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The Wrong Path

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Last year Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a “climate emergency” in New Zealand. Now, in response to the Climate Commission’s report outlining how New Zealand should reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet its United Nations Paris Accord targets, she’s claiming climate change is a matter of “life or death”.

Jacinda Ardern is ramping up the rhetoric to convince New Zealanders that the Climate Commission’s recommendations must be slavishly followed – even though they are totally unnecessary.

The Commission plans to change our behaviour and disrupt our way of life forcing people to abandon cars in favour of walking, cycling, and using public transport, and switching our 4 million petrol and diesel vehicle fleet to electric – including planes! They want Kiwis to abandon their dream of a home with a garden and room for the kids to play, in favour of high-density housing. They want electricity used instead of coal and natural gas. And since they blame livestock for half of the country’s “dangerous” emissions – created by a natural rumination process that can be traced back to the dinosaurs – they want farmers to slaughter a million cows and 4 million sheep.

True to form, the Prime Minister’s apocalyptic claims about the climate are carefully crafted spin. There is no emergency, nor life or death crisis – nature controls the climate as it has always done. Mankind’s contribution is negligible.

The numbers tell the story. Carbon dioxide, which the UN claims drives global warming, is a trace gas present in exceedingly small concentrations in the atmosphere – only 0.041 percent. Almost all CO2 is produced naturally including from oceans, rocks, volcanoes, and, of course, the respiration of all living things – only 3 percent is generated by human activity.

The point is that human carbon emissions make up such a miniscule proportion of the atmosphere that even shutting down the world’s economy during the pandemic last year, had no appreciable impact on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

Ironically, Covid-19 delivered the goal of the UN Paris Accord – a massive reduction in fossil fuel emissions. But as the Washington Post reports, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found, that while man-made carbon emissions declined substantially, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continued to rise, climbing to “the highest they’ve been in human history and probably the highest in 3 million years. The last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere, global average surface temperatures were significantly warmer than they are today.”

This is a significant finding. If carbon dioxide levels were higher 3 million years ago, with the global temperature much higher still, then humans cannot be blamed. Mankind is not causing catastrophic global warming.

The reality is that climate change is being used as a ruse to spread socialism. That’s certainly what’s happening in New Zealand, where our fragile economic growth is being put at risk over our infinitesimal 0.17 percent contribution to global emissions. 

Politicians claiming climate change is an emergency or a matter of life or death are blatantly scaremongering. They are using it as a convenient vehicle to promote their own agenda, which for Labour, is the socialist control of our free market economy.

Jacinda Ardern understands only too well that panic and fear are powerful instruments of political control. By creating alarm about the climate, she is clearing the way to transform New Zealand into a socialist state – with her firmly in control.

It’s not as if we haven’t been warned. In 2019, she explained she was embedding the UN’s Agenda 2030, which is the blueprint for modern-day socialism, into New Zealand’s legislative and regulatory framework: “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that will drive system-level actions.

By claiming humanity is destroying the planet, Agenda 2030 justifies the need for ‘urgent’ action, through State regulation and control. That’s why every storm, drought, or flood is no longer treated as a regular weather occurrence but is being reinvented as ‘evidence’ that a global warming Armageddon is just around the corner.

And State control is exactly what the Climate Commission is recommending – as the Herald’s Science Reporter Jamie Morton explains: “It spells a wholesale transformation across virtually every corner of the economy – from the cars we drive and import, and the cows and sheep we farm, through to the energy we produce and consume, the forests we plant and the houses we build. Moreover, it sets out a radical transition that, while changing the face of our country forever, would largely all happen within the next 15 years.”

Is this the economic re-alignment that’s long been called for by the world’s ruling elite – is this New Zealand’s ‘Great Reset’? Is it what the Prime Minister inferred at the State Opening of Parliament last year, when she said, “the recovery offers an opportunity to reshape the way things are done in New Zealand… reshape the economy to be more productive, more sustainable, and more equitable.”

But while our socialist government is relishing the prospect of creating the bureaucratic micro-managed economy envisaged by the Climate Commission, it turns out that none of it is necessary.

New Zealand already has an Emissions Trading Scheme in place to cap greenhouse gas emissions. The ETS is the only mechanism the Government needs to reduce emissions to the target levels set out in the Paris Accord. As they reduce the emissions cap, so the cost of carbon will increase, but the flexibility of the ETS allows participants to work together to reduce emissions at the lowest economic cost.

What this means that none of the Climate Commission’s recommendations will reduce New Zealand’s overall emissions one iota. Since emissions are controlled by the ETS, all of their central planning proposals, that would create massive State intrusion into our lives – dramatically increasing the bureaucracy and adding huge financial burdens onto the population – are totally unnecessary.

New Zealanders who do not want to live in a socialist state should object, as strongly as they can – just as voters have done in Switzerland.

In that country, famous for its citizens-initiated referenda, a government plan to introduce a new CO2 law to help meet Paris Agreement targets, has just been rejected by 51.6 percent of voters. The law was opposed, not only because it threatened their economic recovery, but the measures proposed – which included higher fuel levies and tighter vehicle emission controls – were seen as too expensive and very unfair on people who have no option but to use a car.

Since Switzerland is responsible for only 0.1 percent of global carbon emissions, voters also claimed their painful sacrifice would have no impact at all on the climate.   

But while economically damaging policies were rejected by the Swiss, the country is leading the way in establishing global ‘carbon offset’ schemes.

Since emissions are regarded as a world-wide problem, Article 6 of the Paris Accord encourages international cooperation by allowing one country to fund emission reduction schemes in another and take the credit for the emission cuts. 

As a result, Switzerland has entered into an agreement with Peru – in return for financing sustainable development projects in that country, Switzerland will claim the emission reductions. They have now confirmed a similar deal with Ghana, and negotiations are being finalised with Senegal and Thailand. Talks are also underway with Morocco, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

New Zealand is in an ideal position to follow the lead of Switzerland and meet our Paris targets though carbon offset schemes around the world, without needing the radical policies proposed by the Climate Commission

Dr Oliver Hartwich, the Executive Director of the New Zealand Initiative, explains the benefits: “A forest conservation project in Uganda managed to sequester carbon for a cost of $US1 per tonne. Previously, we found projects in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest achieving a carbon offset for $US2 a tonne. But even at a conservatively-high $10 a tonne, New Zealand could offset all its net emissions for an annual cost of under $600 million.

“Imagine that: If New Zealand entered a partnership with countries like Brazil and Uganda we would become net carbon neutral tomorrow – not in 2050. Such a deal has a precedent. Switzerland and Peru recently announced a carbon offsets deal. Peru will receive funding for sustainable development, and Switzerland will receive credits for lower emissions. The deal is recognised under the Paris climate agreement, to which New Zealand is a signatory.”

Jacinda Ardern should reject the Climate Commission’s recommendations and instead make a commitment to New Zealanders that the ETS will be used, in conjunction with the Paris Agreement rules, to meet our international obligations at the lowest possible cost to the economy – as Switzerland is now doing.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister must honour Article 2 of the Paris Agreement – which requires emissions reduction schemes to be developed “in a manner that does not threaten food production” – and drop all plans to penalise agriculture.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator geologist Derek Mackie, has studied the Climate Commissions’ report and is sceptical:

“So, the Climate Change Commission has produced their final report after careful consideration of the public submissions, and it’s essentially the same as the draft report. The Treaty is mentioned 193 times and the report recommends ‘a Maori-led approach to ensure an equitable transition’ – remind anyone of He Puapua? Barring a miracle, the government will adopt the report in its entirety. 

“Of course, the writing was always on the wall, with a woke panel who sang from the same left-wing song sheet, led by a chairman who sports his greenstone pendant at every public appearance. This is another example of our government appointing supposed ‘independent experts’ who embrace the same ideological agenda and guarantee the desired end result. No matter that it flies in the face of a large body of scientific evidence and research.”

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is already rushing ahead with new climate policy announcements.

The first, a billion-dollar bridge across the Auckland Harbour, which will supposedly save carbon outputs by encouraging more people to cycle and walk, not only went against official advice, but it has conveniently ignored the massive carbon outputs created by deciding to leave country’s largest city in gridlock!

And secondly, in spite of her election promise of “no new taxes”, a new car tax is being introduced: anyone buying electric cars valued at less than $80,000 will receive a subsidy of $8,625 for new cars, and $3,450 for used ones – while those buy petrol or diesel vehicles will be taxed up to $5,875 if they are new and up to $2,875 if they are used but imported.

The Government is clearly planning to be at the front of the queue. While Jacinda Ardern promised in 2017 to “act as a role model, showing leadership by requiring… electric vehicles for all Government vehicle fleets”, so far only 191 of their 16,000 vehicles are electric and 90 are hybrids!

When announcing her new tax, to force farmers and tradies to subsidise urban professionals and public servants into electric cars, the Prime Minister claimed electric utes would be available “within the next 12 to 24 months – the likes of Toyota are talking about bringing in EV utes. My hope is people might delay their purchase in order to start building the market.”

But Toyota’s Chief Executive hit back: “We do not have any plans for a battery-electric Hilux in our line-up in the next 18 – 24 months. It is irresponsible to suggest that customers stop buying non-electric vehicles immediately until there is an electric option available. The range and volumes of EV’s needed to meet demand are simply not available.”   

Yet again, our PR-focussed PM demonstrates a lack of understanding of the consequences of her radical socialist agenda, as she continues to force our country down the wrong path, towards social disruption and economic decline, when there is no logical reason to do so.

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Absolutely not, complete bollocks. The only foul emissions discharging from NZ are out of Aderns mouth. Simon
The woman is demented – drunk on socialist dogma – full of lies. The truth is that electric cars are BAD for ecology. In France there are fields full of E-cars a couple of years old. The batteries are stuffed – they will not hold a charge sufficient to drive even short distances. The cost of a new battery is more than the car is worth so nobody will eplace them. There is no procedure for disposing of the spent batteries. The owners have to pay to have the car stored while the government try to find a way of disposing of them. So -listen to Commissar Ardern if you wish. Rush out and buy an E-car and enjoy your discount fora while until the battery loses the ability to charge. YOU CAN THEN GET ARDERN TO REPLACE THE BATTERY OR PERHAPS GIVE YOU A COMPLETE REFUND. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Ron
What is she on? Pam
Absolutely not! My Grandfather, who is in his late 80’s, said to me just recently that he is glad that he is old, and won’t live long enough to see the end results of all this socialist, climate change, PC, Green Party, B.S. madness. I almost envy my Grandfather. Vanessa
Please Prime Minister start using common sense instead of spin and ideology. Steve
No. But I fear this country is just too stupid to realise whats going on. This stupid bunch of communist idiots may well have done too much damage already . The cost is already too high and why would any body want to face that. Cindy IS destroying our country. Only option…. Australia , Canada, US, UK Graham
The people of NZ will be her down fall! Kama is on its way. Angus
How do we get rid of this stupid government. dona
This Tax only hurts the poorer in our society the very people this government proports to represent wealthier people wanting petrol cars will just wear the extra cost while young people and low income will be penalized for buying the little cheap Jap import with the petrol engine go figure this disgusting Government Elaine
I agree with doing deals in country’s without the ability to improve emission offsetting our position Let alone I have no alternative for my Tractor,Digger,Ute,Trucks and a classic car Greg
No way penalizes hard working NZers already paying roaduser tax Janet
By the enormous number of outraged comments in this thread, this announcement has touched a raw nerve. Ardern is dangerous. I’m frustrated. I want her out. Now! Robert
We are going to regret this Govt getting the Govt benches Kevin
Another crackpot scheme to add to all the rest she’s coming up with at our expense tpony
On a related note, I have just read a book which made mention of a group known as the Levellers in the mid 1600’s in Ireland. I thought they had died out but they are alive and well, living in and governing New Zealand. Steve
Jacinda, don’t be so dismissive or dogmatic of all the counter arguments that are advanced in response to your agenda, it will capture you soon! John
Firstly Labour promised NO new or increased taxes in their reign Secondly the petrol tax covers all that is required Graham
She needs to get her head out of the sand listen to “her people”, which are incidentally us, and stop this nonsense. Unfortunately she got enough votes to be ruler of the country and no one can hold her to account Mary-Ann
Dictator Jacinda is on track to destroy New Zealand as we knew it Carole
Lying bastards Chris
Misguided Craig
One of your readers commented “primesinister” Very true! The hair brained idiot we have as our supposed leader is a total disaster for New Zealand & our once great country. Rex
No, I do not support a car tax. It is based on a lie – the lie of man-made climate change embraced in the arms of the U.N’s 2030 AGENDA. Don
Once again… taxing the hard working people of this country She is a lying half wit , with a socialist agenda Murray
I am 78 years of age. I drive a Toyota Landcruiser and will do so until I can no longer drive, heaven forbid. The car tax is ridiculous and I do not support it!?! Walnetta
This zero carbon footprint dream of Ardern’s will break NZ’s economy and lead to famine in the country. She just NEVER listens!! elsie
This new tax is yet again evidence that Miss Ardern and her sycophants are great on words (normally paid for by the taxpayer to funding the burgeoning the myriad of spin merchants employed by the Government and their politicised Department/Ministry CEO), BUT REAL SHORT ON REAL ACTION! Does she and her fawning Mr Shaw understand that there is a body of well qualified and experienced atmospheric scientists that debunk the IPCC models used to forecast the future, particularly the role being played by CO2 and NH4 in the greening of the Earth and increased crop yields. Apart from the fact that removal of these two gases from the atmosphere is not enhanced by the overtaxing of ICE powered vehicles, all it will do is yet again further consumer costs. Asking me to agree to increased taxation for political ideology advancement is as good as asking me to severe my limbs because it may have hidden benefits sometime in the future. Idiocy and destruction of democracy in favour of marxism/facism. Michael
No,no,no ! Can we find out what the true professions of this climate change committee are I thought that white bearded man was a ‘money man’ not a genuine climate scientist. Jude
Woke Woke Woke – agenda driven propaganda – where is the politician brave enough to call out the ‘climate change; scam and call for more CO2 emissions into our atmosphere to more easily feed all plants and our food? Rex
Every electric car in NZ is running on coal, so depending on the efficiency of coalfired electricity versus internal combustion, there will be little if any saving in emissions. Neil
Just another daft idea thought of by neo-Marxists to keep us all under control, and penalize those who don’t tow the line. Nothing this lot comes up with is worth supporting. Craig
“You will own nothing and be happy” Jacinda mouthed the code words on election night “Bring back better” Bug#er it is getting very serious now.Socialisms is too polite a word. The present momentum will have some of us in reeducation camps. The only way I can cope now is look at the Doom’s day clock sitting on 100 seconds to midnight and pretend the doctor has diagnosed me as having cancer! It is unbelievable the percentage of the population suffering the Stockholm syndrome. Anyway I have got my stock of horse paste before that is outlawed.;) NZCPR Stay awesome. Peter
It was stated by Robertson this is “a levy” NOT a car tax.! This is how Jacinda and her Government work as they transform New Zealand into their desired controlled socialist state in which Jacinda and her team plan to tell you what, when and how to ‘manage’ all aspects of New Zealander’s life – as socialists dictate. Stuart
She is trying to destroy our economy and our first world lifestyle. Susan
I do not support NZ Marxist Ardern in anything. Like US Vice-president K. Harris who has a stupid laugh every time she asked a question, Ardern gives an imbecilic smile and is a very false. Please MAGA. Monica
The PM is mad … the south should become a separate country. Dean
This is another leftist program. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PLANET. THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY. (Just ask REAL climate scientists — and their are plenty of them and the alarmism is a total fraud). Alan
it wont alter the amount of cars on the roads, so you still will not be able to get to work on time. and the congestion will still exist. Arthur
Ridiculous, idiotic and penalizing the productive. Should work for Labour. Alister
Snow, Traffic Jams, and Electric Cars ! Think about it. good question !! Before you get too excited about hooking into one of Our Great Leaders subsidies to invest in a EV, you might want to consider the following. Snow, Traffic Jams, and Electric Cars ! Think about this for a minute. a Snow, Traffic Jams, and Electric Cars. Can we show a little forethought and practicality? Please? Has anyone thought about it? If all cars were electric … and were caught up in a three hour traffic jam… dead batteries! Then what? Not to mention, that there is virtually no heating in an electric vehicle. And if you get stuck on the road all night, no battery, no heating, no windshield wipers, no radio, no GPS (all these drain the battery) !!! You can try calling 111 to bring women and children to safety! But they cannot come to help you since all roads are blocked and the socialist/greens will probably require all police cars to be electric also. And when the roads become unblocked no one can move! Their batteries are dead and they cannot move. How do you charge the thousands of cars in the traffic jam? (That is a business I think I’d like to look into. Drones to deliver heavy batteries and someone to remove and install.) Same problem during summer vacation departures with miles of traffic jams. There is virtually NO air conditioning in an electric vehicle. It would drain your battery quickly. This will make cars run out of “fuel” and create never ending traffic jams, not to mention high tempers. No socialist bent reporter talks about this of course! You can’t even call in horses to rescue you. The Socialists are against horses and cows who defecate and produce (an infinitesimal amount of) CO2. Wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of the socialist politicians who are trying to help China’s economy? I say a big yes to that!.  grant
Ironically the car tax will wake up many normally politically apathetic New Zealand voters, This whole scenario is yet another case for Direct Democracy where the voice of the people acts as a counterbalance to politicians cozying up to outside agencies such as the United Nations. It has been said that a people get the government they deserve but we sure as heck don’t deserve this leftie mob! Denis
Many persons who are at work on time, paid well, earn it via training and coaching, are Tradies or similar. Most of them would go straight to Australia and so will I, if the Govt is not changed. Preferably by an early election. Za
the usual mindless control of us continues Carl
NZ produces 0.04% of the CO2 emissions for the world whats the point? Chris
academics produce more academics and so on until the country is full of academic idiots who do not add to our country’s economy but only bludge off it Stu
Of course not. Here we have another law cooked up during afternoon tea. No thought of unintended consequences. Just another govt. rort. Ray S
There is no need for this. The ETS will do the job. Also, this is grossly unfair to low income families in NZ who cannot afford to upgrade their vehicle. Philip
The whole process and argument is just plain flawed and wrong! Steve
Sheer stupidity especially as N.Z. not prepared for large scale conversion. A lot of issues as usual not thought through. Faye
A load of Socialst bollocks Barry
The main consequence I see is that it will drive up the price of existing vehicles meaning that the less well off among us, myself included, will keep driving broken down old shitboxes for longer because we can’t afford to replace them. Kerry
The elected labour party members are totally incompetent and those party list mp’s evenness competent to run a country. Steve
this would have to be the most hated government in the history of NZ. Very few people I know have anything good to say about them Rick
Not good for the country let alone a reduction in co2 not needed.. a new EV is beyond most peoples ability to purchase and 2nd hand only if you’re crazy John
More Socialist /Communist doctrine from the Joseph Goebbels acolyte. Martin
Totally misguided Green pandering Carl
OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE . MENDACIOUS , Perveyor of technological inexactitudes ,LIER . NO THAT ISNT WHAT I MEANT AND ANYWAY IVE ONLY CHANGED MY MIND . THIS GOVERNMENT WILL NOT NOR CAN IT INTERFERE WITH PRIVATE COMMERCIAL DEALS , UM FLETCHERS . WE WILL GOVERN NZ FOR NEW ZEALANDERS YEAH RIGHT .Electric cars WHAT a joke when and how will the recharging facility be introduced ,it takes 20 minutes to recharge For 100 kms 10 minutes admin how do I know yes that’s right .Climate change is what it says it always has been . We don’t control nature or anything natural. Please stop LYING TO US WE have seen dental work the hand wringing , the concerned frown .the photo at every opportunity, the racial bias , enough lies . We are better than this we deserve better than this Covid 19 is an excuse for the government to initiate any proper gander and they are doing just that .Once again stop lying to us we have had enough . Vivian
just insane Brian
poorly thought out robin
More Ideological Subversion by Ardern in play here. Sheila
I consider that this proposal, if adopted, will be the start of a major deteriation in our economy and in the ability of people to communicate and move about with freedom. It is obviously a socialist or communistic agenda. Brian
What is it that the Government cannot understand that there will be no new taxes Warren
Ii so not support much from that socialist nut case Peter
Simply “the blind leading the blind” as far as Climate Change Commission is concerned. Just-Sin-d’Lying yet again. Tony
B.S. govt.so sick of them.wake up people. Marie
Why is the Government hell bent on sending NZ back into the dark ages?????????????????????? Graham
Jacinda needs to stop pandering to the loony Left/Greenies, embrace working kiwi’s life & stop destroying the fabric of New Zealand John
Obviously not. It is unjust on so many levels. Those who want to go electric should pay. User pays. Stop subsidising stupidity. RAY
The SME’s should collectively stop paying all taxes on a chosen date. sme
Country not ready yet. No need for a tax. Time is not right to embrace new Electric cars. They will come in due course as with all new technologies. things Walk before we run. Marg
She, and cohorts are delusional dreamers and at the same time destroying one of the greatest little counties on the planet. I for one am pulling up stakes and leaving, before my assets are no longer worth a bean! J J
It has often been said that the voter gets the government they deserve! Well the Voter has a deceitful Marxist moron for Prime Minister and a homosexual for a Finance Minister and together they have almost single-handily created the scene for and executed a $100 Billion Dollar debt injection into the economy. They have used this monetary power and spin doctors to gain immense power over the Voter. The real challenge is to get young Voters to think for themselves and rationalise their way through the marketing frauds published by a socialist government that is running out of ‘other people’s money’ as UK PM Thatcher once said of socialist governments. The road to Venezuela has been firmly established. There is a critical need for an Economic Terrorism Act in Western Nations to be able to bring the cults to our courts. Cults that use hypothesis and theory to build a foundation stone not based on truth %u2013 but based on deceit and fear. Deceit that transforms into the de-industrialisation of democracies should be able to be challenged by the law. We should be able to bring these cults before the courts and force them into delivering quantitative evidence to prove their case. The courts being the last bastion of truth. Their strategy has been to build a foundation stone that is based on CO2 being a harmful gas, when it is a harmless gas. Then get out-of-work socialist scientists to invent un-pronounceable definitions based on fear. The next step is to gain the global support of socialists in the UN to declare that the planet is doomed because it will overheat! Once this is accepted by socialist politicians and media outlets it is time to move onto the doomsday weather climate change scenario that the first two steps are responsible for creating. Then the power base is set! We can fight back by simply proving that CO2 is a harmless, tasteless, odourless, motionless microscopic gas that has no ill-effect on the planet at all. Then the first foundation stone would be shattered and the other building blocks would come tumbling down. We can do this!!! Indeed, without CO2 the food sources of the planet would not be able to be produced as plant life would die and like the Dinosaurs we would die out!!! Final thought – if you weigh about 75 kilograms you have about 13.5 kilograms of Carbon in your body! Without Carbon you would be like a Jelly Fish. In fact, without Carbon the world would not exist. So the real problem is population growth as there is more carbon being produced by birth rates and new plant growth than fossil fuel combustion!!! Together we must corner these b*****ds. Let’s do it!!! Frederick
Again another off the cuff response without consideration to strategy and the cost of living impact to everyday New Zealanders. Roger
You pay it then claim it back as tax deduction. Zero result. William
The sooner Ardern goes the better! david
Bloody nuts Where is all the electricity coming from We don’t have enough now Warren
Adern seem to have the same pathology as rapist. Just taking whatever she wants and who cares the damage and cost to those she defiles. ANYONE who FORCES someone to do things they do not want to do is a tyrant and bully. She has to go. We need new zealanders to march in the streets until she resigns. This PM and government are a the single most threat to all new zealanders hold dear Tracy
This is further evidence that Ardern and her socialist Government have no idea about the real world. Graham
The woman is suffering Climate change paranoia!? Ron
Definitely not. We need a miracle to stop this Government proceeding with this agenda. What can we do as the people’s of New Zealand. Christine
She is a Marxist lunatic – very dangerous Tom
For all of the above outlined by Muriel, the whole scheme smells and must be scrapped. I will vote for any party that has a policy that scraps the ETS and cancels the “climate emergency”. To completely roll them back will benefit the country in all areas and promote prosperity for those willing to engage. Doup the ETS and the non existant climate emergency. Neil
It is no help to the man in the street.It is only for the wealthy Harvey
It is Crazy control socialism. norman
We have academic lunatics’ in charge destroying NZ Christina
she is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Wake up NZ and start to object loudly Gay
Of course not. It is stupid with a typically naive view of the consequences. Gordon
Typical socialist alarmisim! There has never been an economically successful socialist country and you only have to listen to the drivel passed as policy by Adern, Trudeau etc to understand why. Rex
Bloody ridiculous – woke nonsense – get rid of this socialist communist crazy government. Clive
the f/?#wit strikes again. Richard
Thought there weren’t going to be anymore new taxes from this 3 ring circus of a Government. .Are we going to have landfills for car batteries? I prefer to believe Derek Mackie in his article on climate change. .At least it is historically proven. All these new taxes for climate change are the biggest confidence trick played by the United Nations and Governments. Terry
Why don’t we pull out of the Paria Agreement and the ETS scheme. Just do things better in NZ with the money!! Roy
It is just woke decision making Selwyn
Besides Arderns government wanting to say to the rest of the world look what we are doing and to keep the greens on their side for the next election, the tax is another option for her government to screw some more money from us citizens (of New Zealand). NZ is living beyond its means at this point and we are well in the red, just think about the pay freezes government have instigated and cutting major road projects. TVNZ will not make a thing of it. Also the opposition parties are not really responding. With this in mind it is coming down to New Zealand citizens to stand up and good luck with that happening. Owen
There is already an economical hydrogen type fuel in development called NH3 which can be used in existing cars with a minor mechanical upgrade. What comes out the exhaust?…. Water! Barry
car tax is as dangerous as labour’s other climate propaganda. Tony
It’s based on ‘spin’….not facts Adrian
It seems that our dishonest, deceitful and deceptive PM is hell bent on barging ahead with all these crazy ideas/policies without waiting to check fully if they are the right way to go…!!! Instead, this Govt is more interested where their next election votes are secured from as was indicated by the recent Budget, dolling money out to their voters and not generating future economic development. This Climate Change Commission’s Report is such a politically charged document which fails in every aspect and obviously the members were specially selected with a brief to continue PM’s Agenda (2030…!!!). I despair for this beautiful country NZ as to what will happen over the next 2 years as to what state we will be in by October 2023. I agree with everything you have written in the newsletter as I have been following the Climate Debacle for many years and the way this Govt is trying to lead us is awfully scary, so bring on the next Ice Age to close down the madness which this planet is experiencing at present….democracy will be out and socialisim/communism will unfortunately rule…!!! Of course, if Labour loses the next election, “madam” will be on the next flight to NY to take up her office right next door to Helen Clark, in fact I reckon her Name Plate is already fixed in place…!!! Bruza
The only thing this government delivers aside from taxpayer misery, is the ability to thwart local democracy and tax us more. Anything that involves concrete (pun intended) delivery just does not happen. I guess we are fortunate to have such an incompetent government when it comes to the terrible deliverables they want, meaning, that cycle lane won’t get built just as 100,000 homes weren’t built either. Bill
She’s as thick as pigs —- if she thinks it will save the planet. Ian
As proven in Britain, going full electric is NOT an option. Also, she is NOT looking at the pollution caused by digging up the ingredients for batteries. African poor people are digging up the rubbish and dying like flies due to lung problems. The greens don’t give a toss about this, because it is far from our shores. peter
Lucinda fiddles while NZ burns Graeme
No Brainer except for jacinda and co Roger
What a blatant lier she is David
no i don’t really agree with any thing this government is throwing at us,they get rid off diesel vehicles is crazy, farmers need them, trades people need there utes,im not sure how the world is going to keep up with the battery supply,batterys that only last so long then become another waste problem i wouldnt no,,most modern petrol and diesal vehicles dont have huge emission’s any way, none of these experts mention the human race as a problem, we belch and fart just like the poor animals that cop the blame for this so called global warming,which im not fully convinced about any way,there has been climate shifts right through the millions of years of this planets life,i just hope that people start waking up to this woman and her gang, for the dangerous government they have let in.they are pushing the racism in this country,and penalizing the people that actually get up and go to work and pay there taxs,so many people just sit on there arse,have multitude’s of kids and put there hands out for more and more,one day sense may prevail wouldnt hold my breath. rodger
ridiculous jess
WE had gas cars once, which were heavily subsidized in both cost and fuel cost.. When Muldoon realized the cost of this he with drew the support and bingo people stopped buying the cheep gas. Why can’t people learn from history. john
There is NOTHING we can do about the climate. No more than the Maya, although the moves of this govt and its chosen advisors will be only a little less destructive. Lionel
A ridiculously stupid idea. This government really are completely out of touch with reality Dave
more ideological claptrap which apart from a finance re distribution will achieve nothing john
Not in anything she promotes. Very untrustworthy. DEREK
Virtue signalling madness Brian
Definitely not Barbara
excellent article Muriel as always. There is No Climate emergency. The climate does what it always does, change. Arderns Govt. is hellbent on dividing us by race, handing over power to part Maori radicals based on lies, taxing the few working their cuts out to make ends meet by bankrupting the country. By the next election in 2023, it will be a done deal New Zealand will no longer exist as a democracy. Sadly National are missing in action and also believe and set us on the path of the dictates of the UN. The perfect storm. Sam
Out of touch, out of control, dictating us towards third world status. Can they be stopped before too late! Dell H
Wake up NZ, this country is sliding into a Socialist/Communist state, ardern and her labour followers will continue to create this situation of control and destroy the democracy which we all enjoy. You only have to look at the socialist countries of the world that bare witness to this situation. ardern will attempt to convince the population of this country that it is the way of the future for NZ. Unbelievable to realize that this shower of crap we have running this country are pursuing this form of Govt David
Read “The Emperor’s New Car”, at Dog and Lemon Guide. Leo
Idiots Patrick
More government short sightedness. When are they going to wake up Gareth
The increase in cost to business will far out way the advantage. Bevan
It will just encourage suppliers to raise their prices! Anon
She is a mad woman !! Tony
I am convinced that all this global warming is just a load of scaremongering crap.Who in their right mind would give great sums of money to another countries development projects with no chance of financial gain. Much like treaty settlements. Terry
Clueless once again. How could anyone vote for such a clueless leader & party after their last 3 years of appalling incompetence! jack
Climate Change Propaganda is a hoax. A Zombie Apocalypse is just as likely. We are all being conned. Charles
Should we be calling New Zealand Land of the long red cloud, Whenua o te roa whero kapua. This government is hell bent on not only sabotaging the countries economy but the country in general, is it not funny how the climate believes are happy to let this government import coal from overseas at great expensive to the country, but would protest in the streets if the government opened up the huntly mine to feed the power station, is that not why the power station was built there in the first place the too ingredients needed to run the station coal and water side by side, the realty is all the western countries who support the great reset plan are going to sabotage their countries, as Biden stated America is back meaning America is back in the reset pack, Trump did not want anything to do with it he knew it would break America economical, Boris Johnson UK prime minister has already made the bold statement that they will be pushing hard and fast to achieve their carbon goals, what has come back from his own officials is that at least 10 million workers will lose their jobs in the next few years with no hope of been reemployed since heavy industry will be the main target, the heavy industries on mainland Europe are also starting to release that their days are numbered to they have geared the carbon tax at around 8 euro per ton, now that has blown out to around the 55 euro per ton effectively making them uneconomic against Russia China and other Asian countries who have no intention of going down the no carbon road, the EVs are just a side show to what is really happening not only in this country but the western democrat countries in general, lead by blind incompetent narcissistic agenda riddled humanity hates, total control freaks with followers only to happy to do their bidding at the cost of other peoples freedoms. sven
Ardern is crazy to force & push change like this. I am all for electric cars, but let them come in a natural way when their batteries are cheaper, can be fast charged, have better range and last the life of the car. They will then naturally and smoothly start to replace petrol cars instead of the rushed, forced and tax payer subsidized way Jacinda and her greenies are doing it. Eric
Ardern’s Car Tax is so far away from reality its pathetic. She’s sucked in by the ‘lie’ of Human Induced Global warming, and Carbon Dioxide & Green House Gas emissions promoted y the Marxist driven utopian United Nations. Ced
Incentivise if you will but in is bizarre to be punishing farmers and tradies who do not have a choice of hybrid or electric utes Richard
We are being very successfully brainwashed by her and unfortunately it is even being done to our children in the schools. John
I think that for a variety of reasons, this is a bad idea. Mary
incredible,,terrifying, dictatorial Mafia -type control! Selwyn
Climate change theology is the con of the 21st Century. Lunatics like Cindy use it as a weapon to influence stupid people which, sadly, is way too easy today. The car tax is yet another lie Tony
I can’t understand why so many people cant see whats happening to this country, or maybe they can, and like it Allan
This is JUST TAX in another way and will make NO difference to the reduction of Emissions and the reduction of pollution. Carl
yeh another bloody tax and no doubt more to come from Taxcinda so she can give away Alex
My father who fought in the 2nd world war for freedom from Dictators and manipulators I’m sure is now turning in his grave Trevor
The PM is a talker, not a doer. I also consider her to be a communist! Isabel
NO!!! Darryl
More Marxist silliness as the PM gains more power and control of the people. With the media now beneficiaries of the taxpayer push back will be difficult. We need an effective opposition that doesn’t constantly agree with the government on these critical issues. Lee
No, no and no. I have had an absolute gutsful of the Labour/Green/Maori sanctimonious/idealistic views – they haven’t a clue about real life and I am sick to death of the complacency shown by New Zealanders. Thank god I am old and will not have to see the end results of the lunacy that prevails. I am proud of my white ancestry and the fact they have given us all a better lifestyle and I have no wish to go back to living in caves and eating grubs. We have been hoodwinked by scams re, Climate Change, (has done forever, The Treaty., why are archaeologists reports embargoed? Covid,, no-one dies of flue anymore and because of Trump Syndrome Ivermectin is a banned substance. I despair and as I have said I am so pleased I am old and to New Zealanders God help you in this soon to be communist country I forgot Cancel Culture – how dare one have a different view to the woke. As for BLM, I hope they take a knee and never rise – now that would cheer me – take note the English and Scottish soccer teams – I hope you both lose big time!!!! – load of highly-overpaid wimps. I feel better now! Fiona
Penalising people who can’t afford to buy e-vehicles is wrong. They’ve had no time to plan ahead, this was just dumped on the public. And what about all the leisure vehicles we have out on the water every weekend, devouring petrol and contributing to the carbon tally. Sonia
Ardern is a dangerous woman, intent on turning NZ into a country totally under her control. The worst thing is, we are letting her do it. Taxing the everyday car driver to subsidise rich people who can afford to buy an electric vehicle. We have to stop her. Think about your vote next election Dianne
Taxing people to subsidise others just decreases the wealth of the community Lachlan
More Labour bullshit, will it ever stop, total madness. Fraser
Excellent article. If Cindy has her way China who are building 240 coal fired stations will rule the world. Michelle
Jacinta – member of the communist party – true colours Bill
Totally unnecessary and unfair to the majority of ute buyers who currently have no option but to continue buying and using diesel powered vehicles for their farming and other businesses Terry
Run, you guys. Run! Chicken Likkin Jacinda tells us the sky is falling. Man-made Climate Change is coming! You’re all gonna fry! Comrade Ardern knows how to throw frighteners, and keep throwing them, so she can bravely stay in power and save us from the dreaded man-made Climate Change. Who is for one of the electric cars, along with a taxpayer-funded subsidy? Did you see the newspaper photo recently of the paddock-full of electric cars purchased by the municipality of Paris? Cars that are still only two years old but now worthless because their batteries are exhausted and will no longer hold a charge. Well, how long did YOU think the battery would last? Replacement car batteries cost more than the original price of the car. You still want to buy an electric car? Really? But of course, if Comrade Ardern assures us this will save the world then what else can we do? Rob
Our democratic rights are being swept under a very costly rug from which we will all suffer the spin and lies from our elected puppets. A billion dollar harbour bridge and cycle cling-on demanded by the selfish cycle lobby, a completely selfish act. A completely misleading report from the Climate Commission, another tax on vehicles, but no money for Nurses, mental health clinicians to train up. no human priorities, just ragged ideas with a high failure rate! Please tell us the truth about Gov’t priorities and stop the blatant politicking and lies! Russell
she is an idealistic, egotistical idiot Moyra
Ill thought through and justification amazingly unresearched and flies in the face of logic Alan
one country, one people 15% of population cannot equal 50% of decision making for 100% of the population. mel
Do NOT support James
There is no doubt in my mind that the government are ignoring science (just as it has with the so-called Covid pandemic) and pushing ahead at break-neck speed its radical socialist agenda Trevor
no comrade adhern and her other polywogs are crazy with power, a car tax will seal their hate at the next election if not before. this polywog govt is sure up the creek without a paddle James
I am questioning her sanity. Pam
I no longer support the Prime Minister in anything as she seems to lack understanding in all issues. Malcolm
This is a penalty tax on the workers who cannot afford to pay the price, even with discounts, of electric or hybrid vehicles. There are no suitable e vehicles suitable for carrying families. Again, a tax on the poor to subsidise the rich. Paloma
Electric vehicles will be years away in being efficient & what about the huge cost to produce the batteries & then dispose of them & where will the government get the shortfall in petrol tax ? no doubt they will introduce a road user tax the same as diesel vehicles. Warren
Typical labour bullshit allan
Because it will hit hardest those who cannot afford the high cost of an electric vehicle and we do want the New Zealand market flooded with second hand electric vehicles that are at the end of their economic life Kevin
It’s rubbish. Head in the sand thinking Jeff
No way. Jacinda is going down the wrong track. William
Policy is sheer madness Rhys
if you stand still long enough, you will get taxed….. that’s what it feels like… rubbish Erin
thousands of electric cars parked up in France due to expired batteries which apart from over $30,000 to replace are environmentally unable to be disposed of. Bryan
Nonsensical! Batteries – component materials not available. Follow the Swiss. Douglas
its a ridiculous policy. cant be afforded by most and will not work in practicality in NZ Ewen
Jacinda is hell bent on destroying our democratic freedom that has stood the test of time and which, unfortunately, has led to her total control of common sense. We, all New Zealanders need to take back this control at the next election by voting for those parties that seek to treat NZ as belonging to all people equally, and listen to the true scientific evidence regarding climate change. Steve
No – this whole Emissions/Climate Change/Carbon Tax thing is a crock! We need more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less – it makes stuff grow better! We are being done in the eye by an ideologically driven bunch of misfits who have no conception of reality. Trying to prise the average Kiwi farmer/contractor away from their Utes and SUVs, in favour of EV’s, by means of excessive taxation won’t work – it will simply add to this governments’ increasing list of failures! Maybe they are trying to “destruct” our economy so they can “build back better” with a Socialist one, in which we will all own nothing and will be happy! Scott
It is too expensive and aimed at a woke elite john
More socialist rubbish from a bunch of left wing loonies and ACT apparently the only Political Opposition that anything to say about it Rob
She is very much up the wrong path in so many ways – scary Gail
There won’t be enough vehicles available to meet the supposed demand. #noaffricanchildslaveswerekilledinthemakingofthisvehicle John
These commies are hell bent on destroying the economy of this beautiful country and forcing us into becoming a flock of compliant sheep Alan
absolutely not and I don’t think we gave her the approval to do it, it will be a disaster for the country and for people on low incomes also ones that have mobility issues i wont be starting to ride a bike at 80 or trying to walk to a bus stop etc etc etc anthony
This is grossly unfair for the productive sector that has no options available. Electric options need to evolved and be considered not forced. Geoff
Cannot trust this Government. Jacinda is pushing NZ into socialism without our consent. Her view is NOT the view of most NZers. Robina
No, no, no, a thousand times no. Not know, not ever! Craziest idea ever. New Zealand needs to wake up NOW to where this communist government it taking us. Time to rise up people! Margaret
lies again peter
It’s ok for the PM she can just jump on her broomstick with Clarke and go fishing … warwick
She is a very naive person, who seems intent on punishing the poor and medium income earners who cannot afford to buy electric Steve
But not applicable to commercial vehicles where a EV option is not available yet Rod
Adern is clearly leading NZ into fiscal and lifestyle oblivion in her quest to allign us with her CCP friends. Sadly it seems very few people really understand how sinister her agenda is. We will all be much better off without her. Linton
It astounds me the number of “grown ups” who still support our communist dictator Comrade Ardern. NZ will be well down the list when it comes to supply of EVs. It’s a nonsense to suggest that these vehicles are going to make any difference when our emissions are already negligible compared to most countries. Time for NZers to wKe up, realise that global warming/climate change are even real, as these two named events have been happening since time began. Wake up NZ, you are all being conned by a manipulative, sly, liar and her appointed buddy heading the climate change committee of faceless bureaucrats. Carolyn
Where is National in all of this. Can we have an assurance they will reverse all these nut case changes? AlN
It has proven overseas to be a useless initiative so what should it work here? Trevor
Send her a horse Morrin
Lunacy that has not been thought through at all. Better call it a ‘tax’.grab. One of her ministers proudly drives a 4WD Ute, 15 years old. I’d love to see the exhaust carbon readings. Another step in socialist control. DICK
Another knee jerk reaction without any investigation into the whole market would be affected David
Appalling policies by an ideologically driven government who has no clue about what makes for economic stability and progress Graham
Would just create more pollution Colin
Penalizing the very people who held things together in the Covid time. Sue
Absolutely not! Real over reaction . June
Absolutely NOT Read the evidence, EV’s just don’t cut it on so many levels. Rita
Good article Muriel!! The Labour woman and her colleagues have gone completely climate crazy. An important fact is volcanic eruptions produce 25% more carbon dioxide than human activity. Electric cars are fine; but government legislation does not improve their introduction. A solution though is hard. Where are solid opposition leaders? National continues to lack viable leadership and ACT has a leader without a party! Who will be our saviour? Peter
Is just pampered to by the Greens – no basis to its worth Beth
It is patently unfair to those in rural zones. There needs to be serious investigation into the cost and use of raw materials to make electric car batteries. with that the impossibility of getting rid of used batteries. Nothing here environmentally friendly. Douglas
Batteries are too expensive to replace and could be a problem to dispose of. We will need more electricity which could mean more coal being used. In the meantime I’m hanging on to my old petrol car mainly because there’s no way I can afford an EV. Ann
Given major countries like China don’t seem concerned. so much. They focus on their economy first. This the economy should be the first object of our Government. Why does NZ and 5 million people have to be the wee crusader.? Norm
Ardern should be sacked immediately. Her government Climate policy LIES will impoverish us. A wolf in sheep’s clothing comes to mind. Bruce
I am glad to see that there are other intelligent people out there that share my views on electric cars. I live in a small rural street but if everyone own an electric car and charged their cars in the evening we would overload the grid and be without power all night and every night. These comments below are so true and yet the governments around the world have no idea. We can slash co2 emissions as much as we want but all it takes is for a volcano to belch and all that work has gone to waste in a matter of hours. 75% on co2 emissions comes from the sea and volcano but the governments don’t tell you that! What happens if we are carbon free by 2050, well it is simple all vegetation will be dead as it needs co2 to survive! So, we now have no food because all the vegetables and fruit have gone and there is no grass for the animals, so no more meat of any kind and no birds, or any type of grass or seed feeding animals. Sorry to say but all living matter, including humans will not survive as we will all be wiped out. This is simple, basic science but don’t fear as our government as trying to wipe out farming now, so we may not be around by 2030 let alone 2050 to see the effects of a carbon neutral world. Richard
Technologically impossible at present not practical in any shape or form just another climate fantasy policy kevin
She and her fellow “gang”members don’t need to worry about transport, as the taxpayer foots the bill for all their comings and goings. Henry
She’s a fruitloop. We wouldn’t even have the power generating capacity to charge all these ev.s Her Marxist comrades are idiots Laurie
She promised “No more taxes” David
The evidence is in Muriel’s Column. June
sheer madness Alison
When is the New Zealand Public going to wake up and realise just what is happening to our once great country alan
I don’t support J A”s car tax or any other socialist scheme she is pushing. Wake up voters, get her out of here before it’s too late. Let’s go Swiss and let the people decide. Government of the people BY the people. Get political agendas out of it. Graeme
Its a new tax which they promised to NOT introduce and is not fair on low income people who cannot afford EV’s Mike
Stupidest tax ever and completely unnecessary Kelvin
Ridiculous and just another socialistic control measure from this government. They need to go.. wake up New Zealand. Noeline
Yet another new tax from the no new taxes mob sitting on treasury benches. Hopefully the labour voters are learning a painful lesson. chris
Definitely not. It’s ludicrous put such targets on projects that have no ability to eventuate. Its just another Govt tax gathering scheme Arthur
There are better ways to achieve this. Shaun
Crazy woman and there are signs environmental costs of ev’s in time as they age will be much more than envisaged. Reg
EV’s will do nothing to benefit the environment. Jacinda is imposing more restrictions because she is a socialist control freak Peter
Not at all. This Labour government is becoming a nightmare Kerin
idealogical nonsense Tony
Until there are EV’s widely available to Tradies & the Farming Community it is a pointless exercise. caren
I don’t support Ardern or her govt FULL STOP! Trevor
No. More nonsense from an inept government. Once again, not enough thought has gone into their proposal. More propaganda. chris
It’s just the start of taxing us into paying for all the “climate change” costs we’re going to incur. Andrew
It is another example of an incompetent government experimenting with us rather than thinking it through! Tebs
Just another Labour lie,no new taxes,yeah right.What happened to the poor little natives mining the minerals for EVbatteries,etc etc. Peter
Absolutely not Gwenda
It will happen naturally I am not sure where the clown in Wellington heads are as they are not on their shoulders. What about the low income workers trying to retain employment and get to work each day. We are not London with good public transport. We are all being denied our right of reply by all government departments including local bodies. Does no one have the b…. to say the global warming problem is population growth stop breading. As we are now a communist state it could be ruled from Wellington now brian
I have yet to see anything proposed by our prime minister that I would consider supporting!! Maurice
I am afraid Ardern is fast becoming a fascist dictator. Her way or no way. What is she going to do with all the expired batteries from these E cars when they clap out ? Wayne
It simply means that the less-well-off will be unable to afford a petrol driven car and certainly not one of the grossly expensive electric vehicles. Doug
This is another blow to farmers and tradies who will have no choice but to put their prices up to cover the extra cost of this added tax, this whole vehicle push is stupid when our whole countries population is not as big as some cities around the world, and this is going to help save the planet,yea right!. Digby
If this government is so so concerned about pollution by ICE vehicles why are they not changing all the public transport buses to battery vehicles. Buses have been over the “testing stage” for many years, China runs thousands of them in cities right now. Tom
Zero carbon is rubbish PETER
Definitely NOT. NZ@0.17% of the worlds global emissions is no reason to force us into change. I despise this GOVT for its divisive shenanigans. John
Well I guess you reap what you sow.All you suckers voted Labour to keep the Greens out,now look what we are stuck with. Ross
How can we stop all these crazy ideas? Bev
She promised not to introduce any more tax’s. The tax penalizes farmers, tradesmen and the lower socioeconomic classes who cannot afford an EV. Furthermore it does not achieve any reduction in carbon. Maurice
It is no more than another tax that will achieve nothing but additional revenue to be spent on vanity projects that will do nothing for the average Kiwi. Roger
Yet another ‘illogical’ social tax ! Michael
Climate change is not being affected by vehicle emissions ! Robin
As a farmer living remotely I have little choice in the vehicle we need. Even if we had EV utes the power supply to our farm and neighbors does not have the capacity to charge our vehicles William
Judith Colins said early last year, when you are in opposition you can say anything. John Key said he would not put GST up. He did from 12.5% to 15%. It’s now Jacinda’s turn. That’s politics. Chris
Perhaps if she lived in the real world and got her hands dirty she may understand what its like like to work on a farm in the mud rain and shit but no she lives in a fantasy world of Joe Stalin and trying to get us bumb Kiwis to follow her down her fantasy track to a communist state NO WAY WAKE UP NZ BEFORE ITE TO LATE eric
So ut of touch Where is the electricity going to come from? More coal or nuclear? I am not against coal Its just hypocritical and idealist to force all the unnecessary changes when there is not enough electricity now and we are burning more coal than ever Neil
Where are all the electric vehicles going to come from? Where will all the lithium for the batteries come from? Where will the power to charge the vehicles come from? Mark
Our current Government seems to have an IQ level of room temperature and falling!! Ian
The more she makes pronouncements like Ford’s Ute that Ford says isn’t being developed the more she proves that she is a liar. It is just another lie like “80,000 people will die if we don’t lock down”, “we have plenty of PPE”, “we’re at the front of the queue for vaccines”, “we’re building a pedestrian and cycling bridge over Auckland Harbour”, “we will build 100,000 houses”. This government deliberately and frequently lies to us in order to hold onto power. It’s not unlike the lies of Hitler to the German people that ended up costing 75 million lives world-wide. You can’t trust a liar and that’s why every pronouncement by Ardern and her ministers needs to be challenged. Kerry
Absurd. It is another tax, not a fee. Megan
HELL NO!!! Robert
Absolutely not. For all the reasons mentioned – most of which we have been aware of for some time . We need a televised public debate to wake the nation up !! Lawrie
The whole Climate Change debate has been highjacked and led by the Left. There is now very little chance of a rational debate taking place nationally before the next election, unless the National party wakes up, starts to do some homework and get control of the issue very soon. Richard
How can we stop this madness. Perhaps a Nation wide petition to rejest all these Climate Commision edicts. Peter
Definitely not Graeme
NO!!!! Climate is a moving feast and has been for millenia…polution we should attack but trying to change the climate is a fool’s errand. Louise
Remember Jacinda’s degree was in PR. That says it all. Finance is way beyond her. Laura
What a bloody joke this crap is. Graham
No way. Stop this Marxist government and their crazy laws. Jenny
Insanity Alec
They have spent so much money on other things like tribal handouts after full and final settlements, mental health, whereby none of it reached those at the coal face and instead went into administration, same with DHB’s, education, police,, and any other programe you like to think of. Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan don’t fool me and I hope NZr’s remember when receiving handouts just before the next election. So, to appease the younger indoctrinated coming through our education systems who are all taught about how naughty their parents were driving naughty cars, this government need them to vote for them. 5 words — indoctrination – the woman in scarlet. Ray
If there is not a change of government to a stand alone National govt in 2023, then NZ’s future is munted! Bob
It’s a shame we have a woke government that cannot think through the consequences of their actions. Peter
Starting to feel the governments socialist control and don’t like it. Think any change we make, unless it leads to commercial innovation of financial benefit to NZ, wont make any significant difference to the worlds climate John
We will need Oil for many years ahead to sustain our economy. Ian
NO, NO, NO, and NOOOOOO. There are so many of us who are totally aware of the absolute falsity of all of these claims re Global warming. NOOOOOO.  Brian
What a ridiculous idea. The poor subsidising the rich. Electric utes wont be available for at least a couple of years and will they have the horsepower to do the work required? As usual, this govt is unable to think or make enquiries as to availability. Expecting farmers to wait until available, when their ute might be coming to the end of its lifespan is also ridiculous. Does the govt actually have a brain? Michele
Taxing the poor to enable the rich! What a joke! I still want to know how the PM intends to refuel all these electric cars! We will need more than double the coal-fired power stations and at least 2 – 4 electric power points in every petrol station. As an electric car takes half an hour to refuel, we’re going to need a great change in our infrastructure. Another announcement that will go nowhere. Jenny
Yet more socialist stupidity. If govt had a brain cell amongst them it would be lonely. Richard
Another nail in the coffin of the economy to further her move into State control & communism Peter
Just another dumb decision by a Government of ‘we know best’ attitude. Lead by the fund and a bunch of dumber than dumb politicians Kevin
To manufacture an electric vehicle uses a lot more carbon that it will ever save in its lifetime. Why aren’t vehicle manufacturers busy building electric tradesmen and construction vehicles? Maybe they haven’t got a political leader hell bent on creating fear. Dennis
A tax on the wage earner and tradesman. Grant
How do we get rid of the present government Allister
utterly stupid Gregor
Jacinda has bitten off more than she can chew- but we knew that would happen! Roger
Unless our present leadership is changed NZ will continue to slide. WAKE UP NZ ! Bryan
We already consume more electricity than we generate from hydro. How much coal do we need to import to burn to generate electricity for each electric car? Alan
Utter stupidity or another paragraph in the hidden agenda of the PM and her devoted followers. The need to further advance the socialist belief that if all else fails, the State will be there to help you survive. What a load of crap. Only those at the top of the heap will benefit. Example, is the amount of money being directed to Maori which keeps that race exactly where the Government wants them, by the not so subtle suggestion that they are totally unable to fend for themselves without state intervention.. Barry
Jarachnid is a new breed of spider who spins lies and deceit chirs
Jacinda Ardern is increasingly taking NZ over to the far left i.e. Communist state….this needs to STOP before NZ is doomed. She is taking NZ down a very dangerous path in my opinion. Brenda
When will the general population wake up? We are heading for economic and social ruin Raymond
We need a left wing loony tax. K
governments should not be allowed to represent the people if their own agendas take precedence over the needs of the people . the majority should speak not one persons idealistic view al
idiots bob
Jacinda Ardern is the most dangerous person in New Zealand and her very leftist ideology is destroying New Zealand. What is wrong with her? Is she so blind that she cannot see what she is doing? No she can’t because she’s on a crusade. Can no one topple her and remove her from power before it’s too late? She’s a smiling demagogue who believes she is the savior of New Zealand. We don’t need saving and we certainly don’t need her and her gang. This Climate Change lunacy needs to stop now. Colin
Yet another tax in her term of no additional taxes! Richard
One thing is for sure: the Covid Queen and her demented dwarfes can and will push these ‘schemes ‘ as much as they want. In the end this entire charade will come crashing down in a smoking heap. The problem with this is it will leave carnage across the land with enormous social co- lateral damage in its wake. The question still is: How much do people have to hurt until they realize what they have signed up to by voting this devious lot. I fear when they do wake up it will be too late to repair the damage caused and NZ will have turned into a 3rd world country. michael
She is out of control and is destroying our country Denis
Socialist to the core. Vehemently NO. Gill
Total lack of thought of total consequences, just blind idiotic madness. No thought of how all this impact on everyone Wolf
Labour, led by Jacinda Ardern continue on their merry way to destroy New Zealander’s way of life and the future of our children. A Pox on these stupid people and their communist agenda! Roy
Are you kidding!!! The only thing I will support is buying a one way ticket to China for our commie bitch PM. How thick can people be to support her and her bunch of dim witted MPs in government. Peter
Distorting the market for political ideology. Quite happy to rort the productive sector for their ideals. Willy
another stupid idea Gerhard
the sooner we can remove jacinda and her nonsensical policies from our national grid the sooner our country can live with harmony again david
Absolutely not, she is a stupid, egotistical clown who is only out for herself at the expense of the country and it’s people who cannot see the wood for the trees. SAD Tom
I am retired but still need my ute to transport all the things that there are no services for or life simply stops Keith
just nonsense Graham
Some people and company’s need heavy work vehicles Ted
Good grief NO! Yet another absurdity from this incompetent government. Why are National so useless? Looks like ACT are the coming force. Roger
SHE is a mad cow. Coral
I hate the P R spin control of this government… Ian
It is ridiculous, hurting our Farmers and Tradies for what. Dianne
Definitely not in agreement Patricia
Once again the impostor of a Prime Minister we are saddled with showing her complete ignorance of reality. If it wasn’t so important to our economy and society in general it would be hilarious. How could a person in high office in a country’s leadership be so dumb! Rosemary
No no no not now not never. How much more tax do we have to pay? Is this a way to claw back money to compensate for the billions they have borrowed and squandered recently Kristene
Silly little communist. Robbie
Totally unnecessary. Where does China feature in Ardern’s plan.The elephant in the room.Yet I hear little noise on this subject from the opposition,come on wake up ,speak up,do your job. Robert
Robbing Peter to pay poor. There are NOT enough Mines on this Planet to produce enough Lithium for all the intended Electric Vehicles. AND how are the old Batteries recycled. Once again the People who think these Schemes up do not look at the Complete Picture. Everything they plan is ‘half arsed’. Geoff
She is an idiot. New Zealand has no hope of doing that. We have to get rid Of this government Mike
Socialism at it’s finest Adrian
It is hard enough to make ends meet. Pensioners did not get any leg up unlike beneficiaries! Carol
The Women’s just a big joke Les
All very woke! RICHard
Certainly not in fact New Zealanders need to stand up and be counted this government needs a wake up call or we are going to be puppets in our own country Peter
no new taxes was promised Phil
MAGA make ardern go away Trevor
It would hit the poor and middle class!the wealthy would not notice. Chris
Idiot Labour Govt.. Jan
I don’t actually support any tax at all let alone one that is not needed Michael
Just another looney tunes move by this dedicated communist. Comrade Ardern has gone power crazy and is throwing out her favours to mad greens and radical Maori activist types. Shame on her. Her idols like Savage and Lange must be turning in their graves at the damage she is causing long term for the Labor proletariat Mike
Yet another tax Ian
Anything we do to reduce emissions will be nullified by one industrial city in India or China so we should pay them to reduce their emissions by using the ETS which is sanctioned by the Paris accord. Gary
Like it’s been said in the past, it’s easier to have other people pay for stuff you want than to address your own poor financial performance or situation Mike
Crazy socialist nonsense. Just another kick in the guts for our farming sector. This policy could backfire for the princess as even my step daughter who has never voted is talking about moving to Australia Murray
Whenever I see a question starting with the words “Do you support Jacinda ….. ” I know what my answer will be … NO ! Tony
If electric cars are so good they don’t need a tax payer subsidy Terry
Just another Tax, and Lies from this bunch of Dick heads Paul
So tradesmen, farmers and the like will fund the governments 16000 vehicles conversion to electric? Unbelievable! John
We seriously need to push back against this expensive virtue signalling and find a way to be heard! Everyone I talk to is furious at this tax so I know there are heaps of us out here. Grrrrr!!!! Teresa
Yet another rip off tax by our worst Govt: ever.. Don
Just more socialist arrogance John
Absolutely Not! What she is doing to this country is treasonable, how can she be stopped before it’s too late. Loretta
Let the free market decide what is best. This policy is pure hypocracy while we import coal to produce electricity. David
Just another tax on New Zealanders Peter
Can anyone else remember the CNG subsidy. This is worse but the outcome will be the same Richard
I do not support JA in anything at all Allan
Don’t we endure enough taxes? On a fixed income as a retired guy I do not have the luxury of buying a new car. There is no public transport here either, so am I supposed to stay at home, imprisoned by this disgusting creature? I think not. Charles
Just another crazy decision. The Government would be better to embrace the coming technology of hydrogen fuel cells. We would be well positioned for that technology. Alan
Communist Greg
why tax people who need these vehicles when there is no other option . Sick and tired of paying taxes for others. Ewan
Of course not. Not only is it inequitable, it is unworkable Geoffrey
NOT AT ALL – Cindy and her bunch of muppets are trying their hardest to destroy the greatest country on earth! Matt
Electric cars aren’t the answer, disposal of the batteries once they die is already becoming a huge problem Ruth
I can’t believe the stupidity of those who support comrade Aderns agenda. As for electric vehicles, I have it on good authority that our current power grid could not support even just the govt fleet vehicles all going electric, let alone ALL vehicles. NZ voting public PLEASE WAKE UP! Those of us who bother to educate themselves have known about Agenda 30 and what the climate change BS is really all about (previously Agenda 21) for years. Sharen
She%u2019s destroying our country from the inside, it’s shocking. Peter
Just another pathetic attempt to force their agenda on every one David
Got to pay for all the hand outs she giving Jimmy
NO Richard
No,No,No,not ever !!! Mark
EV’s not up to speed, many issues need to be worked out including disposal of batteries. Designing climate change solutions is for science not politicians. This also applies to EV, AV and AI, all in early stages of development and should be left to scientists and engineers. Norman
Just another moronic dream. Roll on the next election and get rid of her. chris
stupid but why are we surprised dennis
definitely not. Graeme
Taxinda Folkert
Ask the government what plans they have re supply of electricity for the cars and what plans they have for disposal of batteries Rosemary
Am I still allowed to be white. Perhaps all us actual Kiwis should mass exodus to Sth Africa and Australia, leave the rest to their ruin. Chinese own us. Samual
So the Climate change commission wants all cars to be electric by 2050. As does Cindy, apparently. Great, think of all the carbons saved but our vegetation dying from lack of “food”. (Not a big problem if you just ignore it) But I digress. Question…how will we supply all the electricity for this utopian scenario? Oh that’s right, we will simply import more coal and shut down our own coal mines because they are “bad”. Another question….doesn’t burning the coal we then import make more carbons? Brilliant Answer…..That problem will be elegantly solved because by then we will all have electric cars. QED. (Only a “carbonite” could possibly be that clever) Ken
Encouraging electric vehicles may be justified if there is sufficient clean electricity but to penalise those who have no practical electric alternative is blatantly unfair. Stephen
Another issue to increase the inequality gap, as only the wealthy will be able to afford an electric car and noting that trade-in vehicle values will be very low, so the real cost of the new car increases further. We will also have a lot of cars that will be unusable and probably just dumped on the roadside. Another cost for the rate/tax payer to have them removed and disposed of. John
Absolute rubbish ??? PHIL
Bloody ridiculous, just like she is. NZ doesn’t stop at the Bombay hills. Canterbury.has the.highest number of utes and SUVs in NZ. Our roads are shit after the earthquakes, 30,000 of them, floods and lack of.money spent on the repairs. The blowout.of new house builds demands commercial vehicles to be used. She and James Shaw need to get a life. Brian
Social engineering by taxing the people is nothing new and it never works. The Jacinda Government is destroying NZ with its propaganda and lies. Ken
It lacks considered balance and will have increase for 50% of small business reliant on the vehicle types suited to their business. EV alternatives are not available for these vehicle types and this is another ideological approach to an objective where limited options from ‘hand picked’ commissisioners to suit the PMs agenda. Consider offshore sequester credits investment instead of economy train wrecking. Stan
Just pushing agenda 2030 – Nothing but ideological Bull. Bruce C
What about all the emissions in making Electric Cars and Batteries, nobody wants to mention that. What about all the toxic waste when the Batteries life is over? Where are the batteries going to be dumped? Frank
dumb peter
Ridiculous! Half of NZ drives around in a ute because of the terrain of NZ and the shocking roads, don’t just have to be a farmer or tradie. Also punishing the normal family that has a ute for carrying around the kids bikes, camping gear etc. Kim
Disconnected academic dropouts driving a nonsensical UN directed marxist ideology of absolute stupidity towards catastrophic chaos in all sectors, by design. Surely such an act is the intent of TREASON Richard
Jacinda is out of touch with reality, as are all the other dim witted woke idiots pushing the governments racist Maori agenda. Q
she is living in La La land – Les W
NO way! Sick of her and her sneaky taxes. Heather
how many broken promises will this primesinister make before the compliant population who are asleep at the wheel wake up and smell the coffee? Peter
I thought, besides all other considerations, that there was not to be any further taxes. Alison
This tax is the most stupid one I have ever heard of. Too many people will not be able to use or buy an electric car suitable for their purpose. Such a tax shows how naive our PM is in her pursuit of Communism and its accompanying power. Liz
Another broken promise from an out-of-control socialist administration. A compliant media refuses to challenge the government on this “climate emergency” nonsense as hard-working New Zealanders are herded like sheep down a dead-end road. Gavin
I can’t even come up with a witty comment for this. pavel
This is a clear breach of Labour Party promises of no new taxes and demonstrates to New Zealanders that they are the cannon fodder for a Labour Party policy that was never disclosed. Leslie
As has been often stated this tax will penalise the real workers and earners of our country’s income, the farmers and associated workers, the tradies and other outdoor workers while at the same time making it more difficult for the less well off to afford a decent vehicle. The wealthy will still buy what they want including gas guzzling performance vehicles. The measures proposed for (against) farmers are pure madness. Livestock farming is at least neutral in greenhouse gas production. The only way grazing animals can produce CO2 and methane (apart from the breathing process) is from the vegetation (and its products) that they eat. That vegetation absorbs its carbon from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. Moreover, while it can be seen that most of this carbon simply goes around in a circle some is in fact sequestered by pasture in the soil so there is a net reduction in atmospheric carbon. Alan
how dare you tax us because we can’t buy what isn’t available time these crazy commies where kicked out on there green ears nigel
Most hair brain idea to date they should all be locked up in a mental home Russell
Once again this PM is forcing her will on us, no consultation or “open, honest, transparency” this lot needs to go before they totally destroy our country, which is what they determined to do. Carol
Wild scheme…. like the Harbour Bridge clipon. Gillian
Democracy is disappearing under labour . Not to be trusted Simon
It is unfair, impractical and non effective John
The sooner thee is a coup the better. Greham
No planning as to how it will work Typical communist rhetoric Ray
Crazy ideology Bryan
Remember, opposition parties do not win government, government looses government and this government is on a suicidal path. Vote them out. Christine
She is going to drive our country to the brink of ruin. We need to be rid of her. Barbara
Another broken promise Leonard
Clueless posturing on an irrelevant topic- get rid of this inept government Siobain
About time someone told it like it is!!! Marianne
Socialism rears its ugly head , total control by central government peter
There is no climate emergency. Natural climate change when it occurs can be managed as necessary as we always have done. Brian
Al Gore and our idiot and highly dangerous dictator with her pollywogs should all be put into a nut house with their climate change ideas and now wanting everything mains electrical including her dildo and now all vehicles shes got to get tax from somewhere as no petrol/oil no fuel tax, why don’t we all put a few $ together so she can by a horse and cart and clean up the shit after her, the womans a dangerous nutter! Richard
Crazy Colin
Vehicle taxes should be devoted to road maintenance and upgrading as was the case with the National Roads Board Arthur
It just won’t work. paul
Oust the Pirate puppets! Michele
If the rate of global warming didn’t slow down in 2020, when Covid-19 caused significant world -wide downturn, why didn’t it? Richard
Crazy socialist policy, within days EV’s have increased in price.Keep Government out of our lives please richard
I am fully over the Arden governments manipulations. Climate Change is a natural process that is ages old and not a reason to disrupt and emasculate our economy. Stop increasing the debt. Stop the spin. The government is not working fir this country. Peter
Its like a bad dream … What a sick government New Zealand has. They have to be STOPPED! Des
Her socialist agenda is coming to fruition and fools stand idly by. She buys votes with handouts. This ideological fake government is destroying New Zealand and may I say it%u2019s not Aotearoa. Steve
While other countries are building new coal fired power stations we we are importing hundreds of tons of coal, to produce electricity for electric cars her ideas are crap Arthur
Labour is not for the worker – it’s a misconception. They’re against the middle income average worker. They milk them – as the middle income NZers are the major tax group and they have to fund their Socialist agenda. Simon
Let’s just all tell her she’s fired and kick her out. Why put up with her incompetence? Troy
A load of cobblers sheryl
Once again, utter foolishness Bill
Totalitarian propaganda, same as with Covid-19. Lies, lies and lies! Ollie
NZ only emits 0.17% of global CO2. This is ONE SIX HUNDREDTH of global total. Nothing we do to change to EV’s etc, will have any measurable effect on global climate change. So – why impoverish our country? Or is this just more of the Comrade Ardern socialist’s agenda at work? Doug
First I understood that no new taxes mean’t NO NEW TAXES. Sorry i misunderstood The Tax on the new cars is not a tax but a fee So once again there has not been another break in the promise of no new taxes. When are the people (sorry sheeple) going to realise that there is NOT a climate crisis and Mans miniscule contribution (including our cows belching) does not have any measurable effect on the climate. Muriel you are so correct in the asertion that Taxinda is using this so called emergency to further her aims of installing in New Zealand ( Sorry Aotearoa) a Communist paradise. We do really need a change in the constitution to enable a recall election or at least binding referenda Robin
It is amazing that Jacinda Ardern gets away with breaking election promises, with barely any questioning by the media. If it was a National government, the media would be interrogating them relentlessly. Let’s hope the public can see through this – our Prime Minister cannot be trusted.  Linda
This is the stupidest government I have ever seen. Their car tax is madness. There aren’t enough EVs to meet world demand.   Denis
The Climate Commission’s report should be binned. It represents central planning on steroids. Yet it will be used to destroy our economy in the name of a problem that does not exist.  Bryan
There is no man-made global warming. The whole thing is a socialist scam to gain control of the productive sector. I cannot understand why the public can’t see through it.  Pete
This is the worst government New Zealand has ever had. Jacinda Ardern is a disgrace. Jeremy