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The Turning Tide of Public Opinion

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On Monday, Roy Morgan, Australia’s longest running independent market research company, published the results of its June survey of New Zealand political opinion under the headline “Is the COVID-19 ‘honeymoon’ over for PM Jacinda Ardern?”

The poll of 951 Kiwi voters showed waning support for Jacinda Ardern’s Government. Labour had slumped 6.5 percentage points from 45 percent in May, to 38.5 percent in June; National rose 1 point to 29.5 percent, the Greens were up 1.5 points to 12.5 percent, ACT climbed 2.5 points to 11.5 percent, and the Maori Party increased 1 point to 2.5 percent.

The election night gap between Labour and National of 24.4 points, has narrowed to just 9 points.

With confidence in the Government dropping 10 points to 124 – its lowest level since October 2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic – it appears the ‘stardust’ is finally falling from Jacinda Ardern as voters wake up to the incompetence and extremism that characterises her administration.

The question of whether the country is heading in the right or wrong direction, cements in the bad news: the ‘right’ direction, dropped 5.5 points to 57 percent Labour’s lowest ever favourable rating, while the ‘wrong’ direction rose 4.5 points to 33 percent, the highest  unfavourable rating they’ve had. 

After only eight months, Labour’s wheels are falling off. As the former editor of the Dominion newspaper, Karl du Fresne, reminds us: “There’s a pattern here. The third Labour government of 1972-75 fell apart after just one term. The fourth managed two before it collapsed in an inglorious heap. On both occasions, Labour tried to do too much too soon and with too little ministerial ability.”

He likens the Ardern Government to Norman Kirk’s: “It’s over-ambitious, under-endowed with talent and too impatient to re-invent the wheel. The bureaucracy is struggling to keep up, and it’s showing. A popular leader isn’t enough to compensate for – or disguise – incompetence, fatigue and hubris.”

While Jacinda Ardern gains plenty of plaudits for her policy promises, like KiwiBuild, she fails to deliver.

She promised New Zealand would lead the world in the vaccine rollout, yet new data shows our government-run programme is ranked 120th in the world and bottom of the OECD.

While Kiwis across the globe are still trying to get home, new figures reveal that 40 percent of the country’s government-run managed isolation facility beds sit empty!

Jacinda Ardern promised an end to homelessness – yet, in spite of spending more than $1 million a day on motels for emergency housing, the number of people sleeping on the streets is on the rise, increasing more than 10-fold in Whangarei from 21 people in 2018 to 293 in 2020.

Instead of garnering the support of the private sector to address the crisis, our PM has villainised residential property investors and made the problem worse by imposing an avalanche of draconian rules and regulations that have dramatically increased costs and rents.

The scale of Jacinda Ardern’s failure to deliver in mental health – in spite of a $1 billion investment announced in 2019 – is so profound that mental health campaigner Mike King felt compelled to give back his civic honour in protest.

As a result of the PM’s changes to welfare – increasing benefits and relaxing sanctions –  employers who are being prevented from bringing in workers from overseas, are facing serious manpower shortages while able-bodied beneficiaries are able to sit around and do nothing.

Then there’s Jacinda Ardern’s ill-advised car tax, that forces ute owners to subsidise electric cars – not only has the penalty broken her election promise of “no new taxes”, but it has caused the price of second-hand electric cars in Japan to increase by over 30 percent. 

Add to that the cancelling of critical roading projects around the country to fund an $800 million bridge for affluent Aucklanders to cycle and walk over the harbour, the whole fiasco over absurd climate change restrictions, and an attempt to criminalise free speech, and its little wonder that confidence in Labour is falling.

However, it’s Jacinda Ardern’s failure to rein in her powerful Maori Caucus, that is arguably causing the greatest damage – and is undoubtedly a key reason that Kiwis are deserting the party.

While the 2018 census shows that Maori make up 12.6 percent of the adult population, thanks largely to the seven reserved Maori seats they are over-represented in Parliament at 20 percent.

And thanks to Jacinda Ardern, they are significantly over-represented in Cabinet at 25 percent. With the support of their allies, they now hold the balance of power in the Labour Government.

Their radical attempts to force their racist culture onto New Zealand – without any public mandate – bears testament to the fact that those Maori sovereignty extremists in Cabinet are now in the driving seat.

As political commentator Morgan Godfrey pointed out, “There is a ‘delicious irony’ in that Mahuta, a senior member of the Kingitanga – the 19th-century resistance movement to the Crown – is now in charge of that same Crown’s foreign policy. There’s another bite of irony in Peeni Henare’s appointment as Minister of Defence. Henare is a member of the Kingitanga’s advisory council, the same council that would have been in charge of defence against the Crown in the 19th century.”

The Government’s plan to undermine Crown authority through Maori co-governance, shows their ambition has not changed.

Under the guise of implementing the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Government’s He Puapua report maps out a pathway for replacing democracy with tribal rule by 2040.

Like a runaway train, the pace of change of this separatist takeover of our culture and institutions, is escalating to new heights. Everything from crushing local government democracy, to changing the country’s name to ‘Aotearoa’, to introducing a separate Maori health authority – with the power of veto over all health decisions – is set out in He Puapua

Nanaia Mahuta’s Three Waters reforms are also part of the plan. By commandeering ratepayer-funded assets and infrastructure, then establishing co-governance to give tribal interests control of freshwater, the Minister will ensure that every time a Kiwi tap is turned on, a royalty will flow to the tribal elite – in perpetuity.

Separatism is also being entrenched in the business sector. In spite of laws to prevent discrimination on the basis of race, New Zealand businesses who provide goods or services to Crown entities are now being asked whether they are 50 percent owned by Maori – or are Maori authorities – to determine whether they qualify for the new quota, which requires 5 percent of Government contracts to be given to Maori.

From parents on School Boards of Trustees being pressured into attending indoctrination courses on the Treaty of Waitangi, to State servants being advised that those of European descent will no longer be considered for promotions, under Jacinda Ardern’s administration New Zealand’s future is increasingly one of racial division, with Maori elevated to a ruling class, while everyone else is relegated to second class status.

The claim that the Treaty of Waitangi guaranteed a “partnership” between Maori and the Crown underpins the Maori sovereignty agenda and He Puapua. But since it is constitutionally impossible for a Sovereign to be a partner with her Subjects, the whole concept is ridiculous – a dangerous fabrication.  

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Professor Elizabeth Rata from Auckland University, who has long warned that bicultural policies are subverting democracy and leading to the formation of a powerful and wealthy elite within Maoridom, has provided two articles.

Her first, Ethno-Nationalism or Democratic-Nationalism – which way ahead for New Zealand? – see HERE – argues that New Zealand is now at a crossroads where our future is either to remain as a democracy where everyone is treated as equals, or to become a tribal nation, where we are defined by ancestry and race.

In her second article The Road to He Puapua – Is there really a Treaty partnership? she refutes the existence of a Treaty partnership and outlines the strategy being used by the  Maori elite to gain control of the country – reminding us that the number of extremists behind this power grab is relatively small: 

“The exclusive biculturalists driving the separatist agenda are actually a rather small group of individuals, numbering only in the hundreds. They are ethnically diverse and include iwi-Maori leaders, intellectuals, lobbyists, academics, activists, lawyers, officials, media figures, and politicians. Tight self-referential networks, strong personal relationships, and a willingness to play the long game have led to their remarkable success. These are all features common to those who lead revolutionary change.

“The consequences of these moves are set out in He Puapua. It assumes that the Treaty of Waitangi is a ‘partnership’ between the tribes and the ‘Crown’, one that entitles the tribes to economic and political rights in perpetuity to the exclusion of all others. This assumption is held to be true, sacred and non-negotiable. The success of Treaty strategists to date, combined with the silence of those who would be democracy’s defenders, makes their success a real possibility.”

And that’s where we come in. We must take a stand to defend our democracy and defeat this plan to split our nation in two. 

As Professor Rata says, we should not be afraid to speak out. Our democracy and way of life is under attack, and we must not be cowed by those ambitious for the unbelievable wealth and power that co-governance would bring. Nor should we resile from demanding our right not be defined by race.

In fact, the whole racialisation of New Zealand is a disgrace, and we do not have to accept it. Kiwis did not vote for Labour so that they could make race the only attribute that counts. It’s the kind of destructive socialism that Hitler promulgated, and we should not tolerate it in any form.

That’s why most European countries have rejected categorising people by race and instead have adopted a colour-blind approach to public policy, uniting their citizens under one flag, regardless of their country of origin or ancestral roots.

A colour-blind society is what most New Zealanders want – a country where our future is determined, not by the colour of our skin or the accident of our birth, but by the contribution we make as individuals. We want politicians to unite us by things we have in common, not divide us by our differences. That’s why we must take a stand and reject Jacinda Ardern’s plan to replace one of the longest-running and most successful democracies in the world, with the failed ideology of class and race-based tribalism.

With a public backlash against He Puapua building, the Prime Minister is now attempting to distance herself from it.

Willie Jackson, the Minister of Maori Development, is now taking charge of the process. He has announced that he will work with Maoridom’s elite – the Iwi Leaders Group – to develop a draft plan, ostensibly to enact the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration, but in reality, to set out a path to tribal control of the country. Minister Jackson wants a massaged version of He Puapua that will be more palatable to the general public, to be available for consultation by March, with a final plan of action ready for release in early 2023.

But consulting only the tribal elite on the way forward for New Zealand, and not the general public, is misguided and a sham. It’s our country too and we all deserve to have a say in the development of the draft plan – before it becomes a fait accompli.

On election night, Jacinda Ardern promised she would govern for “all New Zealanders”. It is unacceptable that she has allowed the racial extremism of her Maori Caucus to dominate the Labour Party. It’s time the moderates within Labour took back control since mainstream New Zealanders of all political persuasions are horrified by the separatism and division that they have been allowed to create.

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arderns a-genders are so prehistoric that if I commented, her maori police force would come for me. Gerald
Racial divide could prove a total disaster for New Zealand whatever the Maori elite may preach. We need a leadership to put a stop to this sellout. Austin
No bloody way! Peter
Would only accept as being categorized as “of the human race” Keith
im a kiwi craig
WHOSE GOING TO PAY .well you young knowledgeable voters who believe Jacinda is the best thing to happen to NZ not some dreamed up name being foisted upon us because going to the country would go the same way as the flag and the minority does not want that to happen.So lets see what Ms ARDERN has done .put this wonderful country into so much debt it can never recover look out kids it will be your future .She has lied ,broken every promise and when looked at seriously achieved nothing.Child poverty it has never been this bad .mental health 5 beds 1.81 billion and no one is accountable .Shane Jones 3 billion where did that go apart from burning a few thousand trees and endless maori meetings burning up money.Housing what a joke .except its not funny. child safety lets let major purportrators take charge of their well being and give to a Maori gang to set up rehabilitation meetings to stop them selling drugs well i guess they can stay in their safe houses a little longer with the money returned to them . Yes I could go on add infinitum but who cares it aint our problem you kids decided sea rises water in control of tribal ethnicity by the way all the fresh water comes down from above always always will global warming will produce more clouds and so more rain work it out yourself ,Finally because Im sick of people blaming the people who built this country ,hospital roads rail schools towns houses and a way of life envied (how I hate that word) but for NZ true envied by the rest of the world.If you want to know what tribalism will bring to this country look at Africa .Tribal life in NZ before colonisation .LAND CONFISCATION ,UTU (revenge killing )slavery rape pillage canabulism’ no transport why,no wheel no animals ,MAORI history word of mouth dont spoil a good story with the truth no metal History written by carving on planks of wood in front of a pitched roof and how did we saw those planks get real NZ WAS STILL IN THE STONE AGE TECHNOLOGICALLY and without the colonists coming probably still would be unless of course they had eaten each other .Any way kids good luck you have chosen to ignore experience knowledge and wisdom on your own heads be it vivian
Its racist whatever others may say or deny. Mike
I reject it because it is encouraging racism. Labour’s whole agenda is to divide and conquer the people of this country, which in turn, will lead to their total control of the population. Surely we are Kiwis, regardless of race, colour, creed or gender? Heather
What is your agenda Jacinda? Kevan
Object very, very, very strongly! Chris
This issue needs nationwide protests. Marcus
I am not a ‘pakeha’! I resent being identified by Maori terminology. Jane
WE were a democracy ha ha Warren
She has to go she is destroying NZ. Ron
Racism is not just “white” expressing anti “black”. It exists at any time in which differentiation by race occurs, by anyone. John
What a farce this Government is turning into! Martin
I understand that Willie Jackson had his DNA tested and he was found to be 40% Jewish, a large percentage of some other ethnic group ,with hardly any DNA of Polynesian or Melenisian. According to the person reporting this there is no such thing as Maori DNA. So Mr Jackson is a fraud,and a very well-paid one at that. As are all the persons clamouring for Maori self-governance.,well-paid Fatcats,who are every bit as greedy for money and power as any other ethnic group throughout history,regardless of colour. Brown skin does not mean that you’re nor greedy for money and power! Not likely! Rosemary
Just another Hitler Peter
This Labour Government is divisive and needs to go. Steve
Rampant racists would be the only ones to do so. – and most of them are part-Maoris Bruce
We are now one people~! Ron
One law for all New Zealanders. Craig
I migrated from India (a country that perfected discrimination based on caste and tribal affiliation over thousands of years and is now headed towards an ethno-nationalist Hindu supremacist state. I came to NZ because it was a liberal democracy, built on enlightenment values, a secular country that valued freedom of speech, science, multi-culturalism. I don’t wanted to be treated like a second-class citizen in a country rapidly become an Orwellian case study. P.S. I’d like to know more Maori maths and science. How much is 2 2 in Tikanga and how much is the value of gravity in Matauranga Maori? Bharat
Each person on their own MERITS! Carol
Dangerous and elitist Stewart
A modern Marxist like Ardern will continue to divide the country using the race and Treaty con ideology. There is too much backward focus on history instead of developing Maori youth & families for the future. We need someone brave like US Pres. Trump to tell the truth and support the majority of people in NZ. Much of this Marxist ideology comes from the US Democrats. Mark R. Levin has written his 9th and most important book so far “American Marxism” due for release 13th July, 2021. I am a first generation New Zealander, indigenous, of course! Monica
Way past time for this nonsense to stop. This government is dangerous and people need to wake up fast. Darren
I better not!! Ian
Another move to divide the country. Brent
Is Ms Adern part Maori? Margaret
Grew up as a kid with Maori and Pacifica in my class. WE were one people, one nation. WE went to school to learn. To be educated. And we had fun along the way. What happened to this great country. My heart is still here. But time is running out. Sandra
The way NZ is heading under Labour the bit of Maori blood in my kids may be of some use,yea right. Rae
This pretty much spells it out … Dear David Seymour, I appreciate you taking the few minutes to read this, it could be extremely important for us both. I speak for many thousands of New Zealanders (not Aotearoans), most likely hundreds of thousands, that feel our identity, our culture and our democracy is being rapidly stripped from us. We are in the grip of a Maori cultural takeover along with all the greed, waste and hostility that goes with it. Our Government under Ardern is too occupied keeping the covid fear factor at the top of the heap for instant political gain while working on a reset of our rights, new rules and a redistribution redistribution of our hard won, tax- paid savings to those that have an abhorrence of work and an entitlement attitude. We are the 85% of the population that pay the money to keep the country financially resourced, but you politicians seemed to have forgotten this. We would mostly have voted for the National party but they are in a woeful state and Judith Collins is arguing the populist issues for the uncomplicated and woke, like covid, instead of what is really important, democracy, or the lack of it. There is a HUGE racial divide that divide that Ardern and the activists have created which is seething just below the surface. It is alive and very unhealthy and it is growing like a cancer every day. In particular, we abhor being told we are racists while we pay them to the live their criminal and barbaric lifestyles (a generalisation if I may be allowed, and we have the stats to back it) and try to take away all that is near and dear to us. Specifically, we loathe the name change of the country and the place names. It took a referendum to not change the flag, but here we are changing all the place names and even the road signs without our permission. It is being done, right beneath our noses with no consultation whatsoever. The lies are intense and shameless. We understand that part of the new school curriculum will be a new history where apparently Maori did NOT cede sovereignty and that the Treaty of Waitangi guaranteed co- governance. Not from anywhere I look in the treaty it doesn’t. But re-tweaking our history to reflect the socialist view is what is going to happen, and you know it as well as we do. The buy-outs and the rorts have been horrific, $930 million to Maori for a covid response, $100 million for Marae upgrades, $108 million for private roads on Maori land, etc., etc., etc, … and NO accountability to the people that paid for it … who were mostly not Maori by the way. And that brings us to the next thing. There are no Maori. At best they will have long dead ancestors that were Maori, but we are all now watered down with the effects of immigration. All of us. Standing behind words like tangata whenua and indigenous carries no truth. The words of the treaty have been twisted to suit themselves and we are sick of watching the reporters and newsreaders speaking to us in Maori when clearly we are New Zealanders, not part Maori. Our doctors and nurses have to learn cultural awareness when they clearly have more important issues to attend to. If Maori want special wards and treatment, their $69 Billion treaty settlement and ongoing grievance industry can pay for it. We have paid for everything else. Now we have them in charge of the $1billion per year Oranga year Oranga Tamariki, when it’s Maori that put 70% of the poor children there in the first place. Have you heard of the saying ‘the foxes in charge of the hen house’? The Maori wards were the last straw, they have equal representation as it stands in local government, going by the demographic, and more than equal in National Government. The rorts will be horrific when – not if – Maori gain control through seat numbers and have control of our taxpayer/rate payer council funds. So here we now are at the crossroads. Hundreds of thousands of us looking to us looking to put our vote with a party that places common sense and equality for all, at the top of the priority list. Is that person you David, and is ACT the party we really need? Do you have the intestinal fortitude to stand up against these zealots and represent us, or do we have to wait for another new party to come along that we can all get in behind? Or do we start one ourselves? I would ask that you give this letter your most serious consideration, the letter and any reply will be going on to the various politically- charged Facebook pages and you can take it as read that there are thousands out there with exactly the same concerns, waiting for an answer. We could not be more concerned and serious about finding a solution to this hideous situation. I think our votes at the next local body elections will bring home the awful truth to all those that stood for Maori-only wards. Perhaps the National elections too, there is much to be done, starting off with where you stand on these issues, and whether you are prepared to make a noise about it. I look forward to your response. Kind regards, Alan
Sick of all of this. Mike
If we are “one people”, all talk of race should bed superfluous. There should be only one race, and that is the Human Race. What’s your agenda Jacinda? Kevan
Our complacent and compliant nation needs some banner wavers and marchers who oppose the way we are being taken. William
I am appalled by the attitude of my friends who at the age of 70 say NZ is going through a change process and there is nothing we can do about but just accept it. Creed
The same people that protested against apartheid in South Africa are forcing the policy in NEW ZEALAND! Murray
Stop this nonsense NOW! Jenny
we are all one – New Zealanders Colin
I am a NEW ZEALANDER. Not a racist. brian
Division by race or religion is a dangerous path. We only have to look at the civil wars and breakdowns where this has occurred repeatedly overseas. Why can’t we learn from other’s mistakes! Richard
I am a New Zealander – full stop tony
The country is heading towards a race relation rift if not already too late. I suspect a large percentage of the public are afraid of voicing an opinion with the risk of being labeled racist. Chris
categorizing by race will only keep racial division in place Dave
Our history is being re-written to suit a new narrative, it should be renamed Activism against Colonialism, not history, the way it is being pushed on our children. It is appalling and has to stop! Pauline
It will be the death knoll of our wonderful country. Ruth
When I was in Primary school we were all boys and girls, not European or maori. The same applied to secondary school. When we played rugby our teams were selected on ability – race did not enter into it .Nor was it considered as an attribute favourable or otherwise. When I joined the Army we were all soldiers and no-one was selected for any task or position based on their race and/or heritage – ability was the key. Everyone had the same opportunities to achieve. Equal outcome was never expected. It is difficult to understand how such a turn-round in attitudes and perception we now find having sway in our Nation ever came to pass. It has certainly been fostered by a Government that is dominated by a group of maori pledged to racial supremacy, a political grouping that is prepared to lie and distort the truth in order to advance their political dogma, an a press, radio, and TV body that has been bought by Government to promulgate and promote the dogma and propaganda that the Government wishes indoctrinate the Nation in true Marxist fashion. I certainly DO NOT WISH TO BE CATERGORISED BY RACE. Our Nation must be colour-blind and appointments made on ability – not adherence to a political dogma or the colour of ones skin or ethnic background and claimed heritage. Michael
NO – there is no need for further comment Kevin
I am a New Zealander and so is every other citizen of New Zealand. I love the cultures of the races that make up our country when practised by the people identifying as that race, but none have right to inflict it on others by forcing them to adopt it. Arthur
My great great grandfather was an early pioneer of this country. He started with nothing and built a fortune. This opportunity must be open for current and future generations for our country to thrive. We have two part Maori grandsons because we brought our daughters up to treat everyone as equal. Was this a mistake? Al
We are all equal in this country. History is history we cannot change what has gone before. Jayne
I will be judged by the content of my character, not the colour of my skin. This should always be first Bryan
Adding to the concern is that it is not only central Government pushing through a apartheid agenda but many local authorities also. Given the speed with which this is being hammered through I’m not sure that we can afford to wait until the next election before making a stand. Ron
It makes no sense and is apartheid basically. Andrew
Accepting that premise would put us back to the state of Africa and apartheid. Look where the minority over there has taken those countries since the locals got hold of the reigns….down the tubes. Sally
I am a New Zealander. Peter
I’m also a New Zealander not European. Rebekah
Willie (the dickhead) Jackson is part German/Jew.It is no wonder he is confused when he claims to be Maori. Steve
I’m a New Zealander = period. I object to even being classified or referred to as a pakeha. graham
One People, One Nation lets go forward together !!!! Francie
I came to New Zealand to escape racism, not perpetuate it! martin
This goat is full of racist arseholes starting with our useless p m adern Allan
We are all New Zealanders and until we except this the country will not prosper. so why these politicians can not see this. The hope is by the next election they will be history john
One law for all . david
Doing a My Heritage DNA test I now find that my great great grandmother was Maori and I can be classed as Maori SO what I am a new Zealander, no better and no worse than all my fellow citizens. So the accident of a racial past should not give us privilege’s over other NZErs . Most people of Maori ancestry know it is only the so called tribal elite the are feeding off the tits of the country and unfortunately as we all can seen Labor is corrupted by power and in instances racial greed. Walk away from this or your government will be the last Labor government for many years Alan
We are all one people, the PM said so in March 2019 John
Wholeheartedly reject! Anon
we and all the folks we know strongly reject this race crap Neville
Absolutely disgraceful that businesses are being asked to disclose their racial makeup in order to be considered as government supplier. I have no respect for this administration – they are dangerous and utterly disloyal to our democracy. bryce
I thought we opposed apartheid and now this woke government is promoting it Laurie
This has gone on far too long. Pre 1967 I lived & worked with Maori in the Gisborne area & we all got on so well. They hated when Maori came down from Auckland & stirred up trouble on their Marae Tony
I am a New Zealander. Jacinda and her Maori elite are going too far and will split the country. Frank
I am a New Zealander born and bred, Michelle
Rise up New Zealand ! stop the Govt.’s march to apartheid ! Donald
We should all be New Zealanders and all be treated equally no matter where we were actually born. Laraine
Those living as New Zealand citizens are all Kiwis! This madness of dividing Maori to separate relationship must stop! Elizabeth
Absolutely reject any attempt to divide our Country by this Race-based policy. We must unsure that Ardern is a One term Prime minister and Labour is defeated by common sense of all New Zealanders. Wayne
As Hobson said after each chief signed the Treaty – One People One Nation! Graham
We must all do as much as we can to “STOP THE ROT” Ken
NO NO NO. ARDERN IS TREASONIST. She is mad and the labour party is just as mad as the Insane Greens. Greg
Total ‘Scum-Bag” of humanity are ruling the people’s of New Zealand…. Christopher
The whole thing is an outrage. Team of 5 million? No, a flock of 5 million. Mike
Labour is creating an apartheid future for NZ. Does Labour still recall how they protested against apartheid in South Africa? Jacoba
Apartheid is NOT what the majority of NEW ZEALANDERS want or need. Ban the unjust and unrighteous plans of maori for sovereignty. This nation has to be governed honestly and justly according to the per centage of people living and working here. CMM
The focus on race undermines the integration of all our peoples – immigration has built the country and our Maori population is now an equally entitled part of the whole. Bill
Show me anywhere in the world where this has been successful??? Michael
I am a New Zealander by birth and object to be marginalized as pakeha WE ARE ONE Den
Reject the evil!!! The most important question remains, will the ACT/NATIONAL parties, on gaining the treasury benches next election, or before, remove by NZ- style executive orders the tribal socialist policies of this communist government? Since they have laid most of the apartheid groundwork over the years for what is happening now, I think not. Potential voters, ask this question of your %u201CNINO%u201Ds now. Not only is America in crisis with its %u201CRINOS%u201D. Don
Race has no biological basis. It is a poor classification criteria as it does not predicatively correlate with social criteria. tony
We are all New Zealanders….!!!! James
The Neo Nazis in control need to controlled We also should have a free vote which version of the Treaty that we accept John
Race is not a definer of origin, as opposed to culture. The world is different to that of our ancestors and therefore we should relate to our environment and culture as it now stands. Alex
I absolutely reject the notion that I or anyone else should be categorised by race Jeffrey
I wonder how man New Zealand voters now regret giving their votes to the Labour Party. We have become an East German type State where those in power impose laws irrespective of the values and will of the people. In the past some of us might have said that National was useless but it seems to me that this lot is useless and oppressive. The country is in big trouble now and will be in worse trouble if Labour is re-elected. I sincerely hope that when Election Day comes around enough Kiwis have woken up to the danger. Denis
It’s becoming clear that many on the Left are truly insane. They vehemently deny ANY biological differences between men and women, yet push this lie/line that we are defined only by the colour of our skin. Rational people simply could not hold both viewpoints at once. Cognitive dissonance anyone? Sharen’s comments below worth reading! Tony
We are all equal as New Zealanders irrespective to the colour of our skin. Gavin
First and foremost I am a New Zealander then my scot’s bloodline comes out Alan
Jacinda and her mob have to go. Sooner the better. Barry
No way! We are all mixed breeds here and all of us are the result of peoples who arrived from overseas… cath
If we cannot act as one people providing on a need basis we are doomed to full on racism and the nation will suffer accordingly Bruce
The treaty is a sham. no one (alive) is native or indigenous to NZ. The treaty is based around these 2 words. The un needs to butt out. Rick
A war of bloodshed is looming. Its needed to bring on the awakening. David
I class myself as New Zealand European Anon
I absolutely reject being categorized by race and further the ridiculous interpretations of the treaty which seems to have started with the labour party govt of the middle 80s needs to be ditched. Weed it out of all the places it’s flourishing and consign it all to history Flip
New Zealand fought against Nazism last century, lets not tolerate it now Roy
Horrifying backward step in time Christine
I am proud to be called NZ citizen.Aoteroa citizen? What’s that? Where’s that in the world.? Maori? I would rather be called New Zealander. M
We should all be called New Zealanders. Its not only pleasing to the ear but it promotes unity and equality. Terry
we are supposed to be one country john
The citizens of this country must demand the right to determine the direction our country takes – not have it forced dishonestly upon us. Natalie
Currently we have a dangerous bunch of loonies governing this country.. How long I ask before the rights that we all enjoy as new Zealanders are totally undermined in favour of disproportionate power being assign to the Maori tribal elite? These clowns have really got to go! Robert
We are on the road to anarchy Kevin
we should all be one people, irrespective of race. gerard
Labour Party dividing country for their on use, enabling them to take full control.. Communism at our door! What are we doing about it? Dell H
No way is the alternative acceptable. There should be no discrimination based on race Alan
I categorise people by how THEY treat their fellow beings – NOT by race. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Brian W. Brian
This current government is a disgrace to impose such racial lines and separatism to NZ favouring maori. And to de-stabilse our democracy by proposing handing over governance to maori is paramount to treason and should be dealt with as such. NZ’ers need to wake up to this shambles of a Govt. destroying our beautiful country and dividing our people. Darien
this is the way to create a divide in our country. Too much reference to the wealthy and poor, when this race issue will create an even bigger problem for NZers jenny
Totally reject. When asked to tick a box I will tick Other and write New Zealander if this choice is not available Kevin
REJECT. On any form that requires race my response is to print clearly NEW ZEALANDER. I was asked by the Covid centre if I was a Maori, first question actually, I responded by saying “Not at the moment. Probably should have asked what is it worth? Bruce
Define Maori might be a first step. Partnership be damned. Brian
totally reject a separatist New Zealand John
for sure,iwuld like to know where in hades does victoria offers a partinership with maoir?,more likly a warning a warning to stop killing and having their neighbors for dinner or who would consider a partinership with stoneage tribeswho never progressed for 600 tears james
This is apartheid. It will help destroy our country along with all the other things this government is doing like passing heaps of new laws and borrowing flat out! Soon it will be too late. Seems to be repeating some BAD history! Simon
This is totally against all my Christian values and I would think, most peoples values Mary
‘Judge a man not by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his character.’ I agree with MLK John
What a mess nz has become frightening Di
Race is a meaningless construct often used purely to create conflict where none exists. I reject racism in all its forms. One law, one nation, New Zealand. Igor
There is only ONE race – the human race. Any other definition is an outright deceptive lie, and a distortion of truth and reality. Laurence
One nation for all the humans who reside in our country Jacqueline
I wholeheartedly reject being categorised on the basis of race. I am a New Zealander, first, last and always. My ancestry, or the type of vessel my ancestors arrived here on, does not come into the equation at all. Kerry
I make a point of never answering race/ethnicity questions on all forms I fill out. I feel that buying into this needless inquiry will possiblity be used to ,my detriment. Louise
The tail (Maori 15%) is wagging the dog (rest of NZ 85%). About time we took control of the tail. No to co-governance. Wake up New Zealand! We are One. Robert
no bloody way tony
WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS GOVT!!! Civil war is on the horizon!! Ron
I’m tired of the whole misrepresentation of Labour Government. I especially am concerned how Maori is replacing our signage, who knows how to pronounce or know what organisations are anymore? Colleen
all blood sired !! Bruce
This is Divisive, not Democratic Caren
This will likely cause civil war! Derek
An outrageous proposition. Who has worked and invested to develop New Zealand ? William
The government has no mandate to pursue the separatist policies it is promoting none of which were in their election manifesto. Les
NZ is being lead by a greedy minority with horse shades on and Adern is part of them. To proud to be honest. Owen
We%u2019re all kiwi. John
Always fill in other when asked and put NEW ZEALANDER Ian
Who the heck allowed the Treaty to be called a partnership. It never ever was. The Treaty was a Merger document between two peoples and even after it was signed Governor Hobson said, “We are now one people”. They understood it back then. Isn’t it strange how our white leaders have let them change it around now!! Eric the Red
One country one people Catherine
bloody nonsense that not how NZ works Tony
I will not live within an apartheid system Jennifer
The more I contempate te ruination of NZ by this physocopath evil birch the more depressed I become Tony
Our nation has an enviable global reputation for fairness to all its members of society regardless of race or religion. We must protect this position. Grame
Once starting down this road, where do we stop? We are one people created equal but different in personality and that’s the only ‘colour’ distinction there should be. Doris
Apartheid & racist. End of story Robert
Very good article everyone should red it Bill
For the first time I am afraid for my families future in NZ, we did not vote for this. Kay
After of a lifetime of hard work and often tough times this takeover coupe must be repelled. jim
She is going for Separateism Colin
how this government can try and bring in such segregation between people is disgusting,i always try to take people as i meet them, and respect all people, unless they are mongrel dogs, then i don’t have anything to do with them, this pm is trying to segregate this country,through her socialst ideals, and all off a sudden shes giving power over to a minority race off activist Maoris, the speed of what is happening is quite friightning,and something really needs to be done about it, the opposition partys,need to grow some gonads and push for public debate on all these changes, this wouldn’t happen in Switzerland where referendums are binding,our referendums mean nothing just an expensive joke, if this government get in again it will be because of the brainless do gooders of this country cant see the wood for the trees. rodger
Kiwis are I am convinced are Stupid & being led by the nose by this socialist communist agenda & can see no wrong with Jacindas racist doctrine. Recent polls have Jacinda well ahead in the polls , stupid Kiwis with there 5million heads in the sand. Warren
I have felt for some months that this government’s He Pua pua policy is forcing p to become more racial. Laraine
Any Gov. should reject this. We are the Human race. Philip
Totally . If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable that in the 21st century our country should find ourselves even answering such a question. Never never !! Jilleen
We are New Zealand’ers Tom
Didn’t we fight against apartheid in 1981. Are we happy to bring it officially to New Zealand? Adrian
Help us God Faye
Absolutely reject !! John
Totally and absolutely Carol
This move by radical Maori is shameful and a step back hundreds of years Derek
The tide is turning and this race based issue is turning a lot of the public against this Government and their popularity is slowly being erroded .The pressure is on. Cant wait to see them dseposed ken
NO NO !!! Totally reject being categorised by race. Say NO to New Zealand Apartheid !! Doug
I will NEVER accept! Cheryl
No. gale
What next? Being castigated by sex has been bad enough!!!! Add random allegations of racism and white supremacists by guess who? Is this a repeat of the master plan to divide and rule?…….. Stuart
This move to introduce He Puapua by our communist govt is the most appalling proposal to entrench separatism and control by a few elite of Maori in NZ.. It is akin to the destructive socialism of Hitler. We should be One People. Mary
What is proposed is nothing short of apartheid, already in place with non promotions of pakeha in the public service. It is treachery to the people of New Zealand. I’m sure the vast majority of the 12.6% of Maori ancestry do not want this either. Allan
Race or the colour of a persons skin should never be how they are defined. Never judge a book by its cover, so why judge people that way. cheryl
Absolute racism Bob
I’m white, third generation Kiwi and proud New Zealander. NZ is of one people, but Maori do need extra support levels.I%u2019m against He Puapua in its current form. Doug
Labour’s party has to go. Astrid
So much for Jacinta saying We are all one. Marlene
At all costs. It is regupnent in all its forms and disguises. It is not the way forward to an enduring peaceful and hopeful country. Maria
No way… And please refer to the original Treaty… not some hamfisted translations. Murray
We are all New Zealanders. Race should not come into it. Plus Maori should not forget they are not pure blood Maoris and should not ignore the other parts of their ethnicities. I am a Greek-Kiwi with my parents both having been Greek migrants. That makes me more Greek than most Maori are Maori! Theodora
The He Puapua Report is an update on Mein Kampf that set out the manifesto for the Nazi Party in 1925. Race was very much at the forefront of Mein Kampf as it is in He Puapua. Be afraid, be very afraid for the future of New Zealand. Colin
Categorising by race is divisive and will lead to the destruction of this country as we know it. Pamela
The Corruption is like a rabid dog in this country and is out of control. The Maori elite must be “put in their place” and the Treaty bs shut down. The arrogance is overwhelming. Maori are not indigenous, there is no partnership and there never was. It is all fabricated lies, and National is not blameless. Neil
We should be defined solely by our citizenship. John
we are all New Zealanders no matter the colour of our skin. Ian
No fair government should consider colour as a criteria in governance. I have 8 grandchildren 6 are part Maori. Should they be advantaged over the other two. Of course not. This Government has to go. Alastair
To paraphrase Taika Waititi “The current New Zealand government is racist as fuck”. In contrast I totally reject that any legislation, regulation or representation should be race based. Alister
1 Law for 1 people Nick
I am daunted by the bureaucratic juggernaut that is working hard and being paid by all New Zealanders – to indoctrinate the people of this country. Mark
my medical center hates me because I cross out the pollwog name that they put and write NEW ZEALANDER, as my family arrived in 1840 why should the toothy dictator and her brown nosing mob describe me as something I’m not. Richard
No Way!!! Campbell
What the Labour Party is allowing to happen in New Zealand is becoming very worrying for the rest of population who call this country home and believe in Democracy. Digby
All these comments need to be published by fair means or foul. I think that a lot of NEW Zealanders are getting pissed off with all this anti pakeha bashing! William
A true democracy does not distinguish between race or creed but works by supporting each other by a balanced majority of its citizens. Our current government is betraying all its people, other than the radical few. It is a disgrace. Come on Kiwis of whatever race, it is time to stand up and be counted. chris
Equality has to be a core value of civilised society. Steve
HELL NO – New Zealand SHOULD be colour-blind and stop pandering to vociferous so-called ‘maori’ dave
We are all New Zealanders – it’s frightening what is happening Suzanne 
I have a Maori mother and NZ European father and have been brought up in both cultures. I can’t abide being labelled one or other way, it’s meaningless. I’ve also worked in a company where we have been told we must employ a certain percentage of Maori which as a part Maori I find arrogant and offensive. I appointed people based on their skills and fit for the job, who wants to be appointed for their race and not their skills and fit for the job? And on top of that, don’t our patients deserve the best person for the job, despite their race? Why should our community be cared for by someone who might perhaps not be a great applicant but fit the race criteria?? Insulting for all and yet this is quietly being pushed. This is one reason why I took early retirement. Shelley
What a disgrace this lying government is . Is she trying to create civil unrest so she can bring in emergency laws to lock us down again???? This must be the most useless destructive government ever. Snap election NOW. Peter
Democracy in this country is under attack from the radical socialists who are assisting the Iwi Leaders Forum to divide and conquer. George
Let me say it again: I totally reject being categorised by race. ‘the behaviour and statements of some of the members of Adern’s government are a disgrace and come close legally to treason. Rob
Disgusting. But unfortunately the majority voted for these clowns. Hope they learn a lesson from this. Alan
So long as Crown accepts and adopts UNDRIP provisions there is no stopping it. Why NZ continues to support UN is beyond common sense. Bob
The team of five million can only work together if segregation is not on the menu. Dennis
Onward to civil unrest with Ardern pete
The path to seperatism was set for us when the English twats on the Privy Council interpreted a tatty rag the Maori contrived for it to be interpreted. Making up stories when the treaty was intended to suit the conquer’s never the conquered. It has been down hill and a series of tragedies and debacles since. It’s time to take NZ back. Start taxing Maori Trusts to start! Tony
So wrong..getting worse and worse with their racist policies. Shirley
Apartheid Mark
Ardern s agenda is get Maori support to add to her followers of losers,like the Benefit,unemployment and job seeker cheats .Make no mistake these misfits are growing .Fact Ardern is a dope ,out of her depth but because of this is dangerous.I simply ask when will the real Kiwi wake up and act because enough is enough. Hopefully the new GROUNDSWELL NZ WILL WAKE US UP Don
I am now in my 80s and recently underwent a major change in my life and I had to make a decision, stay in NZ and be always moaning about the nonsensical actions of the government or go and live with my children in Australia. My choice was Australia and one of my children employs a hard working Maori who also has escaped NZ and knows of others. John
Reverse the present racial preferences this govt prefers, and my current view might change. Frank
I believe that God made us equal and this belief is the basis of Western Democracy so I do not want to be categorised neither I categorise others. Alexandra
One country one people Patrick
Give Labour the boot ! Pete
Ardern may now be trying to distance herself from He Pua Pua but we all know who to blame for kicking it off. She now has a tiger by the tail. But hey, Willy Jackson says there’s nothing to be alarmed about. Do you all feel better now? Terry
The sooner Ardern & her cronies go the better david
We are all,Maori & Pakeha, of mixed ancestry–there is no-one of any undiluted “pure” race in this country. Jenny
It’s hard to contemplate that any sane person would think that destroying democracy in promoting race based governance is a good idea. Mike 
Completely reject being categorised by race. Hard work, honesty, humility & respect for myself & all others are my motivation in life & race doesn’t come into it. Rex
Govern for all, my arse. Martyn
More than half f all New Zealand residents are, or are the children of people who arrived here since 1945. Looks like NZ has already been made into a divided nation. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Ian
I’m a kiwi, new zealander Ritchie
Racial division as being promoted by the current government, or any government is not acceptable. There is no treaty partnership. Cogovernance is not an acceptable proposition. Peter
WE are getting taken over from all sides. And stopworldcontrol.com Peter
Never by race. We are all one people, for the good of everyone. United we stand, divided we fall. Sheila
This is not the New Zealand I grew up in. For those who know History they will easily recognize The Nazi playbook of division being driven by the Ardern Govt. Muriel has nailed it. Now how do we stop it. 2023 will likely be too late; The radicals are well and truly in charge. It is not a virus that frightens me it is the Govt. Sam
I am appalled by our current direction. We need a voice in the media as well Theresa
An outrageous proposition! John
It is interesting my Maori friends who I have spoken to concerning He Puapua don’t really understand it and what the long term out come could be, they think things will carry on as normal. Sven
In any Government Questionnaire I state that my race is New Zealander Until we all say that and ALL government actions etc are colour blind we will achieve anything worthwhile as a Nation Robin
The Third Reich of Aotearoa is no joke – Willy (Goeballs) Jackson and his associate henchmen and women’s racists policies and commentary creates an ironical mirror to the rise of national socialism in the 1930s. The structure of Maori gangs reflects the tribalism that would prevail if the current momentum for change goes unchecked. The first thing is to ‘respect’ Maoridom and immediately remove the paternalistic and patronising Maori seats in Parliament as it is obvious that, with the number of people claiming maori ancestry who are now cabinet ministers or heads of government ministries/departments or in very senior positions in universities or local government there is no longer the need for that sort of protection as Maori citizens are already able to stand tall and proud as respected members of society. I note that they are well represented in receiving honours from the crown at New Year or on Queen’s Birthday – are we to prepare for a parallel maori honours system as well by 2040? Francis
It’s divisive. We are one people, and there is only one race – the human race. JD
Being pushed by radicals who are quite ungrateful for what democracy has provided for them Ian
I emphatically REJECT it. It is ideology, and worldview that separates people, never race. Julia
I came to NZ for its tolerance and equality. I%u2019m now worried for democracy. Laura
Did Ardern study Joseph Goebbels for degree in Propaganda? Trevor
Certainly not. We are all one people under one flag-All New Zealanders. David
Two lovely grandchildren. One with Maori blood the other without. They are equal in my eyes but could end in the eyes of the law as unequal simply because one was born with some Maori blood. John
Colour blind am I! Robin
One people one race. Murray
I have grown up as a European in the far north surrounded by Maori and consider myself Brown inside because of that culture which I accept and I love along with the Yugoslav influence however these days as a tax payer and hard working New Zealander I am appalled at the handouts that we are paying for which is creating a separate class who doesn’t need to work who actually didn’t work in the first place if I’m looking at the finals at it as an example and I’m saying WTF to the government sort your Shit out, you will create a civil war in New Zealand if you don’t resolve finalising the Waitangi treaty so we can all move together as one people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take notice this will end in exodus or war in NZ Paul
Yes, I’m a New Zealander, born and bred. my ancestors were from Europe, does that matter.They could have come from some island in the pacific….does that matter? Cde
As a Maori david
Aparthied by elitist with a tag of brown blood Jeff
In New Zealand we are all one people. William
absolutely not this is a disgrace and Labour should be kicked into touch for ever Robert
The left is seeking to rule by division. We are one humanity with differing cultures in one country. There is no division other than that created by Jacindas divisive policies. She needs to step aside and let the people live in unity. Dianna
Racism is despicable in any form. I utterly reject it and would vote for abolishing all preferential race based political seats and electoral roles. Disgusting and guaranteed to create division in our society Anton
New Zealanders of all ethnic origins have in the past, fought & died in two world wars to preserve our democratic freedoms. How dare a small group of mixed race descendants of Maori demand that APARTHEID be implemented. What a pity these arrogant misfits in society, could not be deported to Communist China, to experience life without freedom of expression. Comrade Jacinda would love it. Being amongst her own kind. She has kept her promise to govern for all New Zealanders. It just has to be Her way. Still very concerning that only 33% of those polled think she is taking the country in the wrong direction. A.G.R.
This is a runaway train, with Labour and the Maori Party driving, while the rest of NZ sits in the second class carriages. June
Agree 100% with your comments Muriel – if this doesn’t get stopped soon it will be too late. I don’t want my children and grandchildren growing up in a country where one’s worth and position in life is determined by race. I thought we had left that kind of rubbish behind long ago. Roy
The current Government policy is causing an increasing division in NZ. John
We should all be categorised as equal. Maurice
Maori are the most racially biased group in NZ at least in part evidenced by their repeated reference to “our people” – imagine the outcry if any other racial group in NZ referred to themselves as “our people”! This racial classification has no place in a fair and equitable society and should not be tolerated. mark
Nonsense! Michael
This all makes me so sad. My Farther fought in the second world war and saw many of his mates blown to bits all for the name of freedom. The time has now come for us to stand up to do the same. Ray
Why would anyone in their right mind, unless they have an agenda, accept being categorised by race?  
This is a democracy and we must remain as one people. Anything else will destroy NZ as we know it, costs will rise exponentially and the world will no longer see us as a friendly multicultural country. John
I am 100% against it Lois
We are ALL ONE PEOPLE NOW!!! I find this He Puapua plan to be utterly repugnant and unfair and completely UNDEMOCRATIC! Sylvia
Favouring 16.5% of the population, regardless of race, is not & never will be democracy in action. Neville
We should be one people under one democratic government. Lynne
We are one country with equal rights Brian
Too much is being forced on the population of New Zealand. with out real consultation by a PM with her own socialist agenda. John
i Want a democratic NZ and Do not believe in the sort of government being promoted by Willie Jackson And Maoridom activists. Barry
This is communism at its worst Maori are not entitled as being claimed ! Without the arrivals of colonization NZ would be a large 3rd world Fiji – simple as that yet they want all the improvements funded by others handed over to them ! Trevor
Thank goodness for NZCPR ! Dick
I have always noted Labour and the Greens seem to Reject Democracy and favour Communism, just like they reject religion except Muslim, note they are calling for the destruction of Israel – the home on Christianity White Privelage – bulldust – just look at the government iniatives unavailable to white or pakeha prob meaning the fat white pig variety brin
Labour’s got to go judy
New Zealanders must all be one people. One sector of the community should not have any more rights than anyone else. For employment the Best qualified for the position must get the job, not chosen on race or sex. Wendy
I am a New Zealander. john
Agree with all that is said. Sandra
Dividing the country by race is such a negative backward step. We are all New Zealanders and this separatist movement is so detrimental to the future and well being of our country. Vivienne
Racism by a small group of Maori separatists is now rampant in this country and its wrong on so many levels Alan
We should be one country for all regardless of race Sara
It is so ironic that I grew up in South Africa under apartheid. We were rightfully vilified for that system, including by NZ. Now mostly those same critics of apartheid are accepting it in NZ. Disgusting. Geoff
I am a New Zealander and I see anyone living here as a New Zealander The part Maoris are the racist ones sheryl
I do not come from Aotearoa, which is not any country, and I am not a Pakeha. I am a new Zealander. richard
We need to stop this racist maori take over of our nation. Get rid of the meaningless Treaty of Waitangi document that has become a maori money making, power domination document . It is outdated and maori are lying about it’s interpretation for their own ends. Darryl
A lot of the troubles in this world are caused by racial tensions, as it is now being encouraged in New Zealand. New Zealand not a made up alternative word for it. Andrew
Yes, Labour politicians are currently dividing the NZ population in a big big way. Just ask anyone in the street. Their only success to date. Jacinda Ardern will go down as the greatest liar in world history. Ed Sherran recently said during a radio interview that all of the UK love her. God help us! Willie Jackson is an angry dangerous fool. Constantly using the You’re a racist tool when challenged. Willie you are a horrible human being. pat
I advocate that ALL New Zealanders be treated equally regardless of colour or race, and that there be ONE Government, ONE standard and ONE set of rules for ALL New Zealanders. I see no reason what-so-ever that any one culture should be treated any differently to any of the rest of us. Paul
Absolutely reject all race based policies – a totally destructive path forward Rick
I always thought we are one, But obviously Jacinda has told us more lies yet again David
but a major part of their ideology so while they have their majority, anything that the electorate argues is moot Mike
You are us – what did that mean? let’s not separate and divide – all New Zealanders to be treated the same – no race distinction. Helen
Do not believe inseperate development.. This is just a vote catching exercise on the part of Labour. June
This must be the most racially divisive government New Zealand has experienced. When suppliers to government organisations are chosen according to race and are asked to appoint staff of one particular race things have gone too far. This is how the Nazi movement began. The ‘we are one’ slogan is quickly being replaced by ‘only one race counts.’ There are very worrying times ahead if this government and its present leader remain in power. Time for the apathy to stop and for us all to start standing up to the grinning socialist. Dell
NZ cannot ever anything other than a fully integrated none racial society! Roy
For years there was a strong movement against separation because of race now we have the Maori promoting it because they think it benefits them , Gaire
None of us should be defined by race, and in fact most people, if not all of us including those who claim to be Maori, are of mixed races. It’s just a recipe for disaster and a great way to cause division among our nation. Dale
What is starting to happen is worse than the alleged excesses of “Colonialism” Peter
Left wing radicals wanting to replace our democracy with Maori Tribal rule by 2040 is criminal. robyn
It is all getting out of hand. An employer who takes on a European youth for apprenticeship gets a tax incentive of $6,000 but if he takes on a Maori youth that figure becomes $20,000! Time for a revolt to begin uprising against all this rubbish leading towards Maori governence. Peter
Such racial bias and stupidity MUST stop . New Zealanders have fought many wars to keep other from such tyranny why oh why do we have to now fight for the same cause within our own country. The Ardern govt is little better than Hitler’s and Mussolini’s in regard for human rights or democracy. Graeme
I can’t believe it has even got to the stage it is at. Dayal
We are one people. errol
Typical labour bullshit Allan
It is just wrong on so many levels. The translation of Apartheid is “Separateness” and it does exactly that – divide the nation. If you accept that the treaty is a “partnership between the Crown and Maori (elite)” then Maori are sovereign but everyone else is a subject, and are represented by no one. Absolutely reject this – and is in complete contrast to the first article of the treaty which states that Maori ceed sovereignty for ever. Mike
In my opinion, ardern is a traitor to all NZ, time for her to be thrown out. Lying, and finger pointing are her specialties, never takes the blame for her own actions, but is quick to push the blame onto others. A disgusting person, ready to sell her sole for the UN and one Gates. Merryl
Definitely and emphatically do not accept Rosanne
I am a New Zealander. When I took out naturalisation papers race was not a question I was asked. What is race anyway if I can choose how to answer that question? Paloma
Often I hear comment from Maori that Europeans are racist. But over and over again it is the elite Maori who ask “What’s in it for Maori, where is the finance for Maori, Maori deserve special treatment, and Maori should come first”. When was the last time you heard someone say “What’s in it for Europeans?” The fact is that Europeans and many ordinary Maori don’t think of themselves as two races but rather as New Zealanders. It is only the White Maori rich elite who think of themselves as separate and a notch above everyone else. Self-opinionated and detached from reality. Liz
As usual Muriel has got it right June
Absolutely reject it, and the concept of payback name calling of “racist” if I don’t agree! Pamela
Too many laws have been passed by this government by stealth and this is another one. How do we stop them? Unfortunately the majority of NZ’ers just want to get on with their lives and may talk about these things but it goes no further. What do we do to stop this death march? Margaret
I thought that we were Equal (Hahahaha), according to this government we are not Les
I think the top elite Maori should be named and written about. Jasmine
equal rights for all new zelanders maurice
we are New Zealanders. We are not Aotearoans that has not been voted on. The scariest thing is the lack of an alternative. When will National wake up. Judith still won’t accept her unfavorable ratings. She needs to. National has to get a charismatic leader . Not a wailing woose. Until they do; National will lanquish along with the whole country. Peter
Being profiled by ancestry is outdated and racist, and can only lead to anarchy Hone
As Martin Luther King said in his ‘I have a dream speech’, “I dream that my children shall be judged by the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin”. Those who would hurl Racism at those who question the current official narrative should have these words thrown back at them for they see everything by the colour of ones skin and therefore meet the true dictionary definition of being Racist. Brenton
I’m appalled by the very idea, surely we are all equal and these plans could result in civil unrest in this beautiful country. Jennifer
The idea of partnership between crown and maori is laughable. Rata states it well. too bad so many NZers are gullible. Peter & Liz
Great article Dr Newman, an utter disgrace at what this Government is orchestrating! Keep up the great work and I hope the sleepy mainstream Kiwi wakes up!! Tony
Where’s the leadership for this “Turning Tide of Public Opinion”? Barrie
We need to stop categories people by there genealogy and name them all New Zealander Michelle
Totally REJECT:This ardern woman is turning this country in to a racist state. Well supported by the maoris who endorse her racist policies. The population of this country must stand up to the weak politicians and demand that the maoris are told in very clear words that they understand, the large majority of the people of NZ will not support a racist state. If they wish to live in such a state they are welcome to move to such a country. David
Everyone should have equal rights. Greg
Stop this partnership garbage now,before the radicals like Jackson etc take over the government with Ardern’s blessing. Peter
I am a new Zealander. stephanie 
One law for ALL people. That is the essence and definition of not being racist. The Iwi leaders and pro Maori Labor party members pushing “racial recognition” of Maori in the name of anti racism against Maori are hypocrites, being the most racist I have seen in this country. We are in grave danger of Aparteid in NZ Linc
Wake up new zealanders before it’s too late. We are being ruled by an out of control and dangerous pack of louts. It’s gone time when right thinking people must act and this lot got rid of for ever. We don’t want their ideologies or divisive acts any more. Enough damage has already been done. Don
I say again, If this happens it will lead to civil war and I will be the first one to volunteer John
WE are all New zealander’s one People. Richard
TRIBAL RULE. My first thoughts are What Tribe. Where in the world does rule by tribes work, for all the people? Tribal infighting in Africa and the Middle East indicates that only a democratic society will work, not rule by tribes. Probably unwilling acceptance to begin with, leading to force by arms for the rest of our existence. Beware the NEW ZEALAND COMMUNIST PARTY a.k.a Jacinda’s lot. They”re selling us out for votes. Dave
Anyone can see what is happening in NZ. So many being tricked by so few and using “reverse racism ” to control the majority of the population. This has been happening for some time but Jacinda has assisted it’s quickening. progress Lorraine
15% of the country are Maori there are a lot of other races out there, New Zealand is one country !! Warren
As a RN I deal daily with patient of different ethnicities, believes, sexual orientation or financial fluency I treat everyone the same. I was brought up to treat everyone with dignity and respect that’s how I nurse the patients I Iook after. I do however get people that sometimes think they are more entitled. Again they get the same treatment from me as anyone else I look after not more or less. To me it does not matter what colour you are or what your believes are, even if you would be a staunch defender of the PM. I may not agree with you but freedom of speech is still possible, at present anyway. Outside of work I too practice my up binging however when it comes to the present government my fuse is getting shorter by the day and express concerns to any unacceptable government policy they are trying to push thru. At times I don’t even get an acknowledgement of the ministerial office. So far I have never got an answer to any of my questions. That only confirms to me they have no answers as they really can’t justify what they are doing or my questions are so much to the point and correct they can’t answer them. Mary-Ann
It is time to speak out New Zealanders. We have had enough of divisive politics. Judith
I think the way the Labour Party is heading is a complete disaster and disgrace. It’s just a minority of radical Maori who are trying to twist the terms of the treaty of waitangi to suit their greed and power. At least the Europeans have brought civilization and democracy to this country.  Bruce
According to our dimwit now racist PM, we are supposed to be”one people”, the BS that she spouts is devisive, and we are heading for the worst racial disharmony New Zealand has ever experienced. Peter
Disgraceful dividing our beautiful country. Sheena
Maori have their own schools, (public & Private) churches, rugby teams, etc, etc. yet only represent 15% on NZ’s population. The rest of NZ’s citizens are regarded as racist when complaining about this type of Apartheid. Although they claim to be indigenous Maori are not & never have been. Peter
Apartheid was wrong in Sth Africa….It is Wrong here. Lionel
New Zealand’s big leap backwards if this goes ahead. Stuart
Our democracy is in extreme danger Raymond
Categorization by Race is Apartheid! Bob
we stood against apartheid why are we now wanting to introduce it? Judith
You can’t change your race. I do not accept that race is a basis for decision-making. Max
Equality of all peoples must prevail Graham
We are one,,, I thought Mike
Apartheid in another form. We are all New Zealanders of mixed race like most of the rest of the human population. Shaun
Labour has turned Marxist or communist, both treasonist. Peter
I do not want or believe in any sort of Apartheid in our country Dianne
Totally reject this categorisation! I fully support Dr Rata’s four recommendations – indeed, I came to much the same conclusions some time ago. These racist, elitist, brown parasites need to be firmly put in their place, for the sake of national unity, otherwise we are lost! Scott
Racial favoritism is obnoxious Doug
We are earthlings KEVIN
It’s disgusting, we will leave the country for Australia if this goes ahead. Don
We are all of mixed heritage with the colour of or skin not mattering a jot.. We are New Zealanders, with our forebears having fought and died for our right to live in a democracy where we are all equal with the same opportunities. The PM needs to stand by her assertion the she will govern for ALL New Zealanders., at the moment that sounds a little like the Tui Beer advertisement, “Yeah right” Ian
We left South Africa in the 80s because we opposed the awful apartheid regime. Now we find that the country we chose to live in is on a slippery slope to RACIST DOMINATION. These idiots in power must be voted out. Patrick
A certain Herr A. Hitler was the first successful exponent of “The Big Lie” – Tell an untruth loud enough, often enough and with an apparent conviction that everyone else knows it to be true, or at least believable, and in time it will become the truth. Do you wish to be governed by people who subscribe to the ravings of this notoriously insane historical figure, because this is happening here, now. If New Zealanders do not do what they know to be necessary, they will become citizens of Aotearoa, and in the process, many of us will become very much second-class citizens. TOBY
Only people with simple minds and /or selfish greedy swine would accept being categorised by race. We are all New Zealanders not bloody Aotearoa’ns Tom
One rule for all regardless of ethnicity Peter
Totally reject. This is part of the Critical Race Theory which is invading our world and actively promoted by Marxist type governments such as our own leftist Labour party. Just check the USA and what is happening since the disgusting Democrats and their minions were stupidly voted in by the electors — just as we did here. It’s going to take a revolution to get rid of these cretins if democracy and free speech is to survive. Alan
We are all New Zealanders and all for one and one for all –Reverse Racism is strongly at play in NZ by those who mostly are of European decent anyway –What truly defines a Maori who want to now be elite Richard
Jacinda Ardern is a disgrace. Her promises that she would govern for ALL New Zealanders were false. New Zealand is fast heading down a black hole. Gregor
We are all of Mixed Race, How far back does it need to be to include previous blood links. Don
Racism at it’s finest. Even Maori are embarrassed by their ‘Tribal Elite’ going after more Power for control. Wake up New Zealand, ONE NATION not two. Geoff
Being categorised by race is the same as apartheid; something Labour used to be opposed to. Mark
Just look at South Africa to see how separation/segregation worked…. and it’s taking years to recover from! New Zealand can be a light to the world, but to be that light, we must have governments that treat all people as equal. No racial hierarchies! John
one country one race ie NEW ZEALANDERS john
We are one people eh? Tim
New Zealand has always been a country where the colour of your skin makes no difference. Why are part maori shit stirrers trying to introduce extreme racism. Do they not realise there will be a backlash. Robbie
I am a Kiwi, a New Zealander born and bred. Allan
Again our commo govt is attempting to divide our country when we are supposed to be one people not to be governed by 12.5% of the population eric
I am an indigenous New Zealander with no Maori ancestry. We must all be treated the same and have an equal voice on everything. How come the concept of Maori wards and Maori seats is not racist? If it isn’t racist then we should have separate rights for each ethnic group which is so stupid that I’m ashamed that I suggested it. Arthur
Maori don’t know what % they care – I know people who have always listed as Maori despite not being at all – its a shawm Mike
Do I see Apartheid being introduced into our country — New Zealand? tony
Never Iain
I’m a New Zealander and NOT a WHITE nor Maori. Time for this communist government to GO NOW…. Carl
Turn this ship around now..!! Peter
We must take a stand and reject the failed ideology of class and race-based leadership. Jono
This proposal is totally contra to natural justice Judith
I even reject having to fill out forms that ask for my ethnicity and prefer to put down “Kiwi” I even find the census offensive when they ask how much maori is in me. When I really get offended, I will put down Neanderthal. I like to be known as a New Zealander, the country of my birth. Ray
NZ is a multicultural society, and for the benefit of all needs to be egalitarian with equal opportunity for all individuals, but equal opportunity doesn’t imply equal outcomes in life. The tribalism advocated by some Maori shackles people to poverty and crushes individual freedom and self actualization filling peoples heads with maladaptive stone age world views. Nigel
Strongly reject. When do National get off their backside and giving us their alternative policy to reverse all this crap John
I consider that any racial discrimination is a dangerous and imprudent method destroying our countries unity, and I and my family are totally against this insiduous proposal. Brian
in a world of increasing diaspora, intermingling, and exchange it is no longer possible to accurately define race. Alain
Reject any race classification as this will be divisive for our country. Back the forthcoming Groundswell movement Lawrie
I will not live under tribal rule. Michele
only one option, and it is not communism!! norman
“All New Zealanders”? Yeah Right! Kman
Racial discrimination is illegal in NZ. How can a government, charged with governing democratically for all N Z ers be able to enact racist policies. Is this not time for governor General to step in as representative of the Crown and dissolve this government. Willy
It’s apartheid. Sharon
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Anon
Maori are not indigenous because we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants including the part maori small percentage of the population. Therefore we should all be treated equally and not defined by race. Andrew
We are all NZers john
Dr Rata says it all! Gregor
I have long supported racial equality. What we are facing now is certainly now that. Jon
The sooner we get rid of this prime minister and her government the better off we will all be. colin
Colour is irrelevant … New Zealanders and non New Zealanders is all that should matter ! It sOUR country for OUR people !! Sue
We are all New Zealanders Mark
Besides simply being undemocratic, divisive, racist and downright wrong, Maorification is creating a sort of Apartheid in NZ which is already leading to an unhealthy backlash from people who otherwise enjoy the cosmopolitan nature of NZ Society. STEVE
This is a dangerous move that illustrates the treachery of this government and, in particular, of Ardern. I don;’t want to live in a country where my rights are determined by my race. That’s what happened in South Africa and look at the shambles that has befallen them. Ardern and her Maori elite must be stopped. Where is the fourth estate that is supposed to be holding the government to account? Kerry
A family favouring a child over their siblings never ends well for any family members. Jacinda Arden is totally deluded thinking this will end well for New Zealanders. The delicate fabric of societal racial tolerance is not going to survive this reckless social experiment. JA has repeatedly made a great fuss out of celebrating the work of Kate Shepherd achieving equal voting rights for women. Now she can’t wait to trash this equality for all but a few racially identified few New Zealanders . JA did not campaign for this prior to the election, was too scared to inform New Zealanders about it in an unredacted form, and has a racially seperate consultation process operating with it at present. She clearly does not have the interests of all New Zealanders at heart. I respectfully suggest she step back before she destroys the existing democracy and sense of everyone being given a fair go in this country, qualities making New Zealand the envy of the rest of the the world. The vast majority of New Zealanders will never forgive or forget JA and her party if they persist with this calculated betrayal of our nation. Donald
‘The more a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it” George Orwell You and Elizabeth Rata are on the button with this developing ethno-fascism but your coupling of the catch-all term ‘socialism’ with Hitlerism is unfortunate. There are many on the ‘Left’ who would share your sentiments on this undemocratic and dangerous state of affairs. Alan
How has this intellectually challenged government been allowed to even get this far? Murray
This whole ting is becoming to radical and racist to be of any good to any one Russell
Absolutely reject. The continual forcing of Maori on the country is unacceptable. Maori indoctrination and the endless manufacturing of what the Treaty actually meant. Steve
We are who we are – New Zealanders RICHard
This labour government is so treacherous and has people in power want to rule by race. We as as nation have to stop this treachery and do not be hood winked by Willie Jacksons engineering!! Gwenda
I have no problem with being classified by my race, I am not ashamed of it. But I violently resist any attempt to use that to advantage one race over another!! Hugh
We left South Africa many years ago for a new life in NZ where cultural and race divisions were of minimum importance and citizens were equal in a democratic system. We are now threatened with a dystopian tyranny that will destroy our beautiful adopted land if not stopped in its tracks. Now! Ian
It seems that the adage “Squeaky Wheel” stands true. dave
I am Ngati Wai and these elite Maoridom radicals don’t speak for me. I want an end to this nonsense and one law and system for all including my privileged white cousins. Mike
Ardern is the biggest criminal in NZ history bud
Our country would no longer be a democracy rex
New Zealand now has a rapidly reducing window of opportunity to reject the rush towards a fully apartheid state. What would the likes of Sir Apirana Ngata and Martin Luther King think about the direction in which NZ is now quickly heading? Jim
We are one people John
one country one people Phil
totally unacceptable Gill
I was born/bred in New Zealand and I shall remain a “New Zealander” until I die. I also object to being asked on any govt form which “ethnicity” I identify with. Jen
Ridiculous! How many “races” are there in NZ? Can each one have a separate say? This is just division in favour of Maori David
Please wont someone of influence stand up and say ENOUGH. The news media are quite happy to see division .. it sells. Come on NZ, make a stand, before we become South Africa version 2 kabe
Where is the public consultation for this abhorrent plan ? Put it out to the Public and get the correct answer and will of the people. Robyn
The Waitangi Tribunal was set up to address the wrongs of the past and then move on confidently without des rumination Susan
at every chance we write New Zealander, don’t accept their social engineering… wayne
100% agree with you. It’s divisive and racist, and is a blight in every day life. I am now looking at people by colour. That’s wrong- but Jacinda is causing it. Argh Ian
Never. clark
This is appalling and ridiculous given that everyone has ‘other’ heritage in their make-up. If this is going to happen then it is imperative we have a blood quantum test. However, I totally reject any special treatment based on race. We are all New Zealanders – full stop. Helen
I’m a New Zealander! cp
Not-so-slow-motion train wreck coming. We seem to be he’ll-bent on moving away from being a first-world nation to becoming a tin-pot collection of serfdoms – stepping backwards several hundred years – spot the irony of that. Martin
I am new Zealander supposedly living in a liberal democratic country. I am not a white apologist wishing to live in an interim tribally controlled dictatorship as a step to Jacinda controlled socialist communism. Richard
I’m a New Zealander first last and always, and I hate being categorised as anything but. Graeme
This is a great newsletter, Muriel!! There are so very many New Zealanders who agree with your opinion and and who are becoming increasingly afraid of what is happening to our lovely country under the present leadership. The problem is that there aren’t enough of us who feel able to DO anything about it. There is much intelligent TALK but very soon, we are going to require more deliberate and sustained ACTION…..before [as you say] it’s too late! There are 3 types of people – “Those who MAKE things happen; those who WATCH things happen; and those who WONDER what the hell happened!!! We are being lied to on a daily basis, by almost every mouth in the Labour Caucus! Heather
One people – Jim
This is totally unacceptable in a multi racial New Zealand. Brian
Why is this ok and not racism Paul
Absolutely reject this. Why should other citizens with maybe 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16 blood from another race have significantly more rights than any others Nick
Absolutely reject Bruce
Jacinda has hidden her agenda all along. We need a leader to step up. Martin
I’m a New Zealander, and proud of it! Jenny
I strongly reject a race based country and being defined by race as an individual! June
We are no longer all New Zealanders keith
Where the hell is the parliamentary opposition – asleep of dead ? Peter
I think Arden has /is losing control of her caucus and the govt . I’m smiling. Elizabeth
We are heading for civil war if this Policy of separatism is allowed to continue . I did NOT vote labour for this . It’s high time the nats got their ducks in a row and started functioning as a viable alternative. William
I am a New Zealander. That’s it. No more, no less. Just like every other citizen. Frank
We must truly become a colour-blind society if we are to have a future as a nation. Rogert
I have watched this Maori “elite” line their pockets at the expense of their impoverished brothers and sisters for more than 40 years. Now in the name of equality they want to rip off the rest of us? Sorry, Willie &Co., that won’t happen! Bill
This is disgusting by this socialist Govt Alastair
I absolutely and totally reject any thought of being categorised by race. Ron
I pray new zealand wakes up before it is to late Bev
I utterly reject being classified exclusively in any group but particularly one based on ethnicity (or a part thereof). Vic
Was this what the voters wanted? Heather
One country and one race- New Zealanders.. Donald
Maori are not indigenous, they just arrived 200 years before Europeans. We are all Kiwi’s no matter where we hail from. mike
A disgrace ! gary
Maori have always been against it..isn’t that why they chuck out the racist card everytime something goes against them? Yet they want to impose it when it suits them..Willie Jackson is a divisive racist and so are the Maori party leaders. Barbara
Because I am a Human Being! This represents a “Divide and Conquer” strategy. Uli
One New Zealand. The current government is creating a racist society. Jill
After 62 years of not worrying too much about which party is in government I am literally having sleepless nights where our country is headed under Labour. Cannot believe how fast it’s happening and how the press aren’t attacking this government on its divisive, racist, secretive, ludicrous policies. Perhaps one reason is that along with the Governor General, Labour has decreed that any new reporters employed must be ‘people of colour’. I am feeling a little more hopeful lately as all my friends and relatives are worried too now and want this government gone although there are still moments of despair, and sleeplessness, when I see how high Labour is polling. Marilyn
Absolutely race should not come into it. Where are the “st4ong” opposition voices though? They appear pretty tepid at the moment. We need a bit more outspoken vigour against all that this government is implementing. We also need an assurance it will all be reversed. There seems a bit of silence on that point. Janine
The concept of ‘race’ is an entirely arbitrary construct, and directly at odds with the principle of ethical universalism. In other words, it is morally repugnant. It is, however, a plaything of those socialists who wish to profit from ‘identity politics’ because it allows them to divide and rule. Graham
It is time for street protests. Strong condemnation of this attempted power grab by a few Maori free loaders Winston
ABSOLUTELY REJECT. I also note that the next Governor General is of Maori and English descent, affiliating with Nga Puhi, Ngati Kahu, and Ngati Hine iwi.[3][4] Kiro supported and advocated for the repeal of Section 59 of the Crimes Act, which provided a legal justification for using force against children. No surprises there. How can she represent the Monarch when she believes that the TOW created a partnership. Terry
Maybe in the short term – and by that I mean until 2023 and the next election – it would be better if the Maori caucus DID continue to dominate Labour. That gives us the best chance of getting an ACT-National government, not a Labour_Greens government which could be just as bad as this one. Derek
If we get tribal control NZ will end up worse than the fiasco of Zimbabwe Les W
Speechless!!! Colin
With Jackson, a radical from way back – anti everything and pronothing except Maori, we are destined for South Africanisation and oblivion if we do any less than call this bunch of power crazed thugs for the Communists they so surely are Dave
Totally incompatible with democracy john
one country one people no need for race based policies at all. What is happening is treason & should be dealt as such. Nigel
Appalled at what is happening to our beautiful country! More and more like apartheid South Africa. Adele
We are all the same – race should not come into it steve
The maorification of New Zealand is becoming a big concern. pdm
We are all New Zealanders. We are ALL of mixed race/blood. I have yet to meet an indigenous New Zealander, as we all came to this country across the oceans. Marion
My concern is as the election draws near, the Marxism/separatism will be halted. Arderns voter base will showered in cash. She will open the borders, proclaiming she has saved us all and the ambivalent in their fear derived myopia will fall for it . Vote her back in. If she gets another term New Zealand is gone and with it all we hold dear. Tracy
Jacinda needs to specify exactly what she means by governing for all New Zealanders. At the moment she is ruling for 12 to 15 percent of the population. That is not acceptable. If she concentrated on personal responsibility in all aspects of life, she would achieve so much for this country Graham
I am a New Zealander. Mike
No apartheid for nz Ray
Reject completely Such a dangerous path to follow. Whatever happened to We are all one! Let’s get some patriotism back and bring back we are all New Zealanders Chris
We fought against apartheid in South Africa, yet here our “government” is trying to introduce it in our own country. Lorna
we are all equal under the law graeme
The development of the human civilisation has been characterised by the continued combination of genetic groups since the period of the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal. Unlike ‘Pedigree’ cattle or canines, there is very unlikely to be any ‘Pedigree’ humans in New Zealand. We are all a meld of ethnicities, so from that perspective, all equal. To put a percentage value on ethnic composition is a dubious exercise. Just as a Jersey-Friesian cross cow has become a ‘breed’ in its’ own right, it is still a ‘cross-breed’, it is neither on nor the other – although it is still a cow. Why try to define a human population by ethnicity when irrespective of ethnic make up we are still all humans. Keith
We are allNew Zealander not aotearoeans one population of people who live and reside in NZ under one law not divided. Andrew
Europe is multiracial and no one ever asked me about my ancestry. Only when I came to NZ in 2018, this was asked. Not by Maori but by Pakeha ! Pakeha with British ancestry. Claudia
There is only one race, THE HUMAN RACE. Warwick
Last time I looked there were no full blooded Maori living in NZ, the majority of us were born here, including those with Maori blood and also counting those who later migrated to NZ to live and make it their home, we are all NZers. April
Maori want everything in their favour. They are not the only race in NZ Kevin
what of those among us who are “part this”, “part that”, “part the other” & etc., etc. – like me?! Isabel
What a disgusting situation we are in. I really thought we had laws in place that would prevent a radical govt from running amok like this Alison
Surely we are all New Zealanders. Myrna
This Tribal elitism must be stopped at all costs Terry
I do not accept racism Robert
Ms Adern, contrary to her stated intent, is turning a peace-loving nation of tolerant people into an intolerant nation of racists. John
It is the worst racism NZ has ever known Neil
We have always been one people as defined in the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi with Maori acknowledging and pledging sovereignty to Queen Victoria and the Governor. There was no partnership ever intended and for the Waitangi Tribunal to redefine the original document as representing a partnership is tantamount to a massive miscarriage of justice. It cannot be challenged except by voters through the General Election. The radical elite Maoris are like a cancerous growth, spreading slowly through our democratic policy. Jacinda is totally responsible for introducing a weapon of mass destruction He Puapua which she hid from her co-governance partners in the run up to the last election. She knows that if Labour campaigned on that event they would have been thrashed at the polls. She is destined to be known as New Zealand%u2019s most dishonest, non achieving, destructive prime minister in our political history. We are one people and control of her media needs to be wrestled off her so middle New Zealand receive an honest, balance view of the carnage being promulgated by Jacinda and her cronies who are currently misleading our country. Steve
I support a colour blind society and people are judged on their actions and contributions not ethnicity. Patricia
I don’t even know what my race is, so why would I choose to be defined by it! Lee
Never will I accept Race based governance of New Zealand. I will fight to defend our Democracy. Wake up, rise up and fight back, stop this downward spiral into Chaos and Anarchy NOW ! Bryan
Labour wi sh to introduce apartheid Ray
a huge step backwards and defeats what our forefathers fought for in two world wars. Gary
Who let the country get to this. Where are the opposition aren’t they supposed to hold the government task is there nobody there who is game enough to say enough what about the law don’t tell me everything they are doing is lawful I believe it’s time someone organised a revolt Peter
We are all one people New Zealanders. Pete
Categorising people by race is illegal under our current human rights law, so why are we not marching in the streets over this issue? Rod
This is all part of the plan on the road to one-world governance. Destabilise democratic nations through racial divide. It’s a classic marxist strategy. It’s happening the world over, but is especially obvious here in New Zealand and the USA under dopey Biden. Add to that copious stealth taxes being introduced under the hoax climate change banner, rewriting our history to suit a Marxist narrative, and destroy freedom of speech by introducing hate-speech legislation, the outcome is loud and clear to those of us who are motivated and articulate enough to understand it. And I haven’t even got to the total BS gender issues, where NZ has made world headlines with the inclusion of a man into our womens Olympic team. What an embarassment to our country! God help us! Sharen
One people – Kiwis, one nation – New Zealand Paul
It’s absolutely ridiculous Graeme
We are One People Darrel
the rise of apartheid in NZ is alarming. it must stop eira
I absolutely reject the plan to roll out He Puapua Marg
This will turn New Zealand into a country where apartheid rules. We protested against South Africa’s apartheid rule so who are we to further this undemocratic policy. Liz
My stomach churns with anxiety when I read columns such as this Danny
Absolutely reject – the policies of the labour party are causing a huge division in this country. Gillian
Racism Greg
The whole concept of racial difference is abhorrent to me. Elizabeth
Separation by race is wrong we need to speak out against it before it%u2019s to late Chris
Stop this dangerous policy NOW! Before it’s too late NZ by 2923 we will not have a choice in anything, it will be the end of democracy in our country for ever. Carol
Divide and conquer Sam
Uganda, Zimbabwe., South Africa all over again chris
Divide and conquer Sam
What is needed in NEW ZEALAND is a snap election, So that the PEOPLE can take back the running of the Country for all races NOT just MAORI ELITE. This is 2021 not 1840. The Treaty of Waitangi is not a partnership document. New Zealand is made up of people from all Countries. In a lot of cases people came to New Zealand to for a new beginning and to escape the type of Political control that the present Govt is trying to inflict on New Zealanders frank
TOTALLY reject. Just leads to racial division and animosity. Tony
no never. Lets start our own tribe and call it KIWI NZ open to everyone. Maori are not indigenous people, they came here from elsewhere like everyone else. what a total cheek…. Erin
I am NOT categorized by race! Bruce
For all the reasons in your article Mel
Reject- current advocacy by the Maori members is allowing a separatist nation to evolve. This is totally unacceptable and against the Treaty principles. Rod
State-sponsored racism! Gary
Certainly NOT I’m becoming more disillusioned by this shocking governments policies ruining New Zealand’s future each day Sidwell
Apartheid will not be tolerated by the smart kiwi.. get rid of this racist rabble Clive
This type of government never succeeded anywhere in the world. This will stir trouble everyday of our future lives. Pavithra
No to apartheid!! Sheila
Four legs good – two legs bad, Brett
I rather go and live in Australia than live in a race based country. Karl
Just who are our Maori elite?????? Wealth on government money??????? Raewyn
No not ever. I am a new Zealander and proud to be. No venal tribal elite will ever tell me what to do, nor some vacuous communist ex fish-and-chip shop wrapper. Foxtrot Oscar the lot of you! John
I absolutely reject being categorised by race. I am a New Zealander and proud of it.  Charles
We need a government with the far-sightedness to implement the colour-blind policies of the European Union. It is the only way we will ever have peace and unity in this country. Darryl
Dividing people by race is evil. Labour is the one that has stirred all of this up. It is a trap to introduce hate speech laws and silence the public. They have already bought off the media so now they need to stop everyone else from criticising their agenda. New Zealand is turning into a dictatorship before our eyes.  Tracey
If we are to have racial categorisation then they need to bring back the blood quantum tests to regulate who can and can’t call themselves Maori. Bet the radicals wouldn’t like that, because most would be ruled out!  Mike
What an obnoxious and dangerous Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has become.  Simon
No, no, no – race should have no place in a modern society. The whole concept of biculturalism is obnoxious and arrogant. NZ is a melting pot of immigrants. We are all equal. Andrew