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The Tide is Turning

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“Democratic government can accommodate Maori political aspiration in many ways. It can allocate resources in ways which reflect the particular interests of Maori people. It can delegate authority, and allow the exercise of degrees of Maori autonomy. What it cannot do is acknowledge the existence of a separate sovereignty. As soon as it does that, it isn’t a democracy. We can have a democratic form of government or we can have indigenous sovereignty. They can’t coexist and we can’t have them both.”
– Former Labour Prime Minister David Lange

What has been described by journalist Graham Adams as a “covert 20-year plan to establish Maori sovereignty” is now being rolled out by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern under the guise of a blueprint for the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Government’s He Puapua report provides a roadmap for tribal authorities to take control of the country by 2040 – the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. It is being implemented by stealth.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, journalist and author Mike Butler has examined He Puapua and outlines their ‘grand plan’ for separatist control through ‘co-governance’:

“There will be a sphere of solely Crown governance that includes Parliament, the Beehive, and the civil service, as currently exists, to govern the 4.5 million non-Maori citizens of New Zealand.

“There will be a sphere of solely Maori governance, with the same level of authority and responsibility, that may include a second Parliament, Beehive, and civil service, to govern the half million citizens of Maori descent.

“The two spheres will overlap creating a ‘co-governance sphere’ in which the Crown and Maori share governance in ‘matters of mutual concern’.”

Far-fetched as it sounds, we can see how it is playing out in the health reforms announced by the Minister of Health Andrew Little last month.

He has proposed a centralised health agency, Health NZ, to replace the country’s existing 20 District Health Boards – clearly the Crown governance sphere.

A completely separate Maori Health Authority has been proposed to fund and deliver health services to Maori – the Maori governance sphere.

And since there will be some overlap, the separatist Maori Health Authority will have the right of veto over the whole health system – that is a veto power over $20 billion worth of Government health spending in the co-governance sphere.

But these reform proposals raise some important questions.

Minister Little claims his plan for centralisation will create “our first truly national public health service”. But it will dismantle the reforms introduced by Helen Clark’s Labour Government 20 years ago that established District Health Boards, which then Health Minister Annette King claimed would “restore community involvement in, and ownership of, health at a local level” and “return to a genuine public health service in this country”.

So, which is it? They can’t both be right: will a true public health service be created through Minister Little’s centralisation, or was it created by Minister King’s decentralisation to District Health Boards with their strong community involvement and empowered local ownership?

Or is it the case that the only way to make separatism work in health, is for the Crown sphere to have a single centralised agency, rather than 20 community-based District Health Boards. Is this the real reason community-based health boards are being scrapped?

And what compelling rationale justifies the massive upheaval of New Zealand’s health system and the creation of a separatist Maori health service?

The Associate Minister of Health Peeni Henare outlined the reasoning at the Press Conference announcing the reforms: “We talk a lot about being a transformational Government. Some imagine this statement means big infrastructure builds, massive policy commitments all leading up to a single grand reveal. But this is what I see as transformation. Something quite simply and yet so very complex. Maori feeling comfortable and able to go to the doctor when they get sick. That – that would change everything for our people.”

So there you have it – our whole health system is apparently going to be turned on its head so Maori can feel more comfortable going to the doctor. Well, I have news for the Minister: Maori aren’t the only ones who don’t like going to the doctor!

Not only is this no justification for such a radical upheaval of the health system, but the evidence shows that it’s not the colour of one’s skin that creates health disparity, but factors such as lifestyle – whether someone smokes, drinks, take drugs, exercises, eats a healthy diet; whether health care is accessed in a timely fashion with prescribed treatment plans followed; and the home environment including the influence of family, socio-economic background, education, and employment status.

This is why health care should always be based on need, never on race.

Minister Henare also explained that improving ‘equity’ will be a key objective for the new Maori Health Authority, as will autonomy: “It will be able to directly commission services where needed. Maori will have a clear voice in decision-making through the evolved iwi/Maori partnership boards that will approve priorities and service plans for localities.”

So while the new Maori health model will give communities “a clear voice in decision-making” so services can be tailored to meet local needs, the new centralised service planned for the rest of New Zealand will take local community involvement in decision-making away.

Political commentator Chris Trotter has serious concerns about the Government’s separatist health reforms: “The Maori Health Authority will not, itself, be the provider of Maori health services. These will be ‘commissioned’ by the Authority: presumably from private Maori contractors. We may even see the rise of Maori health entrepreneurs: individuals keen to profit from the needs identified by the MHA’s ‘monitors’.

But he makes the point, “If Little had announced that Health New Zealand would be commissioning private sector providers to supply the health needs of New Zealanders, then the Left would have condemned him roundly. Labour would stand accused of privatising the public health system. People would demand to know how the citizen’s right to publicly provided health care can possibly be reconciled with the pursuit of private profit. That no such outcry has greeted the Government’s decision to hand over the health care of New Zealand’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens to private entities – some of them quite likely profit-seeking businesses – is telling…

“Labour might like to answer how it could possibly be in the MHA’s interest to report anything other than a strong improvement in Maori health outcomes. Were it ever to report that in spite of its best efforts the general health of Maori New Zealanders, as compared to Pakeha, continues to decline, then one of the key rationales for its establishment would be seriously compromised. Is it reasonable to ask the MHA to be a judge in its own cause?”

The privatisation of social services to tribal corporations is exactly what they have been calling for. With the Maori economy now worth upwards of $70 billion, iwi leaders have long recognised that lucrative money-making opportunities exist in Maori disadvantage.

Cynics would say this is why tribal leaders have largely refused to use their growing wealth – built on the back of taxpayer-funded Treaty settlements – to help those who are struggling.

The separatists calling for a Maori Health Authority, do not want State involvement. But as Chris Trotter warns, the prospect of tribal corporations in “pursuit of private profit” supplying taxpayer-funded health services to family members without State oversight, raises important questions of accountability.

Surely, the deal is this: if the State pays, then the State must have oversight and control.

Since the State will be providing health funding, then the Maori Health Authority must be fully accountable to the State for its performance and spending.

This same argument should apply to the calls for separatist control of the Government’s child protection agency. Driven by radical activists, a vindictive campaign has been run to undermine Oranga Tamariki. As a result, the Minister for Children has established a Maori advisory board to consider the devolution of the protection of abused children to private tribal agencies.

But no Government can wash its hands of vulnerable children – nor can it turn its back on the need for State oversight and control. 

Already Lady Tureiti Moxon, tipped as a potential leader for a separatist Maori child protection service, is calling for abusive parents to be compensated for having their children removed: “I think the Crown should be looking at an apology and certainly should be looking at compensating a lot of these whanau, and returning children back to their parents.”

Does this engender confidence that an iwi-led autonomous child protection agency would have the best interests of the child at heart?

While many concerns are now being raised about He Puapua, what has not been questioned to date is the validity of two key concepts that underpin the separatist agenda – the first is the claim that the Treaty of Waitangi established a “partnership” between Maori and the Crown, and second is that the Treaty promised “equity” for Maori.

Firstly, Maori cannot be partners in any constitutional sense with the Crown – as the former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy explains, “It was and is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with her subjects. She can as she did in 1840 make promises to them but by definition, the Crown is supreme, and the people are subject to her laws.”

Essentially, any claim of the existence of a constitutional ‘partnership’ is a deception that is being used to gain power and subvert democracy.

Democratic rights are based on the notion of one person one vote. But by asserting constitutional ‘partnership’ rights as justification, separatists are calling for the 15 percent of Maori to be given, not 15 percent of democratic power, but 50 percent.

Maori co-governance is not democracy – co-governance destroys democracy as we know it.

Secondly, based on the absurd notion that the Treaty guarantees equal outcomes for Maori, the concept of “equity” has been fabricated to justify separatism.

Equity is a political construct invented by the Waitangi Tribunal and outlined in a 2019 report: “Article 3 of the Treaty confirms that Maori have all the rights and privileges of British subjects. The Tribunal has found that this article not only guarantees Maori freedom from discrimination but also obliges the Crown to positively promote equity.”

So, while there was no mention of equity in the 2001 Ministry of Maori Development’s guidance to the Government on the meaning of the Treaty ‘principles’, by the time the advice was re-written in 2019, it featured strongly: “Article Three has an implicit assurance that rights would be enjoyed equally by Maori with all New Zealanders” to attain “equitable outcomes”.

Even though governments are under no obligation to adopt Tribunal recommendations, Prime Minister Ardern’s administration is now pro-actively using the equity fabrication to claim that ‘Maori’ disparity – as reflected in such things as poorer health statistics, higher unemployment, and an over-representation in the criminal justice system – is being caused, not by individual choices and circumstances, but by colonisation and institutional racism within government services. As a result, they maintain that equity and equal outcomes can only be delivered through separatist agencies – like the new Maori Health Authority – that embrace a Maori World View. 

This deception must be discredited, since it is now being used to justify the tribal control of government services, that underpins He Puapua.

So where does all this end?

Since first uncovering the Government’s explosive He Puapua report in March and exposing this secret agenda to impose tribal control by 2040, concerns are now widespread. Most people are horrified when they learn their Government is subjugating democracy to tribal authority by stealth.

Allegations are now swirling that He Puapua encompasses the ambitions of some of the country’s most radical Maori supremacists, and that the report was not only deliberately hidden from New Zealand First while they were in Government, but from the public until after the election – in case it was ‘misconstrued’.

There is clearly a great deal more to this than meets the eye. This debate is only just starting.

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Educate people regarding living a healthy lifestyle to prevent early death and also avoiding drugs which impact health especially mental health eg Schizophrenia. Helen
This is a very dangerous separative decision which would destroy our democracy and NZ as we know it. This must not be allowed to happen Paul
Just the start of what to come, absolutely frightening. Reg
I don’t agree with that. They have just as much access to health care as everyone else. Lyn
The thin edge of the wedge is thin no more. Ken
Definitely not – racism in reverse Derek
Totally wrong on all levels, Brenda
This government is stealthy implementing this 50-50 co government without the knowledge of the average New Zealander and it is becoming very worrying. Digby
Maybe if they only use their tax contributions. ha ha Peter
There needs to be a health authority which delivers the best possible health outcomes to all New Zealanders, be they Maori, Pakeha, Chinese etc. Alistair
Why should on ethnic group be given MORE than any other one.. Why should my Maori neighbour get better access to (health/Income/benefits) then myself White NZer. We both are married and earn the same income. Labour need to be brought to sense. Carl
This is one country, this rubbish they talk about has only come about in the last 30 years. Fiona
Hell NO! We’re all equal! They have equal opportunities in every facet of our civilization. No extra privileges are required. simon
NZ is being set up for a civil way Geoff
I do not believe, for one moment, that the new MHA will want to withdraw all Maoris from participating in the central (Govt) health system and their current non-Maori GPs, so there we go again with double dipping, keeping the MHA for the benefit of the radicals and their paid Maori practitioners. alan
Maori already seem to get priority health access in a lot of areas particularly south auckland and other lower socioeconomic areas mel
I don’t trust this Labour Government with its secret deals with Maoris and introducing and changing laws under urgency in Parliament when the changes have not been announced prior to the election as policy for the party if elected. There is no opportunity for opposition parties or the general public to present submissions on the new legislation to present a balanced discussion and way forward. This is not the way for a democracy to operate. At last, the National Party is starting to make its voice heard within Parliament, through the media and in support of the Act Party. Let’s get moving. Chris.
Obviously, as usual , the Maoris want something else provide for them and for someone else to pay for it. if they feel that they need a seperate health system ,then i suggest that they pay for it themselves using the money they have been given by the taxpayer for treaty settements. As the catchprhase from Maori appears to be we are doing it for “our people” , then i suggest that Maori corporations such as Ngai Tahu ,who is registered as a Charity and does not pay tax ,should be the first to offer to fund a new health system just for them. Does anyone like to bet this will happen, Yeah Right. If they are really serious about promoting their own health ,the first step would be stop smoking and concentrate on healthy eating and if they want to keep their people out of prison then they should try and convince them not to do crime . It is about time they started to take some responsibility for their own lives and stop blaming everybody else. Ralph
How can we get rid of Comrade Ardern and her cobbled together band of socialists/communists and ‘yes’ politicians’. At the end of this 3 term govt NZ will have achieved what the New World Order demands and we will be a communist country. The. Other 90 odd Nationalities now living in this country must be scratching their heads and wondering why they have moved to this country with bloody idiots running it. No way do we need a seperate health system for part Maori. They must get over themselves and their stupid culture and join the real world. Carolyn
Disgusting racism Don
If separate sovereignty happened then equal justice and rights for everyone would suffer. Ian
We are all human beings with the same needs requiring the same treatment. Paul
Anti democratic. There are other ways to rectify disadvantage such as rural health services gregory
Jacinda’s governing by stealth and deception to normal New Zealanders christopher
Ardern is an absolute hoax in implementing all her very left thinking ideas. Selling out we New Zealanders to a minority Maori separatist viewpoint. christopher
This ain’t rocket science. Where do you think that will be the end. This will open the gate for the race for taxpayer money and control. This PM must be the worst leader ever in NZs history, she’s a crafty lying commie tart. The sooner they’re gone the better. Peter
I say no to separation. Elizabeth
Definitely not, another push from Labour to press for separatism. Valerie
Absolute stupidity, and very scary. National are bloody hopeless but even they would not do this. Murray
Strongly not at all Ken
There is an urgent need to move to disestablish Waitangi Tribunal and abolish Maori Parl. seats as this gives them their power base. Supremacists like M. Mutu and lawyer M. Jackson will always come up with policies for Maori to dominate the rest of us until the day they die. How ludicrously backward this country has become when English is not an official language and maori appears before English on our passports – however I will never use it and New Zealand will always be the name of my country. Monica
Racism Greg
The whole treaty thing needs to wrapped up and consigned to history Hugh
First we had Te Reo forced on us, now separate health departments. Next He Puapua. The wedge is slowly but surely being driven in to our Democratic way of government. The agenda of the Maori Soverignity Movement is an exact replica of history – a combination of Hitler and Rhodesia. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Surely its time for a series of public meetings throughout the country where those of us who are not supportive of Jacinda and her maori cohorts can stand up and make our voices heard before it’s too late. Where do I sign up??? Urban
The beginning of civil unrest. Anon
No, No, No, we are supposed to be one people, one country. Here comes apartheid NZ Maori style. Fraser
Even More Apartheid Mike
One rule for all. Hand outs will never buy me off. JACINDA will only be remembered for brain washing our children and leaving them to pick up the trail of debt. Angus
This is the beginning of the end for a New Zealand we love and cherish. Get rid of the current treaty, and work with the original. I wonder, how did the treaty come about with the wording, considering the Maori did not have a written language. It therefore was an interpretation of Maori words by the governor of that time. It appears that the maori chiefs agreed to these terms. So why has a simple document been interpreted., to what it stands for today. Another labour party in the 70’s created a misaligned,, inappropriate. separatist document which successive governments have tuned into and made it the catch cry of Maori separists. With their unrelenting demand based on”we was robbed”. This present turn of events is a cumulation, of separatist government policy. It Is going to be a courageous opposition party,, and the majority of New Zealanders to rectify this travesty of Democracy. cal
Just another way for the tribal elite to syphon of money Mike
Abject stupidity. When is the “news broadcasts” going to get rid of all the left wing readers and give us some proper news? Read the book “Shadows over New Zealand”, this tells it as it is and what is happening Don
All “Maori ” should be DNA tested to see if they pass the 50% plus rule. Steve
A totally uneccessary bureaucratic nightmare in the making- enough of this nonsense. Will it be funded by Maori? Richard
Absolutely NOT Cheryl
Kiwi not Iwi Graham
United NZ One political system to rule once the vote is cast Graham
This new health authority scheme, is part of the precursor of sequenced events, that will herald the final arrival of the proposed Elite Maori system. It’s difficult to see why the current health system is failing Maori so badly; in fact it’s probably not. It happens to be a convenient starting place, to bring the changes to our land. A couple of relevant questions still call loudly from the streets of common sense: 1–Why in fact, are we obligated to remain as one of the orphaned children of the United Nations. NZ was signed onto this useless, velvet dictatorship by Key’s Government–and on some almost light hearted basis it is understood. He apparently didn’t believe that the UNDRIP plan was a serious matter and wouldn’t be put in motion. That in fact is impossible to believe–if he was that far out of touch, then he had no right to act as PM of NZ. We should persist endlessly, to every politician out there, that NZ withdraws immediately from UN involvement; as an autonomous nation we do not have to remain bonded to that great Mother figure. Here’s one example of the UN’s worthlessness; many have been advocating for us to be most diplomatic and cautious in our responses to China. Yet they freely and without hesitation, tell us they’ll tear our eyes out and for us to mind our own business, on matters of Hong Kong and the Uyghurs. I seriously doubt that the Chinese Communist system want anything more from NZ than our resources at the best price. 2–Again, why is the Indigenous factor ignored by all politicians–it simply never comes up at any point and is an absolute challenge for the success of Arderns plans. In all fairness to Maoridom, this erroneous claim by the activist vanguard, would likely be offensive to the older, genuine Maori peoples. They know full well, that their ancestors journeyed to these islands from distant shores–it’s believed that even the Moa hunters/Moriori, were of Polynesian origins. But perhaps the answers are as clear as daylight–produce a lie that’s emotively loaded, backed with a new data base of so-called ‘Integrity’, repeatedly state it as fact and employ the media and borderline factions and the job’s done! We as NZ ers may have to try and right some wrongs with the Maori people; but this can be achieved within NZ and in the process, it will move both ethnic units a little closer to becoming a true, colour blnd nation of NZ ,ers. Alan
No further comment should be necessary Harvey
The Governments actions in merging the 20 regional Health Boards into a single Agency, Health New Zealand, which in turn is overseen by the Maori Health Advisory Board, Such a move is one of the keystones of the government commissioned report He Puepua and implement their He Puapua report recommendations. The report will clearly changes the governship of New Zealand (it envisages that by 2040 a 50/50 co-governorship [Maori and all other New Zealanders] of our Nation will be in place) This is clearly an action that contravenes the 1840 Charter and the Treaty of Waitangi. It is certainly an action that requires the sanctioning of a majority of New Zealanders. not just a PM, her sycophants and a group that wishes to be identified as maori. The assignment of overseeing duties to a minority racial grouping, in and of itself, changes the governance arrangements for all New Zealanders and must therefore be subject to their majority agreement irrespective of racial allegiance. Michael
I am so disgusted and angry with the deceit and lies being presented by the maoris and swamp bureaucrats and academics that I fear the country I love, ( New Zealand not Aotearoa) is going to end up having a bloody revolution. One law for all and to hell with all separatist agendas!! Mike
Am I the only person who is worried that a Maori Health Authority would be a re-run of Maori TV, but a totally bottomless money pit. I’m sure that bringing UN Indigenous Rights to NZ would be Jacindas ticket into a UN job, her primary objective in life, so she will push this as long as she has the power to do it. Geoff.
Recently noticed that a weather site now uses Maori names of the week . Perhaps now is not too early to have English made an official language in N Z before it is totally displaced. I wonder how many people know that it isn’t Geoff.
If this goes ahead democracy in NZ is doomed Stuart
Reverse racism.. Donald
This is the most concerning thing that has happened to our country in the 80 years i have been alive. We must not left this happen as it is just the start. Laraine
NO to race based priveleges Brian
As explained in your article, it spells the beginning to the end of Democracy in New Zealand. Colin
The fools would only bankrupt this and then come back with the begging bowl time and time again ,as any thing they turn their hand to fails.But is is never their fault only that of the whites. Mike
What a dangerous two-faced woman Jacinda Adern is!! She is truly corrupt and must be voted out of power asap! Janet
no to race based actions. warwick
apartheid does not work. Idiots! you will just fuel racism in this country.  
Appalling. This is separatism by stealth. This MUST be stopped! Robert
Should be based on needs not race Chris
Not at all. That would be racist and I know that would be upsetting to real citizens of NEW ZEALAND. Tom
For All the reasons in your letter. stanley
We are being betrayed John
We are one country one people John
we are having our democracy taken away with this Hitler like leader – smiling assassin – using the “caring” smoke screen while working all the while to take hardworking NZers rights away your newsletter is an inspiration thankyou so much Anna
The Treaty is Not a partnership – all maori are part maori and are not indigenous or even the first people here, who were indeed all slaughtered by maori.. aubrey
Ridiculous and dangerous Having worked in the health sector most of my working life I have never seen any Maori not given the care and advice the same as given to any other New Zealander. What I have seen many times is non- compliance, apathy, and a don’t really care attitude. Health care is already there for them as to all New Zealanders but it’s all about taking some responsibility yourself. I am also fed up with it’s all our fault due to colonisation. Well get over it we cannot after all these years be still blamed of what happened over 180 years ago. Jacqui
we are all New Zealanders, we all should be able to access the same treatments, whether we are brown, yellow or white. Theo
It is so devisive and morally wrong to do this by stealth without any input from the majority which certainly is not our natives. Lorna
No No No Terry
we are being pushed into a racial situation created by Labour with their complete disrespect for the general thinking public of NZ created through an arrogance which has increased 10 fold this year. Thinkers did not vote for Labour–and they continue to push through reforms without consultation with the general public of NZ The proposed Maori Health Authority will create another divide with the general NZ public — also bearing in mind- the Maori population is a minority population and has always had the same opportunities available to them as other NZers It is their individual responsibility to care for their own families and ensure that they protect them- The bitterness being displayed by the Maori people in general now shows how they constantly expect to have what they want –to the exclusion of all others. It will not help race relations in this country of ours I often wonder why they are constantly criticizing and demanding Surely the last 100 years or so– has given them more opportunities than they would have had, had they stayed in the past without learning a new way of life jenny
Maori on’t pay tax, maori do not deserve control of anything George
Totally dishonest Ardern & her bunch of socialist idiots are tearing the country apart. We will very soon be a third world bankrupt nation. Our government has already achieved moral bankruptcy! Rex
One New Zealand One People colin
Racism is never ok and is becoming more prevalent under this government Alan
NO.! NO.! NO! Ron
With all take and no give or accountability even, how could it possibly lead to anything other than anger and resentment? It can’t possibly create a peaceful and prosperous country for future generations. God Defend New Zealand alright. Fiona
Very concerned that it has a right to veto health proposals. The tail wagging the dog? David
We are all one and the same. Born a kiwi we all should be treated the same. Otherwise it is Racism and it divides the nation/country/world. One rule one Law under God. We are all different looking but we are all the same. We all have red blood running through our veins so why should anyone be treated differently because they have a different skin color. Under the new Zealand treaty of waitangi we all became equal. Grant
Even if 100% non Maori were against it would that make a blind bit of difference? Although I am in the same mindset as NZCPR I fear it is unable to make any changes at all. Lesley
Absolutely not! The only way to remedy Maori health problems is for all Maori to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Loretta
Under current regulations we are all entitled to medical attention. What a waste of resources by doubling up the health system to pandering to a small group Brian
I understood we were all New Zealanders and as such were equal. Doreen
It will end in civil war, as has happened through history. How do we, the citizens, get rid of this government now before the damage is complete? TR
Horrified at what is happening Jennifer
What a crazy messed up country we are heading into pitting one so called race against the rest of New Zealand – and this New Zealand contains many really fine New Zealand Maoris. Is Jacinda deliberately working (secretly) to racially divide New Zealand? It seems so. Otherwise why would anyone want to split New Zealand’s social structure down the middle? Just viewing so much anger being portrayed by such separatist protagonists sends a very clear picture to me – “we are going to take this country and ‘you’ had better take head, and accept!.” Stuart
Absolutely against it. Caren
What a nonsense that they are not catered for under our Health policies, In my opinion we are becoming separatist in all things and not just health in NZ-a step too far Colleen
This idea is worthy of Stalin at his most Machiavellian with his 1920s plan to prevent most people having a say in the running of the country. Perhaps we need a constitution to prevent this sort of terrible, anti-democratic idea? Kelvin
NO, we don’t want ANY race based separatism in NZ in any form, just pure old democracy thank you…!!! Bruza
No no no Caroline
Maori need to stop blaming others for their appalling statistics. They need to address substance abuse, family violence, truancy and lifestyle choices that result in poor outcomes. Blaming Colonisation and Institutional racism will not fix their problems. Miles
I don’t think it can be justified for 15% of the population. If Maori wish to feel comfortable, what would be fair is each hospital having a separate unit within for Maori health with Maori-identifying Drs and nurses and support staff. Iwi might put their billions towards helping Maori get through university to qualify for degrees in Medicine, nursing, dentistry etc to staff the units as at the moment there is a shortage. But under the control of the one NZ health authority. Pamela
Has it been decided who is to sit at the front of the bus and who sits at the back ? Bernie
if you are not a maori i suggest you go on a going spree kill ADERN and bring democracy back to new zealand not the stupid aotearoa that is being pushed down our throats and the nonsense of suriptishily changing town and place names to a useless outdated languish not recognised in the larger world david
NO,NO,NO!!! Bill
Our present health system is under-resourced; we don’t need precious resources split over two systems John
Emphasis on Health education for Maori is the only way to improve Maori health statistics. The first step must be the education of the so called Maori leadership away from their grievance focus. Bob
Miss Ardern can’t possibly believe that this is a viable way forward for the good of the country. It is a part of her thinly disguised and utterly cynical bid for a top job at the UN, a Nobel Peace Prize, or maybe even a sainthood. Whatever good she may do is for herself only, not for New Zealand! Use your vote wisely at the next opportunity, there may not be many more chances to vote her out. TOBY
More covert legislation by stealth from Cindy and her racist Marxists. At this rate anyone who doesn’t identify as Maori will become a second class citizen ruled over by a tribal elite. Democracy and life as we know it is doomed if these disgusting racists and their useful idiots are not stopped. John
Needs to be a needs based service, race has no place to decide who receives medical services. This is a broken, foolish idea by foolish people Trevor
We are one country and ONE people. Betty
Why don’t we do away with the general roll and all go onto the maori roll, then we can all bleed the system dry? Bill
Absolutely not ,it is quite ridiculous as the Maori, are not the indigenous people of this country and as such have no more say than all other New Zealanders. So why do we keep listening to the few part Maori radicles who keep telling lies. Mainly because this government and others before along with now, councils, have been stupid enough not to have read the history of New Zealand but have preferred to listen to lie after lie as spoken bye the part Maori radicals and then believed, would you believe it, by this stupid government, it’s leader, and many councils. New Zealanders have a reputation of being big book readers, time the read books on our history. Oh! and you should know that the true Maori name for New Zealand is Nu Tirana signed by 500 Chiefs in 1840 NOT Aotearoa which was an imaginary name invented by a British colonial in 1890 It is sad that so many foolish people in this country are having the wool pulled over their eyes by hopeless leadership to the detriment of a great country. Tom
All people are made in the image of God. All people have the (same) right to good health care and the (same) responsibility to look after themselves Johan
Maintain democracy! Brendon
No more apartheid in NZ Tom
What a mess we are in !!!! I hope the next election will save NZ. How can a gaggle of gays run this country. Ross
I am a New Zealander, dont recognise colour as a requirement for this. Richard
All New Zealanders of all races should have equal access to healthcare resources based on need not want. The next election can’t come quick enough! Carol
Democracy forever! Glenn
It is racist apartheid pure and simple. Imagine if Australia proposed an aboriginal health authority with powers to veto !! Doug
Separatist !!!! Mark
Maori have taken control of the Labour Party, and are implementing their agenda to take control of NZ. The He Puapua report, which the government kept from the public prior to the election, is their roadmap and explains the policy drive since Labour gained an absolute mandate (after the COVID election). New Zealanders will have to treat this as a (bloodless) war if it is to protect what they and the generations before them have worked for. JD
The increasing seperatist movement of the government is a major area of concern. Sadly though there is no way to stop it. Labour won the last election with the lack of leadership from other parties – Especially National and ACT. Neither of these parties has shown leadership capability: so we are a ship without a rudder. Labour will be the downfall of this country. It can’t be stopped when there is no one to put on the brakes. The horse has bolted folks. Let’s not kid ourselves. Peter
If they can fund it they can do it. Garry
One for all Gary
NO! – they can wait in the queue along with the rest of us. If there ever was such a thing as a “partnership”, they need to be asked, when are they going to start contributing to it financially? Nice to see National awakening from their stupor at long last – somebody must have handed them a copy of Sid Hollands’ 1936 Party Manifesto to read! The only “separatist” movement that I would support is Labour and the Greenie freaks being permanently separated from the Treasury Benches ASAP. Scott
Again marxist ideology . Tony
Time for a new election Lyn
NZ has got major problems coming graeme
Woke Government must go Catherine
No, don’t agree. Will only agree to health based on need. I have learned to replace “equity” everywhere I see it, to “racism”. As I attempted to explain to my MP the other day, requiring an equality of outcome will Never work, can never work,is pie in the sky stupidity talk of this woke government. Life is about equality of opportunity, then do with it as you choose! Neil
Absolutely NOT Pam
absolutely not. Get rid of Ardern as quickly as possible gerard
The sooner Labour get booted out the better. We need a Government with some backbone to stand up & stop this bull****! david
Can we please go back to the 90s when someone’s race was an irrelevant characteristic and nobody cared about ‘ethnicity’ when interacting with people? Pavel
Radical socialists trying to split and destroy New Zealand . The country can not afford one health system the way it is run now even. steven
Only if they accept that as being 15% of the population, they get 15% of the budget, 15% of hospitals and 15% OF EVERYTHING – ISN’T THAT FAIR ?????? sheryl
Separate anything based on race or ethnicity is wrong, not just wrong but inherently evil. This government must be finished this time around -even by then they will have done a huge amount of damage to out country. Roger
Too foolish and will not help Maori become more responsible for their own health. – Fish hooks all over the place. Maurice
hell no,get rid of racism in nz,shame on you,socialist [ commo ] labour,you are a disgrace. norman
Absolutely & definitely not. What the heck *&^%$#@! Mike
I am sick of these people and sick of this govt., Merryl
Another step towards apartheid by a party of inept bunglers !!!! Henry
Never Neil
We are suppose to be ONE people !!!!!, What a laugh No it will always be them and US Francis
A very dangerous and divisive policy that hopefully will not see the light of day. Ruth
Many maori live well and have very good health. A minority abuse their health and suffer accordingly. Many New Zealanders fall into these catorgories as well and the medical staff do their best to treat all the same. Just because you have a browner skin than some shouldn’t and doesn’t give them the right use the powers of veto over the majority. Ross
equity dick
There is no rationale for this. None of us are the peoples that populated NZ in 1840….We are a rendering of that pot. Lionel
Human health concerns are obviously best addressed by Humans. That is as far as the issue needs to be separated. I do not expect that (say) children’s health would be better served by child doctors, or eye injuries best treated by the blind. Murray
Why do Maori need a separate health authority? They can easily access the health system as it is. If they can’t afford it, address that issue, don’t re-organise the whole system. Sheila
Everyone has the equal opportunity to attend health services under the present system. Surely, all Maori have to do is make an appointment. Ann
No Never. There can be NO appeasement now or in the future for separatist authority. These justifications have nothing to do with so called poor maori health, education or whatever, it is simply a POWER and MONEY Grab by a radical group of Haters and wreckers. Weak politicians have put New Zealand into a dangerous and very frightening situation. The PM is enabling potential civil unrest. A path of racial division cannot end well. Sam
Separatism is another word for apartheid. Maurice
Plain Sepratism Colin
It is an absurdity. GRANT
This is not a democratic policy, it must be resisted, the present Government should resign and allow a free vote by all Newzealanders and that will sort out the publics views. Most of us are ashamed from voting them in! Ian
Why does the Government keep causing this division in society?! Jane
I would be hard pressed to agree with anything this current government proposes. They are incompetent and should be removed from office at the earliest opportunity. Igor
Democracy is hard won, but easily lost john
Exasperated… cannot comprehend how dumb most people seem in relation to the sureptitious decisions being installed. Peter
Governments should be colour blind! Jenny
The whole concept is wrong. This is apartheid pure and simple. It didn’t work in South Africa and it won’t work here. Kerry
What are they trying to achieve and why? Steven
Maori CAN NOT look after own People so why in God’s Name would you give them Co-governance of new Zealand !! Geoff
No,No,No. No separatist agenda here in New Zealand. We must be all one in this Country. Clive
Definitely not. How can we stop this madness? Christine
Just more institutional apartheid. Will it never end? Probably not Stewart
I thought New Zealanders were overwhelmingly opposed to Apartheid? Terry
There should be no division by virtue of race. Lesley
It is quite wrong from any point of view. John
This is a typical racist Labour government move that has no justification and has never been put to the electorate. Tom
I say no but I actually don’t care. For some reason this government and past governments seem to want to give to the Maori and other groups that put out their hands like spoilt kids. History shows that nothing will change from corporate tax evasion to dole bludgers. At 70 it pee’s me off sure but I’m over stressing about such issues. Chris
Bloody obvious Max
As always it is racist and I want us all treated the same as we should be in a true democracy. Eric
Does Govt. Ever see these results? Should be shoved down their throats Bill
At last the opposition is starting to make a noise. I hope NZ is listening. Brian
We are all human beings and as there are virtually no full blooded Maoris we are all equal and should be treated so. New Zealand is not South Africa where one race colour tried to effect separate development. Shaun
NO NO NO !!! russell
What an abomination! John
boody arseholes allan
This is frightening, we need balanced reporting to get this underhand radicle government to be truthful about their Maori agenda. 7 Maori seats could give me a clue! Fancy, Winston Peters was right about getting rid of those seats based on skin colour. Claire
All inhabitants of NZ should be treated equally Wayne
Just dreamers at work Warren
The Soweto riots were triggered by school children of Soweto protesting the compulsory learning of Afrikaans. What will the outcome/s of two health authorities be ? john
Apartheid Mike
What happened to the recommendations In the Heather Simpson repo Another example of advise not making sense.One NZ for everyone is essential Barry
No absolutely not All people are the same under the skin We all have hearts Lungs Blood etc There is no difference at all only that the cultural upbringing of all people can produce differing outcomes What the TOW guaranteed was equality of opportunity NOT equality of outcomes as that is one’s own responsibility. Sorry socialists do not understand that and any set up along the proposed lines will REDUCE equity not improve it Robin
First legislative step to apartheid. Kevin
We should all be treated equally lois
NO and neither does anyone else I’ve spoken to. They seem to keep trying to find ways to divide the population in this country. Arthur
Providing it is accountable to the State for its performance and spending. Vic
We are born equal in life have to fend for ourselves. The root cause is laziness by Maori race. by their choice.. 1 people 1 nation. mike
Isn’t endorsing a separate Health system based solely a race, actually racism otherwise known as Apartheid ? Seem to remember that New Zealand opposed and protested Apartheid countries! John
NO the colour of your skin should NEVER be used as an excuse to do ANYTHING.WHY has no-one given to the public jacindas comments when she spoke overseas & said what she,d do if she ever got the power & WHY has no-one asked her in the treaty WHERE does it ever mention partnership.OUR tax money is going to iwi who are involved everywhere BUT the IWI TANUI TRUST is worth BILLIONS & have NEVER done ANYTHING to help maori so they can still complain at their health,living c onditions,child health ETC. Cindy
It’s part of the covert Plan. They should Get Real David
It is another gravy train. Dick
Apartheid in reverse Bob
Hasten the vertical plunge of NZ. Speed up division of society, Divide anrule bill
Muriel knows it all June
We need to start with the treaty in the first place to get a clear ruling from a renowned non partial Judge Gerald
This is yet another backward step in a long line of backward steps from this Government. Wake up NZ – they have to go. Graham
Labour has no mandate for a separatist health system or any of their other separatist “reforms”they are proposing John
one system for all Colin
All New Zealanders should be treated equally under the New Zealand Health System. Already we have Maori having priority in the Health system in certain circumstances. Anne
We are all descended from immigrants, just a question of when our ancestors arrived. There is NO place for two separate authorities with a minority representation having the power of veto. 15% versus the rest, 85% Peter
Watch for Chinese financial support for Maori separatist agenda. What percentage of Maori support the separatists or is this more alarmist rhetoric to test the water? Rex
Crazy! Putting the fox in charge of the hen house. steve
Absolutely not. moyra
New Zealand Health Authority – yes. Separate Health Authority for 15% of the population – NO. Fred
We%u2019re one nation,none of this separation stuff. Ted
maori are NOT indigenous to NZ Scrap the treaty 2nd here does not count Rick
Even maori themselves would have to be certifiable to want this! Mark
From the comments in the article it is certainly evident that this will be another money making scam for the elite. Dennis
Is it just the beginning of a bigger plan of the present govt Murray
would never function – who would organize medical staff for Maori ? Beth
One health system for all New Zealanders. This is the start of Maori sovereignty by stealth. Tony
This government is going the same way as ANC in South Africa. I thought we were all meant to be equal John
The case against has been well put by the NZCPR team.which I am more than happy to support. Bruce
This separatist attitude has no place in New Zealand. Lyn
this is a very backward step for NZ Richard
We need a referendum to get public direction on the continued creation of separatism by Maori whose claims the NZ public are getting sick and tired of. Brian
Apartheid by open stealth! This government, voted in by people who were blinded by what Jacinda had done during the Covid pandemic, thinks it has a mandate to bring this country to its knees…economically, socially, morally and racially. They are finishing the work started by Lange and Clarke. When it is kicked out of government in two( ) years, Jacinda will be rewarded for what she has done by getting a top job in The United Nations, just like Helen. Gerard
In adopting these ridiculous ideas of Maori supremacists the current Labour Government and, especially, its Prime Minister, have proved themselves totally unfit for their task and a serious danger for the future of our country. Rob
This can only lead to long term political conflict and wasted financial resources. John
Time to demonstrate in the streets and let this Government know we won’t stand for their devious actions. Peter
Stupid idea. Tim
The MHA represents racist segregation which is not acceptable Tony
Makes one culture more lmportant than others. John
The blow torch is on this Government and our Prime minister over proceeding to create and give Maori preference over all other New Zealanders and provide them with more power and Tax Payers money to exploit all of us .What has appeared lately by media and now gone public will destroy this Government so Bring It On. ken
All people of New Zealand suffer with the same causes of health problems. We don’t need a separatist Maori Health Authority. Derrick
I am sick of a money-grabbing group of people, expecting me/ (the white population), to feed them, clothe them, pay for their medical and housing. why can’t they get out and earn their own money instead of stealing mine, in any way they can? Josephine
We are being forced towards a dangerous pathway. Douglas
No, nor any other separatist Maori, or other ethnic Authority for that matter Kevin
Thanks Judei about time National showed abit of guts Ian
The definition of apartheid that so many New Zealanders actively opposed in the 70’s and 80’s was “separate development”. Where is NZ headed now? Frank
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, this is supposed to be a NON-DISCRIMATORY Country. Roy
Absolutely no. It is the thin end of the wedge to destroy democracy. William
More racist shenanigans Gareth
Maori administration of health would be totally unable to provide the excellent health service I am receiving right now. David
Absolutely not. Time for the new revolution of right minded New Zealanders to stop this country from sinking into the 3rd world abyss. Murray
How about a separate European Health Authority. After all we pay the majority of the taxes. We have not authorised this Government to use our taxes in this manner. It should have been announced before the election. This is taxation without representation. There have been revolutions over less. Terry
As far as I know my “privileged white” body is the same as a Maori body. Doctors only learn about the human body not several different human bodies. mike
this is a very dangerous govt it needs to be stopped & stopped now neil
Definitely not! And again I say that one of the biggest lies that keeps on being perpetuated is that Maori are NZ’s indigenous people. Quite clearly they are not. They came here in boats like everyone else, there were already people living in NZ (not maori) when they got here, so they aren’t even the first people to live in NZ. Maori are indigenous to where they came from. The second biggest problem is the way in which the Treaty keeps being rewritten, revised, reimagined, to mean whatever the govt and maori want it to mean. And why oh why is this govt so intent on their program of seperatism?!?!?!? Trevor
Make no mistake, Iwi have every intention of taking over sovereignty of the country & jacinda, the enemy of democracy will oblige happily.Kiss NZ goodbye. bud
More insanity Richard
Absolutely no! Joe
It is non democratic. They are only 15% of the population. Lynne
Firstly there are no 100% Maoris anyway. Second we must almost be the most racist country on earth. Three I am an indigenous NZer, I have total euro descent but I am also a 5th generation New Zealander It is time to stop dwelling in the past and stop all the ill feeling with these racist views before we have serious violence as in some other countries. Charlie
It is racist. Kathryn
A crazy and disastrous proposal. John.
Marching toward apartheid. Ray
They do not have any Mandate to proceed with this richard
Separatism at its worse. Allan
Equal treatment for all NZers Graham
We should all be treated the same, there should be no division we are all New Zealanders Peter
Certainly not it is just the start of Cindys plan to turn NZ into a commo state and make us all reliant on her so she can control NZ as Stalin did in Russia, do you want that?? NO Eric
I thought that things were bad in America, but things here are about to get worse under Jacinda Trump. Chris
Absolutely not! It’s outrageous in the extreme and totally undemocratic! Alan
Dangerous and stalinist Thomas
I do not believe it will improve Maori health in any realistic way, but I do believe it will decrease health outcomes for everyone else, particularly people of European backgrounds. I would bet that if you have white skin, you will be on the bottom of any waiting list and get the least help when needed. Brenda
Governance by stealth. Isn’t that how wild animals feed themselves? Martyn
This is out & out racism in any language!! oliver
As Lange said “Democratic Government cannot acknowledge the existence of a separate sovereignty. As soon as it does that, it isn’t a democracy.” Ardern’s mob needs to heed their respected former Labour Leader. Simon
A name change will not change the outcomes of Maori health. Lifestyle and attitude changes are what is required. Creating separate authorities just adds cost, but worse, creates another racial division in our society! That has to stop! Hugh
Never, ever, ever….NO ! Peter
Absolute nonsense! Michael
I’m not paying for that. the hospitals are full of them now or will be shortly Mike
Apartheid was and never will be a good thing Colin
We do not need a separate Maori Health Authority to deal with the needs of Maori, just as we are not developing a separate Woman’s Health Authority etc. One health authority which incorporates the needs and requirements of all sectors of the community. Sue
The contempt Ardern and her cronies have for New Zealanders knows no bounds – it isn’t even ‘by stealth’ – its in your face ‘get stuffed’ we will do what we like. Mike
Only a racist would advocate such an abhorant suggestion Richard
That is inordinately Apartheid john
We should limit the number of Maori in Parliament to 15% of members. Simon
I can see no compelling reason why this direction is necessary. Maori are equally aware of what is available in the way of health services in this day and age. It is a complete nonsense and a waste of precious health services funding. chris
One law for ALL NZ citizens otherwise we descend into apartheid!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Honest Dave
We are all one – resources and services must be shared. Instead of setting up separate authority, use the money in creating more beds (Starship), paying doctors and nurses so that they stay in NZ. If moari dont go to the doctor, that’s their problem. When they get given specialist appointments, they just don’t turn up. They are either responsible to their family, or not. If not, purely their own problem. Michele
Separate health system will not change the health outcomes for anyone Maori included Barry
Sick of the separatist movement. Sue
The proposal is an underhand effort to really enhance racism in NZ Doug
we are not South Africa last century.Men in NZ die approx 7 years before females. Where is the plan to reduce the gap Robert
In Palmerston North the DHB have resorted to food vouchers for Maori women to turn up to a pre arranged mammogram appointment. Many appointments are missed. Some turn up and demand the voucher and decline the test. These people seem happy to be victims rather than do what’s best for themselves. Creating a separatist body is totally wrong as they have the same opportunities IF they chose to take them. Brian
We are still a democracy, Maori have to invest in human capital not steal the capital of others. Merv
appallingly separatist activity Ron
im a nurse absolutely not ,I would quit ,aus looks even better anne
Never pete
This is more racism, people are all the same under the skin, so there should be NO discrimination based on race. Andrew
We are all human beings, same organs etc. Errol
The Labour government has a split caucus according to TV3 news last week. They spoke of the Maori caucus and the Pakeha caucus. What has happened to Adhern’s “We are one” Our government is running an apartheid administration. Denis
Pure racism Trish
the same outcome can be acheived by targeting need, it does not need to be a race based policy. this simply highlights the fact that it is in fact a concious decison to head down this sepratist path. jason
It ‘s time for a vote of no confidence in the Labour Government. Henry
I fail to understand how it is that Maori, being of the same species as other New Zealanders, find that our medical systems don’t work for them. What is different about their genetic makeup? Deanne
Hell No. 15% of the population getting 50% of resources, while the other 85% of the population get to struggle on the remaining 50% is totally out of whack with reality. Brent
In actual fact, it might be a good thing, The powers that be are known to hand out qualifications, diplomas and doctorates etc to maoris who can’t achieve the same standard as non maoris, in other words, let them in through the back door, How will that help derail maori health ? Dear Lord, save us if you can. Gerald
that’s just racist! gerhard
How can any rational, educated person possibly suggest that this proposal could be good for New Zealand’s future. Is there nobody in our Government that comprehends world history ? Bryan
Health must be considered by need not race! John
This is the start of a much bigger plan, and needs people to wake up to the goal posts. Claire
in the very near future a prominent new Zealander, respected by the community, that must be reported by the media, needs to come forward to awaken the soft, naive new Zealander of what this labour party is up to, which will back up judith greg
No no no..worked in Health area over 50 years and have never seen Maori as not having equal access to health care. Shirley
distruction of NZ jeff
it will cause angst amongst the population Greg
Ardern is out to destroy New Zealand as a democracy. jeff
This socialist labour government, led by flakey jacinda ardern is allowing the maori ” elite” to rule New Zealand. Get rid of her ! Darryl
Health resources must be distributed according to need, not according to race ,privilege. or age. Whatever Jacinda Adern’s government attempt to implement they bungle. The waste and inefficiencies will be unprecedented. This muppet show will produce worse health outcomes for all citizens. Lee
Keep democracy in this country Gail
NO step one towards apartheid eddie
Emphatically no! This subversive undermining of NZ’s democracy is leading us directly to an ‘Apartheid’ styled racially and culturally segregated society, where the majority have to support a minority who will have the power to veto or at the least stymie any legislation it does not agree with. It is time New Zealanders recognised the very real threat facing them. Part of the blame for this situation lies with the National Party and its poor performance over the past two election cycles. along with a compliant or at best a muted Press. lindsay
Down a slippery road to separatism. This Labour Government are looking to gain power through division of the people of New Zealand. Time for an Election to get rid of this sloppy lot. Carl
Apart from the elephant in the room that is separate Maori parliamentary seats, this is the biggest indicator yet of the existence of APARTHEID in NZ. Geoff
NO! Ridiculous proposal. Empire building. Health Services for all in NZ have always been available for people of all races. I do not believe any NZ citizen has been turned away from or being given lesser heath service and care because of their race. If a section of the community do not avail themselves of immunity vaccinations and screening programs they are totally irresponsible and architects of their own demise. We are doing away with Health Boards which is probably a good move and cash saving. A separatist Maori Health Authority will be a bottomless financial pit. (and a disaster.) God defend NZ. Bruce
The continuing mis-interpretation of the ‘Treaty’ is concerning. Little was whittering on yesterday about a /partnership’ which cannot exist and wasnt included. We are all one people – Kiwis – or we are heading for a major problem. Gerry
If it goes ahead, just watch the total lack of accountability STEWART
Maori health is a direct result of Maori . All humans can decide their outcome . Chose to abuse your mind /body and you become abused , so how then is it not your fault ? Historically before the arrival New Zealand was living in the Stone Age . Tribal law slavery land conferscation Utu canabullism no wheel no metal no written language myths and legends yes let’s rewrite history tell it how it really was and still is . Vivian
Even more apartheid? Brian
So glad this has all come to light. Keep pushing national and act. Bev
When I arrived in this country many years ago I was told NZ was a ‘one nation’ – I found out it isn’t. We are meant to be as one – not separately. I was brought up in a country where no matter your colour or creed we were all together. I didn’t see colour, just human beings, but being in this country it is very sad to see that we dont get by on our merit, we get by by our colour. That should never be. I will not vote for Jacinda in the next election, her policies worry me. Kerin
We all have the same coloured blood. Chris
It defies logic and common sense. The establishment of a Maori Health Authority is merely sycophantic pandering to Maori aspirations of separatism. Graeme
Absolutely, give them 15% of this country, then tell them here you go, you got your share, but you will not come back to us demanding more handouts. In typical Kiwi parlance, “piss off” sam
absolutely NOT This is illegal and will have consequences. Geoff
NO, No, NOOOOO. More reverse racism which is rapidly ph__king this wonderful Country of ours. NOOOO .  Brian
The country needs to remember that this situation would never have arisen if so many had not cast their vote for Winston Peters. He did not serve the country well. He almost alone is responsible for the pathetic government we have today. Do not forget!! Dennis
What can I say, has the horse bolted? I think so. New Zealand has been sold out by our politicians, by both Labour and National, Maori language is now everywhere, and being forced upon us. The name of our country (New Zealand) is now rarely used. I hate to say it, I believe we have gone past the point of new return. If I was younger, I would move to Aussie. fred
We are all ONE people Colin
we are one not two or three or what ever the Labour thinks we are on cherryl
Only if it’s entirely funded by a separate system which collects taxes only from Maori. They can build their own hospitals. Maori should then be given a choice of which system they want to belong to. Bet most Maori wouldn’t sign up to the Maori system…. DAVE
I for one am sick to death of hearing how hard done by Maori are and what we must do for less than 15 percent of the population who have the same or better than pakeha but want more more more. Barbara
Once again policy is based on fallacy. This will only enrich a few greedy tribal entities and individuals, create competition between what essentially will be parallel systems struggling for resources, and exacerbate health issues for us all. Bernie
Extreme racism! Allan
They are turning it into an apartheid society which will not be good! Roger
Racist policy being implemented by a Marxist Government. Zimbabwe here we come. Chris
This government and its Marxist leader needs to be thrown out John
Never. If we go down this track New Zealand as a fully functioning western style democracy will be gone, and tribalism will eventually rule. Roy
No No No. Everyone is human. Treat them all the same. Graeme
one people one country mark
Until Labour is tossed out of government and we have a government that speaks for us and not race based this country is on a downward spiral. No to separate anythings just more hand outs. Steve
Separatism is pure discrimination based on race. Kiwis are being actively discriminated against by this Govt. No where can it not be shown that Maori don’t have the same opportunities in this country as everyone else. The difference is IQ alone and money can’t solve an IQ deficit. Tony
The Maori people are not indigenous of NZ. They came from the Islands of Hawaii as we have been taught at school years ago. They sailed the Pacific with skill no doubt and when they got here proceeded to kill,eat slave and torture the Indigenous Mori None of this will be in new history lessons for the next generation as they dont want the real story to be told.Read the book The Musket Wars Allan
They are a very sick race, it is a shame they can’t look after themselves, another hand out. ????? Graham
This has to be halted and the whole Seperatist issue consigned to the rubbish bin. The preferential treatment of certain sectors of the Community based on race is an Apartheid Policy which is totally unacceptable for any right minded person. Allan
It is Apartheid by stealth Dianne
Jacinda has brought this country to the brink of civil war with her separatist This he uapua thing is an insult to all NZers policies.We are now in a state of apartheid. Jenna
Totally outrageous, Ardern’s pandering to Maori should be of huge concern for all New Zealanders!! Bradley 
How and why did so many so called intelligent people vote Labour? Then again where are the opposition if this is allowed to continue we end up like an African country Peter
This has nothing to do with Health, it is political and the first step towards Maori control of NZ. Just wait and see. Pierre
one country one people we are all equal if you smoke drink take drugs are fat lazy don’t want a job that is because you are lazy if your in prison your a criminal and that is where you belong no matter what your race Nigel
Unity based on need please Doug
Absolutely not. This whole separatist rort has to be knocked on the head. It is a self-serving power grab by radical Maori. Pamela
Ho can this madness be stopped. Peter
If I was younger I would most certainly be looking at migrating to somewhere wity a government that could be trusted. The actions of this Labour Government certainly must be sailing very close to treason(the crime of betraying ones country-attempting to overthrow the sovereign). Zimbabwe aint seen nothing yet. Terry
They already had just as must access to health care as anybody else – what’s the point! Jim
Your question should have been: Do you support Apartheid in New Zealand ? That is what we are going to get if this Government is left run amok as it is doing… Robyn
One Nation One people. John
This country is a mix of many races who intermarry. Favouring one sector, means many families will have children in the European, Asian, Pacifica camps and others in the Maori camp – there will be no equality within those families given the focus on so called Maori. Alastair
Maori are a 12 o/o minority there should only be one people one vote not all this seperatism Rita
This is as racist as it gets. It is just South Africa all over again but lead by the first peoples on the land. We need to abandon the UN they are clearly nut cases who are extravagant and do no good in the world at all. Mike
Just another case of Labour getting into bed with Maori, and it is Only for votes, and nothing else. However it will backfire on them. The sleeping bear will be aroused. Peter
The real start of the end… Mark
A frightening situation is in place by this incompetent government and radical maoris are taking over Sidwell
We are one people Bruce
Looking after ones health is the individuals responsibility- Maori need to step up…as the other 85% of NZ citizens do – easy really John
We are just one very small country there is no room nor need for separate anything. Chris
Again the question has to be asked. Why do Maori need preference before other Kiwi’s. Answer because the Maori ELITE want it Frank
One health system for all Paul
Sick people should be treated on the basis of need, not ethnicity. Barrington
Blatant racism John
Apartheid here we come!! Wolf
Can see Maoris completely running this country in the future Faye
Tribal separatism is gathering momentum at NZs peril. This is just the start of many more radical changes to come. Tony
It would mean apartheid. Graeme
Democracy is one vote per person. Everyone equal…Not some people being more important than others depending on their lineage. Jan F
disgraceful proposal !!!!! trevor
How long will it take before people with a brain wake up and revolt against this mob of dickheads. Once the damage is done it will take another government years to right all the wrongs Allan
I don’t believe what is happening to us. We are being hoodwinked by the most devious dishonest politicians in the world. Jacinda has become the worst of this bad lot. Richard
If so many of us are against all this why is ou voice not being heard & what can we do to stop it. Something must be done Linda
We need a New Zealand system John
Obviously. Charles
It might fairly be suggested that in acceding to the Treaty, the signatories relinquished all extraneous rights save for those embodied in British citizenship. Graham
All of this stupidity is getting out of hand. Charles
Tail wagging the dog… barlow
A disaster in the making. Labour will never ever get my vote. Hate deceit. charlotte
No no no I will never agree with separatist development Kristene
It is discrimination Graham
This is an absurd idea and fraught with imbalances and disention. Dividing the country is a horrifying backward step towards apartheid. Paul
All non-Maori New Zealanders have and still are being betrayed by a government representing Maori radicals for a separatist agenda. This government needs to be ousted now!. Pauline
Racism pure and simple – this is another step towards separatism – we have to stop this at all cost. Clive
It’s racism Annette
I am sick of this useless communists administration Pushing all this Maori bullshit We have to get rid of them , or god help NZ Murray
wrong wrong wrong – it;s apartheid and does not belong in NZ Carolyn
The people of New Zealand didn’t sign on to help Cindy get a job in the UN. George
This is race based.There is no place for any such decision making in our country.If it should eventuate,one can comfortably make a number of predictions, all bad and by what ever metric used,costs would soar,,accountability would be manipulated to benefit the administraters,and out comes would not improve.Our minister of health and Jacinda should put more effort into improving what we already have rather than going down this racist road of separatism. gale
It is the most divisive action every contemplated by any government. Ultimately it would lead to civil war. Peter
Labour need to be taken to task for advancing a radical agenda they do not have a mandate for based on their campaigning for the last election. Rob
I cant believe it! Pamela
Absolutely not!!! But race based narratives are now big money spinners – look at BLM and their Marxist fraudulent leaders – sadly Maori are now being totally exploited by a communist/Marxist agenda – disguised as “helping” them!!!! This regime (who were NOT elected, but installed here) make me feel SICK. God help us I pray, God help us defend New Zealand.  Hanna
This Policy is true unbridled Racism and not Democracy as the World knows it. Dave
Absolutely not Tony
No! I do not agree with separatist Maori Health – it’s apartheid. Remember when John Minto told us how evil it was? They are getting closer. China wants to establish an airfield on Kiribati!!!. When they finally take control of this country, will we all be treated like their Uighurs or will it just be Maori? No place for tribal co-governance then. Only one emperor to worship – the CCP! Man will be just matter in motion. One death will be a tragedy, thousands will be a statistic. One may laugh but commufascist regimes have brutal histories. Don
Absolutely not. Ever aspect of our lives, laws and government should be aimed at equality of opportunity and access for all New Zealanders Rita
Why do we need a separate Maori Health Authority, What happened to the one country one people. Maori do not seem to have any issues with the system that is in place at the moment, what has change. Gayle
FFS Coral
Never!. More civil service people on huge salaries with an agenda to only help 15% of the population… Mark
New Zealand is now at a pivot point as to whether democracy survives John
Apartheid Carl
Absolutely not. It is dividing our wonderful country New Zealand NOT Aoteoroa Tina
This is a slight of hand by THis government one only needs to look at the people on the advisory committee it smells of future corruption and we the population has let it happened we are in dead trouble John
Total madness Laurel
We are all one people and Maori need to be encouraged to get the health services they need from the current system Gary
Time to put a stop to this racist government policy Kevin
Maori may not be very clever but they are certainly cunning. Aided and abetted by their woke often white conspirators (both in parliament and elsewhere, particularly msm) they blame all their own failings on colonisation and screw the country through a corrupt Waitangi Tribunal and weak politicians for all they can get. That fails to improve their lot. A bit of tough love may help. Alan
personal responsibility for your health is your choice . Health system looks after all equally regardless of personal attitudes Bruce
Separatism – another cog in the Marxist wheel rolling relentlessly toward authoritarian undemocratic rule; not far to go now Sharen
Apartheid alive and well in New Zealand. Adele
No way. We’ll end up like a banana republic. Kevin
NO! Hospitals, and access to Hospitals should be there for ALL, who require it, regardless of ethnicity. This country cannot afford to have two separate systems. If this is what Labour are demanding, the 4.5 million other New Zealanders, are in effect, slaves…..only there to provide the taxes to cover these stupid costs. This is just another way for this current Government to create a new level of poor, and therefore control the people. It is also causing much distress to older Kiwis, regardless of colour or origins. We are supposed to be ONE NATION…..this Government is dividing this proud Nation. Heather
Never. We are one people under the British crown. Angela
No bloody way ! Alan
A Communist state by 2040? Bruce
Absolutely not. Given that we opposed apartheid, how is it that the NZ government is now racing to implement race based policies and structures? Alister
It’s about time National got their finger out,The opposition need to make a huge surge against this radical agenda. All this stealth behind closed doors is totally undemocratic, but hey! what else would expect from a bunch of leftists F—wits. I am looking forward to the day,if it ever happens when Nutty Mahuta has an audience with the Queen. Man will Liz freak out. Allen
This is appartite in reverse Ann
Just cannot believe where we are heading and we need to fight for the democratic rights as stated in our constitution. We need to stop the political diahorrea that is being birthed in our nation and bringing it to rack and ruin. Seems like we need another Guy Fawkes – (tongue in cheek). Kevin
This is worse than apartheid, pure and simple. This government has refused to be open and transparent about its goals and its transformation plan seems to be about ceding authority to radicals and Maori supremacists. Gavin
What on earth is Ardern thinking. Very deceitful and underhand and completely at odds with her election propaganda John
Need not race. Graham
Pure racism. Institutionalised racism to boot! Mark
This is Apartheid pure and simple. Glyn
Unnecessary. Neil
Equal rights for all people, whatever their race or nationality. Elizabeth
I thought NZ held its head high as a diverse society holding fast to a democratically voted governing body & Society. Can someone please explain how part Maori are accepted as Maori when the majority have less than 50% ethnicity? There should be no differentiation between races within a democratically elected government. Changes of the magnitude described should be presented to the nation and not voted on by a minority. The whole matter reeks of elitism. Brian
Poorer outcomes for maori can best be explained in the saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Martin
It’s got to be based on need, not race. Will there be separate queues at the doctor ? Surely that’s apartheid ? Andrew
Health is about lifestyle choice not race. Keith
Certainly not! It is a shapeless and cynical grab for and a centralisation of power in health or hauora. If the people truly want health in the warmer hands of friendlier medical people, go to the doctor in the afternoon when her hands have armed up! Ray
Dividing the country will do immeasurable harm Liz
thank goodness Mrs Collins has brought the traiter labour mob dealings to light but I wouldn’t trust the journalist mob to tell the truth about the corruption that little and co are up to with mhuta, would like to know the english translation of the so called he paupau, calling it “give me and my bros more” would be more like it, so please Mrs Collins get it published in its full unretacted form so every NEW ZEALANDER can read it and see what the toothy dictator is and has done to cripple this country for the next two or more generation’s. so National and ACT now need to keep up the pressure to get rid of ahern and her bunch of dangerous misfits. Richard
Just the start down a slippery slope to eventually end up as another Zimbabwe Lawrie
This is just the first step in establishing an apartheid country Ray
Equality of opportunity not equality of outcomes. Ian
Blatant separatism/racism… Michelle
This scum government are putting another nail into the coffin of NEW ZEALAND. Des
Agree with your article. We are all one people, born to the same opportunities. It is only the parent and their environment that ensure that they do not reach their potential!!! Sandra
I am in total shock! Peter
One country; one people; one nation; one New Zealand. The only alternative is civil war so we can finish the work the British started. Mark
Absolutely not. The first article in the treaty states that Maori ceed sovereignty to the Crown forever. The third article in the treaty prescribed equal treatment / opportunity for all citizens Nowhere was a race based group with co-governance or absolute governance and veto rights ever envisaged. Mike
The costs will double because to set up two identical systems. All people will miss out Reg
Racial discrimination is illegal. Colin
The MHA will view the whole health system as a cash cow. Services to Maori will almost certainly cost more because providers will rort the system under the guise of helping Maori. Will Maori get better health outcomes – almost certainly not. The same will apply to every other body which is split down racial lines. Derek
This will further fuel the anarchy which is rapidly riding in this country I fear for the future Geoff
They are all in it together. Their only goal is — not concern about somebody’s health– that is only the smoke screen to hide a more sinister agenda– but to run a gangland type totalitarian system where radical kingpins run their territories. That will end in utter chaos if this comes to pass. All other ethnic groups in this country will have no other option but to band up together in order to survive this onslaught. God have mercy on us——— Michael
We should only be of one race – New Zealanders. Arthur
Stop this apartheid crap !!! Kevin
We are one! Nick
Never put a Maori in charge of a Maori because nothing will ever get done…….words of wisdom from my father back in the 1960s nothing has changed since then. Erin
absolutely not. bruce
Democratic destruction by stealth…… Chris
That is simply not democracy Trevor
1 system for all people Beau
Under NO circumstances . Kevan
Vehemently not! Steve
No way. It is a disaster waiting to happen. Nothing will improve for Maori with the MHA, in fact I predict their health outcomes will deteriorate and the maori elite will prosper. Robert
We are obviously ruled by complete idiots who think that we are even less intelligent than themselves…… God in heaven please save us Steve
A disaster in the making. Having a separate authority for health will probably cost twice the present health budget. There is no proof that a separate authority will have the outcomes suggested. When things don’t pan out well for ALL Maori, the taxpayer will have to sort it all out. If the “Maori Economy” is at $70B, where has money been spent to support all Maori. No visible signs where I live. As a country, we are heading for racial disharmony the likes we could never imagine. Ray S
We are one country with one peoples. One law for all. Pierre
1 country, 1 nation, 1 people Ritchie
I do not want this country to follow undemocratic principals & that are race based. Paul
I don’t agree with anything separatist! Emma
Clearly if He Puapua had been ‘outed’ before the election, NZ First would have campaigned against it and Labour would not have won the election if the public had also read it. So Ardern’s excuses are at best ingenuous and at worst down right lies as well as insults to the intelligence of NZ citizens boudicca
Absolutely NOT! Separatism has no place in NZ.  Graham
It is a relief to see National finally speaking out against this plan to impose Maori sovereignty onto NZ. It seems the media is starting to report on it too. Hopefully the general public will start to see the dangerous agenda being pursued by this socialist government.  and say enough is enough.  Dennis
The health reforms are totally unnecessary. If Labour wanted better outcomes for those they categorise as Maori there are dozens of changes they could make to improve the situation without upending the whole system. These changes are about separatists gaining control, not about improving health. Once again, we are being conned. Nadine
No to separatism in all of its forms. And thank you for uncovering what is going on. Without your insight, most people would not understand the huge threat that exists. Warwick
Once district health boards are gone, local people will have no say in their health system. This centralisation will be a disaster for many smaller communities. It is time that people informed this government that the proposed health reforms will be a disaster. Brian