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In politics, things are often not what they seem. That’s why an opinion piece published in the Herald last week by the Minister for the Public Service Chris Hipkins, defending the expansion of the public service, raises some interesting questions.

Since it is unusual for Cabinet Ministers to publish newspaper articles at this stage in an election cycle, one has to wonder whether Labour’s internal polling shows opposition criticism is too damaging to be left unanswered – or whether this is the start of a positioning campaign ahead of a leadership pitch?

Is Chris Hipkins anticipating that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is planning to step down – and perhaps move onto higher office at the United Nations? If so, is he now signalling he’s a serious challenger for the top job?

It’s important to remember that late last year, the Labour Party streamlined the way they elect their leader by removing the right for the unions and party members to have a say, which in the past had led to disruptive and divisive leadership contests. Now, if two-thirds of Caucus agree, the decision is theirs alone.

Labour’s rule change was most likely influenced by the experience of the previous National Government, which had been blindsided by the surprise resignation of Prime Minister John Key midway through his third term. He moved on, while the party still had plenty of popular support, and in time for the new leadership team to settle in and find their feet before the next election.

While Jacinda Ardern is only midway through her second term, the mood of the nation has turned against her. As the pandemic death toll approaches 1,000, with more than a million Kiwis infected, not only can she no longer claim Covid success, but breaking her promise not to impose vaccine mandates, and blocking New Zealanders from returning home, has undermined trust.

Furthermore, the cost-of-living crisis – which is being exacerbated by Labour’s reckless spending – is hitting families hard, with all areas of Government incompetence and waste now coming under scrutiny. With inflation on the run, these are issues that will not go away quickly, and not without a certain amount of pain to homeowners – especially those with high debt.

In addition, the Prime Minister is having to deal with a belligerent Maori caucus which, by continuing to push their extremist tribal rule agenda – despite mounting public opposition – is undermining public support for the Party and threatening their future prospects.

For Jacinda Ardern, the bottom line is that she is likely to be defeated at the next election. The alternative would be to take a leaf out of the John Key playbook and leave before suffering the humiliation of being tossed out.

So, who would succeed Jacinda Ardern as leader of the Labour Party? Chris Hipkins and Grant Robertson stand out as the leading contenders.

While Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson appears the obvious choice, it’s important to remember that he has attempted to become Party leader a number of times in the past. He lost out to David Cunliffe in a formal contest in 2013, and again to Andrew Little in 2014 – along with a failed informal leadership bid in 2013, with Jacinda Ardern as his deputy.

After the loss to Andrew Little, Grant Robertson is reported as saying, that he would not be putting his name forward again for leader: “I am taking the idea of me running off the table. I am not going to do it.” Whether that still stands remains to be seen.

Chris Hipkins holds the fifth ranked spot in the Party, with the Covid, Education, and Public Service Cabinet portfolios and the Leader of the House position. He also won his electorate seat of Remutaka with over 17,000 more votes than his nearest rival – the biggest margin of any MP in the country, even greater than the Prime Minister in Mt Albert.

Minister Hipkins is now also taking a lead role in defending the Government’s record, including a massive expansion of the Public Service which has seen the number of full-time employees grow by almost 30 percent in just over four years: “The number of permanent employees has grown between 2017 and 2021 from 47,252 in 2017 to 61,100 in 2021.”

He claims the growth of the bureaucracy by 14,000 additional employees at a cost of over $2 billion a year is “a positive story, one of innovation, flexibility and better services.”

Claiming innovation within the Public Service is surely a joke. Does Chris Hipkins not realise that bigger bureaucracies destroy wealth and stifle innovation?

The reality is that expanding the size and scope of government is what socialist politicians do. With their ‘the State knows best’ worldview, they ignore the debilitating effect their bureaucratic red tape has on private sector wealth creators. Not only do governments consume wealth – the total cost of just paying Government workers has ballooned 30 percent under Labour from $22 billion in 2017 to almost $30 billion a year in 2021 – but much of their excessive spending provides little public benefit.

Just look at the dismal failure of Labour’s ‘flagship’ KiwiBuild policy. Or the $1.9 billion “invested” in mental health with no appreciable benefits. Or the Ministry of Transport’s spending of $145 million on consultants and only $200 million on construction!

Or what about the  $500 million on restructuring costs to create the Maori Health Authority and abolish the District Health Boards, which medical professionals are now warning is going to create deadly chaos that will worsen health care instead of benefiting it – and will ultimately cost many New Zealanders their lives.

Without a doubt, National’s criticism of Labour’s wasteful spending is resonating in the community. So too is ACT’s alternative budget, which suggests a multitude of ways to save money for tax cuts, including abolishing the woke “Demographic Ministries” – the Ministry for Maori Development, the Office for Crown-Maori Relations, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, and the Ministry for Women.   

These government agencies are not “colourblind” and working for the good of all New Zealanders – but instead are politically correct taxpayer-funded lobby groups pushing an identity politics agenda to advance the rights of one group of New Zealanders above all others.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator is former University lecturer and author Dr Greg Clydesdale, who has long argued that these agencies have outlived their useful life. He shares with us an extract from his book “The Politically Correct Economy”, that outlines why the Ministry for Women should be abolished:

“One crusade pursued by the Ministry for Women, using taxpayer resources, was to get more women on corporate boards. This is part of a global movement that has seen the introduction of quotas in some nations. The Ministry justified their position by saying that having more women on corporate boards is ‘good for business’. By that, they mean having women on the board improves a company’s effectiveness, and they cited a number of international reports to back their position.

“But the biggest problem with the Ministry’s use of these reports is that there is much more research available on this topic, and a lot of it has different results to the reports they used. In other words, the Ministry have not objectively reviewed the literature. They have only cited the literature that supports their case. Sadly, they are perfectly entitled to do this, as their mandate is to progress the position of women. They have no obligation to be provide a balanced perspective. Herein lies the problem with taxpayer funded lobbying groups. Their obligation is only to one group in society, not society as a whole.” 

Dr Clydesdale concludes, “The early feminists have achieved so much, not just for women, but for men in that they have liberated us from forced roles. Time has moved on but many feminists remain political with an explicit desire to juxtapose women with men. It is time to stop focusing on power and… disband the Ministry for Women.”

Briefing Papers prepared in 2020 for the Incoming Government, provide useful information on the size and scope of these Demographic agencies identified by ACT for abolition.

The Ministry for Women, which had 39 full-time staff and over $7 million in funding, works across government and non-government agencies pressuring organisations to adopt pro-women policy positions.

The radical nature of this strategy was highlighted only too clearly, by the former Minister, Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter, who issued a stinging criticism of “old white men in their 60s”, who make up around 85 percent of the country’s board members: “If we’re going to improve the diversity of boards, then we will need some of the current positions vacated so there can be room for new diversity and talent.”

The ideological call for “diversity” is now undermining the traditional objective of hiring ‘the best person for the job’, which has long been the foundation of success.  

Once the Ministry achieved their target of 50 percent of women on state sector boards and committees, they began collaborating with other Demographic agencies, including the Ministry for Ethnic Communities – which had 39 staff and an annual budget of $13 million – to push for greater ethnic representation in positions of influence.

The other Demographic agencies include the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, which has clearly  become a priority for Labour, growing from 45 staff and a $10 million budget in 2017, to 75 staff and $118 million in funding by 2020. The Ministry for Maori Development (Te Puni Kokiri), which had 350 staff and $77 million budget to deliver a radical race-based agenda, which includes He Puapua and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. And the Office of Maori-Crown Relations (Te Arawhiti), which, with 233 staff and a budget of $12 million, is responsible for embedding the Treaty partnership concept across the whole of Government “to achieve true cultural change” by ‘re-training’ “50,000 people in the core public service, and a further 350,000-plus in the wider state sector.”

Where this is all leading can be seen in the reported comments of the Western Bay of Plenty District Council chief executive John Holyoake, who is calling for greater diversity, not only around the council table but within the organisation itself: “We need to look like, sound like, be like, the people that we’re representing – the people we’re making decisions for. We need diversity of age, culture, experience, and skillsets. We need more Maori at the table so that we can ‘hand on heart’ work in partnership with Tangata Whenua. We have a very clear demographic sitting around our council table and we need diversity. We need to recognise other things besides the traditional privileges around being wealthy and white.”

Is this really the sort of New Zealand we want, where race and ethnicity become more important than talent? Don’t Western Bay of Plenty ratepayers – and New Zealanders across the country who are now victims of agencies where this progressive agenda has taken hold – want good services delivered by the best and most effective people for the job, rather than woke employees hired to make bosses feel more “inclusive”?

In their alternative budget, ACT also identified the Human Rights Commission with its staff of 42 and budget of $14 million for the axe, claiming they have become a hard-left organisation masquerading as a government department. Established in 1977 to defend human rights – including our right to free speech – the Commission has now become a radical advocate for hate speech and divisive minority causes, including the creation of a Treaty of Waitangi constitution, promoting the Treaty partnership fiction, and enacting the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration, that are now fracturing society and harming our Kiwi way of life.

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*Do you agree that the Ministry for Maori Development, the Office for Maori-Crown Relations, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and the Human Rights Commission should all be abolished?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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These smack of some communities being favoured over others. Di
A no-brainer. Graeme
Better still, abolish the whole Liebour Govt & this country will recover to thrive in a much better way…away from all the destructive actions they are taking, NZ has become a shambles under this Govt. Let’s abolish the Westminister System & move to Reginal Governance reducing bureacracy massively & save enormous amounts of expenditure…! Bruza
There is a government duty one would hope to act with fairness and justice for all New Zealanders, with no bias for white, brown, gay, male, female, rich or poor. Ian
Too much skin colour orientated Sidwell
I’m sure these must double up with other existing organizations. Tim
Yes it’s time to toss these out with the rest of the nightmare Labour regime. Chris
Definitely. They should have been abolished years ago. Maorism is holding the country back. bruce
Utterly useless organisations John
Well that would be wonderful when Ardern steps down from ?leadership. Neither Hipkins or Robertson can wear red lipstick and who is going to vote for them? We need an extinction level election for Labour and total elimination of the useless Greens and Maori ministries. Monica
It used to be called jobs for the boys, in today’s environment that doesn’t fit, Geoff
I am glad there are folks out there that are taking note of how we are collectively being taken to the cleaners and then giving us a chance to have our voices heard. Thank you NZCPR! J J
Apartheid bureaucracy David
there are just so many ministries for all sorts,sucking up tax payers money for little return,I realy think they need to trim the tree,this budget is just another vote buying spin session sick of hearing about it all,I just hope people can see the shallowness in this government and vote them out next election. rodger
A big YES!,Well past time to pay EQUAL TRIBUTE to the race that built this nation, time to halt the PC grubby handouts, at taxpayer expense!!! Usual suspects….. David
Get rid of these groups as they have a racist agenda and and are sucking life out of the public who want to improve their stands and have a more fruitful life with out being forced by their gender and race .Only the best regardless of gender and race should be employed. ken
This is costing NZ unnecessary much needed funds for little benefit. Wake up NZ and expect value for money like the rest of us! Marg
These agencies are all designed to be racist and sexist. It should always be the best person for any job otherwise millions of dollars of tax payer dollars result in extremely poor outcomes. Kay
Any latent positive elements that may exist could be incorporated into the appropriate ministry, but only after a rigorous evaluation. It is time to disestablish stand-alone separate race and gender based govt departments. It is also time to re-examine “nuclear moments” and so called Climate “emergencies” – the language is alarmist and aimed at causing fear and despondency amongst the proletariat. Francis
these Ministries are divisive rather than embracing. I believe if you work hard enough and fight hard enough then you will be chosen as the Right Person for the job. the BS of gender, race and religion has to go. Marie
Totally support a small and responsive Government. Gavin
one New Zealand for everyone mark
They are all counter-productive. Jack
it is all out dated, old hat. We should be all ONE people. Paula
This is total overkill– disband the lot and more if required. Life is meant to be enjoyed,not an ever increasing bout of rules ,regulations,,, lies and incompetence, Slowly and surely we are destroying the goose that laid the Golden Egg. We are a fractured nation so different from when I was. young. The worst part is I see no spirit to oust the current Separatists. Sadly a madness is creeping everywhere across the world. Make it simple, happy and free ! John
Long overdue Add 20 deadbeat current Ministers to that list as well.! John
They’re all woke wastes of space! Donna-Maree
These groups are unable to work out or follow up any decisions made. Ross
HRC maybe not abolished but restructured to do what tha name suggests. Kevin
Absolutely. well past their use-by dates. Dave
i dont agree that the Human Rights Commission should be abolished though Gladys
The Human Rights Commission should not be included. The rest I agree with Mike
all very divisive and totally irrelevant in a modern society john
All except the Human Rights Commission for which the appointed Commissioner does his job fully and enforces the human rights of New Zealanders by “LAW”. Richard
A close look at the maori views hand out benefits to only them….this racist stand that the maori take and holding a one sided view of the ‘treaty’ is a take-over stance and will be their downfall. mark
Their objectives have changed, they are now politically motived with an agenda to change NZ by giving select groups disproportionate power and input. Graeme
This should only be the beginning of a complete shake-up for both Central and Local Government in NZ. Perhaps streamlining and/or disbanding other questionable Ministries will stop “Silo” decisions and foster cross-agency cooperation for the better good of ALL NZers rather than segregation between us? Martin
Money wasted that is needed elsewhere Dorothy
there is no requirement for them. And are top heavy and creating a divide in the country. Also far too much money is demanded by them …with little or no transparency of where these millions are being used. Dianne
Hell yes. What a lot of useless agencies they are. We see this with every labour government elected, its called vote buying. Sack the lot. Peter
One rule for all – 1 vote only – not by race jon
Open democratic country only. carolyn
I’ve voted yes but I believe the Human Rights Commission should stand. Rachel 
How many more divisions within New Zealand society is this Government intestinally striving to drive wedges amongst what was a united country – all designed to splinter and rule in an autocratic manner? Stuart
Lets have less Govt in our lives Peter
I hope ACT are brave enough to follow through. Sam
Thank heavens that youve brought it up Joan
Opportunities should always be based on merit rather than ticking appropriate boxes. I have seen first hand the damage that employing someone for a role based on anything other than merit can cause. LC
All of these depts, are one-sided, and are becoming quite racist.Even the human rights commission is a joke, White people are never included and are left out! David
Absolutely, the growth in all the add hock groups, many who fronted by an appointed CEO who makes the occasional statement has gone way beyond their any real benefit. They appear to be nothing other than a group of like minded people producing the reports that the Government say are essential to the wellbeing of New Zealanders. What a load of bull! Barry
But it will take change of Government for it to happen. Malc
One organization could cover all these areas, just think of the money we would save! Margaret
We have enough bureaucracy running us as they squander our taxes. I’m all for less government in my life and make these so called Ministries accountable for all the tax money they spend Brian
The education and health ministry bureaucrats need to be culled and more resource directed to funding front line. staff and services. chris
Abolish the Maori seats too Don
Not being run by the “Best person’s for the work,” a huge cost to the taxpayers too. Ian.
Just by the very names – in most instances – they are racist. Best person for the job remains the ONLY way to succeed Michael Charles John
Get rid of them all Allan
Time to slim down the civil service to the entities which deliver useful functions. Peter
Yes they have lost their way now. We need to go back to teaching. Manners, Respect, etc. Manners include ,Please and Thank you,, excuse me sorry etc ICAN remember when I started school in the Primers my teacher was very strict on Manners and Respect and jit was part of said school Requirement to have and use same (sadly lacking these days) (my teachers in the late 1947 ‘s through to High School drummed Manners and respect into us (I had a Mum and Dad that taught me and I have not forgotten even to show respect to those older than I am! I cringe when I hear some children using foul language and swear at people older than they are. Marilyn
Tending to agree that if we are forging ahead with the belief that ALL are equal, then these entities are indeed “past their use-by” Chris
And plenty more need to go. Including those appointed to lead 3 Waters Malcolm
We are all one, or should be….. Peter
These ministries must be abolished..For example having a ministry for WOMENS affairs is tokenism and DEMEANING to woman. We do not need extra help, women are equally as capable as men. Men may be physically stronger but their brainpower and determination is actually lucky to be on a par with women. What about a ministry for gang members, that would be interesting! They do need help, to disband I mean! That could do some good.. Claire
Get rid. None of them serve any useful purpose Barry
I have been saying this for years, there is not a scrap of evidence that women improve company performance. Stanley
amongst many others as well We have become so bogged down in feel good fluff we cannot begin to even function with our own minds (tongue firmly planted in cheek) They keep inventing new titles to add more and more and more civil clip boards wankers Carolyn
We are all new Zealanders we do not need all these ministries. Gayle
bloody useless organisations waisting our tax payers money for socialist bullshit and to improve the unemployment figures thousands of jobs created simply to make their unemployment percentage they treat us like idiots that cant see through the crap,,and we pay the bills for this bullshit hone
Shut em down and sack all their woke lefty wasters. Richard
Our dear leaders are continually being mesmerized by this miasma of their own making. It is nothing but a racist rort. These tribalistics conveniently forget about what their ancestors did to the Patupaiarehe and Waitaha people who preceded them to New Zealand. Bring on the election! Kevan
abolish the lot Stan
All are unnecessary now. moyra
Yes they should all go as they just another waste of tax payers money eric
Time to end division. We’re all human beings who happen to be Kiwis. Race and gender are irrelevant and that’s the only way forward for a thriving democracy. Bernie
We are New Zealanders. Kate
There may have been legitimate reasons for their existence once but now they are merely instruments of marxofascist social engineering. Barend
That should be just the beginning Mark
Absolutely. Neville
We need the best people for the top jobs, and one government for all people called New Zealanders Frank
We now truly have the lunatics running the asylum. This is by far the worst government this country has seen in its entire history. It is going ot take a long time to undo the damage they’ve done. Jan
They have outworn their usefulness Laurel
What a marvelous achievement that would be! We’d be rid of most of the racial. trendy lefty bullshit garbage in one fell swoop with massive savings at the same time. Ron
These are just the tip of the iceberg – the sector is bloated and needs to be thinned out. The challenge is who has the capability to do this. Graham
Also reduce the State employment gravy train Murray
They are a waste of money. Tony
These Ministry’s should be abolished. They are based are on race biased politics. We do not need this division in NZ,,and the money could be better spent on Health. John
I am assuming the rest of that needs to say be abolished. Absolutely they all do they are not serving the best for new Zealand only pushing their own barrow Judith
By the way, maori came with their ???? canoes only about 700 years before Abel Tasman dicovered New Zealand. Get rid of the whole lot of no-hopers and save lots of money. peter
So, because I have worked damn hard all my working life, never been on the dole, paid (most) of my taxes, I should be now lumped in with a group labeled one of those with “the traditional privileges around being wealthy and white. So I find the comments of John Holyoake, WBOPDC CEO arrogant and offensive, and I could add racist, which is what it clearly is. Just goes to justifying the dumping of all these racist organisations. I vote yes, dump the lot. The system is corrupt to the core and must be pulled down! Neil
We can’t keep wasting money like this. Andrew
How long does it take to measure their productivity ?Ministry of ROCKS ??? Henk
All of the Woke ministries, which it has been suggested should be repealed, were set up by Labor. The National Party under John Key had 9 years to repeal them, why do think they didn’t? Rex
yes and along with the Maori health Authority Three Waters fiasco, MMP and the Treaty of Waitangi. gale
Absolutely. david
another list of gravy trains by this current useless gov’t. bruce
not needed Erin
Defund the UN as well. Bryan
New Zealand cannot prosper having millstones such as these around our necks. Dennis
We are one people – New Zealanders. We must get rid of these PC race based entities. Greig
TOO much bloody fether beding in this Govt Arthur
Yes! Yes! Yes! So sick of these so called experts sucking off the system! Barbara
not achieving anything sheryl
Absolutely, have one agency for all, we are all human beings, equal in opportunity Pam
The government must govern equally for all New Zealand citizens, not just specific groups fred
Government agencies need to be primarily and solely for the good of all kiwis Ihaia
No need for any of these useless ministries James
How to further split NZ into two countries encouraged by the Muppets lead by the fish and chip wrapper upper . How has this country stooped so low, we used to be all equal and helped each other. ????????? rod
We should look after the interests of all the peoples of New Zealand and not promote one above the other. Anon
This discussion is long over due and has always been left on ‘the back burner’ for PC reasons and a fear of upsetting the woke in NZ. Andrew
We are all New Zealanders and these groups are now focusing more on bias than collectiveness Carole
Apartheid not for New Zealand ever. Ray
Not the Human Rights Commission Dianne
Absolutely critical for our survival as a country. Howard
Unnecessary numbers taxpayer funded. Peter
long overdue – mischief makers on a grand scale murray
What an absolute disgrace, just more examples of race based politics.. david
We don’t need all these quasi ministries. There is no reason way all the main Ministries cant implement their policies within Les
Senseless waste of taxpayers money! John
These should never have been spawned in the first place !! Henry
It’s obvious Margaret
They are woke, racist money pits. Russell
This is typical of socialist government- make as many departments as you can; pull all local services, water, health under direct government control. Control the media and what do you have – socialism/communism. That’s what Arden wants.The best thing would be if she goes back to what she was – Leader of the Socialist Youth and stay there. I despise her insincerity, her dishonestly and her spin. I feel sorry for her daughter. Laura
we should have a human rights ministry but they need to be genuine. Melahi
I have always had the opinion that they are unnecessary Roger
All ministries above are unnecessary and consume valuable taxpayer funds without achieving anything of value. Political correctness’s based Ministries Maurice
All divisive, racist organisations should be closed down. We are one people now. Mark
We are New Zealanders no matter what ethnic background Margot
put this money into genuine educational opportunities free from political ideologies kay
get rid of them all plus a few useless mp mervyn
Waste of taxpayer dollars Warren
Yes for sure, so much money being wasted to divide the country along ideological and identity politics lines. We have way more in common than what separates us and that should be our focus. Think of how many homes for those in need could have been built instead! Janine
Of course they should all be abolished because they all point to total Racism. The Waitangi Treaty actually states “we are now one People” What part of that don’t the Elite understand !! Geoff
Agree they must all be abolished they are all part of a danger to our way of life and democracy and lead to more racism leo
They are promoting apartheid and discrimination. We need to get rid of these bludgers Laurie
We need to get away from having anything race based. Why can we not all be Kiwis. Paul
If it was for Europeans and Males it would be racist. Why is that? Steve
Not before time, they are so outdated and do not represent the people overall. Rob
Race based or gender groups are nothing but Lobby Groups in Parliament. All claiming special rights for themselves. NZ Parliament should give favour to no group, but maintain the democratic principle of equality for all. Alastair
We do still need a Human Rights Commission, though, one that is not biased and one that does not support the government’s narrative, It should be there for all the people of NZ. It should be one that follows our Bill of Rights. Theodora
We are on a downward path and it needs to be fixed soon. Murray
And also the countless consultants that Labour has employed over their term in Govt. Wayne
The Human Rights Commission should be a loss for all New Zealanders – but it too has fallen victim to the political machine and has proven itself woefully inadequate in the face of genuine threats to NZers human rights – think mandates just for starters Skarlett
Never felt the PM would be good for the country. The confirmation she, including Maori have never been up to the class required to run a country, could not be more obvious. David
Totally. They are all opponents of my personal safety and community-minded way of life. Gordon
Jobs for the boys and girls serving no useful purpose and at massive cost to the taxpayers! John
Waste of money Astrid
waste of space David
We have the representation of all these groups in Parliament. Not needed Marianne
These agencies are a real waste of funding and are promoting racial division. We are one people and all races and genders should be treated the same. Graeme
There are better ways to spend money Judith
Not needed. William
they are passed their use by date. Joan
One New Zealand no racist or sexist way all one regardless of race colour or sex. Stephen 
It’s a no brainer. All these agencies only further the separatism agenda pushed by the government. Doesn’t matter who established them, we will never be “one people” while we continue with separate government agencies.. The size of the organizations and the budgets they have is staggering. Unfortunately the racists label will prevent any useful progress with dismantling these systems. Ray S
A cost/benefit would help? Trevor
Should be abolished? YES Barbara
The Public Service is over blown in size and inefficient in its work. Every possible step should be taken to reduce it now. Shaun
We are all New Zealander’s born into a country where we should have equal opportunities’ based upon our own abilities and ambitions. As was stated may years ago by a then prominant businessman when asked if he felt guilt about those on low wages for the company having a profit over over a million He replied No ,matter our profit they would still be poor. Meaning in a free enterprise country we are only held back by our own lack of ambition Alan
It would appear these ministries all overlap each other what a waste of resources. Karen R
They certainly need reigning in and given strict guide-lines if not abolished. Ted
Certainly do. Their purpose is a focus on disruptive behaviour as they lobby for one particular sector when government spending should benefit everyone. These Ministries have been established in a bargaining deal, I’ll support your ideas but this is what I want in exchange. Throw them out. Mike
Absolutely !!!!! And also get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal and any other racial organisation and while you are doing it it is absolutely essential we get rid of this leftist treacherous government. Alan
To many pressure groups Leigh
These are among the greatest causes of high taxation Peter
And down size the rest until they reach a number providing the greatest efficiencies. Brenton
Outdated and useless Ministries need to be axed. Rhys
Absolutely abolish all these overpaid ,under skilled parasites that continue to be mainly apologists for this corrupt Labour govt .I am convinced any knowledge of matters relating to these new positions is only secondary to their voting preferences ieLabour Sheep . Ray
No its racial harley
The money saved from their axing would be better spent on Health: better pay for nurses, better drugs via Pharmac , more funding for hospital beds… things that benefit ALL people. Vic
Clean the Public Service slate now…or New Zeaand will be ‘Lost in Rain and Cloud’ for decades. Chris
you dont need to have a brain to work it out !!!! graeme
No need for them……….if you want a level playing field for the betterment of the country. Grahame
It would seem these organisations, which are meant to be apolitical, are far from that, and pushing left wing and other racially-based agendas based on extremely left wing ideology. Murray
They are a waste of time and money and divide the community. John
waste of taxpayer hard earned money , they are racist , sexist ,radical left wing ministries that need to be abolished dennis
They are racial preference organisations and must be disbanded. Nev
Yes, as quickly as possible. These “Ministries for Apartheid”, along with the “Sexual Divisiveness and Tension Ministry” have no place in a well-run democracy. Get rid of them, and the woolly thinking that created them, and we will have the opportunity to become again a ‘Well-Run Democracy’. TOBY
All should be abolished. Whenever I hear W Jackson speak … and say things have /are changing. I cant help but think of him as a total racist and someone I do not want running our country for all our people including him. Phil
We have laws for ALL New Zealanders. If the interpretation of these laws is not consistent with the intent, look to the judges….for some of the sentences handed down in criminal cases, some of them need to leave. lionel
Too many unproductive Agencies! Hugh
NZ population wouldn’t miss these ministries and we’d be better off financially at a time of real financial crisis. Janet 
Now, npw, now Bev
We are all human beings, we are all the same. We just go out of our way to show any differences, power corrupts the people by dividing the people. A divided people is so much easier to control. WAKE up sheeple. Alan
David Seymour put it perfectly. Logan
The country cannot afford the unfettered growth of civil servants fostered by this government John
But their funding should be reined in. Steve
With all these ministries and people,why do we need 120 mps. When will an MP have the guts to not only propose a bill to reduce mp numbers but also have the guts to follow it through. Peter
Yes they should be now abolished and reduce the numbers employed in the Public Service. Frank
Racist and gender based BS Peter
The sooner the better. Too much emphasis on woke organisations and the minority they represent. Neville
They have worked against our democracy. We cannot afford socialist leaches who wish to destroy what others have worked in good faith to achieve, undermine our freedom and democracy Barras
If needed surely one Ministry only is needed surely having all these separate departments is Discrimination. Colleen
RacistA total waste of money and RACIST Don
We do not need them Mike 
plus a whole lot of other agencies that promote a bias to the Maori vote rather than one person one vote. We are already have a far greater representation of Maori in government which far exceeds a fair representation of the the proportion of Maori to the rest of New Zealand’s voters Mike
Diversity over ability has no place Stan
I misinterpreted the question simply b/c I could not read all of it in the box that was provided Cedric S
Absolutely. Sean
all a waste of money Ralph
No, I don’t agree with anything this ‘poll appears to promote, as the sentence or statement is terminated with an ‘and’ I.E., and an ‘and’….what? None of these Ministries need to exist. Hiring the best people for the job is ok……but voting for them is pure democracy. So who determines who is the best person is for the job? the people or some despot? Cedric
Well past their time Terry
Of course as having these separate entities is racism – no wait, only the white man be racist!! Nic
They’re in the category of “nice to have” outfits, but each of them is pushing their own narrow barrow while consuming huge amounts of our tax dollars – for what, and for whose benefit? The country would be far better off without them. Laurence
Absolute no brainer – they are all a waste of space and dollars. Warwick
The problem is in classifying individuals by characteristics that are not relevant to the issue. for example, gender is only relevant to mating! Tony
Yes definitely creating a very divided New Zealand Barbara
No way Ann
Possibly along with others! Dick
Divisive and expensive and “out of date “ Jacqueline
Yes – but don’t stop there – go through the whole convoluted bureaucratic structure like a dose of salts and eliminate the chronic wastage that has been the hallmark of these agenda driven entities for so long! Scott
Will be very difficult to reduce. Many staff identify as maori and will have no other soft sinecure to go to. They will raise an enormous fuss about being disbanded (as recently at Unitec whent they tried to rduce some)The Waitangi Tribunal will doubtless peceive sytematic discrimination etc. Robert 
One country, one system for all Raymond
Scrap the lot. While we’re at it, reduce the number of MPs to 100 maximum and abolish the racist seats Philip
Sooner rather than later Max
These ministries are not representative of our community. It is another layer of bureaucracy that we are better off without. Alan
Perhaps this question should have been asked for each of these Ministries separately? Deirdre
It’s wasteful spending of our tax dollars on more bureaucracies rather than direct services to the people. Mark
Should never have been formed, racist and totally useless. Alan
Along with these ministries, the plethora of commissions, such as the children’s commission, families commission, race relations commission, disabilities commission, et al, should be consigned to the rubbish dump. Ravi
I agree that any government or lobby group associated directly with government should be treating all people as equal, regardless of colour, race, or creed. It should be “colour-blind”. pieter
yes, like all Labour coalition govts, they get very top heavy in a short time frame. The present govt are showing large signs of paranoia. Upcoming election. William
Yes. We absolutely must clear out these sound-good ministries that are costing we, the taxpayers, so much while achieving nothing, or even a negative result. ROB
While you are it, close the Waitangi Tribunal too Tony
Abolish them. Sack all the senior staff and put them on trial for corruption and malfeasance, racism and tax-theft. Demolish their offices, crush their vehicles, set fire to the debris, and bulldoze the ashes. Sowing the waste land with salt is optional. Rene
It would be a good start at least! Tony
Maori are not the indignous people of NZ Ron
Yes and the sooner the better. Choosing the best person for the job is the only way to go. It is right and fair and the only way to achieve success in any organisation, Walnetta
Absolutely. Why wait until next year? This is only a starting point to reduce these government positions by 14,000 as soon as National/Act are in a position to do so. Chris
These ministries are no more than pressure groups serving little real purpose . Bureaucrats are supposed to work for the good off ALL members of the community Peter
yes get rid of them all Norm
overdue Ian
Absolutely! Valda
Get rid. Iain
It’s got out of hand Geoffrey
Absolutely – people should get into politics because of their merit not because of colour or creed – their merit and at the moment the government has overstepped that by a long way Kerin
They are a total waste of space that gobble up valuable tax payer $. Next they’ll want a Ministry for Bland, Pale, Stale Males. Oh that’s right, we don’t count. Geoff
Not needed Tony
Of the Past time to bury it. Warren
Definitely valerie
What a wonderful country NZ could be without all those ‘political agenda’ outfits. It would be much easier for any party to steer us in the right direction, without having to submit to feel-good authorities. Carl
Absolutely. We have ministries that operate ostensibly in the interests of people. I may be wrong, but I always thought our brothers with different coloured skin, have long clamoured to be regarded as normal human beings with equivalent talents to the people with white skins. Why in Gods name separating them out and treating them like pitiful, brainless, stupid sub humans, who are failures in every measurement, could ever be regarded as a step forward in human existence. This belittling of ethnic individuals is an insult to them all. dianna
Yes. If we have proper talent and less diversity then we will have better public service. The new Government must clean out the swamp. Garry
A Ministry for Development could offer assistance to every citizen in need of support funding and resources, irrespective of ethnic origin. DAVID
Get rid of the lot, none of them produce anything good for greater society. Brent
absolutely tony
These are nothing more than soviet commissariats in drag and so should all the rest. john
A blatant and shameful waste of NZ tax payer resources that only benefit a very small minority over the NZ people as a whole. Greg
we have to many of these leaches using up tax payers money for no gain to the country at large Russell
Enough of this racism bullshit threatening democracy in our country!!! Keith
This government is biased in many ways and should be concentrating on governing for everyone Gareth
Not the Human rights commission lisa
forty years ago NZ was divided over apartheid government policy in South Africa; in 2022 we are divided by apartheid policy at home. these agencies are manifestations of a racist agenda which intends to steal resources from those who produce them, to sectors of the community who believe they are entitled to them – to enslave the many people who work in the service of the few who simply consume – all on the basis of an Anglophobic rhetoric built around a contemporary fiction – that all cultural and economic characteristics founded on western/anglo innovations, democratic forms of government, and science are ‘bad’, while the romantic fictions and myths of the so-called ‘first peoples’ are both good and superior. pure nonsense Baden
there is just know accountability with Jacinda and her mob of idealogical socialist idiots eugene
Yes Yes Yes Yes and even more Yeses! Productivity and progress based on diversity – instead of merit – is doomed to fail. And will. Rob
Waste of money Lynne
Yes, along with the climate change commission, the race relations conciliator, Treaty Settlements and any other woke incarnations from this labour cult. Get rid of all the PR personnel they are no less than a propaganda machine. Get rid of incompetent ministers. Get rid of the additional public service staff recruited during the present government as they are obviously not proving effective for improved service. Get rid of corruption, nepotism, lies and apartheid. To do all that we need a new government because this one should never ever be given the trust of the people to govern in the interests of the voters. They are in it for their own ideology and personal gain only. How could the country get into the position that it is now in if the Office of the Auditor General had been completing its functions to the required standard and revealing inappropriate decisions and actions? Terry M
Not the Human Rights Commission. Kate
Lets stick to one law for all and selectiing the best person for the job. Don
They are superfluous and largely ineffective let alone costly at a time when this country is deeply indebted. The public service needs to be trimmed and to become more efficient. chris
one law for all who are of an age to vote Noel
Thank you ACT party, you get my vote. Ian
All passed their used by date. merv
All being EQUAL Helen
I,v been a National voter for OVER 30 years but I,m changing my vote to ACT as they are the ONLY party which has set in CONCRETE these changes they<ll make where as luxon in ashburton when asked serious questions about te rep being FORCED on us & ALL govt. buildings having maoris names & street names being changed with NO CONSULATION to maoris names they cant prononce brushed these of saying there are more serious things to change in NZ so its PLAIN to me that luxon is ANOTHER Boris Johnson who promised to do this & that but once in Govt. did NOTHING & ANOTHER jacinda NZ DOEST,NT NEED & ACT is the ONLY party marori will NOT WORK WITH. Cindy
can think of a few more to… Wayne
Plus the rest of the stupid agencies that have been instigated by this incompetent govt that we have now, We are still not hearing much from the National party member, Come on Chris, show us kiwi’s that you have the balls to stand up for all New Zealanders William
All are past their used by date and do more harm than good. Ian
While running the risk of endorsing a countering echo chamber – YES! Bryden
The Maorification of NZ is taking the country back into the dark ages. Life moves on and Maori are but 16% of our population Chris
Absolutely they should be abolished.. they are all either overtly racist, or promoting socially divisive agendas using taxpayer funding Rob
Lets hope that the voters next year will remove the current Government with a land side victory to get rid of this racial nonsense and smoke and mirrors governance David
Absolutely, the sooner the better for ALL New Zealanders Ann
Prior to reading Dr. Newman’s coherent synopsis, I was indifferent. After reading it, I realized I was just ignorant. I am apolitical but what great sense. How could any clear thinking person vote to sponsor such waste and political subversion? kevin
Pushing agendas of the different departments has, I feel, led us to the sorry state of New Zealand society today. Pam
a first step in ending rampant discrimination Giles
The sooner, the better. This is just racism directed by Racist Maori who want to control all of NEW ZEALAND – WAKE UP NEW ZEALANDERS!!!!! Don
It’s going to take many years for the country to recover from the actions of these lunatics at the beehive. Alan
Get rid of the lot. These would be a haven for people to turn up at work each day, do bugger all, then at the end of the day head home thinking they have achieved something. Drain the bloody swamp. Chris
This could be a start, The local bodies should be mucked out as well. Rex
Abolish them all. Everybody of every race and whether male or female should be treated the same. This is and has always been the fairest way of dealing with humanity. Social Welfare only comes into it when those who drop out are picked up, put on their feet, then left to carry on again with everyone else. Eric
merit and value should be the test not gender Thomas
They have out lived their purpose. Time for Kiwis of all ethnicities to grow up and do what is best for everybody. Not their Political Agenda Frank
It’s got out of hand, far too many employees and a waste of tax payer money Shirley
Everything should be based on merit. Nothing should be based on race, gender or age. Lynne
They have served their purpose William
smaller government overall phil
Government is for all people, not Lobby Groups! Michael
We are being run by 15% of the population already, Maori don’t need all these extra privileges and offices to add to their ever spiraling effort to take over the country from the other 85% when all along it’s Maori causing a great percentage of the problems themselves. This splits our country even more racially. Laurie
After all there is no ministry for white male affairs or ministry for men. Jens
We are moving too fast away from equal rights and encouraging fairness and individual responsibility. NEIL
A reckless way to get value for our money. Linda
YES, who creted these additional ” Ministries ” ?? Responsibilitiy for attending to matter & affairs for the people of NZ , should be that of the existing Ministries !! More women in charge, more trouble and increased expense !! Pierre
And about 2/3rds of the remaining govt depts need a very close scrutiny. Are they there as a result of empire building, or do they have some practical use? Maurice
too much woke ideology in nz, we are all new zealanders and these special agencies should be disbanded and the money put into a central ministry for improvement for us all. rhonda
In a democracy it is wrong to promote one race over others Gerhard
As soon as possible Bryan
These agencies do nothing for the greater good of all New Zealanders and the Kiwi way of life while creating division and wasting NZ citizens money. These agencies are now nothing but creating jobs for mates. Steve
Waste of space Jeff
They are all discriminatory Lindy
And please, please, send the whole Labour Party on their way at the next election. If we don’t the country may never recover. GET RID OF LABOUR!! Dennis
Along with the Waitangi Tribunal and Maori Affairs dept. Graeme
As soon as… Gerry
abolish labour chris
Yes, the quicker the better, They have been a drain on this country for too long. It is sad that a country of just over 5 million cannot be run by an elected group instead of being run by this group and a bunch of hangers on who think they are important. Tom
What good are they doing for all of NZ? what ever race and culture Lorraine
Divisive. Graham
So true to diversify us Alan
It will only prolong Maori dependency on welfare. Besides it is not democratic to provide services etc to one ethnic group Michael
We need to get rid of these taxpayer funded, PC, racist wasteful agencies and put the money into health and education. Current govt needs to be thrown out as well. No wonder the young are leaving in droves. Andrew
Yes, I agree to what? If what you are asking is if I agree that should they be abolished? My answer is yes, the sooner the better. Perhaps you should add on the end the money paid to the Mob to help set up P-labs? Money wasted on penalising legal gun owners and doing nothing about the crims. Ray
I agree indefensible spending that this Labour government is foistig on the taxpayer Keith
should never have happened in the first place. We are all one people. David
Bloody useless Allan
All humans are equal. Unlike what George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, some are NOT more equal than others. James
On top of those ministries quoted ALL racially based ministries and legislation should be abolished to make NEW ZEALAND a truly ethnically equitable democracy. Tony
Hell Yes and a lot more and they could all get a job picking fruit which would help the economy and the green ones could be sent around the country to get rid of all the wilding pines/gorse and any other nuisance like j adern & co. for good. Richard
long overdue !! don
This Govt is leading us into Apartheid. Trish
These agencies are currently costing the taxpayer $250m but are not delivering $250 million of benefits. They are the cause of a lot of divisiveness and the polarisation of NZers. ACT’s plan is the logical move to remove this dangerous influence from the public service. Kerry
I didn’t agree that they all should have been established in the first place. Most have become radical and work against public best interest and at major expense. The money saved could be better spent on health,etc,etc Gary
Absolutely! Get rid of these worthless parasitic industries that create nothing of value and exist solely to seed social division while leeching truckloads of cash from the tax budget. Pavel
Yes, these Ministries have far outlived their original purpose and have become radicalized with the extreme left. Lawrie
maori are not indigenous to NZ . Scrap the treaty it is a sham Rick
too right rex
Labour the MOST Racist and devisive Goverment EVER Carl
Wasteful spending. Use those funds to ensure good education for all in order to have people elected on merit. Gillian
Their purpose is long past its use by date. Peter
Too many ineffective public servants david
The sooner the better Paloma
get rid of all the wasters clinging on to a job or a reason to have their nose in the trough peter
No to apartied. No to apartied. John
ideologically derived government offices have no place in a democratic nation. The government should be governing for all people regardless of ethnicity or gender. Bob
Absolutely John
the real output of many quasi govt organisations needs to be put under the spotlight. ken
Remove all of the above Andrew
Luxon….. let this be YOUR RESET! Otherwise remove yourself form being leader of a party with a vast number of members that clearly wants this crap stopped and reversed. Creed
Identity politics are poisonous. Trevor
Unfortunately the last couple of lines of the Poll are missing so I make my comments on the assumption that it would say, “should all be abolished. They are all needless in a true democracy and are divisive. Duncan
I am a member of the National Party but on this alone I may vote Act. Please note the full statement is NOT included above. Gregory
Yes indeed all for one and one for all no exceptions Jeffrey
I think some Ministries have a place but there are too many now. Kate
Yes. They are simply means to further Labours extreme political views David
These organisations are just pushing a particular view with little regard to truth or evidence. Lets not support the far left. Robbie
All appear divisive and we would be better off without the lot. Edgar W.
Absolutely, most definitely! Joe
Reduce government employee size by 50% David
They are racially based and need to go. Andrew
Aren’t we supposed to be one people? The above Ministries are all divisive to their particular agenda. Michele
One colourblind society is needed John
We are 1 county Neil
No brainer ! These areas are just wasteful in resources and have outlived their usefulness. Andrew
I fully agree that these groups seem to have ben radicalized over the past years, and the main kick back will be from the people employed in these areas, supported by a paid media, that are at risk of being removed from the gravy train and be forced to get real jobs to actually help all NZ progress into the future. Robert
And these are just the start. There are a lot more that need to be closed or reformed like the treaty claims industry and the spin doctors used not to disseminate information but to propagandise and social engineer. Antoni
Why have we never had a ministry for mens affairs? Its clear boys are doing much worse at school than girls but nothing is being done about that Mark
Anything that is of a separist nature is not good for our small country plus the amount of people sucking up tax payers money behind the scenes of these outfits is disgusting. Barbara
Yes and the sooner the better! I believe in paying tax for the essential services necessary in a civilised society – health, education, security, infrastructure and parachute welfare. But demographic ministries – no way! David
There are others as well. Why do we need so many ministers like the minister of racing? Ian
No comment, I’m completly over the divisive bull***t put out by the current regime Roy
Yes! They never really had any use but are now well beyond their use by date. Ask National what they think! Just a deathly silence I imagine….. Roger
absolutely but human rights need to be protected in a proper way Rob
If these Ministries cannot demonstrate a tangible benefit to ALL New Zealand – they cannot justify being funded by New Zealand taxpayers !! Michael
They are lobby groups, add nothing to society i.e. all of New Zealand Geoff
we are one nation – or are we? Eric
We are all one people. Jenny
No, it is getting excessive. We don’t need 100 different Ministries. James
Yes and quickly before our great country becomes a third world racist country. Alan
get rid of them they are doing nothing but turning society on it’s self. total waste of money Nigel
Same rules for every one Wendy
Add on the comissioner for the environment and no doubt a few more waste of space entities. Mike
These are token, woke and useless money wasting Ministries that achieve nothing positive. Arthur
Why can’t we be of equal rights? One and all?? Mike
Meng Foon is racist and not the right man for the job. When found this when he was Mayor of our city. Donald 
There are a few others that need to be abolished too. Anything that reeks of separatism must go now. Elizabeth
Couldn’t read the whole thing but if you’re asking should they all be abolished then my answer is a firm yes Bev
we are one country robin
Absolutely!!! Get rid of that breeding ground of useless troughers all together. And our nation can take a breath of fresh air. Michael
NZ for New Zealanders. We are all one. Pam
So many people and so much money, and what on earth do they all do. Marianne
Definitely, they are a gross waste of money Graeme
We are ONE PEOPLE! We are born equal, we have the same colour blood. We have equal health cover available, equal state education available and equal employment opportunities available if we have taken advantage of those educational opportunities. The lottery in life is the parents or parent who care for you and guide you. Not some taxpayer funded Ministry. This country is indeed stuffed when it goes down the path of even more ministries. It’s not cry for me Argentina it is Oh Cry For Me New Zealand! Bruce
They are all a waste of space,and hold back real progress. Win
All past their use by date and too much imbedded with socialist ideaology Phi
It makes me feel sick to my stomach seeing every day how the radical left is destroying New Zealand. These despicable bloodsuckers have to be vanquished. John
Well past their use by date if that ever existed? John
Duplicating roles, jobs for mates, empire building by a government hell bent on getting its way. Bring on the elections. Ken
no child would be going hungry if we got rid of this lot chevvy
David Seymour is one of the very few politicians who has the balls to call it as he sees it, We have got to get Act into Government if we are going to save NZ from becoming another communist statistic. Its time we had a government that starts spending money where it is needed. Health Police and Education. Take care of the basics and the rest will take care of itself. Urban
One country one rule for everyone Jimmy
get rid of the lot, including the government. COLIN
Far too much emphasis on bureaucracy management defeats its purpose Nick
I read an article a few years back how New Zealand has more members of parliament, per capita than any other nation in the world! That’s nothing to be proud of! In fact it shows how easily hoodwinked the New Zealanders are! Why do we need so many of members of parliament? Why do we need so many ministries? Wake up kiwis, we are being controlled. Our basic Human Rights are not even being met! Housing. How many people do you know that can’t afford a house or even find a place to rent? If you don’t know any, then you are one of the fortunate. Chris
govern for ALL PEOPLE carol
i do believe all these Departments are not necessary as they are unproductive and cause delays in decision making. Also the costs of running these departments could be better used else ware . Hospitals , Poverty and child health Rod
Let us return to democracy instead of race-based autocracy. Bryan
Before more damage is done to our country Ray
Definitely Donald
Believe the Human Rights Commission should stay. Rod
They all have to go. Evans
Society as a whole is suffering from the effects of socialism. The furore around ram raids & gangs, etc, etc, ALL are being bred by the insidious PC & for want of a more encapsulating word, woke culture/movement. The growth of narcissism & leaders who despise freedom, free speech, democracy, who believe if they can just get control of everyone & everything they & they alone can deliver THEIR version of the utopian state. Our views, the peoples views are considered irrelevant & SO ARE WE. Tracy
The trough needs to be tipped over. John
Absolutely one ministry for all New Zealanders as we are an immigrant nation and their should be no race or sex based division Sharon
Tired of racism in nz Ray
No need for them, complete waste of tax payers money!! Matt
We must get rid of all the them and us proponents. We are all humans and all capable of learning and improving if we apply ourselves. We should have one department of internal affairs that deals with all the various issues in the context of everyone being treated as equals and everyone having the same opportunity to learn, earn, and succeed in life. If certain people groups chose to not engage and do the work that everyone else does to get ahead then they should be left to suffer the “rewards” of their stupid choices. We must stop wasting money playing favourites and handing them out a lifetime of leisure. Steve
they achieve very little , waste money and divide us john
What a waste of money. More support for womens refuge and elect people to jobs based on merit not bullshit. mike
There are more that could be abolished. CC for instance. The Ministry of Emporer’s clothes bill
sooner the better wally
too many agencies are dividing this country Rusty
unless it can be proved that those being paid in these ministries do at least 6 hours a day or 30 hours a week of intense focussed productive work. Lindsay
of course they should go. Steve
Whether this will actually happen if ACT get to form the next government and be able to persuade the Nats to support this move. But certainly there does seem to be far to many ministries with hordes of beuracrats soaking up far too much of tax payers money. Nigel
Should be nothing based on Race only need. One New Zealand for everyone Claire
The sooner, the better. john
The most sensible idea that I have heard for a long, long time ! Ron
The question answers itself really. Women’s ministry was once needed, but no longer! Richard
Absolutely. They all discriminate by race or gender which is against the NZ Bill of Rights. What we should have are government agencies that hire based on skills and ability. Derek
Sick of making the same comment. All race based privilege should be abolished. Then perhaps NZ can start to move towards some form of unity and move forward. Brian
The whole logic of the equality movement identifies men as being the obstruction that stands in the way of women’s advancement. Nothing could be further from the truth. The argument that ‘Women are the same as men’ is fatally flawed and only tolerated by males out of respect for the role of females and that role is to support males in their major role in society. That of fatherhood and other natural forces. Statistics have it that women have reached a zenith where this basic need for any democracy to succeed and wealth to be created by families – has been destroyed by females. The gender is now incapable of providing males with vital family support – for life. Marriage is now considered by the female gender as an opportunity to build wealth that can be used for them to gain their ‘cut’ and with it independence socially, economically and in life. The fact that they tear down the family, break the back of the males ability to provide for the future in partnership and make three family lines dysfunctional is considered by females as collateral damage in their quest for rights of independence – given to them by law. The law supports their quest to challenge and defeat males in society and courts continue to receive any form of their evidence, generally, in their favour. The day will come and is fast approaching when males will lose gender respect and the restoration of nature’s natural law will be like a giant pendulum that will return the right of ‘equality’ to males. The one vital aspect that will prevail is, in fact, the Will of the male gender. This will is given by nature and is the reason women use persistent strategies to attack the male gender. However, the WILL of males is unable to be removed by females – if it were removed society would collapse and disintegrate. Equality is a political term used by females but not a factual term! Let us take a look!!! The Physical Structure – Females and Males are not the same – they are completely different. The Brain – Females and Male brains are physically not the same – they are completely different. The Psychology – Females and Males thought processes are not the same – they are completely different. So nature has put females and males on this earth for two different reasons. Males are leaders and think in black and white. Females are strategic and social and this is why most of the Socialists are female. Despite the propaganda women make poor leaders. There are exceptions but no society can build a sound, healthy and functional future on exceptions. The future must see a return to faith, trust and the belief that marriage is for life. If we are unable to re-create this basic foundation stone Society will continue to disintegrate socially, economically and politically. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is nothing but a tool to attack males. Frederick
Hundreds of highly paid public servants waffling nonsense they do not understand themselves Wolf
GO David! Doug
That for a start, and rationalisation across the whole public service departments roger
Equality for all people of NZ Janet
Yes they must go. They are tearing our Country Apart! Olwyn
All government departments should be doing their best for all New Zealanders. Barbara
Absolutely Shirley
Equal privileges and equal obligations for all New Zealanders Wietske
all these are simply a waste of time and money and nothing more than a sinecure for a bunch of free loaders that are making ALL new zealanders poorer and in debt for years to come even for the next generations. where will it end this madness kenn
These ministries provide little value for money and therefore should be abolished. Roger
How many more ministries do we need to destroy our democracy? David
Some but not all. Louise
Apartheid race based leftist wokism and not democratic or merit based Laurine
Typical spreaders of the ghastly new Woke philosophy now dominating the wasteful public service bureaucracy- which is fast becoming neoMarxist is its philosophy – so disturbing basic & traditional democratic rights Hylton
Please add the Race Relations Commission to that list. Graham
Our country is becoming more and more divisive. Treat EVERYONE equally, Mel
Money would be better spent directly on health, education and housing. Sheryl
It’s time we accepted that beaureacrats cannot dictate the way society should naturally evolve – people are not stupid – we will naturally accept and adopt equality in all parts of of life without having it artificially thrust upon us by these politicians departmental lackeys. Mike
To help and cut costs RICHard
Except the Human rights commission – that should stay. rosemary
Long overdue. Kevin
This foolish must be stopped Richard
Without a doubt, these waste of time ministry’s should never have been introduced in the first place. Also get rid of the racial Waitangi Tribunal. ALL NEW ZEALANDERS should be equal regardless of sex, race or ethnicity. Des
absolutely, SO divisive. mike
These six agencies should be just the start. The country is crying out for productive workers – I’m sure many of the excessive number of state sector employees would find a better career in the private sector contributing to the country instead of holding us back! Plenty of state sector employees are disenchanted now and looking elsewhere for meaningful employment., lets get onto it and get the country back on track. Jane
Waste of money and divisive. Mike
Its amazing that a government that is so fixated on Equity believes that it can be fixed by creating Unequitable, race based ministries ? John
Absolutely they are a complete waste of money. I don’t understand why minority groups have the power to ride rough shot over the majority. It seems to be a hallmark of our current system that we encourage this. Of that’s exactly what MMP does in the political arena. Simon
We are one people we don’t need separatism. Chris
All have their noses in the money trough Pete
We need to encourage meritocracy not woeness if we are to succeed. This is a cornerstone of Singapore’s success and we need to apply it. John
Absolutely, right now. All of these woke organizations and more besides are a continuing drain on this country that we don’t need and can’t afford. Flip
They are all racist and past there use by date. Time for a change Andrew
It’s high time we got democracy back into our way of life. Susan
I believe these minority groups continue to need extra representation. Janet
We don’t have a ‘Ministry of white people’ or a ‘Ministry of Christians’ so why all these other ministries of ‘feel good’ ? Ted
One-eyed, divisive, waste of taxpayer funds, achieving absolutely nothing of value or use. Robyn
And many other Govt Departments. Ranald
Government Departments and Agencies should work for all New Zealanders. Selecting who will be worked for is not appropriate for any public institution. Peter
Waste of money which doesn’t achieve anything Diane
A complete waste of money and racists as well Peter
Dismantle all of the above and any other woke/racist ministries that do not represent what is in the best interests of all New Zealanders. neil
They are all racist or sexist Greg
divisive mark
I am not sure that they should go, but they should be consolidated and be a third of the size and cost they are now – with the right people in the positions they can be just as effective. Debbie
I would love to know what all these extra staff have been doing during lockdown to justify their jobs. The slimming down of the public service was the best thing to happen. People had to work together and collaborate. All I see now are separatist agendas and divisive policies. Get rid of these woke agencies and start with getting the public service working for the public and being accountable to the people of New Zealand Heather
They are far from cost effective, driven by politically correct nonsense, need to be dis-established ASAP. Don
Everyone NZer should have equal access to everything – defining minorities only creates victims . While we’re doing this, reduce Parliament to 50 elected MP and get rid of the rest of the freeloaders! Aj
ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY!!! Why do we have ANY ethnic Ministries? We’re ALL one people….New Zealanders!! Tony
The left wing TALK about equality, but all their policies are aimed at inequality. They are creating an oligarchy, where one small group rules the masses. In this case it is Maori based so it is also Reverse Racism. And WE pay for it. joyce
Wasting tax-payers’ money. Graham
Waste of taxpayer’s money when people need help with the basics. Food and shelter is greater than ideology. Julia
Save time, money and continuing costly mistakes of management. Lyn
Woke ministries have no place in government organisation.. Clive
Well overdue for them to go !!! Kevin
Divisive, manipulative practices not boding well for true equality of one person, one vote democracy. Adrian
we need to totally wake up to the damage of “woke” politics. geoffrey
Non inclusive Graeme
Woke leftist idiocy Boris
–could not read it all – but I want them all scrapped! Andy
Agree. As Isaac below says ‘drain the swamp”. Get rid of these leeches and blood suckers. Now we have a propaganda exercise, calling Robertson’s announcement “the most significant’ in NZs history” where the polluters will pay for the pollution. What a load of bollocks. They are trying to shift the blame to everyone else in the country whilst conveniently forgetting that it is them bringing in over a million tons of filthy brown Indonesian coal a year for burning while closing down our own coal mining industry which burns far cleaner. Two faced hypocritical muppets. Terry
DOC is another John
Abolish parliament. Robert
All government departments and legislation that refers to ethnicity or gender should be abolished. A silence in governance as to race and gender sets everyone equal No problem identifying issues with in groups of people But departments set up to manage solely those groups, is divisive and duplicates management structures 6 fold Bruce
Bless you David and Act. Finally a realist. It has been proven with DNA testing that Maori are not indigenous so their pillaging of public funds and taxpayers money must stop before they bankrupt NZ Brenda
Your statement to be voted on shown above has been cut short after “Women’s affairs, and”.. !!!!! James
exit the hori seats. wipe the treaty and associate positions. Keep pacific Ministry they need all the help they can get.Women are catered for under existing department. There are too many hoops competing for recognition and cost factor.. mike
Woke up looked I mirror still white proud of who I am Donald
Not neutral mary
My goodness this will bring us into an era of Apartheid, really !!!! Laurie
Must be disbanded no longer relevant. Toxic Rod
These ministries are too dangerous to our way of life and grossly expensive. Peter
Absolutely they should be abolished, but this should only be a start. The new government should go through the whole public service and have a massive clear out of useless, wasteful bureaucracy. Murray
The agendas being promoted by those agencies is destructive beyond belief. And what’s worse, is that the private sector are starting to cave in. Bang goes our focus on excellence and performance if this really takes a hold. It must be stopped before more damage is done. Paul
Yes, get rid of the lot as a “drain the swamp” exercise! Isaac
The growth of the public service is a scandal. It should be heralded as a massive failure, not a success! Nadine
These six agencies should be just the start. The country is crying out for productive workers – I’m sure many of the excessive number of state sector employees would find a better career in the private sector contributing to the country instead of holding us back! Brian