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The Revolution Within

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“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if private power becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”
― President Franklin D. Roosevelt

In April last year, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta announced a review of local government: “They are now facing a wave of reforms that will significantly affect their traditional roles and functions… This offers an important opportunity to embody the Treaty partnership through the role and representation of iwi/Maori in local government.”

She was referring to Labour’s planned removal of two core roles and sources of funding from councils, namely the provision of water services and Resource Management Act consenting.

A five member review panel was appointed and the terms of reference included, “how our system of local democracy needs to evolve over the next 30 years, to improve the wellbeing of New Zealand communities and the environment, and actively embody the Treaty partnership.”

An emerging theme of the reforms is for local government to become agents for central government including helping to deliver health goals and climate change objectives.

A submission produced by Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) Community Boards Executive Committee (CBEC) is indicative of the radical ideas being considered. They are calling for empowered “Community Councils” to not only take over many of the traditional roles of local government, but to also be co-governed: “The default membership should be such that 50% are elected by residents on the Maori roll and 50% by residents on the general role.”

Whether CBEC was advised by the LGNZ’s Maori Committee – which includes the Minister’s sister Tipa Mahuta – is not known, but what is known is that the Attorney General’s advice to the Rotorua Council that co-governance discriminates against non-Maori, has been disregarded!

It is not an overstatement to say the changes being proposed are radical. Yet again, we are seeing the revolutionary He Puapua agenda being put into effect. Not content with passing control of water to Maori interests, Nanaia Mahuta and her family connections are going to dismember local government and reconstruct it with Maori in the driving seat.

We would urge anyone concerned about such developments to read the discussion document HERE and put in a submission by June 30 – full details can be found HERE.

As the Government doubles down on their He Puapua objectives it’s time to question the fundamental legitimacy of their actions.

But first a reminder of how we got to this point.

When she was first elected Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern promised her government would be “transformational”. With communist roots that enabled her to remain the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth – even after being elected to our Parliament – she is now using her majority power to introduce a socialist agenda more radical than anything ever seen in this country before. Embracing identity politics and racial division, the target for her revolutionary transformation is democracy itself.

As unbelievable as it sounds, our democratically elected New Zealand Prime Minister is attempting to replace one of the world’s longest-standing and most successful democracies with tribal rule – one ‘co-governance’ deal at a time.

These co-governance deals are designed to empower the iwi elite – a privileged tribal aristocracy that runs vast multi-million-dollar private business development corporations that pay no tax. 

This subversive strategy began in earnest in 2019, when the PM authorised the creation of a plan to enact the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of indigenous Peoples, which had been signed by the National Government in 2010 at the behest of their Maori Party coalition partner.

Nanaia Mahuta, then the Minister of Maori Development, appointed a nine-member technical working group (which included a close family member with a second close family member seconded to help) to produce a Declaration implementation plan. Their He Puapua report, with its goal of tribal rule by 2040 – the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi – was delivered to the Government in November 2019.

We now know that a number of He Puapua objectives were rolled out during 2020 – under cover of the Covid pandemic – including the use of ‘Aotearoa’ as the name of our country and the imposition of Maori language and culture at every opportunity.

We also now know that not only was Labour’s coalition partner New Zealand First and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, kept in the dark about the PM’s plan to replace democracy with tribal rule, so too were voters during the 2020 election.

That means Prime Minister Ardern is undermining our democracy without any mandate from New Zealand voters.

The impact of her radical agenda on New Zealand is far reaching.

Already the local government electoral system has been changed to give iwi greater influence, a separate Maori Health Authority has been introduced to prioritise race over clinical need in healthcare, and iwi are now being given control of Three Water infrastructure and services.

Nor does it stop there. Already signalled is greater iwi control of the conservation estate, stronger iwi involvement in the resource consenting process, and a dominant iwi influence in plant and animal research and commercial development through the Wai 262 claim.

But if Jacinda Ardern has no mandate from voters for the radical transformations that are already underway, under what authority is she undertaking such extremism?

The first justification being advanced, is that a Treaty partnership exists, which requires 50 percent of the power of government to be transferred to the tribal aristocracy.

Their story goes that when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed on behalf of Queen Victoria, she entered into a 50:50 partnership with Maori tribes, who at the time were engaged in intertribal warfare, slavery, and cannibalism.

Even former Prime Minister David Lange is described as ridiculing the notion: “He really didn’t believe that Queen Victoria had signed a treaty of equality and partnership with ‘500 thumbprints’.”

This week’s Guest Commentator, former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy, has exposed the Treaty partnership concept as a deliberate fabrication, pointing out in previous commentaries, that not only is it a constitutional impossibility, but claims that it arose from the Court of Appeal Lands Case are without foundation.

In this latest analysis he goes further, explaining that contrary to what the activists claim, not only has the Treaty never been recognised at international law, but it has now ‘expired’:

“There are indications that the academics advising the Maori radicals have woken up to the fact that calling the compact entered into in 1840 a ‘Treaty’ is a courtesy title only and not something recognised at international law. This for the simple reason that to qualify as a ‘Treaty’ it must arise from agreements made between sovereign states. In 1840 there was in fact no sovereign ruler in New Zealand but merely a collection of tribal families. The resulting document was therefore in the nature of a contract between the Crown and those tribal chiefs who agreed to sign…

“Like all such documents it has a natural life span which expires when the circumstances become so changed by the passage of time and events make it irrelevant. It would have been no different if the document were a legally recognised treaty. History is littered with examples of expired treaties as a result of changed circumstances. For example, nobody in their right mind would, think that the promises made in the Treaty of Versailles following the defeat of Germany in the first world war any longer governs the  European territorial claims of the French, the Germans and the British. So it is with the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’.”

In light of such matters, the primary goal of the iwi elite pushing for Maori supremacy is to replace New Zealand’s highly effective unwritten constitution, with a written one based on the Treaty.

If that were ever to occur, the result would be disastrous for this country.

Unelected Judges with the power to overrule our democratically elected Parliament would take control of law making in New Zealand. And with the Treaty at the heart of a new constitution, every law would prioritise the Treaty ‘partners’ over everyone else.

This is what Labour’s powerful Maori Caucus and iwi leaders are planning right now.

Their last attempt to introduce a Treaty based constitution was led by the Maori Party in 2011 – unbelievably, with the blessing of National.

It was resoundingly defeated – thanks largely to NZCPR supporters, who got behind our nation-wide campaign to oppose a Treaty based constitution (you can read our report HERE).

But that was not the end of the matter, as here it is once again being progressed, but this time under the cloak of the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration.   

The problem the separatists face, however, is that declarations are only symbolic. Like treaties, they need to be enacted as statutes to give them legal authority.

The UN Declaration was invoked using the Westminster tradition of prerogative power. This enables governments to sign up to international agreements without the approval of Parliament.

That’s why, at the time, former Prime Minister John Key said the Declaration was largely symbolic.

Since it has not been ratified by Parliament it has no legal force and cannot be used by Prime Minister Ardern to justify her attempt to replace our democracy with tribal rule. She is doing that under her own volition.

In fact, the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration even stipulates that sovereign states are under no obligation to adopt provisions if doing so would impinge on political unity or over-ride the rights and freedoms of others in a democratic society. 

In his commentary, Anthony Willy is unequivocal about this:

“Rest in peace the aspirations of co governance and co government of New Zealand sought by the activists and their fellow travellers relying on the Declaration. It is of overriding  importance and clear beyond doubt that in terms of the declaration no indigenous person can enjoy a right which damages the existence of a democratically elected government. That immediately rules out any notion of the governance of the state or territorial local authorities being shared between indigenous peoples and those who came after. Inherent in this is the recognition that in a democratic state (which the United Nations clearly regards as the gold standard) votes, local and national are allocated per head of the voting population regardless of race, colour, or creed.”

So, as a country, where do we stand.

Firstly, there is no legal justification for “co-governance”. The now expired Treaty of Waitangi did not introduce co-governance – that right has been invented by tribal activists seeking Maori supremacy, and is being advanced by radicals within the Labour Government.

And secondly, the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration, is being manipulated and used as a smokescreen to legitimise Jacinda Ardern’s revolutionary attempt to ‘transform’ our democracy by giving a ruling tribal aristocracy power over the lives of other New Zealanders. 

Anthony Willy sums up our situation: “There can be no question of any sharing of government, local or national relying on the Declaration, neither can reliance on the Treaty support such a claim given that on any view of the document it vests sovereignty in the Crown in Parliament. To have any purpose there must be another agenda in play and it has become clear what that is. What we used to call the Labour Party, and which enjoys an absolute majority which the advocates for MMP said could not happen is now in the grip of a group of Maori activists who will stop at nothing to undermine the sovereignty of our Parliament, our democracy and the Rule of Law.”

New Zealand democracy is under attack. But the threat does not come from other nations – the threat comes from within. It’s time for Kiwis to wake up to the civil revolution that is occurring within our society. The agenda of the iwi elite to restore pre 1840 Maori governance to New Zealand is well advanced and progressing rapidly under Jacinda Ardern’s guidance.

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..must be stopped Martin
Major major threat. Wake up new zealander Bev
This is a serious matter that most kiwis are not even aware of due to the reporting bias of our main stream media who are are required to tow the party line. That party being Labour! John
If you cannot elect your lawmakers, you do not have a democracy. Bill
NewZealand will be torn apart. This madness must be stopped now, the 1% maori’s are taking control of everything and those that do not like to be called racist are standing up, there will be a shocking mess soon. Anthony
Co-governance represents the end of democracy for New Zealand. A huge thankyou to Dr. Muriel for her assessment and especially to Anthony Willy for clarifying the legal aspects. Sadly we are led by a government totally unworthy of the job.. Much of the world is led by liars,cheats and bastards and now New Zealand, very sadly, also. Should this regime of despair continue the only outcome I can see is blood in the streets.! This is a very tedious time for old people to witness the demise of our beautiful country by the most incompetent government of my 81 years. Marked by lies, deception and treason they merrily mangle and try to divide our country. There is little or no opposition verbally,,legally or physically. This country is now soft, meek and mild and those of us who have lived the distance seriously fear for the future. What on earth would all those people I admired so much as a boy ,think of today’s pathetic efforts at governance ? I shudder to think ! John
Get rid of this bunch, now. Iain
It is more than just major it really is beyond comprehension Bryan
It cannot be allowed to proceed. Murray
No question. This would be our worst nightmare. Peter
Co-governance will destroy democracy with the new Iwi elite non taxpaying billion dollar businesses taking over democracy under the false pretence of co-governance. A few privileged despots with minimal Maori genes will be pillaging and financially ruining our precious NZ for our grandchildren. We are ruined unless the Taxpayers Union win their case against co-governance and labour must go. Brenda
Kiwis must all wake up, if it goes much further, civil active rebellion is very likely, as the people still not well informed, finally wake up! norman
Simply a racist power and wealth grab Andrew
This is divisive and unjust. Everything should be a one person, one vote. Christine
Wonderful to see diversity of option in the comments on this issue John
This is a path to civil ..unrest and disobedience .. Allan
There is no unity amongst the Maori tribes unless there is an attack on their sacred cows. Brian
We are NEW ZEALAND and and as such should be one people, not a fractured divided society Ross
It Stinks Maori Nepotism in charge of our water Ian
Nz needs to wake up Brian
President R.Reagan said, Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the blood stream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. So now we have arrived at J.Ardern’s version of Utopia. What a mess with unfreedoms all around for nearly 85% of us. Monica
NZ HAS to get rid of this government they are hell bent on destroying our democracy and freedom they are dangerous! …i would like to see a snap election Gillian
This govt is a mixture of communism and fascism.Unbelievable that NZers voted for this. These voters cannot be trusted with democracy bill
Yep folks… another double wammy, not only control of water for Maudi, but more grubby handouts, for the separatist anti-white agenda… usual culprit gang! David
A totally undemocratic move which will destroy NZ by causing racial division and much anger and unrest with pushing identity politics with 15% of the population having 50% of the power. Kay
One person, one vote is democracy. Any system giving added power to any person, party or group is not a democracy. Christina
This deceitful nonsense must be stopped! Ron
If it’s allowed to happen we no longer have a democracy. Barbara
It is disgusting that the PM is currently in Madrid making speeches about Democracy. What a joke. Mark
New Zealanders need to be educated on what is actually happening. I have lived in London for over 40 years and simply can not believe what the people of my homeland have allowed to happen. It must be stopped Chris
Status quo should remind in the hands of politicians who are voted in Tony
Its with disbelief that it has got this far. – good vs evil, truth vs deception. Love vs hate, all matters to be tested, if this pathway is not is not stopped. maurie
Why has JA gone to Spain for NATO talks, which NZ is not part of and ignored the Commonwealth summit, sending the useless Mahuta instead? This is also so much part of JA’s hatred of anything that we stand for. We are part of the Commonwealth and that should be her first priority. But, of course she is out to destroy our lovely New Zealand. Laura
This is a further step beyond MMP to destroy DEMOCRACY in New Zealand. William
MAJOR THREAT. Jacinda Ardern is failing as a Prime Minister to protect the citizens of New Zealand against the coup currently underway in our country. Ardern has NO MANDATE to destroy our democracy or TWECK it in any way shape or form without open public discussion with the people of New Zealand. There is no confidence in the sitting Labour Govt. to represent and protect the rule of law in our democratic NEW ZEALAND. The Governor General is also failing in her duty to protect the citizens from a tribal coup happening under her nose. It is clear we have a fight on our hands to stop 3 waters, a racist health system and from loosing public access and control of conservation land and seabed and foreshore. This is a crisis. The politicians have destroyed our country for votes and power. The financial and social cost will affect every single one of us except those who are stealing what does not belong to them but only if we let them. the ball is in our court. Yes it can happen here, pay attention and communicate with your MP. This IS SERIOUS. Sam
This government must go before they do more damage to N Z. Jacinda and govt. do not have the mandate to destroy our democracy. Robina
This attempt to introduce apartheid into New Zealand Must NOT happen. Trevor
Another attempt by Maori to gain control of the country and Labour seem perfectly happy to let them. Fraser
This radical group will destroy all our democratic rights if not stopped soon nola
New Zealand is now subject to civil discontent due to such divisive discrimination in-acted by Labour co-governance, bills passed without scrutiny and lack of respect for us as Pioneer descendants/Anzacs after all our people have sacrificed for New Zealand, under the New Zealand Flag and including the Treaty of Waitangi. Anthea
Its’ called NWO/UN world COMMUNISM, coming to a place near you very soon !! Courtesy of WEF !! THE GREAT RESET David
If put into practice, co-governance would impose major changes on New Zealand as we know it; perhaps that it what the radical supporters seek. Let it be clearly understood,; there new was a Maori nation but rather a collection of tribes often at war with each other. In no way were they united; that was what the British colonizers brought. That is history and no amount of tinkering will change it. Peter
Better to relate to reality of today and the positive input that is provided by Maori into decision making. We can all learn from each other John
there can be no such thing in a democracy Colin
Democracy is very simple. One person, one vote. Co-governance certainly does not meet that definition in any way, shape or form. Actually it is racist. Keith
One vote per person is what democracy is all about not 16% having 50% of the vote. Lee
we are all ONE, why treating Maori differently, all bad news! Gerard
“Co-governance” and “partnership” are both fallacies. Tony
Our daily lives – freedoms and livelihoods are threatened increment by increment- our press is complicit in this – It not what my forefathers came to and fought for desired their familys to aspire and become citizens of such a island nation – we are now a 3rd World divided nation – So sad – John
As an older person i will not be here to see the results of all forced changes but the treaty is a farce our court’s failed to recognize this and now are shut down and gaged by the government. Pity help New Zealand. Harold
We all must make our voices heard when ever Miss Adern or Ms Mahuta are available to hear it. This attack on our democracy cannot stand. 3 Waters is a real issue for our way of life and potentially our pockets. More concerning in my view is the Health Authorities co-governance. This might just be a real issue for our lives! James
There will be no co-governance if the polywogs get their way as it will be their way regardless, and with adhern wanting oversea kiwi’s to be able to vote in 2023 regardless of how long they have lived overseas shows how slimy and crafty she is, as with that septic tv bloke thats shes so far up his backside and others overseas that think she is a brillant leader which if they lived here to see what damage she has done and doing to this country would make them cringe with shame. Richard
why should a minority hold power over the majority..(all other ethnicities) Heather
Should be kept as is. Totally out of control under current so called Government. John
MASSIVE!!! Maddi
Great article by Anthony Willy. Time the Treaty was ‘retired”. And time the government with its assault on democracy was retired aiso. Dump them all, they’re absolutely unbelievbly useless as leaders of our nation. Rosemary
This all boils down to one fact, we are damned stupid to trust politicians. Since the mid 1980s we have had 3 Communist/ Marxist PMs, Lange, Clark and Adern and we haven’t been able to stop them ruining our country and quality of life! Not that National were any better by refusing to repeal the mess Labor created. We could stop these radicals/Marxist elitist fascists by having the Citizen Initiated, Mandatory Referendum law, But none of the existing political parties would be willing to give up their political hold over NZ citizens. So whats the next option citizens? Rex
Enough of the minority having a undemocratic 50% Say in many things that we share Barry
What do the Socialist gain? Diana
It must not happen David
this is enormous Robin
This dishonesty MUST BE STOPPED NOW Blair
Democracy out Tribal rule in. John
Another round of lies and deceit from the biggest threat of all – the socialist leader of the free world. Michael
This racist assault is a huge threat to democracy. This plan will tip the balance in favour of those claiming maori heritage. In reality there are no full-blooded maoris alive today. All have some degree of European or Asian heritage. This scheme destroys the notion of one person, one vote. This spineless government refuses to front up to the public to explain it. Gavin
Co-governance is short for “Maori and Co governance”. A disaster for 98% of the population. Imagine a Government run by Nania Mahoota, Willy Jackson, and the two tattooed halfwits and their hangers on. Stevo
If this Maori/Labour Party are not removed at next election this country is headed for public revolt and disaster Richard
During the last National Government, Judith Collins went to a conference on corruption, and came back with the news that New Zealand was the second least corrupt country in the world. The rest of the world must be in a parlous state! What use is the Tea Party Maori now? They have worked the system remarkably well, and it is about time we became “one people”, as William Hobson told each chief who signed the treaty – you know – the one that has been half eaten by rats. If our young folk at school must learn another language, let it be Mandarin, German, Spanish, or some other language that will be of use to them. I know of several Maori people who say that this current bunch are an embarrassment to them. With apologies to William Shakespeare, I say “Out damned Labour, OUT! Kevan
Being 17% of the population confers no right of co-governance simply because their “boat” arrived earlier that the boat that carried the forebears of 83% of the population and certainly not a right of veto! John
Arden is becoming more desperate to condone the Maori wishes after she has st up apartheid so God help NZ Sidwell
New Zealand is well on the way to becoming another Zimbabwe (Aotearoa). WHEN will New Zealanders WAKE UP? Time is nigh. Don’t they realize what’s happening? This has to be the very worst government ever, and the majority agree with what’s going on evidently – by the time they wake up it could be too late!!. Don
When a small percentage of people have the control co-governance is the end of democracy. Darag
In my view tribal Maori elders see Co-Governance as a first step. Their ultimate goal is Co-Government. Phl
I have left NZ as I deem it that much of a threat! Emma
Totally destabilizing to NZ proud culture, heritage and future David
This present Govt must be stopped at all costs to save our democratic nation. Apart from insurrection how do we do it? rod
Massive threat. It will tear New Zealand apart. Alister
How do we resolve this nightmare? Chris
So called co-governance cannot be allowed to happen. This notion has to be stopped now! James
Absolute disgrace Ralph
I am speechless as to HOW this has all been allowed to happen! We must change, or certainly AMEND MMP so that another lunatic party cannot rule alone, as this Labour Party is doing! Sylvia
How do we stop this ? There are so so many New Zealanders that believe our way of life is under severe threat but what political party / leader will make a stand ? Glen
This will be the end of NZ as we know it, the minority will be running the asylum that has been pushed thru by a leader with know business training or experience (oops sorry they have wrapped up fish and chips but possible there was a flow chart on the wall explaining how to do it). This will be the end of NZ and we will evolve back to the day Cook arrived. How can this country be turned into a communist state when the majority of the population is not agreeing with it. Or did the media not report Putins jet being parked at Wellington airport in his car park. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rod
Co-governance in our small country would be unworkable & stupid (like those proposing it) Iain
You don’t have to look to far in recent history to see that tribal governance or co-governance have completely destroyed democracy neville
The threat is right in our face, and we don’t even see it. Sven
APARTHEID introduced into this country by this “thing” that masquerades as a Prime Minister must be rejected at all costs. New Zealand fought against APARTHEID very effectively; who would have thought we would have the fight brought onshore some 40 years later ???? Timothy
In all my years as a New Zealand citizen did I ever think our Government would lead us into this tribal debacle of Co-Government with the radicle Maori elitist. Wayne
It would be impossible to go on a country like that Mike
What a sobering thought! John Key sold us out & the thought of Luxon as a future PM is certainly scary. He also is in bed with Jackson & Co who are hijacking NEW ZEALAND! Stop the use of AOTEAROA as the name of this country & let’s get rid of the Communists also known as the Labour Party who are destroying our country!! Can someone please explain how one identifies as MAORI?? Is it how one looks,blood % or documentation? There seems to be a lot claiming to to be part of the movement!! Ron
democracy in the end will prevail. meaning majority rule. as it has done in many countries. hopefully it does not require a war, as has happened in most countries. John
Must be stopped Paul
Co- governance will be the end of democracy as we know it. Mary
Completely changes NZ to that of a tribal dictatorship, look at most of Africa and Venezuela for where we will end up in a generation Ross
We are one people, not two. Co-governance is starting to look like government ruled by a minority. Di
We are “One People”, albeit of diverse ethnicity. Maori have no valid claim to ownership of any of the natural resources we enjoy, nor can they claim any innate knowledge of the land that could conceivably contribute to modern science and development. From stone age to the present in 1880 years would not happen without the colonists – would the maori elite prefer to return to the Pa? Bill
Co-governance is a giant leap forward, in the Marxist/Globalist attempt to destroy democracy as we now know it. Because of indoctrination having replaced education in our learning institutions, we now have a voting majority who will accept the lies told by the politicians that they vote for. A.G.R.
I don’t recall a more reviled Government than Labour. Sadly I feel few positives from National. After 40 years of voting National, I’ve switched allegiance to ACT. Mark
Ardern/Mahuta must be stopped Julz
It should never be considered as we are all one people of this democratic country. Helen
we care one country and it is only the radicals that are pushing? But we need to push back, if we dont wake up we will lose all sorts of rights. bit by bit Peter
Not enough people are aware of the situation and generally New Zealand is ignoring any warning signs and accepting our fate CRAZY and extremely dangerous!!! Margaret
An absolute major threat Ken
call for the Governor General to disband the present parliament. Mike
A colossal threat. Unfortunately the general public are not well informed of events that are taking place without any media coverage. Carole
Absolutely underhanded move by Jacinda and her cronies Teresa
Tribalism is the opposite to Democracy Brian
Totally a major threat when democratic power is stolen from the people and handed to a (very) minority group based on racial DNA of a (very) small % Fred
This is breaking down the fabric of our society and engineering racial prejudice on both sides. Maori New Zealanders are believing that this is their right and European New Zealanders are believing that they no longer have any rights This will eventually cause friction in every part of our known lives. Sue
A greater threat than an armed takeover, although I wouldn’t be surprised if mahuta used the gangs if necessary to further her power grab. Peter
The beginning of the end and is akin to reverse apartheid Stephen
maori want to usurp power by ANY MEans possible, Time for New Zealanders to prepare for a civil war. It will be inevitable if this continues. The only thing that can save us is change of government. John
All this co governance BS is sickening. Laurie
Race is an irrelevant classification in any democracy Tony
They are diametrically opposed philosophies. Martin
Absolute disgrace! Neil
maori are not indigenous to New Zealand ! 2nd here, (remember they ate the first here people) does not count higher than 3rd here. Scrap the treaty as the faulted document it is. Rick
As far as I’m concerned, we already have a type of co-governance that works well, and requires no changing. We have duly elected Maori Representatives already in Parliament. We should not have a Maori Party, because if you have a Maori Party you should then have a Parties to represent ALL different cultures; and this is not a viable option. If, in your area or your Party choice, you have a person who you think is the right person for the job, then it is up to you to vote for that person on their merit, regardless of race, creed, culture etc., but this so-called co-governance that is being created as we speak, is going to be nothing short of a Dictatorship, and one that wants to take everything of European input, which they supposedly despise, and take it as theirs. Such hypocrisy! All we will end up with is a country torn apart by an apartheid system, and one which will self-destruct if this continues. One person, One Vote! Leave things at the Status Quo! Heather
All the people that have made the ultimate sacrifice to prevent Socialist and Fascist regimes from becoming a threat to our way of life in NZ they must not have made that sacrifice for nothing. We must ensure that the current Government and its radical approach are reduced to nothing more than a bad footnote in our countries history. Ken
one hell of a threat paul
A massive threat. We have to stop this somehow. I just wish we had an election this year. This country is going or has gone to the dogs Kerin
Its just plain evil. First I was a second class citizen when mandates were introduced and should the co-goverance go ahead, I will be a second class citizen again. Just so evil. I was born here and should be treated equal like everyone else. All this separatism is just WRONG. Does nothing for the country. It will just send us broke. anita
Where does it stop lindsay
Co-government is an extremely bad racist joke aside from the fact the Maori elite already control the government Richard
There is a group of people trying to abolish our British heritage. You can see it everywhere. Our history, language, culture and they even want to rename our cities and street names. Maori cannot say we have not preserved their culture. It is everywhere. However, don’t just think this is a wholely Labour thing. It is pervasive in all political parties. We need to endeavour to select people for government who live up to their oathe and govern fairly for all. The next election is very important as to the direction of our country, New Zealand. Search out other independent media sites you will be amazed at how many people feel the same as you. Janine
A massive blow to our democracy Giles
Every ordinary citizen of this country will suffer serious consequences if this radical forced shift in national politics comes to pass. We are looking forward to a swift deterioration of our economy and human rights will be a thing of the past. ( it already is) Michael
It’s nothing more than reverse apartheid and must be stopped. Allan
So-called “co-governance” is not only a major threat but a total threat and a complete disaster. How long would it be “co-governance” before it became a total take-over? The PM has no mandate for this. Total rubbish. Sheila
co governance with maori is so crazy i cant believe its sitting on our doorstep, this government is such a danger to new zealand way of life,the arrogance of this woman and the damage her government is doing,is there any body that can stop this,there is a lot of people know that these maori are not indigenous it is a proven lie,i feel very sorry for the children growing up here, they are not going to be taught the true history, that there where people in new zealand long before the maori,I for one will tell my grand children about the first people that where here,the Patupaiarehe,the waitaha,and the mori ori,the books by maxwell c hill to the ends of the earth and to the ends of the earth and back again,books that need to be read, song of the waitaha by Barry Brailsford, another very informative read about the history of this country,the truth needs to be told properly and we all need to know it,what amazes me is that these oppostion partys are not even mentioning the simple fact that no body is indigenous in new zealand we have a chance to live as one people here,but the bull shit has to stop,The truth always has a way of coming to the fore,and I do hope that happens, rodger
The next step in the Racist/separatist, supremacist agenda, for the ‘usual suspect party’, the only racial party allowed, in the fuhrer bunker, on the hill! you know the one. David
Wake up New Zealand. Logan
Needs to be stopped in it’s tracks..! Totally undemocratic. Peter
This type of enforced agenda is what has started revolutions in many countries, world wide. Eventually the citizens realise, that step by step their rights slowly have disappeared and they find themselves answering not to a democratically elected parliament, but one that is appointed by a dictator. Barry
its called divide and rule Les
Looks like distilled paranoid and disinformation to me John
Thanks NZCPR for highlighting the dramatic and deceitful escalation of Co-Governance/Partnership initiatives now unlawfully claimed as Treaty rights and entitlements promoted by Waitangi Tribunal. Opposition Parties MUST staunchly rebut this development a.s.a.p. Peter
It will destroy the formally Democratic & idyllic state known as New Zealand & replace it with an Apartheid state controlled by a totalitarian government government lead by Jacinda the most politically corrupt politician in NZ’s history ! John
The changes being wrought to New Zealand’s democracy are racist and an affront to generations of kiwis who have lived more in peace with its diverse citizenry that just about anywhere else on earth. What is being proposed my the Adern administration is a new brand of apatheid. Obscene Mark
Co-governance is a huge threat. You don’t have to be too smart to see that. Just hope the greater population can see it before the 2023 elections. Chris
Co-governance as is being implemented by the present government is the absolute end of democracy in NZ. Elizabeth
I’d go further and say “a total threat”, for its success, if accomplished, ends democracy in NZ. I challenge the govt thus … “if 3waters is all about safe water, remove the co-governance provisions and see if we like it any better”. Richard
Co-governance must be stopped Dennis
Heaven help us,!!! Mark
Wake up before it’s too late New Zealand David
More than major Shirley
Parliamentary democracy is one man one vote otherwise it is no longer a democracy in the traditional meaning of the word. Powers of veto are in the fascist/communist ideologies Tony
Co-governance = iwi in charge and royalties galore. God help us all!. Mark
This is outrageous and must be stopped before the situation gets out of hand. Derek
Our democracy is being slowly undermined by the devious group of Labour Maori MPs and our Prime Minister is letting this progress with no mandate from the NZ public. There should be a motion of ‘No Confidence’ in our government, to bring this nonsense to a halt, before any more damage is done. john
Incredibly dangerous Ann
Co-governance (He Puapua) will destroy NZ and everything we have built up and enjoyed for the past 300 years. If this is allowed to progressed to the desired end planned by the rogue Maori Caucus with Arderns approval, we will have the most racist country in the world. A such, it will be worse than Sth Africa and a despicable place to contemplate future living. Robyn
Wake up! Stand Up for your country, the one our ancestors fought so hard to establish and develop. Dave
How do we stop this huge threat to NZ democracy other than vote Labour out ASAP? Max
These maori elite are like a rabid dog. All part of the communist agenda of divide and conquer . Adern will do anything to advance this, and with the blessing of the controllers at Blackrock/Vanguard/Vanderbuilt/etc. Problem is that the majority of New Zealanders are blinded by the propeganda that is fed at them every day.My message to them is, turn off the TV and NEVER get tested for this fake pandemic. Stop being jabbed, although, if you have, it may be too late for you. neil
This is terrible. Democracy may not be perfect but it is a lot better than any of the alternatives Peter
This is racism. New Zealand should be governed by democratically elected people of all races. We need to move forward, not dwell in the past. Maori should be responsible for their own health as others do, not seek preferential treatment based on race which is the way it will go if this goes ahead. Dianne
There will be a civil war in this country if this goes ahead. Harvry
this must be stopped Arthur
The take over is to be funded from charges on water – see the Hua Pua documents. Dave
An existential threat. David
The the big lie that the treaty promised co-governance is eroding the very foundations of our democracy. John
” Generals are always prepared to fight the last War ” Winston Churchill. So where are they hiding on the opposition seats in the BeeHive ??? Chris
They cannot co-exist Geoffrey
Huge threat. Excellent article. Jeanette
I find amazing that some people in NZ still want a communist country run by a a radical corrupt Maori elite. Residents are being completely blind to what is already happening inside government departments and the radicalisation and forcible brain washing of public servants.. PL F B
Very very very concerning Allan
A powerful group of leftwing anti-democratic maoris are bent on controlling all aspects of life on the basis of race. Oh so dangerous. One must ask HOW Many MAHUTAS are there?? Wolf
Extreme threat to be fought & countered vigorously at every opportunity Derek
democracy cannot exist unless the one person one vote rule exists. Unelected groups cannot rule over majority elected organisations. fred
We are now one people ????????? Mitch
The Treaty Signed at Waitangi and other places, in 1840, was obsolete the moment it had been signed. The Crown had recognised Maori as Subjects. The END. Well nearly, it took a little time for people to assimilate just what that meant. But it was and is simple. Lionel
For crying out loud, can we not wake up to this dreadful situation we are being solicited onto. Is there ANY way we can stop this happening? martyn
Is this treason? Rabuka did it in Fiji! Can we let it happen here? God NO! murray
We know the problem, How do we address the challenge? Roger
This is leading the country to a division of epic proportions and we will emerge as a broken shadow of all that we could have been. Ian
I an sh-t scared of what NZ would be like for my grand-children under any proposed co-governance scheme. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED -IT IS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS’ more honestly described as ‘bullshit’. Carl
If they try to ram this thru it’s a declaration of war. Terry
Bunch of Criminals, nothing less! grunt
If it wasn’t actually happening – we would not believe that New Zealanders would be such sheep to allow such a wolf amongst us. Jilleen
This co-governance Scam setup is going to create a situation like Germany had with its co-governance with the German Nazi Party. We true New Zealanders, are going to require someone like “Putin” with his Russia Red Army to come to NZ to help us remove this co-governance government with the Maori’s so called leaders. Note: this coming NZ situation is now happening today in Ukraine. Don
Democracy dying… going… going… gone! if it proceeds. We do not want tribalism established again. Bryan
Pure racism in action Mike
This must be stopped !!!!! I have heard it may take a proper revolution to rid New Zealand (NOT AOTEAROA) of this extreme leftist Government and it’s disgusting agendas. Alan
Absolutely appalling that we have come to this under the control of the worst hypocrite and liar of our time – Jacinda Ardern Mary
MAGA Chris
Maori are not indigenous,and the Treaty was never a partnership! Derek
Dividing NZ by minority race rule is not democracy and will result in a fractured unworkable society to the detriment of all N Zers. Karen R
CO governance and the maorification of the news and TV is going to take a hell of a job to remove Colin
Having asked two South African ex-pats the question ” do you think New Zealand is at the stage South Africa was 20 years ago” one said yes, the other could see us there within 20 years. I would like to know what other people with ties to South Africa think. Robert
This is apartheid by stealth Ian
The Maoris have been edging towards co-governance for years. They get a foot in the door here, and then move onto the next thing to get their hands on. They will not be happy until they have everything The sad part is:- We, the silent majority is allowing it to happen. Bruce
There is absolutely no way this should be allowed to go through. God help us if it does Rod
This madness has to stop. Some transformational pathways lead to an abyss – this is such a pathway methinks and the blinkered still don’t see the tragedy coming. I’m lucky I’m 71 already but have grave concerns for my children and grandees. Dave
One adult citizen, one vote is the only way to have democracy. James
It entrenches APARTHEID in NZ even more than already exists. Strange how the world ostracised South Africa for AAPARTHEID yet accepts it in NZ. Geoff
A major major threat Ian
God help us all if we do not rid ourselves of the Labour Ardern Govt and its Maori elitist supporters. Maori are NOT indigenous to NZ , they arrived by boat as our ancestors did. Thanks Anthony Willy for your clear and truthful commentaries. Bev
The national party must take up the fight to stop this happening otherwise we are doomed John
Of course it is a major threat. With all that has been going on lately in the NZ House of Parliament in regards to 3-waters, Maori Health and He Puapua to run this according to tribal rule is depressing. All New Zealanders need to put democracy first and foremost in front of all these error ridden measures in the making and to demand of Her Majesties opposition to come to their senses as one collective body to firmly reject these outlandish racially based measures that surely will lead to racially based conflicts all over our fair country. But there are still too many citizens who just don’t have any idea what the outcomes will be to their detriment and will still cling to the failed socialist/trialist way of administration because they are having their pockets filled up with taxpayers hard earned dollars and they just don’t care. It is so depressing. Garry
A massive threat. The maori radicals in government who are pushing for co governance based on a lie will, if they’re successful will destroy New Zealand democracy. These radicals are progressing their agenda purely for greed and will ultimately destroy New Zealand’s democracy. Robert
This is the worst governmental autocracy ever known in any democratic state. Shame on them and all the poor folk that still naively believe they are working in New Zealand’s best interests. Michael
The worst Gail
It is a MASSIVE threat to democracy in NZ….and to our freedom and natural way of things. Political decisions of this nature can only lead to a troublesome and worrying outcome. Be afraid NZ, be very afraid. Grahame
Apartheid it is John
Of course it’s a major threat! The trouble is that there are too few people who are taking any notice. The handing out of money to “the masses”, keeps them happy and they look no further. It’s not their fault…they have other things to consider….and without anyone to warn them of the devious, destructive, treasonous agenda of this Adern-led government, “they” will paddle through their lives in ignorance. Nothing new in that – but what IS new, is the covert intention of Adern and her pitiful cronies, to destroy the very soul of OUR once beautiful country and its hard working, honest population. Heather
New Zealand’s democracy has never been under threat as it is now by a group of radical educated watered down maori. These so called elite are attempting to take over this country and are solely driven by greed. This radical group need to be stopped now before they destroy the democratic structure of NEW ZEALAND,. Robert
Flys in the face of democracy, and is racially divisive . Trevor
JUst part of the Communist thrust championed by the Ex Morman P.M. John
We must hold on to Democracy in spite of what Willy Jackson says. William
It’s about time the Maori population is put in its place, and their place is back on the general roll and the Treaty in its place, back in the museum. Athol
Shocking. Please judiciary speak up Claire
Co-governance is not Democracy David
The end of New Zealand Apartheid installed A TOTAL DISASTER Patrick
In my formative years I grew up in apartheid South Africa – in my declining years I have an uncomfortable sense of deja vu in the country my parents came to in order to get away from apartheid! David
It’s all about power, the destruction of democracy, and introduces apartheid! Gary
I wish people would wake up to what is going on before it is to,late. Problem is they don’t believe it! bev
Totally foreign to the beliefs of western democracies. Unbelievable in New Zealand. Carl
It is as simple as this: If you were to have “co-governance” by about 15 per cent of the population posing as “Maori” (or anything else for that matter) and somehow equal in voting power and other ways with the majority 85 per cent of the population then you would not have, and can not possibly have, democracy. Just think about what democracy really means; and then go on and explain how you can have democracy and at the same time a share of government between 15 per cent of a pretended elite, versus more than 4.5 million of us “others.” How, and under what stretch of imagination could this “elite” 15 per cent share government fairly against the 85 per cent of “others?” Only a half-witted primitive could dream up such a stupid argument. If the United Nations organisation wishes to talk about “indigenous” people it had better look further for the truly indigenous than to those nowadays claiming to be “Maori” because even a person who could prove themselves of 100 per cent Maori blood could not also claim to be indigenous. Maori were not indigenous in New Zealand and in all liklihood were not even the first inhabitants. Like the rest of us, Maori arrived quite a while after this lovely land was formed and had developed into a land you could live in. ROB
There must be no question about it, co-governance will be an absolute disaster for New Zealand.. I read somewhere recently a quote from someone of eminence, “A country will not come of age until it has a civil war” Maybe that’s where we are heading. RayS
I’m sorry Dad, but all those years you spent in North Africa and Italy literally putting a line in the sand to protect our democracy are being undone by people we now call woke and their Maori tribal elite friends. Yes I do recall you telling me some pretty unsavoury antics members of their battalion tried out on a customary basis on captured German troups. The very battalion that is now forever glorified ahead of others on Anzac day. This political crap will affect your grandchildren more than me but at least they will have a chance to get out of the place we called home before they obtain old age. Once diabetes has taken out the Mahuta family I imagine the country will revert to full-blown tribal warfare and power grabbing. Cindy, may you rot in hell. Creed
Why are NZ leaders not standing up to this Maori takeover rubbish? Ian
Absolutely massive john
Will destroy our way of life Ray
Well, there will be no, nada, nil. democracy in NEW ZEALAND, should this debacle be allowed to continue. This is outright treason from this Labour Government and they should all be in prison for it. It is way beyond scurrilous. Rise up New Zealanders and Fight for your country and your democracy because if you don’t it will be gone.  
Ardern is dangerous. She must be outed! Now! Rob
Lets hope Adern stays overseas and does not come back. Her time here as PM has run out. Come on election next year Robert
It is illegal immoral and JUST CAN’T HAPPEN. SHERYL
I believe that anyone born in NZ is indigenous to NZ whether descended from Maori or not. Co-governance is an IWI and elected Representatives of the people combination. How that would work is a mystery – it will not. Any IWI cannot represent Maori, They can only represent their own tribal members. John
this is a coup, a slow-boil coup. This must be dismantled…. henry
totally unnecessary R Armstrong
This could end very badly for NZ. Civil disorder is a likely result if this continues to its final conclusion Errol
Co Governance will totally destroy this country and will be corrupt Carl
Co-governance is a step away from where we are now being brought into practical possibility by the will of the PM. Such a step would bring in a model of govt. which may allow all the various voices in NZ to speak out but once heard the people who have veto power can use it to thwart all the rest of us having any real influence in NZ. Ray
This co-governance situation has gone way beyond any legal rights & it’s high time that the appropriate legal people need to challenge in court, this deceitful, deceptive, underhand move by the Liebour Govt. surely it is possible to STOP this movement in it’s tracks, if as has been said there is NO LEGAL RIGHT for this legislation to even be remotely accepted in any form of this undemocratic, racial power grab! Bruza
Our Darkest Hour…but we will go on to the end….We cannot lose this Battle. Peter
First we have no indigenous people in this country the sooner they get that in to there thick sculls the better the treat to pour democracey is huge and Arden has to be stopped before she wrecks the country Russell
Its completely outrageous Jenny
cultural dictatorship Poul-Erik
This is going to be a night mare that will backfire Because of so many variations and complete lack of democracy Ian
It is undermining democratic principles on a massive scale Rhys
We have, lets be generous,16% who identify as Maori, BUT, only 52.4% are on the Maori roll. That says to m, that 8 or 9 % of the adult population will be overruling or ruling the other 91%. Praise God for the strong reasoned voice of Anthony Willy and others in our nation. I am not a ‘white colonial supremist’. My grandchildren are 4 with Maori blood and 3 with Samoan, who just get on with life, and that is the way I want New Zealand to be. Dick
Stop co governance now Get rid of Labour and Maori elite now Can we vote out under no confidence Allan
3 waters and Co Governance has been complete deception and lies from the strat. They must be stopped immediately before our beautiful country is destroyed . JA needs to be thrown out of the Labour Party. NOW. Louise
The Local Government NZ recommendation that 50% of elected officials come from the Maori Electoral Roll and 50% from the General Electoral role, is absolute garbage. If the General Roll has 4 million registered voters and the Maori roll has 1 million voters, how is that equitable? The Maori Roll does not distinguish between 100% Maori bloodlines and 10% Maori/ 90% other, bloodlines. “If you feel you are Maori, you are Maori” is a paraphrased statement I heard on TV news via one activist, several years ago. Vic
This is of major importance to NZ present and future. The foundation of our country needs to be built on the quality of our democracy. Our health, education and justice systems etc must be built on a solid democratic foundation that reflects the important ethics of one man/woman one vote and equal rights for all. Paul
A huge threat is upon us, and the average NZ’r doesn’t know it as they are more worried about where their dollar is going. NZ should be worried as they are getting exactly what they voted for. I haven’t spoken to anyone who likes horse teeth, so don’t know where those polling rates come from. Rest assurred that before the next election there will be handouts galore. And for those party swappers, do’t think the blue party will be much better. Ray
Co governance and its authors are evil. Our democracy must stand and survive this attack. Elizabeth
Can a Prime Minister be charged with treason/breach of trust? Terry
HUGE!!!! john
It’s based on blatant lies and will if its progress continues unabated will, when the sheeple of NZ eventually, notwithstanding the government controlled MSM, understand what is happening, lead to widespread civil unrest and quite possibly armed conflict and sabotage. Aren’t we meant to have a constitution albeit unwritten which makes these unmandated government actions unlawful?? Ideally the country’s traitors occupying the treasury’s benches should be put on trial and if found guilty locked up to life! Alan
A communist leader who will do anything to retain power – Putin or many other dictators are of the same ilk Peter
Labour must be voted out or there WILL be anarchy. I am amazed at how angry the people of NZ have become now that they realize what is happening. john
I have clicked on moderate but hoping for for it to be major. Unfortunately the government is successfully hiding this whole he puapua with their lies and media buy out. Adern is a liar and I don’t know how she sleeps at night. God help us if they get another term the country will be well and truly screwed John
The end of democracy is not minor! Henry 
So much for Jacinda saying she was going to govern for ALL people! Ted
scarey Lindsey
An unmitigated disastrous event for the bulk of NZ’s and our decendants if it ever becomes law in this country. As a democratic nation we are being led to the slaughter house with blinkers on. Wake up New Zealand! Roy
The proposed legislation is sheer madness on the part of Arden’s government. Co- governance with Maori spells the end of democracy in NZ. The repercussions of this legislation will destroy this country politically,economically and socially Michael
A cataclysmic threat, a hideously close threat jackie
Surely there is some way to have this government removed from office before the next election. Not unlike the Witlam government in Australia Mick
Co-governance cannot be allowed to occur and we have to put a stop to this ridiculous threat by getting rid of this government and by preventing any such threats through making it very clear we will not put up with such actions. James
It really is unbelieveable attempt to destroy our country and the democratic principles that we live by. Jacinda Adern will go down in history as the person who made race relations in NZ much worse than they previously were. colin
Apartheid Clarissa
One electoral roll for all and one duly elected government for all. Margaret
It is all racial maori generated bull…t norman
Unreal David
Judge Willy stated clearly that the Waitangi treaty has no longer relevance in our present day. Therefore for the government to enact co-governance would be illegal in the eyes of most New Zealanders. Dennis
This is the thin edge of a wedge to promate the lie that the treaty is a -partnership Stanley
This is frightening. I would not want to live under such circumstances but where could I go????. Evelyn
A disgrace for those process to be pushed thru in the way Jacinda wants. Trrry
We do not need apartheid in NZ! Look at what it did to South Africa Zimbabwe. Ironically, a lot of residents, black white, from those countries, emigrated to “FREE” NZ!! Theodora
Its an attack on all N Z ers rights and should be scrapped. Michael
15% cannot ,must not, ever rule over an 85% majority of peoples. Peter
No person of sound mind could believe that the then ruler of a wide-spread empire would enter into a partnership with a loose grouping of stone-age cannabils. Yet this is what Adern and her Maori caucus are basing their movement on. Barry
It is a dark age for NZ – going towards the end of democracy here. Tony
New Zealanders have always had equal ‘standing’ These changes will affect the Maori race.The economy will collapse as this Maori elite group & beneficiaries will expect the working minority to support them through taxes paid by hard working Kiwis. This is all making us very racist. I will not involve myself in anything associated with the Maori people. Unfortunately it is this group of “Elitists” that think they are above the majority of Kiwis. The privileges that have been available to Maori in the past have been unjust, but this will mean the end of NZ, a country I have always felt fortunate to live in. ACTION must begin to abolish all the laws passed by Adern’s naive team. Our standard of living is dropping fast . . hungry children, broken education system & health system that is at a dangerous level. God help us !! Judith
It is so insidious and we should be standing up to it as well as speaking out, but we are muzzled. It won’t end well. Pammie
This is why I’m making plans to leave this country for good. It doesn’t matter if National/Act are voted in next election, there will be very little change in anything – so why stay in a racist country? Chris
It should never see the light of day David
This is taking us in a bad direction%u2026. It must be stopped.. Clive
It is set to break democracy apart in NZ. It’s terrible. Andrew
Must be stopped Barry
Government for the people by the people has gone out the window. Ian
Has no basis in law & disregards the rights of those people who have made New Zealand the country it is. New Zealand is made up of a multiplicity of racial origins who have each contributed their culture to it. Peter
This is a very serious situation. Alison
If we don’t do something we will rue the day when we let it happen Ted
This must not happen … Kevin
How can we get rid of this government we have to get rid of it now before its too late. Ron
You can not have a democracy and co-governance which is another way of saying partnership. Noel
There are no Maoris living in NZ .We have opportunist who may have had a Maori ancestor so that a person who is 1/64 Maori blood line can claim to be a Maori Arthur
New Zealand belongs to ALL New Zealanders irrespective of ancestry. Elizabeth
I believe in one person one vote with equal voting rights and privileges.. NEIL
Huge, not major! Andrew
no need for a comment? its obvious this is an attempted marxist take over… Bruce
sinister, illegal and destructive of our treasured way of life in New Zealand Gordon
Why is this not dominating the media, appalling! Chris
‘Co-Governance” is an extension of the “Treaty Partnership” lie from the pit of Hell, that will result in the complete and utter destruction of our way of life. Our Constitution, albeit unwritten, rated as one of the Worlds’ best by Dr James Allen, a Constitutional expert, is also under threat. This Ardern led government could be aptly described as a boil on the backside of the body politic of NZ that needs to be lanced without further delay! Question is – will we still exist as a democracy, come the 2023 election, if nothing is done to reverse the status quo? Scott
Most important issue faced by NZ since WW2 Graeme
Co-governance is not democracy. It must not happen. Steve
Give any sort of power to Maori and they will stuff it up Graham
Adern & her gvt are wrecking NZ & it is being monitored around the world, disgraceful leadership. Susie
This must be stopped Chris
This government must be stopped. The P.M. is evil, no other word for it. Kevin
A major threat and most Kiwis are completely oblivious to what is happening and the sooner they wake up the better because if they dont it will be too late. This Government under Ardern and the Maori elite is placing this Country under threat and our Western allies will withdraw any support that is currently in place. You have been Warned. ken
NZ is being taken over by Maori radicals. Greg
absolutely frightening what iwi will do if that happens graeme
The end of the New Zealand way of life as we know it Geoffrey
It will be the end of democracy.Maori will take control of the country for a short time until tribal differences will cause them to fight each other.Hopefully they will wipe themselves off the face of the earth. Steve
Co governance and he puapua are acts of sedition by Adern, Mahuta, Jackson and the whole Labour Party- about time for action by the police and courts before the country slips into civil unrest Ihaia
Sick of NZ being called aotearoa Pete
Huge and irreversible. Gary
Unless this is exposed by our so called ‘media’ we will be lead to the slaughter John
communism through n through, exactly as Jacinda declared at the young communist conference, that they were all to do Anne
There is no possibility that the maori activists actually believe the claims of ‘partnership’ in the so-called treaty. Quite simply, they are lying! Anyone who thinks the maori’s aim is ‘co-governance’ is deluding themselves. They lost their land to superior forces, and now they want it back. Quite naturally so, but knowing that they couldn’t possibly take it back, they want to steal it by the back door, and are being aided and abetted by Ardern. TOBY
I am so angry at what is happening here and I take my hat off to you all for giving us a chaNCE TO SAY But I am now in the age bracket that no one listens too and I am only so far into technology I need people like you all to speak for me. Barbara
This is not only a major threat to democracy, it is also destroying the social cohesiveness and harmony enjoyed by the majority of New Zealanders up until the current term of the Labour Government Bob
Back to tribal rule Peter
No group should have governing rights if they have not arrived at Parliament other than by a democratically derived election by all the people who they are selected to represent. DAVID
How do we make others who don’t look at this information aware? I am so frustrated that many I know just won’t discuss this issue. Judy
Where can I get a vaccination for this sneaky, crippling pandemic that will crush freedom in ALL our lives? Susan
Co-governance = racial divide Which is seemingly the intent of the radicals with in the Labour Party Look to the historical depth of humanity Take the mid 1790%u2019s a ship transporting prisoners to Botany Bay had a captain who treated the prisoners appallingly. Resulting in great loss of life Hard nosed observers were disgusted and raised their concerns back to England An inquiry was held. The measure of a progressive society At the same time Maori were behaving socially in a well documented manner that disappeared in Europe in the latter Stone Age Time and tide waits for no man The tide is turning and as it goes out for the most part it washes away the unwanted As it returns it returns spreading across the land it returns equally with out discrimination Co Governance discriminates and attempts to usurp the basic fundamentals of democracy The basic fundaments which govern us all There needs to be a move to remove all references to race from legislation WE are all equal if one falls of a horse one climbs back on again. The ability to get on is not determined by race It’s determined by attitude Colonialism, in which ever form you/one wishes to embrace it was a humane gift wilfully accepted. It resulted in democracy Seemingly the radicals don%u2019t want what they have They want what they had Well 95% of the population prefer it as it is Bring on the next election Bruce
If co-governance means that Maori have automatic entry onto local government bodies and parliament without being voted in, then yes that is patently wrong. Jacquetta
Democracy MUST be maintained. Catherine
It threatens New Zealand the land the people the peace and the future Anon
With this government democracy is a thing of the past unless we get rid of the bastards David
This is a most serious situation, the threat is real. My worry is; will successive governments scrap co-governance or ‘tinker’ with it? Tony
Just the thought of 16% of the population can co govern a country based on race when none of them are 100% pure blood anyway is a VERY scary thought. laurie
Shocking idea. Haven’t Adern and her cronies done enough damage already? Nick
There is no doubt co governess is ant democratic ,and the Comunist Goct.under Comrade Jacinda must be ejectsd. David
Co-governance shouldn’t even be part of New Zealand’s political narrative since it undermines our democracy and creates divisiveness in our society. Frank
NZ is now well & truly an Apartheid country, with more biased indigenous race-based rules than the country they so vocally criticised as being raciest – South Africa! The bleating entitled minority override the good of the whole NZ society to the detriment of NZ. Dane
It is based on Maori Tribal rule and the government has absolutely no mandate for this. Shaun
NZ appears hell-bent on destroying democracy and adopting an apartheid type dictator ship regime ran and controlled by 16% of our population, a racially dominated tribal elite? Cedric 
The threat of having these cannibals in any form of governance in New Zealand is terrifying and it is already so out of control. It’s well overdue for for all New Zealanders to rise up and take what ever action is necessary to throw this lowlife Labour party out on the streets, and save OUR country. Des
“Such is life” Rodney
The protectory of co-governance in its self is undemocratic and as such it undermines the make up of a democratic nation. It is an enormous threat to our way of life. The birth of an autocratic society. Wake up New Zealand. chris
Our young people need to be alerted to what us happening secretly in our government Heather
Can’t believe how our democracy is being eroded over this and many other issues. That Mahuta can have 3 close family members to implement 3 Waters is shocking Colleen
This is such threat, which as of now, should result in this Prime Minister and some of her cohorts being forcibly removed from their positions. Tom
I only hope we can hang on until the election when we can cast our democratic vote, if we still have one Warren
The damned “treaty” is continuously being misread to mean anything the Maori party wants. All New Zealander MUST reread this simply document and see that there is NO reference to go-governance nor founding document mentioned.. The present moves by the Maori caucus is a COUP BY STEALTH and everyone must vote against it. Graeme
This Labour Government (not just PM Adern and not just the Maori caucus) is leading a largely blindfolded population down a road leading to racial strife, and ultimately, catastrophe! They must be removed before irreparable damage it done. Colin
It would herald the death of NZ as we know it. Ian
If the public of NEW ZEALAND let this bullshit happen and the continuation of this Government carry on the we all are going to be doomed and this country of ours will end up in internal wars as the rest of us the 85% will not put up with it and it will cause apartheid and we will never be the same again, just look at South Africa Maori will ruin this country with the Labour party’s help as there counter parts did to south Africa. Come on people it’s time to wake up open your eyes we have an election coming up lets band together VOTE them out and keep them out so they never get back in again ever so they can never start this bull shit ever again, old saying if you give an inch they will take a mile. COLIN
Ghastly manipulation by a mad group Gill
I cannot understand how this nonsense is continuing unchallenged by the media watch dogs. The NZCPR is the only in depth reporting on this disgraceful situation. Warren
This has to be stopped otherwise this country is doomed! Colin
Please wake up New Zealand Alan
In fact a huge threat. It is, in fact, the end of democracy and the end of our once free nation !! Quite simply it is a form of apartheid. Doug
This would be the end of New Zealand’s democracy. Elaine
New Zealand as we know it would be transformed into a third world economy run by a radical, racist regime if we allowed any of our democratic rights to be stolen. All New Zealanders including Maori should open their eyes to what is taking place without open consultation, it is in violation of Human rights and freedom of speech. Why and how is this happening? Through the cover of Covid, as time goes on the truth will be exposed, and now the war in Ukraine. Steve
Out with this lot John
maori proposals are behind untrustworthy duplicity hidden behind distractions. they lack honesty and integrity. Already nepotism is displayed their desires are already off the rails. Once installed then come alterations and ammendments to hide weaknesses in their intended schemes. Here we do a haka: Maori desire power and control displaying why they lived in total tribal warfare, slavery and cannabisim. They they expect the remaining 80% of society to rescue them from their errors and have no shame to act accordingly. They are 15% of society and should pay their way. Sort the own house in to order before ruining this society we have gotten to. Because they will. another haka… mike
the co-governance system is un democratic & I strongly oppose it. mike
This cannot be allowed to happen NZers must rise up and revolt against this commomunist govt eric
He Puapua is a guise for Tribal Elite to get control of new Zealand for nothing. And back to the Stone age we go. But, wait what’s this, People are resisting and will NOT agree with this whole RACIAL Agenda, including Maori. See you all at the Trial for Treason. Geoff
It definitely does and must be stopped Graeme
New Zealand would come to a stop. Jealousy and tribal infighting would take over. Civil disobedience would grow. Darryl
We need both opposition parties to oppose this and say there will repeal any suh legislation. Chuck
Disastrous for New Zealand Linda
To give 17.5% of the population equal control of the country’s assets and an equal voice fails to make sense. It should not be overlooked that all Maori have at least some European blood in their veins. Dougal
Agreed but how do we awake our fellow NZ’s to the threat? When you can’t get the reality of the situation out to the majority, due to TV & MSM under Govt censorship, opposition MP’s looking the other way and protests etc ignored, the options are limited. Are there constitutional/legal options that could be pursued? John
We need to return to the concept of equal voting rights for all over 18 Simon
We are told lies on a daily basis & sadly the PM lies when overseas as well John
It immediately denies the voice of the majority Harvey
Civil war on the way Bob
This is Racism being implemented against the voters by this racist Labour Government. Carl
Another attack on our democracy by this lying ardern government. She preached to the Harvard University that democracy is fragile built up over decades, but it an be trashed quickly. Well it currently is being trashed by ardern. Peter
A huge threat to our wonderful country by a horde of half breeds led by a qualified fish and chip wrapper .I don’t seriously Adern will stand next election ,she will do her damage and then jump ship ,possibly going to the UN leaving the maori partners in crime to answer her deceitful and communist agenda . Ray
Time to stop this nonsense and boot them all out. Valerie
WOT Wiremu
What mess anywhere in the world that has arisen in the last 3 years (and there are many) would’ve been possible without covid. There will be no coverage in the mainstream media because the contract they signed for their share of the public interest journalism fund requires full support of treaty principles and co governance. Hopeless. Matt
It appears that there is a need for our democracy ti 1 be informed and 2 be prepared to play the long game Gary
We (KIWI’S) need to remember that there is more people in the parliament than jacinda, and they are all tarred with the same brush. We need to know what the opposition parties are going to do about rescinding these decisions that these people are making. looking at the comments every week shows that new zealanders are reading thease articles and we can only hope that we can make a difference when it comes election time. Has anyone thought that our favorite jacinda might not be here, but in a cushy job at united nations, Chris Hipkins seems to be in the limelight more every day William
This is huge Danny
MMP has enabled co-governance to develop since its inception. Frederick
PM is a racist. Ann
As Dr Muriel Newmans says ‘the PM’s plan is to replace democracy with Tribal Rule…. Patricia
A huge threat to our democracy and a move back in time.This is for Ardern’s benefit while she pursues a position in Europe?UN Bryan
First, Maori are NOT indigenous, they migrated here less than a thousand years ago. ALL New Zealanders are immigrants or descendants of immigrants and we should be treated equally. There is no such thing as co-governance between the Crown and Maori. Besides, there are no full blood Maori, they are all part Maori and should not be treated differently. Andrew
I see this as a major take over threat or attempt to democratic New Zealand (just as Joe Biden is attempting in the USA and Trudeau in Canada) by Jacinda and her socialist, UN, WHO, WEF etc cohorts attempting to convert NZ into a One World Governance dictatorship. Stuart
there wont be a democracy anthony
How do we get rid of this racially driven, country wrecking economic vandals masquerading as Labour politicians? Iwi rule will ensure the relegation of New Zealand to the status of Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. Chris
This idea risks fracturing New Zealand along racial lines a concept I would not have believed possible in my lifetime. Unfortunately now it has started some believe it is inevitable Geoff
It is Apartheid wrapped in a parcel of Communisitic retoric David
This will destroy our democracy in New Zealand and was not revealed before the last election. Voters were not made aware of it. Helen
This is frightening. Please, other members of parliament fight for our rights and freedom. If NZ had tribal rule we would be a laughing stock in the world. How have we come to this? Laura
as a nz euro I feel that my rights are being walked over and I feel powerless. Can’t wait to see this gov. gone Jean
This is so far the most serious threat since world war two to the now fragile , but very civilised nation New Zealand has become. Casey
I have no trust in a socialist and no have respect for any person who will never answer a question. Early election, get rid of this counties dregs. Ken
It is high time a no confidence vote was taken and the government tipped out. The governor general should step in and dissolve government now. Graeme
A huge chink in the democratic system. Jim
It appears that no one in authority is taking this threat seriously and Ardern and the Maoris are getting a free ride.There must be some way legally to stop this and with all the legal people who write articles for this publication why are they not doing so. Peter
It spells the end of democracy in NZ and must not be allowed to happen. Surely a legal case exists that prevents NZers losing their right to one person one vote? Kerry
It is not a threat to democracy but rather it is the elimination of it! gary
We won’t actually have “co-governance” we will have a country lead/ruled by “Aristocratic Iwi” who actually achieve nothing that benefits the average Maori people or any New Zealanders. It simply loads their own multi million dollar coffers / businesses that pay no tax. There is no incentive for any New Zealander to actually “work hard and achieve” Remember the world owes you nothing, You need to commit yourself and your family to provide food, shelter and education for yourselves. Yes there is a need for a welfare system as “support” for those who find themselves in difficult situations as a “Help up” NOT a system that allows people to choose welfare as a life style and not to help themselves. A system that punishes those that help themselves and are forced to support those that choose not to help themselves. Rita
It is racism in the extreme Bruce
Hugely disturbing. The end of democracy and the country I have known for 70 years. Labour MUST go, but must be replaced with a strong democratically minded party. Roger
It’s time to wake up New Zealand! Jason
We must put a stop to this plan now before it goes any further! Murray
I’m concerned about the price increases that inevitably go with increased layers of bureaucracy. Janet
Apartheid in reverse. Frank
Our democracy has evolved and developed over 800 years and now a bunch of wreckers wish to smash it-we must NOT allow this to happen! Roger
It is not co-governance it is apartheid. Neil
Ardern has acted in a treasonous fashion knowingly aided and abetted by the Maori caucus and her labour party colleagues.If the treaty has expired then all money given to Maori was done so under false pretences and needs to be repaid with interest. Darryl
More than just “a major threat” – the two cannot coexist! Co-governance is not and cannot ever be Democracy. Andy
An absolute sham and miss representation of the facts that will result in tears for the majority. Democracy lost! Paul
If this chicanery somehow gets passed into law New Zealand is buggered. Ardern should be tried for treason. John
The threat is huge indeed, but Jacinda didn’t learn from any socialist abstraction. She learned practically from Tony Blair, Prime Minister, liar, and war criminal. alan
Must be stopped. This government and the oppositions must go. Kevin
To Remain a true democracy , there can be only One rule for all, Dividing the country by race will lead to total destruction of our society. Don
I am now 82 years old and I have lived through all the good years when I was proud to be a New Zealander so i hope I don’t live long enough to see the total destruction of this country by a communist led government. Roger
A no-win situation – some have to end up angry. Eileen
To move forward as a nation, we must move forward together, not divided by racially motivated radical socialist Mike
Probably the biggest unwanted change to our political system in the history of our country. About time for us to oppose these reforms before JA introduces her socialist “He Puapua” agenda. Lawrie
great comment by Antony Willy well worth reading and very concise. Phil
We urgently need ardern and mahuta arrested for treason! Barbara
Beurocrats everyday inforcce race based interpretation of policies and get ver angry when asked if they agree with them. The Companies act requires fiscal responsibility and the human rights act requires non discrimination. MBIE has contracts which ride rough shod over these. Brian
Treason! chris
Being a legal monster it may never be able to be reversed paul
co-governance will destroy New Zealand & turn or country into a battle ground. Mahuta & Adern & the Moari caucus should all be done for treason Nigel
I was speaking to a retired accountant a fellow who is respected I asked him how concerned he was.. His reply – we are a democracy l they can’t do anything. So many are asleep Yvonne
The threat is enormous and MUST be put down. David
Needs to be taken to the privy council. Chris
Comrade Ardern & her Maori supporters have never had a mandate for their current actions Bob
A massive threat Bryan
We have a Government campaign to brainwash the people of Maori rites and past injustises that we should all feel quilty bout. Ian
I have had tears spring up as I read Andrew Willy’s article, perhaps a result of a desperate feeling of hopelessness. A Vote of No Confidence is our only immediate hope as another year of Ardern and her criminal gang will topple our democracy. But saying that I despair that Luxon has the fire in his belly or the political will to overturn these anti democratic assaults on our nationhood. God save us from politicians with their greedy hands in the public purse Helen
It is threatening to divide our country. Gavin
Sadly, many people appear to be either won over by Labour’s slick lies, or simply aren’t interested in this seismic change in our governance. When they wake up to the enormity of the deceit, it will be too late. This racially motivated grab for power will destroy New Zealand as a democratic state. Graham
100% is about right Charles
Put the K back in Iwi! Glenda
This must be stopped John
Massive threat!! This is now NZ democracy teetering on the edge. If this is not stopped, NZ is buggered! Jan
Muriel’s letter should be front page news for all our major newspaper editors. However, you could safely bet they will steer well clear because of their compromised journalistic integrity through contracting into the PIJF. Here we have real information, unlike the disinformation and misinformation trotted out daily by the MSM around Treaty issues. Brian
This communist labour government leadership must be removed from power and co governance is lies by the Maori caucus and our dumb PM Kevin
A load of savages with painted faces trying to run a country. Mike
Corruption and manipulation on a grand scale! Those criticizing apartheid in SA a few decades ago now see it as a legitimate way of governing NZ. How totally absurd! Jan
Seeing it already Sheena
It’s undemocratic and very concerning Bernadette
And slavery for those not related to the Mahuta tribe john
It would be an absolute disaster for the country. Labour as a political entity is totally untrustworthy as it exists today only to advance anti-democratic Maori plans for tribal rule. Dennis
Co-Governance with a radical minority group is racist, absurd and scary. Jean
Labour’s co-governance agenda is a deliberate effort by NZ’s most racist MPS to corrupt the treaty and pervert democracy in their favour. It is highly unethical. Every MP who uses the term “Our People” is a racist extremist and must be removed from parliament because they are blatantly choosing to disregard their electoral duty to represent all NZers and instead are pursuing a personal racist agenda. This disgusting, divisive, illegitimate because it has no electoral mandate Labour agenda must be stopped NOW! Steve
the will be no equality here. Janet
Goals such as more effective Infrastructure are good but using it as a cloak to achieve “co-governance” is evil. John
At our peril that this labour government get re elected perhaps they should be challenged under the mental health act. kevin
Fully agree with Muriel’s post of 25 June. It is clearly set out there Hugh
This needs to be blocked and then legally dismantled so it can’t happen again. john
The implementation of the myth of co-governance is an existential threat to the peace and prosperity of future New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern and her government are the most devious and destructive ruling party New Zealand has ever seen, whilst betraying all New Zealander’s of their democratic rights , are pretending to govern for all New Zealanders. Shame on these liars, they have earned their place as the biggest political fraudsters in all of New Zealand’s history. Their incompetence and stupidity is only exceeded by their corruption and trickery. The sooner we are rid of them , the better. !!!! Donald
You cannot have democracy when you grant 17% of the population 50% power. That’s apartheid, and we all know how that ends. Derek
Major is not superlative enough. Tsunami is more appropriate. A Bryden
Biggest threat to democracy this country has faced We must have one vote only for each individual ,we must get back to equality for all in the way politicians run the country,health must be based on need not race! Chris
can we call for a no-confidence vote and get rid of them now? Erin
If National do not come out strongly opposing this illegal push for tribal rule, they don’t deserve our vote. ACT have at least state their position. Why can’t National? Anne
1984 Matt
This attempt at take-over is unlawful. It is divisory and is being pushed by the maori party using no evidence or proof of a claim. This is TREASON against a democratic country…New Zealand by a minotity group..the ‘elite’ few which is a joke and should be ripped up and trashed. mark
Unreal to see our country being destroyed Luxton needs to show his colours asap If not then Act is our only saviour Clint
Huge, the end of New Zealand as we know it. David
No way, one person, one vote! Mike 
Without a unbiased 4th Estate we do not have the resource to reason Doug
A continuation along this current path will totally destroy democracy in NZ (or should that be Aotearoa) Graham
It is disgustingly “racist” to all other New Zealanders and hell bent to destroy this country Alan
No greater threat exist. kenton
Co-governance is basically a dictatorship! Maori would have ‘veto’ rights over every government policy being introduced – they would have the numbers. Progress would stagnate and the country would join the ranks of the third world. Well done Jacinda, Mafuta and the Labour Party. martin
Co governance has the potential to turn nz into a failed state, with a dictatorial ruling elite dominating government. Willy
No such thing as a democratic racist dictatorship. Richard
Democracy RICHard
Out of control Jeff
A regular action by an autocratic racist Marxist government Bryan
It will not happen. It must not happen. those advocating it will be held Accountable. No prisoners will be taken. All Politicians who vote for it will be put in prison and the keys thrown away. Frank
We need to be worried Noeline
very dangerous Graeme
It’s an attempt to fix, ideologically, a system of governance that is in no way broken. Thus undermining the very democratic, inclusive life we all currently enjoy. Done by devious radicals who refuse to see the wood for the trees. Kevin
It must not be allowed to happen. “We the people” must stand together and reject outright this He Puapua fabrication. Let our slogan be “Hell No” not on our watch. neil
Already without co governance in place we are seeing more and more race biased decisions being forced upon us. If co governance is instituted New Zealand will no longer be a desirable place to live. Sheryl
You cannot drive two cars at once even to the same destination. Democracy depends on each vote being equal in value for the representative to represent equally Cliff
How is it that Jacinda Ardern is telling the world about the need for democracy, but destroying it at home? Two-faced anyone? FloJo
A real article. Evans
Illegal and racist while the SHEEPLE SIT AND do nothing calling people like me who point it out CUNSPIRACY THEORIST S Greg
Why is Adern not being challenged directly in Parliament about this? Time and time again? Why do the opposition not challenge this premise directly? Alan
I have always used tap water for drinking anywhere in NZ. I’m 77 and have never been sick or had a problem. We are being conned again by this government. It is all about control and nothing to do with health! John
Co-Governance is not the aim of activists. They actually want Governance. Jack
It can only lead to more apartheid based legislation. Alan
It is a neoMarxist biased illegal takeover of NZ democracy by dishonest Maori radicals supported by a dishonest irresponsible government led by a declared communist inspired leader Hylton
maori are 15% of the population and have been equal citizens for 150 yrs. While colonisation may not have been ideal, every one of them is better off than it never happened. Co-governance is not a fair deal for anyone but the Maori Activists and elite. It will only every benefit 1%. Maureen
More clarity on the legal reality of this concept is needed. mary
‘Co-governance’ is not democracy! Lee
And it is already happening, we must stop it! Paul
Cindy and mahuta should make it an election policy for us to boot them out.this is what I mean about Maori elite looking after themselves and don’t look after ones at bottom of the xhain Wade
The French dealt with rogue governance. If the PM is mraching to a traitorous Schwabian drum shouldn’t she be stopped? Kevin
It’s as if we were participants in a horror show of our own making, but the credits never roll, and we are powerless and unable to leave the theatre Richard
Disastrous to our democracy; disastrous to our society and disastrous for our economy. Tim
Democracy is all but dead under this oppressive government. Jon
Terrifying and ridiculous. Louise
There would be NO democracy. co-governance will lead directly to a banana republic and you know who will be slipping on the skins…. us muppets. The country is stuffed Bruce
Worldwide it has caused division and unrest when one sector of the population given priority over another. There is no unity with a country to grow a nation. Now in this day an age when its been tested and failed why are we bringing back division to people who already live in harmony as one nation? WHY make people think we are different when we all know we are equal? Just to create dislike and segregation amongst our own people for the benefit of a few leaders. This has no benefit for the people of NZ. Pavithra
Definitely time to put an end to all this subversive treacherous behaviour being pushed by ardern and her Marxist Socialist government!!! John
So frightened for our once harmonious NEW ZEALAND Claire
As an expat Brit who has lived and worked here for 30 years, Kiwi’s need to wake up or it will be way too late. All the youngsters coming through school will be brain washed and Maori indoctrinated. So one option will be to leave this country which is exactly what they want. 97,000 kiwi’s have left already when the boarders opened up, with many thousands more to follow, a brain drain and exodus. If you are waiting until Luxton gets in, then think again, he is a liberal lefty and will change very little. When you see and hear the likes of Tova O,Brien advocating for Luxton to become the leader of National then you know something is drasticly wrong. Act is the only party that will reverse all that these radical marxists have done. Carl Marx said “control the media and you control the mind”, exactly what’s happening here under Ardern and her cohorts. Good luck with the fight against the revolution within, I am right behind you. Brian
This must be stopped Michael
Absolute!!!!!! Richard
Allow this government to continue with its WEF agenda. Gayle
Democracy is not a flexible idea. It is democracy. Any thing else is unacceptable. Graham
Why are the general population and our government elected members so complacent I believe we will have a huge exodus of people leaving NZ including me never to return unless the opposition pulls finger and show some interest and do there job Peter
This is so serious and will only escalate a mass migration to Australia. I suggest this has already started Lindsay
Why are our opposition parties not all over this? Why isn’t our ‘free’ press reporting this in headline news? Maori are not indigenous, they’re travellers who arrived just before Pakeha, that doesn’t make them indigenous. Mel
First comment I make is that Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand. So all the claims Maori make on this assumption are false. Barbara
Labour is creating a porch monkey paradise Graeme 
Dangerous E
It would be a TOTAL threat. Democracy and co-governance are the very opposites of each other!! Why do we keep pandering to this Maori tribal elite? Tony
every thing that this govt do ; appears to be a threat to democracy Roy
This is a devious agenda being pursued by a generally poor government led by activists rather than those elected. They must not be re elected. Peter
Co governance will be the end of democracy and simply place Moari as an elite race able to ransom the country on every action for bribes stripping all other kiwis of their rights Daniel
Jacinta is a criminal and should be tried for treason. Laurie
Ridiculous idea, should be stopped now. Graham
Co- governance is not the final aim, complete control is the agenda and the ultimate destruction of any Pakeha influence in NZ. Along with that comes money. Maria
Surely Ardern’s & Mahuta’s covert overthrow of our democracy is treason. Fiona
The niggers must be stopped by any means at our disposal I’m sorry I used the N word but I’m really unable to see them as anything else. Forgive me. Lindsay
It’s such a threat I am deeply, deeply concerned. The lifestyle we have enjoyed is on a precipice about to be pushed over the edge and we will loose everything. Kristene
A pity Muriel you did not have an ‘Existential Threat’ button. There are two outcomes to Rangatira domination (co-governance is just a smoke screen) – NZ will become the Zimbabwe of the Pacific and/or civil war. Brenton
Being introduced by white traitors supported by Maori tribal interests. A sure path to war. There is no doubt a list of these traitors that encompasses not only politicians but also educators and local body and State employees. There is no mandate for Labour to introduce this blasphemy and the premise of a partnership is a lie. Ardern’s treachery must initially lie in her upbringing in the Ardern family. Who do the Rotorua Council think they are to disregard the Attorney Generals advice? Rotorua voters take notice of who these individuals are for ballot box retribution. The National party have culpability in this state of affairs also and have tainted their trustworthiness. Terry
Bloody scary Janne 
Co-governance is the end of democracy. Period. The travesty is that these Maori are more European than Maori and betray their heritage and fellow citizens. Folkert
Not too many years ago in NZ we all got on with each other pretty well, race was hardly an issue. Today, under Jacinda Ardern we have race rammed into our eyes and ears continuously, I and a lot of other Kiwis are sick of it, if Ardern is so keen to have us follow the ToW why doesn’t she simply follow what Governor Hobson said at the completion of the Treaty signing “We are now one”. If those few words were accepted and followed we wouldn’t be wasting all the time and money on things Maori, people are fed up with it, the ToW needs to be put away and no more time or money spent on it, it is ruining what used to be the best country in the world. Tony
Recall legislation is required in order to quell such an attack on democracy both in NZ and in all other democratic nations. Norman
If co-governance occurs say goodbye to democracy. We will revert to a tribal rabble. Merv
Co governance means we become a communist style country and democracy goes out the window. Bruce
Co-governance would destroy NZ forever. Adele
By its very nature it is an unveiled threat to attempt disrupt the democracy established in this land and replace it with a strong Maori Agenda of tribal management. It is time that our prime minister was unearthed and overturned on the basis that she is betraying the rights of all her constituents. Clearly her actions are unlawful and she no longer represents the interests of the New Zealand populace. It is time for an uprising and the overthrow of this government before any further damage is caused. Ardern is being traiterous to the people she represents and is not fairly representing their interest. She is clearly slanted towards separatism and the instatement of Maori dominance in Government. That agenda was never presented to the majority population. Action needs to be taken to oust her from the position of control she holds. She doesn’t deserve the right to hold out until the next election . It is quite clear that in the interim much further damage will be done and will need to be unravelled.. This is a treacherous web she is weaving and action is needed to evict her immediately needed to get this country back onto its destiny of democracy. terrence
If it happens, our country is finished Russell
Co-governance is a serious threat to our NZ way of life. The absolute last thing we need is high and mighty Maori rulers trying to impose their will and tell us what to do. It’s been bad enough having to put up with that Matariki stuff being rammed down our throats. Giving them control of health and water is absolute madness! Sam
Labour is absolutely ruining our country and undermining democracy is the last straw. It doesn’t get any more serious than this. Brian
Co-governance is tribal dictatorship by another name. We need it like a hole in the head! Keith
Jacinda Ardern is a huge concern. She seems to have lost her mind. Amy
This government needs to go now, before they do more damage. I can’t believe they would undermine democracy in this way and put private tribal wannabes in charge of crucial policies that can cost people their lives. It is utter madness.  Stuart