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Time to Push Back

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I have just read the blog entitled “Confronting Separatism” in “Breaking Views” by John Bell.

John deserves commendation for his courage to speak up and ‘push-back’. A few years ago, in my article entitled “The Tail Wagging the Dog”, published on the NZCPR website, I called upon retired teachers, whose careers could no-longer be threatened if they spoke up, to draw the attention of the public to the Maori take-over of the Education System. Since that time, only John Bell and three other teachers have gone public about this state of affairs. Unfortunately, the shift in the axis of education in New Zealand, brought about by Maori activists in universities and schools, has been assisted by woke ‘white ants’ in teachers’ unions, Teachers’ Council of Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Ministry of Education. This is evident when reading their literature [14].

With reference to John Bell’s commentary about the increasing practice of replacing English words with Maori words in government and council literature plus signage in government buildings, this is just another straw on the pile of offensive and aggressive Maori Separatist’ actions that consist of: Vandalising and pressurising the removal of statues with British significance [1]; Cutting down exotic trees in parks that have a connection with Britain [2]; Twisting history [3]; Twisting the Treaty of Waitangi [4]; Subverting the Education System [5]; Sabotaging the Captain Cook commemorations [6]; Replacing the English names of towns and geographic features with Maori names [7]; Influencing the firing of radio talk-back hosts [8]; Claiming of fresh-water resources and coastlines [9]; Claiming the Electro-Magnetic (Radio) Spectrum [10]; Publicly denouncing anything that does not fit the Maori agenda as being racist [11]; Setting up illegal road-blocks that obstruct the public[12]; The list goes on. These events are all on record and not a figment of my imagination. All have happened within the last 3 to 4 years.

All of these actions under the stewardship of both the National and Labour Government coalitions scream of the intent to elevate the Maori 15% of the population to the status of equal ‘Partner” to Queen Victoria, the legitimate monarch to whom their ancestors, in 1840, pledged allegiance as subjects, in order to gain protection from their stone-age, cannibal, tribal enemy neighbours. (This ceding of sovereignty was acknowledged by Maori at the Kohimarama Conference of 1860).

Today, the elite minority of the Maori 15% of the country’s population seeks 50%, or more, of power over the majority 85% of the population. All of these manifestations are glaring Kiwis in the face, and many of the ‘frogs in the pot’ are now aware of the danger that democracy faces in New Zealand. But being law-abiding citizens, they are unsure of what to do. The majority of us just want to live our lives peacefully and have never contemplated being placed in the situation that we now face.

John Bell has manifested his opposition to attempts by the Maori Separatist Movement to relegate the English language and culture to a status below that of Maori, by promoting his own culture and traditional language roots as a form of protest. Whilst a small gesture from one brave individual, this has great merit.

It is like the three-finger salute depicted in the movie “The Hunger Games”. It is a symbol of defiance, and as more people use it, and it becomes noticed, individuals will no-longer feel isolated and will gain the confidence to ‘PUSH BACK’. The numbers will grow and become more overt, thus signalling to this government that their policies will haunt them at the next election. Since at present in New Zealand, there is no political party in a position to wrest government from the Labour Party, and to repeal all race-based legislation and policies, a message has to be conveyed to the present government that the MAJORITY ARE NOT HAPPY. Those who are opposed to the direction that the government is taking, must exploit every legal means of demonstrating their opposition, and encourage others of a like mind, to increase the number of protestors through joining with them. At this point I wish to make clear that my stance is not anti-Maori, it is anti-Maori Sovereignty/Separatist. I still value the life-long friendships that I have with Maori who, like me, want to co-exist with goodwill. They are probably as concerned as I am with the turn of events.

My heart goes out to mixed race Maori-European families who are caught in the middle of this growing divide that threatens to tear apart this beautiful country that we treasure. We do not want to see the day when a spark ignites the volatile tension that is growing with each slap in the face from Maori activists.

Most of us, who have long-standing friendships with moderate Maori people, resist becoming politically polarised, but for me, it was the last straw when Jacinda’s government and the police legitimised the illegal road-blocks imposed upon the public by Maori groups led by the likes of Hone Harawira. Those Maori wrongly anticipated that the pandemic would bring about the demise of the infrastructure and law and order, presenting the opportunity for Rangitiratanga to take its place.

Setting up illegal road-blocks was an opportunity to re-assert their tribal boundaries and to announce that Rangatiratanga was now replacing the law and Democratic Government. The government and police response has demonstrated that elements within the Police are politically and racially contaminated from the top down.

This stance by the New Zealand Police is on a par with police actions in countries like Thailand and Hong Kong. The people there have adopted the ‘Hunger Games’ salute to unite themselves in defiance against a suppressive regime with a politically polarised police force. The protestors have utilised modern phone technology and social media to co-ordinate protests and to document the abuse of power by authorities. Concerned citizens of New Zealand need to utilise these same tools to mobilise and organise those who wish to become a force to oppose the corruption of democracy in New Zealand.

Democracy and true equality for all New Zealand citizens needs protection, and the majority of the population must apply equal and opposite action against any form of imposition of Maori power over them. This can take the form of simple actions like showing contempt for Maori attempts at domination: slow-clapping, foot-stamping, whistling or coughing for Maori mihis and karakias at school prize-giving ceremonies, or at council meetings that are opened with waiatas. Standing and turning your back towards those who are foisting their culture upon you is another option. Some courageous councillors have spoken out, or called for ‘points of order’ when the council business is set aside to accommodate Tikanga. These actions are disrespectful to any culture, but then, the imposition of Maori culture over your culture is equally disrespectful. Who are the racists?

Activists might say that British Culture was imposed upon the Maoris. This may be true, but two wrongs do not make a right.

In this article, I endorse the suggestion from John Bell, that when official documents in the English language, have English words replaced with Maori words, (without justification), people should write to, or ask, councils and government agencies to provide translations for all Maori terms used in their literature. Such actions, from many people, would encourage councils and government agencies to reconsider the practice of imposing Maori Language and culture upon the non-Maori majority. If an agency declines to clarify the language and terms used, then that might well be a legal defence for non-compliance, if the document can not be understood by people without an adequate knowledge of Te Reo.

At this point in time, fluency in Te Reo is not a legal requirement – – – – yet.

I am happy to walk the walk and supply a glossary of Maori terms used in this article upon request.

Maori trolls will have a field day with my ‘Old Pale Male, Eurocentric, Racist’ attitude, but it is just the fruit borne from their own actions in recent years. I now say the time has arrived for legal equal and opposite actions to what Maori activists have dished out to non-Maori, so who really are the racists?

If Maoris can do it, then why can non-Maori not do the same?

Hone Harawira has thumbed his nose at the law and the police would not touch him.

Tame Iti and his rabble indulged in activities that could be viewed as terrorist training, yet the Police were leaned on from above and they only succeeded in prosecuting firearm offence charges.

Such court judgements now become ‘Common Law’.

What is next – Utu!

The Maori elder who vandalised the statue of Captain Hamilton in 2018 was not charged. (I do not advocate vandalism as an acceptable means of political protest).

Ignoring, legitimising or excusing such events, causes the non-Maori majority of the population to view the Police and Government with distrust. The police and the courts are now, no longer impartial or apolitical.

Maori Separatists have prevented speaking events that did not conform to their mantra by threatening violence. The sabotage of a legitimate address by Don Brash at Massey University was an example.

The point being, that if Maori can threaten violence, is this a form of hate speech or racial incitement, and why have the police have failed to prosecute. What is the law exactly?

Are the proposed hate speech laws only to be applied to non-Maori?

Is this just another example of a racially biased government being propped up by a compromised police force?

In this article, I have had to choose my words carefully – Jacinda and her Maori Sovereignty advocates would just love to find something that they can label as ‘Hate Speech’ that they can use to discredit or intimidate me; to shut-down any free speech that opposes the objectives they seek, through implementation of the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This also primes Jacinda eventually, for a position with the UN. She has taken a leaf from Helen Clark’s book no doubt.

What I have written is no more inflammatory than what has already been espoused by the likes of Matthew Tukaki [13] and Hone Harawira [15].

They have set the benchmark and have not been prosecuted. I wonder why?

Race Relations Commissioner – where are you?

Oh, I forgot, your appointment probably has to be approved by Matthew Tukaki’s crowd.

If this is the case, then non-Maori would have to regard you with distrust.

The most significant point in this article is to recognise is that the referenda held to gauge the degree of support, or otherwise, for Maori Wards on councils, were legitimate democratic tools that enabled democracy to function. Such referenda have now been abolished.

 Nanaia Mahuta and Jacinda Ardern have been the drivers of this bill to see these referenda removed.

The removal of a legal mechanism of the democratic process is a direct attack upon democracy in New Zealand [16]. They had allowed the majority to oppose race-based legislation.

The rest of the world condemns Apartheid but this Government embraces it.

This has happened because we have allowed it to happen by remaining silent and doing nothing.

The same atmosphere existed prior to World War II, when Adolf Hitler and his bunch of thugs gained power in Germany. They boldly stole ground bit by bit, and when there was no opposition, they stole some more until they held total power. This same tactic is being employed by Maori radicals today.

When the legal avenues for the majority to voice their opposition to Apartheid-like governance are unjustly taken away, that will not stop opposition and protest, it will ‘throw fat on the fire’. The protests in Hong Kong are testament to that. When people lose respect for the government, and the law enforcement agencies become complicit in propping up a regime that seeks to subvert democracy, then the people will realise that they are fighting for their futures and those of their children. Jacinda Ardern is looking more like Carrie Lam by the day. Jacinda, you now have a ‘Tiger by the tail’. A little snow-ball has just started rolling from the top of the hill and it is headed your way.

The NUMBER ONE ISSUE in this country right now is DEMOCRACY, not LGBTIQ, Feminism or Marijuana. The followers of those issues are most likely the voters who have kept Jacinda Ardern’s government in power. For the average Joe, it should be more important than Rugby, Racing and Beer.

These people need to re-assess the priorities. Ask yourselves whether Feminism will have significance in a Maori dominated feudal society. I think not.

Beer contains water and royalties on water, paid to Maori Tribes, will put up the price of your beer.

It is time to wake up.

The message has to be sent – STOP! ENOUGH! And the message will not be sent unless it is heard.

It is up to all who want a democratic country for their children, regardless of race, colour or creed, to unite to stop the cause of racial hate in our precious land.

Let me emphasize that cause of that hate is not Maoris per se, the cause is the quest for dominance over our society by a powerful minority of Maori elite, who claim to speak for all Maori. It is because of latent feudalism within Maori society, that they are able to get away with it. I am certain that within Maoridom, there are those who are as concerned as I am about the deterioration of race relations in this country.

It is now over to each individual, regardless of race, to unite in any manifestation of opposition to the erosion of democracy and the associated hegemony sought by Maori Sovereignty activists. These manifestations can be spontaneous, as the occasion demands, or organised. In this day of social media and mobile phones, flash-mobs have proved effective. Protest should be visual and audible.

Maori Separatists rally to the black, white and red Tino Rangatiratanga flag, so those opposed to Maori Rule should rally to the red, white and blue New Zealand flag. It should fly at each protest to manifest who you are, and to remind the police where they pledged their allegiance. There should be respect for property. Violence and vandalism are counter-productive and not to be condoned.

Remember, you are the Goodies.

The push for Maori Sovereignty is happening now. An Equal and opposite push must happen now.

To sit on your hands and leave the protests to someone else is just what the Maori activists want.

Let the majority be seen and heard.

Your Saturday pastimes will cost you more under Maori Rule. Access to the beach might cost you or be denied. Even in your own back-yard, you may have to pay for a ‘Cultural Impact Report’ before you can erect a garden shed. You must not upset the taniwhas hiding amongst the cabbages. Think about it.

When a minority of the population can exert power over the majority; when legitimate means of protest are quashed; when freedom of speech is stymied by proposed ‘Hate Speech’ laws, then that is not democracy.




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