opinion. That of course includes NZ First and Act. Have no fear Mr Peters will ensure thing happen in this regard.Owen
This is absolutely necessary. There may be some resistance from the radicals but for a peaceful end result this is worth facing.Jack
These bullies need to be challenged.Vonnr
Of course he should. No choice.brUCE
If the PM-elect doesn’t do this he should stand down because he will NOT be representing the electorate ( 84pc non-Maori ) who have had a gutsful of this ongoing incitement from Packer ; Davidson ; Jackson ; Tamihere et al .( formerly sedition). Luxon MUST tackle the whole Maorification issue head on, unwind and dismantle Maorification completely and legally preclude it from reoccurring. If he can’t muster the testicular fortitude to do so, step down and be replaced by someone who will ensure it is done. It is all there in Muriel’s excellent paper. Hugh
We need our Country back and work as one with equal rights. The Maori Elites are dangerous because their pockets will not be as full.Anne
Luxon is a weak individual who doesnt have the gonads to stand up to the radical Maori unfortunatley so another election looms.Briasn
Absolutely. This idiocy needs to stop. A referendum is long over dueRod
If they don’t, it will likely set family against family. we have as many in our family who can relate to Maori as there are European.Ted
This new government MUST at all costs stand up to the bullies. Backing down will deliver a short term peace and a long term war. Deliver Justice NOW for a long term peace. Remember, we are or should be, fighting their communist tactics within our current opposition.Donald
It is good that the NZF and Act are talking. It seems they may force Luxon to do the right hing.Chuck
He had better stand up to this radical eliteJohn
It is well past time that Christopher Luxon showed some guts and stood up to activists like Jackson, Tamahere, etc.pdm
We need the referendum to depower the radical Maori elite driving the racist division of New ZealandPeter
Race based policy doesn’t work anywhere.Tom
absolutely – the majority of the public voted for thisPeter
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.Viv
If not we are heading for AnarchyDave
If they want war, then they will have it.tony
We are all equal or should be.Murray
If the new Govt. has any wits they have to– first of all— withdraw funding of the MSM and leave them to rot. Then open up for new media to report on what is really going on in our country. AND — that radical scum has to be exposed for what they are . AND — all policies introduced by that radical scum has to be revoked. AND– the educational system has to be cleansed and purified from all that radical scum and returned to decent places of learning. If that is not happening soon we will face problems of a kind we never faced before. And that radical UN guided scum thrives on chaos.Michael
If we don’t stop this slide into racism/mediocrity now with the new government, I fear this country will become the Banana republic of the South Pacific once tribal rule is finally realised. There will be no winners long term if that happens.Roy
definatly stand up to them.eric
If bullies are not confronted they become more emboldened and aggressive in pursuit of their ambitions. Put them back into their proper place. Remind them of that fact. Never back down. they have already done well enough so far. Work yet to be done on their own innocent and wek. ref baby Ru.!!mike
We do not want any more reverse racism.Murray
We have many ethnicities now living in NZ. Time to stop dividing people by colour, race and religion.Pam
Absolutely standup to these bullies. Democracy must be heldGail
This is essential for our country to retain democracy.Gail
One land, New Zealand, all people are equal New ZealandersMary
Absolutely 100% Luxon needs to grow some Kahunas and get off the fence.Neil
seems the boots on the other foot. hate speech & violence.Chris
He needs to stand up to the bullies to restore democracy. Kylie
This threat must be removed, or it will remove our democracy.Barend
Luxon and the new government has to stand to the bullies for the sake of ALL New ZealandersKevin
The bullies should be removed as MP’sPete
But I bet he won’t because Luxon just isn’t that kind of guy. He’s a typical don’t-rock-the-boat National, like Key etc etc.Derek
The currant behaviour is very similar to what happened in Germany during the 30s and 40s,they should be absolutly ashamed of them selves,but they are not.kevin
We don’t need to inflame the situation by holding a referendum. The result is a forgone conclusion. The election told us that. We just need to repeal the legislation.Anne
This is the only chance NZ will have of returning to democracy.Ann
Voters have told the new Government very clearly that the majority of us detest all forms of separatism. A back down on this cannot ever “keep” the peace. On the contrary, peace in NZ will be forever lost.Eric
Stand up and have a binding referendum on wether the treaty of waitangi should be recognised or discardedAlec
Stand up & be supported by the silent majority who will give their voice to each issueDoug
I have had enough of the threats by NZ so called leadersTerry
It would be fair to have a referendum and interesting to see how many people feel strongly about treaty interpretationCarole
Te Pati Maori, The Greens and The Liebour Party are so out of touch of reality. The so called Treaty is just a gravy train trough for the Elite Maori . The new National led coalition party needs to stand up for the rights of all New Zealanders and stand tough against the threats and if needed arrest those that incite civil unrest..Wayne
Let’s hope ACT make a stand. No vote then go to the cross benches with supply votes only. National are Labour.Stewart
So far it apears he may choose to continue the back-downGraham
one vote for allcr
grow some BALLS Luxon !!!!!brett
It is time to remove the TOW and have one law for all New Zealanders.Sheila
The nettle has to be grasped, NOW.Trevor
We must have democracy reinstalled back in New Zealand. One person one vote for all. No differential to race based policiesNorm
He absolutely MUST.Dick
All policies that labor brought in that were not in their manifesto for the 2020 election should be reversed. The people of New Zealand did not vote them in. Labor was dishonest and deceitful and has allowed them to be bullies.Stephanie
Yes, call them out, let them protest, there needs to be a line in the sand.Erin
Apply democracy to NZPeter
If necessary declare a state of emergency to allow NZDF to be deployed to work with NZ Police to contain any actual or threatened acts of civil unrest and or violence.Murray
He should, but does he have the fortitude to do it? I think not! Labour opened up the (racial) Pandora’s Box and the evil spirits were set free, will they ever get put back? Again I fear not!Graham
Luxon MUST uphold democracy and hold a referendum.Steve
We should be governed by.parliamentary democracy. Why do activists with some Maori blood not acknowledge their mostly European heritage. They usually attach several tribes after their names but no other reference.Patricia
If Chris Luxon does not stand up to them his time as PM will be numbered. End of story.roger
And when the bullies are in power we have facismGraeme
Now Winston Peter’s has been reported as saying he won’t support a referendum on the Treaty, this government is the same as the previous, just under another name. Forget change it ain’t going to happen. This country is now a has beenKris
Let’s get back NZ for ALL NZers.Susan
It is vital that the bullies are put in their place. The alternative is civil war in the not too distant future.Rod
There will be no peace either way but giving into bullies never ends wellPenina
Luxon has to become “Commander-in Chief” from day one or NZ democrarcy will sink forever…Chris
Enough is too much!Rod
The warrior mentality is in Maori DNA. Their solution has always been violence and intimidation.Alastair
The average Maori gets nothing from all these settlements while the tribes are worth billionsNiall
Restoring true democracy must happen asap. All must be treated equally.Alastair
Remove all racial privilegeWarren
They’ve got to stand up now or it will be too late, but they won’t because Luxon is a coward and not sure he’s really on board with this mesage. anyway.Chris
Backing down won’t restore peace! These greedy bullies will always want more. This new government MUST restore democracy and represent ALL New Zealanders, equally!Lee
The country is descending deeper and deeper back into tribalism. Whenever some one with a drop of maori blood is mentioned in any news article their tribal affiliation is also mentioned. The fact that some of these tribes were mortal enemies in the past is conveniently forgottenOwen
Democracy must be restored in NZ.Graeme
Show and demonstrate that you are going to be a strong and determined prime minister, and not a push overPeter
Democracy restoredJeff
a referndum gives eveyone a say in what they want NZ to be like. This is what the activists including the radical MPs dont want because they will lose their voice and deep pockets and fear is their choice of action just like with covid they saw it worked to a large degree. one always need to stand up to BULLIESmargaret
Act and NZ First must have the goolies to wait out any reluctance from Luxon & Co to rescind all racist legislation and bring NZ back to what it was – a healthy democracy.Paul
We voted the change of government to get rid of the race-based legislation and activities that have need happening, in particular over the last six years. We now want the new government to do the job they were elected to do for the the good of the countryKen
we need to sort all this out right now or it will only get much worse and NZ wont be worth living in!Brenda
Don’t back down, that’s all they are. BULLIES !!Mike
Lupton needs to grow a pair and wind back all the divisive decisions made in the last few years. We are all equal, no more no less. Let’s do it.Murray
Definitely. Time to all a spade a spadeFrank
The people have spoken he must deliver now straight awayJane
Be tall. Use the Law to prosecute the rebels. Chloe and others.RICHard
bullies don’t quit,they will just move to the next weaknessbud
Democracy needs to be restoredNeil
Most definitely we need to be treated equal no seperate stuff for the Maoris at all.Barbara
He most likely wont though as he is very woke and weakkerry
All are to be equal under one lawJames
This stupidity has gone on for too long, it’s just a vehicle that’s run out of gas!!Raewyn
He’s the leader of our country and NOT to be dictated by a small bunch of ethnic bullies!!Tony
Stop caving in to the invented ideas from Maori. They deserve no special treatment. NZ should have equal laws etc .. for all New Zealanders.Kevin
we should aim for equal rights for all peopleGerhard
It is time National demonstrated it has a spine and showed some strength of leadership.Gerry
Keeping the peace has never been the answer in any bully situation. That is what the bully wants in order that he can run over the peacemaker.Ursula
The only thing a bully understands is a much greater force ,Luxon grow a set and call them out you have a widespread supportPhil
someone has to make a stand !!!,otherwise this country is stuffed.Mark
Greedy porch monkeysGraeme
Equality IA importantJohn
He’s the boss – stand up to them!Kate
Sedition is criminal.Kevin
Stand up to bullies rhetoric and threatened action or give the PM job to a strong leaderBasil
It worries me greatly that Luxon is someone’s puppet and hasn’t got the guts or integrity to stand up for the majority of New Zealanders against these anarchists. I hope to god for everyone’s sake I am wrong.Rod
Go for itMuzza
An area of real concern for all right thinking kiwis. This problem must be confronted urgently.Terry
It’s about time we had some law and order some of these acts and threats are almost treasonablePeter
Luxon is weak and woke. This does not bode well for the future of NZ race relations.John
Certainly absolutely and without doubtDavid
All New Zealanders are equal, one person one voteJacoba
Not only the PM, but every elected MP in the new coalition government as well. They need to be united in this. We the people will have to provide the ‘backbone’ and be very involved this time around, as history has taught us that we cannot rely on politicians to work in our best interests.neil
But he won’t without Seymour and Peters.John
To back down would mean being subject to further blackmail.Vic
Time to get tough!!Ray
Appeasement only strengthens the bulliesPeter
The people have voted. Let democracy prevail. If you don’t like the outcome, you are in the minority.Fiona
Remove all race based privilege asap.John
Its well past time the viciousness, threats and arrogance of a small percentage of New Zealand STOPPED. We ARE a small country and we ARE ONE PEOPLE …. or does that fact not compute for this small segment of people?Naine
Time the radical feminists who are still pushing to break through the imaginary glass ceiling were put in their place as well.John
Standing up to the bullies and getting rid of all the race-based policies and legislation is the only way NZ can restore its democracy.John
This is a major test for Luxon to show whether he is a true leader or not..Lorraine
Bring it on.Evans
Sick and tired of turning on radio and television v only to hear the same few radicals voicing their opinions. The have the media in their top pocket. The media also need to be curtailed for mis representation. How most of them can sleep at night is beyond me.Jacqui
Save NZ from itself and save Canada from the same fateNorman
Absolutely. I just hope they have the courage. Luxon may then be worthy of a knight hood that he seeks, but only then.John
The original meaning of the Treaty must be upheld at all cost. But there are many ways to skin a cat : A referendum is not the only way to ensure that. A simple law change from Parliament might do the trick equally, if not better, than a referendum. And this would not be allowing a months-long platform for those despicable, tattooed, tongue-wagging,, primitive monsters to rant, rave and bellow – seriously frightening and scaring New Zealanders, thus making it impossible for individuals to speak out freely in favour of the referendum.Andy
Not just the prime minister, the whole coalition!!!Anthony
There is no.way i will accept being treated like a second class citizen to appease the entitled tribal elite bulliesPeter
Yes it is the right thing to do, but looking at the current situation I doubt it will be allowed to happen by the minority groups…Losers are winning more than they ever did before. Majority rules in most places but not any more in NZ.fred
Luxon has no spine and will continue co-goverance and with Winstons shenanigans there will be no referendumwayne
Now or democracy will be detroyed.mary
A weak Christopher Luxton needs to grow a back bone fast!! Time will tell whether he is a real leader or not!Greg
It would be very sad day when the silent majority had to give up to tyranny – those who feel more entitled and more special than others.Caeol
Don’t let a few ruin for everybodyCarl
Don’t give in to terroristsDavid
It is essential to contain the amplification of Naccissistic traits evident in some 10% of the population (and politicians). If this is not achieved another 20% will be swayed and we will have chaos.charles
Absolutely stand up against those threatening social unrest and let NZ vote on the matter.Robyn
A line is drawn in the sand and unless standing against identity politics and race based agenda stops now there will never ever be any going back because the power and control under partnership with Maori, stifling democracy into another realm, will be planted into law. For as we all talk, the law commission has already started to blend Maori cultural beliefs into State law and no one has even mentioned it! The NZ apathy will get what it has deserved.Bob
Stand up to the bullies -no question If you don’t stand up to bullies and lance the sores they fester. The bullies need to understand once and for all that the population of NZ voted to be rid of them, all of them.Carolyn
The quicker the better for all New Zealanders. Perhaps the hikoi of all hikois will be by the people who voted the new Government in!!Kalakanthi
Appeasement-never works.Leonora
If Luxon backs down to keep the peace the demands will escalate. He will be perceived as a weak leader.Evelyn
yes, or more people will move and the country will get poorer.Chaq
He has to, or they will walk all over himGlenys
It’s a no-brainer. And if the Maori rabble proceed with their so-called hikois the rest of us the usually silent majority should mount our own protests in opposition and to hell with the consequences.Alan
National cannot cave in to the bullies otherwise they will be seen as weak and hopeless. They were elected to sort out this racial division and that’s what they need to do.David
Christopher Luxon needs to show he has some spine, otherwise Opposition parties will walk all over him and his government.Roger
Absolutely the PM has to stand up to the bullies. If he doesn’t, this will be a one-term government.Paul
He Puapua must go. The Maori seats must go. All race based laws must go. Equality is the only way this country will have a proper future.Kathy
National needs to bring back the sedition law! And Chris Luxon needs to face down the bullies. The Treaty Principles Act sounds reasonable, so a referendum should be held so New Zealanders finally get to have a say about the Maori takeover of NZ!Ian